J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield / 1-18-08 Trailer Officially Hits!

July 9, 2007
Source: Apple

Cloverfield Trailer

This has been the talk of the internet since Transformers opened in theaters July 3rd and this trailer mysteriously played in front of it. After 390 comments on the article discussing what it is, what it could be, and tearing every little detail of the trailer apart, no one has still officially figured it out. All we know is that it's being referred to as Cloverfield and will hit theaters on 1-18-08. However, here's your chance to give it a full-on high definition whirl and see if you can figure more out, or just be shocked and amazed at it over and over again. Watch the first official Cloverfield teaser trailer in full directly below.

Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

The mysterious secret project has had plenty of discussion with a few sparse details released in two articles on the first here and the second here. J.J. Abrams is producing, but Matt Reeves is directing and Drew Goddard ("Alias", "Lost") is writing. The film will hit theaters next January 18th, 2008.

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Holy Crap 1st comment. Anyway this movie will kick ass, and i will be the first in line to watch it. Trailer looks amazing by the way.

Bryan Rivas on Jul 9, 2007


FINALY!!! In HD Besides.. Time to see what Everyone can Find Out.. Start Picking apart Guys!!!!!SWEET!!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 9, 2007


Awesome job on getting that video up so quickly 😉

Jordan on Jul 9, 2007


I Saw it! Its ALIVE! Its HUGE! haha, i knew it. 😛

Bryan Rivas on Jul 9, 2007


wow toatally cool i did not notice all the sushi food and japanese stuff at 29 seconds. doesn't mean anything, no big break through just real interesting

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


How about this. Multiple meteors hit New York carrying parasites. That would explain the explosions and the earthquake.

anonymous on Jul 9, 2007


It's the smoke monster from LOST 🙂

Jessie on Jul 9, 2007


i really think it is cthulu. it would be real interesting. it won't be taken down anymore i think. clearly this looks like paramount has finally released it. this is the real thing because it has been fixed up a little

yossarian on Jul 9, 2007


my guess... monster invades new york, survival of the human race...maybe godzilla decided to make a comeback

rigo on Jul 9, 2007


I don't know if anyone noticed this yet....a friend of mine looked at the source code for In the bottom of the code is this paragraph ...war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star's rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape.

Heckle0 on Jul 9, 2007


How long do you guys think they can market this movie like this? I mean eventually they're going to have to give us a name and a plot synopsis right? Movies make money by getting LOTS of people interested. And the few of us who will blog this and research this will NOT turn a profit. So how long before the veil of mystery is lifted. Personally, I hope they wait as long as possible.

Mark on Jul 9, 2007


This version of the trailer should forever put to rest the idea that he says, "It's a lion" Thank God. I'm sorry, but this Voltron thing has been embarrassing from the get go and it has to die a quiet death. Someone asked why would they show a monster trailer before Transformers instead of a Voltron trailer. Let me explain. Studios do that all the time. They play their own trailers in front of their own movies whether the two are related or not. If, and a very BIG IF, the Ethanhaaswasright website is related to this trailer then there's very little doubt that it's Cthulhu. Too many hints along those lines are at that web site. No one has proved that it's all related however. It's all hearsay. If it's not related, however, then we are left open-ended with a very original monster movie. I hope for either one. It would be cool.

Anteros on Jul 9, 2007


And for you fanboys out there wetting your pants over a Voltron movie, relax... it's coming. It's just not this one. Same thing goes for Evangelion. And Godzilla. Hold onto your hats... or whatever you prefer.

Anteros on Jul 9, 2007


Its the new austin powers movie. Remember you heard it here first.

groovy on Jul 9, 2007


"Here likewise a rambling letter to the editor of a paper in South America, where a fanatic deduces a dire future from visions he has seen." Word for word from "The Call of Cthulhu" by H.P. Lovecraft Ethan Haas?

Anteros on Jul 9, 2007


i thinks its godzilla!

tspice on Jul 9, 2007


Leviathin? Cthulhu? Gojira? What do you think????

Unlived on Jul 9, 2007


Did he say "I saw it, it's alive, it's huge" to me it sounded like "I saw it, It's a lion, it's huge"

Aftab Bali on Jul 9, 2007


OMG, a giant lion is causing huge explosions in NYC and throwing the head of the Statue Of Liberty around like papier mache!! Arrrghh!! Sheesh... keep the under 12's out of the forum already!

Anteros on Jul 9, 2007


I have to admit...the Cthulhu theorists are starting to sound pretty dead on. If you read up on it...Cthulhu is always associated with controlling people's dreams and apocolyptic type destruction. I think Abrams is probably tying the Cthulhu in with the end of the world. If this is indeed the this movie really going to work? I have my doubts...but the trailer just seems to good to let us all down.

Ox on Jul 9, 2007


From J.J. Abrams little tidbit on Ain't it Cool, this is the official website. To me it's a little weird. More to come I guess. just two pictures that you can move around, so far.

Wynner3 on Jul 9, 2007


Follow some research. Giant Monster called The Parasite. Known about this movie for ages.

ChipNoir on Jul 10, 2007


Wow, then again, for the first time ever I actualy heard "alive".

CrackV on Jul 10, 2007


I knew it, thats why i didnt go to that craptastic website.

anonymous on Jul 10, 2007


Well guess what...JJ has nothing to do with either..... and that's a good thing because it has to do with you!

Unlived on Jul 10, 2007


about the comment i posted #30 ill quote "the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the site" im guessing this is saying there other sites but no one has found them yet???

nick on Jul 10, 2007


Ifrit from final fantasy.

n.e.r.d on Jul 10, 2007


How thoroughly refreshing, though we've always known that it made sense, to have a trailer than actually excites and teases and doesn't try to tell the whole story and concept right off the bat. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that if you want to generate some buzz then create a little intrigue. Unfortunately too many studio execs haven't the courage to be daring and creative and thus when one eventually does it's treated with a 'wow this is amazing, who would have thought that would have worked'. How cool would it be if the makers of this film had the courage to leave this as the only pre-screening material available so that when entering the cinema you knew virtually nothing about the journey that you might be embarking on. The film looks exciting and they've done enough to guarantee my bum on the seat come it's launch.

Payne by name on Jul 10, 2007


I can only hope that JJ is doing some sort of Cthulu Movie. Whatever it is I will be there opening day cause that trailer made me forget about Transformers for about 30 seconds.

Flynn on Jul 10, 2007

30 is one of the sites. is an official site on Jul 10, 2007


on the cloverfield website with the two pictures what is the image between the two chics?

shannon on Jul 10, 2007


It's a devil....... check it:

unlived on Jul 10, 2007


I smell a lot of stupid in here. If you don't think this advertising will work, look up alternate reality games (ARGs) sometimes. And if it's a lion, then, Jesus Christ, get back in the car.

Bald on Jul 10, 2007


I've been hooked on this for a solid week now but I 'm losing interest. Not enough info. I've had enough. Back to my life.

Anteros on Jul 10, 2007


It's called "Call of Cthulu." It's not a remake of "The Host."

Spoiler on Jul 10, 2007


Jessie you are totally wrong. You will never be right.

Lucas on Jul 10, 2007


It's the movie TRENT REZNOR was thinking about while he was writing the music for NIN's "Year Zero" album.

Mike on Jul 10, 2007


OK just another crazy idea......HALO the movie........think about it maybe, not sure, but wouldn't that be wild?

spartan on Jul 10, 2007


WOuldn't it be crazy if it was a new Chuck Norris flick. Think about it. The Barber, not paying attention, messes the lines on Chuck's beard up causing him to go balistic and killing the barber with the fist that was concealed under the beard. He then summens all his karate energy to grow to a gigantic size so that he may reign terror down upon the tiny earthlings of biblical proportions. He starts in NYC decapitating the head of Lady Liberty. I would watch that.

I eat spam on Jul 10, 2007


i am not good at spoting things at all so a couple ideas for you guys with good eyes yet crappy equipment, watch the video without sound and then listen to it without video, it helps a little....for me at least

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


Is that Teri Hatcher @ 1:20??

Stephen on Jul 11, 2007


oops...I mean 0:27

Stephen on Jul 11, 2007


It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man....

Will on Jul 11, 2007


SO it can't be a godzilla movie for sure and I highly doubt it's alias the movie so I'm going with either Lost movie or the squid thing

Aftab Bali on Jul 11, 2007


If you think about it a little harder, you might just figure it out, Think Revelations, think the end of the world.............check revelations 18:8....................

Julian on Jul 11, 2007


Ok... I have watched and watched and listened and listened. and I have a question The initial shake or earthquake or whatever it is. At that moment there is a loud sound that to me sounds like a voice before the moan. Like its saying a name or something. I don't know.. Someone with better ears then me please check that part out. its at about 1:09.

Mikesterr on Jul 11, 2007


While my favorite contender for the monster star in this mystery trailer is Cthulhu, has anyone considered the location difficulty with that? Cthulhu sleeps in sunken R'lyeh, which is in the South Pacific...pretty sure the ol' Statue of Liberty is on the Atlantic coast. Just a thought...

Joshua on Jul 11, 2007


I know JJ Abrams likes Anagrams but I haven't come up with this one yet (if it even is one). Cloverfield The best I have is Evil/Vile/Veil Cold Rev(olution?)

Craig on Jul 11, 2007


You Guys!! I listened to this 32 times exactly (call me obssesed if you must) and when you here it the first time it says "I saw it, Its a lion! Its huge!" I have no doubt the only reason people here "its alive" is becasue when you hear it more your ear and nerves get weary to the sound so the first is always mostly right, trust me he said lion.

Montezille on Jul 11, 2007


Oh and the movie has a couple code names: Cloverfield, The Parasite and 1-18-08. No one knows which of these are the real name if any of them even are. But there are no faces in the fire or that girls hair, your just getting a little creative.

Montezille on Jul 11, 2007


And I think the Lion might breathe fire or something, but im almost certainly sure that the man said lion.

Montezille on Jul 11, 2007


And maybe the lion got infected by some parasites that made him huge and breathe fire?

Montezille on Jul 11, 2007


u guys are stupid

nick on Jul 11, 2007


Okay what ever man trust me i have very excellent hearing don't be so close minded.

Montezille on Jul 11, 2007


Ok, here are my two cents and its all I'm going to give... I took the work CLOVERFIELD and put it into a few anagram generators. The most interesting combination I came up with was COLD FIRE LEV. Now before you say LEV is not a word, I took that and punched it into some definition sites. LEV basically translates into... LION! So run with that... or not.

Whitey on Jul 11, 2007


u can scratch off "The end of the world" and wat you think it might be because we already know its a monster movie jj told us so idk y every one thinks its an end of the world movie

nick on Jul 12, 2007


spectra is stupid

nick on Jul 12, 2007


Lot's of people are speculating here: come on by!!

Unlived on Jul 12, 2007


Ok.... Friend of mine was checking out the site. Apparently the name of the the girl on the sites father is the name of a character in a Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster movie. Coincidence?

Heckle on Jul 12, 2007


Seems like Godzilla to me. At :54 some guy says, "What kind of animal sounds like that?" Then there is the fireball which could be explained by the fact that Godzilla breathes fire. The roar doesn't sound like Godzilla, but they could have changed it.

Blake on Jul 12, 2007


Pfff I Dunno I just say its another Good ass Monster Movie. I'm just gonna wait it out... I mean we know "its a lion its huge" And "sounds like a animal" I say wait it out and see... I really dont see the big deal...:) my opinion

Shadow on Jul 12, 2007


Just a reminder that the FIDO screening in denver is tonight. Get your tickets now!!!

Heckle0 on Jul 12, 2007


Yup he did say "Its a lion." I went to the AMA. told you i was right, uh-huh oh yeah!

montezille on Jul 12, 2007


hey guys, i have read all the comments and actually first i thought it is godzilla too, but i cant believe they make a new reremake of it , remember i think 8 years ago there was the last remake in cinemas and it was very good. I like godzilla but do you think the creator of lost will make a movie with godzilla? All the other clues are very fine of course , but think different. the guys who made this movie will keep it secret for sure and what would be better if we take all the people out there in this fanmovie world and make them believe its a monster movie !! i think 50 % of all think its godzilla or this other monster .... forget the name ^^. i have a few ideas and i didnt make any searches for information after i saw this amazing trailer here are my few ideas what it could be (i know some of them are to stupid but ....) 1. halo 2.Final Fantasy 3. I am legend (new movie with will smith ^^) 4.AVP2!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IT IS 5.Alien 5 (without ripley) 6.Pokemon movie (i hope not uaaaarrrghh) 7.Any Marvel movie or something 8.Transformers 2 (that would be lol) 9.some invaders movie 10. hellboy 2 and now guys my first idea after godzilla, and also my favorite hope ... Dragonball or its something new we all never will find out till they tell us ^^ at last excuse for my bad english iam from germany and eglisch is not my favorite ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 12, 2007


it could be a lion if the guy in the movie think he see one?! but it also could be another animal that looks like a lion or really the new enemy for godzilla that looks like a lion. But the first time i have see and hear the trailer i understand alive and not lion. possible is everything ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 12, 2007


So guys my brain has going to get crazy but i think i got the best idea what it is i wonder why they show it before the transformers movie, i read about it a few minutes ago and actually could it really be a second transformers movie? Anybody knows the Beast Wars saga? could be really a lion cause there the transformers transformed into animals tell me if iam wrong with that cya

Cifty Fent on Jul 12, 2007


Its godzilla, first in the beginning there is sushi, second that guy is going to japan, third a guy said i saw it, its alive, its huge, finally the roar is similar to the roar of godzillas

THE BEST on Jul 12, 2007


Yis all have it way wrong...its ''honey I blew up the kids'' with Ric Moranis makin a comeback as he blows himself up and starts causin hell tryin to get back to his house where the kids are playin around with the enlarger machine...end of story...can't wait to see it...should be hilarious!!!hahahaha

rock on Jul 12, 2007


Hey Guys, I just discovered a new website for Cloverfield. Check it out and let me know if you think it is legit. Cathy Lopez

Cathy Lopez on Jul 12, 2007


the best ur an idiot its not godzilla there already is a new one being filimed called godzilla 3d or somthing does this look 3d no not at all so go dumb up soem other thread dumbfuck just cuz hes goin to japan doesnt mean its godzilla and the roar sounds like any other roar in the fuckin world i listen to bands that could roar like that so i guess maybe is job for a cowboy takin over ny huh??? (job for a cowboy is a band who can "roar" u could say) so stfu ur stupid and and sushi doesnt mean anything stupid

bam on Jul 12, 2007


cathy that site is fake its no legit at all

bam on Jul 12, 2007


its godzilla bam and u know why because u are the dumbass here write like a little baby like a motherfucking child only make other things bad but urself didnt got any idea cause u are a kid and didnt see anything in this world now u shut the fuck up and i hope u be BAMed in school by a damn huge nigga cock now cry and go to your mum and she would tell u the same as i do for sure hahahah idiot kiddy cause u got a big problem with urself u didnt post anything real here and only say shit damn

Cifty Fent on Jul 12, 2007


"now u shut the fuck up and i hope u be BAMed in school by a damn huge nigga cock now cry and go to your mum" and im the kid? w/e u godzilla fans just want a remake so bad cuz all the godzilla movie fuckin suck so bad i dont have anything to post thats real because THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE THAT IS PROOF OR THAT WE CAN PROVE we know its not godzilla cuz abrams said its an "orignial monster movie" its not a remake or anything there is still originality out there maybe none of u guys who want a gay godzilla remake for the 459749854 time have it but im fuckin sure jj abrams has it. and yes i do have an idea my idea is that this IS a monster movie and its NOT a remake or anything its ORIGINAL!!!

bam on Jul 12, 2007



Ed on Jul 12, 2007


Hey Bam, you ever heard of periods? They help end sentences and separate thoughts.

Blue on Jul 12, 2007


Has anyone else been on the official website lately (, because I've just been on and there's a new photograph with the other two photographs. I can't make it out, but looks like a person running, and two women with their hands covering their mouths. Haven't a clue what that flash of blinding light is. Also one more thing, the numbers on the bottom right of each photograph (there's the date 01/18/08 and then some more numbers which look like the times of the day). Anyway they seem to go up, the first picture of the party is 12:01A, the second picture with the two girls scared shitless is 12:36A and the third one (the new picture) is 12:48A, maybe we'll get see some more photographs in the coming days, and if my theory is right, it should shed some more light on the events taking place as the day goes on (in the movie of course), if you get my drift.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2007


cool "anonymous" thx for pointing out the obvius we know in the bottom right its the date a time were not fuckin stupid. ya the pic is two grls running one guy to the far right running and theres another guy in the middle standing there if u look at ur screen from an angle u can see him good. and no hes not a clue every seems to think that every little thing is a clue. the light is from idk who knows maybe a buling idk streetlights

bam on Jul 12, 2007


If you think he's saying "It's a lion", you're deaf. If you listen, you will definitely hear him enunciate the "v" sound of the word "alive". Besides, wouldn't that give away too much if someone said "IT'S A LION!!OMGIFWEFEEDHIMHELLLOVEUSANDWECANSELLHIMTOAZOO!!!11". Point being, that would be stupid. I doubt the creature will be anything we've ever seen before. That would be the best thing and would make it more original. Can you imagine this movie being anything close to decent if the creature was a gigantic lion? Rawr.

John on Jul 12, 2007



JON on Jul 12, 2007


re-arange the numbers 1-18-08 to 80-81-1 then to 80811 and search it on Google, there's an article about toxic waste being dumbed into the New York bay, maybe that's where "The Parasite" came from? P.S. sorry if anyone already posted this lol

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


sorry that's the Love Canal in New York my bad

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


JON ur retarded stfu

bam on Jul 12, 2007


Pause the Hi def trailer at 1:34, there is a shape in the smoke, I am not going to speculate, but tell what everyone thinks.

Tom on Jul 12, 2007


OK, they say alive & not lion, so it's probably not Voltron. Plus I heard a different company is making Voltron & not Paramount. So Bam, is it Call of Cthulu or what? Is that the completely original monster movie? I suppose it could be b/c I've never heard of it.

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


I'm leaning towards Gamera b/c Godzilla 3D is coming out this summer sometime & it's only 40 minutes long. However, that roar did sound vaguely like Gojiras, didn't it?

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


ok, the licsense plate on the black SUV outside the building is ABZ 3293, now i think thats Robs car because its parked closest to the door but i dont know for sure, if you go to a person is looking for the driver of the car and he needs something from the car "a family heirloom", now, Rob is leaving for Japan, maybe the person looking for Rob has something to do with the monster but i dont know for sure again, now when i say the person looking for Rob i mean someone in the movie or the movie people making it are just giving us a hint, plain and simple Rob is the main character and a person needs something very special from him but is having trouble getting it so he gets this monster on him, or maybe its just a stupid licsence plate and the website is a hoax lol, i dont know, k bye

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


another idea, what if the movie is actually called 1-18-08?

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


Somebody already suggested that. The question is, what threw that Liberty head. That's want we want to know. Who cares what it's called. Another thing, how did I get on this site yapping with ya'll? I'm supposed to be working. Where is Bam?

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


So, what's up Manpata? Are we the only nerds left? What's really goin on?

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


Where the hell did Bam go? He's either full of it or he knows something we don't. I want to see if he can type anything without dropping the F bomb. Bam, I think it might be Gamera. What's up?

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


That was interesting Tom. I'm still completely in the dark but that was interesting. Those 3 pics are just creepy though; the way you can move them around like that.

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


Oh and another find tonight, (can you tell I am hooked) On the Slusho site with all the writing about science and growing into a giant whale. The family lived on Honshu, plug Honshu and Godzilla into a search engine and you will find that More than a few Godzilla movies are centered in Honshu? The puzzle is coming together

Tom on Jul 12, 2007


believe me Sinner i dont do this ussually i just found the teaser really mysterious i dunno

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


Ok, found something interesting... If you go to the Slusho-O website and read its "history" it says the company is based out of Honshu (in Japan). If you go to google and type in: godzilla honshu, a bunch of different websites pop up. If you read the lines describing the sites posted most of them are about the different godzilla movies made and they're all based out of Honshu... Basically meaning that's where he attacked his enemies each movie. Just something interesting that helps the whole godzilla theory. Oh and btw if you think this movie is about a lion you're a moron.

Red on Jul 12, 2007


With what Tom said about the giant whale thing. If you look up what godzilla means it's a cross between two japanese words. One meaning gorilla (meaning strength) and another word that means whale (referring to size).

Red on Jul 12, 2007


Well gotta jet. Manpata, Tom, it's been a pleasure. Later Red. I thing it could be Gamera but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Godzilla. Let's be nerds again tomorrow. Later guys. GOJIRA!!

Sinner on Jul 12, 2007


Didn't know if this already posted, can't seem to find it. Found a new website. There are 2 very interesting things and 2 not so interesting things on it. The 2 not so interesting ones are the cloverfield website and the official cloverfield trailer site. The 2 more interesting things are The countdown on the page counting down to August 1 (another trailer perhaps?), and the pair of red eyes staring at you. For the people who are totally against the Godzilla idea, he has red eyes... Still TOTALLY sure it's not Godzilla?

Red on Jul 12, 2007


Sorry... the webste is

Red on Jul 12, 2007


Bam you can shut the hell up with all that damn cussing nigga, cause don't know body wanna hear your dumb idiotic comments.

montezille on Jul 12, 2007


how come the sign saying 401 Broadway explodes...whenever i hit a stop sign it doesnt explode...

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


do you guys think the tickets for this movie will be like the Ps3?

Manpata on Jul 12, 2007


Ok this took a few hours of snooping around, but I have reasons to believe (though this would not work well with slusho unless he did that for all his Bad Robot advertising) that this may be a Revelations type movie as well, and here's why: I searched and searched thru the Mystery Street thing but to no avail. Then someone here posted something about revelations 18:8 so I went for a read. I found this there: 'And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!' Link Which led me to 1:18 'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.' While browsing I found this one too: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY (as in Mystery St???), BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. (Now if you have read Revelations you know that Babylon is 'the great city that falls' which is supposed to be the world's business/sin hub...not NYC u say? lol) NOW - I went back and searched ABZ 3293, tried everything. I tried history of the date 3/2/1993 and even 3/2/1893, and even 3293 BC and found this: Scroll down to ABZ it is an abbreviation that has to to with a man named Rykle Borger who coincidentally wrote a book and was a leading researcher in guess what? BABYLONIAN LINGUAL DECIPHERING!!!(Assyriologist) Link His book was called 'Assyrisch-babylonische Zeichenliste' (ABZ) Guess when it was friggin last published? '63... Anyone notice that it was 63 degrees in the news flash in the trailer? 63 degrees in NYC in Jan at midnight??? I think not. At this point, I nearly shat myself, and began hunting deep into the world of translation of babylon scripts. I found out that AKM can also be Aleph-Kaph-Mem, lost link. Aleph-kaph-mem when googled led me to the definition 'Angel'... Upon more searching for the 3293 part I found this: Estimated Death Year of Adam (from Genesis and of Adam and Eve fame) to be 3293 BC... Link HMMMMMMMMM......... Now, throw in the fact that we have been bombarded with the number 6 (mark of the beast)... Extra Facts: -The Beast is synonomous with the Abyss (ABZ = Abyss also? prolly not but hey Ive been up a few extra hours now so sorry) -People claim that someone could have drawn in the 'devilish' looking silhouette in the girls' hair, very true - but the hair thing is overdone so moving on... -I have to sleep. I'm sure theres more links I forgot to add but this is long enough as it is. Good Luck

GetShorties on Jul 13, 2007


ok bam all the other movies i told ya were only ideas!!! oK!! not more also if u read my post u can see i alsothink it could be something different that nobodys knows at this time. What about this smoke monster ? i heard about it from lost?

Cifty Fent on Jul 13, 2007


ya all the lost fans are like "OMFG SMOKE MONSTER AHHHDAFJSDFGL" but me on the other hand think the smoke monster is the dumbest monster ever. ok people seriously think about it a monster that is black smoke?? that is the stupidest idea of a monster ever id rather the film be pokemon or godzilla then some black smoke that some how and lift things up?? how can u kill smoke anyway smoke isn't even scary at all? so no i don't think its the smoke monster i actually think the smoke monster is lame as fuck. what do i think it is? ive said it before its a ORIGINAL NEW MONSTER thats what i think it is Abrams even said it like when this whole thing started. and red or w/e it is is fake and sinner i dont think its Cthulu cuz there is already a Cthulu movie made and if we were to remake it i doubt we woudl remake before it even came out any where the site is

bam on Jul 13, 2007


When you listen to the trailer on a sucky sound system it does sound like that guy is saying "Its a Lion!" but when you listen to it on a GOOD sound system or just put some headphones on you can clearly make out the 'v' at the end of "Its Alive!" Trust me. I thought he said lion at first also because I listened to it on my friends regular laptop speakers but then when I got home to MY laptop thats hooked up to a separate BOSS sound system the word "ALIVE" came out loud and clear. Now when I first thought it was "lion" I figured the movie was Voltron. But JJ is not directing that movie. Thats what made me go back and listen very closely to what that guy said and low and behold it turned out to NOT be "lion." Besides, if everyone knew it was Lion already there wouldnt be any need for all this build up. I dont think the producers would be THAT brain dead to let the cat out of the bag at this point. This is an ORIGINAL monster movie. Im a Godzilla fanboy as much as the next person but Godzilla this movie is not...and it better not be because that would be a HUGE let down. I dont mind seeing another Godzilla movie come out but I dont want THIS movie to be that. All this build up and then it turns out to only be Godzilla? Please. Get some imagination people. So having said that i think its safe to say that we can rule Godzilla out so PLEASE lets not speak of him again on this thread. As a matter of fact I think its also safe to say that if this movie IS anything we've all seen before after all this secrecy, suspense, and build up then JJ, your head will be served on a platter.

Ed on Jul 13, 2007


"I saw it. It's alive. It's huge." That's what the guy says...

bob_tomato on Jul 13, 2007


I saw the preview last night....did you? We are a bunch of people trying to help each other find the answers......join us at We are waiting.....

Unlived on Jul 13, 2007



GetShorties on Jul 13, 2007


Omg did you guys not hear what I said I went to the Freaking AA meeting, And the dude freaking said lion they even had captions omg!!

Montezille on Jul 13, 2007


montezille shut the fuck up u lyin fuck ur just makin shit up

bam on Jul 13, 2007


Omg Nevermind he did say alive Im 100% sure my friend corrected me becasue he got the front row seats and saw it better , becasue i kind of missed it srry, but now we all know that he said alive so lets move on

Montezille on Jul 13, 2007

112 it possible to type a sentence without the profanity?

Heckle0 on Jul 13, 2007



Je support les troops! on Jul 13, 2007


IT'S LOST!!! It has to be, Abrams is a creative genius! I believe it will connect to the show somehow, one thing I always go back to is the pilot EP of lost when Rose is heard in the background mentioning something familiar about the sound of what they thought might have been a monster at first, then someone asked her where she was from with her response being New York, and obviously the 'others' have 'powers' off the island and may be the cause or at least know something about what is happening in that crazy trailer, I think 'monster' may be a little strong of a word for whatever that sound is just as it was when lost first came out. I'm still not sure whether the island is from the future or is just a 'Noah's Ark' in progress for those who survive the world's near end, but this movie just may be that 'near end' and explaining a lot just before we go into the 4th season of Lost. I'm even thinking perhaps some sort of water world where land mass is rare, the island may not even be an island but more so what's left of the Oregon coast range, sounds crazy but so is that show, and that trailer!!!

decker on Jul 13, 2007


I never saw any lost episodes here in germany also u in amerika have lightyears before us watching that shit haha. My new theorie is that this could be a movie about Evangelion, anybody seen this manga? Its amazing i think this could be the first impact destroying the whole world. Evangelion is a manga about world destroying through a big Impact, Angels are sending to earth from somewhere to destroy the rest of all but the humans build robots or something against them to defeat them with human pilots help very interesting if they will make a movie of it and the story would be so hugh !!! lol

Cifty Fent on Jul 14, 2007


OK Lets look at this thing Step by step. First the Trailer Surprise party for Rob who is going off to Japan, Thunderous roar, (No explosion) They all run to the roof to see what they can see. A huge Fireball preceded by another roar. Everyone runs downstairs into the street and the masses are running past in terror "I saw it Its huge and Its alive" There is more destruction and the Statue of Liberty's head comes saoring through the air bouncing off buildings and cars and lands in the street. Now some analysis: The Roar is first, almost a growling roar, like something huge making its presence felt. There has not been and explosion yet and when they are watching the news the only thing brought up is the "roaring Sound"! Ok so whatever this thing is it is alive. (Not a Lion) Listened about a hundred times, you can definately here the V, also have seen the trailer in the Theaters 3 times now and its very clear there. So a couple things can now be deduced, 1. This thing was already on the earth, nothing from Space, No sightings of it entering the atmosphere, no impact on the earth etc. ( I think that would have led the news broadcast instead of a "Roaring sound". and 2. This thing came out of the water, Liberty Island sits in the middle of the Hudson River, so whatever this thing is again, had to run across the Statue and destroy it prior to coming into Manhattan. Mosty likely a primative predator who mistook the figure as a challenge to its territory. As for the clues, The Slusho shirt and the mysterious history of the company on its website, DEFINATE clue. Rob's oing to Japan, Clue, Sushi, Clue. I dont think every thing in the trailer is a clue, its part of a movie, so to pack more than a few clues into the scene you are releasing as the Teaser Just isnt Logical, Are there more, I do think so, the ABZ 3293 came up with a few thought provocing sites, The Wiki about this Zeno Character who was killed for Profisizing the end of the world on 1-18-08 is more then coincidental, I dont know enough about these things to figure out when that page was originally posted to Wiki, my bet, in the last month or so, certainly not more than the beginning of the year. But every thing in the room is not a clue, we all need to look harder and be more selective. The fact that nothing came from outer Space leaves out the Voltron thought, sorry for that camp, its just my opinion though. As for a Lost movie, as passionate as the fans are, I cant see there being enough of a following to support a feature film, sorry there too. This Chutlu? whatever that is, (and I think that sais a lot) remember everyone, to get a movie funded the studio has to believe the story is recognizable enough to draw people into the Theaters, Lovecraft was a great writer, But the demo for this flick, will definately be the 20-35 range, Not enough of those people even knwo who lovecraft is. Gamera, see all the above. A cult Anime flick, see above again. As for Revelation, That is a distinctly catholic belief, and one thing in movies just doesnt sell, cramming your beliefs down somoeone else throats, see Battleship Earth. So all this leads me to some final thoughts. First we know there is more out there, just keep looking the pieces will come together. And Second this is sometihng both JJ and the Studio think they can sell, Either its a totally new Creature flick which would be fine by me, seeing something original is refreshing, or its a Godzilla flick, I know Godzilla 3D is in production, but that is a 40 minute thing, that is going to see little theater time, Also if you research the franchise you will find that in 04 Universal lost the rights to the sequel, and Emmerich was no longer associated with the Project, Toho the onwer of the rights, and the Japanese fans wer none too happy with the 98 flick, Broderick a JOKE, giant Iguana? it only took minor thoughts from the spirit of the character, I can see Toho, hiring a Franchise fantatic, which Abrams is supposed to be to make a true Godzilla flick, true to the history of the franchise to get people interested in it again, (SEE batman begins) a real movie compared to the live action cartoons that were the Shadow of the comic. Oh and last thing, if you dont have it go buy a copy of the original Japanese version, It is Darker and plays up the apocolypse and end of the world talk WAY more than the Raymond Burr version. It was a movie that pulled no punches like the american pelease did. So everyone keep looking and post what you find.

Tom on Jul 14, 2007


Quick tidbit, hunting around, I was playing with the Anastasius Balkin Zeno name, The Wiki page is now gone, nothing there and you search Wiki and there are no other sources. I knew I should have copied that page when I was there.

Tom on Jul 14, 2007


its the power rangers megazord vs the green dragonzord

cleft on Jul 14, 2007


cleft is dumbbbbbb

bam on Jul 14, 2007


C'mon people, for the hundreth time, ITS NOT GODZILLA! Its NOT Pokimon. Its NOT Lost. Its not Voltron. Its not Cthulu because there is already a movie coming out very soon about it guessed it... CTHULU! Its also not Dragonball Z or Power Rangers (Those choices would be lame, lame, LAME!) There is also NOT ANY LIONS INVOLVED! You people are like that guinney pig on the Simpsons that shocks himself and then repeatedly keeps shocking himself while trying to get the food KNOWING that the food dispenser is electrified. Wake up people! This movie is not ANY of the above. It is an origional movie with a BRAND NEW monster so we might as well all sit back and wait until 1/18/08 to get the definate answer.

Ed on Jul 14, 2007


Do you think some of the theories that have been posted are getting a little too complicated? Do you really think that JJ and crew went through ancient tablets and stories to numerologize the previews for this movie? Is Hollywood that smart? Let us know..... We are the watchers and the waiters......

Unlived on Jul 14, 2007


pertaining to the guy on the street asking "Has anyone seen Jensen?" Jeff Jensen conducted an interview with Abrams and his 'Lost’ gang AND Stephen King titled “When Stephen King Met The 'LOST’ Boys".,,1562722,00.html “But suddenly, the No. 1 question stopped being ”What is the Monster?” and went to being ”What do the Numbers mean?” This isn't to say that the Numbers don't mean anything. We just had no idea it had this potential to get totally out of control."

JJJackson on Jul 14, 2007


just an observation... In the trailer...When they are going to the rooftop just before the explosion... you can see Rob.. and behind him... you can see the empire state building lighted green .... I was in NYC in St. PAtricks day and it was lighted green .. and i thikn that's the only day they do that! And if they only turn green the building that day .. how come it's all green if it's January-18th??!

Dams on Jul 14, 2007


just an observation... In the trailer...When they are going to the rooftop just before the explosion, you can see Rob.. and behind him... you can see the empire state building lighted green. I was in NYC in St. PAtricks day and it was lighted green .. and i thikn that's the only day they do that! And if they only turn green the building that day, how come it's all green if it's January-18th?!

Dams on Jul 14, 2007


NO, Hollywood is NOT that smart, but Abrams is!!!

decker on Jul 14, 2007


YES, ancient people, that's exactly what the 'others' from lost are! and whatever that ethanhaaswasright pic is it sure looks like something from lost, I'm telling you this movie is gonna connect with that island and make that show bigger then it already is!!!

decker on Jul 14, 2007


be on the watch for 'the spotlight' after the first of the year

thomas michael kappler on Jul 14, 2007


Like i think that it would totaly rock if it had somthing to do with LOST!! Like the creature is the smoke monster or Jacob or somthing that would rock... cant help but

Jeremy on Jul 14, 2007


they didnt filmy the teaser in ny they made a set so thy can make the empire state bulding lights w/e color they want

bam on Jul 14, 2007


oh and those fireballs/comets or whatever they are look a lot like the one that landed on Hurley's fast food place that the island was probably responsible for, and the more I listen to the roar of the 'monster' the more it sounds like the movie version of what we hear from the 'monster' on lost, in which we never really saw for the longest time (and still don't really) yet it still appeared to be huge and capable of trashing on huge trees or anything in it's path. I'm thinkin the people at the going away party may just be a glimpse of real life people going through the world's end and dead before this movie even gets started, except maybe the 'main dude' (lol), but not sure, even he may be a quickie as the film moves on to something much bigger...

decker on Jul 14, 2007


k this one is crazy, lol, but maybe Locke is the one that died in the future flashes of Jack and is related to Jacob (John Jacob) and so angry over being forced off the island that once into his afterdeath he lays down his rage onto the rest of the world leaving it clear of his island and those lucky few who still roam it, with Jack and them somehow getting back to it, yep this one is nuts!

decker on Jul 14, 2007


Bad Robot is a production company....

Chase on Jul 14, 2007


Am I the only one that noticed that this movie does have a name? It's Bad Robot. It says it at the beginning and on the ratings frame. Duh.

Meagen on Jul 14, 2007


Its alive Its a lion I think the guy who says it is full of it, he just matches the roar with his first thought. Lets look at where the guy is, he is running and they find him just outside the party, he could of been in the party for all we know. Now if he is telling facts how did he manage to find out what it was, they are on the other side of the explosions and it is night time, so how did this guy manage to get from what is probably the harbor (statue of liberty head) all the way to the party area. seems like a bad choice in evacuation routes if you ask me, not to mention if he is not BSing then why does the news have such inaccurate information.

Subjugate on Jul 15, 2007


first of all the guy doesnt say its a lion he says alive we have been over this sooooo many times go watch the HD trailer u can hear it better he wasnt in the party he was obviusly some where past the building from where the party is u can tell cuz when the all walk out side he is just walking past the building he was obviusly some where where he could see the monster ignor ethan haas was right

bam on Jul 15, 2007


01-18-08 USA (trailer title) 1-18-08 USA (promotional title) Clover USA (fake working title) Cloverfield USA (fake working title) Slusho USA (fake working title) That's the IMDB database. So you can rule out Cloverfield or Slusho as the title. But both of them definitely have something to do with the movie, probably. Who was Godzilla's nemesis? Has anyone thought about that? And the Statue of Liberty's head was NOT thrown. Look closely, and you'll see it was hit by one of the fireballs, I guess you would call them.

This Is I on Jul 15, 2007


another possible LOST tie in is the fact the movie is coming out 01/18/08 and if you rearage that a little you get 108 108 now if thats not a LOST tie in i dont know what is

Jeremy on Jul 15, 2007


of course even if the film doesn't have anything to do with lost, Abrams will still get his kick out of makin us all think so, but I can't stop thinkin more and more that it is indeed tied one way or another!

decker on Jul 15, 2007


Its is not Godzilla. Why. The roar is different from Godzilla's Even in the crappy American movie they still keep the roar the same from the jap movies from the 50's through the 70's. When i first saw this i thought it might be Evangelion. But if it is then the american movie buissness has just killed another movie based on an anime/ book/ T.V. series.

Andrew on Jul 15, 2007


This movie comes out on 1-18-08 right? Inverse the number and take out the dashes. You get 80811. Google that and you get a document about toxic waste being dumped in New York. This is not Godzilla, that's too played out. It's not Cthulu, that was already done very recently at a film festival. There's a book written by someone about a planet that orbits Earth every 1,000 years or something, and the people making Transformers also were thinking about this a while back, and this preview is only at the Transformers movie...

Chase Davis on Jul 15, 2007


Two more stars to see on the game...... Details:

Unlived on Jul 15, 2007


After reading everything, I've come to two conclusions: 1.) While there are some signs that point to both the Cthulhu and Godzilla theories, they're probably actually doing something original. Honestly, I'd be disappointed if it were a Godzilla movie. I'd be somewhat enthusiastic if it were a decent Cthulhu movie, but I doubt it really is. Until we see more videos or get more websites, I'm going to guess it's something unique. 2.) Bam is really the worst poster on this board and should probably shut the fuck up.

McDavis on Jul 15, 2007


I'm not positive, but I think when the debris is hitting the building and the footage is all broken apart, there's a subtle message. If you slow it down and listen beyond the people screaming, you'll hear: "Ru-" probably Run "Oh my go-" probably Oh my god "Shu-" probably Shut "The fu-" probably The fuck "Up Ba-" probably Up Bam So we have five sequences, all with small fragments saying "Run... Oh my god... Shut... The fuck.... Up Bam..." I believe it's a sign that Bam should stop posting and take his anger out on his dick, preferably by removing it with a butter knife.

seraph on Jul 15, 2007


For those who won't take the link? here the report for new information the other half i have past cause we all know the other shit 😉 9NEWS Entertainment Reporter Kirk Montgomery learned exclusively on Friday from a secret source, who is on the set of the film every day, that it is not a sequel or a remake (which precludes King Kong or Godzilla). It is not Voltron or "Lost"-related. The source told Kirk the entire film will be presented through a handheld video camera, as in the style of the trailer. All of the actors involved had not seen scripts when they signed on for the project and are under strict legal gag-orders not to discuss any aspect of the film. The source says 50 percent of the $30 million budget for the film is devoted to special effects. The official Web site is, but the source tells Kirk that apparently a Japanese-style Web site,, has lots of clues yet undiscovered by the rabid fans who have been scouring the Internet for hints. The source told Kirk the biggest clue of the trailer is in the line: "I saw it, it's alive, it's huge." The source also says the sound the "creature" makes is another big clue. He says the creature is an organic, living thing. The film is being released by Paramount, but they also are not saying anything. Yet.

Cifty Fent on Jul 15, 2007


For me its EVANGELION for sure and hope 😉 take the bible thing and this information and u got it

Cifty Fent on Jul 15, 2007


lol, very clever seraph, good stuff, and so very true! HA HA

decker on Jul 15, 2007


its frknn blobbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me on Jul 15, 2007


Sorry for any spelling mistakes. It should easy enough to read.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2007


Ok guys, back again... It is absolutely not Lost! Sorry to all you Lost fans out there but that would be ridiculously stupid since no one I know watched past the first season of Lose (I watched the first season, it got old, sorry). Secondly, this Cthulu/ bible theory is totally wrong. Only a handful of people really know about Cthulu and religious films only draw in so many people because religion causes huge issues in society between different groups. As for the outer space ideas, uhm... NO! If it was from outer space we would have been given some clue about that by now, we have not found or seen anything that would suggest it's from ANOTHER planet. IT'S NOT A FREAKING LION SO IF YOU STILL THINK THAT YOU'RE A COMPLETE MORON. I'm sticking with the Godzilla idea... Support? 1. "I saw it. It's alive. It's huge." Not too many giant monsters that are FROM planet earth. 2. He's going to Japan and they're eating sushi. 3. It very obviously came in from the Hudson River where the Statue of Liberty is located. 4. It roars (I don't freaking care if it doesn't sound like the roar from the previous movies it sounds pretty damn similiar to me.) 5. If you go to the Slusho website the "secret ingredient" supposedly came from the bottom of the ocean. 6. The history of Slusho states it could turn a small fish into a big whale... The word godzilla dervies from the japanese words gorilla and WHALE. 7. Slusho began in Honshu, Japan where ALL the Japanese Godzilla movies were set. There's alot more I've found but those are some pretty obvious clues. Btw. If this is Pokemon (which it's definately now) I'll kill myself.

Red on Jul 15, 2007


Simple question, Why would ANYONE! make a movie about a little known Anime story, that only rabid Anime fans love. Like the studio said, hey we want to lose a few million quick lets make a movie that only a few nerds will understand and love!!

Tom on Jul 15, 2007


Hi, me again I forgot to tell you there are loads more interesting and weird videos on the links I gave you ( including a report on CNBC and a Trailer Audio Spectroanalysis whatever the HELL that is), just look to the right of the video you are already playing and you'll see a whole list of videos and just click on it, and it should play. P.S. Sometimes all the videos don't show up on the list so you just have to keep clicking on different ones until you get a different video on the list.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2007


ok, I'm new to JJ Abrams, but to me it seems like this won't be as much a remake of something else as something new and original. I would love if it was some goofy mistranslation of revelation prophecy, and that may be the case. however, it doesn't look like it. anyhow, so far these are the ONLY decent ideas I've heard so far: it's a movie about Cthulu. It's a movie about old mythical gods waging war on our modern landscape. as for... pokemon/digimon - I think that anyone with as much grit as mr Abrams has show will know not to start a viral marketing craze and then cop out with "it's.........POKEMON!!!." I think that he probably knows better, and honestly has more to spend his time on. also, if it were a pokemon movie, why would people in the trailer be referring to the creature making the sound as an "animal" ("what kind of animal sounds like that???") in the pokemon anime they never referred to them as animals, only pokemon. as for digimon... give me a break. no one likes digimon. also, to the person who said that satoshi clearly pointed to pokemon.... satoshi is just a japanese name. like Rick is an american name. Godzilla - loosely possible, but remember that the REAL godzilla movies took place in tokyo, and I don't think abrams would be lame enough to make the "let's put godzilla in new york" mistake twice. however, if he does, I will attempt to remove my foot from my mouth and go about my business. Voltron - no. sorry. whether the guy says "alive" or "lion", it rules it out. voltron wouldn't strike you as alive, you'd say "holy hell! a robot!" and... oh hell, I think a couple of the voltron robots were lions. shit. let's just hope that's not the case. peace

ben on Jul 15, 2007


JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE! IT IS NOT FUCKING GODZILLA! There is no way anyone would want to see a Godzilla movie without his trademark roar. Even when they revamped Godzilla's image in the late 1990's they still kept the trademark roar. Why are you people so Goddamned hard headed? After all this crap if it DOES turn out to be Godzilla I will persnally knock on JJ's door and punch him right in the face!

Ed on Jul 15, 2007


ED, agreed! I myself would like a good godzilla movie but if something that's building this excitment already and to have no name it just has to deliver much more then a godzilla or any monster flick, the only possibility for that is if the movie is a blair witch monster movie in which the idea is not all that bad but still def not worthy of this sort of hype! and RED, if you did watch and understand more of lost then you would know that all the 'support' you listed is exactly the kind of stuff Abrams likes to fool ya with, lead ya another direction, he WANTS people to lean toward it being godzilla or something of it's kind, otherwise he wouldn't shock ya like he plans to, lost or not lost, his goal is DEF to mystify us not just up until we finally get to see it, but while we see it, and probably even after we see it. and he is good enough to make this movie just as easy to understand and enjoy for those who have never even seen lost, which of course they all will afterward if it does indeed connect!

decker on Jul 15, 2007


Someone explain to me where this 'it came from the Hudson River' crap came from....yes, I know the Statue of Liberty is located on an island bordered by the Hudson River on all sides, but the monster doesn't physically grab the Statue of Liberty's head to throw it, it's hit by one of those fireball type of shits..whatever you want to call them. Anyways, I also don't seem to remember Godzilla being able to create one big fireball explosion death combo, that looks something like the damn supernova or a meteor. I'm not trying to rule him out, because honestly, I don't give a fuck if it is him or not. It's not going to be Evangelion, sorry. There isn't enough of an anime following to dedicate a Hollywood movie budget to. Come on, how the fuck is it going to be chultu or whatever the fuck its called? Didn't that monster originate in South America? I'd find it fuckin hilarious that in 2008, no one in the world could detect a giant sea creature making his way from fuckin Brazil or something all the way to New York City, when we can detect when a damn fish crosses over into American waters. It's clear whatever it is...has the power to: 1. Generate roars of fury that border a mother who found your Playboys. 2. Create a monstrous fireball type of dome thing, because that was NOT just an explosion. 3. Make millions of people run for their lives, scared to death. Hell, maybe it's a dragon form of Rosie O'Donnell.....

This Is I on Jul 16, 2007


I have started to post my favorite comments from this and other forums...... They are more entertaining than most movies out there...... Come by and post yours....... don't forget to note where you get them from.........

Unlived on Jul 16, 2007


I thought it might have something to do with Lost, which would be very convenient about a month before the new season starts and all of this hunting for clues reminds me so much of the Lost Experience. I'm not going to get crazed and argue that I'm right, but the actual trailer reminds me of The Watchmen, which has been said over and over again to be partial inspiration for Lost. With a lot of talk being generated about a Watchmen movie being made, I think Abrams might want to pre-emptively strike with his own (very quickly made) movie to save his vision for the overall Lost universe, which could be diminished somewhat if The Watchmen comes out before the final season, which it should. I'm not going to go into what about the trailer is similar to The Watchmen for those who have never read it, but I can see how this movie could be a Lost-related movie to get the event out there before it shows up in The Watchmen movie first. Sorry if that is rambling…

Matt on Jul 16, 2007


Wow...Cifty Fent got a little excited there. I did read the other posts, but to quote your own original post about the article "but guys i found something interresting, a man that was on the set of that movie? perhaps this could be agreat clue if this is real!" So even you weren't sure if the article was real or not when you posted it, so why should we have to take it as fact? Like I said before, I'm not whole-heartedly sold on my theory but thought it was a possibility. I could be wrong, but as far as I know this is the first feature film released by Bad Robot. Not that it matters, none of us will know what it is about until more information is released. Until then, we are all wrong.

Matt on Jul 16, 2007


THANK YOU CLIFTY FENT now hopefllys all thos stupid ppl will shut up now

bam on Jul 16, 2007


ok you right matt but its hard for me to explain something correct cause my englisch is very bad hehe its just facts but i trust them ,also a lot of other guys roll on more information to another the fever gets me hahahahah i think this film is about a sea monster, created by rob which u see in the trailer he works for slusho, one of his friends got a slush shirt maybe a present? or he works there 2? Everybody fell in panic but rob looks different in some situations at this movie, i think he knows whats going on , they make a parasite at the slusho factory and test it on animals or humans maybe its very complicated for me to explain my theory i hope u can follow me a bit, so this monster follow all the way to new york from japan cause he is searching for rob? and it all gets outta control and he doesnt want that happen. And what about that thing? sounds like a whale or something also guys try to take clues out from this 3 things 1.slusho site 2.the roar 3.rob i think this is the right way to search otherwise abrams also wants to trick us even more this all is so complicated but its fun anyway

Cifty Fent on Jul 16, 2007


Belive it or not! Its GEARS OF WAR!!!

xXSergioXx on Jul 16, 2007


Sounds plausible, Cifty. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't seem that they would be able to deliver all of these aspects if the story is told from the point of view of (3?) camcorders. Or if it does, I don't think it could be done well. Plus, it seems like a read somewhere that it is going to be really short, like one hour long, so that is a lot to put into such a short span of time effectively. We'll see what else we get over the next few months...

Matt on Jul 16, 2007


If you're right, Sergio, that would have to be the quickest turnaround ever. The game hasn't even been out for a year!

Matt on Jul 16, 2007


matt do you mean the movie only is 1 hour long? i dont understand what u want to say so okay its all with that point of view but what about if the tease is the beginning from the movie and after that a new camera comes out and tells the story from the whole beginning and after the fall of the head from the liberty statue the film is over? would sucks but could be possible lol

Cifty Fent on Jul 16, 2007


search for more clues there

Cifty Fent on Jul 16, 2007


Cifty, ignore what I said earlier about it being only an hour long. I remember seeing it somewhere, but cannot remember where and could not find it again, so for now am not sure if it was a legitimate site where I saw it (thought it was IMDB, but if it was it's no longer there). You could be right about the tease, but as far as I understand it the whole movie is supposed to be from the camcorder perspective.

Matt on Jul 16, 2007


I have started to post my favorite comments from this and other forums…… They are more entertaining than most movies out there…… Come by and post yours……. don't forget to note where you get them from………

Unlived on Jul 16, 2007


I got one anagram between the two titles. H.P. LOVECRAFT. Also Ethan Haas is full of them.

Justin on Jul 16, 2007


ethanhaas isn related to the movie u dumbass

bam on Jul 16, 2007


na i dont think that this rampage game is related to the movie could be but omg what lol that ethan haas shit makes me sick i got such fealing that we will get a lot of surprises on the first of august

Cifty Fent on Jul 16, 2007


has anyone thought that this might be a movie of the classic nintendo game "rampage".

robert t. on Jul 16, 2007


I have watched this trailer over and over again for a while today and I am stumped. At first I thought of Godzilla, as the rest of the world did. But I am pretty sure Sony owns the rights to Godzilla. After reviewing the trailer a few times I have some other speculuation as to what is going on. First, is it possible that this creature came from underground? Because everything starts shaking like an earthquake and when all the people are running to the balcony one guy even says something like "everything was shaking, like tremors or something". Also, when you hear the next roar there is not the big earthquake shake before.. This indicates to me that it's not strictly the size of the beast that made the shaking.. It was perhaps the "enterance" of the beast that caused the shaking. Personally, I think we are going to see something we have never seen before. The explosion is absolutely insane and looks like a bomb went off, only it's followed by what appears to be some sort of fireball or meteor. So this creature either has one hell of a fireball or it has come equipped with some nukes or something.. lol.. Whatever it is I can't wait to see it! 🙂

Lulu on Jul 16, 2007


on the website there is a new picture

brya ng on Jul 16, 2007


LULU, good point, if it does come from underground that is even more reason to think of it as the lost 'monster' which even us diehard lost fans really don't know all that much about, so who is to say what other things it is capable of, those fireballs look a lot like the one that was in the hurley episode of lost earlier this year and the more and more I hear it's 'roar', the more it sounds like the one on lost... and PEOPLE, please remember/know that Abrams is genius enough to consider all the things we as fans will think it to be which went into his thought process toward that trailer, he is also known to throw out false leads which I beleive is what he's done with the camcorder issue, it's not a bad idea at all but not worthy of a untitled movie with this much hype, it may or may not be lost, but as one person siad on here recently, it WILL be something like we've NEVER seen before...

decker on Jul 16, 2007


The more I read about this the more I feel like it could be Evangelion is about the only other thing I can think of that has this many complex clues leader all over the place (except maybe JJ's other work). It fits very well with all the Biblical and Babylonian references and the noise as well as the destruction seems fitting. The thing that throws it off for me is first, that it's New York and second that there seems to be a lot of cult references around the web for it (valid or not). There are two reasons I think they could be making this kind of big budget movie from an anime. First, if JJ get's behind a movie then Hollywood will fund it, most of the movies out there are more about the big names anyway, and Evangelion seems like something Abram's could get into. Second, there has been some talk of a big budget Evangelion film, it got shut down as I recall, but not before Weta did a fair bit of concept art work on it. If Weta would get involved in a little anime project I can see it having drive, regardless if this version and the earlier work are or are not related. However, there are some other really good ideas going around here as well, Lovecraft seems fitting, as do some of the other clues. Before you call me a Evangelion fan boy, I'm not, I didn't particularly like Evangelion and I rather dislike anime now, just seems like it's a possibility.

Chris White on Jul 16, 2007


Okay, let me revise that, I still think this feels most like Evangelion, but I expect it's something completely new. I doubt it's a remake or a sequel.

Chris White on Jul 16, 2007


on the website the picture of the group of teens at the party.If someone could figure out what the pictures are in th words (will miss.) that might help.

robert t. on Jul 16, 2007


at 1:11 u could c some tagging on the door it says 2004 ace hopefully it helps

Bryan G on Jul 16, 2007


one more thing on the first roar it sound like a woman saying something

Bryan G on Jul 16, 2007


How about a Kraken

Smoothjc1 on Jul 16, 2007



alexander on Jul 16, 2007


Think he might have something Besides ONLY A DUMB ASS WOULD SAY SHREK THE 4

Dougiefresh on Jul 16, 2007


Ok, if he made a movie on this Chiclet guy, squid man whatever, it will bomb bigger than Hiroshima, Outside if a few geeks who love his old crap nobody knows this stuff, REAL smart for a studio. Use your brain geeks!

Tom on Jul 16, 2007


This is quite ridiculous just about as bad as the cloverfield rumors out there. sheesh.

dan on Jul 16, 2007


did someone say they saw 2004 marked on a door??? that is the time period on lost right now, although it should almost just about be 05, lost has been on for 3 years but they got lost in 04 and have been there so far for less then 100 days...

decker on Jul 16, 2007


BIG TONE, doesn't screw up my thoughts, but yeah that is a crazy/good idea, kids finding the video camera which clues them into discovering what happened to the city! and both kids and flashbacks are a huge part of the mystery of lost... and I'll tell you right now people, whatever questions are FINALLY answered when this film comes out, you're only gonna be left with new ones, that is the magic behind Abrams, he'll keep ya thinkin!

decker on Jul 16, 2007


"shrek the 4th" your smoking crack alexander!!!!!!!!!!!

robert t. on Jul 16, 2007


You have to look at the picture on http://www.1-18-08 and you will see the time of day in which these pictures were taken. Think about it. On 1-18-08 at 12:01 everything is normal and people are partying right? But later on at 12:30 and beyond thats when things get crazy. So obviously the day 1-18-08 is more important than just the day its released/time it takes place. Its giving you a hint on that 1-18 was a chosen day of attack. And religion is the one key place where there is planned heavenly attacks. Google "romans 1:18" and you will find a website that takes you to a page with "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness," written on it. What is this movie about? The Apocalypse.

Dave on Jul 16, 2007


good one DAVE, and yet again, more evidence towards it bein a lost movie, religion is behind all sorts of stuff foin on with lost, not just from the others but whatever fate is controling that mysteries island, and the Apocalypse is exactly what I believe the island is for, an island rather then a boat, it's noah's ark!

decker on Jul 16, 2007


I thought it might have been something dubbed over on YouTube, but now that I've heard the official trailer, it sounds a lot more clear. Listen to the background at about 00:38. You hear a women say "The Myth" before the room goes dark and you hear the roar. I might just be over listening. But yeah, let me know what you guys think. 😀

EmceeNamul on Jul 17, 2007


I dont know if anyone has caught this yet but the second time i seen the trailer (online) I seen this monster in the trailer and had to rewind it a dozen times to get a good shot unfortunately theres no real good one but if you manage to pause the trailer just as it turns to 1:25 you will see it down the street in the distance the HUGE dark figure which appears to have some kind of horns..

Sinthetic on Jul 17, 2007


nice work jeremy!

decker on Jul 17, 2007


I've tried pausing the trailer to see what is claimed to be the monster in the distance, but probably due to my crappy monitor I can't see anything. Could someone post a screenshot?

matt on Jul 17, 2007


why do you all think its a LOST movie that would be so dumb if it was if u guys would bother READING THE NEW POST they have quotes from abrams saying its NEW AND ORIGINAL

bam on Jul 17, 2007


never saw any lost episodes but saw this smoke monster and it sounds like the roar in the trailer plus u sea it in the trailer between the buildings and also all u lost fans could be right but its not the lost movie only it's a movie after the lost series or before to explain what happens nice movie i will watch it hope its good and not only for people who watched the lost series

Cifty Fent on Jul 17, 2007


Like I've mentioned before, I personally think it will have something to do with Lost, but if I am right I think it will be indirectly related. It won't have or mention any of the characters or events on the TV show. In other words, I think if it is related it won't refer to Lost in anyway, but Lost may refer to it. I don't know how many of you have read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, but the way he connected to his other books is how I feel this would be done. The movie and Lost, if related, will stand independently of one another and you won't be lost (no pun intended) for not watching both, but if you do you will have a better understanding of the entire story. Of course that is all speculation, but my current theory. And I think just because JJ Abrams said it was not Lost-related doesn't completely rule that out. It could be that he didn't want to alienate a potential audience by saying, if you don't watch Lost you won't understand this movie or it could be that he knows that Lost has suffered from some viewer drop-off that could also effect the money the movie could get. Or it could be completely unrelated as he said. Basically, I think it can be related without being directly related.

Matt on Jul 17, 2007


I don't believe it will have to do with Lost, although there may be clues we can rely on from Lost and other JJ works. Along the lines of the 108 thing, if you add up the numbers on the television screen during the news report at about 48 seconds...those being channel 1, the time 12:32 and 63 get 108. Maybe coincidence, maybe absolutely nothing.

Merl on Jul 17, 2007


I've been comparing the sound of the Lost black smoke monster with the trailer, and at the very end of the trailer at about 01:40 (just after the Statue of Liberty's head is thrown on the floor), it's quite hard to hear but you can distinctively hear that trademark noise it makes, like a sort of growl. You can hear it best at 01:42 (just before it says "FROM PRPODCER J.J. ABRAMS"). I've officially made my mind up, I'm 90% sure it's something to do with Lost (even if it's indirectly related like Matt said). So It's not Godzilla, cthulu, Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers or a huge freakin' lion, or anything else anybody thinks up!!! I rest my case.

Anonymous on Jul 17, 2007


YES Robert you soooo right isaw it too now and now guys listen i know what the monster is...... ready?.... Its the Big Fatass hanging titties Buddha who comes from heaven and eats all sushi on the world after there is no sushi his hunger is even bigger and he eats some pepperonis so the great fireball is his fart and he burns down the whole world with it so amazing this movie i must see that

Cifty Fent on Jul 17, 2007


Okay vielleicht macht das mehr sinn wenn ich auf deutsch schreibe vielleicht verstehst du es dann du depp aber darauf habe ich jetzt keine lust mehr weil ich es hasse wenn diese kiddy sprüche kommen kann halt nicht jeder so gut englisch ausserdem misch dich nicht ein ich habe keinen beleidigt habe nur mit einer lustigen ironischen art versucht ihm klar zu machen das er falsch liegt mehr nicht wenne damit ein problem hast dann geh zu mammi und erzähl es ihr und 2blue4u wer sich so nen namen gibt kann selber nur ein kind sein .... was soll ich dazu sagen u can read german? then tell me what i wrote here in english can u make sense of it? and anonymus call me gay is very poor i never wrote any bad word abot that guy so shut up and enjoy my bad english entertainment its all fun guys ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 17, 2007


in the tralior when it shows the table of sushi, if you pause it when it shows the table of sushi youll see a blue orb like something. right beside the the orb youll see the statue of a monster its like a greenish color.its kinda hard to see though.;

robert t. on Jul 17, 2007


joey? u saw a turtle before? i believe not cause this is never a turtle shell its BUDDHA i think i buy u new glasses or leave the drugs dude lol

Cifty Fent on Jul 17, 2007


Alright, this has caught my interest since i saw transformers.... heres what i have found and are the ONLY sites confirmed by badrobot. on 1-18-08, look at the pic of the two girls. Theres a demon in the top of their hair in the middle. Its hard to see (at first) but its there. If the pic is right side up, the demon is facing up and right. Second, the pic of the guy pooring the shot down robs mouth... Guy pooring is wearing a slusho shirt. Girl on the far right has a distinct horn on her head, and looks crazy. Havnt found anything on the white picture. Also, watch the trailer in slow mo, on the roof, when the stuff starts flying, is says ZOOM ACE clearly to the right of the door, when he falls through (only for a split second) Anyways, all over they says SLUSHO ZOOOM. DOnt know what it means, but its a clear connection Also, i never was into anime, but i checked on the neo genisis evagelon, and alot of stuff DOES match up. The SOL head, in the first episode of NGE one of the mechs heads gets ripped off and thrown. The sounds of the mech kinda match up with the sound from the trailer. Also If you check the time stamps when you see the news, the time stamps all match up with biblical verses about the end of the world. Three to be exact. I know one way or another, demons or demonish creature(s) are in the flick, and one way or another its gonna drive me fucking nuts. again, im not an anime fan, but i think the NGE would make a pretty good live action movie. IF you look at the main people in the NGE series, theres 4 chick ands 2 guys (i think) in the trailer, 4 girls, and a couple guys. ANNND badrobot said the OFFICAL name of the movie will be released at the San Deigo Comic con, that being said... why would a movie title be released there if it wasnt comic related? JJA has said before on film he likes comic style plots, but live action filming.... I doubt it will be an NGE movie, and i have made no conclusions yet.... but i thought id share my findings so far with the world...

Kevin on Jul 17, 2007


that would be a stupid movie if a big cloud of smoke was the monster.wheres the imagination????

anonymous on Jul 17, 2007


hey cifty fent,your so funny to bad what you say dont make sense>>>>>>GAY ASS

anonymous on Jul 17, 2007


yeah ig uess the thing beside the blue orb was a buda statue. but ididny know budda had a turtle shell!so look again cifty......

joey on Jul 17, 2007



2blue4u on Jul 17, 2007


i think matt has a point

joey on Jul 17, 2007


Interesting information on ?

Whooper on Jul 17, 2007


FYI, if its Lost, I am out, wont see it, dont care, Dumb show no continuity, and totally off. And I bet I speak for more than a few Million ticket buyers, the show is not that high int he ratings so even if everyone who is dedicated to the show goes twice, Transformers would still kick its ass in income with its first weekend. Hence the reason it aint lost or anything close. jmho

Tom on Jul 17, 2007


if this movie did turn out to be some gay smoke monster that would be so stupid big thing of smoke that has the power to tear down building and shoot fire possibly and kill ppl thats the dumbest most retarded thing ive ever heared how woudl u kill smoke anyway?? if it was the smoke monster (WHICH ITS NOT) i wouldnt bother seeing this movie it would be such a waste of money

bam on Jul 17, 2007


rofl!!! now that the LOST fans have seemed to prove this is the LOST movie ppl are getting all butt hurt.... like "it would be lame if the movie was about a cloud of smoke" or "gay no one wants to see a movie about smoke throwing things..... LOST is a complicated show and overall universe and its ok if you cant wrap your simple minds around it.......

jeremy on Jul 17, 2007


hey cifty you really german????///?? anyone got(new) updates on the movie??

anonymous on Jul 17, 2007


kevin youve got a good point>>>

robert t. on Jul 17, 2007


its cool cifty:)

anonymous on Jul 17, 2007


I just noticed something interesting on the site, if you go down below the "supportslushozoom" link there is a . and then a .. each one leads to a different link, one about the dangers of "cocaine energy drink" and one about a vaccine and diseases. Could this possibly be some sort of clue?

Tythandril on Jul 17, 2007


This is utterly ridiculous. Seriously. Only going to make it all the more bad when this movie bombs due to pre production hype.

joe on Jul 17, 2007


to 254... no i doubt it, JJ A said was the only site from him, and was confirmed by badrobot... and i think the haaswasright shit is supposedly.. JJ A was quoted saying "we have a ton of stuff on the net, alot of fun stuff giving details about the movie.... but the thing is, only one site [] has been found... my 2 cents... i dont think its a lost movie, the cloud of smoke in the explosion was a smoke trail from a flying object... and whats the point of the hidden demons and slusho? Slush may have been from alias, but no monsters were. But i dunno, i think all this www puzzle bullshit is entertaining at work and all, and it will make the movie BETTER when i see it cause it wont be what i expected... but im heading home so im done for now.

Kevin on Jul 17, 2007


lol, thanks JEREMY, well said, and now I don't have to say it... but I will say that I DO understand how lame a black smoke monster may sound, I (a huge lost fan) was even kinda disappointed the first time I saw the smoke on lost, but it goes way beyond that, it's whatever the monster is made of or from and what it's motivation is that's so damn mysteries, there's MUCH more to it then just smoke and even us loyal lost fans really don't know all that much, AND connected to lost or not, ANYONE can see this movie and come to understand it, it may not even be all that clear whether it connects to the island or not once all is said and done, cause if it does then ya know there will be another in 3 years when lost is all wrapped up... the main thing to understand is that Abrams is a genius and lost or not this movie will do much more then entertain, it will make ya think, it already has!!!

decker on Jul 17, 2007


Somebody do me a favor. Check out Godzilla Zero & tell me what you think. It appears that the first Godzilla vs. Gamera is coming out on 1-18-08. It also will be co-starring Gigan, Gyaos as well as Legion from the latest Gamera trilogy. Under the Gigan pic is the date 1-18-08.

Sinner on Jul 17, 2007


Sinner... its not a godzilla movie. There's no way. Godzilla's rights are owned by sony, this movie has been openly stated as a paramount film... There's often a time when the box office explodes because two bombshells drop at the same time.

kevin on Jul 17, 2007


try this: Furankenshutain no kaijû: Sanda tai Gaira

r3y35 on Jul 17, 2007


LMAO! i said it was my mother in law coming to town...

kevin on Jul 17, 2007


Friend and I listened to it. and at : 1min 20secs a girl asks, "What is it? Is it coming this way?" and you can hear a guy say, "I saw it, it's a lion, it's huge." Thundercats perhaps?

Sveet on Jul 18, 2007


but still 1.lost is on a island. 2.what the hell does a giant explosion in new york that shoots fire balls have to do with lost. 3.the theory of the movie being lost is worse the the guy saying it was shrek the 4th!

Jim lee on Jul 17, 2007


Anastasius Balkin Zeno looks a lot like an anagram to me. I've run it through a generator but I can't read through all of them at the moment. Someone probably already thought of the anagram deal, but I only managed to read as far as comment 148 and now I have to leave for work - forgive me if I'm echoing.

GS on Jul 18, 2007


Sveet.... i belive what the guy is saying is "I saw it. Its Alive,its Huge" but my ear isnt that good to many rock n roll shows in my life lol

jeremy on Jul 18, 2007


Its no Godzilla movie for SURE guys and all of the last links to the film are shit sorry guys we get more information tomorrow when jj tells us what the title of this movie is and no its not Thundercats reason? STUPID and yes iam german anonymus 😉 why?

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


Its the Michelin MAN!!! no really......

DSHIZNIT on Jul 18, 2007


its not thundercats, he says ITS ALIVE you dipshit.... Thundercats isnt owned by paramount. People need ot use some common busniess sence... Plus, thundercats has been in production for a while now, and theyve already disclosed details. SO WHY TELL AND THEN MAKE IT A SECRET? people are dumb

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


thundercats lmao u guys are funny/ pretty retarded with these ideas u come up with i just want the movie to come out all ready so i can laugh at all u guys who thought it was like godzilla and digimon, pokemon, a big worm, and other retarded stuff lol

nick on Jul 18, 2007


ok guys iam wrong that this could be a eeffecvangelion movie, found the trailer for it, but dunno if this is a real trailer but jesus that looks amazing 2 i want to see it 2 more than i want to watch the jj abrams movie and the evangelion movie includes a lot of popular staff. the special effects were making frome the same people who had made the lord of the ring effects, also i saw the same guy who acts in the triology of lord of the rings and sin city forget his name but everyone knows him ^^, the girls from the spiderman movies forget her name 2 ^^ and keanu reeves for me that looks awesome here you can watch it and tell me what u think about it

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


the link

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


lol just a fake trailer sry ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


Cifty, i mentioned the idea of a NGE movie, and i think its a possibility, but doubt it. I think once the name is let out, its gonna clarify a bunch of the bullshit ideas, and make guessing a bit easier. Im not into anime or anything, but I read about the plot and stuff to NGE and i think it would make a pretty sick live action flick. (refer to post 245 for my explination) But i mean, seriously, why let out the name at one of the biggest anime fan events? the san d comic con if its NOT comicbook/cartoon related? BUT again, just my 2 cents

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


OH SHIT! Lol, is that what you get for donating to that hot bath thing on

Kevin on Jul 18, 2007


HOLD CRAP! everyone go check out post 125 by get shorty.... he brought something up very interesting... I noticed a paddle in the background of the trailor from a frat... Aleph-Kaph-Mem.... BUUUT i was researching Aleph-Kaph-Mem and i guess its an all black frat, with no chapters in NY or NYC. :shrugg: anyone?

Kevin on Jul 18, 2007


Creative lot, but you'll never guess, and I'll never tell. 😉

JJ on Jul 18, 2007


Its got to be the end of the world or something! Im Sure that guy has something to do with Rob. he was really worried when that happened he even grabbed his hair.

xXSergioXx on Jul 18, 2007


I highly doubt posts 281 is the real JJ Abrams, but either way he's right. We will never figure this little puzzle out, because he is holding all of the pieces. If you've watched the TV show "LOST", then you know it's not just the name of the show, it's the state of mind you are in when you watch it. The less we know, the more we will want to know on 1-18-2008. It's all part of the total mind fuck that is JJ Abrams. I won’t be surprised if this is the top grossing film of all time, when it’s all said and done.

AngelofDeath on Jul 18, 2007


I got a T-Shirt from ! It is a Grey T, with a Slusho Drink on the front (or thats the picture). Supposed to ship this week. COOL . Also got an email that the monster had been seen at the WB lot in Hollywood.

texas news on Jul 18, 2007


I wonder if this movie is Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Jesse on Jul 18, 2007


Revenge of the Homos Against the Nerds! They are looking for the lost Hamburger!

xXSergioXx on Jul 18, 2007


LOL first it wasnt me who post with that jj name and second wtf who use my name to post any other shit i never post that 289 fuck you man really thats poor

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


and also iam the real cause i can speak german and didnt post such a bad link so let me leave alone badass and my english is so bad so its easy to find out 😉 and for sure smileys everyone can make

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


everyone that writes on this website has one thing in common we all know that J.J.A is a genious and he likes to keep us the biggest clue is right there in front of us,we just have to figure out what it is. p.s. izzy,the website you put up is a porn website you fuck.

smurf :) on Jul 18, 2007


and i never use any links on my own name so stfu dude haha catch ya

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


shut up sergio your probly the one whos the homo

bam on Jul 18, 2007


I aint gay bam your gay

xXsergioXx on Jul 18, 2007


Bam you know you like your dad, just come out the closet.

