J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield Updates: Casting, Shooting, and More Discovered

July 6, 2007

Since that mysterious trailer for a secret J.J. Abrams project currently known as Cloverfield debuted in front of Transformers that we originally posted and have seen an overwhelming response to, everyone is clambering to try and figure out more about it. Many have been throwing out ideas that it could be another Godzilla, the rumored Voltron movie in the works, a "Lost" movie, or plenty more irrational considerations (just read the comments on this post). New official details have been popping up all over including casting details, shooting details, and some more minor updates.

If you haven't already checked it out, the official viral website can be found at with just an interesting picture as the placeholder for now.

First up is some casting details from The Hollywood Reporter, including a couple of names.

The casting process was just as mysterious. No scripts or even scene pages were sent out; agents who were contacted were simply asked if their client wanted to be in the movie or not. Eventually a cast, made up mostly of relative unknowns, was put together; it includes Michael Stahl-David (”The Black Donnellys”), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel (”Supercross”) and Lizzy Kaplan (”The Class”).

Other news from trustworthy sources on the internet report that the film is being shot for only around $30 million, much less than most other films in Hollywood nowadays. The film began shooting quietly in New York around mid-June and has a plot that revolves "around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people." According to original details from AICN, the film is being shot entirely on handheld home video cameras, essentially like Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla.

Additional confirmed information is that Matt Reeves is directing a script written by Drew Goddard (who's written previously for Abrams' "Lost" and "Alias"). You can read a few more details over at SlashFilm, who is following it as closely as we are.

Although the speculations are rampant about it being everything from Godzilla to Voltron to Gears of War, I'm going to stand by my own belief that it's just an original monster movie. This has quickly become the most genius marketing scheme anyone has seen from Hollywood in the last 10 years. Whatever it turns out to be on January 18th, it'll certainly be a money-making blockbuster. Until then, every last dedicated person will try and make any minor discoveries and we'll do our best to keep all of you updated.

Stay tuned as J.J. Abrams is confirmed as being at Comic-Con in under 3 weeks, and I'm certain there will be plenty questions fielded his way about Cloverfield as well as Star Trek XI and we'll be there to bring you his responses before anyone else.

UPDATE: The trailer has been officially posted in full-on HD glory and can be watched RIGHT HERE!

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New movie before transfomers .........on 1-08-2008 is Voltron

robert on Jul 6, 2007


I repeat.......Voltron

Robert on Jul 6, 2007


you may be kidding, i realize, but for all the voltron hopefulls, lets all remember that the fully formed voltron is like 60 ft. tall max. and as far as " its a lion, its huge" conspiracists....the lions themselves range in size from a large caddy to a stretch hummer. IT ISNT VOLTRON!! its just a big destructive mofo.

jbone on Jul 6, 2007


Okay so I have been trying to get some is what I've found so far.. 1.) J. J. Abrams is producing. 2.) The name Ethan Haas is VERY important. 3.) Cloverfield is the throw-off name, no title as of yet..(Just like how Ice Planet was the throw-off name for Titanic that James Cameron gave.) 4.) The whole movie is being done from the view of camcorders. Some are saying its going to be an alien invasion movie through the eyes of regular people with camera's. 5.) They may not even be done shooting it yet. 6.) Paramount claims they have no knowledge of the movie yet the only way to see the trailer now is to go see transformers due to Paramount putting a serious cease and desist order on July 5th. (Not them my ass.) 7.)The movies release date is Jan. 18th 2008. 8.) It might be a movie making of a Lovecraft horror story. 9.) There is a website which shows the picture of the two girls in the movie who look scared in the camera. in the corner it has that date and the if you look in the bible for that time it is matthew 12:36 ""I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak." Which it is very abrams like to put wierd stuff like this together. 10.) In the picture of the two girls you can see a weird image in their hair and in their eyes is a reflection somewhat.. 11.) on the blog and on the game site there are like story/poet seeming quotes that I would indicate being something totally NOT voltron. There are two websites which are the only real clues to this movie is a "blog" which is a fake blog with clues from I'm assuming some character for the movie...the other is a website which is puzzles and after you beat the puzzles it gives you trailer clips or clues..The one website is and the other which is the blog is "...war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the stars rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels but to the End and the destruction of Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape. " "The great war of the gods will come upon the earth; the fires and terror of their rule will return for a time, but the children of the gods may be thus prepared, themselves aware and powerful…they may stand along side the gods not as equals, but as allies, feared and ready." "The great cycle, the beginning and the end, turns just as the plans of the gods turn once again to the world of men. And they will come upon the earth only after the skies rain down fire and the very earth itself is made to shake and the great cities of men fall into ruins. Their plans are set and their purpose is clear; they come for war." P.S. I saw had posted an article about all of this as of 13 hrs ago, but my computer won't let me look at it so if someone can send me the article I'd really really appreciate it. -JD

JayBear on Jul 6, 2007


also I don't think they really mean a lion..because remember they were at a was probably some hammered guy who heard the roar that sounded like godzilla and blurted out "lion". although if it is a lion then it could be maybe sphynx or Chamera..which are both lion like mytho creatures.. -JD

JayBear on Jul 6, 2007


when every one runs onto the street a random guy runs by and yells " someone said its a LION and its huge" which leads me to believe that it is not godzilla or a remake of any type but a totally original idea but i dont know i can only wait to be blown to the back of the theatre on 1. 18. 08 --------------the beave

andrewbeavis on Jul 6, 2007


Ok, between 1:18 and 1:21, the girl asks if anyone saw what the "Thing" was. So, some guy responds "I saw it! It's a lion, it's HUGE!". So, basically, this is all we're left off with, that one little quote. Now, all we have to figure out is what shows/what ideas could involve a giant lion? Let's just say this Summer of Sequels & Remakes is becoming even more hotter than it has ever been...

Abdul on Jul 6, 2007


Actually the quote is "I saw it! It's ALIVE! IT's HUGE!" That's what the guy says. It's probably not lost, but hopefully something totally original that will set the next bar for action films. Although I admit it could be gears of war. Like a prequel, right after the pendulum wars. Who knows until 01-18-08

Gordo on Jul 6, 2007


It's Voltron And no Voltron was not 60ft tall .........the 5 lions that formed him were 60ft tall....... Voltron himself towered over skyscrapers......... Parasite...was one of the many monster that Voltron fought in the series over a decade ago.......

Robert on Jul 6, 2007


""""the lions themselves range in size from a large caddy to a stretch hummer. IT ISNT VOLTRON!! """ What are yout talking about!!!!!....I remember the 5 charcters that made the 5 lions being able to stand on the nose of the black lion during the cartoon. Power Rangers was a direct ripoff of Voltron. If you want to get a size estimate just look at the final creation of their was well beyond 60ft....or the size of a hummer. Voltron the movie takes place in can hear someone say......"its a lion" and u see the head of the statue of liberty................You've got the comment, the time frame of when voltron is going to be released anyway......and the head from the statue....veryfing location.....

robert on Jul 6, 2007


Why would someone say the obvious like.........It's alive????? lol He's saying it's a lion..

robert on Jul 6, 2007


When I originally saw this trailer yesterday I thought immediately of voltron, lets face it, if we were there to see transformers and we were older than 10, we deffiently want to see voltron kick some rear. But i'll have to admit if this film is of voltron and I have to watch five whiny preps combine to create voltron and I have to watch it all in grainy home cameras like in "traffic" i'll end up waiting for the DVD. Transformers was a great movie but it got difficult to see that battles with all the tight shots, if this is voltron and it's CGI'd with personal camcorders i'll have to bring a bottle of Excedrin migraine.

anax on Jul 6, 2007


I really hope it's not Voltron - unless this is going to be a rated R movie. I really wish they did that with Transformers. Transformers, Voltron and Thundercats were my childhood defining cartoons (I am 27). I had the metal action figures that would never today be acceptable to give to children. Now, I have to share that memory with the brat children of the world today? I know that's selfish. (Maybe I am just bitter from having to relive my fond childhood moments with brat kids whose parent's will not tell them to shut up during the movie. Now I really don't think it's Voltron. First and foremost. Voltron took place on the planet Arus, and no humans were ever really scared of Voltron. There was not even a city that looked like Manhattan on Arus. The cities that I remember in Voltron all looked like Utopian society cities. And I am not ragging on Manhattan. On top of that, I just can't see Paramount or whoever shooting Voltron through home video cameras. I think it would be more like Transformers. However, if this is a rated R Voltron that will keep the kiddies out, I am all for it.

Mike on Jul 7, 2007


Godzilla vs. Kong mark my words.

FinkleFilms on Jul 6, 2007


It isn't Voltron because of the release date. A movie like Voltron will need a July 4th release date.

Starkey on Jul 7, 2007


Has anyone noticed when you go to the website there are pictures look @ the times they have on the bottom right corner. I freaked out when I viewed the 12:01 a.m. shot when I focused & came to contact with the eyes of the person towards the right then I clicked on the 12:36 a.m. and in between the the 2 girls on the very top back it appears like there is a demon like figure. Check it out.

Mike Romero on Jul 7, 2007


guys, clearly this is not another Voltron movie, in fact I don't even think the main point of the movie has to do with a giant monster. I think its the end of the in the bible, if you read the last chapter it talks about th end of the world, ending with demons, and all these sorts of terrible things. Thats what i think this is. A revelation movie. Crazy shit happens at the end of the world, like stuff falling from the sky...if you want to do some research Google revelation and see all the stuff that it comes up with, or just read the last chapter of the bible... Think about it, how could a say Godzilla chop the head off of the statue of liberty and then fling it across the city. Something with arms did this. Also, how could a monster make a gigantic explosion and make fireballs rain from the heavens. Think about. Also read what JD has to say its some good stuff he put up their kudos to you JD for a fine job.

Bryan Rivas on Jul 7, 2007


Ethan Haas is an anagram for Satan-ahhe which in Aramaic or Assyrian would be loosely translated into: "brother satan" Tie this together with the other clues that already exist: it is a great war, there is a "lion" mentioned in the trailer. It all points to Revelations, the first beast is a lion after all.

Bryan Rivas on Jul 7, 2007


when you go to the website you can move the pictures around is there a secret?

neiltherealdeal on Jul 7, 2007


read Revelation chapter 18 verse eight, it makes perfect sense. " And so, in a single day she will suffer the pain of sorrow, hunger, and death. FIRE will destroy her dead body because her judge is a powerfull lord God. --- they will weep, when they see the smoke from that fire... read the whole chapter 18, and see that present day Babylon is the US. title of chapter 18, " The fall of babylon( US)" the monster/beast is described on chapter 17 , along with the a women holding something in her hand (statue of liberty) and also describes the city of NYC oh and neil their is no secret to moving them me

Bryan Rivas on Jul 7, 2007


on the website after you figure out the first puzzle there will be 3 stars in the sky if you go to the one on the far right you will find that it is a translation for all the symbols for the second puzzle...there are 26 symbols and below the first and last letters there is an "A" and a "Z" how do you figure it out

neiltherealdeal on Jul 7, 2007


Has anyone figured out the real truth behind Ethan Haas??? If so, post it here: I want to know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlived on Jul 7, 2007


if this is a Revelation/Bible movie, why would they make up a name for a prophet? Ethan Haas? Come on now. One thing that crossed my mind is that it may be a promotional film set to come out on 01-18-08. What I mean is it could be just a film setting up Hype/Storyline for a Bigger production movie. I know Transformers had the a comic/novel realeased before the movie to bring everyone up to speed on what happened before the movie. This may be a short pre-quel for a film. Just a thought

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


We will find out more on August. Nothing we can do now that will help us. 🙁

nospoon on Jul 7, 2007


Check out

Sheila on Jul 7, 2007


what the hell is There are so many sites popping up in the last few days.

