Incredible 'Art of Spider-Man 3' Photos of Venom and Sandman!

March 7, 2007

I owe thanks to Ain't It Cool News for first supplying these images from their scooper. I'm just putting them out again in order for everyone to see. These images are from the upcoming book The Art of Spider-Man 3, and are early artistic drawings, maquettes, and other behind-the-scenes examples of what we'll soon see in the film. Read on for an exclusive early sneak peak at Venom and Sandman!

We'll start off with a taste of what's to come with Sandman:

The Art of Spider-Man 3

And now Venom!

The Art of Spider-Man 3
The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

The Art of Spider-Man 3

Enjoy while they're available - they will probably disappear soon once Sony starts making the rounds and removing them.

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Venom's mouth is all wrong, but otherwise the suit looks awesome. Could be a little more muscle, though.

Juice on Mar 8, 2007


Can't really say anything about Venom being 'wrong,' since his appearance changes from artist to artist in Marvel's comics. I love it. 8D Can't wait for the movie!

Mariah on Mar 8, 2007


Man well ya venoms mouth could use bit of touch up but other then that it looks good, they might just fix it wit CG anyway so im not freting too much

Dude im a Dude on Mar 8, 2007


If you look again, the spider is missing from the solid costume in a few of the pictures, leading me to think they will edit the suit a little with CGI. On that one, you can also see his actual teeth along with the costume. So yeah, I'm guessing they will edit the costume.

Juice on Mar 8, 2007


It could possibly be a "stage" in the transformation of Venom. Depending on how Raimi develops the character, Venom might not take complete "form" immediately. This could be completely wrong, but it's just a thought.

Steven on Mar 8, 2007


Venom is awesome and sandman is incredible vise-versa

Matt on Mar 8, 2007


Just a quick word on Venom's mouth... In his first appearance, he had a rather normal looking mouth. The over exaggerated mouth with fangs and large tounge slowly developed as the character developed. We shall see how he develops in the film. I'm hoping previous posters are right in that the CGI cleanup will add the appropriate mouth that we all know and love.

Sean on Mar 8, 2007


I see nothing wrong with venom at all....he looks very badass.....espcially the eddie face and the venom body cant wait till may!!!

Chuck on Mar 9, 2007


His mouth isn't wrong because in order for them to do that kind of mouth it will require CGI. I saw a video of how he looks in the movie a few months ago that was immediately takin down and his mouth is perfect.

Bjon on Mar 9, 2007


Is that Topher Grace as Venom? My son has the action figure and Venom definitely has some kind of weird tongue thing. These are great pics.

Dawn on Mar 9, 2007


If you look really closely u can see that the scene with "Topher grace dressed up as venom and posing" isnt really venom but its spiderman. The emblems are different, the black evil spider man has a little black spider on the front and venom has a big white spider emblem.... so technmicaly the mouth is right because its not venom, its spiderman... FREAKY...

anonymoz on Mar 13, 2007


After seeing these pics I think that Topher Grace was a good choice for Eddie Brock. I think they need to extend the jaw on Venom. I guess they will do that with cgi. I hope they get the movements and actions of venom right. If they dont then all is lost.

nghtcrwlr15 on Mar 13, 2007


Some of you guys are not paying attention, this is not how the finished product is going to look, the pics are taken from a book called "The Art of Spider-Man 3" so most of what we are seeing is concept art. This may not reflect the finished product. and for the guy who said that the venom pic is not venom but spiderman, wow, you are stupid.

odd on Mar 14, 2007


The comment about him being spiderman, is probably in referance to the rumored scene where Peter will go ape at someone and tkae on the Venom characteristics, like with what happened in Ultimate Spiderman. Those ones with the mouth could be the Peter 'Venom' and the Eddie Venom has the more jagged teeth and tongue.

Okura on Mar 15, 2007


Good point okura, but like you said, it is a rumor and the pic is more likely of a sort of "test" costume for the venom character. I dont believe that they would go deep into the story and try to cater to the true fans when they can suck in the casual mainstream movie watcher.

odd on Mar 15, 2007


I am a bit disappointed with venom, but then I'm a bit of a purist. I prefer the giant white spider and white squares on the back of Spidey's hands, and I prefer the Ferrigno-esque oversized venom (also with the white spider). The current venom, shape wise, seems more like Carnage: Human sized, no whiplash tongue, no big white spider. I would like to think that perhaps they confused the two villains, but then this is hollywood.

