Holy Frickin' Dark Knight: Tons of New Batman and Joker Photos!

August 16, 2007

The Dark Knight Photos

I've already mentioned after hearing about the footage they showed at Wizard World in Chicago that The Dark Knight has become my most highly anticipated comic book move of 2008, nudging out Iron Man. A huge set of new photos have appeared online that seem like they're actually from the footage or are rather just exciting new photos including great shots of Batman, Joker, and the two of them fighting! They probably won't last long before Warner Brothers sends out notices to have them removed, so hurry up and look! The photos I've chosen are also spoiler free (for the most part) so don't worry…

The photos come via a link at Rope of Silicon to a Flickr account. You can see a few more that are spoiler-based at that link.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

I love that very last photo of Batman perched on the porch. It's exactly the image that The Dark Knight should be! The film hits theaters on July 18th, 2008 - so stay tuned for every little update until next June!

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Mateja on Aug 16, 2007


"Holy fangasm, Batman!"

PG on Aug 16, 2007


Dang, Christian Bale looks really skinny. Skinnier than he did in the last one. I'm sure that he was still putting weight back on after Rescue Dawn though.

Zach on Aug 17, 2007


Yes! now this is what i'm tkaing about!

commanderlewis on Aug 17, 2007


looks sweet but yeah i kinda agree, Bale is too skinny to portray the powerhouse iconografy of batman, makes his head look HUGE ! Put some weight on mate !

Fenris on Aug 17, 2007


holy crappy movie batman! they need to paint the new suit red and yellow so Tony Stark can borrow it.

carl on Aug 17, 2007


Is it me or is Heath Ledger the WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE for the joker? That's my biggest issue with this movie. He's one of the worst actors around....AND his make-up looks like complete garbage. Way to go with revising a franchise then completely destroying it back to back.

Krispen Grilla on Aug 17, 2007


I walked past Aaron Eckhart in downtown Chicago yesterday. I guess they're still filming here.

Robert on Aug 17, 2007


Is it me or is Heath Ledger the BEST POSSIBLE CHOICE for the Joker? His make-up looks perfect: creepy, deranged... psychotic. Way to go with revising a franchise and then completely topping yourselves with the sequel. Not only is Ledger a great actor, he's got the ideal build for the role. He'll beat a middle aged, fat, balding Joker (ala Nicholson) any day of the week.

Curt on Aug 17, 2007


How can someone honestly say: a) Heath Ledger is the worst possible choice for The Joker (You really want to cast Chris Kattan there...because according to your theory he'd be better) and b) "He's one of the worst actors around". Are you kidding me? Ledger has a track record growing faster than a six year old's hair after a bottle of Rogaine. There is no way this movie will destroy the franchise. If that was possible the abismal "Batman and Robin" would have killed it long before now.

Nate on Aug 17, 2007


Im really excited to see Ledger doing the role. Worst actor .??...??/... ok whatever Ill let that one slide right by. From what Ive seen in the trailer with audio hes really taking some of Jack's joker and making it his. Bale top notch actor and cant wait to see Yuma as well. I really like the direction this franchise is goin to. My next hope is for Iron Man to kick ass as well.

Killswitch on Aug 19, 2007


So, the Joker is just makeup? The pics show it all smeared. Not that I have an issue with a 'rethinking', but is the rethinking that Jack Napier is just a crazy guy and dresses in clown makeup as opposed to being a victim of a chemical bath? Just stupid me I guess, WJ

Walter J. Murdock on Aug 21, 2007


Walter... I've heard that concern from fans a lot, although we can't say for certain that is the case. At the very start, these are very, very early production photos, meaning they're not exactly what we'll see in the movie (you can even see the special effects cable). Who knows that they won't digitally change his face and that it's just make-up there for filming... Secondly, how do you know that in the first half of the story, he uses make-up to look like a clown, then following that scene in that photo (where it's smudged), he gets caught in that chemical accident, and therefore doesn't need to use make-up? No one knows the full story, and this could be the case... Not trying to defend it entirely, I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here... πŸ™‚

Alex Billington on Aug 21, 2007


That last pic on the porch is not Christian Bale, the suit is different, and it doesn't look like him. I'm hoping the Joker will not be the crappy job we see in the pics!

mikenytro94 on Aug 23, 2007


That last pic looks a lot like Val Kilmer...

jimbairn on Aug 26, 2007


I'm thinking that it's make-up in the first 30 minutes, then he gets a chemical bath. I'm hoping at least. One small part of Joker's character is he can't take off his mask. I also hope that in the beginning he isn't that bad of a guy and the murders we heard about in the last movie were accidents or his goons. Then after his bath he becomes completely deranged.

