J.J. Abrams Top Secret Trailer for Cloverfield in Front of Transformers!!

June 29, 2007
Source: Ain't It Cool News

I don't want to ruin this experience for anyone, but holy shit! I just went to a screening of Transformers (to see it for my second time) tonight, and I caught a trailer for a top secret untitled J.J. Abrams movie. This was seriously the craziest and coolest trailer I have EVER seen! If you want to hear more about it and hear the description of it, read on. Otherwise (which I suggest this is what you do), skip reading this until after you see Transformers, which this trailer will play in front of, and then come back to read more on the movie.

Here's the description of the trailer. I suggest you DON'T read on unless you've gone to see Transformers and have seen this trailer - otherwise the experience will be ruined!!

It starts off at a party in a loft in New York City for this guy around his mid-20's who's leaving (the city). It's filmed on home video cameras and looks just sort of like another independent drama comedy about this guy. This goes one for a little while when all of a sudden there's a big earthquake and people start to go a bit crazy and they all run up to the roof to see the lower half of Manhattan, and one of these buildings, erupt into a huge ball of fire after this unidentified object from the sky comes flying down and hits it. Then people really start to go crazy and the camera is dropped and blacks out. Then it comes back up and they're out running on the streets and all of a sudden this huge flaming object comes flying through the air and lands on the street and it's the ripped off head of the Statue of Liberty. You can hear this odd freaky roar in the background as more huge flaming/smoking things fly through the air and it ends with people running and screaming.

There is no title for the movie. It only shows "Produced by J.J. Abrams" and says "1.18.08" and flashes the credit block of names for about a half second and that's it. Everyone in the audience basically just went "what the f**ck!" after it ended! It's insane…

Apparently this is a top secret project called Cloverfield that J.J. Abrams is producing and not directing. What is it, you ask? After doing some research over at Ain't It Cool News, I discovered this description.

Well, word from inside the company is that CLOVERFIELD is a giant monster movie, featuring something that's being referred to internally as "The Parasite".

There's also a bit more about the style and what it may actually be about or how it'll work (which considering from the trailer, might be insanely cool).

And what makes this different than any other giant monster movie? Well, as I understand it, most of the film is going to be shot using home video cameras, as if from the point of view of real people who are experiencing an attack on New York. It’s designed as a fairly small picture, all things considered, and right now, they’re working to make sure the script is going to deliver some wild thrills (like an earthquake that levels Manhattan or an oil tanker flipping over by the Statue of Liberty), but that it’s not suddenly going to turn into a giant $150 million movie.

Holy shit, this sounds awesome! This thing has been pretty top secret so far, without a peep or word or even a listing on IMDb. We haven't seen anything like this in a while, as almost everything nowadays has some news on it all the way from the start of production.

This is not just your ordinary Hollywood disaster or giant monster flick, it's something way different. From the trailer you can tell this is going to be something unique, maybe even on the same scale as the Blair Witch Project. And for now this has to be one of the coolest trailers and best marketing tactics I've seen in a long while. What did everyone else think so far who has also seen it?

UPDATE - JULY 6th: We've posted a number of official new updates in a post titled J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield Updates: Casting, Shooting, and More Discovered. New details can be found there including some casting details, shooting details, and more!

UPDATE - JULY 9th: The official trailer has been posted in full-on high definition glory and can be watch RIGHT HERE!

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I saw the trailer last night in front of Transformers at a preview screening!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! I forgot what movie I was there to watch!!! All I wanted was to keep watching that trailer. Absolutely amazing!

ladiesman217 on Jun 29, 2007


I was absolutely floored by this trailer. I'm right there with ladiesman, I immediately wanted to see it again. Absolutely amazing.

FS Dave on Jun 29, 2007


It was absolutly one of the most insane things I have ever seen. It took me a few days to even find out what the movie is. I havent been able to get it out of my head. By the uproar in the crowd when they didnt give a name, Im sure I havent been the only one looking.

12gaugeWatty on Jun 29, 2007


I saw this trailer last night was pretty friggin amazing and one of the most original things i've ever seen.........this movie, whatever it is, is probably going to be pretty amazing

ReeGee on Jun 29, 2007


Great!!! Now I have a reason to see Transformers.

ED on Jun 29, 2007


Damn it where was this previwe screening!!! I missed it!

Heckle on Jun 29, 2007


Yeah i saw a sneak preview for Transformers (the website attached above has my rather disappointed review), but the preview for Cloverfield was definitely the best thing. It was original and a brilliant marketing tactic, as that preview was all i remembered when I left the screening of Transformers. LONG LIVE JJ ABRAMS!

sean on Jun 29, 2007


will this trailer be online anytime soon

Brandon on Jun 30, 2007


Wow, what a tease. This needs to be posted online asap.

josh on Jul 1, 2007


This guy says he's going to have the preview up soon:

TJ on Jul 2, 2007


I'd say that it really is worth it to see in the theater. It actually made me forget that I was going to see Transformers. That's how good it is. I don't think it would have the same effect as watching it on your monitor.

FS Dave on Jul 2, 2007


I've been bemoaning the lack of good trailers in the last few years (giving us WAY too much of the story/action/humor/twists/etc) but this mysterious trailer does exactly what a good trailer should. It makes me psyched to see it. I just hope this is the beginning of a sneak-attack campaign and not just the juicy teaser before all the god-awful "regular" trailers.

Lousy Mandarin on Jul 2, 2007


It was frickin' amazing, it's all I can think about. Me and my buddy went "WTF!!!" at the same time, it looks great. I knew it was called Cloverfield, but I didn't know of this parasite thing, thanks!!!

Master of Disaster on Jul 2, 2007


Ok, first of all... I'm gonna go on a limb and call BS on the whole idea that Abrams is producing a movie. Think about it. J.J. Abrams delayed the launch of season 3 of LOST till the beginning of next year, right around the same time as the date on this teaser If you want my opinion, this whole idea that it's an actual movie is just what the media refers to as "Spin". It's intended to misguide the viewer. this is a preview for LOST. Didn't you hear the "monster" noises, that sound just like the "monster" from the island on LOST? Abrams likes putting little teasers for his show in movie theaters and this isn't the first time. In Mission Impossible 3, Abrams put "The Hanso Foundation" in the end credits. (The Hanso Foundation was a fictional part of the LOST Experience) So either I'm wrong and this is a real movie that has nothing to do with LOST, or I'm right and it's either a preview for LOST itself or else for the next phase of "The Lost Experience" (look it up if you don't know what it is). Sincerely, and sorry for the length, The Robotic Elephant

TheRoboticElephant on Jul 2, 2007


Man this looks like a real godzilla movie like the original...

Will on Jul 3, 2007


Actually TheRoboticElephant, I picked up on the sound of the "monster" while I was in the theater and had the exact same thought you did. Although, the reason he pushed the show back might have been so he could finish this movie first which has already been said to have a smaller budget. There's also the fact that the mood of the trailer is so far off from what LOST has given us so far that I'd have a hard time not saying that the show has "jumped the shark" so to speak. Having said that however, if that's the direction LOST is heading in then holy cr*p are we in for a ride next season! Either way we end up with an insane season of LOST or a really interesting movie come January so it's a win-win situation in my eyes.

Oompaloompya on Jul 3, 2007


I thought the delay for S4 of Lost was purely due to the logistics of making the show. It takes them like ~21 days to make each episode so they pretty much have to take extended breaks to catch up.

josh on Jul 3, 2007


I seriously doubt that this is for Lost. Abrams has absolutely nothing to do with Transformers. There is a distinct difference between putting a referrence into a movie you're making and getting the studio to put in a trailer before a movie not only during regular screenings, but at the preview screenings. With that said, if this is for Lost, I'll be downright pissed too. I don't watch Lost. I didn't get in on the beginning of it and I'm sure I'll rent the DVD's and get caught up at some point, but it is VERY far down on my list of things to see. This looks to be a fascinating way to market/shoot a movie, and if it just ends up being a pimping for a tv show, I will be very disappointed.

FS Dave on Jul 3, 2007


Everyone in my theater said WTF?!??!?! There definitley needed to be a title of the movie.

Ryan on Jul 3, 2007


I will be SO Pissed if it is foe LOST!!!! I want this to be a real movie SOOOO BAD i cant stand it..I saw it and was like OMG Godzilla is getting a reboot!!!SWEET!!!!The whole crowd in the theater said at the same time What The Fuck!!!! OMG No!!!!! so we will see...we will see.Pitbull

Pitbull0669 on Jul 3, 2007


Just saw the movie last night and fantastic, but that trailer was buggin me the whole way, i was trying to figure out what it was, funny enough i thought it sounded like the monsters from war of the worlds so i thought by some twisted way they came back FOR MORE!

solomontorres on Jul 3, 2007


i dont see how this could be for lost? lost is on an island, this was in new york?

optimus prime on Jul 3, 2007


dude when i say tht movie trailer yesterday i thought omg mother f*cker and i told my wife next to me wich by the way fell asleep so i got pissed and toled her she just missed one cool movie!!!!!!!!!! then she said this as long as we get to go see i am legend thts alright

david on Jul 3, 2007


My wife and I caught the Transformers sneak preview last night, and the "mystery promo" got our attention almost as much as the movie did. The movie was great, but as we walked out we both agreed that we believe someone may finally be doing a Godzilla movie the right way. The roar sounded an awful lot like the big green guy.

chris on Jul 3, 2007


Ok Now Im thinkin....Could all of that Just be a dream for someone from lost on the Island that is from NY? then they wake up and BLAM! right into the LOST MOVIE???man that would Fukin suck!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 3, 2007


I'm usually a huge fan of these projects and I was totally into the teaser until I saw the Liberty head smash down and I couldn't resist laughing cause of lackluster job on that CG element. With luc kthat won't be what the finished product entails, that said, I'm quite anxious for an internet release of the teaser and for more details to come out. I'm sure I'll be there for the release.

James Holt on Jul 3, 2007


its not for Lost. i can bet u on that one. the reason lost go pushed back was because they wanted to have the whole season without breaks. like 24 has to start in late january/early febuary. if it was lost abrams wouldnt be just producing.but i wanted to leave the theatre right then to go find out what that preview was about instead of staying to watch the movie. great promotion. i guess i wasnt the only one/

NAkedGuy on Jul 3, 2007


Dude i hope this is a real movie i was up till 3a.m. last night trying find out what this trailer was all about, after seeing it before transformers, i honestly thought to myself , "a remake for the Godzilla remake, yes!!!!" after all they did kinda clue it in with the guy going to japan, but to hear its something possibly original , thats also a breathe of fresh air! its about time we have something original hit theaters, but if its for lost im gonna be pissed! cuz i hate that show! seriously i thought it was about dinosaurs when it first premiered.

Outlaw-Star on Jul 3, 2007


To answer Opt. Prime's question, LOST has been on an island right up until the last season finale. The last season finale was the first episode EVER to be based OFF the island with flashbacks to what happened ON the island. Many theorize this means that the next season will involve the people that were rescued trying to get back to the island. Meanwhile they will give us flashbacks of what has happened since the rescue. Dear Pitbull, DAVE, josh, and nakedguy, Thanks for pointing out the holes guys, don't get me wrong, it's only a hypothesis. But in my case, it's really a win win situation, because I love LOST, but I also love the idea of this monster movie. IF I turn out to be right though... don't EVER forget my name. TheRoboticElephant PS- Does anyone know whether the "Bad Robot" production company has ever made anything other than tv shows? ( e.g. Alias, LOST) Because their logo came on just before the teaser.

TheRoboticElephant on Jul 3, 2007

30 everyone on here i saw it too of course i was kinda tired cuz i went to a 12 midnight showing of transformers here in l.a. dont get me wrong transformers was the shit, but i woke up finally after i saw this trailer. let me just say it was crazy. yes here too almost everyone in the audience was like wtf? so it got my attention for sure as well as a lot of other people but this cant be a teaser thing for "lost" though. it was something about it that makes u know that its gonna be an insane "theatrical movie". i think that was one of the best trailers i have seen in a long time (good way to keep you interested). it automatically just gets your attention because of how its behind a videocamera. its unique the way all the action was like live footage from a video first i thought it was a nuclear bomb going off in lower manhatten cuz of that big explosion but then i heard the loud "roar" and the statue of liberty's head chopped off and thrown on the street, and then you know that it clearly wasnt. so i jus wanna know as bad as everyone, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE?

meganfoxhubby on Jul 3, 2007


o yeah and if it was a teaser trailer for lost dont u think we probably would have read something like "COMING JANUARY 2008 ON ABC" or something along those lines?

meganfoxhubby on Jul 3, 2007


maybe not as precise but u know what i mean

meganfoxhubby on Jul 3, 2007



Aqueento on Jul 3, 2007


Anyone notice that the first person to comment is named Ladiesman217, which is the moniker for Sam's Ebay account in Transformers? Odd coincidence there... And yeah, I was totally blown away by this... it was like being back when the first Matrix film was just coming out... all you saw then was Neo dodging a few bullets and the the line "what is the Matrix?"... talk about hype!

MikeT on Jul 3, 2007


What if this is the gears of war movie lol, just a thought

Whoknew on Jul 3, 2007


Ahh damn, I had to screen this movie yesterday morning. I had some co-workers who were going to come watch it with me but they were about 10 minutes late. The screening was playing in the biggest theater we have, and when I saw the first explosion I was just like "HOLY FUCKING SHIT". Scared the living shit out of me, no joke. The movie looks amazing though -- ahh, I want to watch the trailer again! And I have to watch out for that "monster" roar from Lost. Maybe I'll catch the beginning of the trailer before my shift starts, lol.

joseph on Jul 3, 2007


Someone needs to go back and see Transformers and just record the trailer. I NEED to see it again!

Basket on Jul 3, 2007


Wow, I thought I was the only one! I too was blown away by this trailer and up late last night trying to find info. The theater I was in had mixed reactions, I heard someone say, "that was stupid" to which someone replied, "actually, that was pretty f'n awesome!". People in South Jersey are lame though. It's definitely not for LOST. For its final 3 seasons, LOST is starting in February with 16 consecutive episodes. Also, LOST is on Wednesdays, January 18th is a Friday. Although, as a HUGE fan of LOST, it is quite interesting that Abrams is releasing this movie in January 2008...or 1/08... There's one thing I heard, or thought I heard, in the trailer that I haven't seen anybody else talk about. When they're on the roof, I heard someone shout something like, "I CAN SEE IT! IT'S A LION!". My roommate heard it too. Sounds really weird but there's nothing that's gonna keep me from seeing this movie on January 18th, 2008. And it did totally sound like the "monster" roar from LOST.

MrJoe83 on Jul 3, 2007


LOST has an ending lol no i know thats not it but it would be cool either way i cant wait to see this movie but TRANSFORMERS is still #1

coolmanpjh63 on Jul 3, 2007


You know it's going to piss me off if this is a LOST gimmick but I watched lost and noticed a similarity with the trailer. There is an ep where these guys are in a bunker or whatever and they didn't push some button (whatever) that could "destroy the world". Well of course one day they didn't push the button there was this earthquake and right after that there was an EMP or something that went off, then they blew up the bunker to keep the world from ending. I could be a little off with the description but I hate this show now so feel free to correct me. If this is just a coincidence then Abrams should take a vacation and start searching for new ideas, if not, I want this man blacklisted/shot. Enough with the LOST BS either way.

kbsc121 on Jul 3, 2007


So I saw the same thing this trailer alone is a fantastic. It is so funny because like many others posted before me when it ended I was like wtf. Once again Abrams has done it.

Seven on Jul 3, 2007


i was faded when i saw this trailer before the movie . best trailer known to mankind.

78515 on Jul 3, 2007


The trailer is here... Looks liek they just went and got it out of the theaters. Not great quality but you can see it mostly and hear it.

Rodan Mistiff on Jul 3, 2007


Yeah, that trailer was awesome. Check out this website...probably related. 🙂

ZD on Jul 3, 2007


The trailer was posted by some kids who were apparently bootlegging Transformers. It's on YouTube. All the information you can find (even from sources like Wikipedia) says it's a movie and based on the premise of an alien invasion by means of a creature referred to as "the parasite". It's supposed to be shot by handheld camcorders. I just don't see why this information would be leaking if it's LOST. The only thing I know for sure, though, is Abrams was waiting for the release of this movie, and he is in his fuckin' secret lab or something rubbing his hands together and laughing maniacally at us all. He's such a genius asshole.

Nate on Jul 3, 2007


Holy shit. Youtube deleted it between the time I watched it and posted the above comment. Mr. Abrams isn't playing around. Us movie nerds are in for a real battle here.

Nate on Jul 3, 2007


We just got back from Transformers and besides enjoying Megan Fox for 2.6 hours, this JJ Abrams trailer is def intriguing. I have to agree with one of the posts above... While there is chaos in the streets a person in the mess says out loud, "they said it looks like a giant lion!" then it cuts to an amazing explosion which looks to be occurring in downtown Manhattan and then the scene with rolling Liberty head. So weird...

Lion for sure!!!! on Jul 3, 2007


There are alot of potential Godzilla references in it. The main character is said to be leaving for Japan, and someone suggests he should have left sooner, meaning he would have missed Godzilla's rampage in New York City. Also, many of the shots of people running in the street are near-identical to ones from Godzilla moives. I'm not saying that this is a Godzilla movie. I doubt it is, and I hope it isn't. I'm just saying the similarities are striking.

Jon on Jul 4, 2007


I saw the preview for it also at the transformers movie, looked pretty sweet. It had an ominous appearance even before all the action happened. But at the end when just the date came up, there was the collective moan and groan from the theatre audience and a few angry shouts. But all in all this movie gives the appearance of an awesome new thriller. P.S. There should be more movies with new york in them.

Daishi on Jul 4, 2007


I think they say, "It's alive!" Not "It's a lion!" Saw Transformers x2. The shit.

Not "Lion" on Jul 4, 2007


yeah yeah i saw this trailer and its a great ideah for a movie thank you for putting this up cuz i was like pissed that they didint show the title woot i cant wait man!! a whole frikin year though!!

JRisdahshit on Jul 4, 2007


This has NOTHING TO DO WITH LOST! It clearly says " In Theaters" at the end of the trailer. MAN this looks sweeeeeeet!

batzilla on Jul 4, 2007


Well I'm as sceptical as I am thrilled. I thought I was watching a Godzilla trailer, and that's alright by me, always been a fan. But I thought I heard someone in the trailer say" It looks like a big lion!" HUH? If it's a giant monster movie , great. If it's written anything like "LOST" i.e. nothing but teaser crap with little to no development, remember the jusassic park 3 like begining to ""LOST" with no later reference, it will be too bad. One can only hope for good entertainment.

Chaosdoc on Jul 4, 2007


The trailer was quite well done. I really hope it's not grainy like that the entire movie cause that really bugs me when they deliberately make the quality of the film bad for some perceived artistic effect with it's just annoying as a viewer. That's the reason I didn't like Blair Witch. Nice idea, not nice to watch.

Bulazakka on Jul 4, 2007


Man Alive it had me going, "what Optimus Prime?" I couldn't get that trailor out of my head. As A marketing student I can say Job well done. This is clearly going to be huge. J.J. Abrams is the next great thing in television and film.

Drew22 on Jul 4, 2007


The movie is with Godzilla but with the camera concept of the Blair Witch.

mike on Jul 4, 2007


Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I couldn't believe my eyes. This will be a monster movie the way it should've been done. I don't watch Lost and I'm hoping it isn't part of it at all. If we heard right what if this will be an apocalyptic type movie since the bible speaks of beasts and lions and stuff like that. Obviously this won't be at all biblical but what if it borrows from those ideas. The monster had to rise from the sea and tread in water for it to throw the head of the Statue of Liberty. Maybe this is about the end of the world as we know it type of film. Just a thought. I just can't wait.

texlop on Jul 4, 2007


That was a cool @$$ trailor. at 1st i thought it was transformers cuz a decepticon could hav thrown the statue of liberty head but it wasnt and i wanted to know more. wen i got home i got online. some say that cloverfield isnt the real name its just a coverup since its so crazy. BEST TRAILOR EVER!!!!!!!!

Javok94 on Jul 4, 2007


Amazing trailer... got to see it yesterday. For sure one of the best and most intense trailers ive seen in a while.

Freddy on Jul 4, 2007


"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I couldn't believe my eyes. This will be a monster movie the way it should've been done. I don't watch Lost and I'm hoping it isn't part of it at all. If we heard right what if this will be an apocalyptic type movie since the bible speaks of beasts and lions and stuff like that. Obviously this won't be at all biblical but what if it borrows from those ideas. The monster had to rise from the sea and tread in water for it to throw the head of the Statue of Liberty. Maybe this is about the end of the world as we know it type of film. Just a thought. I just can't wait." texlop on Jul 4, 2007 Tis Guy has the right Idea...that sound more Possible than ANYTHING else right now.!..;) Pit.

Pitbull0669 on Jul 4, 2007


I was stunned, it was beyond the most interesting trailer I have ever seen. Everyone at that moment didnt give a crap about transformers they all started to discuss this tease. I thought it looked incredible. And I cant wait to see this movie in 2008.. *drool*

AbstractAmy on Jul 4, 2007



STRONGBROTHER on Jul 4, 2007


there is an imdb entry for it, it isnt that special, its under J.J. Abrams Untitled Project. the message board is going crazy

gibbs on Jul 4, 2007


Well they took down the one youtube Vid.. Im sure the other arent far

Pitbull0669 on Jul 4, 2007


I just got back from watching Transformers, which is the best f*@$$ movie I have ever seen and will ever see!!! I must say, they showed some pretty frickin awesome teasers. As soon as I got home, I immediately tried to find out about that one preview because it was effin insane!! It left you with goosebumps (like Transformers did through out the whole movie) and left you wondering "wtf?!". I even thought it was a remake for Godzilla and thats the first thing I looked up. But "I Am Legend" looks pretty good too, but after reading it's about vampires, I'm not sure. I'll still watch it though.

Sharisse0727 on Jul 4, 2007


Man, I love all this hype this one lone trailer has brought up. I sure as heck hope it isn't Lionel they're talking about. Or Voltron. lol A LION! AAAHHH! I think he said 'It's alive'. I HOPE IT'S LOST RELATED! Plus, if you haven't seen LOST or don't know what it's about, you don't know what you're missing. Better catch up before 1/08. Seriosuly... J.J. Abrams. 1/08. The ultimate LOST reference. (HARDCORE LOST FAN HERE)

David M on Jul 4, 2007


i really dont understand the excitement over this trailer.. i appreciate jj abrams abilities but come on... all i could think the whole time was what the hell is this it looks like a crappy mix of blair witch and godzilla, and not naming it is just sure itll be the start of a long drawn out viral campaign to get people to see a movie that probably couldnt carry box office success on its own merit and needs these cheap parlour tricks to draw in an audience. same kind of dirty marketing that went down when anybody who wanted to get a first look at the silver surfer in action had to pay to see some crappy kids movie from fox because they wouldnt show it online or with any other movie because that crappy kid movie needed a boost in sales. its weak. i have no ill will for this movie but at the same time i dont believe its going to be good at all and i think everyone excited for this movie is falling for the tricks and hype and i personally feel theyre gonna have to come out with a better trailer than that before i even give it a second look.

tyb on Jul 4, 2007


I think I saw Ryan Key in this movie....lead singer of Yellowcard...was watching the preview and tought wow this looks like a neat movie....wait was that ryan?? It looks like something different, wish the trailer was online!!!!

Tonya Perry on Jul 4, 2007


it clearly says " I saw it, it's a lion, it's huge." MrJoe83 was right.

ashley on Jul 4, 2007


the whole theater was quiet... then one guy yelled "I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS!"

alan on Jul 4, 2007



STRONGBROTHER on Jul 4, 2007


haha I love that this movie comes out on my birthday. here is the dialog in the movie i got...some parts are missing but i tried to get all of it. Beginning of Trailer... Shh. *Radio Crackle* Quiet *Another Radio Crackle* He's Coming. *Radio Crackle* Blond Girl Talks: "Alright he's here, lets go." Blond girl walks forward towards camera. Guy (Rob) comes in and everyone yells out "Suprise!!!" People raise their hands in air as someone takes a picture of Rob. Rob smiles. People Clapping! Moves to a shot of a wall with a banner that reads... We'll Miss you Rob

SkylineRivas on Jul 4, 2007


We'll Miss you Rob

SkylineRivas on Jul 4, 2007


what the Hell its not posting the full comment arghhh We'll Miss you Rob

SkylineRivas on Jul 4, 2007


the end of the trailer doesn't simply say "1-18-08". it says "in theatres 1-18-08". should be safe to assume that this is not premiering on TV, and therefore is not a plug for lost.

psucaps on Jul 4, 2007


Could this possibly be another godzilla movie?

B.B. Abrams [hi] on Jul 4, 2007


Anyway, What really happens is that they are in the street and the girls asks, "Is it coming this way?" And a guy responds by saying, "I saw it It's alive, Its HUGE!" not A LION..for those speculators Case Closed

SkylineRivas on Jul 4, 2007


And what is your speculation about what they saw? Damn I hope it ain't a lion, it'll be stupid if it is, and all the hype for it will be demolished.

B.B Abrams [hi] on Jul 4, 2007


I Bet a Camcorder remake of Beast from 20,000 fathoms!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 4, 2007


ok ok ok for all of you guys who think the person is saying "its a lion!" youre horribly wrong. he/she is saying "ITS ALIVE, ITS HUGE!" open your ears dudes

Dustin on Jul 4, 2007


I'm not sure if it is, but this seems to be related to I'm stuck on level 4 right now. Maybe I'll get past it.

Zack on Jul 4, 2007


Ok well first of all there is not a parasite attacking the city. It is simple a well put story on what would happen in reality, if a huge meteor shower hit earth in the middle of the night. I went and saw transformers again this mourning just so i could film that preview on my phone. I have tried to research everything i could for this movie, and came up with nothin. please lemme know what you know!

Austin on Jul 4, 2007


I don't get that 1-18-08 website, all it is is a picture.... wth?

Necrolepsy on Jul 4, 2007

84 Necrolepsy, the whole movie is filmed with home video cameras, like a Blair Witch Project kind of feel, so hence that website is like a still frame from someone's video camera. They looked pretty damn scared and are looking up like at the monster in front of them. That's what that site is for...

Alex Billington on Jul 4, 2007


It reminded me ALOT of War of the Worlds remake with Tom Cruise.

Mike on Jul 4, 2007


YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Godzilla. That is what this trailer is for. They messed up bad on the 1st one, so this time they figured they'd do it right. They went and got JJ and put his ass to task. I bet $1 billion that it's GODZILLA 2008.

Anthony on Jul 4, 2007


It's NOT Godzilla!!!! Why does the fact that it's a giant monster in NYC mean it HAS to be Godzilla?!? It's Hollywood, their are similar concepts, and this is a similar "giant monster attacks NYC" but it's NOT Godzilla! C'mon!!!

Alex Billington on Jul 4, 2007


I would just like to point out that if you take a look at the image properties of the picture on the 1-18-08 website, the image size is "108 KB"... just a cool little clue that they threw in there that it could be a lost movie or just be tied in with the release date 1/08.

Dustin on Jul 4, 2007



Tonya Perry on Jul 4, 2007


JJ Abraham's office in Los Angles, at one time ( not sure if it still is) was on Cloverfield ST. It is near the Olympic/Pico Area of Santa Monica/LA

Local on Jul 4, 2007


Maybe the movie is called 1-18-08? Seeing as it is an attack on NY, naming the movie the date the attack takes place would be quite fitting.

SAGA on Jul 4, 2007


"I saw it! It's ALIVE! It's huge!"

work-ed on Jul 4, 2007


The Clues? Robot Lion New York Shown in front of Transformers Isnt there a Transformer toy that looks something like a Lion? What is this a Sequel? Transformers 2?

Local on Jul 4, 2007


def says "ALIVE" not "LION" just listen to the trailer with head phones on and no picture. Listen and you'll here him say "I saw it! It's ALIVE! It's huge!". I also heard this movie is loosely based on this film: Either way this trailer looks interesting, but if it's a monster based film (what else could it be?) it might disappoint big time!

work-ed on Jul 4, 2007


and when you add 616px (width) x 415px (height) you get 1031... as in 10/31 Halloween! Perhaps another trailer will launch then.......

work-ed on Jul 4, 2007


It seems people are captivated by whatever-easy propaganda. This looks like a blairwitch, amateur style movie shot with camcorders with a plot about a monster attacking a major city. Nothing new to be honest.

T.v. on Jul 4, 2007


Well not sure of this helps, but I found a name to a face. No well known actors in this film however I knew one of the ladies looked familiar (the dark haired lady who speaks into the camera at the very beginning of the trailer) Odette Yustman (South Beach/October Road) However no movie is linked to her name, this is so top secret.

jennifer on Jul 4, 2007


Also I found out: Odette Yustman was a Socialite #3 in Transformers

jen on Jul 4, 2007


Either way she's a major banger! And that's not top secret!

work-ed on Jul 4, 2007


I dont think its godzilla.I think its something way sinister, scarier and uglier than godzilla,like a giant dark green slimy mutated human monster who breathes fire.Now that would be scary.I would imagine a giant monster with human head,roting flesh,long dark hair covering the face.He was developed by scientist for military purposes but he escaped and attack New York.

Dumbass on Jul 4, 2007


Yes, I had the same reaction as everyone else who has seen this trailer. WTF? So I went looking for info and finally found the pirated trailer on YouTube. I knew, however, that as soon as Paramount found out about it that it would be removed, so I downloaded it as quickly as possible. My son and I have now watched it at least a dozen times and it leaves us chilly every time we watch it. This is awesome. Yes, the line from the person on the street is "I saw it! It's alive! It's huge!" At the end of the trailer it clearly says, "Coming to theaters 01-18-08." So no... no giant lions. And no... no TV show. The numbers are just in-joke type referrals to fans familiar with "Lost" but not a hint that it really is just a teaser for "Lost." Yes, there is a reference to the character going to Japan, so you think about Godzilla almost immediately. I disagree with comparing the sound with the creature on "Lost," however. That sounded more like a loud trumpet blast. This was much more chilling and plain f#$king scary. When I watched it for the first time at the theater, at one point I had to take my eyes off the screen and look around to remind myself that I was, indeed, still inside a movie theater! It was that awesome. It gave me goosebumps and set the tone for Transformers nicely. Oh yeah... that was a pretty good flick too!!

Anteros on Jul 4, 2007


I think Abrams is just toying with us. Something tells me there is an elaborate scheme involving this and clues are out there. Just keep an eye on every big movie that comes out because he will surely be dropping hints for the next 6 months. A lot of websites seemed to be linked to it, and it might tie into lost...there are a lot of hidden implications.

Nate on Jul 4, 2007



Denise Ramirez on Jul 4, 2007


Sorry but i keep hearing lion 🙁

Some DUDE on Jul 4, 2007


The website, which someone previosuly mentioned could be linked to this ends with a Biblical reference to the Apocolypse. There are scenes in between puzzles, made by what seems like a similiar film quality as the trailer, that hint at what is to come; claiming a man named Ethan Haas was right about everything. If they are linked, just remember I am the first one to call this being a movie about the Biblical Apocolypse.

Nate on Jul 4, 2007


You guys ..he says, "i saw it in the light, its huge!!" ...listen man, listen!!

Ryanj on Jul 4, 2007


I don't think anyone said "It's alive, It's huge!" I think he said "I saw it, it's a light, it's huge!" Just my .02 🙂 Immediately reminded me of Independence Day a few years back. The first trailer for that one simply showed the White House, then the White House being destroyed by something in the air. I recall ppl sayin WTF then too...but I think that trailer was during the super bowl that year. 🙂 Lastly, I hope it has nothing to do with Lost. Not a fan of the show, and there are too many things to prove it's a movie. That date is a Friday, the trailer was filmed by camcorder (was lost ever filmed like that?), I don't believe anyone in the trailer was from Lost, and finally...STOP saying the roar sounded like the monster from lost...that roar sounds like 50 other monsters from numerous other movies. 🙂 That is all.

0ktane on Jul 4, 2007


i am SO glad somebody else thought of gears of war when they saw this. i was completely ready to see some locust come out of the ground. i don't know why.

marcus phoenix on Jul 4, 2007


i dont get how a monster could cause a huge explosion like that unless it is strapped with a nuclear weapons on its back.. especially a lion - _- anyway that

STevenG on Jul 4, 2007


Gears would be Awsome But they wouldnt do a camcorder version of that..Im Betting on the Apoclypse thing or The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.

Pitbull0669 on Jul 4, 2007


People are hearing things...the guy says: "I saw it. It's alive. It's huge"

laserbones on Jul 4, 2007


Great marketing! And having a bunch of dudes payed to surf the web and post comments about how amazing, awesome and unbelievable that trailers is, that's genius marketing.

dyson lu on Jul 4, 2007


Clever marketing! And having a bunch of dudes payed to surf the web and post comments about how amazing, awesome and unbelievable that trailers is, that's genius marketing.

dyson lu on Jul 4, 2007


Clues: - American character is going to Japan (remember Raymond Burr) - Flames and explosions (Godzilla DESTROYS everything) - Major icon being DESTROYED (A big FU to America for the last Zilla movie) - Monster scream in the back (Throw in any Toho movie and compare) - Mutha fuccas on the run (Not enough people ran in the last one) From my last post............................ YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Godzilla. That is what this trailer is for. They messed up bad on the 1st one, so this time they figured they'd do it right. They went and got JJ and put his ass to task. I bet $1 billion that it's GODZILLA 2008.

ANTHONY on Jul 4, 2007


this movie trailer was wild. it wasn't really the coolest trailer ever but it was good how they put no title. it got people like us online looking for it. good way to build hype. i also thought it was weird how the trailer before was in New York City "i am legend" with will smith. New York is such a bitch. GO SOX!

jay on Jul 5, 2007


God Please!! Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla!!!!!!! BTW, it's Gojira.

Wrks on Jul 5, 2007


VOLTRON!!! Look there are clues. The guy Rob is leaving for japan the next day. Its a japanese themed party. The television reporter says there is a “thunderous roar” . Outside someones says ” Its a lion, its huge” (Its alive, its huge doesnt even make sense). Voltron fought parasite monsters. If you look on wikipedia/voltron the movies are set for the same date. I don’t know how reliable wikipedia is but it says that “there is a teaser in theaters right now playing, (such as before transformers”. Either its a genius promotion of Voltron or its a cool trailer for a monster movie filmed with digital cameras. also there is a symbol on the bottom left of the credits and i wonder if anyone can tell me what that is.

The Rod on Jul 5, 2007



ALIVE on Jul 5, 2007


i deff this it says "its alive, its huge" this looks amazing also i think with in 3 weeks to a month the site with the picture is going to change or there is something on it we are missing

Dave on Jul 5, 2007


Someone want to explain how "Godzilla" managed to send the statue of liberty's head flying for miles followed by a meteor-like trail? And why firey balls miles away are hitting buildings? And since when is Godzilla surrounded by that mass you breifly see in the trailer. It isn't Godzilla. They wouldn't shoot Godzilla from handheld cameras. Put some thought into it and it makes no sense. I promise you it is about the end of the world. And how can you say "It's alive, it's huge" doesn't make sense but a movie about a giant lion does?!

Nate on Jul 5, 2007


this trailer makes me think the movie is gonna be big, maybe biblically big cause it reminds me of "The Beast of The Sea" that was described in revalations, anywho i have to say wow!... seriously after watching the trailer over and over and over and im getting ready to see transformers again JUST to watch it in a theatre again i have to say im amazed, yah ill be pissed if its lost, yah it may be godzilla, but WHATEVER it is it looks huge, and yah the ladiesman thing is a big coincidance, but but but.... wow... im blown away, i salute u Abrams love to all, big and small, night or day, straight or gay. ttfn p.s. ur mom

Bung0307 on Jul 5, 2007


man i hope none of the asses in politics starts protesting this because it is a depiction of terrorism.. and that it is too much like 9/11,, that would suck this thing has got me goin crazy some1 should go to this jj dudes house and beat it out of him lol well cant wait just so happens 1.18 is my bday seems like its something from outer space that crashed and caused the explosion and the earthquake.. kinda makes sense Godzilla would suck so much damn as soon as i visited that 1/18/08 site there was a flash of lightening plus thunder followed by rain here in queens... scared the white out of me

STeven G on Jul 5, 2007


If it is a movie about Godzilla, what would be the logic in trying to making sense of meteor like objects, statue of liberty's head flying, etc. It's freakin' Godzilla. You know, a fictional radiation mutated T-rex that breathes radiation breath that missiles and rockets dont phase. Is all that was on the trailer really a far stretch that it couldn't be Godzilla? I'm hoping it is. And listen closely. Someone does say "It's Alive, it's huge" Maybe it picks up from that last bomb of a remake when one of Godzilla's eggs survived. Who knows.

Wrks on Jul 5, 2007


the movie is called "Cloverfield"

daniel on Jul 5, 2007


Here is some evidence as to what the movie will be about: Warning! Spoilers:

Chase on Jul 5, 2007


I don't know how I would feel about a Godzilla re-make... ...but a "Gojira" remake I think I would love. This clip had that atmosphere, that feeling from Gojira. If anyone here has seen that movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. And please forget the Giant Lion crap. What's up with that? "It's ALIVE. It's HUGE."

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


I think you're all wrong. I'm going to go out on a limb here... Ghostubusters remake. If the guy is indeed saying "I saw it! It's ALIVE! It's huge!" then i think he's talking about none other than the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. He sounds a little more pissed than the original, but hey!

J on Jul 5, 2007


It very well could be a godzilla movie. In most Godzilla movies there is always another monster. and this Giant lion thing could be that enemy. It could also Be(from what i have heard of parasites) a trailer for Halo...(the chance of that is 1000000/1 in favor of the not but still) it could also be not godzilla but a gamara remake (gamara is another japanese giant lizard movie franchise thats not as well known. Gamara is a giant turtle)

Lunatech on Jul 5, 2007


During the harried descent down the stairway, there is a voice (sounds like a woman) and they say something like sadadyas. If you pronounce it backwards it comes out "Say Bad Ass". Any body else catch that?

Philip on Jul 5, 2007


Ethan Haas was wrong.

Mezin on Jul 5, 2007


Here's a hint: the "thing" that knocks down that tower (which is inaccurate as only the top 15 floors of the woolworth building are knocked off the top) is actually a head... that lands on that street scene just before the tower top comes flying down. Wait until you see what happens to the Brooklyn Bridge...and the rest of NYC.

Joe Schmo on Jul 5, 2007


# A large Voltron toy is shown as a Christmas present during a 1980s-era flashback on Lost.

Voltron on Jul 5, 2007


People actually want to see this movie? wtf? I'll stick with Japanese monster movies. God help us if it's another American Godzilla.

dr who on Jul 5, 2007


How about Rampage - the video game. Everyone thought that was an awesome idea - barring some minor setbacks such as no storyline. So what do you think - will our generation be treated to a Rampage movie? My friend mentioned the possibility of Voltron - similar concept to transformers, giant mechanical robots... 80s generation comicbook/tv show. Even though my friend thinks "it's probably not Voltron because there's no way they'd be able to keep that underwraps" - I think he might be on to something. Plus... J.J. Abrams co., goes by the name "Bad Robot" - any connection or am I just pulling at straws here?

Eldar on Jul 5, 2007


I have some potentially good news: Appearantly there's a new Godzilla movie coming, but it's a 3-D version. Which would in itself be potentially badass if done well. However, this trailer in no way resembled any 3-D movie I've ever seen so I'm inclined to believe it is not Godzilla. I do not know what it is, but i highly doubt two Godzilla releases.....

cliffydawg07 on Jul 5, 2007


That trailer was botherin me the whole day after I got out of that movie, right when i got home i did a whole bunch of research and came up with nuthin, but heres my guesses 1. A godzilla movie (Ihope not) . Jurrasic Park 4 (That would be cool) or it could be a plain original new movie Or some apocoypse That trailer looks swweet Its not a tv promo cuz it says "COming to theaters1-18-08" not just1-18-08

Keegan on Jul 5, 2007


i believe an actor in the trailer is named Kristen Holden-Ried you kno the one who says"This is gonna be the best night" at the end

StevenG on Jul 5, 2007


When i first saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a monster movie too. But after the next day I thought it could have been a gears of war movie since it started with an earthquake just like the game.

Charles Gonzalez on Jul 5, 2007


Well i saw transformers like 3 times and That tariler like 5 times in the theater..lo. All i can say is that it give NO Hints wat so ever about what it is or what it could be..I trid picking it apart everytime but.Nothin.This is going to be one of those things where people have to wait untill he spills the beans or Some one tssometing Slip!...thats about it,which sucks beacuse I and everyone else are diying to find out what the hell it is or is going to be.

Pitbull0669 on Jul 5, 2007


They have made movie about a giant lizard(godzilla),monkey(king kong),,etc.How about a giant ugly,mutated human who roars and breathe fire ball?.Now that would be scary.

dumbass on Jul 5, 2007


I was in a theater in NYC when that trailer came on. A lot of people started booing. Thousands of us already have home videos of our city being destroyed and memories of the confusion of thinking we were all about to die as the sky started falling, so I guess we don't need to see fictional versions for entertainment. I'm sure everyone else will have fun watching though.

nyker on Jul 5, 2007


nyker: That's gotta be rough dude. Total sympathy. Seems like it's always NYC in these monster / comic book movies. 9-11 has made those sceens personal now for many affected by that day.

cliffydawg07 on Jul 5, 2007


some are saying Voltron because there were supposedly 5 fireballs (one for each lion) flying around.

ur shawty on Jul 5, 2007


Yo Magus send me the video you posted my email is or repost it on another video upload site like tinypic or photobucket

SBMATT on Jul 5, 2007


As of 3:30pm Eastern time the trailer is still being shown at

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


felicity, alias, lost....M3....and couple of shows in between got the boot on abc.....anywya....jj is tha huge force to be recon with for the future folks. LOST is allready the best show in this planet...and now we have this huge trailer to talk about....insane let me tell jaw dropped when I saw it last night....oh my lord....long live LOST and the new trailer.....

scarrr on Jul 5, 2007


Oops.... sorry...

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


Sorry... I think all these 01-18-08 sites are fake.

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


No matter what I try, I hear, "I saw it, it's a lion, it's huge!". "It's alive, its huge" makes no sense. Somebody asked this a while ago, the symbol in the bottom left of the credits is the Bad Robot logo so no clue there. I think we all need to get ourselves and face the fact that it's not a remake/new version of Godzilla or Voltron(even though a live action Voltron movie would be sweet! they started playing the cartoon on adult swim recently!) or anything else. From what I know about Abrams, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy would use the freedom of running his projects to do remakes. I know he's directing Star Trek but that's different, it's not HIS movie. Let's just sit back, be patient, and wait for whatever comes next from this amazing ORIGINAL movie! P.S. - I like the clue somebody found about Halloween, that's totally something Abrams would do!

MrJoe83 on Jul 5, 2007


So far the only poster on here to give ANY detailed information is "Joe Schmo." Are you a fake or would you care to enlighten us, Mr Schmo?

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


It's Blair Witch 3

JJ Abrams on Jul 5, 2007



Artie on Jul 5, 2007


Ok so there is DEFINATELY someone I know that is in it...I had a friend of mine watch the trailer as well and we agree it him....36 seconds into it there is a guy on the right side...blonde hair...its ryan key from yellowcard....went to school with him...know that face anywhere....

tonya perry on Jul 5, 2007


People, people, PEOPLE!! Look at my previous comment, number 137! I provided TWO links! They both revealed that it WILL be a monster-movie, and the 1st revealed more specifically that it will be a "Parasite-invasion".

Chase on Jul 5, 2007

155 I repeat, not Godzilla, check this link. There is a Godzilla movie coming, but it's in 3-D. There is a Voltron movie coming in 2008 However if that was a "lion" attacking NYC that would not make sense. The Lions are the good guys.

Cliffydawg07 on Jul 5, 2007


I think bottom line it's some sort of monster movie. Now in my opinion, if they're smart they'll use Godzilla instead of some new monster. Use something that already has a reputation. But then again I don't know how a Godzilla movie shot like the Blair Witch would go over. And the 2000 version of Godzilla was total crap and should be forgotten and not tied onto. I think overall it's safe to say it's definitely a monster movie shot like the blair witch. Someone made good point to the statue of libery, so it came out of the water. But as to what monster it is is up in the air. I do hope it's Godzilla, who easily makes explosions like in the trailer. But then again I saw not radioactive breath. Hmmm

Trav on Jul 5, 2007


1 of the sickest trailers ive seen since independance day, movie could suck total balls but that trailer will always be sick..

dibbydibbs on Jul 5, 2007


well i've read these comments before seeing the preview and now that i have seen it........WTF! at first i was thinkin it was a sequel to transformers because in the movie they were plannin to hide that cube in the city and that awkward event in the "1-18-08" preview seemed to be takin place in the city. but after seeing the cube used to kill megatron, i figured it cant be a sequel. i've heard people say it could be godzilla because you hear the word "Japan" when they're talkin about where that guy is goin. but i doubt it, godzilla aint worth all that hype. but whatever it is it must be huge to smack the statue of liberty's heavy ass head from the water all the way to the streets of the city. it was quite chilling though, hopefully its a monster, a whole new movie (not a sequel), and i hope the movie is as good as the trailer.

kenny d. on Jul 5, 2007


Just found this...

Topsy Krets on Jul 5, 2007


Trav and MrJoe you don't know what you're talking about....It's obviously a movie about alien parasites depicting the Apocolypse...Voltron might make a for Godzilla...He is busy with the filming of Jurrasic Park 4 as someone mentioned before

David Donati on Jul 5, 2007


I am NOT a viral marketer, going to a few of the websites, specifically the blog ethanhaaswaswrong a commenter writes a line referencing cthulu, it makes a lot of sense considering this'lyeh and this Either way a lovecraft movie based on cthulu, pretty damn cool

js on Jul 5, 2007


The Voltron movie starts production in February 2008, so no dice.

MrJoe83 on Jul 5, 2007


OK it's not lost the show. At the end it says in theaters 1/18/08 so how could that be the show and not a movie 2 yes some one says did you see it is it coming this way ? and then you hear yes I saw it ,it's a Lion it's huge! so if it's Godzilla there trying to through you off by using Lion ? any ways I am going into Cryo sleep till Jan I can't wait 6 months LOL .

darkwolf on Jul 5, 2007


My 2 cents, it's a monster/robot battle movie...and humans, of course, are caught in the middle. If it's Voltron its going to be amazing. I have a strong feeling it is...

h0tpinkinmiami on Jul 5, 2007


How about a remake of the korean movie the Host. It is planned for a US remake.

nacho on Jul 5, 2007


1st- Its not Godzilla, as Sony owns the rights to Godzilla, not Paramount. 2nd- Any real giant monster fan would NOT be impressed by this trailer. I think you all were just cought off guard because they didnt give the name of the movie. What was so impressive about it ? The flying LIberty head? A bunch of screaming NY'ers? Come on. I didnt realise people are so easily impressed. Maybe ill make a movie 3rd - Do we really need another Blair Witch project style perspective? It only worked once.

Louie on Jul 5, 2007


Blair Witch Project worked?

JJ Abrams on Jul 5, 2007


There was this giant "awww" of disappointment at our threatre. I'm so pumped for it though!!

Roman on Jul 5, 2007


Just to say, Sony's rights to Godzilla expired in 2003. Doesn't sound like the Godzilla roar though, but could be wrong.

Frank on Jul 5, 2007

170 and have something to do with it. Reminds me of "The Lost Experience" that went on last year.

Frank on Jul 5, 2007


deffinitly not godzilla, or voltron im thinking its an apocolypse movie, 12:36(time of the picture taken on the websites) is a bible quote referring to apocolypse and the quote "it looks like a lion" also has biblyical symbolism, which also points to apocolypse. voltron and godzilla already are schedualed to make new movies at diffrent times, they are ruled out

Kratos on Jul 5, 2007


I'm no expert on the book of revelations, but doesn;t it say that when the world ends there will be fire, monsters, etc. I just think it fits a little because of the whole doomsday prophesy stuff with Ethan Haas. I'm probably wrong, just throwing it out there.

butters on Jul 5, 2007


The twelfth chapter of the book of Revelations has no verse 36 The twelfth chapter of the book of Daniel has no verse 36 The twelfth chapter of the book of Ezekiel has no verse 36 Those are the accepted Apocalyptic books of the Bible. Matthew 12:36 says, however; "But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken." Make of it what you will.

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


The Day Of Judgment The Last Judgment Judgment Day Maybe all these people guessing this are right after all.

Anteros on Jul 5, 2007


1-18-08 website has a fote if you split it and realign the image you will see its a picture of teh same girl from both sides...with altered lighting

caz on Jul 6, 2007


jesus c. whats the point of that now?

jbone on Jul 6, 2007


its kind of funny how almost all of your predictions are having their own movie. 1. Voltron 2. Cthulhu ([does not show a monster in the trailer; anythings possible!] 3. Incredible Hulk (features the abomination as villain so no HUGE monster) 4.godzilla (going to be in 3d!) anyhow i cant wait to see all of these movies i hope the giant monster is a lion (although its highly unlikely) it would be a first i think shooting fireballs is just a plus!

Alex on Jul 6, 2007


i think a lion would be cool!!!!!!

Alex on Jul 6, 2007


Caz is absolutely right....I split it and put it up on the net Check out the picture rearranged: Photo

Vinnie on Jul 6, 2007


Am I the only one who thought the trailer was a bit weak? Granted, I'm on here posting about it when I don't even know what the film is, but the praise you are all giving it purports the trailer to be more than a simple mysterious viral promo and more a masterpiece. "Oh! The home video cameras and lack of notable movie stars make me feel like I'm really there, on the roof of an expensive loft in NYC!" Cheap gimmick. Voltron or bust. To hell with release dates.

Nate on Jul 6, 2007

181 Go here and see the creepiest pic for a movie i've every seen, It's the official website from paramount, I do have some strange feeling that this will be a lost movie to finally answer everything! as you can see with the throwing of the Statue of Lib head and by it being in Lower Manhat that it's coming from the water and the roar's does sound exactly like the monster from the show and this very important point....JJ Abrams Producer/ And the writer for the movie is his writer from Lost! but even more important than that is this....It's production company is the same as Lost! remember the robot in the movie?! Maybe it is maybe it's not well see soon wont we 🙂

Azreal on Jul 6, 2007

182 Go here and see the creepiest pic for a movie i've every seen, It's the official website from paramount, I do have some strange feeling that this will be a lost movie to finally answer everything! as you can see with the throwing of the Statue of Lib head and by it being in Lower Manhat that it's coming from the water and the roar's does sound exactly like the monster from the show and this very important point....JJ Abrams Producer/ And the writer for the movie is his writer from Lost! but even more important than that is this....It's production company is the same as Lost! remember the robot in the movie?!.....Maybe it is maybe it's not well see soon wont we 😉 13 14 vre*hint

Azreal on Jul 6, 2007


I really think it is related to Lost somehow. The sound the monster makes is nearly identical to the mysterious monster in the show. Perhaps this movie is about what happens to the rest of the world when the survivors set off the EMP on the island. They make mention that it will destroy the world on numerous occasions. However the end of this season would seem to indicate that the world is still intact after the Losties get off the island...

Guest on Jul 6, 2007


This is what they do with these types of movies. The big hype about what the monster actually is and then the big let down when you go see the movie and they never actually show it. It only took $30 million dollars to make this movie. That opening scene is it! The rest will all be about survival and they will leave what the monster looks like " up to your imagination". I'll still unfortunately will go and see it....oh well. Dam you j.j Abrams!!!

Darkone0125 on Jul 6, 2007


i thought the trailer was really good, but JJ ABRAMS isn't really some1 who is gonna make me go apeshit over a trailer like this. I don't watch Lost and MI3 sucked in my opinion. Now if it said James Cameron or something, i woulda stood up at the theatre and cheered. Nevertheless its fantastic marketing and looks pretty promising. Does any1 else think it looks like a blair witch/ 28 days later/ Godzilla hybrid ?? maybe its just me

dirtyDIBBS on Jul 6, 2007


re: TheRoboticElephant Bad robot also did the movie Joy Ride, that movie with paul walker about the psycho trucker

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


Wait...I did not read all the posts in this blog, but I do not see any mention of the image in between the girls hair at the 1.18.08 I the only one that sees it?!! It looks like some sort of dragon monster with a long mandible. Check it out cause its right there in between their heads!!

Chapter29 on Jul 6, 2007


One thing i wanted to point out is the significance of the release date, because its all theyre letting us kno, which is 1-18-08, a thursday release which is understandable for a big production release, but unusual for a winter month like January. now this might be a stretch, but the clock in lost that counted down in the hatch was 108:00, and the infamous numbers 4,8,15,16,23,42 all add up to 108. Im just pointing out that there are only 1's, 0's and 8's in the release date, and jj loves to mess with stuff like that.

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


re: TheRoboticElephant Also i forgot that Bad Robot and JJ Abrams are in production of a new Star Trek movie, which makes me lose some respect for JJ cause NO ONE needs to give a reason for star trek fans to come out of their moms basements and piss off the rest of the world. its coming out christmas of 08'

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


sorry mrjoe, ur right, i was lookin at 07

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


HIX wtf do all those numbers add up to tho son? a LOST MOVIE? u lost me big time ninja

dirtydibbs on Jul 6, 2007


Their head is a Shes ead its spit in 2 someone poste it up father they re put together the head..I dnot see wat you are seeing..? Are you on drugs??

Pitbull0669 on Jul 6, 2007


Those numbers were used all the time in lost, if you watched the show 108 is a significant number, along with the sequence of numbers. I dont think its going to be a Lost movie because a few months ago they said that lost is going to end after 3 more seasons in 2010, and i thought it would piss people off. But i was just putting it out there that the numbers were showing up with the little info we know about this movie, and more people have pointed out that the pic on is 108 kb, and some others, its just something to think about. It could be jj abrams just wanting to drop useless clues to gather a crowd with conspiracies and get us all talking so that he gets more free publicity

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


Thanks MrJoe83!! Truth is it didn't take that long...guess smoking the good stuff actually helps in these situations!! But you can see it right there on the 1.18.08 web site...but you knew there would be clues there, so no big deal. Gonna rock no matter what! After a second(and 3rd, 4th, ect.) look, it has more of a demon look than anything else!!

Chapter29 on Jul 6, 2007


Thanks MrJoe83!! Truth is it didn't take that long...guess smoking the good stuff actually helps in these situations!! But you can see it right there on the 1.18.08 web site...but you knew there would be clues there, so no big deal. Gonna rock no matter what! After a second(and 3rd, 4th, ect.) look, it has more of a demon look than anything else!! Hey are not smoking the good stuff obviously...cause the image is right there in their hair.

Chapter29 on Jul 6, 2007


JayBear, on the other cloverfield post pointed out that matthew 12:36 says“"I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak." On the Ethan Haas was right puzzles he talks about this kind of thing, sort of the end of the world and how people are blind to society's wrongs. Take a look at the site and let me know what you think.

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


Hix, the guy says in the first video that we have until august first to prepare, and so theres probably going to be a trailer with more info then maybe?

striker on Jul 6, 2007


Thanks Chapter what is it???

ur Shawty on Jul 6, 2007


I would say my ex-girlfriend, but that may construed as a compliment...From all my d&d books to my current imaginations, i would say it looks like a demon, but a demon isn't really a monster in the typical sense. But every time I take a look at it,that is the first thing that pops into my twisted mind. But with CG special effects the way they are today, I guess making a monster that looks similar to a demon my be passable...I hope it is something from the 9 circle of hell - we have too many lame monster movies as it is...let's start going going back to the heaven and hell genre; kinda like they did for Vietnam movies in the 80's - the whole monster thing is played out...I think...

Chapter29 on Jul 6, 2007


i went to see Transformers with my sister and friend and both of them thought it was a type of "Godzilla" movie...set in 'new york' again...the americanize version flat out suck junk balls and piss me off but i hope to god it isnt or if its actually "Godzilla" its done right...that being said from reading some of the earlier supposed to be a parasite movie..i dont know...and has anyone thought that maybe "cloverfield" is just, perhaps a title to throw us off to what this movie is actually about?..there have been times when a studio is doing a film and throws a teaser like this and the name is actually a....errr...cover name for the movie like fake title that was Batman Begins before it was Batman Begins...know what i mean?...i think my theater after watching that trailer most of them if not all of them..went WTF?....

Hernam Tirado on Jul 6, 2007


DONT CRACK HAT PUZZLE!!! Idid and it shut my PC down BIG TIME!!! AGAIN DO NOT OPE OR CACK THAT PUZZLE ITS NOT COOL...Its a messag from some guy on video saying the end of the world nd stuff but its all Fuzzy and broken up..he says that Eathan guy was right and since you found him you are one of the Lucky ones and now he mucst text you. the BAM! Lock up City!! dont figure out this PuzzleSerious this isno Fuckin joke man!Pit.

Pitbull0669 on Jul 6, 2007


I think Pitbull is drunk....I would be too but I'm west coast time and still at work... Is it 4:20 yet?

Chapter29 on Jul 6, 2007


The site and puzzles are fine, pitbulls computer blows. there is a lot to be told from the site once you finish the puzzles, they get kinda hard, but it was interesting none the less. They are definitely tied to cloverfield though. After a couple of the puzzles the image of the city in the background is what the trailer portrayed

striker on Jul 6, 2007


Ummm.. then you didnt Finish the Puzzle like I did..I gt that Video. of that guy.. then BAM went all Fuzzy and the PC Locked Up.My PC is Custom Built and AllH2o cooled X2900xt 1 gig GPU and QX6700 Quad CPU so.. It deff dont Blow.

Pitbull0669 on Jul 6, 2007


WOW! GREAT FIND CHAPTER29! Looks like a...I don't know what it looks like. HIX, thanks for reposting something I said already, and January 18th, 2008 is a Friday.

MrJoe83 on Jul 6, 2007


Get a Mac ..mine didnt freeze, or even slow down for that matter 😉 imac 24" 2.33ghz core2duo, 3gb ddr2 ram, 500gb hd ...Seriously, no one out there knows anyone who knows someone who ..etc etc you get the point, that has REAL info on this, not guesswork and mind game crap !!? Im tired of clues, clues are cool on the same token but, enough is enough ..lets get some real info please!?!?

Ryanj on Jul 6, 2007


Check out 01-18-08 again! They've added another photo and added flash so you can manipulate the pictures. They're playing with us, man!!

Anteros on Jul 6, 2007


Yeah no SHI$!! Totally messing with us ...ryans not happy, ryans getting upset!!! getting reeeal upset!! Truth be told though, i am in love with that trailer ...just insane

Ryanj on Jul 6, 2007


Well another photo showed up on the site! Can't they at least create a forum so that we can gather up and talk about it?

tn1 on Jul 6, 2007


Abrams has proved himself to be a genius. He will space each hint, clue, trailer, whatever out just perfectly so we are obsessing and talking about this constantly until January the eighteenth. Without doubt, no matter what this is tied to, it's about the apocolypse. I am thinking Abram is so well connected God called him and told him the Apocolypse is going to be in 1-18-08 and to give us a head's up. Also, I agree with what a few are you are saying about the hype about this, but not neccesarily a good potential movie. The handheld camera thing could be really bad, but I just don't think Abrams would do something to make himself look too bad. He's really good at what he's doing. AND THAT'S WRAPPING US AROUND HIS FINGER.

Nate22203 on Jul 6, 2007


Yes, he is wrapping us around his finger... ... but does anyone else besides me think this is fun? I feel like I'm playing an RPG.... heh heh heh

Anteros on Jul 6, 2007


Yeah, it's actually got a lot of people REALLY interested in something they normally wouldn't be. I think it's pretty cool. If JJ is reading this...just know that if you screw us over, there's gonna be one nasty witch hunt for your head, pal.

Nate22203 on Jul 6, 2007


Im with he guy above me on this one!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 6, 2007


I think this is a godzilla movie. Subtle hints in the party scene gave me that idea. Like how the guy is going to Japan. And how its again in New York, a little pay back maybe. Whatever the movie may be, im stoked to see it. i went and saw transformers and after the trailer for this movie "cloverfield", me and my friend just looked at each other and were like "oh yeah!!!! deff. going to see that!!!" So im really excited to see what the deal with this one is.

NJWAKE on Jul 6, 2007


so the photos move....wonder whats that's about. you can turn them upside down....i also just noticed the demon thing between the 2 girls....

tonya perry on Jul 6, 2007


It not 2 Girls Its 1 cut i half and Moved on the other side of eac ote..In a Post a while back a guy recut them and Put them the way they should be. 1GIRL not 2.

Pitbull0669 on Jul 6, 2007


ok its not 2 girls...its 1 girl...i was just saying photo of 2 girls...thats what it shows...2 girls...maybe they are twins...never know....i dont think this has ANYTHING TO DO WITH LOST....i asked a friend who has a small part in the movie about comment!!!!! guess they are keeping it under wraps for a while to let us not sure if i can handle watching a hand held camera made movie on a big screen...would make me sick...

tonya perry on Jul 6, 2007


are you guys serious? it seems like everyone that posted here has never seen a trailer before for a movie, its kinda like war of the worlds, something different but nothing to get overly excited for, you guys are nerds.

davis on Jul 6, 2007


What was the point of posting a comment here, then, Davis? This is OBVIOUSLY different than most trailers. And you sure as hell went looking for what it was, apparently.

Nate22203 on Jul 6, 2007


Here is another maybe/maybe not hidden easter egg from the trailer. It seems like something JJ Abrams would do. The song playing in the background during the party in the trailer is by Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief. And the cover for that album features a Lizard.

DirectorJZ on Jul 6, 2007


Definately a biblical armageddon movie. Ther are too many armageddon/bible references on these hint sites and the ethan haas sites. I say to narrow the search down for more clues, keep trying to use any numbers in the pics with bible references. Also, does anyone have a photo program to blow up the picture of the guy in glasses from the post WAAAY up at the top: Can we see a reflection in his glasses, maybe?

Flagg79 on Jul 6, 2007


The site that now has 2 pictures that you can move around using flash player HAS to have some clue or hidden meaning. I definitely see the figure in the middle of the first picture. Who's going to catch the hidden element to the second one?