Josh on Jul 7, 2007


It's not Godzilla, nor Voltron...this is something much bigger, much older, infinitely more powerful, and more terrifying... Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!! When the stars are right...he will come...

jimboa22 on Jul 8, 2007


This is no Cthulhu.....maybe E.T. part 2.

robert on Jul 8, 2007

29 The real truth is starting to come in to focus..........................

Unlived on Jul 8, 2007


also, when they are telling people to say something about "rob" one girl say "have fun in JAPAN"! could mean something!

james on Jul 8, 2007


I'm really starting to worry about the state of everyone's hearing. It is not LION you idiots. Listen to what he says. "it's alive". Ignorance is bliss these days.

sam on Jul 8, 2007


japan, big speculation of a jj abrams godzilla movie, its alive? my opinion is that it's most likely godzilla. cthulhu..nuh uh.

katie on Jul 8, 2007


revelation epic. the ethan haas was right site has too much of a human standpoint with underground groups to be godzilla...godzilla didn't deal with wars with gods, and neither did voltron.

irene on Jul 8, 2007


Seems like a lot of people are starting to leave their thoughts and speculations at: It's helping me to figure out this mess. One guy even says the pictures move.............

Unlived on Jul 8, 2007


""I'm really starting to worry about the state of everyone's hearing. It is not LION you idiots. Listen to what he says. “it's alive". Ignorance is bliss these days. sam on Jul 8, 2007"" Sam your the idiot...why would they say its alive??????? What's left...its dead? Thats pointless.........He a lion...... When the statue of liberty is rolling...the lion is running in the direction the head came from......meaning it is entering the battle.......not coming towards the the direction the head was rolling... It's Voltron the movie........the creature that u hear in the middle of the city is what the lion is running towards to engage....... Voltron........anyone willing to place a bet?

robert on Jul 8, 2007


I have found one remaining copy of the trailer online at if anyone wants to see it.

Wanderer on Jul 8, 2007


"Sam your the idiot…why would they say its alive??????? What's left…its dead? Thats pointless………He says…it a lion…… When the statue of liberty is rolling…the lion is running in the direction the head came from……meaning it is entering the battle…….not coming towards the the direction the head was rolling… It's Voltron the movie……..the creature that u hear in the middle of the city is what the lion is running towards to engage……. Voltron……..anyone willing to place a bet?" They would say "IT'S ALIVE!" because if you saw something bigger than the statue of liberty moving around (like Cthulhu, who Lovecraft described as being literally as tall as a mountain), wouldn't your first thought be that it's either a statue, a structure, or something man-made? There' no LIONS, you dimwit. It's not Voltron - the stuff they're attaching to this is a mixture of spiritualism and alien sci-fi. This stuff has LOVECRAFT and CTHULHU written all over it - Lovecraft's creatures were described as both aliens and gods. He blended Sci-Fi technology with magic and old world superstition. This movie isn't just a hardcore, straight-up Sci-Fi movie with aliens and robots and whatnot. There's also a distinct, supernatural/spiritual flavor to it. You want to take bets? I'm your huckleberry. It's either Cthulhu or some other creature from Lovecraft's writings. It sure as hell isn't some poorly named Japanese robot, AKA Voltron. By the way, the roaring sound in the trailer doesn't sound ANYTHING like a lion's roar.

jimboa22 on Jul 8, 2007


I pray it's not Godzilla or Voltron. I want something scary.

Nick O. on Jul 8, 2007


I didnt say the roar in the picture was a lions roar....i said it was the creature in the middle of the city. Sweet.....the earth is invaded by undead squid like retarded..... poorly named japanese robot? know nothing.... There's nothing unoriginal or retarded about the story line of voltron and I'm sure that Abrams will make a good flick of it.... jim your such a daisy......(since you wanna be unoriginal and quote ghey movie lines from tombstone..) Blogs are for people to express their ideas on what the movie might be and thats the fun in it...your name callling just shows your repressed childhood. i guess you were playing with gobots when all the other kids had transformers, tranzor-z when the other kids had voltron. here's a tissue...QQ some more.

robert on Jul 8, 2007


Hello Everyone, I noticed at 1:20 - 1:22 if you look in the upper right hand corner you can spot the" creature" or whatever it is flying, causing the explosion on top of the building.

Soren Jacobs on Jul 9, 2007


i was one of the poeple seeing transformers on monday at the special showings...when i saw this i was so dumbfounded i had no idea what i was there to watch....also alot of poeple are talking about what is between the 2 girls in the could be dont kill me...but...i do have to say it kinda looks like it could just be hair blowing aground..seeing how they could be runing from something....anyone else see that?

It Could Be... on Jul 9, 2007


"I didnt say the roar in the picture was a lions roar….i said it was the creature in the middle of the city. Sweet…..the earth is invaded by undead squid like gods… retarded….. poorly named japanese robot? lol….you know nothing…. There's nothing unoriginal or retarded about the story line of voltron and I'm sure that Abrams will make a good flick of it…. jim your such a daisy……(since you wanna be unoriginal and quote ghey movie lines from tombstone..) Blogs are for people to express their ideas on what the movie might be and thats the fun in it…your name callling just shows your repressed childhood. i guess you were playing with gobots when all the other kids had transformers, tranzor-z when the other kids had voltron. here's a tissue…QQ some more." I never played with robot toys. Robots always struck me as the most retarded "heroes" or "creatures" concievable. I was always into dinosaurs - dinosaurs are so much cooler than Transformers, Voltron, or any of your other ripped-off-from-Japanimation robot clones. This Abrams film is OBVIOUSLY a monster film of some sorts - not a freaking robot movie. People mishear ONE line ("It's alive", NOT "it's a lion") and then you have morons like you who get hard over ROBOTS screaming "ZOMG!!! IT'S A VOLTRON MOVIE I'M GONNA CUM!" Pathetic. This film is gonna be about Lovecraft's Old God/Cthulhu mythos and not only will it be cool, it'll also be scary as hell. Because if it's about Cthulhu, then it's not your conventional thiller where A) Monster shows up, B) heros come and kick its ass, and C) everyone lives happily ever after. No, if it's about Cthulhu, it's going to be dark, apocolyptic, and filled with an aura of dread and doom. If Abrams makes a movie based on Lovecraft, there's no gay-ass robot with lion designs coming in to save the day. It's going to be about the END, cause the major theme of Lovecraft's writing was how small and insignificant humanity is and unworthy of being saved, and the inevitability of its total extinction. I think I'm ready for a different kind of movie - one in which we're all screwed, and nothing can stop the destruction. I've looked at all the stuff put out so far, robert. The connections to Lovecraft's Cthulhu are strong, and the connections to Voltron are scant at best - the only thing connecting it to Voltron is a line that deaf idiots misheard and ended up projecting their desires of another idiotic robot romp into. You can cum in your pants at the thought of a Voltron movie all you like. You're only setting yourself up for a massive disappointment.

jimboa22 on Jul 9, 2007


hey Soren Jacobs, its not the monster it the liberty head being thrown at a building!

james on Jul 9, 2007


By the way, you saying Tombstone is gay just proves how massively idiotic you are. Go back to playing with your plastic robot toys, you immature Comic Book Guy...that is, unless of course you haven't bought yourself a life-size Voltron blow-up doll. In that case, you should go hump away at it till you have yourself a geek-gasm.

Jimboa22 on Jul 9, 2007


It's not Godzilla, it's Mozilla And so at last the beast fell and the unbelievers rejoiced. But all was not lost, for from the ash rose a great bird. The bird gazed down upon the unbelievers and cast fire and thunder upon them. For the beast had been reborn with its strength renewed, and the followers of Mammon cowered in horror. from The Book of Mozilla, 7:15

Jeff on Jul 9, 2007


It is a reveleation movie due to the comments of the people on the street and... 01-18-08...the individual digits' sum is 18. And how does 18 evenly divide three times to fit back into the month/day/year spaces? 6-6-6. End of days movie, period.

Jose on Jul 9, 2007


The trailer is on for anyone who hasn't seen it, or wants to see it in better quality.

David on Jul 9, 2007


Though I don't think it's Voltron, there is a Voltron movie coming out next year.

Jeff on Jul 9, 2007


ok, i heard lion too( shun the nonbelievers) & voltron was a good guy , in the future! outside of the 5 lions that conform voltron, i dont think they or him (formed) would mean to overpower n.y.c....c'mon!! perhaps its 1 of 7 beast heads as provoked by the bible ,specifically revelations but i dont think itll go that far ,would be cool to see some c.g.i. interpretation of that though!!...will most likely be a new, off the wall character & will leave us all feeling silly about what we thought it could be!!

Broken on Jul 10, 2007


Not a clue breaking factoid, but the guy who asks about going up to the roof is wearing a "Slusho" t-shirt. I listened to the street guys line over and over...I heard nothing but "It's Alive", I did NOT hear "It's a lion". Can anyone say anything about two identical stickers on the refridgerator? They are small and one is right smack on the upper door hinge. They state "Exit Mystery St." And may possibly state "Exit 96 Mystery St." (can't tell, too small)

Kirk Dunne on Jul 10, 2007


Well....I hope it is not as cheezy as Blaire witch with so many camcorders, hope we dont get motionsickness because the people holding them in the movie dont hold it steady. And I hope that we get a good movie with the entity getting a lot of screen time and hopefully it not as dumb as "Signs". Signs---> We are aliens come to harvest your planet which is 3/4 water but doh! Water is acid to our skin...retreat! retreat!

robert on Jul 10, 2007


JJ Abrams supposedly wrote a letter to claiming to know nothing about the Ethan Haas websites and that the only official website found so far is this one: If Abrams is telling the truth (and not trying to throw us off the scent), then we're back to square one. Taking this into consideration, I think we can still rule out Voltron, because this is a movie told from the perspective of the frightened crowd. You can't do a movie that has a complex background and a singular character from the perspectives of a bunch of frightened onlookers with video cameras. Especially if you want to showcase a lot of special effects and fight scenes - you need a traditional movie to do that. Also, a Voltron movie is already in the works, and it's being done by a different studio than Paramount. So, we can definently rule out Voltron. You CAN, however, do the camcorder thing with a regular monster movie, because in a way, monster movies are best done when you tell the story from a frightened civilian's perspective, who has no idea what's going on. It's more intense and scary that way. So, out of the possibilities we debated over, we're left with 3 viable possibilities: 1. It's a Godzilla remake. I think this one isn't likely, seeing as Abrams is most likely wanting to make something no one's done before, so he can put his own mark on it. If he makes another Godzilla movie, his movie will be remembered merely as the most recent addition to a long, long line of Godzilla movies. So I think that although Godzilla is still a possibility, it's not very likely. 2. It's a Cthulhu movie. Not enough info has been released to say one way or another if it's about Cthulhu. So I can no longer confidently say it's a Lovecraft adaptation. 3. It's something entirely original. I think this is the most likely possibility - we're going to be looking at something completely new, which gives Abrams and his crew a significant amount of freedom as to what they want to put in or leave out. All said, I think this is probably an original film, not an adaptation of any particular movie, book, cartoon, etc. So, all bets are off. It'll be interesting to see how it unfolds.

jimboa22 on Jul 10, 2007


Oh, there is only one thing I am curious about - if the Ethan Haas stuff has nothing to do with Abram's "Cloverfield" movie, then why has Paramount shut down all youtube videos of the Ethan Haas website content, claiming copyright violations? Like I said, another possibility is that Abrams just sent that letter to to fuck with everyone and throw them off the scent. Or maybe it's something else...interesting developments.

jimboa22 on Jul 10, 2007


I think it might be beast wars....well, i'm hoping anyway.

