Iron Man's Villain Mandarin Casting Revealed?

March 23, 2007

Our friends over at SlashFilm bring us this exclusive scoop that Crash star Shaun Toub has been cast in Jon Favreau's Iron Man as the villain Mandarin, which is set for next summer. As of now this is just a rumor, but it seems very likely. What does this all mean? Not much. Favreau already confirmed last year that Mandarin would be the primary villain, and they're already started filming just a few weeks ago. It's just that the choice of actor really wasn't known until now.

From SlashFilm, here is the description of the character Mandarin:

The Mandarin made his Marvel Comics debut in February 1964 in Tales of Suspense #50. The character is one of the world's greatest scientific geniuses and a skilled martial artist. Seeking world domination, The Mandarin has no superhuman powers to speak of, he instead makes us of technology. Over the years, he would frequently attempt to turn various nations' weapons against them. His costume projects a powerful skin-tight force field. He can even split Iron Man's magnetic-beam reinforced alloy armor with repeated blows from his hands. He possesses ten rings of alien origin which grant him vast powers.

We'll continue to update this highly anticipated comic book film as its films over the next few months.

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I believe that it would be best if they dropped the manderin and kept him for the third film. A likely villain for the second film would be the Crimson Dyanamo. For those who dont know the Crimson Dynamo was originally the villain in the first film along with the manderin however things changed and over time it went from Crimson Dynamo and manderin to manderin and Iron monger and finally it changed to just Iron monger. If they did choose Crimson Dynamo they should use this one As he is a KGB agent and this could set up a fight or alliance between Iron man and the Hulk! Another likely villain could be Ultron and it would be a nice change to have Tony starks mark 2 suit rebel and turn into Ultron! However it could also be used into introduce Hank Pym! Cool things that could be in the future films are: 1. Tony Starks alcohol problem (If so make it only the second film!) 2. Less jokes more fights (There was too many jokes and the car scene just wasted time!) 3. Keep the pepper pots relationship gently there is no need to rush it and ruin the series 4. War machine (I really want the same person from the last film to play him he was a great actor) 5.Iron man framed for killing people (E.g A iron man imitation) 6.Second film should be a Sex, Drugs, Rock and roll style film 7.At the end of the second film have the SHIELD flying base appear in the distance 8.Introduce Hydra or AIM (I don't want MORDOK!) 9.More armour designs (Only in background if they include war machine in second) 10.A huge fight between iron man a swarm of tanks and a few sr-71 blackbirds! 11.Stan lee (have him as a drunk in a bar for fun or as another cameo role! 12.Smaller villains and Iron man fighting his own people! 13.If manderin has to be used in the 2nd make sure he has NO OTHER VILLAINS with him! 14.If manderin will be in the 2nd please have Blizzard and inferno or Blizzard, Backlash and Melter! 15.Crimson Dynamo has to be more of a thug rather than a villain or he will appear the same as Iron monger just in red! I will end with a question Who will be the villain in the third if Manderin is in the 2nd?

Scorpio on Oct 27, 2008


Nossa... Sensacional,embora esses rumores de viloões,etc,sejam apenas expeculações eu creio que se concretizadas será uma bela série,até mesmo pq o primeiro foi maravilhoso... E também coim esses rumores de vilões,heróis nos filmes os fãs ficam cada vez mais doidos pra que chegue logo 2010... e acho que o mandarin ficaria melhor mesmo para o terceiro longa.. Agora,a dúvida é:como eles colocaram tantos heróis e vilãos na história,como;viúva negra,gavião arqueiro,nick fury,thor? se concretizado,sensacional,mas será dificil,mas confio na marvel,tomara q a disney não queria cancelar algumas produções ou fazer coisas para só para crianças!!!isso pq a disney levou a marvel,né,apenas 5,5 bilhões..rsrs é isso aí,vamos esperar e ver oq dá,mas creio que será sensacional... thor,capitão,hulk 3,nem se fala...rsrs claro que se o hulk for vilão dos vingadores será estranho,pq ele é um vingador pelo menos nos gibis.. e também pq nos comentários de jon favreau após hulk,ele comenta q adora a cena do encontro de stark(Tony) com o General Thunderbolt e também de com acabou o filme do hulk,aquele olhar do Bruce Banner,dizendo várias coisas,como:haha,agora eu tenho o auto controle sobre meu próprio reflexo,vilão ou herói,se for vilão,será em avengers se herói será em avengers e hulk 3...

Douglas NOnato Lima on Oct 17, 2009

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