Steve Rudzinski on Aug 26, 2007


Dude, i cant' wait for this movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 Bears Fan on Aug 30, 2007


#1 wow, Bale is fluctuating weight for movies and even so, he is like 6'2, 210, he is bada**, not "too skinny", #2 they are early production stills, cant bash em, i like em ne ways, #3 Heath is a great actor, hope he'll do this good, no one can no for sure, #4 Neither Nolan, nor Bale make bad movies, period.

Pacers3115 on Sep 4, 2007


I can't wait!!! It's going to be amazing!!! As for the whole make-up vs. vat of chemicals thing, maybe this is after he undergoes plastic surgury thinking Batman had died but returned to being Joker after discovering he was still alive.

Christine on Sep 5, 2007


Once this movie is out of the way I hope Frank Miller does the Dark Knight Returns.

H.P. on Sep 6, 2007


I'm dying to see this movie, but I've gotta say that I liked the first suit better. I'm loving the darker joker though, although I saw a picture of the joker supposedly from the move that looked REALLY dark. I don't have a link, but it was a headshot showing him smiling and you could see his teeth. His lips were almost black I think and he looked really sinister. I loved the picture and I really hope it's not a fake. These pictures of the joker make him look dark, but not as much as I had liked in that one picture. If anybody knows more about that pic, let me know.

Malon on Sep 12, 2007


I finally got to a the Joker's face, and I must say it appears both unique and creative. I remember when Jack Nicholson played the part, his version of the Joker seemed to me that he wasn't really that crazy he just embraced the image and gave it some style. What with the purple clothes and the full face of makeup and well combed green hair. In my opinion Ledger's version appears to have taken the whole insane ideal literally{kinda like Bruce with theatricality}. The joker's hair is all messy and out of place, his makeup is sloppy looking all this to me gives the Joker a real appearance of a crazy criminal.

THEDIAN on Sep 14, 2007


heath ledger is supposed to be the most well acted joker ever...... and they said he's gonna cause harvey to turn into twoface and TDK2 well be two face going after batman and joker

brandon on Sep 16, 2007


If the teaser trailer is any indication on how Ledger will portray Joker, we will have a blockbuster on our hands next Summer. I like the new look. Joker looks extremely deranged and creepy. But, it is still too early to judge the movie. I will save my comments until after I see the film next year. I believe though, this movie is going to kick ass! LONG LIVE THE JOKER!!!

Ralph from Hoboken on Sep 17, 2007


im not too big on comic book films as hollywood tends to screw them up on a consistent basis. The idea of the joker or the definitive idea read the killing joke, as he was a down and out comedian and his wife was with child.He did a job for a few low level mob hitmen and donned the red hoods outfit. Chased by batman fell into the chemical bath then became the joker due to finding out his wife was accidently electrocuted and both wife and child died. Thus, sending im over the edge. I do think jack did a good job as the joker and the makeup and orgin were pretty close to the comic. I dont like the fact that its face paint on ledgers broken back joker. I think he will be good, but the idea for face paint is retarded. I do believed they rushed this one and will go the way of the joel scheumacher gayness. I hwoulope not as b begins was great. I just wish these hollywood dicks would leave well enough alone as you have a history of knowdelege for over 50 yrs to pull from. Keep your hopes up but Im not too impressed with what I see. Ledger is good but would not have been my first pick. My bet is hell do away with the d.a. character and bman will either kill him or he will disappear only to resurface later. who knows as its only a movie, but i dont get too excited for these films anymore as marvel is constantly redoing every film again, and dc is going from fruity and boring superman films, to a lame ass looking joker. Im looking more forward to hellboy 2 now as the first did not dissapoint. everyones a critic, so we all can agree to disagree. Before you try to pass judgement on my words just give it some thought. I will admit Im really impressed by ironman as i didnt expect what I saw in the teaser. Punisher might be good the 3rd time hopefully kingpin can be in it.