Brett Robertson on Jul 10, 2007


its Terminator 4 . . . . haha imagine ?

r on Jul 10, 2007


Actually something hit me, after readins AICN and the Abrams letter. He said the Haas stuff was not their's (By their's, I'm thinking his production company). He said nothing about it being or not being a Paramount promotion or having nothing to do with the movie. Maybe a red herring? (And I have to say: 1) There are two different girls in the picture 2) "It's Alive" no N (watch the trailer on, audio is better) 3) I'm so excited about this damn movie and I don't even know what the frack it is!)

SpankMD on Jul 10, 2007


maybe that mysterious Rabbits foot that they never say anything about in MI3 has something to do with it ? After all they said it was the key to some kinda doomsday device : / , all i know is there doing a great job keeping it a secret !

bb on Jul 10, 2007


Could be an additional Chapter of War of the Worlds ?

bello on Jul 10, 2007


Maybe an additional H. G. Wells story? This one being "A Shape Of Things To Come" of which the 1936 film version had to do with a Second World War lasting 100 years. Most likely not roaring monsters in any of those stories.... Here's my only other guess (other than godzilla, Cthulu etc)......It's an entirely NEW monster which we have never seen before in a movie. (maybe not even read about). Just NEW.

Kirk Dunne on Jul 10, 2007


Couple of things... Does anyone else find it a bit curious that the temperature is 63 degrees at 12:32 AM on January 18th in NYC. I'm a New Yorker and that's a smidge warm for these parts at that time of the year. Also... Channel 1, 12:32 AM, 63 degrees... 1+12+32+63=108 there's that number again 🙂 BTW, I heard "I saw it, it's alive, and it's huge" I could be wrong of course. But the "alive" comment could be to indicate that it wasn't an asteroid/bomb/airplane... especially in NYC.

joustingdude on Jul 10, 2007


could be Gigantis the Fire Monster, why there being so confidential ? cant wait till opening night when everyone goes lets see that movie without a name !

ty on Jul 10, 2007


It's the movie TRENT REZNOR was thinking about while he was writing the music for NIN's "Year Zero" album.

Mike on Jul 10, 2007


Its the JESUS!!!! coming to safe us!

Harry Potter on Jul 11, 2007


“…war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the stars rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels but to the End and the destruction of Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape. " If anyone is familiar with H.P. Lovecraft and associated "lovecraftian" author August Derleth, the "elemental nor from the stars rain of fire" should really stand out at you. Derleth mixed the amoral views of Lovecraft's stories with a good vs. evil moral taint, if you will. According to Derleth, the Great Old Ones were associated with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, because the entities involved are immortal and primordial and operate under a different set of physics. Opposing them were elder gods, beings of morals and laws. In Lovecraft's stories one can find instances where the earth was reshaped at the whims of the Great Old Ones and their servants. I *really* hope this is a Lovecraftian movie where mankind is really at the mercy of powers it cannot fathom or oppose.

HarleyDude on Jul 11, 2007


Not sure if anyone else has picked up on this, but Ethan Haas is definitely associated... 1)There is a number ABZ3293 where in a blog states it is a license plate number for a NY state license plate and there is an item or "a family heirloom" the person who owns this SUV aquires. 2)Now go to the trailer and at 1:35 you can clearly see an SUV with the license plate, which reads ABZ 3293. There may be more to it, but it confirms the ethan haas theory!

Meaty on Jul 11, 2007


I really don't understand why don't you see the relation, the movie it's a remake of a korean one, called "the host" (see the relation, parasite-host), which is a really great movie (go to the magnolia theatres once in a while, and watch foreing flicks, you'll find a lot of cool ones) and the plot it's also good, although the monster not so much, budget thing, watch this movie and all it's gone make sense. Anyways, I can't wait to this "cloverfield", and don't get me wrong, the remake of the japanese "the ring", I fount it much more frightening than the original.

izzy on Jul 11, 2007


I've seen that theory kicked around izzy. I highly doubt that's what Abrams is up to. Like I've said before, he's most likely going to try to do something no one has done before. Abrams strikes me as a grand schemer and planner, and someone who takes pride in creativity. I don't think he's the type to do a remake, certainly not a remake and hold this much secrecy about it. Especially not when the original was released only last year. The host didn't pull in huge numbers in the U.S., but it pulled in enough attention. No, I think Abrams is trying to make a movie about something that there's never been a major motion picture about before.

jimboa22 on Jul 11, 2007


1-18-08: Check Revelation 18:08 on the Bible- all about Babylon's fall (NYC maybe) talks about a beast, fire coming down on people. On the pic on the website the time is 12:01 and 12:36 - if you read from Revelations 12:1 to 14:1 which makes 36 verses (since chapter 12 goes only up to 17 i think and 13 goes only up to verse 18) it talks about a lady with the sun on her head and a crown (statue of liberty head fallin on top of people) plus it talks a bout a monster with the face of a lion (" its a lion, its huge") If it's not Revelations then what is it?

mike on Jul 12, 2007


For the last time, the guy says, "I saw it, it's ALIVE, it's huge!" He does NOT say "it's a lion," nor does the roaring sound anything like a lion. It's not about Revelation - it's a monster movie. Huge creature comes and destroys NYC and possibly other cities too. Maybe Cthulhu, maybe not. But it's not about revelation.

jimboa22 on Jul 12, 2007


Funny thing is that there is a monster in Revelations, and even if he does say it's alive, Revelation says that there's a birth. But i also thought it was "it's alive" but since my last view it did sound like "it's a lion". And yeh, way to support your statements there

Mike on Jul 12, 2007


If it was Voltron then it wouldn't be listed here and there would be no point to the big secret. Also "Producer Mark Gordon ("The Day After Tomorrow") is developing a big-budget feature based on the 1980s giant robot kids TV series and toy sensation. Reuters notes Voltron is "formed by five smaller robots" -- unclear if they mean Lion Force or Vehicle Voltron. " So 1-18-08 is NOT Voltron.

Xyne on Jul 12, 2007


If you anagram Cloverfield you can get Revel and Dolci. Carlos Dolci was a painter from France. According to wikipedia "Dolci was notoriously pious; it is said that during Passion week every year, he painted a half-figure of the Saviour. His masterpieces are about sacred themes, where the protagonist is often highly emotive, somewhat over-wrought." It seems that the bible is a reocurring theme here...

Dude on Jul 12, 2007


Carlo Dolci died 1-17 of 1686. I don't kknow if it has anything crazy to do with it but 1+6+8+6 = 21 or 7+7+7

Mike on Jul 12, 2007


I don't know much about the Abrams project, but it sounds very over hyped. I imagine that since the project is primarily on hand held cameras, they only footed 30 mil for the pic, and we have no clue on what the monster is, there is a good possibility that they will never show the creature at all. I'm sure that it will be a very interesting piece of entertainment, but that's about all.

fides12033 on Jul 12, 2007

75 youll find 1-18-08 trailer there

neiltherealdeal on Jul 12, 2007


neiltherealdeal on Jul 12, 2007


It not godzilla....Toho...was pissed about the american version of godzilla called "zilla"...There was soposed to be a part 2 to godzilla....btu toho pulled the rights. In godzilla final wars....the REAL godzilla kills "zilla" in a battle....thats how much they disliked the new american godzilla. besides its not godzilla's roar. Why would voltron...tear of the head of the statue of liberty? It been reported to have only a 30million budget. No way they could do a voltron movie...for 30million.

Andrew on Jul 12, 2007


There's already a recently-made Cthulhu movie: It's doubtful that Abrams would make a movie that's already been made.

Jared on Jul 12, 2007


my daughter and I both had the same thought when watching the trailer together - what if the monster on "Lost" was released when the survivors failed to enter the numbers into the underground computer? did it escape? if so, where did it go? and, wasn't the doctor for the Others named Ethan? and, didn't he have some sort of prophetic insights into what would happen to those around him? just something to think about...

bob_tomato on Jul 13, 2007


somebody has made but i don't know if it has anything to do with the movie check it out. it's weird with a lot of weird sayings.

Mike on Jul 13, 2007


Um in response to comment number 90: Did you even watch the third season of LOST!!! The Hatch Blew up when they failed to imput the numbers and the "Smoke Monster" was still on the island all season! So It Has nothing to do with LOST. Either way this movie is going to be awsome.

Leto on Jul 13, 2007


It ain't no smoke monster and it does not have a tie in to Alias....... according to our posters it may be the unnamed evil that lives in the hearts of men....... I am working on solving this mystery for the benefit of all man and womankind...... we are on to something

unlived on Jul 13, 2007


Hello. My name is David Dychko. As we all have dissected the trailer 1-18-08 bit by bit, you'll notice there's a lot of Japan references throughout: * The party is for Rob leaving for Japan * Sushi * Japanese art work and statues * Even a letter written in Japanese on the refrigerator * Even the "viral" site is Japanese with the quote "You can't drink just six". Where am I going with this? 1. Well on the "6th" of August 1945, the nuclear weapon "Little Boy" was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. 2. Romans 1:18. It says the following: "God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness" Note: If Man messes with nature (nuclear bomb, pollution, etc.), monsters are born. 3. This history of "Slusho" says that drink was “discovered” by Noriko Yoashida whose nickname was Little “Whale”. She was known throughout the town as a great “scientist that did remarkable things with water” but later “disappeared while on the ocean”. Her son picked up the business and found an ingredients in it’s near “frozen-state” to preserve its freshness. Does the three things ring a bell for any of you monster fans? ----- ----->They all point to the movie Godzilla (1954). ---- Now before you blast my post, here me out. * Godzilla 1954 was about a dinosaur who woke from his “frozen state” at the bottom of the “ocean” from a “nuclear bomb” off from the coast of “Japan”. In the movie, a fishing “boat goes missing” off the coast. There was a “water scientist” who created the Oxygen Destroyer, a weapon that removed oxygen from water. It was used to kill Godzilla later in the movie. * Gojira, his Japanese name, is a combination of the words “Whale” and Gorilla. Side note: Godzilla was originally conceived to be a Squid before one of the producer said make him a dinosaur. * Sony doesn’t own the rights to Godzilla anymore since they didn’t fulfill the contract agreement of making any movie after the 98 debacle. * There have been talks and actual production of a CGI Godzilla movie for 2 years now. It was scheduled to be released in IMAX theaters but has faded away. Could JJ.Abrams bought the rights and put him in this movie? I, for one, would love to see this happen because Godzilla (1954) was a horror film anf that's what I feel this movie, 1-18-08, direction is. Godzilla was a walking nuclear bomb, and inflected fear and hard reminder to the horrors of the Hiroshima bomb. I hope I’m right on this. J.J?

zillagawd on Jul 13, 2007


It's based off of Polaris short introductory to H.P. Lovecrafts Pnekamtic Manuscripts. The monster is the Cthulhu.

Keithist on Jul 14, 2007


For one, I am DEFINITELY hearing "It's alive, it's huge!" when I watch that trailer. It's pretty obvious, I think. Also, not many people noticed comment 73 but the license plate number does indeed match the SUV's number in the trailer. Lastly, comment 57 is right. The guy asking about going on the roof is DEFINITELY wearing a Slusho shirt. A couple weird connections. I'm gonna go through the trailer frame by frame and see what's going on. I'll be posting back shortly.

Jeff on Jul 15, 2007


Pause it at the part where they are all in the streets and people are screaming and then he looks towards the crowd the girl says something the guy turns the camera back toward the city and theres a roar and look under the lamp post you can make out eyes and teeth here if you are watching the trailer on this site be ready to hit the pause button thought its a quick scene

Ryan on Jul 15, 2007


@Ryan - I'm watching the 1080p HD trailer and I don't see any eyes or teeth anywhere. The distance from which the car is being hurled suggests that the creature is farther way that would be visible anyways. RE: "lion" vs. "alive" - Maybe New Yorkers will be able to discern the guy's accent better, but to me it sounds like it could be either word. If this is a Godzilla movie, let's hope it's a radical retelling/reinvention of the story and not the kind of movie that the Wallflowers do a song for.

