Jonny Quest Live-Action Feature Film On The Way!

August 8, 2007
Source: Variety,

Jonny Quest

Holy crap it's finally here! On numerous occasions since Transformers hit theaters in early July, I've talked with my friends about what my own personal most nostalgic childhood cartoon series would be if adapted to the big screen. My answer would always be "Jonny Quest". I watched that show religiously on Cartoon Network as a kid and knew every last thing about it. Now many years later they've finally decided to do it - Warner Brothers is adapting Jonny Quest into a live-action feature film!

The film is being produced by Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter, the same two who are bringing the Hitman movie this October, and written by Dan Mazeau. It'll be good to look at Hitman to get a basic idea of how (and if) they'll be able to pull this off.

The Animated TV series debuted originally in the 1960s and revolved around a young boy (named Jonny Quest) who travels the world with his scientist father (named Dr. Benton Quest), adopted brother from India (named Hadji), Bandit the bulldog, and a government agent assigned to protect them as they go on adventures investigating scientific mysteries. The show was updated in the late '80s and '90s as "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" - the one that I watched all the time on Cartoon Network as a kid.

My only major concern is this statement: "Askarieh, a longtime fan of the series, is hoping to turn the property into a family-friendly adventure franchise." As much as I'd personally love to see a real gritty PG-13 Jonny Quest, I really don't want to see the PG Jonny Quest that they'll probably make. This year's Nancy Drew was bad enough and with my own nostalgia with this series, I especially want to see this turn out great.

However, interviewed the producers following this announcement and found out some interesting details, including that it actually may be heading towards a PG-13 rating given the success of the Harry Potter franchise. Their enthusiasm for the project, including for Dan Mazeau's script, is incredible.

Alter said, "This is our Pirates. Our Transformers. We've been working on this for a year. Meeting with writers, hearing different people's takes on it. We always knew we wanted to do an origin movie about how Race and Hadji came to join the Quest family. Dan Mazeau's take is the ULTIMATE version of that. He's going to be one of the biggest writers in Hollywood. He's already one of the hottest. As for tone, this isn't going to be some kiddie movie. Our model is Raiders… 4-quadrant? Absolutely. But with that bite or edge that made Pirates so cool."

Adrian Askarieh also added that everything's going wonderfully at Warner Brothers. "To be working on Jonny Quest at Warner Brothers, is a dream come true. We have had nothing but support, and excitement and look to deliver a worthy script of this great property."

I'm more than happy to finally see this come together and it means I'll actually be able to live out my nostalgic childhood. I really can't wait and I hope more than anything that this heads in the right direction. Good luck Askarieh and Alter!

Jonny Quest

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OMG, this is THE one I've been waiting for. My life will be complete.

Evan on Aug 8, 2007


u gotta be fuckin kidding me

Jamal on Aug 8, 2007


This was a favorite of mine. I can't wait to see Race Bannon in action! Next question... casting? Who would make the perfect Jonny (the kid from the Stormbreaker movie), Hadji (the kid from Heros), Dr. Benton Quest ( Roy Dotrice would have been perfect for this role, but he might be too old now), Race Bannon ( I wonder if Ron Perlman could play him; loved him in BATB and Hellboy). And they'd better find Bandit first and start training him. So, who would your perfect cast be??

Deborah on Aug 9, 2007


I know they are probably going to go with a touch of the '60's nostalgia, but... I am a huge fan of TRA, which means... I really want Jessie Bannon in it, and I definitely want Jezebel Jade in it. Definitely a PG-13 rating!

Elspath on Aug 11, 2007


As I always say, there aren't many original ideas coming from Hollywood these days! Still, it will be interesting to see how they adapt the classic animated series. By the way, how old are you Mr. Billington? You said that you religiously watched Johnny Quest as a kid on Cartoon Network. What surprised me about that is instantly knowing that Cartoon Network has not been around for that long! I did a little checking and I was right; the network launched in 1992.

Janet on Dec 31, 2007


Arf! Arfarfarfarf! rrrArf! Translation: If they stick to the 60's-themed original series, this will be a winner, no doubt about it. I loves me some of that Robot Spy episode! Who can forget the Darwin-Award-winning Lizard-Men, who for the record, should never bve allowed anywhere near a speedboat, ever again? Turu, and The Mummy? Gave me nightmares, but not as bad as the Sargasso Sea Monster, and the Invisible Energy Beast, damn his eye! And for the life of me, not sure why I keep watching the end credits to see if that one spear will ever actually penetrate the Questjet (prang...prangprang!!). Oh yeah...don't F with the theme song. Greatest. Theme song. EVER.

