Hot Fuzz Getting Screwed Like Children of Men?

April 19, 2007
Source: Box Office Mojo

Hot Fuzz

Tomorrow one of this year's greatest original comedic creations, Hot Fuzz, debuts in theaters across this nation. It's the next film from the same team that created Shaun of the Dead. But there's a problem. It's not getting 3000 screens, it's hardly getting a wide release at all, in fact only 825 screens. Sound a bit like some other movies you know? Children of Men or Grindhouse even. A movie that has incredible buzz and that should be the big hit and #1 movie this coming weekend is going to be lost into oblivion not because no one wanted to see it, but because its released is getting screwed over.

The biggest claim is that it just doesn't have the draw or attention, despite being a follow up to Shaun of the Dead. They're pretty much completely wrong on that assumption. Even look at the impromptu poll on Box Office Mojo that lists Hot Fuzz with the highest percentage in terms of movies people want to see. Out of 1000+ voters, Hot Fuzz has 35.8%, the highest over Disturbia next at 12.8%, for top choice of movie to see this coming weekend. Given this poll doesn't represent everyone, I know that this movie would easily slide into #1 if given the chance plus the right exposure and right marketing. Why are they letting it slide?

The demand for this movie is very high, or I could even say curiosity for it, yet they're not letting it build, in the same way they did with Shaun of the Dead where it only really blew up into a mainstream success once it hit DVD. Why are studios so insistent that films will fail in theaters?! Can't they give them a chance! Yes, things like Focus Features' Catch a Fire and Firehouse Dog and The Reaping are bound to fail, but Hot Fuzz is bound to surpass all expectations. Look what it already did in Europe - it's one the biggest grossing film in UK history! I think it was #1 in the UK for 3 or 4 weeks in a row!

The best thing we can do is encourage everyone who's interested to go to whatever theater that's playing it, find it, and watch it! No matter how far you have to drive, it will be worth it. Even if you're the slightest Shaun of the Dead fan, this film is an experience on its own that you will definitely no regret seeing in theaters with a crowd as excited as you. We can only hope Focus Features realizes their mistake and realizes how much more they could've made. Maybe in the future they need to be at another studio that knows how to better handle their films? Maybe…

If there are any of you out there who really want to support this film and make sure it's not lost in the mix, then spread the word as far and as wide as you can!! Show them they've made a big mistake and that Hot Fuzz is one of the best films of the year and should be seen by all in theaters!!

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The answer to your question is absolutely YES, IT'S GETTING SCREWED! I had tons of friends hoping there would be a midnight tonight and planning to come if there was one only for all of us to find out that our home theater isn't even getting it in, and the sister theater has it showing on a whopping one screen. So, does Focus Features actually WANT this film to fail? It's not like this is Shaun of the Dead, where absolutely nobody knows who these geniuses are yet. Shaun rose from the grave on dvd and has built an enormous following. I'm sure Focus/Rogue has seen the dvd sales/rental numbers on its home video success. How could they not even try to give this film a fighting chance? I guess I could see if they wanted to go limited in release and really build the buzz even more, but this is their pathetic excuse for a "wide release". This really makes me worry that people won't see Hot Fuzz because they can't even find it near them. This thing could and should do gangbusters at the box office, but not if it's getting strangled before it even has a chance. And I must apologize for all the Shaun/Hot Fuzz related puns. I assure you they were unintentional, but still funny to me.

FS Dave on Apr 19, 2007


Sorry for the double-post, but I have to state some facts. Checking the numbers at boxofficemojo.com, Hot Fuzz is opening on a whopping 825 screens. At the same time, In the Land of Women is opening on 2,155 screens. Fracture is on 2,443. Vacancy will be appearing on 2,551 screens. For crying out loud, The Hoax is on 1,069 screens! Way to support your film, Focus/Rogue. I will be at least buying a ticket for this film this weekend to support it, even if I can't make any screenings. That's just how good a movie this is. The entire reason I started supporting Rogue is because they brought over a gem like Shuan of the Dead. However, if they keep treating Hot Fuzz like an unwanted puppy they're forced to care for, that support is going to completely vanish. Focus/Rogue has an unmitigated hit on their hands with people begging to give them money, but this is what happens? I just don't get it. I REALLY want to hear what Simon, Nick and Edgar think of this.