Jared on Jul 15, 2007


New Stars available on the game..... More info at:

Unlived on Jul 15, 2007


I thought it might have something to do with Lost too, which would be very convenient about a month before the new season starts and all of this hunting for clues reminds me so much of the Lost Experience. I'm not going to get crazed and argue that I'm right, but the actual trailer reminds me of The Watchmen, which has been said over and over again to be partial inspiration for Lost. With a lot of talk being generated about a Watchmen movie being made, I think Abrams might want to pre-emptively strike with his own (very quickly made) movie to save his vision for the overall Lost universe, which could be diminished somewhat if The Watchmen comes out before the final season, which it should. I'm not going to go into what about the trailer is similar to The Watchmen for those who have never read it, but I can see how this movie could be a Lost-related movie to get the event out there before it shows up in The Watchmen movie first. Sorry if that is rambling...

Another Matt on Jul 16, 2007


I was just thinking of a book I read recently called 'The Taking'. It's written by Dean Koontz, and it's essentially about the purging of the bad people on earth and those that survive on account of their inherent goodness. Excellent read, and presents the entire thing as something that would be percieved as an alien invasion of some sort. I recommend the read, and I also encourage someone out there to make this into a presentable screenplay.

Brett Robertson on Jul 16, 2007


The official website has a new picture that looks like a copy of people leaving lower Manhattan during 9-11.

Bryan on Jul 16, 2007


I found this on Could be helpful, I am not sure if some one else has already posted this info, if this is a repeat sorry, if not then cool! Enjoy! "It was posted on the Wiki Discussion area and I took a look at it. 9NEWS Entertainment Reporter Kirk Montgomery learned exclusively on Friday from a secret source, who is on the set of the film every day That: * The project is known by the code name Cloverfield, but that is not the real title. * The source says 50 percent of the $30 million budget for the film is devoted to special effects. * That it is not a sequel or a remake (which precludes King Kong or Godzilla). It is not Voltron or "Lost"-related. * Entire film will be presented through a handheld video camera, as in the style of the trailer. * All of the actors involved had not seen scripts when they signed on for the project and are under strict legal gag-orders not to discuss any aspect of the film. * Japanese-style Web site,, has lots of clues yet undiscovered by the rabid fans who have been scouring the Internet for hints. * Biggest clue of the trailer is in the line: "I saw it, It's ALIVE, it's huge." (Now that kills the Lion Rumor) * The sound the "creature" makes is another big clue. * He says the creature is an organic, living thing. (Means its not Voltron or mechanical)"

Ang on Jul 16, 2007


Nice try. is a link farm with none of the info you posted.

Jimmy James on Jul 16, 2007


Well, I can't describe how excited I am about this movie. I really don't care what it's going to be but I do hope it's not Voltron, even thought there's a scary feeling about the trailer so I don't think it's about robots. Cthullu would be great too but why the clues? There's just too many clues relating to numbers, masonry, etc. The apocalypse theory would be great but anyone mature enough knows that the bible prophecies to the end times are not to be taken literally, which means that having 3 beasts attacking NYC would be too risky for JJ's career. Truth is : Who knows? It could also be something totally new!!! So let's cross our fingers and wait. Before I go : They say "It's a lion!" and also, Jesus came first as the lamb of God but will return as the LION of the tribe of Judah to JUDGE the nations and destroy the spiritual babylon. Good luck JJ !!!!!

Leo on Jul 16, 2007


For the last time... IT'S NOT A FREAKING LION! THE GUY SAYS IT'S ALIVE, NOT A LION! Good God, when will people stop blasting their ear drums out with loud music and clean their ears out? Then MAYBE they will be able to hear properly!

jimboa22 on Jul 17, 2007


QQ more......................... it's a lion......

robert on Jul 17, 2007


Sorry Jimmi James, but when I google it it comes up with that url and goes to the site, but when I click the link from here it does go to that link farm you spoke of...don't need to be rude, just try goggling it to see if it will work from there and check it out. I found that info on the Forums page of the site! I copied the link right from the site this time, maybe it will work.....

Ang on Jul 17, 2007


Robert, we already know how retarded you are. Go ahead and keep dreaming visions of robots and voltron and whatever else you've harbored since your childhood, but it's not a freaking lion. I can't wait to hear your crying and moaning when you find out that it's not about your beloved robot pal. "I SAW IT, IT'S ALIVE, IT'S HUGE!" Anyone with a pair of ears that WORK knows that's what the guy said. Can we please stop this idiocy about giant lions now?

jimboa22 on Jul 17, 2007


@Ang - you misspelled the URL the first time. And unless JJ Abrams is lying, Ethan Haas has nothing to do with Cloverfield. People are jumping the gun on that connection and registering domains with no clue as to what they're doing. I suspect is nothing more than that. And, once again, a Cthulhu movie HAS ALREADY JUST BEEN MADE: Why would they make another one within 6 months? Makes no sense.

Jimmy James on Jul 17, 2007


Well another mythical creature would be a Manticore, half-lion and half-scorpion as it also flies ans blows fire, it is also half-dragon because of its wings. Much like a Wyvern.

Zelbert on Jul 17, 2007


The lead singer of Yellowcard is the behind the bar at the party at 0:38. I googled it and its posted he is in the movie...does anyone know anything about this band? Might have something to do with it...i dont know!

Meaty on Jul 17, 2007


try this: Furankenshutain no kaijû: Sanda tai Gaira

r3y35 on Jul 17, 2007


check out both the 1965 and 1966 versions

r3y35 on Jul 17, 2007


Ok...first and a friend of mine have been going over this piece by piece I dont know how many comments I have read. How many links I have checked out. I simply just have a couple questions right now. 1. At about 44 secs after the first roar...a guy asks what was that noise...a girls replys it sounds like..." " What does she say...I myself can make it a way its sounds like Emu but I dont know 2. At what point does the trailer show the License Plate that everyone talks about...I have watched the trailer frame by frame and alot of things I dont see that poeple say they do. 3. At time 1:12 - 1:13 against the Graffiti wall one of the fire balls light up a part that says 2004 ACE I dont know if that has anything to do with anything but in this case who knows. Ok now just a few statements 1. Sorry to say to those out there...but he does say. "Its Alive, Its Huge" However if its all the way where the Staute of Liberty is he the only one who saw it...he came running out of the building others were on the roof...they would have seen if first right? Idk 2. This movie is going to be awesome lol...though I cant wait till August 1st to see what that one game has anything to do with. Anyone who doesnt know the code you get at the end of the game is DIVINUS which is laten for Divine or Sacred. Though im sure you can get that from the word

ANewTorment on Jul 17, 2007


Ok last post. (For Now) Again me and my friend..staying up late hours of the night trying to make sense of everything. So manythings point this movie as a biblical/giant monster attack movie. Many things still point to remakes of Godzilla and Voltron...though I dont beleive either. On a note that my friend and I found...Ethan Haas...supposedlly conneted to "Cloverfeild" is connected to a game called "Alpha and Omega" While searching about the movie we have found things possibly resulting in marketing for a game. Though possible that Ethan Haas has nothing to do with "Cloverfield" and vise versa...there is still info that can connect the two. In my own opinion I believe the game and movie could quite possibly be connected. No concrete evidence...but nothing has ever stopped a game and movie coming out of the same thing...or maybe two variations of the same story...Idk help us figure this out too.

ANewTorment on Jul 17, 2007


My opinions : It's NOT Godzilla or Gamera. It's NOT Voltron. It's NOT Bible prophecy. It would be awesome if it was!!!! It's NOT Power Rangers, Pokemon or Ghostbusters (as some suggested). It's NOT Cthulhu. It's a monster movie with a mix of weird prophecies, something original. By the way : The say, it's ALIVE. I change my opinion on that one. (see post 108)

Leo on Jul 18, 2007


Lol its definatly ALIVE. And I don't see the links between Ethan Haas and 1-18-08 (even though i still did the puzzles and got to the end). I think that the site needs to be examined hardcore, because I think there's more to it than what I read.

Maxx on Jul 18, 2007


what are the connections between ethan haas and cloverfield?

neiltherealdeal on Jul 18, 2007


History at is interesting.

The Militant AV Guy on Jul 18, 2007


Alot of the links I have seen or read about arent concrete connections. Example...the License Plate...which I have yet to see. Links the sites of Ethan Haas with the trailer. Another example is the professer from "Lost" named Ethan..who dont quote me..I have never seen lost...but supposedly can see the future somehow....which is also was this Ethan Haas can supposedly do. So no concrete connection...the only way we will know more about that is August 1st...but I still stand with the possibility of the game and movie being connected

Anewtorment on Jul 18, 2007


I was watching the vid again.....I dunno if anyone will agree with me..but after he Todd says "i'm your dude" or whatever"..the camera pans around and you hear a noise.....not a roar. Then later when they ar eon the hear another actual roar.....different sounding.... Could their be 2 monsters? Also I just had this random thought....Toho in its vault....had 2 monsters they never used in in godzilla flick or any other toho production. One was called Bagan...which acording to rumers was 2.5 times taller than godzilla. Rumer had it they wanted to use him in several movies....but descided not to for some reasons...... Not sure about the last part about bagan.....but I know I heard to types of "roars" one of which sounded more of a pain roar(somthing being attacked)..the other a trimph roar( somthing kicking somthing eleses ass). There's no miltary in the air....why would their be an explosion?....unless.....somthing is fighting?

andrew on Jul 18, 2007


hello your thoughts and beliefs of this movie are incorrect.. i believe you will be shocked and amazed at what your brain will try to comprehend in January --- JJ

MOVIE MAKER on Jul 18, 2007


The guy at the end is a stoner in the teen movie can't hardly wait. Checked his IMDB site but it lists nothing new....also checked anagrams for the cloverfield and "we'll miss you rob"

PMC on Jul 18, 2007


I have figured out the plot of the MOVIE!!!! I have done research and have concluded that this movie is concerning and is about GLOBAL WARMING!! Here are my key reasons to prove this theory -- In the trailer for the movie when they all gather around to watch the news in the bottom left of the screen on the t.v. it says that it is 63 degrees Fahrenheit outside. How can it be 63 degrees outside in the middle of January at midnight in New York?? According to New York's average temperature during the month of January is from 26 degrees Fahrenheit to 39 degrees Fahrenheit! This severe temperature change is in direct result of Global Warming. -- There are also simple signs in the trailer that indicate that the human race has not entirely provoked this problem (global warming) but they have not made significant advancements to try and stop its movement. The massive explosion and the electricity going out are all signs that represent the final realization and shock of the growing problem and how only something of this magnitude (a deadly explosion) could finally make the people of New York and the country realize the true effect of global warming. -- I also found some astonishing sound bites just released that said and I quote, "our ways have brought this upon ourselves and this is just the beginning." "We are blinded by our own selfishness, our wars are taking the lives of those we will need in the bigger battle ahead." "Intolerance, poverty, and poor education are killing those that could help defend the world." In conclusion I believe that this movie will show the causes and mainly the devastating consequences of Global Warming.