Montizelle on Jul 18, 2007


since im german i konow alot about big giant monsters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


oh,the post on 125 was a joke sorry guys:)

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


Did anyone notice on theres hidden text? Right below the passage at the top center it says in white (select it with the mouse) "The meek shall not inherit the earth"

Kevin on Jul 18, 2007


290 wasnt me guys... i dunno if that one post was a joke or not, but the frat paddel IS there. But again i dunno about shortys...

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


CIFTY FENT,i know it was you who posted 281 under the name JJ your only other one on this website who used the yellow winking smiley face!!!!! so try again bud:)

robert t. on Jul 18, 2007


KEVIN went and checked out post 125 shorty does have an interesting point but i dont think that the 63' on th news has anything to do with what hes talking bout. but thats just my oponion:)

robert t. on Jul 18, 2007


OH wait just checked out your post on 290 kevin.was shortie a joke??????????

robert t. on Jul 18, 2007


maybe the date 1-18-08 refers to an event in the past like january 18th 1108 or something like that. idk if that helps anyone but just an idea

masahiro on Jul 18, 2007


scroll down untill u see the picture on the website i posted on 299

wondering? on Jul 18, 2007


HA another clue cifty fent. in the same post you use the smiley face you also metion the name jj. wich is exactly the screen name on post 281.and you mention that jj is gonna tell us something. ha ha busted you german poser.

robert t. on Jul 18, 2007


Hey... f orget EVERYTHING you have read... go read revelations chapter 12.... it mentions a woman who will die that has 5 stars on here head, from a foreign country, and the nation will mourn her death... The statue of liberty head was WAAAAY SMALL in the trailer... the real head is huge.. ive been inside of it, PLUS the head wouldnt be able to come from the inner city, because the SOL is on ellis island. Anyways, In central newyork city theres a MINY statue of liberty head and get this.... Its crown has 5 points instead of 7 like the real one... and in the trailer, theres 3spikes, 1 broken, a one bent.... 5 points from the head of a foreign woman (the statue was a gift to the us mind you...) BAMSIS! whats everyone/anyone think?

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


And JJ A said himself this movie is something that hasnt been done before, so ill bet cash its not a remake.

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


Lady Liberty's head is 17 feet from chin to cranium. The one in the street has a portion of the neck connected and is laying across what looks like a 2 lane wide street.

JJJackson on Jul 18, 2007


the website on post 299 is great i think wondering? found the monster.

joey on Jul 18, 2007


307, i dont think so... cause jj said it was gonna be something never seen before, and where did he get the 1-18-08 link to that? Just because you googled it, and it came up doesnt mean it IS linked... remember 1-18-08 is still a day on the calender and was before JJ ever started the project... so just cause you googled a day and a shit ton of stuff popped up, its not nessicarly legit or real... that make sence? I mean with how gnarly people are getting into it, its turning into the number 23 for some people.

kevin on Jul 18, 2007


Okay well I just listen to it again and he is saying its alive not its a lion. so lets think about this. If you were commenting on something that was normally alive you wouldnt need to say its alive would you? no I think that something that shouldnt be alive comes alive in this film. this explains the advisement that it is in fact alive. I dont know what it is to be honest with you but ill figure it out in about a week.

Geoffrey on Jul 18, 2007


310.. i didnt think about that... but theres not a whole lot in NYC that would come alive and be "huge" and be all that scary... i mean the big stuff in NYC are the buildings, and the SOL... so unless the SOL threw down with the mini sol, i dunno... but good point i didnt think of that. 311... yes i know it sucks... like what 6 months? lol Oh, and i thought this might catch your interests, I hear that every thursday is when new pics come out on has anyone found anything in the white 911style pic? and i just noticed something.... i used to take photgraphy for like 6 years, so shit stands out to me that normally doesnt with people, like mis focus of the camera and what not... everyone pause exality on 0:27 when the straight brown hair girl starts talking... look directly over her right shoulder... blurry right? Because the focus is on the girl.... Look farther right. BAM theres someone in perfect focus downing a drink with a BB behind him...

KEvin on Jul 18, 2007


good work kevin:) but check out the website on post 299,personely i think that is the monster.

joey on Jul 18, 2007


i guess youre right kevin,but wont find out till 1-18-08>>>>>>>>>>:)

joey on Jul 18, 2007


If you go to you will see a 6 on the bottom of the page and under you just can't drink 6 and you have 6 click on opions on the page to click. =666 If you go to you will see three pic's with the number 6 in them when upside down. 12:31A pic, the devil looking girl has a 6 on her shirt 12:36A pic, the girl on the right, when upside down has a eyeliner 6 under her right eye! Devil between their heads! 12:48A pic, the lady in the middle when turned upside down has a 6 on her face! The 3 pic's =666 1-18-08 =Romans 1:18 God's Wrath Against Mankind The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness

BigTone on Jul 19, 2007


If you watch the video above. On the end of time mark 1:24 to 1:25 you can see a angel down the street on the right side of the road. It looks like the second street light but, you can see it glowing. It looks like it's standing up with it's head down as if it was praying. You can see what looks like a wing behind it, it's gone after the head hits the building and cars.

BigTone on Jul 19, 2007


LISTEN FOR "THE MYTH" AT 00:38. D: FUCK! It's a female voice, and it doesn't sound like it's from anyone in the room.

EmceeNamul on Jul 19, 2007


+1 to 315... its there and as soon as shes done saying myth its when the shit hits the fan. The voice isnt at the party cause if you slow it down, the voice is overdubbed over the entire party. lol i thought i heard it at the theaters.... but i didnt think about it because i wasnt into the puzzle until now. lol

kevin on Jul 19, 2007


OK, I have figured it out, It is Gods wrath against humanity for messing up the earth, Al Gore drinks a magic Slusho and grows into a slightly larger version of his mammoth self and rampages NY looking for his next meal, he is destroying cars and things to save the environment. GO GREEN!!!

Tom on Jul 19, 2007


Yes!!! O___O 315, It does says "THE MYTH"!! It's not from the party, it's a weird voice from afar or something! I don't know, but the "Apocalypse Theory" just got more strength for me.

AntaresMHD on Jul 19, 2007


+1 to 318..... go to how many icons are there to click? 7 right. 7 seals of the apocalypse.... just 7 model seals...

Kevin on Jul 19, 2007


why is every one going to its not related to the movie at all ts just another loser who has no time on his hands so he made it to trick stupid ppl

nick on Jul 19, 2007

278 was confirmed as linked to 1-18-08 per JJ A referances and the source code. slushozoom is hinted at all over from slusho because everyones bubbles say "SLUSHO ZOOM" and for the fact it says ZOOM on multiple walls in the trailer. some info from the 11808 and slusho sorce code match up with slushozoom just fyi... ::shrug::

Your mom on Jul 19, 2007


post #321 i see wat ur saying but i dont see why all you ppl would go that deep into the site when we dont even know its linked to the movie (and most likely isnt) i mean i could go make a site right now called "fresh for you" cuz it pops up in bubbles also and ibet u guys woudl jump on that pretty fast. you guys should be looking at cuz jj even said there are hints on the site we havent found yet but thats just my opinion

nick on Jul 19, 2007


Does anyone notice at 1:11 as the people are running for the door you can see writing on the brick wall. My Computer sucks and ts a little blurry so i can't read what it says. From what i can tell i see an C and what i think is an M right next to eachother and then another one or two letters after it but i can't tell. Also at 0:17 if you look over the guys shoulder their is a strange girl looking right at you. This one is probily nothing but just though of bring it up.

Andrew on Jul 19, 2007


andrew, yea it says zoom ace... stated above

kevin on Jul 19, 2007


315, your freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) anyone wonder why cifty aint writing.i do.i caught him posing as jj

joey on Jul 19, 2007


my bad

Andrew on Jul 19, 2007


i dont think any of the times add up between the trailer, or the photos.

kevin on Jul 19, 2007


not because of that dude but this cloverfield makes me tired of it iam boring from that, now i wait for the movie and really news and for the last time i wasnt that guy who write eith that jj name

Cifty Fent on Jul 19, 2007


im sorry but its a roar and the guy says lion...not alive..what would be dead and terrorizing a city?

jimbo on Jul 19, 2007


329 i slowed it down and it says alive.

kevin on Jul 19, 2007


I just went through it again, and i will bet money he says "run if its alive its huge"

Your mom on Jul 19, 2007


The word's "IT'S ALIVE" has been confirmed. Idiot...

Red on Jul 19, 2007


HEres a thought... the movie is on a 30mil budget.... But, how can you do a full feature "monster" movie as most are thinking of it on 30 mil? A full legnth cgi monster for 30? not possible... and i doubt there gonna bust out the rubber suits from the 80s... That rules out godzilla. Considering the FIRST godzilla movie cost $900,000 and had NO cgi...

kevin on Jul 19, 2007


THE NUMBER IS........."6" Using the buttons on your cellphone assign a numeric value to the letters in the name, "J.J. Abrams". J=5, J=5, A=2, B=2, R=7, A=2, M=6, S=7. Now add them up......I'll wait........36. Three-Six. It goes around and around. It worked with the numbers in "Lost" using various mathamatical manipulations. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. First thing to mention here. There are 6 numbers!(Duh!!!) Now... 4, _,8=6 ( 6 is the even number between 4 and 8 ex: 4,"6",8 ) 15: 1+5=6(simply adding the 1 and 5 together) 16: 1x6=6(no need to explain is there?) 23: 2x3=6 (get the picture?) 42: 4+2=6........... Anytime you see 18(3x6) know what you are looking at. Also, the movie title, 01-18-08... 1+1+8+8=18 which is 6x3. And he produced the ABC drama, Six Degrees. J.J. loves them 6's!!

Think Tank on Jul 20, 2007


Finally, they're making a real life based POKE'MON movie. COOL!

omicron on Jul 20, 2007


Point and case.... this is turning into the number 23

kevin on Jul 20, 2007


i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but at the start of the trailer u see rob cum in and a guy takin pics, this could be the same guy who took the 3 pics u can see on the website. also on the topic of the three photos, teh one with the 2 women on it, is in fact 1 woman, if u make 2 copies of the image and place them side by side and move the right one up slighly they match. the reason u may see 2 women could be some form of interference with the cam corder

jc on Jul 20, 2007


another point, as mentioned earlier on rob runs his hands thru his hair, suggesting that he knows sumthink that the others dont, also the camera man say "looks like you should have left town a little earlier" he does not say this in a sarcastic way, which could suggest he knows something along with rob. this could also be supported by the fact that rob is the camera mans "main dude" they are close. also,when u first hear the sound, i kinda sounds to me like stone is being rubbed together or moved, i might be wrong on this, but some sort of stone statue or something comes to life, that woudl work with the guy saying "its alive"

jc on Jul 20, 2007


just discovered this website!you guys are stupid!!!!!abrahams has a newphew whos going behind his uncles back and giving away the secrets at youll are STUPID FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

kyle 3 on Jul 20, 2007


there is a 4th pic

jc on Jul 20, 2007


In the 4th pic, is that a National Gaurdsman? If it is, and the pics are happening at the time they say, then they were prepared. Brock, in another thread, earlier said to Google BLOOP. Ya might wanna.

JJJackson on Jul 20, 2007


just woundering has anyone seen the set pic's yet.

Andrew on Jul 20, 2007


At 1:31 on the far left of the screen, you can see the words "of joy, RUB". This seems to build on the theory that it is just complicated porno.

gigaber on Jul 20, 2007

301 the picture is of the same girl... YEs thats either an Army cat, or a national guardsmen (same thing) Its NOT a marine, because we dont wear those enormous patches on our sholders. I you go to the 911 pic, look at it in bitmap and invert the colors.... The guy in the background looks like hes in the standing firing postion, and the guy on the left is running... if the guy on the left is running, why are the girls walking?

kevin on Jul 20, 2007


At 00:38, right before the first attack, they are playing a song by WOLF MOTHER. This seems to build on the theory that it is in fact a giant wolf, not a lion.

gigaber on Jul 20, 2007


Let me know what you guys think of either of these... At first I thought the female voice you heard say "the myth" actually said "the mix" as in they were listening to a Wolfmother remix but after you hear a female voice say something like "the myth" at 00:38, listen at 00:42 under the roar, you hear the same female groan (use headphones). Could their be more than one monster/being? Also, everyone is talking about the quote "I saw it, it's alive". Isn't that kind of a weird quote to say if you saw a huge monster blowing up NY? HAHA, no sh*t it's alive idiot. I thought he would have used the word "monster" or "dinosaur" if it were such. I thought of Dr. Frankenstein screaming "it's alive" because something he thought wasn't alive is now alive. Maybe insteaed of an alien, something already on earth came to life. I was stretching it though when I thought maybe the statue of liberty "shed it's rock" and became alive, but I'm sure it's not. On another note for Lost fans, the only thing I could put on, is that the movie does come out the same month the new season starts and as a Lost fan myself, I would love to see maybe a reason (future reference) of why it was a bad idea to leave the island or dimension or wherever the hell they really are (maybe something followed them home) but as a huge sci-fi fan, I really don't care what it is right now and I hope I don't ever know until the movie actually comes out.

Rob on Jul 20, 2007


I too almost believe there is more then one sound/roar. You listen to it and it just sounds like to many different noises to be coming from one monster. Also, can anyone else see any tie-in's to St. Patricks Day? Someone mentioned the green Empire State building and then I got to thinking about the Cloverfield title relating to clovers. Coincidence? Reading the Slusho webpage history it seems weird that the secret ingredient is found deep in the ocean and makes things grow huge. Hmm. Just so many weird twists here to know which ones are relevant and which ones are there to throw you for a loop.

NIevo on Jul 20, 2007


i mentioned this before but here goes again with more details... The statue of libertys head is ENORMUS. People go inside of it. The neck and head in the trailer wasnt even as big as the road. And the SOL has 7 spikes on her crown. IF you go into central new york (area in which the attack was) At some garden there is a SMALLER statue of liberty. It has 5 spikes on here crown. In the trailer there is 1 broken, 1 bent, and 4 slightly damaged spikes. PLUS the the real statue of liberty is an iron frame with a copper cover. thats why it turned green. The mini one is made out of stone. Thus its the mini SOL that was decapatated. And on the 5 spike note, go read releations chap 20. Theres a a foreign woman with 5 marks on her head that gets killed and the nation will mourn. SOL was a gift from france, so shes foreign, and the 5 spikes of the mini one... just my way of 2+2...

Kevin on Jul 20, 2007


I know for a fact that this movie is green lantern.

Forusre on Jul 20, 2007


Any idea's of where the second statue is? Maybe there is a clue as to the surroundings its in?

NIevo on Jul 20, 2007


The statue of liberty's head was the actual statue of liberty we all know. I'm not sure about a smaller second one in NY (there is a smaller one in Paris I know) but there is no other statue of liberty head that big in NY

Rob on Jul 20, 2007


355, the head has the neck attached in the trailer... the real SOLs head would be almost double that

Kevin on Jul 21, 2007


maybe rob is part of a top secret project that is keeping a monster inside the statue of liberty but the monster gets out oh and jc, he tells another guy hes his main dude not the camera man

joey on Jul 21, 2007


Statue of Liberty is 17 feet from chin to cranium, according to the Parks website. And it can't be stone if a spike is 'bent' because stone wouldn't bend. Think "artistic liscense". Though you'd think they'd have made it coppery green instead of stainless steel looking.

JJJackson on Jul 21, 2007


357, the head appears to be almost twice the size of the car which is close to what the real SOLs head would be (which is 10 x 17). Also if you think about it, what would show more "power" and be more meaningful, taking out the statue of liberty or taking out a miniature copy of it? I also still haven't found a second statue in NY that would be close to that size. I'm guessing there might be symbology in taking out the statue of liberty as well. It was originally seen as a beacon to new arrivals to America but in the movie, the "new arrival" rips it's head off haha.

Rob on Jul 21, 2007


Interesting theories. Keep on searching and you'll find them without any assistance needed.

Goddard, D on Jul 21, 2007


Ok, how about a new twist on this whole thing. What if they find the camera on 1-18-08 but the events we are seeing already or is about to happen? Think about it, the weather obviously isn't January weather. Also, why would it be so important to an entire film to find a video camera and see what was on it if people survived? It's almost like there was no idea as to what went on and there were no survivors or trace of them. Like something from the lines of a 6th Sense or Silent Hill type twist.

NIevo on Jul 21, 2007


remember now people, Abrams is not only good at keepin you guessin but clever enough to throw out false leads as well, enjoy all the theories you have or hear, well except the really dumb ones, but most of all just stay open and like someone up above said, just hope that it's as top secret now as it is the day you spend your money to see it!

decker on Jul 21, 2007


could it be that rob didnt say: i saw it it's alive it's hugh ? what about : I start it'it's alive I'ts Hugh would make sense to me ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 22, 2007


Poor guys... I'm sure you'll understand the French word "idiots"...

Stalker on Jul 22, 2007


What is wrong with most of you people?! I swear if I hear "Its Godzilla!" or "Its Chtulu" or king kong, voltron, pokeman, dragonball z, evangeline, or anything else like that I think im going to shoot myself in the head! How are you people going to find out what this is when its NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN IN MOVIES? Its a totally NEW monster! Common sense is DEFINATELY not common.

Ed on Jul 22, 2007


YOU GUYS ARE ALL SUCKERS!!!!.... check it.......the trailor......24 seconds....The green box is not cereal........take a close look!!!....I stumbled on this today.....hahahahaha...........!

divinekhaos on Jul 22, 2007


I am an actor who worked on the L.A. set of this film. Many of the theories are way off, and quite entertaining... .... but the truth is better than most of the guesses I've read. You are all going to say "WAY cool" when it's finally revealed ....I would love to share more.... but I signed a Non-Disclosure agreement, and would be in BIG trouble if I did! lol, so sorry! 🙂

FlashJohnson on Jul 22, 2007


Two books come to mind, Stephen Kings The Mist, and Deene Koontz's the Taking, for all you 666 people read the taking, scare the crap out of you.

Tom on Jul 22, 2007


to 366: AHAHAHHAHAHA HE'S RIGHT, watch the trailer, at 24 seconds pause it and look at the cereal box...behind the blonde chick saying: "Im going to miss it."....look closely at the box, you will see!!!

Tythandril on Jul 22, 2007


to 366: He is right, everyone watch the trailer again. Pause it at 24 seconds and look to the left of the blond chick's head, the cereal box ontop of the mini-fridge. Looks like some sort of animal on the box of cereal...i wont say what it is, look for yourself. Can't believe no one other than 366 saw this!!! Way to go divinekhaos!

Tythandril on Jul 22, 2007


Whats at 24? i can see it cause it wont let me watch the HD trailer... otherwise its just a blur

Kevin on Jul 22, 2007


360. Are you Drew Goddard? If so, please tell us your script! I know you wrote it so please let us in on the secret.

Scott on Jul 22, 2007


I copied the frame from the HD trailer and examined the cereal box. Blurry as it is, when rotated 90 degrees it appears to be a person in light colored clothing with a large hat similar to what the asians wear in the rice fields, the person also appears to be crouching as if working on the ground. Don't think its a "monster", just some food product box or other with a "human" figure on it. Anybody else see this?

WB on Jul 22, 2007


349, you are on to something. The song being played during the first attack is "Woman", song 2 off the Wolfmother LP (2005). Read the lyrics to the song immediately before it. This is so blindingly obvious it's almost painful. There will undoubtedly be two Wolfmother songs on the soundtrack to this movie.

chris on Jul 22, 2007


At 00:38, they are playing 'WOMAN' by WOLF MOTHER. At 00:39, a distinctly feminine voice is heard. Track one on the WOLF MOTHER CD is... ah, I see where you are going with this theory. Especially considering the way the Statue of Liberty's head seems to have received one hell of a backhanded slap. YES.

gigaber on Jul 23, 2007


post 366 please tell what pic on cereal box is just a blur for me, my computers crappy:)

freddy on Jul 22, 2007


oh yeah cifty,its a giant hugh hefner come to get all the blondes...................maybe it makes sense to you but not to us americans?

gene on Jul 22, 2007


kevin you seem like a regular to this site so i wanted to tell you this>>>>>maybe at the party when you hear the girl say "the myth"the girl could be someone whos watching the video on the cam corder after the huge blowup is over.just thought youd like to hear what i think.$$

freddy on Jul 22, 2007


kevin on the topic above,when the girl says "the myth"maybe she sees something int the picture that we cant,maybe a sign or picture or something that resembles a monster:_:

freddy on Jul 22, 2007


i saw it, its alive, its huge=in abbreveations thats ISIIAIH.well i typed that in at google and nothing came up but take away the third and fourth I.and you get ISAIAH as in the bible i typed that in on google and got a passage,read isaiah 8:18, besides the 8:18 alot of other clues are in the scripture so please read the scripture. possibly connected to the movie. here is the scripture>>> LOOK,I and the sons whom the lord has given me are reminders and object lessons in israel,sent from the LORD who commands armies,who lives on mount zion.

freddy on Jul 23, 2007


could be a sequel to that but i read an article that this movie wouldn't be a sequel to any other movies or series it is something new, but now it's all to confused with this clues of all of us this could be everything like the dude before says: its hugh heffner ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 23, 2007

335 at the high res version of trailor....24 seconds into the trailor, with the blond that says "im going to miss bob......the green box....the chineses characters got my attention.....its not cereal... its a head, a robot head coming out the water........look close.... its a not puzzle.....!

divinekhaos on Jul 23, 2007


Hey divinekhaos, you would think as many times as you watched that trailer, you would have got Rob's name right.

Monstrous on Jul 23, 2007


This is a undercover vid of the movie being filmed!

BigTone on Jul 24, 2007


thanks BIGTONE, that was good stuff!

decker on Jul 24, 2007


Does anyone know, on the Slusho website under History the donkey underwater and one of the fish have items above their heads. Donkey has a mitten and fish has a piece of Swiss cheese. I dont know if this is a clue to something on the website or the film or nothing at all. Tell me what you guys think. Also there is Four cups on the bottom of the page that have slushy in them the rest are empty might be something or nothing...again just speculation.

Ripper on Jul 24, 2007


We Are All Just Going To Have To Wait! So Just Stop Saying All This Bullshit! Pissing Me Off!

xXSergioXx on Jul 24, 2007


Then stop reading the posts xXSergioXx. You apparently want to know more about the moive like us or you would not have been reading this so shut up. Just because you cant find anything to figure out what is going on is no reason to get ok your mom still loves you.

Ripper on Jul 24, 2007


Ok i have turned the japannese symbols at the bottom of the slusho page into jappanese letters. I can not translate it yet because i can not find the meaning of the first symbol and the 9th and 10th symbol. Post info if you can get it, heres what i got so far. 6_fudakeja__nai

Ripper on Jul 24, 2007


looks like a lion on the cereal box.

Wingnut on Jul 24, 2007


at :28 the clock says it's 10:10 and that clock is in weird place but I don't know if it means anything.

Wingnut on Jul 24, 2007


You have to look at the full screen version of the trailer but at about :34 it says MISTERY on the side of the fridge door with some other letters that I can't read. If someone has a bigger screen maybe they can make it out. Also google MISTERY and you get some interesting stuff.

Wingnut on Jul 24, 2007


392, I noticed that clock as well. But came to the conclusion that it doesn't mean anything because almost every watch/clock you see advertized or for sale (if not plugged in/batteries) is set to: 10:10 Why is this? I've yet to figure that one out. Maybe it just looks cool... or gives it a balanced look. But check it out for yourself in magazines, stores, etc. You will see what I mean. So, perhaps that clock is simply part of some decor and never meant to function.

~Rod on Jul 25, 2007


I don't believe that post above was really an actor from the set. But FWIW, I bet in the end we will be surprised at what the movie will REALLY be about. Either way, there's SFX/destruction... and that's worth the ticket in and of itself!

~Rod on Jul 25, 2007


My opinion I am a Godzilla fan, and i would love for it to be another Godzilla Movie, But I havn't seen enough to prove that it is Godzilla. I don't quite know what it is, but if it Was a Godzilla movie, I would have know about it by now. and if it wa, I would be fuckin ROFL at bam for being the moron who thinks he knows it all but don't. By the way, do you not have anything else to do other than be rude to other peoples opinions and not even making any of your own Bam. To me that sounds like a moron there. And you can say what ever you want about Godzilla fans, We like what we like and that is that, so either be a damn adult and place your own opinion about the damn movie, or YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND STAY OUT OF HERE DAMN IT!!!!

Brad on Jul 25, 2007


damn u must have really read far up cuzi havent posted on here in awhile. yes i have posted my opinion plenty plenty plenty of times and i say its not a godzilla movie and i KNOW its not because if you go the article on first showing called ""Cloverfield / 1-18-08 Updates: Coney Island Flashback and Set Photos"" it will show you/tell you how it isnt a sequel.prequel or ripoff of anything its something NEW and it has also been mentioned before that its something new. no i dont think i know all about it all i know is that its a monster (not godzilla,voltron,or cthulu) destroying new york. im also sorry you wont get to ROFL at me when the movie comes up cuz i personally cant wait to ROFLMFA at all u people who think its godzilla or voltron or ghostbusters or fuckin powerrangers. every one just needs to accept the facts its not a remake or ripoff of anything and that its original. AND if you think its godzilla or voltron or somethin els plz POST SOME SOLID LEGIT PROOF dont just say "oh it had voltron written all over it" k thx

bam on Jul 25, 2007


lol i watched that last night i love the part when there running and "bob" is trying to figure out if his friend is saying lion or alive lol

bam on Jul 25, 2007


that movie is lol ^^ thx for amusing me bigtone haha

Cifty Fent on Jul 25, 2007


they did say it was a giant lion. did godzilla ever fight a giant lion? and the fact that robert is going to japan sound like a plot device. "i saw it. it's a lion. its huge!" but even just a movie about a giant lion of doom could be pretty sweet.

Chan on Jul 25, 2007


One he says It's Alive thats it its not a moive about a giant fuckin lion that would be ignnorant. That sounds like a direct to dvd moive to me.

Ripper on Jul 25, 2007


when they run downstairs and go outside does any1 know what the donut looking thing on the guys shirt is? also, this mite not mean anything but when u see the ppl running down the street, u see atleast 1 guy in a blue hard hat, he could be a builder, or somthing along those lines, and he mite have uncovered something while digging

jc on Jul 25, 2007


i think rob knows what the noise is, if u pause the trailer at 39 seconds,when the lights go out and then come back for a fraction of a second. rob is the only 1 lookin towards the window and he looks worried, mite take a few attemps at moving the arrow thing on the trailer to find it

jc on Jul 25, 2007


I think it's possible that Rob knows what is going on, but can't take the trailer as proof of that. I would look worried to, if I heard a huge roar like that accompanied with something similar to an earthquake. Against that though, he's also the one who suggests going out on the roof to see what is going on, which if he knew what it was would be the stupidest decision ever.

Matt on Jul 25, 2007


when rob is on the roof he is in the prime location to see were the explosion is and he is also looking in tht direction b4 the explosion happens, i also think the camera man may know sumthink as, he tells rob he shud have left earlier and also rob, helps him when he falls down on the stairs, he mite do tht cuz thts his mate but in a situation ud usualy think of yaself, but he may need the camera man

jc on Jul 25, 2007


whne u see the explosion,a group of things shoot out from the explosion, and there not like smallish thing and in large numbers they are large things, and there is only about 8

jc on Jul 25, 2007


Has anyone thought that maybe this is a sequel to Cthulhu(which comes out this fall). The trailer looks to be more of the cult story about Cthulhu and Cloverfield could possibly be the follow up/big unveiling of Cthulhu. I mean it does seem like this movie starts up rather quickly and we do know that the story starts around midnight. It's still totally possible that both movies could be tied to lost. I know most people will immediately shoot this theory in the head, but let me ask you this why do we see 401 show up a number of time in the Cloverfield trailer. 401 is the area code for Rhode Island. I live in Rhode Island and I am a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan. For those who don't know H.P. Lovecraft, he created the Cthulhu Mythos in RI. He also lived and died there. RI is known as the ocean state. Now think back to the slusho site and keep in mind the ocean theme. Lets not forget the name you can spell out using both The Parasite and Cloverfield code names. I got plenty more and I could go all day with comparisons, but frankly noone can tell me different. When I first saw the trailer during transformers I thought about Cthulhu instantly. So slam me all you like for I AM PROVIDENCE.

Howard Phillips on Jul 25, 2007


i really dont think they would come out with a sequel THAT fast

bam on Jul 25, 2007


i was only asking if godzilla battled a lion, if he never did than it is easily ruled out you see? and jeez i dont deserve to be called ignorant because i think it sounded like "lion" and not "alive" like others think. i wont be broken up if i see the movie and im wrong you know.... btw when the lights first go out and the earthquake happens the sound was like a whale call (evil humpback of doom? LMFAO). definetly not saying its a whale. that wouldnt make much sence but it could support the cthulu theory although i believe that is mildly unlikely. if you look up cloverfield on wikipedia they say one report says that it is a completely original film, as well as it being done completely in video cameras. its still all speculation now.

Chan on Jul 25, 2007


Cloverfield is an anagram, a double entendre if you will. Why dont you re-arrange it?

J.J. on Jul 25, 2007


Covered Fill Divorce Fell Cello Fervid Clover Flied Clover Filed Clover Field Clove Rifled Cover Filled Frolic Delve Viced Fell Or Viced Ell Fro Viced Ell For Coed Rev Fill Code Rev Fill Cold Elver If Cold Revel If Cold Lever If Cold Lief Rev Cold Life Rev Cold File Rev Cold Elf Rive Cold Ref Live Cold Ref Veil Cold Ref Vile Cold Ref Evil Clod Elver If Clod Revel If Clod Lever If Clod Lief Rev Clod Life Rev Clod File Rev Clod Elf Rive Clod Ref Live Clod Ref Veil Clod Ref Vile Clod Ref Evil Doc Fever Ill Doc Level Fir Doc Veer Fill Doc Ever Fill Doc Eve Frill Doc Elf Liver Doc Elf Viler Doc Fell Rive Cod Fever Ill Cod Level Fir Thats all the cloverfield anagrams i came up with in the generator.

Ripper on Jul 25, 2007


They lyrics to the song (album-wise, immediately before) the song played during the first attack is: "... the first time I saw Colossal Girl". You can find this information on any Wolfmother lyrics website. Coincidence? I think not. Besides, who else could land a backhanded slap to the Statue of Liberty like that? None other than a very large (possibly jealous) woman.

gigaber on Jul 25, 2007

365 Read carfully

Razmo on Jul 25, 2007


Matt rob's not the you who suggest's going to the roof it's the guy wearing the Slusho t-shirt that is pouring the drink into Robs mouth on the pic on

Ripper on Jul 25, 2007


Matt, Rob's not the you who suggest's going to the roof it's the guy wearing the Slusho t-shirt that is pouring the drink into Robs mouth on the pic on

Ripper on Jul 25, 2007


Wasnt the name suppose to be released at the comic con last weekend?

kevin on Jul 25, 2007


Ripper - My bad. Kevin - I thought it was last week too, but when I didn't hear anything coming out of it I checked and found out it starts today, so hopefully we'll have more info after JJ's talk today.

Matt on Jul 26, 2007


I think we are going to get at least the title of the film today. Parmount speaks at 1-3:55. HELL YA!

Ripper on Jul 26, 2007


Denver The Last Dinosaur.

conexec123611808 on Jul 26, 2007


I'm thinking it's gotta be about a giant Hulk Hogan who rampages through NYC, drop kicking, and frag-splashing everything in his path.

Boo Boo Bee Boo on Jul 26, 2007


No way Hulk Hogan only has two moves in his arsenal. The clothes line and the leg drop, plus he got beat up for the first half of every one of his matches and then all of a sudden out of no where the power of the Hulkamaniacs flows through him, he does the "oh no you didn't" finger shake complete with bug eyes and then proceeds with the destruction. On a serious side the title is most def not being dropped this early. J.J. wants you guys to go insane, and based on that last comment it's working.

conexec123611808 on Jul 26, 2007


Good god... took me a while to read through all this, but... I think I got the general just of everything. Nice trailer, by the way. *sighs* I just really don't know about the whole 'godzilla' thing, thats been done a lil too much, and Matthew broderick kinda already killed the entire series with his shitty acting, and all the fail CG in that thing >...> Kudos ^.^

Thomas on Jul 26, 2007


Damn >.> it chopped the rest of my post, I think. Anyhoo, i'll upload my cam of this movie to the piratebay an when it comes out. ^^

Thomas on Jul 26, 2007


I heard that a new pic is supposed to go up on every thursday i dont know if thats true can anyone confirm cause there is not a new pic so far today.

Ripper on Jul 26, 2007


Yea i heard that last week, but last week it hit up on friday

kevin on Jul 26, 2007


i have no idea if he says lion ir alive sounds like both very confusing!!! :S oh well i dont care what he says or what it even is still looks wicked awesome!!!

Ron on Jul 26, 2007


Awesome thanx kevin. Has anyone found the out what the symbols at the bottom of the slusho page mean yet?

Ripper on Jul 26, 2007


So far it seems 5:00pm eastern time on thursday for new pics. Last week was the creepy dressed in black man in the background. He is holding his chest it seems, in a rather menacing way. He looks as though He is inching forward towards the soldier. Is this man maybe talking apocalyptic mumbo jumbo to the soldier, to me the soldier seems kinda dumb founded. This guy also seems to be some sort of priest. The messed up thing is that it could also resemble a woman running with a baby.

Howard Phillips on Jul 26, 2007


I found a wiki pedia site that is setup just for this movie. Seems like a good spot for information on the subject. 1-18-08 pedia has started to break things down a bit, but they are still leaving it up to you as much as they can to come up with your own answers to the content. IE they are not forcing their opinions on us like so many other sites are by stating THIS IS FACT lol =P

Andy Tomas on Jul 26, 2007


HAHAHA yes finally we can STOP with the godzilla theories and voltron and other stuff that was already made cuz if u read wat firstshowing posted about comic con JJ said him self that its a NEW monster movie which means its ORIGINAL

nick on Jul 26, 2007


Ya, but he said that he wants up to have our own monster just as insane as godzilla. It IS AN ORIGINAL MONSTER if you know JJ is so creative then why would he remake a monster when he could create somthing and be remebered for it. I think he wants this moive to stay with people for years to come like Godzilla or King Kong. It will be amazing and it will be original BECAUSE it he made it. On another note Thank God Monstrous is not the title, and that was the offical teaser poster.BADASS

Ripper on Jul 27, 2007


New Monster movie doesn't really mean original. Be careful how you take J.J.'s words. He is a very cryptic guy.

Howard Phillips on Jul 27, 2007


Good GOD!!! its not Chuthlu or whatever, outside od a few thousand Lovecraft Geeks, nobody knows the Story, MEANING nobody would even CARE...... Read the interview, it is an all new ORIGINAL monster movie, I am betting along the lines of all the classic Giant monster movies, King Kong, Godzilla, Gamera, etc........ Not some Giant Sigmund the Sea Monster

Tom on Jul 27, 2007


Ok this may mean nothing but think back to my post #409. Watch the Cthulhu trailer Theres a freakin polar bear in it. Also what the hell is going on. It seems very J.J. Abrams. Also I found there is no producer attached to this movie. This only fuels my sequel theory. Even though Cthulhu is not an original idea it could still be done in an original fashion and have nothing to do with H.P. Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulhu". One thing H.P. didn't do was copyright his stories, in fact he encouraged people to continue his ideas. Maybe the smoke monster on the island in lost is merely a physical depiction of Cthulhu's underwater slumber.

Howard Phillips on Jul 27, 2007


That link doesnt work?

NIevo on Jul 27, 2007


to #437. That was a real ignorant and immature thing to say. Instead of being a total fun spoiler you should just let people have fun with this. Serious some people even think it's a Pokemon movie. I just look at the clues and based on all of the them plus the gut feeling I had watching the trailer for the first time during transformers, I would have to say I get a Lovecraft impression. Try coming up with your own theory. You just might have fun. Sigmund the Sea Monster did make me laugh though.

Howard Phillips on Jul 27, 2007


New photos out. Appears to be mid fridays not thursdays

kevin on Jul 27, 2007


New pictures out. They let em out on mid fridays. Also, they changed the way things move. You cant just click on it and bring the pic ontop. You have to drag it out from under the other.

kevin on Jul 27, 2007


Dam kevin thought i was going to get here first lolol. Ya its three people partying at 12:04 so apparetly everything is cool until i bet around 12:30. Don't think it really shows us anything.

Ripper on Jul 27, 2007


Evidence for the Wolfmother Lyrics connection. This is a real theory, not a joke. "... the song, "The Joker and the Thief" by the band Wolfmother, is playing in the background; the song contains the lyric, "Standing in a field of clover" (the project has also been known as Cloverfield and Clover). So it is a Colossal Girl. The feminine voice at 00:38 and 00:42 was a big clue, thanks 350.

gigaber on Jul 27, 2007


FYI - the pics turn over too....move them, grab, and shake. About the poster, it looks like somethhing has left a wake on the water, plowing into NYC, possibly glancing off the Statue of Liberty. The poster, on one site I saw, appeared to be overlaid with a weird waterey looking reflection of the face of a skyscraper. Thoughts?

JJJackson on Jul 27, 2007


try flipping the pics in the website around

tony on Jul 27, 2007


Thanks Howard was proud of the Sigmund line myself, OK everyone take a look at the poster one more time, Claw marks down the back of the SOL, and on the Buildings, 3 Claws to be exact, I know Not Godzilla, But for arguments sake I think thats the general idea of the creature, Also was in the Water, Came from the Sea OBVIOUSLY, I dont think Lions swim very well as for Pokemon? I dont know if they can swim???? That was a joke, For the clue hunters, we need to be thinking totally new beast totally new idea, but I tihnk keeping the Big Toho Lizard in mind might help, because given all the clues by Abrams and the things on the net, Its closer to that then a Squid or a Robot or a Giant Picachu????

Tom on Jul 27, 2007


dont know if this is fact but ive read that the movie is seen through the camera like in the trailer, ive read that you might see it thru the camera after the event has happened. if this is true then the peope at the party and characters must be fine and not dead or disapeared or whateva, because on the back of the photos there is a lil note. so the pic is from the date. but for her to send it and write on it, means it has to be done after the date and the only other explination is tht it was printed there and then at the party so other mite have been and they may give more clues

jc on Jul 27, 2007


It's the baby Godzilla grown up.

A R Anderson on Jul 27, 2007


Ok guys. I been flipping, twisting, turning, and staring a different positions. I was thinking that eventually clues would lead to an order in how the pics are to be arranged to eventually form a magic eye picture of the beast. Otherwise I did a good hour long analysis. Obviously the time stamps play a huge role. So now I leave you with far out guess #981. I think it could be........A GIANT DUNNY ACTION FIGURE, but he poops fire balls and he is blank in appearance.

H P L (in the hizzle) ahem...Howard Phillips. on Jul 27, 2007


New picture added to 12:04 AM

Just Looking on Jul 27, 2007


#450, I think his name is Gadzoookie!!!!!!!! Oh god waiting for the Giant Picachu poster now!!!

Tom on Jul 27, 2007


Im begining to think the 3 biblical beats. Ones water, ones earth, and ones air....

kevin on Jul 27, 2007


Oh, and for th record, the 3 beasts are mainly n jewish beleif. That being said, the jewih bible is the old testimant. The old testimant is part of christianity. Allthat said, i heard JJA was jewish.... :shrugg::

kevin on Jul 27, 2007


Crap thought i would be posting first about the new pic and about being able to flip them over...damn

heckle0 on Jul 27, 2007


the biblical support seems like it has to be a top choice. The book of revelation is a is a book filled with parralells and symbolisms mainly talking about the end times. Most christians believe it to be just that, symbolisms, not reality of the end times. But to make a movie about this??? completley original and awesome. read the book of revelation, its a short read. But to put all the symbolism into reality sounds like Abrams to me. I dont need to repeat what else was said about the bible, but mind you. 12 and 7 are holy numbers, numbers divisible by these numbers are holy as well. The same goes for the number 6, and it being unholy. Take a look, those numbers are everywhere. Many would be pleasantly surprised at the potential for a Revelation flik.

scotty on Jul 28, 2007


JJ is leading is all to believe that its something huge but watch it turn out to be something small. And I dont mean freaking Pokeman either. Maybe more like The Micronauts.

Ed on Jul 28, 2007


C'mon people I explained this 200 posts ago. Listen to the trailer on a computer hooked up to GOOD speakers or listen to it with any cheap pair of headphones and you can clearly tell that the guys says "Alive" and not "Lion." This just goes to show how many of you have crappy speakers on your computer.

Ed on Jul 28, 2007


howard phillips thats kinda lame. so you're saying its ok to say its something ghey and definetly past its prime like the pokemon movie... but its not ok to say its an original monster movie according to fact. seriously. CHILL. everyone has a right to their opinion. and i feel your usage of "ignorant" wasnt really right. i think we can discuss what cloverfield is without namecalling. even if it is being fervent in telling everyone that it's original. heh heh ed- i have good speakers(harmon kardon) 🙂 the guy just says it really weird. i think he softens his 'v' ( ALI(v)E can sound like A LIO(n) if misheard plus theres background noise and shit) it took me a couple listens to switch my opinion from lion to alive. either way im entertaining thoughts of a giant japanese fiery monsterlion ravaging NY. stupid i know, but funny as hell if you take a second to picture it. 😀 *chuckles* hell, id like an original. remakes and sequels and movies from famous books/comics are cool and all... but its would be great to see something original, especially in the filming format we have seen in the preview. yes a first person monster movie would be pretty freaking cool, i mean i dont think that type of filming has been seen since the blair witch project. maybe it wont be a failure this time (didnt like the movie, but i found the style it was made in made it midly unerving- camcorders feel more real). cheers 😉

Chan on Jul 28, 2007


Heh. I think my 'ploy' worked. I just wanted to see the anagrams for myself. Guess its a failed theory.

J.J. on Jul 28, 2007


a doom/apocalypse revelation movie would be cool even from a secular "world coming to an end" viewpoint. but the implications with christians running around saying "seee? repent!" ( I make it sound more theatrical than it is... but *shudder*) there already were movies on this-- Left behind 1 and 2. they werent very popular though still i dunno would they take it literal to an actual revelation dragon running around( if it was- which i doubt)...i mean its all symbolism, not literal.

Chan on Jul 28, 2007


BTW 8 is a holier number than 7 believe it or not. lol. oh, alchemists.

Chan on Jul 28, 2007


was just on the 1-118-08 website and if you hold down the mouse on the pics and quickly flick them they turn over and has a couple of messages on the back like postcards. here are the messages: 1.Dont forget who takes care of you! Love J 2.Lascano Platt and Robbie-Jan 2008 Robbie, Here,use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!!. Love Jamie. not sure if they mean anything?

Ali3n on Jul 28, 2007


I know that all of revelation is symbolic, but if it were all taken literally, it would be one hell of a movie, and any 'Christian' knows this, so i dont think there would be See? Repent! type of response. Christians are like anyone else, all different, they cant be stereotyped. Secondly, this theory may be a little 'out there' but revelation says "The end will come like a thief in the night," and right after the initial breakout, all the car alarms go off like theyd be broken into, like a thief in the night. It's out there, but a fun thing to think about. Also, the left behind series was NOT about the events in revelation all together, its about a more specific Revelation theory called The Rapture.

scotty on Jul 28, 2007


In regards to the first paragraph of post#459. I want people to have fun. I used the word ignorant in defense of the LOVECRAFT story call of cthulhu. I think I been being fair and for you to attack me specifically is very unfair. Also just so you know it's totally a captain planet movie.

HPL......Howard Phillips. The Venus Occupant on Jul 28, 2007


From the Slusho site …the burro thinking 'mitt', the fish thinking 'cheese', now the jellyfish thinks 'hammer’ Mit, Cheese, Hammer M C Hammer….OH NO! STOP HIM! HE'S ALIVE, and he's HUGE! A scary thought, to say the least!

JJJackson on Jul 28, 2007


on the whole lion thing.... its in new york, and the guy has the accent. He says alive. ALSO, the picture with "J". I think J stands for jason. WHICH would make the guy wearing the slusho shirt be the one they were worried about upon reaching the street

kevin on Jul 28, 2007


OK everybody listen up! I've just been onto the official 1-18-08 website and discovered something REALLY weird? I don't know whether anybody else has figured out how to do this, but I managed to do it (it was only a fluke). When you're on the website put your cursor over one of the photographs and it will turn into a hand, click it with your mouse and draw circles around it in the middle and you should get the photograph to turn over. If doesn't work keep trying and eentually it will. Only two of the photographs have writing on the back, the one with the guy drinking in it and the other one is the one with a girl and two guys smiling. Somebody give it a try.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2007


We all know that you can flip the pictures over, and that two of them have writing. The question is what does it help us achieve? I've managed to find everyone's name; Robby Hawkins JJ (Jason) Hawkins Jamie Lascano Hudson Platt Lily Ford Beth McIntyre Marlena Diamond Jason is the person holding the video camera in the trailer, and is "J" on the back of the picture. He's brothers with Robby, and they both live together in the apartment. The rest of the people are friends of Robbie and Jason. Jamie Lascano, Hudson Platt, and Robby are the people in the other picture with writing on it. Other than that, I don't know what else to do with the pictures right now. Any ideas?

Phenox on Jul 29, 2007


JJ Abrams said that it wasn't Godzilla, so it won't be. It's been said many times already. It was released at ComiCon

Phenox on Jul 29, 2007


it looks like it could be some kind of newer godzilla movie.....

Jordan H. on Jul 29, 2007



CHRIS on Jul 30, 2007


Johnny on Jul 30, 2007


what if they just made this to fuck with people and the movie has none of this in it?????.. ever thought he's screwing with ya?....misdirection and all that?

Dan on Jul 30, 2007


It is not voltron either...that wouldent be an original monster like JJ SAID its going to be. OK this is so far what i think we can count as fact. 1. It comes from the ocean 2. It has claws and has dome sort of fire ability. 3. Its fucken huge and powerful 4. Its NOT godzilla, voltron, pokemon, The Bible or a giant women. 5. ORIGINAL MONSTER!!!!! NEVER SEEN BEFORE, JJ said he wants a monster for us that is as intense as Godzilla. 6. Slusho website is hiding something we need to figure it out. In the history page the animals with objects over ther heads will mean somthing its clues.

Ripper on Jul 30, 2007


why is every one thinking this is an end of the worl dmovie it clearly isnt when jj said that he was going to make a movie with OUR OWN monster and it saidin a first showing post earlier that a video tape is foudn while guys are cleaning up new york and they play it and it shows wat happend so obviusly its not an end of the world/bible movie

bam on Jul 30, 2007


SLUSHO.COM IS FULLY OPEN!!!! All the bubbles at the main screen are able to be clicked on.Happy talk is abunch of quotes, Flavors is a bunch of robot drink flavors i am going to try to see if there is anything there just wanted to update everyone.

Ripper on Jul 30, 2007


The store you can buy a shirt or a hat. Flavors you can make your own drink flavors get creative mabye we can find somthing.

Ripper on Jul 30, 2007


The Deep Sea Ingredient is a flower it is in flavors at the top of the Slusho cup.

Ripper on Jul 30, 2007


its King Gidrah, the three headed dragon, nemesis of godzilla.

sam on Jul 30, 2007


It makes you wonder with a budget of just 30 million will we even get to see the "Monster" or just the explosions and peoples reaction???

CuriousSteve on Jul 30, 2007


i think alot of ppl woudl be pretty pissed if we never saw the monster i know i would

bam on Jul 30, 2007


From the latest picture at 1-18-08, when the picture is flipped there's an inscription left from a Jamie, along with three other names on the top. Lascano Platt Robbie Obviously "Jamie" has just written the order in the pictures, so we now have one full character's name: Jamie Lascano. Since Myspace is all the rage these days, if you decided to venture on over to check to see if she has a profile up there, and low and behold, there is a Jamie Lascano available. But get this, she's also friends with a Rob Hawkins. Coincidence, are perhaps something legitimate? I think so because Beth has a profile which coincides with her appearance in the beginning of the trailer. There is also another picture of Hawk with his girlfriend Lil. These profiles are all "friends" with each other, so when you're on one, you can just view their friends to see everyone else's. 🙂 So, looks like something is starting. Edit: Character Names Rob Hawkins (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/robbyhawkins] Jason Hawkins (Age: 28) - Myspace Profile [/jj_hawkins] Lilly Ford (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/lilly_ford] Beth McIntyre (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/beth_mcintyre] Jamie Lascano (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/jamielascano] Marlena Diamond (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/marlenadiamond] Hudson Platt (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/hudsonplatt] they seem to have the same friends friended. “hawk”, whose myspace username is jj_hawkins, looks a lot like the guy in the slusho shirt. on his girlfriend’s page, there’s a comment referring to “jason”. if hawk is jason, is that who they were looking for in the trailer? and if that was his girlfriend asking “where is jason?” it would make sense that she’s worried about him because they are romantically involved. this is getting interesting. read hawk’s blog. “I took the ‘balls back to my apt, packed a bowl, chugged a Slusho, and I was gonna cruise craigslist for job postings but A&E was running a Sopranos marathon. Hud came home, then Rob, and then Lilly and I went out for Chinese.” chugged a slusho… it also looks like he and hud live with rob, but i kind of figured that from the trailer. rob’s pics are up now. from hawk’s comment, “I am far better looking than you. Clearly I was blessed with the good genes. Even ask mom. ” it looks like they’re brothers. The profiles were only registered a month ago (Signup Date: 06/13/07); But the journal entries are all being back-dated i found all that from

nick on Jul 30, 2007


the jelly fish in the history part of slusho now thinks about a hammer

kevin on Jul 30, 2007


If you look at robs myspace, theres a pic comment thats says "your wearing your favorite shirt" The shirt has two skeltons praying to a moth with an angelic figure above

kevin on Jul 30, 2007


Oh and the girl from the split photo on 1-18-08 (dark haired olived skinned) Shes appears to be JJ Hawks girlfriend judging by the myspace. If you want the actresses name, she played in "life as we know it" which was around for one season.

kevin on Jul 30, 2007


WHY delete??? This has good info-

Johnny on Jul 30, 2007


I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I looked at the new pic and noticed it said January. Then on the trailer the news cast says it is 63 degrees. Of course the average temp for New York is more like 30. So if anyone knows whuts up, please tell me

Lone Spartan on Jul 30, 2007


I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I looked at the new pic and noticed it said January. Then on the trailer the news cast says it was 63 degrees. Of course the average temp for New York is more like 30. So if anyone knows whats up, please tell me

Lone Spartan on Jul 30, 2007


To Lone Spartan: If you look through the videos on youtube made by NightOwl, also seen in a link on post number 71 on this thread, you will see something about that. Appearantly, he made a connection between the 63 degrees from the temperature and the 36 in the time. 63 reversed is 36... And also, take both 6 and 3, and divide them each by 3, it equals 2 and 1, which reversed, is the same as the other half of the time, "12:36", as seen on the t.v. screen. Same time it says it's 63 degrees out... Anyone that wants to talk about the movie can talk with me at, or my AIM is allstr008. .:Phenox1707:.

Phenox on Jul 30, 2007


why do we need clues if the monster is supposed to be "new" anyway? you can't get clues to something nobody has knowledge of

George on Jul 30, 2007


I don't know much about MySpace, so it may mean nothing, but has anyone else noticed that if you look at the friend list of these characters, there seem to be 2 missing from the lists. Example, Rob has 8 friends, but only 6 are shown, Jason has 9, but only 7 appear. Interesting, or just my lack of MySpace knowledge?

Thrawn on Jul 30, 2007


I'd say that if there are other myspace profiles involved other than the 7, they would probably have been created after June 13 and prior to July 23. (That's the latest create date out of the 7) Since the majority of myspace profiles do not include both first and last names (myspace warns against it), and all of the 7 do, that could be [i]one[/i] indicator of a possibly legit IG profile. So beware of any reported supposed, "IG" profiles which were created prior to June 13, or after July 23. That should at least help to narrow it down a little. I guess we can begin to weed them out of the video comments/subscriptions since that's all we have to go on for now.

Johnny on Jul 31, 2007


It's Battle Beasts!!!!!!!No but serious it's gotta be some sort of deity. Something with a familiar name but totally original in appearance. I think J.J. means original in the sense of appearance. It's not like you can copyright a deity. I know most of you don't believe that the Ethan site is tied in, but check this out. This message is hidden on the site. "..war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star's rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape."

H.P. on Jul 31, 2007


Pixie and 1-18-08 Live are going nuts updating the Wiki at Bookmark that site, owners claim they have the best site for Cloverfield information and the site is NOT covered in google ads or banner click through crap like so many other sites already are.

Tony on Jul 31, 2007


About the temp, the east coast got some warm weather this year so i dont know if it would mean much...or maybe the fireball caused the temp to go up. Oh, and this is kinda cool, but there is a Cloverfield Blvd in Santa Monica, CA.

Nobody on Jul 31, 2007


It was funny when I read the first line, but was that really needed Phenox. Your previous comment was very informative, but now it seems you are the average TOOLBAG. Im not even mad at the dick joke, hell I like dick and fart jokes as much as the next sixth grader. So let me get this straight you have a giant dick with a giant STD. Wow I stand corrected it is something totally original.

Howard Phillips on Jul 31, 2007


For the last time it's not Godzilla paramount does not have the rights to that. If it was Godzilla anyway then it would of been obvious because he would of had his trademark roar/yell. The movie also has this guy who could be a character in the movie sending out weird messages and in one of them he says "If you got this video then you are one of us" and "We need to organize now before August 1st". Watch the Ethan Hass videos. The things he say are very cryptic but after watching them I think there is more to this movie than just the giant monster himself. All I know that this movie looks like its gonna be very good I can't wait to see it. Also It's NOT voltron. Come on would a voltron movie have a trailer like this? Of course not. This movie is something entirely new and fresh at least thats the feeling I am getting.

Fenrir on Jul 31, 2007

447 Also ethan Haas got this site with a flash based puzzle... Maybe a clue?

Fenrir on Jul 31, 2007


YOUR DUMBASS'S. JJ said that ETHAN HAAS has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE! Why don't you study up before posting debunked shit.

RIPPER on Jul 31, 2007


That Dick joke was not me Someone else posted it under my name. I take this movie seriously, and if immature ***holes are going to post comments like that on this forum, then they can go to hell. If it happens again, I'm not coming back here. If you still want to talk to me, is my e-mail adress..

Phenox on Jul 31, 2007


The first monster roar is followed by an earthquake- Beamoth, monster of land jewish judment day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taken right from the end of days story based on the jewish religion The second roar is followed by a huge explosion. Leviathan, the monster of the sea, it can breathe fire. The the third monster roar is followed by the staues head. That is Ziz, the monster of the skies. This makes sense because the Ziz could rip the head off the statue, fly, and drop it. What do you think about that? Again, on the slusho homepage, the buttons show a whale- Leviathan, a horse-Beamoth, and, a bird-Ziz. Another, the history page is under water The downloads page is in the sky and the home page is on land

abit2zen on Jul 31, 2007


@RIPPER WHOA! Clam down tripfag. I figured that out today after looking around. Also turn your caps off the puzzle game has nothing to do with the movie but Ethan MIGHT(keyword might) have something to do with it since on some movie sites the videos where featured along with the teaser trailer and don't go cussing people out just because I made a simple mistake. Jesus Christ your capslock key is right there Turn it off.

Fenrir on Jul 31, 2007


Also DUMBASS can't have and 's on it. >_>

Fenrir on Jul 31, 2007


#504....I read this somewhere but i can't remember... on the site the horse, duck, and fish have a thought bubble and each think of something'll kind of see a play on words. horse : blue oven mit = behemoth fish : cheese = ziz duck: hammer = ??? (no one could figure this out) the guy that got this is on to something... just an idea. what do ya think?

kilikus007 on Jul 31, 2007


correction: not duck...jelly fish...

kilikus007 on Jul 31, 2007


504.... wow im pretty sure i mentioned that a few days ago.... the spam and the new people not reading up and double posting is starting to turn this into a waste of time... plus phenox, if you that this so seriously, i think you need to get laid or a life or something... but whatever, im going to do my thing on the motorcycle in the lots

Kevin on Jul 31, 2007


I have no friggin clue if this emans anything, but if you pause the trailer at 1:11 (or 1:12), the door has soem graffitti on says like "2004 ACE." Who is Ace?

Steve-O on Aug 1, 2007


soem guy said u could see the monster at 1:25 down the street, but I dont see anuthing except for street lgiths and ppl........

Steve-O on Aug 1, 2007


as for the pictures try flipping the ones with no writing on them and using those 3 to cover the entire screen. i havent been able to do it but it seems as tho they cover the entire screen PERFECTLY. now to just figure out how that ties into the other 2 pictures left...... also the number from the video is it possible to text that number and recieve a text back?

adrian on Aug 1, 2007


Ok heres something new. The four posters handed out at comicon. Only three have titles. Monstrous, Furious, Terrifying. The fourth has no title. Why would the fourth have no title? I believe this to be a very significant clue and it goes hand and hand with the slusho stuff. We know that the first creature is land based, the second creature flies, and the third is a sea creature. Are these titles on the posters descriptions of the three monsters or one. Also you can find evidence of three monsters in the trailer. Three roars. I could be wrong but I counted three roars spread out. As far as the pics on the official site go look very closely for evidence of the three different monsters. Maybe all three monsters combine to form one which I believe would be the title of the movie.

Howard Phillips on Aug 2, 2007


howard phillips idk who told u there are three monsters but there is only one we know this cuz jj abrams said america needs there own MONSTER thats singuler the 4th poster says barbrius (sp??) and all 4 of the words describe the ONE monster.

nick on Aug 2, 2007


robby now has 190 friends on myspace, and is online right now

kevin on Aug 2, 2007


Ok so the monster does all three actions. I personally think three monsters would be cool, plus I thought that was what the clues on slusho were getting at. Nick where did you see the fourth poster that said Barbrius. I would like to see that, because I cant find it online. What does barbrius mean? Get back to me. I looked up the word, but was redirected to the encyclopedia. It's not an adjective unless you are spelling it wrong.

H.P. on Aug 2, 2007


IT would completley and absolutley suck big time if it was another godzilla, im hope it's something new and unknown.

shane on Aug 2, 2007


it would absolutley and completeley suck if it was another godzilla film, i hope it's something new and unknown, the trailer was a brilliant idea though. I think they shouldn't make any more trailers, none.

cooper on Aug 2, 2007


sry the word i was lookin for was Barbarous that poster is actually real hard to find i dont think its made yet butu can google "barbarous cloverfield poster" and it will take u to a bunch of sites talkin about it mostly theyall say the same thing tho

nick on Aug 2, 2007


Couldn't a sphinx be kind of lion-y?

Brandie on Aug 2, 2007


heyyy ripper good thinking

nick on Aug 2, 2007


1-18-08 (USA) (promotional title) Clover (USA) (fake working title) Cloverfield (USA) (fake working title) Slusho (USA) (fake working title) Seriously I really want to the real title. They are clever at hiding the production behind such code words. xD I know 1-18-08 is the promotional title or is it? Would be nice if someone can shed some light on that. Also I have to ask is the cthulhu theory debunked or what or could it be more than one monster I heard rumors about on other sites?

Fenrir on Aug 2, 2007


Heres kind of a scenerio I put together, some of you might have got this too first to pics they are all partying then the pic with the 2 girls. I think these 2 girls are seeing something coming at them or at a building then it hits the building which leeds to the next picture with all the smoke after the building collapsed. in another area, soldiars have already arrived and are leading people to safety which is the last pic (by the way, I think the soldiars arrived there too quickley. they must have known something before hand) this is something i just thought of off the top of my head hope it helps

Aftab Bali on Aug 2, 2007


Its the big screen version of Rampage, the monster arcade game. Where giant monsters drink shakes (slushos) and can throw fire, destroy buildings (the object of the game is to cause destruction), eat cheese (read comment 521) fight off other monsters like giant squid (comment 521).

dan on Aug 2, 2007


wow dan, that actually makes alot of sense, wow I can't believe no one thought of that nice theory man

Aftab Bali on Aug 2, 2007


wow this is starting to get good guys... I love how this myspace and slusho thing are coming together... If you go to the myspace pages of the characters you really start to get a feel for these characters and get to know them.. I feel even more compelled to go to this movie now that I have checked all this out. It's cool that you see these supposed "people" online, and then in 5 months from now we will see them all being chased by a giant monster in the movie theater.. I think the whole slusho is the key to the backstory of this monster... We already have some idea.. We know the slusho drink has a secret ingredient that can cause someone to grow to enormous proportions.. This has got to be part of how the monster comes about.. Now all that is left is figuring out what the hell this monster looks like.. Maybe we will get some clues on another website that has yet to be found.. Until then I think these myspace accounts with new comments added daily can give us small clues to figuring out more about this question mark of a movie. JJ - if you're lurking around good job buddy. This marketing shit your pulling is great... Figuring out this puzzle is an awesome way to spend the rest of my summer. haha

L on Aug 2, 2007


#526 its not fucking rampage that would be so fucking retarded jj said we need OUR OWN monster if it was rampage it wouldnt be our own the monster is something god damnit how many times do we have to tell u guys that

bam on Aug 2, 2007


Im with you bam. I too am sick of hearing about the same shit just because people can't read through. I can't count how many times Godzilla comes up. No originality. No over the top theories, I love reading shit like that not "oh I think It's Godzilla or Rampage or fucking Zilla or fucking Power Rangers" AND IT"S NOT VOLTRON!!! Those were all cool theories before we knew it to be an original concept!! The Comicon or NONCOMICON!! statement sealed that deal for me.

H.P. on Aug 3, 2007


ppl shouldnt come on here posting "oh its rampage" "its godzilla" or "its voltron" UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF CUZ LL OF US HAVE PROOF THAT SHOOTS DOWN ALL OF THOSE THEORIES and you guys have nothing to support ur own theories but we all who dont think its any of that and think its just and original monster have ALOT of information to back it up. so dont go postin shit like that unless u have proof

bam on Aug 3, 2007


Look, J.J. Abrams doesn't own the right 2 godzilla, so it's not a godzilla movie! I think it might just be a new monster, and it's probably original! So get over it!!!

Bill on Aug 3, 2007


Bam, H.P, I'm with you. People need to think about this shit logically and read all the stuff we all read and view all the websites we do. Insted of watching the teaser then saying "well goly i bet that there is godzilla, or rampage or telutubies.". So please unless you have somthing to contribute dont bother we have debunked ALL of the theroys you have thrown out. It is a NEW monster thats that...nothing else. All we can do is try to solve this massive, amazing puzzle JJ put together.

Ripper on Aug 3, 2007


Bam, Ripper, myself. We need one more to make up the four horseman of cloverfield. I nominate kevin as the fourth. We shall spread our message far and wide. We shall talk about the clues that matter. I mean it's ok to joke and say it's shit like captain planet or denver the last dinosaur, but I hate these dead serious chumps who make stupid remarks. When I say stupid shit rest assure I am totally joking, but seriously it's gotta be Fing Fang Foom.

H.P. on Aug 3, 2007


That Ameya profile has another blog on it.. Things are starting to come together.. Here is the blog entry: "I feel like an idiot For having my original myspace deleted. I just found out that Saburo might get transfered back home ... I don't think he wants to get transferred so soon either. I think he's going to ask around to see if there's anyone else who'd like to go instead. He said something about some guy ... I forget his name ... who is obsessed with Japan - maybe he'd rather go? Either way, I have until the middle of January before the transfer actually happens. Maybe his superiors will change their minds?" Hmmmm!? Perhaps this has to do with Rob going to Japan?

L on Aug 3, 2007


HAHAHA...H.P I love it!!

Ripper on Aug 3, 2007


wow... you people are pretty die hard in here.. but anyway, people should read atleast 10 other comments before they leave a comment themself. that way, you wont post something that has already been posted, or something that has been proven to be false or unrelated.

geezer on Aug 3, 2007


Hey Ripper and HP. If you need another, I'm in. Lol.

Phenox1707 on Aug 3, 2007


I think Godzilla should be in the 4 horsemen, because he's definitely in the movie.

Matt on Aug 3, 2007


one more thing. There is a rumor that the movie may be called "Overnight" which fits well sense the monster attacks new york over the night time period. i read about it on ign heres the link its just a rumor though, and if somebody already posted this somewhere im sorry

geezer on Aug 3, 2007


Paramount releases alot of movies a year so I really wouldn't go on that info. Nice find though geezer. Also kudos to L with the myspace stuff. I do alot of posting at work and my work doesn't allow myspace navigating. As for Phenox1707, I got no problem with that if it's ok with Ripper and Bam. I think Kevin got scared away by all the idiots.

H.P. on Aug 3, 2007


Yeah, I read through it, and it doesn't sound too likely to me. At least, I wouldn't name a movie of this scale "Overnight". It just wouldn't work in my opinion. Hey HP, if we're the Four Horsemen, shouldn't we do something to make that a bit more known? And I think we should come up with something else instead of "horsemen". I don't have any horses... xD

Phenox on Aug 3, 2007


haha sounds good H.P.

bam on Aug 3, 2007


hahahahaha im the 4th horsemen. sorry been a tranger, getting ready for a comp. can ema me at

Kevin on Aug 3, 2007


so there wasnt a photo put up today?? how come?? i think i know. the first photo was posted on a thursday. then the 2nd and 3rd posted on thursday then they started posting them on friday. how many have been posted on fridays?? 3 soo im guessing the new photo is going to be posted tomorrow and then it will be every saturday know wat im saying?? or maybe they just stopped posting them who knows.

bam on Aug 3, 2007


im sure they're gonna put more photos up, that would be a sort of dissapointment if they just stopped posting photos, and today while i was at my asian friend's house, i thought of something . he had never seen the trailer to "cloverfield" before, and we were talking about it after we viewed it about 8 times, and he asked me when it came out, and i said january 18th, and he said (jokingly) "man we can probably go to laos and watch it by october" what he means is that alot of movies come out in asia before they come out in the usa, and i got to thinking... what if cloverfield has a release date of october or somethin in asia, and what if it has a whole different name than the u.s version, but then it hit me that the date 1-18-08 was on all of the website pics

geezer on Aug 3, 2007


also i discovered if you look right at the first explosion (not the earthquake) you can see dark red flames being spewed out, you can see it right before they show the fireballs in the sky, could it be the monster? maybe

geezer on Aug 3, 2007


did you know you can flip the pictures over?

dark91zc on Aug 3, 2007


Blah, blah, guys are gettign the best information, I mean the 4 horseman or 4 ewoks.....w/e, lol. I look at your posts first as they appeal the most to me...

Steve-O on Aug 4, 2007


Yo nightowl, I didnt bother to read all of that on ur blog cuz I dont do myspace, but the title u guessed on intrigued me.

Steve-O on Aug 4, 2007


ppl plz read posts before u post something we aleady knew u could flip the pics

nick on Aug 4, 2007


Steve-O...yeah man, It's just an educated guess but I feel it's a great one. Did you look at that D351 dude's page by any chance? His page offers up alot of clues. And did you happen to notice that it very well may be JJ Abrams himself?? Look closely... I have been really fascinated with this film so far. I've never ever researched such a film like this. Kudos to JJ Abrams for such a genius marketing campaign.....he has truly made this so much more fun!!

nightowl on Aug 4, 2007


LATEST 1-18-08 News! I just heard from a friend who worked on the movie about all the details for the film. The monster is basically a giant parasitic grasshopper monster. It spawns from the sewers, the Hudson River ect. It spawns off eggs that hatch and grow. Apparently if your bitten by one, you implode pretty much. The movie isn't entirely cam-corders, though most of it is, it is also shot with a digital camera. They wanted to call the movie "monsterous" which is pretty lame, but someone had the copy-rights for it. They are still looking for a title. I don't know how into bug-monsters I am. Hopefully they can pull this one off but I just lost a little interest hearing that it looked like a grasshopper. I'm still excited though.

DoughFlow on Aug 4, 2007


the monster is a parasitic bug. looks like a grasshopper. spawns off smaller eggs. the monster comes from the sewers and hudson river.

Dillon on Aug 4, 2007


nightowl, i saw that guys myspace and checked out his pics, he seemed to have alot of cthulhu stuff in his last few pics, made me wonder

geezer on Aug 4, 2007


Hey Geezer...totally man. I'm not saying it's definitely Cthulhu but there's an awful lot of references there....maybe it's Cthulhu plus another or more monsters/creatures? At this point, nothing should be ruled out. And did you look at the D351's pictures of himself? In only one does he show his hair while having that mask on...and it resembles JJ Abrams an awful lot....wouldn't you agree? I don't have all the answers but I feel that I'm getting somewhere....DYSTOPIA man....DYSTOPIA....

nightowl on Aug 4, 2007


Ok I been talking Cthulhu since I got in here. As much as I want it to be Cthulhu (believe me when I say I am without a doubt the biggest LOVECRAFT fan). Abrams however said the monster would be original, but if you now about Lovecraft then you know that he didn't copyright the Cthulhu mythos. Basically J.J. could totally revamp the Cthulhu mythos keep the image of Cthulhu the same, but use a different name. That's really the only way it could be cthulhu. Refer to post #409 for one of my early Cthulhu theories. I'm still hoping it's a Lobo movie. The main man kicks total ass. LOL BAM PHENOX RIPPER H.P. "The Four Horsmen will ride till the end" 1-18-08

H.P. on Aug 4, 2007


it does look alot like abrams's hair nightowl, and dystopia would make sense for a good title, since you looked up what it meant, it fits perfect. i also looked up the chic's name who commented on his cthulhu pic, her name is arethusa, which means "mythical nymph", probably has nothing to do with the movie though

geezer on Aug 4, 2007


Alright everyone G4 announced that the monster is in fact cthulhu its not a parasite u made that up and the movie is probably gonna be called overnight.

bigbobbo on Aug 4, 2007


so ur welcome

bigbobbo on Aug 4, 2007


when did g4 say it was cthulhu? if it was on the rumor mill before comicon, then its probably false, thats why the ycall it RUMOR MILL, and overnight is just a rumor too

geezer on Aug 4, 2007


The monster's face is hidden in the fire. But i might be wrong.

benos on Aug 5, 2007


omg thats the dumbest shit ive heared i watched that video and there is no fuckin monster comin out of that fire its just explosion just some of this has gotten to some peoples heads. there is no face in the fire

bam on Aug 5, 2007


yea, you can't see a monster anywhere in this trailer.........

Steve-O on Aug 5, 2007


actually no, i know for a fact, i have inside information - the monster is a giant bug - similiar to the one in MIB, its not fuckin cthulhu - this is a rumor - it is 100% parasitic bug/ resembles a spawns off babies who inturn grow and eat humans - its going to be stupid i think now - but i'll still give it a chance

dillon on Aug 5, 2007


i can't imagine another giant bug movie

geezer on Aug 5, 2007


ya i know man - i was kinda dissapointed when i heard - when there was rumors about a giant lion that sounded more interesting ha

Dillon on Aug 5, 2007


lol, yea, lets just hope it looks bad ass and not all anorexic and shit

geezer on Aug 5, 2007


OK, think about it. If the movie was called DYSTOPIA, What sounds ten times better and would look ten times better than a giant parasitic type grasshopper looking monster?? CTHULHU. CTHULHU would look fucking awesome and a helluva lot creepier than any grasshopper like creature ever could try to be. But let's not forget, there may be more than one monster/creature. It could very well be this giant grasshopper monster and Cthulhu.......DYSTOPIA will suck if it's this giant grasshopper type monster...that's my opinion and it looks like everyone else is already bummed on even the thought of that.

nightowl on Aug 5, 2007


i think he's gonna re-image cthulhu, which makes him "new"

geezer on Aug 5, 2007


I heard there was a rumor going around that there will be a new trailer in front of Stardust? Another one of Paramount's movies... but it's a rumor and it won't be confirmed until anyone sees it actually infront of Stardust... But this could be very interesting if it's true...