Ox on Jul 6, 2007


this is a remake of godzilla. when the kid screams its alive and it is huge he is refering to godzilla because nyc thought they had destoyed him. in the end of the american version of godzilla one egg hatched. what other monster can make that sound? another person says have fun in JAPAN...gojjira! only thing that has me stumped is how does godzilla rip the head of the statue of liberty?

chichi on Jul 6, 2007



Danny on Jul 6, 2007


Will people PLEASE stop claiming this to be Godzilla. IT'S NOT. They use that damn sound effect in movies all the time. It was used in Jurassic Park..THEY EVEN USED IT FOR SANDMAN IN SPIDERMAN 3. It's used in LOST. There are many logical reasons that prove this isn't a Godzilla movie. There is one in the works and it's going to be in 3D.

Ox on Jul 6, 2007


It's gotta be Voltron. Though the large monster sounds like godzilla, all you hear them saying is Roaring sounds, looks like a lion. The name they have for the movie is Cloverfield. There is also mention that the monster is reffered to as The Parasite. From what I read and remember, Voltron fought parasitic creatures. We'll find out soon enough what it is.

Jessica on Jul 6, 2007


Yeah I agree with Danny, its got to be a trailer for the Live Action Evangelion Film!

EVANGELION_PWNS! on Jul 6, 2007


Do I hear Evangelion? I mean the beast looking figure that has a long mandible? Thats got to be Evangelion Unit-01...

NERV on Jul 6, 2007


OMG?!?!?!?! EVANGELION!!!!!!!!!! Can it be? Will it be?!?!?!?! I sure hope this turns out to be EVA, cause I've been waiting for that moivies for years!

Rei_Ayanami on Jul 6, 2007


"OMG?!?!?!?! EVANGELION!!!!!!!!!! Can it be? Will it be?!?!?!?! I sure hope this turns out to be EVA, cause I've been waiting for that moivies for years!" Evangelion? Rei_Ayanami, I highly doubt this is the trailer for the live action eva movie... although their might be a possibility that this is it, but I highly doubt it..... Anyways a live action eva movie does dound kinda cool 🙂

a shoe on Jul 6, 2007


Its awfully quit here in this forum, is it because someone mentioned EVA? Did that make all you guys shut up or what?

YoUr_LiTtLe_SlUtFaCe on Jul 6, 2007


If this is about lost that will fuckin blow ass chunks ..that show sucked ass movie based on a tv show is worth this much debate over, if its based on lost, i will straight up throw food at jj abrams' face ..Evangelion would be nice, Godzilla would be even better ..but thats pretty much been ruled out, as far as we know, and we dont know much, Lost would SUCK, Host ..very interesting ;), something related to bilblical happenings ...very cool. This shit better be monumental ...

ross on Jul 6, 2007


am i the only one thats noticed that the picture with the girl is a MIRROR!!! cover up the on on the right and ull see shes leaning agaist a MIRROR!!!that demon thing by her hair that everyones talkin about is the same thing thats in her eyes its what shes staring at (reflection)!!!

chase11808 on Jul 6, 2007


"something related to bilblical happenings …very cool." Yup, sounds like Evangelion to me 🙂

Danny on Jul 6, 2007


Well, as Mr. JD said, there be a bible verse in Matthew 12-3 about the day of judgment and judging by the other sites [like ethathaanwasright/wrong] it gotta do with something with the gods. Just a guess Dx All I know for sure is that: I GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE!

Sage~ on Jul 6, 2007


Biblical* ..oops lol ..yeah man, Evangelion would be crazy!!! But about the sites, those are wild as well ...needless to say the marketing that went into this project is pure genius ..look at us!! lol

Ross on Jul 6, 2007


Yeah I know what you mean, just look at what it did to us! As for Evangelion, well we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. lol Im actually a huge Eva fan myself, just check out my Eva art page: you'll see what I mean

Danny on Jul 6, 2007


Did anyone go to that website? I did the first puzzle (did it like the game simon) and some freaky ass video comes and tells me ethan was always right and since I got the puzzle I must be one of them and that I must recruit people by August 1st? wut the hell lol and now it gave me a second puzzle, I'm not sure what to do to this one

Frozilla on Jul 7, 2007


also, I searched that ethan hass thing and I found a guide on how to complete the puzzles and people posted on it 4 monthes ago so I don't really get how this has anything to do with thte movie?

Frozilla on Jul 7, 2007


Aparently the movie may have a connection to the Ethan Haas thing, like an ARG (Alternate-reality-game) Taking it one step further - According to a article, the Hollywood Reporter revealed some of the cast members for our secret movie. Lizzy Kaplan played "Kat" in the TV SitCom "The Class" "The Class" also featured a character by the name of Ethan Haas. Maybe something to this?

Andrew on Jul 7, 2007


" Aparently the movie may have a connection to the Ethan Haas thing, like an ARG (Alternate-reality-game) Taking it one step further - According to a article, the Hollywood Reporter revealed some of the cast members for our secret movie. Lizzy Kaplan played “Kat" in the TV SitCom “The Class" “The Class" also featured a character by the name of Ethan Haas. Maybe something to this?" Maybe Eva?

YoUr_LiTtLe_SlUtFaCe on Jul 7, 2007


i would love forit io be godzilla, but seems looks and sounds more like it could be ghidrah. wow, tis adviertising campaign was genious. i couldn't enjoy transformers cause i couldn't get that trailer out of my mind

Cody on Jul 7, 2007


i noticed in the trailer (when i saw it in theaters) that the singer from the band "yellowcard" is behing the bar, and you can also see his head when people are watching the tv screen. someone find this kid.. and ask him WTF this movie is!!!

dothevampire on Jul 7, 2007


i noticed in the trailer (when i saw it in theaters) that the singer from the band "yellowcard" is behind the bar, and you can also see his head when people are watching the tv screen. someone find this kid.. and ask him WTF this movie is!!!

dothevampire on Jul 7, 2007


" i noticed in the trailer (when i saw it in theaters) that the singer from the band “yellowcard" is behind the bar, and you can also see his head when people are watching the tv screen. someone find this kid.. and ask him WTF this movie is!!!" Its probably Shinji Ikari from Eva ROFLOL!

Rei_Ayanami on Jul 7, 2007


Alright, this has to be about Gods, Evangelion, Biblical, etc. There is certainly a demon in between the women, which does appear to be the same woman. The second picture is the trickier one. But, look to far right side of the photo. The dude looks possessed and very much out of place for the "happy" scene he's depicted in. Anyone agree?

Chris on Jul 7, 2007


I agree, its got to be about eva...

EVANGELION_pwns on Jul 7, 2007


Here is the setup: The Drules have invaded Earth and kicked our ass in the ONE DAY WAR. Humanity has gone underground. New York has been decimated and our story opens on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Drule invasion. Think about it, Earth was conquered by an Alien race in 24 hours. Fifty-feet tall, a horrible hybrid of metal parts, complete with some kind of awful face and glowing red eyes, staring down at them. We’re not sure if this is alien or man-made, but it’s terrifying. Folks, this is a ROBEAST. The Robeasts in this script are like the sentinels in The Matrix – they patrol the earth in search of a signal which we will get to later. The Robeast emits a high-pitched industrial roar and swings its head low over the street. It swipes at the soldiers with its enormous talons as if they were in the way of what it’s really looking for… Its Voltron!! But I could be wrong… or am I? =)

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


" Here is the setup: The Drules have invaded Earth and kicked our ass in the ONE DAY WAR. Humanity has gone underground. New York has been decimated and our story opens on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Drule invasion. Think about it, Earth was conquered by an Alien race in 24 hours. Fifty-feet tall, a horrible hybrid of metal parts, complete with some kind of awful face and glowing red eyes, staring down at them. We’re not sure if this is alien or man-made, but it’s terrifying. Folks, this is a ROBEAST. The Robeasts in this script are like the sentinels in The Matrix – they patrol the earth in search of a signal which we will get to later. The Robeast emits a high-pitched industrial roar and swings its head low over the street. It swipes at the soldiers with its enormous talons as if they were in the way of what it’s really looking for… Its Voltron!! But I could be wrong… or am I? =)" All I read is Eva 🙂

EVANGELION_pwns on Jul 7, 2007


Transformers will be produced by Don Murphy, whom Voltron producer Mark Gordon worked with on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


holy cow i def. believe this is voltron, i went to the and set up the two pictures right next to each other(the girl one on the left) at about the middle of the screen going across, ull see them start to slowly rotate,i left it there for a while, when i came back i saw they had stopped moving and formed a "V" could this mean a voltron movie?

chase11808 on Jul 7, 2007


find out the REAL truth behind the cloverfield project cracked @

jayjayr on Jul 7, 2007


Awesome preview, thanks for posting this it is sad that the company making this film decided, wait a minute, let's keep everyone in more suspense rather than just release the damn trailer more than five minutes. Paramount, as if you would listen to the general public, the movie looks awesome, the more y'all keep things under wraps, the tighter the public will hold onto their wallets and wait for the dvd to arrive, rather than watch the movie in theaters. Look at how well Transformers has done so far, learn from that, before Cloverfield or whatever the title of the movie is, becomes the field of unlucky clovers of the field of lost dreams. P.S. Awesome trailer:)

Fig on Jul 7, 2007


This has to be the most amazing trailer ever. Leave it to the creator of Lost to think up something like this. Ok, lots of talk that it might be a lost trailer. Reasons: A: J.J. Abrams made it, so theres a big hint. B: The roar. Sounds like the lost monster roar. One problem with that, the lost roar has a mechanical and hollow sound to it at the same time, mixed into the roar. And souds of a machine of some sorts in its movements. This roar was like a deep Godzilla style, like lion Godzilla. Now, heres where u have to look at some points in the trailer. One thing, the guy was about to leave for Japan. A hint towards The Big Friendly Green Lizard? Maybe. Second, and nobody ever seems to notice this, after one lady yells "Is it coming this way?" a guy shouts out "I see it, its a lion, its Huge!" Lion? WTF, a Lion? Giant lion, although strange, is pretty cool. I mean, maybe its a giant flaming lion? Lion of death, or just a reallly big catlike monster. One thing to point out, if you look at Godzilla, there is one monster that walks on all fours that maybe could be mistaken for a lion. I dont know, thats unlikely, but in any case, why would a giant lion be called "The Parasite"? What im thinking, is that the guy was seeing the monster, but seeing it wrong. My thinking. Godzilla, or something like it. Godzilla is the king of all monsters, litteraly, its his title, and he fights very hard for it. Plus, he shoots lazers, which, ergo, means big fiery explosions (which is something that was oddly abundent in the last Godzilla remake, minus the lazers. Thats where the last remake lost the fans. No lazers) All facts are pointing to Godzilla. Parasite is one of those simple names that are abundant in the Godzilla searies. You got a robot Godzilla, its "Mecha Godzilla" Giant Moth? Add "ra" onto "Moth". Simple as that. But, one thing is for sure. Even when people go see this movie, they wont get a full view of the creature until very late in the movie, if at all. Maybe a few leg shots, or tails just whipping around a corner out of sight just as the camera gets a look. That way, keeps up the suspense, and keeps the real feel to the movie. I mean, look at all the "real" monsters, the camera work is allways fuzzy. Never a clear whole shot. I think it would still be cool to never give a whole shot of the monster (Unless its godzilla) to make it seem like its really happening in a real world. Plus, keeping the filming to hand cameras means no lame attempt to explain the monster with science. Godzilla is Godzilla, no science required. Anyway, all Im saying is it aint lost. Thats for sure. It could be godzilla, but equal chances that it isnt, and somehow theres a giant lion tied in. (Quick note, maybe Godzilla, coming out of the sea, grabbed the first thing close by when he saw the giant "lion" to throw, little miss liberty, hence the head. Maybe the "lion" swatted it away, hence the crash to city streets. Just a thought.)

CrackV on Jul 7, 2007


IMHO Its Voltron, has to be. Voltron toy was on an episode of Lost, ROBEAST is part beast and Robot hence the mechanical roar heard in trailer. I think it says somewhere that this movie cost about 30 million to make and is all recorded on handheld video equipment. Well just a guess here but hiring extras and some definite cool special effects for a handheld device (I know the editing and SE are added later), plus advertising costs to be put on a major motion picture preview = a whole lot of loot. It is likely that yes this movie is filmed all on handheld video devices and wether or not it is Voltron, I think the advertising is a mini-movie that will produce more of these small clips in the future. Of course I could be completly wrong! But check out the Sprite commercials on the Voltron website as well as the clip from the Lost episdode. (Sprite commercials show the lions battling the Robeast in NYC) Good stuff either way...Check out this script review on the Voltron movie

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


This is wild!! i find myself reloading over and over this same damn page so i can see what all you guys are writing LOL ..very intriguing i must admit, and forget what i said about clues ..this stuff has me goin bigtime lol

Ross on Jul 7, 2007


Man thats what I call a teaser, you get so excited, like dam what is this going to be about. Its going to be good film.

Dada on Jul 7, 2007


It would be real real funny if this teaser is for none of these things you guys are talking about.

Some DUDE on Jul 7, 2007


" This has to be the most amazing trailer ever. Leave it to the creator of Lost to think up something like this. Ok, lots of talk that it might be a lost trailer. Reasons: A: J.J. Abrams made it, so theres a big hint. B: The roar. Sounds like the lost monster roar. One problem with that, the lost roar has a mechanical and hollow sound to it at the same time, mixed into the roar. And souds of a machine of some sorts in its movements. This roar was like a deep Godzilla style, like lion Godzilla. Now, heres where u have to look at some points in the trailer. One thing, the guy was about to leave for Japan. A hint towards The Big Friendly Green Lizard? Maybe. Second, and nobody ever seems to notice this, after one lady yells “Is it coming this way?" a guy shouts out “I see it, its a lion, its Huge!" Lion? WTF, a Lion? Giant lion, although strange, is pretty cool. I mean, maybe its a giant flaming lion? Lion of death, or just a reallly big catlike monster. One thing to point out, if you look at Godzilla, there is one monster that walks on all fours that maybe could be mistaken for a lion. I dont know, thats unlikely, but in any case, why would a giant lion be called “The Parasite"? What im thinking, is that the guy was seeing the monster, but seeing it wrong. My thinking. Godzilla, or something like it. Godzilla is the king of all monsters, litteraly, its his title, and he fights very hard for it. Plus, he shoots lazers, which, ergo, means big fiery explosions (which is something that was oddly abundent in the last Godzilla remake, minus the lazers. Thats where the last remake lost the fans. No lazers) All facts are pointing to Godzilla. Parasite is one of those simple names that are abundant in the Godzilla searies. You got a robot Godzilla, its “Mecha Godzilla" Giant Moth? Add “ra" onto “Moth". Simple as that. But, one thing is for sure. Even when people go see this movie, they wont get a full view of the creature until very late in the movie, if at all. Maybe a few leg shots, or tails just whipping around a corner out of sight just as the camera gets a look. That way, keeps up the suspense, and keeps the real feel to the movie. I mean, look at all the “real" monsters, the camera work is allways fuzzy. Never a clear whole shot. I think it would still be cool to never give a whole shot of the monster (Unless its godzilla) to make it seem like its really happening in a real world. Plus, keeping the filming to hand cameras means no lame attempt to explain the monster with science. Godzilla is Godzilla, no science required. Anyway, all Im saying is it aint lost. Thats for sure. It could be godzilla, but equal chances that it isnt, and somehow theres a giant lion tied in. (Quick note, maybe Godzilla, coming out of the sea, grabbed the first thing close by when he saw the giant “lion" to throw, little miss liberty, hence the head. Maybe the “lion" swatted it away, hence the crash to city streets. Just a thought.)" YEAH! EVA RULES!

Dude on Jul 7, 2007


Its got to be EVA.

EVANGELION_pwns on Jul 7, 2007


DT has had the trailer up the whole time. Like 4 differnet versions.

Miller on Jul 7, 2007


Hey everybody, This is one crazy adventure and here's my input that I've found and am thinking about now. So, the photo of the two/same girl (whatever) is 108 KB in size. Well, Ethan Haas says "On August 1st something will happen". Well, "08/1" is August first, right? So move the 1 to the end and you have August first. It's a little bit of a stretch, but hey, it might mean something. Also, the original photo on is still available here I'm digging around for the new one....I wonder what the name is. If we can get that photo maybe somebody can do some image processing on it to see if there are any clues. Also, there's a new site that seems a little bogus. I don't trust it because it links to two e-commerce sites (on the main page) (pulls the main content from The parasite page has a javascript countdown and it hits 0:00 on August 1st at 12:36 AM (the time is probably lifted from the first photo on the official site) As I said before, I don't trust this site, but maybe there are clues?...or maybe it's just somebody trying to cash in on the hype. I'm excited to read any responses and if I encounter anything new I'll post it here too!

lennit on Jul 7, 2007


All these theories are getting a little out of hand. I think it's original content, not a remake. I wouldn't be surprised if it's very Lovecraft-ish, but I don't think it will be an adaptation.

Cloverfiel Gossip on Jul 7, 2007

265 Kali Yuga - the Hindu end of the world. Marked by the scourging of sin and wars between the Gods. Gods that bear strange, celestial weapons, one of which goes so far as to resemble a nuke. (it's just a theory) (it could still be Cthulhu)

Kali Yuga on Jul 7, 2007


i think just like the title, the budget can't be right...its just another way to throw you off

ur Shawty on Jul 7, 2007


were is the video for come on

Superman on Jul 7, 2007


Check out

Sheila on Jul 7, 2007


whats with the countdown on ??? just wondering. is that when they will put the trailer up?

tonya perry on Jul 7, 2007


ALRIGHT, I HAVE READ EACH COMMENT ON THIS PAGE UP TO 289 AND LOOKED UP ALL THE INFORMATION I COULD ON THIS MOVIE AND I'M NOT SAYING I'M SOME SORT OF EXPERT ON THIS CAUSE OBVIOUSLY I'M NOT BUT I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY FIRST OFF THAT THIS MOVIE LOOKS completly and entirely original original as in no remake of godzilla or voltron type thing and especially not gears of war [which would be cool and anyone who has played gears of war would have to admit] i can't see godzilla walking up to the statue of liberty and thinkning "nice head....i think i'll take it" and chucking it down the street. another thing..... all the people wanting it to be a judgement day thing, i'm with you i think it would be cool but you guys are just disappointed from lost, so get real and finally, i've watched this preview like 40 times on the internet and 4 in movies and i continue to hear "its a lion". mainly what a look for is if it has an N sound which it does seem to have.

FRANKLIN on Jul 7, 2007


i think i saw somewere that the new godzilla game comming out u will have to fight a lion type monster like a sphinx, maybye its tied in someway if its a Godzilla movie.

BumBAY on Jul 7, 2007


For a thirty mil budget? It is not Eva.

Kali Yuga on Jul 7, 2007


All those for "its a Lion say "its a lion!"

Mike on Jul 7, 2007


I must say that this page has the most thought provoking arguments on the web. I am impressed. I say he said its a lion. Not its alive. What a way to bring back the cold war monster movies of the 50's if this is the case. In any event I'am hooked to the top secret treatment, and the air of mystery. I will follow this one till the end. Even if it turns out to be a Lost movie.

Mike on Jul 7, 2007


One thing that crossed my mind (Voltron or not) is that it may be a promotional film set to come out on 01-18-08. What I mean is it could be just a film setting up Hype/Storyline for a Bigger production movie. I know Transformers had the a comic/novel realeased before the movie to bring everyone up to speed on what happened before the movie. This may be a short pre-quel for a film. Just a thought

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


Maybe we need to eliminate possible Remakes by property rights and get the facts going here. I am biased towards Voltron just for the script review similarities.

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion!

EVAfanGIRL on Jul 7, 2007


Stating the obvious but the countdown on "The Parasite" website that Sheila mentioned above is counting down to 1st August, which is the date that told us to wait for after you had completed all the puzzles.

Frank on Jul 7, 2007


Wow, this is really starting to all come together now!'s countdown, for those who have completed the puzzle's on, is in direct relation to the day that we're all supposed to return to with our code -- August 1! This is all too intriguing, and darn it, I'm getting impatient. 🙂 I can also say that my vote is for all new content, and based on the demon in pic 1 and the possessed guy in pic 2 of shows that it's closer to something about the end times, demons, gods, or Eva. Here's the two pics from with the clues in focus:

Chris on Jul 7, 2007


Sorry, the link was wrong above, just remove the period from the end...

Chris on Jul 7, 2007


Deamon Boy is to obviouse. The Devil in the hair is just that. Hair. The realigned picture IN comment 193 raised my eyebrow. Maybe the other photo needs the date rearrange to the leftside somehow?

Mike on Jul 7, 2007


Matt Greenfield was on the panel for the Eva QA. Greenfield.......Cloverfield.......See comment 277 to see what Im Talking abot.

Mke on Jul 7, 2007


so what if the 2 images on the one of the guy is actually the girl in the 1st photo??? i don't think this is a remake of anything, something new....i dont think they say its a the trailer at the theatre you can clearly hear him say its alive. maybe the statue of liberty came to life and moved and the head came off!!! the noise was the sound of the metal from it....i dunno. i dont really think thats what it is....but maybe something casued it to come to life...we have a headless statue of liberty walking about NYC...haha

tonya perry on Jul 7, 2007


The guy going to japan.....Is...a..Eva pilot..?Neh.Or going to the school.

Mike on Jul 7, 2007



tonya perry on Jul 7, 2007



Tony on Jul 7, 2007


So just Like how they made a American Godzilla. They will make an American Eva.

mike on Jul 7, 2007


I think the Evangelion movie will be based in Japan like in the series. If my memory serves me correctly from the series most of the cities we know today are underwater after the second impact wich would include New York city. As far as I can tell in the Trailer it just looks like modern day New York but who knows. I have not seen or found a script review for the Evangelion movie so I can't compare the trailer and reviews. Don't get me wrong either a totally new movie or Eva or Voltron would be awsome! just don't get the Eva vibe from this

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


Hey on the o1-18-08 site in the party picture the banner saying WE'LL MISS YOU ROB has letters made up of pictures. Can anyone confirm? and it probably has nothing to do anything lol

advarin on Jul 7, 2007


Tonya Perry...Yes, the funky characters help you solve a couple of the puzzles, 5 in total...which if all solved gets you numerous crazy videos and a code to use when you return to the site on Aug. 1.

Chris on Jul 7, 2007


The guys who's drinking in the middle of the 2nd picture...His eyes are strangely black. Maybe I've been staring at these pictures for too long? Another question: I read on a site that a few days ago only the photo of the girl was on the site. Think they'll keep adding pictures as we get closer to 1-18?

questions on Jul 7, 2007


questions...that's correct, when I first visited the site, there was only the pic of the woman/women.

Chris on Jul 7, 2007


Ah... When did they add the 2nd pic, do you know? (This is so curious, kind of fun to try and figure out. 🙂

questions on Jul 7, 2007


OK First off its not "its a loin its huge" its "its alive its huge" and i have prove in form of Spectroanalysis witch can be found on youtube 2nd its not the voltron movie the only reason that even started was b/c of the whole "its a lion its huge" thing. i mean come on any one thats read the script review posted on cant tell theres no way that that moive could be made in the home video way that "coverfield" promises 3rd has every thing to do with this movie its a viral-marketing campaign along with also found on the ethanhaaswaswrong site is a line referencing cthulu and later gos on to say "This movie is about C'thulhu appearing in New York City and wreaking havoc on the populace. Its not just your average monster movie, though. Here's the extra special gimmick that's never been done before: The whole film is shot by everyday citizens with their own home-video cameras. Doesn't that sound exciting as shit? Hell yeah it does. Let's save everybody a bunch of time and just send those Oscars to J.J. Abrams immediately." so so far it looks like Cthulhu is the most likely monster

Sean on Jul 7, 2007

295 The Eva movie is being made here in the U.S., not in Japan.

Judy on Jul 7, 2007


I think the second picture was added within the last 2 days. Can't remember for sure.

Chris on Jul 7, 2007


in binghamton we have a class that is just focusing on cracking the clue if i find/hear ne thing ill post it -p-

rozzy on Jul 7, 2007


Just so you know.... Everyone on set, from Camera Men, to lighting operators to Extras had to sign non disclosure statements. If they are caught giving ANY information, They will have to pay major damages!

Local on Jul 7, 2007


and why are u telling us this hahaha.......and how do u kno this

rozzy on Jul 7, 2007


The end is near. 1-18-08

Michael on Jul 7, 2007


please let this be Eva, please.....

crazzay on Jul 7, 2007


I'm going to go ahead and assume that the movie might just be called "the parasite" i think that girl IS in fact in both pictures and she is seeing that black eyed drinking guy through a mirror! the only way this is provede wrong is because of the times he pics were taken im hoping its either a lion or cthulhu!!!!!!!!!

Alex on Jul 7, 2007


and i think Local(316) is one of the extras!

Alex on Jul 8, 2007



MIKE on Jul 8, 2007


"It's not Godzilla…this is something much bigger, much older, infinitely more powerful, and more terrifying…" Its EVA! 🙂

Soap on Jul 8, 2007



MIKE on Jul 8, 2007


when i look in the middle I see waht looks like a tiny green monster with a white hat on

frozilla on Jul 8, 2007


to the person above, i agree his eyes do like very dark/red/demon-like

frozilla on Jul 8, 2007



MIKE on Jul 8, 2007


GO TO THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! I found it hidden in the "sponsor" page, tossing games. I knew i would find something!!!! a guy comes on and says this "Hey guys. Don't know if this is the right place for this, but... I've been looking for an old friend named Ethan Haas I lost contact with years ago. Kinda wonder what he's been up to." DUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!! THis site has the hidden answers!!!!!!!!

CrackV on Jul 8, 2007


TOssing games deffinately holds the answers. There are hints everywhere!!!!! You just have to look past the meaningless and you will see the hidden truths.

CrackV on Jul 8, 2007


Ethan, Van, Steve King, Rhialto.

Haas on Jul 8, 2007


How do you solve fifth puzzle? I just dont get it.

Crack V on Jul 8, 2007


Ok, I got how the fifth puzzle works, but how do you rearange all those letters? bnsneitdendietgnhhige I keep getting "The begining is the end" or "The end is the begining" but then that leaves out an N...

CrackV on Jul 8, 2007


Allright, Steve King is mentioned as the cousin of Ethan Haas on the Tossinb games site, during a conversation that is started by a man asking to see Ethan Haas or Van. This forum entry ends with a member named ethanhaas coming up and ending it with "im in ur mind, predicting all ur actionz". I'm following the links, and theyre taking me to more and more hints as to what the movie is about. I suggest anyone truly into this mystery do so as well. Those sponsor sites arent bogus, they are trails. We have to follow them.

CrackV on Jul 8, 2007


crack V send me an personal e-mail at the tossing game site i will help with puzzle

advarin on Jul 8, 2007


for the 5th Puzzle put in The beginning is the end (yes, two "n"s in "beginning") and for all the people who are anti-voltron, well, yes, it seems that it's not voltron if the script that was leaked is true, but look at this Voltron is set to come out on 1-18-08....umm...yeah....interesting eh? It has been confirmed that Voltron will fight a robeast IN Manhattan, and also other places in the world And who said that the Statue of Liberty's head was thrown?? What if two (or more) things were duking it out on liberty island and they just happened to throw a punch, MISS, and knock Lady Liberty's block off? The thing is, this is downtown Manhattan, and the Statue is a pretty good ways away! So that has to be a LOT of force to send that thing over so if it was thrown, ok, or if it wasn't...WOW...I'm guessing it wasn't because that would be more terrifying, eh? Also, I think we should all keep open minds here. Everywhere I go I hear "but why would Voltron destroy NYC?" or "Why would Godzilla do this or that?"....well, I already stated the fighting part and the environment is just casualties of war, but what if the thing isn't intentionally attacking NYC? What if it was attacking a symbol of the United States? (say the White House would be it's next target?)...or who knows what else? This is J.J. Abrams we're talking about so do you really think it's going to be something as simple as "random scary monster rampaging downtown NYC for the fun of it"? I don't think so, there has to be more. Also, about the site The person saying "yeah, I knew Ethan" is totally lying...they registered for the forums on 7-7-07 at 8:02pm So yeah, don't get your hopes up. I thought I read somewhere that Paramount owned the IP for and the last 3 digits were like .104...and then .105 was for (which is a "page under construction" type message). Maybe somebody is just tossing this other site up there because the "creature" is rumored to be called "the parasite"...nothing too official yet.... And sadly, to debunk the Voltron stuff, Voltron is being released by Universal and the script was written by Justin Marks (not the write of "cloverfield" who happens to be Drew Godard...if you look at the last second of the trailer it shows all the major credits and his name is there) So, sadly, it's not Voltron, but Voltron IS being made and will come out 1-18-08 if all things go well 🙂 But though, I still hear "it's a lion, it's huge" every time I watch and listen to the trailer. Seriously....'it's alive" would not make sense unless they guy was frantic and meaning something like 'the statue of liberty if alive"...but then...why would it be huge?...maybe it grew to a gigantic size, lost it's head because some parasitic creature assimilated it and didn't need it's head because it has it's own? Tons of speculation, what is right? If Ethan Haas is tied with it then it seems very Revelations/Apocolyptic in nature.....picture the Beast rising from the sea (Atlantic Ocean) and destroying the "empire" (USA) Now, THAT would be freaky. Now, after listening to the Spectroanalysis of the trailer I still hear "it's a lion". I don't understand why people are getting really mad and saying "It's ALIVE" not "LION"....with the all caps on "ALIVE". I'd have to say about 80% or a little more capitalize the letters....why is that? Why are people getting so mad over "lion" and "alive"? many people are not who they seem to be? What if somebody from Paramount is going around trying to plant false (or correct) information? Woah, too creepy...pretty much, nothing is confirmed but the trailer and the release date....and a few other things, but what can we trust outside of the trailer?

lennit on Jul 8, 2007


yeah, cool thanks. Anyway trail leads to nothing. I wrote up this whole big explanation that summarized everything i know, took me a while, but suffice it to say that with all evidence totaled up, It aint voltron. Whats voltron without the people piloting it, and how cheesy it would be for all this suspense and horror to lead to a giant colorful lion robot that conveniently allways comes to save the day. I heard Lion, the alive people can just shut up and hey, it can be a living lion. Happy? Plus, what idiot would say after being asked what he saw "its alive". DUH, what else is huge and roars? Dead stuff? Look, its called the parasite. Maybe lion is good guy, or bad guy, but i dont think a lion would be a parasite. Whatever. Also, it aint EVA, the eva movie was going to be segmented parts of the actual eva series, sectioned into the first six eppisodes, then the second, then the third in a trilogy of sorts. So i dont remember eva ever coming to Manhatten. Drinking guy is Rob everyone, he isnt a freaking demon. Why would Rob, the guy who everyone likes and is about to leave for japan, be a demon? Now, the creepy person behind him and the grey thing between the girls, yeah, thats more demon like. Anyway, i think this is going to be an origional movie. Try to remake, and disapoint die hard fans, or make new movie, and create fans? I think the second is the better way to go. Still, if anyone else wants to try to track down this Steve King, Rhialto, ARG, Ethan Haas, or Van, go right ahead. I have taken the trail pretty far, and Steve King does seem suspicious. Considering his main page talks about him being a waste treatment dude from St. Louis (which Rhialto mentiones, saying that a cousin of Ethan Haas works in St. Louis handling hazordous waste treatment and is an eco nut) and on the tossing games site forums the steve guy seems to know nothing about the hazzordous waste biz and anything about Ethan Haas. Kinda odd. Plus, the whole dude named "ethanhaas" showing up saying he is in our minds and can see our actions is kind of strange. Maybe just some idiots screwing up the mystery, maybe not. Still, worth checking out and monitering.

CrackV on Jul 8, 2007


Hey, just found something, ARG, a guy who posted on the forums that talked about Ethan Haas, well, ARG stands for Alternate reality Game. These types of games all try to be as real as possible, and involve many real things. Im not saying this is a game, but what if all this mystery is the game? ARG's often involve lots of puzzles, real world events and places and facts. The Lost experience was almost an ARG, maybe all this is sort of one too.

Crack V on Jul 8, 2007


I have lots to report. I received the following message from Van Mantra. We now know Van's last name, but it also is the name of a Ski boot by the Vans company. ================== sorry my response has taken so long, I have to keep moving, I can't stay in one place for very long. There are forces here on earth and beyond that are trying to stop us from spreading the truth. You're taking a big risk contacting me but I understand why you are, I would rather face the future with my eyes open than closed. I have to make sure I can trust you, it's risky for me to contact anyone, they are always looking for me, I can't stay in one place for very long. You've gotten this far so I will tell you more. View the source to see past the puzzles, there are answers beneath. HAAS will open the second key for you if you need more help try contacting me again at this address, I'll keep using it as long as I think it's safe. good luck... to all of us........ ================== Most of us already know about the cryptic message in the source of the website, so nothing new here. Apparently the site is registerd to Van at 2205 Holly Pine Cir to a Jessica Mock. I live in Orlando and was shocked to see that this address is off of Chuluota Rd (pronounced CHEW-lee-oh-tah) and looks very much like Cthulhu. At any rate, I replied to the message and received this: ================== It's worse than I thought, the Mezin have found my location and hacked into my phone. I need to go off the grid until I can find a safe location to transmit. If you need help finding the answers you seek, trust HAAS for the second key, it will unlock the mysteries. Beyond that, look for other believers. We are growing stronger everyday, there are many out there that have found the path. Search and you will find the keys to unlock the puzzles. -- Van ================== So a quick google of Mezin shows that Mezin is a city in France as well as an archaeological site in the Ukraine. Enjoy the clues and keep me posted if anyone finds anything else. Christopher luckyink*at*gmail(dot)com

Christopher on Jul 8, 2007


Okay, just for those who didnt notice. I went to the and clicked on the blue star and sent an email to it:, I got this in return: If you're receiving this auto-response message it means that I've gone into hiding. You should be careful now, too. They're likely to start coming after all of us in an attempt to keep the balance of power in their favor. But remember, as our numbers increase as a group, the weaker they'll become. As you recruit new people to our cause, you might need to share this message as guidance for how to navigate the 5 locks to the key code... 1) The first lock will test your memory. Follow the trail of light and sound, but be careful -- one wrong move will send you back to the beginning. 2) For the second lock, you may need to look to the stars. They will help you find HAAS who will lead your way. 3) The third lock will require you to extinguish all lights but one. Only with one light remaining will you be able to proceed. 4) The fourth lock will let you move all 4 pieces through the control of one. However, unless the three key pieces are simultaneously placed into position, you will not be granted access. 5) The fifth lock will be the toughest. Seek help again from the stars to reveal your key and the message that you must decode. The two working together will open the way. Good luck. Van then a second e-mail followed with teh subject line: ------------- they found me (was: I'm one of you... help me!) and the message was as follows: It's worse than I thought, the Mezin have found my location and hacked into my phone. I need to go off the grid until I can find a safe location to transmit. If you need help finding the answers you seek, trust HAAS for the second key, it will unlock the mysteries. Beyond that, look for other believers. We are growing stronger everyday, there are many out there that have found the path. Search and you will find the keys to unlock the puzzles. -- Van This time the sender's name was Van Mantra, but what I noticed was that when you click on the star it opens Outlook with the default subject line of "I'm one of you... help me!" the subject line of this second e-mail is: ------------- they found me (was: I'm one of you... help me!) so this leads me to believe that "was" is a person or something else...not to be used in a sentence like ethan hass was right. maybe ethan, HAAS, was, and right are meaningful in a diff way?

dave on Jul 8, 2007


ok i am at the 2nd clue where its the globe kind of thing and I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM DOING....i guess i was thinking i have to match something up.....anyone help???

tonya perry on Jul 8, 2007


The statement ITS ALIVE is quite blooming simple, If it was a machine that was attacking or an Aircraft then a statement of Its a machine would be acceptable. Its alive indicates an OBVIOUS INTELLIGENCE AND RAGE. Maybee even indicating that maybee a statue or mountain other than the Statue Of Liberty shatters open at the start of the movie before the party. There would be an obvious shock at the attack and anyone pannicking wont be thinking logically. Think of Airshow crashes, some run from it others run toward it, it isnt logical to run towards a massive fire/

Mike FREEFALLL666 on Jul 8, 2007


one more thing in the trailer theres a huge roar then black out then there watching a news report about the roar not the thing that made it meaning no one has seen it yet. also the head of the statue of liberty look like its been throw meaning something had to have been in the ocean. now i theory is that the roar came from a monster hiding in the sea and then rises up and starts the devastation. oh also "Cthulhu is the demon god of the sea"

Sean G on Jul 8, 2007


------------ Hey, just found something, ARG, a guy who posted on the forums that talked about Ethan Haas, well, ARG stands for Alternate reality Game. These types of games all try to be as real as possible, and involve many real things. Im not saying this is a game, but what if all this mystery is the game? ARG's often involve lots of puzzles, real world events and places and facts. The Lost experience was almost an ARG, maybe all this is sort of one too. ------------ That was me. I think this whole thing is an ARG. The entertainmet is trying to figure out what is going on - just like the people in the trailor were trying to figure out wtf was happening to them. I think the answers tie into the Ethan Haas thing - no doubt. I think the entertainment value of this movie is going to be dictated by the months of discovery leading up to its release - with the movie finally being the payoff. This has to be an ARG, and it has to be connected to this Ethan Haas stuff. No one ever commented on my Jennifer Kaplan / The Class = Ethan Haas discovery 🙁

Andrew on Jul 8, 2007


anyone kno how to finish the second puzzle? i don't get what i need to do

curtis on Jul 8, 2007


Hell yeah! An Eva movie would be great 🙂

Ethan Haas on Jul 8, 2007

328 info on myspace......FYI

Tonya Perry on Jul 8, 2007


If you look at the pictures on the 1-18-08 website...look at the picture with the girls and look in her hair between can see a face and everything.

Jesse on Jul 8, 2007


It looks pretty cool! But the last movie I was psyched to see was 'War Of The Worlds'. God-knows I couldn't get enough of the trailers and previews. ...........and then it arrived........don't get me started.......(Jesus-H! Will you shoot Tim Robbins already!!!! Yeeesh!) I just hope (I PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) this one avoids all of the usual cliches: Characters outrunning fireballs Computer geek/hackers with a backpack full of the latest computer hacking hardware The 'at odds' couple who reunite at movie's end.......after killing the monster/alien and/or saving the planet. Musical score that signals that the monster is approaching Musical score that....oh, heck,.....screw the musical score. Action, good dialogue and plot will do fine. Characters who survive brutal physical attacks with a mere shrug and "I'll be OK. Just hand me that torn sheet/shirt/whatever." Characters who talk loudly (or shout) while 'cautiously' walking thru an island full of dinosaurs. Ignoring basic physics in order to do some 'cool-looking stuff'. (Slo-mo 'Matrix' style maneuvers.) The character who treks miles back into the 'no-man's land' to rescue family/friend. Cutsey winks and nods to sci-fi/monster flicks of the past. Child characters who serve only as a ploy to attract younger theater-goers. ('Short Round' anyone?) The one 'everyman' character who gets all of the clues....realizes all of the weaknesses.....and saves the day. The character who's never spent a day in the gym, yet manages to outrun, outfight, etc. all of the bad guys. Did I leave out anything?

msmith40 on Jul 8, 2007


" It looks pretty cool! But the last movie I was psyched to see was 'War Of The Worlds’. God-knows I couldn't get enough of the trailers and previews. ………..and then it arrived……..don't get me started…….(Jesus-H! Will you shoot Tim Robbins already!!!! Yeeesh!) I just hope (I PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) this one avoids all of the usual cliches: Characters outrunning fireballs Computer geek/hackers with a backpack full of the latest computer hacking hardware The 'at odds’ couple who reunite at movie's end…….after killing the monster/alien and/or saving the planet. Musical score that signals that the monster is approaching Musical score that….oh, heck,…..screw the musical score. Action, good dialogue and plot will do fine. Characters who survive brutal physical attacks with a mere shrug and “I'll be OK. Just hand me that torn sheet/shirt/whatever." Characters who talk loudly (or shout) while 'cautiously’ walking thru an island full of dinosaurs. Ignoring basic physics in order to do some 'cool-looking stuff’. (Slo-mo 'Matrix’ style maneuvers.) The character who treks miles back into the 'no-man's land’ to rescue family/friend. Cutsey winks and nods to sci-fi/monster flicks of the past. Child characters who serve only as a ploy to attract younger theater-goers. ('Short Round’ anyone?) The one 'everyman’ character who gets all of the clues….realizes all of the weaknesses…..and saves the day. The character who's never spent a day in the gym, yet manages to outrun, outfight, etc. all of the bad guys. Did I leave out anything?" Yeah, Eva 🙂

EVANGELION_pwns on Jul 8, 2007


HELP!!!! I can't figure out puzzle # do I start it? I have tried now for a while and give up then go back to it....someone please help. Thanks

tonya perry on Jul 8, 2007


Curtis---- Did you ever figure out how to get past the 2nd puzzle? If not what you do is put your mouse over the right star, then the symbols are actually the alphabet have to spell out HAAS then it unlocks. Did you get the email of the clues? That really helps!

tonya perry on Jul 8, 2007


I hope its about Cthulhu, I think that would be bad ass. I dont watch Lost at all so I hope it has nothing to do with it.

Joel on Jul 8, 2007


I just read something that should probably be ignored but at this point, who knows what to believe...Somebody posted a comment on one of the analysis videos on youtube claiming to know somebody attached to the movie. Apparently, they're claiming that you never see the monster and the ending is "unsatisfying". I've been thinking about it, this is something that Abrams would do, look how long it takes to reveal something on LOST and even when something is answered, the answer brings with it more questions! As long as the entire movie is as amazing as the trailer, I honestly don't care if they never show the monster. But then again, I'm one of the few people that thought the end of The Sopranos was genius! Imagine if David Chase and JJ Abrams made a movie together...we would never find out anything! I still think this is something completely original and I'm not sold on all the Ethan Haas stuff yet, but that might change on August 1st.

MrJoe83 on Jul 8, 2007


was he not supposed to do a star trek movie for paramount.

briang on Jul 8, 2007


Goddamn I hope they do show the bloody monster, that would be such a rip if they dont.

MIKE FREEFALLL666 on Jul 8, 2007


too many clues make me think this is cthulhu... and is it me or did the liberty head look kinda small!!!

Alex on Jul 8, 2007


In the end, I think the most ironic thing about all this is it's probably going to be something Abrams thought up all on his own. There probably isn't a precursor. Meaning: He didn't take the idea from Godzilla or Voltron or anything like that. He may have vaguely used an IDEA like Cthulhu, but I bet it's mainly his own thinking. And that means that all this searching will be for not...because if it's original then that means there's not going to be anything out there about it. What do you guys say we hunt down one of the actors in the trailor and hold them hostage til they answer. (Just a joke)

Ox on Jul 8, 2007


I agree with Alex... This is Cthulhu. Too many hints to ignore. We don't need to wait for August 1st Going out on a limb and calling it. All these other little boy fantasies just don't cut it with JJ Abrams involved. No Voltron. Already filming. (It's Alive!) It's a lion?!? Please... you're embarrassing the rest of the human race with that sorry interpretation. Stick your thumb back in your mouth and go back to sleep. No Godzilla. Already filming (Though it would be cool to have a remake of "Gojira") No Evangelion. Already in pre-production work. (Can't wait for that!) No Gamera or any other childish monster boys you can think of. This is either Cthulhu... or something completely original. Sign me up.

Anteros on Jul 8, 2007


All shall be revealed..

Ethan Haas on Jul 8, 2007


Dude, you suck. thats like the 7th time I got Rick Rolled today. why.

You suck. on Jul 8, 2007


In the picture on 1-18-08 the one with the two girls i see a hand holding the face in the center

Joe on Jul 9, 2007


I saw the picture and it looks like King Zarkons hand holding his staf so im going to say VOLTRON

Robot Lion on Jul 9, 2007


anyone else notice on the tossing games website referred to in posts 287, 331, that the third forum on the list is titled "GIANT/MONSTER Size Lawn Games"?

stig on Jul 9, 2007


Hah, i posted a comment on that two days ago. I checked, there isnt anything in the forum, but i think it was just a hint to sort of tell you that you are on the right track with the searching. I've followed the clues for a few days now, and I'm at a dead end. It keeps taking me to waste treatment websites as dead ends. But i will keep looking.

crackV on Jul 9, 2007

347 Just found this, go now. Got lots of new clues.

Crack V on Jul 9, 2007


Hey everyone, check this out. On IMDB, a guy named "My_Name_Is_Van" has posted a series (A very large series) of threads all pertaining to this Parasite movie. At first it may seem fake, but its right on the dot. No chance this guy is fake. Plus, the hidden clues throughout it are crazy! At one point, he leaves the final words in a thread "Dials Glitz Into", moved around, that spells "It isnt Godzilla" . Also, after everyone on the threads started saying he was fake, he left clues that eventually reorder themselves to say "Viral marketing". I dont know about you, but that sort of sells it for me. If you still think its fake, look at when he joined. It was before the trailer was released! So he knew about all this stuff before the trailer. Anyway, what i have gathered is this. The parasites, which feed off of electricity or energy or something, have culture. Ethan Haas predicted thier coming. Mezin Source is something that a group of special people follow, and Ethan Haas was a big kahuna in the group. The parasites all come from one big parasite, called the "Parent". The parasites have culture, and one confirmed human talks to them. The guy was named Freddy, or something. Anyway, theres chaos, the entire US is under attack by the time the threads get allong in the posts. Eventually he talks about how they are going to plan something big, and its all going to happen on August first, probably at 12:36, because that number is allways highlighted. Heres some anagrams that have yet to be solved. Hethdnstgen noT T2oww (that one just doesnt have a meaning yet. Take away the 2 and O and you get "Not Third World War) Scsoeosornadrgeadehpergeminesleopnihngs (that may just not be an anagram, but its pretty openly shown) Evil travels on shifting shadows God is the key to Freddy had another theory crual goodbye 'good luck' *END of anagrams* Somehow a lady named Loretta is involved, i think Van said it was his wife. She's dead. But still. Im starting to think this is an origional work. No chance its godzilla, or voltron, or eva. Possible Cthulu, but doubtful. In my opinion, its all new, but has to do with aliens somehow, or maybe things that have been here since before humans. Probobly not aliens, but still.

CrackV on Jul 9, 2007


i'm not sure whats going on or if you people have not realized it yet but the movie is about cthulu. i thought people already knew that cause i started seeing posts about it yesterday but you people have seemed to go backwards

Franklin on Jul 9, 2007


There is nothing definitive saying the movie is about Cthulu. IF you have proof then please post links to that proof. Right now, nothing but the trailer and the 1-18-08 website is confirmed. Geesh, Ethan Haas is suspicious but still not 100% confirmed.

lennit on Jul 9, 2007


oh my god wait til you guys see what happens to the chrysler building!

J-fight on Jul 9, 2007


??? how do you know what happens? has this guy seen it? plus whats with all of the videos being taken off the web? luckily i downloaded it on to my computer

Mr. Smith on Jul 9, 2007


First off, this guys has waaaaay too much time on his hands. But he made a few good points. Watch this: The main thing to realize is that a lot of the stuff he points out in the trailer HAS been photoshopped in. I've been a graphic artist for 6 years and I can spot a photoshop job pretty easily. The guy didn't point it out, but I'm almost positive that the "ACE 2004" was photoshopped. What is that???

Flagg79 on Jul 9, 2007


its probably nothing but i'm just wondering, when in the trailer during the first few interviews of the movie the camera holder is like "its for rob. its to say something to him before he leaves" and i think the chic responds " rob hoffman, i'm gonna miss him" i'm just wondering if the dudes name iis Rob Hoffman or if i am miss hearing.

Franklin on Jul 9, 2007


bye the way, type in ACE 2004 into google man it might give you some hints. might be a sponsor of some sort

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


does anyone know what the second level of ethan haas was right is?

chris on Jul 9, 2007


H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see this movie more than I want to breathe my very last breath! It's going to rock SOOO HARD! Definitely looks like the best thriller I've seen in a looooooong time! At first I thought it might be about the rapture or the end of the world or something... man, this is gonna scare the living shit outta me! OOOOO I can't wait! I'm dying here!

Stacy (aka i'm an exister) on Jul 9, 2007


The movie was great! Amazing everything! Totally better than Spider-Man 3!!! Anyway, for everyone who thinks the trailer at the beginning of Transformers w/ no title, but a date of 1/8/08 is going to be LOST related better not get their hopes up because IT ISN'T!!!! LOST only has two more seasons left before it ends.....if you don't believe me go to and look for yourself. And besides, LOST is going to have Flash-Forwards from now on instead of Flash-Backs, for anyone who didn't know that. At first I thought it was going to be some comedy of a guy who's all that and has to go away to Japan or w/e just like everyone else probably thought as well, but nooooo, it actually scared me when the earthquake thing hit. NOBODY SAW IT COMING!!! It was great! Then after it ended I was like WTF!?!? NO NAME!? So I just thought it was going to be another Godzilla movie, but it couldn't be.....'cause they already made an awsome remake in '98 or '99 w/ Mathew was awesome and whats the point to make another one just a few years later? But really, the working title is Cloverfeild, keywords WORKING TITLE. So it could change. By the way.....RockGod8112 is my gamertag for anyone who wants to play Gears of War and get OWNED!!! Even thought it's called Cloverfield (So Far) this could be the Gears of War movie and couldn't be for some reasons. First, the explotion came from underground, it looked like, just like how the Locust Horde from the planet Sera came up, so that's a reason it could be. Second, the teaser is in the present and on planet Earth, Gears of War is in the future and on planet Sera. But who knows. HOPEFULLY it isn't Gears of War becuase that would totally defeat the purpose of the game. The movie HAS to be exactly like the game, just like how Transformers was EXACTLY like the cartoon and the Lord of the Rings was EXACTLY like the book (except for some minor details left out). And not like how Doom, Ghost Rider, the X-Men, and the Spider-Man movies weren't like the comics or videogame. (Even though Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3 were amazing!)

RockGod8112 on Jul 9, 2007


really cool i am sure plenty of people have seen this but he forgets after the part when someone says "this shit never ends" he then says "i'm gonna kill myself" freakin emo kid I SAW IT ITS ALIVE ITS HUGE!

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


can anyone tell why we all think that ethan haas has anything to do with cloverfield?

chris on Jul 9, 2007


RockGod, you are so behind everyone else it's not even funny.

Ox on Jul 9, 2007


if you are so smart than tell me smart guy, what does it have to do with cloverfield? you don't know you are just gonna tell me that i'm behind or something. where have the two been linked togather?

chris on Jul 9, 2007


oh you were talking to rock god

chris on Jul 9, 2007


alright, what seems to have happened is that progress on discovering the secrets of cloverfield have slowed a great deal if not come to a screaching halt so i think it would be wise to review the information we all have brought together while we wait for another hint QUICK FACTS!: MOVIE HAS BEEN IN WORKS SINCE FEBUARY AND HAS A SET BUDGET OF 30 MIL WHICH WOULD LEAVE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IT IS GONNA BE KINDA CHEAP 1. Ideas for what the movie is about ~godzilla has been appearantly put away until 2013 i heard so it can't be godzilla but what i also heard was that a godzilla 3d movie is bein worked on so either way no godzilla ~voltron movie is already being made for sometime in 2008 {possibly in the summer would be my guess} ~the ever popular eva whatever is also being made into a seperate movie which is not cloverfield ~cthulu [pronounced ka-thoo-loo] is appearantly the most likely candidate as of right now not to say its the most popular because most people have not heard of it. for those who have not already taken the liberty of researching it Cthulhu is a fictional monster created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft, 2. Etahn Haas ~ this is a topic i know little about but what i have gathered is poeple have made connections with this game based on a resitance and the cloverfield teaser. If this does prove to be connected we will hopefully recieve new information on august 1 [ the game is very hard so i gave up quickly ] 3. "A Lion"-"Alive" ? ~ early on this was one of the most controversial topics mainly because to the untrained ear [like my own] it does sound like he says "its a lion" but i guess voice analysis' have disproved that if you have any thoughts or disagree with my own please respond

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


Lennit, the fact is suspicious or not, ethan haas is clearly all about cthulu and if it is connected with cloverfield then we have our answer on whats destroying new york city

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


Hey guys and girls! The teaser is online on the Apple website!!! Go grab it!!! (It's even in HD format.)

tn1 on Jul 9, 2007


no its not it doesn't work

J-fight on Jul 9, 2007


Guys, the trailer can be found right here on FS - It's in flash too incase you can't watch Quicktime. And there is an Apple link there that works as well, but you can watch it on Enjoy! And after watching and listening again, I really really think he says "it's a lion." I didn't believe it, but this trailer release but the cap on it for me...

Alex Billington on Jul 9, 2007


@J-fight: How do you mean? I just watched it! (Assuming that the "no its not it doesn't work" is about the trailer being online on Apple's Trailers site.)

tn1 on Jul 9, 2007


Franklin, Please post your proof showing that Ethan Haas was about Cthulu. I see nothing there linking it except end times speak. My larger piece of info against Cthulu is that Cthulu's city, R'lyeh, is supposedly located in the Pacific Ocean, yet NYC is by the Atlantic. Slight problem with location. The only thing I've seen that points towards Cthulu is that somebody sent an e-mail with the text "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" (which is the chant for "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.") to Mezin Source and got a response saying "we need more believers like you". Well, those e-mails are auto generated by code, but they're not all going to have the same message. I asked who Ethan Haas was and I'm sure if any e-mail that has "ethan haas" in it and is lacking a few other words like "don't believe" or other anti-Ethan stuff would get the response I got of "he was a prophet and don't listen to him, he's false" yet if you show some sort of allegiance to Mezin Source you get the pat on the head e-mail. However, if you send garbled text (like the cthulu chant) they just default to the "we need more believers like you". In this case, Mezin Source believes in Cthulu and Ethan Haas doesn't. But Ethan Haas predicted the destruction, yet wouldn't Cthulu followers be FOR destruction since he comes back to life? Nothing links to Cthulu, so if you have any proof I'm totally open to taking it in 🙂 Oh, my information came from wikipedia though you can't entirely believe that because anybody can edit the pages, but I got the chant from there and that's a pretty widely known thing. Thoughts? I know people like Cthulu, but you can't overlook the things that contradict Cthulu just because it's what you want. I want it to be Voltron or Eva, but I'm not gearing myself towards anything. Try looking at the facts we have available and go from there. Right now, none of us can say what it is, but I see people out there going "it's THIS" or "it's THAT!" and not backing themselves up. But, if they back themselves up and there's no doubt that they're right, then awesome! That's our goal right now, to figure out what this is 🙂

lennit on Jul 9, 2007


figures this would happen. you need to pay to see it. they are selling us advertisement. see how low they have sunk?

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


yea the apple site you gotta buy some crap for

J-fight on Jul 9, 2007


I agree with #394 - MrJoe83 in all sense of what he said. I think it's original and I think for sure he says "it's a lion" but either way, I am insanely excited for this. It could be huge and incredible and still only $30 million...

Alex Billington on Jul 9, 2007


No no guys, you CAN watch the trailer for FREE right here - Don't go to apple, just watch it right here on FirstShowing!!

Alex Billington on Jul 9, 2007


go to etahn haas was right .com and go to view on your computer and look at page source. at the bottom of the page source code there is a quote directly from the story of cthulu if you know anything about cthulu. i'll go get it now

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


everyone who still thinks he says lion please look here and shut up

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


...war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star's rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape. written in the page source of at the bottom

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


actually this is the page with the proof that it says "its alive" i will tell you all right now it definitely does sound like lion but this guy proves it says alive

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


mr joe please got to the site i have posted

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


this kid with crazy time on his hands really broke it down and slowed it down so that any one can tell he says "ALIVE!" GO TO THAT YOUTUBE LINK FRANKLIN POSTED!

J-fight on Jul 9, 2007


you idiot he slows it down so even a three year old would be able to hear him say "its alive!" come on man! i completely agree with you it sounds like he says a lion in normal speed but the key word is SOUNDS! he says "its alive"

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


I listened to the broken down part as well and I hear "lion" too. I don't hear a "v" sound at the end of the word, but a faint "n". Why are people getting upset about this and calling the "Lion" people idiots? I haven't seen any hostility from the "lion" people but tons of all caps and name calling from the "alive" people. If there are people who listen to this video which people call "proof" and still don't believe it, then I don't consider it complete and exactly proof. If I'm wrong and he says "alive" I'll live up to it. I'm not definitively saying it's one or the other, but I haven't been shown one is more right than the other, even in that video. So I'm still hearing "lion", and what's so wrong if it is "lion"? Why must people be so upset? And Franklin, I've been looking at the page source of every sight we've found and I noticed that text too, but how is it Lovecraftian? Well, it could be inspired by him, but does not mean it IS from him. And I don't see any reference to stars or whatever in there. "Look to the stars for help" usually means something like "look to your God in the skies" but I don't see Cthulu. Any quotes from Lovecraft that can confirm your suspicions?

lennit on Jul 9, 2007


it seems that they have changed a few things on this new teaser. very interesting. the wierd and out of place girl voice while going down the stairs that someone slowed down and it sounded like "stop doing that" and someone els reversed and it said "say bad ass" is no longer in the trailer at all. another thing is in the new trailer it doesn't sound like he says lion either. it is clearly alive. in the old one it sounded like lion any way my two cents

chris on Jul 9, 2007


ok just when frame by frame thur the HD 1080p trailer and there a few things i noticed 1st on the refrigerator theres the word mystery on the side and top right and theres also a cute little monster face on the top left 2nd on the wall right after the 1st roar near the window there a paddle with the letters AKM 3rd the new report time was 12:32 meaning the pic on the web site was taken only mins after that new cast 4th the time on the clock at the being is ABOUT 10:13 11:13 (HARD TO TELL) 5th the statue of liberty's head hits a building with a billboard with the numbers 401 6th the black car they duck behind has the tag ABZ 3293 7th as the camera man focuses on the head you can see a sign in the corner with red writing, the best i can make out is the letters DeaD DE*** i cant make out the last 3 leters so yeah none of this might not have anything to do with the movie but i just thought id put it out there and mabey you guys could add or come up with some ideas on the meaning

Sean G on Jul 9, 2007


I can admit right now to you that i sounds like lion in the old one. you are right when i hear it i look for the n sound and i find it somehow but when he slows it down it goes away . i agree with chris in the new trailer it sounds like the n sound is completely gone.

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


Ok you guys if you have MYSPACE you sould add to your friends. he is putting bulletins up and has a blog that will start on august 1st..... ALSO HELP i cant get thru the 4th round of the puzzle...i know i use the arrow keys...but man is that i supposed to spell something????

tonya perry on Jul 9, 2007


looked at it one more time and i think i might of saw something near the explosion during the explosion theres a roar as soon as you can hear the roar and a pop theres seem to be a 2nd explosion or SOMETHING moving on the right side behind a building

Sean G on Jul 9, 2007


it is most likely fake

yossarian on Jul 9, 2007


Well I'm not going to try and say anyones wrong, but it would be a lame movie if a giant lion was attacking NYC. Then again why would he say its alive? So I am thinking... if he says "its alive" then it has to be something you wouldn't think would be alive you know? Like if there was a giant statue that came alive I would scream "its alive!" but if I saw a giant monster I would already know its alive obviously. Sounds stupid, but if you think about it, its weird.

Joel on Jul 9, 2007


has anyone, you know....considered the fact that the movie just might be called.."18-12-08".... and one of the people in the trailer screams "I saw it, its a giant lion" heres the trailer, watch it again and listen...personally as soon as i heard "giant lion" all i could think of is rampage, the game for SNES

Adrenaline on Jul 9, 2007


After watching the trailer many times in perfect quality, I'm convinced it's something completely original and has nothing to do with Ethan Haas and the line is, "It's a lion". But again, whatever happens on August 1st might change some of that.

MrJoe83 on Jul 9, 2007


That's analysis of the crappy bootleg trailer, and I still hear lion in that. Until he takes apart the new HD trailer, I still vote lion.

MrJoe83 on Jul 9, 2007


What proves it? The text overlay? Oh, now I'm convinced. The line before it is wrong too, she doesn't say, "What is he?", she says, "What is IT?".

MrJoe83 on Jul 9, 2007


Sorry, my idiot ears still hear lion even when he slows it down, get over it.

MrJoe83 on Jul 9, 2007


The marketing is out of William Gibson's pattern recognition.

M on Jul 9, 2007


I hope it's a Rodan flick. Godzilla would be cool, too. Is there going to be a Voltron Movie? I loved Transformers!

Mark on Jul 9, 2007


It's not a new teaser, it's the same exact thing. The "stop doing that" or whatever we heard on the steps before was probably from inside the theater, it was a bootleg after all.

MrJoe83 on Jul 9, 2007


To me, it's glaringly obvious that it will be an original movie and not some remake or sequel... If it were, they would have put the title. They want to build up the suspense up until opening day. They want us walking in there so hyped up that we'll be on edge of our seat the whole film. I believe the film will be titled '1-18-08' What I would LIKE to see, based on all the evidence, is either A) An apocalypse film, where we witness the battle between heaven and hell on earth through the eyes of random camcorders... or B) a monster movie where we never truly 'know' what or why the monster is, but have it on screen. Even in LOST we never see the monster until the second season, and even then we have no idea what the hell it is and why it is. The idea that this is 'voltron' or 'gears of war' or just a remake, and we're going out and finding clues just to play a 'guess the remake movie' game, seems lame to me. It's original, and thus has limitless possibilities as of now and finding out its a remake ruins the magic. Plus its too early to tell. I can easily state a case that it will be 'The Super Mario Brothers' Movie. Its in new york, the plumbers are from Brooklyn. Bowser is coming to kill us, they reference japan alot...

Lexicon on Jul 9, 2007


I still here Its a Lion. Why would he say Its alive, its huge. Thats like saying Its breathing, It has breath.

Mike the Unbeliever on Jul 9, 2007


I still hear Its a Lion. Why would he say Its alive, its huge. Thats like saying Its breathing, It has breath.

Mike the Unbeliever on Jul 9, 2007


Hell Yeah! an Evangelion movie!