Angel on Mar 19, 2007


If Sam Raimi is still behind this i doubt it will be sell out crap, i dont think he has done that with the last two films. As for Venom in the comic he is described and most commonly drawn as a very big body builder, from the pics this guy doesn't look big enough.

Slaine on Mar 22, 2007


Most likely he will have the awesome mouth we have come to know. I don't think they could do it justice if they didn't do it CGI. They finally have my fav. Spidey Villian. Now bring along Carnage...

Ryan on Mar 23, 2007


The Pictures of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock transforming into Venom are fantastic I cannot wait to see him and Spider-man duke it out to save himself, his fiance and the entire city from these villies. Superman:The Man of Steel will fight back with a vengeance in 2009. William Fichtner as brainiac will be awesome use alot of visual, special, and cgi effects to scare the audience. Venom will sure enough scare eveyone in the theater.

Kevin on Mar 23, 2007


If anyone remembers venom in the original early comics,venom was muscular but not to huge like in some comics now. Like venom vs carnage..but it is a good job on venom and he will develop more in CGI u know the huge tounge mouth that deal but its going to be like the original venom but hopefully it will be kick ass!!!!

justin on Mar 24, 2007


spider man3 Peter wanted to marry m.j. then Peter told aunt may then aunt may talked to Peter, and aunt may gave the ring what uncle ben gave her. Then Peter rode on his scooter then new green goblin came and got Peter. Then Peter shot his web at green goblin.Then green goblin punched Peter into a wall.Then green goblin showed his face and it was harry. Then Harry was going to kill Peter. Harry went to Spiderman(Peter) and spiderman jumped up and harry smahed in to the wall, and peter said i didnt kill your father.He wasnted to kill me.Harry said SHUT UP! and the wall went down... By Callum Whittaker (He is only 7 and he wanted to write the story! By his sister Paige)

Callum&Paige on Mar 25, 2007


Kids are TOTALLY awesome. Bring on the Venomy and Sandmany goodness! I'm seeing it in IMAX, baby.

Rick Sparks on Mar 28, 2007


Actually what was said before was correct. The pictures of the "full venom" with the regular mouth are just tests. If you notice the pictures of Topher Grace in the suit don't match the suit used in the full costume pictures. The Topher Grace suit is much bigger and has the altered spider emblem on the front and back. That suit is the final suit and the face of venom can be seen by going to and looking at the spiderman 3 venom figures that they have on sale. The final venom will look very much like the venom we've all been used to however with a few tweeks. I for one think they've done a great job with realizing the comic book character and making him fit within the real-life spiderman world.

Jeremy on Mar 31, 2007


I really like the Thomas Haden Church(THe Sandman) picture CGI portraits and the Topher Grace(Venom) CGI portraits. Both are very realistic more than The Green Goblin Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina Doctor Octopus in the first two Spider-man films. Venom is one of my favorite villains next to Carnage who I would like to see in Spider-man 4. Carnage is a very intelligent character like Venom his real name is Cletus Kasady a serial murderer he was a victim of child abuse as a child so sad but, he was handsome as a little boy. He is still a good-looking guy as an adult. I'm not gay or anything I'm just saying that the abuse didn't scare him physically. Eddie Brock is another character you have to love . Eddie and Peter started out as friends before, he was fired from The Daily Bugle by Jameson for lying about getting pictures of Peter parker as Spider-man. Who strange!!! Take care Everyone Spider-man 3 next mont excited!!! Kevin

Kevin on Apr 2, 2007


In the drawing one they have the webbing come from under the palm instead of on the back of the hand where it should be but otherwise simply phenomanal

CM Cage on Apr 5, 2007


I just saw the new trialer for Spiderman 3! Much longer then the rest....and its look amazing! You see a bit more of venom.....only 25 more days left!!!!

Mateja on Apr 7, 2007


actually the pic of venom that you cant see his(topher grace's) face is actually Spiderman slowly turning into venom. i remember in the one of the trailers, Peter Parker looks at his reflection in the mirror and sees that exact picture of venom. The REAL venom will have the crazy mouth you see in the drawings.

