Hilary Swank and Samuel Jackson Iron Man Appearances Confirmed!

July 23, 2007
Source: MTV

Hilary Swank and Samuel Jackson in Iron Man

Back in late June, we posted a short bit of news that the one-and-only Samuel Jackson would be appearing in the upcoming Iron Man as Nick Fury. There were other rumors floating around that Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank would have a cameo, too. After much skepticism, the rumors have finally been confirmed - both Jackson and Swank are in Iron Man!

The confirmation comes from Marvel mega-producer Avi Arad via an interview at MTV, who was shocked to hear that both of these secret cameos had already hit the streets. "The Sam thing was supposed to be the biggest secret of them all. It's amazing how it got out." As for the details, and whether Sam Jackson actually IS Nick Fury or just a random character, and the same for Hilary Swank, is still unconfirmed. And that won't likely ever been confirmed until the film hits theaters on May 2nd in 2008.

This film is getting much more exciting by the minute. I personally can't wait for the Marvel panel on Saturday at Comic-Con where Iron Man will have its major debut of footage and much more. I think it may be the biggest movie of next year, and this is the week where it'll all kick off. Stay tuned!

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I'm betting Swank would be Janet Pym, the woman who is/eventually becomes the Wasp. And there's no way Jackson is in this and _not_ playing Fury.

alraydius on Jul 24, 2007


Great news! Can't wait.

Stephen on Jul 24, 2007


Samuel Jackson??? So much for this movie!!

Red Flag on Jul 24, 2007


What's wrong with Sam Jackson? He's awesome... and he's playing Nick Fury!

Alex Billington on Jul 24, 2007


Did you not see star wars? He was the worst Jedi EVER!! So I'm a little skeptical about him playing another comic type character is all.

Red Flag on Jul 25, 2007



Stef Michelet on Jul 26, 2007


If Samuel Jackson yells..." I've had it with this motha @^#$@# Stark on this motha @^#$@# plane", I'm walking out of the theatre!

Damien on Jul 28, 2007


Hmm. Hillary Swank = Natasha aka the Black Widow? That would be an excellent cameo, and workable too as Afghanistan (where Stark is captured in the movie) has a long history with Russia - not to mention the ties she has with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Epic Lurker on Aug 3, 2007


she is totally gonna e jennifer walters, she-hulk. setting her up for her own flick or the new hulk series. she def has the physique

duh on Jan 15, 2008


Samuel Jackson. Yells alot?!? So does fury. Win-win if you asked me.

Blackstar on Feb 29, 2008


NICK FURY is a white guy, you just can't change things like that from comic books. It just doesn't work well. Think about it. A black BATMAN, or SUPERMAN??? A black PETER PARKER or BRUCE BANNER?? A black WOLVERINE, CAPTAIN AMERICA, or PUNISHER?? How about a White guy playing BLADE, or BLACK PANTHER??? A black THOR??? What's next, a White guy playing MANDARIN in the IRON MAN sequel. Samuel Jackson is a TERRIBLE Nick Fury!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohio Superhero on May 2, 2008


nick fury is black in the ultimates series.

adam on May 2, 2008


Your right Adam, In the "Ultimate" line Nick Fury is Black. Hey Ohio Superhero you must not read comics alot because there was a black Batman in an elseworld story when Stan Lee invaded DC and according to Marvel Comics the first Captain America was black so don't knock an AFRICAN AMERICAN actor for playing a role the director, producer and even Marvel saw as a better choice to play Nick Fury. Even though "Spawn" was a horrible film no one protested to D.B. Sweeney playing the role of wanda's husband which is a black man in the comics. It comes down to who fits the role better.

Blaxx on May 3, 2008


Wanda's husband was NOT the hero, he was NOT Spawn, so it is irrelevant who plays him. Nobody cares about that, as I said, he's not a major hero, he's just a husband to Wanda, who cares? Steve Rogers IS Captain America, and the one everyone knows. Bruce Wayne IS Batman, the one everyone knows. Clark Kent IS Superman, the one everyone knows. A "black" Batman in some small story is just what it is, a small story, not the original, or what the world knows and loves. Same with Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, etc, etc. For the record, changing NICK FURY to a "black" dude for the Ultimate series, was just wrong anyway. You probably want CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN to be black, or chinese, or WOLVERINE, OR FRANK CASTLE/PUNISHER to be black or chinese as well. As I said, having a white guy be BLADE, or BLACK PANTHER, or SPAWN, or LUKE CAGE would not work. Same with black dudes playing the white heroes. It's just wrong, and ruins the film aspect comic book fantasy.

Ohio Superhero on May 5, 2008


Looks like Swank wasn’t in Iron Man after all.