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2007


Maybe the "lion" is a Griffen? There are claw marks on the back of the Statue of Liberty on the poster. But a Griffen isn't new.

The Speculator on Aug 5, 2007


im pretty sure it's not a lion, and he says "its alive" not "its a lion"

geezer on Aug 5, 2007


Dillon - Just where is this inside information coming from? Everyone is on a tight gag order, how exactly did you find this out?

L on Aug 5, 2007


Not saying that you are completely wrong but anyone that claims to have all this inside information should really be careful because everyone involved with the shoot has to sign confidentiality contracts and if they get caught slipping information, that's a major lawsuit and nothing they can do will save them because they signed the contract. So really Dillon, I could sit here and say the same types of things...I know someone because their grandpa's dog told me that it was a giant flying squirrel that drops turds on everyone.....cmon gotta come up with better shit than that....if you know so damn much, try shouting out a name of whoever told you. Then maybe we'll believe you instead of spewing BS. Until then, we won't believe you because you back your claims up without any hard, solid facts.

nightowl on Aug 5, 2007


plz let drop the lion thing. its real old now the word lion shouldnt be brought up at all

bam on Aug 5, 2007


i agree with nightowl, you should give us a name of this person that told you what the monster is, a full name

geezer on Aug 5, 2007


I can see lots of bullshit got slung this weekend. Big thanks to bam for holding it down in here. Dillon your a waste of space in here. If you actually think a giant fucking grasshopper is cooler than Cthulhu you need to take those ipod ear buds off and wake the hell up. I don't know where you get your source, but what I can say for a fact is that you are a complete liar. Also pick a lovecraft book sometime. You might just learn what terror truly is. The Parasite could mean anything. We like to revamp Japanese stories, hell it could be based off the Parasyte manga for all we know. I just think a giant grass hopper would ruin this movie and I know everyone on here agrees.

H.P. on Aug 6, 2007


i haven't read through the threads, so, i'm not sure if ya'll know about this yet. courtesy of Ron, you can FLIP OVER the pictures on the website. for all you people that really analyze this stuff, enjoy. if you knew about this already, sorry for insulting your investigative skills. sean

sean on Aug 6, 2007


i haven't read through the threads, so, i'm not sure if ya'll know about this yet. courtesy of Ron, you can FLIP OVER the pictures on the website. there are messags on 2 of the 5 pictures. for all you people that really analyze this stuff, enjoy. if you knew about this already, sorry for insulting your investigative skills. sean

sean on Aug 6, 2007


i just saw that people DO know about the pics. sorry bout that.

sean on Aug 6, 2007


Holy Shit I leave for two days and i come back to a cow pasture...full of bullshit. First, Who gave you all this info dillon cause I'm pretty sure it had it do your Imagination. Your wrong no question about it. Second, A giant grasshopper...are you fuckin joking. Not only would that be like a moive form the 50's and suck but JJ would be the laughing stock of the film industry if he claims to make something "As intense as Godzilla" and brings a fukin grasshopper out at the moive. Third, I dident see any monster in the smoke or by the fire.. a bright orange light behind the explosion yes but that could be just another fire ball, or the monsters eye either way would not help us any to know what color eyes it had so o well. FOUR HORSEMEN...Hell ya

Ripper on Aug 6, 2007


obviously its not a giant fucking grasshopper - that was the description i was given just for an image - its obviously alien and going to look a lot different than a green grasshopper - its just bug-like - and secondly, i'm not that desperate for attention to the point where i would make up some bullshit to stir things up - and the reason i didn't give out the dudes name was strictly because of the contract, but nonetheless - you will all see when the movie comes out, and maybe it doesn't resemble a grasshopper that closely but thats the description i was given, i figure its similiar to the bug in MIB, just giant and probably tweaked a little - fuck the squid anyway thats lame pirates already did something of the sort

Dillon on Aug 6, 2007


So I just watched all the youtube set videos...lots of guys beating the shit out of a car with a sledgehammer...not much else. The destroyed cars and rubble is nice but the videos did not show us anything that helps up in anyway. Ok videos but the guy shakes his camara to much, if he sticks around the set mabye he will eventually see somthing but i dout that JJ would let anyone close enough to anything important to give it away. I don't think it's an alien or i giant bug sorry i dont belive it. it's somethig that either we unearthed or made by mistake, Slusho holds the a key we have not found...i just got a feeling. Can anyone give me a hand in finishing the Slusho translation. I have got all but two symbols turned into japannesse lettering i need the ninth and tenth. This is what i have so far(ki fu da ke ja__na shi) in order. This is under you cant drink just six, it may be nothing but i just would like to know that it is nothing and not a sign we have right in front of us and are overlooking. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 6, 2007


Ok DILLON then what clues on the Slusho site support this grass hopper like alien being . I can't even believe you mention that MIB movie. MIB has got to be the worst comic book movie of all time, and the sequel is the second worst comic book movie of all time. If the monster even remotely resembles one of those stupid MIB aliens I will surely be disapointed. Maybe you want to paint a different picture description wise. I still can't believe you compared Cthulhu to the fucking squid people in those stupid fucking Pirates movies. Clearly you have an imagination problem. Cthulhu in no way resembles those pathetic squid people. Im getting so tired of all this bullshit. Abrams says we need our own monster, then what the fuck does he consider Cthulhu to be. Cthulhu is 100% American made. Dillon if your source turns out to be right then I will apologize to you. -The Four Horsemen- Wooooooooooo!!!!!!

Howard Phillips on Aug 6, 2007


i've just learned that they don't eat the people, they infect them, either through biting or some sort of attack - but they quarantine the infected people, but apparently they just implode...i'm not saying i like MIB or Pirates of the Carribean i just don't have that much faith in movies now a days - it would just be typical to dissapoint us with a bug, i think i'd be interesting to be cthulhu..the more original the better..but i think its just a sad reality that its a bug-alien

dillon on Aug 6, 2007


Ok that was much better dillon. In the end I respect your opinion. As for this supposed trailer before Stardust all I can say is that my girlfriend is the assistant mgr at a movie theater, my good friend is the projectionist. I already gave him the word to look out for any trailers that come in marked Slusho, The Parasite, or Cloverfield(anything else out of place). I will let you guys know first hand. I usually preview the movies every Thursday/Friday morning. Soon as I get to work Friday morning I will let everyone know that way you guys don't have to pay for tickets and get disapointed when no trailer hits.

H.P. on Aug 6, 2007


On 08/03/07 a second mysterious teaser trailer was reveled before special advanced screenings of the upcoming Paramount film "Stardust". The trailer appears to be a live news feed of a tv news crew filming in front of the Wonder Wheel on Coney Island when an unexpected explosion accures in the background, the news woman urges the crew to keep filming as they turn their camera in the direction of the explosion.A loud roar is heard but the source never seen but the camera does catch a flaming Wonder Wheel flying in the crews direction just before it blinks out. The film has no title and the trailer ends with the date of 01-18-08 then a "Roar" followed by the words "The Countdown Has Begun"

bam on Aug 6, 2007


oh sry i didnt realize HP just posted right befor eme about the preview before stardust to

bam on Aug 6, 2007


Denisse, That guy is a moron. The only thing i found of intrest on that site is the 3 1-18-08 posters i had not seen before...torward the bottom of the page in the video the Final Clue. The posters are One- a guy standing in a rubble filled stone hand..or fingertips of the hand at least and it says RUN.FAST Two- A lady on a phone with cops around here in downtown new york saying RESIST..i belive. Three- A giant shadow looming over New York and it says HIDE. Other than that the web site tells us what we aready know...O he also thinks that the monster comes to get Slusho...thats what draws it to New York even though the drink originated in Japan. So take a gander but do not hope for much posters are the highlights unless you think the monster comes to drink some slushees. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 6, 2007


Bam, H.P. is there anywhere that is going to have that trailer online...cuse i really dont want to see that moive...not my cup of tea.

Ripper on Aug 6, 2007


i thought that slusho shit was pretty rediculous too, it really made the movie sound like a gimic when i was watching the vid. but those posters were pretty cool, too bad they're probably fake

geezer on Aug 6, 2007


Ripper thats what im hoping to!! cuz i dont really wanna go see that movie either. im sure some one will go in there and record it or somethin and put it on you tube haha at least i hope they do!!!

bam on Aug 6, 2007


I'm still here, waiting to be called on... How can I help you, H.P.?

Phenox on Aug 6, 2007


damn abrams is GOOD, he has you all so fooled, and I'm not even gonna BEGIN to say I know what it is cause then I'd be fooled! but one thing to realize is when LOST first came on, everyone thought it was about a monster on the island, in 3 seasons we average seeing that so called monster about 2-3 times per season, cause there is SOOOOO much more to do with that show and that island then the monster, JUST like this movie, whether related or not! also abrams likes to throw out false leads, half the movie would prob be ruined if we were able to figure it out before it's released so that is NOT gonna happen, to do so would be like claiming to fully understand religion and what happens in the after life, fun to think about and even stumble apon certain truths but until you die who the hell knows, until the movie is released who the hell knows, until lost comes to an end who the hell knows, personally, and yes you will all call me crazy, but I believe all 3 are connected!

decker on Aug 6, 2007


Yeah did you figure that out from the Lost font used on the first teaser poster. We been through all this shit decker. Just to make you happy ok we are all retarded and it's the fucking smoke monster. Comparing religion to a fucking movie. Your kidding right. Phenox look into the Cthulhu movie coming out this fall. post as much info as you can. Thanks brotha -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 6, 2007


Hey H.P., is there any way we can talk through e-mail or something, so that we can talk a bit faster and such? -The Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 6, 2007


To LFIM wit de Koob MCA. Catch el drifto. Just quit talking about it till then. My name shall hold the key. One day only -The Four Horsemen- P.S. Where the hell is Phenox

H.P. on Aug 6, 2007


thanks HORSEMEN, great comment, unlike yourself I don't make rude remarks over a movie message board and I certainly didn't call anyone retarded, but think about it, who has EVER made an untitled movie before, my guess is that now that someone finally has, it will be quite difficult to just figure it all out, that is what abrams is all about, and my camparison to religion is not the movie but more so lost and the creativeness of abrams mind, and I'm just guessin that the movie (connected or not) will be the same type of thing to figure out, even once we begin watching it and probably even once finished... abrams is exactly what hollywood needs, someone to prove that there is MUCH, MUCH more then money and special effects to a good film! this one will make us think, it already has! I mean I've gotten through shifts of work talkin and tryin to figure out the mystery of lost, I've been late to work talkin bout it with the grandparents after droppin the kido off, and this is the kind of thing abrams gets off on, the fact that we all spend this amount of time tryin to make sense of it all, how many other movies or shows can do that???

decker on Aug 6, 2007


I heard that the movie is suppose to a remake of "Voltron". What do you guys think

cvp on Aug 6, 2007


I heard that the movie is suppose to be a remake of "Voltron". What do you guys think

cvp on Aug 6, 2007


I live in a remote area that doesn't allow me to catch a wi fi signal. My only salvation is to weez the wi fi which I am currently doing so at my girlfriends house in the city. I unfortunately am only on once in a bluemoon, but my aim venusoccupant. I also have a myspace. My email is Yes I am David Carradine's #1 fan. Kung Fu was the best show ever made. Wonder Years #2. The Adventures of Pete and Pete #3. AND THE MONSTER IS.............RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!!!!!! -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 6, 2007


I guess that I, along with many others, have come to the conclusion that Ethan Haas has nothing to do with the Cloverfield project. I do think the two phenoms fed off of each other in perfect synchronicity and most likely will continue to do so. Therefore I have changed the title my blog. I am leaving the address the same so you can still find me. So there.

Unlived on Aug 6, 2007


In reference to post #606. I never called anyone retarded I was being sarcastic, and I never made any rude comments. I used some adult language, but that was it. I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. Im not knocking your "Lost" theory it's just been thought of in here. For whatever it's worth I am sorry if I offended you decker that is not the goal of this page, and I assure you The 4 Horsemen are way better than that. Howard Phillips Bam Ripper Phenox1707

H.P. on Aug 7, 2007


uhghhsfghsfgkhfgkljh cvp its not a voltron remake

bam on Aug 7, 2007


shits a bug

dillon on Aug 7, 2007


Ok dillon I thought it was bug like. to quote dillon its obviously alien and going to look a lot different than a green grasshopper - its just bug-like - and secondly, i'm not that desperate for attention to the point where i would make up some bullshit to stir things up. -The Four Horsemen-

Howard P. on Aug 7, 2007

552 its not a Voltron moive this has been confirmed through JJ's statments at comic-con as it will be an all origanl monster not a addaptaion or remake. He wanted to make us our own monster just as intense as godzilla. Dillon, I personally feel that JJ would not make this a lost related moive because to appreciate something completly new and original you would have to be able to stand back and say "Wow that was an amazing film" and not have to connect it with a TV show. If he wants to make this as remembered as Godzilla is and that famous he will most likely make this a stand alone project. Cause who wants there entire career played out through connections to a Tv show with slowly slipping ratings and a deeply complex story line. This is however just the thoughts that I have on the matter. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 7, 2007


Sorry for the hype on the new trailer, but my theater is not getting stardust. Can anyone tell me how legit is. Bam, Ripper, and Phenox I need your opinions. There are a couple sites linked to as well. We need to stay focused on slusho for now. Horsemen assemble!!!!!

H.P. on Aug 7, 2007


im suppose to go see rush hour 3 on friday, so i guess i could sneak into stardust and catch the preview, but it depends on how far apart the start of the movies are

geezer on Aug 7, 2007


yeah no prob HP, I just wanted to make sure ya understood I myself wasn't makin fun of anyone else's comments or anything, I think we'll all be quite pleased once we finally see this baby!

decker on Aug 7, 2007


As you all might know has some semi new stuff up. They mention the island of Hokkaido. The Island itself looks like the profile of a flying fish like monster with hind legs like a grass hopper. The slogan "Slusho is people" shows up often. Also you can make your own slusho drink using robots. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 7, 2007


Hey H.P. I dont know if that is legit two of the websites at the bottom are false one is giving a public apoligy (that would be the website made from the letters of the licence plate in the trailer.). The other two are ones we know for fact are good, and I dont know about his claim about the moive being based on the 1950's flick, but i dont know. It could have been were the idea for the moive originated, but other than that I dont think the moive would hold that storyline or monster, but a jumpoff for an original film...ya i can see it. The website all in all not legit just another speculation site, trailer is funny as hell thought. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 7, 2007


go to the website and flip the pics over dont forget who takes care of you love, jesus i'm gonna miss the hell out of you sincerely, the devil ethan haas = hate satan? maybe an apocalyptic movie film?

memphisjay on Aug 7, 2007


did anyone notice that on the back of the pcture that says, "don't forget who takes care of you" that "forget" looks like itis spelled "forpet" do you think its just the font or it was done on purpose? whats your thoughts?

stevenash on Aug 8, 2007


did anyone notice that on the back of the picture that says, "don't forget who takes care of you" that "forget" looks like itis spelled "forpet" do you think its just the font or it was done on purpose? whats your thoughts?

stevenash on Aug 8, 2007


I don't know what the fuck the three posts before me are talking about. Memphisjay where the hell do you see Jesus or Satan written on those photos. I think they are talking about Jason. Also ethan haas has nothing to do with cloverfield. The puzzle site was to market the upcoming epic roleplaying game Alpha Omega. Stevenash you double posted complete and utter crap. If you want legit clues go to Also refer to my post #619, trust me on this one. Look closely at the island of Hokkaido on wikipedia. It very very closely resembles a horse, bird, fish, and frog hybrid from a profile stand point. Look at the head. It has the same miss shaped head as the horse on the slusho page. I could be going crazy, but it does make sense of the animal theme. Just check out the option called happy talk read all the quotes and eventually someone will mention hokkaido. All the animals say every quote eventually so Im sure whatever animal says the quote is not relevant. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


This message is to The Four Hoursemen. Ok so I accidentally double posted a comment... so get the Hell over it, life goes on, and why are your post so angry??? We are all curious about this movie that is why we are all on here. I respect your comments and enjoy the information you are giving out but, The truth be told we are all just "guessing" what this monster is all about... and might not even know the answer untill the movie comes out, so can you just calm down a bit and please respect peoples posing on here. Thank you.

stevenash on Aug 8, 2007


H.P. I agree with everything you just said about the posts before you. People please read all the comments before you feel the need to share you clues, guesses, and hypothosis on the moive. We do want to figure out what this moive is about and having to read the same things that we say are NOT fact, or remotely true just hinders us all in the advancement of solving this mystery. So please just read the posts before you say somthing some one else...or 15 other people had said before, Thank You. H.P. I will go check out the wiki site stuff in a bit and get back to ya. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 8, 2007


I think I read all the previous posts and do not believe I read this previously. I've been looking at the trailer and noticed a few things: 1. The explosion happens when they are on the roof but the Statue of Liberty's head doesn't going flying until they are on the street. What would the explosion be from? The poster indicates that the head was ripped off then the creature/monster went towards the city, unless the monster knocked the head off as it was heading back into the sea after destroying New York (which doesn't seem right to me) 2. Several have indicated the freaky looking face in the right side of the photo from 12:01A (or is it 12:31?). I believe this to be the girl seen 37 seconds into the trailer and again at 1:27. Not that this means anything but some seemed to think the face in the photo is out of place. 3. At time :27 in the video something that looks like a small clock can be seen in the background above the door way. It looks like it says the time is 11:15. 4. When the Statue of Liberty head rolls to a stop there is a sign on a pole. Spray painted on it is "Dead" something. I originally thought Dead End but it is not End, it's Dea....something. 5. When they are on the roof top running back through the door after the explosion, falling debris lights up the wall to the right of the door where what looks like 1987-2004 can be seen followed by some initials. Just some stuff to chew on.

Cowpatty Bill on Aug 8, 2007


cowpatty bill, i noticed the dead end thing too, but it looks like it says "dead dead" which doesn't really make much sense. and as far as lady liberty's head goes... the monster had to rip off the head before he swam to the island and came up thru the gas line, because liberty's head flys towards the building at a certain angle, as if the monster is standing right behind the last visible building on the left.

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


hey sry ive been gone for a while. H.P. i looked at that site ehhhhh it looks prett false to me just looks like some fan who wants every one to believe his teorie 😛

bam on Aug 8, 2007


Stevenash, Im not a hateful person in anyway. If my posts seem hateful then it's because I'm very passionate about this movie, and when I hear crap like "I think it says forpet and not forget" I go mad. Tell me how your investigating can even hold a candle to the Horsemen, and I wont give you shit. Come up with something constructive and I will praise you. I mean I don't expect you to read every single comment, but it wouldn't hurt to read the last fifty or so. That way you have a good idea of just how serious we are, and if you plan on sticking around I would pick a time where you have nothing to do and just go through all the posts just like ripper suggests that way you can feel our pain. Trust me I wan't everyone to have fun and not get frustrated when they can't get new and interesting info. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


Cowpatty Bill, Thank you for reading the posts. As for your post... 1.It's possible that the explosion was from the monster when at the statue of liberty. It could be more than one monster (I don't really belive thats the case)...but geezers post is a possibility to there is no way to know that untill the moive or we have more trailers, cause there is nothing in the teaser that could give us that awnser all we can do is speculate. 2. It may be the girl from the trailer but i dout either way that her picture holds any relevence, she is just a guest at the party. 3.The clock does read 11:15 i belive that is the actual time in the moive, because the pics on 1-18-08 and the trailer show everything is cool till 12:30. 12:32 is what time the news stations says it is on the trailer. So the first intial "shake" is at 12:30-12:31, its hard to tell how long the party is going on before hand because of time lapse of the camera. 4. The sign by the head of Liberty, I saw that to but as geezer said it looks like dead dead to me. 5. That may be somthing but i dout it. The 1987-2004 ace on the wall yes that is what it says. 2004 is not Zoom as some thought. it's not forpet H.P. is right. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 8, 2007


One more thing has been bugging me. Again it may have been stated already but I didn't see it. One the website, the photo marked 12:04A. There is something above the blond girls head. I don't know if she is holding it or not. I thought it was upside down but it's not. The last 2 letters are HD and the style of the letters reminds me of High Definition. I don't know what it is though. Ripper and geezer, thanks for your input. I agree with what you both say. I don't know if anything I mentioned was a clue but I thought they were interesting enough to mention.

Cowpattybill on Aug 8, 2007


I found this site when my friend told me there was this movie Trailer that I HAD too see, don't get me wrong the movie lookks like it will be great, but why is everyone trying to figure this thing out, whats wrong with just waiting untill the movie comes out or until there is a Trailer that gives more reliable information. Everything that I am reading on here sounds interesting and everyone seems to be doing alot of research but in actualality no one REALLY knows anything and all these "clues" could just be used to throw everyone off.

moviebuff on Aug 8, 2007


H.P. I must be losing it to cause i can see the fish and the donkey head in the island, im doing some research on the Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Falut lines, and Winter climate around a hunch. Cowpattybill that is a handy little tool to view them all at once did not have that thanks...As for the Images and the Forbidden message. I belive that the reason you are getting that message is because it DOES exist but we wont be able to access them till the whole is open, because they own the domain name and just have not opened the website to us even though it is created or being created. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 8, 2007


Ripper, if there was picture in the images folder called ripper1.jpg and I typed in it would pull up the picture even though the folder itself is forbidden. It is forbidden to view the contents of the folder but if you knew the exact path of a file within the folder it will pull it up. T This doesn't mean that there are any files in the folder but we do know the folder exists. moviebuff, "why is everyone trying to figure this thing out," --- because it's fun.

Cowpattybill on Aug 8, 2007


Cowpattybill, That would be HD for High Definition and it is from a camera that the pic is taken with.

Ripper on Aug 8, 2007


hey moviebuff, the reason why everyone is looking for clues on this movie is (in my opinion) the fact that jj abrams himself said that there are lots of clues in the traier and the two official sites. even though it's an original movie, it could still have simularities or links to a previous movie, or something in japanese culture etc. and THAT is why we search =)

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


""""They mention the island of Hokkaido. The Island itself looks like the profile of a flying fish like monster with hind legs like a grass hopper"""" H.P. where did u see that on the site i cant fidn it : / -The Four Horsemen-

bam on Aug 8, 2007


Just search the island on wikipedia, they show you the map images and satelite images.

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


on the 5th image it kinda looks like a sting ray

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


Ok this is what i have found interesting about the island og Hokkaido, this consists of climate patterns, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and the path the monster would most likley travel if it came from there. Hokkaid? is known for its cool summers and icy winters. The average January temperature ranges from ?12°C to ?4°C (10°F to 25°F) depending on elevation and latitude. The island tends to see isolated snowstorms that develop long-lasting snowbanks, in contrast to the constant flurries seen in the Hokuriku region. During the winter, passage through the Sea of Okhotsk is often complicated by large ice floes broken loose from the Kamchatka Peninsula. Combined with high winds that occur during winter, this brings air travel and maritime activity almost to a halt on the northern coast of Hokkaid?Aside from numerous earthquakes, the following volcanoes are still considered active last eruption in 2001. · Mount Koma · Mount Usu and Showashinzan · Mount Tarumae · Mount Tokachi · Mount Meakan An earthquake of magnitude 8.0 struck near the island on 2003-09-25 at 19:50:07 (UTC). In 1993, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 generated a tsunami which devastated Okushiri, killing 202 If the monster originated in japan,IF being the keyword here, then the path it would have to travel to get to New York is as follows. Start-Heads up to the Bering Strait to to the Beaufont Sea through the Viscant Melville Sound, down to Lancaster Sound, countinuing to the Fury and Hecia Strait to the Foxe Basin through the Hudson Strait, through the Gulf of Boathia to the Labrador Sea down the North Atlantic Ocean to New York ity. So there you have it you decide if the monster would/could do that to get to New York. That is all i have at this moment regarding Hokkaid? Island. So Horsemen do you think it could be awakened by an earthquake or volcanic eruption? Mabye the slusho people mined to deep in the sea and caused the earth to react...but this is all speculation and what i had decided to serch on today. If this does not hold any water or we think it improbibale then at least we can dismise that Hokkaido has to much to do with the monster...unless i missed somthing. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 8, 2007


Sorry about that my computer went fuckin crazy on me just look at the first one.

Ripper on Aug 8, 2007


I read in a post somewhere that the picture on the website of the 2 girls looking up in horror is actually the same girl with her face photshopped in half. I didn't believe this so I took the photo (I don't have any nifty tools like photoshop so I used Microsoft Paint) and did a screen print, pasted it into Paint and copy pasted the image into one face and I gotta say, it looks like is certainly does appear to be the same girl. Particulary the teeth visible in the mouth. Isn't that odd? I wonder if any of the other pictures do that.

Cowpattybill on Aug 8, 2007


Link to girl image:

Cowpattybill on Aug 8, 2007


I think it looks like Lisa Bonet or even Shannyn Sossamon.

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


Holy shit Ripper your post came out of nowhere. WE FUCKING GOT SOMETHING HERE HORSEMEN!!!!!!!!!

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


the pic of the girl you put together cowpattybill looks like a still frame of the girl at 1:29, just a diff angle

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


I agree with you geezer. It is the same girl. I was thinking about that already and had concluded that they are the same. Maybe the picture was taken at the same time as that point in the trailer but in the picture it looks like she had been crying (her eyeliner or eyeshadow or whatever is smudged).

Cowpattybill on Aug 8, 2007


Okay, I'm getting a bit caught up here. Ripper may be onto something, but I can't tell at the moment. First, I would like to know exactally how it can be proven that the Slusho people have to do with the waking of the monster. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I'm not sure how it possibly could. I'd also like to know if it has been proven that Slusho is related to the movie. Again, I'm not too sure myself, and this information would be greatly appreciated. Second, Can anyone, most likely Ripper, create some sort of diagram on that path? It would help us all greatly if we could get a visual. Thank you. Phenox1707 -The Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 8, 2007


Yeah geezer I actually already found that connection, but thought I was the only one who noticed. As far as a Cthulhu/lovecraft connection, I think it's just the idea that the monster is alien and sleeps at the bottom of the ocean. Phenox SLUSHO IS PEOPLE brotha. Also the whole am I a whale buisness on slusho I think is trying to say the monster is part mammal and not a fish. Sorry phenox this is all I'm running off. Have you checked out the map of Hokkaido it is possibly the profile of the monster. You can even make out the fin the frog like legs the wings and the horsehead. It's very fucking strange and I'm getting creeped the fuck out. Just refer to horsemen post#624 and#642 or just wiki Hokkaido. Also have you made your own flavor with the robots yet. Check out the store option. Watch closely as the charcters model t shirts and hats. Zoom in on the monkey's shit and.............What the fuck, theres a tail behind the slusho cup. Possibly another clue as to what else this fucking thing is, but one thing is for sure this thing is one crazy hybrid. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


oh ok, good, its not that retarted soundin' after all. and did you get to see the newest set videos?

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


which videos geezer. I don't watch much you tube.

H.P. on Aug 8, 2007


nooneimportant77 has a new videe of the set on youtube, it shows rob (bloody and bruised) and his girlfriend lily hiding under an overpass in central park while bricks and other debris start to fall on them and they're saying their lines, and nooneimportant stated that he thinks he heard rob say "there's one up there" and if hes correct it could mean that there is more than one monster. also in the video you can see that all of the cameramen have standard pro cameras instead of consumer cams or any other type of regular cam corders. which made me think of a new diagnosis. (diagnosis>>)the movie starts off with rob and lily running in panic to find a place to hide, they find the overpass and sit for a while and say their lines while the bricks fall etc. and then the overpass collapses and kills them. and the next scene is in the morning when the soildiers are searching for survivors and bodies etc. and thats when one of the soldiers finds the camera and then the rest of the movie picks up there. but i dont know, what do you think?

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


Oh and a few other quick things I just thought of or missed.... The Staue of Liberty could easily have just been left alone, which really makes me think this thing looked at the huge Statue of Liberty as some sort of threat......and the fact it tore the head off...that makes me think something as well..... Maybe this thing tears the heads off of us humans and that's how it plants it's eggs.....inside our bodies and they become us perhaps? SLUSHO is people? Sort of like a replicating THE THING movie theme here perhaps....and the SLUSHO is the eggs maybe? And why would this thing pick NYC perhaps? If it is underwater and it is in the polar icecaps or awakend somehow from a deep cold underwater sleep...why pick NYC? Why would it travell from Japan to NYC? It could easily pick a closer may have been underneath NYC the whole damn time? or close to it perhaps? Maybe it's attracted to the most a BUG would be....or noise perhaps? NYC at night is really fucking noisy...and it's really fucking noisy during the day or really fucking noisy period....and maybe it was following the most noise from underneath and it happened to be NYC making the most racjet? and it's very very lit up....if this thing has any type of bug characteristics, it may be attracted to all the light.... Just a few more thoughts for everyone.....

nightowl on Aug 8, 2007


amen nightowl. but what i heard about the monster ( which is probably not true) is that the monster will supposedly wake up from a "deep sleep" and if thats the case, then the monster is probably just horrified of the drastic changes in new york. like say he's been in his trance for millions or billions of years and he's just now awakeing to these giant buildings and statues and millions of other unknown creatures running all over the ground, so in reaction to this (like you stated) he feels like he needs to defend his self or get rid of the things that he feels threatend by

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


nightowl, i didn't notice that d351 myspace url is

geezer on Aug 8, 2007

594 had a's here-

nightowl on Aug 8, 2007


WOW man, you literally found the missing link to this cloverfield madness lol

geezer on Aug 8, 2007


man, this has been a roller coaster of ideas...i cant wait. id post my ideas but im in such "sleuth" just feel like a fool. i think you guys are on to some things and some things are just waaaay off. but the way off shit is from the rookies. cmon guys crack this thing!

luis... on Aug 9, 2007


ok heres some good stuff i found not 100% sure if its real but its well worth checkin it out SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTTTTT came home to check my email this evening and I got this email from some one who "says" they've worked on the 1-18-08 set and overheard dialogue. Who knows if this is bogus or what, but here's her copied email below. What do you make of it: Dear Brad, My name is Betty Barsuglia. I was working in the make-up department for 1-18-08. i say was because apparently I was thought to disobey my "leaking" release and after tonight have been suspended from being on set when actual shooting is occurring. I am in a bit of rage right now. I was on set without identification tonight near central park south. This is where they were shooting..and was suspended. I am also a huge fan of this movie and although I work on it they they don't tell crap to anybody. I am recently getting started in the business and was happy to get the job. Tonight though I was lucky enough to hear dialogue and although i have been on set 2 times before the dialogue was rather useless. Last time I brought my recorder and thats why i think this time they figured i was tattling. Well now I am. you can take this info however you'd like but below is dialogue from 1-18-08 and it seems very crucial to the plot. I am still amazed but also still pissed. i will probably regret this in the morning. Hope this helps. This is what I recorded tonight at round 11:00pm. Rob: Look it is not the simple.Look this guy who was handling the American account,the Englishmen Algar Macy for Mr. Akira Masa. supposedly went on some sort of expedition to find a way to produce it here. Like some hands on shit to make it nice and catchy. And after 2 days sailing out they didn't hear from him. Nothing. They sent coast guard and these stupid assholes found nothing. Jason: Fuck that man what does that have to do with anything? Rob: Cause he didn't disappear Jason. They found the boat on the coast of Hangzhou in China with claw marks in it. Fucking claw marks. And and and...thats why I was so late to the party tonight. They told me a few days ago he was fine and today- Beth: Today what?! -they begin to push argue and almost fight Rob: Stopppp let me finish! Today I met with Mr. Masa. He told me it was this thing. they've looked into it for years. Supposedly it was this squid, giant squid that was larger than anything they've seen. They detected it on radar in england, and most recently in the Bering sea, and here, everywhere, but people kept pushing this thing off. I didn't really understand him but it's something with the genes.Its- Jason: Its what, What Robby. Fucking Godzilla. Sum nuclear lizard-squid that killed Jamie. Rob: No its worse than that. Has something to do with metagenomics and microbial organisms. Instead of separating these strains of bacteria linked to these hosts. Because the pressure was so intense, that of like some fucking black hole. So it linked to these giant squids causing mutations and refinements in DNA amplifications. Jason: This thing looks nothing like some big fucking squid. Those tentacles ripped into that building like it was some fucking pudding pop, besides that though- Rob: I know. The claws, The head. It especially wasn't dumb.Thats why I think it hosted on something else. Maybe binded with something that we thought was extinct or just something else. Before I left he let me know that all that Bermuda Triangle shit. Everything you've read about, Leviathan, Kraken, Atlantis, even that book we read in Mrs. Harper's class in high school. All that shit was because of this thing. Its the reasons all these people disappeared. Its the reason all around the world its formed myths about the different events that couldn't be explained. I would have never believed it and now its- They cut and began to organize rubbled near the south side of the park near 59th street. so after reading that wat does it tell us??? 1. this movie is most likely R 2. Rob and who ever he is talking to knew wat was goin out at the party cuz he says up there """And and and...thats why I was so late to the party tonight. """ so this is happening after the explosion 3. its some mutaded sea animal or alein thing. also betty bersuglia is an actual make-up artist u can search on imdb for her

bam on Aug 9, 2007


Well, if the dialogue is true, the movie sounds less interesting to me. That's some complicated explaining going on there. Although, in the beginning it sort of sounded like some creature that may have been created by Slusho but then later it says it was around for centuries. Perhaps it was discovered when they found the secret Slusho ingredient. I'm not holding my breath that the dialogue is real but I see nothing to indicate that it's not. At first I thought that was a lot of script for her to memorize but then I remember she said that she recorded it. Maybe she can save the recording somewhere and link to it so we can all hear.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


i'll ne glad if the monster has nothing to do with slusho ithink that would be kinda retarded if the monster came from drinking a slurpy drink -The Four Horsemen-

bam on Aug 9, 2007


your pretty lucky bam, i wish i would get an email from a member of the 1-18-09 crew =( lol

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


I had another theory I wanted to throw in the pond and see if it floats. There has been discussion in various places as to whether there is 1 or more monsters/creatures. I read somewhere that someone overheard dialogue during the filming of a scene in a park where a guy and girl are huddled down and debris is falling on their heads. The person thought he/she heard one of them say something like "I think there's one up there". This seem to indicate there might be more than one creature. My theory is that perhaps it is a pregnant female monster and once in the city gives birth to baby monsters that then tear up the city looking for food, either human or otherwise.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


alright thats good thinking cowpattybill but do u really think that a baby monster would be able to tear off the head of the statue of liberty?

Smart on Aug 9, 2007


O one more thing remember I saw it its alive its huge? ITS HUGE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Smart on Aug 9, 2007


we're pretty sure that the main monster (the mother if she is pregnant) tore off the head of lady librety smart

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


All im saying is that i doubt theirs gonna be babies i mean come on if they had babies it would be exactly like the godzilla movie!

smart on Aug 9, 2007


yea, it would, but jj abrams DID say that we need our own godzilla. which could mean babies, sequals, monster enemies, the whole 9 yards

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


Wow, there sure are alot of people doing an awful lot of researching, thinking, deciphering, brainstorming etc because of this movie. Alot of creative juices are flowing. If all this collective brain power was concentrated on world issues we would have resolved world hunger and be well on our way to tackling global warming by now. Amazing.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


Whoever this matt dude is, you can just take your negativity and scram bud. All of us together will figure this thing out eventually..... And this Betty Barsuglia, yes, she very well may be on the set or a makeup artist but with the 'leaking' release contract she talks about, I highly doubt she would just talk about it like this especially after she just got shit canned for possible leaking. Trust me, this is a huge lawsuit and if she was really dumb enough to post this and attach her name on it(which it looks like she very well may be that dumb) then that's a nail in the coffin for sure. But, who's to say she's not fibbing a little. I really think that they have this whole marketing/advertising campaign figured out to the T. That team in conjunction with JJ Abrams is monitoring us and watching all of us to see how far we are getting.....and then someone happens to just email one of us with some more clues to either screw us up or help us. I really think that this Betty girl did not get shit canned but rather, she was told to send an email out to one of us...that's my thoughts on that.

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


thats a good point but think of it do u really think that a bunch of people would want to see a movie following up godzilla?

smart on Aug 9, 2007


Actually, I think I'll stay. It's pretty hilarious to see the self-proclaimed 4 horsemen of in the same boat as the rest of us, shut everyone's theories down like they have any idea what this movie is outside of what all the rest of us have seen. Keep telling yourself that all of you will figure this out before they actually tell us what to figure out. Sure, maybe I'm a pessimist, but the rest of you are way too optimistic. What they want us to figure out, we will figure out...when they tell us. Thinking that any one of you is going to find some secret site that will give you any information beyond that is simply retarded. So thanks "bud".

Matt on Aug 9, 2007


If you google "A Beast from 20,000 fathoms" you will see that is remarkably similar to this unnamed movie. I believe Abrams got his idea from watching this 1953 classic film...but I could be wrong.

Iknowwhatitis on Aug 9, 2007


I believe you are likely right Matt. Personally, I would like to think that a group of us, putting our heads together, might be smarter than JJ and his group. He gives us a puzzle to figure out and drops a few bread crumbs here and there to help or mislead us. We take those crumbs and work with them and at the same time look for other nuggets of food (information) that he didn't know he dropped. Therby turning a light snack from jj into a full course meal at his expense. Sorry, I'm into metaphors today.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


you make tupac look like a 3rd grade teacher cowpattbill, bravo on that one

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


iknowwhatitis ya maybe jj got insperation from it but thats also how godzilla got started from that movie. and that email i posted it WASNT emailed to me i said its something I FOUND and im not saying i think its true or false i was simply just posting it for every one els to see what they think about it.

bam on Aug 9, 2007


No apologies...I'm a fan of the metaphors. As a writer, I can say that while as a group we may be smarter than JJ and his group and can probably say that a few of us (yes, I'm including you 4 horsemen) are probably smarter than them individually. That is evident from all of the deeply complex theories that are appearing on this board. The problem is that brains has nothing to do with it. Take the book that I'm working on now. If I wanted to drop some hints about it, I could and give people something to chew on (now I'm getting hungry) until it is actually published, but unless I'm a lousy drunk or have some kind of mental disorder, there is a slim chance that I will say something that gives the whole story away. It's the same way with this movie. We (officially) have a trailer, a website with pictures of people first at a party and then in panic, and possibly some My Space pages that would only give us insight into the characters and not the monster plot. While interesting, it doesn't matter how many times we look at it. We're just not going to be able to stumble across the creative thinking of the director, writers, and producers. We may get a few pieces right here and there, which we still won't find out until we see the movie, but I'd say there is slim to no chance that we'll be celebrating figuring the whole thing out on our own. Hell, it was said in an interview that one of the biggest clues is the monster's roar and we haven't even nailed that one down yet. I'll agree that the hunt is a good way to occupy our time, though I suck at these things (eg. The Lost Experience). It just aggravates me when instead of a theories board this turns into a "this group is on top of it and the rest of you are dumbasses" board, when in actuality we all have the exact same information and can only theorize based on that. So until the movie is out or JJ gives up and just tells us the whole thing, then Grasshopper poster, squid poster, Cthulu poster(s), and Lost poster(s) all have valid points.

Matt on Aug 9, 2007


I want to let u know about that dialogue fits perfect description for CTHULHU but dont jump all over me for saying it i was just tellin u it fits the description of it!

Smart on Aug 9, 2007


Matt, I belive that you must be a negitive person because you feel excluded from the circle and you have nothing to contribute, so you say mean things to get attintion. Why don't you try to help insted of cause problems by insulting The Four Horsemen, we call our selfs that because we have been on here figuring it out since the beggining and we dive deep into info and serch relentlessly to find awnsers. We don't just shut everyone down we welcome real clues and others that are intersted in figuring this out. Lately every person on this website that is really trying to crack this is going into overdrive and pulling up lots of good stuff so keep it up we can beat this puzzle.Cowpattybull awsome metaphors like the info to. Nightowl, geezer..killin keep that shit commin. Iknowwhatis i checked that out throught another post link on this site and i came to the same conclusion as bam. It may have been the jump off point for the moive i belive that. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


Matt, your a smart guy. I think there is a misunderstanding of the Horsemen however. We are not bullies we are not big shots, but I will tell you that we do come up with in depth theories based on valid clues. I personally do not run off you tube or any other misleading sites. I stick to the official stuff like slusho. Stuff JJ himself has admitted is actual sites. I do believe he hired people to mislead us in very complex ways. This is just the beginning. I love a mystery and that's why I'm here. I created the Horsemen based off who I thought was doing the best job in here at an early stage in the game. We are the true fanatics of cloverfield, and I just felt we were nailing the clues in a way that gets other people in here thinking. I respect everyones theories aside from the few really wasteful comments. All I can say in closing is that I just got this gut feeling about the island of Hokkaido and I'm not budging on my current theory, bam I know you hate the slusho idea but you gotta admit it is pretty fucking original. -The 4 Horsemen-

Howard Phillips on Aug 9, 2007


Bam, That letter sounded pretty good if its true than that strengthins my thoughts that he traveled through the waterways i put in order (post #642). Matt i can see the way you think it is true yes. I to am a writer and the ideas have to come from somewhere because you and i both know unless you use the space alien excuess you have to come up with a place of origin and a travel path for the monster to reach New York or it will be picked apart by eveyone. You have to make your reasons solid...or at least belivable. There is a way to beat this and to figure out what the monster is...this i belive because i belive in all the minds at work here. I respect your thoughts and opinons, help us figure this out and we will know if your completly right or not.

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


Bam, That letter sounded pretty good if its true than that strengthins my thoughts that he traveled through the waterways i put in order (post #642). Matt i can see the way you think it is true yes. I to am a writer and the ideas have to come from somewhere because you and i both know unless you use the space alien excuess you have to come up with a place of origin and a travel path for the monster to reach New York or it will be picked apart by eveyone. You have to make your reasons solid...or at least belivable. There is a way to beat this and to figure out what the monster is...this i belive because i belive in all the minds at work here. I respect your thoughts and opinons, help us figure this out and we will know if your completly right or not. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


H.P. I am with you i just cant shake that island off my mind we have somthing now we have to follow our gut and leads and trace this to the true. Somthing is there we just havent found it...yet. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


In scanning other message boards I found an interesting entry on July 11th. I don't remember where it was though: " What's up with Rob? by Rosencrantz Guildenstern (glass_radical) at July 11th, 2007 (02:19 am) Alot of people over at Unfiction have been taking about the way Rob acts in the trailer. And its not without speculation, Rob does kinda act (IMO) like he has a big secret, or that something he's been dreading is actually happening. Also, there is a girl, not sure which one, that acts seemingly like Rob, less "WTF" and more "Uh-Oh". My questions also apply to the cameraman, who says nary a word during the incident. Is this Slusho related? Why is he going to Japan? Why does he act so paranoid while everyone else is seemingly in "WHA?" mode? Why isn't the camera man freaked as well? Why am I still awake, talking about this? " This seems to jive with the dialogue email from Betty Barsuglia (post 663 above). Rob seems to have some knowlege of whatever this is before he gets to the party. When the chaos goes down he acts strangely compared to others around him because he already knows something. It fits!!

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


Ripper, you are the puzzle master. You cracked my enigma like an egg shell and it only took one post. You are absolutely right that I feel excluded from a group of people that have contributed absolutely nothing substantial beyond what JJ and company gave us directly. Oh, what? You found a wikipedia entry for an island mentioned on the slusho site? And it gave you a bunch of volcano names and climate information? Awesome!! Now we know that the monster came from somewhere and felt some kind of temperature. But hold on a sec...I think you're really onto something with the possible route the monster takes to New York. It really sheds a spotlight on the whole plot. Would the monster go this way? Phenomenal question!! We figure that out and we can blow this whole thing right open! For the record, I was trying to help, by letting you know that this game is never going to provide the level of satisfaction that you are expecting from it. Did you play the Lost Experience last year or hear about it at least? Same type of scheme and it ended in the most unsatisfying way possible, by revealing absolutely nothing pivotal. The people involved with this movie know that the best selling point they have is the mystery behind it and they plan on keeping it that way until it is released. So all of the clues are going to be red herrings, giving something trivial that does not explain the whole, until they give it up or someone leaks the information. In other words, none of us are right. Oh, and as for "We don't just shut everyone down we welcome real clues and others that are intersted in figuring this out." Here are some direct quotes: "Tell me how your investigating can even hold a candle to the Horsemen, and I wont give you shit." -HP "Holy Shit I leave for two days and i come back to a cow pasture…full of bullshit." -Ripper "I mean it's ok to joke and say it's shit like captain planet or denver the last dinosaur, but I hate these dead serious chumps who make stupid remarks." -HP "I think Godzilla should be in the 4 horsemen, because he's definitely in the movie." -Matt "Whoever this matt dude is, you can just take your negativity and scram bud." -nightowl Sounds like joking is no longer allowed. Name yourselves whatever you want, but you don't own this message board. If someone wants to say it is Voltron, they have every right to, regardless of how unlikely that is.

Matt on Aug 9, 2007


just in case anybody was thinking about playing the audio from the trailer backward, dont waste your time, i found nothing, except for the fact that the roar in reverse sounds like a hippo in heat

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


Cowpatty, very valid points and I want to discuss this more. I have been thinking more and more about exactly what you just mentioned. And it makes me think that there is sort of THE THING type of replicating us going on. This is all just speculating and guessing but what if some of the people weren't human? rather, alien/creature/ a human body? just a thought..... And Matt, good posts man. Be pessimistic if you have to...hahaha...someone's gotta oppose all of us optimistic folks! haha..... I just thought you were trying to be a jerk but you're not. I apologize. And I agree with the fact that we very well might not ever figure too many things out at all...but it's fun to atleast try and we are all still very interested and continue to spread the word......and yeah, they won't ever give everything out or the actual title or alien/creature/beast cuz if they did...that ends all of our investigastions and curiosities and then possibly even our trips to the theaters. So that would never happen.....but who's to say that a lot of our educated guesses and theories won't be right? That's wat's fun about see who was right or almost right and who was way off etc let's keep all our minds on this and keep it up!!!! The lone horsemen that's lost and can't find the other four...hahahah

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


Oh and Matt- the reason why I said scram bud is becasue I thought you just happened to pop in here and read a few posts and then just basically tell us to F ourselves becasue we're idiots, geeks, morons etc etc and that was all you were trying to do.....instigate, just spout off some random vulgar crap and then we'd never here from you again.....that's why I mentioned that. No biggie man.....

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


H.P., I understand you and the Horsemen line of thinking, I just feel that this all seems too familiar to actually be leading to the place you guys want it to. Take for example the Slusho site. On Lost, a brand of candy bar appeared called Apollo candy bars and this whole corporate website was created with a whole mysterious back story of the company, a store, etc. and it ended up being completely inconsequential to the Lost storyline. It was the quintessential red herring. In my opinion, it's a universe establishing device for the (irritatingly unnamed) movie. I don't know if any of you read Stephen King (with a Lovecraft (i.e. horror) background, I'm sure you have), but The Dark Tower comes to mind where certain events or people are referenced just to let the audience know that this is happening in the same world that this other thing happened. If this is the same, then the whole purpose of the Slusho t-shirt and website is to clue the audience in that this is happening in the same world that Alias occurs in and, if that, then most likely Lost. Does that mean that it will have anything further to do with either of these? Maybe, but if it does it will be in a wink wink sort of way, as I mentioned in an earlier post. Something the Lost or Alias people could tie to their shows, but would not take away from anyone else's enjoyment of the movie. I think our back and forth got out of hand, but nightowl's personal jab at a joking comment that I made earlier got me a little irate. I'd like to wipe the slate clean with you guys and, to take Ripper up on his invitation, if I have anything at all to contribute, I'll try to do so, though as I said I'm not too good at these exhaustive internet searches and am working hard on this book so time is not a real luxury of mine (though when I'm slacking at the paying job I can always post these long diatribes).

Matt on Aug 9, 2007


Nightowl - you said "This is all just speculating and guessing but what if some of the people weren't human? rather, alien/creature/monster….in a human body? just a thought….." That's not the direction I was going. That hadn't even occurred to me and currently doesn't strike me as a possibility. No offense.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


I agree with you Matt. H.P. you are a douchebag and if it was up to me you would not be allowed to see this movie. -J J Abrams

J J Abrams on Aug 9, 2007


Sorry nightowl if the tone of my message was a little abrupt. I got a phone call in the middle of typing and posted the message quickly so I could get back to work. Now that I'm reading what I posted it comes off as a little sarcastic. Not my intent. Bygones.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


Matt- Not a problem dude...I took it as you were just trying to be a jerk....but you weren't. I've been trying to say all along that all of us should embrace everyone's ideas and I think between you and I, it was a miscommunication and misunderstanding... and that's big deal....I do not claim to own any message boards or anything to that matter....just trying to throw in some educated guesses and thoughts and ideas, theories etc etc...and when I so call 'claim' to know the title which I have said it's's obviously just my educated guess on it and not at all 100% truth.....I'm just trying to have fun with this..... And Cowpattybill- Oh no offense taken at all...I was just throwing that out there.....with some of this 'people not acting like themselves' etc just seemed that maybe they really aren't themselves, but something else. but I see where you're coming's as if they may know something that the others don't....or dread something that's happening....I was just giving it a different angle......and you are free to embrace it or let it go!!!

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


Matt, i dident come here to argue with you i had enough of that on youtube. Yes i realive that we will not know everything about tis moive and i dont want to cause then the moive would suck but i like the mystry and i like to work with others to collabertate ideas to figure out somthing that no one else has. I shut down only Debunked theroys that are so mononinus and overused that they just fill this page with garbage. Look we have wasted a day bickering and found out nothing you have your thoughts and i have mine if you still dislike me and the horsemen there is nothing anyone can say that will change that. If you think its a waste of time why read it. Your thoughs have been heard and our remarkes said lets move past this.

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


Just my opinion- I visited the slusho site maybe three times and never went back and probably won't. I just don't see it as very helpful. It's sorta what Matt's just a small backstory line to tell you a few things but it's basically not that big of a deal to the major big picture...... and JJ....that is fucking comedy....hahahahha!!!

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


Matt err i was typing so i could not see your last posted comment before i posted mine not trying to be a dick. PEACE.

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


Hey whoever is posting under JJ Abrams dont go there...that is a childish statment. #700 !!!!! -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


OK...I just went to Jamie Lascano's myspace page and what's odd is that her friend count slowly diminishes every few days. And she doesn't accept any friends requests. And she just posted some new comments. Well, one of these kids that left a comment has some very odd pictures.....check them out- look at the EGG sign picture? All the monster/creature/alien egg talk....and then this pic....anything strike you weird? Also, why does he say I'm not drinking something? such an odd thing to say...although he does have a drink in his hand in two other pics but why would you just randomly say this? Perhaps it's an inside joke with friends.... Also, what about his very lasy pic...where a bunch of people are commenting on how they aren't sure if it's doesn't seem like him....etc etc......just sort of weird being that Cowpatty and I both have just talked about certain issues such as ROB and the other girl are not acting like themselves, seem to possibly dread what's happening or may know something that the others don't...and then my theory of what if they are replicating us and we aren't who we appear to be? ....just some thoughts.... These pages and comments are there for a either guide us along or misguide us....

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


No problem, Ripper. The same thing happened to me with the last long argumentative post (including quotes!). As soon as I sent it, I saw your last one and HP's, both burying the guantlet. I think we're all caught up now, so hopefully this business is done and we can return to the message board.

Matt on Aug 9, 2007


no ripper, that is childish statement #697 and did you really just say "don't go there"!? Well ripper you can "Talk to the hand!" Do you have any more soulful diatribe you picked up from watching the WB/UPN in the 1990s? -J J Abrams

J J Abrams on Aug 9, 2007


Sorry JJ fakebrams, but the fact is that I will see this movie before you. All this crap going on with matt has got me really disenchanted. You still have not brought up any fucking theories in here. Why are you even here. You contribute nothing. I'm done. In closing I will say this. I believe that Jason is a more significant character than Rob, and this is why. Jason went to Japan and on his travels he visited the slusho headquarters. Jason met some weird town folk and heard of the mythos of the monster which may very well be sleeping under the island of Hokkaido, the island itself could have fell to earth millions of years ago. If you go on slusho one of the quotes in the happy talk section says something about going to Hokkaido to sample a new flavor I believe this new flavor just happened to come out while Jason was in Japan. Basically the he hears a rumor that when people when searching for the ingredient for the new flavor they acidentally woke up the monster. So Jason whith as this knowledge comes back home to New York and tells Rob about everything. I also believe that while Jason was in Japan this monster started actually showing up on radar and sending people into panic. Rob gets obsessed with Jason's story and ultimately decides to go to Japan. The night Rob is getting ready to go to Japan (who knows maybe he is a marine biologist and is so obsessed he wants to move there) the ROAR happens and based on Jason's story Rob gets very concerned, but look at the guy watching the news broadcast he turns away and also looks concerned. I believe that to be Jason. Also I still believe the island itself is a clue to what the monster looks like. I don't know about you guys, but if I saw a horse, whale, frog, birdlike alien creature 100 times bigger than the statue of liberty coming at me I would be scared out of my body. Also just before the head gets thrown you can kinda make out a Horses snout. Use your imagination. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


That's funny! You said "bury the guantlet". Isn't it "bury the hatchet"? And something like "raise the guantlet", or "pass the guantlet"? Or is it "pass the torch"? Now I'm confused.

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


Fakebrams I know your MATT. So fuck off. What's wrong you can't talk shit under your original name.

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


Actully yes JJ i do have somthing else to throw at you "Gotta catch'em all"...O ya i went there.

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


Another misguided theory that you feel sooo very confident about H.P. You're good at that. Had anyone else theorized and commented that I was matt you would have told them that they were wrong and that they shouldnt waste your brainspace with their undignified remarks. Does anyone else feel as if this "H.P." has an undeserved feeling of seniority over everyone else on this blogspot? H.P., Im sure that you are a very intelligent and proud woman but dont assume that you are steering this ship. You are no better than anyone else here. And quit repeating yourself. Hey Matt. Am I you? J J Abrams

J J Abrams on Aug 9, 2007

644 this is getting ridiculous. First it's everyone bashing eachother, then it's everyone sucking eachother's dicks and now it's more bashing......I don't know about you guys but if you want to sit in here and bash eachother the whole time then so be it.....In the meantime, I'm gonna try to keep posting things that are related to this movie, cultivate more ideas, thoughts and theories and share them with whomever would like to read them and expand on them.....

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


Hmmm. It's not posting my comments. Is it broken?

Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007


At least I'm putting a theory up Fakebrams. Let's get something straight. If I come across as high and mighty then I am sorry. Just get over The Horsemen already. You haven't said one constructive thing in here. If you pay attention I do apologize to people I rip on. Also what's with the sexist and racially geared comments. The Horsemen are way better than that my friend. I just don't understand why I get singled out for using originality on my theories, maybe I could care less what abrams comes up with ever think of that. I am just telling people what I would like to see happen. Tell you what Matt and fakebrams let's just end this if you plan on staying. I think everyone can agree on that resolution. -The Four Horsemen- Wooooooooo!!!!

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


sexist? racially geared? what the hell are you talking about? You're reaching a little bit there arent you H.P. and the reason i'm picking on you is that i think you're a pussy. So calm down and have a little fun with it. My comments are just as harmless as yours so quit wining. And don't say you "could care less what abrams comes up with." You couldnt care more. It consumes you. I think everyone can agree on that. -J J

J J Abrams on Aug 9, 2007


If the monster is deep under the sea then obviouslly its cold weel the path i had ploted earlyer throught the sea to New York most of that is frozen all summer long so if the monster slowl starts to move toward the atlantic not new york specificly then the cod enviroment would suit him very well. I belive that the monster stays this course because New york is the fist Major population city it would come across and it could make it courious and then scared and start to kill everything in its path. What do ya think. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 9, 2007


Justin? Thats a guys name lady.

J J Abrams on Aug 9, 2007


What the hell is wrong with you, JJ? First off, don't start talking about people until you actually know them. Second, if your going to talk shit, then save everyone else's time and send an e-mail. He's said his address at least 4 times already. And if you are thinking about starting shit with me, don't bother. I'm not going to waste any more time out of my life to talk to people like you. .:Phenox1707:. -The Fourth Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 9, 2007


Hey guys....just a suggestion. Don't let anyone bother you on here. Just ignore anyone that posts bs about you. It's that simple. whoever will keep pestering if they know it bothers you. So just ignore him and who gives a shit...get back to posting about the movie......

nightowl on Aug 9, 2007


no ripper, that is childish statement #697 and did you really just say “don't go there"!? Well ripper you can “Talk to the hand!" Do you have any more soulful diatribe you picked up from watching the WB/UPN in the 1990s? -J J Abrams I agree with you Matt. H.P. you are a douchebag and if it was up to me you would not be allowed to see this movie. -J J Abrams Im sure that you are a very intelligent and proud woman but dont assume that you are steering this ship. -J J Abrams Until you apologize I will start changing my tune towards you. If we can't resolve this how pathetic is that. Oh yeah the pussy comment My real name is Justin Lee. I live in portsmouth R.I. I grew up in Fall River Mass. I go by H.P. for reason's I do not care to talk about. My email is Get to know me before you start bashing. We like busting balls in here, but I'm sorry your just taking this way too far. -Horsemen 4 Life- P.S. click on the H.P. to visit my website(It's in development)

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


how the hell would a horse or a bird get to the ocean floor??

Hulkingup on Aug 9, 2007


it's stratin' to sound like a teenage chat room in here, cyber-arguements and disses, its pretty rediculous for a forum about a movie, and i agree with nightowl, just ignore all of the negative shit and jj abrams, thats pretty childish just to show up in here and hop into two other people's problem.

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


What if it was an alien that fell to earth clinging onto a chunk of it's destroyed planet and he landed in the ocean. This chunk of planet could be the secret ingredient. Demand for the new slusho flavor causes the greedy company to continue mining for the ingredient. Something terribly wrong happens when they drill too deep and awaken the monster. Ultimately only this slusho(keep in mind the monster is supposedly super intelligent much like Cthulhu) pisses him off because it contains something that belongs to him which is why he goes after people who drink it. How does he know who drinks it. Well if you know anything about Cthulhu (and I think this monster could be based on the same concept) then you know that Cthulhu can communicate with all living things at once. Now I'm not saying the monster will straight up look like all the animals but rather have certain attributes of the horse, frog, bird,whale and If it is part whale then that means it's a mammal which could mean it has humanoid features as well. I remember one of the kid characters on the slusho site saying "Am I a Whale" If you guys are digging my theory then let me know. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


google demodeus. click im feeling lucky.

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


yea, i really do. like night owl had mentioned a while back, his hair is styled like just like abrams hair is. and it would make sense why he has the mask on, also, i looked up arethusa (the girl that commented desmodeus cthulhu pic) and arethusa is the name of a large meteor that was discovered in 98' which would also go with yout theory of a chunk of a planet hitting earth

geezer on Aug 9, 2007


Do you think it is Abrams? -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 9, 2007


Hold up, HP. To start off with, why would I, after posting several times under my own name, decide to start posting under "JJ Abrams"? Adding to that, why would I make peace under one name and keep antagonizing under a different name? Also, assuming you thought we were the same person on post 707, I posted my original theory in mid-July (post 191), so maybe you should take your own advice and read all of the posts before making your own. Granted, I don't expect any of you to consider my theory possible, but I haven't completely abandoned it. Just because I don't feel like trying to figure out every second of the movie before it comes out, doesn't mean I haven't contributed. Now, if we can move pass this, I'm done arguing.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


That is an extremely elaborate theory, HP (post 724), but I have my reservations that it could be well explained in a movie set up the way this one is (so far) supposed to be. Unless a character just tells all of that flat out, which could end up being ridiculous. I am slowly turning into the camp where Rob and at least a couple of his friends know what is happening (originally thought it was just shock, which is understandable in the situation), but knowing something of that magnitude? It just seems a little much to me. Not saying it's impossible though. Hell, if it doesn't happen, you can write that one yourself.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


Just so we know what each person is thinking I suggest we throw in what we have created in our minds as the possible plot of the movie. I'd like to know where each person is going with the information (or lack of) that we have. Okay, I'll go first. I think it is some kind of giant monster that comes from the ocean. It has something to do with Slusho, whether it was some kind of mutation from the secret ingredient, or whether it was awakened by those looking for the secret ingredient. For some reason it comes to New York and wreaks some havoc. I think Rob and maybe 1 or 2 others know about this creature and that is why they act differently than the others when it attacks (in the trailer). I think Rob works for Slusho and this may be why he is moving to Japan. I think many people die, there is much destruction, the military is involved. I think the creature lives but goes back to where it came from. Another idea I like but have very little info to support it is that the monster might be pregnant upon entering NYC, and gives birth to a bunch of little monsters that also tear up the city. A new idea I like is that this secret ingredient for slusho comes from outerspace, like a meteoroid or something. Anyone else want to throw one in?

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


Honestly, I kind of hope that there is no backstory to the monster and, as mentioned by someone earlier (sorry, I'm not digging through the posts for it) that we only see the monster in brief glimpses. It makes for a more chilling movie, in my opinion, if you have no idea where it came from, but it just shows up, wreaks havoc and disappears without anyone knowing why or how it happened. Given that, the movie will just be carnage upon carnage and for those John Carpenter fans out there (again, not digging for the earlier Thing references) the plot is basically trying to survive the attack, the tension for the audience being that all we know is this disaster recovery group finds this camcorder and we have no idea if the people in the video will live or die. So that is my general, basic theory. Not knocking anyone else's, but I don't think Slusho is going to be pivotally involved and pray that it isn't pregnant (which I thought was probably the most ridiculous aspect of the US Godzilla movie). I do think, however, that it would be a great concept to just have the monster leave and not be destroyed, especially if there is no rhyme or reason to the attack, because that is infinitely more scary to think that there is no telling when it could happen again.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


OK, if this movie is about the island of Hokkaido coming alive, I sure hope Italy wakes up and kicks it's butt! Lighten up folks.

JJJackson on Aug 10, 2007


C'mon dude give me a break here you cant expect me to remember all 734 posts. Plus I been really wrapped up in my theory. It really haunts me. I couldn't sleep last night because of it. I have a more extensive theory, but I wanna give other people a chance to give some input. I prob should not say much more anyway. I feel like I'm just pissing people off in here when really I just wanna have fun, and It was up until yesterday. Matt I owe you an apology and yes I do remember you from early on so I know your diehard with this shit. I got an e mail from Fakebram's and he seems like a really bad dude. As bad as I am in fact, so I can't really give him shit. He is like the Horsemen's arch nemesis, but I think we all have a respect for him at least I do anyway. So Matt all bad blood drained I extend a hand of friendship. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 10, 2007


OK my turn, I belive that the monster will show up and cause chaos I hope they make the monster survive and just dissaper. The only way i belive we will know the monsters backstory and how it came to New York is if we find out ourself online before and after the moive is relesed. Rob knows somthing i have a feeling the Island of hokkaido has somthing to do with the monster. I belive the Slusho people awaken it in the ocean by drilling away what may have kept him dormaite all this time. I think it is from here not an alien. Ancient yes not a mutation. I think it takes the path i suggested in the water and New York just happens to be the first major city it stummbles upon, and it is courious and scared so it does what any animal in fear does attack. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 10, 2007


H.P. about comment 727 i actually googled desmodeus a few days agoa nd got nothin but it says "do u mean desmodus" (just took out the e) and apparently its some type of bat i didnt think much of it tho so iddint bother posting about it. also regarding when i said somethin about the slusho thing being stupid. ur right it is original i just hope its not like idk how to put it it just seems its used to much and when seeing the video saying the monster attacks ppl who drink slusho ya original but i come on its stupid haha no offense but it kinda is but who knows will have to wait and see 😀 none the less thoe i think the movie will be realll good -The Four Horsemen- on Aug 10, 2007


No, HP, I don't think you are that bad. Sometimes it's just hard to separate passion for something from stepping on people's toes. Overall, you and the other Horsemen haven't been that bad about shooting people down, but occasionally do get so fervored in your theories that your replies can come off as condescending. Through it all though, at least as I remember it, none of you have resorted to degradation or name-calling so that puts you a step above some of the others. For the record, my last post concerning "the argument" (as it will forever now be known) was not me being pissed off, but just wanting to set the record straight.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


WOOT ok so check this out if u go to and go to the flavors to create ur own u see in the background a flower which im guessing is the secret ingredent to slusho that they talk about in the histoyr. so from the email thin i posted earlier i would look up hokkaido in wikipedia but i googled it this time insted an foudn out it is called "the flower continent" so y is theb oat found at hokkaido??? im guessing he was lookin for slusho secret ingredent and if ound Azalea are famous in hokkaido soo maybe try google images for Azalea and compare it to the flower on the slusho site. but wait i just read that the Japanese rose is the official flower of Hokkaido now google that flower in google images and i thinkwe found wat the scecret ingredent might be!! it kinda looks like the flower fromt he site to me -The Four Horsemen-

bam on Aug 10, 2007


if u serch the japanese rose on wiki it says the "hips" or w/e grow fruit or something idk check it out. so mayebd that is put into the slusho?? -The Four Horsemen-

bam on Aug 10, 2007


I think all that flower might mean is that it is a space flower, perhaps maybe its a crystal of some sort and not a flower at all. This would make more sense of my mining theory. I'll admit though it does look like a flower. What type of flower glows like that though. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 10, 2007


Another ridiculous theory that just jumped in my head is this: What if whatever the secret Slusho ingredient is some huge rock-like thing found on the bottom of the ocean. They haul this thing back to New York to break down and use in Slusho drinks. Turns out the rock is really an egg and pissed off momma monster zips over to New York to recover the now hatched baby monster.

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


Or multiple eggs.

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


I apologize if this has been posted before, but I don't remember seeing it. Has anyone seen the 4 on set videos? Or heard that NY Mag published something about the movie ending? Let me know if this is old news, but it adds a lot of evidence to the post earlier about the mysterious email with dialogue from the movie.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


Yes, I've heard, read, and seen all of it. I have been checking out 4 or 5 other boards keeping tabs on theories and new discoveries but I only post here. I had assumed you all were doing something similar. I don't have the links but I've seen the video of Rob and a girl huddled in a tunnel in Central Park with debris falling on their heads. I've also seen the call sheet which states it is the last page and end of filming, although I would argue whether it was the actual last scene of the movie or just the last scene of the New York unit. There is some filming or some kind of work being done in LA. I've seen the videos of the NYC street set being setup with cars piled with debris and some guy pounding a huge dent in a cars hood with a sledgehammer. I've seen the (alleged) videos of a helicopter landing and a bunch of miliary guys jumping in and taking off as well as a bunch of military guys running around the set. I've seen the video of a soldier with a bandage on his head coming out of building followed by a nurse and Rob and a couple other characters hanging around. I think that's about it.

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


DONT READ THE NY MAG ARTICAL!!!!!!!!The call sheet they have snagged looks very real and it does show were evey shoot takes place so read it if you want but it will ruin the moive. I want to figure out what the monster is but i dont want to know the moive before it is here.The crew person who gave them that should be shot...traitor. Whats the fun in trying to figure shit out isf someone comes along and spoles the whole moive. If someone wants to read it just google NY mag cloverfeild but dont post the ending and alternet ending here please. Yes there is two possible endings no i did not read either. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 10, 2007


Thanks Ripper, I didn't read the article either, but saw the posting on another site that gave no details except for the location of the ending (if, as cowpattybill put it, it is the ending and not the last NY location). I don't have any interest in seeing the ending before the movie comes out either, but thought that the videos lended creedence to the email posted earlier, if the email was sent before the videos were posted, and could explain the backstory. Either way, it still leaves us in the dark except knowing that, at some point, they will be under a bridge. Thanks for the heads up of the actual spoilers though. Otherwise, I may have gotten curious and gone to look at it to see what is actually said on the call sheet.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


Is their any chance that this could be Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan Part 2? Its about time that they made a sequel to that piece of cinematic genius.

J J Abrams on Aug 10, 2007


the flower on the "create your own flavor" page of the Slusho site appears to me to be a lotus flower, an aquatic plant with strong symbolism both in the orient and worldwide. "Lotus flower is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth. Because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. According to one creation myth it was a giant lotus which first rose out of the watery chaos at the beginning of time. From this giant lotus the sun itself rose on the first day."

JJJAckson on Aug 10, 2007


woah thats intresting jjjackson kinda fits wats goin on maybe a giant lotus TYPE monster??

bam on Aug 10, 2007


J J, imposter you may be, that is hilarious. I immediately thought of a cross between Jason Takes Manhattan and Honey I Blew Up the Kids, where a giant Jason is wreaking havoc in New York City. Actually, I could probably digest that better than Jason X.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


Yes Matt. We must consider ALL possibilities.

J J Abrams on Aug 10, 2007


yea, that call sheet ruined it for me a lil bit, but i still gonna go see the movie, and here is one of my theorys. the monster used to be an ordinary sea creature, but a chemical or something that was being processed by the japanese spilled into the western coast of hokkaido (the island that one of you mentioned) and mutated all of the creatures around the western coast. most of the creatures died instantly because of the poison in the chemical and because the chemical scrambled their dna. but only 1 survived, one that wasn't at the coast when the spill accured, but he still got enough of the chemical to mutate him but not enough to kill him. and as for rob's behavior, he gets a call on his way home from a friend in japan that works at a slusho factory, which rob is supposed to be transfered to. his friend tells him about the chemical spill and how he has seen stories on the news about fishermen finding thousands of fish with partially deveoped human like heads and octopi sprouting human like legs and arms etc. and how a fisherman on the opposite side of hokkaido caught video of a blue whale getting washed up by a huge wave on the eastern hokkaido shore with a giant chunk of it's body missing, he also tell's rob that the fisherman reports that he felt a small shake in the ground and a loud groan-like sound before the huge wave washed the whale carcus onto the beach. and that would explain rob's behavior, he has what his friend has said stuck in his mind, and doesn't tell anybody else because he is not 100% sure that his friend was telling the truth, but once he hears the roar and feels the quake, he's positive that his friend wasn't lying (if you watch the trailer he acts even more suspicious after the quake and roar) so what do you think? it kinda sounds like a cheesy sci-fi channel movie, but its all i got at the moment

geezer on Aug 10, 2007


Geezer, that's not too bad. It would explain Rob's reaction and the quick military response (the Japanese report may not have been picked up by US news, but the military would definitely know something about it).

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


Nice one Geezer. If that's not I should someone should make a film like that.

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


This is for anyone who has read the call sheet. I will try to make my question generic enough not to give anything away. My question is: The call sheet indicates the cast by numbers. In the beginning of the call sheet the scene calls for cast 1 and 2. Later it calls for 1, 3, & 5. The sheet has a section about 1/2 way down that shows which actor/character represents which number. There is no #3 listed. Who is #3 and why aren't they on the list?

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


Something else I will throw out in a generic manner is: What is a HUD costume? Anyone heard of it?

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


Putting this together myself I believe HUD is a character (possibly computer generated) and is Cast # 3

Cowpattybill on Aug 10, 2007


#754 GEEZER You have it. Best theory yet. In fact it is what it is. The movie's title is: 20,000 Fathoms

Scholar and Prophet on Aug 10, 2007


Been having computer trouble. Can someone email that sheet to me. I would greatly appreciate that. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 10, 2007


Just found this site while looking for clues The site has a 6 digit code box and in a few seconds it forwards to It has a picture of a chinese or japanese zodiac rat and a chinese/japanese symbol.