FS Dave on Apr 19, 2007


A good movie that few people support it ? ok,I will see it if it worth.

barbara on Apr 19, 2007


i kno some of u may not believe this but the Rogue Pictures gave out many free 2 person tickets around the area i am from, and i saw it tonight... believe me, this is a very damn good movie! its got all the genres you would like

justin on Apr 20, 2007


I completely agree. At first glance myself, I didn't think much of this movie, thought it was just some British cop comedy. But its really engrossing, slightly graphic, and is just a simply smashing movie!! It makes Smokin Aces look like it didn't use enough guns!!

Allan on Apr 20, 2007


Great movie. The climatic action is so outrageously awesome... nothing even comes close ('cept maybe Point Break, but that's still nowhere near) Loved the movie

dudio on Apr 20, 2007


"Why are studios so insistent that films will fail in theaters?! Can't they give them a chance!" Unfortunately, studios are all about NOT taking chances. That is their system and they believe that it works, which it does, for the most part. It's just business.

Neth on Apr 19, 2007


It's not showing at the ONE theatre my town has, and I can't afford to drive across the state of alaska to see this movie. Curses!

Ian on Apr 20, 2007


Children of men was completely crap. This movie looks far more entertaining. I hope it'll get here (Spain) quick.

TZ on Apr 20, 2007


I've seen this movie (in the UK), and its the best best movie i saw for a long time. I highly recemmend this movie to everyone.

Mel on Apr 20, 2007


It's ok, but it doesn't have the brilliance of Shaun of the Dead. 7/10.

Gerry on Apr 20, 2007


Hi, Im a UK resident and so was able to go and see Hot Fuzz at almost any cinema / theatre in the land. May i say, the film is absolutely fantastic, full of great gags / scenes, quirky (and memorable) one liners and all round a great watch. If you liked Shawn of the Dead then you will love Hot Fuzz. Everyone should see this film, especially if your an late 70's / early 80's baby, so many references to great childhood memories. Go see it, if you don't like it then so be it, but if you don't see it then u will probably kick yourself later as all of your friends will be raving about it.

Luke on Apr 20, 2007


I personally didn't much care for shaun of the dead.. it weren't bad, but nothing all that special... Hot Fuzz on the other hand is an amazing film, definitely the best ive seen so far this year.

Sam on Apr 20, 2007


It's a shame the movies not getting the distribution model that it needs to succeed, it seems strange to try and cripple the movie by releasing it to such a small number of theaters, but maybe the decision was made due to Shawn of the dead only being a dvd hit? I hope this film proves them wrong! Children of men was one of my favorite films of last year I guessed it would of performed well in the states, I find it strange it didn't, oh well no accounting for taste 😉 Stefan

papertiger on Apr 20, 2007


Hot Fuzz is nothing more than a too-long 5 trick pony. The last 20 minutes is supposed to be a parody but it really doesn't work. Seriously awful camerawork throughout with really fast cutting scenes which give you a headache. Shaun of the dead was much better than this shite.

teomat on Apr 20, 2007


Good this looks like the worst movie ever...

Ryan on Apr 20, 2007


I saw Hot Fuzz at a preview screening. Probably one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Amazing. Hilarous. This makes me beyond angry. Good thing I'm going to see it anyway.

David on Apr 20, 2007


It does look like its not getting its fair share of release, but I'm willing to bet that Focus is doing a wait-n-see approach here. Like other smaller distributors and their films, they sometimes go into limited release to test the market waters and then open up the release if the film goes beyond their expectations. Conservative, yes. Stupid, no. Still, I'll be seeing it this weekend in hopes to convince Focus to get it out to more theaters too.