Umbrax on May 5, 2008


So the Kingpin in Daredevil offended you as the main villian in the movie I guess. Well if you turn back the hands of time the original concept for Wilson Fisk was to be a black man but Marvel felt it was to stereo typical during that time but this is a new day and age for comics and movies, Nick Fury wasn't the hero in Iron Man so who cares if he was Black. It must bother you to see that the original Nick Fury was so uninteresting (even after that horrible attempt to make the move with David whatshisname) that with a little tweeking and a new era he's now black. I didn't make that change the fans didn't make that change it was Marvel themselves and you know what it has been nothing but positive results. So positive that even Hollywood saw fit to include him in one of the biggest block busters of '08 and you know what... it was a positive reaction. As for Wolverine you have no comment about Hugh Jackman being an Aussie, i don't, he did one hell of a job as Wolvie, along with Micheal Clark Ducan as Kingpin, as well as Samuel L. Jackson as Fury. As for the race thing for me wanting other heroes black there will always be changes in Hollywood and in the comic book world if you don't like it don't watch the movies and don't read the comics because your just setting yourself up for dissapointment.

Blaxx on May 5, 2008


Jackman is AWESOME as Wolverine. If he was black, or chinese, it would have been stupid. Last time I checked, Jackman was a white dude, whether he is American, English, or Australian. Duncan as Kingpin was stupid. It didn't work for me. But nobody else was really big enough for the role, so they really had no choice on that. Enjoy your loud mouth overexposed Sam Jackson as Fury. Perhaps he will get his own movie, and you can celebrate and tell everyone how stupid they are on having an opinion on who should play who in superhero movies.

Ohio Superhero on May 6, 2008


Dude, Ohio, you need to calm the fu** down man. First of all, your soundin really racist and second, if you read the Ultimate Universe comics, you would see why Sam J. is perfect for that role. I don't know why you had to start comparing everyone to other races. This isn't a ''What-If'' Article. And Blaxx is right. Don't watch the movies if your not expecting some type of change. The Ultimate Universe is way different from the normal Marvel universe we all know.

ThaVis0211 on May 6, 2008


I thought they were all exellent choices.

ThaVis0211 on May 6, 2008


I hate the Ultimate series. I prefer the original way is was meant to be, and the way I grew up with it. With that...'Nuff said.

Ohio Superhero on May 7, 2008


I've been a comic fan and collector for 31 years now so I know how the "original way is" and I respect how you feel Ohio. Some people don't like change and your one of them but give the new way a chance some might be for the better and some for the worst. Take 300 for instance great comic book series and a great movie but the change was for the better. you don't want to see 300 naked men for 2 hrs. I see your frustration on some points because where there are black, chinese, latino or other race superhero there are ten to twelve white superheroes per that one minority. Don't see it as a bad move in the movie industry just see it as an opportunity to open doors for minority characters to get bigger roles in the comic community. Half the people who went out to watch the movie probably don't even know who Tony Starks is yet alone Nick Fury, they're just enjoying a great movie with a great cast and script. I'm big enough to respect your opinion and see how easily change can frustrate people. Don't take this as a race war just take it as change. Appreciate the support "Vis". Everyone keep rollin' and much respect.

Blaxx on May 7, 2008


actually, nick futy in the ultimate series was built all around Samuel L. Jackson.. with the proper permission, of course. Thats why he's nick fury in the iron man movie.

RDN on May 15, 2008


I Like Samuel Jackson as an actor and is good in dam near any role and the only movie i can think of that he didnt yell in was "resurrecting the champ" (good movie btw). it will be different because he is black but like blaxx said people wont even know that nick fury is suppose to be white let alone proably care. And im sure they could have found SOME NOT BLACK GUY to play kingpin in daredevil idk who but its hollywood they could have found someone and spawn was not a bad movie it just had poor actors in it. and Hugh Jackman was HEllA good in X-Men And the reason heros such as Superman, Spider-man, Batman(who is the blackest hero thats white & not even marvel nor is superman), wolverine & Iron man are white is because everyone knows that they are white. and to agree with ohio it wounldnt be right to change them. but Hollywood figures not many people know who nick fury is so they can get away with changing his race. and if Stan lee dont want him to be black he can change it. its that simple. and it shouldnt matter which race(black or white)he is just as long as he is played by a good actor and since they made him black they should use samuel jackson. i mean i wouldnt want to see Denzel Washington play Nick that would be dumb and they dont make the movies according to the comics anyway u should know that by now after watchin the marvel movie i mean dam they killed venom in spider-man 3. what kinda shit is that? i was so pissed at that. Dam man he IS the best villian on spider-man. and even if samuel is gonna be Nick your still gonna see tha movie. and they need to make a Captain America movie that movie is WAAAAY over due well i guess iron man was too. They should just let terrance Howard (another great actor[who doesnt yell]) be war machine in the next iron man movie and let that trailer at the end of the iron man movie be for an Avengers movie or something idk

Gmoney ACE on May 24, 2008


and btw how is swank gonna play as?

Gmoney ACE on May 24, 2008


sam jackson as fury is perfect!!! Ohio is basically saying that david "mr. baywatch" hasselhouf did a better job than MR. Jackson. houf's fury was complete garbage, trash, dumpster juice,etc. Marvel has tons of black super heroes that need to brought to the big screen; luk cage, black panther, brother voodoo, bishop, war machine. speaking on that terrance howard was not good but did a better job than don cheadle will do. Bottom LINE: Michael Jai White- Black Panther, Terry Cruz- Luke Cage!!!!!!

HunteeBurrDaVillain on Oct 26, 2009

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