WB Announces Justice League of America Movie

February 23, 2007

Justice League of America

It may finally be here, the Justice League of America movie! Just today it was announced via Variety that Kiernan and Michele Mulroney have been hired to write the script. Although Warner Brothers didn't announce any other details, including just which superheroes may be included, president of production Jeff Robinov did make a statement about taking on the prolific endeavor:

"The Justice League of America has been a perennial favorite for generations of fans, and we believe their appeal to film audiences will be as strong and diverse as the characters themselves."

I'm not sure where they pull these random first-time writers, but I guess if they're confident in them maybe we'll see a good script. Especially given that the Justice League of America is one of the comic world's biggest and most well known groups of superheroes, and fans and geeks alike have been wondering when the day will come when we'll see Superman and Batman team up in live action on the big screen.

The DC Comics JLA universe consists of the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter and all the rest of DC Comics' biggest names. There are a few out there who are skeptical on whether this may actually even happen, or whether this is just an early marketing gimmick to get people a bit more interested in DC and WB's latest offerings. Only time will tell, but I will tell you I'm damn excited! Just the idea of these groups coming together and what may be capable in a movie is mind-boggling. Hopefully it all comes together, hopefully!

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There is no mention if this will be animated or with real actors.. Fingers crossed we'll see real actors and not some crappy cgi movie.. oh wait most of Superman Returns was cgi 😛

Paul on Feb 25, 2007


Just wanted to say this should be with real actors... and fingers crossed that they allow Tom Welling to play the roll of Superman... This comment may not make a difference in the decision of what will happen with the movie but I honestly think it should be with real actors and Tom Welling would make the perfect Superman for it. Thanks.

Cory Dawson on Mar 11, 2007


Well of course... I don't know why they'd make a CGI movie? But I am pretty sure they'd use Brandon Routh, since he's the current Superman.

Alex Billington on Mar 11, 2007


Well if Routh plays superman on this one, then Christian Bale has to play the Batman right? I don't know man, sounds like they're gonna hire some new dudes..

Yongkykun on Apr 14, 2007


I Just Heard on G4 "the feed" that Tom Welling Could be the Superman for the upcoming Justice League of America movie. Can anyone confirm that Tom Welling will be filling the Role?

Chris H. on Sep 7, 2007


Chris H. I heard Today the Tom Welling could be in the Justice League of America movie because his people are talking to the producers of the film and the Smallville producers are saying they would work around it

the fan on Sep 12, 2007


I pray to god Tom Welling isn’t the next Superman due to the fact that he’s what dyslexia does to children when it comes to playing said role. He reminds me too much of the kid from the old show "The Wonder Years." Also, I fear for the poor actor that plays Superman due to the fact that most who have attempted or have done the role has been cursed with a bad carrier or tragic death/murder. On a different note. I think they shouldn’t put John Stuart in as the Green Lantern. They should place the original green lantern, Hal Jordyn, in. He had better dry humor in the comics that I've read. Also I read on a different website that someone had the opinion that Dane Cook should be the flash. I honestly could see that role working out due to Dane Cooks already crazy attitude on life. I will also be GREATLY.. and I mean GREATLY depressed if Christian Bail doesn’t play batman since he was the only person in around 16 years that could play the role correctly. Everyone beside Keetin played batman as a happy go lucky emo boy who wanted to be a hero. When batman in himself is a VERY dark character and didn’t dawn his mask to be a hero. He dawned it out of blatant revenge for the murder that keeps being replayed in his head. Batman is as crazy and dark as they come so I hope Bail gets the part. Because I cant picture any other actor throwing bad guys off sky scrapers.

Christian H. on Oct 8, 2007


It's a little early to be thinking about sequels, but a great idea for a JLA 2 would be to take Alex Ross' "Justice" and turn it into a movie since it's set up like one anyway. Just focus on the main seven characters though.

Tom Webster on Nov 27, 2007


I think it is cool that your considering on making a live action movie on JLA because its awsome to your bring together the team!!!! And whos playing who i would like to be part of the movie if theres any way.

