Iron Man Cometh - New, Full Trailer!

September 10, 2007
Source: Apple

Iron Man Trailer

Back at Comic-Con in July a full trailer for Iron Man was revealed and damn did it look good! Thankfully Marvel and Paramount have decided to put it online and now you too can watch the full, glorious Iron Man trailer! This really looks like a strong contender for best comic book movie next summer, fighting closely against The Dark Knight. It'll be one hell of a battle, but today it's Robert Downey Jr. that shines as Tony Stark aka Iron Man!! What do you think? Look like the new big comic book movie franchise?

Watch the full trailer for Iron Man:

[flv:iron-man-trailer.flv 602 250]

You can also watch Iron Man trailer in High Definition at Apple

Iron Man is directed by Jon Favreau. The movie hits theaters everywhere next summer on May 2nd, 2008.

Iron Man

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hell yeah. looks great. merchant of death ... wasn't that in "thank you for smoking"?

remus on Sep 10, 2007


hot the death ,,, he did a good job on this one

vicious01 on Sep 10, 2007


Really looking forward to this, hope it does the comics justice.

Stephen on Sep 10, 2007


I think i just went a little in my pants. OMG.

Heckle on Sep 10, 2007


Looks good. I love H. Swank, add that's another plus. But, it looks like the-best-parts-of-the-movie-are-in-the-trailer to me.

Ryan on Sep 10, 2007


awesome but the one at comic con was longer and better and plus jon favreau was there

Everett on Sep 10, 2007


Not Sure if Stark Industries can go up against Wayne Enterprises next year. This movie is long over due! It may be a Marvel and Paramount tentpole nextyear. Thanks First Showing!

Ryan McCarthy on Sep 10, 2007


Im loving the Black Sabbath in the trailer. I would be more surprised if they didnt play it. IIII AAAMMM IRRROON-MMMAAAAN!!

Justin on Sep 10, 2007


wooow! this is guna be exellent! the suit looks amazing, and im glad to find out that most of the film is being done with practical effects thanks to the legend that is stan 'Terminator,Predator,Aliens' winston! Roll on next year! lol

Teddy on Sep 11, 2007


First Dark Knight and now Iron Man. 2008 is gonna be SICK!!! (In a good way of course.)

jason_md2020 on Sep 11, 2007


Stan Winston is a pompus, stuborn, windbag. Remember his line of toys? Yeah, not pretty. Remember the Showtime horror film fiasco? Also, not pretty (although Teenage Caveman had a few soft core moments of fun). He has had a few good designs and he has some talent but to think his connection with a project is a surefire win is foolhardy. All that said, the trailer looks great.

VonDrake Phrenology on Sep 11, 2007


looks good but i really want to see the incredible hulk

Darrin on Sep 13, 2007


no choce in hell ..... stop it hornswoggle

vincent kennedy mchmahon on Sep 24, 2007


It looks damned good! I'm so impatient to watch this movie. Iron Man has always been my favorite heroe 🙂

Iron Man on Oct 3, 2007


bob on Oct 3, 2007


Ed- Don't be so angry! Just because Santa never brought you an Iron Man suit you don't need to take it out on the nice people making this movie. Cheer up little cowboy. And that E.D. problem? They can help you with a simple perscription!

Phrenologist on Oct 9, 2007


I'm finding it mildly ironic that both the title character and the actor portraying him both suffer from substance abuse issues!!!!

Kilroy199 on Nov 6, 2007


I don't think thats a coincidence Kilroy199.. The trailer looks amazing!!, watched it 3 times. Iron Man always my favorite comic as a kid, and looks like Favreau did shellhead justice.

Rdubya on Nov 7, 2007


HOLY FUCKNUT! thats looks so sick!

Sgt Rock on Nov 9, 2007


That was so totally wicked dude!!!!

BILLY BOB JOE THE HOBO on Nov 10, 2007


what took so long its about time a real hero comes along in the movies better than spider man

the real iron-man on Nov 16, 2007


Three words... Gonna... Freaking... Rock!

TheDeuce on Nov 20, 2007


OMFG I think I just wet myself after watching the trailer (for about the 20th time) ... was such a HUGE fan on the comic. After looking at the trailer, this movie just can't suck ... wow. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is GENIUS!