FRANKLIN on Jul 9, 2007


Everyone is saying that it would be terrible if this is a LOST movie. Now I am a HUGE Lost fan and I must say I would be kind of bummed if this was a lost film, but I would be intrigued as well. On the other hand, I would be pissed if this actually was Godzilla (and for everyone who is making hasty claims saying IT IS GODZILLA...shut up, you know nothing more than we know and stop acting like you do). Plus I don't remember anything from godzilla about people predicting his arrival or cryptic spheres with weird writing or any person named Ethan Haas talking about forming some group...So before you start making assumptions and practically forcing us to believe that this is a Godzilla movie, why don't you wait for more proof to come out. Sure it may sound like Godzilla, but it also sounds like the Lost monster. This could be ANYTHING...but I can't wait to find out what it really is.

Jeremy on Jul 9, 2007


also...does anyone know any significance of ABZ 3293? Or did they just forget to edit out a license plate?

Jeremy on Jul 9, 2007


Nothing to add to everything since everyone else seems to know more but I just wanted to point out what this movies ISN'T about. It's not a Lost movie, giant lost fan but Lost does not need a viral marketing flood to promote its movie, they would do much better by simply showing the black screen and having the Lost opening play. This is not a Voltron movie, while I was never a huge fan I'd question the storytelling ability if something like that was shown through the eyes of home video footage. Lastly and quite obviously (apparently not to some people), this is not a Godzilla movie. Nevermind the fact it's been played out, the rights aren't owned by Paramount. Have no idea what this movie is about but I know what it isn't.

Adam on Jul 9, 2007


ok...3rd comment...I've been studying this trailer like a mad man and I downloaded it from here for my maybe this is nothing, but if you look at the info in iTunes after you download says "Release Date: Dec. 31, 1969" another clue maybe?

Jeremy on Jul 9, 2007


hell yea i knew i was right!!!

Alex Matulaitis on Jul 9, 2007


Right about what?

Joel on Jul 9, 2007


I knew that it was an Eva movie!

Alex Matulaitis on Jul 9, 2007


Not Even Close!..Its Not Eva!..If anything Its CTHUHLU...Why would they make a Eva Movie for $30 Mill. that would be Stupid!Not to mention handheld cameras!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 9, 2007


I read a comment from J.J Abrams that the sit EthanHaaswasright has nothing to do with 1-18-08

Robot Lion on Jul 9, 2007


Why would it be some kind of apocalyptic movie dont we have plenty of them coming out

Robot Lion on Jul 9, 2007


Ever heard of the Eva book/movie called 2015? Apparently it was made with hanheld cameras (and it only cost 30 bucks) 🙂

NERV on Jul 9, 2007


I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. What I meant to say was apocalyptic movie in a friendly Eva manner. Go EVA!

Robot Lion on Jul 9, 2007


Also, check out Very strange site, one of the characters in the teaser is wearing a shirt with that name and logo. The site was registered in May 2007 and just has a oddness about it. Check the history section. Very strange history for a slushy company.

Bruce on Jul 9, 2007


ok i think i found a link between J.J Abrams and Ethan Hass... Go to Youtube and type in Ethan the first message for clues. also checkout the and i am 100% these two are related closely.

1-18-08 on Jul 10, 2007


Done a bunch of research and have concluded that these websites are connecting in some "official" way with the Cloverfield trailer: The main sites are 1-18-08 and parasitemovie. From what I gather, all the information out there claiming that the film is about a parasite is based entirely on the name of the website and it's connection with 1-18-08. parasite, however could also be para-site, i.e., alternate site. Just a thought. Anyway, my hypothesis is that both the Revelations faction and the Cthulhu faction are correct. It's easy enough to connect the awakening of Cthulhu with the end of the world. Cthulhu and the Old Ones rise from their slumber when the stars are right and then do battle with the Elder gods (e.g., Azazoth, Yog-Suggoth, etc.), though there are different ideas from post-lovecraft writers and Lovecraft never got into the details of what was supposed to happen. My guess is that some (students) read about Lovecraft and then discover that the Cthulhu Mythos is real and that the biblical prophecies of the end times meshes with that and the end of the world is about to begin. Cthulhu's back and boy is he (it?) pissed. As for the "lion" v. "alive" debate, even if someone said "it's a lion" it doesn't mean the person had any idea what he saw, especially half-drunk in the middle of the night through the smoke (plus, seeing Cthulhu at all is supposed to drive one insane). The characters on the ethanhaaswasright site seem to be a bastardized, cursive form of devanagari (Indian script) mixed with arabic script. but there are 26 characters and these are probably intended to match our alphabet.

Leonard on Jul 10, 2007


I believe is most likely related and probably an "official" (i.e., paid for by Paramount) site. slusho is another code name for the cloverfield project and I believe it is a drink that was used on Lost or some other Abrams thing. Anyway, the history is obviously not true, but the connection with Ganu Yoshida bringing back a secret ingredient from the deepest depths of the ocean meshes with the parasite theory and the Cthulhu mythos (the Old Ones live in deep caverns under the oceans).

Leonard on Jul 10, 2007


I believe is most likely related and probably an "official" (i.e., paid for by Paramount) site. It's definitely not a real drink, that's for sure. slusho is another code name for the cloverfield project and I believe it is a drink that was used on Lost or some other Abrams thing. Anyway, the history is obviously not true, but the connection with Ganu Yoshida bringing back a secret ingredient from the deepest depths of the ocean meshes with the parasite theory and the Cthulhu mythos (the Old Ones live in deep caverns under the oceans). Plus the reference that "everyone that drinks slusho! tastes Noriko's dream, and becomes a small whale like Noriko..." sounds pretty ominous.

Leonard on Jul 10, 2007


just on a little side note, i also think the slusho site is a little fishy (no pun intended), so when I found a link on the site that opened up my email client i sent '' an email. the response i got back was "Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can't Drink Just Six!!!". this seemed just plain silly and a dead end. Kind of comical though....

stig on Jul 10, 2007


Check this site out. Official, or not?

stig on Jul 10, 2007


If you search for Cthulhu on the internet you'll find that there's a movie slated to come out this year starring Tori Spelling so I don't think it's a Cthulhu movie.

CptOats on Jul 10, 2007


alright found something interesting. still unconfirmed whether or not the site in post 446 is 'official', but on the July 9th journal entry there are tags at the bottom. one says "and lo the seven-headed serpent". well i googled this and came to this page: "" and more importantly almost at the bottom of that page, this quote: The characterization of Satan as a red dragon in chapter twelve of Revelation is followed in chapter thirteen with a similarly disturbing depiction of the Antichrist and his demonic helper Apollyon; the beast let out of the bottomless pit that empowers the Antichrist and his kingdom in the last days. Here we have a beast "rising up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name." The beast "was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority." It would seem that this is merely a metaphorical prophecy, but the language is interesting nonetheless. Still have doubts this is a apocalypse movie though.

stig on Jul 10, 2007


Okay, after reading throughout this entire page of gibberish; I have realized that Cthulhu isn't totally out of the picture. I don't know anything about what the movie truly is about, seeing as the trailer itself could be the end of the movie. I am going to do more research tonight, and fight out more, seeing which topic all these clues point to the most. On a good note, hopefully it isn't godzilla, or voltron, although (not being a voltron fan or foe : unaware to the cartoon) I think the idea may be pretty good. I hope it is Cthulhu, because I have always wanted to see Lovecraft's work of it come onto the big screen. Even if it is a apocalyptic film, I will be satisfied, seeing as I'm a sucker for those genre of films. I really don't feel like doing research, but it'll be cool if I actually found something out that no one knew. I'll be satisfied with anything as long as the monster isn't some dumb friggin' black cloud. J.J. better not pull a sloppy move, or else, off with his goatse.

Tom Huck on Jul 10, 2007


I agree with CptOats no Cthulhu its comes out in the fall of 07so lets get off that and find the right monster in this movie maybe its King Ghidorah he likes to blow stuff up

Robot Lion on Jul 10, 2007


if you remember when the transformers trailer first came out it very similar to this. it was only of the mars rover footage. it didn't even say it was for transformers just the date of release. but this trailer for cloverfield was crazy. i got home and started searching for it..... btw transformers was the SICKIST movie ever.. i've seen it twice already and wouldn't mind seeing it again.

CHADtheINFAMOUS on Jul 10, 2007


Okay, who the hell was the one who thought the guy said it was a lion? I'm sorry but He clearly says its alive, and sure people ask, "Why would he say it's alive?" You need to realize that even though it is dumb for him to say, 1) almost every monster movie has sumone say it's alive, shit, if its alive, then the monster is a flying baby lol. and u need to remember that when people are scared to death and feel like life is ending as we know it, then ur bound to say w/e comes to mind, i know if i saw sumthing huge, id be like, " IT WAS IT THE CLOWN! HE WANTS MONEY! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FEED HIM THE SLOP! GET THIS MAN SOME SLOP DROP SAMICHES!"

Tom Huck on Jul 10, 2007


On a final note. I have discovered on my own research that the true monster is Randy Couture Head. He is known to float around the universe, and after defeating unicron he realized he had to destroy the next biggest head to his, THE STATUE OF LIBERTY! so he destroys it in the first five minutes of the movies, which is also the last five minutes, he goes and fights the wolfman, and then flies off to secret candy island.

Tom Huck on Jul 10, 2007


i've seen on acouple of sites that it could be "gamera: The Guardian of the Universe" it hasn't been big in the U.S. but i guess it's a hit in japan, which is were rob is supose to be leaving to before the attack happens... "Gamaera is a giant turtle dragon thing that shots fire balls" look it up on google.

CHADtheINFAMOUS on Jul 10, 2007


Last TimeI Checked, its not gamera , its actually the tmnt, theyre back and this time, theyre fighting ghostbusters for the crown jewels, i heard mr bean is in this movie, he has a role where he chops off a mans nose.

Tom Huck on Jul 10, 2007


i think it has to be the killer teletubbies from hell.... the purple ones a bitch.. who knows what those goofy mothefuks could do. 8)

CHADtheINFAMOUS on Jul 10, 2007


This is so sad, when this forum or whatever was new, everyone read all the comments, now, people just read the last one posted. If everyone just listened, they would realize that a plant guy in IMDB forums has revealed that the monster "Its not godzilla" through an anagram at the end of a post, that what he is doing is viral marketing by rearanging the bolded letters in his posts, and HE HAS REVEALED WHAT THE MONSTER IS!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me repeat that, MONSTER HAS BEEN REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!! It isnt godzilla, or cthulu, or voltron (which crazy numbnuts thought that up?) or King Gedora or whatever! ITs the freaking parasite! THe giant monster is the "Parent" that spawns all these human size parasites that feed off electricity and have a tendency to kill everything they see. By van's logs you can gather that they kill lots of his buddies, there are the followers of the Mezin who have known about the coming of the parasites for a long time and have prepared, and the Mezin and Vans people dont really see eye to eye. The parasites have culture, and are becoming more advanced as the days prior to the initial attack pass, developing a hierarchy and whatnot. Freddy, one of Vans dudes, manages to comunicate with one, but i think he gets killed later. Trust me, the source for this is real. This wasnt just some stupid fan, the guy had joined IMDB a couple weeks before the trailer was ever aired, and he was allways named "My_Name_Is_Van". So this guy is legit. Honest to god, i hate all these people coming on this forum and acting like they know for sure that its godzilla or cthulu, when it isnt either! Its all new, nothing remade. Maybe inspired by some things, but nowadays, what isnt inspired by something else? Seriously, just look at the facts and stop being biased and you will get more searching done and more questions answered! I pretty much already have the plot of this movie figured out already, just from paying attention.

CrackV on Jul 10, 2007


This is an intriguing cached link for the whois info: "Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer" is the legal firm that represents JJ / Bad Robot! But if you go to the current version of that site: you'll see that the law firm name has been replaced with Satoshi Kagashima, the slusho representative...

48states on Jul 10, 2007


I'm not buying the parasite crap. Also, you can forget about Voltron or EVA for God's sake. I think it is obvious that it's either Cthulu or an Apocolypse movie. And, for the LION vs. ALIVE debate. If (IF IF IF) he is saying "lion" it WILL BE an armageddon flick. There's a description of the last days somewhere in the Bible that describes angels as having several different faces at once, one of those faces being that of a lion. Also, as much as I want this to be a Cthulu movie, I really don't think it is. Here's a few clues that point in the direction I would LOVE for the movie to go in and it's completely unrelated to ANYTHING discussed yet. -somewhere above, the name Steve King was mentioned along with the Ethan Haas sites. -This movie supposedly started filming in February. -Abrams aquired the option rights for Stephen King's Dark Tower movie in early February. -The 9 on the chick's shirt is photoshopped in and half of her is being blocked. Could the 9 actually be a 19? (19 is prominent in The Dark Tower series) -Movie is coming out on 1-18. 1 + 18 = 19 All speculation and probably completely wrong, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Flagg79 on Jul 10, 2007


Yeah, i got the steve king thing up there. it was the name of a moderator of all the tossing games sites and stuff. The guy seems like he knows nothing at first, but now that more poeple are coming to his site he has given away that he is in on it. He seems to know things, but isnt talking. I also heard about the stephen king stuff, but he is also doing a movie about a book written by stephens kid too, so i dont think that its related to this movie. JJ Abrams is just getting into the movie biz, thats all. Now hes gettin tons of new movie deals, so this one is just itself, not one of the others. We cant go nuts every time we hear he's doing a movie and think its this one. Yeah, i hear ya on the 19 thing, but I think he may have done it to confuse people, Voltron is on the same day. I think it may be to make ppl think its VOltron. Guess we figured its not that by now. Pretty much, just Look for CrackV in this forum. Im not repeating myself again. Suffice it to say, I have found out what the parasite is for sure, and i have said it tons of times. Go to IMDB and search for the guy "my name is van" with underscores between each word. That will give some answers. Anyway, Ethan Haas may just be an unrelated ARG, so maybe we should focus on other things, like the lion or something. ANd yes, i know, it may not be lion. May be "Alive" or "Alien" (although nobody seems to think its alien).

CrackV on Jul 10, 2007


Another hint that it could be an apocalyptic movie is the last line of the trailer. After all the mayhem we see unleashed in the trailer, the guy at the very end says, "Tonight's gonna be the best night ever!" After having watched the initial attack, that could easily be a hint that, "Tonight's gonna be the last night ever!"

Anteros on Jul 10, 2007


Hey, just for anyone running off the "My name is van" clues on IMDB, yeah, that was fake. Just a guy messing around.

Henry on Jul 10, 2007


From Ain't It Cool News ( The web site that broke the story is now claiming to have received a short note from JJ Abrams. It follows: Dear Sir, Thanks for your support of our little movie. I can't wait to talk to you more about it -- of course, knowing you, by the time we talk you'll know more than I will. Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we're doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn't kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat's about what's online? So as you can imagine, we're focusing mostly on THAT. For what it's worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us. Stay cool the rest of the summer -- and thanks per usual for AICN! JJ This note implies that we're all wasting our time on the ARG known as Ethan Haas AND that we have only found ONE of the Cloverfield web sites.

Anteros on Jul 10, 2007


Also, in addition to the quote from Matthew 12:36 I posted earlier, there's also this: From Revelation 18:08 "Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her." NIV And if you don't want to read through the whole thread again, here's Matthew 12:36 (12:36 being the time on the first pictire from 1-18-08): Matthew 12:36 "But I tell you that men will have to give account on the DAY OF JUDGMENT for every careless word they have spoken." NIV "Tonight's gonna be the LAST night ever!"

Anteros on Jul 10, 2007


I was researching Google combining some of the things I saw in the backgrounds and on the fridge in their kitchen... Search for "mystery street AKM" and click on the second link, its a PDF file speaking of the Aeons of Maat and other documents ranging from the Jewish, Egyptian and other religious writings. On Page 14 of 43 the document talks about a creature referencing a book on Cthulhu... Maybe this is the Lovecraft, JJ Abrams movie, "Cthulhu" after all. Wikipedia search gives info on Cthulhu as a representation of pure evil, destruction and chaos given many different names and forms, and is sometimes preceded with "dead" as in "Dead Cthulhu" and in the last shot showing the statue of Liberty's head you see DEAD written on the back of the street sign... Just some things I noticed...add that in with the bible references from Anteros comments and you get an end of the world picture with a monster...sweet!!

Grimlok626 on Jul 10, 2007


Cool, but already overhyped.

Underrated on Jul 10, 2007


After reviewing the high quality 1-18-08 trailer on Apple's website (with meticulous use of the arrow keys to go frame by frame in the trailer) I noticed something The striking resemblance of the two women in the initial picture is just a coincidence. Yes, the two faces pieced together look amazingly the same, but if you watch the trailer, right before the Statue of Liberty's head hits the ground you can see both of the characters standing with Rob on the street. You see the darker skinned girl more, but you can see the lighter skinned one. You actually get a good view of the darker skinned girl as she looks up in this "what the hell/Oh my God!" type face when she sees something flying through the air (the Statue's head). Just before that you see the lighter skinned girl behind her for a little while. So yeah, both characters exist and are real.. Also the "We'll miss you Rob" sign really looks like it's made out of pictures. Obviously, this is a gathering of friends sending another friend off so perhaps those were pictures of him and friends throughout his stay in NYC. And yeah, looks like Rob picked the wrong night to leave....if only a day earlier. Along with all that I went through the trailer trying to see if any of the characters looked anything like the shadowy Van in The only person that looks anywhere similar would be the "This is going to be the best night ever!" guy at the end of the trailer. But that's a LONG shot And I don't think Van is a military type guy. His clothing looks more like a grunge rocker than anything. It looks like he has two shirts on. A t-shirt underneath, but like a flannel shirt on top. Does anybody else see this? Now, a note from JJ Abrams saying that EthanHaas has no connection? Possible, but are we sure that's from JJ? And why would he tell us we're off track anyway? We'll find out for certain on 8-1-07 and we'll go from there I guess And CrackV, sorry, but the "my_name_is_van" guy is most likely just somebody faking it. Why would the guy sign up with that name anyway? Why not register with the name "van_mantra"? Who would have that before the site went live? There's something way too fishy there and just because his name is "my_name_is_van" and such doesn't make him legit. Doesn't entirely make it not real as well, but there's nothing we can go on that says he's flat out real without a doubt, though the doubt is really REALLY high for this character.

lennit on Jul 10, 2007

442 looks like it can be legit. Only a few pages work right now and "more to come soon". If a character really was wearing a "Slusho" T-shirt in the trailer this could be a new lead! Can anybody run a WhoIs on this domain to find out if it's a Paramount site? I'll do so after work if nobody else has 🙂

lennit on Jul 10, 2007


My ipod is also showing the film's release date as December 31, 1969. I did some digging and found that this was/used to be a unix problem. So either I-tunes is having this problem or JJ and co. are setting the date up like that to get us to investigate and come across the unix code problem. This actually might be the case because the unix problem was related to numbers, mainly zeros. Instead of confusing you myself, here's a link that explains the unix problem better. And if you guys can use this to get more clues, good for you. Then again, it COULD just be a coincidence. Also...we're supposed to "know more" on August 1st, right? Anyone else catcth this? August 1st = 08/ 01 Movie is to be released January 18th, 2008. = 01/18 Didn't someone say something about reversing numbers found in the trailer in a previous post?

Flagg79 on Jul 10, 2007


Does anyone think when Rob comes into the room and the guy beside him takes a picture on his camera that the flash seems super emposed, maybe this photograph will have some significance later. On the breaking news the time is 12.37 AM - 1 minute after the 2 photographs on / Dont know if this guy is jumping over the car or not but when the "head" hits the ground and rolls into the black jeep, there is a guy who looks as though he's coming down to either protect or attack the couple, i think you can see him running before the head hits the ground but the camera shot does linger on him.

millionmiles on Jul 10, 2007


Does anyone think when Rob comes into the room and the guy beside him takes a picture on his camera that the flash seems super emposed, maybe this photograph will have some significance later. On the breaking news the time is 12.37 AM - 1 minute after the 2 photographs on / Dont know if this guy is jumping over the car or not but when the "head" hits the ground and rolls into the black jeep, there is a guy who looks as though he's coming down to either protect or attack the couple, i think you can see him running before the head hits the ground but the camera shot does linger on him.

millionmiles on Jul 10, 2007


Actually, I think the time was 12:27 on the news broadcast (which then correlates with the 1st photo on the site being only 9 minutes later, when they were on the street looking in terror at whatever IT is) Also, the 67 degrees at 12:30AM in NYC on January 18th....seriously, that has to be a clue. It's not that warm in January, is it?!?!?! I was in Massachusetts during January and it was freezing, and this was Western Mass, and I was only about 2 hours from NYC. Does the water around Manhattan warm the city that much or is this weird? Maybe whatever IT is causes a lot of warmth to follow it? Or something? Geesh, how can we even be sure that this thing (or things) is even purposefully destroying NYC? Yeah, the first thing you think is Godzilla on a reckless rampage, but that's so cliche. Anyway, more things to think about! 🙂

lennit on Jul 10, 2007


cmon people get on the HD trailers and find something, im f-ing terrible at connecting things and finding things. i count on your hard work to quell my anxiety.

jbone on Jul 10, 2007


I looked up the name Kagashima, as shown in the WhoIS DNS registration, and found this website that mentions one of the characters being Farmer Kagashima in one of the Godzilla fan fiction writings. It's a stretch, granted 🙂

diggity on Jul 10, 2007


if you leave on the party pic moves counterclockwise and the other pic shakes slightly.

millionmiles on Jul 10, 2007



MIKE on Jul 10, 2007


IGN Movies has learned that the "Untitled J.J. Abrams Project" may also be using the working title "Slusho," which hardcore fans of Abrams' Alias may remember as the Slurpee-type beverage that Vaughn offers to Sydney in the second episode of the series. We received an email this morning with the details of a public notice of filming posted last week in downtown Los Angeles that illuminates a few details about the production. The notice states that a Paramount Pictures movie using the name "Slusho" was filming last week in several downtown locations during the late afternoon to early morning hours. Here's a description of the scene: "Exterior dialogue. Driving scenes. Occasional traffic & pedestrian control. Camera & equipment on sidewalk, street and property. 200 extras. Military vehicles. Destruction aftermath. Weapons brandished. Emergency vehicles with flashing lights. Exterior dialogue on fire escape on 8th floor." Sounds like "Cloverfield" to us! So, what else is known about the top secret movie? Frequent Abrams collaborator Drew Goddard, a writer on Lost, Alias, Buffy, and Angel, penned the script. Keep tracking with IGN Movies as the mystery of "Cloverfield" unravels

MIKE on Jul 10, 2007


UPDATE 7/10: Aargh. Those of us hoping for a Lovecraft tie-in have lost some foetid wind from our Innsmouth home port sails. Mr. J.J. Abrams himself dropped a line to Harry at Ain't It Cool News to let him (and thus everyone) know that we're totally off-base regarding the Ethan Haas puzzle sites - he (Abrams) states categorically that they "have nothing to do with us." Which means any reference to the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred found in those solutions is irrelevant in regard to the Cloverfield film project. Which is not to say that Cthulhu will definitely not be rearing his tentacled head, but it does mean that there's absolutely no evidence indicating that he will. The good news comes when Abrams reveals that there are, indeed, web sites out there in cyburbia relating to the movie - but no one has (as far as he knows) found them yet or made the connection. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MIKE on Jul 10, 2007


the sign that the head hits is 401 4-01 april fools day. were being fooled with

jbone on Jul 10, 2007


also looking at the trailer some more, when the fireball hits the corner of the building east of the roof theyre on as the light comes through from the third fireball we can see that the fireball that hit the corner, did very little relative damage considering the speed it mustve been travelling, as well as leaving little more than black ashy material in a star shaped imapct splat. does this imply that the fireballs are sulphur based balls of fire. also why do the projectiles coming from the main firemass seem to explode at the height of the arc and then come barelling down? anyone tuning in to these details? or am i way overlooking it? please everyone your thoughts.

jbone on Jul 10, 2007


ok now zooming and regular functions on the flash at are disabled. guys were moving faster than they thought we would.

jbone on Jul 10, 2007


Rob's reactions are telling I think, so is the high-jumping guy who seems to jump to push people out of the way. Also, Rob pushes the two girls back on the sidewalk before the statue's head is even visible coming towards them... no one else is moving to get clear when he starts. Also, some of the faces of the crowd are very calm, like the rich guy and his wife/date. Could be just bad acting by the extras, but it seems placed. Also, and believe me I know I'm being to picky here, when Rob starts to push the girls away, there is a man in a dark shirt across the street that appears to start heading towards Rob who has a "knowing" look on his face (for lack of a better term) before the camera pulls away. I'm probably reading wayyyy too much into this, but I can't help it. Plus I think the Slusho site and Rob's leaving to Japan are tied together. What does Rob do for a living, I wonder. Also, the photos on the 1-18-08 site rotate either way, depending on which way you push them. They move in 3 second intervals at what looks to be by 1 degree.

Bruce on Jul 10, 2007


Hmm, okay, revise that on the photos. They seemed to be at 3 sec intervals, but using a stopwatch on the photo with Rob, the time interval between each tick seems to grow by, what may be, a second each tick. My timing isn't perfect so I may be off a bit, but there is certainly some time gain. Not sure about the other, testing in between work 😉

Bruce on Jul 10, 2007


I saw the preview last Friday......7/6/ sounded like Godzilla or something.......I'm going to see that.

Brandon on Jul 10, 2007


I haven't seen anyone reference this so I thought I would through my 2 cents in. Minor detail, but in regards to the question of whether or not site is related to 1-18-08... I just watched the trailer again and if you notice the very beginning when it show the Paramount and Bad Robot logos, they have the same camera effect (with the horizontal lines and sync distortion) as the videos from Then you see again at the end when the guy says "this is going to be the best night ever". Like I said, just my 2 cents, but could have done that to show relation between the two.

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007


If you go to it links you to the http://www.1-18-08. site. And if you highligth the top it tell you something will be revealed on August 1.

bob on Jul 10, 2007


Okay, after having left the 1-18-08 website up for about the last two hours or so, both pictures have stopped rotating and they are now just vibrating pretty roughly. Not sure what significance this is, but there you go.

Bruce on Jul 10, 2007


It might be a stretch, but I tried going to to see if there was anything over there and the site seems sort of cryptic. I can't even figure out how to get past the main page. Anyone wasnna give that a whirl?

Flagg79 on Jul 10, 2007


Did anyone notice that if you put the party pic on its side and set the Girl nest to it regular, the girl pic starts to rotate by itself.!Slowly like a Clock.1...???Weird!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 10, 2007


Most of you know I believe this movie is totally original and I haven't been picking everything apart or making strong claims to what's going on although I have been following everything because I'm a huge LOST/Abrams fan and I love this kind of stuff. There is one thing that seems a little off to me. We're sitting here trying to figure out what's going on and what the monster is. Let's not forget, before all the crazy stuff happens, Rob is the central character. Maybe we're not paying enough attention to him. Knowing LOST as well as I do, I know not to overlook ANYTHING and something will be put in front of my eyes to distract me from what's really going on. Rob is leaving New York, and he's not going to Jersey or Florida or even LA, he's going to Japan. That's about as far away from New York as you can get. Also, to me, he seems a lot more scared and worried than anybody else at the party. He's the first to react when the lights come back on and he's not looking outside, maybe because he knows what's going on. When his friend tells him he should have left town earlier he reacts in a way that seems to say, "I thought I was getting out early." It looks like he's pushing people out of the way on the stairs, including the camera guy. On the street, he doesn't even look when we hear the roar, he just runs before anybody else starts running. Just something that seems odd to me, could be nothing but who knows, maybe we're not paying enough attention to Rob. And it is a surprise party meaning he probably didn't want any sort of party and wanted to get out of town quickly and quietly. millionmiles - I saw that guy too, don't know if he was jumping or was thrown. It's one hell of a jump though! jbone - I thought that as well about the debris exploding in mid-air. Is it really chance that it's coming after them...or maybe just coming after Rob? Lastly, the newscast is at 12:32am, 4 minutes before the picture.

MrJoe83 on Jul 10, 2007


I also noticed that when you reload the page, the pictures move to a different spot on the page. Idk if that means anything but thats kinda of weird too.

Joel on Jul 10, 2007


That site is pretty locked down. Don't think anything is there. At first I thought that maybe it wasn't there official site but I couldn't find another website for them on google. I grabbed the entire site and it seems to only be the index.html with that Bad Robot image. Nothing too weird about it... the image is just 800x600, but there are 188 spaces in the whole page. Can't think of anything with that. I don't think it's anything, but I did think it was strange that a production company like his doesn't have an official site operational.

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007



djcaezar on Jul 10, 2007


^ OMG! djcaezar figured it out! HEY EVERYONE! We finally have our answer.... *ends his excitement* Read the thread, uh.. as you would say, IDIOT! Like many have said already if you have proof then bring it, otherwise what's the point in that post? Until we have hard proof of any theory, they all just remain that...theories. The point is to follow the clues and piece them together, not just go around blurting out the same thing 600 other people just said. It just gets old.

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007


Hooray djcaezar figured it all out by his little old self. lets all quit while were ahead & let djcaezar explain to us how he came about nameing this movie "GOZILLA" as he likes to call it. & how he cracked this huge mystery of a title.

MIKE on Jul 10, 2007


It's not Godzilla, a new Godzilla movie is being made as we speak. It's not Rampage, I'd like to think a 200 ft wolf-man is below JJ. It's not Voltron, another company owns the rights to it. It's not Transformers 2, too early for trailer let alone movie plus M Bay is making the 2nd not JJ. It's not Cthulhu, that movie has already been made, has a website, stars Tori Spelling. IMO what we have here is something new. The guys behind this are pretty original, and the only way we will find out more is to wait for someone who knows what the hell they are doing to figure out the clues. Also, I think 1-18-08 could be the date another trailer realeases. Just a thought. Also, the Eathan Haas sites are not associated with the movie.

Shawn on Jul 10, 2007


After the explosion, the fireballs that come out of it look like the beginning of Voltron cartoons with the 5 lions flying up to form Voltron. I don't think this is Voltron, but just a thought. I believe it's something new and original. How is it 63 degrees outside???

sisu on Jul 10, 2007


If JJ isn't lying to us and the 1-18-08 site IS the only one found so far, I say everyone keep experimenting; the pictures move easily and, depending on where they are set, move in different ways. I just aligned both pictures up side by side, where the white border from both run into one another and both pictures starting moving away from one another, in opposite directions. I know this probably means nothing, but if everyone messes around with this thing like that, who know what will come up.

Flagg79 on Jul 10, 2007


Well, the movie DOES take place on 1-18-08. The timestamps on the photos show that.

lennit on Jul 10, 2007


Some clues: As they are walking to the window to look out, there is a paddle-looking thing with ATM on it. Is this a fraternity or something? As they are rushing off of the roof, just before the big blast, you can see ACE 2004 written on the wall. The instant they make it to the street, there is a guy in front of the camera, his back turned. He's wearing a pinkish shirt. There is very obviously an "O" that was placed there in post-production, maybe photoshopped in for the sake of clues. Anyone else got anything like this?

Flagg79 on Jul 10, 2007


The "O" on the man's back was a first clue, but there is also another one on his shirt on his right hip and it is moving in such a way with his shirt I would be hard pressed to believe it was done in post. Possible but I'm sort of doubting. Might still be a clue or just an ugly shirt :/. One thing that has me interested now is the girl at the beginning that says "Wise or Weiss (or something like that) is here, let's go." and we don't see her again in the trailer. Could be something there. Also, I beginning to believe that the set is not Rob's place, but someone else's.

Bruce on Jul 10, 2007


Evangelon ROCKS!

Bruce on Jul 10, 2007


Evangelion ROCKS!

Bruce on Jul 10, 2007


Okay Listen, It's not Godzilla his copyright lwas were retired by tha guy that owns him lol. It's Not Voltron Cause the nxt movie title is the Parasite so that rules out Godzilla also now as for mythos creatures like Chtulu and Nyle i dnt no a damn thing about that stuff so u decide i think it's a monster we've nvr seen b4 and it Does say It's huge it's alive so that cld b Frankinstein there lol jkjk some ppl think it's tha Mud or Smoke Monster from lost que me there if i'm wrong and i've even heard LoveCraft being invloved in this but i dnt think so once agin Abrams is an intellegent peson who crated LOST for god's sake so thres no tellin wat it is it cld be Godzilla/Bigfoot/Chtulu/Nyle and LoveCraft all in one kik ass monster hell we dnt no all i no is that this movie is gonna rule hardcore and like many others me and my friend were like wtf man wtf thats when my friend shouts Holy Shit It's Biiiiiiiiigfoooooooot! Evry one laughed and just got even mor interested in tha trailer i've been tryin to figure this movie out since tha 3rd but nutin all i've heard is NIN and Year Zero Movie or remakes u ppl need to open up and think of a new mnster maybe thats wat'll b a new mnster that evryone love to watch but is scared yet awd at the strngth and pwr of it or it cld b a Carebears from Hell that wld b cool but w/e we no that if this mnster hates Lady Liberty where in one hell of a trip

BigDawg on Jul 10, 2007


Okay Listen, It's not Godzilla his copyright laws were retired by tha guy that owns him lol. It's Not Voltron Cause the nxt movie title is the Parasite so that rules out Godzilla also now as for mythos creatures like Chtulu and Nyle i dnt no a damn thing about that stuff so u decide i think it's a monster we've nvr seen b4 and it Does say It's huge it's alive so that cld b Frankinstein there lol jkjk some ppl think it's tha Mud or Smoke Monster from lost que me there if i'm wrong and i've even heard LoveCraft being invloved in this but i dnt think so once agin Abrams is an intellegent peson who crated LOST for god's sake so thres no tellin wat it is it cld be Godzilla/Bigfoot/Chtulu/Nyle and LoveCraft all in one kik ass monster hell we dnt no all i no is that this movie is gonna rule hardcore and like many others me and my friend were like wtf man wtf thats when my friend shouts Holy Shit It's Biiiiiiiiigfoooooooot! Evry one laughed and just got even mor interested in tha trailer i've been tryin to figure this movie out since tha 3rd but nutin all i've heard is NIN and Year Zero Movie or remakes u ppl need to open up and think of a new mnster maybe thats wat'll b a new mnster that evryone love to watch but is scared yet awd at the strngth and pwr of it or it cld b a Carebears from Hell that wld b cool but w/e we no that if this mnster hates Lady Liberty where in one hell of a trip

BigDawg on Jul 10, 2007


yeah, this definitely could be the year zero movie that trent reznor mentioned.

and0 on Jul 10, 2007


Just because it's supposed to come out on January 18th doesn't mean the movie takes place on January 18th so I wouldn't worry about HOW it's 63 degrees out but I do want to know WHY it's 63 degrees.

MrJoe83 on Jul 10, 2007


I also forgot to mention that I'm a huge eva fan and an eva movie would be pretty tight

BigDawg on Jul 10, 2007


Ok, I only got up to about comment 400 and my eyes started killing me, so forgive me this was already mentioned. I was going over the HD version of the trailer frame by frame and at about 1:14 as they are running down the stairs there is a flash to their left. There appears to be a "demon" similar to the one in the girl(s) picture watching them run down the stairs. I asked a couple of people and they see it too. It looks like it has the same elongated face and some funny kind of ear things. The blue flame is on its head and the bald guy looks like he glances over at it. I'm going to push it a little further and say that I see the same "face" inverted as the "meteor" strikes the building behind them as the are exiting the roof at about 1:12 (about 4 frames after it impacts). As far as the alive/lion things goes, I hear lion. If this thing is an apocalyptic themed movie then a lion wouldn't be too far fetched. There is something in the book of Revelations about four living creatures sitting at the center of a throne. And before the throne was what looked like a sea of glass. (there's a lot of glass in Manhattan) It talks about flashes of lighting, rumbling and peals of thunder coming from the throne. Oh, and the first living creature was like a lion. It's somewhere around Rev. 4:4 to about 4:7 if anyone wants to post that up. Anyway, that's my two cents. Again, sorry if this was mentioned before. I'm just really tired and this trailer is driving me crazy.

demon guy on Jul 10, 2007


Touche...damn, I just got burned...ok then, I live 2 hours from Manhattan and there was a day in early January this year when it was 70 degrees. The last couple of years it's been pretty warm through January in the northeast. Maybe Al Gore is on to something.

MrJoe83 on Jul 10, 2007


We already established that Slusho! is associated but I was looking at the trailer again and notice that no one replied to lennit (post 468) about if anyone was wearing a Slusho! shirt. The guy who says "maybe we can see something from the roof" is in fact wearing a Slusho! shirt. *find it a bit odd that lennit would say exactly wear to look for the Slusho! logo when there could be many different places to find it.... suspicious... maybe, maybe not* I'll post if I find more.

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007


1) The newscaster mentions people calling in about "....a thunderous roaring sound..." So the only people who are calling in are those who've heard it? No eyewitnesses with cell-phones are calling in? 2) The line "It's alive! It's huge!" Well........what does that mean? I mean....if something is must be alive, right? And to exclaim 'It's alive!" with such enthusiasm/panic implies that you've seen something that normally would not be alive. That's like saying: "OHMYGOD! THAT BARKING DOG IS ALIVE!!!" 3) (Kind of ties-in with point #1) Did this thing just pop-up suddenly? It just began roaring as soon as it appeared? I say this because the newscaster doesn't say "...a monster appeared suddenly...", or "...something big crawled out of the river..." Only that people are reporting a sound. "Good evening, everyone. Tonight's news.....people are calling in about that roaring sound........but so far we've only received calls from those who've heard it, but not seen what's causing it. In other's going to be sunny tomorrow...." 4) What would cause such a huge explosion in downtown Manhattan? That fireball is hundreds of feet high. No refineries on Wall Street. 5) What the heck is 'Eva'....?

msmith40 on Jul 10, 2007


There is tagging on the wall when they all run back inside, CR something, maybe A? Not sure if it means anything. Also, on the fridge, there is a sticker running sideways that says Exit Mystery St which seems very out of place. Near the end, when they are running on the street, there is a girl who crosses the scene and it looks as if her shirt says "Switzerland". Anyone else make that out? License plate of the black car near the end is ABZ 3293. Also, one very interesting thing is that on the backside of a street as Liberty's head is rolling by is tagged with what appears to be "Dead Dear" maybe? Anyone else see it? Oh, and the plaque on the wall has the letters AKM printed on them. Those are the things that I've found so far.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


I believe she says, "You guys, he's here, let's go", and we do see her again, she's the girl that says, "Rob's awesome, I'm gonna miss him." Good call on it possibly not being Rob's place.

MrJoe83 on Jul 10, 2007

489 Neon Genesis Evangelion. Check it out! It even has info on the live action movie thats comming up, which Im hoping that this is it 🙂

BigDawg on Jul 10, 2007


@ comment #514 "What the heck is 'Eva'….?" Oh its nothing, just the biggest and best anime/show that man has ever wittnessed

EVANGELION_pwns on Jul 10, 2007


Sorry, I meant to say on the backside of a street "sign" it says Dead Dear or something to that effect, frame 1:39. Might be nothing, but worth noting.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


One thing I just thought of is that the second picture they added to was before the first picture. First one with the girls is at 12:36 A and the second one is at 12:01 A. We are moving backwards in our sequence of photos. Maybe there is a significance in this. We'll see if another photo appears and if so, if it was taken before 12:01 A. Maybe we are looking for something before the noises and explosions happened.

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007


Maybe we are figuring out the storyline that precedes the movie.

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007


Pretty good update here Cloverfield Update

js on Jul 10, 2007


The trailer is stupid since it reveals nothing at all. Also, the homecam shooting of the trailer is lame, and if the whole movie is going to be like that, then that's even worse.

Calvin on Jul 10, 2007


Please tell me this is not true...visit and click the 4th link from the left, takes you to the feedback email address So, a quick search on this Satoshi person reveals this Wiki info Satoshi Tajiri (???, Tajiri Satoshi?, born on August 28, 1965) is a Japanese electronic game designer and the creator of Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokémon. The creator of POCKET MONSTERS! Tell me this is not happening. 🙂

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


Please tell me this is not true...visit and click the 4th link from the left, takes you to the feedback email address So, a quick search on this Satoshi person reveals this Wiki info Satoshi Tajiri is a Japanese electronic game designer and the creator of Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokémon. The creator of Pokemon! Tell me this is not happening. 🙂

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


I'm not kidding now, is this Pokemon? Japenese, Satoshi - creator of pokemon (pocket MONSTERS!). This is crazy!

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


I'm not kidding now, is this Pokemon? Japanese, Satoshi - creator of pokemon (pocket MONSTERS!). This is crazy!

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


Oh my god, same shit rehashed over and over again... You people are so fucking stupid... This is why I need to get away for awhile.

Anteros on Jul 10, 2007


I do see something to the left (Apple HD trailer) of the guy at the very end, but it doesn't look significant. Certainly not another "demon".

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


Ok, you probably think I'm crazy now, but I'm reading more about the Pokemon creator, and guess what, he worked at Nintendo, on Pokemon, for 6 years. 6! Slusho! You can't drink just six. Thoughts anyone else?

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


Either it's entirely too late, or I'm on to something. Yes, crazy me...more Pokemon clues. Read the history page on There's reference to "many towns and villages on Honshu". Well, you guessed it, Satoshi was born in Machida which is located on Honshu!

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


*Ignoring you as long as possible.... it can't be so*

Rafe on Jul 10, 2007


F*&%! apparently there's a Digimon character whose design is based on Cthulhu and named after Dagon. the character's English name is "Dragomon." Are you still ignoring me! This is compelling shit here, tell me it's not and I'll stop. 🙂

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


Most Digimon of all levels reside in the Digital World (sometimes called "DigiWorld" for short), a parallel universe created from data inside the Earth's electronic communication networks. However, Digimon are sometimes capable of traveling to Earth - or as it is called in DigiWorld, the Real World. Courtesy of - this is the pokemon character designed after Cthulhu, his type is Sea Animal and his level is ultimate (perfect). I read on another blog that the monster was a sea monster, can anyone else confirm that report? Let me know when I've convinced you.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


ethan haas--despite the alleged jja denial, there's something really strange going on with all the ethan haas related sites. I would not drop this in the can just yet; at least not before august 1. This blogger started in may (; ethanhaaswasright is very professional and didn't just come out to trick us about the film. Whatever it is took months to put together so it's either connected or it's about something unrelated yet equally interestng. At any rate, we will find out on august 1, 2007. has a countdown to the same date and time and it links to 1-18-08 which is more or less confirmed as an official cloverfield site. It was also up and running on july 7, which is a pretty fast move considering the trailer was only out for a couple days and 1-18-08, as far as anyone knows, only appeared on the 5th. Frankly, I strongly believe that the main ethan haas sites (parasitemovie, ethanhaaswasright, stayunderground, ethanhaaswaswrong, and tossinggames) are legit cloverfield and are at least intended to point in the cthulhu direction. slurpo--really weird stuff. the pokemon connection may be another red herring, like the fake new york address listed for the owner of 1-18-08. underwater goop that's made into mystery juice that happens to be advertised on a t-shirt worn by someone at the party (see post 513) is a clear connection. I have to consider this a legit site cloverfield along with 1-18-08 and somewhat more definite than the ethan haas angle. Also has vague, disturbing cthulhu-ish feel about it. interesting to me among the ethan haas stuff. watch the videos, particularly the explosion on the top left. also the bottom right is a vh-1 classic; vh-1 is owned by paramount's parent company, viacom. possibly nothing, possibly something

Leonard on Jul 10, 2007


Oh, one more Pokemon coincidence the kids on (boy & girl = the two Pokemon kids) are under water. The Pokemon monster Dragomon is a sea animal? It just keeps going. This is a Pokemon movie, face it. I've laid out a hell of case for it in my last 20 posts. 🙂

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


i have not been here for a while and i look at the most recent comment and its about digimon. wow. i'd like to say its not digimon right now ok?

j-fight on Jul 10, 2007


I know I've been pushing this Pokemon link, but it seems to have come full circle back to Cthulhu witth the Pokemon character being designed after Cthulhu. This MUST be a Cthulhu movie, and please not a Pokemon movie.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


i swear to god i know it sounds sad and what not or what ever you want to make of this but i honestly could not handle it it this was pokemon. i would honestly begin to question reality after something like that.

J-fight on Jul 10, 2007


After all of the links I've found, I'm 100% convinced it's either Pokemon or Cthulhu (hybrid of both) related. Dragomon is a Sea Animal Digimon. His Japanese name is Dagomon as he was named after Dagon of Lovecraft literature known as the Cthulhu Mythos, and appearance is based on Cthulhu of the mythos. Dragomon is a "Wicked God" referred to as "The Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor". He is thought to be born from a computer virus that infected the computers of ships and such, disrupting direction and course. When he takes a life, he holds the juzu (prayer beads) on his neck and seemingly mourns.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


sounds like lich begins to describe dawn of the dead haha [awesome movie by the way]

J-fight on Jul 10, 2007

514 ALL my comments, and you'll see my point in regards to Pokemon. It's hard to deny the hard evidence I've discovered. Again, it may not BE Pokemon, but it's certainly pointing back to Cthulhu. This is the first "EVIDENCE" that's been provided. Not much speculation here.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


how could this be an evangelion movie? that anime takes place in neo-tokyo, not new york, much less in the future and not present day. thats about as ridiculous as saying its going to be a gundam movie. as i have said before, it's either a cthulhu movie or something original.

stig on Jul 10, 2007


Am I the only one seeing demons? I think I'm losing my mind. If this turns out to be Pokemon, that could be a could thing.

demon guy on Jul 10, 2007


Once again, I am reading a whole lot of bullshit on this dumbass forum. Okay, my cousin has done some research. He has done a very good job. I originally went to the slusho site, and saw in history that there is a donkey underwater, wtf? The donkey (when clicked on) shows a blue oven mitt. My cousin decided to google blue oven mitt, leading him to the creators of the mitt, Orka Silicone. He then went to wiki and searced orcas, orcas are killer whales, and he went to cultural references, and saw that orcas were supposedly "sea monsters from hell" and originally called orcs. He proceeded to searching for orcs on wiki, which lead him to finding out that orcs are in the game Ragnarok (which is allegedly being made by the creator of the ethan haas site) he searched around and found that the god thor fights a beast during the end of the world, the beasts name is Jörmungandr , now search that name, and bingo, you have your middle world serpent, read on this link...

Tom Huck and King Buffet on Jul 10, 2007


Hear me's either Pokemon (yes, you read that correctly) or Cthulhu, possibly even a hybrid combo of both. Please read on for my summary of all findings... Visit and click the 4th link from the left, takes you to the feedback email address So, a quick search on this Satoshi person reveals this Wiki info Satoshi Tajiri is a Japanese electronic game designer and the creator of Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokémon. The creator of Pokemon! Tell me this is not happening. 🙂 Ok, you probably think I'm crazy now, but I'm reading more about the Pokemon creator, and guess what, he worked at Nintendo, on Pokemon, for 6 years. 6! "Slusho! You can't drink just six." Thoughts anyone else? Now, read the history page on There's reference to “many towns and villages on Honshu". Well, you guessed it, Satoshi was born in Machida which is located on Honshu! Apparently there's a Digimon character whose design is based on Cthulhu and named after Dagon. The character's English name is “Dragomon." Most Digimon of all levels reside in the Digital World (sometimes called “DigiWorld" for short), a parallel universe created from data inside the Earth's electronic communication networks. However, Digimon are sometimes capable of traveling to Earth - or as it is called in DigiWorld, the Real World. Courtesy of - this is the pokemon character designed after Cthulhu, his type is Sea Animal and his level is ultimate (perfect). I read on another blog that the monster was a sea monster, can anyone else confirm that report? Oh, one more Pokemon coincidence, the kids on (boy & girl = the two Pokemon kids) are under water. The Pokemon monster Dragomon is a sea animal! Dragomon is a Sea Animal Digimon. His Japanese name is Dagomon as he was named after Dagon of Lovecraft literature known as the Cthulhu Mythos, and appearance is based on Cthulhu of the mythos. Dragomon is a “Wicked God" referred to as “The Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor". He is thought to be born from a computer virus that infected the computers of ships and such, disrupting direction and course. When he takes a life, he holds the juzu (prayer beads) on his neck and seemingly mourns. After all of the links I've found, I'm 100% convinced it's either Pokemon or Cthulhu (hybrid of both) related. Probably Cthulhu, and these Pokemon clues are just a way of confirming that it's Cthulhu. Then again, stranger things have happened.

Chris on Jul 10, 2007


i am just guessing but i don't think this movie has anything to do with rob. i think it is a extremely interesting insight on a persons life and what they were doing when the end of the world began. very interesting if this was the case. i'm not saying the movies not about rob but it seems creative if it wasnt

FRANKLIN on Jul 10, 2007


first of all i can admit that i may be in denial about it being a pokemon movie cause i just plain don't want to believe it. the last week of my life spent looking at this stuff just to find out its a pokemon movie? tih such a cool trailer> by jj abrams? it would be like having great sex with a chic and loving it then realizing it was a dude! please no pokemon

J-fight on Jul 11, 2007


Which is exactly why I think it's more likely a strong clue pointing to Cthulhu, as opposed to being directly about Pokemon. I'm mean, that's too coincidental to come full circle from, to the creator of Pokemon, to a Pokemon character modeled after Cthulhu. Can that be a coincidence? I guess time will tell. 🙂

Chris on Jul 11, 2007


Chris, your research sucks, you do know you are mixing Pokemon and DIGIMON, two TOTALLY different things bro. So stop your wishful thinking and get over it, there isn't going to be a live action pokemon movie, not now not EVER. But to the others, on the roof the graffiti says CRAZE. Also if you look at the side of the refrigerator after the guy walks buy saying "what will you do without me" you can see a piece of tape with the word "'something' mystery". Just putting my 2 cents in.

Dan on Jul 11, 2007


anyone read huckleberry finn? in it when huck is with the duke and the dauphin and they are showing a ridiculus show and every gets pissed after but one of them say " hey we tricked you all but help us trick very one else and you wont be alone and it will be funny" so they tell other people it was cool and they also get tricked but on the third showing they all plan to get even. just something to think about if jj screws us over

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


Oh, and you guys should also read the Eva manga series, they are pretty damn awsome!

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


Ok, well this trailer definitely spooked me in some sort of way....Really eerie....Anyways, here's my theory of what the movie will be about: First off, I THINK that it MIGHT be about the end of the world. Yeah, I know...cliche, and done before. BUT, it would fit in with some theories that tie into the show Lost. Now, I don't believe this movie is tied in ANY way to Lost, but the TV show, for those who've watched it, refers fairly often to "saving the world", or the "end of the world." There's a fairly popular theory out there on the show Lost about there being multiple dimensions, and doomsday and such. Now, this would fit in with Abram's style, is all I'm saying. This trailer would make the most sense, in my opinion, if you took a biblical approach to it. The end of the world is prophesied in the book of Revelations, and describes the apocalypse in detail. It refers to multiple angels raining down "plagues", if you will, on the earth during the last days. Also, the Bible says that Jesus will come to take those who are christians to be with him, and after He does that, seven years of chaos will ensue. The taking of the christians COULD be a subtle connection to the friend who mentions "You shoulda left town a bit sooner!" Now, I'm probably wrong, and to be honest it's a flimsy theory at best, but this is a possibility, in my opinion.

Jared06 on Jul 11, 2007


who is this other franklin guy who keeps talking about eva? please use another name man

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


ok as far as i know digimon and pokemon are not all that different, people noticed the awesome craze that occurs when there is a connection between cartoon shows and games so other companies ran with it such as digimon yugioh and magic cards

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


63 degrees in new york in january. maybe this party wasn't in new york but- get this - the party was in dc and then the monster grabbed the head and through it down to dc. haha just kidding obviously, i hope that wasn't a mess up on the movie makers part but that is confusing how its 63 degrees in winter in new york AT NIGHT! its been pretty warm up here in the new england area in winters but DAMN THATS WARM! go red sox

J-fight on Jul 11, 2007


1. not voltron, evangelion, or godzilla. don't see the point in belaboring these theories any longer. 2. could be cthulhu, or at least a cthulhu/kraken-like tale, based upon the slurpo connection and the association with the ethan haas sites. I say association because the time stamp on the girls photo, 12:36 is the same time the parasitemovie claims cloverfield is to be revealed on august 1, which is the same time that van mantra and mezin source say their dealybob will be revealed (whatever it is). someone claiming to be jja may say there's no association, but someone else is trying damn hard to say there is. BTW, the tori spelling flick is a low-budget homoerotic indy film that has only an oblique relationship with the cthulhu mythos. Hardly an obstacle to filming something that's obviously entirely different. 3. very likely an endoftheworld association. the camcorder thing, to me, suggests that that's all that's left of humanity--a few vids of the destruction of the world. still plays into possible cthulhu or shall we say cthulhu-like demonic rising. the biblical verse associations are also compelling-all the dates and times on all the sites relate to biblical verses about the end times. only issue is whether jja would touch such an overtly religious theme. that's why it has to be a hybrid end-times/monster prophecy thing, whether or not cthulhu mythos is involved. I say we shall know on august 1, 2007. in the meantime, playing with the photos seems likely to yield something we haven't seen. also, there's likely to be more sites out there we haven't stumbled upon yet. may be a good place to dig; doesn't seem like anyone's really excavated that to date, though it has an association with slurpo.

Leonard on Jul 11, 2007


I see what demon guy is talking about! (Post #512) The version doesn't have timecode but it's really easy to go frame by frame. I didn't see the face when the "meteor" hit, but in the stairwell, on the wall, it's clear as day! The face resembles the face in the girl(s) hair from the picture on the site. You can even see a body to go with it with four legs. It gets can also see a tail and there's something surrounding the face...Big face, four legs, know what I'm trying to say. Also, in the same frame, there's something on the right of the same me, it looks like a side view of a lion sitting down. I'm not even gonna comment about the newest speculation going on here...I know anything is possible but that is ridiculous.

MrJoe83 on Jul 10, 2007


Holy crap! That website is even more intriguing than 1-18-08! We know the movie is ... well a movie, but noone really knows for sure if that Serpo stuff really happened or not. I used to be obsessed with aliens and ufos, but i was a skeptical believer. A part of me thought that aliens were here, or that humans were founded by ancient astronauts and the like. But then I thought that in this day and age, a secret like that could not be kept for long, and that if they really wanted to show themselves they would land on the white house's front lawn... but that never happened >

J.J.AbramsIsAGenius on Jul 11, 2007


apple (dot) com/trailers/paramount/11808/ "It's alive, it's huge!" Watch it at apple(dot) com / trailers I TOO was one of those who went "what was that movie called? did it give a title? did i miss it? what hey wait wtf?" :DD amazinggggggggggggggggg jawdropper

Tim on Jul 11, 2007


ok chris is not some pokemon or digimon movie that woudl be so fuckin retarded if it was no one wants to seea live pokemon movie it would be the dumbest thing ever and its NOT Cthulhu because the rumor came from ethan haas which IS NOT RELATED TO THE MOVIE AT ALLSO STOP BRINGING THE SITES UP

nick on Jul 11, 2007


congratulations, you fucking idiots, your wild thoeries about pokemon have ruined what was a serious look at what this campaign was leading us to, and a serious look at the clues and imagery in the trailer. a live action pokemon movie on handycams WOULD NOT APPEAL TO THE DEMO FOR THAT FUCKING SHOW!! i realize you 18 year old anime loving virgins had a wet dream when you read about dipshits theory, but get your head on straight. your all , and i mean ALL retarded if you believe that a few minor, stretched out theories support the chance that JJ would even touch that pitch "a live action NYC based shakycam pokemon movie". im finished with this board. have fun you goddam kids.

jbone on Jul 11, 2007


this might be dumb but did any1 see the close up shot of the sushi they had at the party at 0:30 i think its a clue that relates to the sea monster and slusho stuff plus the japan thing..

Steven G on Jul 11, 2007


Another thought/theory. first, keep in mind that this is JJ Abrams and that is Lost is any indication, this movie may not be anything like the trailer at all. Seeing the 63 degrees in January, along with news on Channel 1 and all of the seemingly obscure tagged references everywhere, I wonder... Maybe this New York isn't OUR New York. It could easily be another reality where it is common for programming to be on Channel 1, where it is 63 degrees in New York in January, where Slusho is a well known drink, where it's okay to make a techno mix of Wolfmother's song "woman" (at the party). I know this sounds dumb, but Abrams has admitted in interviews that he is a fan of Stephen King's Dark Tower series (duh, he's set to make the movie for it) and alternate versions of cities play a huge role in the series. I dunno...something to think about anyway.

Flagg79 on Jul 11, 2007


Yeah, steven G is right. The japan thing, slusho thing, plus giant monster, plus the fact that the ingredient in slusho comes from bottom of the sea, that does hint allot towards big ol Gojira. But who knows, it would be kinda weird for a camcorder Godzilla movie, i mean, in the real movies all the shots are from the sky or tops of buildings or sumptin. Kinda hard to keep a plot when you cant have the main characters filming all the time. Sushi thing was just because the guy was leaving for japan, when u leave for a place like japan and u have a party, then u eat japanese food. Oh, and nick, if you ever re read this forum: Chill man, ppl come on and say stupid stuff. Earlier it was telletubies and the IT clown. On a last note, it aint Eva, or voltron, and probobly aint Godzilla. Cthulu movie already being made and it isnt this one. My thoughts are that its all new. Probably end of world. Leonard brought up good point. If its end of world, then all that humanity has left would be the camcorders, no news or whatnot. So the vids are the last explanation as to what ended it all. Slusho is just agrivating. There is nothing on the site, i even checked the site code for hidden stuff, nothing. REally, i think its a joke. They made it to see what we would do when we found it. Probably havin a good laugh about it. U notice, right after everyone found slusho, they codename the movie slusho? I really dont think slusho has any real secrets to shed, no useful ones at least.

CrackV on Jul 11, 2007


can any1 tell me what that bottle behind the guy says at 1:45? curious to see if it could be a slusho ingredient

Steven G on Jul 11, 2007


All of these crack-pot theories are off, I sat down with J.J. Abrams myself. The monster is known as Explodisaurus. The monster is just initially a walking, moving, breathing explosion with the power to fire missles and Statue of Liberty peices out of its body. It first was created in the 1500's by the genius himself, Steven Hawking. During the time of his public release there were many disputes on how this potentially could help society. Unfortunately Steven was considered a witch and was burned, but luckily Explodisaurus managed to get away. He hid from the eye of man and God in seperate island with no settlements where New York was coincidentally built. On January 18, 2008 he breaks lose from his "slumber" where he yawns and rises. This yawn is misinterpreted as a roar and yell. Military forces brought in to defend New York and misunderstand Explodisaurus, but Rob understands. During his times in college he studied up on Explodinese where he knew that Explodisaurus was able to love and feel compassion. Rob quickly ran towards the "danger" to comfront the afraid creature. Thats all I can let you know from my conversation with J.J. Abrams, but just wait till AUgust when more information is released.

Name (required) on Jul 11, 2007


also theres an orange paper on the right by the computer at 0:08 looks like a 3d animation prototype can any1 make it out?

Steven G on Jul 11, 2007


I went through the HD trailer over and over again, nothing that hasnt been mentioned was found except for "ace 2004" at 1:12, thats about it. All that other stuff, its just set dec. I mean, we cant dig into everything, can we? Not everything is meaningful. I mean, we cant go nuts and think that Budweiser is involved if we see a bud beer, can we? (One note tho, just noticed, Rob has a bad ass xbox 360 set up goin on) That, and right after liberty stops movin u can see "Dead Dead" or dead something written on back of street sign. The paper by comp was just a pic, its nothing. A statue or sumptin. At teh very end tho, right before "produced by JJ Abrams" blacks out and it gets fuzzy, you can see blurry writing that is supposedly just jj abrams fuzzy, but has OB in it, or maybe 08, I cant tell. Maybe somebody else can find out. Anyway, check ACE 2004.

CrackV on Jul 11, 2007


crackv doesn't get it. the teletubbi and clown people were just messing around and being stupid while this pookemon idiot really believes it

J-fight on Jul 11, 2007


ace 2004 has also been mentioned repeatedly which you would know if you had been following this page from the beginning or even at least skimmed through it

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


I'm not agreeing that it is a pokemon movie (that really wouldn't be cool), but regardless of whatever it turns out to be you have to admit that the only hard evidence that has been found here so far has been from Chris on this lead he has.

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


what lead? that the maker of pokemon is involved with slusho? wow so its a pokemon now? god forbid the maker of pokemon decides to be involved in something else especially after poikemon has pretty much run its course and died out

J-fight on Jul 11, 2007


few things, NOT POKEMAN, dont be dumb ITS ORIGINAL, NOT A REMAKE next, about the trailer: the spraypaint on the sign didnt paint the post its on, meaning the paint on the sign is real deal NYC grafitti and the sign was placed either on a replacement post, or a different part of the city. thats insignificant. rob for sure knows something nobody else does (nod to the actor, selling it) the fireballs split into at least 3 smaller ones at the apex. because 3 came down in one ally beside the building, and didnt lose speed. also theyre not that destructive. very confusing. whats with the 401 sign? can anyone get down to that street and get some snaps? or was it a set? LETS FIND THE REST OF THE SITES!!! im no braniac im just keen to little details. Thoughts

groggo on Jul 11, 2007


i'm sorry but i don't think rob is a big part in this movie at all. if he is then its just showing whats going through his point just to have a point of view not because he knows more than anyone else

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


second of all i am gonna take it as you just weren't thinging when you said go to the street and take pics. OF COURSE IT WAS A SET! come on man you think they would have filmed that out in the streets of new york or where ever they would have? {the film can, in fact, take place but not be filmed in new york. they would just have to work around some difficulties}

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


i know i thought id ask anyways, just thinking of the budget.

groggo on Jul 11, 2007


they could film in ny all they need is a permit and police barricades

steven g on Jul 11, 2007


I agree with Franklin, they have to be using a set. If it's true that the principle photography hasn't been completed yet then we can go find out more by finding them filming in NYC! I don't think they'd like that and all. Also, I'm not sure if this is legit, but here's another site The owner of the site supposedly posted "I'm looking for the owner of an SUV with NYC plates abz 3293" on June 10th, but that can easily be faked in a database. Plus there are links to normal sites (similar to, but they're "sites people came from" and change constantly. I really don't trust this site but I'm putting it here for others to look at. The biggest thing that tells me it's not associated doesn't have Google Analytics/Urchin linked up. If you look at and's source you'll see they are very minimalistic and they both have Urchin linked in from google. (search for urchin.js in the source). This new site doesn't have that. (neither do the Ethan Haas sites so if JJ Abram's note was correct about how Ethan Haas is not connected to "cloverfield" then that makes a lot of sense) Thoughts?

lennit on Jul 11, 2007


After the first major explosion that you see on the trailer, the fireballs that land by them look like they're coming from somewhere other than that explosion. From the angle, it looks like they came from the opposite end. Must be more than one monster or thing going on there.

sisu on Jul 11, 2007


sisu- toatally awesome thoght, that would be cool if there were more than one but not like hundreds of them maybe like five of what ever they are steven g - i'm not saying that they aren't gonna be filming in ny i'm just saying that the trailer was not filmed in ny and its possible that they might a great deal of it on a set if not all of it

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


if yoo ask me this film takes place on april 20th you know what i'm sayin YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN? HAHA! yea

yossarian on Jul 11, 2007


J-fight... first off, i never said it would be pokemon... as i said before i strongly wouldn't like that. Secondly, you're right... the creator of pokemon could just decide to get involved in another project in his life, but its one thing to start something new... and another to start something new and still incorporate your past work into it. I don't think that it's a pokemon movie, but personally i think some people are just being ridiculous to ignore possible clues like this. No one really has a logical reason as to why we shouldn't be paying any attention to this... some people are just being pansies and can only seem to see 5 feet in front of their face. Now, wouldn't you feel like an idiot if a month or two from now you realize that the pokemon clue's were just meant to be bread crumbs leading us to our answer.