CloverFreak on Aug 11, 2007


Yeah I'm pretty sure it is some sort of giant Japanese Mecha that hoses down the monster with a mixture of different slusho ingredients. That is just what I think. I have no hard facts to back that up. Maybe rob is inside the mecha. I checked out the call sheet. Very cool find, but I think abram's sent that to fuck with people. I saved the jpeg and it saves as jjabramsending_zoom. I dont know what all this zoom talk is about but I am sure it is significant. Making your own flavor on the slusho page does use mechas to demonstrate that, so I figure they must turn the secret ingredient against the monster somehow. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 11, 2007


What if they take all the left over secret ingredient and embed it into the mecha causing the monster to come after it then allow the monster to divert it's attention from innocent people. Then the mecha hauls an ass whoopin on it. I think the robot could be just as original as the monster will be. I came to the conclussion that this monster will be so terrifying that even something like my slusho theory would not seem silly next to it. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 11, 2007


probably so h.p. this movie can be as far fetched as a fairy tail, or as serious as a documentary sense its coming from the mind of jj abrams.

geezer on Aug 11, 2007


wow hungry 4 more, that "groaning" does sound alot like the monster's groan

geezer on Aug 12, 2007


check this out, a person from my cloverfield watch club found this on google when he put 80811 (which is 1 18 08 backward) into the search. i

geezer on Aug 12, 2007


holy fack! holy fack! i can finally contribute! geezer! i typed in 80811 on "" and it took me to two symbols...looks like kangi! whats it say whats it say!!!>??? someone translate. you have to be quick on the type and press enter b4 it jumps to slusho!

luis on Aug 13, 2007

697 i double click and it gives me an odd mouse cursor and get moves by itsself. dunno where its going. lol...then if you double click at the bottom it looks like theres a text box. so go to it, right click then press select all...then there are five text cursors visable. what are these? anyone got any ideas?

luis on Aug 13, 2007


Ok, Rage of the gods I read that checked it out browsed the web and this is what i found. No one has decyphered what the two symbols after the cancel box screen mean, but i am pretty sure it is something to the effect of try again. 80811 is not the cancel code neither is 11808, it will let you type in letters as well as numbers no clue what the code is yet. No one around seems to think it has anything to do with cloverfield or slusho either, but i have a feeling thats because no one can figure out the cancel code or what the symbols mean. The picture of the rat is from the Chinese Zodiac year of the rat...2008, the symbol above its head is the only one i have founa at this moment thatis translated. It means God or Deity. Ok this needs to be proven or debunked i am going to dedicate my time to deciphering the symbols on the Rage of the Gods site and the bottom of the Slusho site. If it means somthing or not i need to know, no one else has translated them we need to know its right there in our faces and we dont know what it says. I'm not sure if its japanees or chinese symbols check both to be safe.

Ripper on Aug 13, 2007


Ok, Rage of the gods I read that checked it out browsed the web and this is what i found. No one has decyphered what the two symbols after the cancel box screen mean, but i am pretty sure it is something to the effect of try again. 80811 is not the cancel code neither is 11808, it will let you type in letters as well as numbers no clue what the code is yet. No one around seems to think it has anything to do with cloverfield or slusho either, but i have a feeling thats because no one can figure out the cancel code or what the symbols mean. The picture of the rat is from the Chinese Zodiac year of the rat...2008, the symbol above its head is the only one i have founa at this moment thatis translated. It means God or Deity. Ok this needs to be proven or debunked i am going to dedicate my time to deciphering the symbols on the Rage of the Gods site and the bottom of the Slusho site. If it means somthing or not i need to know, no one else has translated them we need to know its right there in our faces and we dont know what it says. I'm not sure if its japanees or chinese symbols check both to be safe. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 13, 2007


Consensus on the majority of the other boards is that the rageofthegods site is a bust. Mostly the timing of it's creation, where it leads to, the fact there there seems to be no correct code (nothing indicates that a correct code, if there is one, will take you anywhere, it just seems to be a text box). The symbol at the top of the page was changed at one point and then changed back, etc. It doesn't seem to link to slusho anymore. Good theories and I also think that it isn't a legit site.

Cowpattybill on Aug 13, 2007


it must be the bloop creature because it sounds almost like it when i compared the the monster sound from the movie to the bloop from

christopher wilhelm on Aug 13, 2007


ughhh wtfff this shiti s bettin old and boring abrams needs to give us somethin els already

bam on Aug 14, 2007


ughhh wtfff this shit is gettin old and boring abrams needs to give us somethin new already

bam on Aug 14, 2007


So geezer, what do the symbols mean? Yellow water? I believe in English that's called PEE!!

Cowpattybill on Aug 14, 2007


I agree bam. I already have my theory, but how can I build on it without new stuff. Maybe the horsemen and everone else on here got J.J. worried. I think maybe he didn't anticipate the instant fascination it has recieved. Maybe he is pissed about the call sheet being leaked. I personally think he planted it. I will try my best to make this page fun again. I promise to try to have something soon. - The Horsemen Will Never Die-

H.P. on Aug 14, 2007


Great, now at the top symbol at the top of the first page is blurred and the symbols on the other page are now different. Geezer, can you figure them out? I hope this is something and not someone screwing around with us.

Cowpattybill on Aug 14, 2007


I said all that wrong. I don't actually know whether the dialogue is from 1-18-08 or some other movie that is similar to it. That is what is being discussed at Apparently if we figure out what movie the dialogue is from then more clues will be found.

Cowpattybill on Aug 14, 2007


I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade, but rage of the gods just seems very bogus to me. The sad fact is that everyone is putting fake shit up and it will only get worst as time goes on. I could be wrong though, and I will admit that if rage turns out to be legit.

H.P. on Aug 14, 2007


The first symbol does resemble a robot. Maybe it is not what the symbols mean, but what they look like.

H.P. on Aug 14, 2007


Nice work Cowpattybill. I totally didn't know what was going on, but apparently there have been some pretty crazy developments. Everyone should check the links out on post 788 and come back here to discuss. It actually makes even more sense out of my theory. If you notice rageofthegods was posted by a cat named luis. He does kinda show up out of the blue, which kinda gets me wondering about it's authenticity.

H.P. on Aug 14, 2007


“Here is the first third of the film…About one billion (yes billion) years ago, life on Earth was still at the multi-cell level and they remained mostly in their habitat. One of the organisms was more passive and preferred a symbiotic relationship for their survival. Another (and there were more) was more aggressive and preferred to control larger beings for their survival. Back then, the world had only one continent. The two organisms were separated, for the most part, by land. But the aggressive organism had developed a taste for the passive one and tried to feed on it as often as possible by going around the land mass. Until a cataclysmic event changed things, burying most of the ancient organisms under the oceans. The surviving organisms either died off or evolved (later becoming humans and what not). Fast forward to present day and we have Japan discovering the passive organisms buried off their coast and eventually came to the conclusion that the American continents (North and South) had drifted over the aggressive organisms (more on them later) during the past billion years. Japanese scientists begin studying this passive organism and find that it is a perfect nourishment supplement to humans. Grown in an agricultural field on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields. The scientists learn that these organisms are beneficial symbiotic parasites that give us additional nourishment and make us feel happy. Thus humans and the parasites become one. They are kept cold to prevent them from dying from exposure until they are introduced into their host. Thus the development of the awesome and delicious drink – Slusho! (It makes me happy). Rob is a college graduate who has been hired by Slusho and has just accepted an offer to work in their technologies division in Japan. Rob also knows the basics of the organism, the story that Slusho “invented” as a marketing campaign and has recently been informed that the scientists have found trace amounts of the aggressive organism. This aggressive organism likes to pool up into a larger being, control it, own it, even change it. It also eats the smaller passive organism much the same way a whale will eat plankton. Slusho is now one of the most popular drinks. In it’s own right it is a tasty meal that does not add fat and is proven to be healthy with claims that it cures cancer and many other diseases. Slusho and it’s by-products are now being flushed (literally) into the sewer systems and drained out to sea by way of urine, fecal matter and just straight unconsumed Slusho. This builds up on the ocean floor and eventually awakens a very hungry and aggressive organism. This aggressive organism, hungry and well, aggressive, follows the sewer trail back to New York and emerges through the sewers breaking and igniting a natural gas pipeline in it’s effort to feed on the passive organism, which is now us.”

V.O. on Aug 14, 2007


Thank you V.O. for posting the information in the second link I posted in #788

Cowpattybill on Aug 14, 2007


I feel a sense of closure, but we all know that could change in seconds. God I love this shit!! Take a look at the trailer now. It makes so much sense now. Notice how eveyone at the party is so happy. Why is Rob the main man? I think we know why now.

V.O. on Aug 14, 2007


Okay, things are really getting alot stranger. The following was posted at Skippy — August 14, 2007 @ 1:44 am Wow you mates really impress me not only with buying in to JJ’s plan for the marketing which was bloody well a great one. But with coming up with all this info about the movie. The CIA should really hire some of you. James you pretty much nutshelled the whole movie. There goes the parasite ayy? Not going to give anything away here, just had to comment on the work you fellows put out. To TPaul, sorry to lay ya over here mate but yes shot with Cannon XL-H1 hand helds. Now however I did do some shooting with a Panasonic DVX100b switched to the 35mm lens. But no holloss on the shakey part, a steady hand was used. Although to give the “real” feel we did do some jerky shots, but not shakey mate. Pleased I was with the acting though, alot was fly by the seat of our skivies. I will clue ya in on this or not, dont know if it’s coverd since this is the first post I have read, the cam’s are found by a recovery team after the events. Good Luck on your findings… Skippy! Skippy — August 14, 2007 @ 2:40 am Oh, one last thing mates I forgot to post. The marking on the lower back of Lady Liberty is made from the “thumb claw”. (Notice the the metal flares outward) That’s a big part of the parasite. Keep diggin’! Skippy I have no idea who "Skippy" is but he is not listed in IMDB.

Cowpattybill on Aug 14, 2007


Skippy got me looking at the poster once again. This thing has got to be super fast. Look closely at the decapitated head, notice there are still bits of debris in mid air. It might just be a goof but I do think it is showing just how fast the monster is.

H.P. (the Venus Occupant) on Aug 14, 2007


i agree HP i have the poster (ebay) and up close u can see evrythign perfect there is debris flying off from the statue of liberty but at the same time there is still debris flying from the building it like took chunks out of it seems - The Horsemen Will Never Die-

bam on Aug 14, 2007


I'm not sure that you should see that much into the poster. It's not an actual scene from the movie (most likely) and probably subject to things like artisitic license and artists interpretations and what not. HP, are you also VO? The same VO that posted #793?

Cowpattybill on Aug 14, 2007


it's pretty hard to find the new kanji symbols on since most of kanju symbols look very much alike, but i did manage to find the two new blury symbols, the two form the word GOD

geezer on Aug 14, 2007


In 1 of the 5 pictures it shows 3 people - Lascano, Platt and Robbie -but on the back Jamie wrote: Robbie. Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!!... love, Jamie It would makes more sense if she was IN the picture... right?

Hungry 4 More on Aug 14, 2007


Nevermind... she is in the photo : Jamie Lascano, Hudson Platt and Robbie Hawkins (wait a minute, what with the first name. While the first 2 are last name?).

Hungry 4 More on Aug 15, 2007


Well put cowpatty. Your right most posters do not show scenes from the movie, but that doesn't mean the poster has no meaning. I think we need to take everything into consideration. This monster will most likely be extremely fast which means we will prob get quick glimpses of the monster amidst the chaos of infected people ripping each other apart. Here is an old post of mine which might support this infected person theory. #430 So far it seems 5:00pm eastern time on thursday for new pics. Last week was the creepy dressed in black man in the background. He is holding his chest it seems, in a rather menacing way. He looks as though He is inching forward towards the soldier. Is this man maybe talking apocalyptic mumbo jumbo to the soldier, to me the soldier seems kinda dumb founded. This guy also seems to be some sort of priest. The messed up thing is that it could also resemble a woman running with a baby. Howard Phillips on Jul 26, 2007 P.S. I am V.O. -The Four Horsemen-

Howard Phillips (the Venus Occupant) on Aug 15, 2007


H.P., Bam i also agree this thing is going to be fast as hell and we will probobly only see glimpsis of it throughout the moive it may show the whole thing a one climatic moment in the film but i think it would add to the suspense is you did not always know were the monster was at. Also that would be quite a good explanation for the 30 mil to make the film...would not need alot to show glimpses of a CGI monster. I like the infected people theroy, because even if the monster does not kill everyone the infected people introduced into a mass population in panic...spread like widfire. The infected people could be what rob is refering to when they are under the bridge and he says "I think you of them is up there" or somthing to that degree i dont have time to find the post that quoted it. What happened to the fourth horsemen? -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 15, 2007


H.P., Bam i also agree this thing is going to be fast as hell and we will probobly only see glimpsis of it throughout the moive it may show the whole thing a one climatic moment in the film but i think it would add to the suspense is you did not always know were the monster was at. Also that would be quite a good explanation for the 30 mil to make the film...would not need alot to show glimpses of a CGI monster. I like the infected people theroy, because even if the monster does not kill everyone the infected people introduced into a mass population in panic...spread like widfire. The infected people could be what rob is refering to when they are under the bridge and he says "I think you of them is up there" or somthing to that degree i dont have time to find the post that quoted it. What happened to the fourth horsemen? -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 15, 2007


PHENOX!!!!lol! Yeah I havent seen the fourth in a while. I would like to think he is carrying the torch to another board. I think this one might have the most info, so I'm not sure why he would switch. I think he waits to be called on so we shall see. In the meanwhile I got a link that pretty munch puts to rest the rageofthegods site I knew it was fake the whole time. Just seems like when I point shit out like that people say something mean back. Also not to go off topic but I would like to know what each person is listening to at the moment. My album of the day is MADVILLIAN. I can't stop playing it. MF DOOM is the freakin man. I mostly listen to obscure alt rock, underground hip hop, early 80's alt rock, Indie rock. -Horsemen 4-Life- R.I.P. Crush

H.P.(The Venus Occupant) on Aug 15, 2007


Sorry about the link it does not work, but trust me. If you search new cloverfield click on the one that is 1 day old.

H.P. on Aug 15, 2007


Seriously people, obviously the name of the movie is 1-18-08, sheesh...

???c?d?s on Aug 15, 2007


H.P. Album of the day...KoRn(Untitled), it's the new C.D. I have had Evolution on repeat, fuckin love that song i'm gonna come into that song at my next cage fight. ???c?d?s I highly dout that it is called 1-18-08 simply because J.J would not release the title of the moive at Comic-Con, if the title was already released why would he just not say "ya thats the title". Ya Rage of the Gods is a flop i'v been searching and searching for viable info or a cancel code nothing works. The web site was created two months before Slusho or were so...ya don't think it is real. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 15, 2007


Cage fight? Wow, that just doesn't come across in your posts. Currently the only thing I'm listening to is the tap-tap-tap of the keyboard of the person next to me. However, in my truck I listen mostly to Christain rock, worship music, 80's hard rock, country, classical, blues. No jazz or rap and very little hip-hop. I wish JJ would post somewhere his thoughts and feelings about the work that has been done to unravel his mystery. Is he impressed? Pissed off? Are we figuring this out faster than he anticipated? How close are we to the truth? JJ, if you keeping tabs on all this, give us some feedback. Oh, and more clues too. Thanks.

Cowpattybill on Aug 15, 2007



Jeff Jacob's Ladder on Aug 15, 2007


Ya, I dabble in many things, Cage Fighting is a fun sport. I also am an actor and writer. has my first fight pics on it no new ones though. I think J.J may be pissed about the call sheet and the story plot of the movie being leaked...but that could just be him messing with us cause we were getting to far to fast. Either way i think we can beat whatever they can think up. We are the FirstShowing Think Tank, i have looked at alot of other pages and forums and i also belive that we have the most reliable info. Keep searching. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 15, 2007



Jeff Jacob's Ladder on Aug 15, 2007


WTF!!!! What is Cocktails?

H.P. on Aug 15, 2007


Toward H.P.~~ Indeed, I am still here, just waiting to be called upon. You are right, this is the best place I have found to gather information. However, I've been having issues at home, and have not found time to do much gathering on my own. So, I have come to the conclusion that it would be easiest for me if I sat back and watched. That way I learn about the movie without having another thing to stress about. However, if you need me to do any research, I will be glad to. I don't mind helping a good friend out. Toward everyone ~~ I'm not sure how important Slusho will be. Although I have heard a lot, the prospect of a monster coming from the ocean to attack people that drink a beverage doesn't sound the most probable to me. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, and I'm not shooting it down. I'm just saying that I have my doubts about it. Oh, and P.S., H.P., a Cocktail is an alcoholic beverage. Not sure what Jeff is trying to get at with it, but that's what a cocktail is.

Phenox1707 on Aug 15, 2007


LOL!! I know it is an alcoholic beverage, just wondering what Jeff is getting at. I did a wikipedia on JJ and discovered that he directed an office episode titled cocktails. The episode aired early this year. Could this episode have clues in it. I will look into it. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 16, 2007

735 this is an interesting theory... was the original "thing" an american construct? or was it a bite off of an import idea? seems to me that thats the only criteria left...true or not its a neat thought.

Infinity- on Aug 16, 2007


Here is somewhere I can help. The Thing is completely American and was based on the short story "Who Goes There?" by John Campbell. It was originally made into the movie The Thing from Another World, directed by Howard Hawks, and then John Carpenter remade it into a masterpiece in 1982. One of, if not the, best horror movie ever. Unfortunately, The Thing is being remade, but isn't due out until 2009. This goes with the Hollywood agenda to remake all of the best Carpenter movies into the worst movies imaginable (though I do have high hopes for the new Halloween). Given that, I doubt Cloverfield will be directly correlated with The Thing, though that doesn't mean there won't be similarities. It would be an interesting concept to explore: what would happen if it got away from Antarctica? That would require a much heftier budget though as those who saw the 1982 movie can attest.

Matt on Aug 16, 2007


Infinity the Thing is actually a remake of the movie The Thing from Another World. It is in no way an import idea. As for the similar roar, well it could just be a JJ paying homage. Keep in mind the monster is supposedly a parasite and the thing is also a parasite, but that is where the similarity ends. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 16, 2007


Sorry about that Matt it seems we posted at the same time, but you beat me to it. Hey if it gets too boring in here we could always talk horror movies. How do you feel about AVP 2. I personally think they should just do a predator 3.

H.P. on Aug 16, 2007


If Schwarzenegger wasn't so old now, I would agree with a Predator 3 and have the plot be that the original predator had communicated Dutch's face to his friends and they all came for revenge, which should have been the plot for Predator 2. Then again, old Arnie vs. Predator would still probably be a better movie than I thought AVP was.

Matt on Aug 16, 2007


They should bring Danny Glover back. Hey matt do you play videogames? I am very much into Resident Evil and Silent Hill. What are your thoughts on the Silent Hill movie and also the upcoming Resident Evil 3. I think Resident Evil 3 looks super retarded. Hope they do 4 just like the game. I consider Resident Evil 4 to be one of the best games ever made. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 16, 2007


I'm a big fan of the survival horror games, but have hated all of the Resident Evil movies. It just seems to me like they missed the point. They made it more of an action story than horror. Granted the elements are there, with the zombies and Umbrella and all, but it just seemed so ridiculous to me rather than scary. Silent Hill did it a bit better with a real freaky experience, but the whole split storyline took me out of it. I would have rather stayed in Silent Hill instead of seeing what the husband was doing. I agree that RE 4 was was SH4. Maybe 4 is the magic number.

Matt on Aug 16, 2007


I love The Thing, Matt i do belive it is defenently one of the top three horror moives ever made. H.P., I will kill myself if they make an AVP2 cause it will have some hybrid predlien in it and i feel it would sham both the alien and predetor. Make Predetor 3 i'm all for that, Stallone had Rocky Balboa Arnold should have Predetor 3. I personaly want to see Evil Dead 4 Hail to the King get made. Cambell is a bit to old now though and it just wouldent be the same without him. Shop smart shop S-Mart. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 16, 2007


Ok if I am reposting over and over sorry i cant tell my comuter wont show the website updated with new comments including mine.

Ripper on Aug 16, 2007


Predetor 3, Stallone had Rocky Ballboa Arnold should have P3. The new Halloween will be amazing Rob Zombie can make one hell of a moive. I am a video game fanatic. As for Resident Evil love that series more than any other. RE4 is the greatest game ever, Silent Hill 4 scariest shit ever in a video game. I have played fatal frame and siren but Silent Hill just puts it on another level. The moives of RE are shit I hate that they completly miss the horror and the suspence that is in the games. Silent Hill made a pretty good moive but i agree with matt, who cares about the husband. RE5 looks like it will take the place as greatest game ever, the graphics look flawless. Something to leave you guys with...Freddy vs Jason 2 they have been talking about it they wanted to use Ash from Evil Dead and have him fight them both. Sam Rami would not give them rights apparently he and Bruce Cambell still want to make 4. I would love to see that ED4 Hail to the King. Shop smart shop S-Mart -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 16, 2007


Freaky Four facts about myself. My birthday is Jan 4th My mom's is August 4th Parents anniversary Sept 4th Needless to say my lucky number is 4 I met my girlfriend in April. I always seem to look at the clock when it is 11:11 There are four people in my family. My fav movie of all time was remade in 2004. Resident Evil 4 is my fav video game. I had an alien abduction experience in 2004. The number 4 is said to be the number of creation.

H.P. on Aug 16, 2007


I am a video game fanatic. Love RE and SH. Great series, I think Silent Hill 4 has the scariest story/gameplay that game had my nerves shot and my mind blown by the end. Resedent Evil 4 however has the best...everything voted as my greatest game ever(besides Earthworm Jim). The RE moives, Matt your totally right the horror and suspenece are just absent from the films. Silent Hill i agree again leave out the husband no one cares. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 16, 2007


H.P. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet P is the 16th letter of the alphabet The difference between them is 8 All factors of 4.

Cowpattybill on Aug 16, 2007


What was your favorite movie of all time?

Matt on Aug 16, 2007


Dawn of the Dead 1978!!!!! I actually thought the remake was the best out of the slew of horror movie remakes. Cowpatty I can say with 98% confidence that the site you found is legit. I say this because I actually stumbled upon it in the very beginning (when all the ethan haas shit was going down) so I don't think it is a fake. The fakes have not shown up since recent. That's why it was so important to get into this from the start. My advice to newcomers is to keep a watchful eye out and if you are uncertain about a site then visit here and ask around. Matt I can't get The Thing out of my head. Have you ever played D2 for the dreamcast. I swear it could be a sequel to that movie. It is much better than that piece of crap they released on the PS2. - 4 Horsemen Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!-

H.P.(the nature boy) on Aug 16, 2007


Nice. I love the Romero zombie movies (Dawn being my favorite) and also thought the remake was done really well, though missed out on my favorite scene from the original when the two main characters are trying to make it back to safe ground and one of them punches a zombie for seemingly no reason at all. That always cracks me up because it is so goofy and light-hearted in an otherwise somber movie. However, I have to personally throw two more into the remake argument as being in contention for the best in recent years, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. TCM was both fresh and reverent to the original and Hills took a movie that, while I respect it's influence, I never really liked and made it phenomenal. I can't remember a horror movie that captured so much desperation as that one did. I'm not sure what D2 is and never had a Dreamcast.

Matt on Aug 16, 2007


Favorite movie = Forrest Gump Also like Red Dawn, The Postman. I like apocolyptic movies. That's probably why I'm so interested in this one.

Cowpattybill on Aug 16, 2007


LOL!!! I love it when peter busts out the Zombie Fu. Remember Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs. He used to do a segment called the drive in totals in which he would tally up decapitations, stabbings, and any other types of violence in the horror movie being shown that night. I remember watching the drive in totals for Dawn of the Dead and seeing him count out a Zombie Fu. Fucking funny shit. I wish TNT would bring that shit back.

H.P. on Aug 16, 2007


Being a big Romero fan myself and seeing as you guys love the zombies to i feel inclined to tell you his new zombie flick Diary of the Dead is in production. It has a myspace page under the same name. me always brings back the vision of two moives Swamp Thing and Toxic Avenger. Favorite Moive- Way of the Gun...Night of the Living Dead...Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...Army of Darkness It's to hard to decide. Shop smart shop S-Mart

Ripper on Aug 16, 2007


fannys the guy says "its starting to light and its huge" i dont care wot the fek it is barbie? spice girls the movie 2? debbie does dallas in new york? who fucking cares

james on Aug 16, 2007


James, you do not have anything better to do than to try to start futal arguments with people on a moive forum. We care about this moive james and just because you can not contribute to the collective good. You must try to aggitate others with your rants that do nothing but make you look inmature. This is the only post of yours that I will coment on, if you do not have anything helpful to contribute and you don't care about this moive. Please find somewere else to spew your nonsense. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 16, 2007


Who fucking cares? Ok well there are #840 posts on this page. Are you some kind of idiot james? God if your gonna come up with titles james couldn't you have done a little better than barbie? spice girls the movie 2? debbie does dallas in new york? What the fuck? I'm absolutely baffled. I blame moronic shows like family guy personally. We live in a society where even the most irrelevant of pop references are funny. I have a problem with that. Generation Pop must be destroyed!!!!!! -The Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 17, 2007


Ok so it seems as though a speed bump has been hit, however I did manage to find something very minor on Go to the history section. Click on the crab at the bottom of the page to change his mood from happy, sad, surprised and angry. Also new developments on the 1-18-08 site. There is a hidden link somewhere on the page. If you click around you might hit it. I discovered it earlier, but then couldn't pin point what I had done because it happened so fast. The save or open prompt came up. I clicked off the message without thinking and then I didn't find it again. Sorry I goofed bigtime.

H.P. on Aug 17, 2007


1 = A 18 = R 8 = H ARH ARH+ a collection of works by H R Giger a man obsessed with Lovecraft id love it to be godzilla but it aint

genemachine on Aug 17, 2007


Hey i was looking through some fourms and read somewhere that the characters from the movie have myspaces. well someone posted a new friend that has been added on robs myspace his page looks like its nothing special but if u rezize it lots of shit moves lol vant belive ppl are goin ape shyt on his page juss letting you guys now thing might be nothing

Dan on Aug 18, 2007


Ok shit is going sour in here real quick, but we must keep coming here and at least talk movies. Ripper you mention Romero movies and Army of Darkness. How do you feel about the ashless Evil Dead remake, and Evil Dead 4. Sam Raimi is ready to shoot 4 and a no namer is doing Evil Dead. I can't wait. Bubba Hotep was almost enough to hold me over, but I think the time has come to let loose Evil Dead 4. Also have you read Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness. It fucking rocks. Glad to here another Horsemen enjoys zombie movies. If you haven't checked out any of the Lucio Fulci zombie flicks then I highly recommend. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 20, 2007


Evil Dead without Ash...failure. ED4 w/ Bruce Cambell hell ya. MZ vs AD kicks ass! I have not seen any of his films, that makes me sad because I like to belive that i am a moive expert. I will ook for them and begin to watch thanks for the heads up. Night of the Living Dead remake..WTF! There are some moives that should not be touched Night is one of them. Dawn was a good remake, but no one can touch his directing in zombie moives. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 20, 2007


No ripper Night of the living dead 1990 remake was awesome, because it let Tom Savini direct it and do makeup. Something he didnt get to do on the original because he was in vietnam. The recent Night of the Living Dead 3-D I cannot judge because I have yet to see it. Theres a Day of the Dead remake coming out very soon. Ving Rhames is in it so you know it will kick major ass. I loved him in the Dawn remake. Ok now this is cloverfield related it could mean something to someone who is buying into the rage of gods site. I deciphered the code at the bottom. It says "Nothing is what it seems" followed by the date 9/15/08. Horsemen 4 Life

H.P. on Aug 20, 2007


Also ripper check out "Man with the Screaming Brain". One of the better Bruce Campbell flicks. Also if you like comic books check out "Comic Book the movie" Bruce Campbell makes a very funny cameo and it stars Mark Hamill. How can you go wrong!!

H.P. on Aug 20, 2007


H.P ya for some reason i was not thinking i did love the 1990 remake of night. I have seen both of those cambell flicks both kicked ass! If Rhames is in the day remake i would love that! I did like the dawn remake and it is not fair to say they shouldent remake them because every new directer brings somthing new to the film and i hope Day is as good as Dawn. I want to see some zombie rodeo YAHA!

Ripper on Aug 21, 2007


Rhames is playing Rhodes, gonna be hard to top the original Rhodes. He was such a dick. He made you want to jump into the screen and strangle him. I met the guy who played uncle regis in the remake of night. He was wearing a Dawn t shirt and I recognized him from the documentary. Really nice guy and if I let him he would have talked zombies all day, but sadly I has checking him out at a retail store where I was working at time. Your right we def need to see some zombie rodeo.

Howard Phillips on Aug 21, 2007


H.P i think we are the only two left. Everyone else has jumped ship. -The Two Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 22, 2007


Yeah I been cruising other boards, same deal. Not sure what is going on. I was under the impression that this shit would go on for at least up untill Halloween. Maybe abrams is not finished with the film. Maybe the call sheet being leaked was to get people to think he is done. I think he will take in all that has been said about his clues and do the opposite.

H.P. on Aug 22, 2007


I'm still here too, H.P. I just haven't found anything of importance to post, or anything of interest to say. But... does that mean that we are now the Three Horsemen? --(Insert number of horsemen here)--

Phenox1707 on Aug 22, 2007


I am sure bam is still hanging around. Phenox no worries. You will always be one of the horsemen. We just need to remember to assemble here whenever something comes up. I consider this place to be a headquarters. We dont need to feel obligated to post everyday, me on the other hand I just like posting stuff. Like I said we can talk about anything in here. Zombie movies seem to be the subject in here when not talking cloverfield. Video games and comics would also be cool topics. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 22, 2007


I'm still here also. I don't know much about zombie movies, not my cup of tea if you will, so I haven't been posting. I also have been checking other sites and there seems to be nothing new and all posters have disappeared except the diehards (like us). They will all come swarming back once something new develops. I guess I'm fairly new to this board but I find it to be the best one out there. Lot's of research, and discussion and theory and clue finding. Alot of drama occasionally but overall still the best out there in my opinon. Keep up the good work and I will endeavor to do the same.

Cowpattybill on Aug 22, 2007


Can I be a Horseman?

J J Abrams on Aug 22, 2007


Depends. Are you the same bad ass mother fucker who does the zombie taxidermy. Not sure how that would sit with bam, but if we don't get any word sure I would not be against that.

H.P. on Aug 22, 2007


Uhh, that would be "right" not "write". I hate spelling things wrong.

Cowpattybill on Aug 22, 2007


Lol. Me too, Cowpattybill. You're not the only one... As far as random talk until more info pops up, I'm a major video gamer. I'm not a big fan of zombie movies, since the only one I've seen is Shaun of the Dead. Funny stuff.. As far as video games go, right now, I'm re-beating the Zelda series. In my opinion, Zelda will never, ever die. =)

Phenox1707 on Aug 22, 2007


First Cowpatty. I looked into both of your links. The second one I believe is far too vague. The first however is very interesting. Speaking as a Lovecraft fan I can say with confidence that it looks to be the underwater city in which cthulhu slumbers. Phenox that's really strange because my girlfriend is replaying zelda games. I love zelda. My girlfriend is obsessed. She wants to get me a replica twighlight princess link costume for halloween. My two fav zelda games are Ocarina and zelda 2. I would be curious to know what order you think the timeline goes in. I think the zelda realm has two realities, thus meaning there are two timelines which make up the series. If they do a movie they need to use the ocarina storyline. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 22, 2007


i agree h.p., an ocarina of time movie would be pretty cool, and my fav game at the time is resident evil 4 for the wii, i've beaten it 4 times now and it still hasn't gotten old

geezer on Aug 22, 2007


I am playing resident evil 4 wii also. I love survival horror and tactical rpg games like Lapucelle tactics, Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and of course Tactics Ogre. Wish I had more time to play games. I usually set aside two days out of the week to get booted and play games hours on end. I must say that RE4 for the wii is prob the second best game of all time. The first being Ocarina. Now if they did Ocarina Wii version I could die happy. I have yet to dive into Twighlight. My gf beat it and loved every minute of it so I know I'm in for a treat. They put trading cards out for twighlight and my gf is going crazy trying to collect them all. So who would you cast in an Ocarina movie. Link-Decaprio Zelda- Alexis Bledel Gannondorf- Vin Diesel -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 23, 2007


You got me on the link and zelda casting. Guess I was just thinking they would pick big names for a movie like zelda.

H.P. on Aug 24, 2007


Ok, heres an idea, im just saying it and you have probably thought about it. But Rob from the trailer has a myspace along with a few other characters from the movie. Now, I think, since the trailer takes place oon 1-18-08, Robs Myspace character doesnt know yet that he is moving to Japan or why. So basically, i think that the Myspace profiles are going to be providing clues and some plot details in the coming months. So keep your eyes on Robs Myspace

dudeman on Aug 24, 2007


Is it just me or do the pictures on the site seem to be getting bigger? I could have sworn that each photo did not take up that much room on the screen. Maybe it's just my imagination.

Cowpattybill on Aug 24, 2007


Check out this link: It says that there is a new line in the trailer that was originally covered over by the roar. I don't know if it's a joke or not. I don't have sound on my computer at work so I don't know what the new line is. Can someone give it a listen and let me know what it says?

Cowpattybill on Aug 24, 2007


Found this: The Slusho Happy Talk page has been updated. All of the saying have been replaced with new ones. There are no new characters, but one interesting note in the code is that the Jellyfish has been renamed to Squid. It seems very likely that all of theses comments are fan submitted (based on the numerous spelling errors), so I wouldn't put too much weight behind their meaning. Here are all of the new sayings: -Slusho!, thanks for bringing joy to my family's life. But what are you all about? -Slusho is a happy time. I like it. I like it. Uh Huh. -How do I get some of that tasty Slusho? I'm so excited to create my OWN amanzing flavor combinations!!! -BLOOP! -This all is very mysterious. Slusho frightens me, but at the same time I want to drink 6 and be the whale. -I Slushoed myself! -Slusho! the world! -Have you thought about a apple or watermelon flavor slusho? -Is there a whale flavored slusho!? -Hello SLUSHO!!! Your drink is wonderful!! Such great water, with much power, it makes me zoom!SLUSHO!! Will make all the people, fish, donkey, and frog very happy!!! -Strawberry and bluberry are my favorites! -You guys rock I am a whale!" -Like the whale that swam up the Thames river .... we want SLUSHO here in London -Thanks for a GREAT night!!!

Cowpattybill on Aug 24, 2007


Is there a specific trailer that has it.

H.P. on Aug 24, 2007


I think you have to watch the YouTube clip. I haven't watched it. I read somewhere else that when the cameraman says something like "Guess you should have left earlier" Rob responds with "Shut up" which I guess is different than before. Previously I guess what he said was drowned out by the monsters roar.

Cowpattybill on Aug 24, 2007


Rob is most def saying shut up.

H.P. on Aug 24, 2007


The trailer was edited by the guy who made this YouTube clip so the question is, did he add in the Shut up or does he have a different trailer (he is in the UK apparently). I noticed the part where Rob's buddy suggests going to the roof is edited out.

Cowpattybill on Aug 24, 2007


Cowpattybill you bring something very interesting to mind. What if every country got different trailers. They seem to be the same, but different things can be heard during the chaos. For example "Shut up" would suggest that Rob is being defensive therefore he has something to hide. We obviously didn't get that clue, but the UK did. When the line "It's huge it's alive" is said in our trailer you can clearly hear a cut off almost like someone says something describing the monster and they didn't want us to hear it. There are a bunch of spots like that throughout the trailer and let's face it the explosions and roaring cover it all up quite nicely. We need to find someone with the UK trailer and compare the two. It's like JJ is putting us back to square one. Things should get interesting in here very soon. Only a matter of time before people start fucking with the audio so let's be extra careful. Horesmen Assemble!!!!

H.P. on Aug 24, 2007


You have a very good point, H.P. People will be releasing fake leads, ones that they themselves edited and created. I think that we need to, as soon as possible, make a full list of links to websites and trailers that we know we can trust. The list can be edited later, if we find a website that is worthy of our trust, but we would need solid proof that the link is indeed related to Cloverfield and is not a false-lead. -Fourth of the Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 24, 2007


Good theory HP but how would they get different trailers in different countries? Aren't they all downloaded from the same website. I don't know of any site where you can download the trailer that was linked to or previously downloaded from the Apple site. Unless you think maybe the different trailers were shown in front of Transformers in the theaters in different countries. If that is the case I don't know how we would get our hands on other trailers unless someone pirated each of them. It is an interesting concept. I think Abrams is devious enough to do that. Worth the research I think.

Cowpattybill on Aug 24, 2007


dont know if anyone has said this idea but what about ancient gods or creatures battling on earth (i know stupid idea right)

Track39 on Aug 25, 2007


i know is probably not a legit site, but it keeps getting interesting, if you look at it now, they have the map of some kind of island i believe, that kinda looks like a taurus or wildabeast, and it has this weird shadow over it, also, if you click on the simble above the map, it will show you this new york times news paper, the letters are ridiculously small, so i couldn't read them

geezer on Aug 25, 2007


I highly doubt that is a legit site. Just checked it out. I did find some interesting things, however... On the main page, called "13152089147 919 239120 920 19551319 09/15/08 (6)", there are two links and the weird picture of the creature (Which I think is what Geezer was talking about above). Click on the symbol above the picture,and you are lead to a page called "20913519" and contains a news article taken from New York Times. I'm not really too sure about this, since I can't zoom in to read any of the words, and it seems to me that the format of the news page is not that of the real New York Times. Click on the page and you open up an e-mail which already has the "Send to:" section filled in with an e-mail address. ""... 666 as in Hell? Get back to this later. If you go back to the main page, and click on the numbers, It brings you to a picture of... windows? The page goes by the name of "2618792112420". The sky in the picture is a light blue, and fades to darker colors to the right. The sides of the windows seem to have carvings in them... not sure what they are. Also, the bottom of the right window looks like it has a head of some sort on it. I am completely clueless about this page. Now, at about the middle, below the "Window" picture, there is another link, called "Demons Can't Decipher This Code". The only thing on this page is a picture with a long string of numbers on it. Reminds me of Pi... Anyways, at first glance, I noticed that there are a lot of 2's in it. Also, there are some sequences, like somewhere in there there's a line of numbers about 40 in length which is repeated in the next line. The only thing that I've found interesting is the "666" in the e-mail address and "Demons Can't Decipher This Code". Both have references to hell. May be important, may not be. I'm not sure. Anyways, I'm not going to be able to go online until Monday Night, because there are family-related events that I need to be present for, and they involve going on a 5-hour road trip to another state. Lucky me... Lol. I'm going to bring a copy of the number string, and do some work on it. Please investigate anything that you see in this page that I don't. Hope this post helps you out. I will be home until around 5oo PM EMT, so I will be looking for responses until then. -Fourth of the Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 25, 2007


if u go to and wait for exactly 6 minutes..u will here a monstrous roar... someone ona a blog already has uploaded the roar on a mp3. the roar sounds pretty weird like if it was more than one monster well check it out scroll down to hear the roar or experience it for yourself

Dan on Aug 25, 2007


holy shit, that roar thing really works, and now i really truly believe the monster is pregnant. that bellow he/she let out sounds like a whale about to give birth. but anyway, i found somethin phenox, don't know if you saw it yet but highlight the top of the window pic on, it says I BEG 12F Y15U, D12 N15T C12NTINUE 15R Y12U WILL BE IN GREAT DANGER! 12 and 15 = o apparently im guessing they used 12 and 15 becuase the 12th letter of the alphabet is L plus 3 more is O and the 15th letter is O and 15-12 is 3 and 3+3 is 6 i personally take this as a clue since there are 3 pics on the site that have the number six on them seems to have six of everything (6 robots, can't drink just six, six navigation buttons etc.) and if you go to the site and wait 6 minutes you can hear the monster's roar (like dan stated)

geezer on Aug 25, 2007


i wish i had something relevant to say, but as i read through all of the comments you guys said it before i could even think it. All these connected sites are crazy, im on the slusho one now. when you roll over the fishy they show pics, someone mentioned them as code words?? cheese, hammer, etc. any more theories on that? and i was wondering, i know everyone has mentioned that they hear someone say "its a lion" or rather; "its alive", in the trailer. why would they say that? if you saw some kind of beast would you say that? of course its alive, that statement doesnt make sense to me. (unless its something that shouldnt be.) anyone? you guys are awesome. i tried to read all the comments but there are soooo many, sorry if this is has already been said/asked/answered.

sara on Aug 26, 2007


ok, sorry, reading more i realized the whole lion/alive has been talked to death. so nevermind. im going to try to email the slusho website. anyone tried that yet??

sara on Aug 26, 2007


anybody thought of the alligators in the new york sewer urban legend? what if "slusho" spilled into the sewere line and made a few gators grow, that would sorta explain how the monster came up threw the ground, but since gators don't roar or walk uprite im gonna dismiss my theory

geezer on Aug 26, 2007


I have been following you guys for some time but i might have missed some stuff. One new thing that i think i noticed was on the slusho page. right clicking on the back ground and pressing play causes it to grow and expand its borders. The line at the bottom "Slusho making fresh improvements just for you" becomes highlighted by the shifting back ground. Using the red or yellow rays some anagrams can be made or possibly something more. Or i just might be seeing things. Any ways i found Shriek Jumps (the shriek of the statue followed by the jumping man) A Offer Smog Volt Stuns Plus thousands of others. most seem to be just gibberish. Let me know if any thing has any validity or if i am not making any sense.

Speedy on Aug 26, 2007


Just took a look at the Rage of the Gods site. On the 666 link, in the page long code, the four digits 1942 appear quite a few times together. Perhaps the year has some meaning to the movie. Also, one of the top headlines on that New York times newspaper deals with a "Japanese freighter" doing something. I can't make out the rest. I'm fairly certain the paper is a mock-up of an issue from the past. Another headline reads something about people being hurt while "motoring". When was the last time that word was used in everyday english? Of course, this site could have nothing to do with Cloverfield anyway, so it could all be nonsense. Anybody consider this: I think there is a definite link in theme between Cloverfield and Godzilla (other than the obvious giant monster aspect). It is widely accepted that the whole blame for Godzilla comes from the U.S. and it's use of nuclear weapons. Now, we have Japan responsible (via Slusho) for creating a monster to wreak havok in the U.S. Another possibility, albeit you would have to discount J.J. Abrams' claim that the monster is original, is that this film is a re-make of Gorgo. Mother monster comes to city to find baby monster pulled from the sea by fishermen. Baby monster is kept in circus (by the way, the "motoring" headline above mentioned the circus. See, anything can be linked with a bit of imagination). Just a thought. Dan, good job finding the six minute roar over at the picture site. I upped my volume and waited, and it took me by surprise even when I was expecting it. Creepy.

Thrawn on Aug 27, 2007


Ok horsemen looks like it was a busy weekend, but really no hard clues popping up. Speedy made an interesting discovery on slusho which is worth checking out. One thing I have a problem with is the roar comparisons. Ill admit it is cool when you find something that sounds like the roar, but honestly I have heard alot of things that sound similar monster wise. When it comes down to it the roar is a good old fashioned monster roar. People over analyzing it in my opinion are wasting time. Sara and speedy got the right idea sticking to slusho. I have a feeling something big will happen on that site very soon. Thrawn your right about JJ turning the tables and making the Japanese villians. Everyone keep up the great work!! Horsemen I would like to see your input on the cuurent state of things soon. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 27, 2007


Interesting developments over the weekend. I wonder how many of them were already there but just hadn't been discovered yet (like the roar on 1-18 and the expanding background on We've said before that the site is probably not associated with the movie but I'm curious what it is promoting. What a way to do it. I think Abrams could learn a thing or to from whoever the owner is. Slowing building suspense, rolling out small changes to the site over time. Quietly spelling something out to us. Quite well done in my opinion. Anyway, it's Monday morningand I was just checking in. I've seen the new developments posted here, now it's time I peruse the information superhighway and see if I can add anything new to what we have here. I like the praise a couple people have given this board. I agree, there is a lot of good stuff here.

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


Okay I found this: They took the audio from the trailer and broke it down into 6 different channels. The links to each channel can be found in the link above. I tried to post them here but if you post more than 3 links in one post then it assumes it is span and doesn't post it. Anyway, I don't have sound so if someone could listen and post the words, at least the more intersting ones it would be much appreciated. Also found out about a new website that seems as though it might be a message board that has been posted to by members of Rob's party. If it's legit then it gives us some back story on the characters. Seems to be alot of discussion on other boards about the background pictures and stuff. I haven't checked it out yet. I will in a little while.

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


Oops. forgot to post link:

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


WOW! I cant type much now but i am reviewingthe info get back here later. Great work everyone good stuff. Rage of the gods is not legit interesting but it is a decepitve website leading up off track. 1-18-08 cool about the roar but H.P is right over thinking the roar. Slusho. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Aug 27, 2007


I did about 5 minutes of looking ont the warbloid site. Just without the /ganu is an aerial photo of some city (NY is presume). If you type you get a security screen that says: "You must have Ganu's dream first" then asks for user name and password. At first I typed it wrong and got a screen that said something like "The average whale is smarter than you, try again". Interesting stuff. I registered as a user but they have to send you a link to your email address first and I haven't received it yet. The site is layed out very interestingly, a different section for each topic. It get the same eery feeling I got when I looked at the myspace profiles, it seems to organized to be fake.

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


There is so much on this website we could spend endless days disecting it and there will be thousands of theories. I almost dread it. I've only looked a little bit. It appears the site has only been up a couple weeks. The posts all seem to be staged. The forums are broken up into different section of the trailer and other online information but the posts in some of the forums have nothing or little to do with the topic. There is one fella who posts the same thing in several areas. He (or she) is romydeejay12 and he posts a picture and says "let the mystery begin...." The picture is of a bull, a mythological winged creature and a fish/snake (maybe an eel) in the shape of circle, biting it's tail with something that looks like red outlined sperm in the middle of the circle.

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


It seems there are a bunch of hidden links here. For example if you type in you get a security log in page but each one has a different saying. Here's what has been found so far. slusho- you will have to take the train overnight- this is when it all happens cloverfield- in cloverfield he finds the truth monstrous- you are getting closer 401broadway- ask a cop for directions 63dregrees- stay cool what comes around goes around alien- in the mist from the water

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


I've been at the site for the past couple of hours, poking around. It looks legit to me. It seems like they are trying to make Rob and friends real people with real lives in our timeline. Any posts indicating the events of the movie or that something will happen on Jan 18th from other posters are either ignored by Rob and friends, met with skepticism, or the person posting is pretty much shut down. Someone mentioned the photos on and Rob responded that they were photshopped nicely Quite interesting. Many comments about Japan, and Slusho, and Rob's trip. Some indication that Beth and Rob are romantically involved and she is very upset about his leaving. There is talk about global warming and many dead whales washing up on shore, particularly in Japan. Lot's of clues I think. Also, during my research I found this: TheParasite from the 1-18-08 News Forums posted this: Email (Edited from original version. Contained personal details). "Cipher, A triangle, and a viral site. That's coming on September first. Not only is this viral marketing going to be the toughest yet, it's supposed to share a similarity with the "The Dark Knight" viral campaign. 1. As you answer the questions, more will be revealed. 2. JJ and Paramount are having a little bout contemplating whether or not to show the monster after you figure the campaign out. 3. More will be revealed about the following: Rob and his marketing. The monster and its origin. Jason. Now, his friend has been right before. So I would believe this. Nick That is all I have for now. That is about all I can do today.

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


The post above refers to the theory that there will be another trailer posted on 9/1/07.

Cowpattybill on Aug 27, 2007


Nice work cowpatty. I been really busy at work so I haven't got a chance to check the site out in depth, but I do believe it to be legit. Way better first impression than the rage site. Maybe I'll post an updated theory later. I encourage others to do the same in light of the new happenings. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Aug 27, 2007


i looked at the site you put up cowpatty. i got internet explorer 7 which uses tabs, and i noticed that the tab for reads "Rikkyaku Eirian It's here It's alive" probably doesn't mean anything, but im gonna look into it

geezer on Aug 27, 2007


ok, when you go to there is a strange looking picture. After studying it and messing around with the brightness I figured out that the wierd light effects are really a picture of a staircase railing. Thats what it looks like. I studied further, and noticed on the top of the railing thing hidden in the wall texture is a creature. Dragon looking with horns. Its hand is on one of the railings also. Im going to try to do a photoshop of this to make it easier to see

dudeman1 on Aug 27, 2007


Just got back from my family trip, and I'd have to say, I'm glad that we have made some progress while I was gone. Good work people, especially Cowpattybill. I commend you on your massive discoveries. I'm now doing a scan through, and I'm not sure what to make of it just yet. But still, your efforts should not go un-noticed. Thank you. First thing I noticed was the only link on the entire page. If you press tab on Mozilla or IE, you can see where all the links are. The only link on the page is on an island to the right, and it seems to be on a building or a certain, specific part of the island. I think someone should look into where this place is, and what place or thing is located where the link is. In fact, I'm going to go on Google Earth right now and see what I can get. Just thought I'd throw it out there. -Fourth Horseman, Phenox1707-

Phenox1707 on Aug 27, 2007


The most irritating person on the warbloid site is flipboitamidles. He has a picture from the trailer with two characters from the slusho website but he jumps into every conversation with some"what are you talking about" defense. I don't think he's part of the party crew but he pretends he is.

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


theres a new picture on the , its a pic of what looks like a park entrance, you can see a statue of an angel like creature in the background along with some people in front of it. and in front of all that is a very very blury person, it looks like the person was moving pretty fast when the pic was taken, im not sure if there is a link between the staircase pic and this pic though

geezer on Aug 28, 2007


I don't think the person was moving fast, I think it was a time lapse photo, or a slow shutter speed. Probably a name for that but I'm no photographer.

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


Also, the whereisjason site now says: Good Afternoon, well since you asked..... Jason will be leaving the office around now.

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


Where is that picture from. What part of the trailer? Also, whereisjason now says: Good Afternoon, well since you asked..... Jason will be on his way home from the office at present.

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


This is weird. At first, we're all in a stale mate. We don't know what to do next, and we even start talking about zombie movies. Now, only a few days later, there are so many things to look into that I can't keep track. The man in the new picture can't be moving fast in my opinion. It looks to me like he is standing still, or just walking. Plus, if he was moving really fast, it usually shows some sort of trail where he moved from, or something to that effect. It looks to me like he is phasing, or perhaps fading away or something. I may be horribly off, but it's just my thoughts. As to, maybe the message changes by time or something? Or maybe they're changing it to throw us off...? -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 28, 2007


Everyone is missing the most important info on warbloid. Slusho comes from whales. This changes everything.

H.P. on Aug 28, 2007


i captured the photo right before the camera cuts to rob and he says "i dont know im like your main dude" if you watch the trailer at and go frame from frame you can clearly see it

geezer on Aug 28, 2007


HP - I caught that info about the whales but didn't think it that important. There seems to be some strong references to global warming and whales dying and that this has some impact on slusho. The site does keep changing. Now it says: Good Evening, well since you asked..... Jason is probably at home at present. I only keep mentioning it because it was part of his profile at the site. Again, I don't know if it's legit or not, my guess is not, but I thought I would keep tabs on it just in case. As for the still from the trailer. I'm convinced that there are no hidden images in it. I think there are clues from the items in it but not hidden images (like the demon seen between the hair of the two girls in the photo on the website - which has been proven earlier that it is the same girl photoshopped into two). Do we know what city it is in the aerial photo on the warbloid splash page?

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


It's no big deal, Cowpattybill. In fact, we need all of the hints/clues we can get, and could be a key part, for all we know. As for the City on warbloid, I'm not sure. I scanned through all of New York yesterday, and didn't see anything like it. I'm going to scan through Japan today, though. All I know for certain is the picture was in fact a screenshot from Google Earth. The way the buildings and the boats surrounding the islands are shown closely resemble that from Google Earth. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 28, 2007


Someone found a couple more - Find a place to hide - the drink that satisfies whereisjason now says: Funny time to be asking, but since you asked..... Jason is at home. Good-night!

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


Definition of libation (according to –noun 1. a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity. 2. the liquid poured out. 3. Often Facetious. a. an intoxicating beverage, as wine, esp. when drunk in ceremonial or celebrative situations. b. an act or instance of drinking such a beverage.

Cowpattybill on Aug 28, 2007


damn i have been gone for a while dont have time to read everything tho but can som just pot real quick on wats new has happend?? new sites?? etc

bam on Aug 28, 2007


This new site seems to have some great potentials but i am conserned with its authenticity. In psychology there is something called Hind sight bias. We have to keep our eyes open for other sites and search the ones we know. Personally i say sit back and wait. I have a feeling it might be fake. The connections are just to easy to be made. Everything we find is something that we already knew. Keep searching it for now. By the way how was the sight discovered? Is their any proof that it is related to 1-18-08? Does it have any new information? not something we already new. Remember Hind sight is 20/20

Speedy on Aug 28, 2007


Also about 24 seconds into the trailer there is a couple of bottles of wine on a wall-rack. Butt they are upside down. Just shootig for the starts, but perhaps Cloverfield Wine? I cant tell, just throwin it out there

dudeman1 on Aug 28, 2007


Hey bam I would read posts 870-919. Should pretty much bring you up to speed. Nice to see a fellow horsemen back in the mix. --------]=4HORSEMEN=[---------

H.P. on Aug 29, 2007


Wow dudeman1, how did you figure out where the arial picture was from? I spend probably 1/2 hour using Google Earth looking all around New York and Japan and I couldn't find it. You found it through a NASA page. How did you do that? I think the word Cloverfield originated because I read that it is the street name that his offices are on. I don't think it has anything to do with wine. I think the libation word might have something to do with Slusho. I think the warbloid site is legit. I think that the characters are set up there and are in our timeline so things will progress towards Rob leaving in January. I think there are some people in there that will help drop some clues from time to time (the site admins) and a few who are pretending to be a part of it (flipboitamidles) and then the rest of us. It is puzzling that all the questions as seem to just hint at the big white elephant in the room (the 1-18-18 movie) but nobody comes right out and says, "hey there's a big white elephant in the room. How did it get here and why can't you see it?" The site seems to have some new information that we didn't previously have. I think things like global warming, whales dying, ships sinking, places in Japan that Rob will visit, are all clues. That's my $0.02

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


whereisjason now says: Good Afternoon, well since you asked..... Jason is at the office at the moment and will be going ice-skating after work.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


Just thought of something. I know it has been thought of before, but I don't remember it being discredited. At about 1:26 into the movie, you can hear a few people saying "Where's Jason?" and "Can anybody see Jason?". Obviously, is a reference to that part of the trailer. This makes me think that this website is important somehow. Maybe the part where it says "Jason is..." is important, since that part is indeed the only part that constantly changes... Just a thought. -The Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 29, 2007


I assume the where's Jason dialogue is from the trailer. Is it from the one of the separate audio tracks linked above in post #890? I was hoping, since I have no audio, that someone would post the dialogue that was revealed in these separate audio tracks but no one has done that yet. I guess I will have to use a friends computer that has sound. I guess the validity of the whereisjason site depends on the validity of the profiles mentioned in post 901. I will keep tabs on it though. Currently it says: Good Evening, well since you asked..... Jason has finished work for the day and is currently ice-skating.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


I have a few things to say about your theory, H.P., although it is a good base to work off of. 1. Rob is one of the people asking where Jason is when they are on the streets in the trailer, so Jason had to be at the party, at least once. 2. "JJthulhu"... That supposed to be JJ Abrams and Cthulhu mixed, I take it... right? 3. If you are right about the awakening of JJthulhu, then Japan wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret. Think about it... how did Google Earth come to be? The US takes pictures of the entire planet from satellites in space. Either JJthulhu would be detected by them, or radar from passing ships or airplanes from other countries. 4. How do you know that the monster is seen only six times? 5. Where did you come up with the donkey/whale/frog/bird/squid hybrid?? 6. Is that supposed to be a Sword at the bottom? Lol Other than that, I think it's good. Good job. =) -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Aug 29, 2007


I think I can answer those questions Phenox. It only appears 6 times because the number six has been a recurring theme in many clues. It's a donkey, whale, frog, bird, squid hybrid because these have all been animals included in clues (think slusho website). I agree with you about Japan being wiped out and not being detected. Can't be done. I like HP's theory, it includes many of the ideas thrown about so far. It doesn't mention anything about multiple creatures (although smaller) tearing up the city or perhaps zombies of some kind. I never thought that slusho might be served at the party. Makes sense. That is probably what Rob is drinking in the photo on the website. That would explain why the significance of the photo.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


Just having fun, but I will answer a fellow horsemen's questions. 1. He could be playing dumb in light of the information he recieved from Jason last minute. 2. That's my official name for the monster. Your right it is a mix. 3. The U.S. knows what is happening, but of course they would cover it up. 4. Six shows up a number of times in the viral marketing. Most of the clues have to do with the monster I assume. 5. Those animals show up on slusho. 6. Yeah I'm playing D&D tactics and felt inspired enough to bust out some artwork from my MS DOS days. Remember those text based RPG's. -Horsemen for life-

H.P. on Aug 29, 2007


Good Evening, well since you asked..... Jason will be at home about now.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


whereisjason says: Good Evening, well since you asked..... Jason will be at home about now.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


Wasn't there supposed to be a new trailer coming out with the movie Stardust? Where the hell is it?

HulkingUp on Aug 29, 2007


I found something intersting on warbloid site. Part of a message posted by Robby (Rob Hawkins) was: I've ask for it at in a few different places down on Canal, but nobody has it yet. It was in reference to the different flavors. I posted: Robby, you said 'I've ask for it at in a few different places down on Canal, but nobody has it yet' What and where is 'Canal'? We'll see if I get a response.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


Okay, got a bit of chill going down my spine at the moment. I found the area indicated on the warbloid splash page on Google Earth. I noted where the link is on the splash page (indicated by Phenox1707 in post 906). I zoomed in on that area in Google Earth. It appears to be a building that has some Japanese characters on it. I don't know how to decipher them so I will leave that up to someone else. Again, if you zoom into the general area indicated by the link on the splash page you will see blue building in the corner right near the water. Just East of it there is another squarish building (3 to 5 stories high it looks). On the top of building are 4 characters. What do they represent? This could be a clue.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


I guess I should specify that in Google Earth I typed in Tokyo, Japan and it took me right there.

Cowpattybill on Aug 29, 2007


The monster launches smaller squid parasites which infect people. The black stuff people throw up is ink. The small squid hosting in the human allows it to navigate and infect others in a more agile way. The squid eventually grow after bonding with a whale. They only bond with humans who have had slusho. The ones that don't have slusho in thier bodies get eaten by the parasite.

H.P. on Aug 29, 2007


I know! Saturday We zOOM! Soon i can be my own Whale!

ABZ3293 on Aug 29, 2007


speaking of replicas of the statue of liberty...i wonder how many there are. i know there are a few. i wonder if its six...

infinity on Aug 30, 2007


H.P. on Aug 30, 2007


That has got to be some kind of clue. The statue of liberty on this island depicted in the warbloid splash page photo as well as New York. HP, I love what you added to your plot synopsis in post 940. Sounds good to me. whereisjason says: Good Afternoon, well since you asked..... Jason is working from home today.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


Phenox1707, what is with the blue rectangle in your picture?

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


In Google Earth I found the statue of liberty. I am no good at posting pictures but I can tell you that it is North West of the building with the Japanese letters on it, on the waters edge. It is almost due south of the elbow in the bridge that connects the island to the mainland, to the right of an orangey colored walkway. You have to zoom in to around 800ft to see it. Greenish blob on a white hexagon platform.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


Guys wiki Bloop. Very important stuff!!!!! Wonder who edits that page.

H.P. on Aug 30, 2007


Wikipedia says this about the number of replicas of the Statue of Liberty: Hundreds of other Statues of Liberty have been erected worldwide. During the 1950s and 60s, the Boy Scouts of America worked hard to donate replicas of Lady Liberty to small towns across America. There is a sister statue in Paris and several others elsewhere in France; they also exist in Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, and Vietnam; one existed in Hanoi during French colonial days. There are replicas in theme parks and resorts, including the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on the Strip, replicas created as commercial advertising, and replicas erected in U.S. communities by patriotic benefactors, including no less than two hundred donated by Boy Scout troops to local communities

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


BTW, I got a response to my question on warbloid but not by Rob. My answer came for cjthedj and he/she said: canal street in NYC C.J. I looked on Google Earth and discovered that Canal St and Broadway intersect. If I recall correctly, Broadway is the street that the head of the SOL come rolling down. There is a big sign on one of the buildings in the trailer that says 401 (which is right near Canal street). Don't know if it means anything but I look putting things together, even if they don't amount to anything.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


401 is the area code for Rhode Island. Rhode Island is where the Cthulhu Mythos was concieved. It is the OCEAN state (I live in Rhode Island). Just thought I would throw that out there.

H.P. on Aug 30, 2007


Does anyone know where the picture at is taken at? I tried to search the internet looking for a picture of the statue in the background and couldn't find anything. Perhaps if we could figure that out we might have another clue.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


Some more warbloid links: /011808 - (contains a picture of a spotlight or flash of light and a building) /thetrain- 53 meters /underthebridge- (something is suppose to be here but it doesnt load properly) I didn't find these, I got them off one of the posts on the warbloid site.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


Apparently the picture at is a picture of Rob at Columbs Circle. I Google Earth'd it and that does appear to be the place. It is one of the corners of Central Park.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


I had heard the bloop thing mentioned before in other boards but didn't do much research into it. I have now and find it interesting as well. Perhaps that will be used in the movie.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


A theory that I just read about on the warbloid site suggested that 1-18-08 is not the date that "IT" happens. It could really just be the date the movie is released. The fact that everyone is dressed lightly and have tans, there is no snow on the ground. Seems to be a summery type evening. This makes sense unless the hints about global warming have something to do with it. I must admint, I hadn't considered this theory before.

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


Finally, a somewhat direct answer on the warbloid site. Since I started checking it out there have been random questions asked by visitors that pertained to the movie. So far everyone (the admins and the cast) have been playing stupid pretending they know nothing about the movie. One person in particular starting asking why if they new nothing about the movie, is the forum setup with sections that pertain to the movie. Here is the questioning: - Hey brother, there are no stupid questions. Direct or not, you can ask away. _________________ Des (site admin) - are the times in the Time forum important? _________________ kain - they're the timestamps on the photos over at _________________ god - duh. _________________ kain - Yes, the times are important and they will become more important in the future. _________________ Disraeli (site admin)

Cowpattybill on Aug 30, 2007


Ummmmm....that sounds like Sin from Final Fantasy X. I'm not buying it.

Craig on Aug 30, 2007


Jason lives in Japan and works for slusho. He pulls strings and gets Rob(his little brother a job) Jason was supposed to return to be there at the surprise party. Rob and Jason have been exchanging over the phone and through emails for quite some time. Jason tells Rob he won't make the party due to the recent developments of JJthulhu awakening and destroying Hokkaido(a slusho link at this point is unknown) nobody is allowed to leave. Jason doesn't tell anyone else and just lets most friends think he is still showing. Some people know and some don't. The main characters know and the minor characters don't. Rob knows there is no way he is going to Japan, but doesn't wanna tell anyone because at this point Japan is covering things up. Jason sends slusho mix a couple days prior to beth who then makes drinks with it at Rob's party. Due to the total lack of slusho in the states JJthulhu is attracted to New York City. That's my theory so far. As for the monster I believe it to be a donkey, whale, frog, bird, squid hybrid. Extremely terrifying and only seen a total of six times in the movie. The monster launches smaller squid parasites which infect people. The black stuff people throw up is ink. The small squid hosting in the human allows it to navigate and infect others in a more agile way. The squid eventually grow after bonding with a whale. They only bond with humans who have had slusho. The ones that don't have slusho in thier bodies get eaten by the parasite. Like the squid it's worst enemy is the whale. Slusho comes from whales. If people ingest more than six in becomes hard to get out of the system therefore allowing more hosting time for the squid parasites. I think the reason Rob is the main dude is because he has been getting Slusho from Jason. For whatever reason legality or maybe an embargo slusho is not attainable in the states. It's a Japan exclusive. Basically everyone at the party has had slusho from Rob. It's a party drink. It makes you happy all the time, cures diseases, and just overall improves living. Sounds like something the U.S, would ban. Since Jason works in the slusho factory he can get it in powder form. -That's all a got for now hope you guys enjoy it- 4Horsemen ==[======>

Howard Phillips on Aug 30, 2007


So... you're basically saying that Slusho has drugs in it or something? Cause that could be a very good thought...

Phenox1707 on Aug 30, 2007


It could be something the whale is eating. Maybe it's some weird space parasite the whales are eating in JJthulhu's lost city. Then the slusho scientists extract it from the whales.

H.P. on Aug 30, 2007


About one billion (yes billion) years ago, life on Earth was still at the multi-cell level and they remained mostly in their habitat. One of the organisms was more passive and preferred a symbiotic relationship for their survival. Another (and there were more) was more aggressive and preferred to control larger beings for their survival. Back then, the world had only one continent. The two organisms were separated, for the most part, by land. But the aggressive organism had developed a taste for the passive one and tried to feed on it as often as possible by going around the land mass. Until a cataclysmic event changed things, burying most of the ancient organisms under the oceans. The surviving organisms either died off or evolved (later becoming humans and what not). Fast forward to present day and we have Japan discovering the passive organisms buried off their coast and eventually came to the conclusion that the American continents (North and South) had drifted over the aggressive organisms (more on them later) during the past billion years. Japanese scientists begin studying this passive organism and find that it is a perfect nourishment supplement to humans. Grown in an agricultural field on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields. The scientists learn that these organisms are beneficial symbiotic parasites that give us additional nourishment and make us feel happy. Thus humans and the parasites become one. They are kept cold to prevent them from dying from exposure until they are introduced into their host. Thus the development of the awesome and delicious drink – Slusho! (It makes me happy). Rob is a college graduate who has been hired by Slusho and has just accepted an offer to work in their technologies division in Japan. Rob also knows the basics of the organism, the story that Slusho “invented” as a marketing campaign and has recently been informed that the scientists have found trace amounts of the aggressive organism. Whabam (Not Mine, i know a scource) This aggressive organism likes to pool up into a larger being, control it, own it, even change it. It also eats the smaller passive organism much the same way a whale will eat plankton. Slusho is now one of the most popular drinks. In it’s own right it is a tasty meal that does not add fat and is proven to be healthy with claims that it cures cancer and many other diseases. Slusho and it’s by-products are now being flushed (literally) into the sewer systems and drained out to sea by way of urine, fecal matter and just straight unconsumed Slusho. This builds up on the ocean floor and eventually awakens a very hungry and aggressive organism. This aggressive organism, hungry and well, aggressive, follows the sewer trail back to New York and emerges through the sewers breaking and igniting a natural gas pipeline in it’s effort to feed on the passive organism, which is now us.

dudeman1 on Aug 30, 2007


I posted that in#792. I believe it to be from a bogus source.

H.P. on Aug 31, 2007


/slusho has now changed to the brooklyn bridge.

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


More new changes on the warbloid site. /video - apparently used to say "you havent mixed your flavor yet" but now doesn't work again /underthebridge -(shows a pic of a sign that reads 224600) /401broadway - (shows pic of building) - I've read that the building is on fire but for some reason I can't see that part of it. It was suggested to look at it full screen which I tried but still couldn't see anything to indicate it was on fire.

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


Here are all the links that now have pictures (I thought it easier to put them all together than spread across several posts) /011808 - spotlight with building in background /401broadway - building - apparently on fire /underthebridge - sign reading 2246000. Green sign attached to what looks to me like a cement support column of a bridge /slusho - the brooklyn bridge at night

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


Hmmm.... Odd post on the warbloid site. Seems a bit of a puzzle. Des (site admin) says: We miss many things every day. There's always more to find, but if I might offer a word of advice, don't be foolish and loose site of the moment. For most of us it's all we have. Kirk (not sure if he's part of the movie or not, I don't think so) says: The moment and the past. Memories are important, too. emperorql (who I believe to be part of cast) says: Seems like the train will take me somewhere My question is Who am I Where am I going From Honshu to Hokkaido I have tried but find myself coming back to MacDougal to Broadway Cheers Anyone make anything of it? It appears that it might have something to do with the username/password screens that pop up.

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


H.P. on Aug 31, 2007


Already had that one posted back in #896

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


On the warbloid site I asked Rob when he was leaving for Japan. His response was: I was suppose to leave on the 18th of January, but I just found out that it might be delayed a day or two. Thanks for the frequent flyer offer but the company is paying for everything.

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


So anyone know the user name and password for the warbloid site

Tom on Aug 31, 2007


I have to share something that I thought was really funny. I've been saying for awhile now that flipboitamidles is a fake on the warbloid site. I finally called him out and got this private message from him: "ahahahaha u caught me! lol, but don't tell anyone else, trying to act normal because maybe the people who made this forum might slip something to me, who knows " To this I responded: "Sure, I'll play along. Although I'm sure the people who created the site know your not with them so I'd be surprised if they slip anything." His reply was: "lol yeah thats true. so are you trying to get some answers? because i c you going around asking questions lol" His comment made me laugh I must say. I haven't replied yet but my thought is, why would I ask questions if I didn't want answers? Anyway, just thought I would share. I have a new question on the board asking JJ who he works for. I'm hoping to add credibility to HP's plot synopsis.

Cowpattybill on Aug 31, 2007


i got bored tonite and decided to decipher the katakana symbols on the page i got this on the downloads button the first symbol means "da" the second is "u" the third is "n" the fourth is "ro" the 5th one is a soundmark symbol (don't really know how they use the soundmark) the sixth one is "do" on the store button the first one is either "shi" the second one is "yo" the third one is "tsu" the fourth one is "pu" on the happy talk button the first is "ha" the second is "tsu" the thrid is "pi" the fourth is another soundmark symbol the sixth is "to" the seventh is also a sound mark symbol the eigth is "ku" on the flavors button the first is "fu" the second is "re" the third is another sound mark symbol the fourth is "ba" and the fifth is another soundmark thats all i could really find, the history and customer feedback sections were too difficult (i was too lazy to find them)

geezer on Sep 1, 2007


Hey i was searching for more stuff about 1-18-08 and found this if you go there, on the article they have a new image or trailer poster of 1-18-08 which is pretty small but it looks like the hand of the statue of liberty buried underground on top of the image it says " Run.Fast" with 1-18-08 at the bottom of the image dont know if this was photoshopped or not but the image looks legit so check it out n lets see what develops from this

Dan on Sep 2, 2007


^^^^^Nevermind ^^^^ the pic is indeed fake but it is well done lol sry guys

Dan on Sep 2, 2007


Man, I was hoping I'd come back today and find this board at post # 1200 with all kinds of new and interesting things discovered, solved, etc. Unless there are huge developments I won't have the time I had last week to tear up the net looking for every little scrap of info I can find. The work I'm paid to do suffered and I can't let that happen again this week. Good luck, I will stay tuned in here and will treasure hunt on my lunch and when things are slow. - Cowpattybill - friend of the 4 horsemen.

Cowpattybill on Sep 4, 2007


I hear ya CowPatty. You are the horsemen's #1 dedicated advisor in my eyes. I can always count on you or geezer for feedback. Seems like we might have a guild on our hands here. Let's see what develops and then work together. I will be analyzing old clues in the meantime. - The 4 Horsemen -

H.P. on Sep 4, 2007


an attorney named Lori N. Boatright has registered a trademark for the title Overnight, and this just happens to be the same Lori Boatright who did the same for the trademarks protecting Abrams' Bad Robot production company, as well as a pair of slogans thought to be connected with the upcoming movie. Translation? It seems like a pretty safe bet that 1-18-08/Cloverfield is actually going to be called Overnight -- or that someone wants to make a bunch of hyper-caffeinated movie afficionados think that's what it'll be called, which would be sort of a mean trick, but also very funny.

dudeman1 on Sep 4, 2007


Lori N Boatright sounds like a code name. Overnight sounds like a code as well. Let's face it everything happening is not straight forward. I have heard the overnight theory more times than I care to. Everyone claims they now of an attorney registering rights. Its all just misleading.