jimbo on Sep 19, 2007



SHREYAS on Sep 21, 2007


nice movie post production shots we cant really argue so far because its still early

neil on Sep 25, 2007


what i like to see is ideas evolving. i think that ol' jack did a hell of a job in the 80's, but just like everything else things are diffrent now. why not have the joker be more realistic? they made batman more realistic. i hope they dont even show the acid bath, and just have the joker be some crazy dude who loves to kill and cause pain. i think that trying to explain his insanity is un-needed. wolverine was much cooler and more fun as a dude who didnt know who he was or where he came from. and pissed off at the world for it. just make the joker nuts, so much so that it even creeps out a man who shouds himself in the night for fun. they kill our favorite heros in movies like this trying to bring the audience up to speed to quickly. batman 4 was a great example. too many villans, too much story, too soon. by itself the mr freeze story kicks ass, add in poison ivy, bane, batgirl, robin, too much story to get confused in. but i agree that movie had more than that which made it suck, and i could rant forever about it. as too the face paint issue, what is more scary than messed up face paint? if you were walking down the street at night, what would freak you out more? a refined joker face with a broad grin or a guy so uncaring for the image really that he slaps it on cause he knows you will $hit yourself when you see him, and thinks thats funny. i think a more sloppy joker is a cooler idea. i went to vegas this weekend and saw a billboard of carrot top with this hair and eyes tinted a dark burnt orange, the rest of the pic was black and white, and he was grinning. as much as i dont care about the guy i was freaked out by the picture and immediately thought of the joker. add sloppy face paint... and wait let me check. yep i just pooped myself.

Nate Miller on Sep 27, 2007


I said click on the link above, what I actually meant was click on my name (that is actually above now).

Ben Russell on Sep 28, 2007


Btw to all who think the joker will be just makeup please go to the link above. Yes this is an official image. I'm guessing he does have surgery after the pic in the link provided. You can still see that he does have scars left from the incident even in these latest pictures above (I'm guessing they are after surgery). Oh and don't forget all the pictures above are just early production cam shots, they are not final images, all lighting and effects will be included in the final production. I wouldn't have any fears if I were you, it will be a cracking movie. take care guys.

Ben Russell on Sep 28, 2007


The more I hear and see from The Dark Knight, the less I can wait for it. I think Heath Ledger becomes a very special joker, especially if you read the last statements from Michael Caine. And we habe experienced that Christian Bale can deliver a superb Performance as Batman or Bruce Wayne. In any case, my feelings tells me that the Dark Knight will be a very, very good Batman movie.

Vigilant on Oct 4, 2007


Thos pohotos are amazing! The movie is gonna be great!

Dark Knight on Oct 10, 2007


I'm quite excited for The Dark Knight as well. I liked Batman Begins a lot, but for me some of it seemed sort of restrained, with villians that were great but not really all that pronounced to me. I like what they did with Scarecrow, but there just wasn't enough of him. But I think that is going to be the brilliance of this new series, in how careful and well orchastrated it's going to be. I think Nolan really wanted to emphasize Batman in his true beginning, so why would he want to start it off with all guns blazing? Hence this second chapter I we are obviously going to see a Batman that is in his prime with that precendant of escalation that Gordon brought up at the close of Begins. The Joker is going to rock Batman's socks off and I can't wait to see it! It does indeed appear that The Joker uses face paint in this new rendition, but to me that really makes him way the more messed up! If you think about it a chemical bath really doesn't fit in with the realism Nolan is going for.