Dave on Apr 11, 2007


Hello Everyone!!! Kevin back again commenting at 12:30 Thursday morning April 12, 2007. Good grief, There is only two weeks and three full days till Spider-man 3 comes out. please don't waist your time flying 15-20 hours to Tokyo, Japan to see Spider-man 3 it is a waist of time and money. you can wait and see Spider-man 3 here in the United States of America. Anyway, Carnage i believe without a doubt, must appear in Spider-man 4. I think The Maximum Carnage saga would be a great story for Spidey 4 since, we all will see the Venom saga story in Spider-man 3. Bryce Dallas Howard is fantastically gorgeous in Spider-man 3 as Gwen Stacy. She is a knock-out and Chloe Sevigny was originally going to appear in this movie as Felicia Hardy AKA The Black Cat Spider-man's sexy feline girlfriend. Later dudes and dudettes!!!! Kevin will keep writing.

Kevin on Apr 11, 2007


Venom's suit looks just like Spider-Man suit thats all wrong Venom is black & blue with NO WEBBING ON HIS SUIT he don't look anything like Spider-Man And Eddie Brock is a body builder so were do they get off casting Eric Formen for the part they messed him up just like they messed up the Green Goblin do they read comic books or what oh and how about the Hulk were do they get off making him as tall as a TREE get real (talking about just before dog fight seen) the Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets not BIGGER are the people making movies just plan dumb-asses or what how hard can it be to stick to a comic book did you know that Bumbla Bee from the tranformers is not going to be a VW Slug Bug his going to be a Chevy Camero get real people thats one more movie they messed up stick with what won us over in the first place P.S. Don't for get X-Men I don't want to get started on that one peace out KEEPING IT REAL AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!!!! CARNAGE 187

robert on Apr 12, 2007


Robert my man!!! What'sup speak your mind about Carnage he is one of my favorite Spider-man villains next to Venom. I would like to see him in Spider-man 4 with The Lizard, Vulture, Kraven and Scorpion that is a great tag-team. Spider-man can team-up with Wolverine, Black Cat, Daredevil and Hulk to fight these baddies. I read news while there were beginning production on Spider-man 3 that actress Chloe Sevigny who starred in American psycho with Christian Bale was possibly chosen to play Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. What do you think about her playing this character i think it is beautiful that she is playing this character. Have you seen Batman Begins and Superman Returns both were great comic book blockbusters and didn't mess up aas bad as XMEN, Hulk and Topher Grace's Venom character like you mentioned. Christian Bale and Brandon Routh are the next Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton both were Academy Award material actors. they are planning a Justice League of America movie I'm very excited about this movie it will come out probably after The Dark Knight and Man of Steel films. Marvel is developing a Avengers movie too it will probably, come out after Captain America. They need to do a movie about him because, he was assassinated following the Civil War so sad a great hero killed. The Incredible Hulk will be a great film Hulk will battle hid nemesis The Abomination just like he did in Hulk:Ultimate Destruction. Ghostbusters III is in production for 2008 along with a new Street Fighter film. The 1994 film wasn't all that bad it had a great story with Colonel Guile trying to alude the civil war militia against his nemesis General m. Bison played by the late Raul Julia. Guile is played by International Superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme. Well, Robert I hope I fead your Brain with interesting movie topics!!!

Kevin on Apr 12, 2007


That would make a good movie but the venom costume is the best costume I've seen since the Green goblin suit. What do you guys think of the hobgoblin suit? Jake s-m

Jake on Apr 12, 2007


OK, Let me sum it up for all of you, The venoms you see now are all prototypes for the actual venom in the movie as well as the costume that Topher Grace uses in the scenes. the costume will have a major CGI makeover adding his white emblem, his cool tounge, his gient mouth, and muscular fasaud. don't worry, our venom will be the big ugly brute we love to hate.

Spencer McClure on Apr 13, 2007


ya hi umm ive seen pics of hob goblin in spider-man 3 instead of looking like a gay hover surfer he should look like the hob goblin in the old spider-man cartoons now that was a bad ass hob goblin.

steve on Apr 15, 2007


the casting doesnt make any sense for Venom, in the comics brock was a middle aged bodybuilder, he got his strength from weightlifting, why didnt they stick true to the comic?