H.P. on Sep 4, 2007


ok, wtf. I just went to and was messin with t eh pictures. I was on the one taken at 12:04 and clicked and jerked my mouse. THe picture flips over and says "Robbie, Here use this photo to send a messege of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gunna miss the hell out of ya!! Love Jamie (heart heart)" GO Try it. THe pictures flip over with a nice jerk of the mouse at

dudeman1 on Sep 4, 2007


Ok, the pictures at 1-18-08 can be fliped over by clicking on them and sorta jerking the mouse. Two of the pictures have messages on the back. The on at 12:01 of Rob geteting a shot poured down his mouth says "Dont Forget who takes care of you! Love J" Then the one taken at 12:04 says " Lascano, platte and Robby - Jan 2008 Here use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gunna miss the hell out of ya!! Love Jamie" All the pictures flip, those two have messages on the back, go check it out. Totally accidently found that out. GO

dudeman1 on Sep 4, 2007


sorry, i think that may have been old news. Got excited

dudeman1 on Sep 4, 2007


Yes, that's VERY old news. No problem though. Nice to know someone is still poking through the ashes looking for warm coals (meaning that the 1-18-08 website has been scoured mercilessly for clues). The ability to flip the pictures has actually become sort of a joke where every few days someone on a board will post something like, "hey did you know that you can flip the pictures if you shake them" and everyone gets a little chuckle. The Overnight trademark is pretty old new too. But hey, at least you haven't given up like most people seem to have. Keep up the good work dudeman1.

Cowpattybill on Sep 4, 2007


yeah, what can I say, I didnt even see the trailer until mid august so im some what behind.

dudeman1 on Sep 4, 2007


Looks like someone was going in the same direction I was. I found a post of someone who did some research on the buildings in the area of the picture on warbloid splash page. It seems some of the buildings in the area (and possibly the one indicated by the link on the splash page - which may or not be the one with Japanese writing on top) belong to the Asagami Corporation. Their website is: Seems they specialize in warehousing, 3rd party logistics, transportation, harbor services, and printing services. Don't know if that helps us at all but there it is.

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


See it's shit like this that pisses me off. Never give your social security out online. NEVER. For all we know it could be spam. I can wait to see the movie. No movie is gonna make me hand out my social. If someone wants to gamble it then fine, but this horsemen is not falling for it. -Horsemen 4 life-

H.P. on Sep 5, 2007


I believe it's BS anyway. I tried to do what he talked about and I didn't see any words. Nor did someone else who posted after him.

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


The splash page changed. It now looks like a close up of a painting of an apple on a yellow background. I'm sure that's not what it is but that was my first impression.

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


/slusho is no longer a picture. It is now a security screen again but it now says "Seven" /401broadway now says "The door is closed" /underthebridge now say "It's coming" /011808 now says "Time is not an option"

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


/cloverfield still has the security screen but for me it automatically filled in the User name with "thecop" and had a password. I clicked okay but didn't do anything but wipe out the password. I don't remember ever trying thecop as a password so I don't think it was remembering it from a past try. Does anyone else get the same thing?

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


I find it odd on the warbloid site, and maybe I just don't understand how it works, but on the main page it shows Topic = Try This and shows that it has 11 pages and 105 replies yet when you click on it, it only shows 6 pages and 51 replies. Are the other ones deleted or do I have some kind of option triggered that only shows some posts? I'm asking because what if there were 105 replies but half of them were removed by admins because they were too offensive or maybe they gave away too much information. Any thoughts?

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


Okay, warbloid splash page. Definitely buildings in the background. It is night, there are lights on in the buildings. The yellow color is mist or fog or something like that. If someone had some software that would allow you to mess with the contrast, or color or whatever you might be able to more clearly see whatever the purply/red/blackish blob thing is. It might be a person, it might be a raptor-like creature, who knows.

Cowpattybill on Sep 5, 2007


I cant get the splash page to load anything... damn

dudeman1 on Sep 5, 2007


and with that all cap thing from "ROB" I have watched the trailer over and over frame by frame trying to analyze and find something new since i saw it. (I get bored and drunk alot) and I have never seen any hidden words pop up. So, im going to label "Rob" as someone trying to get attention and start something

dudeman1 on Sep 5, 2007


what splash page, if i may ask? just about everything has a security screen now. p.s. you go cowpattybill...on a roll! 🙂

Denisse on Sep 5, 2007

898 is the splash page ( Think) and theres suppose to be a new image there, but i cant see anything. Its just blank for me

dudeman1 on Sep 5, 2007


blank for me too.

Denisse on Sep 5, 2007


I think something is going to be revealed on Friday. JJ said he was releasing something in september. And Im just fallowing along and taking hints, but when you go to it says SEVEN. This friday is the 7th, and new movies come out on fridays. So maybe a new trailer...

dudeman1 on Sep 5, 2007


According to such websites as and and more, there’s a highly speculative rumor that 1-18-08 director Matt Reeves is considering naming the movie “Wreck.” Just another rumor and possible codename. Just read about it, thought I would share. Again, Probably just another code name, IF anything

dudeman1 on Sep 5, 2007


the warbloid page is blank for me also. anyway, me and a few of my friends are going to make a second 1-18-08 trailer of our own on friday. i already made a mini script and got the materials but im having second thoughts on script, if anybody has a good idea for a script or wants to read the script i already have, let me know

geezer on Sep 5, 2007


i found this post on a 1-18-08 blog..check it out ___________________________________________ Insiders Guide To Cloverfield/1-18-08/Slusho A post on the Cloverfield IMDB forums has revealed inside information on the new JJ Abrams monster film. Usually, these posts are full of wild ideas with way too elaborate details on the movie. This guy, however, has filed a basic and logical summary of the movie. Essentially, the post tells of how the producers got in over their heads on a real basic action film. Fan frenzy diverted time and resources to rewrites and trying to live up to the hype. Below is the post in its entirety. (Potential Spoilers Warning!) "So before I go any further... If you don't want to know the details of the movie.. than don't read after this point.. I won't give away everything.. but just certain things we've all been wondering. IT IS LONG AND I APOLOGIZE, BUT I WANTED TO GIVE AS MUCH INFO AS I CAN.... So.. basically I came across this board and found a lot of interesting theories and many ridiculous ones as well.. I myself became a a fan of the trailer and (like many of you) have been trying to and out what this movie is about. As a member of the entertainment industry.. I was finally able to crack someone (a friend I trust) inside into giving me at least some details...(No, it's not J.J or Reeves or someone big.. but he/she does work and has been on set of the movie... And since he/she, like anyone working on the movie, are on a strict gag order, I figure I will post this as my own "THEORY" in order to protect him/her. So this is my "THEORY" So basically the trailer created a phenomenon that J.J and the producers never thought it would. After the buzz from the media and Internet about the mysterious trailer, J.j saw this as a great marketing ploy to create even more buzz over this small little film. Yes! this movie was originally intended to just be a nice cult classic that monster movie lovers would like. This is, in fact, your basic monster movie with an American touch. It is no secret that J.J is a fan of monster movies and wanted to make America have it's own monster... There is a problem though.... THE MONSTER: The monster is not American at all.... The monster did go through its infancy and grew up under the Atlantic, but its origin, like Godzilla, came from Japan. This is where the Slusho reference comes from. Slusho does have a part in the movie, but is not as significant as people would think. It plays a small role in the beginning of the movie as to the origin of the monster. This was as much info on the monster as I can get... the reason for this is because no, including cast and crew has actually seen the monster. I don't even think J.J knows what the final monster will look like.. that is being kept very secret... The monster will be entirely in CGI where, indeed, most of the films budget will go.... There weren't even any animatronic hands or feet on set which implies that there will be no real/direct contact with the monster and cast (unless it's all CGI)..... And as for the theories of multiple monsters... NO.. sorry, it is only one gigantic monster. To conclude, it is not Godzilla, A lion, Voltron, Rampage.. or any of the other monsters people have been thinking... it will be original and it will be a Creature of some sort (not robot)... they are still working on what it will actually look like.. THE PLOT: So, again, I could only get so much info on the topic... But basically this film has seen more rewrites than... well.. whatever other movie has seen a lot of rewrites... a lot basically. Originally the entire film was all destruction from beginning to end, J.J wanted all action, all the time. It was, like I said, your basic Monster movie, no real plot, as long as people die and te monster destroys a lot of stuff... But after the buzz over the trailer, the producers felt that there needed to be more to the story than just things blowing up... so the rewrites began.. but there was only so much they can do.... They did give a little bit on Rob and Beth and they're crushes.. and a little bit on the brother and friends.. but for the most part. .there's no real character development in this movie... And so... the myspaces were created to give the characters a little more back story.. this way, true fans will know much about the characters when the film finally does release... but those who only have seen the trailer and never took anything out of it than another monster movie and won't get much back story on the characters... since the plan is to make most of the movie about the destruction... Though... the monster will not truly be revealed until about 30 minutes in to the movie... THE STYLE: Though many feel that the movie will consist of home video to give it a more "real" effect.. this is not true... The film will be shot the way we see any other movie (we'll call it Film Look) but will have parts in home video, like the trailer. In fact, what we see in the trailer is in the movie, but there are "Film Look" scenes in between that we haven't seen. As much as some people would like to see a Blair Witch style movie with this film... it simply doesn't work... everything would be too shaky and the audience will be too bored with the handheld... and if the film was shot that way.... it would suggest that, like Blair witch, the monster would be difficult to see or not seen at all.. which would not satisfy the audience.. and So I guess we get the best of both worlds with both styles integrated... Plus... who holds on to a camera the hole time..It's just not believable.... THE SITES: So the official sites are still and no warbloid or rage of the gods....though Slusho doesn't have that big of a part in the movie, it does have the most clues as to the origins of the monster...but I don't know, my friend doesn't know... but some one knows what they're doing.. but it's too confusing and frustrating to crack the "codes" so to speak.. And then there's There are still only 5 pictures with two of them having messages.... There are no real clues in these pictures.. I'm sorry.. The pictures were put up there as more teasers as to what happened that you a time frame. There are no hidden messages and if they are.. we'll never find out until the movie comes out... But Good news... the producers are listening to the fans who are frustrated with the mystery and know that you can only hold out for so long... A reason for this is was the lousy roar that was inserted 6 minutes into staying on the site... the producers found out that you guys were outraged that a new picture or some form of information was giving.. it was just a roar.. so they want to make up for it... TITLES and NEW TRAILERS: So everyone has been wondering what the title will be... and you are no different from the producers... when production began.. the film still didn't have a title... Cloverfield, Slusho, Etc. were just working titles (I'm sure we all knew that) But J.J really, really wanted to get the trailer out in time for the release of Transformers since he's smart and knows that it will be seen a lot with a blockbuster like that... So what do they do... they push it with no title and what they had shot already.. hence... we all saw what some have said to be the greatest trailer ever made.. though it was all pretty much a fluke by J.J for not having a title ready... not to say that they didn't know what they were doing... I'm sure they wanted the movie to seem mysterious.. but there was not title to release at the point... And if that weren't enough.. they did decide to release the title at Comicon..but after the poster leak fiasco.... they scratched it and went back to the drawing board... It was going to be Monstrous (and they saved themselves by releasing other posters with other adjectives)... but because of the leak.. they decided to change it again... soon Overnight and Parasite were scratched and the newest "weak" title "Wreck" will soon be scratched... For some reason J.J wants to keep the title one word.. it's like his thing (Alias, Lost).. and not very elaborate titles.. just basic words... but I dunno if we'll be happy with the final title...but as for now.. they're still working on it.. Which leads to the new trailer that will soon come out that will AGAIN have no title!!!! What is up with that.. give it a title already!!.. But the new trailer will consist of actual scenes related to the aftermath of the first trailer.. This includes Rob among other friends struggling to get away from the monster (which won't be shown of course.. again)... ad find themselves at a first aid center where (as I have seen on previous posts on the new trailer).. will have "infected people".. but no.. this will not be a monster/zombie movie.. the infection is a result from a mysterious ooze that comes from the monster.. upon contact.. they get sick and may look like zombies.. but do not hunt for brains... It just makes them look like crap for some reason.. So that's my theory.. I'm sure I left some stuff out.. but I can only remember so much.... So, personally, I don't think the movie will live up to the hype.. I think we all wanted a little bit more out of this movie.. but we'll soon find out that the phenomenon was basically a fluke which went to the producers advantage.. and now we're left with the obsession of trying to find out what this movie is about and they're struggling to try and live up to the hype.. it's just a big mess.. " [...original post]

Dan on Sep 6, 2007


Personally I think that theory is boring and makes for a shitty movie. JJ should take cues from my theory post #967 and if he doesnt then Ill make it a friggin movie. We know the guy can write so why would anyone believe that he is having problems developing a script.

H.P. on Sep 6, 2007


jj is not the writer, he's the producer

--*apples*-- on Sep 6, 2007


What is it? I wanna know. I hope its not Godzilla

Unknown on Sep 6, 2007


Yeah I goofed it's goddard.

H.P. on Sep 6, 2007


wow warbloid was fake!

Denisse on Sep 6, 2007


Yes, lol Fuckers

dudeman1 on Sep 6, 2007


Pretty good job, they must had put some work into faking everyone out. They are laughing at everyone right now. Good Game I guess.

dudeman1 on Sep 6, 2007


MESSAGE off of reads: Rikkyaku Eirian It's Here It's Alive Baka ga atte riko ga hikitatsu went live on August 12, 2007. On September 6, 2007 someone finally figured out that the site was a not affiliated with 1-18-08. What does this prove? People will believe or disbelieve anything because they have an intense desire to do so. If you believe you're getting any information that hasn't been filtered through the cooperate censors, then you need to wake up and get a life. Best of luck to JJ Abrams and his crew, we're sure he will do well. Good luck to the rest of you in figuring out the 1-18-08 enigma, you are going to need it. Des

dudeman1 on Sep 6, 2007


Ok so Im glad that I spent maybe a total of twenty mins on warbloid. I had my doubts from the start. It was too neatly packaged. It doesn't have the cryptic feel of slusho. For the record I have speculated a strong Lovecraft influence on this movie from the very start. From the very second the first explosion went off during the trailer. At that point I could care less about transformers. All I knew was that for some reason the explosion resembled cthulhu. Maybe I'm going nuts, but these have been my feelings from the start. Also the official logo on all the call sheets is a Kraft cheese logo. Where it's supposed to say Kraft it says L.A. N.Y.C. followed by the codename cheese. Exactly like the Kraft logo. If anyone is interested in the final call sheet I could send it. Just hit me up at Im sure by now most of the links have been taken down. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 6, 2007


did any body notice the face that the clouds made in the poster hmmmmmmmmmmm

berto on Sep 6, 2007


There is no face, I just looked at every detail in the poster.. I don't see a face anywhere.

HulkingUp on Sep 7, 2007


Crap! Well they got me hook,line, and sinker. This is interesting, here is the rest of the post on the warbloid site: People are homeless and starving in your own country. Thousands of people are dying in conflicts around the world each day. It's almost election year in the United States and you're pissing away countless hours on your computer searching for information about a movie production. Wake up and do something meaningful with your life! Quit living a false reality! You are accomplishing nothing and all slaves to the fashion. Whether you believed this site was real or a fake and you're spending hours doing research, then you are a loser. So don't go patting yourselves on the back or we just might put up a few more of these sites to prove our point. So long brother, Des I find it interesting that Des says that we are wasting our time doing research for this movie. I wonder how much time Des and crew spent putting the site together and monitoring it and whatnot. I mentioned back in post # 674: Wow, there sure are alot of people doing an awful lot of researching, thinking, deciphering, brainstorming etc because of this movie. Alot of creative juices are flowing. If all this collective brain power was concentrated on world issues we would have resolved world hunger and be well on our way to tackling global warming by now. Amazing. Cowpattybill on Aug 9, 2007 I'm sad that the warbloid site is a bust. I spent a lot of time there. I know I'm terrible at figuring things out but I'm good at research so that's what I do. I leave the figuring/deciphering/code breaking to the rest of you. If the long post about what Abrams is up to is correct then it makes doing all this work kind of pointless because there isn't a big campaign of clues and revelations to be found. What will I do now?.......

Cowpattybill on Sep 7, 2007


There has been alot of discussion on all the boards as to what the title should be. I think this late in the game he should just call it what we've all been calling it 1-18-08 It's been well branded. It would make a sequel more difficult unless you just use another date.

Cowpattybill on Sep 7, 2007


I don't really have an opinion as to whether or not there should be a sequel. In my opinion, when the movie comes out, a lot of people are going to see it and then that'll be it. I mean, people like us that have put effort into this movie are obviously going to see the sequel if there is one, but I can guarantee you that there will be a select group of people that think we're complete morons, and that "1-18-08" is an over-rated movie. Thus, they won't care about it, and they'll ridicule us for "wasting" our time. I think that there should be a sequel only if the movie is as good as I hope it to be. If it's not, that might ruin it a bit. I don't want to speak for you guys, but if we build it up to be some awesome movie, and then it turns out to be less exciting and less intense than we thought, then I'll be disappointed. Of course, I'll keep looking for answers until the day the movie comes out. I'm just stating my opinion. -Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 7, 2007


I had a feeling that the warboild site was fake so i have been gone looking in other directions. I have found nothing. I am at a loss i am caught up with everything here, but i can't find any real new info. I am at a stand still all i can do is have theroy at this point. I am still with H.P on this. If the monster can from japan like that huge post a little ways back implied then i know my plot of his course and selection of new york as a target is right...still don't help thought(sigh) I'm back now horsemen check back later. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Sep 7, 2007


As the leader of the 4 horsemen I must address this Des character. Des you sound just like some islamic fundamentalist. I would rather keep my nose buried in cloverfield and play warcraft before I waste my time fixing something our gov should be fixing. Our gov is a disease that spreads across the world and guess what it's not my fucking problem to fix. I don't support the war or any other war because you know what? It's not my fucking problem. The government sends troops over to kill people and you want civilians to fix that. You my friend are the one living the fantasy. So stop making people feel bad for having freedom. Also I can honestly say that I don't spend hours researching. I work a full time fucking job and I know other people are doing the same. If it wasn't for the workforce there would be no saving the world. If the concept of money was not created then we would not be working jobs. So money is the only thing that runs this planet. If you believe otherwise then you are living in the fantasy world. I'm done with you DES. Go suck bin laden's dick. On another note I'm fucking happy as hell to see the horsemen back in here. Cowpatty if bam doesnt show then you may have his spot for the time being. -The 4 Horsemen={=====>

H.P. on Sep 7, 2007


can anyone post on here??? I find this whole story facinating....the way you are all digging up clues to what the real storyline is...hope you dont mind me "lurking" out here to watch some more....

Larry on Sep 7, 2007


DUH???? I just figured out why no one is posting....I would assume all the detectives are asleep at this time...took me a while to figure that one out...being on the west coast I tend to forget things like that...anyway, while you rest I will take this opprtunuty to say a couple things...I dont think any of you are wasting your is perfectly OK to seek answers to seemingly unimportant is what makes life keep up the good have no idea how much enjoyment I have gotten from keeping up with your posts as you search for answers to the riddle before you...I work swing shift at an AFB and there is little to do on most nights...since discovering this little (or not so little) gathering of movie fans, the nights have passed much more quickly and I look ever forward to the next days postings....if ever I come up with anything I feel worthy of your attention or helpful in anyway, I wil gladly share forgive my longwinded post but it is just a way of saying thanks a lot and hello to you all....and lastly, being a long time monster/sci fi movie fan, I do hope so very much it will not be something so adolescent as a remake of any of the japanese films...we need a true horror to bring back the thrill of going to monster movies...something missing for a long, my vote is for somethign very Lovecraftian....take care watching from out here for future developements.......

Larry on Sep 7, 2007


I'm going to have to correct you, Larry. Not all of us are asleep. In fact, I plan on staying up for quite a bit longer. However, I have a cold at the moment, so I'm not exactally in my best "detective" condition. Then again, I'm more of an observer too. I observe what the others say, and see what I can make out of it. I, like you, have things occupying me during most of the day, so I cannot post new information very often... Anyways, you're welcome to post whenever you want. If you want to talk other than on the forums, my e-mail is -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 7, 2007


Im still here, drinking beer, smoking cigerettes and hating the life as a Marine. So, while listening to music and finding girls I will be posting all night anything i can find.

dudeman1 on Sep 7, 2007


Very cool...just sent you an E to your address....thank you for the welcome....I wil use that from here so as not to junk up the clue postings...see ya ...

Larry on Sep 7, 2007


Well, Semper Fi dudeman....had occasion to work with some Recon guys many years ago....I was with 2nd Battalion 75th Infantry (Ranger) doing a huge multi division training op at Ft. Irwin...really good story if ya want to hear it sometime...I would assume you have been a couple trips to Iraq by got my respect bro...I am Viet Nam vet, '70 - '71...hang in there man...hopefully it will be over soon....anyway, enjoy the beer and stay light on the smokes...them things will kill ya...

Larry on Sep 7, 2007


lol thanks man. will do

dudeman1 on Sep 7, 2007


I got an inside tip that the new trailer will be attached to Beowulf. We aint talkin teaser either this is the jackpot. Something to talk about through the holidays. Larry I hope it is something Lovecraftian because I am a very distant relative of Mr.Phillips and nothing would make me happier. I myself am writing short stories they are as follows........ The Man from Outside Earth The Man from Inside Earth Tower on the Moon (ten parts) Haunted Translation The Venus Occupant One day I promise to carry on his legacy with a new mythos

H.P. on Sep 7, 2007


I am beginnign to see somewhat the depth of the talent at work is a pleasure to able to corrrespond with you all...I have no writing skills beyond having some fairly strong editorial letters to the local paper...I have often wished to have the skill to make some of my ideas into short stories that would be suitable for publication...unfortunately I have yet to put something together worthy of, my very best wishes to you on your projects...where would I be able to find the short stories that you mentioned?? I would love to read them...

Larry on Sep 7, 2007


ok, wierd idea. just thinking outloud, something I think would be cool. The trailers and pics etc are all takena nd captured at 1-18-08, which is when the movie comes out obviously. So.. since the pictures and trailer all take place in the wee hours of january 18th, maybe the movie is based on the after effects of what happened the early morning of 1-18-08? Like news coverage, recovered witness video (robs surprise party) ect. Just thinking outloud. That might be cool

dudeman1 on Sep 7, 2007


I think I read way back in the earlier posts something to that effect...that the camera is found by a clean up crew and the movie is the playback of what was on the hopes of adding something useful to this effort I offer point that hasnt quite been established is whether or not this goiong to have an occult twist or straight up sci/fi...either something extra terrestial or result of man's disregard for the environment....if the Slusho angle is legitimate, that makes it "real world" so to speak and not an occult Lovecraft type scenario...which for me is kind of a bummer...the whole thing about a soft drink ingredient being the cause of a creature of this magnatude is just falls so short of the expectations after having seen what this creature can do...make any sense??? I mean it is just too awesome to have such comic book beginings...too Godzilla-ish...I sense a much deeper story behind this...something to give you real chills when it finally becomes will be disapointing if there is not...just my 2 cents as a long time movie fan....

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


Heres an old post you guys might wanna chew on Has anyone thought that maybe this is a sequel to Cthulhu(which comes out this fall). The trailer looks to be more of the cult story about Cthulhu and Cloverfield could possibly be the follow up/big unveiling of Cthulhu. I mean it does seem like this movie starts up rather quickly and we do know that the story starts around midnight. It's still totally possible that both movies could be tied to lost. I know most people will immediately shoot this theory in the head, but let me ask you this why do we see 401 show up a number of time in the Cloverfield trailer. 401 is the area code for Rhode Island. I live in Rhode Island and I am a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan. For those who don't know H.P. Lovecraft, he created the Cthulhu Mythos in RI. He also lived and died there. RI is known as the ocean state. Now think back to the slusho site and keep in mind the ocean theme. Lets not forget the name you can spell out using both The Parasite and Cloverfield code names. I got plenty more and I could go all day with comparisons, but frankly noone can tell me different. When I first saw the trailer during transformers I thought about Cthulhu instantly. So slam me all you like for I AM PROVIDENCE. obviously theres plenty of fat to cut out for it was an old post but you get my basic point.

H.P. on Sep 8, 2007


Larry can't post right now. Something wrong with his internet, I think. But this is his response to you, H.P.: ********** having visited the Cthulhu movie site it is hard to see where they would be connected... the movie trrailer doesnt give much up as far as a monster of any sort...seems more like one of those "psychological thrillers"...a term they use to cheat us out a real monster...but that is the impression I get from watching the Cthulhu trailer...just doesnt seem to be in the same league with Cloverfield....I agree that Cthulhu would make for a more chilling monster...and occult creatures are going to be far harder to stop that "real world " types for the obvious reason...MAGIC...makes everybody play by an entirely different set of rules.... ********** My response is this: Well, not necessarily, Larry. You can't say for sure that an occult creature would be "far harder to stop" than a real world creature. We aren't sure what the monster of Cloverfield is yet, so we can't say for sure what its weaknesses are. For all we know, the only way to kill this monster might be something completely nuts like "First, you must stab it's toe with the round edge of a spoon... Then..." Yes, I know that's completely illogical, I'm just trying to make a point here. I do agree with you that the two trailers do not seem to be anything close to each other, and I personally regard them as to completely separate movies. Other than that, I got nothing. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 8, 2007


I obviously don't have the same thoughts I did in post #409. I have come to realize that cthulhu will not show up in this film in the traditional sense and that is the point I was trying to get across with the fact that an actual cthulhu movie is soon being released. There were certain things in the trailer that made me think of JJ. The random polar bear was one of them. I thought that would have been a cool trick to play when everyone is all of a sudden watching a sequel on 1-18-08 and then they would have to go back and get the cult backstory from a movie that came out under thier noses. I just found it odd how mysterious this Cthulhu movie was. It's very much under the radar and has that straight to dvd feel. I bet alot of people don't even know about the Cthulhu movie. Also larry I would have to disagree with you on Psychological thrillers. It is much more terrifying for the mind to play tricks because when you begin to show too much of the monster it becomes cheesy. I have no problems seeing this monster as little as possible during the film. It's like bigfoot lockness or even bloop. If you see too much and know too much then the magic is gone and the legend stops being fun. Well that's just my opinion and Larry I respect yours. I'm just happy to see this place jumping again. Oh yeah and about my stories. I am still writing them. They are all being written at the same time. It sucks because I'm very unorthodox because sometime I'll have little pieces of paper scribbled on here or a tape recording there and then I gotta go through all of it and organize and as you can imagine its even more frustrating when you are writing five different stories at once. My main focus is Tower on the Moon. Everything else feeds off that. I would say maybe another five years and I would have something presentable. I could send you a plot synopsis of Tower. I also write comics. I came up with the idea of killing Batman off and then having a pissed off Superman run around in the batman costume. Super-Batman. well that's it for now hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

H.P. on Sep 8, 2007


Just throwing this out there, and it has nothing to do with the movie. I'm beginning to start writing for my own entertainment. Ya know, write a short story, and enter it in a contest... that sorta thing. So far I've only written one piece. It turned out okay, and I'm not sure how well I'll do in the contest that I entered it in. If any of you want to see it, I can send it to you if you give me your e-mail. Anyways... Hopefully, by the time you're done with your stories, H.P., I'll have developed my own writing skills up a bit. I'd love to read your stories whenever they're done. Could you send me a plot synopsis, because I am interested in the books. The titles are very intriguing. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 8, 2007


just for movie idea....well known eccentric producer surprises the public with a trailer for an upcoming film...totally awesome special effects, no hint as to what is happening except that it is quite terrifying...scenes in the trailer look almost TOO on a web site begin exploring the internet for clues alluded to about the film content by the producer...after most people have given up the hunt as too exhausting, a particularly dedicated group of fans doggedly follows the elusive clues in search of the promised secrets of the film's plot and content....and just when it seems that the whole thing is just a gag, they discover that the path is leading them to one horrifying discovery after gags, real events, real occult mysteries, happenings...or maybe some cross dimensional, "rip in the fabric of time" type just flashed in my head as I was reading the posts and thinking some "what if" kind of stuff....if anybody turns out a usable screenplay, I want my 25%...LOL....boredom can make you think of some weird sh*t....its what happens when you work night shift....

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


oh, wait wait wait...the trailer shows up in theaters and nobody knows who made it or where it came from... the clues are to lead you to more bits of the film if you can find them...the film clips turn out to be a warning sent back in time from the future in an effort to try and prevent the hiddeous/horrendous happenings shown on the trailer...that is why they look so real...they are real...this steals a bit from John Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness" which is definately a movie that deserves a fresh remake....great story line...very original....I hope my ramblings arent getting anyone angry for being off topic....this has really been a lot of fun for me...

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


getting back on topic, has anyone thought of or discussed this....there is much that can be assumed just from the last scene with the SOL isnt simply knocked over because it is in the way, as in most "giant monster" movies....think about it....the head is literally ripped off of the SOL's shoulders and either carried some distance first, or just thrown from that spot....but the big ppoint here is that IT IS THROWN, not just batted about....this is reminiscent of olden times when the barbarian hordes outside the city gate would launch the heads of captured enemy over the walls of the city ...IT IS A CHALLENGE...dumb beasts dont do things like this...thsi is an act that requires deliberation and what does this tell us about the intelligence of this creature....just something that occured to me...I take it from the lack of responses that it is Saturday night ansd most of you are out on teh town enjoying some sort of social life....if so, have a good time...get home waiting to hear comments on my lunatic thoughts....

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


Hell yes larry, i have thought about this. Why would some Monster just randomly rip off a statues head? Unless of course he is smart enought to realize the symbolic importance the statue has. I dont think a regular creature would do this. Obviously this beast must have some intelligence. This is a good lead for a possible bible revelation type monster story

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


cool...glad someone else saw that...aside from the question of a higher intelligence, it also points to the fact that this beast/creature has some good degree of manual dexterity...hands of some sort....opposable thumb sort of deal in order to grab something and throw it...which brings me to wonder just what kind of amphibian life form could evolve to this, all of this leads me to think that the monster is going to be a bit more sophisticated than your regular Godzilla type...and I like dudeman's idea about the bible revelation thing...what ever the creature is, it is not just stumbling around, breaking sh*t up in blind is THINKING about what it is is pissed off and it is here with a purpose, not here by accident...the throwing of the head was a challenge, plain and simple....waiting to hear your thoughts...

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


wow, now if we would have all stayed on track here from the get go we would have some great ideas and theories going. Definately from what we know the beast is Intelligent, Probably amphibious, definately pissed off, has reason and meaning. Warbloid and all those other false sites just destracted us. Im kind of unsure as to the legitimacy of the myspace characters though, because Mike Vogel (an actor) has an official website saying he plays Jason Hawkins (Robs brother) and an official some what suspicious post on his official website says "A MySpace page for Mike's character "Jason Hawkins" has surfaced on the internet along with pictures with his co-stars. Wanna be Jason's friend?" It says "Has Surface" meaning that the people running Mikes site dont know who is running the myspace accounts. You can check it out here The myspace characters could be just as fake as warbloid was

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


the whole deal on the myspace characters is something I cant follow from where I am ...AF server has myspace on the sh*t list...ACCESS DENIED.....same for some of the other "clue" I have just been trying to contribute whatever I can based on my own imagination and love of horror/sci fi/monster is a lot of fun for me as I have nothing better to do from now til nidnight...bottom line for me is that it is going to be on the line of something "foretold of" in an ancient legend, the bible or something of that nature....beyond that I am pretty much stalled greatest hopes are that JJ has sincerely come up with something that is brand new and wont leave us feeling like pinheads for having spent the time and money to go see it....

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


In my opinion, it's a very good thing that you can't see some of the clues. Because of this, you're leads are more fictional than ours, and come on, this is J.J. Abrams we're talking about here. We need the input of people who deal more with fiction then the facts that we usually deal with. Larry's contributions might lead us to more clues in the future that we couldn't think about before. Anyways... I'd like someone to explain a bit about the whole "Bible Refrence". I'm an agnostic, so I haven't read the bible. I am a tad interested in it, though. I'd also like to add my two cents about the monster. We know this: -Big -Strong -Some manual dexterity In reality, thats it. I can't say for sure that it is aquatic, and we really can't start to fathom a description of it. One of the misconception's I've just noticed is that many people say that the explosion in the trailer was the surfacing of the monster from underground. This may not be true. New York City is a very large, populated area. There's bound to be telephone wires and gas pipes everywhere. And there's the explosion: The monster is meandering the streets, and cuts an electrical wire with his massive foot. The wire spirals out of control and hits a gas pipe, and it explodes. That's about all I've thought of. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 8, 2007


thanks...I do hop eI am able to contribute to all of this...for my own part, I am not at all a religious person but I have heard of references to "end of days" stuff from the bible and other religious my mention of it was nothing more than another loose tidbit to consider...someone with a better kowledge of biblical things would be good to talk on this one...the only reason I mention amphibian is due to the Slusho connection and all the "bottom of the sea" stuff from there...and the explosion....personally, I think it is more than just some gas has a "weaponry" look to another tool the creature has at his disposal along with the obvious strength of its size alone...JMO....

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


oh shit..... The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the forces of man's destruction described in the Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, the Original Greek ?????????? ??????? (Apokalupsis I?annou), "Revelation Of John". The four horsemen are traditionally named after the powers they represent: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. However, this is slightly at odds with the conventional interpretation of the Bible, which actually only directly names the fourth: "Death". 1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. 3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 4. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. 5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and saw a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand. 6. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. ” sorry, drinking again.. 🙂

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


oh shit..... The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the forces of man's destruction described in the Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, the Original Greek ?????????? ??????? (Apokalupsis I?annou), "Revelation Of John". The four horsemen are traditionally named after the powers they represent: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. However, this is slightly at odds with the conventional interpretation of the Bible, which actually only directly names the fourth: "Death". 1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. 3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 4. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. 5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and saw a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand. 6. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. ” Scource wikpedia sorry, drinking again.. 🙂

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the forces of man's destruction described in the Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, the Original Greek ?????????? ??????? (Apokalupsis I?annou), "Revelation Of John". The four horsemen are traditionally named after the powers they represent: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. However, this is slightly at odds with the conventional interpretation of the Bible, which actually only directly names the fourth: "Death". 1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. 3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 4. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. 5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and saw a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand. 6. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. ” Scource wikpedia sorry, drinking again.. 🙂

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the forces of man's destruction described in the Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, the Original Greek ?????????? ??????? (Apokalupsis I?annou), "Revelation Of John". The four horsemen are traditionally named after the powers they represent: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. However, this is slightly at odds with the conventional interpretation of the Bible, which actually only directly names the fourth: "Death". 1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. 3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 4. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. 5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and saw a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand. 6. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. ” Scource wikpedia sorry, drinking again.. 🙂

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the forces of man's destruction described in the Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, the Original Greek ?????????? ??????? (Apokalupsis I?annou), "Revelation Of John". The four horsemen are traditionally named after the powers they represent: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. However, this is slightly at odds with the conventional interpretation of the Bible, which actually only directly names the fourth: "Death".

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


sorry, my internet really fucked up

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


I've had some of my most prolific thoughts brought out by partaking of a few (?) beers....really good idea...I knew there was something like that out there...just didnt kno wwhere...I would give it good points as a possibility...and even if it is wrong, hell of an idea anyway...

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


i really didint mean to post that like 4 times. Anyways, my first thought seeing the trailer was more toward apocalypse in regards to the book of revelations. I am not however that religious, but those were my first thoughts, and i cant even explain why. But again, didnt meant to post that repeatedly, firefox was being an R-Tard

dudeman1 on Sep 8, 2007


Now you guys know the reason for my naming this group the four horsemen. Essentially the beast would be the symbolic and physical herald of the four horsemen. As far as the intelligence of the monster let's look to our friend Cthulhu or as I have dubbed him JJthulhu. He comunicates with all living things through his death slumber. I would imagine that whatever they are mining at the bottom of the ocean would eventually get used up. Maybe it is something that was making the monster sleep. So in the end maybe slusho is the weapon. As far as the statue of liberty. He knows how important it is. He knows everything. Larry sounds like ya got goonies 2 on your hands. You should send it in cause I hear they are struggling with a script for that one. I would put a new set of goonies in with data owning an electronics store in astoria. Sloth has passed away and all the original goonies are brought together. It's perfect cause from what I understand the guy who played sloth actually did pass away. Phenox Ill do one better Ill send you the official first few pages. I got about twenty five. 4-Horsemen

H.P. on Sep 8, 2007


goonies 2....never thought of that...didnt know there was one being considered...oh yeah, thats right..John Matuzak the ex football player was Sloth...he did pass away some time after doing the goonies...anyway, I was thinking more in terms of people on this site, like the Horsemen, me, dudeman1, etc...pulled together by some really farout circumstances much the way SK draws his groups of adventurers together...the associations are really far out...anyway, it was just something that hit me while I was pondering over some of this stuff...dont think I could come up with anything actually worth sending story was aimed at being a bit more terrifying than the know, real "hell on earth" stuff....oh well, 2 1/2 hours to keep it rolling guys....lots of time yet to think of things....

Larry on Sep 8, 2007


its godzilla cause someone says ITS ALIVE ITS HUGE so this should be something that NY people already knew and its back again. also the movie poster, shows the statue of liberty with three scratches on the back, and the sound that we hear is a litlle bit familiar with the first godzilla movie..if you remenber at the end of godzilla an egg is shown i think its a Godzilla sequence...

slash on Sep 9, 2007


Ughhhhhh! Read. Prior. Posts. Before. Posting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- As to the rest of you guys (you know who you are): Totally off topic. But I've been reading everything since the beginning on this site. Posted some shit here and there. Nothing that was ever as meaningful as all of your insights and ideas but i look forward to reading this ALMOST everyday. haha. I got a lot of my friends hooked as well. Just wanted to thank you guys. Thanks! 🙂 Back on topic: I too believe that the film does have an apolocalyptic feel to it. Also with the trailer, I believe that Abrams wanted to kind of scare the shit out of us and show us the close reality of what could really happen (hence the personal camera footage, our country's symbol of freedom destroyed, etc.) A while ago I had this thought, that i'm sure many of you have had, that all these clues on the slusho site, etc., give you many, sometimes too many clues as to various creature (or monster story plot possibilities-Cthullu, Godzilla, Leviathan, Ziz, Behemoth, Bloop, etc.-whatever this or these monster(s) are have all or most of the characterisitics that these monsters have. That for all we know Abrams wanted this monster to knock off the head of the Statue of Liberty as a symbolism of what we destroy ourselves (through war, disease, poverty, etc.) Ok ok. Enough. sorry I began to ramble guys for all i know this monster could possibly be the government haha. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Later. 🙂

Denisse on Sep 9, 2007


welcome denisse. Is your name really spelled with two S cause that's really unique. I would be interested on how you pronounce that. I thank you for the kind words. There is another mb on first net but even though they have more posts we are still way ahead of them as far as thinking outside the box. This is kinda off topic but if anyone plays warcraft let me know.

H.P. on Sep 9, 2007


haha...yes it's Denise with an extra S.

DeniSSe on Sep 9, 2007


just throwing this out there... I was really drunk last night 🙂 Sorry, that was off topic too, infact, i think i am still drunk. Damn, and I wish Slusho was real

dudeman1 on Sep 9, 2007


I've been doing stuff all day, so what I'm about to say might be horribly off. I'm a bit exhausted... anyways: Slash- Although I hate the fact that you've posted that theory without reading at least ten of the original posts, you're comment did give me an idea. He does say "It's alive, it's huge!" I listened to it again from the trailer, and it made me think... JJ said it'd be completely original, but yet, he said "It's alive"... Maybe there's reference to this monster somewhere else, or maybe it is just something that we don't conceive to be a monster on a daily basis. Think about it. Usually, when some thing is attacking you, you don't comment on whether it is alive or not. And I know that I personally wouldn't say anything but scream and run for my life. Something's fishy there... I decided to view the trailer again, and I just noticed a few things. About 23 seconds in, it shows a girl taking a sip of her drink. Behind her, it looks like there are a few letters pinned to tiles against the wall. All I can see is "LI". Probably nothing of importance, though... About 26 seconds into the trailer, when Jamie (Not too sure on that) is talking, there's a picture on the fridge (Again, not too sure what it is) that looks like a bear or something... Probably completely irrelevant, but again, I just noticed it. While everyone's at the party, the first roar happens. It shows the lights go out, and the room is pitch black. Yet, just after this scene, it shows a few people's faces and some movement before the lights go back on. Where is the light coming from? Can't be the moon, because it showed the entire room go pitch black during the first roar. That's about it. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 9, 2007


pardon my breech of etiquet...but there was precious little posting going on at that time a few of us took liberties to keep some form of conversation going...time enough to get back on track...from a personal standpoint I believe it is a dead end...Denisse's comment has been mentioned previously and I dont think it has been followed as far as it can go...could be the best and/or only road left...good luck detectives...i will watch from here and see what turns up....a nice cold beer will kill the pain, dudeman....take care...

Larry on Sep 9, 2007


sorry about that ...I meant to reference the new line of thought brought up by Phenox, not Denisse...I agree with the idea that it may turn out to be something that would not have been thought to be alive but now is...I dont know NYC so I dont know what things could fall into this catagory....any other famous statues out there that would make for a good monster if it were to became somehow animated??????

Larry on Sep 9, 2007


hmm Phoenox you do have an interesting point on the whole "its alive" thing. I am currently watching it in super slow mode. That is a bit strange how it gets pitch black, then suddenly there is a little bit of light before the power comes back on. Somewhat eerie, I hadn't really paid to much attention to that before. Also, clearly something happened outside because everyone is crowding the windows. Kind of strange, at :44 seconds in, the girl says "It sounded like an animal" if you happen to watch that part slow, or pause it on her, it does not look as though she is actually inside the apartment. THen again she could be standing near a giant window or something. SOrry, got off track there. Way off track, ive been watching the trailer and been on google earth for about on hour trying to decide where the explosion takes place. I came to the conclusion its right near the New York Stock Exchange. Dont know for sure, but it seems to be pretty damn close. Also, the SOL Head seems to come almost straight down Broadway, which leads straight to Battary Park by the ocean. Battary park has a great view of the SOL, however, I do not believe the creature threw it from Liberty Island, because Broadway is not in direct line of sight. Seeing how the head sort of comes in from the left side of the screen also makes me believe the creature did not throw it from liberty island, because Liberty Island from the camera's point of view would be to right and again no direct line of sight from Liberty Island down broadway street. Ok. im done lol sorry

dudeman1 on Sep 9, 2007


to add to your post, dudeman, I say the fact that the SOL head is CARRIED some distance before it is thrown is significant in itself as far as getting a feel for the creatures "personality" presents us wth a thinking monster...a monster issuing a challenge in the style of the barrbarian hordes of long ago...pretty heavy attitude for a monster...what ya think???

Larry on Sep 9, 2007


just pokin around the site. I was reading the history, something caught my eye. Probably nothing, but maybe? "He re-joined his cousin, and combining the incredible drink making knowledge of NOriko's business with the New ingrediant Slusho! Came to Life" Now saying Slusho came to life in context means they made the drink. But maybe Slusho actually came to life. maybe slusho is the monster? I know we have said stuff like the ingrediant in slusho has something to do with the monster. But maybe Slusho is a monster, and thats where the drink ingrediant comes from, but Slusho has to stay cold/ frozen. Dont really know where im going with that anymroe im getting off track. But what if the Monster is actually named Slusho?

dudeman1 on Sep 9, 2007


after slowly wearing down my left-click button through hitting pause: The girl is standing with a window to the left, and a wall to the right. We all know that when you turn the lights off it takes your eyes a little while to adjust, so the blackening of the screen may be to simulate what it would be like at the party and suddenly have the power go off. Also it leaves us alone with nothing but this noise, allowing us to focus on it more. Then of course the director wants us to see the confusion and (perhaps) fear on peoples faces after having heard this unearthly noise, which he can't do with a black screen. Maybe this is baby godzilla's return to the big screen since his debut appearance in 1998? maybe not. it does indeed look slightly too apocalyptic to be godzilla.

Matthew on Sep 9, 2007


Hmmmm....OK, try this one on for minute...I have only had limited tim eto explore teh Slusho site and saw the standard I dont know if this has already been discussed or there a logo that represents Slusho, like some kind of cartoon creature that was drawn up for the sales campaings for Slusho??? I'm thinkign that what ever it is that "ITS ALIVE, ITS HUGE" is something that is familiar to the general public and simplpy not supposed to be alive??? I am not making much sense am I???...I mean like the STA_PUFT marshmallow man in Ghostbusters coming alive...or a giant Michelin Man...or even The Jolly Green Giant...some icon known to the public that simpply should not be running around you see anything to go with on that ???

Larry on Sep 9, 2007


Another thing from the Slusho website. "Slusho is people." Chocolate milk is chocolate syrup and milk put together. Without them, it'd be nothing. Slusho is people. Without them, it'd be nothing. This **could** mean that if slusho is a monster, it is made up of people, or is fueled off of people... no? Just a thought off of dudeman1. Thanks. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 9, 2007


that was probably the dumbest post I have made so far...forget about it...I think anything that takes us down the "cartoon track " of anything at all in the Godzilla/King Kong/Voltron just way wrong...I think this is going to be something that will give you real chills when you find out what it is...none of these "cutsey pie" little creatures that they are so fond of in Japan and Europe... I think they have come up with something genuinely SCARY.... absolutely apocolyptic...I am all out of anything remotely intelligent to offer so I will sit back and watch for while.....

Larry on Sep 9, 2007


Matthew, its not a godzilla film, or a baby godzilla film. I agree with the whole its alive thing. Because the dude sounds surprised whatever it is is Alive. And perhaps slusho is a symbiote of some sort? Makes you happy. Also, ive been taking the Slusho! Zoom! to litterally and been zooming in on everything lol, havnt got anywhere with that just so you know

dudeman1 on Sep 9, 2007


i dunno phenox im gonna have to argue a bit with your "its alive" post i've seen people say "it's alive" in the old black & white "giant animal attacks city" flicks. which kinda makes me think that the monster is an oversized animal of some sort that usually isn't so freakishly huge. and if the new yorkers see something that big out of nowhere, im pretty sure they're gonna think its fake, or that they are hillucinating, which would explain why the guy states that it is alive

geezer on Sep 9, 2007


OK....Slusho is a front or a mask for a "black ops" laboratory...U.S more than likely with participation/cooperation from the Japanese....some radical DNA/cloning experiments go catastrophicaly wrong...we wind up with an enormous creature derived from human/animal/??? experimentation....the human element is what makes it so dangerous because of the inherent intelligence and emotional factors...end result is we have a really evil minded creature that more than likely has a real grudge against the human race and is coming to kick major league ass on NYC....what ya think??? or should I shut up and go back to work????

Larry on Sep 9, 2007


Good point Larry. I think this might be where the lost tie in comes into play. What if the Hanzo Foundation plays a role in all this. What if the island was a hideout for slusho operations. Also dudeman you missed something on the zooming. Go to the store section. All the characters are on a runway. Zoom in on the monkey wearing the slusho shirt. What's that behind the cup? Looks like a tail to me. I have to agree with geezer on the whole "It's alive, It's huge" stuff. JJ has said himself that this movie will be a return to the good old fashioned monster movie. I do remember hearing It's alive in many corny monster movies or something to that effect.

H.P. on Sep 10, 2007


Wow, alot happened over the weekend. I took me 35 minutes to read it all. My strength is in research, not putting clues together to form a theory. I'm at a loss here. Since warbloid became a bust I have no where else to go so I think I might, like Larry, sit back for awhile and jump in from time to time.

Cowpattybill on Sep 10, 2007


Actually, Cowpattybill... Like you said, your strength is in research. If you have the time, can you review the trailer and maybe look through Slusho again, just to see if we missed any details? Anything at all that catches your interest would be appreciated... -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 10, 2007


Larry, you're definately on to something...doesn't the ingredient for slusho cure cancer and shit like that? I'm pretty sure just like how we test on animals for certain medications for cures and such, I wouldn't put it passed this secret ops group to experiment with a human in order to cure some disease. hmmm.

DeniSSe on Sep 10, 2007


That it passes boys, didn't they notice??? that this movie of under budget, is bad re… does JAJAJA…y leave in the trailler… do I give him an example… did they see the head of the Statue of the Libertadad, doesn't he/she have the proposion and the size of the Original one (that is 10 times but Big) and if they notice well… is there But… Obviously they do have to discover it you.

France113 on Sep 10, 2007


That it passes boys, didn't they notice??? that this movie of under budget, is bad re… does JAJAJA…y leave in the trailler… do I give him an example… did they see the head of the Statue of the Freedom, doesn't he/she have the proportion and the size of the Original one (that is 10 times but Big) and if they notice well… is there But… Obviously they do have to discover it you.

france113 on Sep 10, 2007


huh? Better English, ami!

DeniSSe on Sep 10, 2007


Yes, I can review the trailer. I don't have sound though. This is sometimes better because I am able to concentrate more on the visual stuff and not be distracted by audio. I have heard the trailer with sound before but not the slusho site. I see there is an audio on/off switch on the site but I can't hear either way so I don't mess with it.

Cowpattybill on Sep 10, 2007

980 on france113 whatever you just said. I think what frenchie is trying to say is that the head from the statue of liberty is from a replica and it is not size appropriate. That has already been discussed. Post 952 touches on this concept. Maybe Rob is gonna be a slusho tester. If his brother Jason already works there then maybe he is the one who got Rob the job. Maybe Jason is a scientist who already knows that slusho is seemingly safe and tips big brother off by giving him samples and getting him and his friends hooked. Also if you look close in the trailer (looks like the singer from yellowcard) he is serving drinks. Maybe this cameo is significant. Maybe he is serving some slusho Jason sent from Japan. I think the factory powder form is mixed with alcohol and creates a new drug. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 10, 2007


Okay, I looked at the trailer again, frame by frame and I have only a couple things to note. 1. When the lights go out they must be out for some time because although it appears to be only a couple seconds, when the lights do come back on the cameraman is in a completely different part of the apartment. Maybe he just turned but I don't think so. 2. On the rooftop (and this has been mentioned before) there is a building in the background that is lit up with green lights. I don't know which building it is but I remember someone saying that it is only like up like that at Christmas time and St. Patricks day. Since it is all green it was suggested that this occurred around St. Patricks. 3. When they are running down the stairs after the debris starts falling a bald black person is running through the doorway from what appears to outside (judging by the flash of light and smoke) but I don't think it's the same doorway Rob and crew ran through because the light and smoke should be on the other side of the doorway. 4. The order of people running down the stairs keeps changing. The bald black guy was between Rob and the slusho shirt guy, then he's gone, then the cameraman is ahead of Rob. 5. There are an awful lot of people out on the street at that time of night. I saw only one person in a bathrobe, everyone else is dressed and there are just alot of them. 6. It's been mentioned before but I'll mention it again. It's January (supposedly) but it sure is warm out. People are in shorts, no jackets, no snow on the ground. Just seems weird. Anyway, that's all I got. Do with it what you will.

Cowpattybill on Sep 10, 2007


left behind ?

eltel on Sep 10, 2007


Left behind? They already made a movie for that piece of shit novel. I remember seeing an ad for it way back. I think Kirk Cameron was in it. Anyway eltel you got alot of research to do if you think it's Left Behind.

H.P. on Sep 10, 2007


hopefully this goes thor8ugh. My commnets usually dont go through at work. The building lit up green is the woolworth building in lower manhattan. Dont know if that has any significance. Again it looks like the explosion happans down by the NYSE. People out late, the only thing i can think of for that is the explosion, but then again no one in night clothes which is strange. Weather, 63 degrees on mid january in New York. Strange. Global Warming, or maybe it has to do with the monster?

dudeman1 on Sep 10, 2007


I liked the premise of the series, thought the writing was sub-par.

Cowpattybill on Sep 10, 2007


The movies were just awful.

Cowpattybill on Sep 10, 2007


However, going completely off-topic, I did see a good christian movie last night. The acting wasn't great but the story was awesome. It was called "Facing the Giants".

Cowpattybill on Sep 10, 2007


ok Cowpatty. 1. Dont have an answer, agree that light goes out. I actually think the camera even blacks out because there seems to be some sort of illumination in the room. I dont believe that it ever goes completly pitch black, i think its either the trailer cutting seens or the camera blacking out 2. The green building behind the black dude with funky hair talking to Hawk, is the Empire State Building 3. Just noticed something about the running down the stairs scene... It appears that Rob grabs the camera... but then they are outside and he doesnt have it. JUst noticed that. I just re watched it, and it appears that Rob is running up the stairs as there is a person running down the stairs. Perhaps the video camera guy fell down and Rob went back for him to help him up? As for the bald black dude, I think he just hauled ass down the stairs but I believe it was the same door he must be slow or something. 4. I Think people area just frantically trying to get outside 5. The mass of people in the street is strange. The only thing i can come up with that is somewhat logical is that the first roar happened and woke everyone up. We dont know exactly the time of the explosion happening either, so Im assuming the roar woke them up or there was some event going on lol. I really dont know. 6. Its January in NY, should be alot colder. Obviously everyone dressed appropriately, and the news even said 63 degrees. I think this has been touched on before but remains unanswered for now. My guess its probably global warming or just unusually warm. Perhaps the warmth has something to do with the monster also, refering back to Slusho, how the ingrediant must stay cold. Thats my thoughts.

dudeman1 on Sep 10, 2007


has there been any discussion as to teh various pictures/artwork on the walls of the party place??? I dont have anything really good for trying to get a better look at the film frames...but my opinion at this stage of things is that 1) the fireball explosion 2) the roar and subsequent throwing of the head are the most revealing events of the is possible that there are not as many things to be discovered has been led to may be that of the facts that are now known, that is all there is...I think we may be unable to see the forrest because the trees are in the way...JMO...

Larry on Sep 10, 2007


I agree with you Larry, we obviously have to wait to figure what really happens and what not. But, while we wait, why not pick it apart to the bone lol

dudeman1 on Sep 10, 2007


but of course... by all means do not give up...just saying that maybe everyone is trying to look too deep, too hard a some of the clues...its sorta like when you look too closely at something you just dont see anything...but if back up and take in the scene from a larger perspective, sometimes you see something that you missed before...I still say the fireball and the "challenge" need serious consideration...that is not just some gas lines erupting...way too huge and just not the right degree of random dispersion...that was a very controlled explosion/detonation of something...then again, maybe it is just utility lines...seems they woulkd not be so dramatic it it were...getting punchynow...not enough sleep in between shifts... but still game to keep playing...

Larry on Sep 10, 2007


i was on looking at all the pictures again to see if i could find anything new. i didn't really find anything extravagent, but i did notice how on the second pic with writing on the back (the one with lascana and rob) has a blur on the words "and wide". i thought about why it would have a blur on just those two words and i came up with this. the blur is supposed to symbolize a shaking movement, like a quake, and the words "and wide" mean just that, world wide. Quakes world wide, before the monster appears there was that huge quake and if there are quakes all over the world there is most likely more than one monster, every continent or country or city etc. has it's own monster which causes a quake before making it's appearance

geezer on Sep 10, 2007


They did just finish filming in LA....

dudeman1 on Sep 10, 2007


possible....the blur is there but barely this point who knows??? I think very possiblity has been worked over at this point...might need another trailer to supply more hints/clues in order to take it any has been great fun watching you all unravel the various clues to this point...I will continue to watch and participate in whatever way I can...too late to stop me hooked on the whole thing...keep up the good work...

larry coffey on Sep 10, 2007


possible....the blur is there but barely this point who knows??? I think every possiblity has been worked over at this point...might need another trailer to supply more hints/clues in order to take it any has been great fun watching you all unravel the various clues to this point...I will continue to watch and participate in whatever way I can...too late to stop me hooked on the whole thing...keep up the good work...

larry coffey on Sep 10, 2007


Just being a douche... CHOCOLATE WATER creates an OVERNIGHT POWER WRECK with CHEESE flavored SLUSHO! on 1-18-08. dont know, i have yet again, been drinking

dudeman1 on Sep 10, 2007


nice break in the monotony, dudeman....a drink sounds good soon as I get off work...that'll be midnight here on the west coast...yeah, ya never know where mindless rambling will take you on things like this...might even be a solution there somewhere...the CHEESE flavored SLUSHO sounds so would be really cool to find clues to this in Frank Zappa it sounds like I am the one who has been

Larry on Sep 10, 2007


Hey geezer you should know better than to think it is more than one monster. I think the monster is so huge that it can just easily navigate all continents. As far as the temp being 63, I think the monsters body temp did that when it woke up. Think about it, if the monster is in a death slumber then I would imagine it's body temp would go down and if it awakens then It would slowly go back up. The Horsemen P.S. A Frank Zappa reference on a cloverfield message board, your the man Larry!!

H.P. on Sep 11, 2007


I think that Larry is right that the explosion and the roar are major clues. To that I would add the Statue of Liberty's head and the outside temperature. HP, I think there's alot of logic in your comment about the monster being the cause of the warm temp. I also agree that looking for tiny clues in the items in the apartment and stuff like that is digging too deep. I don't think Abrams put that much effort and thought into the trailer. Still, movie sets are designed to make statements about the character(s), or environment, or plot. This set may shed clues in those areas but I don't think it will tell anything about the monster or lead us to some other website or clue. However, it is fun to see what we can see. I like Larry's suggestion to change our perspective. How about instead we look for things (in the trailer and on the websites) that don't belong. Or things that should be there but aren't. Maybe that will provide clues to something.

Cowpattybill on Sep 11, 2007


jsut messing around lately with some stuff...especially on the actual date 1-18-08...probably nothing but found this site...I noticed some pretty major events happening during the 08's of the century (58, 68, 78...) like i said probably nothing. just thought i'd put that out there. i dont know.

DeniSSe on Sep 11, 2007


Wow, if I counted correctly this is my 122 post on this board. For lack of anything better to do I checked out the warbloid page again. It defaults to an error.htm page and I looked at the source for the page. Some odd fellows they are. Here's what some of it says (appears only in the source, not on the actual page): --marketing marketing marketing don't believe in marketing trust without verification is ineffectual--> Like I said, some odd fellers.

Cowpattybill on Sep 11, 2007


Woops! I should have realized that if I put HTML code in a post it would treat it like HTML code and in this case, not show it. Let me try again: --time is no longer an option-- --transgression quickly gathers attention-- --one voice leads to the source you are beening mislead just as you were mislead here we are the only ones who have admitted to the truth transgression quickly gathers attention-- --pontificators forums and organizations are all knowing all seeing if you are not sure just ask them you will find nothing there just as you will find nothing here time is no longer an option-- --marketing marketing marketing don't believe in marketing trust without verification is ineffectual--

Cowpattybill on Sep 11, 2007


hey gang...whats new??...i have seen it mentioned on here that there is a smaller SOL somewhere in the city and it is thought that is the head that has been thrown into the street...however the poster shows the original SOL missing its head...does this give anyone any ideas??? just wondering if anyone sees a possible clue here...other than that, no new thoughts here...c'mon, I got a long tiime to sit here til I get to go home...somebody post

Larry on Sep 11, 2007


watch the trailer agian...when they are on the roof, the sound heard just before the fireball is quite different from the "calling-card" roar...could this be the beast "launching" whatever it is that makes the fireball/explosion??...only new thing I can come up with at the moment....

Larry on Sep 11, 2007


I believe it is launching the parasites that infect people. Refer to my theory post 967. Pick through it and feel free to question it.

H.P. on Sep 11, 2007


Although the parasite theory is a a pretty good one, I dont think the monster would be near an explosion that big to or create that big of an explosion around himeslf to launch parasites. Then again, maybe he laid an explosive egg.... Damnit, I cant think right now! BLEH I Give up. Im hoping friday we get some god damn answers

dudeman1 on Sep 11, 2007


maybe its Bad Robot the monster. And its going to just be a semi comedic monster flik, where the Monster can pretty much do what ever he wants because hes a bad robot and just blows shit up and creates mayhem and does it because he is a bad robot... while us little folks just run for our lives a bad robot will kill us... sorry, im done, i really am. AHH

dudeman1 on Sep 11, 2007


ok I wasnt done. just some SOL fact about the head for everyone. Thinking it may be a smaller statue head. Fact is, the head is only 10 feet ear to ear and 17 feet from chin to cranium. It just looks small because, well it isnt on the statue anymore. and we all have seen movies where the SOL head takes up like a whole street. The Trailers depiction of the SOL head is really accurate in size and dimension. Just throwing it out there

dudeman1 on Sep 11, 2007


also...lastly lol sorry how can we explain the explosion that occurs when the SOL head hits the 401 Broadway building?

dudeman1 on Sep 11, 2007


Ok I think we need to get back to basics because I'm slowly becoming unhappy in here. The SOL head and the explosions are in my opinion irrelevant. I would like to see us get back to brass tax, Slusho, 1-18-08 pics, and hard visual clues in the trailer. I'm sure not every explosion in this movie will be logical dudeman. Also Bad Robot is the movie company. It's a monster not a robot lol!! Although I have speculated that a robot could battle off the monster in a final battle. The final call sheet does talk about a final battle between two HUDS. A HUD is just movie talk fo CGI characters. -The Four Horsemen- P.S. Like I said in a past post we gotta wait till mid November for the second trailer. It will be attached to Beowulf, which is the only big Paramount movie left to be released this year.

H.P. on Sep 12, 2007


Here's something I don't recall being discussed before. We've mentioned the big explosion seen from the rooftop and talked about what caused it but what about the original one, during the party. I don't know if it was an explosion but the building shook and the lights went out and the news channel suggested it was an earthquake. If the explosion seen from the roof was the monster coming up through pipelines or some sort of detonation as Larry suggests then what is the cause of the "earthquake"? Is it the monster coming alive? Or waking up? Or was the earthquake the monster coming up from underground and the rooftop explosion a detonation from the military trying to kill the beast? I dunno, just some thoughts.

Cowpattybill on Sep 12, 2007


The flavors section is gone from the slusho site. The link is still there but instead of taking you there it just says slusho. Hmmmm, what gives?

Cowpattybill on Sep 12, 2007


Nevermind, it's back. I don't know if it was really gone or if something was up with my PC.

Cowpattybill on Sep 12, 2007


I think the monster is just so loud that when it roars it causes an earthquake. How nuts would that be? I mean we are talking about something so huge that maybe we cannot even comprehend it. Also I had a dream last night that the movie's title was Boneface. In the dream I was watching the movie and Boneface is what I remember seeing as a title. Just thought I would throw that out there.

H.P. on Sep 12, 2007


Just a thought... so if it's stupid or has already been addressed please don't be too mean to Just curious if anyone has went back to look at the Poster for anymore clues, possibley about the size or type of monster it actually is...I noticed that on the two buildings right off the water where the Monster entered into the city, that the two sides of the buildings are crushed/indented would this be the monster just destroying them or would have it been becuse the monster was so big that he could not fit thought the two buildings?

stevenash on Sep 12, 2007


I think the best place to look at the poster is at under the Movie Trailer Section…

stevenash on Sep 12, 2007


Wow stevenash!! I commend you on that observation. I been posting in here since the late 300's and I have never heard anyone bring that up. Usually people cooment on the claw marks on the SOL or this supposed hidden face in the clouds lol.

H.P. on Sep 12, 2007


New photo on!!!! Just kidding. I wish though. Nice call on the damaged buildings in the poster stevenash. It's hard to say whether it was caused by the girth (good word) of the monster or just general destruction. There are claw marks above it so it could've been a tight fit and had to dig its claws in to make it through.

Cowpattybill on Sep 12, 2007


What about the Statue of liberty in the poster. I agree apple. com has the best image of the poster for sure. If you look at the claw marks on the SOL you can notice some stains that look similar to blood.....

dudeman1 on Sep 12, 2007


actually i have the best image of the poster cuz i OWN the poster 😀

bam on Sep 12, 2007


Freakin bam. Finally all the horsemen back together..........

H.P. on Sep 12, 2007


I Cor.1:18 - For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us that are saved it is the POWER OF GOD.

Don Burson on Sep 12, 2007


....I agree, but I believe it is irrelevant to the movie. I believe for the movie sake the power of god is in the hands of the producers

dudeman1 on Sep 12, 2007


Possibility of what 1-18-08 is about Rev 1:18 I [am] he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

Don Burson on Sep 12, 2007


does anybody happen to be familiar with the buildings in front of the SOL in the poster? or atleast the island that is in front of the SOL i figured that if i can find out which island that is in front of her or the name of the second building the monster ripped through, i could estimate exactly how tall this beast is

geezer on Sep 12, 2007


Ok so about this dream I had the other night. I realized where "Bone Face" came from. That day I had purchased the new Animal Collective. The first track is titled "peacebone". In the very beginning of the song "Bone Face" can be heard muttered twice. Coincidentally the song is about a monster and even mentions New York in the lyrics. The lyrics are really strange. The video is even stranger. It's basically a girl and a monster on a date. At one point they go to coney island and the girl even pukes up black stuff (something I heard people do when they are infected by the monster). I urge everyone to check this video out and read the lyrics. P.S. I didn't want to go this far off topic, but I have a gut feeling. The band is native to New York City, and didn't the underground base in "Lost" have an animal collective

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


I was just thinking. If someone saw it and it was alive and huge then why can't you see what everyone is looking at. It's almost like they are looking at something that isn't there. This is not the case. They can see the monster coming, but the viewer cannot because the monster itself is much bigger than the buildings and since the buildings in New York are so towering you can't catch what's going on above them in one handheld shot like that. You would need multiple angle shots to show the monster. For instance to get a clear shot of the monster you would need to be on top of the empire state. This is why we may only catch glimpses of the monster throughout the film. It's just too big to film. It's kinda like an ant that can't comprehend how big we must look to them.

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


Welcome back bam. H.P. are you serious? How weird is that? A song that has lyrics and a video that are similar to the events of this movie. Did the song & video get produced after 1-18-08 was announced? Is there a connection between this band and Abrams? Seems too random a clue to be a connection but yet it seems to similar not to be. I don't know what to make of it.

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007


I found this at All right ladies and gentlemen, we have something that looks legit. A person at unfiction discovered it. It looks like a dog, sounds like a dog and barks like a dog, so it probably is a dog. Go to and click on the picture. It will ask for a password, the password is jllovesth. It will take you to a video that Jamie Lascano (the girl who wrote the caption on one of the pictures on is making for her boyfriend Teddy, who is away. Give it a second because Jamie still has the cover on the lens. It will come off, she will speak about how she missed teddy and what not. After, she thinks she turned it off but the camera keeps rolling. She complains about possibly having another bladder infection and requests cranberry pills from another 1-18-08 character, Marlena (I think that’s her name). I am pretty sure that was put in for a reason. The speculation at this point is that the bladder infection has something to do with Slusho. Anyways, go watch the video and comment on what you think!! Finally we have something!! I haven't looked at it yet so I don't have an opinion yet. I don't think I can open .mov files but I'll try.

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007


It appears to be her so it looks legit. has the story on how the site was discovered.

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007

1031 I found this and thought it was interesting (no sound required)

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007

1032 something interesting about warbloid. (no sound required)

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


H.P., I've seen that one in post 1146 before. I studied it at length at the time and I think he is being thrown into the air by an object that the SOL head hit or something similar to that. I don't think he is jumping in the air.

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007

1034 ok I just fig something out about this THE PICS FLIP OVER!!!! & some have words on the back LIKE 1. Dont forget who takes care of you!! Love J 2. Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love Jamie BUT!!! wait a moment if the pics where taken the same night this went down how did they wirte on the backs of them...and if the the city was under attack how are you still going to write TAKE CARE & IM GONNA MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU... and for the people that are slow the pic that Jamie signed dosen't have Jamie in the pic it has LASCANO,PLATT And ROBBIE...soo??? and both are signed with a J..... well Jamie & J and if J is Jamie the handwriteing is not the same SOOO who is J? hell for that matter who is Jamie?? ok ok so to get the pics to flip make sure the one you want to flip is on top and no other pic is on top of and hold the left mouse button and shake the pic just little.. P.S. not all the pics have words on the back BUT this is as of 10:00am Sep. 13th we all know the site keeps getting updates THAT IS ALL

Crazyboy on Sep 13, 2007


That guy is clearly (well somewhat clearly) just getting the f*** out of the way from getting smashed by the head of the SOL. He jumped on the car's hood and jumped off landing on the other guy (that was in his way). And these Warbloid fuckers clearly are the one's that need to get laid. lol. anyway, hi boys!

DeniSSe on Sep 13, 2007


I'm sorry for being rude...but recently it's been more and more apparent that people either can't read or have been sleeping in a cave for the past few weeks... we know! 🙂

DeniSSe on Sep 13, 2007


Not to disrespect Crazyboy, but what were you thinking when you posted that. I mean come on man there's over a thousand posts in here. That's really old news. I must say we pull out all the stops in here and have touched on just about every legitimate clue. If your this late in the game I would just go through this blog a bit if I were you. However if your not really that immersed then I apologize, but this place is for the hardcore Slusho Heads. Cowpatty, have you checked out the peacebone video yet? I wouldn't say there is a profound connection between the lyrics, but they are worth checking out.

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


Uhh no, I haven't checked out the Peacebone video yet. You see, I have no TV. Well, I have a TV but no cable or reception. I use it only for watching DVD and tapes. I know, maybe I'm the caveman. So let's see. I have no sound, no internet connection at home, no cable or TV reception, and I don't read the newspaper. How the heck do I keep up with all this 1-18-08 stuff? Good question. I use my mother-in-law's computer if I need sound or to check email and I use the one at work to keep up with this stuff. It's a rough life but someone has to live it. Is this video available online somewhere and the lyrics as well?

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007


yeah it's on you tube. For the lyrics just google peacebone lyrics.

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


This is from phenox. In my opinion, the indents are from the monster's path of destruction through the city. If they were general destruction, they would be either slash marks or the building would not be standing.

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007

1041 According to this wiki entry Rob is not the main character. Very interesting.

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


Actually, I'm pretty sure Michael Stahl-David is Rob and Mike Vogel is Jason. IMDb has it wrong. They say Mike Vogel is Rob. Mike's official website is and there it says that he is playing the part of Jason.

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007


That's very unlike IMDb. I figured with a movie of this magnitude they would have it right.

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007


I'm not the first to say it's wrong. I've read it in several places.

Cowpattybill on Sep 13, 2007


Those bastards!!!

H.P. on Sep 13, 2007



HulkingUp on Sep 13, 2007


Jessica Lucas is the hot black chick seen at the party and seen on the street right before the SOL head comes flying out. She is also the face on the right of the two faces seen looking up in shock on that picture at She was in 'Life As We Know It' and 'The Covenant'. Irrelevant as this may seem, I just had to throw it out because I absolutely adore her!

Dolemite on Sep 13, 2007


Good Enough lol I realized something today. I bought a 6 pack of beer... I know, i drink Alot, but after the 6 pack I realized, you CANT drink just 6! Crazy, so I went and bought an extra 24. Just letting you know that the Slusho! Slogan works in Life

dudeman1 on Sep 13, 2007


I subscribe to the theory that the 2 girls in the pic on the site looking up are acutally the same girl split in half and photoshopped together.

Cowpattybill on Sep 14, 2007


That video of that chick Jamie on the site is just about the dumbest thing I've ever Is there a teddy in the movie?

DeniSSe on Sep 14, 2007


The girl could have a twin sister in the movie, which would provide a sensible explanation for the photo shopped pic. I mean why else would they do that. Also I noticed something in the pic of Rob pounding down a drink. Looks like whatever he is drinking is red. I mean it could be wine or something, but who chuggs wine like that. It just seems kinda silly. Plus I think that same chick can be seen in that pic.

H.P. on Sep 14, 2007


H.P. I read the lyrics and saw the video. I'm not musically inclined and have no idea how to write lyrics for a song but in my opinion the lyrics made no sense whatsoever. Also, I must say, without sound the video was a very odd & trippy thing that kinda made me feel sick. I didn't like it at all. I have a slight look of disgust on my face at the moment. But hey, research is research. I do not believe it has anything to do with 1-18-08. Not that you said it did.

Cowpattybill on Sep 14, 2007


I agree that the chick is in the picture of Rob drinking. I believe she is the creepy looking one on the right with what looks like a white "6" on her shirt. I don't think it really is a 6, it just looks that way.

Cowpattybill on Sep 14, 2007


Or maybe it's a 9 or an 8.

Cowpattybill on Sep 14, 2007


But again I don't really think it's there, just looks like that.

Cowpattybill on Sep 14, 2007


lol Dudeman1 that does indeed apply to beer, "you can't just drink six!"