Chris on Oct 14, 2007


holy new pics!!!!!!!!! love the entire batman series he deserves the new suit. well better than last one!! joker dosent look original though. still looks AWSOME!!!!!!

batfan94 on Oct 15, 2007


great film

batdeetour on Oct 15, 2007


Yes, this looks as though it is going to be a great film. I can't wait! I am still a little skeptical on how this Joker will be portrayed. But after reading Mr. Cain's take on Ledger's performance, Joker sounds like a real maniac! I loved Nicholson's portrayal but I always felt there was something missing and I did not approve of killing the Joker at the end of Batman '89. I guess Nolan is going with something that is never been seen before. Also, although the comics are one thing and the films another, you cannot really believe that the Joker would have a "permanent grin" on his face if you went by the way of falling into a vat of chemicals. After seeing "Begins" and really enjoying the film, I give Nolan the benefit of the doubt to see where he is going with the new film. As I stated, after what I have heard so far, this film is going to be great. I am hoping better than "Begins".

Ralph of Hoboken on Oct 15, 2007


Joker in 3rd pic: THIS IS GOTHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enri on Oct 16, 2007


I think....if anything, the new Joker is Far worse than Nicholson's take on the character. His Joker was a pretty much failed mob boss wannabe, who got dunked in acid, and decided to use it as a weapon. He was crazy yes, but always in small doses. He showed control, intelligence, and even the odd sympathetic virtue. A monster perhaps, but one we could understand. Who in his situation would Not have killed Grissom? For me, the psychological element that Ledger's Joker portrays is the real cake here. I hear plenty about how his makeup is smeared, and his hair isn't green, and he looks a bit demented. Strangely I hear no one remark about the fact that he's apparently carved a smile onto his own face, or the fact that he seems quite happy to help Rachel with hers. That is the Joker my friends. A man who wants to reshape the world to his own insane desires. Nicholson gave use that for the the 80s. Lets see if Ledger can carry the ball.

Zod on Oct 17, 2007


Ok first of all the Joker looks amazing. His makeup is smeared because obviously he has just recently had it out with Batman. Someone said it earlier and I would like to agree with them that if you saw the teaser trailer, then you should have no doubt in your mind that Ledger will do an amazing job as joker. To assume otherwise is crazy. The joker is supposed to be deranged and crazy and I think it's great that Ledger has taken the original joker from the 80's, kept that same voice and made his own spin on it. He has done what so many of us wish we could do, recreate that character....

Fartnmeazzboo on Oct 23, 2007


i hate Heath Ledger

Nicholson Fan on Nov 1, 2007


Everyone, go to "" and click on the right bottom of the "concealed" photo. You will hear the Joker's voice and a new photo of the Joker will appear. I am not so sure now after seeing the new photo. But, I am still hopeful Ledger will pull it off.

Ralph of Hoboken on Nov 1, 2007


this is the shit E est movie ever by the looks of those pics...... is not that ledge guy the one fag from broke back aids mountian? figures! well, Warner sure %$#@! up this movie.

bruce wayne on Nov 4, 2007


bruce wayne you've said the funniest thing I've read in quite a while. Broken back joker. There is a scene where he and batman go back to the cave. I really liked the first one as it had elements from year 1 and the long halloween. I think ledger will do a good job it's just the face paint part I cant get over. If 2 face will have acid thrown in his face then joker should fall into a chemical pool. Just read the killing joke and you'll see the characters tragic orgin story. the tb batman films were ok for the time but went way too far away from the source material. The last two were total crap. Joel scheumachers ass and cod piece closeups! YESSSSS! You had a talentless drunk george clooney as batman. Now hes up for Duke in the giblow movie. They should just stop before they even begin that one. We can all disagree on this film. Im sure it will be very good as Nolan is a good director. I'm not happy about the joker thing as I wouldve gone in another direction to make him a little more scarey to gaze upon like in the comic. It will be a feat to watch as Sir michael caine had stated. Let's just wait and see. Two face better be done correctly or the fans will not forgive so easily. peace

igith on Nov 8, 2007


I think Ledger will make great Joker but 'Billy Zane' would have been a great choice to play Joker in The Dark Kinght.

KEYRUN on Nov 11, 2007


Batman, your my hero!!!!!!!!! gotta love ya!!!!!!!!!