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


please repeat these "CLUES" for me again unless there are nothing more than the guy who made pokemon could possibly be working on it

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


SLUSHO is the name of the Production Company that was formed to make this movie. If you have even driven around LA, you will always see the yellow production signs, for different things that are bieng filmed. Most of the time, they are in code or they have diffrent anagrams or initials. The signs that read SLUSHO are assossiated with this film.

Local on Jul 11, 2007


They are my clues, and here they are: Hear me's either Pokemon (yes, you read that correctly) or Cthulhu. Probably Cthulhu, but read on... Visit and click the 4th link from the left, takes you to the feedback email address So, a quick search on this Satoshi person reveals this Wiki info: Satoshi Tajiri is a Japanese electronic game designer and the creator of Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokémon. The creator of Pokemon! Tell me this is not happening. 🙂 Ok, you probably think I'm crazy now, but I'm reading more about the Pokemon creator, and guess what, he worked at Nintendo, on Pokemon, for 6 years. 6! "Slusho! You can't drink just six." Now, read the history page on There's reference to “many towns and villages on Honshu". Well, you guessed it, Satoshi was born in Machida which is located on Honshu! Apparently there's a Digimon (not so much different than Pokemon) character whose design is based on Cthulhu and named after Dagon. The character's English name is “Dragomon." Most Digimon of all levels reside in the Digital World (sometimes called “DigiWorld" for short), a parallel universe created from data inside the Earth's electronic communication networks. However, Digimon are sometimes capable of traveling to Earth - or as it is called in DigiWorld, the Real World. Courtesy of - this is the pokemon character designed after Cthulhu, his type is Sea Animal and his level is ultimate (perfect). I read on a blog that the monster was a sea monster? Oh, one more Pokemon coincidence, the kids on (boy & girl = the two Pokemon kids) are under water. The Pokemon monster Dragomon is a sea animal. Dragomon is a Sea Animal Digimon. His Japanese name is Dagomon as he was named after Dagon of Lovecraft literature known as the Cthulhu Mythos, and appearance is based on Cthulhu of the mythos. Dragomon is a “Wicked God" referred to as “The Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor". He is thought to be born from a computer virus that infected the computers of ships and such, disrupting direction and course. When he takes a life, he holds the juzu (prayer beads) on his neck and seemingly mourns. It's stretch, but lots of coincidences here. If this is not the case, I challenge someone to find that many clues from 🙂

Chris on Jul 11, 2007


ok hold slusho a drink or a production company?

J-fight on Jul 11, 2007


ok um sounds like you are stating alot of facts that very losely have anything to do with cloverfield in the first place. i don't even know how to respond to that except to say you are clearly trying to make something from basically nothing, i'm sorry

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


listen up guys this ain't no movie know what i'm sayin? this is some future shit man we gotta find this rob guy man i tell you god is pissed and he ain't takin no shit specially from the statue of liberty as we all seen he be comin down on january starting with new york. i don't know bout ya'll but i be gettin far away from ny as possible you know?

yossarian on Jul 11, 2007


comment # 571 name (required) watch out explodasoris and he can shoot out the statue of liberty pieces! haha! clearly if you can't tell no one bought that crap about you sitting down to talk with jj so you were right to and sit back and shut up

J-fight on Jul 11, 2007


I am disillusioned enough to know that no man's opinion on any subject is worth a damn unless backed up with enough genuine information to make him really know what he's talking about. H. P. Lovecraft

M on Jul 11, 2007


Pokemon? please. That is a 100% kids thing and this movie was by no means something a kid would watch. Nor would an adult watch Pokemon, ever ever ever. Slusho is a website that came out just before this trailer and transformers came out. It is still more than half under construction and is said to give clues to the monster which I still feel is the Cthulhu, not some Pokemon based version. The website came to be from the friend in the trailer who asks "think we can see anything on the roof". He is wearing a shirt that has the Slusho logo and name on it. It is not godzilla, it is not voltron, and it sure as hell ain't pokemon or pokemon based as no adult would even care a little bit nor would JJ ever be associated with pokemon.

Adubs on Jul 11, 2007


Couple additional thoughts. Let's assume for the sake of argument that Ethan Haas stuff is unrelated, at least in an official way--obviously they are related now, whether jja intended them to be or even has any idea who's behind the ethan haas stuff and why the creator(s) latched onto the Cloverfield project. But they did connect with cloverfield and did it pretty darn quick (i'm talking about what I'll call the "official" ethan haas sites, if that suits you--tossinggames, sledriding, parasitemovie, ethanhaaswasright, etc.). This, despite the fact that there is no question whatsoever that the arg on ethanhaaswasright took considerable time to develop. So was this cloverfield preview just an amazing opportunity for them to sticky their product to--whatever it will be? Hardly sounds like a business plan. Besides, viral marketing is one thing; giving another commercial enterprise, let alone a potential competitor a free ride on your own marketing, or infringing on a copyright (e.g., 1-18-08; "cloverfield project", etc.) is a definite negatory. But paramount/viacom has not had these sites removed (though they did have the ethanhaaswasright vid initially removed from youtube before most people started to see a connection between that and 1-18-08). Plus, I implore you to look at the vids on Thus, I still go with the ethan haas connection. But what if there isn't--obviously, the ethan haas guys intended to use cloverfield as cover for something, but what? A game that paramount would issue a cease and desist for the minute it's released? But then I got to thinking (bad idea)... What if Ethan Haas really doesn't have anything to do with cloverfield, but isn't fake? What if there is no alleged rpg in the making (no one, to date, has any evidence of this at all--not even a link that i've seen), and they have no product, nothing to sell in the end? What if they're serious about the end of the world the site predicts and some spectacular, cataclysmic event that will take place on August 1, 2007. Could it all be a cover for something that the "Mad Arab" wants to happen or worse, can make happen? I guess we'll see.

Leonard on Jul 11, 2007


leonard if you are suggesting that ethan haas is a legit....something....and there really is an underground predicting and preparing to fight off the end of the world....then give some of whatever you are smoking

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


what i am looking forward to is the day when we can look back knowing all the facts and say "wow that was a dumb idea" and "rememeber when we thoguhtthis? and look at it were we off" i for one can't wait til we have all the facts

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


"We have a huge global warming problem." LOL! Ummm no we don't. It's a myth. Scientifically unproven, not even close actually. Quit being a sheeple.

HarleyDude on Jul 11, 2007


HarleyDude, I really really hope that you're joking, because all the facts of global warming came from science, so thus, scientifically proven. But that's far from the point... unless this movie is about global warming. And WE, the PEOPLE are parasites of the Earth and the Earth is fighting back? hahahaha....strange, but we don't have any other solid thing to go from right now so whatever! 🙂 The warm January NYC night would be explained through a Global Warming motif in the movie, but who knows?

lennit on Jul 11, 2007


so what your saying is theres only 1 Satoshi in the entire world that what your theory is based on?

groggo on Jul 11, 2007


the temperature has alot more to do with this than we know. nobody in the streets has any winter jackets on? we cant assume EVERYONE on the streets came quickly from inside. and i dont know about NY but im from Toronto, climate almost identical to NY and no goddam way are we not bundled up in min January. we have to think outside the box but inside of reason here form now on. but we wont, we'll just keep jerking off about pokemon and motherfuckin digimon. can we ban these little nerds yet?

brin on Jul 11, 2007


I didn't say I believed it; but it's interesting to think about while the cloverfield preview theories seem to be stuck in a rut. If Ethan Haas is not part of Cloverfield, and has only an accidental association that makes it all the more interesting to me. At the least, it's a hell of an example of synchronicity. Viral marketing provides a perfect disinformation cover for something real. Sherlock Holmes would read the papers everyday, particularly the classifieds, to find coded messages by and between Moriarty's minions--viral marketing is just another form of using disinformation to hide the truth that's out there. What, you think terrorists send messages to eachother through the mail or fedex? Avoid suspicion by doing the obvious; it's easier to flood the net with disinformation than to try to hide the real thing. Suppose that real mad arab, osama, was working on something big this summer--which is always a possibility--and they needed to get the message out to their cells in the US (believed to be in the hundreds, btw) but couldn't attract the attention of the authori-tays the way the usual cellphone calls or international calls work. You're waiting for some opportunity, then along comes this cloverfield viral marketing campaign. Bingo--and it even has explosions and stuff. Perfect--no one would ever believe anything associated with it was real. It's all just marketing for a movie, or a game, or whatever. Just silly kids stuff, right; pure geeks-ville. You tell your followers what the date is, lead them to more coded messages, then August 1 comes along and....

Leonard on Jul 11, 2007


okay so theyre on broadway, between canal st and grand. and the view south is completely false. so its a set and now we can tell its a fictional representation of NY. what now?

groggo on Jul 11, 2007


Someday you may write I shall never forget that hideous summer sixteen years ago, when like a noxious afrite from the halls of Eblis viral marketing stalked leeringly through the internet. All who read have caught the bug. It plagues you like a parasite. Boring into you skull spurred by fear. After all... The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

M on Jul 11, 2007

575 view from the spot where the end of the trailer takes place

groggo on Jul 11, 2007


oh nvm i think its not showing cuz i dont have the latest flash or w/e on the computer im using and u think any one could google map where the set in la is that would be awesome

nick on Jul 11, 2007


Alright I certainly heard a person in the preview say ""I saw it... it's a lion" "It's HUGE!" ... what would that mean?

Ryan on Jul 11, 2007


google map pictures are extremely dated man they don't move either m get your emo ass out of here

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


I would definately recommend looking at the google map groggo posted. If you zoom in you can see the 401 Broadway sign on top of the building. Also the statue of liberty's head is nearly a straight shot from this location. Whatever chucked it has quite an arm.

Vonz on Jul 11, 2007


we have been over this a hundred times. i would like to say right now it definitely does SOUND like lion but he does not say lion

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


based on the google map... looking at where they were on Broadway and where Liberty Island is, the SOL head couldn't have come directly from Liberty Island. In watching the trailer the head looks like its directly in-line with Broadway. Maybe its coming more from like Governors Island. I don't know.

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


Rafe check this stuff out i think he uses google map to find out some of the angles the statue of libertys head could have been thrown from but i hope it helps you out a little though it may just confuse you more

FRANKLIN on Jul 11, 2007


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

M on Jul 11, 2007


Yeah, I hadn't seen that one but i caught his previous video. make sense but who knows if we are just analyzing that part of if way to much... hard to say.

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


JJ said that was the only official site that has been found. Does that mean that the other image with the dude in glasses (I can't remember the site...something like have it??) is not real either?

Flagg 79 on Jul 11, 2007


Yes, that's not real either... that one looks pretty obvious to me. Looks like some kid in his bedroom. Does anyone know when the first photo was released on and then when the second was released?

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


"I really really hope that you're joking, because all the facts of global warming came from science, so thus, scientifically proven. But that's far from the point…" Actually, the "facts" that support man-made global warming are outnumbered in great quantity by the scientific research that refutes it. But sheeple will listen to corrupt politicians and idiot rock stars more than they will facts coming by experts from all around the globe. Back to the movie... Man I hope this movie is a gritty rough representation of how mankind reacts when faced with something so powerful, so maligned, that humans finally understand their true insignificance in the universe. Nothing to save the day as we are set upon by something so evil we can't do anything but run & hide. Cthulhu Rises...

HarleyDude on Jul 11, 2007


There's no clear way to tell if the head was THROWN. With all of thiose explosions, it could have very well been blown off and sent sailing in that direction. Also, I know that the roar of the creature or monster or whatever sort of messes this theory up....but what if that first explosion was something "crashing" to Earth and the fireballs that are projected into the sky come from it? That is, what if something BIG crashed into Earth and then sent "drones" airborne upon crashing?

Flagg79 on Jul 11, 2007


After having dinner with Double J (J.J. Abrams) we discussed the cloverfield project. Here is the true story. Rob was trying to leave town. To get out before it happened. Upon returning to his apartment his friends gave him an inpromptu surprise going away party. This was not in the plan. Nothing goes according to plan. With the party going well he forgets about his problem. The problem that will engulf the world in darkness and terror. The roar. He remembers he forgot. All of this is because of him. His pursuit of terror. As they run to the roof top to see what is going on Rob knows already. His pet. His hamster needs to feed. Mutated by the twisted mind of Rob an his hungry for hamster meat he created a monster. He created the Black Hamster. And it goes on. I beat the hell out of Double j.

The truth on Jul 11, 2007


Where's all this stuff about 401 Broadway coming from? Anyway, I have no idea why the head couldn't come from Liberty Island; it's just short of three miles away. For a demon or monster, no big whoop; and who says they can't throw curves and sliders? Also, movies made on location almost never are accurate because they film for the specific settings they want for specific scenes. It's routine to show someone walking by a park, turning a corner, and being on a street ten blocks away which only residents (and obsessed geekazoids) would notice. I don't think the alleged Broadway location means anything. It's alive, it's huge: what's "alive" is the cloud of smoke and fire, I think. "M" is onto something. This thing is a parasite itself; as was intended.; the lettering on the banner in the party pic says "we'll miss you" but with parts of letters obscured as they are, it looks like "hell mass". This could be some satanic thing, or of course, nothing at all.

leonard on Jul 11, 2007


Re: Ethan Haas (again). No one has explained away the fact that Paramount pictures demanded that youtube take down the ethan haas glyph-vids, because they had the copyrights to those vids (confirmed). This establishes a relationship between Haas stuff and Paramount, as does the existence of the VH1 video on ethanhaaswasright apparently came out in some form on June 28, according to a wiki. That's the day before the advance screening of TF that had the first view of the trailer. What more evidence is needed that there is a genuine relationship between Haas stuff and Cloverfield, whatever that relationship might be? Not a single person has proven that jja has expressly denied the Haas stuff; everyone just repeats what aic claimed was an email from the man himself. Bunk. Don't you get it? Ethanhaaswasright, ethanhaaswasrong.

leonard on Jul 11, 2007


idk if its just my computer being gay but the pics dont show up on anymore

nick on Jul 11, 2007


Interesting discussion now on Those wiki guys are ready to explode because the wiki policy can't deal with the nature of viral marketing. The whole point is that nothing is verifiable until the product arrives or the owner claims ownership--disclaimers mean nothing.

bob on Jul 11, 2007


has anyone gone through the whole ethanhaaswasright experience? no doubt this is all connected, i need help, im on the second puzzle and word is theres a total of five...i think if we finish this, something interesting from this will be learned. ill be on this site from time to time so please if you know anything leave a comment, ill be checking every so offten.

Daniel on Jul 11, 2007


Daniel--- I finished all of the puzzles...the 2nd one you have to look to the right star and you will see symbols which is the have to spell HAAS in the globe thing. it will unlock and take you to the next level.... if you need help with the others let me know...they are hard

tonya perry on Jul 11, 2007


ok after completeing the first puzzle, i was revealed a video saying that i would be tested to see if i could be told more of what was neccery to be done, then i was told we have up til august first and that i was supposed to tell others to come to this place so that you could help and be "one of of us" as the guy claims in the mysterious video, is anyone out there? who knows of this?

Daniel on Jul 11, 2007


Yes, many people have completed it. I think it gives you a code that you are to use when you go back to the site on Aug. 1. You could just google ethan haas was right walkthough. If i remember correctly you have to spell out HAAS. HA on the two vertical rotating ones and AS on the ring around the sphere.

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


ok, dude...wait. I don't you want to keep posting on this site concerning ethan haas. Keep it up and I'm sure you will get reamed.

Rafe on Jul 11, 2007


I think that it is War of the Worlds 2 i am probably wrong but the preview kind of gives us clues. the alien robot in war of the worlds kinda looks like a parasite, and the tripod has the same exact moan as the one in the trailer. also in the trailer right after the monsters moan the power cuts off the same thing happens in War of the Worlds and the laser beams that come from the tripod can make stuff blow up so maby it shot a gas station and made that huge explosion and maybe it wanted to start destroying stuff and finally chopped of the statue of liberty's head and one more clue is when the tripod starts evaporating people this guy starts video taping the tripod and he gets evaporatd and drops it but then again i might be wrong but my hopes are always up for some tipe of giant destructive thingy P.S i am pretty sure you all saw this but the liberty head is on fire flies up hits the skyscraper and the fire goes out and the head is hard to see from this point it comes down hits the street and starts bouncing and rolling and then the preview ends.

Cloverfield fan on Jul 11, 2007


OK!!! Please listen to me this time cause this has gotten way out of hand. There is no way in Heaven or Hell that this is a Pokemon/Digimon movie. JJ would end up being the laughing stock of the world. Not to mention the arguments supporting this is coming from a website that has not even been confirmed as one of the offical sites of the movie. As I said in my earlier post which alot of people must have skiped over, it is NOT Godzilla! Why? Because a Godzilla movie is already in production by TOHO in Japan called Godzilla 3-D. The release date is still to be announced. I really don't see two different companies realeasing a Godzilla Movie in the same year. It is NOT Cthulhu. That movie has already wraped up and is waiting to be realeased. It has Tori Spelling in it, the website is "", and it's about a cult that tries to awaken Cthulhu or some shit like that. It's NOT Voltron. Another company owns the rights to Voltron. I can't remember the name but it sure as hell isn't Bad Robot or Paramount. It's not Evangelion. The company that owns it is still looking for someone to make the live action movie, plus it has only been partly financed as of yet. Also they are making 4 animated Evan movies to realease in the meantime. And my last argument, which should cover ALL of these is this. JJ has already said that this is a Giant MONSTER movie shot with handheld cameras so that the movie is in the POV of the small group of people that are in the trailer. There is now way that a Voltron, Cthulhu, or Evan. movie would be done this way cause you won't be seeing alot of the monster prob ubtill the end, and ALOT of people that will be watching this movie have no idea what these things are. A Voltron/Evan/Cthulhu movie would have to show origin, set up characters and story, etc. This movie is something NEW and instead of going around and around about Pokemon and Voltron we need to figure out what it's really about. However, no matter what ANYONE says, the Godzilla fanboys will swear it's Godzilla and the Voltron fanboys will swear it's Voltron and so on and so on.

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007



MIKE on Jul 11, 2007


Just read this on "Some folks immediately speculated that Stephen King's The Dark Tower was secretly filming under the name Cloverfield (you'll remember that J.J. Abrams became involved in that adaptation not long ago) -- one guy even started a blog claiming to be an actor in The Dark Tower, and confirmed that it was being filmed under the name Cloverfield. Well that was bogus; King's own assistant even commented here telling us so." So much for the Dark Tower idea. The link is

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


I tried and that webpage was not even made so it might be a cthultu if it is that would rock cause that monster is freakin creeeeepy!!!

Cloverfield fan on Jul 11, 2007


probably because u spelt cthulhu wrong dummy the site is

nick on Jul 11, 2007


@ EVAfanGIRL "Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion! Evangelion!" HELL YEAH! Evangelion Rocks!

Josh on Jul 11, 2007


Sweet, yeah definitely I change my mind on what that guy said. Hmmm well.. people it's time we just waited and stopped trying to figure out something we do not know enough information about. We know it's a Big Monster movie, we know it's a movie using just a video recorder. Big woop... let's wait for it. Stop making hype where hype not need be. Sure it's been a big secret, and we probably don't have anything on it due to it just being video recorded. Just sit and wait until August 1st, then let the hype go back up.

Sticky on Jul 11, 2007


I give up.

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


well i may have found a pic to back up the whole lion thing. this might be the first pic were you can kinda make out the monster

sean g on Jul 11, 2007


To Josh....It's not Evangelion! To Sticky....Glad you see it my way, however Aug 1st is from the EathanHaas site which is not associated with this movie.

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


"well i may have found a pic to back up the whole lion thing. this might be the first pic were you can kinda make out the monster" LMFAO!! That is f@$king awsome!!

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


I appreciate all the love, and hate, I've received in regards to my theory that the Pokemon stuff points Cthulhu. Let me reiterate, I did NOT EVER mean to say that this movie IS Pokemon. I thought that it was a HUGE coincidence that all the evidence that I previously introduced led me to Cthulhu. Does no one else find that interesting? Is it so far fetched? I mean, look at the goofy a** site. It's clearly childish; there are two kids, a freakin underwater donkey thinking about a mitt, and a fish thinking about cheese. If that's not goofier than me trying to find "actual" clues that lead somewhere and make sense, no matter how loosely coupled they might be, then I challenge someone else to find something else of substance. Not one other person on the net from what I can find has found ANY clues from the site. It's confirmed that the site is indeed related, but yet everyone wants to go back to the video and for more clues. Why would there be more than one clue from each source? Think about it. It's a progression, move forward! The trailer is shown, 1-18-08 is in the trailer. Naturally we all visit the site, easy enough. Two pictures show up on the site, one of the individuals in the photos just so happens to be the same guy that's wearing the Slusho shirt. Hmm...go figure. Progressing forward, I decide to look further into the Slusho site. Trust me, I Googled every freakin word on the site. That's when I came across the email link with the odd name of Satoshi. Google that name, and as they say...the rest is history. Or, the love for me on this wonderful post began. 🙂 If you'd like to reconsider my observations, you may revisit post #593 for a synopsis of my findings. I may be completely wrong about this, but as a few have stated, it's the first findings that have moved us forward. [ Think ] outside the box.

Chris on Jul 11, 2007


Find Satoshi The UK-based game company, Mind Candy, is currently testing the theory by distributing a picture of a Japanese man named Satoshi. The puzzle was originally apart of Mind Candy's Perplexcity, but it has since grown into its own project., this is under as i googled "six" pretty far fetched n nothing to do with it

Steven G on Jul 11, 2007

613 Find Satoshi The UK-based game company, Mind Candy, is currently testing the theory by distributing a picture of a Japanese man named Satoshi. The puzzle was originally apart of Mind Candy's Perplexcity, but it has since grown into its own project., this happend as i googled "six" far fetched n probably nothing

steven g on Jul 11, 2007


First, the spy does confirm that the film is currently being shot in downtown Los Angeles under the name "Slusho." And about that name, the spy says: "The ID tags for the shoot on the trucks say "Slusho: You can't eat more than 6" and a drawing of a slurpee-like drink." I'm not sure whether that has something to do with the film, or if it's there to throw people off, but it is one of the stranger taglines I've ever seen. Additionally, the spy points out a few interesting tidbits regarding the trailer we all watched prior to Transformers and the Godzilla rumor everyone keeps talking up. "On a take in the scene you all saw (the trailer) at + 30 seconds after impact movie time, just a couple of us were told by Mr Reeves that we are seeing a giant foot stomp down (this is at the point where the tower explodes). Not Godzilla, but it is interesting..." I wish they would've further explained how they know it's not Godzilla (he had feet, right?), but if this person is to be believed, then we can cross off all Godzilla talk for the time being. source:

Steven G on Jul 11, 2007


Ok guys, Ive had it. Here are the straight up facts, and anyone from this point on that tries to argue with it is a fricken idiot. 1) IT IS NOT POKEMON. THE END. 2) It is not cthulhu, the rights are owned by a totally different company, check out the site here 3) It is not Voltron, the voltron rights are currently owned, and producer Mark Gordon will be doing it, check it out here 4) It is not Eva, someone said it to be funny, then all the fanboys swooned and try to convince themselves it is. 5. Finally Ethan Haas sites are NOT RELATED. First off you have the official say so from JJ himself at Next up is that fact, that you can find out that the Ethan Haas stuff is most likely related to a new game by MindStorm Labs entitled Alpha Omega. You can check out the game info here: Now everyone brings up the fact that Paramount pulled down the Ethan Haas stuff on Youtube, but hey do you know how big Paramount is? It would not surprise me at all of Paramount has some ownership of mindstorm labs. All this was was a very good idea for Mindstorm bringing this out at the same time because it makes them have a lot more publicity from the people are searching for Cloverfield stuff. Well thats my info, and its all backed up by HARD EVIDENCE. So unless someone else has hard evidence to disprove me, instead of just saying "no your wrong" well then.....your an idiot.

Nuhfer on Jul 11, 2007


Sorry forgot one other thing ^^ 6. Not Godzilla, rights are owned by others and is set for IMAX theatres only

Nuhfer on Jul 11, 2007


does anybody believe me about War of the Worlds 2 I know it might sound not likely but i saw a whole bunch of clues while i was watching the movie the clues might attach with this movie i might be wrong if you want to see the clues check out comment #635

Cloverfield fan on Jul 11, 2007


Are you illiterate? Nobody ever said it WAS Pokemon, but rather that there is a related character who just happened to be designed after Cthulhu. Read and look it up man. Oh, can you show me where the no name company that made that independent film OWNS the exclusive rights to Cthulhu? Just because a movie is made by one company doesn't mean that it won't/can't be made by another. And you're calling us idiots...laughable, completely laughable.

Chris on Jul 11, 2007


To Josh..... It might be Evangelion!

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


To Nuhfer..... " It is not Eva, someone said it to be funny, then all the fanboys swooned and try to convince themselves it is." So I gues Ethan Hass is an eva fan then huh? (p.s. comment #349) 🙂 Oh yeah, I almost forgot....... An Eva movie would rock

Chris on Jul 11, 2007


If your talking about me, and you think two different companies are gonna realease a movie about the exact same character in the same part of the same year then yes you are an idiot. It's like I said about the fanboys. You really want this to be Cthulhu, so there is nothing I or anyone, or even JJ could say to change your mind. But when it's finally revealed what the movie is about just remember I told you so. And no, it's not Evangelion. I'd bet my soul on it.

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


It is called "The Parasite" and is about a group of people who witness the destruction of New York, ordinary civilians with video cameras.

Rayne7 on Jul 11, 2007


Nevermind, I'm actually a big pussy so I'm not going to bet anything on it, I'm just going to chicken out on this one. And it might be Evangelion.

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


I will admit, out of all these an Evangelion movie would be most likely. But it's not. Sorry. Besides making an Evangelion movie that is shot in POV of some teens would be stupid huh? It's a new monster. If these guys can create all the crap on Lost, they can pretty much create anything far as I'm concerned.

ShawnK on Jul 11, 2007


Ooopps, I accidentally added a K after my name on comment #660 lol! I'm such a dumbass.

Shawn on Jul 11, 2007


Comments on the preview. 1. Have we finally put away the "it's a lion" nonsense? Good, because that was just plain dumb. I still can't figure out how people can hear "lion" which is two syllables, when the guy clearly speaks only one. 2. The best clue, imho, is the whisper during the opening Paramount logo--"Quiet. He's coming." yeah, I know this is someone talking before the surprise party, but the words spoken before any film shows is a classic foreshadowing. He is coming and He wants quiet. 3. What the heck is that weird drawing, white on black cloth or paper, behind the asian dude pouring a drink (probably slurpo) who say's "how ya gonna survive without Rob, he's like your main dude?". Looks to me like a line drawing of demon's face on the upper right. 4. Statue of Liberty head. this comes in from the left, then ricochets off of a building down the way to the center right. Also, this happens some time after the first explosion. Just as an aside, no way the real head would look like that after an impact--it's actually fairly thin copper plating, braced with iron that actually bends in high winds--it would have been barely recognizable. Still a great image that clearly presages the utter destruction of the US, if not freedom itself. 5. The temperature is significant, I now believe. There is old window fan sitting out on a table or counter. 6. Some squiggly, snake-like thing leaning on the wall behind the girl who says "he's awesome". What is that? 7. I can't figure out what the brunette haired girl at the party says right after we first hear the monster roar/whatever it is? I've listened dozens of times and can't make it out. Any ideas? She's saying something about "I think it's..." or something like that? The african-american guy on the roof says "...shaking's thunderous". 8. That thing with "AKM" hanging up is a fraternity paddle for the Alpha Kappa Mu Honorary Society. I'm sure of this. Rob's a brainiac. AKM was founded in Tennessee 1937 by Dr. George W. Gore (how's that for irony; no relation--he was an African American), so the oblique Gore reference may again indicate a global warming subtext to the film. "George W. Gore" was also a name used by several commentators to describe the situation after the disputed 2000 election. If nothing else, Rob (or his roomate, if he has one) is a brainiac. 9. Can't make out any of the graffiti on the roof. Anyone have any luck with that?

Leonard on Jul 11, 2007


10. Forgot about the map on the wall by the AKM paddle. Not a city map; possibly a geologial survey map indicating Rob may be either a geology whiz or just a hiker.

Leonard on Jul 11, 2007


Hey everyone, This was posted above but I wanted to back it up. is VERIFIED!!!! The last post said the guy who goes "think we can see this from the roof" to the cameraman is INDEED wearing a Slurpo T-shirt. You'll have to go frame by frame on Apple's website where they have the HD trailer (to go frame by frame, pause the movie and then use your left and right arrow'll see the "slurpo!" text and the slushie type cup on the t-shirt) There has to be something at Slurpo! And there's a few other websites to boot....hmmm But yeah, reiterating something from before, but it's huge So, official sites related to the movie so far Wow, only 2 confirmed and JJ said there are many.....let's get cracking! 🙂

lennit on Jul 11, 2007


God Damnit!!!!!!!!!! Its SLUSHO not SLURPO, you dunce! Why does everyone call it slurpo?????????????????????????????????

CrackV on Jul 11, 2007


haha, I love slusho, I noticed that in the trailer too, among other things... like Ace 2004 on the wall and the paddle and a stop sign

Jeremy on Jul 11, 2007


okay nobody belives me so i am going to go with cthulhu for the movie

Cloverfield fan on Jul 11, 2007


And to leonard, all i could make out on rooftop was "2004 ACE" so yeah. Plus, that snake thing is a type of bamboo plant, so yeah, means nothing. Trust me, Im in china, theyre everywhere here. Everyones got one, its good luck. Didnt really work out for Rob, did it?

Crack V on Jul 11, 2007


haha, I love slusho, I noticed that in the trailer too, among other things... like Ace 2004 on the wall and the paddle and a stop sign with dead on it

Jeremy on Jul 11, 2007


And I'm also going with the idea of the Eva movie.

Cloverfield fan on Jul 11, 2007


I hate the idea of this movie having anything to do with global warming... Nothing politically motivated here, I just feel that something original would be far more interesting and suspenseful. I see the significance of the fan in the apartment and the way people are dressed in January. But I sincerely hope JJ is using the idea of global warming to throw us off. Perhaps the Earth is warming due to this oncoming catastrophe, rather than the catastrophe being caused by the warming of the Earth. Just a thought. You brought up a lot of really interesting things Leonard. Especially the comment on the first line of the trailer. I think that line will actually prove to be a really fitting quote that we can look back to after the movie is released. As for the statue head I'm unsure if it really is the actual head, maybe just a replica? Again maybe trying to throw us off. -- The trailer is what we need to concentrate on. Please PLEASE, stop trying to state your case and present all this investigatory evidence that this hand held camera NYC disaster suspense movie is somehow a remake of your favorite anime... It's getting asinine Here are a few additional things about the trailer i noticed, and some others that maybe people can clarify. 1. Literally just before the earthquake and the deep 'roar' I hear this almost feminine voice or moan. I hear it almost saying 'Live' then the big deeper roar begins. Don't know what to make of it. It's freaky... 2. After the explosion, as people are running for the door, a 'meteor' hits the building in the background... but, it doesn't look as tho it caused any damage to the building at all... I don't know if that's just the effects apartment being lazy, or significant. 3. Throughout the entire trailer Rob constantly seems as though he knows whats up. The shot where he rubs his face as everyone looks out the window. Even just as the statues head is about to fall, he's the first to run. 4. The scene where we see the statues head fly and hit the building. I don't know if this has been brought up, but where it hits there is a large sign on the building that reads '401' and some writing i can't make out underneath. The heads collision destroys the sign. 5. Same shot as before. Cept watch the smoke rising up between the buildings in the bottom middle of the shot. I naturally never looked there but I think i see some really freaky demon-like faces being formed by the rising smoke. You have to go frame by frame with the quicktime trailer to really see it.

Lexicon on Jul 11, 2007


Hey this goes out to Flagg79 and LiCH - There IS NY1 - it's a real channel/network it's owned by Time Warner and goes out to over 2million peeps in NY's 5 boroughs and some parts of Jersey (and yes it appears to be on a preset on channel 1 on the Time Warner Cable network even on some Cablevision systems.) Here's the official website: They've also appeared in a couple of other NY-centric movies in the past ...

GSPgirl on Jul 11, 2007


Okay, for some reason my previous comment wouldn't post. Too many links, or something. Bottom line is this: I went to the website, and didn't find a whole lot. So on a good ole' hunch, I decided to right-click and "view source". I scanned through the whole mess of Java script, and found 10 sites. I listed them all in my previous comment, but the comment never appeared. So far I've only investigated ONE of the sites: Visit that website, and see the connection. I got goosebumps.

Chase on Jul 12, 2007


Okay I think this site is script-secured from people spamming websites or something. So since this is not the case here, I am listing the 10 sites I found from right-clicking and "viewing source" on the black SUV website, without the "http://" and "www."

Chase on Jul 12, 2007


Ugh. Okay I give up, this site won't let me list all the 10 sites I found. Search for them on your own.

Chase on Jul 12, 2007


It has come to my attention that Paramount still owns the rights to the remake of The Blob... Just throwing this out there, but I can easily imagine the blob exploding and being scattered randomly throughout the city. Although I wish for this movie to be original, upon hearing this I began thinking that a hand held camera movie for the Blob would be interesting. I can't explain the roaring, and the flinging of statue head tho.

Lexicon on Jul 12, 2007


re: #673; I'm not seeing the connection. If you mean the torch from the statue of liberty, it is called "liberty locks" after all. The company is real and you can buy the locks at amazon. I don't think there's any real connection; the guy who did abz3293 obviously wants someone to think there is, but that's it as far as I can tell.

Leonard on Jul 12, 2007


FLASH!!! NEW MATERIAL AT SLUSHO.JP !!! At least it wasn't there yesterday: the downloads link is now operable with available backgrounds (two versions, each at three different sizes) and animated icons. Will check these out now. Received auto-reply from (sorry, I think I'm the one that started the slurpo error before): "Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can't Drink Just Six!!!"

Leonard on Jul 12, 2007


correction: not animated icon, it's an instant messenger icon. Tried zooming into all the pics (slusho zoom!), and zooming in the java stuff on the pages and couldn't find anything yet.

Leonard on Jul 12, 2007


Ok. I'm back again with the demons. Sorry if this has been mentioned but keeping up with these comments is killing me. (Especially all of this Pokemon BS. Like Rob is going to jump off the side of the building and throw that little ball and Pikachu is going to come out. Give me a fucking break already with that nonsense.) Anyway, when the guy says, "You owe me eleven dollars." What the hell is that in the curtain? On the roof it looks like it's a memorial tag. Like it says 1987-2004 Ace or something like that. You can see the bottom half of the numbers and the "-".

demon guy on Jul 12, 2007


OK i was brainstorming some ideas plot-wise for the film and came to some conclusions supporting this movie to be 'The Blob' remake. The trailer makes obvious the unseasonal warmth. Let alone it being midnight during January with no one wearing winter clothes. This implies global warming. At the end of the 1950s 'The Blob' movie, we freeze the alien and send him to the North pole, I believe. Thus now, global warming has perhaps melted some of the ice and the blob somehow fell into the ocean... Think of the unbelievable amounts of nutrients that the Blob would be privy to in the ocean... the more it consumes, the larger it becomes. Thus it 'eats and eats' growing unfathomably gigantic. Until finally finding its way to the shores of the continents. Thus it can hurl the head of the statue of liberty, from the water, and from that distance. It would just simply be that enormous. The roaring can simply be gas escaping from its mass or anything. If it's large enough, that sound can easily be made. My bet is that this is an apocalypse movie that delivers a true apocalypse. No hero, no group of scientists that will save the day. Every one will be consumed. The Blob is the PARASITE, and it is feeding on the entire planet. Let me know what you think? And keep in mind that I would love for this to be original and new, but as of know this is my bet...

Lexicon on Jul 12, 2007


This is not a blob movie. Just because paramount owns the rights to the blob franchise, does not mean they are going to drag that piece of shit ip out of the eighties for another go. oh, and as I said before: how could this be an evangelion movie? that anime takes place in neo-tokyo, not new york, much less in the future and not present day. thats about as ridiculous as saying its going to be a gundam movie. as i have said before, it's either a cthulhu movie or something original. stig on Jul 10, 2007 by the way, i am hoping for something original.

stig on Jul 12, 2007


#672 brought up a good point. In the smoke, there are some strange looking shapes. I noticed it, but i didnt really say anything. I just thought i was being desperate and seeing things. But now that somebody else has noticed, cool. Maybe i wasnt seeing things... If that wasnt seeing things, then i might as well note the large humanoid shaped shadow that i see standing near the explosion. When it zooms in its not there, and a building is clearly visible in its place. Wether or not that means the shadow moved or it was just the building blurred, i dont know. Ok, dont hate me for this, and i deffinately dont think that this is what the movie is, but a live action pokemon movie might just be cool. And by that, i mean make them realistic looking, like they are actually supposed to look like. When i was younger, i saw one of the origional pokemon manga, all the pokemon looked bad ass. I mean, some of em were just downright scary lookin. The big sea serpent dude, Garados or sumptin, looks kinda cool normally. In that manga he was freaking awsome. Cold blooded killer he was, ripped a dude apart. That, and they didnt just faint, when they got knocked down and slashed open, they didnt just get sprayed by a healing spray and feel better, they were dead. Seriously, if they made a pokemon movie that was true to the manga, then it may not be so bad. But yeah, this movie is either cthulu or origional. One or the other, definately nothing else. But Cthulu is already being made by other guys, so yeah.

Crack V on Jul 12, 2007

648 check this out. Its slusho styleish, but if you look at source it looks exactly the same as SLusho website. And it was on the fridge in the trailer. Too bad its in korean. If anyone finds a chinese hint, send it my way, but korean im clueless... Anyway, maybe some1 will find something.

Crack V on Jul 12, 2007


we don't believe you idiots who say ou met with jj and all that crap and you have the "real" story cause we have heard it a hundred times from a hundred people so please stop. your embarrassing your selves

FRANKLIN on Jul 12, 2007


Creepy looking dude behind Rob at 17 seconds

CrackV on Jul 12, 2007


well, ding ding thing isnt right. Its ding dong in the trailer, not ding ding. Too bad.

CrackV on Jul 12, 2007


Just for the record, I did not post comments 662 and 660. It's some dumbass that can't argue with me for shooting down his little idea about the movie so he is posting comments with my name because he is a chickenshit that has no life. The reason I started putting a K after my first name is because I actually thought there was two Shawns on here and added my last names initial to tell us apart. What an ass clown.

ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


before you new cats drop your revolutioary theories here, read the prior posts and dont post facts we already know unless your connecting them. also, i think were getting to into it, time to step back and think the JJ way. He wants us to figure it out, so i bet the next big clue has already been overlooked. by now theres no doubt in my mind that the next clue is out there, he's hinted at it, and that we definately havent got it yet. i bet he's anxious as hell.

groggo on Jul 12, 2007


2 Things: First, adding on to teh Rob-Knows-What's-Up Theory...look at 1:16-1:17 as they are running down the stairs. When the camera man falls or stumbles or whatever, Rob comes into view. Does it look to anyone else like he is trying to take the camera away? Secondly, I am almost certain that at the end, when there is the white flicker before "Produced by JJ Abrams", those words are saying something else at the bottom of the screen before they take full form. Does anyone have any way to do a better stop/start than the media viewer is allowing to see what it says?

Flagg79 on Jul 12, 2007


hahahaha, it was late last night when I did the "slurpo" thing, I was tired Yes, it's And if you look, I posted on this before...hahahaha. I just backed up a confirmation.....whoops! But I'm really intrigued with the "Slusho zoom!" quotes on there. I got this crazy idea that something is hidden on the page and we're suppose to zoom in to see it. The only thing I tried to do is zoom in on the cup and look carefully while it spins (about every 15 seconds or so). What if there was a message just hidden behind the cup? It looked like something might be there when I was zoomed out, but when zoomed in I didn't see anything (and for those who don't know, right click on the flash animation for Slusho! and click "zoom") I wonder if that's a clue or if it's nothing. Also, Rob's leaving for Japan...hmmmm...maybe he's going to go work for Slusho?

lennit on Jul 12, 2007


Also....we know the donkey is thinking of blue oven mitts. But what's with the fish thinking of cheese? I know Japanese advertising is odd, but what the hell? Also, read the history. It has a lot to do with oceanagraphic sciences. When added up with what looks like a survey map or something on Rob's wall, I think this indicates that he's into ocean sciences, namely tectonic plates. This could also be why he may suspect something. He doens't look surprised like everyone else in the trailer; he looks scared and as if he knew it was coming. Maybe he found something on the ocean floor (if that's his job or field of study) and knew that it was on its way???? I dunno....argh....

Flagg79 on Jul 12, 2007


I listened to the trailer many times last night and I still can't say with possitivity that it's "alive" or it's a "lion" I dont hear the "v" at all.

Thundercats on Jul 12, 2007


ok lets drop weather the guy says its alive or its a lion ok thats fuckin olddddddd news

nick on Jul 12, 2007


paramount said that there going to be giving the name of the movie out soon

chris n00b on Jul 12, 2007


add me last name: boyer

me on Jul 12, 2007



RAWR on Jul 12, 2007


hey emailed jj and he responded saying "Hello Chris, im glad to see you and many others are VERY intrested in this movie and that theres alot of confussion so ill clear things up for you. In the trailer the guy does say "its a lion" and movie IS voltron VS godzilla we bought the rights for the movies. also not all of the movie is shot POV like every one is saying only some of it will be. well thats all i can say for now we dont have a name yet but we will soon good day. - J.J. Abrams ps. there might bbe special guest cthulu in the movie to 😉

chris on Jul 12, 2007


hey i emailed jj and he responded saying "Hello Chris, im glad to see you and many others are VERY intrested in this movie and that theres alot of confussion so ill clear things up for you. In the trailer the guy does say "its a lion" and movie IS voltron VS godzilla we bought the rights for the movies. also not all of the movie is shot POV like every one is saying only some of it will be. well thats all i can say for now we dont have a name yet but we will soon good day. - J.J. Abrams ps. there might bbe special guest cthulu in the movie to ;)"

chris on Jul 12, 2007


sry for the stpos 😛 right click doesnt work on my mouse so i had to type it all

chris on Jul 12, 2007


Chris is that a joke?

Thundercats on Jul 12, 2007


fuck TYPOS*

chris on Jul 12, 2007


no everything i post is legit

chris on Jul 12, 2007


i find that email very hard to be credible. There's no way JJ would release that info seeing as to how secretive and tricky this campaign has been.

Thundercats on Jul 12, 2007


haha alright idc believe wat u want all i know is i know wats goin down with the movie and now i dont have to be lookin for clues and all that stuff anymore

chris on Jul 12, 2007


Chris is lying. First, JJ would know the difference between "to" and "too" and I also think he would do a much better job with puctuation. Jeez, if you're going to lie, at least be somehwat literate.

Flagg79 on Jul 12, 2007


I'm pretty sure chris is the dumbest person on this thread. He tried to connect shit to Pokemon and now he's telling us that he got special behind the scenees news from Abrams. Get off of this thread before you do something else you'll regret. I personally hope it's Cthulu.

Frankfurter on Jul 12, 2007


Flagg, agreed, I mean come on really, JJ is going to reveal the movie to a random email...

Thundercats on Jul 12, 2007


On the site, I clicked on the Feedback and It said something like Slusho happy! You Happy? Teal Slusho. So I emailed them and just wrote I'm happy!. I got a response that just said Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can't Drink Just Six!!! Waist of time? Probably. If this site turns out to be connected to the movie it has to do something. Right? Or am I retarded?

ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


This is really starting to frustrate the hell out of me. But I keep coming up with thoughts and questions, so here are some more: -Has anyone gone to 1-18-08 at the exact times given on the time stamps of the pictures? That is, 12:01 AM EST and 12:36 AM EST. I wonder if anything would come from that? -In the autoreply you get from Slusho, I wonder if the CAPS in "You Can't Drink Just Six" is important? Is YCDJS supposed to indicate something? Also, there is a pattern of sorts in the exclamation marks. ONE after "slusho", TWO after loves your mails and THREE after the slogan. Thoughts, ideas?

Flagg79 on Jul 12, 2007


Wow, did Chris just post a fraudulent letter from JJ Abrams? All the typos are a dead give away. Wow, that's like the saddest thing I've ever seen. Mr. Abrams will surely get a laugh out of that one.

Ox on Jul 12, 2007


Hmmm. Also, anyone brave enough to give this a try? New York 1 News Newsroom / Administrative offices 212-379-3311

Flagg79 on Jul 12, 2007


Sorry..I think I got some bad info with that #. Might wanna disregard it.

Flagg79 on Jul 12, 2007


READ YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!! GET YOUR FACTS & MYTHS RIGHT....... J. Abrams recently sent the website a note about his upcoming film Cloverfield (1/18/08). The teaser trailer for the movie premiered this weekend before Transformers. The note reads: Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we're doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn't kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat's about what's online? So as you can imagine, we're focusing mostly on THAT. For what it's worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us. Our own site describes the movie as such: A giant monster movie (referred internally as Godzilla) which is shot using home video cameras from the point of view of real people who are experiencing the attack on New York City. Watch the trailer!

MIKE on Jul 12, 2007

679 that Monday. What does repeating it for the 200th time prove? We already knew this.

ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


Battle of The Planets??? just a shot in the dark....

Paul on Jul 12, 2007


Now that would freakin' ROCK, but I still think it's something new and original.

ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


I don't know why I'm feeding this, cause I really don't think it's Battle of the Planets, but some things to ponder: BOTP is about a five-member superhero team of young adults called G-Force that fights to defend Earth and its space colonies from the threat of the planet Spectra The 1st episode was called Attack of the Space Terrapin, and some fun trivia from that episode is...The plume of smoke that erupts from the Turtle King when it explodes was cut from the American version. Apparently it was thought that it would be too confusing to see real smoke in an animated show. .....Explosion and smoke coming from a giant space, turtle monster thing? Anywho, I don't think it is BOTP, just neat how some things matched. Or maybe I've spent way too much time on this movie. IT'S SOMETHING NEW I HONESTLY BELIEVE.

ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


lmao battle of the planets that cracked me up haha 😛

nick on Jul 12, 2007


The Chris that posted that crap about JJ Abrams email, is not me. I am however the one that said the site points to Pokemon, which led me to a digimon character based on Cthulhu. Read my previous posts, it does make a lot of sense. The other Chris, claiming he received an email from Abrams himself, is full of it. I truly meant what I said about the Slusho - Pokemon - Cthulhu link. Check on it yourself. And no, I did not say THIS IS POKEMON. I believe the movie to be Cthulhu based on the evidence I found on

Chris on Jul 12, 2007


leonard comment 663 as you have read i definitely don't think it says lion but people talk fast when they are scared shitless and two sylable words become one. once again i do not belive he says lion

FRANKLIN on Jul 12, 2007


the movie Transformers was awesome

nick on Jul 12, 2007


chris's comment #701 why would any of you even think about acknowledging a tupid post like that?

FRANKLIN on Jul 12, 2007


ok every one who has not read through his whole page or been here from the beginning, please before you type a comment please put in big letters at the top IGNORANT so i could just ignore it and move on cause i keep hearing the stupid crap that i heard about a week ago

FRANKLIN on Jul 12, 2007


Check it out! '1-18-08' and 'Slusho!' t-shirts! Freakin awesome!

Melvin on Jul 12, 2007


alright i got this straight from jj after spending the day with him yesturday cause you know obviously me and about a hundred a dozen other people have lunch a spend the day with him regularly. franklin, you are totally cool dude and awesome and all that so uh yeah the movie is about cathooloo cause i think its really cool and voltrons there fighting pokemon cause they are neat and stuff. so yeah GO LIONS! jj abrams

FRANKLIN on Jul 12, 2007


Such an ass clown I am.

ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


i read ina 1-18-08 community on livejournal that the history at has cnaged ima check it out 😀

nick on Jul 12, 2007


Post 730 / Yesyou are, and also the biggest chicken shit pussy I've ever met. Why don't you get those balls of yours to drop long enough to tell us your real name instead of posting with everyone else's name cause they laugh at your hopes of a pokemon movie. I now it's hard but try to use your big boy voice just once.

the real ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


just forget about him man we got three years olds runnin around all over the place now pretending to be other people just change your name completely so he don't keep takin it. right now i'm using a fake one so he don't use mine

Mr. Smith on Jul 12, 2007


Did you all know that they added a 3rd photo on the 1-18-08 site? Check it out:

Iceman on Jul 12, 2007


hmmm, it seems that they're adding a new picture every Thursday at around 5PM Central time (I believe the last one was last Thursday at around 5:00) Hmmm, and 1-18-08 is a Friday so will they give us a new photo every Thursday until then? Probably not, but interesting anyway. Also, I noticed that the guy giving Rob the drink is the one who's wearing the Slusho t-shirt. Hmmm.

lennit on Jul 12, 2007


Now, what I noticed is that the time is 12:48am, so it's still night, but it is very, very bright. So I'm wondering, is this in the exact instant of some kind of explosion? What's causing this intense light? Also, it looks as if there's some kind of fire in the background to the left of the picture. I guess they're covering their faces because of the smoke around them, if smoke is what that actually is.

Iceman on Jul 12, 2007


RE: 737; Maybe they are standing near a street light.

Jon C on Jul 12, 2007


looks like when people were runnin on sept 11 and all the dust flew everywhere so they covered their mouths i think theres a a lot of light from some mobile police light and the debris is making them cover their mouths

STeven G on Jul 12, 2007


Ok so I was on and thats where i saw the new photo for despite what everyone says...i do think his site has to do with the movie as a great marketing ploy by everyone.... ps the person i know in the movie isnt talking....oh well

Tonya Perry on Jul 12, 2007


i put the new picture in photoshop and changed the brightness and contrast and dunno what to make of it...just a shot in the dark..maybe a explosion because of it showing some oranges and stuff...maybe you guys can see something different 🙂 heres the link.

Scott Harris on Jul 12, 2007


Keep in mind JJ Abrams has a thing for apocalyptic end of the world themes. From Abrams himself (so purposed misleading, or true): This is a new movie, not an old theme rehashed. So fortunately the knocks off pokemon. The monster isn't what it seems (whatever that means) Does anyone know what the text on the refrigerator door says? It looks like two characters then "MYSTERY". Also, when they leave the building to get onto the street, why is there a fluorescent circle on the striped shirt guys' back? Ethanhaaswasright is not related to the movie because it is for a video game about the end of the earth. Unless someone can prove Paramount had the EthanHaas videos removed, I think JJA was being honest about this. I can't find it now, but there is a website which clearly shows several links between the game and site. For the record: "What is it? Is it coming this way? I saw it! It's alive! It's huge!" can we stop with the lion now? real or not? Its a parked cars license plate in the trailer.

kurt on Jul 12, 2007


woot new photo 😀 but doesnt seem to have any clues to anything

nick on Jul 12, 2007


the side of the fridge says EXIT MYSTERY ST.. there also might be a number of the exit underneath it, but can't tell. Not sure what the circle is. This was covered previously so please read before you post... i know it sucks, but asking questions that have already been answered gets old.

Rafe on Jul 12, 2007


and i found this

me again on Jul 12, 2007


and i found this, its a tag for the new orleans music festival. Exit To Music St.

me again on Jul 12, 2007


I can't believe that morons are still making comments like "Pokemon?? Please." after 600 comments. Do some fucking research you knuckleheads. So far, Chris is dead on and so is the guy who mentioned this is an end-of-the world type film Taken from wiki on Cthulhu: Cthulhu is a fictional monster created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft, and is one of Lovecraft's Great Old Ones.[1] It is often cited for the extreme descriptions given of its appearance, size, and the abject terror that it invokes. And this: Castro explains the role of the Cthulhu Cult: When the stars have come right for the Great Old Ones, "some force from outside must serve to liberate their bodies. The spells that preserved Them intact likewise prevented them from making an initial move."[15] At the proper time, “ the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth....Then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.[17]" Then I ran into this on an unrelated site: Cthulhu is a monstrous entity who lies "dead but dreaming" in the city of R'lyeh, a place of non-Euclidean madness presently (and mercifully) sunken below the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Cthulhu appears in various monstrous and demonic forms in early myths of the human race. Racial memory preserves Him as humanity's most basic nightmare. Cthulhu is the high priest of the Great Old Ones, unnatural alien beings who ruled the Earth before humanity formed, worshipped as gods by some misguided people. It is said that They will return, causing worldwide insanity and mindless violence before finally displacing humanity forever. Then there is this: Cthulhu is also the worshiped leader of a cult called the Order of Dagon which beliefs are parallel to Christianity but in a satanic way. I think without a doubt this is a Cthulhu film.

Jay on Jul 12, 2007


and i found this, its a tag for the new orleans music festival. Exit To Music St.

kurt on Jul 12, 2007


And I wish this was a pokemon movie.....

the real ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


to the real Shank, both of you, Shut the Fuck UP. Grow up you fucken queers. Shit, leave the threads for adults. When you guys are done playing grab ass then you guys can siy down and talk. Pokemon..... sigh.

Todd on Jul 12, 2007


Thats it, I'm out. Fuck this. No matter what I say that chicken shit pussy is always going to to say something stupid. Fuck this. To "the real ShawnK" Do us a favor, Shut up, Grow up, and get the fuck out of here

the real ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


Aww did I make the little boy cry? I can tell, I hear him bitching in his little kid voice.....

the real ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


damn this shawn thing is getting confusing so the shawn who posted comment #752 is the real one?? so whos the fake dundundudn??? i know where to check!!! yaaaaa!!!!! duhhhhhh but anyways to the "real" shawn k how come his guy keeps wanting to post as u??

nick on Jul 12, 2007


Hey guys - I can't figure out the 4th puzzle - I'm using the arrow keys but one of the little buggers won't lock up - any hints?? Thanks!!!

GSPgirl on Jul 12, 2007


who cares its not realted to the movie ur wasting ur time where have u been?

nick on Jul 12, 2007


I know that! I just want to figure the damn thing out. It's my time anyways

GSPgirl on Jul 12, 2007


GSPgirl to beat the 4th puzzle do the following up, up, left, left, down, down, down, left, left, right, right, up, up, right, right, up, up, left, left, left (note that when you hit these keys the blue ball should only move once, unless you have the 3 key presses in that case the ball should only move twice, as for the 2 key presses, one is for the rotation and the other is movement.) good luck.

tonya perry on Jul 12, 2007


THANK YOU Tonya!!!

GSPgirl on Jul 12, 2007


I still think it's worth examining the ethan haas connection. Too many people, imo, took the Knowles claim that he received an email from jja denying any connection to the film at face value. Even if you accept for the sake of argument that the JJA email is legit, JJA does not deny any connection between the Ethan Haas phenomenon and Cloverfield. What he allegedly wrote is: "The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us." This could be read to imply that "ethan haas is wrong," meaning that ethanhaaswaswrong is the right site. Get it? Ethan Haas is "long forgotten", according to Ethanhaaswaswrong, therefore he is not alive and somewhere to be found. This buzz campaign is very well orchestrated. Note that JJA didn't say this in an impromptu, on-air interview. It's a composed email which, if he did write it, would have been carefully crafted to hide the ball. Finally, parasitemovie, which is the first site to directly link ethan haas and the movie through it's link to tossinggames and the fact that it's "hosted" on The fact that "parasite" movie is "hosted" by sledriding may itself be a significant clue--at least to the ethan haas mystery. Finally, if this is about a game promotion, what possible good would it do them to piggyback on someone else's marketing campaign, unless they are, in fact, tied together. Incidentally, Youtube itself posted a message when the Van Mantra vids were yanked and that said the vids were removed at Paramount's request because of copyright infringement. I don't have that message, but others saved it. next post on examining and

Leonard on Jul 12, 2007


I dint know why, he's just a little douchebag

the real ShawnK on Jul 12, 2007


It is Ghostbusters 3 people, the demon in the photo is Slimer!

Jason on Jul 12, 2007


We can't all post on the hundreds of blogs now devoted to this subject, so why not try to make this the best? What do we know for sure is related to cloverfield, and what about those things do we believe are significant, other than the trailer itself? 1. is the only 100% verified official site. It has three pics now, which move slightly on their own (though this could just be a bug with the flash) and which may or may not have clues and may or may not be scenes from the actual movie. They may or may not have been manipulated with photo editing tools. One pic is of the party, taken at 12:01 AM on 1-18-08. It shows Rob holding someone else's hand in his left hand, a woman holding his right arm, and a male pouring a drink down Rob's throat. It is not clear whether this is a forced action. Perhaps significantly, the drink-pourer is wearing a shirt that appears to be similar if not identical to one of the slusho logos at (see below). The second is a pic showing the left part of the face of one woman and the other being the right half of the face of another, both looking up with wide eyes and partly opened mouths that may show fear, or amazement. Something is reflected in the visible eyes of the women and this appears to be a sliver of light which could either be just that, or perhaps some source of light, with a trail, moving from one direction to the other. The woman on the right appears to be the same woman in the right-hand side of the party picm. Many claim that between the women you can make out a figure of something, possibly demonic, monstrous, or perhaps even angelic. Whether this is really there, or the claims are just examples of pattern recognition (such as seeing images in clouds) is unknown. The most recent photo, posted today shows two women in front of a few other people who are hard to make out. They are holding their hands over their faces and appear to be walking (not running) through smoke or perhaps a cloud of dust. This pic could stand further examination. 2., by all appearances, is also an official site, though this is not verified. It is believed that a person in the Cloverfield preview is wearing a slusho shirt and the same guy is giving Rob a drink (almost forcing him to drink). I can't tell for sure, because I don't have the HD, but it looks pretty much like the same slusho logo on the splash page. The history page posted at slusho is weird, to say the least--involving a woman who did an underwater exploration in order to find some substance that made her a "little whale"; this same substance is the base ingredient of slusho, which is said to come in many flavors, though none are available through the flavors link as of now. The phrase "slusho zoom" appears throughout the site, but zooming in and out of the flash or the jpegs recently made available (two versions of the slusho logo) don't seem to reveal anything yet. Recently the downloads page became active and there are two sets of jpeg images, three sizes each, of two versions of the slusho logo. There is also an AIM icon with a slusho logo. Slusho has been reported as another code name for the cloverfield project and either slusho or a similarly named drink product was offered by one character to another on JJ Abrams' show, Alias. was registered before the trailer was released. 3. Henry Knowles of aintitcoolnews claims to have received an as-yet-unverified email from someone claiming to be JJ Abrams, in which the writer, commenting on the stuff on the web states that "The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us." It also claims that only 1-18-08 is official, but that there are others that no one has found yet (though it's unclear whether this message predates news of the discovery of Ethan Haas is the name of a character on the cancelled CBS production, The Class, which also starred Lizzy Caplan, who is known to be an actress in the cloverfield project. is related to the ethan haas mystery through links to a blog on, which is related to (the site hosting the parasitemovie images). Parasitemovie has a countdown to August 1, 2008, which is a date referred to in the so-called "Van Mantra" videos one receives through successful completion of an ARG on ethanhaaswasright. Registration data for and shows bogus names and non-existent addresses. All these sites appeared at about the same time or shortly after the appearance of What else do we actually know?

Leonard on Jul 12, 2007


I just noticed something for the first time, that I've not seen anyone mention yet. I'm watching the trailer hosted on this site, and I spotted a rather familiar-looking character, at time: 00:37 - 00:38... Freddy Kreuger. He's standing right next to Rob, in a shadowy angle - with the EXACT same kind of hat Freddy Krueger always wear.

Chase on Jul 12, 2007


SLUSHO UPDATE> There have been some relatively minor changes to the site since yesterday. "Slusho!" now has a TM for trademark, though no trademark registration is listed at the USPTO yet; "you can't drink just six" also now carries a trademark logo. Presumably, this is a response to apparently unauthorized t-shirts with the logo now available at some sites. Also, gratefully, there is an "audio off" option, probably because the theme was driving people insane. The flash has also changed and now shows the word "slusho!" in white, with a blue liquid effect in the letters suspended over purple bands radiating from the top during the transitions between pages. Other slusho notes 1. prominently features several repeated phrases, some of which pop up when you mouseover various things or moving objects: "slusho zoom!", "Fresh for you!!", "You can't drink just six." 2. on the feedback page, you are invited to "tell slusho" if you are happy. Is Slusho itself a sentient being? 3. Contrary to popular belief, Slusho! was not created by Norika Yoshida, who only had what seems to be a "normal" beverage business, but who was a "small whale" because she drank so many beverages. Norika was lost at sea searching for a new ingredient. Ganu, her son, left the family business on account of the tragedy, but became an ocean scientist (it has been conjectured that Rob is an ocean scientist or geologist owing to what appears to be a technical sort of map on his wall). On an expedition, Ganu and his "teammates" discovered a unique substance that apparently had several possible uses, but Ganu was led to develop it as the ingredient for a drink on account of a dream he had. During the dream, he was a fish and a great whale told him to drink the substance, which Ganu did, causing him to become a great whale. As a result, Ganu decided to make the substance the main ingredient of a new beverage, which is Slusho! He believes this to be the ingredient his mother was seeking. It must be served in a near-icy state in order to preserve its "freshness" and is therefore like a slushy. 4. Slusho! "came to life" once Ganu started to mass-produce the product; drinkers want to drink more of the drink and "bet you can't drink just six!!!". This implies that Slusho! is addictive and we might guess that with the seventh drink, something happens to the drinker. Everyone who drinks Slusho! tastes Norika's dream and becomes a "small whale", like her. 5. The need to keep Slusho! nearly frozen and the unusual warmth on January 1, 2008 are likely related. Possible theory: an enormous shipment of Slusho! in a tanker gets to warm and transforms into a giant beast. Other theory: rise in ocean temperature causes source of Slusho! to awake. A problem with the global-warming theory is that not even the most extreme proponents would suggest that the average temperature would rise 30 degrees above normal by January; thus the unusual temperature on 1/18/08 may be an unhappy coincidence, or something else is causing the temperature rise. Needing to keep Slusho! near frozen and the high temperature on 1/18 are definitely related, however.