HulkingUp on Sep 14, 2007


dudeman1, you're a man after my own way no how , just drink 6....lunacy....anyway, just getting back to the posts after my "weekend"...on a 24/7 swing shift I get Wed/Thur....not much but better than nothing...missed seeing everyones new ideas...I cant access the videos and such from here at work so I am at a loss to contribute to those new trying to catch up toi where everyone else is now I wold say that the only real clues are the trailer and the poster...unless some more websites pop up with info on them...Now, I must beg your indulgence on this one but I have kind of lost track on what exactly we are searching for....was there mention of definate facts to be discovered about the movie through all of this or is it something that just sprang up in the ranks of JJ fans??? I do beg forgiveness of my ignorance bgut I kind of jumped in here after a quick scan of the earlier, Friday night and I have NOTHING to do but sit here at work and wait for new posts to ponder....

Larry on Sep 14, 2007


hi everyone, I've been lurking about this site for a few days just reading posts and trying to gather information about this movie. I was far to shy to add any of my own comments, but i've finnaly plucked up the courage to join in! what iv'e been wondering,and I'm sorry if this was already answered somewhere, is how slusho was first tied in with this movie?

chimaru on Sep 14, 2007


OMG!!!!!!!! I FOUND SOMETHING!!!!! i took some clues off of Jamie Lascano's mysoace and figured something out people on fourms have come up with a site now on that site theres a a video that requires a password looking at her myspace again i got more clues and figured the pass jllovesth JL Loves TH JL = Jammie Lascano TH = Teddy Hanssen (Mentioned in video and on her myspace) once the video starts..i couldnt believe it it was really her Jammie Lascano sititing on her bed talking into a camera. Talkin to a guy named Teddy Hanssen and how much she misses him an how good he sexes her up. And she talks about her friend (dont rememeber her name but the other girl main character that isnt Beth) wants her to get laid while he is gona and it wil make her feel better, which make sme think he is going to be gone for a long time, and ashe says no. and then she tells him bye and thinks the camera is off, and she askes her friend, which is out fo the room, if she has any more pills because she has a bladder infection. And then she realizes the camera is on and turns it off... this deff seems legit = ) check it out guys!!!!this site could be updated til the realeas of the movie

Dan on Sep 14, 2007


No offense Dan but you should check post #1144...this has already been of luck...

Larry on Sep 14, 2007


"children born of the beast will steal the shadow of the forest and chase the stars from the night"

geezer on Sep 14, 2007


well now, that has quite a prophetic ring to it but....what does it mean??? Oh hell, I just had an instant flashback to my younger years...remember Mr. Natural??? (bystanders asking question)..."but Mr. Natural, what does it all mean??"...."Dont mean sh*t...." (says Mr. Natural) topic I know, sorry for the sidestep...late night brings out weird stuff..on the job boredom is a me...hey dudeman, got any beer?????

Larry on Sep 14, 2007


the song that is playing in the background at robs party right before the quake is by this band named wolfmother, and the latin origin of their band name is Madrevius di lupovius which means "children born of the beast will steal the shadow of the forest and chase the stars from the night"

geezer on Sep 14, 2007


Hmmmm...that IS interesting??? seems it should have some role in all of this...or are we all just getting too wound up in this whole thing??..." teh stars from the night..."creature(s) so large they blot out the light from the stars??? gigantic winged creatures that fill the sky and block teh light of teh stars??/ just ranting to see what comes out...definately an interesting choice of songs for that scene...but the big question to me is this...did Abrhams really go to this much trouble??? are we looking for stuff that just isnt there???? this has me spending too much time thinking about it...starting to piss me off now...

Larry on Sep 14, 2007


BTW, apologies for teh constant mispelling of "the" as "teh'..

Larry on Sep 14, 2007


i agree, what exactly are we even looking for? i bet hes sitting back just laughing at us looking up and down at these websites until our eyes give out, but anyway, go to this link and read the lyrics carefully i believe this is where jj got the codename "cloverfield" also look at the album cover if you can, and remember that this is the same band we are talking about in the post above

geezer on Sep 14, 2007


F*&^&%ing AF server...."ACESS DENIED"*t...that is why I cant see a lot of the clues posted here...f*&^in' govt. server....cant see shit on here...I even get blocked from sites about HEALTH FOOD...makes you wonder who the hell is in charge...saints save us from HOMELAND SECURITY....anyway, thanks for posting the link but I will have to wait til I get home to try and see it...still got an hour to go here...what else ya got????

Larry on Sep 14, 2007


well...time to go...see ya all back her tomorrow night...oh yeah, at least those of you who like myself have no social life to speak of...later gang...

Larry on Sep 15, 2007


damnnnn something new must happen already : / : / -four horsemen-

bam on Sep 15, 2007


dudes, I got wasted last night and after my 5th of jager (im making a movie documentary about it) I called 2 bitches for $200 a piece. When they got here we paid them, and I decided to take the bitch for a walk. Then went back to the apartment and I kicked them both out, it was funny, I was drunk. And then I watched the cloverfield trailer and i realized noone really talked about the sounds before the trailer starts. I mean, it sonds like a camera squeel or or something. Maybe that is a clue. Plus the paramountscreen is in a similar to telivision wave format....maybe it is a robot......

dudeman1 on Sep 15, 2007


Please dudeman, you really should do yourself a favor and stop posting in here. You sound like a complete idiotic drunk. Oh and the sounds your hearing in the beginning of the trailer is a girl telling people to be quiet because Rob is coming and It's a surprise party. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 15, 2007


dudeman, you crack me me the juicy details at: now what is with post 1186??? seems to be connected to all of this in some way...but how??? biblical prophisies and stuff??? anybody going back to that theory???...I mean for my part I dont see why not....its not like it is taboo to use biblical themes in horror movies...they been doin' it forever....even back before movies...plays were quite often centered around some religious moral or in that case, anybody out there up theological myths and what not???? I got 8 hours to go with NOTHING to do...lets start something....

Larry on Sep 15, 2007


OK…a quick look at biblical monsters on Google will sober you up fast…some weird people writing weird sh*t out there…but that is another story in itself…I am sure none of this is new but to explore the “bible monster” theory it makes for interesting reading…so here is just a sampling of stuff connected to Revelations…. “The book of Revelation is full of bad news about "things which must shortly come to pass" -- false prophets and bloodthirsty persecutors, a seven-headed red dragon and lion-sized locusts with human faces, a blackened sun and a blood-red moon, falling stars and collapsing mountains, earthquake and plague and famine, all leading to the Battle of Armageddon and the end of the world. Readers of Revelation in every generation since it was first reduced to writing in the first century have managed to convince themselves that the "Beast" of Revelation -- more commonly called the Antichrist, although the term appears nowhere in Revelation itself -- was one of the flesh-and-blood figures of their own times.” This looks really interesting at first glance but the more I read the more it just doesn’t plug in with the Slusho thing…Slusho takes us back to the Japanese style of horror films with Godzilla and his whole gang of cutesy pie little monster friends…save for the very first Godzilla ever made, I find none of them even remotely frightening…which brings me back to the question of….just what the hell are we looking for here???

Larry on Sep 15, 2007


I cannot believe I just spent over an hour reading about the Flying Spaghetti Monster....I think I have just about heard everything now...I totally missed out on that one...this is driving me to drink...more....anyway, I'm drinking more now....cant wait to get home...maybe surf some porn...anything to clear my mind of religious lunatics and monster movies...I've had enough for this week gang...I wil check my email next week to see where things stand then...DUDEMAN, toss me a Beer!!!....good luck and good hunting....;)~

Larry on Sep 15, 2007


"There is no knowledge that is not power."

H.P. on Sep 16, 2007


Open the 1-18-08 website, turn your speakers up, and then leave the browser open/idle for about 10 minutes.

G-Rat on Sep 16, 2007


if you are referring to the roar that is heard when you have been there for 6 minutes...nice try but no cigar...that was discovered quite some time ago...not much new stuff lately....trail is getting pretty cold now....I just watch for new pposts now...good luck...

Larry on Sep 16, 2007


"The only certainty is that nothing is certain"

H.P. on Sep 16, 2007


hey H.P....pretty dead around here since Friday night...just sitting here at work doing homework and hoping something will break here...seems to be at a standstill for now...anyway, have a good night...I will be online for about another 1 1/2 hours...

Larry on Sep 16, 2007


In my daily travels of other message boards I only found this: and for Larry, here's a transcript from the jamie video: "Ooh ahhh, oh YES, YES, YES, oooooh yes, right there, yes...." Here is the transcript for Jamie's video: Jamie: Seriously? How the heck do you get this stupid thing to work. It's recording.. Hey babe, It's Jamie and I just wanna let you know that this is probably one of the many many video messages you'll be getting from me, while you're away on your trip. And, I don't know, I just figure it would be a really good way for you to see my gorgeous face whenever you want. And I know you've only been gone a day, but I couldn't resist telling you how much I love you and how much our last night together was amazing. It was pretty "ridic". And I don't know, I miss you so much, I got you voice message earlier and it was really good to hear your voice. I just, it was weird. I was just talking to Marlena about you, and she sucks at talking about stuff like this. She's so negative, but she said "The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else". But I don't want to get under anyone else but you, and you know that, so... and plus everyone knows that I'm a top girl, so you don't have to worry about that. Anyway, I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow and I just miss you, you know, I miss you like the sky misses the flowers, or is it the stars miss the sky? Whatever. I love you babe. Oh! And don't show anyone these videos. I swear to god, if this ends up on the internet, I will kill you. Jamie: I'm done Marlena [off camera]: How did it go? Jamie: Good. I think. Do you have anymore of those Cranberry pills? Marlena [off camera]: Yeah, why? What's up? Jamie: I'm getting another bladder infection.

Cowpattybill on Sep 17, 2007


"It is an unfortunate fact that every man who seeks to disseminate knowledge must contend not only against ignorance itself, but against false instruction as well."

H.P. on Sep 17, 2007


well, thank ya Bill...not sure what to make of it though...seems a lot of trouble to go to just to hook people into the whole would seem that the trailer will do that on its own...really awesome little piece of film...what the hell, it has been fun so far....hope it gets more interesting ...

Larry on Sep 17, 2007


"The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."

H.P. on Sep 17, 2007


H.P. - where are you getting these quotes from?? interesting...

DeniSSe on Sep 17, 2007


"Then suddenly the clouds thinned and the stars shone spectrally above. All below was still black, but those pallid beacons in the sky seemed alive with a meaning and directiveness they had never possessed elsewhere. It was not that the figures of the constellations were different, but that the same familiar shapes now revealed a significance they had formerly failed to make plain."

H.P. on Sep 17, 2007


It would be great if it was some sort of Armagedon film, as it would be more interesting and scary than a monster attack film. However, I think this possibility is small, due to the lack of "biblibal" feel to the trailer, poster, and evidence discivered. I just hope it doesn't end up being a predictable un-inspired monster movie with a hell of a trailer.

Mike 8 on Sep 17, 2007


was supposed to be "biblical"

Mike 8 on Sep 17, 2007


cowpattybill, that's a very interesting monster sketch #1197. Honestly, I can't see that thing making the noise heard on the trailer. I wonder if anyone thought that "Dragon Wars" was the movie for this trailer. When is CGI going to be perfected? I'm sick of watching "cartoon like" effects in movies. 1-18-08 should stay away from fake looking CGI, or it could ruin the experience. By the way, I think 1-18-08 should remain the title for the movie.

Mike 8 on Sep 17, 2007


"All the common, unadorned things have been thought and said and repeated a thousand times before. The dull, prosaic world of usual feelings and events is so well "written up" that nothing vital remains to be added."

H.P. on Sep 17, 2007


Ah, Lovecraft quotes.

DeniSSe on Sep 17, 2007


really an interesting embodies many of the conclusions that we have arrived at through these discussions....enormous size, HANDS for throwing things, an amphibious look overall....but the one thing that is missing for me is ...the human element...from what I see in the trailer, this beast is pissed off and not just lumbering around smashing sh*t up because it is so big...that head is thrown into the city... just like a challenge in olden times...something a human would do...there must be a human element to all of this or the threat really isnt that great...a beast is just that...a dumb beast that acts out of instinct to survive...and that is shy I have a hard time with monster movies...I cant hate the is only a dumb beast out of its element and I inevitably feel sorry for it...but add the human element and now you have something to fear...most deadly predator on the planet is US....there must be some tie in to a human intelligence getting involved in here somewhere....just my have at it...what you all think???

Larry on Sep 17, 2007


There definitely seems to be alot of similarities to Lovecraft. I myself am not at all familiar with him but I have read enough on this board to think that if nothing else Abrams was at least influenced by Lovecraft. Kind of, sort of, perhaps, maybe, a little bit.

Cowpattybill on Sep 17, 2007


idk about that monster pic, its way too big if you ask me... and the claws dont match up to the claw marks in the poster

geezer on Sep 17, 2007


Don't shoot the messenger. I didn't draw it. I just found it. I think it was just someone let their imagination run wild a bit.

Cowpattybill on Sep 17, 2007


i know cowpatty, i was just statein' my opinion, i first saw the pic on a youtube vid

geezer on Sep 17, 2007


"It is better to laugh at man from outside the universe, than to weep for him within."

H.P. on Sep 18, 2007


Where is everybody??

DeniSSe on Sep 18, 2007


Just got back from the dead.... Hello all. I had a LONG weekend, and I have over 5gb of video to prove it... so I guess Ill just make a movie

dudeman1 on Sep 18, 2007


"Never was a sane man more dangerously close to the arcana of basic entity -- never was an organic brain nearer to utter annihilation in the chaos that transcends form and force and symmetry."

H.P. on Sep 19, 2007


I'm here. I was working from a different location yesterday (the main office instead the usual satellite office so I wasn't at my normal desk and didn't really have access to the internet. Next week I'll be gone from Thursday Sept 27 until October 8th so hopefully nothing exciting happens during that time (no offense to you guys). So mark your calendars, someone else will have to scan the other message boards looking for info. Speaking of which, one of the sites I check regularly is and it seems to be done right now. Also, this link: contemplates whether or not Jamie and HUD are in the trailer or perhaps it's Teddy and Jamie. That's it for today's episode of "What else it out there?" Stay tuned tomorrow for another exciting edition. Same time, same crap. Note to Abrams: New info please!

Cowpattybill on Sep 19, 2007


"He wondered at the vast conceit of those who had babbled of the malignant Ancient Ones, as if They could pause from their everlasting dreams to wreak a wrath on mankind. As well, he thought, might a mammoth pause to visit frantic vengeance on an angleworm."

H.P. on Sep 19, 2007


Thats enough quotes H.P.

Mike 8 on Sep 19, 2007


"Behold a pale horse and the rider that set upon him was death...and hell followed with him" I'm back

Ripper on Sep 19, 2007


"I am disillusioned enough to know that no man's opinion on any subject is worth a damn unless backed up with enough genuine information to make him really know what he's talking about."

H.P. on Sep 19, 2007


OK, I've been gone a while on busniess, H.P. if you have my e-mail could you send me your general summary of whats going on theres no way i have time to read all that i have missed. It would be greatly appriciated my fellow Horsemen. I will try to read some of this today, but i am going to look around all the sites and catch myself up on them. Good to be back, just 4 more months until we know what is truly under this vail of Secrecy and Illusion. -The Four Horsemen-

Rippper on Sep 19, 2007


Just incase no one has realised this yet H.P. is quoting H.P. Lovecraft. Very poetic, he was a great writer.

Ripper on Sep 19, 2007


"That is not dead which can eternal lie / And with strange aeons even death may die."

Ripper on Sep 19, 2007


"There once was a man from Nantucket.....

Cowpattybill on Sep 19, 2007


"george bush does not care about black people"

geezer on Sep 19, 2007


If I want to read H.P Lovecraft I will get his book. Endless quoting on this site is annoying and pointless.

Mike 8 on Sep 19, 2007


"No mike 8, you complaining is annoying and pointless." The board is slow so get over it. Go find another message board if you wanna talk about shit we already talked about almost a thousand posts ago. Sorry man the 4 horsemen along with Cowpatty Bill and geezer call this place home. You just use it as a welcome mat. "I am providence"

H.P. on Sep 19, 2007


uhhhh. you forgot about your friendly neigborhood alchoholic and Larry...

dudeman1 on Sep 19, 2007


Read the whole article.... they even have an old havked version of the old Apollo candybar website that was created during one of the seasons of Lost. The website is Strangely familiar to the Slusho website... references to 6, hot air baloons etc. and its just a corny looking page. Anyway, the Apollo candybar site was taken down a while back but it was officially linked to LOST. So uh, check out this article and check out the apollo chocolate site (they link to it there)

dudeman1 on Sep 19, 2007


lol forgot to give the link...

dudeman1 on Sep 19, 2007


I'm very sorry to hear that dudeman1. I have a friend in Afghanistan (sp) right now and still has another year of a 1 1/2 year tour. I was in the Navy and went to Iraq as part of Desert Storm (yep, long time ago, guess we didn't do it right the first time) so I know what it's like to be away for so long (it was only 6 months for me though). It sucks. What also sucks is that you've been a part of this board for awhile now and have been involved in most of the discussion and so after all that you will miss the movie. Or at least have to wait awhile to see it. What's your job?

Cowpattybill on Sep 20, 2007


...and occasionally me! Although I just read and every once in a while put a little somethin' somethin. It has been slow lately, but something should be surfacing soon, i feel it. lol Dudeman1, sorry to hear that, I give tons of a respect to people in your position...if i could i would definately try and get you a bootleg version from here in NYC. 🙂

DeniSSe on Sep 20, 2007


Am i the only chick here?? If i am, NICE!

DeniSSe on Sep 20, 2007


Yeah denisse. You must be a pretty cool chick if your into stuff like this. What other stuff do you enjoy. Are you a horror movie fan. dudeman, although you come across as an crazy drunk at times don't misunderstand my respect for you and your position. I apologize if I insulted you in anyway. I just hate disrespect towards women. I would suggest downloading limewire if you have not already. I know 1-18-08 will be on there within the first month of release. Stay safe brother and keep us posted while your there.

H.P. on Sep 20, 2007


I am an All-Movie fan. Mainly action-adventure (old japanese fighting films, oaters, mystery, war movies, and fantasy with TONS OF VIOLENCE) and horror (more so the gore-y and again, violent stuff.) And of course, can't forget the sappy shit nothing from recent stuff...mainly old 50's films for me. 🙂 my boyfriend thinks i am the biggest dork ever. i'm one of a kind though, if you saw me you'd never suspect it. lol. what interested me in 1-18-08 was the fuckin genius put into friend asked me the other day..."What if you go see this movie and it sucks?" and i told him, "well if it does, (which i strongly doubt) then there is are shit load of good movie ideas on here and people better start copyrighting these sons of bitches!" lol

DeniSSe on Sep 20, 2007


Very cool denisse. You def have great taste. I too am a fellow dork, geek, nerd...whatever. I'm a sucker for a dork chick (especially ones with black rimmed glasses and short flippy hair) lol. I like horror, sci-fi, Martial Arts, satire, comic movies. I really dig comics, music, video games, books, drawing, and writing. One day I might dabble in film, but I really would like to just collaborate with someone like Tim Burton. Also I'm interested to know what type of music you like. What are your fav bands. I can just tell the most about a person by the type of music they listen too. If you don't wanna clutter up the message board my email is -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 20, 2007


haha. cool H.P. mine is With music i go through phases. Right now I'm at an electro phase.

DeniSSe on Sep 20, 2007


ok... this is kinda random, i was just sitting at work today and tried to find a connection between Cheese, chocolate, and Slusho. after pondering for a moment I realized something... Well...what happens when you heat either of these 3 things up? They all MELT. Take it where you can...melt

dudeman1 on Sep 20, 2007


Hmmm. Good point. I found another connection, when you eat them they all digest.

Cowpattybill on Sep 21, 2007


I meant "consume", not eat.

Cowpattybill on Sep 21, 2007


I...... dont..... think...... that godzilla could chuck ladie liberty's head across newyork my friends... something that big has to be invincible... ill be there top of the line

martyr445 on Sep 21, 2007


martyr445.........WTF are we gonna do with you. No kidding it isn't godzilla. Fucking shit already!!!! I'm fucking sick of people not reading the posts. Something is fishy about you "my friend". I don't like your choice of posting name. So is martyr445 your screen name. So when is the hidden imam coming back.....LOL. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 21, 2007



HulkingUp on Sep 21, 2007


There was a rumor in other boards that a new trailer would be in front of Resident Evil 4 which I think came out today. Anyone heard anything?

Cowpattybill on Sep 21, 2007


Heard that rumor alot. However, Resident evil is not a Paramount movie. But shit, maybe I should go pay $9 just in case

dudeman1 on Sep 21, 2007


I'm sure if it was there someone would have posted something somewhere by now and I haven't seen anything so I doubt it was there. I think one of the horsemen knows someone who works in the theater business and if so I'm sure a quick phone call will confirm whether or not the trailer is there.

Cowpattybill on Sep 21, 2007


That would be me cowpatty. Unfortunately I had to sit through that piece of crap last night. I can say with 100% confirmation that there is no trailer on RE3 save your money. If your a hardcore Resident Evil fan like myself then you understand how much these movies suck. Also I wanna let everyone in on a little secret. I have said this before, but the new trailer will most def be on the Beowulf movie. So mark those calenders for Nov 16th!! -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 21, 2007


I agree. What if they throw in a new trailer on say the Transformers DVD?

dudeman1 on Sep 21, 2007


OK gang....back on the job from my "weekend"...catching up on all the posts I missed...So, apologies now for off topic stuff... dudeman....sorry to hear the news bro...dont know what to say...f*&^%ing war....same sh*t when I was in Viet Nam....seems to just keep on going....if we put some of the politician's kids in uniform I bet this shitty war would have ended years ago...sorry for the rant....anyway, we can always hope something happens between now and then.... are truly a class act..."The Man from Nantuckett"....really goes along with my sense of impropriety throwing that in there with H.P.'s quotes....I love it... DeniSSe....movies were my only escape from a world that was quite overwhelming for a young child ...I ma in the same groove as you as far as my tastes go.... now for any of you goofballs that might want to correspond without munging up the board with off topic stuff... so, Friday night and I am all alone again???? somebody toss me a beer...I have a 12 hours shift tonight and tomorrow....working sucks....

Larry on Sep 21, 2007


i took a page out of your book today larry,im a lil heavy off of some busch and limon juice, but anyway, anybody nocite that the sun is rising in the poster... isnt the monster supposed to be gone by morning time? and why in the hell is the sun rising in the north? or is it setting in the north? either way, that poster doesnt match up

geezer on Sep 21, 2007


Uhhhhh....Hmmmmmm....not sure if I am seeing it, geezer...the poster I am looking at is hard to really tell what time of day it is could be lighter over in the city because of the all the fires???? who knows...then again, you may have a good point...I have nothing better to do so I guess I will stare at the poster til 4 then maybe I will begin to see things.....enjoy the beers....wish I could...

Larry on Sep 21, 2007


Me = Sober Cant Sleep

dudeman1 on Sep 22, 2007


sorry to hear that dudeman...ever try Mellotonin??? clean and works great...dont wake up feeling all loopy like from Tylenol PM's..get it at any drug store...I get mine from COSTCO...hope it helps....slow night...nobody posting anything hardly....hope your night gets better....

Larry on Sep 22, 2007


I found some old headache meadicine it said may cause Drowziness. I took it about an hour ago, lol, and Im even more awake now. SHIT

dudeman1 on Sep 22, 2007


wow, that sucks dude...try the like a charm every time...still got 1 1/2 hrs to go ... hope you get some sleep man....

Larry on Sep 22, 2007


whew, slept like a GEM, And I woke up and was wierd. Had some crazy ass dreams lol

dudeman1 on Sep 22, 2007


glad to hear you got some sleep...crazy dreams??? I know what you mean...Mellotonin lets me sleep clean but Tylenol PM wil give me some really "out there" dreams...guess we have the board to ourselves again....back at work for another 12 hrs...wish I had the resources some of the other folks have on here...with all the time I have I could surely come up with something or chase down leads that others dont have time to ....drop a line and let me know how you doin' tonight...

Larry on Sep 22, 2007


TEST... IS IT WORKING sorry it wont post my shiznit for some reason

dudeman1 on Sep 22, 2007


SO...another silent new ideas from anyone...hope you are feeling better dudeman...guess I will just check back every now and again....take care all....

Larry on Sep 22, 2007


Larry, email of yours once more please

dudeman1 on Sep 22, 2007


what????? everybody go on vacation??...makes for a long, lonely night for me....oh well, maybe something wil pick up later tonight....anybody out there at the moment?????

Larry on Sep 23, 2007


Im always out there man... always

dudeman1 on Sep 23, 2007


cool...hows your head today??? I been working too much to even enjoy a beer when I get home...aint heard anything new on the movie...even went digging back through some of the old stuff on other sites...i am sure people have already done that...anyway, have a good night... I wil be here til midnight (PST)...

Larry on Sep 23, 2007


I'm always here also, Larry. Just been... tired as hell, to be honest.

Phenox1707 on Sep 23, 2007


well, nice to see that i am not all alone...I can dig being tired...12 hr swings is kicking my ass...only 8 tonight...will probably fly by after the 12's...gotta go do some back in a few....

Larry on Sep 23, 2007


Playing World of Warcraft until further info arises..........

H.P. on Sep 23, 2007


I did my scan of the 6 other sites I check for updates and there is nothing out there. Nada, zip, zero, zilch, big fat goose egg

Cowpattybill on Sep 24, 2007


oh wait, they are fake. pretty good though.

DeniSSe on Sep 24, 2007


Yeah, those are very good. Im having trouble finding where they say they are fake though... That Adshell looks pretty legit

dudeman1 on Sep 24, 2007


Then again, im just so F***ing anxious that its making me very gullible and Ill pretty much believe anything that may seem legit. My oppinions have become clouded. Ill just see what everyone else thinks and go with that

dudeman1 on Sep 24, 2007


nice to see ANYTHING new at this point....fake or not...posters look pretty cool..I like the one with the eclipse or something going on...but just to throw my 2 cents in....I am truly dissapointed to hear more of this rumor about "little raptors" that flake off of teh big monster...YAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNN....really gang, if that is the best they came up with for this movie it is going to be a terrible letdown...JMO...I keep hoping for something really NEW...not more "Jurrasic Park" gone wild BS.....

Larry on Sep 24, 2007


thanks geezer, I wish I could but the sh*tty AF server blocks all mp3 and video stuff out there...dont want us playin' when we 'spoda be workin"...I will check them from home when I can...thanks...only 4 more hrs to go.....

Larry on Sep 24, 2007


Good mornin' all. Geezer, are those really your videos? You made them? If so, I'm impressed. What software are people using to put these videos together?

Cowpattybill on Sep 25, 2007


My search has turned up this: Apparently the person rujing cloverfieldclues has called for a "spoof week" due to the amount of fake posters/videos turning up. Geezer, if you (or any of the rest of you) have the know-how to put something together I recommend doing it and sending it in on behalf of us regular posters to this board. Currently I think the usuals are: The 4 horsemen - H.P., geezer, bam, ripper Phoenix1707 dudeman1 Larry DeniSSe cowpattybill I think I listed the main posters for the past 500 or so messages. I think all our hard work and countless hours spent here should be acknowleged in some way.

Cowpattybill on Sep 25, 2007



dudeman1 on Sep 25, 2007


As a writer, artist , and musician I don't really have the time needed to make a video. Essentially I would love to animate my theory in flash. One Idea I had was to dress up as an original character and host monster movie segments. I would do 50's,60's,70's and 80's. It would be a homage to such character hosts as Bela Lagosi, Elvira, Dr Morgus, and "The Great" Joe Bob Briggs. I think people need something like that in an entertainment world gone rabid with the likes of reality TV and really bad video blogs.

H.P. on Sep 25, 2007


yea, those are really my vids, and i use windows movie maker. if you have windows xp home edition then you should have windows movie maker. it's pretty simple to use. and i'm so glad you posted the thing about spoof week because me and a couple of friends were actually gonna make our own 2nd trailer this friday. mostly based on the theory that there are smaller versions of the big monster, and i suppose while i have the camera in my hand i should go ahead and do a spoof

geezer on Sep 25, 2007


Then I implore you geezer to acknowledge the superhuman efforts of this group with a nod in your video. For some of us it may be our only chance at 15 seconds of fame.

Cowpattybill on Sep 25, 2007


Movie Maker, gotta love it. I need to get off of work now, maybe i should just leave...

dudeman1 on Sep 25, 2007


Sorry Cowpattybill, but I gotta correct you on your statement in 1279. I am definatly one of the Four Horsemen. I think it's me, HP, Bam, and Ripper. I'm not really sure, but I don't think geezer is one of us. Although, he is still awesome. Other than that, I got nuthin. I have no camera to film with, otherwise I'd come up with something myself. -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Sep 25, 2007


haha just got off work and saw the fake news report, Some serious acting skill issues, but shit, If I had that sorta video software and time i could def. have some fun with it like they did

dudeman1 on Sep 25, 2007


good shit out there. i wish i had the skills as well, i just got a camera for my birthday today...and i wish i had better skills at using it. Anyway, talk to you guys later. have a good night.

DeniSSe on Sep 25, 2007


Well Happy birthday there fellow Libra Mines in a couple of days, but once this is read it will be tomorrow, AKA Thursday. Maybe we can get some effin clues for our birthday eh?

dudeman1 on Sep 25, 2007


awwww, thanks dudeman! haha...clues would be good. p.s. anyone watch resident evil? i'm guessing there was no trailer since there hasn't been any news of anything.

DeniSSe on Sep 26, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENISSE!!!!! To answer your question please refer to post 1249.

H.P. on Sep 26, 2007


"The Man of Truth has learned that Illusion is the One Reality, and that Substance is the Great Imposter."

H.P. on Sep 26, 2007


Thank you!!!! and thank you. 🙂 I guess we'll have to wait for November...

DeniSSe on Sep 26, 2007


wow way to totally leave everyone in the dark after getting us all crazed and bloodthirsty for more information. I have the patience of a silverback gorilla with rabies, and now I have to wait til November? damn!

HulkingUp on Sep 26, 2007


Yeah, Hulk. We all may just want to freeze ourselves similar to Cartmen in southpark episode 10:12 where he froze himself in anticipation of the Nintendo Wii. I think I may do that and perhaps I can escape this deployment so I can actually see the movie 😉

dudeman1 on Sep 26, 2007


So, Im Bored, decided to look into the NY1 Website and such because I havent read so much about people looking into the NY1 reference. But, Nothing to do with the movie on there that I can find, except the anchor lady from the Trailer is Roma Torre who does work for NY1 news and has acting history. She was interviewed about the movie and all she said is she was forced to sign something that stated she cant talk about the movie and that she doesnt even know what its about. Basically. So I found Nothing as usual. Good Day

dudeman1 on Sep 26, 2007


and I think is down. :'(

dudeman1 on Sep 26, 2007


Happy birthday DeniSSe and dudeman1. Sorry Phoenix, got the names mixed up. Bygones. I will be out of town until 10/8 and probably won't be able to check the board so have fun, keeping scanning the other boards for me and I'll catch up with you all when I get back. Peace.

Cowpattybill on Sep 26, 2007


Hey i heard thats theres a new trailer ..possibly fake? ill post the link as soon as i find it juss a heads up guys

Dan on Sep 27, 2007


Yes, very fake, funny acting. Post 1279 Well gang im gone until sunday, I HOPE something happens to come back to F*** peace and Sh**

dudeman1 on Sep 27, 2007


I just realized that the release date for cloverfield in the U.K. is 2-2-08. Just wondering how the whole 1-18-08 thing is playing out over there since they apparently have a different release date. Wonder if there is a 2-2-08 website.

H.P. on Sep 27, 2007


HI gang...working the dayshift for training....missed a bunch of posts I see....Happy Birthdays to DeniSSe and dudeman....thanks for including me in the group, cowpatty...apparently there is still nothing new...I wil be back online Sat night (12 hr shift)...maybe something will turn up by then....

Larry on Sep 27, 2007


thx dudeman for the link = ) yea it was very funny lol but hey at this point everyone is willing to check out anything new real or fake. im still on the hunt for new shyt, hopfully something new will turn up soon

Dan on Sep 28, 2007


new really really really weird pic on and on the back its all japanese letters, ill try to translate it but i probably wont be able to do it by myself, so if anybody wants to give me a hand..

geezer on Sep 28, 2007


WHOA! It's a recipe on the back for whatever that guy has on his plate!! Holy crap... I was just thinking, this might hint at what it is! Like what if it translates to "Dragon Roll" or "Squid Spectacular" - then that might be a bigggg hint!! Get someone Japanese to translate it now!! lol

Alex Billington on Sep 28, 2007


i know, and the last ingredient is crab.. hmmm

geezer on Sep 29, 2007


WTF gang??? I just went there and no new pic to be seen...what did I miss???and what is with the site all in spanish??? I no abla the 12 hrs of nothing to do so someone point me in the right direction....

Larry on Sep 29, 2007


your not the only one larry, apparently alot of people can't see the new pic on maybe abrams and the gang chose to release the pic one region at a time p.s if you dont get to see it by later on tonite, its just a pic of some japanese chef holding a crab dish, and on the back is the recipe for the dish

geezer on Sep 29, 2007


thanks geez....I will check periodically throughout my shift as it draaaaaaaagggggssssss on til 4 am PDT...I am assuming it is a clue to the beasts makeup or origin or both....guess it may depend on someone being able to translate the stuff on the back....anyway, I wil be here all night.....later. dude.....

Larry on Sep 29, 2007


rough translation *Skinless chicken breast - 2, cut in halves *Soumen (a kind of japanese noodle) - 10 oz. *Watercress - 1/2 cup cut into small strips *Turnip - 1/2 cup, thinly sliced *Shiitake (japanese mushrooms) - 1/2 cup *Chicken stock - 1/3 cup *Sake (japanese rice wine) - 2 tbsp. *Sugar - 1/2 tsp. *Ocean-bottom crab - one In a small saucepan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake, and sugar. Chill it until it becomes cold. Grill the chicken breast on both sides for about 8 minutes, and then chill. Boil the noodles for about 3 minutes, and then run under cold water until chilled. Mix the watercress, turnips, and mushrooms into the soumen. Slice the chicken thinly and arrange on top of the soumen mix. Just before you serve, put the crab in the sauce and pour over the noodles generously. Go go Oishii ("delicious") Chef! time to go party, later larry

geezer on Sep 29, 2007


well....that is just a TREASURE TROVE of information....Abrams must have a sick sense of humor...he must know people are going gonzo out here trying to figure out what he has up his sleeve on this...anyway, have a good time at teh party...drink one for*t, drink at least 6 for me...any biker types at your party?? later....

Larry on Sep 29, 2007


yea, wild ass party. i drunk plenty for ya larry, too bad they were watered down. and nah no biker types just a few buddys and their buddys and girls from the block

geezer on Sep 30, 2007


brand new site found and it looks pretty legit, i clicked on one of the links on the site and it took me to the page. really something to feed on check it out

geezer on Sep 30, 2007


I am not the detective some of you folks are but I find some preety interesting stuff there already...if anyone remembers my offering as to what some of teh plot elements might be may remember I mentioned DNA engineering/experimentation....its there...couple that with DEEP SEA DRILLING rigs....the interactive map shows 14 driling rigs around the world...all of which are in operation save one...Chuai Station which is set to open in September we have a winner here??? birth place/release point of the creature??? just in time for 1 - 18 - 08???... I am just rambling now...somewhere the genetic/medical folks tie in with the deep sea drilling and the opening of Chuai Station platform...I know somebody out there is sharp enough to pull this I will be neglecting homework to try and figure this sh*t out....more ramblngs to come...remember, I am stuck at work til midnight with nothing better to do....;)~

Larry on Sep 30, 2007


check this... "The origin of Tagruato goes back into 1945, when our creator, Kantaro Tagruato, founded a mining company in Ky?sh?, Japan’s southernmost island. Tagruato, who had emigrated to Japan from Polynesia with his family as young boy, started the company with dreams of “holding Earth’s energy in my fist.” He called his fledgling company ???." why is the name of the company blocked out?? it is that way throughout the entire history it a clue or a red herring??? lots of stuff in there for the detectives to work on now...I particularly like the site for the ParafFun! Wax ...lots of uses for it..."Improved Bowel Movements???...Oh, I hope that isnt going to figure in somewhere....NYC buried in Monstrous Amphibian Dung Heaps????? Whoa!! gettin' too far out there now and it is only 6 pm here....shows what happens when ya dont get any sleep for a day.... So, what have we got so far???...medical research/genetic engineering, ground breaking advances in deep sea drilling, A soft drink that borders on illegal substances in how it affects people, a subsidiary industry with military ties (holy sh*t...a connection with the movie "ALIEN!!???)...gonna be some sum'bitchin' movie if they do it right....of course, then again, it could just be a GODZILLA remake....I simply couldnt resist saying that...apologies to all....LOL...c'mon, somebody jump in here...dont let me have all the fun....

Larry on Sep 30, 2007


check this... "The origin of Tagruato goes back into 1945, when our creator, Kantaro Tagruato, founded a mining company in Ky?sh?, Japan’s southernmost island. Tagruato, who had emigrated to Japan from Polynesia with his family as young boy, started the company with dreams of “holding Earth’s energy in my fist.” He called his fledgling company ???." why is the name of the company blocked out?? it is that way throughout the entire history it a clue or a red herring??? lots of stuff in there for the detectives to work on now...I particularly like the site for the ParafFun! Wax ...lots of uses for it..."Improved Bowel Movements???...Oh, I hope that isnt going to figure in somewhere....NYC buried in Monstrous Amphibian Dung Heaps????? Whoa!! gettin' too far out there now and it is only 6 pm here....shows what happens when ya dont get any sleep for a day.... So, what have we got so far???...medical research/genetic engineering, ground breaking advances in deep sea drilling, A soft drink that borders on illegal substances in how it affects people, a subsidiary industry with military ties (holy sh*t...a connection with the movie "ALIEN!!???)...gonna be some sum'bitchin' movie if they do it right....of course, then again, it could just be a GODZILLA remake....I simply couldnt resist saying that...apologies to all....LOL...c'mon, somebody jump in here...dont let me have all the fun....

Larry on Sep 30, 2007


lol, im not gonna let you have all the fun larry, neither are the four horsemen, Cowpatty, Dudeman, Denisse, and the occasional Dan. and check out the site again, try clicking on the other languages at the main screan, is it just me or does it not let you into the site?

geezer on Sep 30, 2007


forgot to mention that, the only one that allows access is ENGLISH...the rest just bring you back to the initial screen...same with going to te various subsiary sites "web page" link...just brings you back to where you started...except SLUSHO...takes you to Slusho site...yeah, i am getting a jump on this one simply because I HAVE NO LIFE and I am at work with NOTHING BETTER TO DO....anyway, fun finally getting into some new on another thought.... this is a lot 'o sh*t to add to the puzzle...if this is going to be ffilmed from the first-person-videocam angle, some cast member is going to have a laborious task in trying to fill in the blanks somewhere in the film to enlighten the audience on how all this sh*t came down...see what I am getting at...there may be precious little given for background in the actual film...what if the only real background comes to all the people who have been playing this little game of JJ's???? it could happen...damn, i'm getting really loopy now...should have called in sick and gone to the bar...oh well....back to work for a few minutes....

Larry on Sep 30, 2007


apologies for the typos...thay nede a spel chek on this thing....

Larry on Sep 30, 2007


i also noticed that they said ganu yoshida or whatever is the c.e.o of Tagruato, and ganu yoshida is the same person/whale mentioned on the page

geezer on Sep 30, 2007


I see everything is falling nicely into my theory. No disapointment on my end. It will be a true terror to see people being killed with smiles on there faces. I knew slusho was some sort of drug. I also suspected from the start that the scientists were drilling for slusho. As for that new pic on the official. That guy must be sprinkling that crab shit with some slusho powder. Looks like he taste tested his own dish. Pretty crazy yet happy look on the man's face. I would say slusho would do that to a person. Also go back and watch the trailer. Maybe it helps to notice who looks happy and who looks sad. We can get an idea on who is on slusho. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Sep 30, 2007


Im back, and we got newSh**!!! This new site reminds me of when they made an Apollo Chocolate website for LOST which was insanely similar to slusho!'s website. There was also a corporation behind the apollo chocolate bar sort of whats going on with this new site. Crazy. Ill give more details later, but for right now it = sleep time

dudeman1 on Oct 1, 2007


tel #81-3-5403-6318 Anyone curious enough to call it

H.P. on Oct 1, 2007


Here is a new site

H.P. on Oct 1, 2007


hey guys! wow a lot of new shit since Friday! Real exciting. On the new pic on 1-18-08, i was thinking the same thing H.P. mentioned, about that guy's unusually happy face (since he is the chef he most definitely had to taste it) I'm not sure if he purposely put Slusho in it but the slusho ingredient must be in the "ocean bottom crab" mentioned in the recipe. My guess is the ocean bottom of the area where slusho monster or ingredient came from. Also, I know this is stupid but i remember seeing a crab on the site (the history page) where it is holding a the arrow sign (when you click on him his mood changes.) Anyway, on the traguato site, i just starting looking into it so i dont have much yet but i noticed they have the map on there with different drilling can click on each station and it gives you some info on each site. The station that opened this month is also very close to what i'm guessing is the US...where they probably woke the slusho monster from his sleep?? I dont know. Seems like they've been drilling for years and the supply of this ingredient is running low and maybe thats what is waking the monster...i dont know. There's so much i have to say but my mind is a mess right now... oh and what might parafun have to do in all of this ??

DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007

1205 I believe these ingredients to be very significant. Also I believe the crab ingredient is a "mood enchancer" which obviously contains slusho if it is specifically a "ocean bottom" crab. I knew that little crab on slusho served a purpose somehow. Denisse I think we are in the same mind set. P.S. Cowpatty you picked the wrong week to go

H.P. on Oct 1, 2007


turns out it's not deep sea crab but deep sea NECTAR...

DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007


DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007


Better translation: Thank you for checking us out! We are introducing this weeks tasty one dish. Make sure you eat it cold! Skinless chicken breast Cut in half 2 pieces Soumen Noodles 10 oz Watercress Julien 1/2 cup Radish Sliced thin 1/2 Cup Shitake 1/2 Cup Chicken Broth 1/3 Cup Sake 2 Large Tablespoons Sugar 1 small teaspoon Kaitei no mitsu 1 pinch (Bottom of the Sea Nectar/Honey) In a small sauce pan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake and sugar Bring to a boil then chill until cold. Grill chicken brast 8 min on both sides then also chill Boil the soumen for 3 min and leave in cold water untill chilled Spead watercress shitake and radish around the soumen. Slice the chicken breast thin and fan ontop of the soumen add the bottom of the sea honey into the sauce before serving Pour the sauce generously. Go go Delicious chef!

DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007


i bolded interesting points that were mentioned in other forums.

DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007

1210 I found this picture on there through the source page...i dont think it's shown anywhere on the site.

DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007


on a semi-roll...LOL anyway i thought this was really interesting...on the tagruato site it mentions that Ganu will be receiving or has already recieved an award (aug. 9?) bysome russian oil tycoon named KHODORKOVSKY. i looked into this and he owns this huge oil company names YUKOS i looked at there site and didnt find much there...then i decided to check out what yukos and slusho might have in common and found this forum... check out the name of the founder. SLUSHO. PROBABLY NOTHING...BUT I FOUND THAT INTERESTING.

DeniSSe on Oct 1, 2007


if anybody has an audio recorder and can play the song at backwards in normal speed..

geeser on Oct 1, 2007


Holy shit!!!possible new trailer Keep in mind that the wonder wheel version will still be released Nov16th. Guess Abrams was just anwering our calls this weekend.

H.P. on Oct 1, 2007


Here's a new post about the latest buzz for you guys to comment on since that his hit nearly 1337 comments (heh). And geezer, sweet photos - did someone sneak on set and meet Rob?! Is there any more info to share? 🙂

Alex Billington on Oct 1, 2007


i have no ideo how they got that picture, there used to be a third one but i guess they took it down, there are a hell of alot more regular set photos though on photobucket, just type in 1-18-08, and nah, no more info just yet, im gonna try and look into the new site somemore and compare and contrast a bit

geezer on Oct 1, 2007


ok, ive been sober for over 2 weeks. HOWEVER, tonight, given how I did not even drink on my Birthday, I figured since JJ gave me a BDay present, I would buy me some beer and do some Drink Analysis. So, here starts the night, I have some catching up to do. Cheers

dudeman1 on Oct 1, 2007


hmm, i guess my alchohol tendencies have worn off. I only drank one beer tonight. I guess thats a good thing. Managed to find someone in the barracks who has not yet seen the trailer. It freaked him out and so I think he is going to hop on the wagon. Probably not this wagon, but just in general. he is hell bent on figuring it out lol I really dont have anything, you all already said most of it

dudeman1 on Oct 1, 2007

1218 New Trailer, off to a meeting no time for the link...

Tom on Oct 2, 2007



DeniSSe on Oct 2, 2007


Indeed Denisse. I already posted a link for a new trailer, but I guess I should post it again all sorts of goodies on this page ....what a tard

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007

1221 Nope this one....

Tom on Oct 2, 2007


Sorry for the Short post its a busy day, Check out the one they have at gossiprag, I think uts for real, sais its in front of RE3 in the UK

Tom on Oct 2, 2007


Ok saw that one too, but tell me I think its real

Tom on Oct 2, 2007


Sorry Tom but that one has been floating around for a while now. It is 100% fake. As for a trailer in front of RE3, why would you think that. RE3 isn't even a Paramount movie(not to mention it totally sucked as expected). Denisse the reason I buy into the trailer I posted is because someone had confirmed that the woman is in fact from NYC local news. I know you could prob confirm that since sadly I do not live in the city. I would also say the acting was a bit cheesy, but I wouldn't say horrible. I think JJ wanted a cheesy 50's sci fi feel but still retain it's realism. Don't forget the tragedy may not be affecting people in a terrorfying way if everyone is on slusho. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007


No worries, been running in and out, popped on for a sec and saw it and thought it was something new, with the new developments lately I didnt even think of it being fake. Plus whoever did it did a darn good job. And yes Agree RE3 isnt a Paramount flic, My kid works at the local theather and is betting it will be on the Beowolf previews

Tom on Oct 2, 2007


somethin to check out, seems like monster isnt so far away after all

GEEZER on Oct 2, 2007


Geezer, I cant tell, may be some movement in all that smoke, even if it is the beast, not a clear picture enough yet to even tell if its not the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man, Bummer waiting to see something a bit clearer

Tom on Oct 2, 2007

1228 check this out its connected with slusho its ome lind of deep sea drilling company seems wierd

Dan on Oct 2, 2007

1229 check this out its connected with slusho its some kind of deep sea drilling company seems wierd

Dan on Oct 2, 2007


OK,...I am all f*&^ed up there or is there not a second trailer??? I cant get the You-tube stuff from here and am not sure at all what is going, somebody PLEASE take a moment and bring me up to speed....thank you...good seeing everyone back on here kinda dead for a while....

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


Larry you don't need youtube. Check the link I posted in 1344. although there are doubts that it is real it was confirmed that one of the girls is an actual field reporter.

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007


Many thanks H.P., dudeman...thought I had missed something...anyway, I wil stay glued to the board tonight and see what comes up...

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


just if you get bored. A couple vids of mine. Not related to the Movie. I have Syrup Shots and Backward Jagerbomb lol. The backward jagerbomb i cut together and is cool. so if your bored... ok, i cant post myspace vid URL's for some stupid reason. Ive tried so if you really want to watch a couple vids I have, pretty entertaining, Google "Syrup Shots" and "backward jagerbomb teaser" They are both the very first results so.. yeah if your bored

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


Has anyone dug into the Alpha Kappa Moon stuff.

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007


Hey Larry. I dare you to call the number.

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007


Fucking crazy shit. I called the number and asked for the main dude. The man told me he was indeed the main dude. I asked him what the purpose of the number was for and he said he could not give me that info, but he did say he could give me info on Grads. I didn't go further, but I might call back another time.

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007


Ok whats the Alpha Kappa Moons stuff????

Tom on Oct 2, 2007


i dug into alpha kappa mu a looooooooooooooooooong time ago, nobody really payed any attention to it though

geezer on Oct 2, 2007


i totally think it is another godzilla movie. the roar, the explosion(i can't remember well, but didn't they trap him in something last time?), it all fits. and him going to japan is a giveaway if you look at it, because godzilla comes from Tokyo

Bradyn Smith on Oct 2, 2007


OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....I can hear it now...ya shouldnt 'a said that man...hell to pay now....anyway, H.P., I would call it but I have no way to do it from where I am...long story but it is a secure bldg and I cant even bring my cell inside of sh*t...anyway, is the 8th digit a 7 or a 2? ? hard to tell...I could try it when I get off work which is midnight my time...that will be pretty late in Mass....think it wil piss anybody off??? not that I really care...its a free call for me at that hour anyway...what should I ask about the GRADS??? I love to screw with people anyway...give me some ideas....

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


Ok. Brad. I'm not gonna even insult this board by addressing you. Larry it's def a 2, and you don't ask about grads thats just what he tells you he has info on. Pretty strange dude. Also I googled "The Main Dude" and was given a myspace page. The guys name is Jason

H.P. on Oct 2, 2007


cool...I usually have a drink or two when I get home from work...nothing better to do at 1 am so why not give "Jason" a call??Wed/Thur is my weekend so I will get back online Thur night and let you know what happens...see if I can get a rise out of him or something...I can get pretty strange myself when in the proper mood...its all fun and games anyway...shouldnt do any harm...

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


lol, I had to call. There is no jason there according to the dude. I played it off as a wrong number. Im such a jackass I should try again. My Score: F

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


Hello again. I would say "I'm back", but honestly, never really left. Just updating a bit. AKM: -Alpha Kappa Mu -AKM Rifle -AKM Semiconductor, Inc. -A. K. M. Adam, Professor of New Testament, B.A., Bowdoin College (Seabury...?) -Dutch (language check?) abbreviation for the Kosovo Trust Agency Alpha Kappa Mu is a College Honor Society. Grants scholarships and recognizes academic excellence. Nothing important that I can see. AKM Rifle. AKM in this sense means an Modified AK rifle. The AK series of guns was a series that I believe was used in the Soviet Union. I've also seen it in many World War 2 games. AKM Semiconductor, Inc. Obviously, a company that makes Semiconductors. Semiconductor: A semiconductor is a solid whose electrical conductivity is in between that of a conductor and that of an insulator, and can be controlled over a wide range, either permanently or dynamically. Semiconductors are tremendously important in technology. Semiconductor devices, electronic components made of semiconductor materials, are essential in modern electrical devices. Examples range from computers to cellular phones to digital audio players. Silicon is used to create most semiconductors commercially, but dozens of other materials are used as well. **Wikipedia Quote** I am honestly unsure of what AKM is supposed to mean in this sense. But basically, this company controls semiconductors, which in turn help run every single electronic aspect of life as we know it. A. K. M. Adam, Professor of New Testament. Some biblical reverend who, in my opinion, is completely irrelevant to the movie. IF any of you know anything about the New Testament, please say so. Kosovo Trust Agency. Not sure what it does, but I do know that Kosovo is an area North-East of Albania and South of Serbia. That's about all I got for now.

Phenox1707 on Oct 2, 2007


Ok, the Number is the number to "THE HARVARD LAMPOON" which is an undergraduate humor organization and publication. I just called back and asked about a lord of the rings parody they made called Bored of the Rings. These guys set up the website as a joke and are playing along with it. The Number is real, but is a prank and belongs to a College Publication.

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


and if you want any info on any of Harvard Lampoons publications you can call 617-496-9251, the number on the guys arm. The personnel answering the phone will be happy to help you out. Again, I believe this Number is given out like this as a prank, and Im going to brush it off as such.

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


Hey Transformers will be released on DVD on Oct. 16th.. Anyone think it's possible for a new trailer? I think that might be interesting... 🙂

LuLu on Oct 2, 2007


I have been pondering that Idea. Like a new trailer before a released movie. That is an swesome Idea LuLu

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


way too f&^in' cool...I read Bored with the Rings a couple lifetimes ago and still laugh when I think about nice to get a copy just for nostalggia's sake...those guys are absolutely insane....are they connected to the National Lampoon???? I always thought they were....had many a good laugh over their monthly mags...where did the ganuyoshida link show up at??? I never saw it anywhere...only 2 more hours to go...for me its Friday nite...and nowhere to go after work 'c ept home...bummer.... .

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


That is what I would really like to see... And I think it is a completely feisible idea.. Hmmm anyone around here planning on buying/renting Transformers when it's released? I have been browsing these boards from time to time.. I'm pretty quiet though.. Has anyone checked out tha website from post 1353? Is that a legit site? I checked it out and if it is Legit there are some pretty major clues and it's really helping me piece this puzzle together.. I've got some ideas about the monster and the story plot in general but if that site is a fake then well sh*t there goes my ideas..

LuLu on Oct 2, 2007


Larry, yeah not sure where the ganuyoshida site came from, probably someone just typed it in trying to find something. So, either its an official site with the Harvard Lampoon number on it, or its Harvard Lampoon doing a prank of some sort understanding the buzz around the movie. Either way, the Number is to the Harvard Lampoon. So, call if you want to try to figure out what is up, but I think it is they trying to mindfuck us 🙂

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


hey Lulu...that site appears to be legit....yeah, lots of info but still just a tease so far...confirms the ideas that many of us have come to piece together...Transformers isnt really to my taste but I wil probably rent it if I find out there is another trailer on it....

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


dudeman...yeah, I might call and give it a shot tomorrow night or fun to screw around with those guys..they are notorious for for sh*t like this...really cool to see people posting this late at night ...makes life more fun for me while I toil away here at work....

Larry on Oct 2, 2007


I just got somethings to say abut the Guy that said one of the following: "I saw it! It's alive! It's Huge!" or "I saw it! It's A Lion! It's Huge!" I am totally Against the fact that he said "I saw it! It's alive! It's Huge!" because he wouldnt have to say that to people that are there and can see that the thing is Alive. Just think about are in that situation and you clearly see that SOMETHING is alive and blowing stuff up. You dont need someone to point that out for you.

Supa42 on Oct 2, 2007


LuLu, is unofficially official I suppose, meaining JJ hasnt actually said anything about it, then again, he hasnt said anything about much so yeah. Everything with that site appears to be legit. the .jp extension, the history, everything. The Slusho Site and the Tagruato have a strange similarity to the Apollo Chocolate Site launched for the LOST Expirience. Cloverfieldclues actually has the original site ready to view. Check it out off of the Apollo Chocolate site is the Mother Company Hanso is to apollo as tagruato is to Slusho. I am sorry I cant send full URL's for some reason. just google "Apollo chocolate, Cloverfield" and check out the apollo site from cloverfieldclues

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


Welcome Supa. Your comment makes sense, however if you listen to before he says "I Saw it..." you hear a female say "WHAT IS IT?! IS IT COMING THIS WAY?!" then "i SAW IT ITS ALIVE ITS HUGE" thats all i have to say. Damn, I havnt posted this much in a while lol

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


I figured for the sake of shit id listen to it a few times. He definitely says ITS ALIVE. wow that is a very old discussion. Just listen to it hard a few times and you will hear the v

dudeman1 on Oct 2, 2007


That Apollo site is very interesting dudeman.. Thats the first time I have really heard about that.. I wonder if the Apollo Bar and Slusho have more in common than we think... The Apollo bars being used as a transporter of a virus is an interesting concept.. I can't help but wonder if this movie will feature some kind of medical predicament. When I was reading the information provided by the Tagruato website, is says the company's primary goal is to discover advances in medicine such as cures for various diseases. Could the monster be related to some kind of medical disaster caused by Tagruato and his "slusho"? I think it is also interesting to note (I don't know if anyone has touched on this yet) that under their little news articles they have they talk about the little league baseball team Tagruato sponsers. The article points out that the kids were under the influence of Slusho.. And what did they do? They kicked the other team's ass with no contest. It was almost like they were superhuman... Hmm Slusho side effects it appears... I really like how this is starting to come together.. A little bit at least...

LuLu on Oct 2, 2007


well Lulu, you are on the same sheet many of us have come to be back some ways and you wil see what I mean...AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY topic but really cool...I found this while searching for clues and dont remember now where exactly I did find it...but talk about a really bitchin' story to make a movie from...go here and you can read this book online and it is some weird shit...something to do while waiting for more clues to show up... I will stay on topic from here on out...I and others long ago came to the conclusion that there must be a medical research/military/corporate giant connection to all of this...and again I ask the question about the picture of the giant shadow across the city....legit or fake???? if legit, offers quite a glimpse of our beast as a humanoid....OK, all done for tonight....will check back tomorrow and see where everybody is at...good night all....

Larry on Oct 3, 2007


I am also out for the night, Remember If Boredom Strikes Google "Syrup Shot" and watch the myspace movie and google "backwards jagerbomb teaser" and watch the myspace video. Im jewish. Goodnight

dudeman1 on Oct 3, 2007


Good morning guys! (ET) Someone called that number on the tagruato site and all they got was this: "Thank you for calling Tagruato. Due to high call volumes, your call has been transferred to an automated answering service. There are no updates at this time. After the tone, please leave a message, and one of our associates will find you as soon as possible." Man, they really have gone through a lot of trouble to make this thing seem as real as ever. I love it. Oh and there are also some updates on their myspace pages. (not much there.) 🙂 source:

DeniSSe on Oct 3, 2007


As for the address (18 Palace Plaza, 36-40-10 Marunouchi, Marunouchi, Tokyo 118-8336, Japan) sources have claimed that it's not a valid address according to a (japanese) guy on (they're old posts, but still check it out - however they're not talking about the tagruato site but the the address on the site, which are the same exact addresses). I found that interesting, because there may be a play on the numbers. Idk. anyone notice the 1's, 18's, 8's in the address? 😉

DeniSSe on Oct 3, 2007


Supposedly someone in with the Harvard Lampoon is in charge of one of the nine broken down segments of cloverfield. They have been showing this segment during parties. The Harvard Lampoon basically created modern day comedy. They are the minds that brought about SNL. The magazine is the oldest humor magazine. Sometimes if you catch them off gaurd you can actually hear what seems to be chaos in the background. Pretty Strange shit. Alpha Kappa Mu on the other hand is based in S.C. and I believe that to be the location of the second segment. I will say that these guys are very satire driven. So I would not doubt that this is a prank.

H.P. on Oct 3, 2007


hey H.P. - i saw that menuism review before as well...check out the rest of the reviews for that garbanzos restaurant... i caught something that i found interesting...that guy mentioned that: - the food was "too cold" (slusho ingredient must be kept cold), - the waitress was "high energy" (slusho makes you happy, 'slusho zoom'), - and that they put the honey dressing (slusho, deep sea nectar, perhaps?) right on the dish, not on the side as requested. ( guess is they're really pushing people to eat this slusho stuff.) -and last, the person who left the review is called M.Vaughn (isn't Matthew Vaughn the director of that paramount film Stardust??) let me know what you think.

DeniSSe on Oct 3, 2007


here's the homepage to that Nectar site.

H.P. on Oct 3, 2007


damn, i cant post links in here

geezer on Oct 3, 2007


Here's some interesting info... Tom Hanks plays the monster. And H.P., youre starting beginning to act like an asshole again. Remember, this isn't YOUR blogspot and don't expect everyone to read each and every single comment before chipping in. Theories and opinions get repeated, its not that big of a deal. Don't be so angry. J J Abrams

J J Abrams on Oct 3, 2007


Larry, Can you post the link to the pic you were referring to? I don't think I have seen that one...

LuLu on Oct 3, 2007


LuLu, heres the poster pick Larry speaks of and then some more

dudeman1 on Oct 3, 2007


I do believe this poster to be a fake also. Im sure if it was official then they would have made the shadow more realistic, instead of just putting it over the image. A real shadow would be displaced off the buildings and would not be so smooth

dudeman1 on Oct 3, 2007


Yeah that poster looks completely fake.. Wayyyy too human and unrealistic.. Damnit... JJ needs to give us something new to look at and FAST! Gettin impatient... Just need some kind of image to keep me occupied...

LuLu on Oct 3, 2007


I found myself wondering (at 2am) if anyone online was still talking about the untitled JJ Abrams project like they were back in July. Then I found this. WOW. I have to say, I've now spent about an hour doing a quick skim of this 1400 post comment thread, and I'm seriously impressed. Like an idiot, I thought it might be news that if you leave the 1-18-08 site up for 10-15 minutes, you hear the roaring monster sound (I had the volume up and had the site open on a tab I'd forgotten about--scared the crap out of me). I had no idea I was so ridiculously far behind the times. I'll leave the speculating to the professionals from now on. Good for you guys for keeping the hype alive--seriously, this has been fascinating to read (well, skim...reading might take days). I can't wait to see the movie and find out which one of you was right. 🙂

lolacabana on Oct 4, 2007


To 1397. Man your starting way more shit coming in here and calling me an asshole. I respect everyones ideas aside from the occasional Voltron or Godzilla comment. I mean honestly what are you trying to prove in here. We went through all this before and I thought things were settled. If you wan't me off this board then fine. I think I have gone beyond breaking the contract agreement anyway.

H.P. on Oct 4, 2007



DeniSSe on Oct 4, 2007


lolacabana, welcome. Im Glad someone who wondered on here did some reading first! Your rock lol. Usually people come in screaming about how it is Godzilla and shit like that. As I matter of fact I think im going to have to Log this whole board just for shits sake. on a side note, My alarm didnt go off, and im very late for work 🙂

dudeman1 on Oct 4, 2007


NEW PHOTO ON It's a jappanees guy with a try of somthing showing it of throwing it at the person with the camers! On the back there is a lot of Japaneess writing i will begin to desipe IMEDIATLY! bad spelling sorry in a hurry FINALLY! Hoursemen ASEMBLE!! -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper00 on Oct 4, 2007


I am a idiot. Sorry to post old news been gone a while again. Anyways H.P. don't listen to some Ignorant Fool who comes here once i a blue moon to post so monutons ignorant thoughts. I have been busy and tired and nothing has really been developing...i feel like H.P. is the only original Horsemen that post constintly. Phenox to. I will not abandon what we all have worked so hard to find Awensers. Someone give me somthing anything that you havent figured out. i will solve it........ I NEED REDEMTION!! -The Four Horsemen- p.s. did bam ever come back?

Ripper on Oct 4, 2007


lol, we know ripper, kind of old news, but since you've been gone for a long time its ok i got a new vid up guys, take a look i kinda went out on a limb, but its still worth watchin and discussing

geezer on Oct 4, 2007


theres also a new video on but for some reason i cant view it, see if any of you guys/girl can see it? remember the password is jllovesth

geezer on Oct 4, 2007


Interesting, AKM together is not a collage at all but three clues about the monster. I think anything is possible with the name AKM. I think that is going out of the box but JJ doesent exactly like to stay inside the box. Where is the underground city sopposed to be at, i have a feeling H.P. could tell us. It is a theroy that i am going to throw away...until we can go one way or the other with it.

Ripper on Oct 4, 2007


I watched them both and i bet the gift is...Slusho? I dont know though she was little drunk in that second video. Geezer, the video is of him sending her a gift from his trip and he told her not to open it until Dec 9 which she did not like, but she said sence she gave her word she would not open it. She was going on a girls night out also. She said she anwsered his text questions one anwser was Cornbread and the other was...crap have to watch it again.

Ripper on Oct 4, 2007


i'm on my way home to view the video my work comp won't let me...see ya guys in a bit! p.s. i had a feeling there would be an update on that site soon. 😉

DeniSSe on Oct 4, 2007


That was weird. From what I gather she is very very happy. She takes a swig of something at one point. It could be the slusho/mixed drink type thing talked about on She reveals a gift she recieved from who ever she is making the video for. Then its gets weird as she talks about a text message she recieved from him. It was very unclear. She is whispering at this point, but I def make out two of the answers. Sex six times. Cornbread. If you ask me I think the two phrases make up the title of the movie.

H.P. on Oct 4, 2007


i think she's drinking cranberry juice for her UTI. and it's six, six times. What did the silly comedian bake on his day off? Answer - Cornbread. i dont know.

DeniSSe on Oct 4, 2007


WOOHOO! Im not getting deployed until the END of January!!! YES!

dudeman1 on Oct 4, 2007


Just got bored, wathced the trailer. After the heads thrown and you hear the "OH MY GOD"s it goes black. and if you listen carefully to the squeel you can kinda hear an animalish sound. Like a Hunger Purr or something lol Just listen. Tell me what you think, maybe im just tired NIGHTO

dudeman1 on Oct 4, 2007


Have anyone considered why the most recent photo does not contain a time or date?

Preston on Oct 5, 2007


My guess is that it wasn't taken on 1-18-08. Good question though Preston. It was actually one of the first things I noticed when the pic first went up. I just didn't think it was worth mentioning since it's pretty obvious.

H.P. on Oct 5, 2007


I heard the sound on and it does sound like underwater noise. M72 is a oil drilling platform owned by Hibernia Mgmt & Dev. CO.

THX1138 on Oct 5, 2007


I heard 4 crappy songs.

H.P. on Oct 5, 2007


just getting caught up after my coming back to work on Fri....anyway, noticed the guy slinging sh*t at ya H.P. .....F*&^ him....if ya know where he lives I can do a visit at around 2:30 am....things like that really get peoples attention...just thought I would offer...I will be monitoring the board for new stuff as I have back to back 12 hr shifts for Fri & Sat....keep it coming...

Larry on Oct 5, 2007


Normal schedule eh Larry? Ill be doing back to back shots for ya, normal schedule ya know.

dudeman1 on Oct 5, 2007


very cool...glad to hear ya not movin' out til end of Jan...I sincerely hope you dont have to go AT ALL....I will be thinking good thought for ya...easy on the shots...makes the evening end too soon if you're not, have I really missed anything new??? I see a lot of different stuff but it doesnt seem to have unravelled anything...sure wil be glad to see something officially new from JJ....gettin' pepole kinda antsy and all waiting around like this...

Larry on Oct 5, 2007


FYI, just at the 1-18-08 website, the new Pic is now gone???

Tom on Oct 5, 2007


Its back, not sure why it was gone. Owel, freaking asian cook man

dudeman1 on Oct 5, 2007


WTF???? no posts since last night??? does not bode well for me as it looks as if I will have to entertain myself til someone shows up on here...I will be patiently lurking about....

Larry on Oct 6, 2007


Yeah, kinda boring. I guess theres new happy talk on Rumor has it they are fan submitted. That is about it. Oh, and I heard some rumor about if you make a certain flavor mix on you get a roar... I dont believe it though, and then again im not patient enough to try making flavor combo's all night for a rumored Roar. But, i should be here all night also.

dudeman1 on Oct 6, 2007


glad to know you're there dudeman...gonna be a long lonely night at this rate...I agree with ya on that....not worth the trouble just to hear the roar...already got the mp3 anyway....I guess we just sit back and wait for the next release now... I am not enough of a detective to go any further and am not really sure there is anything to really be gained from it anyway...I mean I dont think there are any surprise trailers or film clips be found through all of this research ...they will release the next stuff when it follows the sched they already have made up...yeah????

Larry on Oct 6, 2007


I agree, yes, yes I agree agree. lol tonight is going to be boring i can tell already

dudeman1 on Oct 6, 2007


Hey Larry how many fucking times do we have to hear about how lonely you are. If you got nothing to say about the movie then at least talk about something of interest. All we hear about is your long shifts and how bored you are. Also you complain about a lack of new info, dude where have you been. There has been a shit load of new info. Are you even trying? The reason I haven't given anything out is because for a while I felt like me and few others were the only ones picking through shit. So I stopped. Sorry guys. Until I see an improvement in this blog I will no longer be posting. I have a crystal clear idea of what is going on, how about you guys? The 4 Horsemen

H.P. on Oct 6, 2007


whatsa matter with you H.P.??? you got a problem with me making idle conversation with dudeman??? thats all it is, just idle conversation while NOTHING else is going need to get a fucking life, twerp....there is more to the world than figuring out this fucking movie....if I busted youR goddam blog protocol....TOUGH SHIT.....BLOW ME....IM OUTTA HERE.... P.S. take care in Iraq, dudeman.....

Larry on Oct 6, 2007


that was kinda harsh h.p

geezer on Oct 7, 2007


wow HP way to fuck this board up I know what your going to say "FUCK YOU DUDEMAN, YOUR A FUCKING DRUNK'. Whatever man, dont post here. Im staying. Larry will too. If you have a fucking problem im sure we can deal with out you and your EMO comments. And if not, then whatever. Im staying. Larry is staying. And beieng an open board we can talk about what we want anyways because everyone knows there is nothing new. Do you expect us to talk about this movie every fucking post when there is nothing new? Fuck you HP. We dont need you here. PS. I vote HP out of the none exsitant "4 horsemen" group

dudeman1 on Oct 7, 2007


POST 1397 was a big DIs on you HP. I know everyone on this board was upset over it and was there to stick up for you wether we said anything or not. Now your just going to turn your back against one of us? You dont belong here if your going to be pulling the same shit that that guy pulled on you. Way to be a fuckin hypocrite, your an asshole. Anyways Larry, as always, Im still here. Sorry it took me a while to post, but Like i said, id be here all night. Im getting ready to go to bed though. Hopefully things are better in the Morning. LARRY DESERVES AN apology from HP at the least. He has disgraced this board.

dudeman1 on Oct 7, 2007


And, as a good night wish. HP Post 1432 you made: If you got nothing to say about the movie then at least talk about something of interest your Post 819- Sorry about that Matt it seems we posted at the same time, but you beat me to it. Hey if it gets too boring in here we could always talk horror movies. How do you feel about AVP 2. I personally think they should just do a predator 3. Who was interested in that conversation? You and a couple other people? Im always interested in what Larry says as im sure other posters are. So therefore his posts are of interest, but perhaps not to you you selfish bastard. And yes, go ahead and think about talking shit on me. Everyone is expecting it

dudeman1 on Oct 7, 2007


Actually on 2nd thought Im with Larry. Peace Out

dudeman1 on Oct 7, 2007


i thought about somethin', what if all these "clues" dont mean a damn thing... if you can remember on lost there were some hidden numbers that popped up every once and a while. people thought that these numbers were very important to the plot of the story, that is until jj or one of the writers came out and said that they were about as important as a no-legged hooker (not the actual words) so maybe these "clues" are just on the internet to keep people interested in the movie...

geezer on Oct 7, 2007


hey larry. i live in memphis. Hows your shift? if i had a nickel for every time you mentioned you were "at work" id give them all to you because you probably don't even have a job you fucking loser. Come "visit" me and "get my attention" larry. I'll probably never see it coming because you will likely be hiding behind your computer you douche. Nice "web threat" buddy. I think you've had a little too much slusho pal... H.P. you know im just bustin your balls. we have had this discussion before. You did say I was The Horsemen's "Arch Enemy" or something like that and I'm just fulfilling the responsibilities of that title. larry you suck you whiny little girl. Waaaaaa Im lonely... get a fucking life, a wife, a dog, a goldfish a pet rock something to keep your pathetic ass company you dishrag!

J J Abrams on Oct 7, 2007


Wow you guys are the ones that need a life. It's not like I told larry to blow me or told you guys to fuck off. Hey Larry if your really that upset then I apologize. I have more class than that. Don't worry dudeman I got my opinion on you, but I'll bite my tongue. Nice copy and paste skills. Yeah I'm guilty of idle chat, but that was when it was dead on the info end. Also what's with all the name calling. If anything I deserve an apology. Not once did I resort to nasty name calling. You guys need to know how to take an opinion. All I had beef with was Larry's complaining, and you guys went all crazy!! Maybe I don't wanna come on the board and hear about Larry's shifts and being lonely. I have a right on here to express that. Isn't that what your fighting for dudeman. No hard feelings on my end, you guys are taking this too far.