Carley on Nov 12, 2007


Have any two face pictures surfaced yet? scooter

Mike Doneghy on Nov 21, 2007


Right around the time BB came out I read that Guy Pierce was considered for the Joker role. He's great as a bad guy--he can be an intense actor and he has that creepy grin and psychotic look to him. But, Heath Ledger looks just as creepy. I'm not sure if I like the new bat-suit design. Whatev, I still can't wait until next July!

Wicks on Nov 24, 2007


I really believe that the Dark Knight will be awsome,I've seen the first movie of the new franchise and loved every second of it. with me being a lover of the comic book heroes these movies take me where I want to be,if you think about it there is a little Batman or Spiderman in all of us and I love that! You might say that these heroes bring out the best in all of us! I still dream that I could be Batman or Spiderman,so let us all have our dreams. I wish for the Darknight to be ultra successful!

Brady Howard on Nov 25, 2007


There is a higher power above us. And it's tired of the cartoony Batman BS too. I love this charachter. Comic to big screen, and I must say thank U movie gods for bringing the dark back to the Dark Knight. Bale is superb. And the casting director scored big with his choices for Scarecrow and Raz' Algul. Although the Joker may be " an easy role to play", he's also the Bat's archenemy. If they're going to rewrite parts of the history for "Begins", it would only make sense to retell the most important of all the stories. Also Ledger is courageous if nothing else. A decent actor, and convincing enough (not to mention tough-skinned) to convince the movie audience that he was a gay cowboy! If he can emerse himself in THAT role so completely, I'm anxious to see his brutal, psychopathic Joker. Not to take anything from Keaton's great performance in the original Batman; but thanks to the blonde Bruce Wayne, the glowing green Batmobile, and a Mr. Freeze in the most pathetic Power Ranger knock-off costume ever, I had ( before Bale) lost all faith in Hollywood Batman. But now.... I am so looking forward to Dark Knight. To Hell with Robin AND Batgirl. Keep it simple. Keep it pure. Keep it Dark. For all of us

Darcrane06 on Dec 17, 2007


The NEW Trailer totally ROCKS!!! I almost fell off my chair!! I believe this WILL BE next Summer's biggest money maker and blockbuster. Ledger is awesome and creepy at the same time as the new Joker. His laugh gives me chills. I believe everyone will forget about the "gay cowboy" after they see Ledger play the Clown Prince of Crime. The new Trailer is being shown on "YouTube" as "Batman 2: The Dark Knight Trailer in HD". You won't be disappointed!! Can't wait till July 18, 2008!!

Ralph from Hoboken on Dec 18, 2007


Heath Ledger IS the Brokeback Joker! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! WHY SO SERIOUS?

Brokeback Joker on Dec 18, 2007


youre right, that is kinda funny

poop on Dec 30, 2007


Looks different!By different I mean It`s year 2008,not 1988 when the first Batman movie came out!I think it`s the year they released it(Don`t be mad!!!)I liked Batman Begins,and I know that I will like the sequel as well!Joker looks scary,psychotic,mad,sociopath,deranged criminal!Heath Ledger!Why not!Bale why not!We could not get Zane because he is too old for this shit,and asking too much money!Just watch the movie when it comes out,and I`m telling you will not be disappointed!!!Let`s put a smile on that face!!!

Gile on Jan 18, 2008


People can be so rude. just because you may or may not like a actor doesnt mean they suck or that they wont do a good job on there next movie. Heath Ledger happens to have been a pretty good actor (r.i.p.) and i think the joker role was a superb role for him and i bet he did an awsome job. the make-up isnt bad and im telling you its way better than the make-up from when jack was joker. the "NEW" batman movie/s are 100 times better than the older versions which went from not bad to horrible. im really looking forward to seeing how great a job they do on this one. as the did on there first installment with using christian bale.

life on Jan 23, 2008


Why so serious? May Heath Ledger RIP. They should dedicate this movie to him.