Al on Apr 22, 2007


i love venom so much!!

choo on Apr 27, 2007


Hello Everyone!!! Kevin back again, to tell you that Spiderman 3 is coming next weekend Friday to be exact May 4, 2007. I saw a video scene of the making of Spider-man 3 the game how they put everything together and when Thomas Haden Church's Sandman game character grows gigantic it is very identical to the gigantic Metallo monster Superman fights on the Superman Returns video game. Activision gave Spider-man the game the same elemental environment that Superman was given by Electronic Arts. They are still trying to find out what makes a perfect Superman game. Superman will be back as The Man of Steel in 2009; How many of you are excited to see Superman back on the big screen I am. What villains do you want to see for the sequel four that I can think of are Brainiac, Metallo, Parasite and Livewire along with Kevin Spacey returning as "The Greatest Criminal Mind of our Time" Lex Luthor. Take care Spidey Fans!!! See you at the movies next Friday!!! Kevin The suit where this come from, The power it feels good, but you lose yourself to it.!!! Tobey Maguire Spiderman 333333333333333333333333333333333!!! Bring on Carnageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I want to see him Mr. Sam Raimi

Kevin on Apr 27, 2007


Its about time Venom showed the hell up... but i still say that the spiderman crew should hav gotten Todd McFarlane on the case..

Nick on May 1, 2007



CODEE on May 4, 2007


Hello: Spiderman 3 fans today, is the day and Spiderman 3 will be shown at all conventional theaters and Imax for the first, time Friday May 4, 2007. I'm looking forward to seeing Spiderman go from Red, Blue and Black to Black and White. Sandman, New Goblin and Venom are other Villains that I will be excited to see tear Peter Parker and Spiderman apart not that I enjoy that it is just a movie. I always root for the good guys because, they always win, moving on, Carnage is a must-see in the fourth Spiderman flick, I've already made my choices as who could play him. Jim Carrey, Jake Busey(Gary Busey's look-Alike son), and Jake Gyllenhaal. Michael Keaton would have been a good choice if he we 10 years or more younger. How many of you want to see Carnage team with Venom in the next Spidey flick I vote Yes!!! Oh, the girls are lovely, Kirsten Dunst my childhood crush will have me blushing, Bryce Howard blushing as Gwen Stacy and Elizabeth Banks cheesing as Betty Brant I loved her in Seabiscuit with Tobey Maguire, Chris Cooper and Jeff Bridges who will be in Ironman next year and she was great in Heights as James Marsden's fiance. 2008 get ready for The Dark Knight, Ironman, Hulk 2, Ghostbusters III and Street Fighter(New Version) 2009 possibly Spiderman 4, Superman:The Man of Steel and Captain America feature film maybe. another film I read that we may see if not this year that year Tekken based on the Sony Playstation video game martial arts blockbuster.

Kevin on May 4, 2007


does anyone know who is the artist of those venom drawings?

oguzhan on May 5, 2007


I saw the movie a couple nights ago. It was fuckin' awesome, and Venom looked great. He could have been a little more buff, but I think they did a good job.

The Fucken Juice on May 5, 2007


I saw spider man 3 yesterday it was the best movie ever!!! Though who would of thought that the hobgoblin is actually called the new goblin in the movie?

Jake on May 6, 2007


i saw spiderman 3 may 4th at 7:oo but venoms mouth was not as humanoid in the movie

alex on May 6, 2007


umm this venom is based off the spider man ultimate series guys

Kevin on May 6, 2007


that just americans 4 ya they never get their own shit right just look at dare devil and the hulk and fantastic 4 big flops it just all about the comics lol as i would say leave it 2 stan-lee

darren on May 8, 2007


ya dude u need to get some pics of old school venom like outta the comics im an artist i wanna draw him so bad after seeing the movie and im 14 schoolin all yal

luke kloch on May 10, 2007


these pics are horrible

jenifer on May 14, 2007


Spiderman 3 has made history everyone, topping Box Office records over Spiderman 1 and 2 and other films like Pirates of the Carribean:Dead Men's Chest from 2006. Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith 303.4 Million I think Box Office Gross was also, defeated by Spiderman 3's 403 Million starting gross for 2007. Superman Returns even defeated Star Wars Ep. III's domestic gross with over 400 Million Worldwide Superman Returns also, received 10 Golden Globe Nominations at the Saturn Science and Fantasy Nominations Awards, other films that won were Cars, X-MEN:The Last Stand, Pirates of the Caribbean:DMC, Happy Feet you name it. This year on May 25th, 2007 get ready for Johnny Depp's third ride Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End this will give Spiderman 3 a run for it's money. Actually, two other Disney movies that will grab in lots of millions are Shrek;The Third May 18 this saturday and August 3, 2007 Underdog a popular comic book character K-9 from the sixties will make his debut on the big screen. Underdog is also being sponsered by Disney they have made history will an historical list of sucessful films and animated films. July 4, 2007 guys and girls prepare for one of the greatest cybernetic series of all time to return to the big-screen Transformers directed by Michael Bay(The Rock; Bad Boys series). Peter Cullen is still the main voice of Optimus Prime who voiced him in the animated series and movie back in 1986. Megatron his nemesis will be voiced by the talented Hugo Weaving(Matrix series, Lord of the Rings series, V for Vendetta). Everyone give me your opinions of The Dark Knight Batman Begins sequel and Superman:The Man of Steel Superman Returns sequel villains tell me who you guys and gals want to see.