Leonard on Jul 13, 2007


what is the painting of on wolf mother's home page? the trailer plays one of their songs at the party. when you go to their site,, you will find something very interesting. would love for someone else to check it out.

Templeator on Jul 13, 2007


Okay, why is everyone so obsessed with this film? Even though I am a follower, it's besides the point. IN my opinion, all anyone does on here is post dumbass shit that makes no sense. Like pokemon, whoever made that idea, go kill yourself. I say we all get together, have some pie, calm down, and take a break from this movie. I still think the Biggest Possibility of all is J.J. Abrams presents Jim Henson's Muppets Attack New York City. Cmon can't anybody see Gonzo's huge nose whip the Statues Head?

Tom Huck on Jul 13, 2007


Tossing games is nothing to do with 1-18-08. I did the Parasite Movie site to cash in - you can see it is registered at GoDaddy like all my other sites. Unfortunately it has back fired, I'm getting too much server traffic and it is costing me a fortune. I'm also constantly maintaining the forums because of dumb arse posters. Please spread the word this has nothing to do with 1-18-08. Steve King

Steve King on Jul 13, 2007


A: HOW THE HELL HAS NOBODY ON THIS FORUM MENTIONED THAT THERE IS A THIRD PICTURE ON 1-18-08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People running through dust or smoke or sumptin. Cant see a thing, maybe someone else can. B: 770 is a genius!!!! I dont think he/she realises it yet though. Slusho tells the story of the MOVIE!! Or at least the back story. Scientist finds mysterious chemical or substance or something on ocean floor and brings it back, then something happens. Im not really thinking he/she makes a drink out of it though... But still, brining back uknown sumptin from the bottom of the sea could be a clue. Let us list off things lurking at bottom of the sea. 1. Godzilla has been known to chill out in the trendy pacific trenches. 2. Supposedly, Cthulu and all his homies are sleeping with the fishes down there somewhere. 3. Well, i dont know, but im sure that theres a three down there somewhere. Everyone goes down there eventually... So yeah, probably nothing, but just a thought. AND CHECK OUT THE FREAKING THIRD PICK FOR GODS SAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CrackV on Jul 13, 2007


Uh yeah, it's been mentioned several times. Read all the posts.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


And for the last time it's not Godzilla or Cthulu. Something brand new.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


crackV like i said if you don't read all the posts please place IGNORANT at the top of your comment so we can ignore. ITS BEEN MENTIONED ABOUT TEN TIMES AND BEEN DISCUSSED!

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


lich comment 762 thats the point! the fact that cthulhu is not well known would make it a hit! hell if its a new monster then the fact that its not known at all would make it a hit!

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


Maybe the 2 girls in the 3rd pic are the same girls in the 2nd pic. If so, it appears that, within 17 minutes the entire part of lower manhattan just got blown up... brings back some bad memories for me.

Thundercats on Jul 13, 2007


and also people please refrain from posting long comments. i like to read all of them but not when they ramble on for about 8 paragraphs. just make it short and sweet you know?

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


one thing i didnt notice and if someone else did i am sorry but in the picture of rob partying the guy dumping the drink down robs throat is the slusho shirt guy. again sorry if someone ales mentioned it

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


also in the same pic the dude who seems to have his face buried into rob is the same guy who has the wierd sircles on the back of his shirt while running out of the building

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


and finally i am not sure but the chic behind all of them might be the girl that says "robs awesome. i'm gonna miss him" cause they wear the same dress and somewhat the same hair

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


@ Templeator What is strange about the wolfmother site?

Alex on Jul 13, 2007


another thing that i am sure HAS to have been mentioned but i wanna know the answer, why do the lights go out when the monster roars? and then come back on later? i could understand if the thing hit some power line but the tv is still working though the lights around them are not and the lights near the windows are working

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


and in the latest picture the one on the right seems to be wearing a headband. any one agree?

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


i am currently scanning the party for chis with headbands and i have found one at the very beginning in the background of the chic saying "quiet hes coming"

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


Is there somewhere where we can see stills from the entire trailer? Also, some things I noticed, the freaky looking girl behind rob in the party pic has an 8 or a 9 on her shirt. And the guy running out into the street had the 0 on his. Both are clearly photoshoped. Any thoughts. Sorry if this has already been talked about and I missed it. Just tell me the # it was posted.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


Don't know if this is important or seems like it might be. If you go to and scatter the pictures around so that NONE of them are touching, they DON'T move at all. Howwever, if you overlap them, they start to move by themselves. I don't think this is a glitch with Flash because the movement seems to be too perfectly timed. Can anyone find any sort of pattern or any other ideas from this bit of info?

Flagg79 on Jul 13, 2007


it has but we didn't really go anywhere with it cause it didn't seem to mean much i just realized a little while ago that the dude with the o on his shirt is in the picture with rob but noone knows much about the girl with the nine

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


flagg79 i'm just guessing but i am pretty sure its a glitch of some sort. also another thing. in the picture if you look to find where his hands are, his right one is in the are seemingly making a fist in a triumphant manner like he is having a good time which he clearly is and the other is by his side and seems to be holding someone else hand....but whos?

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


the girl on the left seems to be holding something in the hand she is not covering her mouth with. whatever is in her hand seems to be attatched to a string leading down to her thigh

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


comment 793 was reffering to the latest pic

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


for crackv comment 776 number 3. well.......megatron was dropped into the ocean at the end of transformers........haha

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


flagg - no matter how you move the pics around, they will return to their original positions.

Thundercats on Jul 13, 2007


#786 - I remember reading somewhere about these "parasite" monsters that they feed off of electricity or electromagnetic something... I AM NOT REFERRING TO POKEMON, but I thought I remembered reading this somewhere else. Does anyone else remember reading this (other than the above pokemon posts)? If so, then maybe the roar created some kind of pull on the electricity, kinda like a short surge or something.

Rafe on Jul 13, 2007


#774 - that is an interesting painting, but I'm not sure that it has anything to do with this.

Rafe on Jul 13, 2007


Am I the only one who send an email to through the Feedback page on the site? I got a strange response right away. It just said "Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can't Drink Just Six!!!" Maybe that puts you on some mailing list or something. Hell I don't know.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


number 800!

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


Check out this site. Interesting theory.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


OMG! If you play the teaser trailer's soundtrack in reverse, you will notice that the second girl leaving a comment for "Rob" says: "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"! It's CTHULHU!!! Come ON guys, I know this teaser is amazing, and that we've all read the Da Vinci Code and see clues in every pixel, but let's get real: it's a MONSTER MOVIE for Heaven's sake! If we all spent a tenth of the energy invested on this teaser on "The 11th Hour" trailer and its message our planet would be a much better place. Let's get real.

Alex C on Jul 13, 2007


alex its deeper than just "a monster movie" ok? obviously not as deep as we are getting into but this is all we have to work with right now

FRANKLIN on Jul 13, 2007


#802 - Dude, it's our time to waste, why do you care. If you are not interested in the movie and have nothing to contribute why are you here? And shove the whole let's make the world a better place. It will only get worse. Peace is a lie.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


oh snap brock is one morbid mofucka haha!

J-fight on Jul 13, 2007


#802 - I can understand maybe saying some of us are looking way to into the whole thing, but when you have to figure out which way to go and you're starting with pretty much nothing... you can't afford to overlook something important. Plus, IT'S A FREAKIN ARG! That's the point.

Rafe on Jul 13, 2007


#804 - Hey Brock! I care because, despite loving SF, Lovecraft and cinema (& its Marketing - I'm a Marketeer myself), I just get upset and saddened by the fact that we all seem to invest way more time in things of no importance whatsoever (apart from its entertainment values) like cinema, rather into things that *really* matter like our planet ("The 11th Hour" is about the irreparable damages done to Earth by us - and not by a CGI monster). And, as you say, "it will only get worse" if we don't start focusing on the real priorities. This said, I'm really looking forward to watching Slusho as the guy next door - despite the fact that it still is a Monster movie, Franklin #803... Way to go, JJ Abrams!

Alex C on Jul 13, 2007


#804 - Hey Brock! I care because, despite loving SF, Lovecraft and cinema (& its Marketing - I'm a Marketeer myself), I just get upset and saddened by the fact that we all seem to invest way more time in things of no importance whatsoever (apart from its entertainment values) like cinema, rather into things that *really* matter like our planet ("The 11th Hour" is about the irreparable damages done to Earth by us - and not by a CGI monster). And, as you say, "it will only get worse" if we don't start focusing on the real priorities. This said, I'm looking forward to watching Slusho as much as the guy next door - despite the fact that it remains a Monster movie, Franklin #803... Way to go, JJ Abrams!

Alex C on Jul 13, 2007


I think you need to calm yourself, Alex. The trailer seemed... I don't know... corny? cheesy? perhaps like a Roland Emmerich movie. So it's shot with handheld video cameras. Oooooh. And it's about NY getting ripped to pieces. Double oooooh. And let's not forget that J.J. Abrams does in fact suck at all things related to movies. (Insert here your smart -- but lifted from Entourage's Johnny Drama -- counterarguments about how bad ass J.J. Abrams is.) And I think it's a war crime to call any movie that has its trailer playing before Transformers "top secret."

eatit on Jul 13, 2007


I think you need to calm yourself, Alex B. The trailer seemed... I don't know... corny? cheesy? perhaps like a Roland Emmerich movie. So it's shot with handheld video cameras. Oooooh. And it's about NY getting ripped to pieces. Double oooooh. And let's not forget that J.J. Abrams does in fact suck at all things related to movies. (Insert here your smart -- but lifted from Entourage's Johnny Drama -- counterarguments about how bad ass J.J. Abrams is.) And I think it's a war crime to call any movie that has its trailer playing before Transformers "top secret."

eatit on Jul 13, 2007


I think its funny how people feel like they have to come find a thread about "pointless" stuff, just to tell us how much time they think we are wasting, yet, as long as we argue with them they will stay in the thread for probably a few hundred posts, and ultimately wasting their time on "pointless" stuff. What's the point. Do you really think that we were all going to be like OMG you're absolutely right. Come on guys lets go save the world. ??!

Rafe on Jul 13, 2007


That's a good article/theory. He's probably right, and I think it's better that way.

Rafe on Jul 13, 2007


#810 Eatit, I'm not saying that JJ Abrams has produced the film of the year. Perhaps it will suck, but its teaser campaign (on/offline) has already achieved in a week the buzz the hyper-twisted and over-sophisticated machine Spielberg had put together for A.I. didn't get in all its duration.

Alex C on Jul 13, 2007


Go to the link on post #801. Then do some research on the Book of Revelations. Then SPECIFICALLY read about the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse. I think that dude is on to something.

Flagg79 on Jul 13, 2007


ok why has no one got the real pics of the monster from nightowl yes there are real pics, some one got some pics from set and send them to nightowl (the one who does the analysis videos) im not saying we tie him up and force him to give them to us (well not at this point) but come on some needs to convince him to give them up. gah come on people work btw if you have no idea what im talking about heres the video

Sean G on Jul 13, 2007


I also like the theory from the 812 link, as well as the link I posted about the revelation stuff. Maybe doing the end of the world, but it's unseen so we can make our own beast of the apocolypse. Also, on the site, a link (forgot which one) will take you to Something to look into maybe.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


# 816 - Probably cause the guy might be full of shit. Are we supposed to just take his word that he was on set and took pictures. Come on man. That's not much different from the guy that said he emailed JJ.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


I'm not trying to be an ass or anything. It's just that the being this big secret that everyone wants to find out is what's gonna make this movie a blockbuster. I don't see them letting some joe just walk off set with pics of the MAIN thing they are keeping secret. Not to mention that they may not even show the monster, which means there would be no pics to show. This guy could be legit, but I really really doubt it.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


yeah i know he could be full of $h@t but still its worth a try 🙂 also this guy is pretty well known in the 1 18 08 world so i doubt he would ruin his name with complete BS but then again he might

Sean G on Jul 13, 2007


There is this rumor going around blog land that this "Side Production" has to do with this whole thing. Their Web site just says "You've been warned..." and the only thing I see on YouTube is this I don't see what that could have to do with Cloverfield. Anyone heard anything about this? Confusing. -Lostfan

LostFan001 on Jul 13, 2007


The more I look at the explosion, I'm starting to think that whatever caused it came from underneath the earth. Think Volcano. That's how the explosion and fireballs seem to me, like an erupting volcano. However, where the hell did the Liberty Head come from?

Thundercats on Jul 13, 2007


It is odd. The explosion suggest from underground, yet the Liberty head suggest from Sea. It's insane I tells ya!

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


The "9" in the picture isn't on the girl's shirt - she is wearing a tight black shirt and you see a side profile of her breasts behind the man wearing the pink shirt. The "9" looks like it's coming from the wall behind her and could not be a "9" at all because it looks like it has been cut off.

Rex on Jul 13, 2007


There is a new pic on

Achilles on Jul 13, 2007


@ Alex The site features the whore of babylon on the home page. there have been a lot of references to NY as being the new babylon and the statue of liberty is constantly referred to as the "whore of bablyon". if you do a search online, you'll see what i mean. hope that helps.

Templeator on Jul 13, 2007


#824 - that isnt her tits, it's Rob's left elbow.

Thundercats on Jul 13, 2007


#825 - thanks but that's old news.

Thundercats on Jul 13, 2007


My bad. haven't been on for two days.

Achilles on Jul 13, 2007


Guys, I really think Abrams put a clever subliminal message in this trailer. I think it's his way of saying, "This is a NIGHTMARE". Watch the trailer on this site, at the timeframe 00:36 - 00:38 (when the first thunderous roar began), there is a man standing near the center, to the right. He looks EXACTLY like Freddy Kreuger (in terms of silhoutte), with the exact same kind of hat. Coincidence? From what I've gathered about JJ Abrams, I doubt this.

Chase on Jul 13, 2007


I skimmed through the postings and one thing I keep seeing in comments is that it's January and people are wondering how it can be 63 at 12:32am in January. When and where does it say it's January? I'm looking at the frame of the NY1 newscast and it doesn't say the date. No one ever says what day it is during the trailer. Just because the movie is coming out in January doesn't mean it takes place in January.

Dougrandy on Jul 13, 2007


Sorry if this was discussed before but, did anybody catch what was said right before the first roar? It sounded like somebody saying something backwards.

Achilles on Jul 13, 2007


On my computer at work I was allowed to zoom out and in on the pictures. Today, at home, I tried to zoom, but it asked if I wanted to allow access to my web cam and microphone! WTF over.

kenny on Jul 13, 2007


It just might be January because every snap shot says 1-18-08 and the time!

darkone on Jul 13, 2007


just a possibility, but has anyone looked at anagrams, say of 'CLOVERFIELD', one being 'Devil, Elf, Orc'. And yes, I've read ALL 833 posts, so far!

JJJackson on Jul 13, 2007


I don't think the date on the photos has anything to do with the date they're supposed to be taken...the time yes, but not the date. Since there isn't anything identifying the movie EXCEPT the release date right now and since the website is purposely vague IMHO it is strictly marketing at this point. On the other hand, in the rooftop scene when they zoom in on the guy talking about how everything was shaking there is a building in the background which looks like the Empire State Building but the crown is lit in green...perhaps getting ready for Christmas? Could this really be happening sometime in late November or early December? Have there been heat waves like that in NYC that time of year? Funny how we're all obsessing over this. All I can say is this had better be one heck of a movie!

Dougrandy on Jul 13, 2007


has anyone anagramed 'cloverfield' by chance?

Josh on Jul 13, 2007


also, dont know if anyone noticed, that is no longer there....

josh on Jul 13, 2007


# 831 - Dude, it's January. It's on the screen cause the movie is shot as if this group of people are catching it with their cams, and home cams have the date and time at the bottom. The 63 degrees is the clue. Or, it could just be 63 degrees. It has been getting warmer each year. # 830 - I thought I've heard every crack pot theory, but Nightmare on Elm St? I'm not even gonna respond to that one. # 837 - I was thinking of that too. Just because I'm a big Lost fan and on the Season Finale when they were doing the flash forward, the name of the funeral home was an anagram for flash forward. Maybe something there, but Cloverfield is the name of the street that Bad Robot's offices are on so it's probably just that.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


Just some more thoughts on the site. I'm starting to lean more toward the end of the world stuff. On the main page you have 6 bubble links, below that you have the phrase "bet ya can't drink just 6, and below that right before the asian writing there is a 6. Also every time I look at the times on the pics I keep thinking of Bible verses. I'm probably just taking shots in the dark at this point but we gotta try and cover everything right? Also the cups at the bottom HAVE to do with something. 4 of them full, 13 empty, 17 in all. Any thoughts?

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


One last thing in regards to the Nightmare idea. I watched the trailer again and the guy with the hat is just some kid with a hat that looks a little like Kreuger's. It shows him before that talking to Rob. People wear hats like that all the time. And I'm out for the night. I've got ho's to score and beer to drink. to drink anyways.

Brock Sampson on Jul 13, 2007


so...........I am parying it's Godzilla casue...well i have been waiting for the 2nd one since the first one on 2000 (i think it was that year) Voltron so far seems to be the leading character...if you notice...when everyone runs outside a man man says, "its a lion, Its huge" voltron waqs sometimes reffered as GoLion or lion voltron... not to mention his feline i dont know......most likely all of our theories r's probably really about Rabbits and butterflies......

alex on Jul 13, 2007


Great idea Josh! See comment 835 LOL

JJJackson on Jul 13, 2007

796 dont think it says lion.........i think he says...its ALIVE its huge....i dont know.....but.......okay...oh and i dont know fi this question was answered...i dont feel like reading even though i eventually will....who is this Ethan Haas character...and why is he right?

alex...again...again on Jul 13, 2007


# 835 The significance of the name CLOVERFIELD. is that it is the street in LA where JJ Abrahms office is. If you want to go look, it is near Olympic and Pico, Santa Monica Area.

Local on Jul 14, 2007


I found this post in another forum, and I think it touches some new and interesting territory about what the film's about. " The number of minutes before midnight, a measure of the degree of nuclear, environmental, and technological threats, is updated periodically. The clock is currently set to five minutes to midnight, having been advanced by two minutes on January 17, 2007. I know we always look up what happens on January 18th, but we should be figuring out the night of the 17th! Since the bad stuff happens at around midnight on the 17th. The Doomsday Clock is referenced in Piers Anthony's novel, Wielding a Red Sword, in which the mythical Incarnation of War can control the position of the hands up to midnight and thereby bring about World War III. ^^ This fits in with the Pike Stuff. The clock illustrations used in the Watchmen graphic novel series is a reference to The Doomsday Clock. On page 18 of issue #1, a newspaper on Adrian Veidt's desk bears the headline "Nuclear Doomsday Clock Stands At Five To Twelve, Warn Experts". Issue 1, page 18?? Come on guys! I think this is definetly something that needs to be considered in some way."

Lexicon on Jul 14, 2007


CLOVERFIELD was just one suggestion for an anagram. And who's to say, even though a physical address, it couldn't lead to a website? Many things in the video could be. What's with the guy saying "You owe me 11 dollars dude." That seems kinda forced. Numbers seem to play a big part in this. You can't drink just 6. What happens if you drink 7?

JJJackson on Jul 14, 2007


Everyone, i think that post number 847 may just finally have the answer. Doomsday clock does hold way too many concidences to be nothing. Night of the seventeenth is when the party starts, and last january seventeenth the doomsday clock was moved to five minutes to twelve. Notice the pictures start just after twelve o'clock AM on 1-18-08 website. As in, twelve was when it actually started. We cant see rob in the trailer, who knows if that pic of him drinking was right when the roar happened. Issue number 1 on page 18 the doomsday clock is mentioned as being at 5 to twelve, indicating upcoming doomsday. Issue 1! page 18! I think that this may just be the answer. oh, and u poor "alex...again...again" that question has been answerd so many times. Oh so many, in fact, i think that maybe hundreds of posts have answered that. Ethan Haas is an ARG, reportedly nothing to do with Cloverfield. You are new to this hunt of ours, arent you?

CrackV on Jul 14, 2007


Damn, i had a big revelation about this movie earlier...cant remember now. I figured out how slusho was related...damn... oh, and has nobody recognised the fact that on Slusho! website, at history, the horse only goes through once, while all others respawn, and the horse and fish both have pics in thier thought bubbles. Cheese in the fish one, and a blue oven mit in the horse bubble. Just thought somebody should maybe try to put two and two together there...

Crack V on Jul 14, 2007


doug. the movie takes place in january cause on the pictures it says 1-18-08 and the time they were taken

f on Jul 14, 2007


I firmly believe in the theory posted on comment 812 i think it was and i can not believe that i have been so blind. its so obvious

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


i am a little disappointed but only because i did not think of it sooner. its all there. its gonna fit together nicely. small budget that wont be wasted on shots of the monster or advertisment. in fact, i was thinking about it earlier and i realized, if the makers of the movie had decided to make a bunch of trailers and not have it a big secret and payed all that money on advertisement the film would most likely have had LESS publicity! its genius

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


I've tried to be open minded about this Doomsday Clock thing, But I personaly gotta shoot it down. Just because the whole Doomsday Clock is about man destroying ourselves with Nuclear war. I can't see the relation between countries at war and a giant monster, which we already know the movie is about. But, I've been wrong before.

Brock Sampson on Jul 14, 2007


lexicon and crack v basically that theory from 847 i think is about that movie Miracle Mile right? if thats true you are saying nuclear bombs are roaring and throwing the statue of liberty head all over the place? i dunno.....

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


well we cant obviously be 100 percent POSITIVE its about a giant monster but its definitely a safe bet you know cause of the ROARING and what not? i still believe in the theory on comment 812

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


genius it could have been better organized though but thats just me

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


you morons! are you all deaf? he clearly says lion! look its proof guys i'm telling you! just check it out and you will be convinced! just look! yes someone else did post this earlier but for those who did not see it its awesome, check it out

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


this comment is actually for alex billington you even pay attention to us

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


I think its a movie about Godzilla? I mean the roaring..the fire..when someone says its alive and its huge... IDK.. maybe they just thought New York was a better setting than Tokyo?

Theorist on Jul 14, 2007


ok are just.....ridiculous. i dont even know what to say to that. i mean i cant even count the number of times godzilla has been brought up and how many ways it has been disputed.

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


# 858 - Do this for me please. Go to Google, type in voltron, click on the wikipedia link, scroll down to the bottom where it says movie, and read how another producer has already started on a live action Voltron movie. Now, since we know it's not Voltron, the monster being a giant lion would be pretty retarded huh? Also, lets give the Cthulu thing a rest. read all the post and you will discover we have already proven that a Cthulu movie has already been made and is set to release later this year. It has a website and everything.

Brock Sampson on Jul 14, 2007


It's NOT Godzilla! It's a completely different "roar"!!

jason on Jul 14, 2007


Yes. All things Godzilla have been suspended untill 2012 by Toho Japan. Also Toho and Sony/Tri Star are the only companies allowed to release a Godzilla movie. So let's please lay the Godzilla theory to rest as well.

Brock Sampson on Jul 14, 2007


i agree it's not Voltron b/c of rights BUT Cthulu is open - just b/c one company is doing THEIR version doesn't mean another can't do one of their one. Think of it as all those other "interpretations" done based on all of Edgar Allan Poe or Bram Stoker's Dracula. Not one company owns exclusive rights to Poe's library or Stoker's.

jason on Jul 14, 2007


comment 862 did you even look at the picture? you didn't did you? i was kidding! its a joke! it obviously doesn't say lion! just look at the picture its funny

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


for everyone who keeps shooting down theories.... you dont know what it is...s o how can you say what its not... we're trying to make guesses on a 90 second film... you guys are completely too serios and too critical for something you know almost nothing about.... this is a place for theories not a place to shoot them down

theorist on Jul 14, 2007


we only shoot down godzilla, voltron and cthulu (sp?) theories because we know ITS NOT THAT u can go ahead and throw out any other theorie unless u think the movie is rampage godzilla voltron pokemon digimon dragonball z a giant worm a huge whale ghostbusters gigan smoke monster lochness monster orka some marvel comic hero if u think the movie is about any of that plz dont bother posting here

nick on Jul 14, 2007


youre being very juvenile... you post here... you didnt create this and you dont own it.... you have no clue what it is... let others think what they want to think..and post what they want to post.... you do...

theorist on Jul 14, 2007


listen theorist you seriously need to shut up you slearly have not been here from the beginning like most of us have ok? it can't be godzilla because PARAMOUNT DOES NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO GODZILLA! WE HAVE DISCUSSED THIS REPEATEDLY! ok listen most of us have been talking for a while and have looked up info for a while so if we tell you we are postitive its not something it is not ok? for one its not godzilla cause someone else owns the rights and on top of that a godzilla in 3d is already being made so please....shut up

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


Lexicon #847 - I totally agree with figuring out what happened on the 17th. I actually touched on this at the end of #521 (though the beginning of my post was wrong). I think that theory is probably the best idea so far. Good job.

Rafe on Jul 14, 2007


haha im not even talking about godzilla.... im jsut saying allow people to voice an opinnion... thats the purpose of the thread

theorist on Jul 14, 2007


yea but you are gonna voice your opinion and if we know the actual facts on the matter we will tell you but if we have our on opinions on the matter we will tell you that as well but the fact is a few of us have been on this thread from the beginning and we have heard all these things repeatedly and have discussed them and found out the truth.

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


and dont try and say you arent talking about godzilla because thats what started all of this

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


i quit... this is rediculous

theorist on Jul 14, 2007


thank you

FRANKLIN on Jul 14, 2007


hmmmm....another longshot. You hear the guy ask "Has anybody seen Jensen?" Derrick Jensen is a writer... "Listening to the Land" is a collection of interviews with environmentalists, feminists, theologians, philosophers, and Indians centering around the question: If the destruction of the natural world isn't making us happy, why are we doing it?"

JJJackson on Jul 14, 2007


ok im tire dof getting on here and finding that someone is talking anbout a new pokemon movie and godzilla movie coming out first of all im pretty sure they wopuld not waste time on a pokemon movie and if they did i would slap jj in the face and also it is somehtign completly original and as for the third picture on the haas site if you look at it and brighten it if you look at the lady on her arm their is a figure or a face that resembeles a jesus looking figure

RYANtheANARCHIST on Jul 14, 2007


Another Jensen tie. Jeff Jensen conducted an interview with Abrams and his 'Lost' gang AND Stephen King titled "When Stephen King Met The 'LOST' Boys".,,1562722,00.html "But suddenly, the No. 1 question stopped being ''What is the Monster?'' and went to being ''What do the Numbers mean?'' This isn't to say that the Numbers don't mean anything. We just had no idea it had this potential to get totally out of control."

JJJackson on Jul 14, 2007



alex...again....(x3) on Jul 14, 2007


I think it's Cthulhu. I hope so because if it was done right it could simply eclipse and erase all memories of past monsters on film. Cthulhu is an invention of H.P. Lovecraft, the greatest horror writer of all time. Basically it's a cross between creature from the black lagoon, an octopus and God, but a God that is really quite very extra evil. Also big. Here is a description from Cthulhufiles: Cthulhu is of vaguely anthropoid outline, with a scaly, rubbery-looking, green, sticky, bloated body. The head is octopus-like, the face covered with tentacles or feelers. There are prodigious claws on the hind and fore feet. Two long, thin, rudimentary wings rise behind [127, 134, 152]. In a dream, Cthulhu appeared to be "miles high" [130] and was later compared to a "mountain" in size [152]. Did I mention hateful? Also hateful. The size means it could still be out in the ocean and destroying part of NY city while at the same time flinging Ms. Liberty's head (just the sort of thing Cthulhu would do, too). Here's a pic:

co moe on Jul 14, 2007


It's Godzilla with a different growl. The original growl would have given it away.

Darren on Jul 14, 2007


ok, quick note again. Cthulhu is supposedly in the Pacific ocean, not the Atlantic. That's where R'lyeh is suppose to be located so yeah, Cthulhu would have to go a long way to get to NYC. Also, we're not confirmed that there's a monster attacking NYC. The first thing you assume is that something wants to rip it apart. When we were thinking it was possibly Voltron and people got angry and said it couldn't be because "why would voltron destroy NYC" I retorted with "Voltron could be fighting a monster and the destruction is just side casualties of the battle". But, we know it's not Voltron but I want to keep that way of thinking alive. This could be a ton of things, why pigeon-hole JJ Abrams and ourselves into a "monster movie"? "The Parasite" could easily mean "human beings" because we're parasites to the Earth. What if this is the Earth fighting back or something? That could explain the warm temperatures in January and all. All a theory, but seriously, let's not pigeon-hole ourselves into one way of thinking. We have eliminated possibilities, like Voltron or Godzilla, and that's all we can really be sure about.

lennit on Jul 14, 2007


Let me break it down one last time then I'm ignoring them from here on out. # 865 & 881 - If one production company is making a movie then that means that company and only that company has the right to release it. Period. Examples: 1. When the movie Great White came out after Jaws and Paramount sued them and had them pull the movie and not make tapes or cd's ever. 2. The whole Armegeddon / Deep Impact & Volcano / Dante's Peak thing was about events that take place. Not a character that is owned and copywrighted. 3. If what your saying is true, I can go out and make my versions of the Star Wars prequels and not worry about George Lucas taking everything I have. 4. You guys are obviously Cthulhu fans, and that's fine, but go to the site for that movie and talk about it there. # 882 - I think your just messing with us trying to get a rise out of everyone cause there is no way anyone can still think this is a Godzilla movie. Don't beleive me? Check for your self. - Watch the 3rd you tube screen.

Brock Sampson on Jul 14, 2007


well i have another theory maybe we can learn soemthing from thisthe director of titanic used the codename ice land for his movcei and it had alot to do with the ice berg so we can use clover field to crack the plot of this movie

RYANtheANARCHIST on Jul 14, 2007


Someone somewhere else did some digging and found very interesting facts about Ethan Haas, Triton, and Mind Storm Labs. Mind Storm is allegedly putting together a table-top RPG that many have concluded was mixed up with Cloverfield--intentionally or accidentally. Anyway, read nighthawk's posting and then see if Ethan Haas isn't worth reconsidering. We'll find out something on August 1, but I doubt much will be revealed either way. This is way too early to start a marketing campaign this involved for a film that doesn't even come out until January.

Leonard on Jul 14, 2007


Someone somewhere else did some digging and found very interesting facts about Ethan Haas, Triton, and Mind Storm Labs.

Leonard on Jul 14, 2007


# 886 - Are you serious? I've seen very involved campaigns start a full year, sometimes more, before a movie is released. Independence Day, Godzilla remake, Episode 1, etc.

Brock Sampson on Jul 14, 2007


sorry about that last posting snafu. also,, as nighthawk says, is not the official site of bad robot, which is just jj abrams own site., however, is hosted on the same facility as tritonenterprises, meaning it could even be in the same building. is allegedly authored by athena wickham (according to the source code), who is a "Creative Executive" for Bad Robot Productions. is, however, a legit site because the robot is an image owned by Bad Robot Productions, as is the site. If this whole campaign is Wickham's idea, she deserves another raise.

Leonard on Jul 14, 2007


I checked out the link that Leonard sent in #886. I sent an e-mail to and got this auto-reply: "Thank you for your interest in Triton Enterprises, where we are building the future one vision at a time. We here at Triton Enterprises take pride in our R&D and manufacturing abilities in aerospace and defense work. Our industry leading design in radiator retractor hoses and cold plate circuitry design is second to none. Triton Enterprises is also working on advanced R&D, stay tuned for more information as we make humanity better. If you need immediate information please send us your request and be sure to include your US Department of Defense Contractor ID number. We will also be launching our secure website soon, then you'll be able to log in and learn more about our company. Triton Enterprises is also always looking for people to fill new roles at our company. Your adventure with us could begin soon. -- Triton Enterprises" Does this sound just the least bit odd to anyone? How about that statement about making humanity better? Too strange...

Dougrandy on Jul 14, 2007


Sorry, 887, I didn't explain what I meant to say, which is that this is way to early to start a viral marketing campaign, then reveal everything in August or whatever. Kinda defeats the purpose since keeping the buzz alive is going to be critical. I don't think the real gist of the film will be known until the Fall, if we ever know what the film is actually about before it comes out. At the same time, they have to reveal more trickles of information or people are going to get frustrated or bored.

Leonard on Jul 14, 2007


# 891 - I agree 100% with you there. The thing is that nothing will be revealed about this movie an August 1st. At least not by the people making it anyways. Aug 1st is from the stupid eathanhass site which JJ himself has said has nothing to do with them. That's pretty much as clear as it gets. That site I believe has to do with something else. I'd bet the farm on it.

Brock Sampson on Jul 14, 2007


Yes it is strange, though it does appear to be a real company that claims to make the holders for mag-lights. Also, for sleuths, it's, not .com--the latter is a legit contractor and they're probably already wondering what the hell is going on. Why would the real steve king complain about too much traffic and stupid postings on tossinggames, when all he'd have to do is remove parasitemovie and close the blog? That same posting above 774) appears in several blogs now. Still awaiting an explanation from someone, anyone, as to why Paramount was able to pull the Van mantra videos from youtube (though they are back now). The explanation that they might have had "cloverfield" in the titles is a non-starter because a word like "cloverfield", which is the name of a street in LA, is not copyrightable. Also, why has no one explained how parasitemovie, in the source code, says Cloverfield revealed August 1, 2008 12:36 when the site, with this message, appeared on July 7--two days before the second photo appeared on 1-18-08 with the 12:36 AM time stamp. Could it be read tri-ton enterprises, i.e., three ton? If related, this may be an oblique reference to "small whales". Probably a stretch. Anyway, if all this ethan haas stuff is really related to a stupid tabletop rpg, it would be the most amazing thing about this trip so far. Somehow, I doubt that's what's going on. Perhaps the RPG is not a real one, but something that plays a role in the movie itself.

Leonard on Jul 14, 2007


do any of you realize the fact that jj could be lying to allof us and the ethanhaas site could be involved with his project i mean were else would ethanhaas get thos epics rom on the site i dont htink he jsut blew them out his ass and you think theyd go through all that time jsut do have some fake site to sponser their sitre? i dotn think so maybe this is a distraction so that kids wont find otu the actual secret or maybe its the actual thing and jj's lying to us about it being fake either way it is involved with this thing

RYANtheANARCHIST on Jul 14, 2007


Come on people, if he was going to make a Voltron/Pokemon/Evangelion movie... wouldnt you think he'd would shoot it more like a regular film? Why would you ever shoot a film relating to those topics realistic (hand held) like that? It just wouldn't be believable. Also if it was Pokemon I'd think the main character would be named Ash not Rob... (Pokemon is just a stupid idea anyways)

Joel on Jul 14, 2007


ITs Godzilla. I know it. Its gonna be godzilla. I for one know. And for all those who say its not. Prove it. Paramount release a movie call Gigantis the fire monster. This movie was Godzilla raids again. Now who has the rights to a godzilla film. Sony had the rights to make a film from toho. In the same way Paramount still has the right to do the same. So thats out of the window. The Godzilla 3d movie. Thats for Imax. For all those experts who say "STFU YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT IVE BEEN HERE FOREVER AND I KNOW WHAT THIS FILM IS

Its called freedom of speech on Jul 14, 2007


Why is everyone assuming the whole movie will be shot using hand held cameras? It seems the guy with the camera is making a going away party movie for his friend to take to Japan. How does this correlate to the whole movie being a Blair Witch style movie?

kenny on Jul 14, 2007


OK - Go to the website, then go to the anti-christ website, then go to the romans 1:18 comments. In there is a very suspicious back-and-forth dialogue between templeator (who has posted here and is most likely just a normal person) and a poster called aria step. Aria step, of course, is an anagram for PARASITE. Aria step says there is no connection to Ethan Haas. Really weird. Aria step also posts a phrase in latin that seems to say that the revelation is that God is pretty angry about man's impeity, inability to be truthful and will not hold back. Here's they way I see it - after sorting through all of what's currently out there, 2 major threads break out: Thread 1 - Parasite Movie / Tossing Games / Van Mantra / Triton Enterprises / Mezin Thread 2 - 1-18-08 / ABZ3293 / / anti-christ There's intertwining between the two, primarily through the dates 8-1-07 and 1-18-08 There is NOTHING out there on any of the official or quasi-official websites that would suggest any known monster is the Statue of Liberty head-thrower. And can someone kill the Pokemon poster? Its either gonna be a Biblical or secular apocalypse movie with a new monster/villain we have never seen before.

Kenster500 on Jul 14, 2007


Alright "it's called freedom of speech"...we tell you why it's NOT Godzilla and you rhetort. So please, all knowing one, tell us why it IS Godzilla. Give us some solid information that backs that up. Go ahead...I'm waiting...

Ox on Jul 14, 2007


hes a dumbass everyone that would have any commonsense at all whatsever would kno its not any godzilla or polemon related thing and its deff. not a remake its somehtign new and completly original

RYANtheANARCHIST on Jul 14, 2007


Thing about WIKIPEDIA , is that ANYONE can edit any page. It does not have to be true, or proven as fact. The Associated Press is no longer allowed to use it as a news source.

Local on Jul 14, 2007


#895 ok its ot godzilla if u read the posts BEFORE u posted you would see we have proof is no paramount DOES NOT have the rights to make a godzilla THERE IS A NEW GODZILLA ALREADY BEING MADE only toho or w/e his name is has the rights to godzilla and i think sony some one said that i read and a next godzilla isnt supposed to be realed till like 2012 or somethin so you should shut the fuck up and all u other godzilla fans we know u really want a new one since all the others SUCKED horribly but anyways plz DO NOT POST if ur goin to ramble about how were all dumb cuz we dont think its godzilla

nick on Jul 14, 2007


#895 ok its ot godzilla if u read the posts BEFORE u posted you would see we have proof its not paramount DOES NOT have the rights to make a godzilla THERE IS A NEW GODZILLA ALREADY BEING MADE only toho or w/e his name is has the rights to godzilla and i think sony some one said that i read and a next godzilla isnt supposed to be realed till like 2012 or somethin so you should shut the fuck up and all u other godzilla fans we know u really want a new one since all the others SUCKED horribly but anyways plz DO NOT POST if ur goin to ramble about how were all dumb cuz we dont think its godzilla

nick on Jul 14, 2007


sry for the double post

nick on Jul 14, 2007


i agree with #898 all u godzilla fans are saying "prove its not godzilla blahblahblah" we have proved so many times how its not. why dont u guys give us some SOLID PROOF not "well the rawr sounds like godzilla" or "theres a big fire explosion and godzilla breaths fire" cuz thats bs do you know how many aimals our there that rawr and breath fire

nick on Jul 14, 2007


i just foubnd this, i dont think it has been posted before.... im pretty sure ive read all the posts,, some interesting info here

Paul on Jul 14, 2007


wow dude. How can you be so excited about a movie that is shot mostly by home video camera's. Come on people do you all remember the stupid so called movie "The Blair Witch Project". No way am I going to pay movie for another movie filmed like the stupid Blair Witch crap. This is going to be just like The Blair Witch Project where they built up all the hype for it. Then you pay money and sit to watch it and say.. oh what crap, I would like my money back.

nighteyes on Jul 14, 2007


wow dude. How can you be so excited about a movie that is shot mostly by home video camera's. Come on people do you all remember the stupid so called movie "The Blair Witch Project". No way am I going to pay movie for another movie filmed like the stupid Blair Witch crap. This is going to be just like The Blair Witch Project where they built up all the hype for it. Then you pay money and sit to watch it and say.. oh what crap, I would like my money back. NO way will I see that type of "movie" again.

nighteyes on Jul 14, 2007


has anyone anagramed 'slusho, you cant just drink 6 (six)"

leonard on Jul 14, 2007


Transformers was such a great movie. Great special effects. Poor choice in the female roles but other than that. Well directed, well acted, great story line.

nighteyes on Jul 14, 2007


'cloverfield' anagram for devil force,,, one extra letter?? 63 degrees 6 - 3 times? 666 ?? 1-18-08 ,,,, 18=6+6+6 ????? also the 1-08 is 18 as well check also the Bible , Roamns 1:18 has to do with the anti-christ and slusho, you cant just drink 6, i wonder how many times six shows up there

NY JOE on Jul 14, 2007


Im sorry, typo ROMANS 1:18

NY JOE on Jul 14, 2007


Just noticed this Slusho = 6 letters Slusho, you cant drink just 6 = 6 words and of course, the # 6

NY JOE on Jul 14, 2007


also,,, if you look at and xheck out the hanso site,,,, try googling ALVAR HANSO interesting stuff about him on wikipedia

NY JOE on Jul 14, 2007


also,,, if you look at and xheck out the hanso site,,,, try googling ALVAR HANSO interesting stuff about him on wikipedia and lostpedia, and also... on click the work 'humanity' at the end of the third paragraph,,,, watch the video message!!!!!

NY JOE on Jul 14, 2007

867 click the work 'humanity' at the end of the third paragraph,,,, watch the video message!!!!!

NY JOE on Jul 14, 2007


I went to the 1-18-08 site with the three pictures, and viewed "source", to see if I'd find anything interesting. I found this site on it: Interestingly enough, the site also has all of its pictures hosted to that "sledriding" site. WTF?

Chase on Jul 15, 2007


Wow, even is linked to WTF is that all about?

Chase on Jul 15, 2007


i still think is cuthulu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rozzy on Jul 15, 2007


ABZ = Albendazole, a chemical to treat worm infestations (aka) parasite killer 3293 = star cluster The story on describes of something that enjoys eating delicious fruits, gaining weight, and eventually dieing. This is an overall metaphor for the Cloverfield movie. Stating that ppl who gorge themselves with sweets (aka) sex, temptations, lies, and impure thoughts will eventually bring upon chaos and havic. In this case, it would be a monster that is portrayed in the movie. The so-called monster feeds off of the sweets/negatives. More will come later.

Sector 7 on Jul 15, 2007


Once Again, ABZ = Albendazole, a chemical to treat worm infestations (aka) parasite killer 3293 = star cluster The story on describes of something that enjoys eating delicious fruits, gaining weight, and eventually dieing. This is an overall metaphor for the Cloverfield movie. Stating that ppl who gorge themselves with sweets (aka) sex, temptations, lies, and impure thoughts will eventually bring upon chaos and havic. In this case, it would be a monster that is portrayed in the movie. The so-called monster feeds off of the sweets/negatives.

Sector 7 on Jul 15, 2007


i posted this comment awhile ago but all u godzilla ans ignored im woundering why??? plz answer it i agree with #898 all u godzilla fans are saying “prove its not godzilla blahblahblah" we have proved so many times how its not. why dont u guys give us some SOLID PROOF not “well the rawr sounds like godzilla" or “theres a big fire explosion and godzilla breaths fire" cuz thats bs do you know how many aimals our there that rawr and breath fire

nick on Jul 15, 2007


You know, we have proven that it's not Godzilla, Voltron, Pokemon, Evangelion, Cuthulu, orver and over again. It's like I said in an earlier post, the Godzilla fanboys are gonna say it's a Godzilla film no matter who proves it. God himself could part the sky and say it's not, JJ could show up at their door and say it's not, and the first thing they will do is say....I still think it's Godzilla. We just have to ignore these guys from here on out. I mean Toho is who created the damn thing and they have said themselves that all GZ things have been retired untill 2013 and these guys still go on about it. I'm not even gonna respond to these post anymore and I suggest the rest of you do the same cause we are not gonna figure it out by going over these stupid theories over and over again.

Brock Sampson on Jul 15, 2007


To #919, chill man. The girl in the story didnt get fat, they called her the smallest whale because she was drinking so much. Yes, i know whales dont drink tons of water and stuff, but they swallow up tons of it when they feed. It doesnt mean that "those who gorge themselves in unholly things shall face the wrath of god". It would be suicide for JJ Abrams to make a movie about obeying the path god has layed out. Thats just stupid really. And, um, it isnt a monster that eats bad stuff. I mean, it blew up New York, its just a giant freaking monster. Stop trying to analyze the slusho stuff, really, it may be something more, but it wont be something like a deep moral comparison. Its a fun site thats a tribute to something that JJA has known about for a while. Its probably an inside joke, stuff JJ and other guys from Alias joked about for a long time, then said "hey, lets put that on a guys shirt", so they did. I mean, im sure that theres a hint in there somewhere, but yeah, thats taking it a bit too far. Focus on the deep sea aspect, or the fact that the key ingredient is actually a deadly deep sea substance that would make you swell up and explode. THINK ABOUT THIS, WHY IS THERE A HORSE UNDERWATER THINKING ABOUT OVEN MITS!!!!!!!!!!

CrackV on Jul 15, 2007


As of right now, I'm still leaning toward the revelation, end of the world idea. Although I think Sector 7 has something in his post 921. I still thing that that site is one of the sites assoc. with the movie somehow.

Brock Sampson on Jul 15, 2007


Maybe the whole movie isn't shot hand held like that. But those of you who think it would be crappy hand held its no where near like Blair Witch... Blair Witch was a total low budget film with crappy night vision, and video quality of a cheap $200 camera. Like I've said before even though it is being shot hand held the quality of the image isn't anywhere near an ordinary camcorder someone would have to make a "going away" video.

Joel on Jul 15, 2007


Sector 7 did a good job finding those glosses on ABZ and 3293 (though almost any combination of four digit numbers can be related to some astronomical object). ABZ=Albendazole is definitely an interesting discovery. #916, there's nothing in the source code for itself; were you able to crack the flash? To be fair to Chris, who previously posted the Pokemon stuff--he never said he thought it was a pokemon movie and he said about fifty times that it was not. He said that what he believed to be an indirect reference to Pokemon, through the name "Satoshi" at, had a cthulhu connection, whcih in and of itself is correct--there are Pokemon monsters that are loosely based upon cthulhu mythos. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of cthulhu references in hundreds of comics and monster/horror films, so that by itself doesn't prove anything. I believe the answers to the Cloverfield mystery are not going to be that attenuated--after all, he doesn't just want geeks like us to figure it out. There simply are not enough legitimate clues to peice this thing together yet. Right now, it's like guessing what a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is going to look like when we've only got a handful of pieces; and some of them may belong to another puzzle. All of us are transferring our wishes/fears onto whatever this monster is (kinda like the "id" monster in Fobidden Planet); could it be that this is exactly as intended, that the characters in the movie would be doing the same thing? Maybe the monster is the sum our our collective imaginations come to life to kick our collective butts? Even if it were Godzilla or Cthulhu or something entirely different, it is something completely reimagined by JJA and the minds at badrobot.

Leonard on Jul 15, 2007


CHECK THIS OUT! On this site, there are a few pics allegedly taken on the actual set of the film; have a look. They look legit to me:

Leonard on Jul 15, 2007


Cloverfield Project info to be released at San Diego Comic Con, July 26-29:

Leonard on Jul 15, 2007


has anyone looked at post 910 and 912? i thought it was quite interesting

Jacob A. on Jul 15, 2007


Huh. No one posting much the last few hours, 'cept me and Jacob A. Everyone already getting bored with this?

Leonard on Jul 15, 2007


I sure hope Matthew Broderick is in this "Godzilla" movie

Wayne Huckaby on Jul 15, 2007


Oh well. Final recap, unless this Board comes alive again, for those who are new to this and don't want to waste time figuring out the basics of the Cloverfield ARG: Official sites: This is verified if for no other reason than the fact that they have now posted three photos that appear to be from the film. Contrary to some claims, including my own mis-recollection, the site url is not listed at the end of the trailer. Appears to be a legit site. Slusho is a code name for the film, and it has been alleged that persons on the set wear tags saying "Slusho! You can't drink just one!" which is a tagline abundant on the website. Possibly related sites: This site appeared on July 5, the same date that 1-18-08 first appeared. It contains a well-crafted ARG as well as several intentionally poor quality video messages. It has been related to the Cloverfield ARG on account of the fact that the videos were posted anonymously on youtube then subsequently removed by Paramount Pictures, citing copyright infringement. Ethan Haas is also the name of a character in the cancelled tv series "The Class" which starred Lizzy Kaplan--Ms. Kaplan is confirmed as a cast member of the Cloverfield film. Throughout the ARG, August 1, 2007 is cited as a significant date, after which there will be thirty (30) days to respond. JJA has allegedly disclaimed any connection with the ethan haas sites. No longer available. This was the first site to use the term "parasite" and make a deliberate connection to the film through an obscured reference to both the Cloverfield movie and a site called In the blogs at tossinggames, there were also the first blog references to the ethan haas sites connecting them with cloverfield. has since been removed, and it now redirects to 1-18-08; the blogs referencing ethan haas and cloverfield have since been removed from tossinggames. Interestingly, however, the webmaster of parasitemovie and tossinggames (steven king) is an administrator of one of the (many) ethan haas sites. A purported game-design company, it has no known products on the market and is related to Cloverfield for no other reason than the fact that one of the background images on has a small portion that looks like a pic posted at Mind Labs advertising a to-be-released tabletop RPG called Alpha Omega. It is registered to, which purports to be a defense contractor, though there is no such contractor listed at any US government websites (all defense contractor contact information is, by law, public information).

Leonard on Jul 15, 2007


Lexicon, how'd you strip the photos from the flash? Did you just take a screen shot? Also, anyone know where I can view a full youtube or wmv version of the clip? Everyone I've seem lately cuts off just when the first "roar" is heard. All I have is dial up and I don't have till next month to wait for the QT to load. What I've been thinking is that the first "roar" isn't a roar at all--it's a very loud, low instrument, such as an ancient ram's horn.

Leonard on Jul 15, 2007


Who cares about the quality of the home video camera shots. Who wants to watch a movie mostly shot through a home video camera. The more you all talk about this movie the more FREE publicity it gets.

nighteyes on Jul 15, 2007


Who cares about the quality of the home video camera shots. Who wants to watch a movie mostly shot through a home video camera. The more you all talk about this movie the more FREE publicity it gets!

nighteyes on Jul 15, 2007


yeah, we don't have much to go on now so I can see why this is getting silent. How about some "hacking" in a, not actual hacking, but brute force discovery. We have the original picture from the 1-18-08 available to us here The other two pictures have to be on the server too...I wonder what their names are. I tried the names from a post above saying they're "live on the set" pictures, but they're not right (looks like a really good screen shot and that's it) I tried "wewillmissyou.jpg" and "attack.jpg" but they didn't work. Now, for the people who don't understand this, just type in "" and then try to guess the name of the other two pictures. That could maybe give us a better quality picture than our screen shots. just remember to have the ".jpg" at the end of your file name guess. Also, this has been noted before but I want to bring it out there again. The guy who's giving Rob the drink in the 2nd picture is the one in the Slusho! T-shirt. You can kind of make out the Slushie Cup and the blue letters for "Slusho!" on his shirt. and oh, if the last two pictures have given us a trend to follow expect Picture #4 to be up THIS THURSDAY (July 19th) at 5:00PM Central. The last two pictures were posted around 5PM Central the past 2 Thursdays so I have a strong feeling that we'll get the next one on the 19th

lennit on Jul 15, 2007


im not goin to bother with this till after comic con since JJ is suposibly going to gie out more info on it then

nick on Jul 15, 2007


I went back to the site, and viewed source again. Now the site I found (see: Comment 916 and 917) is gone. Highly suspicious. But now there's this site:

Chase on Jul 16, 2007


Here's what I'd like to see this movie turn out to be: (remember the first Tri Star GODZILLA screenplay, written by Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio in '94?) Todd

Todd on Jul 16, 2007


man.....rob is a superhero...flatout.....look at his reaction....he like awwww shit here we go again or how am i goin fuk dis munster up smh....haha...but 4real...

smiley on Jul 16, 2007


Now the superhero thing is an interesting angle.... here we all are trying to figure out ths movie based on the 'monster' but we neglect the characters as anything important,,,, that is worth looking into!!

leonard on Jul 16, 2007


READ THIS!!!!! 9NEWS Entertainment Reporter Kirk Montgomery learned exclusively on Friday from a secret source, who is on the set of the film every day, that it is not a sequel or a remake (which precludes King Kong or Godzilla). It is not Voltron or “Lost"-related. The source told Kirk the entire film will be presented through a handheld video camera, as in the style of the trailer. All of the actors involved had not seen scripts when they signed on for the project and are under strict legal gag-orders not to discuss any aspect of the film. The source says 50 percent of the $30 million budget for the film is devoted to special effects. The official Web site is, but the source tells Kirk that apparently a Japanese-style Web site,, has lots of clues yet undiscovered by the rabid fans who have been scouring the Internet for hints. The source told Kirk the biggest clue of the trailer is in the line: “I saw it, it's alive, it's huge." The source also says the sound the “creature" makes is another big clue. He says the creature is an organic, living thing. The film is being released by Paramount, but they also are not saying anything. Yet. SO ITS NOT ANY GODZILLA OR SOMETHING LOST OR other SHIT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>IT IS A NEW MONSTER IN A NEW FUCKING CRAZY GIANT DESTROYING ARMAGEDDON LIKE PEOPLE SCREAMING TO HELL FUCKING MOVIE NOTHING MORE . Abrams wants to play tricks on us so everyone speak abou what this could be , NO ONE knows what this movie is about causeNO ONE see anything like this before . And if I'am Wrong I#am sorry for this post but to 99,999999% its something new Peace

nick on Jul 16, 2007

896 was link from which is a bogus site (both are bogus) but is just Google's website tracking application. It tells how many people visit the website, from where, what browser they're using, etc. etc. And the site has had this script since it came up ( also have Google Analytics aka. "Urchin" linked up...but MANY sites use this)

lennit on Jul 16, 2007


google reveations 1 18 or revelations 18 8.. interesting stuff check it out..

thatasiankid on Jul 16, 2007


... also google parasite eve. its a novel based in japan that was made into a game for playstion. the game also takes place in nyc. a movie came out in japan of the same name.. cloverfield could be a doing remake or something.. from Parasite Eve is the name of a Japanese novel by Hideaki Sena, first published in Kadokawa Horror Bunko, which has been adapted into a 1997 film and a 1998 video game for the Sony PlayStation by Squaresoft. A sequel to the game was released in 1999, also for the PlayStation. "The story of the novel and movie revolve around a geneticist whose research in mitochondria causes him to take extreme measures to revive his wife, and eventually leads to the creation of a new threat to all mankind. The scientific basis for the story is the endosymbiotic theory: mitochondria were originally free-living bacteria, which coevolved with host cells to become mutually interdependent. The fictional premise is that mitochondria are able to rebel and to develop unusual capabilities. In addition, scientists traced mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited matrilineally, to a single woman in Africa. They dubbed her, "Mitochondrial Eve." This report appeared in "Nature" in 1987." read my previous post about googleing revelations 18 8 "For this reason in one day her plagues will come, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire; for the Lord God who judges her is strong" revelations 18 8 "..and the living One; and I was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death and of Hades" revelations 1 18 im not entirely sure how the roaring sound could be related but who knows..

thatasiankid on Jul 16, 2007


According to Vh1, we had "The Best Week Ever"

sisu on Jul 16, 2007


POST #950!!!!!!! (just cause i wont ever be back on this site to claim #1000) lol

Turtle on Jul 16, 2007


i dont have no clue for what this is honestly.....i was hyped when i seen the explosion....and roar...the first thing i thought when i heard the roar was "OMFG GODZILLA IS BACK!!!" cuz from wut i remember Godzilla had a baby in the last movie.....who knows...but as i read more and more...this is beginnin to sound like something have no idea...but just excites me lookin around for clues...that ethanhaas website definitely has sumtin to do wit this....and wuts up with that abz liscense plate website...thats freaky...anywayz...honestly...please not VOLTRON NOOOOOOOo... i hate voltron...and i hated the power rangers heard sum1 touch on the whole 30 million dollar budget....sounds like either revelations....or...this whole slusho concept is crazy...the guys wearing a slusho slusho even real..? see wut i mean...

juan on Jul 16, 2007


I' torn. I'm almost tired of this movie-within-a-riddle and am finding it very hard to care when we now know that X-Files 2 is on its way! Seriously tho...I was reading over the newest posts and got sad. Sad because it's really horrible that movies have gotten so lame that we automatically assume that the next BIG movie will be a frigging remake or an adaption of a book or comic or toyline. Whatever happened to original ideas and thoughts? I knew this was coming as soon as they did a remake of Psycho. It's terrible...even worse today; Rob Zombie is remaking Halloween???....jesus. what the hell? Why are you gonna tread on sacred ground. I truly hope that this Abrams flick IS an original idea so we'll have something fresh to see. Anyway,,,end of rant.

Flagg79 on Jul 16, 2007


# 953 - Well said! P.S I really really believe it will be something new. In fact, I would bet my unborn child that I haven't even concieved yet on it.

Brock Sampson on Jul 16, 2007


OK, everyone is wondering what the heck a donkey in the ocean thinking about a blue oven mitt has to do with anything. Like many other have done, I google'd Blue Oven Mitt. It seems the main manufacturer of the blue oven mitt is by a company called Orka Silicone. So then I google'd Orka and found out that Orka is a villain... Very intersting, read the wiki. thoughts?

Rafe on Jul 16, 2007


Seems the post didn't like my link.. copy the whole link, including (comics).

Rafe on Jul 16, 2007


woah headache......i just read all 928 posts in one sitting. ok then, hopefully this wont get as complicated as the freakin halo arg...seriously, that one had people answering cryptic payphone calls in certain booths at certain times.....jesus it was a headache.....we need some of those brainiacs who cracked TLE....or rather, who beat the first level of TLE, because that message hints that we havent quite beaten them for what this is about?(prepares to be shot) a buddy of mine works as an editor. its nothing really big time(anyone ever see those gus the groundhog things for the pennsylvania lottery? yeah) but he does get some inside info from time to time. he says its the lost movie WAIT DONT HANG UP! i dont really believe that, it would piss me the FCK off, and jj seems to have this latched down pretty tight, so i dont see how that wouldve gotten out. anyway...umm...well, i suppose the smoke creature could do whatever the frik it wants, seeing as it can project images, read minds, sred a pilot, knock a plane over, throw a large african man around like a chew toy, drag an ex paraplegic through the jungle, and be injusred by there arent many lost fans here i sense, but ben did say horrible things would happen if they left the island, and if the smoke got away too.......i dono. please. dont. shoot. at least its mostly origional.

big jim on Jul 16, 2007


Also, for the record I'm not suggesting that #954 is what the movie is about... we are all just looking for clues here so no one come back saying how stupid of a movie that would be.

Rafe on Jul 16, 2007


my theory still holds, this is just my theory just like the rest of us. we each have play our own detective. the opening scene of parasite eve of the game takes place in NYC and focuses on the statue of liberty. it doesnt show the statue of liberty's head being decapitated but its just something i came across with. so who knows..

thatasiankid on Jul 16, 2007


oh and guys...i may suck at args(i do) but just for those of you who dont know, everybody has a the past, jj hid links in sentances in totally random words. sign up sheets with "put your email here" were actually password boxes for unlocking more secrets, the paswords for them were found hidden on videos, in textt, in source code, behind text, on the freaking JEEP official website, on the official SPRITE website, on tv, etc. each game or video you unlocked gave hints to where to fidn the next one, but everything branched off of the hanso foundation, more or less. if you sat at your computer until the time changed to end in a 4 8 15 16 23 or 42, a link appeared on the sites clock. if oyu typed the right password on the "contact joop the orangutan today!" box, the monkey went NUTS and you unlocked a new part of the site. i dont think ethan haas will have a part, but i think we will have a "guide", somone who "knows the corruption of slusho" or whatever and "wants to help us" or "needs our help", just like Rachael Blake/Persephone from TLE......two more cents........of a sort....elipse time!. . .

big jim on Jul 16, 2007


oh and by the way, once they put an input field behind a block of text.....had to include that

big jim on Jul 16, 2007


Well folks we're coming up on 1000 posts on a subject that no one knows anything about for a movie that no one knows the name of and I think that's just fantastic. I've been lingering in the corner since nearly day one and I've decided to weigh in. As my area's unofficial expert in everything LOST, I think there's a good chance this movie will do for movies what LOST did for tv. I would be sad if this were anything mentioned above, sans Cthulhu. It just doesn't add up that the man-who-can-do-no-wrong JJ Abrams, who has carte blanch to make any kind of movie he wants... and he makes Voltron (Godzilla, blah blah)? No way. You nearly never saw it coming on LOST and you surely will not see it coming this January. I like the biblical, revelations, Cthulhu, etc ideas. I've always had similar ideas about LOST, like what I think is going on, Majik, powers, etc. I showed this preview to some friends and the people who's opinions I respect all had the same reaction I did: Holy Shit! But a lot of people were unimpressed. So it got me thinking: This movie is either going to change movie making as we know it, or the public will not get what they wanted out of it (see the monster, see the blood) and make a joke out of it (the evening news will ruin the plot on the 19th, Jay Leno's regurgitated jokes about it, box office bomb). Also, people at the movies when transformers opened... they had mixed reactions about the preview. I am going to choose to deal with the DBs who chose to yell out "ghay!" after seeing the preview the same way I deal with people who badmouth LOST: You just aren't smart enough to understand what is happening. You haven't thought about it enough, you haven't read enough good literature, the right types. The reason people won't like this movie is the same reason LOST isn't doing as well as it should be: They won't get it. They wanna see explosions and monsters ripping off heads. But I have a feeling you won't see this monster at all. So prove me wrong JJ, don't give the people what they want! CAUTION EPIC FILM COMING SOON

Joe RWMN on Jul 16, 2007


No comments on Orka... the Human Killer Whale?