Dark Trailor on Jan 23, 2008


Gile, the original Batman film (not including Adam West in 1966) came out in 1989, not 88. Minor correction.

angela on Jan 28, 2008


Hey lets not get carried away. Tragic as it maybe, Mr. Ledger was just an actor. I dont think that it would be prudent or sensitive toward any 'personal' party involved with Mr Ledger to 'dedicate' a film to him. The francise as it stands has gone on for 50-60 years if not more, to single out Mr Ledger and dedicate an entire movie to him would be shunning all those who have brought much more to the francise and are no longer around. I think the role itself will be enough to secure great memories of an excellent young actor.

neverrubanothermansrhubarb on Jan 29, 2008


1 question? who cares? i'm sick of errbody talkin bout batman's suit of ledger's make up... are these two things gon keep y'all from seeing the movie, i think not, a why is errbody dissin' Ledger(r.i.p.) but when dude took up the role to play a gay cowboy, i'm sure the fact that he would be stereotyped in future played in his mind but what every good actor does is to do his job and dats what he did. we all know he wasn't gay so shut the hellup about it. and he got paper dat y'all won't ever see so kill it.

madmax106 on Feb 12, 2008


I think this costume/version of batman is meant to be less bulky and more skinny. If you'll notice the costume is more high teck and has different armor. BUT yeah i agree, could use to pack on a few or at least put some bulk into the costume. But more importantly, i'm worried that they might have re-introduced the stiff neck. (-_-) They should have kept the old costume from the previous movie. : ]

The Leprechaun on Feb 24, 2008


Ohh and as for the bad rep about the new joker.. I think he'll pull the roll off perfectly. This isn;t the comics remember, It's supposed to be different and more realistitc. They wanted it to grasp the possabilities of todays technology and well... A vat of chemicals bleeching his skin white and hair green with a giant smile is sorta... Well it's not practical. So, they took the fact that he's naturally phychotic and just had him use make-up. I like the idea and actually think The Joker will do a better part in THe Dark Knight then Batman will. Can't wait for it. : ]

The Leprechaun on Feb 24, 2008


to heath, love u, miss u

violet14 on Feb 25, 2008


I think the movie looks like its going to be great. Heath ledger will be missed. and to those out there that are so critical and cynical, try doing something with your lives it may give you a new perspective on things. As for brokeback mountain and heath ledger, you have to respect a man who has made such sacrifices for his art, he has put up with a lot of shit from idiots , and has lost his life at such a young age. All men may be intrinsicly born equal but they dont all die equal. Heath ledger rose to great hights and i cant wait to see this movie.

kane on Mar 29, 2008


Actually the stiff neck will not be coming back. The new costume has a built in mechanism that allows for the cowl to operate independently from the rest of the suit. So he'll be able to turn his head left and right without resistance. Have some faith in the production!

Philo on Mar 29, 2008


fantastic. Nice movie photo. Thanks πŸ˜‰

film on Apr 12, 2008


Great Photos. I've been wondering something, has anyone gone to the Acme Security systems site: I think there's a small hint at the bottom of the page about who ELSE is going to make an appearance in the movie... If you already knew this, I apologize. Just wanted you to know. -AD

ADN on Apr 17, 2008


i think heath is a great actor, and i think he'll do great in this movie.i was so sad to hear about his death. one of his 1st movies "10 things i hate about you" was great. guess we'll just have too see how well hew did in this one πŸ™‚

somone on May 17, 2008


I like a Batman who can actually turn his head, and I love the photos of The Joker beating the crap out of Batman, even Nicholson didn't do that.

kenton sam on May 29, 2008


I can honestly say this could well be one of the greatest movies ever, more quotes than anyone could ever need and thats just off the trailers and the idea of it being filmed with IMAX makes it all the more exciting.

Hank on May 29, 2008


Long live the bat!!! But the joker is king!!! R.I.P.Heath

jack naiper on Jun 25, 2008


honestly, Heath Ledger was perfect for the role. The make up and the face that he made...made him like the rightful owner for the role. The way he acted and he seemed like he really put himself in the character. But sadly he died at a young age of 28. That's the only thing that kind off gets an akward feeling when seeing the trailers. I mean your seeing this great guy who acts REALLY GOOD but at the same time he died on January 22, 2008 in New York. The worse thing is that his career was really coming out. Brokeback Mountain made him famous, I mean he already was but that put him out more. And with Batman as the Joker? He's amazing, he should win an award even if he's gone. He was really great by being a "schizophrenic, pshycopathic killer." And i'm honored by being the joker for holloween xD Great guys like Heath should never leave early.