Kevin on May 14, 2007


Hello MY name is monique stuhmcke and today i watched your movie i cried it was sad but very good, i have got a question to ask you. will there be a 4th spider man or is that the last one??? i thought that the sand man and the black suit man was very good(the teeth were scary but good) THank you for making the spider man movie... if you ever get this e-mail can please e-mail me back on From Monique Stuhmcke

Monique on May 26, 2007


Why Not New Goblin Hes Cool Man I with the sky stick and the blades and all that crap

Ryan on May 29, 2007


Ryan they can't use New Goblin because, Harry Osborn(James Frano's) character died in the film. The fans of Marvel Comics want to see new villains with the exception of Venom we can excuse seeing him a second time because he wan't shown enough in Spiderman 3 more Venom please!!! I read that James Marsden(XMEN films; Superman Returns) was confirmed to play either Scorpion or Carnage for Spiderman 4. I prefer James playing Scorpion and Zachary Quinto as Carnage because, he never received a big-screen film project he was just hired on the show Heroes playing the telepathic serial killer Gabriel Sylar he looks like Jim Carrey and will make a great Carnage he looks so sadistic in character. Zach is a nice guy in real life very friendly to be around. Hayden Panettiere should play Supergirl she is so sexy!!! cute and sweet and is the right age to play the girl of steel. other actresses that were considered was Mischa Barton former O.C. star, Elish Cuthbert (24) and if Dakota Fanning was older she would probably be considered that's Hayden's twin they look alike same blue eyes and facial features.

Kevin on May 29, 2007



HELEN on May 30, 2007


Who is Carnage???