Rafe on Jul 16, 2007


slusho...what is that even...i saw some comments about it but thought of the shushy drinks you get at the 7-11.... i believe the chtulhu stuff...even though i have NEVER heard anything about that.... i tried to ask my friend who is in the movie something about it...give me a hint...he couldnt say...just said he had a part of the movie. on a brighter note the transformers all spark is up for bid on is bumblebee as well as other stuff from the movie...if i had the $$$ i would so bid on it!!!!

tonya perry on Jul 16, 2007


# 961 - Dude, I agree with ya. That's why movies are not as good as they used to be. Sacary movies aren't scary cause it's just senseless gore and people stoping to make out when the should be gettin the f' out of dodge. Big budget movies that are just CG destruction but no story. Everyone wants a movie with a new look, and when they get it they hate it cause it's not like the other senseless crap. Not enough buildings blowing up, I wanted to see that guys head get ripped off, and so on. Anywho, I think (and hope) this movie is going to be original and not made from something from a book or another movie. That, plus the fact that it will be shot from the pov of these kids will be great cause we have not seen a monster movie like this before and we need something original. Also, Lost is my fav show ever!

Brock Sampson on Jul 16, 2007


I really am amazed at the amount of people who have been leaving their theories in the repository: come by and leave yours.....we will find this together

Unlived on Jul 16, 2007


I think that He is being very careful about what he reveals, and when it is revealed. The ONLY way that anyone is going to figure out the EXACT plotline is from a Leak on set. I can tell that someone with correct information is leaking. They better be careful, and re read the Non Disclosure Statement. It states that you will be responsible for DAMAGES, that means MONEY! Is it really worth it to get blacklisted in Hollywood for revealing information? I have a friend that was arrested for taking hidden pictured on one of the batman movies.

Local on Jul 16, 2007


The New York Post had an article about the movie today. There was some on-location shooting going on at Coney Island with JJA & crew--so much for the theory that all of it is shot in LA. There is a possible spoiler in the article, so beware. I say "possible" because I doubt the goober who was interviewed really had any idea what was going on, though he did say something that I and several others have guessed--the vids are a flashback, maybe all that's left after "everyone dies". Personally, I'm starting to doubt the $30M figure. The preview alone would have cost at least a mill and a single episode of Lost last year cost over $14M (which I believe is a record for a tv episode). Add the on-location shots (which costs several million what with bringing in a crew, NY union wages, etc.) and the budget of $30M will be spent by next week. Couple other thoughts. The "thunderous roar" may not be a roar at all--is is mechanical, or possibly a horn of some sort? I listened to samples of a Shofar (Israelite horn used in battles, also said to presage Armageddon), but it's much to high-pitched; unless it was slowed down and reversed. Does anyone know how to rip the sounds from these things so it can be analyzed? P.S. I am not the leonard who thinks this may be a super hero thing--I think that idea's a bit absurd and would not be in keeping with JJA's original thought processes (which is why he shouldn't be blamed for crapola like MI3).

Leonard on Jul 16, 2007


sorry; here's the link to the NYP article (remember, possible spoiler):

Leonard on Jul 16, 2007


In regards to 892, that is because Steven King isn't posting those reports that has nothing to do with the movie. Someone else is. Duh, this is a given. Go to the parasite movie site now and you'll see the trailer. JJ's doing this for a REASON folks! Duh!!!!

Tim on Jul 16, 2007


I KNEW It! Believe it or not, I always had the feeling that someone was watching this footage from a VCR/DVD player after all the destruction was over. I have read almost all, and have skimmed over about 200-250 comments. It is pretty crazy that with all the brains looking for info on the net. Nobody has positively confirmed a source. (Not being rude, Im more in awe). I really agree with what 927, 948, 954 and 954 had to say. I am one of few who still enjoy a movie for a movie sake. I still enjoy a "shoot em' up bang", but Id rather watch a movie that makes me think and my spine tingle. The ORKA comment had me thinking too. I REALLY HOPE THIS IS A NEW CHARACTER. later yall

Keith on Jul 17, 2007


I think it's freakin hilarious when geeks try to rip apart someone who is moderately curious and comes to a thread to just voice their opinion of what a movie might be without voice analysis, super hi-def resolution enhanced pics, etc.... Get a grip, it's a thread. Go get laid and try not to hang on every post on this thread. lololol. P.S.- I hope to God it's Godzilla so you can all shut your mouth!

wrks on Jul 17, 2007


I think its more hilarious that "wrks" was able to find this website. It is hypocritical of you to to "rip" other comments, since your comment is the first negative one I've seen yet. Maybe you need to get a "grip" because this is a thread created on buzz from a movie that has focused around clues for ppl to express their opinions on, but not yours. I am acutally a geek who fights fires and saves lives for a living. But try not to get your feelings hurt, since this is just a "moderate" look at my opinion. P.S. I hope to God it is not Godzilla, so you can all keep on talking. Ppl are waiting for comment 1000, Im waiting for comment

A-God on Jul 17, 2007


when this moie comes out i cant wait to come bac on here and LMFAO at all u ppl who thought it was godzilla you guys will look like such idiots lol

nick on Jul 17, 2007


DO NOT let this thread turn ugly. This thread is just supposed to be fun and for people who have an interest in talking about what this movie and what it might be. I appreciate the time and effort, right or wrong, that people put into "looking for clues". I cant believe the anger some people get just because they think someone else is wrong. For all we know every single one of us is wrong. I say, if you think it, find it, are guessing it, want it to it on here. If you dont agree with what someone says, who cares, put what you think it is, but there is no reason to shit on someone else or thier time. Everyone found this page and made it to this point because they all have the same common goal in mind, to find out what this movie is and to talk about it. If you want to call names and get off subject, goto a yahoo room with the teenagers and pervs. If you dont have something nice to say know the rest.

Rick on Jul 17, 2007


I agree with Rick, I've now seen 4 or 5 threads, which were originally very informative, turn to immature ranting. If you disagree with someone, say it, don't start yelling and insulting that for after the movie comes out and we have no use for this thread.

Merl on Jul 17, 2007


I noticed that no one was talking about this article that was posted back in 946, but here is the link If true, it can't be anything but Cthulhu, or something totally new. It removes most other options at this point.

Matthew on Jul 17, 2007


Okay, I mention this awhile back at a huge rottentomatoes thread, but now I've seen the wikipedia article about Orka, and the connections are too close to not think about. The 'sea horse' on slusho thinks of a blue oven mitt, a very unique thing. When you look that up, you get 'Orka' oven mitts, when look up Orka, you get the a gigantic human whale, which is exactly what Ganu's slusho ingredient allowed him to turn into. I can't see this monster making a cool movie compared to a cthulu or leviathan, so maybe it's all a red herring, but just too neat a circle to be an accident. AND......they are set to announce the name of the movie at a Comic book convention? C'mon!

KidReviewer on Jul 17, 2007


I just mentioned that KidReviewer... read a little bit before you post. BUT, I didn't know that about revealing the name a comic book convention, that's cool.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


sorry, Rafe. Hattips to you and other sleuths of course. I came to the same thoughts separately, but it was until I saw your link to the wikipedia article that I saw the actual comic book cover. I've been reading a ton all over, but had just found this thread, which is great. When I saw the description on the book cover, and compared it to the slusho quote below, and thought about the comic con link, i got excited. Don't want to upset the cart. Carry on. "And as he did drink lots and lots of the ingredient, Ganu grew from a small fish into an enormous whale!!!"

KidReviewer on Jul 17, 2007


I work 3 blocks in S.D. DOWNTOWN where the COMIC CON CONVENTION holds its convention. I have someone going to this event & I have instructed to please get follow ups with J.J. Or any press related info that he can gather about the movie. "keep posted for updates"

MIKE on Jul 17, 2007


ah, no prob Kid... i'm not looking for credit, just trying to keep people from posting duplicate info.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


i found something really interesting i noticed before but i wanted to make sure to post it go to this web site and check the pictures tell me what you think.... ohh and the guy says "is a lionnnnnn" ...... sikeeee just playing it's alives

locotezz on Jul 17, 2007


i found something really interesting i noticed before but i wanted to make sure to post it go to this web site and check the pictures tell me what you think.... ohh and the guy says "is a lionnnnnn" ...... sikeeee just playing it's alive

locotezz on Jul 17, 2007


I don't know if you need to put up a new link cause that one just keeps taking me to a IMDB registration page... even after I have already registered and was logged in.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


Well, it works if you copy paste the URL into the browser.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


I've been hanging back for a couple of days but I gotta jump back in here. I'm not buying this whole Orka thing. I'm not saying it won't be, just saying I don't see it. It just doesn't make sense. One, to me, it's a retarded comic character. And I like to think I have some say seeing I've been a comic book nut most of my life and have over 3 thousand books. Two, if your gonna do a comic book guy, you wanna do one that is known and somewhat popular. Some would say doing one that was not popular or well known is what would make it original, but I say just doing something that has already been created and established isn't original. I will say that the sound the monster makes does sound a little like a whale thing. Again, not saying it isn't, just saying I don't get it.

Brock Sampson on Jul 17, 2007


I do not think you will see something that smells of Lost, monster, bad ending, cliffhanger. If JJ wanted that, it would clearly be a Lost movie and it is not. If he is going to do a movie like Lost....he will purposely make a Lost Movie which I think he probably intends to do. But this isnt it nor will it be like it for that very reason, he is saving that. I believe there is a chance this movie is an adaptation of something that is already been done.....(heres where the eyes roll) Godzilla or not Godzilla but one of the monsters from a Godzilla movie. It could also be Voltron or or something to that effect. Just because I say Godzilla or Voltron or whomever doesnt mean I think JJ would do a carbon copy.....I have said that before....his adaptation of one of these or one of the other suggestions could be VERY different from the traditional school of thought on what those ideas are. I think they purposely put the trailer at the beginning of the Transformers movie because that is the same audience they are looking for. It the movie was going to be revelations or something they would have coupled it with something more along those lines in theater attendance. As for the marketing, if you want to sell a sci-fi, alien, monster, big robot movie to show market it to people who are in a theater to see another sci-fi, alien, monster, big robot movie. You dont put the trailer before Driving Miss Daisy or a chick flick. I bet this is much more simple then being made out to be by all of us cyber

Rick on Jul 17, 2007


Brock #989... i totally agree with you, but like i said before i think this whole "Orka" thing would, more less, just be a clue and not so much what it is exactly about.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


OK, this is interesting. I decided to see if I could find any clues by watching the 1998 Godzilla trailer (more eye rolling). I went to and just put Godzilla in the search bar. As most of you know you get a results page with all the Godzilla movies that have on file at that point. I clicked the 1998 American film. From there you get the information page with some options at the top, one of which is that you can click to watch the movie trailer. When you do this, there is "next trailer" header to show you what is next in the que...guess what it is......its the new Transformers. SO....IF you watch the old Godzilla trailer, the new Transformers is what comes next. I love grasping for straws but that is an interesting coincidence. Who posts the IMDB information? I cleared my cookies and deleted my settings, history and files and did it a second time just to make sure and it is what came up both times I tried it.

Rick on Jul 17, 2007


Also, I forgot to mention... now that we have an idea of what the blue oven mitt is I have been trying to focus on the fish thinking of the swiss cheese. All I've really done so far is tried to cross-reference it with the Orka thing. Since the orka was indirectly including Atlantis, i tried to find a relation between that and Switzerland (remembering the guy in the trailer supposedly wearing the shirt/jacket with SWITZERLAND on it). Other than that I'm still looking. If anybody has an idea of what the cheese might mean, post it. Another idea is that these clues we are finding dont necessarily have to do with the movie itself (ORKA and hopefully one for the swiss cheese) but may just lead us to another website of JJ's. I'm also trying to figure out a what's up with the slusho cups at the bottom of the site. The only think I can think of is numbers (somekind of numbering code or pattern). Just for the record, one thing I tried.... there are 17 cups total so I counted the number of letters next to them in "You Can't Drink Just Six" and 17 letters is the first 4 words, excluding the word Six. So then I took the letters that would fall on the cups that were full - CIKJ. I rearranged them into JICK. Googled JICK and it was some other online RPG. Thought it was random that it just happened to be something legit, BUT the amount of analyzing I did is WAY beyond what I would usually do, and quite frankly I think is a bit ridiculous. Anyway, that's what I've been up to. Some of it is probably useless but at least I've been trying something.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


Good job Rafe. ..... that is what I was talking about earlier. This is all in fun and we all have a common goal, right or wrong, to see who can 'crack the code'....LOL....if there even is We might have been given just enough to make us go on a wild goose chase for something that is incredibly simple. What if the trailer is something that someone in the actual movie is just watching on tv. That would be a hoot.

Rick on Jul 17, 2007


I realized that in my 17 letter explaination (#995) I included the apastrophy in my count. If you don't include it and just skip over it, then you get CNJU..... if anyone wants to try and make something out of that.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


Now that I have some time, here is what I would like to do. (settle in this could take a min) I would like to take everything we have found out and cross ref it somehow. Different people from claiming to be with paramount have said some things, but lets take a deeper look at some of the things that have been mentioned. 1. Alien attack 2. Comic Con Allthough I don't think revealing the tittle at the Comic Con means it is going to be from a comic book, (ie THE 1st Star Wars was promoted at Comic Con back in 76 cause that was the audience they knew would be interested in that type of movie) just for the hell of it we should look for comics that were about an attack by aliens or a giant alien. 3. "I saw it, It's alive, It's huge!" 4. The roar One person claiming to be with Paramount said that the biggest clue from the trailer was the phrase "I saw it, It's alive, It's huge!" What I get from that phrase being a clue is the It's alive part. It's almost like he saw something familiar, but it was something that wasn't supposed to be alive. Stupid example - You see a statue in the park start walking down the street and smacking buildings. You think OMG! That statue, It's alive! Also he said another big clue was the roar, and also that the monster was an organic living thing. Organic is something from the earth right? What organic thing would sound like that? Well, these sources could be full of shit, but looking into this is better then argueing the Godzilla thing over and over......and over. What do you guys think? I would love to figure this out before JJ tells us what it is, just because of pride. Yeah I suffer from it.

Brock Sampson on Jul 17, 2007


Also, to hit on something Rafe mentioned. The numbers! There are way too many numbers associated with this not to mean something. The dates, times, plate #, etc. Let us not forget, when most of us hear the phrase "The Numbers", we think of 4 8 15 16 23 42. It's from Lost. Lost is made by JJ Abrams. I'm in no way saying this is a Lost Movie. I'm sure it's not. Just saying the numbers have to be a clue leading us further.

Brock Sampson on Jul 17, 2007


ok i started this with post # 77....Ryan Key in this movie….lead singer of far i think that is the only person i can name in it....

tonya perry on Jul 17, 2007


Congratulations, you hit the 1000 mark, even though thats a weird post. Scratches head.

Brock Sampson on Jul 17, 2007


the person who posted comment 525 said channel 1 doesn't exist, but there is NY1 website....dont know if it has anything to do with the film, just found it interesting. and anyone thought about searching for earthquakes.....cus after all thats what it says on the screen EARTHQUAKE?

bored on Jul 17, 2007


Just for fun -- , there are four full slusho cups in the footer, (and blue oven mitt is 3 sets of four letters, for what it's worth). Ths site is .jp, and here's something about Japanese unlucky numbers: "The Japanese don't like the number 4 and 9 because of their pronunciation. Four is pronounced "shi" which is the same pronunciation as death. Nine is pronounced "ku" which has the same pronunciation as agony or torture. There are many hospitals that don't have these numbers as the room number or even the floor number. The Japanese also dislike Friday the13th, though many of them are not Christians. There are no seats with numbers 4, 9 and 13 on passenger planes of the All Nippon Airways." The realy number the bugs me is six though. You can't drink just six. Does that mean something happens at 7? It's the weirdest thing to say. Has anyone translated the Japanese letters in the footer?

KidReviewer on Jul 17, 2007


Hey, haven't posted in a while, just been watching but after the newest update, I'm willing to bet good money on three things about this movie: 1. The monster is 100% created by J.J. Abrams. No remake or adaptation of any kind. Though I haven't really followed any of the Orka stuff yet. 2. We will NOT see the monster in this movie. If you're as big a fan of LOST as I am, you will agree with me. 3. The ending of the movie will probably piss you off and leave you wanting more right away, just like the ending of EVERY episode of LOST. P.S. - On Best Week Ever, I love how they mentioned that Pokemon was one of the theories for this movie...stupid.

MrJoe83 on Jul 17, 2007


From Wikipedia. As I think Rafe mentioned, I don't think THE monster is related to orka, I think at this point most clues will just point to another jj site, and that's what I'd like to find. Thinking about swiss, (as the fishy does). Uses of the words 'swiss cheese' from wikipedia: Swiss cheese (mathematics), a compact subset of the complex plane Swiss Cheese model, a model of accident causation Swiss Cheese model (cosmology), a model used to to describe the large-scale structure of the cosmos, devised by Albert Einstein and E.G. Straus

KidReviewer on Jul 17, 2007


I think the letters at the footer are just the number "6" in other languages.

Rafe on Jul 17, 2007


Brock, just for clarification, "organic" does not mean from the earth. Its relates to living organisms. organic : of, relating to, or derived from living organisms at least in the sense they were using it. Granite is from the earth, but not organic. Again, just a clarification. God forbid, I'm not bitching!

JJJackson on Jul 17, 2007


well, what we have to realise is that....uhh..i dono, i have no wisdom in me tonight.....well, what i want to say is i guess-i think there will be at LEAST 10 more related sites uncovered, and each one will help unlock one or more features on the root site(which i believe to be slusho). also, i thik that the site with all the numbers in it(sorry, im to tired and i dont want to butcher it, you know the one i mean) is just a site to help us onlock one of the slusho sections.....

big jim on Jul 17, 2007


Anyone read posts 911 or 913??? the #6 seems to come up alot even the plate #ABZ-2393 23 or 2x3=6 93 or 9-3=6 also the ABZ A=1 B=2 Z=26 1+2X2=6 and of course the 6 there are 3 ... sixes everywhere even the 17 cups on slusho 7-1=6...... and again read posts 911 and 912

Alexa on Jul 17, 2007


i mean 911 and 913.. sorry

Alexa on Jul 17, 2007


Has anyone actually tried to do what the slusho web site says to do??? SLUSHO ZOOM!!! isnt that a function on flash????? ZOOM?

PJ on Jul 17, 2007


Heres a thought,,, check the shusho web site at the bottom where the cups are the left side 1 cup is full.... then in the middle under everything is the # 6 then on the right is 3 full cups.... 163 anyone see that anywhere else? how about on the tv in the trailer, news 1 63 degrees ' coincidence.....????????????

PJ on Jul 17, 2007


in reference to post 1010 maybe we should zoom in on the picture with the guy with the slusho t-shirt, i noticed that the words-- we'll miss you rob-- are made out of pictures... could be something there

Alexa on Jul 17, 2007


dont know if anyone already posted this but what skateboard company is AKM? just curious if anyone knows.

thebk on Jul 17, 2007


and in reference to post 1012 1-6-3 one 6 three times 666 again its there

Alexa on Jul 17, 2007


AKM is on a frat paddle. Items I still have mucho questions about: Ganu swiss cheese & switzerland on jacket why the uneven number of filled slushos in the footer 'i saw it' okay, 'it's huge', okay, but it's alive -- strange. why would someone say something is alive, unless that was notable. the huge fireball - is the monster fire breathing or laser shooting? what else would create such a fireball in the city. the number 6, all over hte place.

kidreviewer on Jul 17, 2007


I am thinking that it could be a large frozen mammoth-like monster, since they have been found near and around oceans. This comment is in regards to the website which talks about something being frozen, and comment 998. Hopefully, its some insight.

Steve Jobbs on Jul 17, 2007



PJ on Jul 17, 2007



PJ on Jul 17, 2007


I don't see why it would be so unusual for someone to scream anything along the lines 'OMFG IT'S ALIVE ITS HUGE!" in such a context as demonstrated in the video - even if it were in reference to a living, organic monster. Saying "It's ALIVE" means it's an animated, living thing. That's an important message, that really gets the point across in a hurry. If I were in New York City, at nighttime and all I could see was some monster-sized creature that I didn't know WTF was, I would likely scream stuff very similar to that.

Chase on Jul 17, 2007



PJ on Jul 17, 2007


No Way You can definately see a dinosaur head at 1:30 of the trailer

Alexa on Jul 17, 2007


This is my take on the "its alive its huge" thing. Sometimes when I listen I hear lion....other times....alive. I am fairly sure he says alive....old debate ...I know....moving on. To me this phrase says a couple things. First, whatever he sees is something that was either not suposed to be alive in the first place (some inanimate object like a building, statue, meteor, glass of slusho, Donald Trumps hair, etc.) or something that was thought to be dead that is not anymore (reanimate or create your own movie monsters for this one). Secondly, it is something that this guy either a) has never seen before and his "on the run" description is simply that its huge or b) he is shocked by the fact it is bigger then the preconcieved notion of what he thought it was or its way bigger then he knew it was before. Thats my 2 cents on that....morph it how you

Rick on Jul 17, 2007



Alexa on Jul 17, 2007



Alexa on Jul 17, 2007



Alexa on Jul 17, 2007


thanks Alexa, im glad someone else see it too!

PJ on Jul 17, 2007


i know this means nothing for our search, but it's really creepy that there is a band from 'Switzerland' called The Monsters, and they have a pic on their punk band site with a label saying 100% Whale Approved. They look legit, but still a weird thing to find. Add to it six japanese letters for their site counter. or google "switzerland monsters"

kidreviewer on Jul 18, 2007


Maybe it's the Blue Whale from The Museum of Natural History. It's a pretty well known exhibit so seeing it would make somebody say "It's alive" like they know what they're seeing and they know it's something that shouldn't be "alive".

MrJoe83 on Jul 17, 2007


Has anybody heard about the Kakoey or Katoey monster. It might be connected to the movie.

Reyna on Jul 18, 2007


Holy crap. PJ, I see what you are talking about. It has a sort of dinosaur shape to it, but I don't want to make that call. More importantly when you watch it that close several times, somethings dawns on you. The Liberty head is clearly being "spit out" or something like that from that area. It's way too far from where the Statue is to be propelled. There's gotta be something there, it makes sense.

Ox on Jul 18, 2007


Thanks Ox, I was also looking at 1 minute 25 seconds on the trailer.... it shows a closeup of the same area,,,, but just for a split second,,, you can see somethng moving in the same area, not quite as clear as at 1:30

PJ on Jul 18, 2007


I think I found the purpose of the fish think of CHEESE from the slusho website. If you go to it looks like there's nothing of importance there except another link to Slusho. But if you click on the image of the Statue of Liberty, it takes you HERE: A site about cheese? Really? While this seems FAR AWAY from anything to do with the movie, it HAS linked Slusho to the Statue of Liberty/NY. Why would the slushozoom site use the Statue of Liberty as a link to a page about cheese? The cheese is called Neufchatel cheese. I guess now I'll be looking up what neufchatel means. Any thoughts?

Flagg79 on Jul 18, 2007


I was looking closer at 1:30 the Liberty head seems to come from above or behind the creatures head.... curious... multiple monsters??

PJ on Jul 18, 2007


Hmmm ... well Flagg, Neufchatel is a type of cheese... French cheese.... im not sure that is helpful... But have you read post 1018? I think PJ is onto something!! you really need to check the trailer out again!!!

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


Okay...I rushed through things...I think there's A LOT to be found at All of the links there seem to give clues to the movie. Everyone should give it a look. There are even some really bizarre quotations there that seem to go along with the film.

Flagg 79 on Jul 18, 2007


Are PJ, Ox, Sue and myself the only oones looking at what PJ found in the trailer???? You need to see this! Check out post 1018,,, and it will describe what to look for there is clearly a dinosaur like head!!!

Alexa on Jul 18, 2007


A Breakdown of -First, the page title in the top of the window reads: Slusho Zoom January 18, 2008 - A quote from the home page reads: In the beginning, there was more than one to inherit the wind. The sea is the womb. One overcame the other. Extinct does not always mean dead. -One link takes you to a page with an octopus that says: At the end of the world, after all my efforts were wasted. What I would not have given for just a simple bath. -Another link takes you to a wikipedia entry about the history of the bazooka. One of the creators discussed is Robert Goddard. One of the movie's producers in Drew Goddard. So when you look into Robert Goddard, you find that he had some pretty off-the-wall theories. Also, his family was later responsible for many breakthroughs in space travel and technology. -The link with the Statue of Liberty takes you to a young chef's website where you learn how to make cheese. -Another link takes you to a university page that discusses genetic disorders. -Another link takes you to an imdb listing for an old Japanese monster movie. Anyway...I'm sure there are more clues within these clues, but I think we're starting to get a little closer with clues like these.

Flagg79 on Jul 18, 2007


Flagg... you can make of it what you want, but something to think about is that wasn't created until July, 7. In my personal opinion I think that any sites that JJ intended to be a part of the clues was probably already created before the trailer ever aired. Anytime I come across a site that I think may be legit, I just check out the date it was created. If its after July 2 then I assume its fan site. I don't want to stop anyone from searching for clues anywhere, but just sharing my opinion 🙂

Rafe on Jul 18, 2007


Yeah and if you highlight the whole page, more text appears.... with and 1-18-08 being done in flash, this seems a little out of place to me... especially since the site links up to a place to make a 'donation' then goes to pay pal... Im not buying this at all

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


Now, Has anyone else looked at the trailer again!! check it out at 1:30 there is clearly something there! People really need to see this

Alexa on Jul 18, 2007



Sue on Jul 18, 2007


its really sad that you are posting under three names to show your point man. really really sad. especially because youre pretending to be a girl for two. loser

groggo on Jul 18, 2007


groggo, are you in la la land? Instead of accusing someone of something stupid, why don't you go and check it out this is important to find out whats behind the movie... and I, for one am myself

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


I agree if Rafe on Everything points to it being bogus, ESPECIALLY the Hot Bath button on the upper right (looks like a Japanese wall scroll) and it links to donate.htm Donate? Right.... And then you get a button that links you to paypal. I feel we can safely call this site bogus now, just due to that. It's somebody trying to cash in on this movie, so don't buy into it. And the hidden text is extremely simple to do. You just set white text on a white background and you're set. It's a fun little trick, but I don't think JJ and company would resort to one of the oldest tricks in the book. Also, to debunk this site one step more is that they don't have Google Analytics/Urchin linked up at all. So far, both 1-18-08 and slusho have that linked in so they can track how many visitors come to the site. How else do you think they know if we found their other sites or not? Oh, and yeah, it's funny how Slush-O appears in Alias. "Do you want a Slush-O? They're delicious" Hmmmmmmmm

lennit on Jul 18, 2007


Hey Lennit did you read the post at 1040? Was already noted you people are wasting time on bogus sites, when you can be looking at something real. Read 1018 look at the trailer again... There is clearly something to be seen Why dont we try to figure that out??? Maybe we could get somewhere then?

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


me in lala land? you have social issues. sad really.

groggo on Jul 18, 2007


grow up groggo this is a post about this movie, not your imagination If you dont want to contribute to the movie discussion then go somewhere else

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


Now, is anyone going to look into what is seen in the trailer at 1:30? Clearly there is something there near the Chrysler building but everyone seems to be stuck on slushozoom Maybe if you look at that part of the trailer, we can actually figure out what the creature may be

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


LOL, yeah groggo...I smelled multiple personalities, too.

Flagg79 on Jul 18, 2007



este on Jul 18, 2007


Don't bother with Este #1052... they just added a screaming zombie at the end to try and shock people. And Sue, give it a break... I mean I understand that the thing looks like yoshi from mario, but if we want to look at it and post then we will. You don't need to post 25 comments about "LOOK AT THE PREVIEW AGAIN! OMG, IT'S A DINOSAUR!". I'm sorry, I ususally don't tear people down, but that's just getting ridiculous.

Rafe on Jul 18, 2007


Alrigtht Rafe. Why are you being a dick? You need to take humor as it is, just humor, and stop trying to ruin it for everyone else by being a tightwad.

Este on Jul 18, 2007


its cuz sue is also Alexa and PJ, and its desperate for someone to tell him how fuckin cool he is. very very desperate.

groggo on Jul 18, 2007


That's exactly what I was thinking... all of a sudden three people all show up at the same time with the same enthusiasm about the same thing. And, I'm not being a tightwad. You can only post something so many times before someone is going to say enough is enough.

Rafe on Jul 18, 2007


I'm not looking to make this a bashing session so lets just get back to the movie 🙂

Rafe on Jul 18, 2007


precisely. so who finds the camera at coney island? any one have leads?

groggo on Jul 18, 2007


Ethan Haas.... haha, just kidding 🙂

Rafe on Jul 18, 2007


i found it!! and im making copies send 50 bucks to my paypal and ill send u a copy 😀

nick on Jul 18, 2007


#1024, I think you're looking too hard into the whole "It's alive, it's huge!" statement. It is NOT necessary that the monster in question be something normally percieved to be un-alive, i.e. an inanimate object. It can simply mean, "It's a LIVING THING", which would be the proper message to convey to others in a frenzy of flight. If you're living in NY City, and you see Manhattan exploding the hell up, and havoc being wreaked upon, you're going to either think that it's a terrorist attack involving bombs and weapons of mass destruction, or you're going to think it's something along the lines of Godzilla. Then when you actually see some gigantic entity that you've never seen before and have no idea what it is, except that it is some kind of monster. That's when you start thinking, "Holy shit, it's ALIVE. And it's HUGE!" All this means is, you don't know WTF it is, but you know it's animated, living and with some form of intelligence. That's the essence of screaming shit like "OMG it's ALIVE!".

Chase on Jul 18, 2007


Rafe and Groggo first off, you guys don't even use a real name, so who are you to talk about anyone, second, I don't know who any of you or anyone one else is on this post, third, have you even looked at the trailer as described earlier? maybe you should, i dont see any yoshi, but i do see what appears to be a t-rex or something like it. I hope thats the case too, so you 2 can eat your words This is a post to figure out the movie, and how many posts have you wasted not on that topic grow up or get back to the movie, maybe we can all figure this thing out funny how many people started this post, and how few are left i wonder why

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


As far as the dinosaur head at 1:29-1:30 on the video, i did look at it, and you know what it is, SMOKE, its SMOKE becaue the city just exploded, it does somewhat resemble a head of something but thats all it is, its not a head. Keep in mind the 30 million dollar buget, its not going to be a special effects type movie at all. I will bet nobody will know what it really is even after they see they movie because the whole movie itself is going to be based on clue's and flashbacks from people trying to figure out what happened in the aftermath and its still going to be left up in the air at the end of the movie. Thats my opinon.

Joe on Jul 18, 2007


if you look, you can see a head open its mouth as the statue of liberty head is going up in the air look carefully, and use the trailer from apple at the highest resolution you will see it for sure

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


And if you check it at 1:25, you can see something as well

Sue on Jul 18, 2007


Okay. We got the message. We looked at it. To me it looks like billowing smoke, but either way we got your message. BTW, we got your message. If you look up 'Ganu Swiss Donkeys' on wikipedia it will say "we got your message". Thanks for sharing. I got excited. I did what you asked. Mission accomplished. Now let's talk about that site.

KidReviewer on Jul 18, 2007


"Its a lion, its HUGE!" Hmmm LION, like in evangeLION! Oh I get it. Its an Evangelion movie!

NERV on Jul 18, 2007


Sue, I understand that you want us to go looking at this part of the trailer. I saw motion in the smoke when I studied the trailer closely for clues, and I do agree something weird is there. But, we need to find the other clues and websites that exist out there, not find out what this monster is. We may never even see the monster in the movie. Even if we do, how does finding out what the monster is help us with the ARG of this movie? It isn't going to give us all the links to the sites JJ put up. We have to look for other clues than "that looks like a T-rex". Slusho becomes obvious when you see it, but where do we go with a T-rex or similar creature? Also, we don't even know for sure that it's a monster attacking NYC. It could be a monster, but instead of destroying NYC with a purpose it could be fighting another monster or something. I've used this before just to illustrate a point that we can't think about this in old ways. JJ isn't like that. The first thing that came to our minds when we saw the trailer is "Godzilla!!" and I'm positive he expected that response. What if it's something far beyond our normal perception? We go "Gozilla-esk" and JJ expects that, he then goes some other route like Mother Earth taking over or something. We can't go to cliches here. And everyone, please bring any of the aggressive tones on this thread to a close. There will be people who come here to try and anger us and say the movie is stupid and we're giving it free publicity, etc etc. Let's please try to ignore them and use this as a way to share information, with open minds, and not be attached to any theory. We know so little about this movie and it seems a lot of people are married to Cthulhu, Voltron, Eva, Godzilla, etc etc and that's causing some tension and arguments. I say, if any of these supporters can come up with proof to back up their beliefs, then wonderful! I'd personally love to hear it. But when we have other proof pointing towards or confirming those creatures or characters are not related to this movie then please respect that. It's sad when obvious logic cannot be taken in because one is jaded with hope, expectation, or other agendas. Anyway, I'll still do my best to report the most un-biased and confirmed data I can. I'm still trying to crack the mysteries of Slusho and hopefully tomorrow's (thursday's) new 1-18-08 picture gives us another clue!

lennit on Jul 18, 2007


Kinda quiet in here huh? 🙂

NERV on Jul 18, 2007


Yeah...I checked I the trailer on Apple, highest res, blah blah. I don't see it dude. Not saying your wrong, just saying I don't see shit but smoke.

Brock Sampson on Jul 18, 2007


If you think you see it, believe it, know it or have a it. Thats what this is thread is for. Dont let someone on here tell you they KNOWWWW its not this or that and your wasting anyones time for saying it. Fact of the matter is NOBODY on this thread knows what this movie is or is not about nor has any proof to go either way. Nobody was in closed door meetings, signed any contracts or was on site filming this. Its been a secret this long and nobody knew it was coming until it played. This could be so simple its sickening and that is how JJ is getting one over on everybody and the joke could be on us scrambling like rats for clues. People are looking at oven mits, swiss cheese, hearing Godzilla roar, quoting scripture, watching old cartoons, researching fraternities, google earthing, cropping photos and making anagrams out of every printed word on street signs and bumpersticker from the trailer.......and we are no closer now then we were then.....and that is only my opinion.

Rick on Jul 18, 2007


so were all decided its GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rtv on Jul 18, 2007



Rick on Jul 18, 2007


Google the word bloob. Thank me later.

Brock Sampson on Jul 18, 2007


so were all decided its EVANGELION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rtv on Jul 18, 2007


ok looking at the preveiew over and over again im perty sure its either an apocalyspse movie or from what i heard a giant monster/alien movie

Bumbay18 on Jul 18, 2007


Thinking of the swiss cheese and oven mitt thing, fondue comes to mind

NY JOE on Jul 18, 2007


And you use little forks, or pitchforks to dip stuff in the fondue, im still thinking the #6 comes up alot

NY JOE on Jul 18, 2007


@ LiCH comment #1076 Some of this sounds like Eva "Hope this helps." Yeah it does 🙂 Long live Evangelion.......

Shinji on Jul 18, 2007


what if this is a "prequel" trailer like what they did for transformers shoing bumbblebee at mars. it makes sense for jj to do this for a movie that did the same thing......just a thought

Bumbay18 on Jul 18, 2007


Yeah Im pretty sure it could be a prequel for Eva. It could be a movie for when the first angel attacks.

Bumbay18 on Jul 18, 2007


I was checking out the official website just a bit ago to see if at midnight eastern time a 4th picture was added....indicating a pattern of a new picture every Thursday. Anyhow...not yet...but I noticed something when I refreshed the page, and I do not know if this was mentioned before so sorry if it was....but everytime you goto the page or refresh it, the pictures are shuffled around. Has anyone found a pattern to this or some method to that madness or do you all think its just random? Just something else to think if there isnt enough already.

Rick on Jul 18, 2007


Rick, i am not getting a 4th pic are you sure one was added?

NY JOE on Jul 18, 2007


Sorry if I wasnt clear Joe.....when I said "not yet", I meant a 4th one was not there when I went looking a bit ago. When I am tired and grasping for straws at midnight, my grammar and sentence structure skills are not quite up to School House Rock recommendations. ..... lol.

Rick on Jul 18, 2007


lol, understood

NY JOE on Jul 18, 2007


I noticed that the "Ill miss you rob poster" is not a cut out, but actually made by something. Does anybody know of what that might be.

Diana Hacker on Jul 18, 2007


the poster is made out of pictures of i think people, his friends probaly. you may be able to find something if u could zoom in on them.

thebk on Jul 18, 2007


If we're lucky, we might get to see an eva

thebk on Jul 18, 2007


Since the trailer seems to have many minute clues throughout the teaser. I also saw that there was a word on the back of a frightened bystander between the time of 1:21 to 1:22. It looks like it says Switzerland, but.......who knows. The shadow of the monster outside looks like the Marshmellow Monster from Ghostbusters. hehe

Diana Hacker on Jul 19, 2007


There's too many posts to read through them all. HAS ANYBODY CAUGHT ONTO THE WEBSITE... ? It has a few pics from the movie. Doesn't really tell anything yet but I wonder if they will be updated from time to time and I wonder it that IS the name of the movie. hmmmm.

Jill on Jul 19, 2007


Whatever, I hope it's Godzilla. P.S.- Hey A God, nice way to throw in youre a bucket fairy. My hero, lol. Lame.

Wrks on Jul 19, 2007


Oh and BTW, that comment was made for the ppl here who chastized and goofed on everyone else who had opinions other than their own. Look at #899,#900, etc. Like I said before, get a grip "hero".

Wrks on Jul 19, 2007


I spoke to Viacom legal today and their communications department said that the rumors of them pulling the pics are false. Additionally, Steven, of Shearman & Sterling added that the websites claiming a C&D have lied to boost their ratings. “The photos in question do not show or prove enough information as to be the set of the “Clover” production.” Grow up people. And quit trying to look like your nuts are bigger than they are.

Legal Eagle on Jul 19, 2007


Some one discovered this article in the New York post. Someone revealed some info on the movie apparently...

Lexicon on Jul 19, 2007


I dont know about anyone but when you look at the trailer at the 1:31-ish mark you can see the smoke form into a face of a half lion-half man face quickly just before it changes to 1:32 and before the camera pans away again. To me it sounds like the person says "its a lion, its huge!". Plus the clues about the girl earlier saying it "sounded" like an animal. Then another guy is heard saying "what kind of animal makes that sound?" or something to that effect. Now look up the Coney Island lion and the sea lions at Coney Island. AND look up nara-simha in the Hindu religion. I might be waaaaaaaay off base here but it might be something??????? SOmething about the end of the world in the Hindu religion.....I dont know squat about Hindu so I might be wrong....

holmesaz on Jul 19, 2007


1092 - was that a joke? 1097 - no clue what you see bc i dont see anything

Thundercats on Jul 19, 2007


I've been checking this thread since it began, and since we've hit a little over a 1000 it's starting to become redundant. Not bitching or yelling, just make sure that you take the time like everyone else did and read ALL of the comments. Wasted space and redundancy will only cause less patient people to leave the thread or waste more space yelling. About the face in the smoke, last night I showed the trailer in HD to a few friends who hadn't seen the trailer before. Right before we see the SOL head flying from the buildings in the wasy back, they claimed they could see a strange looking shadow. I thought it was just smoke or shadow from the smoke, but they said it was something else, I couldn't quite make it out but has anyone else noticed anything starge on the buildings to the left of the huge smoke cloud?

Merl on Jul 19, 2007


ughhh its not a evangelion movie. stupid ppl

nick on Jul 19, 2007


In response to #1084, The 4th picture, if my assumptions are correct, should be posted at around 5PM Central Today (Thursday the 19th) That's at least around the time they posted the past two pictures....around 5PM Central the past 2 Thursdays. Let's see if they do it a third time.

lennit on Jul 19, 2007


1101 - hopefully bc work is boring

Thundercats on Jul 19, 2007


A few new(?) tidbits - at the 0:54, there is a single frame where the camera does this weird zoom thing. It's the direct instant before they go to the rooftop and looks as if the camera is doing an auto focus. Anyway, if you keep pausing and pausing and checking out every frame within that one second, you'll see a very detailed shape of what, IMO, looks like some kind of demon. -In Revelations, there is talk of a 6 headed beast that actually has a seventh head, the seventh being that of the anti-christ. Watch the explosion as they are on the rooftop and count how many different projectiles go into the air.

Flagg79 on Jul 19, 2007


See my post # 1075 please.

Brock Sampson on Jul 19, 2007


Sorry, that's supposed to say google the word bloop.

Brock Sampson on Jul 19, 2007


This event really happened, and recently someone went through the trouble of posting a fake story on CNN website about this happening again. I'm not sure but CNN won't post a fake story for just anyone. The last time something like this happened, it was to promote The Blair Witch Project. Hmm.

Brock Sampson on Jul 19, 2007


Also, alot of people have associated this with The creature Trunko. So I looked up Trunko: Trunko is the nickname for an animal reportedly sighted in Margate, South Africa on October 25, 1924, according to an article entitled "Fish Like A Polar Bear" published in the December 27, 1924 edition of London's Daily Mail. The animal was reputedly first seen off the coast battling two ORKA whales, which fought the unusual creature for three hours. It used its tail to attack the whales and reportedly lifted itself out of the water by about 20 feet. One of the witnesses, Hugh Ballance, described the animal as looking like a "giant polar bear" during a final fight. These are the links - Now that I think about it, the roar sounded familiar to me, I just couldn't place it. Kinda sounds like a half polar bear half whale. I'll buy that. What do you guys think? I think Trunko could be coming.........maybe.

Brock Sampson on Jul 19, 2007


Something new!!! So, I was reading the newspaper article that was scanned and posted above and I noticed something weird in the 5th paragraph where they say the news reporter mentions a "thunderous, roaring sound". The thing is, they say "NY1 reports Roma Torre reports.... I knew something was weird here....we didn't see her name in the trailer. I checked and yeah, no name appears on the screen and she doesn't say her name at all in the trailer...just "phone calls have been pouring into the NY1 news room with reports of a thunderous, roaring sound" so, I searched for Roma Torre and found this yep, that's her. I thought I read from somebody who lives in Manhattan that NY1 doesn't exist. Can anybody confirm this? Is the site real or bogus? More info as it develops 🙂

le on Jul 19, 2007


NY1 is real. I live in NYC.

Thundercats on Jul 19, 2007


oops, that above post was by me...hahahaha "le"...hahaha 🙂

lennit on Jul 19, 2007


Hey #1108 - I stated many posts ago that NY1 does exist - it's a Time Warner company and they've often participated in New York City-centric movies.

GSPgirl on Jul 19, 2007


I think I got it......Reptilicus. kidding.....just felt the urge to add something while waiting to go out to dinner. But it got me thinking about other classic and less known sci-fi movies......and I still got butkiss.

Rick on Jul 19, 2007


Well, I was going off of the past couple of weeks and the images were put up on Thursdays around 5PM Central...but it's almost 6 now and no new image. 🙁 Possibly later tonight?? But, oh well, I was really excited.

lennit on Jul 19, 2007


Finally LE post 1108 finally came up with something noteworthy, very nice. I have a couple things i need clarification on with post 1103's findings, where anywhere on that frame do you see a head of a demon or anything all. I've looked at it frame for frame and i dont see anything at all, where do i need to look? and for post 1107, where there any clues anywhere from the pictures or the trailer that pointed you to Trunko? how did you come up with that? or is that just a guess on your part? Becaue i cant imagine the movie being that lame where a half whale, half polar bear is going to jump out of the ocean and terrorize NYC and smack off the head of the statue of liberty. I dont think it sounds like a whale song at all, if it was what would it be trying to communicate with? I think the sound could actually be a metal structure moving or grinding on something ready to collapse. Anybody figure out at about 1:20 when they all run out side what is the illuminate doghnut shaped O on the one guys back?

Joe on Jul 19, 2007


Im hella pissed that the 4th pic aint up yet. lol I noticed the doghnut shaped sign also on the back at 1:20, but at 1:21-1:22 there is a word on the back of another persons jacket that runs left to right on the screen. Any ideas homies and homette's.

Leland on Jul 19, 2007


I too saw the "glowing ring". I can also see a second one that is more faint on the bottom right of his shirt. It can be seen the clearest at 1:20. Its almost like how something glows where there is a blacklight on it. Leland.....The word on the jacket is Switzerland. I also been working on that phone number on the sign that ends in 6-5535. I was looking at NY prefixes and wasnt able to come up with anything.....yet. Boy do I need a hobby.

Rick on Jul 19, 2007


Yes, the word on the Jacket is Switzerland, and the funny thing is on site when you read the history and click on the fish you get a picture of swiss cheese, i dont know what the connection is. my quicktime is all messed up from the codecs i have, i try to show frame by frame on the doghnut shap on the guys back and i think you can letters and or numbers but i cant seem to stop it at the exact frame to be sure, so it could be nothing, someone else should try it and see what you come up with.

Joe on Jul 19, 2007


I'm pretty sure the circles on the guys shirt are just part of his shirt, if you watch it frame by frame they stay in the same spot, this would explain the second one seen on the bottom right corner of it, its just the pattern of his lame shirt. also i noticed something about the debris that goes ascending into the sky when everyones on the roof, they seem to explode more than once......dont have much to pull from that but thought it was interesting.

bored on Jul 19, 2007


Joe, I looked for additional numbers and letters but didnt see any. I thought I saw some shapes within the "glowing" part but cannot make anything out. I am getting about 12 frames per second that I can look at. Only a couple per second are crystal clear to be able to make anything out. Your guess is as good as mine on the oven mit and swiss cheese. I thought there might be a link with the jacket this point its anybodies guess.

Rick on Jul 19, 2007


You know, I was thinking before today that they wouldn't put the 4th pic up on (if there is a 4th pic) just because we were expecting them to. You know there are people that work specifically on this for JJ and if it was me... I think it would be humorous to throw everyone off like that. The whole thursday at 5pm thing was a good observation, but may not be anything significant. Just a thought... would be kinda funny.

Rafe on Jul 19, 2007


I agree Rafe, why give us what we expect. That would go against the whole idea of this guessing game.

Rick on Jul 19, 2007


so were all decided its a killer swiss cheese slusho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rtv on Jul 19, 2007


Abrams has duped us, you know he's laughing his ass off right now. Funny thing is, we are no closer right now than we were the day the trailer was released. Sure, lots, and LOTS of speculation, but that's all it is. There's probably a website sitting out there right now that has all the answers. We just haven't found it. 🙂

Chris on Jul 19, 2007


OK...I have another idea after my Reptilicus crack. I was still thinking about old movies and came up with another one of my old favorites and saw a few interesting Beast From 20000 Fathoms. A movie that was the inspiration for Godzilla. A huge monster that thaws out and enters Lower Manhattan then goes on to destroy Coney Island, which is where it meets his demise. Can anyone apply some of that Slusho stuff or things in the trailer to this one? I just figured the whole warming thing (63 degrees in January), social message (global warming vs atomic testing), loud roar that is most likely a monster of some sort, came out the water into Lower Manhattan (Slusho is looking like something from the sea), we know they did filming at Coney Island and lastly the Beast carries a virus that makes people/the soldiers fighting it, sick like all the parasite things people are talking about. Again, just tossing out ideas and there seems to be a couple really good coincidences there.....maybe it will make someone else think of something else or see another clue.

Rick on Jul 19, 2007


i really don't see the fascination or immense praise given to this preview. It was average at best i mean it was shot with a home video camera, a few people talked during a party the lights flicker a loud roar and then the statue of liberty's head flies to the ground.....SO WHAT!!! Defiantly not the best trailer ever defiantly not extraordinarily amazing and although it sparks interest let me ask you this how much interest would people still have with this average or may i even say sub par preview to possible the best movie i have ever seen (transformers) if it gave you the damn movies name. People would not be talking about this movie like its god's gift to movies and praising it before they know a damn thing about the movie might i add. People are like "oh man awesome" or "Wow can't wait to see his movie" and may i ask you WHY.You know nothing about this movie and its JJ Abram may i all remind you of LOST possibly the most confusing and annoying show on television EVER. This is how i predict the movie to go ready ill plot it out in 5-10 easy segments so everyone can follow. 1) People hear monster New York is being destroyed ( alright like New York hasn't been destroyed or ruined in what 100 other movies) 2) People are running and screaming and at this point you NEVER see the monster just people running crying and having hours of pointless dialouge. 3) Group of people band together to find safety ( possibility of a love story forming or knowing Abram you will find out how all these people are connected in some way through 2 hours of confusing background stories and flashbacks) 4-7) Nothing but the regular shitty special effects that ignorant people find amazing and jerk off to when a building explodes in the background (still have not seen the monster though) 8) Some random guys shows up and somehow knows about the monster and go off about it what ever 9) Monster completely destroys New York and movie is coming to an end 10) Movie ends but you are still left with just about as much knowledge about the movie now as you were when you first saw the trailer for it before the Transformers movie and in order to find out what the movie is actually about and how it ends because it leaves you with so many loose ends and plot holes its ridiculous you have to watch another 5 seasons of LOST, suck my balls JJ Abram there you have it your amazing movie thats all i can call it now a movie because for some reason we don't have a real name for it yet so whatever get all excited about this movie i don't care everyone is entitled to their opinion and views i just don't see how or why it is being classified as the coolest movie trailer ever and why there is so much hype get over yourselves people i mean when you know the name of the movie maybe ill accept you to crack a grin over the trailer in anticipation but until then shut up.

chris on Jul 19, 2007


Its a great big internet Chris. If you do not care and are so upset over peoples hype why are you even in the blogs and threads reading about it to know what people said and then taking the time to post? Thats like saying I hate steak so I think I will go to Outback for dinner.

Rick on Jul 20, 2007


i saw transformers. i don't remember seeing this trailer. so i went back and watched it after hearing that it's become some internet hype. after watching again, now i remember seeing a trailer at transformers for a godzilla movie. how it is not obivious that it's godzilla? nice shot out to japan too.

vetz on Jul 20, 2007


LMAO... Rick said, "Thats like saying I hate steak so I think I will go to Outback for dinner." That's awesome.

Rafe on Jul 20, 2007


2 comments from Chris (1125) can pretty much sum up the mentality at work there: "possible the best movie i have ever seen (transformers)" "Nothing but the regular shitty special effects that ignorant people find amazing" THERE ya have it - straight from the non-oven-mitt-thinking horses mouth, well, or SOME misc horse orifice. LOL As for people making cracks here and in other threads about the ridiculous idea of smoke being a monster, let's review a few unlikely things that have previously scared the b'jesus out of people: a man made of various body parts, a man that turns into a wild dog, a dead body wrapped in gauze, a fog, a mass of gelatinous goo, flocks of deranged birds. Point is, almost anything, in the proper context, can be made to seem scary. I think JJ will provide the context and allow our own minds to provide the beast. PS - DON'T look under the bed tonight!

JJJackson on Jul 20, 2007



Lexington on Jul 20, 2007


Rampage? Come on, man...we are talking about J.J. Abrams. Let's just be serious here. Your evidence proves nothing.

Ox on Jul 20, 2007


I sticking with my Beast from 20000 Fathoms theory I posted above......just saying for now I havent seen anything better thrown on the table. I think (ONLY my opinion) anyone stuck on the idea that this will be a some mysterious inuendo numerological physchological film simply because its JJ Abrams has their head in the clouds. While he has a hit and great success the mysterious Lost and success with Alias, we need to remember that does not mean that this movie, just because the trailer doesnt say the title, will be just like that. I would like to point out that he also wrote for the movies Armageddon, Gone Fishin and Taking Care of Business and some television credits aside from what I mentioned are Felicity and What About numberology, no smoke monsters and no unsatisfying endings. He is also working on the next Star Trek (your basic sci-fi, spaceship, alien, photon torpedo kind of movie)...that is called branching out. So to say "JJ Abrams wouldnt do a Rampage, Godzilla, Smoke Monster, Chalupa (I just like calling it that), or Voltron movie just because of what Lost is", is just ludicrous. And again, I am not saying its one of those....just calling for openmindedness. 😉

Rick on Jul 20, 2007


ok guys, somehow I stmbled on to this website and was intrigued. Then I went to see transformers on weds. Then I spent like 2 days at work reading 1133 comments to catch up, also checking all the sites and what not. I am a pretty intuitive guy and this is what I can garuantee you. Its an end of the world (apoc.) movie. Its not godzilla, any to do with lost, rampage, EVA or voltron (man you guys are nerdbombers), zzzzz the list goes on, its not it. Could be chutlupuhajsaihdas, trust me, this will be new. I am also pretty sure that all the websites weve been going to are connected. A stupid 2 paragraph phony letter from JJ that says is not affiliated with cloverfield does not stop me from believing it. Nor does articles stating that all this ethan stuff is for a video game, that would be insane. go to and click all the links on the right side, doesn't all this shit remind you at all about the lost experience and finding all that hidden stuff all over the web. Its something that you can get into, but only for a short while, because its just a tv show, or a movie.

Dan on Jul 20, 2007


I'm not sure the end of the world theory fits well with the idea that the whole film is a flashback from a camera that is found after it's over. If the world ends, there aren't people cleaning up and taking the time to watch videos when they might need to go find shelter and food.

kidreviewer on Jul 20, 2007


i think its completely original, but everything is up to speculation when its about this movie if it was Rampage, wouldn't any of the sites that J.J. and company created would have a bit more clues to it being Rampage? Its a good observation, but people would need more clues or proof to it being Rampage or any other movie or video game remake just my thoughts, don't kill me, please

AD on Jul 20, 2007


Rampage? really? that theory is way out there. I think the fact J.J. made it a point to say the movie only has a 30 million dollar budget definetly eliminates any chance of this being any type of remake, re-tred and adaptation of any sort, because those type of movies would be marketed for their special effects, which this movie is not going to have with that budget. Its going to be an original idea and plot (maybe revelations if anything) and the clues are in the numbers, the time stamps on the pics, compared to the time they are on the roof when the city explodes (very far away from the city) to the next scene cutting to them running out of a building in the middle of the city right when the guy says "i saw it, its alive, its huge" i think is the biggest thing we need to put together. I think the pictures will fill in the blanks on what happened from the time they were on the roof to the time they made it downtown.

Joe on Jul 20, 2007


I have to say that 1130 has a point. When I first saw the trailer at the movies, I had never heard about it before. It was a complete surprise to me. But the first thing I thought when watching it was Rampage. I even turned to my wife in the middle of it and said, ohhhh rampage. I was waiting for the name to show up and say see. I almost posted my theory the other day about it, but thought after reading some of these, I was way off. Now I don't think so. It can't be the end of the world, if the next day starts the movie off. If there's a clean up crew, that would lead me to believe something(s) makes a big mess of NY. Rampage fits that well. I'm not at all saying I'm right, and I definately could be wrong, but this is the theory I am sticking with for now.

dj_hindle on Jul 20, 2007


Hey Post 1133 I started that beast from 20,000 fathoms thing back in te top 100 posts what were you late to the party.. or My post was #88 on that topic. I said...."I bet a Camcorder remake of beast from 20,000 fathoms.."

Pitbull0669 on Jul 20, 2007


chris youre an asshole, and that essay doesnt make you tough. i'd whip your ass if i knew who you were for trying to be mr. toughsmarts. dont post here again. keep your hate for people in your moms basement, with your World of Warcraft posters and Chewbacca outfit.

groggo on Jul 20, 2007


Pitbull....I prefer to call it fashionably Now there are 2 of You think my theory has some merit? Does anyone know if the budget, aside from what he said, was really 30 million? I assume your not just taking his word for it. Was this something that can be verified? Groggo, best thing to do with someone like Chris is to ignore it. Let him go on enjoying his Bloomin Onion. He is only angry because Mom came down to his man-cave without knocking while he was having dirty time with his Princess Leia doll.

Rick on Jul 20, 2007


ROFL!!!! Funny Stuff!!! and Yep. I do think it has merrit..Its either that or the ray Harryhusin movie about the Monster that attact. Italy you know which one Im talkin about..? I can remeber tha damb name!!! Shit! here it is I new Id find it!!!!LOL.. 20 Million Miles to Earth and The Beast From 20,000 fathoms,000_Fathoms NOW EITHER of those would be TOTALY logical!!!!! My 2 cents...WHOS WITH ME!!!!!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 20, 2007


OH SHIT I ALMOST FORGOT!!!! It COULD be this too. !!! Im figureing its one of the 3! Go there and watch the Trailer It cool as hell!!!!

Pitbull0669 on Jul 20, 2007


This is the most cost effective theory. If you are working on a 30 million dollar budget, you need to make it easier. Movies of this nature are costing closer to 100 million. 30 million is the ad budget.

Cloverfield-Project on Jul 20, 2007


Ok, off by a day. The 4th picture is up!!! It at least shows someone in army garb, and is that lady to the left a police officer?..hmmm

lennit on Jul 20, 2007


Also, a few changes over at They took away the "You Can't Drink Just Six!!" text from the bottom of the page. They also had slusho cups on the left and right of that phrase, and then the phrase in Japanese. All gone now! Also, they removed the ability to turn the sound on and off. First they give it the ability to toggle (it wasn't there at first) and then now they take it away again. Interesting eh?

lennit on Jul 20, 2007


Is that a National Gaurdsman? If it is, and the pics are happening at the time they say, then they were prepared. Brock earlier said to Google BLOOP. Ya might wanna.

JJJackson on Jul 20, 2007



locotezz on Jul 20, 2007



Rafe on Jul 20, 2007



Rafe on Jul 20, 2007



LOCOTEZZ on Jul 20, 2007


JJJackson - According to Wiki, the Bloop phenomenon took place in the Pacific Ocean. You also mentioned that if it was in-fact a National Guardsman, then they were prepared for the event. Can you elaborate on this?

Andrew on Jul 20, 2007


Hahaha, I can't wait till most of the "fans" turn into haters once the movie comes out and they never show the monster! It's gonna be great. You can speculate all you want but I'm totally convinced that we will never see what the monster looks like and I'm okay with that. There is one thing I don't understand about what has been revealed from the plot. If New York gets destroyed, how do those kids find the camera at Coney Island? Are they from Jersey and take the ferry over? I'm sure they'll just anybody walk around now that everything is destroyed. But whatever, I'm a patient person, I'm fine with getting one new picture a week and I can't wait for whatever JJ has to say at ComicCon. And again, do not expect to see the monster. P.S. - Definitely check out Bloop...very interesting

MrJoe83 on Jul 20, 2007


Ok, the new picture is very blury, but if you look at the women in the red running out of the picture on the right, dosent it look like a tranquilizer dart sticking out of her hip?? is that just a part of her dress or something else? If its a dart that opens a whole new can of worms

Joe on Jul 20, 2007


and another think, look at the hat or cap the "Army" guy is wearing it goes down below his neck, and the women he's looking at looks very very startled looking at him, and if you look at his back, it almost looks like some wierd kind of armor or shell of some sort. Either way its Apparal that doesnt look like any military or National guard uniforms that i know if, and i looked online. Anybody from the Military in here that can confirm or deny? Because i'm thinking by the pictures, that guy in the camo is part of the attack. Thats why the women in front looks really startled looking at his face and thats why everyone else is running away from him

Joe on Jul 20, 2007


I see a couple possibilities. A military person wearing full battle gear (its a movie so they have wardrobe people to create a look...doesnt mean it will be a carbon copy of todays uniforms) telling a woman who looks like she is catching her breath (she has either traveled rapidly or has just witnessed or been told something startling) to move or keep moving along. He may be asking her if she is OK. The other people in the photo apparently got the message and were not wasting any time stopping or getting a move on. I agree with Andrew in wondering how the military got there so fast. I do not believe he is part of the attack or has some mutation or something. Another way I see the photo is that they could have all been stationary, waiting away from where a disaster was, and he just got the word that "its coming this way" and this photo is the first few seconds after he passes that information along. I see a theme with the number 12 in the time stamps with the 12, 24, 36, 48. But numbers are not in the order of time and the 12 is an hour instead of minutes. Have at it

Rick on Jul 20, 2007


Rick, i do like your theory better, the only thing that made me suspect the military person was looking at what looked like a tranquilzer dart in the hip of the women running off to the right, what do you make of that or just think it could be anything because of the blury photo?

Joe on Jul 20, 2007


Joe, I think its just part of her clothes. It looks like the colors match the dress, like a tassle.

Rick on Jul 20, 2007


I think it's very natural to see guardsmen there in the hour. NYC is terrorist target number one, and there are probably plans to have military ready in 20 minutes notice in case there is a huge bio or nuke attack or something, to help get people out and keep order. In case it matters...looking at the times on the photos, we have: 12:01 12:36 12:48 1:24 That leaves differences of 35,12,36 minutes. Be somewhat interesting if the next pic is 13 minutes later, though that alone wouldn't tell us anything. There are number theories everywhere.

KidReviewer on Jul 20, 2007


Did anyone notice the hand of the woman who is running. It looks like a skull. Pretty weird but thats what it looks like.

AJ on Jul 20, 2007


Sorry, running in the new 4th picture I mean.

AJ on Jul 20, 2007


The people over at Cloverfield Project figured out a way to clean up the new photo.

Shay on Jul 20, 2007


Response to joe #1155: The guy in the BDU's either has a bandolier holding 40mm grenades (most likely for a mark19 grenade laucher - fun to fire by the way...) or his flak jacket is at an angle where it looks like the guy has a shell extension, but it's just the way the web belt or flak jacket is made with a type of lacing in the back for support. And no, that is not a tranq dart, unless it's for an elephant - they really aren't that big, more the size of a dart for dart boards, if not smaller, since they are fired out of a smaller barrell than say a 30 odd 6... All of you have contributed a lot to this - keep up the good work.

chapter29 on Jul 20, 2007


Since JJ Abrams is throwing us into a fun tornado of clues. The first thing that came into my mind after seeing the fourth image was Grand Theft Auto, but......its probably far off; there is no huge alive monsters in that game.