Nidya on Jun 27, 2008


Love ya Heath! Rock on forever in the Joker! You rocked! HARD! R.I.P

Hannah on Jul 9, 2008


omg! i loved the batman movie it was totally awesome! i thought heath legder was great!for this halloween my friend and i are going as batman and the joker i'm the joker my friend is batman.

darby on Aug 3, 2008


The movie was really amazing but I wouldn't like it if Heath Ledger didn't play... R.I.P

Konstantina on Aug 4, 2008


i saw it and it was fantabulous!

bianca on Aug 14, 2008


can u people tell me your favorite part, character, quote, and whatever from the movie? my favorite part was when the joker dressed up as a nurse. can u also tell me what joker's last lines were in the movie? please? i've heard a rumor that there will be a third movie. johnny depp is playing the riddler, but that's just a rumor.

nicole on Aug 15, 2008


I saw This Film And It Was Fukin Brillenet .. Der Has t Be a Nother 1 πŸ˜› The Joker Was Gas .. I Tot eh Was Mad Fuckkin When He Sed How Many oF Yur Men Did i Kill? You Killed Six Of My Men .. Six? πŸ˜€ .. Hahahah Is Funny πŸ˜› Well i Would Deffinitly Recomend It To Everyone πŸ™‚

Leah Corbally on Sep 5, 2008


I went 2 c this film twice 1 with my dad nd 1 with my nan nd i thought noone else culd of played the joker better than heath ledger did i mean what a fuckin amazing job he did me and my dad loved it....The best part of it was when the joker he was robbing the bank i mean how schemeing was that killing all of his men and jeeping all of the money......LOL also R.I.P heath ledger u did a mintage job and made a tortal imense joker..

Lauren on Sep 6, 2008


can u please answer my question? please? joker rulez by the way! hahahahahahahahahaha

nicole on Sep 8, 2008


nicole the last line of the jokers is gravity is like madness all it takes is a little push , i think im not sure but i think it is look it up if you are dying to no or go wach the movie again thats what i allways do if i can't remeber a line

joker-girl on Nov 2, 2008


This was the best movie I've ever seen so far!

Logan on Nov 16, 2008


thankya joker-girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just want to know a couple of things though. what's your people's favorite parts, characters, and lines? i just like to know people's favorite parts...

nicole on Dec 1, 2008


I just wanted to be a # leaving a comment HA HA HA. The Joker's laugh kinda reminds me of the laugh Emilio Estevez used as "Billy The Kid" in the movie "Young Guns"... But The Joker's is a little more crazy, as well it should be. I like the pencil trick.... πŸ™‚ I'm going to find and read the older comics so I'll know more of the story... But since I haven't, I think it would be cool to bring the Joker back (as well as they can, with the right actor) but have Harley Quinn break him out and reak havoc with as well. Keep Two face as also, that dude has got major issues now. I can think of a few more ways to go, but who am I to say what... I'll leave it up to the big boys who get paid for it.

JMS on Dec 6, 2008



NM on Jan 2, 2009


the joker is so cute. for some wierd reason. i just LOVE HIM

Choochii carttter on Jan 21, 2009


Wow I love batman.

Abby on Feb 28, 2009



AJ on Mar 5, 2009


I was wondering if they were coming out with the joker in the nurses uniform he wore in the movie. It was so cherry. I would love to see that in a figurine. It is cool. laurel just a thought

laurel larison on Jun 15, 2009


Look what this idiot wrote --> "Is it me or is Heath Ledger the WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE for the joker? That's my biggest issue with this movie. He's one of the worst actors around….AND his make-up looks like complete garbage. Way to go with revising a franchise then completely destroying it back to back." - Krispen Grilla <--LOL, i bet he tells all his friends about how this movie changed cinema and how great heath ended up as the joker- what a loserbaby.

Jimbone on Sep 1, 2009


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I think you should put more pictures of the movie.

jhon on Mar 5, 2010


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XHYYbrOZenTzoVMpuz on Jun 22, 2010


we'll all miss you heath. by the way you kicked ass in that roll!!

colton marchbanks on Oct 12, 2010

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