Nick on May 30, 2007


Hello: Everyone, Nick my man if you don't know who Carnage is I guess you haven't been reading alot about lately. Carnage is the offspring symbiote son of Venom the balck white symboled alien creature that bonded with Edward Brock, Jr. after Peter Parker freed himself of the eveil alien organism that changed him into Symbiote Spiderman. Carnage's real name is Cletus Kassady a wanted serial killer who was abused as a child by his father. Kassady remembers a teddy bear that his father gave him when he was little this story was told by Kassady in Maximum Carnage check out the comic book at your local comic book store Bedrock City Comics. Wikipedia; Encyclopedia posted an article about Carnage having his own motion picture, but Marvel decided to have him appear in a future Spiderman film. Carnage along with Scorpion, Lizard possibly and Venom returning for a revenge rematch against Spiderman. Spidey will need some serious help this time. Black Cat/Felicia Hardy must be in this film. Other Marvel heroes I would like to see help Spiderman would be, Wolverine, Captain America (God Bless his soul he was killed), Gambit, and Hulk he is a major asset to Marvel. Hulk has been around since 1962 along with Spiderman, 45 years of comic book entertainment. well Nicholas there you have it Carnage is confirmed by Sony/Columbia Pictures to appear in Spiderman 4 hopefully Spidey 4 will be released in 2009 like Spiderman 2 was released in 2004 two years later after Spiderman in 2002. James Marsden(XMEN Films; Superman Returns) was rumored to play Scorpion or Carnage, I prefer him playing Scorpion because, he does have a bad butt attitude like he did as Cyclops and he played a good assistant to Frank Langella's Perry White character as his nephew in the film. Bryan Singer after he finishes Valkyrie with Tom Cruise a WWII film, he will get started filming Superman:The Man of Steel in the summer of 2008. Superherohype said the film would start production in March of 08 we will see. But, anyway, William Fichtner may play Brainiac in the sequel, they said there may be four villains in the next Supes movie others mentioned were Metallo, Parasite and Bizarro also, Lex luthor will return to battle Superman again. I can't wait to see Lex Luthor in the green and purple outfit Darkseid maid for him he wears it in Jeph Loeb's Supergirl comic book with The girl of Steel facing her darkside. Oh!!! before the Supes sequel this December, Chris Nolan will show a teaser trailer of The Dark Knight the sequel to 2005's Batman Begins this time The Dark Knight Batman will face his Arch-nemesis The Joker played by Heath Ledger they have a picture of him as The Joker, Aaron Eckcart will play Harvey Dent/Two-Face and Cillian Murphy who was in Batman Begins as Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow may return for a revenge rematch with Bats. Other movies to look out for in 2008 are cgi animated movie like TMNT this year is Ghostbusters III, Ironman film Robert Downey Jr. is playing Tony Starks/Ironman who will battle his nemesis Mandarin a powerful sorcerer. Terrence Howard will play his best friend and partner Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine other stars in the film are Jeff Bridges and Gwenneth Paltrow. The Incredible Hulk the Green Goliath is back, but Edward Notron will paly him this time trying to find a cure to rid himself of The Hulk Liv Tyler you know this woman will replace Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross Eric Bana played Banner/Hulk in the first film. Tim Roth(Planet of The Apes voice of Chief Ape soldier) will play Emil Blonsky?The Abomination a german gamma geneticist who is exposed to a radioactive iosotope similar but different than what Bruce Banner did with a gamma bomb exposure accident saving his best friend Rick Jones. also, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat two of the biggest video game franchises will return with rebooted live-action movies SF will focus this time on Chun-Li Zang a interpole reporter investigator who tracks down information on Charlie Nash a friend of Colonel William Guile and the maniac who murdered her father Durai Zang also, friend and mentor of Feilong Sawada a Shaolin Kung-Fu legend like his childhood idel Bruce Lee. Mortal Kombat I don't know what the story will focus this time, but I would like to see new and old faces like Dragon King, Kenshi, Quan Chi a powerful sorcerer who once served Shao Kahn and betrayed Kahn later teaming with Shang Tsung who knows what Midaway will do. They might lead MK in a different direction in filming rights New Line Cinema may no longer be there sponser. SF's movie rights will be moved from Universal to Twentieth Century Fox I would have kept SF with Universal it is a better fit. Well, Nick if you now know how Carnage is like I said, pick-up comic books with Carnie on the front get to know your Symbiote characters notice how similar he looks to Venom father and son. Oh!!! Carnage produced asexually he never needed a symbiote mate like Veom did a spawned two symbiotes I know of, Scream and Toxin a good guy symbiote stronger than Carnage and Venom combined. Take care man Love Ya Man God Bless You Talk to me somemore if you want to talk more about Carnage and other characters from DC, Marvel, Capcom, Midway etc.

Kevin on May 30, 2007


Hi: Helen I didn't forget about you I was just commenting to Nick about Carnage he does not know who Carnage is and I gave him some history about Venom's offspring psychopath Carnage. I feel you saying Venom was the best two you. Venom is one of my favorite Spiderman baddies along with Carnage who was confirmed to appear in Spiderman 4 with Scorpion, Lizard possibly and Venom returning for another showdown against Spidey. Helen also, look for Superman:The Man of Steel in 2009 or so. Supes will battle aworst threat than Lex Luthor I'm talking Brainiac baby!!! Yes, Brainiac just appeared in a new issue of Batman/Superman he appeared in season five of Smallville played by James Marsters(Buffy The Vampire Slayer; Spike) and William Fichtner(Armageddon; The Longest Yard) might play him in the sequel he was shown in many trailer idesa for the Supes sequel at Other villians you may see are Metallo, Parasite, Bizarro and Kevin Spacey will return as Lex Luthor. Heath Ledger(Ten Things I Hate About You, Brokeback Mountain, Four Feathers) will appear in The Dark Knight next year as The Joker Batman's ultimate Arch-Nemesis they will show a teaser trailer of the sequel to Batman Begins this December. 2008, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight already mentioned, Ghostbusters III (Cgi animation like TMNT), Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. 2007 Spiderman 3 already saw it, Fantastic Four:Rise of The Silver Surfer, TransFormers, DOA, Rush Hour 3, UnderDog, Resident Evil:Extinction, and War all I know for the moment movies for 2007. There is talk of other video game films and comic book films as well. Tekken is in the works to come to the big-screen JetLi was announced to play Lei Wulong a police detective. DC is planning more films based on their popular characters like, Green Lantern, The Flash, Supergirl will return because of Superman Returns box-office success 10 Golden Globe Nominations, and Wonder Woman is making her debut hopefully Christmas 2007 There is a movie poster of her at website. It say's Experience The Wonder. Marvel plans to make Thor film, Captain America later on we will see a Justice League of America movie the cartoon series, comics and games were all successful now a feature film is in the works. Marvel will also, release a Avengers movie awesome for both Comic Book divisions I cant wait to see both JLA and Avengers totally awesome!!! I have the DC Versus Marvel comic book crossover if a movie was made based on that DC and Marvel would have to split the difference. Take care, Helen you're a sweet girl I love your Venom comment, are you excited about Carnage do you like him he's a handsome baddie he dated Shriek in Maximum Carnage they met at Ravencroft Maimum Security Kassady's prison before he escaped to go after Spiderman and Venom and other innocent people. Love Ya He Kevin say's hi!!!