Keren on Apr 20, 2007


Okay, I don't see it. I read that Grindhouse was averaging like 13 bucks in the few theaters it was open in a couple weeks ago. I understand your take on the Box Office Mojo, but you know cult classics don't equal big paydays. I loved Shaun of the Dead and will see Hot fuzz tonight, but didn't hear of Shaun of the Dead until it had been out for a while. Let the box office people do their job... they have the experience!

Shaun on Apr 20, 2007


The VERY key difference between Hot Fuzz and Shaun is that nobody knew who these guys were when Shaun came out. It takes awhile for the word that someone is great. Even with Hot Fuzz, people may not have been psyched, but as soon as you mention Shaun, you've got a whole new audience. I understand that for the most part, box office is just a curiosity and a way for people to root for their favorite movie of the moment. I want Hot Fuzz to do awesome because I want to see what these geniuses do with an actual big budget. I'm pretty sure Fuzz made its money back in the UK, so US money is all gravy, but I really do believe that Hot Fuzz is Rogue's license to print money. I'm hoping that it does great per screen so Rogue decides expand the release and get closer to the 2,297 screens that it put Ass-ault on Precinct 13 on.

FS Dave on Apr 20, 2007


Dudes, I completely agree - I was excited about seeing Hot Fuzz on Saturday (4/21), then realized it's not playing anywhere near me!

Brett on Apr 20, 2007


Why would referance two movies that are complete crap? Grindhouse DID have the screens, no one wanted to see it. I work at a movie theatre and the opening weekend of Grindhouse we never even filled up the theatre half way.

Anonymous on Apr 20, 2007


It is not showing within 75 miles of my house. Bummer.

Brett Johnson on Apr 20, 2007


Well I saw it months before it was supposed to be reliesed at lest in the states. I mean I just saw Disturbia and it is like 2 days in theaters. I mean even though it was a good movie it was very english like shawn of the dead but it just took to long to come out. check http://www.alluc.org/ for Distrubia and any movie ever that goes to theaters

Bob on Apr 20, 2007


I'm from the UK, and I've seen Hot Fuzz and I think it's brilliant. Not better than Shaun of the Dead but still very funny. It's a real shame that its not getting a good launch in the USA when Shaun did so well over there. But if you want more Simon Pegg and Nick Frost hijinks, you should watch the TV show Spaced. You can probably watch it at http://www.alluc.org/. And no prizes for guessing which episode inspired Shaun of the Dead.

Realaze on Apr 20, 2007


Hmm. I like how I see commercials for it more then any other movie out right now in the states. And Yes I want to see it.

Mike on Apr 20, 2007


I completly agree you guys...I have been anxiously awaiting Hot Fuzz's release ever since I saw an early trailer in another movie about 2 months ago..I had all my friends lined up to go see it with me on "opening weekend." Its all I talked about for weeks, only to find out Friday morning when I went to buy my tickets on line that its not playing anywhere even remotly near to me. NOT even the bigger cities around my area! I can't believe this. All my friends and I are so disappointed I can't even explain it. Why would they advertise it on tv in and the theaters and then not even show it except in random large cities. Its crazy. Its almost like making a movie and then not showing it at all.

Angela on Apr 23, 2007


I emailed my local theaters and got this response: http://burchwords.com/archives/13 I would like to think more people are emailing and calling about this movie. Its going to take two weeks to get it here for some reason, but at least its coming.

Burch on Apr 24, 2007


I think I'm going to find a way to see this movie now. I can't find a movie theater that has it yet. I think it is ridiculous when you see commercials for it but can't find a theater showing it.

Motorcycle Guy on Apr 28, 2007


fantastic movie. However for all of you who frequent this site I highly recommend getting netflix. You wont have to worry about any movie not being in your local theatre.

ramez on Oct 8, 2007


I watch a bit of this didn't really like it to much and i did not really like shawn of the dead either. but if you would like here is another link that you can watch lots of good movies at http://www.dwi-tv.com I have started to use this one it pretty good

Vancouver Marinas on Nov 16, 2009


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Dustin on Apr 20, 2010


i watch this movie it was ok

watch cartoons on Jul 7, 2010


lol thats all i got to say

Mafia Planet MMORPG on Jul 28, 2010

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