Insanely Gory Saw IV R-Rated Teaser!

September 12, 2007

Saw IV Teaser Trailer

I am warning you RIGHT NOW that this is the goriest footage I've ever seen outside of the movie theater. If you're man enough to handle insane gore and you're still looking to be convinced about seeing Saw IV (as I am), then this is it. This completely turned me around, a 100% reversal in interest, from really bad to really good. After the official teaser launched recently, I've been worried, but this new teaser today takes the cake. The video starts off with Jigsaw's autopsy - and man is it brutal. Fire it up and get ready to run to the bathroom!

Watch this gory Saw IV teaser trailer:

[flv:saw4-gore.flv 320 256]

Saw IV is directed again by Saw II and III director Darren Lynn Bousman. The film will open wide on Halloween weekend, October 26th.

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Looks even better now.

Stephen on Sep 12, 2007


That's fucking awesome! But its not very gory. I was expecting more! But now I really can't wait to see this!

Jeff Warner on Sep 12, 2007


Ok...i was worried this was gonna be bad. But this trailler does give me some hope. I consider gore to be disgusting things involving kills and or deaths. An autopsy isnt gory. It is however a cool way to open the film.

Heckle on Sep 12, 2007


This is going to be terrible. How many times will people fall for this crap? I guarantee they never expected to make 4 of these, and the attempts to stretch out the plot get thinner and thinner every go round.

Nate on Sep 12, 2007


Alright, I will admit that this looks better than the schlock we saw at Comic Con, but I am still not going to go see another 'Saw' flick. It is a franchise that has worn out its welcome, proving only that the American public can be led blindly to the bloody watering hole and be made to drink. With all of the solid releases this fall, I think that we should have no trouble passing on 'Saw IV' and moving on to something else...

Neil Miller on Sep 13, 2007


did they have to drop the F bomb?

WT on Sep 13, 2007


Looks like a big steamy turd. That's exactly what Saw 2 and Saw 3 were, too.

Nicholas on Sep 13, 2007


Movies that reach number 4 after only a few years is just further proof Hollywood is all out of new ideas or creativity.

Mark on Sep 14, 2007


whoa!!! can't wait...

miracle disease on Sep 14, 2007


Is there anyone out there that could explain me in a simple and non sarcastic/ aggressive/ juvenile way what the heck is the matter with all this sadistic, gory and deeply sick movies? Why are people so much drawn to movies that are showing meaningless violent, sadistic and murderous acts? What makes people like Jeff Warner write "That's fucking awesome! But its not very gory. I was expecting more!" Is this what you call *entertainment*?

Alex C. on Sep 15, 2007


I have no faith in this movie. Saw II and III were horrible displays of shock. They were so bad that they cheapened the effect of first film, for me. The problem with the Saw sequels is that they pretend to have a point and intelligent symbolism as an excuse for gore. At least with the Hostel flicks, there actually is an underlying social message, albeit cliche. These movies are just Hollywood at it's worst. They're like the film equivalent of Godsmack and ICP.

Luke on Sep 15, 2007


Ok so I saw the First and second SAW's and I hated the first one up to the very end, then I loved the damn thing. The Second one, so so. Haven't seen the 3rd, but I will now cause this trailer looks stupid awesome! I love how with one thing like , a tape in the dead body, the movie keeps going. I will see this, and I really hate gore type scary movies. Never been a fan. But this is sparking my intrest. Damn you SAW!

AllmightyKeim on Sep 16, 2007


I gave up after 3, don't get me wrong I love a good horror film, unfortunately the saw series like Hostel is just an excuse to totally gross people out and with all the shit that's happening in the world do we really need this.

djcalzar on Sep 17, 2007


Ok,heres the deal...Hostel was stupid and didn't really have much of a story to it.All it was about is people who are paid to torture other people.At least saw has a good story line going.In each movie you find out more and more.The traps get better and jigsaw is just awesome.And I don't know how they do it,but they are by far the best at dragging out the story line.For those who don't like saw,just don't bother putting comments.I can't wait to see part 4,but I wish I could find something that could gross me out.I've watched massive amounts of gore flicks but I still haven't any luck.

Spike on Sep 20, 2007


"I am warning you RIGHT NOW that this is the goriest footage I've ever seen outside of the movie theater." you MUST be wearing a pink ballet costume dude?! Jezus, if this is gory, watch the ten o clock news... fag! still cool that they made a new one!!! me love saw!!!

miko on Sep 20, 2007


Spike and all ever watched the unrated version of Ichi The Killer? That's a gross out gorefest

djcalzar on Sep 20, 2007


that's the way it is... literally OPENING WIDE xD

Gui on Oct 16, 2007

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