Keith on Jul 20, 2007


Ok this might not be much but thought it was interesting....the pics are time stamped with the following dates (that we all prolly know by heart now) 12:01 12:36 12:48 1:24 so i looked up december 1, and on december 1 2012 the world is supposed to end accoarding to mayan calender. for 12:36 & 12:48 bible verses that both talk about judgement on the last day(but the bibles full of that) then on january 24, after i googled it it talks about how its the worst day of the year just thought this was interesting maybe someone can run with it and see if anything is in this......

bored on Jul 21, 2007


Bored, you might have something here. I know theres been a lot of talk about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 but didnt know there was an actual day. Maybe the next time stamp may be another bible verse? BUt I dont understand how the end of the world thing works when the movie is a flashback from what happened before through the video cameras.

holmesaz on Jul 21, 2007


Yes, the trailer was interesting and mildly intriguing but everyone is missing the really frightening point in Alex Billington's Ain't It Cool News public and personal pant-wetting: HE WENT TO SEE TRANSFORMERS TWICE! How lame is that? P.S. Alex, look up hyperbole in the dictionary. I'm sure you Americans have one that's survived the Dubya years. Please share with a number of your spelling-challenged fanboys listed above.

The Lone Gunmen on Jul 21, 2007


The Mayan calender is translated to end on Dec 22 (winter solstice), 2012. Though many think this will be the end of the world, the Mayan saw it as the end of the current era, and should signify the beginning of a new era - one of elevated consciousness. Many cultures believe that. It's thought that a very large astronomical cycle called the precession of the equinoxes (approx. 25000 yrs) may affect thought and civilization in some broad way.

JJJackson on Jul 21, 2007


I agree with JJJ that the current Mayan calendar has an end date of 12:21:12 for this era and that it starts over again. A lot of websites like to claim its the end of the world when in reality it is the end of thier "long cycle" based on their use of astronomy. They were not even the originators of this method making a calendar, only refiners of it. As for the time stamps, I do not think they all mean different things such as one is a date and the other a bible verse, thats way too broad. If they mean something it will all be the same deriviative of something or used for the same "code".

Rick on Jul 21, 2007


ok this movie is going to start off after the monster attack and firefighters are cleaning up the city and they find a camcorder and they play it and the movie goes on from there i know cause i'm psychic well not really

Eman on Jul 21, 2007


We all knew that already, Eman. That's like walking into the psychic's and them telling you your birthday.

Ox on Jul 21, 2007


I think we are grasping at straws regarding the 12/21/12 business. Remember guys, this isn't an end-of-the-world movie, just a "Let's pwn New York" flick, ruling out many of the recent theroys. Some things I about the picture: Right by the military officer's right hand looks like a stair-rail, though it looks like they are on the ground. Could they be running out of or near one the many New York subways? Also, is that is a white car at the bottom left of the screen? I can kinda see one of the rims. If it is, why is it slanted like that? Why is the asian looking man in all black? It looks like he isn't going to move. Maybe another officer of some sort? Anyway, that's all I can come up with for now. Take care.

Andrew on Jul 21, 2007


#1172 - that is a machine gun of sorts in the marine's right hand not a subway rail. That is a white car and its not at the bottom left of the screen. Its directly in front of the picture taker. Behind the car is a black garage door. That is not an asian man in all black. that is a girl. Are you blind or just retarded?

thundercats on Jul 21, 2007


You're right about the car, but don't call me retarded for seeing things differently. Just like art, pictures can be interpreted by the eye differently like an optical issusion. Clearly, at first glance I saw a completely different image than most. That doesn't make me a retard. Anyway, moving on.. How can you tell that that is a woman? The lady in the orange blouse and flower skirt is dressed awfully cool for 1 a.m. in January in New York.

Andrew on Jul 21, 2007


1174 - look at her face and body...about the flower skirt lady - perhaps she was in her apartment and everyone started running away from whatever just happened....

thundercats on Jul 21, 2007


I pela

ShawnK on Jul 21, 2007


yeah you do

the real ShawnK on Jul 21, 2007


#1174- The news in the apartment has the temperature as 63 degrees, also not nighttime January temps. Either something is different about the dates, or something about the attack has raised temperatures.

NIevo on Jul 21, 2007


Ok, how about a new twist on this whole thing. What if they find the camera on 1-18-08 but the events we are seeing already or is about to happen? Think about it, the weather obviously isn't January weather. Also, why would it be so important to an entire film to find a video camera and see what was on it if people survived? It's almost like there was no idea as to what went on and there were no survivors or trace of them. Like something from the lines of a 6th Sense or Silent Hill type twist.

NIevo on Jul 21, 2007


1179- When you take a picture, the time-stamp is to tell you when the picture was taken. It would be impossible that the camera was found on the 18th and it really happened earlier.

Andrew on Jul 21, 2007


# 1176 & # 1177 Dude, How sad is your life that you have to use other peoples names to carry out arguments with yourself? WTF? I stopped using my real name of shawnk back around post 600, and your still using mine and other people's name, pretending to be them posting stupid shit that helps no one. Your fucking pathetic man. You know what, this is my last post on here anyways so knock yourself out dude. Call yourself ShawnK, the real ShawnK, Brock Sampson, whatever. So long.

Brock Sampson on Jul 21, 2007


im pretty sure the host movie doesnt have anything to do with this movie because it is coming out on video on the 24.

thebk on Jul 21, 2007


I love all of the theories as wacky as some of them seem... But, I'm thinking the movie is nothing like we've seen before, or close to anything we can refer to now. It might just be a 'new' take on giant monster movies. Yeah. But the monster is simply not nameable. Yet. So, even though it might be fun to theorize on the details, I think we'll all just have to wait and see! Let's see what happens when the comments reach 11808!

AdamEm on Jul 21, 2007


whatever this film's about, it certainly has created immense hype and achieved remarkable marketing success. but looking at its low budget and the fact that JJ abrams helms it, we might NEVER get to see the 'monster' at all...

intrigued on Jul 22, 2007


They are now calling the Movie CHOCOLATE OUTRAGE, on the set. It is officially NOT Cloverfield on the set, it is on the paperwork etc. as Chocolate Outrage.

Local on Jul 22, 2007


# 1181 "Dude, How sad is your life that you have to use other peoples names to carry out arguments with yourself? WTF? I stopped using my real name of shawnk back around post 600, and your still using mine and other people's name, pretending to be them posting stupid shit that helps no one. Your fucking pathetic man. You know what, this is my last post on here anyways so knock yourself out dude. Call yourself ShawnK, the real ShawnK, Brock Sampson, whatever. So long." Fucken Douche bag.

Brock Sampson on Jul 22, 2007


What a pathetic way to get attention, this is the saddest shit I've seen in a while.

Brock Sampson on Jul 22, 2007


someone used my name a while back, whatever their weird.

thebk on Jul 22, 2007


Well it sure seems to be quiet. The buzz is dying down because I think its been analized and talked out as much as it can be. If you ask me that last picture on the website really did not offer that much more to what we know or would have assumed (the the military would be involved and that people would be running from something or whatever). They need to offer something up to shake it up and send us in a different direction or to REALLY confuse us. Thats my 2 cents, so again I am broke.

Rick on Jul 22, 2007


dinosaurs will inhabit the earth once again, with lasers n stuff

13245 on Jul 22, 2007


I know Im pathetic 🙂

Brock Sampson on Jul 22, 2007


You guys need to both shut the fuck up right now

the real ShawnK on Jul 22, 2007


This site is starting to go down the drain, or in other words fuckin suck. Shit, I think it's a Power Ranger's movie. lol

Jabroni on Jul 23, 2007


#1179, I really love that idea. Ever since they said the movie would be like watching found footage, after the event happened, implying that humanity survives, I somewhat lost interest. That would be a great twist in my view, if someone discovered the camera and began watching the tape to discover this bizarre footage of the apocalypse. It just adds a really cool element of mystery and the paranormal. #1180, I don't think you grasp what he was saying. Obviously the camera gives you a time stamp. The twist/mystery would be how those pictures and film found their way to you. Even now, we go to the site,, and see these pictures that tell us they were taken at a certain time in the future. Obviously they couldn't have been taken, because its 2007, the mystery is why are we seeing them, they shouldn't exist as of yet. Everyone keeps assuming this movie is 'Something'(re-make, game movie, etc.) It's going to be a new concept, and I hope it will be very intellectually challenging. I assume it will be, considering it's budget. It's not gonna appeal to the average movie goer, and studios aren't gonna dish out big budgets for movies that challenge the viewer and force them to think.

Lexicon on Jul 23, 2007


every one should just NOT post on here for a week or somethin unless its realllll good information solid legit information not wat some ones theory is or somethin out of the bible somethin real

nick on Jul 23, 2007


Hi All, I know what this is all about, if you dont want to know dont read on.... forget Lost, forget Godzilla, what you witnessed in New York was a modern day Borg attack !! Yeap its the trailer for the new Star Trek movie ! Trust me, Ive the inside track from a friend in Paramount.. sorry!!

Harold Levins on Jul 23, 2007


If it is then I am officialy pissed but wouldnt a movie in space need a bigger budget

Mike on Jul 23, 2007


ughh harold is just one of thos "GOD I HOPE IT STAR TREK" losers and no one believes him and posts some fake shit like that. which funny cuz its right after i said POST LEGIT STUFF and so he posts that hoping ppl fall for it

nick on Jul 23, 2007


ya uhhh my friend works at paramount to and he told me its a live action yugi oh movie sry ur all wrong

nick on Jul 23, 2007


Check out this thread at Rotten Tomatoes, I refuse to believe the supposed title, it's prob just another BS hoax again...but worth checking out.

Merl on Jul 23, 2007


ya bogusss that pic was used on sci fi channel to i read some where u can read the comments under the pic other ppl have proof of it being fraud

nick on Jul 23, 2007


What is that? That's the name of the movie? Looks like it could be fake. Not an expert. Is it as easy for everyone else to spot the phonies as it is for me? (Ahhhem Local). And maybe my computer has shat it's e-pants, but i think all the pics are gone from

Joe RWMN on Jul 23, 2007


Now, how are we suppose to believe that the yog-sothoth thing is real? Anybody could have made that poster, so please, don't get too excited on it. I'm not trying to completely debase it, but just because it has all the information that was already released, then we can't say it's the official poster. Right? What's the "1 Force Military Tact Specialists"? We need more proof on this, seriously.

lennit on Jul 23, 2007


yogsothoth has to be an anagram for something.

Joe RWMN on Jul 23, 2007


I'll tell you what its an anagram for......shinanigans.

Rick on Jul 23, 2007


i know the poster could be fake and no im not getting real excited over it i just copied everything the other guy said and pasted it up there. and idk it doesnt look that fake to me if so who ever made did a damn good job.

nick on Jul 23, 2007


theres a ne wpost from firstshowing regarding another poster so maybe this one was fake idk but it says at comic con it might be revield so i hope it is:D it sounds like its a real one

nick on Jul 23, 2007


anyone saw the new behind the scene footage it doesnt look like it was by a reg person looks like it for official promotion

Steven G on Jul 23, 2007


Hey, here is something of interest: In the streets b4 the head hits, a man yells, "It's huge, it's a lion." So now go here: I believe Voltron of the far universe is what this film may truly be. And think, JJ Abrams of LOST with Mark Gordon of Grey's Anatomy, both on ABC, working together to form the movie. Long live Voltron!

Azrael on Jul 23, 2007


Its not Voltron! JJ Abrams already said it wasent based on anything or a remake, which rules out Cutlu, voltron, godzilla, lost and what ever else everyone is throwing out there, and he dosent say its a lion, he said "its ALIVE" already been confirmed from the producers of the movie. Its a 30 million dollar buget which means little to no CGI which would also eliminate being any type of Voltron or Godzilla move. At this point the only thing we know that it is a monster movie of some type that attacks NYC. Thats all i think we are really going to know, becuase its not anything we can google to find out what it is because its going to be a new and original idea. So there isnt really anything to figure out. Its a monster movie, we know that much, but what it is wont be known until the movie comes out or a picture of it is posted on the website. I think the only thing the slusho site and the pictures on are going to do for us is maybe give us clues on the time frame when things are happening, and i think nothing is going to be what it seems with this movie, thats why when i look at the pictures i try and look at it from a different perspective. In the trailer why does the guy wearing the slusho shirt look at the camera and say "you want to see something on the roof" like he knows whats going to happen. Anybody catch that at all?

Joe on Jul 23, 2007


I noticed something very strange in the trailer, right at the 12 second mark into the trailer, the guy that takes Robs picture i noticed his flash was animated, if you pause it right when it flashes there is a perfect square box in the middle but i cant make anything out with that, anybody notice that? and at the 1:20 mark again what do you think is the glowing doughnut on the guys back. At the :53 second mark, the guy wearing the slusho shirt says “you guys want to see something on the roof” Sounds like he knows what is going to happen or he knows what is going on. Anybody have ideas?

Joe on Jul 23, 2007


Hey regarding to post 1200......I DO remember seeing a poster similar to that one in the thread at my local theater. I remember wondering what that could be about but then again I thought it was another 9/11 movie of some sorts. Damn I wish I could remember if it was or not......they usually have upcoming movie posters in the halls just outside the theater doors in those big multiplexes here. But then again it might have been some other movie too???

holmesaz on Jul 23, 2007


Ok you guys need to stop this, RIGHT NOW

thebk on Jul 23, 2007


Am I the only one who saw the picture about the word "Crazy" on the outside of the stairs on the roof? I think the picture might have been a demon of some sort.

Person on Jul 23, 2007


I'm afraid he didn't say "you guys want to see something on the roof" it was more like "wanna see this from the roof?" instead. I can see how one could think "something on the roof" but I'm pretty sure it was more like 'hey, let's see if we can see what's going on from the roof" and all And wow, there's no breakthroughs lately 🙁 Abrams must be laughing at us or really disappointed 🙁

lennit on Jul 23, 2007


You guys seen the potential poster, or at least a pretty cool looking fake? Whatcha think? Supposedly snapped in a warehouse. We might have a movie title?

KidReviewer on Jul 23, 2007


okay, my bad. Forgot to read more than 4 posts again.

KidReviewer on Jul 23, 2007


It looks pretty real to me as if maybe thats like a European Monster (would be funny) or another language

Mike on Jul 23, 2007



thebk on Jul 23, 2007


The poster dude is a Cthulhian gate keeper god nut didnt they tell the press cthulhu mythos wouldnt be involved

Rizzo on Jul 23, 2007


Why does someone feel the need to come along every so often and tell us all how stupid this is? It's just a hobby, man. It's fun to try and figure this out, and Abrams intended for it to be. If it bothers you so much, you are welcome to read a thread highlighting a much less annoying topic, like "Would Optimus Prime or Superman win in a fight" (actual thread I came across).

Ox on Jul 24, 2007


JJ co-wrote the screenplay for armeggedon (sp?) and in the first scene, in NYC, near the woolworths building, eddie griffins dog attacks little godzilla figures, then NYC get smoked by mini asteroids and the top of the building gets chucked to the ground. spoooooky. anyone want to run with this?

groggo on Jul 24, 2007


he says "you think we can see something from the roof?"

Franklin on Jul 24, 2007


Looks like it may be something else...... Interesting article about these new details at:

Unlived on Jul 24, 2007


Ok, new theory. Earlier in the posts, Brock Sampson mentioned cups on, and we didn't go too far with it...but here's something I noticed and I wonder if it can help us out. There are 13 empty cups around the "You Can't Drink Just Six!!" slogan Then there are 4 cups filled with Slusho All fine and dandy. Brock reported that already. Ok, so you can't drink just six. Well, 13 - 6 is 7. Say you drank 6 and you can't drink just you drank 7 more. We can go farther I guess 7 more than 6 13 total drank 17 total drinks 7, 13, 17.......6? any of these numbers jumping out at people? Or maybe the 13 - 6 thing?? Any thoughts? I'm reaching for stuff now, but I really think that the empty and full cups at the bottom have some meaning....just...what is it?

lennit on Jul 24, 2007


I think it's godzilla, because in the trailer when the people start running outside you can hear a roar and a person saying that theres a lion and it's huge.

linus on Jul 24, 2007


I've looked at every possible angle, and nothing matches up. I do not think that JJ abrams and the director of this movie are smart enough and put this much time into tying in all these numbers as clues to what the movie is about. He wants us to know its a monster movie, we established that with the line "its alive, its huge." Thats all, and thats all we are going to get, there is no way there are hidden clues, that is the clue, its a monster, an original monster concept plain and simple. The only thing we are going to get out of the Slusho site is a background of maybe where the monster is from, the ocean, fine. the number of the cups drank and full mean nothing. Its all marketing and it would be stupid to market the movie where there are clues to figure out the whole movie from a couple pictures on a website and from the trailer. Think about it, when was there ever a horror or monster movie that we figured out what it was from the trailer or from clues from the website, NONE, it doesent happen. Unless its a remake we know nothing, and this movie isnt going to be any different. Hollywood isnt smart enough for that much credit, and i think we are giving Abrams waaayyyy too much credit. There is nothing to this, i think we should all just stop and accept that we have been had my marketing and giving the producers too much credit. A monster attacks NYC in this movie, it still will be a good movie and we'll get the concept when we watch the movie, because there are not any clues anywhere else. Anybody agree?

Joe on Jul 24, 2007


It's the Silmarillion! If you measure the pixels of the 3rd image, then take the hypotenuse of 1/4 of it's radius in photo shop, you clearly get 2678761.9. After converting this to mp3 I played it backwards and ran it thru some spectrograph analysis. An image appears and when you look at the image in a mirror it clearly reads '1925 to 1945' The years J.R.R Tolkien was a professor at Oxford. Joe you have a point.

Lexicon on Jul 24, 2007

1172 Found this on youtube...

0ktane on Jul 24, 2007


Bigolly George, I think I've got it. Well after reading only 2-3 comments and little research, I believe it to be the revengence of the aliens. More specifically, it is the return of the descendents of the Roswell Aliens. Please let eveyone know; from you brother to sister to family pet that I have debunked the major mystery of the 21st century

Robert Langdon on Jul 25, 2007


I just figured it out! all the signs point to the sea.........SEALAB 2021!

bored on Jul 25, 2007


sealab 2021 lol i love that show

nick on Jul 25, 2007


OH and i also like it up the ass from other guys YAY :D:D:D:D:D:D

Unlived on Jul 25, 2007


I came back this morning, forgetting why I hadn't checked in in quite a while. The four posts above this reminded me. Maybe I'll try again in a week or so. Wow.

Flagg79 on Jul 25, 2007


When did this place turn into somewhere where people just insult one another? Let people have their own ideas and give some of your own.

AD on Jul 25, 2007


I hear ya AD and Flagg. I posted that a while when someone was sporting thier shithead pants. The thing is there are always those who get off on just being an asshole for no other reason then that is what they are. I guess when your an adult man living in your moms basement you need some sort of outlet other then your Buffy the Vampire Slayer poster and 7 of 9 action figure. I guess I just feel sorry for them needing some human contact after they found out after all that web camming that BRITTNEY4SEX in the Yahoo chat room was actually thier Mom upstairs. Sadly they havent moved out yet and continue to talk to her online. Its a great big giant internet people with places for people just like you. If you dont like this topic, think its stupid, think poorly of we who enjoy the discussion about this thread, then do us all, and quite honestly yourself, a favor and go somewhere else.... like upstairs. Now, tomorrow is Thursday and the big comics show that JJ Abrams is suposed to be attending. I wonder if he will reveal anything good.

Rick on Jul 25, 2007


It bothers me that Comic-Con is now the big to-do for news like this. If you're not a comic fan (which I sued to be, but dropped it a few years ago) then you're sorta left out of the loop. I dunno...just a complaint of mine.

Flagg79 on Jul 25, 2007


IT'S BEHEMOTH!!!!! Well It's well known that Etham Hass has probably nothing to do with this project but check this out!!!: 1. When i sent the mail to this address, i got the mail response with a series of letters and numbers at the bottom of the pasted them in the google search bar and i got one of the apparently three letters this guy is sending to us with more information on this subject 2. Each one of this three letters has a name which corresponds to names of constelations (google them). 3. In one of these letters i came across the word BEHEMOTH which some blogs have been trying to correct and rewrite as BENEATH ..however when i wrote this word BEHEMOTH in the Google search bar, it displayed the drawn representations of this huge cosmic demon with the body of a LION , HORNS and BAT WINGS which is supposed to cast BALLS of FIRE and cause EARTHQUAKES ( both features depicted in the teaser). 4. Remember that at the end of the teaser this dude shouts ''it's a LION it's huge!!!''' ?? If anyone has tried the same thing please try to find out more on this subject as it looks pretty connected to the trailer for me.

Freddy on Jul 25, 2007


#1238 i really think jj abrams is goin to reviel some good stuff at the comic con we know he is goin to revil the name which i cant wait for and im thinkin they might show us a poster maybe another trailer who knows but i cant wait 😀

nick on Jul 25, 2007


I got it........the movie is about the sewage system in New York blowing up (like the pipe did last week) and there are only the 3 (since that seems to be the theme) working shitters left in all of people were all heading for them in hysterics.......and this guy sees all the people at one of them and starts to head for one of the other he is passing the crowd.....he is asked why he going the other way........he shouts.....I saw it, its a line, its then everyone turns and starts running for the Bronx looking for a place to go there. That explains the pictures on the earlierst timed one you see the people drinking and drinking at this party leading to this mass urination that is about to the later ones you see some ladies running with one leaning against a car holding her chest and stomach because her cramps from having to poop are so severe she must take a another the aftermath of the explosion....the smell of raw sewage in the air that the people are dazed and covering thier noses and mouths to protect them from the the other, 2 ladies learn that we are out of toiletpaper. Slusho is the term for the mess on the street when the poop mixes with the snow of wintertime and the steam warms the winter air to a crisp 63 degrees......The pressure then back builds in the old system that flows out and dumps into the harbor and explodes right under the Statue of Liberty sending her head sailing into lower Manhattan......... Thank you very much....I'll be here all week....try the fish.

Rick on Jul 25, 2007


that was retarded and not very funny at all

nick on Jul 25, 2007


I'm thinking JJ might announce or beg people to stop saying godzilla and all the other remakes and what nots, cus its kinda sad when a new movie like this is made and the first thought people (me included untill i realized hey its not a remake) have is i wonder what this is a remake of. so hopefully jj can tell us a title maybe a poster and hey why not throw out a site or two we haven't found, cus i cant find any more clues from the pics or slusho. at least guitar hero rock the 80's is out now. so untill comic con (one more day)

bored on Jul 25, 2007


I am sorry I offended you Nick, it was just a joke to pass some time. Simply ignoring what I said would have probably been sufficient.

Rick on Jul 25, 2007


#1244 im sure people will be asking jj if its a remake of godzilla or some other movie or if its voltron or cthullu somethin els he will tell them its not and then all these theories will just go away 😀

nick on Jul 25, 2007


its a monster that no one has ever heard about or seen. you think j j abrams really going to let people know what it is when the release date is 1-18-08? no because then it wouldnt be as interesting and people would just get pissed. the clues contribute imagination and suspense. its fun but tmrrow will not make a difference

zdfh on Jul 25, 2007



locotezz on Jul 25, 2007


yeah i have inside info that is the CHUPACABRAS he thought the statue was a sheep

locotezz on Jul 25, 2007


in a movie with a 30 million dollar budget makes me think how it could be pulled off, thats why i’m staying away from any monsters that we can google and put a picture to because there isnt enough money involved in the movie to pull that off. Plain and simple. I have no clue where i’m going, just bare with me, i came up with this, what if we are all right, and we are all wrong. What if its something like the movie “Sphere” were what ever it is, it feeds off peoples fears and that is what manifests. Like an alien entitiy. So in that way through the movie they dont actually have to show anything, just peoples fears describing what they saw and people panicing and chaos. Its a long shot but i do think this movie is going to be soley cerebral along the lines of something like that instead of just a monster tearing up a city, because lets face it, thats not scary, and its pretty cheesy and i think and hope this movie is different. what do you guys think??

Joe on Jul 25, 2007


i still think is the CHUPACABRAS MOVIE

locotezz on Jul 25, 2007



MrJoe83 on Jul 25, 2007


#1251 joe buddy...if it feeds off peoples fear and manifests, then it would take some time to 'become'...anyways, think about the SOL's head flying soon after the explosion(we know it's rather soon because of all the time stamps), something big probably did that...and back to the fear thing - what makes you think everyones fears are moster related? granted most of our deepest fears are physical in nature, but enough to create one irritable monster that represents everyone's fears? no...but good try at it...back to the budget comment - depsite most peoples train of thought in here, it would seem enough to throw in an occasional 'glimpse' of 'it'...say someone people are running from whatever with thier first person point of view going on...the camera is moving chaotically, but at just the right moment our boy jj let's us catch an ever so quick glance at the thing rounding a corner....maybe a shaddy example but hopefully you get my point... cheers!

chapter29 on Jul 25, 2007


is this for the new simpsons movie

thebk on Jul 25, 2007


#1254 no

AD on Jul 25, 2007



frog on Jul 25, 2007


There are many clues in the teaser. First being the "Japan" reference which relates to monsters in the city (Monster + New York City = Godzilla) Another is the monster sounds in the background coupled with the "its alive" quote, which seals the deal of the movie being about a monster like attack (Also by saying its alive refers to past things, the city thought that when Godzilla and his of springs were killed that would be the end of it, but if you recall at the end of the movie one egg did survive and hatched. The last clue though goes against the other clues, this is of course the giant fire ball in the city ( I don't think Godzilla could do that even with fire breath ) So with saying that it could leave a very small possiblilty of a new Alien movie. (Not invaders or War of the Worlds but a new movie in the Alien saga)... Also AVP sucked a lot especially the ending so hopefully if it is a new Alien movie it will be good

ImperialElite on Jul 26, 2007


that's how scary movies must be "REAL" that's how you can can creep a Hu8 out...this movie's gonna be legend...the new era of scaring the crap out of you>

marylov on Jul 26, 2007


I saw the trailer originally in the previews just before Transformers and then I saw it again online. I think that their marketing tool of mystery is working so far; however, the movie better live up to this hype because so far it is good but how many giant monster movies are good? Especially with one that sounds like it is not a typical Godzilla or King Kong attack.

john on Jul 26, 2007


#1257 Good Observation. but in the Old Japanese Godzilla movies, i remember him being able to make explosions of that magnitude. But it doesn't seem like it would be Godzilla (though it looks like it would be a good one) as for Alien, i don't know...

AD on Jul 26, 2007


I think poster #1240 is correct.

kt on Jul 26, 2007


HAHAHAHA yes finally we can STOP with the godzilla theories and voltron and other stuff that was already made cuz if u read wat firstshowing posted about comic con JJ said him self that its a NEW monster movie which means its ORIGINAL

nick on Jul 26, 2007


so finally after being obssessed with this for like 3 weeks we figure out thank god that it isnt godzilla instead its something completly original i hope JJ starts coming out with more info in the next couple weeks also isnt the new pic that comes on every thursday at up yet

cubano3 on Jul 26, 2007


i am so glad jj said wat he said i was sick of ppl sayin to me "dont bash our teories u dont even know anything about it" when ever i said "its not godzill shut up it somethign orginal" and look i was right all along : )

nick on Jul 26, 2007


Nick, I'm glad it is an original movie, but you didn't have to try to silence the ideas the people here had, it was just harmless fun. Nobody got hurt (hopefully), (almost) Everyone had fun.

AD on Jul 26, 2007


JJ said that this monster isn't like King Kong or Godzilla; it isn't "cute" haha, well i dont think KK or godzilla could hurl the statue of liberty's head that far so this new beast has really got some insane power and probably some absolutely deadly and unbelievable special moves like fireballs or something that just pwn....anyways, im looking forward to it, and i hope everyone else is... PS (to JJ Abrams) TELL US WTF IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!! peace

KJ on Jul 26, 2007


Nick is the same guy who said it was Yugi-oh because that is what his friend at Paramount said. Yes, he was right all along (rolls eyes). What a jackass. He has been shitting on people this whole thread. Hes one of those mr toughguys because he is at his keyboard. I am sure he will have some immature name calling response to this but that will just prove my point that he is just that, an immature and jackass. Prove me right Nicki.

CJMac. on Jul 27, 2007


For those of you (like me) who think is related, they've added to their site. And if anything, I think I'm more convinced this site is part of the puzzle now.

Flagg79 on Jul 27, 2007


1268 - flagg, im not trying to argue with you... you are entitled to your opinion. But does nothing about the site not being registered until days after the trailer aired, strike you as odd and not right? Do you not think they would have everything ready and in place for launch? and not running around to get a new site up after people have already been browsing the internet looking?

Rafe on Jul 27, 2007


MONSTROUS - What will JJ talk about now? JJ Abrams appearance at Comic-Con will take place tomorrow. And thanks to some sleuthing individuals at , they have discovered what is more than likely the movie poster for "Cloverfield" titled "MONSTROUS". So what will JJ talk about now? Most of us were looking for the title of the film and some smidgen of a clue about its contents. So now we have a title, perhaps he will just throw out a clue-bone to gnaw on. And truly, is he angry at this poster discovery? It kind of melts down the viral buzz a bit, but not all. Here is a hi-res shot of the "MONSTROUS" movie poster in which you can clearly see the Paramount logo and 1-18-08. this poster was discovered at a store in southern California. The initial need to find out about this movie has all but diminished. A scant few sites are still reporting the information as it is discovered. And still thousands more are just now finding the trailer online or have seen it on the big screen. It is almost maddening reading a new post on that is titled "WTF?" or "OMG YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS". What rock have some of you been under? Perhaps it is my early obsession to discover the content of this mystery movie that continues to drive me even now. The other thing that drives me to discover new things about this movie are the thousands of subscribers receiving this blog in their e-mail. I also like a mental challenge, a puzzle that has some sort of surprise. Project Cloverfield will report to you the results of JJ Abrams Comic-Con appearance as soon as we hear the results.

??? on Jul 27, 2007


A new picture is up! 🙂 I guess my original thoughts of new 1-18-08 pictures coming out on Thursdays at around 5PM central were off. Though I do believe that the first 2 came out on Thursdays at 5PM. But now there's a new pic up! I guess it's every Friday at around 1:00 PM Central now, or at least the last two pictures.

lennit on Jul 27, 2007


Also, the pictures don't come to the front anymore when you click on them... they are staying in the specific order that they have arrived.

Rafe on Jul 27, 2007


Ah, nevermind... they do come to the front but its more interactive.. you have to slide them around and pull it over the top of the others manually. And the webpage name doesn't say 1-18-08 anymore... just --

Rafe on Jul 27, 2007


OMG! the picture flips over.. there is a message on the back!

Rafe on Jul 27, 2007


They all flip over

Rafe on Jul 27, 2007


I've been reading these posts since the trailer came out, I just haven't had time to post anything until now. I don't know about you people know, or if this has been posted elsewhere, but did you know that if you grab an individual picture from the site, when there are no other pictures covering it, and shake it, the picture will flip over!! Two of the pictures have stuff written on the back! The new picture states: (Upper right-hand corner) Lascano, Platt and Robbie - Jan 2008 (Body) Robbie, Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! I'm gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love, Jamie Note: the words 'and wide' are smudged, perhaps implying significance... dunno The picture of the guy giving Rob a drink states: (Body) Dont forget who takes care of you! Love J Note: 'takes care' has a faded look to it, again, perhaps implying significance... dunno Like I said, I don't remember anyone mentioning this, about flipping the pictures over, but I figured I'd throw it out there!

Drew on Jul 27, 2007


LOL, the 3 picture says "Don't forget who takes care of you." Love J could be from JJA to the fans 🙂

Rafe on Jul 27, 2007


maybe all of the faded and smudged words (or letters) are a message?

ADN on Jul 27, 2007


wow....too cool about the pics. I was wondering if that site was down lastnight, maybe thats what they were doing. OK, about the 'poster' that they are saying is a real thing, just a teaser name. There's a wake from something on the water, and it plows into NYC, possibly nicking the Statue of Liberty along the way. Also, the one copy I saw had a strange reflection overlaying it, maybe of a skyscraper. Thoughts? Bueller?

JJJackson on Jul 27, 2007


THEIR IS A NEW PIC ON 1-18-08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RYAN REBSTOC on Jul 27, 2007


drew- awesome find....also, the "g" is backwards on the word "forget".

thundercats on Jul 27, 2007


from looking at the poster, it seems that the monster came from underneath and through the statue of liberty which then shot the head way the fuck up there..? anyone?

a.p on Jul 27, 2007


It seems that monstrous text was photoshopped in before. The monster definitely came from behind and shot the head into the air, then you can see it's trail in the water up to the city.

Alex J. on Jul 27, 2007


Here is where you can see the much bigger picture.

Alex J. on Jul 27, 2007


Also, It's not a fake or anything. I got the image from the Apple Trailer 1-18-08 site.

Alex J. on Jul 27, 2007


seems the slusho site is also updated as the store works

steven G on Jul 27, 2007


your all wrong with your "da vinci code" clue stuff. jsut wait for the movie. there are sure to be more movies. remember when the first transformers trailer came out? it barley showed anyone anything, just mars and the transformer. just wait for 1/18/08 and watch it. no biggie. im hyped too but dont need to go all super crazy about it. you guys dont even know what its about and your killing each other in words just to prove whos right and whos wrong. no one cares about your opinion because you didnt write it. you werent there when they shot that scene. only the actors, jja, and paramount ppl know about it. so its best to jsut wait it out. movies are made to entertain not to fight over. yeahh.

superhumanprotector on Jul 27, 2007


damn slusho is scaring the crap out of me going to happy talk "Are you one of us?" "Am I a whale?" "I drank 7, am i in trouble?" anyone else see this

Steven G on Jul 27, 2007


Steven, speaking on your subject this really caught my eye. The quote is "Slusho really makes my TASTEBUDS RING." Referring to the roar? Also "Slusho is people"

AlexJ. on Jul 27, 2007


yeah very weird

Steven G on Jul 27, 2007


you can creat your own flavor on slusho also

bored on Jul 27, 2007


did anyone notice on the statue of liberty there is still little parts falling of even tho the ripples are in the water and New York is attacked

Keegan on Jul 27, 2007


yeah, maybe that means the monster is really fast, and you also seen the three claw marks on the back of it

Skitlpak on Jul 27, 2007


If the monster did come up from behind the statue, tore off the head and threw it way the fuck out there, and if the huge fireball explosion in Manhattan was caused by the monster, then I have to wonder how the hell the monster caused the fireball explosion BEFORE he threw the Statue's head. Maybe it's some kind of monster that comes from beneath the crust of the Earth.

Chase on Jul 27, 2007


Maybe it's two monsters. One in the water, making the wake and crashing through the buildings into the city. The other following, a flying creature, like gryphons, dragons, etc., and it's pursuing the water creature.It rips off the head of liberty as something to throw at the other. Lots of big monster flicks in Japan have pitted one against the other. Just saying.

KidReviewer on Jul 28, 2007


So, any new theories based on the character's myspace pages? I definitely think HUD and Marlene will die before Rob and his brother. Lots of references to 'hot', several about dinosaurs, superman, and more. Rob - Jason - HUD - Lil - Beth - Marlene - Jamie -

KidReviewer on Jul 28, 2007


So, any new theories based on the character's myspace pages? I definitely think HUD and Marlene will die before Rob and his brother. Lots of references to 'hot', several about dinosaurs, superman, and more. Rob - Jason - HUD - Lil - Beth - Marlene - Jamie - If this is posted in three times tomorrow, I really apologize. I was trying to give the fullpath on the links and twice now the submit hasn't worked. this time I took out the http, to see if that works.

KidReviewer on Jul 28, 2007


crap. now they all show up, and no delete feature. I'll just go shoot myself now, and the monster can feed on my corpse while Rob gets away. Really sorry for the post spam, it was not intentional.

kidreviewer on Jul 28, 2007


that thing on 1 18 08 were u shake the pictures is new because when i was playing around with them before i was whipping them across the screen, like oh shit the monster is attacking and the people are flying all over the place but nothing happened i was just playing around.

the bk on Jul 28, 2007


Does anyone know if those Myspace pages are legit? They actually look pretty well put together, and they've also been around awhile. It's weird.

Ox on Jul 28, 2007


(If someone said this sorry) but maybe j is the guy giving rob the drink in the picture on

Rizzo on Jul 28, 2007


I'm not sure how they can not be legit. Who would have all those pictures of the actors, like 'Rob' and 'Hawk' hanging out together? I think it's a brilliant move by JJ. Oh, I suppose everyone knows the store is now open on I'm hoping my dad gets me a Slusho shirt to start school with.

KidReviewer on Jul 28, 2007


That phrase kept bugging me, "you can't drink just six", so I was thinking. What is the first way you can't drink six? If you drink seven. As soon as you drink seven the sentence is validated. So....there are seven character myspace pages. 7 snacks for the monster, cause he can't drink just six.

KidReviewer on Jul 28, 2007


Seriously listen to the lyrics of the song on

Rizzo on Jul 28, 2007


Holy shit, that's creepy. JJ really went all out, didn't he?

Ox on Jul 28, 2007


The MySpace pages are really cool. If they were made by just some fan, that person is way too obsessed with this movie. They seem legit to me. I haven't read every word on them but it looks like most of them are into Tarantino movies, but then again, who isn't? It's gonna be interesting to see if the pages keep getting updated as we get closer to 1-18-08. I wonder if we'll find out why Rob is going to Japan...It would really be clever if we get invites to the going away party!

MrJoe83 on Jul 28, 2007


That song.......creped the shit out of me

ADN on Jul 28, 2007


Idk if it was here or somewhere else, but someone posted a comment about "the cast and crew refer to the movie as 'Chocolate Outrage'" or something like that? and in the Slusho Flavor Creator thing, one of the flavors is "Chocolate Rage". Does anyone find this odd?

ADN on Jul 28, 2007


Just a few preliminary things about the Myspace pages. Everyone has SIX friends. No one has more. Sound familiar? Also, Rob's apparently brothers with Hud, and they frequently mention their Aunt Pam.

Ox on Jul 28, 2007


Sorry, not HUD, the other guy. "Hawkins".

Ox on Jul 28, 2007


Oh, oh...and it's Aunt Peg. Lol.

Ox on Jul 28, 2007


I have been checking on the shirts worn by rob and his brother in the pics on Myspace... Rob has a shirt that shows two skeletons praying.. Michael Whalen painted an album cover for a band called Cirith Ungol... The album was called Servants of Chaos.. This is also a title of a book written by Don D’Ammassa that tells stories of some of Lovecrafts beasts.. one being Cthultu. Michael Whalen also did work for Lovecraft.. The other shirt says AUGIE.. The only thing I could find on that was “Augie” was the nickname of August Darleth,, Among other achievements, Derleth is credited with discovering and popularizing horror classicist H.P. Lovecraft. He named his Arkham House publishing venture after an imaginary town created by Lovecraft. I found a few more things but I will save them for later. I think it is interesting that both the shirts can be linked relatively easily to Lovecraft.. I would like to see the Behemoth Leviathan and ziz.. but who knows who the character will be..

Brandon on Jul 28, 2007


1311- we already know it isn't going to be a remake of any kind and It is something completely original.

ADN on Jul 28, 2007


I found this page through googling "Chocolate Outrage". I saw this trailer too and thought it was interesting so I am posting the little that I know of this movie. There are "No Parking" signs along Catherine St and Madison St for filming reasons for Aug 1. The signs I saw along Catherine St say that it is for the production "Chocolate Outrage". The signs along Madison say for the production "Cheese". There was also a letter from Paramount posted on the window of the neighborhood pizza shop on Catherine St saying that the filming will be at night where they will film various emergency vehicles along Catherine St between Madison and South St, so residents need not be alarmed. There was a logo on top of the letter that looked like a picture of a Hershey bar, except "Chocolate" instead of "Hershey's", and the word "Outrage" in smaller font under it like the word "Almond" on Hershey Almonds.

Nancy on Jul 28, 2007


"Chocolate Outrage" signs along Catherine Street and "Cheese" signs along Madison? "Chocolate Rage" in the Slusho Creator? A fish thinking about "Cheese" in the Slusho History? Any of this sound similar???

ADN on Jul 28, 2007


When I saw this preview I was as syched as nothing else in this world I could be syched about.My first guess about this movie is that it's just a re-making of Godzilla.Or it could be Godzilla 2.Who knows?I really do think that J.J. Abrams is getting really freaky though.I mean,can't we at least know what this monster looks like?It could look like a giant warthog for all I know!!!The first time I saw the preview for this strange untitled film,was today before seeing Transformers.I was like "What the H***!"I cannot wait till some more information is given on this freakish film!!!

Haley on Jul 28, 2007


Here's Something Strange: i searched for Nashi (one of the flavors on Slusho Flavor Creator), and i saw a bunch of sites refering to a Youth Revolution in Russia it also came up to a site about the Nashi Pear, but the most common was that revolution... any ideas? If Noone knows, there are 6 flavors in the Slusho Flavor section: Blueberry Zoom Chocolate Rage Mikan (citrus) Nashi (pear or Revolution???) Banana Anime Strawberry Tasty

ADN on Jul 28, 2007


From the Slusho site ...the burro thinking 'mitt', the fish thinking 'cheese', now the jellyfish thinks 'hammer' Mit, Cheese, Hammer M C Hammer....OH NO! STOP HIM! HE'S ALIVE, and he's HUGE! A scary thought, to say the least!

JJJackson on Jul 28, 2007



ADN on Jul 28, 2007


That song is still weird its my new myspace song i might send an e-mail to the band

Rizzo on Jul 28, 2007


Ok so not sure if anyone else got this or not but seems like ALL of the photos on the page can be flipped. On 2 of them they have messages, the other 3 are blank. ok so the whole is that no longer something people are talking about or what? i havent paid much attention over the past few days...

tonya perry on Jul 28, 2007


I really hope its not that stupid crap where you hear the monster and don't see shit, because I will be pissed if I don't see what the hell this thing is.

HulkingUp on Jul 28, 2007


1320- is a fake site, no one here talks about it because it has NOTHING in correlation to the movie and yes, we all know that ALL of the pics flip 1321- some people might actually prefer that and it isn't stupid, its intelligent. People can predict whatever they want and might never be right or wrong

ADN on Jul 28, 2007


well me and my friend jose went to see tranformers 2 weeks ago. and when we saw this coming up it looked kinda stupid. but after it was done, both of us were like WHAT THE F#%$. that trailer was awsome

Zach on Jul 29, 2007


ok, new posters, ATTENTION read all or the most recent comments, THEN post some of your own

ADN on Jul 29, 2007


To Comment 1281: I agree with what you said about the poster. I think ppl may need to focus more on the poster, since there might be some clues in it. If I find anything I will definitely post. I havent been able to check the myspace pages related to the the movie. Would anyone mind updating me and others. Thanks Peace and God Bless

Bishop Montegomery on Jul 29, 2007


If this is called "chocolate outrage" as a previous poster said, then they are doing some filming the night of august 2nd between broadway and lex on 3 cross sts (white, walker, and one other) according to a poster in the neighborhood. Apparently there will be tanks & ppl in uniform, and neighborhood residents should not be "alarmed".

The The on Jul 29, 2007


So, this is my first post after a lot of research and reading everyone else's posts. I personally think we are going to see a move that is the first of it's kind, dealing with the end of the world as it relates to how it unfolds in the last book of the bible, Revelations. The huge fireball we saw, and the tremendous shaking BEFORE the destruction occurs, to me, says this "monster" came from within the earth... perhaps the middle of the earth to symbolize the beast Reveletions talks about. Let's just say, this is no King Kong, no Godzilla. Who remembers how many totally unexpected things we have seen on LOST, and yet we still don't know half the answers to it? I am so excited for this movie... i get chills every freakin time I watch that trailer. Can't wait, look forward to seeing you thoughts!!! (PS- The Dark Knight Trailer is out... good times!)

Ryan on Jul 29, 2007


Did everyone realize you could flip the pictures over at for some hidden messages?

ALEX on Jul 29, 2007


I hate to complain...because I complain about complainers (but only those who have nothing nice to say about others and thier ideas or posts).....but people...if you just read up a few posts before you posted something you could save yourself some typing and some embarrassment and save the everyone else having to read the same thing 40 times. I just realized though as I type this that the people who dont read the posts before posting are not going to see this anyhow .......crap.....another wasted post!!!

Rick on Jul 29, 2007


Does anyone else notice the path in the water in the poster? It looks like it comes from the sea, its like a stream path and it leads right to the city.

Joel on Jul 29, 2007


#1313 I too looked at the shirts of the people on MySpace, especially JJ Hawkins ( since he was the one wearing the Slusho t-shirt in the trailer (that which lead us to The sad thing is, I searched for "Augie" and the first link back on Google is Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If you look a little deeper into JJ and his brother Rob, you'll notice that they're originally from Minneapolis, MN. So I initially thought he went to college as Augustana, but his profile just says he has graduated from high school, and his blog posts kind of say he's a moocher/bum with no job currently. So, I'm still going to guess he's wearing the t-shirt because it was a school nearby his hometown and he liked that school or something. I'm not entirely sold on that due to past clues being on t-shirts, but why would JJ Abrams put all the clues in the same spot? Thoughts?

lennit on Jul 29, 2007


Has Anyone Tried Looking for more Sites that are in correlation with the movie? maybe if we find more sites, we might find more clues.

ADN on Jul 29, 2007


Interesting info… During the trailer, there is a sticker on the refrigerator that reads “Exit to Mystery St” which is linked to some Jazz fest. Here is a little spin on the word “Mystery”. Check this out… Starting with Revelation Chapter 9, an angel was given a key to open the doorway for a creature with 7 heads and 10 horns to rein upon the world. On this creature rode a women said to be holding a golden cup full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Then Revelation 17-5 says “And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Then Revelation 17-18 says “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth” (could this mean New York City?). The name of this creature that the women is riding is Abaddon. This is only a tiny bit of the interesting info contained in Revelation chapters 9-17 that could link back to the trailer – I highly recommend that you take a look and see what you come up with! Sorry If I am repeating someone else’s blog…I did not read the entire site. And special thanks to the web site (very cool conclusion on this site)

mike on Jul 29, 2007


That was pretty kick ass reading -- Looked up Abaddon on wiki -- revealed book of revelation 7:11 which I keep picturing slurpee and relating to slusho. Also in your link stated During this "day of the Lord's wrath" (Zep. 1:18), God will punish humanity for their proud, sinful ways and their refusal to acknowledge Him as the true God. keep referring to 1-18 there. Also on wiki -- Abaddon is related to blood red, brown and green colours, winter, the month of January. Almost seems as though the beast has destroyed 6 Kingdoms already. Maybe he can't have just 6 and New York is the 7th. Anyways that is my cheap ass comments -- enjoying keeping up with the clues.

billtin71 on Jul 29, 2007


Zephaniah 1:18 "Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the Lord’s wrath.” In the fire of his jealousy the whole earth will be consumed, for he will make a sudden end of all who live on the earth." Ok...that's pretty crazy and I really doubt it's coincidence that this passage is 1:18. Nice catch billtin71. I'll be surprised if this creature is not Abaddon.

mike on Jul 29, 2007



Anon on Jul 29, 2007


I am teh 1337

Andrew on Jul 29, 2007


Guys, remember, it's not an end of the world movie because it starts with people finding the camera the day after...

Andrew on Jul 29, 2007


Mike, pretty good theory, i'm going to play devils advocate though, couple things come to mind, 1st thing i think is this was a revelations type movie, i do not think the first trailer would be at a transformers movie with a bunch of kids watching (though the trailer really didnt reveal that) 2nd, the date i have a hard time believing has any signifigance as a clue, becasue 1-18-08, is a friday, all movies get released on a friday, so yes those dates with the bible could be a coincidence very easily, if it opened on a tuesay or monday i would say yes they would have something to do with the movie, but its just a friday realease day, 3rd that quote talks about cold an winter, but the temp was 63 degrees, just my thoughts, it really could be, but being they way the movie is filmed, i really dont think its a biblical concept at all, what do you guys think?

Joe on Jul 29, 2007


I agree with Joe

ADN on Jul 29, 2007


All good points Joe, can't really argue. Some additional thoughts - J.J. has already ruled out a number of the previous theories by saying that he is doing something that’s never been done. And if it was some random alien/monster movie what fun would the clues be? But I have no choice but to admit that my analysis is biased by wishful thinking. Revelations is wild and to my knowledge has never been portrayed literally with biblical creatures. I think a movie based on revelations has the potential to be awesome. I’ll stick with my wishful theory for now. And to respond to Andrew…REVELATION 13:5 “And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months.” Unfortunately, the torture of us sinners will last for more than one day. I think this next passage was interesting given that most people are guessing that the creature in the trailer came from the sea. REVELATION 13:1 “Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.” Just wondering - what is the most prevalent non biblical theory since JJ’s comments?

mike on Jul 29, 2007


This is starting to be a great debate

ADN on Jul 29, 2007


They are going to be shooting for Chocolate Outrage! (or that is what they are calling it) in NY on Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 over by Canal street. I live in the NYU dorms this summer and they sent out a flyer around the dorm telling us that Paramount Pictures will be shooting for "Chocolate Outrage" and there will be military vehicles such as Humvees and Pickups. Interesting...

Patrick on Jul 29, 2007

1287 chocolate outrage not there but cloverfield is maybe jj is givin another website hint

Steven G on Jul 29, 2007


From the latest picture at 1-18-08, when the picture is flipped there's an inscription left from a Jamie, along with three other names on the top. Lascano Platt Robbie Obviously "Jamie" has just written the order in the pictures, so we now have one full character's name: Jamie Lascano. Since Myspace is all the rage these days, if you decided to venture on over to check to see if she has a profile up there, and low and behold, there is a Jamie Lascano available. But get this, she's also friends with a Rob Hawkins. Coincidence, are perhaps something legitimate? I think so because Beth has a profile which coincides with her appearance in the beginning of the trailer. There is also another picture of Hawk with his girlfriend Lil. These profiles are all "friends" with each other, so when you're on one, you can just view their friends to see everyone else's. 🙂 So, looks like something is starting. Edit: Character Names Rob Hawkins (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/robbyhawkins] Jason Hawkins (Age: 28) - Myspace Profile [/jj_hawkins] Lilly Ford (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/lilly_ford] Beth McIntyre (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/beth_mcintyre] Jamie Lascano (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/jamielascano] Marlena Diamond (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/marlenadiamond] Hudson Platt (Age: 26) - Myspace Profile [/hudsonplatt] they seem to have the same friends friended. “hawk”, whose myspace username is jj_hawkins, looks a lot like the guy in the slusho shirt. on his girlfriend’s page, there’s a comment referring to “jason”. if hawk is jason, is that who they were looking for in the trailer? and if that was his girlfriend asking “where is jason?” it would make sense that she’s worried about him because they are romantically involved. this is getting interesting. read hawk’s blog. “I took the ‘balls back to my apt, packed a bowl, chugged a Slusho, and I was gonna cruise craigslist for job postings but A&E was running a Sopranos marathon. Hud came home, then Rob, and then Lilly and I went out for Chinese.” chugged a slusho… it also looks like he and hud live with rob, but i kind of figured that from the trailer. rob’s pics are up now. from hawk’s comment, “I am far better looking than you. Clearly I was blessed with the good genes. Even ask mom. ” it looks like they’re brothers. The profiles were only registered a month ago (Signup Date: 06/13/07); But the journal entries are all being back-dated i found all that from

nick on Jul 30, 2007


IN response to Joe's analysis...I think it's highly likely that the 1-18 date has something to do with the clues laid out. Many movies fall on a date coinciding with their theme. The first that comes to mind is "The Number 23" which came out on the 23rd. Maybe JJ got lucky and a Friday fell on the date he needed. Also...just in terms of a movie: If they are still filming, then post production is going to be speedy. That makes me want to believe the low budget. All theories aside, this whole campaign is genius, and I can't wait for it.

Ox on Jul 30, 2007


Nick...that's a very informative and interesting post...but we all knew that already. Read past comments before you go posting something like that.

Alex J. on Jul 30, 2007


alex J sry i did read up quiet a bit maybe nto enough sry for the double the post didnt mean to

nick on Jul 30, 2007


it is a remake of the Korean movie "The Host". I overheard Steven Smith talking about it at ComiCon... the original was good, but hopefully Adams will fare better than the "Ring" remakes...

whatzee on Jul 30, 2007


Just noticed there was another Alex J. on this thread. Wasn't trying to steal your identity, dude.

Alex JONES on Jul 30, 2007


whatzee ur wrong ur makin stuff up and its not "adams" its "abrams" so maybe there some guy named adams makin a remake but not jj abrams

nick on Jul 30, 2007


from the trailor, jj tried to place a chinese game 'dinosaur war' to give us hint. 1. Must be a Gozilla or dinosaur cross over jurassic park incident monster OR 2. absolutely lead us wrong way, here come with plant attack may be from environmental fight back or earth is actual a monster try to kill us all. HAHA who know.

jacky (HK) on Jul 30, 2007


I do not know if I believe anything JJ says. I am not saying that in hopes its Godzilla I just do not think he is saying anything that is that obviouse about what the movie is or is not…..or is he? Why take his word for one thing and not another. I also think that it is not a revelations movie. I have said it in earlier posts with my theories, none of which I am 100% sure are right, that they marketed the movie to the audience they did, prior to Transformers, for a reason, and that is that is who they want to see this movie. If it were a revelations movie or a mind thriller they would have advertised it before something more adult and with less nerd types like myself in the audience, who are going to be searching out the clues and trying to figure this out. I also have said many times who ever thinks this is just like LOST because its JJ Abrams is probably going to be disappointed because you are putting all your eggs in one Abrams basket that I just do not think fits this. The guy also did Felicity on TV and co-wrote a couple other stinkers so I think he is expanding and doing something else (that very well could be LIKE Godzilla or the Beast from 20000 Fathoms(which I am still leaning towards...see my earlier post)). Again, just because he said its not, you believe him? Example...ONLY an Example: If it were one of the eggs from the previous Godzilla movie that hatched, then quite frankly it would not be Godzilla, it would be an offspring and a new monster. So when asked....JJ, is it Godzilla? He would say no. Again, I am not saying its that for all you who pull out your hair and jump in your chair at the sound of that word, I am just saying that you cannot take things he says too literally and I think that this whole looking through the Bible to match one word or psalm is going the wrong direction based on the marketing and the core audience of Transformers.

Rick on Jul 30, 2007


If you'll look at the box office, Rick, I think it's pretty clear that EVERYBODY saw Transformers. It's the best movie to put it in front of because it's the most viewed, and has people who are capable of being die hard fans. Doesn't matter if it's a revelations movie or not...we'll all be there to see it.

Ox on Jul 30, 2007


Wow... After looking at all these comments & heated debates over whether or not the guy said "alive" or "a lion", and all the talk over what the monster could be (Voltron, LOST, Gears of War, Apocolypse, etc...), and all the other speculations, I have to ask...does it matter? Does it matter what the guy said? Does it matter what the monster could be? Does it matter whether this Ethan guy is right or wrong?... The reason I ask this is that we'll know the answers to these questions on Jan. 18, 2008, so why not just wait for the movie to come out?... I've seen the trailer. I was surprised. I even engaged in a brief period of trying to figure out what the movie was. Then I realized that it was pointless, because I could just wait for more previews and information as they come out. I'm just as curious as y'all, but I'm in no rush to know more ahead of time... John

John on Jul 30, 2007


"""it is a remake of the Korean movie “The Host".""" So, JJ is going to remake a movie that was just made?...and you state it's a remake? how exactly does a 25 foot monster, leave a claw mark obviously bigger than itself on the statue of liberty? Not to mention the monster in The Host was delt serious blows by a shotgun, any relative monster that can damage the statue of liberty as it did, would realistically not be hurt by hand guns... i do think the applied tag "names" for the posters coming out, will play a significance to the movie...Monstrous, Barbarous, and Ferocious.

Nicc on Jul 30, 2007


Ox, I agree just about everybody did see Transformers and that because of the volume of ticket sales the move to put this trailer infront of it was hindsight. But that was not a for sure, the only for sures where the target audience and the die hards you refer too and that is what movie studios want, guarantees and that is who I think this movie was meant for and the rest was just gravy. If they were going for sheer volume then Paramount also had Shrek the Third and that had a strong track record to back it up with turnstyle clicks. I am not in marketing so I am really just talking out my ass and making things up as I go along

Rick on Jul 30, 2007


and if I have learned anything....its that this movie is probably not a remake of The Host.

Rick on Jul 30, 2007


on that poster monstrous or however you spell it, the statue of libertys head is taken off and in the trailer the head gets spit out or whatever. does the monster in the movie have the ability to shrink heads because i think the head in the trailer is a little bit smaller that the actual statue of libertys.

ok on Jul 30, 2007


So much speculation.....don't you think we should lay off until we hear from the man?????

Unlived on Jul 30, 2007


ON A WEBSITE JJ ABRAMS SAID.....JULY 27, 2007 The FEARnet team is out and about at Comic Con, and we got the latest scoops straight from the Abrams' Mouth. At a panel discussion last night, Abrams showed an extended trailer, filled with chaos on the streets. He also explained a bit about the plot and his mentality behind creating the film. Abrams described the untitled Cloverfield Project as a huge monster movie, along the lines of Godzilla. Abrams stated that the U.S. never really released a great and truly epic monster movie, and that's his goal: To give the States a true and solid giant monster flick. This revelation wipes away many of the rumors that were surrounding the plot of the film, as some believed that it was going to be a Voltron adaptation. Stay tuned for the latest info and developments on Cloverfield.

tonya perry on Jul 30, 2007


um.....King Kong? The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (which was the inspiration for Godzilla and everything like it thereafter and my personal choice as to what this movie is based on regardless of rumors)? Those 2 movies are the blueprint for the epic big monster movie. Maybe he meant more modern?

Rick on Jul 30, 2007


That is what I was thinking!!!! That head is wayyyyy too small! I pretty sure you can walk around in the real statue's head!

Alex Matulaitis on Jul 30, 2007


and what an asshole comment 435(ish) (i forgot which comment) but i did not say it was an EVA movie someone stole my name!! that bastard....

Alex Matulaitis on Jul 30, 2007


So, now redirects to - a domain which Steve King tried to sell for $35,000 on eBay. So all you losers that have been saying JJ is behind site, and and how the hell does that figure in to the scheme of things? Of course the simplest explanation is Steve King is the real parasite. He tries to cash in on block buster movies with pathetic domains and Google ads.

Tricia on Jul 31, 2007


-1367 um, we havent talk about those sites for at least a few weeks.

ADN on Jul 31, 2007


I think someone with an ego like JJ will want to create a monster that is forever his creation. Just as H. R. Giger has his alien, and a lifetimes of fans because of it. There are so many cool legends to pull from, like cthulu, tiamat, gryphons, burus, behemoth-leviathan-ziz, but I think he wants this monster to be his, the great US building-stomping champ. Or Rosie O'Donnel with wings and claws, but definitely one of the two. Nick

KidReviewer on Jul 31, 2007


Just some facts about the Liberty head Head from chin to cranium: 17' 3" (5.26m) Head thickness from ear to ear: 10' 0" (3.05m) Distance across the eye: 2' 6" ( .76m) Length of nose: 4' 6" ( l.48m) found at so the head looks a little small but it isn't ridiculously small

billtin71 on Jul 31, 2007


This place is just degenerating to a pile animal excrement. NO MORE IMBECILE OR DEMEANING COMMENTS PLEASE!!!

ADN on Jul 31, 2007

1313 thing to do is ignore and move on.......Has anyone gotten anymore info regarding the FEARnet story that claims JJ said this last weekend he is making his own epic built from scratch home grown USA building stomper of a monster movie? How do you all think that bodes for some of the theories? I do not think it changes anything in some regards because I think he will still base it on some story or legend of sort. But then again.....he could be lying....or the story is a plant.....a sham....a ruse.

Rick on Jul 31, 2007


whatever they are calling the movie they are filming on Orchard St bet. Rivington and Stanton! Check it out... h

jerry on Jul 31, 2007


That is exactly why un-moderated posts should be a thing of the past. In my opinion, it actually hurts the credibility of First Showing to have that kind of nonsense on their site. If you do not have a decent comment or theory, don't post. Read some or all of the other posts before posting something we have all seen a million times before. If there are 1372 posts in a board, chances are people already know something of value. BTW, if I see "OMG, WHAT WAS THAT TRAILER?" again, I will find a nice airtight garage and start the Volvo.

Cloverfield-Project on Jul 31, 2007


Jesus, i leave this site for a couple days and come back and it turned into a retard fest. Unlived, its not you huge dick andi can prove it because i dont think Paramount would produce a movie about a huge firebreathing dick with Herpes. One thing i'm noticing though is alot of people are all like "i dont think JJ Abrams would, or JJ Abrams this. Listen, JJ Abrams is only the executive producer of the movie, Paramount is the distributor. Which means JJ Abrams has nothing to due with the plot of the movie, the movie was written by a writer without JJ in mind. He also isnt directing the movie either, he's probably not even onsite during filming. He had NOTHING to do with the plot of the movie. The only thing he is behind with this movie is the marketing aspect, which he isnt doing a bad job. So when you guys are looking for clues, dont think of what you think JJ would think because he had nothing to do with it to begin with. you need to get in the mind of the writers, which did write Alais and Lost, thus the slusho connection. Nothing to do with JJ. I've heard the 1-18-08 date is a clue because JJ did that with lost, NO, 1-18-08 is a friday, thats when all movies get released, I've heard maybe him being Jewish is a clue to the Jewish religions mythological creatures, again he did not write the movie, the writers pitched the movie to JJ to see if he would produce it and that is all, if you want to get in the minds of someone to figure out what its about, JJ is NOT the man, if he didnt pick the movie up another producer would of and then the movie plot would be the same but we wouldnt be having this conversation. I'm sure as a producer he's made a couple creative ideas about the movie, but nothing to the extent you guys are making it out to be. Ok, anybody agree with me? or am i wrong? Ok, i'm done, i'm done, Unlived got me all pissed off and i had to vent. THANKS ALOT, lol

Joe on Jul 31, 2007


um i have an idea? and are confirmed sites (don't kill me for stating an obvious fact [trying to make a bit of a point {if it sounds retarded, you can kill me}]) and Mr. Abrams said that there are still more sites to find. some people found the Slusho site by finding clues on the 1-18-08 site and then searching for anything that would help. others, by reading posts. So I'm looking through the Slush-o site and looking for clues and searching, but finding no avail. so can someone help by searching clues as well? and maybe we can find more sites to have a better understanding of this movie...or go insane by all of the clues.