Scott on Jul 19, 2007


Global Warming? I think you missed "The Day After Tomorrow." Global Warming doesn't cause buildings to blow up or sea monsters to come out of the ocean and destroy New York City. Nice try though.

jimboa22 on Jul 19, 2007


Not that I agree at all with Comment 131, but this is toward comment one has actually SEEN a giant "SEA" could have come from the inside of the earth or flown in from someplace...doesn't have to come from the sea like Godzilla. -JD

JayBear on Jul 19, 2007


Just cause the movie come out in Janurary....doesnt' mean the movie is in Janurary. Yes its 63 at night.....but it could be July Aug, whatever. Doubt it's global warming.....I didn't see Al Gore anywhere in trailer lol

andrew on Jul 19, 2007


Hey ya'll. I have been double-checking this whole "lion" thing, and firstly, who would see a flick with a giant lion?(Unless of course, someone had the balls to make Rampage: The Movie) Pretty lame. The guy clearly says, "It's alive and it's huge!!" I for one hope we don't see the monster at all in the movie, but maybe in glimpses. It's something JJ Abrams would do, and very well.

Bozilla on Jul 20, 2007


Towards comment 134..the movie is done with camcorders..on the official site the time and date are in the corner of the still shots just like a regular camcorder..basically stating that IS the time and the date of the incident in the movie. -JD

JayBear on Jul 20, 2007


Oh, thanks for clearing that whole "1-18-08 is the day it takes place and the release" thing up JD considering there's a whole fucking paragraph at #135 clearing that up for the other retard. What, am I the only person who reads other people's posts?

Keithist on Jul 20, 2007


hey there...not sure if you all have seen it, but there's a new picture on the page...1:24 a.m.

alejandra on Jul 20, 2007


hey, besides the whole mass confusion on the plot do you think this movie might be in "real-time" where it doesnt skip around its like the show "24" any thoughts?

neiltherealdeal on Jul 20, 2007


Hey guys! New picture on the site!!!! What about this one?

Leo on Jul 21, 2007


Hey... Look at u all...What a laugh... First of all the movie wont be released before time even if you know what it is..So watch the trailer (thinking: "what a f*cking great spot!! Its a must see!!!" and WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO BE RELEASED!!! And second, i dont think it's a monster-remake, like stated in past posts, it a huge risk for a director. If he made Lost, and then f*cks up his rep and name with a monster/remake b-movie..And defently not a LION-Movie!!???!?! WFT?!?!..I wouldn't do that...!!!

Denmark on Jul 21, 2007


By the way.. according to TOHO (The owner of the Godzilla, and all related) they retired Godzilla until 2013. And it's Sony that own the movie rights... So no Godzilla... And Cthullu, or whats-its-name... Dont think so.. another to great risk....

Denmark on Jul 21, 2007


okay im tired of people arguing about if the monster is a lion or not, why would the guy say its alive when clearly its attacking. its pointless saying that so obvisoly he is saying it a lion.

steve on Jul 21, 2007


He would say it's alive because people say stupidly obvious things when they're in a state of shock and awe. Secondly, if you see explosions, the first thing you're going to think is that it's a bomb, and planes are bombing you, etc. So him saying "It's alive!" is to tell other people it's a MONSTER attacking, not an army or a machine. This lion theory is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life, and I have heard many stupid things. A monster movie about a giant...lion? LOL. Yeah, that'll get GREAT reviews and won't be a source of comedy and mockery AT ALL! That'll DEFINENTLY live up to all the secrecy and hype! If you're still one of the dorks with a robot fetish still harboring hopes about a Voltron movie, that's being done by another studio and it'll get a lot bigger budget than the shoe-string budget Abrams peddled this movie off for. For get it through your steel-plated skulls: THIS IS NOT ABOUT VOLTRON, LIONS, OR ANY OTHER ROBOT OR LION-RELATED TOPIC! The idiocy in these people is astounding, it really is.

jimboa22 on Jul 21, 2007


reply #144 Then it would be pointless to say "it's huge" to then, when apparently everybody can see it's huge.. Movie "quotes" are allowed to be pointless...

Denmark on Jul 21, 2007


It's alive its huge = my nuts + Jimboa22 chin

Robert on Jul 21, 2007


It's been dead though Robert.... haha

Denmark on Jul 21, 2007


I havent tried it yet though I dont have a mic to do it...someone said something about the roars sounding like words possibly..I thought y not record them and slow them down and things like that? Just a possible thought

Anewtorment on Jul 21, 2007


The first noise that happens causing the earthquake is a voice, speed it up and reverse it.

Keithist on Jul 21, 2007


what does it say?

robert on Jul 21, 2007


If your l33t and understand that numbers can make words...the you will realize that 11808 Spelled backwards is Bobii which is the evil robot hell bent on destruction..

robert on Jul 21, 2007


Revelations : Prologue: 1 Chapter: 18 Verse:08 Therefore her plagues will come all at once. Death and mourning and famine She shall be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who condems her this is in reference to the fall of new babylon......which many scholars believe to be NY

robert on Jul 21, 2007

136 reference to her..................the statue of liberty is this female...representing the sin of our age? would be badass to see end of times in camcorder....from peoples prespective...

robert on Jul 21, 2007



Scholar and Prophet on Jul 21, 2007


Hello everybody! My third post here. I checked some info on Clover and it's easy to find out what kinda of animal likes to feed on them.....Moths. Different species of moths. Please, somebody tell me it's not Mothra and Godzilla, please. Now, about the moan/roar. JJ Abrams already said that there are clues in it. Did somebody find out what the moan is????? Or the roar????? Second : He said we haven't found the websites that ARE linked to it. Whate are these besides : the one with the license plate. Let's gather what we have found out for sure and start analysing it. Speculation is not gonna help us crack this down and I guess we all want to find out more about this movie. It's been fun already!

Leo Silence on Jul 21, 2007


Hi guys. Sorry for the double post. I forgot to mention that Mothra is listed on wikipedia as a type of Lepidoptera which feeds on clovers....

Leo Silence on Jul 22, 2007


the license plate site i dont think it related to the movie do uhave any proof??? where is jason i is also so u shoudl be sayin they are with out proof. the definitly look fake tho

nick on Jul 23, 2007


TO COMMENT 159 I'm just an idiot starting shit.

Scholar and Prophet on Jul 23, 2007


Well, I'm feeling that the hype is almost over. All the websites that WERE talking about Cloverfield are frozen and dead. I guess that it's time for a new big clue or something or else ppl wil lose interest in this "game" of investigation. I'm still on it and checking this site here everyday...Hope somebody analise the monster sound on the trailer.

Leo Silence on Jul 23, 2007


Leo, I have a feeling something big will hit at Comic-Con on Thursday morning at the Paramount Panel with JJ Abrams... That'll fire people's interest right back up. I've got a feeling besides just the title it might be something that'll get people really talking again. It's all about structured marketing... they just need to keep building slowly off and on until early January!

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2007


This is a undercover vid of the movie being filmed!

Bigtone on Jul 24, 2007


It's impossible to remain this suspense and interest for six months. I think this film will be released before 1.18.08, maybe in august.

Just looking on Jul 23, 2007


Maybe the date is not day.month.year, 18.08: August 18???

Just looking on Jul 24, 2007


japs just release the movie parasite to dvd.. remake of it named the host makes sense.

robert on Jul 24, 2007


to 163 : Hey Alex, I hope you're right. I'ts time for them to fire up things again. I do believe it's possible to keep interest until january if they play the cards right and give us a little more. Right now those pics on the site don't reveal much. The website with the license plate is bogus and slusho hints us giant creature from the ocean. Nothing is certain. But I looove these games and I'll keep holding on.

Leo on Jul 24, 2007


losing interest....hope they give a clue soon.

rp on Jul 26, 2007


watch for 'the spotlight'

snappykappy on Jul 26, 2007


My god no one here seems to be able to use their eyes and ears.. if this was a friggin voltron movie then why oh why is he destroying the city? there is no reference to lions in the trailer at all. Use your imaginations but dont be bloody daft. This is gonna be some blair witch type affair with them huddled in a building like in Spielbergs War of the Worlds where cruise and his daughter are in the basement.. they get to look outside as it passes but never actually see it. This type of thing has been done before and its efffectivness has worn off. Im eager to see how they portray the people running for their lives from 'the parasite' (obviously this is somesort of alien creature.. maybe even like the blob who knows). Oh and for gods sake that guy who thinks this film is about the end of the world and frickin angels and demons blah blah, get off your evangelical high horse and get real. This film will have great appeal but i reckon we can all envisage how its gonna pan out.

Kris on Jul 27, 2007


did you guys know you could flip the pictures over...just click and shake the pic

meaty on Jul 27, 2007


New picture added to 12:04 AM

Just Looking on Jul 27, 2007


i think its a creature from bible. 7 heads 10 horns

db on Jul 28, 2007


ENGLAND CALLING... New York city destroyed again.... when will Hollywood do something original?!!! But saying that im still interested as much as everyone else as to what is the cause of the destruction! What the devil is Voltron anyway, never got it in the UK. Transformers has only just been released here so we are a little bit behind you chaps. By the way, am i the first to mention the London City version...

Flames76 on Jul 28, 2007


I think all J.J. Abrams is doing is trying to get us into the movie, almost as one of the characters. He is putting us in the shoes of the protagonist. We find a video tape (ie. trailer) and see the story unfold from a video camera. Then we find pictures( about the people on the camera to try and understand what happened that night. I dont think we are ever going to know until we see the movie.

B on Jul 28, 2007


poster 176 had BY FAR, the most intelligent response to all of this madness. yea, it's fun to watch it unfold, but lets not destroy it. you crazy LOST fans are at it again, eh? slow your roll.

annieeee on Jul 28, 2007


they have messeges on the back of the pictures hen you shake them w/ the mouse.. -jd

jaybear on Jul 28, 2007


only the pictures of the party have a message on them and they say good luck pretty much. i think the back of the pictures are kinda pointless unless there is a secret in those messages or something. thats my opinion

steve on Jul 28, 2007


no there not pointless..when you google the name jamie lascano which can be found on the back of one it comes up with a myspace page with regular pictures of the same girl on the pointless I think not.. -JD

jaybear on Jul 28, 2007


Okay so I was reading rob hawkins blog who is a friend of jamie lascano and he writes that he needs to "buy a video camera" the people all look like the people from the film clips... when you look at rob's pictures beth makes a comment about how he is always wearing his favorite shirt which says "augie" for rob's first comment beth writes "Hey Hon! I'm posting your first comment before anyone else gets the chance. I have another lateral riddle for you: The lights go out, the man cries. What happened?" rob replied in a blog "I heard this one. There was a power outage and his wife was on life support. Right? " Lendia is DEF the girl from the picture of the two girls!! her name is marlena diamond.. Beths name is Beth Mcintrye.. maybe Brien McMahon High is important.. idk if any of this is connected I'm just bored and my 6 week old is silent for the moment being.. lil is lily ford...and her boyfriend is hawk who is brother to rob... hawk's name is j.j. hawkins.. in hawk's journal he talks about drinking "slusho" ha ha.. btw hawk's blog about the squirrel is kinda of funny and sad... Hud is hudson platt like in the picture... okay I'm gonna sit here and read it all cause there is alot of -JD

jaybear on Jul 28, 2007


Okay I'm gonna organize this.. Jamie Lascano.. -Girl from the latest picture.. -in her survey she wrote "What was the last text message you received? This foreboding tale from Linds: "Evil abounds, Demon-Born. Eat two sandwiches." Rob Hawkins.. -beth makes his first comment..its a little confusing..he responds on hers.. -he blogs "I need to buy a video camera" Beth Mcintyre... -Rob writes back his answer to her question in his first comment..still doesn't make sense.. -in her blog she writes 10 things in her take offense to the north jersey girl Hudson Platt... -I refuse to give in to this Whole lion thing..but hudson writes "I enjoy large jungle cats" -in his first blog he currently watching thundercats volume 1. Lily Ford... - her boyfriend is hawk who is rob's brother jason.. jason hawkins... -he's drinking slusho in his blog.. -his favorite shirt says augie.. marlena diamond... -nothing i noticed on her pg.. hmmm..okay im done now.. -jd

jaybear on Jul 28, 2007

163 pic of the poster for movie...