H.P. on Oct 7, 2007


Yeah JJ I was a little disturbed by Larry's comment myself. He just took it too far. You posted before me so don't be confused by my comment after yours. I just kinda spaced out our on going rivalry. Ball busting is one thing, but I really think those guys have gone too far. I'll admit it JJ I was a bit confused by your asshole comment, but soon realized your intent. I admit I can be an asshole, but I always have a reason. My intent is not as wicked as our friend Larry. Actually his comment toward you JJ gave me more of an incentive to weed him out. That shit was just creepy. I'm sure Larry is a pretty creepy guy. The only thing I found alright about Larry was his appreciation for Frank Zappa.

H.P. on Oct 7, 2007


"if ya know where he lives I can do a visit at around 2:30 am….things like that really get peoples attention…just thought I would offer…" -larry What are you gonna do larry, roll my house? light a bag of dogshit on my porch? hang yourself in my front yard?

J J Abrams on Oct 7, 2007



cube60659 on Oct 7, 2007


Fighting on an online forum? Really? Come on kids play nice... Moving on... Ok is there any way to translate the Japanese writing that is on the back of the latest pic? I really wanna know what it all says.. I doubt i'm alone on this one...

LuLu on Oct 7, 2007


I saw a commercial for the movie. It was a shorter verion of the trailer deuces on Oct 7, 2007


Thank you for checking us out! We are introducing this weeks tasty one dish. Make sure you eat it cold! Skinless chicken breast Cut in half 2 pieces Soumen Noodles 10 oz Watercress Julien 1/2 cup Radish Sliced thin 1/2 Cup Shitake 1/2 Cup Chicken Broth 1/3 Cup Sake 2 Large Tablespoons Sugar 1 small teaspoon Kaitei no mitsu 1 pinch (Bottom of the Sea Nectar/Honey) In a small sauce pan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake and sugar Bring to a boil then chill until cold. Grill chicken brast 8 min on both sides then also chill Boil the soumen for 3 min and leave in cold water untill chilled Spead watercress shitake and radish around the soumen. Slice the chicken breast thin and fan ontop of the soumen add the bottom of the sea honey into the sauce before serving Pour the sauce generously. Go go Delicious chef!

H.P. on Oct 8, 2007


Its a chumura

Jeff on Oct 8, 2007


wow, WTF happened this weekend!? haha. man, i leave for one day and you guys start goin nuts...LOL...just imagine if this was a forum with a bunch of chicks! such anger! lol okay guys, glad most of you are pretty level-headed enough to realize your faults and just f*ckin move on, COME ON...good for you for apologizing H.P. anyway dudes, i'm pretty much guessing nothing has happened since friday except for the bitchfest, huh? anyway, what is the hell is the deal with that AKAparallax site, where did that come from, H.P.??

DeniSSe on Oct 8, 2007


I don't know. Supposedly you can hear drilling and underwater sounds in the songs. I'm still researching the site. I wish the music wasn't so bad.

H.P on Oct 8, 2007


Good grief!! I leave for a week and a half and I come back to a whirlwind of new clues, new websites, new pics, new people, more name calling, threatened drive-by's...hmm, seems like old times. I have read all the previous posts but have nothing to add. I've been out of action for awhile and quite frankly my interest in the movie has diminished quite a bit. It will likely take me a few days to get back into the swing of things. I am happy, and sad, to see that my duties of patrolling other sites for info has been taken over and done better than I was doing. DeniSSe and Larry and dudeman1 seem to be doing some nice searching. An HP of course is not only finding stuff but tearing apart what we have. Good work everyone. I'm glad to be back. One thing I didn't see discussed anywhere is what the numbers on the bottom of the new picture on means. There are two symbols and the 3912 number. Any ideas? Was this discussed and I missed it? Oh, one more thing. dudeman, I looked for you videos but there are several listed for syrup shots and whatever the other one was. Do you have a direct link or someway to tell which one is yours?

Cowpattybill on Oct 8, 2007


I was going to wait awhile longer but it seems like this would be about the best time to mention it. I have been working on something for the past month or so. It is still in development but I hope to have it ready to go before the end of the year. I will advertise it plenty before then but I wanted my "family" here on this site to be the first to hear about it. Unfortunately it has to be shrouded in secrecy for now (much like JJ's movie) but I don't want anyone stealing my idea. Let me just say that it's big, it's not alive, and it's gonna be fun. More details to follow over the next couple months.

Cowpattybill on Oct 8, 2007


Hey Guys. Glad to see that you're back, Cowpattybill. Been lookin around for ya a bit. Anyways. I just looked at the new picture again, to see if there was anything weird about it. Only two things that haven't been discussed as far as I can remember are the number, like Cowpattybill said, and also the fact that it seems to me like there is some form of reflection in the metal on the left side of the guy. Our left, his right. It could be another person, or it could (although in my opinion not likely) be like those pictures where the real man is in one place, and there's a faded version of him behind where he is standing. Just an idea.

Phenox1707 on Oct 8, 2007


Seems to be a breakthrouh on, i havent got it to work yet, but appearently it works, see if you guys can get it

geezer on Oct 8, 2007


new updates on the "HAPPY TALK" section... one of the new comments really caught me... "on red crab six times" any thoughts on what this might mean??

DeniSSe on Oct 9, 2007


One thing I really hate is when someone says "hey, I did this weird thing and a new website opened up. Here's what I did, try it!" but they never say much about the site that was opened. Sure it's great to find a secret link but even greater is what is at the link. I couldn't hear the audio but the text on the video didn't say much. How about a screen shot, or the URL? Otherwise, it seems to me to be a wild goose chase like the guy that said if you match up the times on the pictures with the seconds in the trailer and write down the words and send them to an email address you will get a secret link. Remember that one? That person didn't give any info about what was at the link either.

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007

1326 is saying that this site,, is a possible site connected to the movie. I looked at it and with only looking for about 30 seconds I don't see a connection. But then again, I can't read Japanese. I post it only because I feel it is our job to disect every piece of info. They say it is 75% legit, whatever that means.

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


Here is the new slusho happy talk: -I Slushoed myself! -I heard if you drink slusho you become as big as whale, is that true, also what new flavors are you guys adding? Also about the slusho, can you tell anymore information about where that special slusho came from or what's It all about? -on red crab 6 times -I'm trying to find a copy of the hit theme song, but my phone's music service doesn't offer it. Can you tell me where I can buy a copy so I can have the ringtone? -I like inviting Slusho to the party in my mouth. -I am HAPPY! Thanks Slusho for making me ZOOM! -I luv slusho... bring it 2 england... please????????? -Most Honorable Satoshi, I really like the Slusho Zoom flavors of Mikan and Nashi mixed together. Please tell me about your secret ingredient. I promise I won't speak of it to anyone, honest. A devoted consumer in America, thank you -- Billy -Slusho! heals. -Is there any combination that don't taste good? -How should I mix the Slusho flavors to get the best results? -Slusho! makes the world a better place

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


Here is the transcript to the 2nd video on [plays harmonica] Alright, I finally figured out how to work the camera, and I have about 15 horny girls waiting to go to girls night down stairs, so I have to make this really quick. I'm here talking to you right now because of two reasons: 1. Because I miss you, I miss you so much, and... 2. Because you really f-ed me up with this gift, you can not - thank you by the way - but you can not send a girl a gift and tell her to open it on December 9th... which is forever away. You just can't do that! But, I gave you my word and it's gonna sit here right at the edge of my bed until, until you say that I can open it, because I gave you my word. And I also got your text message, sorry... [whispering] I got you text message earlier, I have to be quiet... And I got, I just figured out the answer to your question - six, six times. And the answer that you got wrong is [whispering] Corn Bread you got it wrong [off camera] lets go, let do this! All right, all right. I have to go, i love you , I miss you so much, and I'll talk to you soon... [off camera] come one * Thanks to Alex for emailing me about

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


Here is how the Tagurato website was supposedly found: The last ingredient in the Japanese recipe is "Kaitei no mitsu" which translates to "deep sea nectar/honey". Dr. Awkward at Unfiction did a Google search for it and only one page came up, a restaurant review by "deliciousmacdoob" on The unusual review mentions the source of the "Seabed’s Nectar" which the chef claims came from a company in Honshu, Japan called Tagruato. Using that info, MrToasty discovered

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


New updates on HUD's MySpace site: Gather ’round the campfire, kiddies! It’s time to write a story! If you're one of the like seven super cool people in the world who have been paying attention to my blog, you know that I'm trying to get an interactive, comic book-esque story going with characters created by independent Myspace artists. I've gotten a pretty good response, and I think we've fielded enough characters to begin our story. Here's the cast: Statik, Captain Anonymous (maybe we can come up with a name for him in the story), I've dubbed these three Vang, Gustav Grosto, and Spiggot, Koffy, ENDOMAN the Dreamtraveller, X-73, Behemoth Here's how it's gonna work: I'll begin the story, and then it will up to one of you to add on a little bit more, and then the next person, and so on. If you want to post pics of new characters, we'll weave them in. And so it begins... "What the hell is that?" "What?" "That... thing, floating up ahead. Do you see it?" Gustav shrugs. "Probably just a discarded fuel casing." "That is not a fuel casing," scoffs Spiggot. He adjusts the trajectory controls on the zeppelins the main board. "I'm soaring in for a closer look." "Don't even think about it," warns Gustav. "We have a very specific mission, and it does not include picking up random bits of junk floating around the atmosphere. If Vang finds out you're changing course--" "Vang is in deep slumber mode, she's not gonna find out. Just chill out and get the Arm ready." The zeppelin approaches the object. Spiggot squints out into the dark cloudy sky. "Whoa... Gustav, I think it's a person!" It is a person, just hanging in the air, motionless, as if they were lying on some unseen blanket. "H-how can that be?" says Gustav, astonished. "They're just… floating in mid-air, three thousand feet up?" "They look dead. Don't you think?" "Only one way to make sure," replies Gustav, already swinging the Extraction Arm out to retrieve the floating body. Gustav and Spiggot rush to the cargo bay as the Arm gently lays the figure down. They stop short with a surprised gasp. "It's a woman!" sputters Spiggot. "And she's really hot!" The unconscious form before them is a beautiful woman, blonde, dressed in futuristic battle gear. A tag on her shoulder reads 'X-73'. Gustav rushes to her side and presses his fingers to her neck. "Nothing. No pulse. I think she's—" Just then, the woman springs gracefully to her feet, simultaneously slamming Gustav to the ground with her super strong legs. A large, terrifying Blaster forms out of her wrist holster, and she presses it to Gustav's throat. "Where is he?" she demands of Spiggot. Spiggot holds up his hands, at a loss. "Where is Behemoth?" OK, that's it. Who's got the next page?

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


If you want Bad Robots logo you can get it here (I found this one on my own, I'm so proud of myself):

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


That's weird cowpatty. That kinda reminds me of something I came up with two years ago except the story would later be put into comic form by established comic artists. The name of the comic label is Blank Face Comics and as of now I own the rights to the name. I just never ran with the idea, but your recent posts has fueled my think tank. I guess I never planned on blogs getting so popular, which works nicely in my favor. I may post a blog on my website titled simply "The Blank Faced Comic". So far my story tells of a mysterious windmill, which harbors ancient creatures unseen to human's till now. The base of the windmill is an endless underground downward spiral staircase which connect to various prisons in which the creatures are kept. The windmill are actually ancient spacecraft that came to earth millions of years ago, and a shadow goverment keeps the secret hidden. It is called simply "The Mill".

H.P. on Oct 9, 2007


Just noticed something of interest on tagruano. Check out the drilling map. Notice the most recent drilling site opened is next to NYC. Also take special notice of the name of the drilling site, and then look up the name. Very interesting stuff.

H.P. on Oct 9, 2007


Are you referring to Kaika Station and that Kaika may or may not have been an emperor?

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


I don't know if this was on the site before but it's there now and I think it's pretty funny. Tagruato cares! Tagruato's crew of Slusho! Smilers! arrived at the Ibaraki Nursing Home in Mito yesterday with a special surprise for the feeble elders on Floor 3 - Slusho! brand happy drink! The lovely ladies handed out seven drinks to each senior in any flavor they could imagine. "This Mikan-Strawberry Tasty makes me feel young again!” exclaimed 98-year-old Hiro Chinen. Another aged lady asked to have a Nashi-Banana Anime hooked into her IV. As the patients sucked their drinks down, the Slusho! Smilers! sang and danced to the Slusho! Song! Those who were able clapped along. "I felt like a pretty angel," said longtime Smiler! Kimi. "Dancing in front of those old folks showed them that just because they cannot leave their beds, the rest of us can, and the world is still a bright shiny place." The nursing home donation is the latest wonderful act by the Tagruato Cares charitable foundation. Other recent events include Blankets for the Homeless and Tiny Orphan's Circus Fieldtrip. The two things I find funny are that they gave each patient 7 drinks. I assume it's because you can't drink just six. Also I think the line: "Dancing in front of those old folks showed them that just because they cannot leave their beds, the rest of us can, and the world is still a bright shiny place." is just damn funny. The rest of us can.... now that's funny.

Cowpattybill on Oct 9, 2007


Someone is compiling a timeline of events here:

Cowpattybil on Oct 9, 2007


Actually I meant the chuai station which opened this september. Seems to me they would run into problems with the newest drilling station.

H.P. on Oct 9, 2007


its ok h.p, all the video basically said was that if you click on the crab on the history page 6 times, and then go to the flavor page and fill the blueberry zoom robot all the way to the top, fill the chocolate rage robot all the way to the top, mikan robot only fill a quarter of the way and nashi robot only fill 3 quarters of the way. there is supposed to be a link to another site that pops up if you get the combination exactly right, but i really dont believe it since ive tried it about 6 times and dont really intend to try it again. but since a few other people have left comments on the guys video saying that they were able to do it, i guess it works

geezer on Oct 9, 2007


Hmmm My friend just send me a link to another similar 'viral marketing' website... wonder what this one is about. ?? there is timer that is counting down..

moviefx on Oct 9, 2007


that countdown is pretty weird/interesting moviefax, maybe its the countdown for the new trailer?

geezer on Oct 9, 2007


What is the snakorpio group?

H.P. on Oct 10, 2007


Ok so I clicked the ? at the bottom of the yuis30 page and it opened my email. I sent a message and got this auto reply message. Thank you for your inquiry. YUIS30 is coming soon to New York City. More news soon. Be well

H.P. on Oct 10, 2007


More Lampoon stuff. I don't think this guy understands who the Lampoon really are.

H.P. on Oct 10, 2007


Snakoripo group is mentioned as a particiapant at this fashion broo-ha-ha:

Cowpattybill on Oct 10, 2007


Sorry guys (and lady), I'm out again until Monday. Have a great weekend. Happy clue hunting.

Cowpattybill on Oct 10, 2007


Thanks cowpattybill! Enjoy your weekend as well. on a side note: i've stopped caring about any other viral marketing sites that look too sketchy... has anyone tried that slusho recipe where the "supposed" site pops up...completely bogus i think. however, i've always thought that there must be some use to that part of the website...kind of like if you make the right "slusho-bot" it's sort of like a key/combination, if you will, to something else (if we ever figure it out). sometimes i think that the flavors mentioned on the other site (tagruato, etc.) may hold a clue to what the combo is, perhaps? my brain is pretty fried right now...been working since 8:30am and its now 7pm. anything makes sense to me at this point. LOL.

DeniSSe on Oct 10, 2007


kelvin yu =

moviefx on Oct 10, 2007


france113 on Oct 11, 2007


trailer de BEN 10

JAJAJJA on Oct 11, 2007


Sorry france but that trailer was proven fake. Pretty cool though, and yes It did fool me at first.

H.P. on Oct 11, 2007



DeniSSe on Oct 12, 2007


Crickets make cool chirp sounds

dudeman1 on Oct 12, 2007


Since it is slow. I would like to apologize to you HP for my remarks before. I have no excuses, and no reason why i said anything in the first place, and you did not have any reason to apologize for anything. I do understand that you deserve the apology and I hope that you accept it, and I hope you do not mind me posting here because I am as involved into this movie as almost anyone else is. So again I apologize. If you do not want me here anymore just let me know, I will understand

dudeman1 on Oct 13, 2007


Anything you guy would like some research done on? I have a few hours to waste, and I'd gladly use the time to do some investigating. Just say so, and I'll be on it.

Phenox1707 on Oct 13, 2007


there are now 8 buttons to click on on slusho. When you click the new shlusho Button a text cloud pops up saying "WE ARE COMING, WE'LL FIND YOU SOON!!" and apparently they are hiring! The first Slusho Button is Distribution Opportunities, and it has a Tagruato background and Tagruato is mentioned also. Making Tagruato Officially Official. NEAT! check it out,

Dudeman1 on Oct 13, 2007


and on the new slusho distro opps page, just some observations.. -Monkey is holding the cheese -Mikan has a oven mit on -Blueberry Zoom has a hammer inside his bubble chest those are the only significant slusho observations i can see. So now Slusho is Hiring! Lets order a Slusho! Machine!

dudeman1 on Oct 13, 2007


remember when jamie siad "(somethin) six times is cornbread" ? well if you go on the slusho site and click on happy talk theer is a saying that says "On red crab six times" red crab is an anagram for cornbread!! and if you take "cornbread 6 times" you can get "6 carbine monster"

geezer on Oct 13, 2007


i mean carbide not carbine

geezer on Oct 13, 2007


also, i was refering to the jamielovesteddy video number 2 when i said "(somethin) six times is cornbread"

geezer on Oct 13, 2007


Bravo!! Well played geezer! Looks like we have a math problem on our hands. I have a very strong feeling that something very minor will be shown of the monster on Halloween. Most likely in the form of a new pic on the official site. Maybe a single claw. An eye. If it doesn't happen then you know JJ has some serious shit to show off to be holding out on Halloween. P.S. dudeman. I would never think of telling someone who is a true fan of this film to leave. Based on what you have brought to the table your more than welcome.

H.P. on Oct 13, 2007


the history of slusho has changed!!! a little bit, i dont really know what it is that was changed exactly, but i know it has changed. i think it is the part about mixing a bunch of fruit and vegetable which i dont think was there before. go check it out (oh, and im likeing these updates jj is sending, hopefully he will send us a new trailer with all this)

geezer on Oct 14, 2007


sorry im postin so much, been havin some back problems and cant really stay asleep, but anyway, new interesting happy talk quates, and they go by fast as hell, im going to try and screen capture the quates later on today then post them in here so nobody will hurt there eyes trying to read them at

geezer on Oct 14, 2007


Man, you all should get together on opening day and watch the film. It would be a fitting end to all your hard work and speculation. I've been a silent observer for the most part, and enjoying the posts. H.P., you keep spelling "you're" as "your" (1496 among others), and it's bothering the hell out of me.

Mike 8 on Oct 14, 2007


HAHA, sorry I found that Amusing, I Just bought the Half Life 2 Orange Box so im going to go play that

dudeman1 on Oct 14, 2007


Sorry Mike 8. Maybe someone should throw in a spell and grammar check. Half the time my comments are quickly typed. So you been silent this whole time and that's what you have to say. I mean don't get me wrong. I appreciate the observation, but I'm sure you could have thought of something more constructive to say off the bat. Maybe you should continue to be silent. -The 4 Horsemen-

H.P. on Oct 14, 2007


:44 "sounded like an animal" you know it sounded like your mom lol

MarkTingley on Oct 14, 2007


sorry fellow gents and gals, but this is a really off-topic question and i promise you it will be my only off-topic question, but do you think i will get a bad outcome if i mix weed with kool-aid powder and smoked it? i would have just put this in an email, but i dont know anybody's email in here, and all my friends are also stumpped apon this question... please help (please dont kick me from the boards admins!!!)

the geezer on Oct 14, 2007


Wow, lol. Weed and Kool-aid powder hmmm somehow i want to think that smoking weed with a certain koolaid flavor would perhaps make the smoke taste in accordance with the flavor of kool aid. Similar to, instead of pouring water into your bong, pouring in Vodka or gatorade. I say it is worth a shot, and let me know how it goes so whenever im out of the military perhaps i can give it a shot....

dudeman1 on Oct 15, 2007


Sorta kinda unrelatedly related. Half life 2 Episode 2 has little References to "Lost" in it. Thats all

dudeman1 on Oct 15, 2007


lol, thanks dudeman i never used a bong so i wouldnt know anything about mixing gatorade with it, but since i guess mixing gatorade with your bong is safe then mixing kool aid powder with weed is safe. and ill let you know the outcome dude but if it gets popular overseas you gotta give me props lol

geezer on Oct 15, 2007


I wouldn't recomend smoking any form of sugar unless you use a bong. It will burn tour throat and you will likely cough uncontrolably.

bill on Oct 15, 2007


I'm baaaaaack!! I see nothing new has happened except the changes to slusho site. My guess is now that they are looking for new people Rob will apply and get hired. Maybe Jason first since some have said that Jason also works for slusho. Seems JJ has his characters living in a parallel timeline to us and we can kind of see what is going on in their world and interact with it on a limited basis but not change it. Interesting. Good way to go about it I think.

Cowpattybill on Oct 15, 2007


Much can been gathered from slusho. Cowpatty we need to get to the bottom of it. Like denisse has said there has got to be more to the mixing part. Also geezer stated that the history section has changed. Can we get any conformation on that cowpatty. I'm really busy today at the office. I'm ready to claw my eyes out!! Any research will be great. That way I have something to scan over later.

H.P. on Oct 15, 2007


Hey HP. I can do some research on it too tonight. I have some projects to do for school, but Slusho! research will give me a good break now and then. I'll have some stuff on it later tonight.

Phenox1707 on Oct 15, 2007


disregaurd the slusho history update when i read it on saturday it had seemed that the story had changed, but i went and looked up the history today and indeed it hasnt. sorry guys

geezer on Oct 16, 2007

1376 and are both posting the same thing. That is, the response you get when you email Slusho about their distribution opportunities. Here is the standard response everyone is getting: Dear Dennis, Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor of Slusho! brand happy drink and joining the Tagruato family! We would be very excited to work with you in spreading the joy of Slusho! all over the world! In light of a storm of false claims of business purpose, we have been forced to institute a verification policy. The first step is to forward documents of authenticity. We will need a copy of your articles of incorporation before proceeding with Slusho! distribution opportunity. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you. Sincerely, Tzigane Koga, Customer Service Office of Daiske Kagashima “Exploring our world. Ensuring your future.”

Cowpattybill on Oct 16, 2007


Ok, i have been mulling over the Slusho site...i think i made every combination possible, my brain hurts. I sent the e-mail for Distribution Opertunites, oif i get the same e-mail i will err, send "athintic" paperwork to them. What is the last Japanese symbols n the line ?

Ripper on Oct 16, 2007


Ok, i have been mulling over the Slusho site...i think i made every combination possible, my brain hurts. I sent the e-mail for Distribution Opertunites, oif i get the same e-mail i will err, send "athintic" paperwork to them. What is the last Japanese symbols n the line ? -The Four Horsmen-

Ripper on Oct 16, 2007


What is really bugging the shit out of me is this whole blue oven mitt, hammer, and cheese. It has to mean something. Also the 6 times on red crab statement. Those are the things my brain are picking at. Any thoughts. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Oct 16, 2007


I poked around on the slusho site for awhile, rereading stuff, looking at the pictures, playing with the flavors and found nothing. I did notice that after your robot is created when you mix the flavors, if you tab through the links on the page you will see several links about 2/3 of the way down the screen. If you click on them you don't go anywhere though. There are six of them across the screen and they appear to be in the same location as the bars you use to indicate how much of each flavor you want to use. So even though the bars aren't there apparently the links to them are. I played with them for awhile too and got nothing.

Cowpattybill on Oct 16, 2007


boys, i may have stumbled across something on the flavors page! not much yet...buuuuut...i remembered someone mentioning this in another forum a while ago but never really looked into it. so today i was messing around on the flavors page and if you zoom in as far as the flash player allows you and then look at all the bars to select the amount of flavor you want, there are 2 marks on the meter. something like a dash - and what looks like a colon : check it!!!!! was this done on purpose??

DeniSSe on Oct 17, 2007


Looks like an "=" and a ":" but I don't think they mean anything.

Cowpattybill on Oct 18, 2007


I have to agree, but I think Denisse is on the right track with the whole ZOOMING thing.

H.P. on Oct 18, 2007


okay...ZOOMing again. on the store page on slusho...on the little runway when everyone comes out and models the merchandise...when the monkey walks out, notice his shirt...there is what looks like a tail coming out from behind the SLUSHO! cup...anyone notice it too or is that a glitch? i apologize if this was mentioned before.

DeniSSe on Oct 18, 2007


Sorry Denisse, but I am in the same boat as you. I can't save files at work. I get off at 6 so I can do it then. Also I was the one and only person who mentioned the tail thing way way back so don't be sorry for repeating it. Just keep on Zooming.

H.P. on Oct 18, 2007


you have to download the vid to view it, or maybe thats just my comp im not sure

geezer on Oct 18, 2007


DeniSSe on Oct 18, 2007


That's weird no downloading required on my mac. I think it's a pc thing because I work on a pc and it wanted me to download. Anyway about the vid. Lots of drama now between jamie and teddy. I won't get into detail because I feel it is not relevant. One thing stands out. She mentions Jason and Lilly. This debunks my previous theory that teddy is actually Jason. She also mentions how he is out saving the world and she supports his job but doesn't really understand it, which to me would tell me this character has a secretive job. I think this Teddy Hanson character is on the drilling crew that awakens the monster. I think he might be the leader of the crew.

H.P. on Oct 18, 2007


Heres how it goes jamie turns on the camera and its in the early morning, it looks like she just woke up (because her hair looks like shit) she starts talking about something that happend the night before between her and her boyfriend's ex and then she says the ex threatened to tell a lie on her etc. etc. nothing really interesting. then she starts talking about how her boyfriend should trust her more and how he should belive her over his ex etc. and then she says "i went out with my girlfriends, and your off SAVING THE WORLD (what exactly does he do again?) also she says "your off following your dream, and you left me here" (wasnt the slusho whale following her dream too of making slusho? so maybe rob wasn't the target of the monster but jamie since her boyfriend could possibly have something to do with the slusho chemical?) anyway, she goes on to say how shes lonely, and how she lost her purse and phone on the night out with her girlfriends and complains onw how she trys to be perfect for him. she starts playing with some pepto bismol bottle (or is it?) and she talks about how she supports what he does and that she is all for it even though she doesnt understand it (again, what exactly does he do?) then some kind of electric thing goes off (can't see it, can only hear it) and some guy (who she says is a girl) that was in the bed with her moves around and startles her a bit then she talks about how she can prove she loves him and then cuts the cam off thats all, so in a nutshell... it appears that she is not faithful and her boyfriend may be a key charecter in the story

geezer on Oct 18, 2007


lol, sorry didnt know ya'll already saw it.

geezer on Oct 18, 2007


thanks GEEZER!!!

DeniSSe on Oct 19, 2007


it looks like a rocket is blasting off behind the explosion picture could be a buildin though doesnt look like one

Volpe on Oct 19, 2007


I THhink 1-18-08 is being updated. if you try connecting to it right now it says "Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #6.cc06ec3f.1192925494.13040407 "

dudeman1 on Oct 20, 2007


Ok, so I dont see any new things on 1-18-08 however Everyone has seen the Tagruato Logo, the two hands holding the globe. I rewatched the trailer. :55 in, there on the outside patio thing and there is a person with a little shoulder bag thing with a logo on it. I grabbed a screen of it and zoomed in and the circular logo on the bag zoomed in resembles the Tagruato Hands Holding the Globe Logo. Doesnt reveal anything, but its possibly something we didnt see before is all Have a great Night Dudeman

dudeman1 on Oct 20, 2007


i deffinately didnt see that before dudeman, good eye!

geezer on Oct 21, 2007


HOLY CRAP! I May be a bored person. But rearranging the photos on in timeline order you get a new sound I thing. I was messing around there for about 20 minutes so I got the 6 minute roar, but then after over 20 minutes of re aranging the photo's and connecting them like a puzzle I go a different raor I do not have software right now to record it but im working on getting that. Nothing to big, judt a different sounding roar, like I unlocked something

dudeman1 on Oct 21, 2007


HOLY CLOVERFIELD CLUES DUDEMAN!!! lol, i tried rearanging them in order too but i dont really have the patience for waiting 20 minutes, but i guess if i leave it open in a tab i'll eventually hear it. and where did you put the chef pic? at the beginning or end of the time line?

geezer on Oct 21, 2007


I cant get it to load!!! AGHH! Im trying, my internet is being gay

dudeman1 on Oct 21, 2007


how do you make it into a timeline

volpe on Oct 22, 2007


In the video I find the fact that her purse, keys, and cell phone were all stolen. I bet that turns into something. Maybe not much to do with the movie but an interesting development in the back-story.

Cowpattybill on Oct 22, 2007


I got this from Loyal forum member engel thought that since he owned his own business he would help us get some answers by sending in his real letters of incorporation to the email address listed on the slusho distribution opportunities website and this is the response he got (his name obviously has been removed). Dear Mr. ********, Thank you for sending in the verification documents! I have sent your information on to our Slusho! brand happy drink legal troup. One of our representatives from us will be contacting you if your company is according with our distribution requirements. Sincerely, Tzigane Koga Customer Service Office of Daiske Kagashima “Exploring our world. Ensuring your future.”

Cowpattybill on Oct 22, 2007


does anybody know if 1-18-08 has any kind of sponshorship with the FOX network? cause i think i just saw an add for it on the bottom of the screen while i was watching k-ville. it said 1-??-08 (?? is the middle number which kinda looked like a 14 on first glance, but since i didnt get to take a second look...) and under that it gave a website that read i couldnt read, the only word i was able to catch was future, and that was at the very end of it

geezer on Oct 22, 2007


i live in LA so i can check tonight and see what it says

volpe on Oct 22, 2007


ok, thanx volpe

geezer on Oct 22, 2007


yea my friend mentioned it...It is for the upcoming FOX TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

DeniSSe on Oct 23, 2007


i wish it was a terminator 4 oh and geezer the site is and the date is 1/14/08 nothin special just a countdown with pictures in the background

volpe on Oct 23, 2007


I have come to the conclussion that the monster is a form of Leviathan. Look at alot of artist renditions and it just makes sense. I have also pointed out in the past that the island of hokkaido does look like a monster. Also take into consideration all these hidden faces on the poster and on the website. You can't deny a stricking similarity to Leviathan, most notably on the twins pic.

H.P. on Oct 23, 2007


oh ok, thanx volpe and denisse

geezer on Oct 23, 2007


Perhaps my eyesight is poor... but, you must go to and help me decide. If you look at the bottom it has the Apple Logo, Bad Robot and Paramount. Now look underneath paramounts logo... it seems kind of blurry to me and I cant read it. Well, its either something or its nothing so go see and tell me what you think

dudeman1 on Oct 23, 2007


i tried using the windows magnifier for it dudeman, but when i magnify it it's very very blury, ill see if i can find a freeware program that may let me magnify it better.

geezer on Oct 23, 2007


nevermind, it says "copyright of paramount pictures" and then a couple more words at the end that i can't make out

geezer on Oct 23, 2007


Bleh, I was in website hunt tonight, searching for new clues. I went as far as searcing for Paraffin Cologne... hoping to find something behind the paraffun! company. Also, I dont know if this has been posted but has a little under construction thing up. ]actually Geezer you did post that i #1537 So yeah, like geezer posted, ok, bed time

dudeman1 on Oct 23, 2007


Hey last night i saw a preview on T.V., It has two glowing red eyes appear then it says 1-18-08 .....i think we might soon be getting a new trailer. I sent in my Vefification docs to the Slusho site...ya i got the same thing as the dude from cloverfeild clues. Anything else new or guys watch the Spike Scream awards....Cloverfeild should have won most antisipated moive.

Ripper on Oct 24, 2007


Ripper, already covered in posts 1542-1546. It said 01-14-08 and it was an add for the Sarah Conner Chronicles, a new TV show. The website is

Cowpattybill on Oct 24, 2007


Oops, sorry guys thanks for the lik CPB. Anyone have a clue what the hammer cheese etc shit means yet, i have been searching but the only thing i have found is the Cheese production name we talked about long ago. Mabye i am not searching in the right place. P.S they should have stopped after T-2 -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Oct 24, 2007


I don't know how early you guys all showed up, but I remember in early posts how people made a strange connection to the old testament. Blue Oven Mitt=Behemoth, Cheese=Ziz. I'm having a hard time figuring out where The hammer fits in. If your not familiar with the old testament here is a link -The Four Horsemen- P.S. I don't think the terminator show will be that bad if you disregard three. I mean I was always interested in what happened to John and Sarah after that whole ordeal. With time travel storylines the possibilities are endless.

H.P. on Oct 24, 2007


H.P. : Post #503 & #506 (506 was me.) touched on that ziz/behemoth subject...i too believe that it may have some connection...since the leviathan has no connection to the oven mitt or cheese...maybe there is some connection with it not having a connection AT ALL (i know this makes no sense) therefore being that that the only one not mentioned is the Leviathan, who is the underwater creature out of the three. WHEW! i apologize if this makes no sense...i'm terrible at repeating what exactly is on my mind. but i am totally with you on this whole's killing me too. WHAT THE HELL DOES THE HAMMER MEAN?

DeniSSe on Oct 24, 2007


Man, I hate the feeling that I've been getting about not being very involved in this movie. Or, at least, not as much as I used to be. Does anyone have anything at all (Other than the Leviathan theory) on the hammer? I'm willing to do some searching, but I'll need some sort of lead first. If not, than I can start with the Leviathan/Ziz/Behemoth theory. Thanks guys, and glad to be back. -The Immortal Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Oct 24, 2007


Something new from

dudeman1 on Oct 24, 2007


just going to spew out a few theories to mayb get some thinking to occur. 1. Rob isnt going to Japan to work for Slusho! Brand Happy Drink. I mean, we all think that he is because his brother is wearing the Slusho Shirt, but he could be doing marketing for Bold Futura or ParafFun! or even Tagruato...just an idea 2. With the funny little cartoony characters on Maybe they are all the main characters from the movie. I really dont have to far to go with this, but the Little Teddy Bear on the Distrobution Ops page could be a reference to Jamie's Teddy. Thats really the only reference I can come up with at this point, but just an idea. Sorry, just trying to get some more discussion up in heeya

dudeman1 on Oct 24, 2007


Dudeman!!! Your a fucking genius!!! Jamies boyfriend is named Teddy Hawkins. Is it possible he works for distribution. Based on the gift Jamie had recieved. Maybe it is slusho, and most likely it is served up at Rob's going away party. I agree about Rob working for another company. Maybe some of Rob's interests on myspace could shed light on what company he will be working for. Lascano Platt=Platypus? Another thing confusing the shit out of me is Teddy Hawknins. I thought Rob and Jason had the last name Hawkins. Is this Teddy a third brother or a nickname for Rob, because we know by Jamies video that it's not Jason so it must be Rob. How is it possible she is waiting for rob to get back when they throw a going away party for him in January. Isn't he already home? Did he come back and then leave again?

H.P. on Oct 25, 2007


that would be pretty cool if the slusho flavors were the things in the movie and maybe the hammer oven mitt and the cheese marked the ones that were in the movie what were they? wasnt it blueberry zoom mikan and i dont remember the last one and it would kinda make sense because it previewed before Transformers(robotic kinda like slusho flavors) idk much about i am legend but what if the things watching will smith was robot like creatures and i heard there were going to be a cloverfield trailer before it ust a hunch

volpe on Oct 25, 2007


Volpe. I must make something perfectly clear. In my eyes a robot is not a monster. What kind of a robot growls and roars like that. Also JJ has said that we need our own monster, and said he got the idea visiting Japan with his kid. When he took his kid to a toy store his kid wanted a godzilla toy and that's when he came up with the idea of America having its own monster. He wants something memorable. Also just because the trailer was in front of transformers means nothing. They only did that because they knew that lots of people were expected to see the movie.

H.P. on Oct 25, 2007


H.P. - F.Y.I...It's Teddy Hanssen.

DeniSSe on Oct 25, 2007


yea, im pretty sure it's not a robot too volpe, but there is still a possibility that the monster has to be defeated by a robot of some sort

geezer on Oct 25, 2007


Ah man. I don't know where my head is today. Thanks for the correction Denisse. Sadly my investigating new material has come to a screaching halt. I got alot of stuff going on. So I ust decided to rehash some old points that we never resolved. Mostly the blue oven mitt yadda yadda. If someone can maybe investigate Rob and Teddy a bit so maybe we have a better idea what company they may work for.

H.P. on Oct 25, 2007


I really liked the preview. I was scared first, but soon started to enjoy it. I see SIGNS! in this film. I think it's the monster verison of 9/11 and "666" put together, OR JUST THE BIBLE ITSELF TELLING US MAYBE : "Matthew 24:39", "Acts 2:20", " Luke 21:25", "Revelation 6:8" OR "Zephaniah 2:2" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachard Mcintyre on Oct 26, 2007


france113 on Oct 26, 2007


alright really no one can crack this case because like u said HP jj wants america to have its OWN monster wouldnt that mean it cant be something biblical? so the only thing we can solve is what kind of creature it is

volpe on Oct 26, 2007


Well really it's all about the vision of it, because it's not like people know what these biblical creatures really looked like. You can't put a copyright on the bible.

H.P. on Oct 26, 2007


I am burning up my computer with hammer, mit, searches oh well i keep looking. The monster, i know it will be a mind shattering monster i dont belive it has any tiys to the bible of any other storyline, if there are hints that is is it may be JJ throwing us off...just my opinion. I will be gone for a week i am going to Mexico ARIBA! see ya when i get back. -The Tequila Horsemen-

Ripper on Oct 26, 2007


So you all realize if we keep this up much longer its going to be January, so no more speculation. I can see Abrams sitting back looking at all the blog sites and forums discussing this and just laughing his butt off

Tom on Oct 26, 2007


There could easily be an ending which would call for a sequel, and at that point we could have years of speculation on our hands. I don't think all this is for the soul purpose of JJ's amusement. I truly think he just wants us to have fun. Maybe all of us are part of the sequel.

H.P. on Oct 26, 2007


Well I'm sticking to my idea that the characters are in our timeline (like I posted back in #1508) Meaning that now that Slusho is looking to hire, maybe Rob will apply and get the job. Later on we'll learn through one of the sites about exciting opportunities in Japan which will be our clue that Rob is going to Japan. Perhaps then we'll see some posts on MySpace indicating that a party for Rob is being planned. During that time details will emerge about who won't be there, there will be some mysterious postings eluding to strange things happening at targruto. Perhaps Jamie's gift from Teddy is important to the plot. All in all I'm saying that I think, and it has been mentioned by others before, that every detail we currently have, every clue, is all part of the backstory and it is building up to the actual release of the movie. JJ will keep feeding us little bits so when the movie is release we have a full story, all the details fall into place and we are rewarded with more than a movie, we get a life experience because we feel so connected to the characters and their stories.

Cowpattybill on Oct 26, 2007


By the way, what happened to Larry? I know I've been out for awhile but I've been working on my online game that I can't wait to tell you guys about. A couple more weeks and I should be able to start releasing a few details. I think you're going to like it.

Cowpattybill on Oct 26, 2007


1432-1443 should answer your question about Larry. It was an amusing little tiff, and for the record I never told him to leave. I said sorry, but I don't regret anything I said to him.

H.P. on Oct 26, 2007


Yes I remember reading it. I felt the same way you did about him always saying how slow it was at his job, how bored he was, how he had hours to kill, and always apologizing for getting off topic but I would never have said anything about. I'm very non-confrontational, plus it's a free board. You post what you want. Sad to see him go though, I found him entertaining.

Cowpattybill on Oct 26, 2007


From The Canadian news site has a story about 22 year old Canadian actress Jessica Lucas, who plays Lily Ford. Tonight on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lucas will continue her four-episode arc as Ronnie Lake, a sought-after young hot-shot investigator. Just prior to taping her CSI arc, however, Lucas spent several months working on the Abrams movie which has been dubbed Cloverfield in common parlance, but whose name has not officially been revealed. Abrams is the creator of TV series Lost, Alias and Felicity, and was the director of Mission Impossible III. First publicized prior to theatre screenings of Transformers, Cloverfield is scheduled to be released on Jan. 18, 2008. Plot rumours have centred on monsters attacking New York City, but Lucas wouldn't shed any light on the specifics. You know, sworn to secrecy and all that. "It really is kind of crazy, isn't it?" Lucas said of the Cloverfield buzz. "The hype has been unbelievable. And it doesn't even have a name yet. The trailer created such a stir. "When they first explained to us what they were going to do in terms of marketing, it sounded pretty weird. But obviously it has worked. And there are going to be more trailers coming out very soon, so that will give people even more reason to get excited." Lucas plans to spend the next couple of months helping to promote the movie. "The CSI thing just wrapped up so I'm going to have a little bit of down time right now, although it won't be for long," said Lucas, who splits her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. "We already are planning all the promotion we're going to be doing for Cloverfield, or whatever you want to call it. So that's going to be my focus." Interesting, she said that were told what the marketing would be. That seems to differ from someone's "insider" account of releasing the trailer with no title as unplanned thing. Also, more trailers coming soon... woo hoo.

Cowpattybill on Oct 26, 2007


artical about the whale that swam up the thames river, as mentioned on Slusho happy talk section http : //news. independent. co. uk/uk/this_britain /article340251. ece (without the spaces)

geezer on Oct 26, 2007


just a couple things that came to mind what if the monster needs the deep sea nectar (that may or may not be the secret ingredient for slusho) to survive? and what if slusho or the secret ingredient has a huge market in new york city (e.g warehouses where they store the nectar, or several dozen slusho factories), and thats why the monster went specifically to nyc. and if the monster is looking for the nectar/slusho to live then that could mean that he is already dying, and the roars through the trailer we heard were the signs of him/her going through pain and not anger. also i think japan and new york have some kind of import exchange, so maybe the ingredient is imported from japan and the monster followed the scent from a japanese boat (if they use boats still, im not sure) on to nyc

geezer on Oct 26, 2007


i have noticed on that website the picture of the robot thing looks like it has mini turrets on it....try imagining several of those beating up on SoL and new york only a lot bigger

volpe on Oct 27, 2007


Something big is getting ready to hit!!! Trust me!!!

H.P. on Oct 30, 2007


Dude I agree totally

duedman1 on Oct 30, 2007


Just for an update, Hudson (HUD) Platt is the Camera Man. The Interview is on

dudeman1 on Oct 30, 2007


happy halloween I wouldnt be surprised if something about cloverfield pops up today

volpe on Oct 31, 2007

1446 is under construction again something tells me there is going to be a big clue on there maybe something to do with the hammer oven mit and cheese

volpe on Oct 31, 2007


Show de bola esse filme.

Renê on Oct 31, 2007


H.P. on Oct 31, 2007


Oh yeah and Happy Halloween one and all!!!

H.P. on Oct 31, 2007


I hope this movie lives up to its hype, it kind of scares me that it missed the Christmas season by a matter of weeks. That tells me that it might not be good enough to go up against I Am Legend, AVP2, Sweeny Todd or even National Treasure 2. Let's hope I'm wrong....

Amy on Oct 31, 2007


Wow, Anon, thanks for the update............... i cant believe i wasted my time reading that lol

dudeman1 on Oct 31, 2007


lol, yea anon, we kinda already figured that stuff out a few weeks/months ago, but thanks anyway sport

geezer on Oct 31, 2007


Anon we been at this since July. Are you freakin kidding me? -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Oct 31, 2007


Hey guys... I decided not to post that trailer description or anything about the title until this weekend. I actually see Beowulf tomorrow night, and I'm hoping the new Cloverfield trailer is in front of it. I really don't believe the title is just Cloverfield, I am pretty sure that's just a placeholder... So that's why I'm waiting to see the trailer myself and confirm the title (and anything else) on Friday when I see Beowulf. So stay tuned!! Your trusty webmaster, - Alex

Alex Billington on Nov 1, 2007


It is most def in front of Beowulf. I can confirm that. However I can't confirm the title drop. Only two more trailers are hitting. This next one is a different teaser. The one that hits in mid to late December is the real deal.

H.P. on Nov 1, 2007


Is anon serious? Wow I had no idea you could flip the pictures. Just shake them eh? And you're sure it's not voltron? Damn. Still though I think he says "It's huge, it's a lion"...... Anyway. I don't think I will be able to see Beowulf so unfortunately I'm going to have to hear about the trailer before I actually see it. By the way, I don't really think he says "Lion". I was just kidding.

Cowpattybill on Nov 1, 2007


I remember this site was found way back They updated it yesterday. Very interesting. I'm gonna check out some of the names.

H.P. on Nov 1, 2007


HI BOYS! it's good to see some familiar, erm, faces! anyway, not much has been going on lately (thats why i haven't really said much, just been kinda lurking about) buuuuut this just came out yesterday...not sure if it's fake or not but it's ones debunked it yet. check it...chew on it...whatever... p.s. i'm not believing anything until i see sh*it myself...

DeniSSe on Nov 1, 2007


Thanks for the info Alex. Great site by the way, been meaning to tell you that. I like how you come in all dark gray and all that. Real menacing. Nice show of power. I've got to get me something like that.

Cowpattybill on Nov 1, 2007


the guy said i saw it it's a lion it's huge. why would he say it's alive, if it's moving and can cause destruction then of course it's alive. if all he said was i saw it it's a lion then you'd be like no it aint how can a lion cause explosions and throw the statue of liberty's head. so that's why he added it's huge so you'll know that if a lion is huge then it's obviously a mutated lion with the ability to cause explosions and grip a statues head rip it off and throw it. but hey that's my thought. when the movie comes out and i'm wrong then oh well no one knows what movie it is so i'd expect people not to critisize me for my opinion. people say its a godzilla sequel to the 98 movie and other people say it can't because godzilla movies are not allowed to be made for a loooooong time and maybe it is godzilla 2 and they are keeping it secret b/c of that reason. it could be the halo movie b/c halo the movie was scheduled to be released this year but was changed to next year. i read it on but now it says the release is unknown so its a possibility. what is alias about? i never watched it

Jared on Nov 1, 2007



DeniSSe on Nov 1, 2007


welcome to earth jared

geezer on Nov 1, 2007


Jared, maybe he said "It's huge, it's a LIGER".

Cowpattybill on Nov 2, 2007


Wow Jared!!! You got alot of investigating ahead of you. I feel bad for people getting into this so late in the game. They have missed out on a very fun idea. I think cloverfield has set the standard for the viral marketing hunt. This concept gets you more connected to characters and uses multimedia to it's full advantage. If all this ended tommorrow I would have no regrets regardless of the outcome.

H.P. on Nov 2, 2007


I agree with the "no regrets" H.P. I hope Alex doesn't mind but I'm going to use this site to plug something I've been working on. Inspired by Abrams mystery we've all been working on here for the past few months I've created my own clue hunting puzzle solving game. It's almost done, probably early December but I wanted to throw the website out there so you could bookmark it if you like. It should be fairly challenging and similar to what we're doing here. There will even be a message board to discuss the clues. I plan to have several "games", this will just be the first one. The next one (probably early next year) will be even better. Prepare yourselves. Nothing there right now except a temporary logo but more coming soon.

Cowpattybill on Nov 2, 2007


I have come up with a suitable name for the genre. VMH. Virtual Movie Hunters. For movie goers seeking a more immersive movie experience. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Nov 2, 2007


Ha ha, I like it.

Cowpattybill on Nov 2, 2007


According to post 1596 Alex is supposed to be watching Beowulf. He could be watching it right now depending on what time zone he's in. I can't wait to read his thoughts on the cloverfield trailer.

Cowpattybill on Nov 2, 2007


No luck, sorry guys! Beowulf was f*cking awesome, but they didn't show the Cloverfield trailer... I'm guessing they want to actually tie it with Beowulf's actual release on November 16th... so we'll have to wait a few weeks unfortunately...

Alex Billington on Nov 2, 2007


If in fact the trailer is attached to Beowulf then the best I can do is an in depth review at about 3:00am eastern time. This is just a guess because there is a chance I may even watch the movie as early as 11:00pm. If I beg her to cancel the last showing then we may be looking at a review as early as midnight!! I wouldn't want any customers missing Fred Clause. I mean I would be scrooge to do something like that. lol!!!!

H.P. on Nov 3, 2007


I'm so sick of waiting for new stuff to come out... I want some damn answers... It's been 4 months since we have seen the trailer.. We haven't gotten even that much since then!! Come on Abrams stop making us wait so long!!

LuLu on Nov 4, 2007


I'm with you, LuLu. I have never posted on this or any Cloverfield/Slusho/whatever the hell it's called movie forum before, but building suspense has its limit, and Abrams is running the risk of mystery giving way to apathy.

Nathan on Nov 4, 2007


a few interesting anagrams i got out of chaui station (tagruato corp station that opened near new york) A Chaos Intuit A Caution Hits Satanic Hi Out and for tagruato corp A Goat Corrupt (lol)

geezer on Nov 4, 2007


Man that is such old news france113. Here is the newbie board for all of you that have not been following.

H.P. on Nov 5, 2007


At first HP I thought that was little harsh but then I followed the link and understand why you said that. Nice.

Cowpattybill on Nov 5, 2007


H.P Loved the comment on the Newbie board... They skimmed the last 100 some posts and made a new is just not the same to get involved in this moive at this point. No no it is not a moive anymore, i think what JJ has created is another form of Film for the Moive for people like some of us that have been here seince It came out...Mabye i am wrong but i feel that whaen i see this moive i will have a better understanding and a more unique experiance than peopel who just see trailers and go see it. I KNOW this will become a Classic and i am happy to be involed this deeply with this search (whoever slow it might be sometimes...Zombie moives anyone?) We are only 2 months away. Now i have a feeling things are about to speed up. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Nov 5, 2007


I remember reading in a post here not long ago, I think it was H.P. that suggested a new genre and had a cool name. I thought a similar name for this genre of giving the viewer not just a movie to watch but a whole world with backstories and sidestories to get caught up in as well. I would call it TMI, Total Movie Immersion.

Cowpattybill on Nov 5, 2007


Ahh, found it. Post 1609, VMH. Virtual Movie Hunters. posted by H.P.

Cowpattybill on Nov 5, 2007


Interesting info on The writers in Hollywood (WGA) have officially begun their strike today. This means NO new material for your favorite movies or TV shows, although TV will be hit the hardest. Starting today all "live scripted" shows will be in reruns, which means no new Letterman, Leno, Daily Show, Colbert Report, or even SNL. The current crop of fall season TV shows have four to five shows "in the can", with another one to five scripts already written that could be filmed - that is, "if scripts are in tip-top shape and can shoot without any changes". After that, the season will have to end early. The big question here is, how will this affect Cloverfield? The movie itself has already been filmed and should be in "post". The only thing that might be affected is if any scenes need to be changed or re-shot, there would be no writers around to help. The future of Cloverfield "ARG" however seems uncertain. While there is probably a outline for what they want to accomplish, I doubt there is an entire script already written out. In the Lost Experience ARG, one of the writers of the show (Javi) was the "main dude" running the show. There already hasn't been any updates in over two weeks. Hopefully, they have been using this time to stockpile something so this can continue until the movie release. If we are lucky, the ARG was subbed out to a marketing firm, like Hi-Res (the company that ran The Lost Experience), and won't be affected by the strike. Knock on wood (six times for good luck!) BTW, The reasons for the strike are complicated, but the main sticking points are the WGA wanting a bigger cut of DVD sales and the "nets" not wanting to pay for TV shows watched online, which they consider "promotional".

Cowpattybill on Nov 5, 2007


Rest easy cowpatty. I assure you the strike will not affect any current movies, however any rumored movies like say Ghostbusters 3, Captain America, Spiderman 4, and the long awaited Halo could very well be shelved for quite some time. Also don't let anyone tell you cloverfield won't be released. It's a very hot rumor and it's being made up by people who don't understand the strike.

H.P. on Nov 6, 2007

1481 The countdown has begun!!!!! 10 more days!!!

H.P. on Nov 6, 2007


awesome, cant wait til' the friday after next!!! is anybody else going to go check it out?

geezer on Nov 6, 2007


Sadly no. I do not have the time or the funds to check it out. Too bad though. I really get excited about this kind of stuff. I remember I once drove 3 hours with a friend of mine to go see Meet Joe Black, a movie I had already seen and in my opinion a dreadfully bad movie, because the preview for Star Wars - The Phantom Menace was showing for the very first time. I remember that we saw the trailer then jumped to a different theater and watched I Still Know What You Did Last Summer instead. Not much better.

Cowpattybill on Nov 6, 2007


this is going to be better than transformers all of our theories have led up to this the title of cloverfield and right before this bad ass movie beowulf which i cant wait to see the only thing i hope to see in the trailer is the monster(s)

volpe on Nov 6, 2007


yea, im thinkin about goin to the cheapo theatre and catching the trailer since they dont have secutiry and only like 5 people work there, after i see the trailer im gonna hop over to the other side and catch saw 4 or somethin since im not a big fan of the beowulf thing (mostly because i know nothing about it)

geezer on Nov 6, 2007


Well geezer that's why you watch the movie. I would hate to think that someone would want to watch shitty saw 4 over some kick ass cgi so realistic you will shit your pants animated epic. I didn't even know it was cgi at first. Any movie that can fool me like that deserves my attention. Trust me man they ruined the saw series.

H.P. on Nov 6, 2007


Im having an anxiety attack. I want to see the movie, "NOW!"

William on Nov 6, 2007


bleh, ive been gone for a while and still nothing new... extra research time i guess ps Im still alive

dudeman1 on Nov 6, 2007


I'm on my home PC which sometimes acts funny but is it just me or is the jamielovesteddy site no longer there? I could be wrong. I don't see any pictures at site either but I think I have a security issue there. Anyone else not able to get to jamielovesteddy? It's .com isn't it?

Cowpattybill on Nov 7, 2007


Nevermind. It's, not

Cowpattybill on Nov 7, 2007


I bet the photos on 1-18-08 represent the six segments of the film. All different points of view of what is going on. I also heard a rumor about the title, supposedly it's been leaked. "Wreckoning"

H.P. on Nov 7, 2007


NEW SLUSHO! HAPPY TALK: "Yes, I'd like to know all that you know. About Slusho, I mean, I find the soft drink world absolutely fascinating. And was wondering what made it so delectiable." "keep the slusho secret husho" "GIMME THE TASTI SEA BEVERAGE IN MY MOUTH!" "Nothing better than a deep sea slushy drink!" "I love sharing my favorite Slusho! flavor with all my favorite Slusho! friends" "Slusho! cured my apathy!!! It made me happathy!!!" "I put raw egg in Slusho! Give me more energy for SLUSHO!ZOOM!" "How dO I knOw there was a toothbrush for the door" "Seabed's Nectar changed my way of thinking" "Donkey, Monkey Slusho!? Yes, I am contented." "Do I need to microwave slusho! before feeding my infant?" "You're website is so cute! I just love the music." "I am so happy and full of slusho that I might burst!" "I need to know if there will be a cherry flavor coming soon. I could just imagine the cherry-whale! Thanks!!! " "Slusho is so extreme!!!!!" "Most honorable satoshi, I really like the Slusho zoom flavors of Mikan and Nashi mixed together. Please tell me about your secret ingredient. I promise i won't speak of it to anyone, honest. A devoted consumer in America, thank you!" "Slusho, your drinks make me super happy. Slush me away!!"

DeniSSe on Nov 7, 2007


I wanna retract that website I posted. I thought it was blank but after more examination I found it was for an online rpg. Sorry.

H.P. on Nov 7, 2007


Of the new Happy Talk, what does: "How dO I knOw there was a toothbrush for the door" mean? Are these really visitor posts or are they from Abrams crew? If Abrams crew then perhaps there is a clue in this toothbrush thing. Probably not though.

Cowpattybill on Nov 7, 2007


BOLDFUTURA.JP IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO Check it out im going thru it now!

dudeman1 on Nov 7, 2007


BOLD FUTURA is Open! Alot of cool stuff, they are teaming up with yoshida Medical to create some sort of revolutionary energy scource

dudeman1 on Nov 7, 2007


sorry, didnt think the first one posted. ok, go ahead everyone and rip her apart!

dudeman1 on Nov 7, 2007


and, off topic, and this comment willl likely be overseen, but for an original American Monster, there is alot of Japanese stuff. Just saying... also, ill try to illegally capture the new trailer for everyone 🙂

dudeman1 on Nov 7, 2007


I'm curious as to what the HANDS inituitive is. They mention it a few times on Bold. I know it has significance. I think Bold Futura are the ones that eventually stop the monster. They seem like the "go to guys" when Tagruato is in trouble.

H.P. on Nov 8, 2007


I'm still holding to the theory that boldfutura is a bust. How do gamers say it? OOG?

Cowpattybill on Nov 8, 2007


yea i'm pretty sure it's OOG. there's no link connection to it on the tagruato site like it is for slusho.

DeniSSe on Nov 8, 2007


Hey hey hey, check this out. Sense most of you have probably been following closely. Check out the picture of the (two?) girls. (Or one that has just had her face split in half switched places and a little edit work, who knows?) Look in between the two girls where their hair meets... IS THAT A MONSTER?!?!?! Look at the gray. I just saw a face at first, come to find I can see a nose an eye, eyebrow line, and maybe an ear. CHECK IT OUT! At the "official" website, it is just to the right of the left womans eye.

Sammy on Nov 9, 2007


GEE WHILAKERS!!! i didn't even notice that sammy, thanks a bunch =)

geezer on Nov 10, 2007



dudeman1 on Nov 10, 2007


Sammy where the fuck have you been? That was one of the first things found way back in July. Do I have to post the newbie board again. It sucks when I get the e mail that there are new comments. I get all excited and then I get treated to people like sammy over here. I guess it's getting to that point where now the mainstream is jumping on the band wagon.

H.P. on Nov 10, 2007


Hey Guys, Ok I don't know if you guys have seen this, I've been catching up on the posts tonight and was a little lazy so if this is something you guys have already seen SORRY! There has def. been a leak about the new trailer.. Go to this website to read a pretty vivid description of what happens: I'm not sure if this is 100% legit but if it is true it sounds sweet!! What we learn from this new trailer "supposedly" : * There are smaller monsters as well as one BIGGIN! * The title of the movie reads "Cloverfield" at the end of the trailer (wow?) * Lots of CHAOS!! (Beware if you get motion sickness) * The characters in this film have no idea what the hell this creature is and it's really scaring the sh**t out of them Check out the site.. There is dialogue from it and everything.. Good stuff.. Hope it's real...

LuLu on Nov 12, 2007


Yeah, I've been aware of this "leak" for about a week now. Still haven't heard of anyone debunking it, however, so it could be the real deal. Roll on, November 16th!

Nathan on Nov 12, 2007


Yes H.P. I agree. There will be alot of new "faces" on the board here especially after Nov 16. This particular discussion has so many posts now no one will bother to read them all so if we want to continue to post in this discussion we have to excercise some patience, tolerance, and restraint. I wonder if there is a way to have a private discussion board somewhere where only the main 10 or so of us could post. Ah but then that's segegation or racism or unfair treatment or unequality or we'd be considered first class passengers and everyone else would be steerage or something like that. Disregard. BTW, now has a message board, with pre-game discussion going on. It is set to start in early December. Sign up so I can stop mentioning it here. If you like this cloverfield game then you will like ClueChaser.

Cowpattybill on Nov 12, 2007



France113 on Nov 12, 2007


Sorry for the repeated info.. Perhaps someone will see my message that hasnt heard about the new trailer and maybe it will make their day lol.. Do you guys think the new trailer will appear online on the 16th as well? Or will it take a few days? Maybe I should just go see Beowulf.. it looks pretty bad ass.. 😛

LuLu on Nov 12, 2007


Are you kidding me? I have checked that site every day for the past week. I checked it just a couple hours ago and nothing was there. Damn! Oh well, I guess I'll check it out.

Cowpattybill on Nov 12, 2007


weird vid, and i can't help thin that "the glass helmets" is an anagram or has a double meaning or something like that

geezer on Nov 12, 2007


LuLu, I'm not sure how if anyone may know of this site, but gets videos uploaded pretty fast. I was able to download an excellent quality video of the first trailer within days of it premiering before Transformers. I'm not sure who got it or how it was obtained, but I think its better left as "don't ask, don't tell"

Nathan on Nov 13, 2007


here is an old post of mine #512 Ok heres something new. The four posters handed out at comicon. Only three have titles. Monstrous, Furious, Terrifying. The fourth has no title. Why would the fourth have no title? I believe this to be a very significant clue and it goes hand and hand with the slusho stuff. We know that the first creature is land based, the second creature flies, and the third is a sea creature. Are these titles on the posters descriptions of the three monsters or one. Also you can find evidence of three monsters in the trailer. Three roars. I could be wrong but I counted three roars spread out. As far as the pics on the official site go look very closely for evidence of the three different monsters. Maybe all three monsters combine to form one which I believe would be the title of the movie.

H.P. on Nov 13, 2007


Sjihttisthijs, your finds are very interesting. However, JJ already confirmed sometime ago that the monster will be something completely new because he believes "America needs its' own monster" .. So needless to say we are getting our own monster, something that is probably not based on an Irish mythological creature.. 🙂

LuLu on Nov 13, 2007


Interesting stuff H.P. - What if it is one super monster? lol A creature that can swim, fly, as well as cause havoc on land.. That would be crazy stuff.. They say in the new trailer there is a smaller creature that starts like dragging this woman around and eats her or something (I forget exactly what they said the scene is). So I wonder if there are def. more than one TYPE of monster.. Or if there are baby ones like in Godzilla (which I think would be lame) hmmmm

LuLu on Nov 13, 2007


i don't know if this is mentioned before but, I still think it must be more than one monster. (three roars with three different events) If you look at the events that happens during the trailer, i've been noticing that the events are not in a logical order for only one monster 1) The first monster roar is accompanied by an earthquake (Behemoth) 2) The second monster roar is accompanied by a huge fireball (Leviathan, for it can breathe fire) 3) The third monster roar is accompanied by the flying Statue of Liberty head (Ziz). Or the monster is moving away from the city, or there are indeed more than one monster. I did a little research to confirm my story, (, and came out at documents about: behemoth, Leviathan and Ziz Need more backup to convince you... There is a picture of the set of cloverfield somewhere (can't find it anymore)on the internet. the picture shows the set of cloverfield in the streets of new york, and if you look closely you see that they are pointing the camera to the sky, and filming a flying creature between some buildings (i'm not joking with this one, but i can't find the picture. If somebody do, POST IT !!! please 🙂 also if you look at the website of slusho, you can find more hints to this story. The main page background is on land, the Downloads page background is on air, and the History page background is on sea. more leads to the three creatures. Also you can check Waiting for response and reactions... Peace

Sjihttisthijs on Nov 13, 2007


Hmm. A giant monster that seems to have the characteristics of 3 other monsters all rolled into one. Kind of like a transformer. Maybe more than coincidence that the trailer was releaseed in front of Transformers. I also mentioned awhile back that perhaps the monster is female and looking for it's baby. Or perhaps it's pregnant and gives birth to little monsters. The only comment I wanted to make regarding your theory Sjihttisthijs is how do you know the cameras were filiming something flying? Could they not have been pointing up to film something very large? Like a giant monster? Nearby or right above?

Cowpattybill on Nov 13, 2007


oh and by the way, i found something else interesting... It's about the word ''cloverfield''. This word is linked to a man called ''saint Patrick''. if you look it up at and scroll down to the legend section, they mention 3 creatures that looks familiar to the story of the movie. Check it out and let me know... Peace

Sjihttisthijs on Nov 13, 2007


I just got word that there will be a trailer attached to Sweeney Todd. This is 100% confirmed. My source is my local theater. Like I have said in many posts before my girlfriend is an assistant manager so this info I recieved this morning is very true. The trailer that is attached to Sweeney is an extended version of the one we will see in front of beowulf. The trailer in front of beowulf has an approx runtime of 2 mins 11 secs. Looks like we will have plenty to talk about until x mas.

H.P. on Nov 13, 2007


wow thanks for the info H.P. When does Sweeney Todd come out? I have not even heard of this movie? Does your source have the run time on the next trailer?

LuLu on Nov 13, 2007


Sweeney Todd is the newest tim burton movie starring Johnny Depp. It comes out christmas day. I'm guessing this last trailer is a little christmas gift from JJ so I'm sure we will be in for a treat. Soon as I hear about the runtime I will post it.

H.P. on Nov 13, 2007


Anyone else find it strange that the Chuai drilling station has the biggest workforce, 355 workers.

H.P. on Nov 13, 2007


Sjihttisthijs, if the image your are talking about is of the white bird flying over the city, then im sorry to say that it was just a regular old dove that was resized with a photo editer

geezer on Nov 13, 2007


well, that's the point. It's not sure if we're talking about the same image I'm still searching for the picture to backup the story and it took me all day, but still didn't found it. I'm going to search further. So... keep me updated...Peace

Sjihttisthijs on Nov 13, 2007


I'm not sure if this is enough confirmation, but my gf was told by her district manager that the title is Cloverfield. I guess we been searching for something that's been there the whole time. It's kinda disenchanting after all this, but I'm still holding out for something else.

H.P. on Nov 14, 2007


I kind of agree HP. However, is there a name that could live up to the hype. To me Cloverfield is the only logical choice. That or 01-1-08. I think Cloverfield is more mysterious however.

Cowpattybill on Nov 14, 2007


The new quotes on the imdb are quite interesting. It kind of sounds like maybe the monster has Rob's girl (Beth?) and he trying to figure out how to get her. Maybe the monster is climbing a building which is why the cameraman (Hudd?) is making the King Kong reference. Sounds kind of lame if I'm right.

Cowpattybill on Nov 14, 2007


It's kinda weird, but whenever I refer to 1-18-08 I always use the title Cloverfield. So I guess my overuse of the title has made the end result less mysterious. It's obvious but at the same time not many people use it. It would be cool if the monster blankets the city with green clover looking fields, and that's were these supposed small monsters hatch from.

H.P. on Nov 14, 2007


the movie is gonna be good...i dont c why everyone is trying to argue about it..get over it...its gonna be a fuckin fun ass movie to go c..and everyone knos it

me on Nov 14, 2007


I found this at cloverfield clues and I think they got it from someone else. UPDATE: Thanks limedelsol for posting this in the comments. I have a few doubts about this, so take this as you will. Here is a “supposed” link to the band mentioned by Jamie in the video. The Glass Helmets, , and according to their myspace: “The Glass Helmets bring together many disparate elements of the global metal scene into a sound that is fierce, often grandiose, but still earnest. Their still unreleased LP, “Hyperion and his disciples” is an album in the truest sense, with an often cryptic, but fairly clever narrative about physicists doing battle with the pantheon of greek gods in a dystopian future. While the arrangements could sometimes be called overcomplicated for the sake of showing their ability to count past 4, they often create a symphonic, apocalyptic space that is joyous and terrifying to visit. More at home in the company of 80’s scandinavian metal rather than many contemporary death metal bands, TGH intensity and cinematic quality will probably inspire more than a few teenage role-playing gamers to start bands of their own.” - St. John Scott / L.A. Audio Insider Now I’m a little skeptical because the page was created yesterday. Yeah, this could be because the video was released yesterday and they wanted to tie that in with the marketing, but you’d think if they knew they were going to mention a fake band, they would have at least registered the account a little while ago. I mean what unsigned band doesn’t have a myspace page these days, and obviously they have been around a little while if it’s one of their favorite bands… So again, not sure what to make of this and there’s not much there. Any thoughts? I'm skeptical as well.

Cowpattybill on Nov 14, 2007


New Jamie and Teddy video. I think im falling in love with her *sigh* I know its not true, but i think it would be funny if J&T site had nothing to do with the movie and it was a realy couple ROFL that would be funny, but we all know it isnt and I like Jamie cuz she is cute and makes me want a super cool GF like that. She still hasnt opened her gift lets all fight "The Cause"

dudeman1 on Nov 14, 2007


its a three headed lion a lion like the beast from revalations that is described to have come from the water, with lion like attributes in the movie it pretty much comes from the water theres a scratch in the statue of liberty, a lion creature like scratch and the roar... then again the roar could be anything but hear me out, lions are lame and uncreative, but something like a lion like a beast alluded to in revalations plus CLOVERfeild... clover = 3? wait, or is taht 4? whatever... im stickin to clover = 3 because it supports my cause

Neeb Yehia on Nov 14, 2007


Hey guys! I just saw the trailer!! Holy shit, fuckin' AWESOME! I'm writing about it now, so expect a new article here in a few minutes... Enjoy! 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 14, 2007


awesome alex, make sure you include every possible detail please, it would drive us completely mad if you didnt lol

geezer on Nov 14, 2007


Here you go guys!! Feast on this... Enjoy... The trailer kicks ass. I honestly can't fuckin wait to see this! Damn, why can't January 18th come any quicker!!

Alex Billington on Nov 15, 2007


Thanks Alex, great description. Almost feel like I don't need to see the trailer. Just kidding. Keep up the great work.

Cowpattybill on Nov 15, 2007


Holy sheep dip! has the new trailer! It was recorded in 3 parts via cell phone so some of it is missing. I haven't seen yet. I'm debating whether I should see it or wait. Since I won't be able to see it in the theater for awhile I'll have to check it out online anyway. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions....

Cowpattybill on Nov 15, 2007


What do you use to watch an video clip with a 3gp extension? It's from Zshare.

Cowpattybill on Nov 15, 2007


holy shnikeys, I dont know if i should... I want to, but I also want to wait. But i really dont want to wait at the same time. AHHHH...

dudeman1 on Nov 15, 2007


I would rather not sell myself out. I think I can wait till ten o'clock tonight. I want the full experience!!! If I really wanted to I could get a high quality boot on my handy cam because when I preview movies nine times out of ten it's just me, my gf, and the projectionist. However I figured what's the point booting it, the trailer hits the apple site monday. Plus I think if I had to worry about booting it would ruin my theater experience. If it's as good as I'm hearing then I'm gonna be showing up everytime Beowulf plays up untill x mas.

H.P. on Nov 15, 2007


Yea I just watched the version of the trailer on cloverfield news... It's really not that impressive. The quality of the video just ruins it. It got me really excited though because it looks sweet! I can't wait until the real version hits the internet because then we can peel that trailer apart piece by piece and really examine whats going on. Just going off of how quick each shot is we will have a lot to examine! Especially with the smaller monster shadow (it almost looks kinda human like?) and the helicopter scene (There is something hanging off the helicopter but I couldn't make it out at all). Ahhhh this trailer looks toooo amazing!!! It got me really pumped up!

LuLu on Nov 15, 2007


So I just watched the trailer segment with the smaller monsters like 60 times in a row. I paused it and played it in slow mo so I could get a better look. The quality sucks but if you play it enough times you get a pretty good look at the smaller monsters... They are pretty funny looking. If I could describe them as anything (keep in mind it is still hard to get a great look at them) I would say they look like human size gremlins.. They have large prominent ears (not as big as gremlin ears, but still kinda looks like them) They have a large back, kind of like a hump? It was kind of funny because when I was playing the video segment by segment I could see that the monsters first looked like they were holding the lady's hand and then one of them picked her up and was like shaking her up and down. It was kind of funny to see this monster just pick this chick up by the neck and raise her up and down... Ahhh still cant wait for the real version then we can get a better look!!

LuLu on Nov 15, 2007


I am with H.P. completely i would rather wait till tonight and see it the way it was ment to be seen and not ruin it by watching a shitty cell phone version. -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Nov 15, 2007


let me get this right, you are worried about spoiling the preview by watching the preview!? You are a true nerd. Its a PREVIEW...

J.J. Abrams on Nov 15, 2007


If this has been said before don't burn me, I'm not going to read 1600 posts. But in the characters MySpace profile there is a lot of mention of the number 3 and the TV show, "man VS. wild" and the host of that shows name is Bear....

Blackbird on Nov 15, 2007


Ah yes of course. Its a "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" movie.

J.J. Abrams on Nov 15, 2007


Lol!! No JJ I just want the full experience. You can't gather clues from some shitty cell phone recording. Plus I been waiting for this day and I just don't want it spoiled. I think there is a huge difference between watching a low quality cell phone recording and the real deal on the big screen with digital sound. I should have an in depth analysis on the trailer by early tomorrow. Ok I can't argue with you JJ I am a true nerd. Man I love this shit!!!!!