Kevin on May 30, 2007


the sand man is awesome...when i saw the movie i figured it was computer animated like most things you see now a days but to know someone actually took the time to make that is freakin incredible!

Bernie42 on Jun 7, 2007


Well excuse me...i guess thats why he was a b!t#h in the movie anyway..i almost laughed to death when he got washed away! Thanks for the correction and can't wait to see more movie sequels(sp)

Bernie42 on Jun 7, 2007


Hey!!! Bernie42 No, The Sandman monster Special and Visual Effects were Computer-Generated cinematics they wanted Sandman to be gigantic and scary looking which he was a little but cute at the same time. Remember in Ghostbusters back in 1984 The Staypuft Marshmellow Man he was not scary at all just tall and cute. Anyway, have you heard of the James Marsden rumor of him playing Scorpion or Carnage in Spiderman 4 in 2009, 2010 or 2011. James was recently seen in XMEN:The Last Stand and Superman Returns the film that boosted his career into the Hollywood walk of fame. a Superman and Batman sequel will be out back to back in 2008 and 2009. Also, Ghostbusters III, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat all making comebacks to the big-screen. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat ae my two favorite classic fighting series that have had rebirths since 1982 and 1992.

Kevin on Jun 7, 2007


Hey!!! Zoyir Why did you type in this disgusting Snoop Dog rap song at this Spiderman 3 First Showing post. This website is strickly, for individuals who want to discuss their opinions on Spiderman 3 and talk about Spiderman 4 and beyond. Plwase don't type that garbage here I was offended and I'm sure others will be too. Talk about Spiderman, Batman, Superman, XMEN, Hulk whatever characters relating to fiction and mythology. you can even talk on video game movie favorites that you like and dislike. Peace out!!! Kevin

Kevin on Jun 12, 2007


they did a very good job of making sandman and venom.

Ryan on Jul 20, 2007


Venom Needs more muscles, he looks just as stronge as spiderman, yet in the comics he looks like he is on roids!

meagan on Aug 2, 2007


Hi: Meagan, So, you're a Spiderman fan, yeah!!! I agree with you Venom looks not that much, bigger than Spiderman. Are you excited about Carnage I want to see him in Spiderman 4. as you are probably already aware Carnage's real name is Cletus Kassady a profressional serial killer who if you want I can tell you how he became, a demented sociopath.

Kevin on Aug 2, 2007


Theese art photos are awesome hope the art develops

Jack on Aug 9, 2007


man those pics of venom and sandman rock like how it shows venom getting the suit and everything that is so cool.

sean stebok on Sep 5, 2007


hey it is me again and the movie was great can't wait until it comes out on dvd. This is from your friendly naighborhood #1 fan Sean Stebok

sean on Sep 5, 2007


The show was awesome and the art is really cool I think venom and sandman are the best charecters.

caleb on Nov 9, 2007


Hey!!! guys Spiderman 3 is already on DVD and the menus are incredibly awesome far superior, to the first two films DVD menus. those don't even touch this one how awesome is that. Anyway, rumors are going around about, Carnage appearing in Spiderman 4, bring him on I want to see my other favorite symbiote baddie with more Venom, The Lizard and Blackk Cat. Let's go with The Maximum Carnage storyline.

Kevin on Nov 9, 2007


Venom does not say "I will kill you spiderman" he always speaks as their are two of them or a group as in the cartoons he says "we will kill you spiderman".. and eddie brock should of been bigger.. in the cartoons he was steroided out making himself 3 x bigger than spiderman not the same size.