andrew on Jul 28, 2007


So now that Comic-Con was kind of a bust, not really getting alot of info though we did get some like that its an original film and not a remake of Voltron or Cthulula (Not sure if spelled right). So we have a poster and Abrams said we will get far as that goes what speculations you guys think this monster could be? Based on the new poster...I want to say something "Snake-ish" I know some people before had said something. However I dont think a giant snake...thats over used, but I think something like a snake. I dont know really. The reason I say "snake-ish" is because of the see the statue of liberty with New York in the back ground...looking pretty damaged. The water is moved like something got out go from the statue to the city. And if you look closely at the city its like its a giant hole...reminds me of something from DBZ where they use the Kamehameha Blast and it just leaved this cresent like hole through the land. The city looks like something either just smashed through it leaving that...kinda like a giant snake would...or blasted its way through...either or work for me...I think blasted it way through would be cooler...but a giant snake like monster going down Main street would be pretty intense too

Anewtorment on Jul 29, 2007


I'd hope it doesnt look identical to godzilla..but I'd love to see some kind of sea monster that was reptilian..but not a snake...and I hope it's not like some kind of squid/octopus that could dwell on land..most sea monsters in old films did look like giant dragon snakes, but still idk..I want something with scales arms and legs..and not something corny like a giant anole..although I wonder if he'd make the monster like a giant sea spider...I mean alot of people are afraid of spiders..then again..I want arms and and I bet j.j. abrams does too.. although if you look at what scientist believe sea creatures looked like back in the dino days I'd be scared of any number of those ones.... I hope its not gooey monster..I want it to be able to come out of the water and not be slimy... -JD

Jaybear on Jul 29, 2007


I dont think it will be identical to Godzilla...though a huge concept J.J. said he wanted something original...I wont doubt possible similarities...I mean Godzilla was a great monster...anyone could tell you that...little kida bought stuffed dinos and names them Godzilla...even though he wasnt a dinosaur...just an over grown lizard...anyway...I doubt a squid/octopus...honestly that wouldnt be scary just stupid...and I highly doubt a spider...what kind of spider comes out of the water...though it would be scary its not likely and high end movie critics would make note that its just not likely. Im leaning towards a serpent...which cover my snake theory and "Jaybear's" scales arms legs and claws. I know people think snake when they hear serpent..and not meaning so get all biblical but like in the story of adam and eve they were tempted by the had arms and legs and scales and claws. Before it was punished and was forced to slither on its belly. Still makes it seem kinda like Godzilla...though Im sure Abrams has everything thought out well and planned...I mean he realesed this huge trailer and look at all the hype its getting...he knows what he is doing.

Anewtorment on Jul 30, 2007


Johnny on Jul 30, 2007


all of those ideas sound pretty cool but well just have to wait. i think its gonna be some kind of behemoth monster like the ones in the final fantasy games but its just an idea and well see in the future

steve on Jul 30, 2007


It make you wonder...with a budget of just 30 million will you even get to see the "Monster" or just explosions and the goings on and reactions of the group/crowd???

CuriousSteve on Jul 30, 2007


Good guess of serpent type...but I kinda doubt it....since the way the destruction of the statue of liberty...if it has no arms or legs...only way it can do damage is to "constrict" like a boa, or anaconda....unless it breathes fire or somthing. The statue doesn't look "constricted" just tore down...or "swiped"with a tail or claw/hand. Other animals swim like that as well....crocodiles use thier tails in a "serpent" like fassion when they swim.

andrew on Jul 30, 2007


A behemoth sounds could definatly tear the head off the statue and throw would definatly have that "round body" A giant croc that would be crazy...but to closely related to "Lake Placid" he wouldnt make a Lake Placid 3 or anything close to it. But obviously the monster or monsters breath fire or something closely related to cause an explosion like that..if you look at the poster and recall the trailer...the explosion happened first...if it was one monster then it would have been at the statue and would of had to breath fire at the city to cause that explosion then ripped the head of the statue and throw it...then swim to the city. So on a brief note...anyone see the faces in the clouds of the poster?? Just kidding...though if you look and think hard enough you could make some crazy looking faces...figure I would bring it up to shoot it down before someone else trys lol

Anewtorment on Jul 30, 2007


Croc was an example....I doubt it will be a "traditional" animal....supper large creatures are boring and have been doen time after time. I hope it just a monster...not a genetic expieramnt for the perfect weapon....or some other bs. it's amphibis(sp) more than likely. Maybe some kinda animal/lizard/dinosaur like in Gamera the brave , 20,000 leagues under the sea...or the giant behomoth....

andrew on Jul 31, 2007


I hope it's a giant turtle... but who knows?!

Dude on Jul 31, 2007


The first monster roar is followed by an earthquake- Beamoth, monster of land jewish judment day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taken right from the end of days story based on the jewish religion The second roar is followed by a huge explosion. Leviathan, the monster of the sea, it can breathe fire. The the third monster roar is followed by the staues head. That is Ziz, the monster of the skies. This makes sense because the Ziz could rip the head off the statue, fly, and drop it. What do you think about that? Again, on the slusho homepage, the buttons show a whale- Leviathan, a horse-Beamoth, and, a bird-Ziz. Another, the history page is under water The downloads page is in the sky and the home page is on land

abit2zen on Jul 31, 2007


Sorry andrew didnt mean to sound mean bout the "Croc" no offense intended but your right I hope its not just an over large animal...something new but I dont think it will be created by people...unless something cause of polution...but that makes it seem like it would be slimy hope not. Giant turtle...that would be funny...I couldnt see a fire breathing giant turtle...not one that could take the SoL head abit2zen...honestly that sounds really cool...I could deff see something like that..however the head was thrown there is no way it was dropped and did what it did but the roars in the trailer all do sound who knows it could be three monsters...or three that are one?? Who knows

Anewtorment on Jul 31, 2007


did u guys know on the 1-18-08 website the pictures can be flipped over and 2 of them have writing on the back

pfizer on Aug 1, 2007


Yea sorry to burst yout bubble...that was brought up back in post 173...but its still interesting to me...some people are like.."How could we have never noticed that before" when it wasnt added till this last pic....they actually made it a pain in the butt to see the pics....before you could click on one and it would automatically show up on top like a browser window...but no you have to move everything off and pull the pick away from then back to get it on top

Anewtorment on Aug 1, 2007


I think that Dude is on the right direction with th e turtle.. seriously! if you check on the poster coming out the water near the city you could spikes.. tiny ones... and the roar on the trailer sounds like turtles having sex.. trust me.. i've seen...

Johnny B Goode on Aug 1, 2007


Sometimes if I see a monster movie, the mosnter ends up looking kind of misplaced and werid looking with the I think it would be awesome if they didn't actually show the monster throughtout the movie, or just for a glimpse at points throughout........ And also, I heard that guy say "It's a lion," too, but then I listened again, maybe he said 'alive' possibly. I could imagine this beign a hard movie to shoot in NY.......they woudl have to close a lot of streets and inform a lot of people........I mean, what woudl ou do if you heard hundreds of screams..? I'm thinkign terrorist and already running for my life!

Steve-O on Aug 1, 2007


MAYBE the guy made it soudn liek LION to start up a many people believe its Voltron or w/e becuase they hear lion.......if I am correct, then the makers are doign an excellent job....and what is the slusho website?

Steve-O on Aug 1, 2007


either way..the hope of a good movie is dead............just a bunch of bouncy camcorders and motion sickness.......and never seeing the monster.....

toejam on Aug 1, 2007


i agree the camcordering thing is kind of stupid but im still curious on the monster and how the story of the movie goes

steve on Aug 1, 2007


Although it looks cool I dont think thats real...Abrams went on about wanting to make something original...and it looks to closely to Godzilla..I dont think he would do that. As for the turtle I dont know...sounds...idk...a giant turtle? To tell you the truth...if the sound sounds like turtles having sex that doesnt really mean anything...they could have used that particular sound for the roar...I mean Godzillas roar in the American Godzilla released in 2000...its roar was made from many different one was a jaguar I think

Anewtorment on Aug 1, 2007


Cthulhu! CTHULHUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

Dhany on Aug 2, 2007


No not a turtle...too close to Gamera....besides turtles are slow....and boring. That pic way to close to Godzilla....even the back spikes look like godzilla's.....he just looks a little more "dinosaurish" and animal like.

andrew on Aug 2, 2007


i know this has nothing to do with this movie, but that ethan hass was right website. wasnt there supposed to be something on aug 1 if you finished the puzzels.

steve on Aug 2, 2007


David Dychko do you think were all retarded that is such a fake its not even funny u seem like ur one of thso kids who want this to be a godzilla movie so bad and want to whore ur myspace cuz u have no friends in real life so u try and make some over the internet

bam on Aug 2, 2007


TURTLE!!! TURTLE!!! TURTLE!!! It's defnetly a turtle! i can se it in the poster on the right corner near some smoke between 2 buildings!! Way to go Dude!!! aw yeah!!! now prove me wrong!

jackie joy on Aug 3, 2007


I don't see a turtle, don't know what you're talking about....

Steve-O on Aug 3, 2007


to the left of the last big building on the right and to the left of the small building thats below a shade of a big building

jackie joy on Aug 3, 2007


bj on Aug 4, 2007


jackie joy, I still can't see anything but thats cuz I realized that my computer's brightness level sucks.......for the picture of the two girls and the devil thing, I could barely see the devil thing which made it interesting, but when I went to my friends house to show him, I could see liek this larger even weirder thnig....................sorry, guess ill have to look somewhere else!

Steve-O on Aug 4, 2007


lol I think this thread kinda died

Anewtorment on Aug 7, 2007


I really like all the ideas being thrown around here. I just spent the last hour passing over all of them and checking out the links. Not a big one of looking up movies and such before they come out, this is the first time I've gotten into trying to find out more about a movie other than what is officially posted. However, this movie almost forces one to dig a little deeper. Blah, blah, blah...if you are here, you already know this. Abrams is a genius when it comes to suspense. He loves playing around with the cryptic and giving an audience something to figure out and talk about. While we find it hard to figure out something "new" or "original", this could be our guy to give us just that. I also find myself wondering: "Is J.J. the kind to give us a movie that does not wind up being the typical happy ending we are so used to seeing? Could he give us a movie that finally gives us an end that will leave us with cold chills about an impending doom that we will not escape?" In other words, is this a "Good guys lose" movie? I love the ideas of a Revelations-type movie and the Jewish version of the apocalypse is quite interesting. Quick thought that just came to me...apparently there are to be 4 movie posters, each with a different word. Four posters...could this be a Four Horsemen play? It definitely bodes well for all the Revelations ideas. The only thing that does not add into this are the pictures that show what appear to be claw markings on Lady Liberty, as well as some of the buildings in the background. That leads to a more typical "monster", not an ethereal being(s). The picture on the official website of the two girls with, what appears to be, a demonic image in the background is quite interesting. Is it really an image of what is out there? Is it just glare from a building window? Or is it just the way the girl's hair is at the moment of the snapshot? I have my opinions on what I would like to see this movie be, but when it comes down to it, I put my faith in Abrams to give me a story that will have me talking for weeks after I see it, just like he did for me with Alias and Lost.

thegreatwhiteanteater on Aug 8, 2007


RE:215 This link is definately for Voltron........... Parasite was the first monster ever in the voltron series. In this link you can see that they say in the message on the poster.............that this beast had left for earth ...some many years ago...... and that they have sent their greatest defender..........Voltron.... wtf this has to do 1/18/08 i dont know....................but slusho is related to them both and before u say anything.......fuck you jimboa

robert on Aug 9, 2007


I don't believe it's anything Apocalyptical but the 4 posters could indicate 4 creatures. The myspace of the characters still have no concrete clue to the movie and I'm gonna say that NOBODY will find out unless JJ Abrams decide to let us know. H'es gonnoa play with us 'till we get tired and bored and then he's gonna bring a new and refreshing hint and they we are trapped untill it's close to jan 08 and we'll flock the theaters to check if the buzz was worth it. By then, it's too late. We already convinced ahlf of our co-workers, anoyed the other half, family, girlfriends, spouses, even our babies r gonna be brought to the theaters. I love buzz.... I love the thrill... but I will injure this guy if he doesn't deliver after making me WASTE my hours on this. =] UNtil then, good game for all of us!