H.P. on Nov 15, 2007


H.P. I expect a full report on Beowulf.

J.J. Abrams on Nov 15, 2007


Okay I gave in and watched it. I really don't think I ruined it for myself because first of all the quality is so crappy I literally couldn't see a damn thing but a bunch of fuzzy images. Secondly, as I've said, I have no sound so really it was just a waste of time.

Cowpattybill on Nov 15, 2007


Consider it done JJ, although I'm sure you trust those rotten tomato guys alot more than me. They already have a review up. It got an 82%. Also I had no clue that Neil Gaiman was a writer on Beowulf. This movie is gonna be great!!!!!!

H.P. on Nov 15, 2007


Consider it done JJ, although I'm sure you trust those rotten tomato guys alot more than me. They already have a review up. It got an 82%. Also I had no clue that Neil Gaiman was a writer on Beowulf. This movie is gonna be great!!!!!! -The Four Horsemen- P.S. If possible I would love to see all the horsemen posting in here again.

H.P. on Nov 15, 2007


I havent watched the cellphone trailer version. I may later. Im going to Beowulf in 1 hour! wootah.. im excited. I been tellin everyone im goin for the trailer. Im wierd I guess

dudeman1 on Nov 15, 2007


You're not the only one, Dudeman. I've been telling everyone that I'm going for the trailer mainly. I mean, it's going to be a good movie, but not nearly as good as "Cloverfield". I'm looking forward to yours and H.P.'s descriptions, because I can't see it until Sunday. One of us always, Phenox1707 -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Nov 15, 2007


Yeah, It feels like Christmas for me. Pretty stoked! I mean, at this point I could hardely care less about beowulf. Im way to anxious. I guess we should all prepare for a storm cluster fuck of new people posting how they think its godzilla and shit.. thats gunna be kinda ghey.

dudeman1 on Nov 15, 2007


Could this be a movie based on the video game, Rampage?

HW on Nov 15, 2007


I figured I would go ahead and make a courtesy stop at, and I re-looked at the pick of Jamie HUD and Rob. I have always wondered what that thing Hud was holding was. I thought it may be a key card or an ID for some company or some shit like that. I just glanced at it, and I dont know how many of you all realized it, or perhaps even posted it, but Hud is holding the Camera, as he is the one as we all know tapes the party. I just realized that was a camera and figured I would share the finding in case no one knew. Noting to big though

dudeman1 on Nov 15, 2007


HW, its an original Monster. I wonder how many times we are all going to say that in the upcoming weeks ...

dudeman1 on Nov 15, 2007


Ok, Awesome trailer. Me and a couple friends found the movie to seem sorta scary lol. Definately noticed some strange things during the trailer. As we know it starts of with a recap of the party/explosion etc. Now, the thing I noticed was the statue of Liberty head. Its the same clip from the first one, only the statue head is way more realistic and has a scratch going through it, and the scratch looked as though something melted through it. Then we see a horrified Rob telling us "My name is Rob Hawkins, if your watching this you know more then I Do" Then a crap load of different scenes flying by for seconds each. I noticed an explosion viewed from above, like the camera was filming from on top of a building or a helicoptor. Then you see a the strange thing about the soldier, is his face is pixelated out. This was very strange. Look for it when you watch the trailer. Then a bunch of scenes of frantic horror and running people. Then it goes to a grocery store. Its shaking and you hear the Roar (which oyu hear several times in this trailer) Then a man says "Rob! Rob I saw It!" now this is similar to the "I Saw it its alive" "I saw it its a Lion" argument. after the man says "I saw it!" he gets the "its a..." at the moment you hear the a the windows of the store crash in. All you can see behind the windows looked like smoke. Then you get a bunch of high action scenes of the Army running down the street shooting upward and tanks firing. Then you see one of the girls getting into a helicopter, then the headless statue of liberty, then the helicoptor spinning out of control from the cameras point of view inside of the chopper. Now, i definately left a couple parts out. At the begining Rob is asking where beth is. You do see a very short glimpse of the mmonster going behind a building. The Shadow execution of the women... now this I think was strange. I dont know if im going to agree with smaller monsters, or go with my own theory of Mutated humans! They seem people size. This may have something to do possibly with Bold Futura or slusho... somehow the small people size monsters must tie in with Tagruato, thats my theory. Very exciting Trailer! I now feel I can watch the shitty cell phone version, im glad I waited for the real one. Things to look for 1. Realistic Statue of liberty head with a melted scratch in the face 2. Pixeled out army dudes head as he says "Whatever it is, its winning" 3. The Shadow execution 4. The very quick view of the monster 5. The Grocery store "I Saw it, Its A...." Those are the big questions and stuff. Also, be prepared for fast scene changes of people frantically running around. God, im so much more excited for this movie. The trailer is worth the money to go see Beowulf. Beowulf wasnt to bad. Go watch the trailer, the real one. Or wait for the HD one to be released.

dudeman1 on Nov 16, 2007


I'm so pissed. I thought the sound was set. Oh well. enjoy as a visual feast I guess.

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


Well dudeman pretty much summed up the audio. I wish my vid didnt come out so dark and soundless...........

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


Sorry guys I just could not leave that crap trailer up so I took it down. Here is a very good quality one that I found.

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


I had a change of heart just because there are certain things that can be seen more clearly in mine. However I warn that there is still no sound. I spent all night figuring out what went wrong. As for Beowulf. All I have to say is Crispin Glover stole that movie as Grendel. The animation was the best I have ever seen aside from Final Fantasy Advent Children. I would even say the animation was better than ff.

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


1.) I am an atheist and I say: IN THE NAME OF GOD - AMERICA WAKE UP FOR RON PAUL! 2.) Order Of Conscience: Make a email list of all1.) I am an atheist and I say: IN THE NAME OF GOD - AMERICA WAKE UP FOR RON PAUL! 2.) Order Of Conscience: Make a email list of all your friends and acquaintances AND why not of all your foes and send them these two links: ronpaulispeace. com + YoutTube"Land of the free" Call on everybody in your email to do the same with theirs emails! So YOU and THEY have later the chance to prove what kind of person your are. 3.) Spread this idea on all relevant videos from Ron Paul too your friends and acquaintances AND why not of all your foes and send them these two links: ronpaulispeace. com + YoutTube"Land of the free" Call on everybody in your email to do the same with theirs emails! So YOU and THEY have later the chance to prove what kind of person your are. 3.) Spread this idea on all relevant videos from Ron Paul too

hp on Nov 16, 2007


One i did not get to see the trailer in theaters yet, but i will tonight. I watched H.P.s and the other one. I CANT WAIT!!!!! I will start disecting now. p.s To hp above me i dout you are H.P so stop posting under his name about ignorant shit. If it is H.P sorry. Horsemen tis time to ride once again! -The Four Horsemen-

Ripper on Nov 16, 2007


You know me by now Ripps. I would never post in lower case like that and without periods. I think it's spam. They just used the last name posted and it just happened to be mine.

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


Ok horsemen and cloverfield regulars. I need an audio track of the trailer sent to my email. I would prefer it in an mp3 format, but I'm not gonna be picky. My plan is the throw the audio into logic and enchance the shit out of it. Then I will attach it to the boot trailer. Thanks a million!!!!! -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


I think that someone should take the new trailer when it comes out in HD and connect it to the first one, taking out the rewind part at the beginning of #2 so there is one uniterrupted trailer. That would be interesting to see. And maybe another that slows down the scenes that flash by so quickly so you a couple extra seconds to take it in. Dean

Cowpattybill on Nov 16, 2007


Look very close. On my trailer it's from 56 seconds to 59. Looks like two gigantic monsters fighting. You can even see a helicopter fly by the monster on the right side.

H.P. on Nov 16, 2007


NO!! H.P. it is some Monster thing cutting of a womens HEAD!! I swear to god i watched it continuisly play pauseing until i got to it. I dont think it is the Statue of Libirty ...but it could be. It is defenently a women and it is bigger because they are shadows being cast on a wall by firelight or something or that nature. AMAZING!!!!

Ripper on Nov 16, 2007


It looks like it has a blade type object on its arem , because it is not a slach but a stright swipe across and through the throat. The head falls off backward. Is it proof of mutated humans, taken over by parisites or smaller baby monsters or one big mothe killing the SOL?

Ripper on Nov 16, 2007


It looks like it has a blade type object on its arem , because it is not a slash but a stright swipe across and through the throat. The head falls off backward. Is it proof of mutated humans, taken over by parisites or smaller baby monsters or one big mothe killing the SOL?

Ripper on Nov 16, 2007


wowzers, cant wait till later tonite or tommorow, i been tryin to stay strong enuff not to view the bootleg one. but anyway, cowpatty i will deffinately put the 2 trailers together to make one MEGA trailer, and i will also slow the new trailer down so you can view the super fast clips, actually, i can slow the new one down now using the high quality trailer that they have on youtube

geezer on Nov 16, 2007


That would be awesome if you could slow down those fast shots geezer.. They sure do fly by! I still don't see where the big monster passes through the buildings. Did anyone catch that in the bootleg version? The shots are so quick and many of them are dark as well so it's really hard to make out the shots! I am probably going to see Beowulf tonight so I wanna know when to look for the big monster. When does he grace us with his presence in the trailer?

LuLu on Nov 16, 2007


i cant remember where exactly you see him lulu, but during the real version i didnt have a problem missing it. It was like a camera shot looking down the street and you just see some wierd object move quickly behind the buildings. I saw it as a a blue-greenish thing. Couldnt make out any shape though. I cant remember where exactly it was though. Also, I did see the Cloverfield movie poster at the Regal theatre I saw beowulf at. I thought that was exciting. It was the classic 1-18-08 poster with "CLOVERFIELD" on the bottom. Im assuming it came with the Beowulf reels

dudeman1 on Nov 16, 2007


Also, A crap ton of Promotional screens available at cloverfieldclues. Lots of Guys in Chem suits, which is another reason i think that there are like human mutations which explain the smaller monsters.

dudeman1 on Nov 16, 2007


is it just me or does that shadow of the monsters in the new trailer look a lot like the shadow of a bear standing on it's back legs? I mean the ears and the mouth and the hands. If anyone can get a still of the shot I'm talking about (it's when it picks up a human(?) and tares it apart) and compare that shadow to a bear shadow, the similarities are uncanny. And yes I am standing by the bear theory as stated before with the over mention of the show, Man Vs. Wild in the characters' myspace. (Bear is the name of the host of that TV show)

Blackbird on Nov 16, 2007


I really cant see what everyone else sees with this whole shadow deal. I have seen the real trailer to and I still couldnt see "little monsters" or anything like that. Shit, I couldnt even see a women being decapitated let alone lifted up. I guess we all need to wait for the HD trailer to be released via net. I do strongly believe that the shadows are of men in Chem suits (and I thought this when i saw the trailer on screen before I saw actual screens of guys in chem suits) restraining another person. I really dont think they are monsters. I think it was put in the trailer to lead us on. I mean really. Guys in Chem suits... re look. The chick is obviously going nuts. Guys in Chem Suits. No Little Monsters. Im standing by it. Guys in Chem Suits. Thats all. All this sword arm monster stuff is way to sci-fi. Again, its an Original MONSTER. Not Monsters" I dont think there are little ones.

dudeman1 on Nov 16, 2007


Just saw Beowulf and of course the new trailer in theatres. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It got me so pumped up. I def. agree -- MUCH better in the theater! lol not sure if this has really been brought up yet but did you guys notice the rating?? It's rated R for extreme gore and violence or somethin along those lines! So i'm thinking this film is going to be extremely bad ass because we get all the blood and guts along with a kick ass monster!

LuLu on Nov 17, 2007


ack sorry for the repeat.. I swear this board acts kinda quirky on me sometimes... 🙁

LuLu on Nov 17, 2007


Ok I just viewed Geezer's little comparison pic and after seeing that it is hard to believe that the shadows are really monsters. They look undoubtedly like the chem guys. Kudos to dudeman and to geezer of course.. Alright so this is what i'm trying to figure out: The girl in the promo pic (It looks like Beth?) has blood all over the right side of the body. Her wound is concentrated in such an area that she had to have gotten bit or perhaps shot with something? Obviously she could not have been bitten by the big guy. She would be in pieces! If she was hit by debris she would not be handled by chem guys! So she must be infected by something.. That is a general hypothesis made by many on this board... But the question is how? How the hell did she get wounded? What do you guys think? Here is a thought in progress: I'm truly hoping there aren't smaller monsters.. I love the one big guy concept much better.. So re-cap back to the first trailer.. Remember those fire ball things? We couldn't figure out what the hell they really were.. What if they are something the monster releases and within this fireball thing there are some sort of infectious debris that once released will target humans and latch on or something in order to infect and eventually kill off people? Just a thought 🙂 I wanna hear ideas.. Let the fun begin!!

LuLu on Nov 17, 2007


Awesome pics Geezer. I cant wait for the HD version to release to the net so we can get a more crisp monster pic, but for what we have your pic is great. (looks like a maggot lol) And the Chem suit comparison, that pic rocks. I mean, the trailer really does seem like they are subduing somebody. If anything the chick is the monster lol. Maybe this is going to be a Monster/Zombie movie O.o

dudeman1 on Nov 17, 2007


i jsut made a vid that im gonna post on here later, its a bit lengthy but its worth watching, its about a few things i noticed in the trailer. including the chick being subdued, i couldnt believe my eyes lol

geezer on Nov 17, 2007


here ya go guys and girls, the first part is just a little enhancement of the trailer, i lightened it up a bit and slowed down the super quick shots. if you wanna skip through that part then just skip to about 3 minutes in, and thats when the disection begins enjoy!

geezer on Nov 17, 2007


maybe im wrong but looking at the monster pic geezer posted it looks like a dinosaur almost and it seems like its running towards the soldiers not away from them the head is the top and then look at how the body is shaped

volpe on Nov 17, 2007


Volpe, the monster is moving behind the building. You will see it when you watch the trailer. For your heads up the monster is seen during the part of the trailer where the army is seen shooting toward the sky.

dudeman1 on Nov 17, 2007


Geezer, sweet vid man

dudeman1 on Nov 17, 2007


Just throwing an idea out. I think that maybe the picture of the Mist on the 1-18-08 site has to do with the whole Linadia bleeding out her eyes behind taken down by the guys in the Chem suits. I think the mist might fuck with people some how. Obviously there is some kind of contamination if there are guys walkin around in chem suits, and i can totally put that together with the mysterious mist picture

dudeman1 on Nov 17, 2007


New promotional photos on cloverfieldclues deuces

dudeman1 on Nov 17, 2007


i thought about that too dudeman, but i was also thought about what happend on september 11th and what happend to some of the people that survived. a few months after the towers fell some people started complaining about being sick, and doctors or scientists or whoever found out that the people were poisened from all the toxic dust and debris that got in the victims lungs. so maybe the mist is really debris and dust from buildings falling, and since the movie is post 9/11 im sure the army and the biohazard guys are ready to do work whenever. which would explain why the chem guys came, but they just ended up getting more than they expected lol, im tryin to make as much sense as i can oh and by the way, i have no doubt that there are smaller monsters now, lily's are has 3 claw marks in it that match the claw marks in the statue of liberty's head

geezer on Nov 18, 2007


yeah, I saw that pic also and I was like "hmm, I guess there are little dude monsters" then there is that new promo pic of Rob and... and I dont remember who else, trying to shut that door

dudeman1 on Nov 18, 2007


I just looked randomly at possible website information and came up that has been registered since feb of 2007 so that might be something to keep looking at as time goes on. Also has anyone considered that this might just be simply another godzilla movie just with the "zilla" baby from the original 98 film growing up and taking revenge on NYC? I saw a video out there that discovered that cloverfield came from the lyrics of a band and their album cover had a zilla iguana on the cover?? JJ might just be f*ing with us but just throwing it out there.

Corey on Nov 18, 2007


Corey, im going to not be nice here. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT GODZILLA. Thankyou, thats all

dudeman1 on Nov 18, 2007


hey did anyone notice something wierd about 40-41 seconds on cloverfieldclues uploaded trailer? I cant really see it because of the Awesome quality but it looks like something flies by the camera, and the view is looking down like the camera is ontop of a building. But again, cant make it out, but it looks like something flies by...? the object is kinda lit up, like a missile, but i cant tell. So check it out I want to see if anyone else can see it

dudeman1 on Nov 18, 2007


or two jet fighter planes, whatever it is its 2 of them

geezer on Nov 18, 2007


I've searched through the posts and I don't know if anyone else notices this but there is a monster in the poster. I can kind of make out a face of somekind. It would be crazy stupid if it was the smoke monster from LOST but I doubt it.

Corey on Nov 18, 2007


Dude, Corey... obviously you didnt research much. 1 its an Original monster 2. you can see the monster in the trailer. Yeah, maybe there might be some "face"in the poster, but then again thats all up to the imagination. Its not a smoke monster. I bet your going to think its Cthulu next. FUCK Get up to speed. Do you know what Slusho! is even? BlEH

dudeman1 on Nov 18, 2007


Actually I dont remember when I posted this, but I did a SOL head study back a while ago and it actually is pretty well proportioned in the Trailer. I dont know if anyone else noticed this, its kinda obvious but the new trailers SOL head looked alot more realistic to me. 🙂 and geezer, wtf man how do you know its not Goku from DBZ. Jeez. jp Its a giant Terrorist Deuces

dudeman1 on Nov 18, 2007


Oh, geezer you left 1 thing out. The 1-18-08 site Roars at you after 6 minutes 😉 we are a bunch of hatin mother f***ers up in here.

dudeman1 on Nov 18, 2007


yup the SOL head does look alot more realistic in the new trailer, i mentioned that in my vid and that would suck ass if it was a dbz movie lol (not saying that dbz sucks) i just wouldnt be into it if they made a live action version of dbz. and yea i usually dont hate, but the beginners are gonna come stormin in here pretty soon, so i might as well be prepared

geezer on Nov 19, 2007


Geezer and Dudeman. Thanks for tag teamin the newbie over the weekend. It made for some laughs on this shitty monday morning. all the stuff mentioned over the weekend about the trailer was all well and good, but nobody mentioned the fact that there was two different trailers. The only difference between the two is the first 20 seconds or so. Also I was messing around with my trailer all freakin weekend. I stumbled upon something very important. A close up of the monsters face. Mostly the eyes and snout. I will post back with the exact time. My gf was able to secure the movie poster this weekend. I still haven't seen it yet, but by the way she is acting it must be very cool. I get to see the poster after I get off work today.

H.P. on Nov 19, 2007


just throwing out an idea but wat if the government already knew about this and they were the ones who created it. maybe that guy who says "its alive" because he could be a scientist who was working on the experiment sorta like the movie DOOM but like i said im just throwing out ideas i havent quite seen the trailer yet

volpe on Nov 19, 2007


Geezer, you missed that it's not a Rampage movie either. I plan to take at the picture at cloverfieldclues that shows Hud and Jason and Lily sitting around someone's office. I wonder if the stuff on the walls and desk can tell us anything.

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


Geezer, nice vid, kind of creepy when two people from the audience walk in front of the screen during the convience store (that's what it looks like to me) scene. At first I thought it was part of the trailer. I don't think the shadowy thing passing near the girls is a little monster. I think they would be scared if it was. I don't think the aid station is treating people infected with parasite. Not saying there isn't a parasite, just saying I don't think that is what is wrong with those people. If it was parasite I think they would be handled by guys in chem suits. I don't think the woman is mutating into something with wings and tail. I just think it's shadows. Just my opinion. Wrong or right, great work.

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


WoW!!!! Cowpatty, I'm impressed you found that. Very good quality!!!! It actually debunked my spotting the creatures face. I would agree with you cowpatty on a number of points you have brought up. I don't believe there are smaller monsters.

H.P. on Nov 19, 2007


Okay geezer. Both trailers are available in HD but in different formats I presume. If possible, string them together and remove the fast-fowarding part at the beginning of 2 and just take it from the SOL head rolling.

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


Ahh don't be impressed HP. I must give credit where credit is due. was just updated to indicate that Empire said they would be releasing the trailer today. I merely checked to see if it was there and voila! There it was. No I just have to go to my mother-in-laws house to actually HEAR it!

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


Someone mentioned it before but I mention it again now. Why was the soldier's face pixelated out? Will it be like that in the movie? Perhaps when the military found the video they did it because that soldier was someone important. I suspect that we will be here for a very long time after the movie is released picking it apart and discussing it. It seems there will be too many unanswered questions.

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


I noticed an interesting thing when I was going through the trailer frame by frame. The status of liberty head is obviously different (already stated) and now it gets a brief allumination when the street light explodes. The screen goes black and then there are a couple more frames showing the head but the light post is no longer touching the ground, it's about 10 fee off the ground. Poor editing I suspect.

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


I can't take it!!!!!! Only two hours left before I can see this poster. My gf is acting so strange. I guess she sent me a picture message last night but her messaging is screwy. She knows I have already seen the standard poster which leads me to believe that this poster is not the teaser poster!!!!! It's just weird that she keeps asking me if I got the picture. You would think she would just give up on sending something I have already seen. I just know she has a surprise in store for me. Also whenever big movies come out nine times out of ten I get some sort of t shirt or promo ball cap or lapel!!!

H.P. on Nov 19, 2007


a cloverfield shitr would be awesome!!! and im gonna post the "MEGA TRAILER" in a lil bit, so make sure you keep checkin' in

geezer on Nov 19, 2007


dude, go to the apple site and hover your curser over the cloverfield poster, it says "clovertown 1-18-08" is that a mistake, or the possible real title?

geezer on Nov 19, 2007


HOLY SHIT!!!!!! That thing going around the building is a hand. It's grabbing for a building. My god how big is this thing!!!!!!

H.P. on Nov 19, 2007


I know it's wrong of me to say so but very nice cleavage shot of what's her name. I noticed that myself. Rob and the gang have some hot friends. Speaking of hot friends, I didn't see Jamie anywhere in the trailer. Or did I just miss her?

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


I tried to go to the Apple site and it's down. Any ideas?

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


Yea guys, the trailer is up here now! 🙂 Check it out and enjoy if you can't get to Apple...

Alex Billington on Nov 19, 2007


cowpatty, your pics look like the creature from the black lagoon.

J.J. Abrams on Nov 19, 2007


Nevermind. It's up, different URL maybe. When I hover over the picture it says 01-18-08.

Cowpattybill on Nov 19, 2007


Why was my post taken down?

Corey on Nov 19, 2007


Which post Corey? I don't think I deleted any recently... was it a duplicate or?

Alex Billington on Nov 19, 2007


It should be right after post 1776. I spent a lot of time on it too :\ I've refreshed a hundred times and it's still not there

Corey on Nov 19, 2007


mega trailer almost done guys but i need some help, anybody know how to remove or add letterbox to a video? i have the two trailers connected, but thie only problem is the letterbox format for the first trailer, which kinda makes the mega trailer look cheesy so any help, ill take it

geezer on Nov 19, 2007


just saw the new trailer, been awhile since I posted here, as excited as I am to see this movie by one of the greats (jj abrams), I am not investigating every little detail like I do with the best tv show ever in LOST but I still have to say that whatever that 'thing' is, it still sure sounds a lot like the 'thing' from LOST! I def agree with everyone who says it's a new 'thing' not some recreation of gozilla or anything and it will be a winner cause LOST related or not it is by abrams and he is one of the best new TV/FILM makers out there!!!

decker on Nov 19, 2007


Yo, HP Where is this giant hand? Also, just a couple of things i noticed The helicoptor is numberd "402" which is 6 and I saw the empire trailer because applewont work, but at the end it doesnt say 1-18-08 anymore it just says 2008

dudeman1 on Nov 19, 2007



dudeman1 on Nov 19, 2007


Are you guys saying the giant thing that moves past the buildings very quickly is a hand and not just the body of the monster? Hmmm I dunno I just don't see it... Seems like if that was the case the whole statue of liberty would be thrown and not just the head...

LuLu on Nov 20, 2007


I don't know about anyone else, but to me, the smaller creatures behind the screen look like giant rats, especially the one on the right. Take a look at the hunched over stance, the ears, and the way it attacks the victim. I kind of noticed it when watching the trailer at normal speed, then when I paused and played during that scene, it made me think it even more. Perhaps the Slusho mutated the rats in the sewers. If the creature comes up from underground, that could make sense. Big city, lots of rats around. Just a thought.

Thrawn on Nov 20, 2007


Found it Corey... You had so many links i had to approve of it to make sure it wasn't spam... But it's there now. 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 20, 2007


this is a super slow-mo versin of the monster, or the monsters hand (i still cant make out the hand) dudeman or h.p. if you think u can outline the monster's hand ill be happy to give you a capture of it

geezer on Nov 20, 2007


Almost 1800 comments! There is no denying that Cloverfield is generating a lot of buzz!

Cloverfield on Nov 20, 2007


also, i dont think the movie takes place over one night, i think it takes place over one night, one day, and part of that night or something, because in the new trailer the time on the watch tower in the background when the brooklyn bridge gets distructed reads 9:56 and the monster supposedly makes its appearance around 12 in the morning

geezer on Nov 20, 2007


my money is on cthulhu. may be a long shot... but who knows?

ddot3 on Nov 20, 2007


The hand is clearly seen!!! It's pushing a building over going from left to right. Trust me. I watched the apple trailer on my macbook and zoomed in. As for the head being thrown.....I think maybe these smaller monsters are not really that small. Sure they may be small compared to the monster. My theory is that there is three monsters that attack three different ways. Fire, parasite, and the gigantic one just destroys everything. As for smaller monsters in numbers, I don't see any evidence to support it. Also just to clear one thing up because it's very clear in the apple trailer. Those supposed things behind the curtain are 100% most def guys in chem suits. Does everyone remember all the lovecraft clues. I think there were a few on the myspace pages. The Kraft cheese logo on the production paperwork, the fact that jj is a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan. These are all hints as to how big the monster is. It may even be bigger than Cthulhu. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


I don't think our minds can comprehend the true size and nature of this behemoth.

The Four Horsemen on Nov 20, 2007

1637 Pagina Oficial

France113 on Nov 20, 2007


The inflection in the voice of the guy who says "Whatever it is, its winning" sounds almost pleasant like hes refering to "whatever" is defeating the monster and not the monster causing all of the destruction. maybe monster vs. monster

J. J. Abrams on Nov 20, 2007


I'm sorry cowpatty, but I think I have to disagree. You need an HD clip. That way you can tell apart the debris from the monster.

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


Could someone please post the "Heroes" slusho pics in photobucket or something. My job doesn't allow links with the word "blog" in it.

H.P on Nov 20, 2007


Your the man Nathan!!!!

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


Pardon my grammar!!! lol *You're the man Nathan!!!! It's an inside joke, but I think a few vets on here might get it.

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


I'm gonna have to agree with Cowpattybill.. I just do not see how it is a hand, especially from the slo mo video clip of it. The monster's legs and body are clearly defined! Show me a pic where the shape of the hand is evident and then we'll see... I was surfing youtube and found a pretty good spoof of the first cloverfield trailer. The end got me rolling on the floor! Here is a link in case anyone is interested:

LuLu on Nov 20, 2007


Just for you H.P.

Cowpattybill on Nov 20, 2007


Good one Cowpatty!!!! Lulu I'm sitting here right now watching the apple trailer and I have zoomed, paused, and pulled my hair out a little. I'm sorry but I still see a hand. I don't see the monster like you guys are seeing it. I'm not afraid to admit being wrong. I just need more proof on what you see. I think what you two are seeing requires more of an outline than what I see. Basically what I'm looking at is a palm, thumb claw, and two knuckles toward the top.

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


Ok sorry if I'm posting alot, but just thought I would mention something that has been overlooked. When the jet flies by super zoom directly under it where the big explosion is. Looks like some "thing" breathing fire. If you can zoom in enough you can even see it's red eyes. Pause it right as the jet is flying out. It's a quick scene but there is def something there.

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


HP - can you get a screen shot of the zoomed version of the monster? I cant zoom in too much with my computer and it looks like you might have a better look at the monster.. I would like to see what you are seeing because if it is indeed a hand that sure is interesting! Also, I tried looking at the shot where you said that you think you can see the monster near the explosions. I had no luck seeing it, but I think it is because of the quality, it was just too blurry on my computer to make anything out.. Maybe you can snap a quick screen shot of what you are looking at?

LuLu on Nov 20, 2007


How do you super zoom? Are you watching the one from Apple?

Cowpattybill on Nov 20, 2007


Good pics Lulu. I don't think she's getting shorter though. If you look around the area of her knees there is a squarish box like shadow. In the pictures that she appears to get shorter the box also drops further down in the pic. I think if you line the square box up so it is level across all the pics you will see that she is the same size in each pic. This does in a way support the theory that something is happening to her because my initial thought was that she was getting closer to the light source so her shadow gets bigger but that doesn't seem to be the case. Her legs (which I believe are below the level of the curtain so you're seeing her actual legs and not a shadow) do not appear to get smaller as they would if she was in fact moving away from the screen and toward the light source.

Cowpattybill on Nov 20, 2007


Upon closer examination, maybe those are not her real legs but a shadow of them. Perhaps she's wearing some kind of jacket that is billowing open. I just don't think she is expanding because of some parasite/virus thing. I don't like that idea therefore it cannot be.

Cowpattybill on Nov 20, 2007


I don't have the time but someone who did could probably come up with a decent timeline for the sequence of events in the trailer based on things like the blood on Rob's shirt, who's in the shots and who isn't (Jason seems to disappear after awhile and it looks like Hud might bite it also) and the appearance/disappearance of Rob's jacket. The publicity photos could help as well because it appears that the blood on Rob's shirt comes from whoever is bleeding in the apartment photo (the one with something stuck in her chest)

Cowpattybill on Nov 20, 2007


Create the timeline/sequence of events by using screen captures and the publicity photos. Anyone up to the task? Geezer? Phoenix? H.P.?

Cowpattybill on Nov 20, 2007


Just something I wanted to say about the shadows, then Ill go into the hand and try to explain that. Now, its great we are all using imaginations, but with this whole shadow deal i think we need to look at the more logical and obvious explanation. There are promo pictures of Lenadia (Marlena Diamond) being detained by the chem suit guys. Now, if you watch that part of the trailer with the shadows, you notice as the camera pans left, you see what appears to be a doctor paying attention to whatever the hell he is doing. Now one would think if some chick was having some crazy unnatural mutations going on, he might be looking that direction. Now I looked at the screen capture from cloverfieldclues of how she looks fat and what not and it looks odd, but remember its a shadow and there could be numerous numbers of things in front of our light scource. The shadow images do strangely resember the promotional photo of Lenadia being held by the two chem suit guys. I disagree its a bloating mutating person. I Do agree that something is wrong with her, but we have to remember Lenadia's character doesnt really get along with people and maybe this has to do with the possible "episode" she seems to be having. What a nut bag. Thats my idea Now, ill explain the Hand Since i cant post links in here for some stupid reason, go to the "Monster" screen shot on cloverfield clues (this link problem pisses me off pretty bad) Now, look at it from top to bottom, then back up. YOu start at the top and you see the monster, now imagine this monsters little wing looking thing as fingers. Now move down, as you can see the building is falling, collapsing somewhat to the right as if it is being pulled, perhaps I just see that. But if a monster was walking through the building, im sure the building wouldnt be collapsing down like it is, it would fall over and you wouldnt see that much debris from the veiw point of the camera. Now I want everyone to watch the HD version of the trailer, not some shitty version and actually imagine it being a hand. Notice how much the movement resembles something pulling.... I mean, i agree with HPP, if IM wrong, im wrong and so be it I wont be upset, I just dont see a monster body ever appear in that scene. The only part of the monster you see appears at the top of the building. Imagine a giant creature kinda reaching in and pulling back. sorry that was really long I love you guys 😉

dudeman1 on Nov 20, 2007


then it double posts lol, jeez

dudeman1 on Nov 20, 2007


I want to retract my statement on the shadows... I didint notice how she actually gets kinda fucked up there... hmm. Kinda looks like something grows out of her or some shit. Damn I claim I was wrong on my previous statement after further reviewing the shadow scene. My appaulogies 🙂 I still love you guys

dudeman1 on Nov 20, 2007


Something else I noticed. In trailer one, Rob is fallowed in to the surprise party by a guy video taping him. Trailer two, Rob is fallowed in by "That dude that Rob owes $11" Just something strange I noticed.

dudeman1 on Nov 20, 2007


lol it's all good dudeman.. Here is something fun to do: Review the shadow scene over and over again, pausing it - rewinding it and playing it over and over again --- only this time pay attention to AUDIO ONLY... You will hear some interesting things.. First there is that AWFUL scream from the girl, also a sort of "hiss" sound and then there is something that sounds like dripping water, or some kind of slime (it has a slimey sound to it if that makes any sense lol) Now right about the same time the girl looks like she is expanding/mutating her scream gets louder and it is followed by thunder... Hmm thunder?? Is that for dramatic effect for the trailer because it is certainly not storming.. I also find it interesting that the scientist dude that is shown right before the crazy chick mutates demands that the camera is turned off... Why is the camera ordered to be turned off if they are not trying to hide something?? Hmmmmm!! More things to think about!!

LuLu on Nov 20, 2007


i know what you mean miss lulu, it kinda sounds like a puking sound of some sort. and h.p and dudeman add me to the club because i totally see the fuckin' hand now, i can't believe i didnt notice the hand at first, its so obvious now that dudeman sent that pic

geezer on Nov 20, 2007


Hello all, I have just recently found the web page and have read through all 1829 posts in the last 2 days. I know there is a lot to talk about with the new trailor but going back to the slusho web page. i know several of you were mulling over the Blue oven mitt, the swiss cheese, and the hammer. On the history page the robat with the ovan mitt looks like he is facing away from the view and attempting to catch the crab.? The monky looks suprised. The Chocolate rage robat is shooting chocolate goo maybe up at the monky. The blue robot with the hammer has yellow blinking eyes, the only other charachter with a yellow blink is the orange robot. On the history page the crab has 4 emotions happy, sad, scared and angry. Also when i click on the crab to change his mood the donky stops swimming by. Clues..... may not help but i thought i would chime in with something possibly helpful.

pitchaxis on Nov 20, 2007


No those are knuckles towards the top not wings. Use my outline. I can do a more detailed one. I just didnt want the pic to get lost in the outline.

H.P. on Nov 20, 2007


H.P. (or anyone really), I've detailed out some photos, pointing out features. I don't really have the capability to post it from work so can I email it to one of you to upload to photobucket or something and link to it here so you can see what I'm describing? Anyone?

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


I'm not allowed to upload things at work. Sorry. I do have something very important to add though. Take a close look at the trailer from 56 to 57 seconds in. Notice the girl rob is with (I think she is the girl in the split up photo) she is gesturing towards something between two buildings. They look to be in a disagreement. Zoom in and holy crap it looks like somthing huge and humanoid coming around the building. I looked closely and there is some sort of movement so I doubt it is a building unless it is crumbling. The face looks very defined and very humanlike much like the devil face on the 1-18-08 pic. What if people are the monsters. Slusho is people. Maybe they blow up into these big monsters or small ones compared to the main monster. But wait maybe there is no main monster but rather a main person, and for some reason this person blew up bigger than the others.

H.P. on Nov 21, 2007


still need that upload cowpatty? send em on

geezer on Nov 21, 2007


I have some bad news. According to my girlfriend's chart at the theater (it's called a scoreboard and it's very accurate) Cloverfield has a release date of Feb 8th. I guess that's been the date since sept. Sorry guys.

H.P. on Nov 21, 2007


Are you sure H.P.? Why would they put 1-18-08 on the screen if that's not the date it is released? Because that's the date it happens? You'd think JJ would say something about that. Geezer, I emailed you the file. Thanks.

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


Your GF's scoreboard must be wrong. 02/08/08 is the release date for Sweden. Unless this recently got pushed back the board must be wrong.

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


Man I wish I wasn't sure. The scoreboard never lies, unless of course JJ is fucking with us. I have had the scoreboard lie only once before and that's only because they pushed FF2 back. I guess Cloverfield first showed up on it Sept 28th. They print one every two weeks. It's been the same date since. I can't believe I didnt think to look at it earlier.

H.P. on Nov 21, 2007


i guess they pushed the release back so it would match the movie since the movie is just a giant flashback via cam corder.

geezer on Nov 21, 2007


Yeah I noticed on the new trailer that the 1-18-08 date was not on there anymore, I thought that was odd too...

Stevenash on Nov 21, 2007


Correction I was wrong! disreguard that last comment from me 🙂

Stevenash on Nov 21, 2007


By the way looking back at the movie poster again. Someone earlier noted the falling debris from the SOL and the wake still visable means it was moving fast. What if it was in flight when it hit the SOL and took the head of. The wake is similer to ones produced by low flight aircraft over water. Just a thought

pitchaxis on Nov 21, 2007


Any one notice the caption at the begining of the 2nd trailer. It says area called U.S 447. Does that mean that the US is not the only country the monster has been? If it is only in the US why give it the U.S designation before the number?

pitchaxis on Nov 21, 2007


Pitch, I love that you read all our posts. You make a very good point. I'm gonna investigate that area. Ok so I'm starting to see the monster now. It's still very hard to tell. That little piece of video fucks with you if you keep watching it. Has anyone investigated 56 to 57 seconds into the trailor. I swear it looks like something. Also I was thinking, if people are blowing up shouldn't there be blood and guts all over the streets or even in the containment tents. This gives me reason to believe they are growing into gigantic blob like creatures that still retain a humanoid look. I would guess the face would remain somewhat human.

H.P. on Nov 21, 2007


H.P. Something is coming out from between the buildings. I don't know how you are able to zoom in or which website you got the trailer from. I can't tell if it's humanoid or not but Rob doesn't appear to be scared of it. He's looking right at it. It looks a little like dark smoke and maybe a piece of debris or something.

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


Ohhhh, up there! I thought you meant to their right. Rob is looking to the right and something comes out from between the two buildings. Now that I know where you're looking I will check it out.

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


Correction. There is nothing coming out of the alley to Rob's right. I think it is part of the person who's holding the camera's jacket or something like that. Sorry, H.P. I don't see anything in the area you mentioned. I watched it over and over and can't see anything.

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


CORRECTION!! ***head of the statue of liberty!*** I got ahead of myself :-\

Corey on Nov 21, 2007


This time I figured out how to zoom in and I watched it over and over again H.P. and I still don't see anything. Nada, zilch, zero. I did find one interesting thing. I will likely be the last to jump on the mutating girl bandwagon but in the last frame of that scene the guy on the left is holding her arm and it appears that a sharp pointy thing either comes out of her hand or her hand changes into a sharp pointy thing or a sharp pointy thing comes from somewhere but it's almost like the guy holding her jumps back a little bit. I wonder what that could be?

Cowpattybill on Nov 21, 2007


that scoreboard almost brought a tear to my eye... and that pic that corey posted was pretty awesome, i clearly see the dragon head blowing the fire

geezer on Nov 21, 2007


Guys, it has NOTHING to do with Ethan Haas. That's from a video game. Go to the actual website, please.

Garrett on Nov 21, 2007


no shit garrett, sorry but i had to say it

geezer on Nov 21, 2007


umm okay then if the movie really was pushed back then the whole viral campaign was a waste bcause they tried to do it in real time like wit the myspace pgs but now people will get turned off

Steven G on Nov 22, 2007


Sorry guys. My photo got a bit messed up, I guess... About the first inch and a half on the left side is repeated again right next to it. It's kinda late here, so please forgive me. I'll try and send a better one in the morning. Feedback would be appreciated on the photo. Phenox1707 -Four Horsemen-

Phenox1707 on Nov 22, 2007


thats a pretty detailed face phenox, and it took me a while to see it in the trailer, but i see it now

geezer on Nov 22, 2007


Just throwin some ideas out as usual. I havnt had internet so Ive been building my idea database. As much as I disbelieve the Mutating girl theory, We have to remember Slusho! makes you a whale... Just sticking with the basics there lol. So maybe something is happening to her. Also, there is a new article on the dangers of Slusho! Check out cloverfieldclues for the entire article. I dont see a wierd monster at the Jet flyby scene. Im keeping it simple, the jets are dropping a bomb... think about it. I mean I could be wrong, but I really dont see a monster. I see an explosion and smoke and thats it. Maybe people are infected and the military is bombing infested areas? I really need to watch the trailer a little bit more, I have been working to much. Just an update on me, I guess I deploy to Iraq Jan 11 now so F***!!!!!!

dudeman1 on Nov 22, 2007


hey, anyone have a good place where I can actually download the trailer...

dudeman1 on Nov 22, 2007


give me your email dudeman and i'll send it to u via attachment

geezer on Nov 22, 2007


Thanks Geezer, I appreciate it!

dudeman1 on Nov 22, 2007


Phenox, Im with you. Like I said, it resembles the profile of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Its just odd for a head to be that low. Maybe it a big fucking snake.

J. J. Abrams on Nov 22, 2007


Weather it is a hand or a head, I think the monster is at a low profile. If it was a hand then it must be reaching, if that was a face then obviously its crawling. So I agree I guess. Im not saying I think its a face, but im not ruling out it being a face, or hand or the body of the monster, but I definately am leaning more towards the hand

dudeman1 on Nov 22, 2007


it wont let me send it dudeman, sorry man. ill try and find another site that will let me host it or somthing

geezer on Nov 22, 2007


Well I don't think it's a giant hand (think - the hand from The Addams Family on steroids). If it was the monster's hand that you see then why would they be firing in that direction? Wouldn't they be firing more to the right to hopefully shoot his body. I clearly see the monster the way I described it. It's height matches the clues we have so far. I originally didn't believe the mutating girl theory but yesterday I watched the trailer for the first time with sound (awesome by they way) and there is a strange sound associated to it. It could be just the way it was edited but now that I heard it, I am sliding to the mutating side a bit. I don't understand it though and there better be a good explanation for it.

Cowpattybill on Nov 23, 2007


Here is an excerpt of the article on cloverfiledclues: Concerned about the wealth of information lost by Tagruato‘s negligent [attitude,] my department managed to obtain a small sample of Seabed’s Nectar. Our [conclu-] sions are spotty at best, based on diluted specimens and poor investigative [condi-] tions. Our findings are too consistent, however, to be discounted completely. [The] short term exposure to the substance, some initial tests revealed accelerated [cell] growth, increased strength, increased soft muscle tissue growth, sharper [eyesight], better digestion. smoother skin, and a full-body, pleasant sensation that one [of our] researchers actually described as "a wave of pure happiness". The rest of this [report] will attempt to summarize our findings based on preliminary tests with [Seabed’s] Nectar and, hopefully, lay die foundation for more extensive research. We [aligned] Our testing regimen with a current case study: the notorious documentary footage depicting an 84-year-old woman drinking twelve large Slusho! Beverages and [lifted] The bracketed words are the ones you can't see in the report because the page is photocopied from some kind of book so the last words in the sentences are close to the spine of the book and therefor did not photocopy. The interesting things in this article I think are the effects of slusho, the use of the words "full body" as an adjective (it reminds me of the mutating girl from the trailer) and this 84 yearl old woman. I wonder if a video clip will appear on YouTube now.

Cowpattybill on Nov 23, 2007


Im still sticking witht he hand theory. I Dont think the army is shooting at the hand, I think the monster scene is out of order. i dont see any body. Once i get my own HD version of the trailer so I can go through it slowly and what not i will def. have a better idea though

dudeman1 on Nov 23, 2007


So, I just found a really slo mo vid. of the Monster scene and I am retracting my hand statement. You CAN see legs. watch this This is the clip from the trailer where the monster passes behind the buildings. I stand completely corrected as I believed it was a hand. I can now see the legs of the monster! HP you should check this out. Def. Not a hand, and its def. Not a face either!

dudeman1 on Nov 23, 2007


That's funny dudeman1. That link has already been posted at least twice. Oh well. At least you see it now. Pretty cool huh!

Cowpattybill on Nov 23, 2007


Wow, that video gives some kickass clues. alright, so this is what i've sussed from the scene. that part of the movie isnt the monster walking across the buildings it's actually jumping across at high speeds, in the slowed down video you see it's legs stretched out sideways and it's body is like a prehistoric creature. the creature doesnt look like it has arms but it must have. you know what, i think people are right, this looks to me like a godzilla remake.

Gordon on Nov 23, 2007


indeed gordon, i see the monster leeping across now after i view it a couple times.

geezer on Nov 23, 2007


Gordan.... it isnt Godzilla... IT ISNT FUCKING GODZILLA! Copatty... Sorry I somehow missed that video, im blaming it on work and not being able to watch things. Owel, at least we all mostly agree on it now 🙂 Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving late to everyone also. Im on the way to Beowulf IMAX 3D with the fam, so i get to see a cool V. of the trailer 😉

dudeman1 on Nov 23, 2007


GUYS! This HAS to be it! If you look at this picture and compare it with the few seconds we see of the monster in the video, you can tell that they are the same thing. The sketch is a concept sketch done for the movie. No idea how it got leaked. But yeah, you can see the little (I use the word humorously) flap things on the side of his body in the video moving to the right. The sketch also includes a picture of the parasites that are found all over the monster, which gives credence to the "parasite" theory that was tossed around as well. Case (nearly) closed.

Garrett on Nov 24, 2007


Garrett, You have not had 1 single good post yet. Please stop now or try something smart YOU ARE SO FAR BEHIND Im not sayng i have thought something was different before... but this pic. is some old PROVEN WRONG shit. So please, try to get up to date. I guess im going to claim myself as the weekend warrior here. Because for the last two weeks I have had to tell stupid people like you to shut the fuck up. So being the bad guy, that "user drawing" was not in fact leaked, nor is in fact real to the movie. It has been discovered and released as a fan depiction of the cloverfield monster, thats it. So, before your next post, please....PLEASE research it first. At least try to add the words Slusho! or Tagruato into it to at least get our attention. If not, then please, DONT POST! On the otherhand, I potentially just used some ParafFUN! on my door.... and now it shuts just right! Deuces PS. Still looking for a good HD Cloverfield trailer #2

dudeman1 on Nov 24, 2007


Also everyone. Credit to whoever first found this, I learned this via cloverfieldclues was "hacked" Check it out! also check out the cloverfieldclues story!

dudeman1 on Nov 24, 2007


I must say its about time those bastards pay for there treasons! jk, story unfolds more! Now we need the myspace pages to get updated... its been getting close to 2 months since the last myspace update

dudeman1 on Nov 24, 2007


yea garrett, sorry to say but you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind us, but thats ok, cus' it wont take long to catch up, all you have to do is do more research, read more posts,watch some youtube videos, or ask us questions, im sure some of the guys wouldn't mind answering any questions.. just what ever you do, don't come in here posting info from 4 months ago

geezer on Nov 24, 2007


Hey cloverfield vets!!!!! Sorry I been wrapped up in Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Now back to the release date. It makes perfect sense that the movie would come out 2-08-08. I mean the military finds the footage after 1-18-08. The pixeled soldier is a very important clue in proving this. It shows that the tape has been tampered with. I'm assuming they didn't find the tape on 1-18-08 and didn't have time to tamper with it that quickly. So the whole realtime viral marketing thing works when you think about it. P.S. Hit the books Garrett!!!!! -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Nov 24, 2007


I think what we need is another Jamie and Teddy video! We need to know about the cause!!! I think there is a link between "the cause" and Tagruato. I'm bettin all my chips that this Teddy fellow is involved in the hacked website. It would make sense given the timing right? My guess is Teddy is part of an environmental organization. (Remember Jamie's video to Teddy, "You left me here to go out and save the world and do your thing") So Tagruato= bad guy, Teddy= good guy trying to stop Tagruato and my guess is Rob= stuck in the middle of all of this, and put in the worst situation possible.. Can't wait until Jamie opens that gift, my guess is it will be a BIG clue.. Probably involving something to do with "the cause" and Tagruato

LuLu on Nov 24, 2007


Let's not forget about slusho!!! My guess is maybe this Teddy character works for slusho and he knows some conspiracy theory shit. I think the gift is slusho powder mix. Is Teddy in Japan? Is Rob going back with a visiting Teddy?

H.P. on Nov 24, 2007


wow what a terrific week for clues!! Was investigating the picture of the tagruato hack and if you look closely enough (super super zoom it) there is writing on the little sea creatures.. Fish - Ogre Octopus - Dumbo Jellyfish - Irukandji Crab - Tanner I did some investigating and these are actual names of the sea creatures.. ( EX. Ogrefish, Dumbo Octopus) Now obviously if someone went through the trouble of writing on these creatures then it must mean SOMETHING right? Any Marine Biologists in the house? Is these creatures found in a similar habitat? There has to be something important going on with these creatures other wise we would not be given the specific names of these creatures.. Come on guys lets figure this out! I'll be doing some more investigating later (after the MU vs. KU game of course ) M-I-Z-Z-O-U! 😉

LuLu on Nov 24, 2007


All these creatures are found in extreme cold climates. I remember the Octopus on slusho saying bloop! Now wiki Bloop! Now compare that sound with the monster's sound. When you search bloop pay close attention to the longitude latitude of where they found the sound.

H.P. on Nov 24, 2007


Looks to me as if you can see some kind of beastly figure moving around closely near the top right of the explosion at around 1:04-1:05

Ashley B. on Nov 24, 2007


Ok newbies listen up!!! I own the official movie poster. It says in big big letters at the bottom CLOVERFIELD. Now why the fuck would Godzilla be in a movie with that title. Are all you Godzilla fans just ignorant or plain stupid.

H.P. on Nov 25, 2007


i was lookin up how to make a private chat earlier, but i didnt find much. i figure if the regulars of the board have our own private chat or forum we wouldnt have to worry about beginners interupting with their old news or godzilla theories

geezer on Nov 25, 2007


Maybe its a combination of all those animals on the taguro thing

Steven G on Nov 25, 2007


photo is kinda dark h.p

geezer on Nov 25, 2007


H.P. - I checked out that whole bloop thing... Pretty interesting! Do you think that is real or part of Cloverfield? It certainly has some interesting connections with the movie.. Especially where it claims that whatever creature made that sound is unknown and larger than a blue whale... hmmmmmmmm..

LuLu on Nov 25, 2007


H.P. That bloop thing was a sweet find. Thats really all I have to say Ok, cya all soon then deuces

dudeman1 on Nov 25, 2007


Yeah I brought up the bloop stuff way back, but people didn't pay much attention to it. I think there may have been a new photo on 1-18-08 or something keeping people's attention at the time. Another interesting thing about bloop is the longitude and latitude compared to that of the fictionalized Cthulhu. It's almost the same location. Now I'm not saying the monster is straight up Cthulhu, but rather the real life monster in which H.P. Lovecraft was haunted by. H.P. Lovecraft's father had terrible nightmares of the monster as did he. You see H.P. had a very realistic writing style. All his stories seem like logs from a journal. Now if cloverfield is supposed to have a realistic approach then they would not have a monster called Cthulhu stomping around and we know it wouldn't be in any way related to H.P.'s telling of the story if it is supposed to relate to real life (our timeline). My current envision of the monster would be greenish grey, gigantic, octopus/whale/human/jelly parasite looking creature. P.S. sorry about the pic geezer. I swear it's super bright on my display. I'll bump the gamma up and re upload at some point. -The Four Horsemen-

H.P. on Nov 25, 2007


nevermind hp, i just brightend it up on one of my programs and wow, how amazing is that... how did you find that?

geezer on Nov 25, 2007


I really need to get my hands on a copy of the trailer... godamnit I also have a very nice and crisp bright display that rocks the HD. Anyway, Im off to the East Coast to the Capitol for a week, so I may not be around. Hopefully some good stuff happens. So, cya when I do!

dudeman1 on Nov 26, 2007


If you download a VLC player online (for no cost) you may be able to stream the video from youtube or even the apple site into the VLC player and create your own file. It's worth a shot.

H.P. on Nov 26, 2007


H.P. The funny thing about message boards is you get an image in your head of what someone looks like then you see a picture and Kaboom!, it's blown completely out of the water. Hey, what was the surprise your girl had for you? Did you ever say? I don't remember reading about it. I agree with Lulu on the theory that Teddy is involved in the hack of targruto. It will be interesting to learn more about this cause. I still don't know what to think about this 1-18-08 vs. 2-08-08. Not that it matters much, it's only 3 weeks but I hope your wrong H.P. Geezer, I mentioned the private chat room earlier but if we did that we might miss out on the work/ideas/suggestions etc, from people like Lulu and a few others that have showed up recently and do a good job of contributing. I say keep it public.

Cowpattybill on Nov 26, 2007


Yeah I figured it was "high time" to post a pic of me. As for that surprise from my gf, well it was the teaser poster. It's cool because it's valid proof the movie is called Cloverfield. It's got Cloverfield in big letters at the bottom. The thing I find funny is the date at the bottom. It does say 1-18-08, but that's it!! No coming soon before it, just a date. Usually a poster will say "coming soon" or "in theaters". So maybe the full title is Cloverfield 1-18-08. I agree about keeping it public. There have been some pretty good posts lately. Everyone keep up "the cause".

H.P. on Nov 26, 2007


Ok its been a while since I posted last, mainly due to the ones who dont keep up, I admit, when I first saw it, Godzilla popped to mind, but all the clues, and Abrams himself saying he was creating a totally original beast has me still scratching my head. I think all those who have followed along will admit Slusho, targruto et al, will say we can piece some of it together altough roughly. As for the jumpers on still Screaming, Godzilla, Gamera, Chutulu (sic), come into the light Carol Ann, all that has been hashed out and squashed, I think the problem is those who only jumped on after the newest trailer, are all just now catching up.

Tom on Nov 26, 2007


hey h.p., do you mind if i use your scoreboard pic in my next video?

geezer on Nov 26, 2007


Go for it geezer!!! Just make sure you mention me and the four horsemen. Also make sure you plug this message board.

H.P. on Nov 27, 2007


I read that Paramount released a plot synopsis: Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives. I don't know if it's true or not. I see no reason not to believe it. Except that "size of a skyscraper" doesn't sound very good for a plot synopsis. Also, it's interesting that it says the monster "descends" upon the city.

Cowpattybill on Nov 27, 2007


Decends on the City is a pretty typical description for something invading an area, I wouldnt read anything into it other then it attacking NY.

Tom on Nov 27, 2007


I know Denisse posted the new slusho quotes way back, but putting them in context with the new trailer I found this quote very interesting....... "I am so happy and full of slusho that I might burst!" I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about. P.S. The toothbrush door quote still gets me, but I think it's just there to throw us off.

H.P. on Nov 27, 2007


hi guys! its been a much stuff since i've last posted (been kind of a lurker now)...btw i saw beowulf sunday...i've officially been dubbed 'Supernerd' by my boyfriend cuz of my great anxiety of watching the trailer before beowulf (thanks JJ)...I even took a picture of the poster outside of the theater. LOL Anyway... I found this on some other site (unfiction - where i've kinda been this whole time =\ ) but i believe this a great theory belonging to a fella called Q30: Secret Ingrediant = Monster's Blood? "In the beginning, they’re at a party. A farewell party for Rob who’s leaving “for Japan.” What if he got a job working at Tagurato? I’m willling to bet that at the party, there’s talk of the great new product called Slusho and no one knows what gives it its great taste. already been discussed The monster attacks, it’s a deep sea creature from below the earth’s crust which has been tapped by Tagurato in secret. Now, there are thousands of tiny parasites riding its body like scales. They suck the monsters’ blood. They fall-off during the attack and become monsters in their own right. But the parasites attack SOME people, but not others. The difference? The ones they attack have been drinking Slusho because they smell the secret ingredient. [b] just thought it might get some minds what the actual "plot" of the movie may be... Maybe the monster’s blood carries within it the eggs of the parasites. When you drink more than six, the eggs hatch. That shadow of the woman shows her being restrained by 2 guys in biohazard suits… her stomach was ripping-open because the little parasites were coming-out."

DeniSSE on Nov 27, 2007


hi guys! its been a much stuff since i've last posted (been kind of a lurker now)...btw i saw beowulf sunday...i've officially been dubbed 'Supernerd' by my boyfriend cuz of my great anxiety of watching the trailer before beowulf (thanks JJ)...I even took a picture of the poster outside of the theater. LOL Anyway... I found this on some other site (unfiction - where i've kinda been this whole time =\ ) but i believe this a great theory belonging to a fella called Q30: Secret Ingrediant = Monster's Blood? "In the beginning, they’re at a party. A farewell party for Rob who’s leaving “for Japan.” What if he got a job working at Tagurato? I’m willling to bet that at the party, there’s talk of the great new product called Slusho and no one knows what gives it its great taste. already been discussed The monster attacks, it’s a deep sea creature from below the earth’s crust which has been tapped by Tagurato in secret. Now, there are thousands of tiny parasites riding its body like scales. They suck the monsters’ blood. They fall-off during the attack and become monsters in their own right. But the parasites attack SOME people, but not others. The difference? The ones they attack have been drinking Slusho because they smell the secret ingredient. [b] Maybe the monster’s blood carries within it the eggs of the parasites. When you drink more than six, the eggs hatch. That shadow of the woman shows her being restrained by 2 guys in biohazard suits… her stomach was ripping-open because the little parasites were coming-out." just thought it might get some minds what the actual "plot" of the movie may be...

DeniSSE on Nov 27, 2007


hi guys! its been a much stuff since i've last posted (been kind of a lurker now)...btw i saw beowulf sunday...i've officially been dubbed 'Supernerd' by my boyfriend cuz of my great anxiety of watching the trailer before beowulf (thanks JJ)...I even took a picture of the poster outside of the theater. LOL Anyway... I found this on some other site (unfiction - where i've kinda been this whole time =\ ) but i believe this a great theory belonging to a fella called Q30: Secret Ingrediant = Monster's Blood? "In the beginning, they’re at a party. A farewell party for Rob who’s leaving “for Japan.” What if he got a job working at Tagurato? I’m willling to bet that at the party, there’s talk of the great new product called Slusho and no one knows what gives it its great taste. already been discussed The monster attacks, it’s a deep sea creature from below the earth’s crust which has been tapped by Tagurato in secret. Now, there are thousands of tiny parasites riding its body like scales. They suck the monsters’ blood. They fall-off during the attack and become monsters in their own right. But the parasites attack SOME people, but not others. The difference? The ones they attack have been drinking Slusho because they smell the secret ingredient. [b] just thought it might get some minds what the actual "plot" of the movie may be...

DeniSSE on Nov 27, 2007


That is a really interesting theory Denisse --- Dunno what to think about it now other than the fact that I like it. Also, literally while I was in class and checking tagurato it was updated.. Looks like a new headline.. Tagruato’s troupe of Slusho! Smilers! struck again last Friday, this time at a remote animal control center in Takayama. Bearing armfuls of Slusho! happy drinks for all the lower wage workers, the girls also organized a Slusho! drinking contest for two dozen of the center’s caged puppies and kittens. “Kittens love Slusho! It reminds them of mother’s milk!” grinned Smiler! Mayu. The workers whooped and cheered as the animals swam and drank their way through a 40-liter trough of Blueberry Zoom. After twenty minutes, Pickle, a spotted Labrador pup, was still happily lapping Slusho! “This one will come home to Ganu!” said acrobatic Smiler! Yuuka as she clutched the lucky puppy, “He just couldn’t get enough Zoom!” With the center in Takayama, the girls completed their nationwide tour of Japan’s animal shelters. While all the shelters received a generous donation from the Tagruato Cares! foundation, the centers with the most Slusho!-friendly animals were purchased and welcomed into the Tagruato family. These centers will undergo a full renovation in the next three years, making way for modern facilities with up-to-date research, technology, and rehabilitation equipment. “Tagruato is working so hard to ensure a prosperous future for humans,” said company spokeswoman Suzume Soga. “We want that future for small animals as well.” Hmmmm is it just me or is Tagruato tying to score some serious brownie points with "the public" ?

LuLu on Nov 27, 2007


I just re read the article and something jumped out at me.. They took the animals that drank the most slusho BACK WITH THEM!! Hmmmmm... Ut oh poor pups.... They have become like test subjects! I guess someone is worried about the effect it might have on animals... hmmmmm

LuLu on Nov 27, 2007


Nice work Lulu!!! Very interesting indeed. Did anyone catch heroes last night. Elle was drinking a Slusho. I wonder why slusho has been showing up in heroes.

H.P. on Nov 27, 2007


by the way, if this link is ever mentioned somewhere: in relation to Slusho (that research article that's been mentioned) it was me that posted the comment about drinking 12 Slushos. I was just kidding around. I mention it because I didn't want anyone thinking it was related.

Cowpattybill on Nov 27, 2007


I must say, is doing a stand-up job of reporting everything cloverfield related. That site is my #1 spot for new info. They seem to have it all first. This blog here is my #1 spot for discussion, analyzing, and theorzing. BTW, 9 more days until starts.

Cowpattybill on Nov 28, 2007


exact same with my Cowpatty. However, My discussion/analyzing/theorizing has been minimal due to pre-deployment training at work (TUrns out I get to miss the movie in theatres after all *$#*Q&$) About time for a new pic on1-18-08 eh?

dudeman1 on Nov 28, 2007


Yes, I agree about the new pic. I've been checking the jamieandteddy site. If Teddy truly is connected to the hacking of the targruto site then I thought he might contact Jamie and that might result in a new video from her. Nothing yet as of yesterday.

Cowpattybill on Nov 29, 2007


This has nothing to do with Cloverfield but I thought some of you would appreciate this. The answer to perhaps one of life's most important questions:

Cowpattybill on Nov 29, 2007


RE: #1926 - Finally, a sign of intelligence on this site. I thought we were doomed to infinite idolatry to the JJ on high.

HBMC on Nov 29, 2007


re: #1926 - thank heavens. a sign of intelligence.

HBMC on Nov 29, 2007


h.p your name is howard phillips right?

geezer on Nov 29, 2007


I find it weird that the conversation on this site has suddenly just died over the past 2 days. Did something happen that I'm not aware of? I have no T.V and I don't read the paper so maybe there's been a disaster or something and you've all been wiped out and here I am all alone with geezer, dudeman1, and someone named HBMC to keep me company. Will Cloverfield still be released?

Cowpattybill on Nov 30, 2007


Yes it is geezer. Cowpatty can you post what's in that link. I can't go to links with the word blog in it at work. I did a painting of how I think the infected people should end up looking. I'll upload it later tonight.

H.P. on Nov 30, 2007


Isn't that friggin awesome??? I was on Unifiction last night when they were all figuring this out.. Genius marketing if you ask me!! I bet anything that slusho merchandise sales are skyrocketing!! I almost want to go buy a slusho shirt now to see if I get anything. lol.. Has anyone here ordered a slusho shirt recently? H.P. awww that sucks that you cant get to the link. Very exciting stuff. Basically, recent slusho merchandise packages that people are recieving are now including ripped up memos that say this on the front: Effective Immediately! Over the next few days, because of the incident that took place, starting now all letters to the outside will first pass through our communication center, or they will not go out. Level 1 Personnel? They will remain where they are, making certain to read the message from start to finish. (How will they know it is authentic, this message that is dispatched everywhere? When it is inscribed by the ?.) In addition, working hard/employment rusted overtime? As for the employees, they will be made to wait in their appointed lodging facility until told otherwise. If one witnesses an act of misconduct, and neglects to report it to the Council, Chuai's department bureau will enforce principles and regard it as a violation. There will be no exceptions. Even more fun - A handwritten message on the back!!!! American, The Chuai station hides a dark secret. Good people are going missing. Expect further communication in the near future. - the Whistle Blower Good stuff huh? Looks like trouble is brewing at the Chuai station!!!

LuLu on Nov 30, 2007


The memo is in Japanese and the handwritten message on the back is scrawled out in English. I have seen 2 different copies of the handwriting and they are both different, same person perhaps but different structure of the sentence so apparently whoever is doing it is writing the same message on different pieces of paper, or different copies of the same memo, and including them in items shipped to customers. Brilliant marketing in my opinion. With the popularity of the movie and mystery behind it, what a better way to get people to buy products than to give them the hope of finding a new clue or message in the packing material. Brilliant!! I may have to use that for

Cowpattybill on Nov 30, 2007


im done with the video guys, check it out. if you have a youtube account go ahead and leave a comment on it oh and by the way, we need to have an alias for our board, so i wont have to put the full link ( into our videos everytime

geezer on Nov 30, 2007


So, I haven't read through ALL of the comments but, has anyone thought of the fact that, just maybe, the monster from the trailer is ONE of SEVERAL monsters throughout the movie. The movie could be based off several creatures of H.P. Lovecraft mythos. In Lovecraft lore there are several mentions of alien beings of GOOD and EVIL that sleep and wait when the "stars are not right". He mentions monsters/creatures of the water(Cthulhu?), air, and earth. Maybe this is some epic battle of awakened creatures that, as Lovecraft explains, "came from the skies before the ages of man". In my opinion, that would be one badass movie, and one that has never been done before. Just a thought. Considering we've seen and know so little about the movie maybe the monster from the trailer is just the beginning of an entire army of H.P. Lovecraft monsters.

Edward on Nov 30, 2007


#1936, trying to be patient, maybe you should read all the posts, Abrams has been crystal clear on it being a completely NEW monster, so at this Point Lovecraft is out, I think even most of the Lovecraft fans had admitted that

Tom on Nov 30, 2007


h.p, are you sure that was the american version of the scoreboard u got?

geezer on Nov 30, 2007


Sad news for everyone. Hunter, AKA Dudeman1 died today in a training exercise. He told me, in the chance of his death, to tell everyone. I was his best friend since we were 7. He was a great person, and he will be missed. It was his wishes to let everyone know on this site that he is no longer with us. As many of you may well know, he was going to be leaving for Iraq in a month. He had his will written for when he was to leave, and he said to post, if he had past, to let everyone know on this site. So that is what im doing. Im sorry for everyone. He wil be missed

cerberus03 on Dec 1, 2007


u serious cerberus? and how do you die in a training exercise? and why would we be included in his goodbyes? wouldnt he give more important people goodbyes first?

geezer on Dec 1, 2007


im not saying that your lying by the way, i just got a lot of question

geezer (R.I.P Dudeman) on Dec 1, 2007



DDOT3 on Dec 1, 2007


I don't post here much but I am always looking to see what you are all saying. I just wanted to say RIP dudeman if he is indeed gone. Keep up the good work guys I think we will know a lot more very soon.

HulkingUp on Dec 1, 2007


From what I've heard, Abrams has only stated that is a completely new monster to CINEMA. That doesn't mean it's a completely original monster, it could be something based off something we've never seen in movies before. I know its a stretch but it could be true.

Edward on Dec 1, 2007


He posted this a while ago but I believe it's the most relavent and reasonable plot explanation there is on this site... RIP dudeman About one billion (yes billion) years ago, life on Earth was still at the multi-cell level and they remained mostly in their habitat. One of the organisms was more passive and preferred a symbiotic relationship for their survival. Another (and there were more) was more aggressive and preferred to control larger beings for their survival. Back then, the world had only one continent. The two organisms were separated, for the most part, by land. But the aggressive organism had developed a taste for the passive one and tried to feed on it as often as possible by going around the land mass. Until a cataclysmic event changed things, burying most of the ancient organisms under the oceans. The surviving organisms either died off or evolved (later becoming humans and what not). Fast forward to present day and we have Japan discovering the passive organisms buried off their coast and eventually came to the conclusion that the American continents (North and South) had drifted over the aggressive organisms (more on them later) during the past billion years. Japanese scientists begin studying this passive organism and find that it is a perfect nourishment supplement to humans. Grown in an agricultural field on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields. The scientists learn that these organisms are beneficial symbiotic parasites that give us additional nourishment and make us feel happy. Thus humans and the parasites become one. They are kept cold to prevent them from dying from exposure until they are introduced into their host. Thus the development of the awesome and delicious drink – Slusho! (It makes me happy). Rob is a college graduate who has been hired by Slusho and has just accepted an offer to work in their technologies division in Japan. Rob also knows the basics of the organism, the story that Slusho “invented” as a marketing campaign and has recently been informed that the scientists have found trace amounts of the aggressive organism. Whabam (Not Mine, i know a scource) This aggressive organism likes to pool up into a larger being, control it, own it, even change it. It also eats the smaller passive organism much the same way a whale will eat plankton. Slusho is now one of the most popular drinks. In it’s own right it is a tasty meal that does not add fat and is proven to be healthy with claims that it cures cancer and many other diseases. Slusho and it’s by-products are now being flushed (literally) into the sewer systems and drained out to sea by way of urine, fecal matter and just straight unconsumed Slusho. This builds up on the ocean floor and eventually awakens a very hungry and aggressive organism. This aggressive organism, hungry and well, aggressive, follows the sewer trail back to New York and emerges through the sewers breaking and igniting a natural gas pipeline in it’s effort to feed on the passive organism, which is now us.

Corey (tribute to dudeman1) on Dec 1, 2007


i dont like u ppl gp die in a closet btw im so horny

mitchbitch on Dec 1, 2007


i don't know if i'm late with this, sorry if it was already discussed, but what do you make of this link... please if some one can gimme some feedback on this. once again if it was already discussed i apologize.

ddot3 on Dec 1, 2007


btw type it just as i have it.

ddot3 on Dec 1, 2007


Hello all. Long time reader, first time poster. I hoep someone can help clarify something. Bear with me. From what I have read, I have to agree with Edward, in post 1944. I have read all the posts to date here, and everyone is quick to bring up this "original" idea, claiming that this means the monster is a"brand new concept" , claiming that it is what Abrams said. What he was really quoted as saying, as far as I can find, is that this is an "American original". All that means is that whatever the source material is, that source material was created by an American or Americans. This re-opens the door for many theories that may have been shot down in the previous posts, such as Lovecraft's Cthulhu. H.P. Lovecraft was an American, and therefore his Cthulhu mythos is an "American creation". Abrams is also cited by many to have said it will not be a remake. Any previously filmed projects based on Lovecraft's work have not included Cthulhu, and therefore this would not be a remake, either, if it were to be Cthulhu. (As well, a previous post references a movie already in production about the Cthulhu mythos by another studio, but that movie focuses strictly on human cultists and their insanity, not any monsters.) There are other theories as well, that could still have legs, I am not saying I think for sure it is Cthulhu. Now, don't anyone go and get there nickers bunched up, I am not trying to start waves. I just want to know if there are more specific quotes out there from Abrams, not just people regurgitating other people's paraphrasing of what Abrams said. Does anyone have exact quotes from Abrams saying specifically that this monster is a brand new concept, as opposed to quotes of him saying it is an "American Original"? As for Dudeman1, RIP. That really sucks.

Mtthw on Dec 2, 2007


dudeman1...although I only knew you from our chats on this board, I will miss you brother... SEMPER FI...R.I.P. ...

larry on Dec 2, 2007


ha, check this out

geezer (R.I.P Dudeman) on Dec 2, 2007


hey mtthw, here is a link of jj's speech at comicon about the monster

geezer (R.I.P Dudeman) on Dec 2, 2007


Geezer, I don't see your video there anymore. H.P. how do you pronounce Cthulhu anyway? I must admit I know nothing about H.P. Lovecraft and had never heard of Cthulhu before all this started back in July. I find it very upsetting that whoever posted about dudeman1 dying seems to have posted and fled because that is all the details we have. Does anyone have any information on him? Or his death? Was it on the news at all. Apparently his name was Hunter. Any idea if that was first or last. Larry, I see your still here, did you two converse outside this site. I find the news shocking, sad and odd. I guess he cared alot about this board and the people in it to put it in his will to post here that he died. Very strange I think. I hope this isn't some kind of prank because it's not funny. If it is true, I don't know where you stand spiritually dudeman1 but hopefully we'll meet again. In a better place.

Cowpattybill on Dec 3, 2007


I sent an email to dudeman1's email address. Maybe someone will read it and respond with more info. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Seems like is legit.

Cowpattybill on Dec 3, 2007


First off I wan't to extend my deepest regret upon hearing of dudeman's death. I remained silent this weekend in his memory. I needed to stop the blogging and come down to rea