Jimothy C Beckholt on Jan 29, 2008


I juss want a chance to play the green lantern.....if I don't ...the movie will suck

polydeuces on Jun 21, 2008


Who will they get to play WONDER WOMAN its gonna b hard to beat Lynda Carter...guys she is the only WONDER WOMAN in our young memories...then u have Aquaman, Flash and Lantern who and how will they bring them together without it looking to corny and weak.

RABID RICK on Jun 22, 2008


can you please look for someone to play wonder women who is from a beauty pagent or something like need to find someone to fit linda carters' shoes. not someone who is an actress now. find some one new.

czarina on Jul 3, 2008


I am still hoping that this will a real life movie not animated and that Tom W. from smallville will still play the role of superman. it is going to be tough to fill every charcter role, but it will be exciting to see, hopefully it will not be like the first hulk movie where it was directed like a comic book. keep it simple and to the point, the purpose of the league and why it was created.

Daniel on Jul 3, 2008


I Think the best role for Aquaman is PAUL WALKER... IRONMAN maybe Will Smith. Wonder Woman = Angelina Jolie The Flash= Matt Damon or Keanu Reeve Superman= pick in WWE Superstar Batman= Christian Bale

Double LC on Sep 17, 2008


watch the end of the new incredible hulk movie and you will see...

Monique on Nov 1, 2008


Dear Double LC; Iron Man isn't in Justice League ANNNDDD Robert Downey Jnr would play him.

Emily. on Nov 5, 2008


It's about damn time!!!! Why let Marvel make ALL the damn money! I hope you guys watch your writer pick and screw your budget! After all, this is a film we all want to see! Please don't half-a** the story!!! There should be the origins of Superman and Batman (very, very limited!) and then tell the origins of The Green Lantern, The Flash, Aqua Man, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl and most of all Jon! This list should be and or, but include Jon at all costs! Jon should be the main focus as his story is so interesting! If I see one more story about SM or BM, I'll pluck out an eye!!! Hell, who I mentioned is a 3 hour movie! Please put this out immediately as you know you have the best superhero's, bring FX into the picture and you can't go wrong! This would be a story worth telling to young and old! Oh and by the way, it's not time for the unlimited version yet! That's another blockbuster! Get the main neglected characters out of the way first!!! Good Luck!

Stacey Boaz on Dec 22, 2008


i agree on the tom welling playing superman . i also think that paul walker would make a good Aquaman . I think he could pull it off.But I think that Kate Beckinsale would make a great Wonder Woman.

andrew cox on Dec 28, 2008


Paul Walker - Aquaman Michael Jai White - Green Lantern Uma Thurman - Hawk Girl Brad Pitt - Flash Angelina Jolie - Wonder Woman Christian Bale - Batman Brandon Routh - Superman Shaq - Martian Man Hunter

V12Cruising on May 10, 2009


Incredible, i try since a few month to send e-mail to WB. I ask always if they will make one day the film justice league not in comics.... Hazardly i found this article. It's an perfect idea. I discuss with children, and there are waiting for that. Chrsitophe from brussel, belgium

christophe on Jul 19, 2009


Yeah i dont care who plays the other characters as long as Tom Welling plays Superman but yes Christian Bale should play Batman that would be kickass oh and i think Brad Pitt is to old to play the Flash now

Sumperman Fan on Jul 19, 2009


Back in the days that they were going to make the very first Superman movie there was rumors that Paul Newman and Sylvester Stallone just to name a few were going to play Superman. But a total unknown (Christopher Reeves) became Superman and to this day I still think of him when I think of Superman. So they should cast unknown people to play Justice League and to go with Hawkman and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. The original team would be the best decision.

Brian Benish on Sep 27, 2009


superman-tom welling batman-christian bale aquaman-sean william scott aka stifler wonder woman-megan fox hawkman-the rock hawk woman-charlize theron green lantern-jensen ackles aka dean winchester,supernatural martian hunter-vin diesel not a bad line up.

chris 1980 on Nov 10, 2009


Where's The Flash?

Eric on Jan 24, 2011


as long as a blak guy plays green lantern it would be good like the cartoons cmon there are sweet f*ck all blak supeheroes gotta have 1 cool 1

the maori on Jan 22, 2010


I vote got Will Smith to play Green Lantern

Eric on Jan 24, 2011

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