Leo Silence on Aug 10, 2007


You summed up my feelings almost exactly, Leo Silence. As I've mentioned on the other board, this reminds me so much of The Lost Experience, where it played out exactly as you described. Hopefully this will be more worthwhile than that one ended up.

Matt on Aug 10, 2007


yeh.. um.. to 220... anybody can make a myspace page with the name of slushozoom... the only myspace that are related to the movie are the one's for the characters... didn't JJ say its a brand new thing? why does this keep being brought up anyways? btw.. the monster is a giant turtle...

Johnny B Goode on Aug 10, 2007


It's not a giant turtle. How d I know? Because a turtle can't THROW things - all four of its legs are used to support its weight. Whatever the monster in JJ Abram's film is, it has at LEAST two arms that are not used for crawling around on. Only something with two free arms could claw at and rip off the head of the statue of liberty, and then hurl it into the middle of the city. And a turtle couldn't. No, the head wasn't BITTEN off - it was physically TORN off by something with arms and sharp claws, then THROWN into the city.

jimboa22 on Aug 10, 2007


Lol...I love checking here and seeing someone say something then someone else ripping them apart for it....just something about it that makes it...awesome lol Anyways jimboa22 is right there is no way its a turtle...even if it was and had the possibility of standing what turtle has razor sharp claws?? Secondly the is a slash on one of the building in the background...imagine how big that turtle would have to be..thats crazy...and I think would be stupid in a movie...I still am going on what I said before...I think it will be something Snake-like...not really a snake but snakish...something resembling Godzilla...but not to the point we would be like..."Its just another Godzilla rip off" I dont want that...and I dont think JJ does either. Giant reptile though I def see that

Anewtorment on Aug 10, 2007


I dont know what is going on here! Is this blog dead? WHat about the character's myspaces??? Also, nobody analysed the monster's roar properly. I don't have any software here to do it? And I heard there's a big clue there.

Leo Silence on Aug 10, 2007


The initial roar heard seems like it should lead to something. I can't do any of the analysis either, but if something could be done to isolate the first bit (the part that sounds like a voice), it could be the clue. It just sounds a little too bizarre to be ignored. Turtle...maybe, who knows? Let's all hope not...

thegreatwhiteanteater on Aug 11, 2007


1.) It has to be someone aquatic because liberty island is surrounded by water. I'm thinking this creature could live underwater. 2.) If you look at the stautue of liberty on the teaser poster u also see 3 distinct claw marks below the neck, suggesting it has 3 claws. 3.) On the teaser poster there is a large trail left in the water leading to the city. Cthulhu fits the bill to me..... but JJ Abrams has stated its not a remake, sequal or anything. It's A new Monster. Other people have been saying its aliens....... Who Knows...

smithead on Aug 13, 2007


what kind of stpid coments are those jimboa22 and Anewtorment, why the heck would you put a regular turtle on a monster movie?? !thats just dumb!! on a monster movie you would put a turtle with crazy claws and sharp teeth!! and two arms coming out of their sides and longer legs for them to stand up!! and the turtle will be as fast as a lion! thats why they say "its huge . its a lion"! that's exactly what the monster is: a HUGE turtle. ask JJ! he'll let you know!

Johnny B Goode on Aug 13, 2007


one thing I'd like to say first is that I love this forum type deal thing here cause you don't have to leave this page like just scroll to the bottom....anyway.. apparently 232's comment is a real call sheet on that website...I wonder why they would use "cheese" as there cover up movie name(I refuse to speculate that it's a giant water rat, get it out of your head just like I did.) I won't say what is on there for those of you that didn't click it..but I will say I really hope that it just doesn't end like that..I really hope that it was just a wrap on that certain set..I mean shooting a movie in 33 days, I guess it could be done..but why would they not take there time with something that may very well be a blockbuster hit (if done correctly) I mean I know every single person that I know will be in theatres to see this movie at least once.. anyway I know this movie will be REALLY lame if it ends like that...then it really will be a blairwitch monster movie..I think everyone should contact JJ and tell him that the call sheet was release for day 33 and that the public's reaction is "WTF?" and that if he has any budget left he should use his two scene's as both alternate for the dvd and make a whole new BETTER ending..if it is the ending.. and someone should also tell him that this better not be like lost and have a really insane cliff hanger because he's been over doing those a bit to much..and that this movie should be one room for sequels...even though he wants us to have our own "godzilla" equivalent character..A movie of this magnitude and hype would probably never be able to make any good sequel. (I mean come on maybe me and like 25 other people have seen blairwitch 2.) -JD oh and btw as I was sitting here I was thinking of a good movie concept..although it wouldn't work whatsoever as a theatre movie..does anyone remember those books where you would read and it would say "if you want to go into the caste go to page 33, if you don't skip to page 62." and you would end up creating your own story..and the whole point was to make it to the end of the book alive..well I think they should make a movie like that but on like you'd watch about 10 minutes then it would come up with the option and you'd use your remote..then you watch another scene and so on and so forth...that way the movie would be different everytime and it would make it fun..something you can watch 20 times and not get bored of...okay I've got no copyright on that..but if any director see's that comment of mine (though I doubt it.)..that would be a good monster movie trying to survive in the city movie..but it would have to be done to make any money it would have to be big budget and good special effects..not lame B movie..(though I do love my B movies.."plan 9 from outer space" or "reefer madness" what classics.)

Jaybear on Aug 14, 2007


no JD, your right it's not a rat... it's a turtle

Johnny B Goode on Aug 14, 2007


I love the "choose-your-own-ending" concept for a movie...i think my buddies and i toyed with that concept once, around 5 a.m. as we neared the bottom of an Early Times bottle....guess that must have been why nothing ever came of it... with it!

thegreatwhiteanteater on Aug 14, 2007


I dont know how this turtle concept came about lol..I know I said some comments about it...but I dont see it being a turtle of any kind. I really dont I giant turtle is not scary...I giant turtle would not have the agility or ability to move like a good monster would be able to ya know....I sticking with a lizard like monster like Godzilla...thats my final answer and what I stick with till I am met with a better answer.

Anewtorment on Aug 14, 2007


BIG HUGE TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--*apples*-- on Aug 15, 2007


I just want to say that some of you guys are assholes. I was curious to see what people are coming up with, but if this is the best y'all can come up with: Cthulu, Turtles, Serpents, and who knows how many other dumb ass ideas, this is the last time I read this fucking post. Jimboa, you're a dick. Robert, dude, let it go. I just wasted half an hour reading you two numb nuts going back and forth at each other like a couple of bitter school girls. Pick up your pocket protectors and go back to class morons. Christ, who gives a shit if it's lion or alive. JJ Abrams movie while currently intriguing is quickly going to lose steam and by the time the movie does come out, only half of us posting on here will actually go see it. I'll probably go catch it at the $1 theatre after all the hype is over and enjoy it for what it is...The Godzilla Witch Project.

bung hole on Aug 15, 2007


Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, how are we all? Well yesterday afternoon i decided to search for information about this strange JJ Abrams movie, this was approx 4pm GMT, very curious found the trailer, found refernces to Cloverfield, my first direction took me to numbers and trying to figure out a possible code, strange as it sounds after a few calculations i came up with this number 10, 090, 909 and if you turn it upside down you get 60, 606, 001 put it all together u get 666. That number has came up a few time, but led me to a dead end, so started looking at the trailer to see what clues i could come up with. 2004 ace (What does it mean, i did a search you couldnt find anything relivant) AKM (the skateboard on the wall, is it greek) $11 (is that a clue, or does he really just owe $11) Jason (Who is he, is he just a phantom, is he the guy with the t-shirt, is he the target?) So i began looking at this blog and looking at what you guys got, many similiar tried and looked at the trailer trying to make sene to everything. The name of the movie 'Cloverfield' why not it could be, it might be made to look devious, when its not. But i think some references to 'Overnight' might be right this could be the name of the film. cl-over-field ---over-night Is there a conection between 'feild and night', 'cl' what does that mean cleveland? There are reference from a quote that J.J. said this film is a remake of "The Creature that ate Cleveland" now i dont know what it is, there doesnt seem to be any evidence online to support this theory, but something strange is going on. I was also intrested by the bible refernces about; 12:01 12:04 12:36 12:48 01:24 Some intresting comments and it cant just be coincidence that those passages in one form or another talk about a monster, dragon, or demon that terrorises a city and a ladie holding something is slane (statue of liberty) very strange and indeed Maybe J.J. does have a brillinat mind, maybe he has turned this into one frenzy what if we get to 01-18-08 and theres no movie, it was hozx, the biggest one of all time. I dont think so, but nothing could surprise me in the least. So the theory of Voltron, what the hell is voltron, never heard of it, never saw it, never understood it. Then theres the theory of the lion, big cats joining together to make one. The fact that it was trailered before the transformers film, is that a clue? Why are they releasing 4 posters over the coming months, is 4 also a clue. Could there be 4 monsters terrorising the city, is it really one, do 4 join together to make one super monster? And then it come to SLUSHO, i'm an alias fan and i do remember some small references to the tv show, but nothing concrete, but it does sound that SLUSHO has got something to with it big time, i'm already ordered my t-shirt, thanks to th help of the website i think it was, it talks about the best rising, and alien asleep for many generations, who has a tatse or a disire for SLUSHO, the creater died and went to the bottom of the sea, maybe this alien ate him, and the taste of the slusho was there, and he was addicated, maybe he was awakening by this party of SLUSHO. One guy has it on in the film is he jason? Maybe he's the first target, the slusho t-shirt appears on his chest because he has 6 or more, maybe through the film, everyone that dies will be the people at the party who drank SLUSHO. Ethan Haas, nice name, german? Who knows dont really care, but its the fact on teh site there are links to these 7 people on myspace, who have same names to people on the trailer, maybe there all just chancing it and made it up. Or has J.J. had these characters and made them alive, more real, so people get to know there characters before the film comes. Trying a new marketing ploy, its gemius if it is. The other great one is "HE SAW IT, ITS ALIVE, ITS HUGE" OR "HE SAW IT ITS A LION, ITS HUGE" both quotes are very intesting, if you with the lion theory it fits into some of the theory, if you look at the newly released film posters, theres 3 claw marks on the back of the statue of liberty, maybe it was a lion that made them. But my most intresting theory is, its alive, its huge. For that, it sounds familiar, maybe they know what it is, its familiar, they've seen it before, but instead of been dead and buriedm its alive and bigger than before. So whats going on, know matter what they say, no matter what you hear, unless you can get in to J.J.'s head before the release were just never really going to know. It has been exciting to see so many people loving it, and enjoyong this fantastic story, the hand held camer idea is genius, its original, its a new way to tell astory, what ever happens, where ever he goes with it, 2 things we know, its huge, and its going to be one hell of a ride!!! The kilted Scotsman, Glasgow, UK.