Daniel on Nov 17, 2007


You are absolutely, right Daniel, that is what Venom said, in the 90's Spiderman cartton series, but how do you feel about seeing Carnage come to the big-screen are you excited about, the sociopathathic serial killer Cletus Kassady/Carnage making his debut appearance in the fourth Spideman film in 2009 or 2010 with Superman:The Man of Steel. Supes will possibly face Brainiac and Metallo in the next Supes flick, but Warner Brothers has to go hrough, a serious strike and and I pray that everything goes well, and Supes will fly again in 2009 in The Justice League of America movie and his sequel return in 2010. Anyway, Spiderman I don't doubt will face Venom in a revenge gruesome match, with The Lizard and Carnage at his throat and Black Cat as Spidey's new partner in Crime fighting. Tell me what you think Daniel Kevin is all ears.

Kevin on Nov 18, 2007


Oh!!! another thing, Daniel I think Zachary Quinto would be perfect, for the role of Cletus kassady/Carnage in Spiderman 4, I'm sure you are already familiar with him from Heroes as Gabriel "Sylar" Grey and he will appear in his debut theatrical appearance as a young Spock in the next Star Trek movie in 2008. I heard that Leonard Nemoy will return to the series and maybe, William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Winona Ryder was just casted in the film too Wow this film looks to be really good. I also, think that Hayden Panettiere looks like, a possible Kara/Zorel/Linda Lee Danvers/Supergirl for Superman:The Man of Steel in 2010, She will give Brandon Routh goosebumps as his cousin from Krypton. I will miss Heroes on television for I hope to be a short while, depending how long this strike will be, it will affect alot of popular tv shows and upcoming movies that will come out in 2009 and beyond. Lets pray, that the strike will end in a positive note.

Kevin on Nov 18, 2007


I need pictures of VENOM not how they are making them and not of the person who is Venom. That is all I am asking for. Please!

Jaspreet on Dec 30, 2007


Jaspreet, if you want that you will have to ask the ones who own the rights to Venom's artwork. you will probably be denied those pictures because, of copyright infringement, so I would recommend yo find Marvel Artwork books containing Venom inside of them who knows you may even bump into his son Carnage he is cool too.

Kevin on Dec 30, 2007


I LOVE VENOM!!! he is the number one Marvel Character that is my favorite

Lauren on May 1, 2008


that pic was good

julian on Jul 8, 2008


Yeah well, the movie came out and VENOM DID NOT LOOK LIKE VENOM he looked like some gay version of spiderman. Spiderman was emo-gay with the black suit. Sand-gay was gayer than a gay-fest at a gay-bar with gay-drinks and gay-guys. And finally, last but not least, WHY DID MARY JANE HAVE TO SING... TWICE! AND DANCING EMO-PARKER? AND CRYING EVERYWHERE NOT A TEAR TO SPARE?! WHAT A CRAP TURD SANDWHICH! I HOPE SPIDERMAN 4 HAS CARNAGE AND THE RETURN OF VENOM, PLEASE! DO IT RIGHT RAIMI, OR DONT DO IT AT ALL!!!!

Ebeebeebe on Nov 1, 2008


Ebeebeebe, I can just laugh at the post you just made, because Spiderman 3 was done horribly but still an enjoyable movie in the Spiderman series. It, doesn't compare to how great the first 2 films were but seeing Symbiote Spiderman, Sandman and Venom forget New Goblin he was gay was an experience. Spiderman 4 will be done right I just read the outside article here at First that director Sam Raimi wants to go back to the basics with Spiderman. This, should or should not happen well Ebeebeebe Carnage, Venom, Black Cat and The Lizard I would pick for the first candidates in the series. I know Carnage will also appear in the Venom spinoff film, if you haven't been keeping up with Sony/Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment films group. Venom they said, was going to be a good guy symbiote and antihero like he is in the comic books. The, reason this is going to work is Carnage must be the antagonist in the Venom spinoff storyline film I wonder if Spiderman himself will be used as a partner of Venom I think it will work. I LOVE SPIDERMAN and all of his villains. I know I've made statements about the old villains from the 1960's redrawn and republished for my generation but, the old and new villains for Spiderman all look cool. I didn't like Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin that much he wasn't intensely scary like the comic book Green Goblin he should have been more Halloween ghoulish like GG looks in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Heyyyy!!!! Carnage is also, available as a downloadable character villain for the MA blockbuster sequel cool I've got to play that game. Right, now I'm still playing Batman:Arkham Asylum I'm intending to beat that game and I'm also going to buy and play Ghostbusters:The Video Game too epic game man lots of ghost material and proton laser shooting to catch the ghosts.!!!

Kevin on Oct 23, 2009

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