Crash Davis on Dec 6, 2007


I liked it better when it was called "Ned Kelly".

johnbrown001 on Dec 11, 2007


Jesus Christ this movie should turn out really good, I can't even get enough of the trailer. I love the whole modern day Pacasso / Merchant of Death, Lol.

Jesus Christ Himself on Dec 11, 2007


The Hulk, Beast, Iron Man, Cap is coming too... The Avengers must be just around the corner.

Dobber on Dec 26, 2007


Looks dopey with great FX. Staging of the attack scene looks phony. Why give a novice the directing job?

ToTheChase on Dec 28, 2007


Hillary Swank? Huh? She's not in this movie...

Brinkman on Jan 1, 2008


Dont no about this one could just be another marvel money making movie. Probley still better than spiderman tho.

David on Jan 2, 2008


cant wait til its showing day! looking forward to watching it. robert downey, jr should do a hell of a job here!

afterburner on Jan 16, 2008


I just can't wait till they incorporate the freakin stealth suit, now that with give me a boner while watching the movie.

Steve on Jan 21, 2008


fucking wow lol that was FUCKING AMZING MUCH BETTER THAN CRAPPY SPIDERMAN lol cnt wait for it to hit cinemas

kcrazy monkey on Jan 31, 2008


Gotta admitt, this whole trailer is fly. I think it's definitely gonna surpass the spider-man craze thats held the title for so long...the graphics look fly...they have iron man looking perfect in his final form, not to mention the whole "IIIIIIII AAAAAM IIIIRRROOONNNN MAAAAAAANNN" just made it sound even hotter along with the lil sonic blast he did at the end of the trailer...after watching this you can't help but to say...."DAMN THAT LOOKS HOT, I GOTTA GO SEE THAT!!!!!"

real2real on Jan 31, 2008


lol im back again had to watch this again it is so fucking mint seriously cant wait till it comes out love the way he flys at the end and anyone who thinks bad of this film can get fucked lol. WHO AGREES?

kcrazy monkey on Feb 4, 2008


lol im back again had to watch this again it is so fucking mint seriously cant wait till it comes out love the way he flys at the end and anyone who thinks bad of this film can get fucked lol. WHO AGREES?

kcrazy monkey :p on Feb 4, 2008


wow awesome! im cool i can comment what no-one ever reads!

bitch nigguh on Feb 29, 2008


I hope we will aid the futhering of the master race! KKK fo life

bitch nigguh on Feb 29, 2008


can't wait till this movie comes out insted of the north vietnam people it is afgan terrorist who force him to build the ironman suit. Looks like top quality film making. Looks as good as Dark Knight if not better. There will be a real horse race between the two for sure. I already love the fact they picked Robert to play Stark. I will now have to add ironman to my Heroclix collection. All for now.

jack meoff quick on Mar 2, 2008


like omg i love iron man!!!!!!!!

Dougy on Mar 6, 2008


Another example of CGI over substance, show lots of things blowing up and it keeps the dumb American public happy, even if it's at the expense of ruining a potentially good idea by dumbing it down and planning for the sequel before the first film releases. And the CGI looks like CGI too, it could be done much better.

THUD on Mar 7, 2008


Pretty fancy. Of course, now we know that Jeff Bridges is the main villain who's going to try and steal Stark's company and his armor, and won't everyone just show up for the cool effects? You gotta hand it to the marketing guys: they know you're not showing up for the story, but the action.

Baseballhead on Mar 7, 2008


gonna rock dudes !!

i rule on Mar 9, 2008



Vz on Mar 30, 2008


With all the c/g in the industry now,stan ,find a way to put together The AVENGERS

marvel fan on Apr 5, 2008


it looks like a relly good movie

Awais on Apr 6, 2008


WOW! its very good movie! I WILL WATCH THIS! THIS IS ROCK! Cheers to the maker of the movie!

Arnel on Apr 9, 2008


I love Star Wars!!!

Darth Ninja on Apr 29, 2008


All super hero's are good I'm from the old School. they should bring them all back together. the superfriends, and the villians too

angelo on May 2, 2008


This movie did ROCK. I really enjoyed it.

Jon Brown on May 30, 2008


I've never been so excited to go watch a movie.

joey caston on Jun 13, 2008

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