Bandit on Jan 2, 2008


I was wondering about the part of Race Bannon... It would do him good to be played by a favorite that has his statue and ruff-rusty voice, Sam Elliott is a very good choice! I don't know if he has been picked yet, but it would be a sight to see him be Race! I know the part of Jonny has been taken, but what of his friend Hadji? or his Father Benton? Please if you know, DO TELL!!!! Jonny Quest (Mark)

Mark Williams on Jan 31, 2008


Who will play Jade?

buckyball on Feb 10, 2008


race should be played by jason stratham

theunit on Apr 8, 2008


I'm so happy that Hollywood is releasing family friendly media in such a rapid manner. Personally I'm a big fan of Jonny Quest, it was a great family cartoon. I hope it will be released before the new Artemis Fowl film can steal the glory at the box office. I sure that Noah Gray-Cabey will be cast as Hadji. This film can be good if it is produced by the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia and National Treasure. I hope that Nicolas Cage can cast Race and Liam Neeson should cast Senior Quest, Jonny's father. And of course good old cgi can take care of Bandit just as it did Dobby in Chamber of Secrets and Gollum in the LOTR series.

Anthony on May 20, 2008


That's so funny! I used to tell my brothers that Jonny Q would make an excellent flick. Way to go directors/writers/producers! And, yes, while I can understand the logic behind making it a family film, Jonny is no Nancy, and I think--no matter the rating--the film should what it requires to keep it true to what Jonny would do :3 Good luck, guys.

Kt on Jun 9, 2008


Who killed Jonny Quest? What happened to this Hwood "property"? Sent packing to the prop room? Maybe that's OK and the memories are better. Hwood would probably just end up doing a modified buddy flick with the same (and so un) action hackwriting. Worse, it'd likely also be nauseatingly PC to the gills. For a kid's cartoon the original was high-concept; a gripping (usually) mystery-science-adventure, with now and again very creepy, chilling atmospherics just for good measure. Also I swear they let Jonny help kill off some of the bad guys in this or that episode (even if indirectly.) Today there is no way that Hwood would allow that even in a PG distribution. Unless it was expressed as a COMPLETELY defensive maneuver and COMPLETELY accidental to his own knowledge, a la Harry Potter crumbling Professor Quirrell at the finale of Stone. Which would be a wimpy, wimpy copout. Also that theme song WAS a great vibe!

Will Rogers on Feb 8, 2009


Re Will Rogers comment on Feb 8... PC JQ? It's possible. It all depends on whether Hollywood learned not to screw with an original concept. Look at Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. TOTAL LOSER BOMB! Why? They messed with the whole Godzilla concept. "Let's re-invent it!" Famous last words. Keep it dangerous, let the bad guys be from another culture (it's not like the entire planet is packed with nice people, anyway) and let Hajji be Hajji. Will they learn? Time will tell.

Kevin M on Feb 26, 2009


The Real Adventurs of Jonny Quest is my favorite cartoon, even though I am 14 lol. I CANNOT wait to see this movie!!! I've always thought that the characters and vibe of the show was perfect, and as long as they do it RIGHT, i'm sure this will be a great movie. the two biggest things I'm concern about are 1) the story...i hope it doesn't end up as something like an alien invasion of lizard-people or something, and 2) if it turns out to be a PG 10-year-old move, i would be soooo disappointed and upset! i've heard that Zac Efron is officially signed up to be JQ. i think that even though he's 21, he looks perfect for the role, and his acting is great. and they're considering Dwayne Johnson as Race Bannon. not sure if he's got the right face, but he's DEFINETELY got the body! lol i think Dez Patel would be good as Hadji Singh. i've tried to think of someone for Benton Quest, but there's no one out there that i've seen that has the right look. YOU ROCK JQ!!! =)

ang3l on Aug 3, 2009


I don't know what youngsters I'd get to play Jonny and Hadji, but I'd pick either Liam Neeson or William Petersen (of CSI) to play Dr. Quest and maybe Christian Bale as Race Bannon.

George R. Eddy on Oct 1, 2009


What's the latest word??? I am dying for this project to become reality. I fear it is dying on the vine.

David Larson2848 on Apr 5, 2011

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