ADN on Jul 31, 2007


comment 1370- on the site you found it has a pic of the statue and it says 40 persons can fit inside the head. the one in the trailer was about the size of the sedan next to it that fits 4 "persons" (4 seats) 40 persons divided by 4 persons = 10 persons therefore the head is 10x smaller so i would say it is alot smaller... and Joe excellent point we have been hunting through the wrong man's thoughts!

Alex Matulaitis on Jul 31, 2007


hey I donno if anyone has said this before but if you look at the movie poster with the decapitated statue of liberty you can see a water mark or path of some sort, makes me think that something big was walking toward the city.... P.S. can't wait til this movie comes out im so excited

Owen on Aug 1, 2007


Joe, I agree. I said in an earlier post of mine that people shouldnt be putting too much stock into thier thinking about what this movie is about just because of JJ Abrams.

Rick on Aug 1, 2007


How did the monster turn the statue of liberty around before ripping her head off? The statue faces outwards toward the harbor but the poster has the statue facing manhattan Look at the Google Earth for proof

Rizzo on Aug 1, 2007


Whenever I come across sites I'll share with you guys. Check these out too..

BC on Aug 1, 2007


Ok I REALLY want to know what the hell a slushy drink has to do with a Monster...heres another site with pictures..if you look at the back of the 'directors' chairs..Slusho is there WTF!!!!!????!!

BC on Aug 1, 2007


Thes statue would have to be turned at least 45 degrees to make this true and me and a couple of people I know tried to make a list of the explanations for the pic that shows the people in the fog or debris cloud on 1.Debris is heavy making the air have the property of an allergen. 2.The army did what they did in The Host and used gas to allow them to stop survivors from escaping. 3.The monster is something that can spray or release some kind of poison gas thing maybe from like a spore. 4.Or if all those revelations judgement day people are right then it could be part of the plague.(This one is highly unlikely)

Rizzo on Aug 1, 2007


Isn't today supposed to be the day we find out what the ethan haas site is all about? Anyone check that out?

sisu on Aug 1, 2007


So it seems that "Overnight" is the official title...the name has been trademark..just as Slusho and Bad Robot has.... ".....Apparently Group One Productions, LLC, and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer registered a trademark (#77232885) “Overnight” on July 18, 2007, for the use in “motion picture, television and music production and distribution services.” The Attorney of Record for the trademark is Lori N. Boatright, who was also the Attorney of Record for “SLUSHO!,” “SLUSHO! YOU CAN’T DRINK JUST SIX,” and “BAD ROBOT” trademarks (#77229623, #77229614, and #76340985)."......

BC on Aug 1, 2007


you guys...I think the website disappeared....maybe i'm crazy but I can't find it.... Owen

Owen on Aug 1, 2007


nevermind I found it but the link is "--" it doesnt make any sense. one of the photos says "don't forget who takes care of you! Love J" probably nothing but you never know

Owen on Aug 1, 2007


Owen, Read Posts before you before you actually post something

ADN on Aug 1, 2007


Well its August 1st, so what gives?

Hulkingup on Aug 1, 2007


Yes, it's August 1st but Ethan Haas has nothing to do with Cloverfield, direct words from JJ. and yeah, it's 10PM Central time now and still nothing on EthanHaasWasRight.....oh well. I'm hoping to buy myself a Slusho! T-shirt from the store! 🙂

lennit on Aug 1, 2007


re: Post 1373......Amen and hope your Volvo starts not.

One That's Been There......... on Aug 1, 2007


Those slusho shirts are too cool so does slusho really have something to do with the movie? (sorry ive been gone for a whole)

Dave on Aug 1, 2007


heh never mind i stopped being lazy and read back and anwsered my own question ^_^0

Dave on Aug 1, 2007


OMG GUESS WHAT I JUST FOUND OUT!!! in the trailer one of the guys is wearing a slusho tshirt!! so got o maybe this site is related tothe movie idk and also i heared the whoel movie is supposed to be shot from POV through camcords liike the blair witch project. also the movie is just a $30mill budget. ALSO they just came out with 4 posters for the movie and another site is supposed to be related to the movie its called you guys should go check it out and see if you can solve the puzzle its pretty hard well thats all for now ill let you guys know if i find anything els out.

owen on Aug 2, 2007


Justifiable homocide.

Rick on Aug 2, 2007


somethign new needs to show up already all the repetativeness is getting annoying : /

nick on Aug 2, 2007


Have any of you tried to look for anything out of the "ordinary" on the slush-o site?so far i have found: 1."Chocolate Rage" could be something, could be nothing. 2.the "special ingredient" in slush-o looks familiar. Does anyone know what it is? 3."Blueberry Zoom", again, could be something, could be nothing. 4."Nashi". when i searched for it, the 1st thing that popped up was a site describing a Russian "youth" Revolution my computer suck so someone help me find clues!!!

ADN on Aug 2, 2007


Hey everybody, A little update, not relating to 1-18-08, but kind of. It's official, Ethan Haas is NOT related to 1-18-08. The page now directs you to Which is an RPG (role playing game). I don't have much more information right now because the site is getting hammered and things aren't really loading fast enough. But yeah, this is NOT 1-18-08 stuff. 🙂

lennit on Aug 2, 2007


#1401 nashi actually means pear. and if u look at the robot thing called nashi u can tell its in the shape of a pear

nick on Aug 2, 2007


1403- oh crap, sorry. did notice that.

ADN on Aug 2, 2007


I left this on another link on this website, but when they are entering the staircase from the roof, right when the metor hits their building, everything gets white and right after or before (notsure) the side door says ACE 2004......this goes out to all the peopel concerned about the numbers and letters ........(this event around 1:11-1:13).

Steve-O on Aug 2, 2007


yo isnt the new pic on coming soon tell me if its been posted yet

cubano3 on Aug 2, 2007


its going to be posted tomorrow like around 5

nick on Aug 2, 2007


thanks but eastern or central time and has any1 found really anything new

cubano3 on Aug 2, 2007


sorry guys, I thought I had read them all. Didn't mean to repeat stuff. oh and the guy who used my name, thanks for being an asshole

Owen on Aug 2, 2007


post 1378 and others that are only aware of and the 1-18 site. There are at least six myspace sites, one for each character. There's enough clues/trails there to make your head explode. You can see all the links at I just posted up the spoof of the trailer there as well. Very funny stuff for fanatics that are clued into the forum discussions like cthulu, voltron, lion vs alive, etc.

KidReviewer on Aug 3, 2007


I don't know what to think about these Myspace sites anymore. They started letting them all add friends (if you haven't added them yet, you should), and now comments are appearing from people NOT from NY or related to what we know so far. It's obviously going to be only what they approve being what does it all mean?!

Ox on Aug 3, 2007


OMG Owen, that is just sad. Never Come to a forum like this and then state everything that was said a month before, and make yourself sound smart for noticing it. Yeah, whoo hoo. Slusho, never saw that before... Idiot.. Ok, my thinking for slusho is this, try different combos on the slusho flavours page, maybe a certain combo will do something. Also, try to figure out, what do "Hammer" "blue oven Mit" and "Cheese" have in common, and what could they mean. Anyone have any luck figureing out what the "HD" high def card in the guys hand was, i think its the edge of the video camera, which means that all these other shots arent stills of the video, but are camera shots. So yeah...

Crack V on Aug 3, 2007


-1410 I knew about the MySpace sites, but I had a feeling that the profiles were NOT going to stay the way they were (isolated profiles with interaction between each other), and now they are all allowing adds. And there is even a site for the movie itself: i think. and all of them are relating to the movie, but they are all going to have too many MySpacers messing up the profiles. and the movie profile has a bunch of adds that don't seem to be real, so i'm thinking that one's a fake.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


sorry, wrong url

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


that myspace site u posted ADN was made a loooong time ago its a fake made by a fan

nick on Aug 3, 2007


if iwas them who made that myspace id ake it down they could get sued fro thos shirts and the 1-18-08 display pic and such

nick on Aug 3, 2007


on Jamie's myspace theres a comment from D351 and wouldn't you know it in her pics there are 4 of the great Cthulhu

sean G on Aug 3, 2007


I apologize, nick. my computer sucks, so i couldn't really tell. and yes, they should take that off before they get sued, or keep there and get sued.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


Its Mothra!

Khor on Aug 3, 2007


Khor, how do you know? Do you have any proof? Can the trailer go with your theory?

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


Not specific knowledge, except I know they were talking about making one. Godzilla verse mothra? dun dun

Khor on Aug 3, 2007


well, that isn't very convincing. a Godzilla is already being made and I don't think Paramount has the Rights to make a Mothra movie

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


and its not cuz its a NEW MONSTER ugh i guess some ppl did know jj abrams said him self that america NEEDS THERE OWN MONSTER so its not mothra

nick on Aug 3, 2007


I agree with nick. And i completly forgot about what Abrams said. It IS a NEW monster and It's gonna be AMERICAN MADE. SO NO MOTHRA, NO GODZILLA, NO BLOB, NO VOLTRON, NO REMAKE!!!

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


its a turtle... you can see it on the poster...

jackie joy on Aug 3, 2007


this is what the movie really is because the guy says he saw the monster it was a lion its huge while hes running down the street when the statues head fell on the street

Voltron on Aug 3, 2007


OK??? IS ANYONE STILL READING THE POSTS BEFORE THEY POST??? these posts are just getting mundane. "ITS ____ or I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!" No one but the cast, crew, director, writer, and producer know. and stop the theories that have no proof!

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


I still think its a revision on based on (that is not a remake) of the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. That is an huge American monster and it was the inspiration for Godzilla. A lot of things still point to it and point to some of the rumors. All the Coney Island filming (thats where the original beast was killed), the idea of a virus (as anyone who got close the BF20KF got sick), it came ashore in Manhatten, was a result of warming (although caused by nuclear explosion which was the message of the day whereas global warming is now, hence 63 degrees in January). There were alot of other little things as well that pointed me to make that. One that is big with me is that in the original movie poster there is a bubble quote from someone running in the street that says "ITS ALIVE". I have not figured out the slusho connection but who says there has to be one? Anyhow, as I said it doesnt have to be a remake, the original story is a Ray Bradbury writing. Im sticking with it...for now!. LOL

Rick on Aug 3, 2007


first of all i wanna say that fucking jackie joy is sooo fucking stupid......u probably dont have a life huh?......... a fucking turtle that roars.....u a really dumb bitch.........alright so the movie is gona be a fucking i agree wit this idiot above me which calls him self voltron...the guy yells "its a lion , its huge" (like my cock) soo yeah voltron is made of fucking lions poeple..!!! SOOO ITS VOLTRON....

huge cock man on Aug 3, 2007


1429 It's a better fuckin chance that it's a fucking giant turtle than it being Voltron. Abrams already said its gonna be original and AMERICAN. Voltron wasn't made in America, so that ends that possibilities of Voltron. P.S.- It "It's Alive" not "It's a Lion"

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


ADN no disrespect but u stick wit what u stick wit but its voltron cause it actually said its a lion not alive plus u hear a roar so thats my proof now there i gave my proof now u cant tell me show any proof

Voltron on Aug 3, 2007


now ur agreeing with dumb bitch of jockie joy....u stupid its a turtle now...u stupid ,a profesional director would not make a turtle that roars rather than an actual voltron.....maybe is not voltron but its way much better than a fucking turtle......and go back and look at the trailer and get a fucking ear check...he says "its a lion its huge" then there is a big ass roar......lions roar...not fucking turtles......P.S. STOP BEING SO FUCKING NEGETIVE ABOUT EVERY ONES OPINION ....THATS Y THIS WAS MADE...SO IF U DONT HAVE ONE........GET THE FUCK OUT!

huge cock man again on Aug 3, 2007


OK Here's Proof So shut up and wait for THAT one to come out.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


1432 O.k., i said "It's a better fuckin chance of it being a turtle than Voltron." Oh yeah, THERE'S ALREADY A VOLTRON MOVIE BEING MADE. and if you read before you post you could actually tell that im only negative towards ideas that have been proven wrong or ones that have top do with the fucking "lion" "alive" debate.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


I'm gonna have to go with ADN on this one, we've been over this so many times, its a fucking original creation so it can't be voltron. and to tell you the truth a giant lion would be kinda lame

Owen on Aug 3, 2007


also dont believe what producers say about the movie that they are making or trying to cover so just because he said its going to be an american monster doesnt mean its going to be an american monster havent u ever heard of a lie u know producers can acually lie its pretty amazing so dont believe everything u hear

Voltron on Aug 3, 2007


I don't really care about this shit anymore, the proof is up there on post #1433 and if you don't believe it, you'll just have to deal with this shit.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


hey dumb ADN.....explain ur proof...cause all i see is a poster of the ladie librety statue....wat dont tell me there is a turtle in it ..

huge cock man on Aug 3, 2007


Hey Numbnuts, look at both links and compare the writers.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


so ur telling me there making 2 voltron movies yeayyyyyy......u stupid one of it can be fake.......explain to me the posters...

hugest cock man..... on Aug 3, 2007


alright, THAT movie has already finished filming the 6th of july and is in post production. 1-18-08 is still in production. and i never said i thought it was a turtle, i said it was a better possibility that it was a turtle, but the BEST possibility is that its a brand-fucking-new monster.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


ok, voltron is from japan, and was the hero not the villain so why would it be ripping the head off of the statue of liberty. Abrams said already that t was going to be a orignal monster AND THE GUY SAYS "IT'S ALIVE ITS HUGE" NOT Its a lion!

well... on Aug 3, 2007


seriously who fucking cares!!! no matter how many clues we find or how many of them make sense we aren't going to actaully figure out what it is until they decide to tell. I really like looking for clues on this movie and stuff but as far as deciding what it actually is we should just wait, because we aren't gonna figure it out... no offense to anyone, I am just merely stating my views.

Owen on Aug 3, 2007


Not that I am fueling the Voltron thing or any other rumor for that matter, but just because something ripped the head of the Statue of Liberty and is attacking the city doesnt mean the movie is NOT about something. If the movie were like a Godzilla or Voltron the odds on bet would be that they are fighting another monster and THAT is who could be ripping the head off and causing destruction and the "hero" has not arrived yet to fight it. I do not believe it is one of these, just calling for people to be more open minded. Im sorry to see that this thread has deteriorated a bit with bickering and name calling, and hopefully that guy will get that flaming dick checked out at the doctor. I would say if you dont like someones opinion or think something has been proved wrong its no reason to have a heart attack. I too believe the rereading of somethings being posted over and over is tedious but wouldnt it be better to just shake your head and say to yourself "moron". Why waste more space on here with the rest of us have to endure what you just complained about by reading your complaints about it. The fact of the matter is whether he said alive or lion or the statues head is too big or small or its 63 degrees out or slusho is ethans favorite drink, no one really knows what this movie is or is not about. Some items tend to say it is more then likely not a couple things and taking JJ Abrams at his word about what it is or is not could also be a mistake. He could be completely full of crap just to keep the guessing up. As far as I know, nobody here is a lawyer or agent or works for Paramount and was in on the meetings or contract negotiations for this movie and what they might have or have not gotten permission to do. My 2 cents.

Rick on Aug 3, 2007


thank you

Owen on Aug 3, 2007


thanks Rick, and i apologize for my actions, Not very good day, and I don't really like Voltron

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


w/e fine its not voltron i guess u guys are right

hugest cock man..... on Aug 3, 2007


I saw it, it's Rosie, she's HUGE!

KidReviewer on Aug 3, 2007


I would Look more towards what clues are out there. We know it has some sort of japanese themes to it, its hella big, yella strong, and can at least walk in water. Don't let New York or LA backgrounds throw off what the movie is actually about. What did Godzilla represent to the Japanese when it came out? Ok, so what does our monster represent? What does American, blue mitten, ham.mer and cheese have in common? Its probably just a very large and overweight person. More than half of Americans are overweight. Me included. lol

The Riddler on Aug 3, 2007


I've seen the trailer over and over and i've heard 3 diff. things: "I saw it, Its a lion, Its huge!." i don't really see a giant feline coming out of fire or water. "I saw it, Its Alive Its huge!" THAT i can believe. "I saw it in the light and it's Huge!" (say it really fast, as if you're runinng away from something)Also believe that.

ADN on Aug 3, 2007


the idea of it being a lion got me thinking.. maybe the monster is based off of a constellation (like Leo) that would be kool!

Alex Matulaitis on Aug 4, 2007


To Answer a Quote from........ What is that? That's the name of the movie? Looks like it could be fake. Not an expert. Is it as easy for everyone else to spot the phonies as it is for me? (Ahhhem Local). And maybe my computer has shat it's e-pants, but i think all the pics are gone from Joe RWMN on Jul 23, 2007 I guess that I was proved right! Many people have now seen the production signs that are being used for filming. Thanks to this jerk for calling me a fake. I wont bother posting anymore information here, as I dont need to defend myself, and by the way, all other information that I did post, was later found as fact, by others. If there ae any more post by LOCAL, it wont be me.

Local on Aug 4, 2007


Jesus, how did Voltron idea come back again, are you kidding me, this thread is going backwards, we get to a certain point then someone new comes in and throws something like Voltron out again and fucks everything up. Listen, the producers of the movie ALREADY said the movie is NOT Voltron, or a reamake or based on anything else, its an original idea. Plus dont forge the 30 million dollar budget, which eleminates any of those ideas anyway because they would be marketed for their special effects, which this movie is going to have very little, if any at all besides explosions and destruction. It was said that america needs its own Godzilla, so that tells us that this is going to be a start of a new monster/idea that will be what godzilla is for Japan. This is going to be the start of a money making franchise where a second and thrid and fourth will follow with more special effects and stupid ideas. What exactly are we trying to figure out though, we KNOW its not based on anything and the clues are enough to keep us guessing but thats all, unless something is offically leaked we are never going to know until we see the movie. We are just feeding the viral marketing because of the low budget, he dicided to go this route so the marketing budget doesnt come out of his pocket. It started off kind of cool and different but now its becomming fucking ridiculous. If you guys really want to know what the movie is about start a boycott 1-18-08 sites with petitions for being used for free marketing, i garuntee you the movie plot will "suddenly" leak out to avoid people not going to see the movie. Becasue the movie is 6 months away and there is no way the producers are going to give away what the movie is about before going to see it. What movie have we ever known the whole story before going into it. None of them becuse then nobody would go see it. what do you guys think? Should we flip the tables on this "Viral Marketing" and put the pressure on them?

Joe on Aug 4, 2007


Joe no ffense but your post is the same kind thats leading the thread backward like u say it is by shittin on other peeps cuz you dont know anymore then anyone else u just goin by what u hear assumin that they tellin the truth whcih u dont know it could be jus to keep you guessin if they said what is was bout then the viral market would not work #1444 is right on da money.

JC Mac on Aug 4, 2007


JC, true, but you missed my point, i dont want the viral marketing to work. We are being used by the production company to foot the bill for their marketing for this movie. If you fine with being used as a puppet by a rich corportation to foot their bill then fine. I for one am not and i think its bullshit, becaue in the end i think the movie is going to be OK, and they know their putting out shit and they dont care becasue they will have your money to find that out. Thats what i say we can flip the tables on them and make this viral marketing shit blow up in their faces then you will get a legitment plot outline for the moive, which after reading it you may or may not loose interest, and thats another thing the producers dont want, so they will use you to keep guessing so you'll be first in line to pay 9 bucks for a ticket to find out it was nothing like what you thought and your going to leave dissapointed. I dont think the movie is going to suck, because i like pretty much any movie, but i'm not going to be used to market the freaken thing when i have no idea what its about, they have the money, they should use it, ive paid enough into them all to get a little more respect in return.

Joe on Aug 4, 2007


go to and there are facts about the film by one of the people thats working on it

Eman on Aug 4, 2007


Joe, If you feel as you state, then please go away and stay out of our parade. Viral marketing is not about rich corporations. It's driven by the people who ENJOY passing it along. There are more threads and blogs across the web talking about this movie than just about anything released, and I'm sure most of the posters are not chatting it up because they are masochists. Viral marketing is a pure example of the market, the producers can try and try to get it started right, but then it's out of their control. If people don't want to pass it along it won't happen. You don't have to raise a revolution to stop it, and the mere attempt is an assault on all the little people enjoying it, not on the 'rich corporations'. By the way, corporations aren't rich, only people are, and for most big companies that means tens of thousands of little people with regulated modest retirement plans composed of an assortment of public stock in companies that pass profits to their shareholders. And by the way, promoting a movie like this is a firm form of respect for the fans, if they can sustain it. I'm sick of movie trailers and cozy relationships between producers and media taking all the mystery out of upcoming movies. 'bout time someone tried something different. I suppose you'd rather they applied no thought, and hammered us with burger king toys and other predictable marketing crap. You should praise the creativity over the gross waste of dollars on traditional marketing. Your description of us being "used" implies a strong victim mentality, and probably a healthy dose of various envies. Nobody is using me, and I haven't seen any reports of movie geeks with guns to their heads. They fed us some morsels, it's up to use to decide if we want to eat it. It was a gift and a gamble on their part, the rest is up to us. If you are feeling used, go take a shower and stop blaming others for your pessimistic outlook. And remember, I said "Please". I wish you no ill will, but please don't piss on our enjoyment of chatting about this funky movie campaign. PS - F Voltron, and EthanHaasHasGoodTiming

Bastiat on Aug 4, 2007


I watched that YouTube clip from post 1456. What a bunch of crap. That guy is being snowed by someone. He claims someone who worked on that movie gave him that info. Horseshit. Aint no one giving out that much important information fo that dufus. I think his theory is full of holes and half of what he says about the party goers drinking slusho has no merit and there is no proof of that in the trailer. I see people drinking alcohol, Rob has a beer bottle. He says the monster comes from underground and pops up in the city and that is explosion of a gas line but the movie poster clearly shows that whatever it was swam on the surface or near it and climbed ashore as the buildings right there at the waters edge are damaged and the path goes into the city.....not under it then popping up a couple blocks later.

Rick on Aug 4, 2007


sry ADN ur not a dumb bitch and every one i really have a super small cock : / and like it up the ass from my dad and my moms strap on : /.

huger than hugest cock man... on Aug 5, 2007


I'm with ya Rick. All good points. Like, the monster comes up, chomps Liberty, does the backstroke across the bay, rises up and busts up buildings, then swims underwater agin. On the other hand, the poster is to represent ideas but not physically accurate, thus the stuff flying off Liberty while the monster has clearly gone into the city, helicopters are already on scene, and it's fricking daylight already. Huge creative license there.

good post rick on Aug 5, 2007

1398 Post. I agree with the creative license thing as movie posters tend to not always be accurate descriptions of the movie or monster itself. I immediately think of the 70s King Kong. The poster had him standing atop the WTC on both buildings at once but in the movie he had to jump from one to the other because he was not nearly that large. So yes I kinda turd on my own thing there. I am just not buying what that guy in that link is selling, its too far fetched and since he uses something in the poster as one of his so called clues that made me take the poster for what it shows.

Rick on Aug 5, 2007


OK for post 1456...That guy on you tube is F'in Nuts if he thinks Slusho is people! Oh yea the creature woke up because people at the party were Drinking Slousho!OMFG! WHAT?!if that is the case how about the Slusho Supply company?That is the stupidest Statement I have EVER heard. that right there just goes to show people willbelive anything if they have their head shoved so far up others asses about this movie.

Pitbull0669 on Aug 6, 2007


the statement things in the happy talk are what we have emilaed to slusho they took that and stuck them in the happytalk it even says at the top of it what u said or i think what you think. its stuff we emailed them saying

nick on Aug 6, 2007


prove me its not a turtle...have you ever heard turtles having sex? sound just like that roar...

jackie joy on Aug 6, 2007


jackie joy go to youtube and search jj abrams and see wat he said at comic con he said he wanted something "INSANE" and the posters saying furius and monstrus. ok when i hear thos words i dont think of a huge turtle thats so fucking retarded and ih ave heared turtels having sex (saw iton you tube get real bored sometimes) and it sounded nothign liek the roar in the trailer so stfu

bam on Aug 6, 2007


well maybe its a huge horney turtle and it was humping the statue of liberty and the head poped off in climax.

the bk on Aug 6, 2007


ok i skipped through a load as i don't think people have noticed yet. tell me if am wrong. to much to read and am gonna go bed. but that tranq dart people were saying before. its a hand. there is another person behind the woman with the orange top. above her right shoulder is the forhead of the person. its not a dart. its that person hand

phil on Aug 6, 2007


oh yeh, bring me some proof it's not a turtle and i'll believe...

jackie joy on Aug 7, 2007


cuz a trutle isnt fucking crazy or original at all which is what the monster is srsly that woudl be the dumbest fucking thing ever

bam on Aug 7, 2007


I figured I would pipe in again that NOBODY knows what it is or is not as I fully exlained my position on that in post 1444 (not typing all that again). Anything that has been leaked or that Abrams said can easily just be a ruse to throw people off. Slusho might just be a bunch of crap related to nothing the movie is about. So nobody can really tell JackieJoy, no matter how rediculous it might seem, that it is not a turtle.

Rick on Aug 7, 2007


Heres some more footage (from Slash Film) from the set. It shows a bloodied Rob and a female huddled under an overpass in Central Park. A LOT more details have been flooded out. According to a few people/sites..myself most likely is some kind of squid like monster...but thats not the interesting part...the interesting part is that back in 1997 there was an article on CNN that scientists reported hearing an unknown sound/frequency under water. They called it "Bloop" and said it was some kind a noise coming from a huge under water "beast", possibly bigger than a blue whale...even went as far as calling it a "deep sea monster"...scary as shit if you ask If JJ got the idea from this...could you imagine if there really is a creature sleeping underground only to be awaken soon?!!?!? Also...on the SLusho of the phrases is "Slusho is bloop" if I can remember correctly. Heres the CNN article and Set video.... After you read the article tell me what you think!!

BC on Aug 7, 2007


no, i dont want you opinion.. i want facts disproving that the monster is a turtle

jackie joy on Aug 7, 2007


...and thanks Rick.. my point exactly... because what ever we say can't be proven or disproven until they decide to revel the truth to us. until then its all speculation... and no matter how close you are to finding out, even if you found out already doesnt matter... at the end when they revel it all you're going to be able to say is "I Knew it!" or "wow! that was unexpeceted"... until then, it's whatever you imagination makes it! so a turtle for me is mighty fine!

jackie joy on Aug 7, 2007


O.k., This turtle theory is getting way out of hand. On the 1st post about the turtle, Jackie Joy says, "you can see it on the poster". I see what may look likes a turtle, but its more than likely a piece of debris or the tip of the Monster's Tail. Not being negative, just being realistic.

ArDN on Aug 7, 2007


This is IT!! Squid thing is out...if you read the whole thing on Wikipedia..this was the first monster movie which is American based to spawn the other monster movies such as Godzilla. The way its discribed and the fact that it unthawed in the Arctic and made its way to New York to destroy most of Coney Island definately has me sold as JJ getting the idea from this...

BC on Aug 7, 2007


Check the youtube link below...catch the part where the beast takes down the lighthouse and how symbolic that is to the same as the beast ripping lady liberty's head off...ok...Im!

BC on Aug 7, 2007


Hey BC. I posted way up there somewhere that TBF20kF is what I strongly believe this movie to be based on (I didnt say remake people as its actually a Ray Bradbury story). I give a whole range of things that make sense and match up according to what we know and rumors. I am just to lazy to scroll up and find the whole listing but I think I make a very good case for it if you feel like looking. Just my opinion.

Rick on Aug 7, 2007


I dont believe this is going to be based on anything we can look up. In fact i think it was already stated that this movie isnt a remake or based on anything and thats its a new idea. BC, when you said thats where you think JJ got the idea from, remember JJ is only producing the movie, he didnt write the movie, nor is he directing, the first time he seen the scrip was after the writers pitched it him, so he has nothing to due with the plot of the movie, he is only marketing it.

Joe on Aug 8, 2007


Ok I posted this at around I think like 56 or so I said "Beast from 20000 fathoms" OR '20 millon miles to earth." If its a alien I bet its based on that if not if will be a retelling of the Beast. Im betting.

Pitbull0669 on Aug 8, 2007


I agree Pitbull. Joe, while I know "its been said" I dont necessarily believe anything they tell you. Best river for them to sail in this marketing campaign is denial. One tidbit or admission and that could change the face of this entire thing and all the buzz that goes with it. If I am wrong ..Im wrong...Ive been there before.....just ask my but my feelings to this point are, as they have been, that we are going to see something that is either like, a retelling of (which a writed could take great creative liberties with for changes in time, technologies and issues such as global warming) or just a flat out telling of the Bradbury story from which the Beast From 20000 Fathoms was made...or kidding.

Rick on Aug 8, 2007


Yes apologies..I just found your post and we basically said the same thing..well I actually said basically the same thing as you...whatever...but I think our theories are right. JJ said its not going to be a remake of any kind but that trailer on youtube of the "Beast...20,000 Fathoms" is so close to the direction 1/18/08 seems to be going in. So I agree with you it's not a remake...but as you said I do think it's a retelling of that movie. Also...did anyone read that CNN link I posted from a 1997 article?...You've got to read it if you havn't...that shit is sick to possibly really have a REAL deep see monster lurking in the ocean.

BC on Aug 8, 2007


Rumors debunked: Debunked Rumors Ethan Haas has nothing to do with this film. Abrams wrote to Harry at Ain't It Cool News to dispel that rumor himself. There are A LOT of fake sites floating around pretending to be official. They're not. I'm not even going to list them here because they don't deserve the additional traffic. Please do not waste my time asking me if a site you found is real or not. If it's not listed above, it's FAKE. Comments linking to such sites will be deleted and marked as spam. The character in the teaser does not say, "It's a lion! It's huge!" He says, "It's alive! It's huge!" Abrams' comments at Comic-Con indicate that the monster in this film is going to be original, and he specifically said that it is not Godzilla or King King. It's also not a remake of The Host or a sequel to Jurassic Park or Ghostbusters as Paramount does not own the rights to those franchises. It's completely unrelated to the upcoming Voltron movie. Similar rumors about other famous creatures are unsubstantiated and almost definitely false. Abrams also dispelled rumors saying the title of the film was "Monstrous." These rumors started when an official poster was leaked with the word "MONSTROUS" above it. It turns out that this was the first in a series of four teaser posters for the film. Other posters contain the words "FURIOUS" and "TERRIFYING." No word yet as to what the fourth poster says.

Dr. Venture on Aug 8, 2007


Thanks for repeating things we've all heard 100 times already, Dr. Venture. You truly are a fountain of knowledge.

Ox on Aug 8, 2007


And you truly are a jackass. I know they have been on here 100 times cause I have been here from the begining. The thing is I felt I needed to post this site which has JJ saying it froom his own mouth cause even after 1439 post retards are still swearing up and down that they know it's Godzilla, or Voltron, etc. At least I'm posting facts and not bullshit ideas.

Dr. Venture on Aug 8, 2007


What's even worse is that I agree 100% with every post you have made. Guess take makes me a jackass too.

Dr. Venture on Aug 8, 2007


Ha! Well, I guess if you are accepting the title upon yourself...I have no choice but to accept the title of "jackass" as well.

Ox on Aug 8, 2007


This place is an fn zoo now. Nobody has any set ideas on what the movie is about, so you argue about stupid shit. Where are the true fans of the website who originally had the good ideas. Garbage

Quaker Oats on Aug 8, 2007


Quaker Oats said: "Where are the true fans of the website who originally had the good ideas." --- JJ had them silenced. Keep quiet, or you'll be next. PS - I'm not sure if this thread has mentioned these developments, but... Several folks at unfiction are carrying on text messages with the characters. Nothing directly after clues, but typical myspace chat about their interests, movies, books, etc. Character development. There's a claim of an angry set employee that reports a dialogue spilling the whole background of the monster -- mutated squidlike thing with claws. Cthulu-like but original backstory. Bloop and Devil's Triangle connection. I don't trust the email, but see for yourself. Finally, excellent 'spy' video footage on the set by nooneimportant77. Warning - contains minor plot spoilers of two of the characters in a tough spot. Good long take from Central Park. Updates on those two items at for those interested.

KidReviewer on Aug 8, 2007


I really think that's what the Msypace's were put in place for, too, Kid Reviewer. It's for character development. I think one of the more interesting things is we could really know these characters before the movie even starts. That'll be something I've never really experienced in a non sequel before. And to Quaker Oats: A lot of us have been here from the beginning (true fans), and we have seen all the development we can get to this point. Things leak here and there, but there's not like a law or something banning us from talking to each other about other things or having little arguements. Once again, if the damn thread bothers you so much, go somewhere else.

Ox on Aug 9, 2007


The anticipation to the movie is eating me alive. Im loving all the hype and viral marketing. This website is one of the best with a bunch of comments. Can't wait to see the movie. Yezzir

Jason on Aug 9, 2007


well!!! maybe the monster IS anticipation!!! imagine this! everyone running.. crying.. looking up to see what happening... but it never shows up... everyone dies.. next day a few kids find the tape....

Quaker Oats on Aug 10, 2007


Well, I had to try it myself. I tried to leave a comment on Rob's Myspace page just to see if we can run with any of the other comments left on there. Sure enough, he approved it. So, there's nothing to be taken from the comments on each Myspace now. As long as it isn't about the movie it appears they will let it through. If you are wondering, my comment is the one about "kamikazes".

Ox on Aug 10, 2007


When you watch the trailer, turn up your speakers and listen closely the split second after the Liberty head hits the 401 Broadway sign... I swear to god I hear a cuckoo clock sound, and if so there would be no reason in the world for that sound to be there right then, especially heard amongst the crashing and screaming. Yet there it is. Has anyone speculated on this yet? When looking up cuckoo clocks in google, the 'swiss clock' comes up prominently. That means zero to me, except that it's the third instance of swiss in this mystery. (once on the back of a jacket in the trailer, and the fish on slusho dreams of swiss cheese) Anyway, rank speculation, but what an odd sound to hear in that situation. KidReviewer

KidReviewer on Aug 10, 2007


Check out this sweet editing job on an extended Cloverfield trailer. Posted by "Raptor" in an unfiction thread.

KidReviewer on Aug 10, 2007


Found this site while surfing for clues, came from a link on another site, it is - it has a zodiac rat character and a symbol. There is a box that has a 6 digit cancel code and then goes to

CloverFreak on Aug 11, 2007


# 1492 - I see your as big a movie nut as I. Mind if I add ya? I've found alot from the clues on the slusho site, but still new to the whole myspace thing.

Dr. Venture on Aug 11, 2007


Cool man. I am on the same page. I figure they either want us to get to know the characters really well through those Myspaces, or there are a lot of clues there. Either way, I am totally buying into this viral marketing here. Lol.

Ox on Aug 11, 2007


i found this on this website could this be the Plot? ---------- About one billion (yes billion) years ago, life on Earth was still at the multi-cell level and they remained mostly in their habitat. One of the organisms was more passive and preferred a symbiotic relationship for their survival. Another (and there were more) was more aggressive and preferred to control larger beings for their survival. Back then, the world had only one continent. The two organisms were separated, for the most part, by land. But the aggressive organism had developed a taste for the passive one and tried to feed on it as often as possible by going around the land mass. Until a cataclysmic event changed things, burying most of the ancient organisms under the oceans. The surviving organisms either died off or evolved (later becoming humans and what not). Fast forward to present day and we have Japan discovering the passive organisms buried off their coast and eventually came to the conclusion that the American continents (North and South) had drifted over the aggressive organisms (more on them later) during the past billion years. Japanese scientists begin studying this passive organism and find that it is a perfect nourishment supplement to humans. Grown in an agricultural field on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields. The scientists learn that these organisms are beneficial symbiotic parasites that give us additional nourishment and make us feel happy. Thus humans and the parasites become one. They are kept cold to prevent them from dying from exposure until they are introduced into their host. Thus the development of the awesome and delicious drink  Slusho! (It makes me happy). Rob is a college graduate who has been hired by Slusho and has just accepted an offer to work in their technologies division in Japan. Rob also knows the basics of the organism, the story that Slusho invented as a marketing campaign and has recently been informed that the scientists have found trace amounts of the aggressive organism. This aggressive organism likes to pool up into a larger being, control it, own it, even change it. It also eats the smaller passive organism much the same way a whale will eat plankton. Slusho is now one of the most popular drinks. In its own right it is a tasty meal that does not add fat and is proven to be healthy with claims that it cures cancer and many other diseases. Slusho and its by-products are now being flushed (literally) into the sewer systems and drained out to sea by way of urine, fecal matter and just straight unconsumed Slusho. This builds up on the ocean floor and eventually awakens a very hungry and aggressive organism. This aggressive organism, hungry and well, aggressive, follows the sewer trail back to New York and emerges through the sewers breaking and igniting a natural gas pipeline in its effort to feed on the passive organism, which is now us. Leaked Dialogue? -------------- Rob: Look it is not the simple.Look this guy who was handling the American account,the Englishmen Algar Macy for Mr. Akira Masa. supposedly went on some sort of expedition to find a way to produce it here. Like some hands on **** to make it nice and catchy. And after 2 days sailing out they didnt hear from him. Nothing. They sent coast guard and these stupid *******s found nothing. Jason: **** that man what does that have to do with anything? Rob: Cause he didnt disappear Jason. They found the boat on the coast of Hangzhou in China with claw marks in it. ****ing claw marks. And and andthats why I was so late to the party tonight. They told me a few days ago he was fine and today- Beth: Today what?! -they begin to push argue and almost fight Rob: Stopppp let me finish! Today I met with Mr. Masa. He told me it was this thing. theyve looked into it for years. Supposedly it was this squid, giant squid that was larger than anything theyve seen. They detected it on radar in england, and most recently in the Bering sea, and here, everywhere, but people kept pushing this thing off. I didnt really understand him but its something with the genes.Its- Jason: Its what, What Robby. ****ing Godzilla. Sum nuclear lizard-squid that killed Jamie. Rob: No its worse than that. Has something to do with metagenomics and microbial organisms. Instead of separating these strains of bacteria linked to these hosts. Because the pressure was so intense, that of like some ****ing black hole. So it linked to these giant squids causing mutations and refinements in DNA amplifications. Jason: This thing looks nothing like some big ****ing squid. Those tentacles ripped into that building like it was some ****ing pudding pop, besides that though- Rob: I know. The claws, The head. It especially wasnt dumb.Thats why I think it hosted on something else. Maybe binded with something that we thought was extinct or just something else. Before I left he let me know that all that Bermuda Triangle ****. Everything youve read about, Leviathan, Kraken, Atlantis, even that book we read in Mrs. Harpers class in high school. All that **** was because of this thing. Its the reasons all these people disappeared. Its the reason all around the world its formed myths about the different events that couldnt be explained. I would have never believed it and now its-

bumbay18 on Aug 12, 2007


Bumbay, good find, looks like we have a working title also, "Overnight"

Joe on Aug 12, 2007


from the looks of what i have posted earlier the amount of cursing might make this movie rated R

bumbay18 on Aug 12, 2007


ok...1501 to get this moving again

--*apples*-- on Aug 15, 2007


ok...1501 to get this moving again.. and its a giant turtle

--*apples*-- on Aug 15, 2007


Well that almost Cinces it thats its Cathulu! Say what you will But that sounds JUST LIKE THE STORY OF IT.Alittle twisted but the basics none the less!

PITBULL on Aug 15, 2007


i would just like to state that if its a cthulu or lion based monster i am going to flip out... alsothe next movie that these people should make should have the same advertising-- but they should just put a couple of pics on the internet and let the forums gossip about it-- THEN after they see what people want to see they make the story up and shoot AFTER the people talk about it online--then everyone would be suprised and not suprised at the same time. it would be great! lololol if anyone likes this idea say sumthin

Alex Matulaitis on Aug 15, 2007


I've been informed that it's not a monster movie but a UFO invasion movie and the the clip on this site Is actually a Viral promotion of the film.

Jim Jam on Aug 16, 2007


Jim Jam (1505) please post real info if you're gonna post.

BC on Aug 16, 2007


well now, 4 days and no posts. I am TOTALLY not buying into that "leaked dialogue and plot" just above here. That just looks made that up to me. Its not like that link takes you to something official and that is just way too much information for a movie that is this tight under wraps. I guess the buzz is wearing off until we get something more substantial.

Rick on Aug 20, 2007


i guess being in south africa we are a bit slow i only watched the trailer last week and asked all my friends about it and none of them had seen it either 🙁 and i dont buy that story plot posted above either. So is the movie about the game Call of Cathulu or something else.

HoloKasT on Aug 20, 2007


ugh idc if ur from africa read before u post. this movie is not based on some video game

bam on Aug 20, 2007


Just got a sketch drawing of the 'monster'...

KidReviewer on Aug 20, 2007


ok ok, the only cathulu i have eva heard of is from the PC game call of cathulu and the alein gods or something like that, and i aint going to read 1500 posts. I read a few from the start and a few from the end. 🙂

HoloKasT on Aug 21, 2007


lol, you read the posts when none knew anything and then when we were tired of solving and hearing theories about lions, godzillas, and cthulus...

--*apples*-- on Aug 22, 2007


So did no-one actually think it was a terrorist attack? See the movie artwork and how the fragments of the ripped off head of te Statue of Liberty resemble the charred remains of the twin towers...Is JJ really taking the piss? Is this the prelude to the 'dark forces' flattening NY, NY..softening people up? Wake up? What kind of shit is this guy trying to put into peoples heads? Entertainment? Only a movie? Remote warfare is like a movie...make believe? Yeah..right!

Damn Basslines on Aug 22, 2007


It's the 'The Muppets take Manhattan' the way it should have been!

LionoSuplex on Aug 23, 2007


WHat happened to the site ??? Just went to it today and it takes you directly to Paramount?

Tonya Perry on Aug 23, 2007


no.. it's still there

--*apples*-- on Aug 24, 2007


OMFG i just got the shit scared out of me i was on the 1-18-08 site and just messing around to see if anything changed. i couldn't find anything just then my friend called and i turned off my screen and sat down for a around 3 mins. A few seconds after i got of the phone i heard something that sounded like a roar REALLY LOUD got up almost pissing my self turned on my PC and realized the 1-18-08 site was still up. God dam it i guess if you keep the site open for a few mins you'll get a roar. so yeah im goning to go change my underwear so check it out.

Sean G on Aug 24, 2007


well yesterday when i went to it redirected me to paramount website...i guess what they were doing was updating the website so they could put the roar sound on there. thanks

Tonya Perry on Aug 24, 2007


Whoa! Even though I was expecting it, it still caught me off guard. Great find! I wonder if there are more sounds if the leave the window open longer...

MrJoe83 on Aug 24, 2007


I left the site open for a few minutes like some of you suggested. Wow, that was awesome. This movie kinda of died off for me. It was cool when they changed pictures on the site every friday, for more clues but they just stopped. I kinda lost interest. Not a good thing on their part. They should want people pumped up until release.

Joel on Aug 26, 2007


I agree about losing interest Joel, but I think alot of us knew this was coming. The buzz and clues started too strong too early. While the trailer was great in creating this wave of speculation, they should have just offered up a date and a small nugget of info to wet our appetite and saved that full trailer until like 2 or 3 months before the release to create the superbuzz it had at that time heading into its actual release. I see alot of the blogs and threads I was checking have come to a complete standstill with only the occasional Newbie offering up it must be Godzilla or saying "hey....I think this guy says something about a lion?" So unless they keep up with releasing some tidbits that have some value, I think that this marketing campaign is going to backfire by burning out before they wanted it too. The only way it will work is if the movie ends up being totally different then what most people are expecting. The best way to do that is to introduce a second movie trailer about 2 months before release that takes things in another direction or is so different that it reignites the buzz. But I am sure the movie is not much different then what most are expecting and I dont forsee that big a twist. Thats my 2 cents and really I think at this point I have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I do not know what I am talking about.

Rick on Aug 27, 2007


The roar is supposedly 1 and 1/2 seconds longer than the original trailer version and it happens exactly 6 minutes from the time you enter the site (U cant drink just 6?) and this i heard from a friend with way too much time on their hands that it also plays 10 minutes after the first roar so 6,10,16 may be something.

Rizzo on Aug 27, 2007


if you look at the pic of the two girls crying on the official website, in between there heads it looks like a demon? maybe the apocolypse is coming to new york

Tequila on Aug 27, 2007


its slusho, all the clues point to it

Roman on Aug 27, 2007


i know i am knew to this discussion but what kind of clues are those pictures i mean they don't really show u anything and the writing on the back i, thats nothing

HoloKasT on Aug 28, 2007


Did anybody come across this site? I believe they're actual pics from the set. AND WHAT'S WITH THE LION??? AND CHECK OUT THE PROJECT NAME: THE RIDE Does it have any connection whatsoever to the film's title???

Donn on Aug 29, 2007


through the pics on the site we were able to figure out the name of one of the characters and find all characters' my space page. and i think the lion is just to mess around with us... they're probably reading the blogs and came across the it's huge, it's a lion theory. but really... who knows!!!!

--*apples*-- on Aug 29, 2007


this movie is driving me nuts. that trailer absolutely hooked me. the lack of any real information only adds to it. lets hope it lives up to its anti-hype!

holycanoles800540 on Aug 31, 2007


They need to release something new, not as big as another trailer but just another piece of information, cause this has really gone down hill, There used to be posts every hour or so, now there hasn't been one in almost 4 days...

WOW on Sep 3, 2007



peter on Sep 4, 2007


i think it's something about the movie godzilla ever saw it? at the end you see one remaining egg...couldn't it be godzilla 2 or something?

wtf! on Sep 10, 2007


Have people been flipping the pictures over on 01-18 website? I'm just catching up so if this is old news sorry. Have there been different pictures up on the site in days past?

New on Sep 13, 2007


No, those pictures have not been updated for over a month

Jabroni on Sep 17, 2007


new picture up folks at has japanese writing on the back More of this is needed JJ the interest is depleting.................

millionmiles on Sep 29, 2007


the writing is a recipe for some crab dish, alot of animal ingredients... weird

geezer on Sep 29, 2007


have you guys heard the roaring sound on the 01-08-18 website?

marius on Oct 10, 2007


OK...I havent posted in a while. I found something new from a phrase we have all known for a while . I havent seen it said so if it has been....sorry. An anagram for "you can't drink just six" is "a toxic industry's junk". I believe that is way too much a coincidence to not be something. Anyone come up with any ideas from this?

Rick on Oct 11, 2007


nice that could be a possibility

Sal on Oct 14, 2007


Well I rented Transformers this morning with the thought that maybe something new or the original Cloverfield trailer itself would be on the dvd since that is where it was at in the movie theaters. My rental dvd had nothing except an Ironman trailer.

Rick on Oct 16, 2007


Rick, your anagram fits in with something I've just found. I'm not sure if its that important and sorry if its already been mentioned but has anyone actually typed 18-01-08 into google? at the bottom of the 1st page there is a thing about waste and such, i couldn't be arsed looking into it but it might have some connection, i mean a lot of films have a reason why they were released on the certain date right? And as 1538th poster i can tell that Abrams has got the desired effect.

Jonny on Oct 18, 2007


Oh yeah, and please note yes i am English so I do the date the other way round.

Jonny on Oct 18, 2007


So, even though J.J. Abrams says its an original monster, movie looks more an more like Cthulhu to me. The trail of destruction that the creature leaves on the city in the poster, seems to me like it a creature capable of flight and also with large and powerful talons to pull the head off the statue. The 'bloop' in the message bubble of the seashell on the slusho website is also what scientists call the sound recorded in the Pacific Ocean in 1997. Also, in the trailer right as they get to the street level somebody says, "I saw it, its alive, its huge." I wonder what people make of the guy with the white circle on his back with the arrow pointing off to right is? Any ideas?

Peter on Oct 25, 2007


"FRESH FOR YOU!" another line from the slusho website is an anagram for "Four Horse"

Peter on Oct 25, 2007


Peter, an anagram uses all the letters of a sentence, word or phrase. Your "Four Horse" leaves off two letters, F and Y. I also would not take into account the poster as they tend to not be very good representations of what the movie, monster or scale of things are. Take for example King Kong 76. Besides, if the creature was capable of flight as you are getting by the poster, why is there a wake in the water from the creature swimming to Manhattan from the Statue of Liberty?

Rick on Oct 25, 2007


someone has prob said this but as the Tagruato corp is opening up a new Chuai drilling station in the mid-atlantic ridge this month, and that they boast of how their unique drilling techniques means they can reach the deepest parts of the ocean where man has never before, perhaps while drilling deeper than anyone has ever before they disturb/release a creature down there that then heads for nyc.....

Frank on Oct 27, 2007


Cthulhu is my best guess. That "bloop" from the slusho website is the sound coming from the pacific ocean close to where Cthulhu resides(R'lyeh). If you notice the back of the statue of liberty has claw markings..well, Cthulhu has claw. Also, I think we'll know as much as what the viewers know in the film because Lovecraft stories where told in first person(hence the home movie-camera)... 2cents

MikeTX on Oct 28, 2007


I just want those of you who have seen this and have said that its a GODZILLA MOVIE....sorry to dissapoint but its NOT.. first of all why would they hide the fact that this is godzilla its not like anyone would care to know, and second they just made a godzilla not too long ago which i tought was well done. Oh and for all of you that think the dude said i saw it, its a lion, its huge...WELL YOU WRONG!...he said i saw it, its ALIVE!, its huge. In my opinion this movie is gonna be about something new...or possibly a movie about a monster we havent heard of from japan...oh and those of you that say its a preview for lost IF IT IS I'M GONNA KILL ABRAMS! that would be the dumbest thing ever to show everyone a preview of lost before they see an amazing movie (Transformers) and besides i think that if this was a preview for lost why would it say in theaters 1-18-08? And to my other point if you listen closely you hear 3 different types of roars which kinda explains the 3 different effects 1: an earthquake 2: an explosion and 3: statue of liberties head flying down the street, so what i'm saying is that maybe, just maybe this movie is about 3 different types of monsters attacking new york not just one...there would be the slightest bit of chance that this is a godzilla movie but i really dont think that would be hidden thanx-collin

Collinjasperz on Oct 28, 2007


Yeah! New Trailer Coming On NOVEMBER 16 !!!! In Front Of Beowolf. It Actually Has A title Now.. TO Be Revealed!!!

Steven G on Oct 30, 2007

1486 click and hold onto one photo at a time for 8-10seconds, and move around the mouse at the same time. the photo will flip over. now, click and drag the other photo underneath so it is on top of the other ones and repeat move around the photo by click and holding the left click button on ur house for 8-10 seconds. 3 of them have writing on them. 2 of them are letters and another is written in japanese/korean. If anyone who reads this and knows someone who is japanese/korean please ask them to translate if possible. Be waiting for some replies to this interesting movie website. ANd those translations to what it says on the site HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! to all SOMEONE REVEAL and translate the japanese/korean written on the back of one of the photos

Eddy Kwong on Oct 31, 2007


Came across this today.

Rick on Nov 1, 2007


I wonder if this could be a sequel to John Carpenters 1982 version of The Thing? Think about it. Cells that come from frozen state to take over a host. They can combine to form a bigger monster. It needs warm to survive. I can see the possibilities with this theory. Im just blowing smoke right now though, I got nothing. Just giving food for thought.

Rick on Nov 5, 2007


I tied to mix around FRESH FOR YOU! into another phrase and I came up with two: Fry For House and Ferry of Shofu I searched for both and on Ferry of Shofu, I saw a headline saying "Ferry runs Into 'Whale'" idk, Just wanted ppl to know

A.D. on Nov 6, 2007

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matilda on Nov 9, 2007


The new trailer in Hi-Def is now up and online. Have fun with it folks.

Rick on Nov 19, 2007


Hey saw the new trailer and... I'm pretty sure they mention the lion/alive thing again When they are in the store and the roar knock over all the junk the camera guys says" Rob, i'ts alive/a lion" or something like that I guess they thought since that was such a big deal that he would put it in again :] pleez somebody find something interesting (this forum is dying!)

Alex Matulaitis on Nov 19, 2007


I find it funny how much bigger the statue of liberties head is in the new trailer. And it looks totally different. (so somebody from the movie is totally reading this forum). The new trailer is awesome, we finally have a name for the movie! You can partially see the monster during the part when the military is shooting rockets at it. You see it between the buildings but you still have no idea what it is. Plus the talk about offspring must be right because the part where they are like "whats that?" you hear like a buzzing sound like insect wings. Pretty freaky. I am so looking forward to this movie. Hopefully its as awesome as the trailers are.

Joel on Nov 21, 2007


Joel wrote: "...Plus the talk about offspring must be right because " Also because of the scene where the girl's body explodes outwards in some sort of transformation or birthing of a parasitic creature, ala Alien but much larger. It also resembles the actions of the puffer fish. If you haven't noticed it, and many missed it first time, it's the creepiest part of the second trailer to me, and tells me that there's a whole lot more to worry about than Big Ol' Grumpy. You see it in the scene where the guys in Hazmat suits are taking her away and they are all shadowed against a curtain or sheet of some kind. People kept watching the Hazmat shapes, and missed the quick sickness of the exploding girl. KidReviewer

KidReviewer on Nov 27, 2007


ha ha ha when i 1 saw the trailer it was crazy but when it ended i was like THAT WAS THE WORST TRAILER EVER ANDI ALEADY WANNA SEE IT and i did actully say that out loaud

solomon cruz on Nov 28, 2007


Man if this movie has a squid like thing from outer space then its going to be lame as hell!!!!! TRUE STORY!!!

Temo on Nov 29, 2007


maybe it's a really bad The Host remake.....

Jacco on Nov 30, 2007


Maybe its a really bad NOT The Host remake..... Abrams has already said its a completely new creature. And its been said a million times. Its not a remake of anything. He's said that its about time that America has its own monster like Japan has Godzilla.

Joel on Nov 30, 2007


what is this? war of the worlds part 2

intime1 on Dec 17, 2007


I had heard rumors of this about a month before transformers was realeased in threaters. if you listen to the trlr closely , you will hear someone say "it looks like a Lion" rumors immedately started flying about Voltron Movie, but JJ shot that down immedately saying it's america's own monster. so we'll just have to wait sighhh

tyler on Dec 28, 2007


Hey you know what i think it is, it's a bunch of dorks that obbsess about stupid shit like this get a life, and after they read this they will probably say somthing like "We're the dorks you can't even spell a word right" becouse yall cant put together a real comeback, the only reason im on this sight is couse i was tryin to look at what the movie is even about, dont bother righting some smartass remark to me couse i wont get on this sight again to check it , im not mean like this normally but come on

Archer on Dec 28, 2007


Wow... Someone gunna put this Archer guy in his place? Kinda funny hearing him complain, so whiny. Oh people these days...

Alex Billington on Dec 28, 2007


Am apprehensive about film, it can't be a Lost promo. Am concerned it might be hyped on the net and then totally suck, with no view of a monster throughout the whole thing-like crappy blair witch. We really need a new monster, think of the money from merchandise, remakes and spin off cartoons!!! Hope we will not be disappointed.

Tiffany on Dec 29, 2007


just watched the exploding girl bit - OOOh!!!!

Tiffany on Dec 29, 2007


a very thrilling trailer about a monster (maybe) be disappointed if their is no monster. hi tiff good coment

sophie on Dec 29, 2007


Tiff, the Director said in a recent interview that you will clearly see the monster throughout the movie.

Rick on Dec 30, 2007


When you watch the trailer, you can clearly see it, well not clearly, but you can see it. It looks like smoke behind the big building, but is the monster moving around.

Alex Joens on Jan 4, 2008


its MAHATTEN, SERIUSLY. the phrase ITS ALIVE they mean the island manhatten. what else does he mean the monster after it comes. OK remember when the statue of liburty head is thrown?ok in the poster if you look at the water there is a streak.have you noticed the streak goes right from manhatten to the statue. the tentacle grabs it flings it and the tentacle go in the water. the streak is formed when her tentacle goes in the water. like when you are in a swimming pool and u put your arm in it straight foward. its not a lion its not godzilla its not hello kitty its not a mutated blue whales

matt on Jan 5, 2008


Hey thats a good idea matt^ but i think it is a monster for the same reason alex joens does i think rob and hud saw what ever it was before smaller and they thought they killed it before the the movie started. but now "Rob..I saw it! Its alive, its huge" I bet they were on that oil tanker on the news before it collapsed. soo a recap: Rob and/or Hud were on the oil tanker (maybe experimenting on an animal) and they left it there "dead". Then they came back for the party. Then they see the monster ( which tipped the oil tanker and is now huge) and Hud and Rob act like theyve seen it before. Please comment back about this theory and tell me yours Lets keep this message board "alive!"

Alex Matulaitis on Jan 6, 2008


That alex matulaitis kid has no clue at all what he is talking about.(he is a big time loser) I know the guy who made this movie and he told me personally that this movie is a pokemon remake movie. THat monster in the trailer is actually Charzard! he just got a little pissed off at pikachu and is looking for him. So come on guys stop wasting your life thinking that this movie is Godzilla or baywatch. Lets keep this message board "pokemonish!"

Tyler on Jan 6, 2008


hahahahahhahahhahahaha but make a serious theory tyler :/

Alex Matulaitis on Jan 6, 2008


I've had time to stew, here's my view, spelling and grammar be damned. I came here a long long time ago, right after I saw Xformers and posted something a good while after that. Guys, that was July! And even then I can remember thinking "Damn thats a long time to wait for this movie. It'll be dark and cold and snowy and our cars will all be dirty by the time this movie comes out. Gee, I hope I don't lose interest the whole thing by the time it comes out." My obsession with LOST carried on and the DVDs came out. and that got me by for a while. Then I saw the previews for this movie on TV a month or so ago and I have to say that every time I see it I still get just as pumped about seeing this movie. I asked for the 18th and 19th off of work some time in November so I could see it at 12:01am with some people. Commitment, people! I was worried that the hype would wear off (granted hype is the wrong word for this movie) because like most early early previews, we see more and more as time goes on. Things get leaked. Word gets out. Sooner or later the previews for your movie start spelling everything out for you. The sweet shots are all included in the preview and before you know it you've got the whole plot figured out. But that's not the case with Cloverfield. Which brings me to some other short things to consider. First, the name. When we first saw the preview it had no name. People started to google things but they didn't know what the name of the thing they were trying to find was. So we started to call it 1.18.08. Then shortly after that we read what we assumed was just a working title. I thought it was a fake title and so did a lot of other people. But then we find out that all along (or perhaps not) the movie REALLY IS called Cloverfield. I think that's great. It reminds me of the old "bait, fool and switch" that I loved so much in LOST. And maybe it really was only called Cloverfield after so many people started addressing it as that on the web. That's really cool to. Sure, there could have been a better title in store. Remember when people were calling it Monstrous and Cheese-something? Voltron* and whales? Cloverfield doesn't sound so bad now. Finally, I wanted to say a few things about eating my words. I look back at the proclamations and theories and two things happen. I laugh about all the wrongs and I'm in awe of all the rights. I thought and hoped this movie take a different course. I remember re-reading some old Lovecraft books which I had long ago lost interest in. But it turns out that's not what this movie is about. But it made me think about new things and read some old things I ordinarily wouldn't have picked up again. One thing I still stand by is this: we will never get a good look at a monster in this movie. I just don't think we'll get a good look at anything. *No offense Voltron fans.

Joe RWMN on Jan 6, 2008


I heard that one of the lead guys said, "You see a lot of the monster in this movie. You will spend intimate time with it." Thats not exactly word for word but you get the drift...

Alex Matulaitis on Jan 6, 2008


Well, I saw Cloverfield last night, and it rocked. The monster was indeed huge, and tore up NYC. I have some crude drawings of the monster in my review. They aren't good drawings, I was way tired, but I'll try to draw some better. I have info about the monster, but don't give away key plot spoilers.

KidReviewer on Jan 11, 2008


i've been following the hype around this movie and found a site called modern tonic that has clips and even clues...if u are interested

Rachael on Jan 18, 2008


so i knew nothing of this whole advertising thing for the movie until today, when i was looking up stills from the movie. i saw cloverfield movie last night. anyways, i've read through these comments and with the trailer being released secretly before The Transformers movie when it came out, it makes me wonder.... maybe the 2nd Transformers movie comes into play with Cloverfield? Quite possibly seeing as how both movies were left open for a 2nd.. Transformers save the earth from the monsters in Cloverfield? would it seem possible???

ShootingStars on Jan 20, 2008


for post #95 I want my 1 bill, beacause its not godzilla lol

Ray on Jan 31, 2008


I would also like my $1 bill, ur gonna be paying some pretty big debts.

Sugar Shane on Feb 6, 2008


well I was just having a peek at and there are NEW photos. I am not sure when they were put up but they were definatly put up AFTER the DVD came out......thoughts?

Tonya PErry on Jun 1, 2008


the only new one is the teddy henson one. the other ones (the carcus on the beach, the night vision photo) were all released at the time of the theatre debut of the movie.

u.c on Jun 1, 2008


OH thanks...I havent looked at the site in a while. I just thought hmm those weren't there before. Who is Teddy Henson?

Tonya PErry on Jun 1, 2008


Teddy Henson is Jamie's ex-boyfriend. he is a rebel against the Tagruato Deep Sea Drilling company who capture him and hold him hostage.

u.c on Jun 1, 2008


This is awsome! look forward to more thanks!

Ricky Yun on Oct 2, 2008


Apparently this is a top secret project called Cloverfield that J.J. Abrams is producing and not directing. What is it, you ask? After doing some research over at Ain't It Cool News, I discovered this description. --------- smithsan Link Building

smithsan on Oct 21, 2008


I have just seen the Transformer 2 trailer, and its kicking. Make sure that you go and see the movie.

Best way to stop smoking on Jun 23, 2009


I am glad to post my views and points in this post, but I must say that webmaster of this site has done a very great job to make his site more informative and more discussable but .from now on ,i know that ,there still have some one care of the comment which have wealth of information. ____________ manishfusion seo jaipur---seo jaipur

manishfusion on Aug 17, 2009


With the success of Cloverfield. I hope for the best with Super 8. Hopefully it has a preview for Cloverfield 2. haha

Sector 7 on Sep 9, 2010

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