Joel Moore Talks About James Cameron's Avatar - Will Change Our World

August 30, 2007


If you've got nothing more than a desire to read news about movies that aren't arriving until sometime in 2009, then this is your week! You've got Zack Snyder's The Illustrated Man up first (which is even beyond 2009), now this new lengthy bit about James Cameron's Avatar, and of course you can always go back and read more on Watchmen. recently chatted with actor Joel David Moore, who's starring in Cameron's sci-fi motion capture film Avatar, and got a little bit out of him about the film and its technology - or at least as much as he was allowed to say, as Moore is even required to keep quiet about the technology.

The basic gist of it - this technology is going to blow us away. I'm not talking about Robert Zemeckis' Polar Express in IMAX 3D, I'm talking about shaping the industry entirely from that point forward and changing the way we watch movies. Joel David Moore, who stars alongside of Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Wes Studi, Michelle Rodriguez, and CCH Pounder, has been shooting since February and will be shooting until February 2008 - an entire year for one film. Of course that's tedious, but his response: "I gotta tell you, it's the most amazing thing I've ever done." Moore followed that up with some discussion about working with Cameron.

"He's one of the biggest and best directors in the business and to be able to be put in that position of luxury and comfort is really cool. When I first sat down and read the script for the first time, it's got James Cameron, this is the most amazing thing, it's going to be a sci-fi thing. So I assumed this is just a sci-fi, but it's so much more. And even better than that is what we're doing; it's just stunning. I have to be discrete even talking about it, but they're going to blow your mind. As far as technology, it's history in movie making; people are likening this to the creation of color TV."

Still not sure what Avatar is about? Joel and Sigourney play anthropologists, studying plant and nature life on another planet. Moore says that they start learning about them, this other alien life form, and they "learn that we like a lot about them that we may or may not like about humanity." The film is comprised primarily of Joel, Sigourney, and Sam Worthington trekking off to this other world to try to assimilate this other society. Cameron has written the script and even Moore has complimented it: "[Cameron's] given an arch to all his characters that we all have our own stories and struggles; no one's just tagging along for the ride. It's pretty spectacular."

Not excited just yet? You've got a while to wait, with a release date set for May 22nd, 2009. From the sounds of it, I'm looking forward to the next great film and the next great revolution in movies. It was Michael Biehn who called it "Lawrence of Arabia in space," and that right there is what I'm looking forward to more than anything.

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I think I'm more excited about the top secret technology they have goin on than the movie itself.

PG on Aug 30, 2007


I'm skeptical of all the gushing from Joel David Moore; but who knows, this could be a great movie. James Cameron isn't a genius, but he's made some terrific films. And some bad ones. Maybe his dictatorship-like direction will take this (and us) somewhere special in 2009 🙂

Mark on Aug 30, 2007


I want this to blow me away as much as T2 did.

CajoleJuice on Aug 31, 2007


I am firmly in the "James Cameron is a genius" camp! He brings a mix of the most important elements in any movie: fantastic engaging storytelling, perfect cinematography and engaging pacing. He will always sit on my top 10 directors list, always above Spielberg, if not squarely on top.

Everman on Aug 31, 2007


what is all this crap lucas,Cameron and Jackson keep going on about its like a film but not its like a tottally interactive movie but a video game but neither i think they've got so inrapted in having to come with some 3-d hologram film which they haven't they just lying and using vague terms about new tecnology that will 'blow your mind' that they've forgot that there actually pretty good filmmakers well mostly lucas stop with all the vague terms and actually make something new!

luke on Sep 1, 2007


I'm on board with the "James Cameron is a genius crowd". With the exception of Pirahna 2, he hasn't screwed up once. Even The Abyss: Special Edition is a masterpiece. I can't 'til 2009. I've just got to see first the teaser. I was there to see the teaser to T2 and I was hooked. It was the best teaser trailer ever. He's the modern filmmaking master, simple. Sigourney is back under Cameron's direction and I'm thrilled about that. I hope Cameron brings Michael Biehn back.

Luke 2 on Sep 9, 2007


what about all scary movies like scream 4 and ill alaeays know what you did last summer hun ilke all of the moives but waht ua bout my movies iam ewirting a move and just wahnt to see them both how a bout it peips

austin on Jan 24, 2008


James Cameron, in the opinion of many, has delivered films that succeed as both technical marvels and engaging, gripping stories with wonderful characters. Given his track record, his promises regarding Avatar will be honored. This means Avatar will unsettle the industry with its truly photorealistic CG images and 3D theatrical exhibition yet do so without failing to have a good story. In my opinion, he is perhaps the only one who can deliver on such promises. This film will alter things quite significantly.

SAINTJ on Jan 24, 2008


James Cameron is a genius.

Jags on Apr 9, 2008


You lot have left me rolling on the floor. He directs a few lauded action films and a film representing the Academy Awards' biggest blunder, and you're all content to sell your souls for his films. You say he hasn't screwed up yet? No kidding. Spielberg would've never screwed up either, had he spent half a decade on each of his films like Cameron. James Cameron is the most overrated director in film history. Period.

JT on Jul 28, 2008


James Cameron is a Master at Filmmaking, you can't deny that fact. I can't think of one film that he made that stunk. I don't know what you mean when you say spielberg takes forever to make his movies. Thats not true, he directs like 2 movies a year aswell as producing some others on top of that, then sometimes takes a small break. Anyways James Cameron is a genius and I'm always fascinated by his films, full of great storytelling and spectacular drama aswell as action. Some of his movies are flat out just so COOL. Terminator 2 was just Awesome and to think that all these great ideas like the Terminator flipping shotgun to crank another bullet into the chamber while riding a motorcycle blasting away busting chain linked fences open, its just all so very cool and unique. James Cameron certainly does have a brain that functions very well indeed when making feature length films for entertainment. If you don't agree I'd tell to actually watch one of his movies because it certainly sounds like you haven't .

Jordwil on Dec 19, 2008

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