Kilted Scotsman on Aug 18, 2007


Why the giant turtle?....he wants somthing all never heard of Gamera? A giant fire breathing flying turtle? Anyoen ever thuoght he might not even show the monster? Just the destruction it causes? If its from the 1st person perspective...they will be running AWAY from the monster...not towards it! SO when will we see the moster? Everyone wil be running away? Monster movies are monster movies...there's a certain "cornyness" expected in them. Like in horror movies..chick has to fall down running from bad movies are abotu THE monster...not the acting, not how thick the plot is....but the special effects, the monster....and if applicable the fight betwen the monsters(if more than 1) None of us has ever watched a godzilla movie and said " man thats some good acting" watch it for godzilla...and the cool battles. At first I was really intrested in this movie...the more I think of it....the more I wonder how good it will really be. I mean ..LOST ... on the island the monster was a mutated polar bear....whew scary shit (insert sarcasm) He's like a magician...he gonna show you what he wants to show you.... use distraction techniques....give you false info....and send you in the opposite directions....from what it really is. only one "natural" animal has 3 claws thats alive today ....a 3 toed sloth, and yes sloths can swim. I really hope it's not a mutated sloth... So now we only have...dinosaurs, some kind of dragon type animal, alien animal of some kind. But for 33 millon bucks....I doubt there's 4 monsters....

andrew on Aug 19, 2007


the "demonic" image in one of the photographs...looks like one of the heads from easter island...

andrew on Aug 19, 2007


I heard the video clip and the guys says "I saw it its alive its huge!!"

Jay on Aug 20, 2007


Ok first off...Andrew and Jay...both of those subjects died along time the point that it prolly gives everyone a headache to just think about it again...I dont know how many sites I read about both...its not a demon its just hair...or its not hair its a demon...its a lion its the end both arguments are dead. Please dont try to bring them back. But Andrew you have a really good point..its not about the acting it is about the monster...I hope we do get to see it...if not that would suck...however at this point I really dont care what it is long as it is cool Im cool. But you state good points...cant wait till more is released about it hopefully soon

Anewtorment on Aug 20, 2007


andrew on Aug 20, 2007


screw the giant turtle theory (of course... there was none, just wanted to see how far people would go trying to disprove it... If it was me i would have just ignored the posts about turtles!!), all i want to know is how you can put 606 and 001 together and get 666! thats just some mind boggling math right there!

--*apples*-- on Aug 21, 2007



billy on Aug 25, 2007


I have never been hyped for a movie so much in my life.

Wow on Aug 26, 2007


If you go to the wedsight..witht he pics...and wait 6mins....there's a very loud roar.

andrew on Aug 28, 2007


First of all, the guy in the trailer yells "It's ALIVE, It's huge!" and second of all, if you go to the official website and check out those weird pictures, you can flip each picture over and there is writing on two of them. Hold your mouse pointer on one of the picture and move it from side to side rapidly to flip the pictures over. I have no idea what the messages mean. Pretty casual stuff if you ask me, but if you wanna look for "clues" be my guest.

Max on Aug 30, 2007


Ok...been to the site to check it out...not sure if its all true or not...but in the end its not a bad concept...kinda reminds me of the game FINAL FANTASY X in which "Sin" gives of "Sin Spawn" but its all a good concept. Would actually like to get something more than just a rumor...three months away hopefully something new will happen.

Anewtorment on Sep 2, 2007


This might just be me, but when the people run out of the building did enbody else hear, "I saw it. It's a lion. It's huge." Maybe the monster is a chimera.

Derek on Sep 2, 2007


That has already been cleared up a LONG time ago Please read the previous post...Please go back and re-listen to the Trailer it says" It's ALIVE, It's Huge".

steve on Sep 2, 2007


Andrew M - The website is programmed to play the roar exactly six minutes after you load the page. It does kinda give you a jolt 🙂

jimboa22 on Sep 3, 2007


Yeah so i have been sitting here and reading all that has been posted on the site. in the mean time on the back of my computer i have had the site up on another tab. I almost crapped my pants when after reading for about i dont knos 20 mins or so a loud roar ( like in the trailer began ) I had nothing else open on the computer but this site and that one ( with the pictures on it ) Well i got scared and exited the i know it was probably stupid i bet there is some kind of timing on the site to do so................try it and see if anything happens or i can just be going crazy!

Andrew M on Sep 3, 2007


Also looking on the website with the pictures I did notice that on the picture at 12:01 on the right side is a face of a person but it most def looks demonic does it creep anyone else out cause it sure did myself. Also when moving the pictures around you cant take them fully off the screen but i did notice that after a while one of the pictures does disappear the one shot at 12:04 kinda of odd dont ya think? Another thing is i dont think it has anything to do with the bible i think JJ is jewish.

Andrew M on Sep 3, 2007


Yea that roar scared me too...I actually opened the site after reading about the roar...and decided to wait for it...I got talking to people and forgot about it....scared me to death lol

Anewtorment on Sep 3, 2007


THIS SUCKS!!!! Ok its like 2 in the morning and Im watching TV...I see this preview for a movie...explosions and obviously a scaly monster spiralling up a skyscraper...after all this "Cloverfield" talk my heart starts beating thinking..."could this be???" Long story very short it was a preview for Dragon Wars...which looks really good anyway...but what with the sudden release of monster movies?

Anewtorment on Sep 4, 2007


I thought the same thing when I first saw the Dragon Wars preview...not so lucky, are we?

thegreatwhiteanteater on Sep 6, 2007


Sure arent... So whats up with this thread...its been awhile since something new has come out...or has it...I mean has anyone heard of anything new at all? Quite frankly im getting bored and starting not to really care about the movie anymore

Anewtorment on Sep 6, 2007


i've found nothing new to speak of...the roar on the official website is the newest biz...however, it might have been on here that i heard something about a new teaser coming out before the new Resident Evil flick...waiting til Sept. 21st (for the preview as well as another fun action flick!)

thegreatwhiteanteater on Sep 7, 2007


Hopefully thats which case JJ would be sticking to his theme...using another Trailer to stir the pot. Plus RE will be hopefully another great movie 😛

Anewtorment on Sep 8, 2007


More than one "creature", think about in the trailer at 1min, big bang and a roar. Then at 1:30 mins the Statue of libertys head comes flying in with a diffrent roar. Different "creatures"? or is it just me? Plus a turtle? I thought it was ment to be a horror or something, not something from Cartoon Network.

Jshua on Sep 9, 2007


the turtle will SLOWLY chew everyone alive!

--*apples*-- on Sep 11, 2007


i'm abit behind the times' and i watched the trailer for this on my '' page today... ...WOW! looks awesome and i have no idea what it is, at all! something i did notice though was that if you watch the trailer all the way to the end you have the usual release date, some credits etc but for a split second something else 'flashes' on the screen but it is written backwards ya have to really be on the ball to see what it is though. the words say 'HERE SPLIGE' (weird i know but some of the letters look upside down/backwards?! maybe a clue? who knows just summin i noticed. Anyway looks like an ace movie cannot wait for it to be released whether it be giant lions, lizards or an angry pokemons (?!?!) lol

emcee on Sep 19, 2007


Why are you all arguing about which monster is going to be in the movie. The absolute truth is none of you have any fucking idea what the plot is or whatever "monster" is going to be breaking shit in the movie. It could be fucking John Candy walking his fat ass through New York kicking a bunch of shit around and punching people in the face while tossing grenades through the air. Shutup and wait for it to come out because you have no other choice!

Max on Sep 19, 2007


yo jimboa, not even I believe it's a turtle.. relax man... how can you say its not something if you dont know what it is? Do like Max and lets wait. let all speculation be speculation... i really like the John Candy idea though, now i think it's a John Candy with a Turtle Shell on his back and he kills people with kindness and laughter...

--*apples*-- on Sep 20, 2007


GEEEZZZZ Max, jimboa22...chill out a little one knows what it is and we now its not a turtle..though it would be cool if it ended up a turtle...but we are all just having some fun WAITING for the release or something new to chat about. Like I said we are just having fun

Anewtorment on Sep 20, 2007


That post that was all in caps wasn't me, by the way. It was most likely that douchebag Robert, still crying his eyes out that it's not a Voltron movie. I'm surprised any of you took that childish imitation of me seriously. It's a shame you don't register to post here, and can leave a message under any screen name you like, even if it's not yours.

jimboa20 on Sep 21, 2007


Okay, I'm watching the page with the faces in another window, waiting for the 6 minute roar, while I scan through this thread; and I begin to understand why Hollywood produces so many stupid monster movies. Squids, spiders, grasshoppers, ... that kind of derivative monster was done to death in the fifties. The old B&W films are entertaining now, because they're quaint; but using today's high tech CGI techniques merely to inflate an otherwise inoffensive terrestrial creature would be colossally stupid. Not many film-makers have the imagination of a Ridley Scott, a James Cameron, or a John W. Campbell to come up with a genuinely new and scary critter. I'm glad to see that other people recognize that the word in the dialogue is "alive", not "a lion"! As for "Voltron", I looked that up using Google and almost threw up. Wasn't Transformers ghastly enough? What would be next, a Leggo monster or perhaps one made out of Tinker Toys? Why not hope for a real science fiction thriller that appeals to folks older than ten with triple digit IQs? Hmmm. The roar's a cute idea. Too bad I was warned about it.

ajhil on Sep 24, 2007


Jim your so full of shit. Stop blaming other people for your stupidity. Voltron was many post ago please think of something new to hash over homo. Your right its a shame that you can sign on as any author. If you couldnt then you couldnt blame other people for what a douche you are.

Robert on Sep 27, 2007


Looks like the powers that be erased the offending post. Good.

jimboa20 on Sep 27, 2007


had nothing to do with me dickweed. guess people just dont like you. but go on accusing me all you want. i find it funny.

Robert on Sep 27, 2007


Ok seeing how you guys got that out of your system...can we get back on subject? I have heard around that at the beginning of the new Resident Evil movie that there could be another trailer for "Cloverfield"* I havent seen it yet so I dont even know...but on subject. The site has finally seemed to have added a new shows a man in a chef outfit...if you flip the pic over its all in I know some japanese...but not nearly enough to even begin to read that any thoughts?? *sidenote...we have sat here wondering what the name of the movie is...we call it "cloverfield" as a code name...but what if JJ decides to keep it like that?? Would it be a good title...I mean people would know about it? but honestly could it work?

Anewtorment on Oct 3, 2007


Its a recipe on the back of the picture..I don't know what it says yet though. Also idk if it would be so good if they kept cloverfield as the title..because there really isn't any relevance that we are aware of.

JayBear on Oct 8, 2007


it is where J.J abrams office is located...cloverfield ave. or somthing like that

andrew on Oct 8, 2007


Yeah, but its actual relevance to the movie is none. Just because its a rd he works on doesn't mean its a relevant title. -JD

JayBear on Oct 8, 2007


Yeah, but its actual relevance to the movie is none. Just because its a rd he works on doesn't mean its a relevant title.

JayBear on Oct 8, 2007


Alright fine. Since everyone wants to know what the movies about sooo bad, I'll tell you all. It's my cat "Jonesy" walkin around pissed off that she ran out of Whiskas Temptations. She's fat as shit and she's fuckin pissed off. Gonna be a real blockbuster.

Max on Oct 10, 2007


how's this for a though... Galctis. what if this is a prelude to the Silver Surfer movie coming out?

dotz on Oct 29, 2007


Well, if we get tired of playing this game we can always play the one at that's starting up in a couple weeks.

funfanatic on Nov 14, 2007


Who scared Cloverfield moster?

joer on Jan 21, 2008


Kevin Smith is more talented than Orson Welles and Steven Spielberg put together. Anybody who doesn't recognize the complete genius of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is an idiot. I know it's true, because I'm smarter than most people and get all of the really clever little nuances that most people don't.

fides12033 on Feb 7, 2009

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