Justice League of America Rumors: A Director and Which Heroes

August 1, 2007
Source: Collider

Justice League of America

I'll state right off the bat that this is a rumor far from being confirmed, but it's so exciting that I'm running it. From two different sources, Collider and Latino Review, the same rumor has appeared: the Justice League of America movie might be directed by George Miller. Back in late February we brought you the news that Warner Brothers had announced that a JLA movie was in the works, just no further details. Well the rumor mill is running at full speed and it's saying that the man who directed Mad Max and Happy Feet will be taking on the JLA.

Collider also adds more, stating that the same source says that the movie will feature Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. Aren't they a little bit late on announcing major comic book movie news given that the San Diego Comic-Con just ended? The same source states that Warner Brothers is focusing heavily on the JLA movie and that it might (don't forget this is still a rumor) come before we even see the next Superman Returns sequel from Bryan Singer.

Also part of the report is that one of the characters, which will not yet be named, may be killed in the movie. That's right, Warner Brothers is planning continued spin-offs and sequels for almost all of the JLA characters except for one. However, this film is so far away from actually starting even pre-production, that it won't be for many years until we have solid story information.

The director of Happy Feet taking on a project featuring some of the best superheroes ever to grace the pages of comic books? Is this right? I'm a bit skeptical and a bit worried. We really need someone a lot stronger, like Bryan Singer, to take on a movie as epic as this. However for now we'll continue riding high on the excitement and the world of rumors.

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Don't hold your breath, a project this big would probably just end up a massive failure. All these big names and licenses, and you're saying the guy who did Happy Feet is gonna be at the helm? Yikes, doesn't look too good or real for that matter. I always imagined a movie like this with the same stars from all the movies and amazing new ones. But Why the Justice League of America, can't it just be the Justice League, why do we need the America? Sounds pretty patriotic, in other words, cheesy. I'd love to see Routh as Superman and the cast of X-Men cameo with Jackman, Berry, Grammar. Then see Eric Bana's hulk and Maguire's Spiderman, Bale's Batman, etc. etc. That would be a film of epic proportions and would make a MASSIVE amount of bank, however it would cost just as much. So, don't hold your breath.

Alex Garcia on Aug 15, 2007


@3bfc5b96e9a3f130d929d0bc0cf16b52:disqus I agree!!! Abso-Fuckin-lutely agree!!! Same Actors from all the super hero movies we've seen including Iron Man< Thor, and upcoming new Marvel movies!!! I see eye to eye with you on this staement 100 FUCKIN % vato!!!;)

Mr_Lova_Lova_08dsgb on May 14, 2011


Miller also directed Mad Max, so, hello, he may be the right guy. After Superman Returns Singer has really lost stock with me. I mean, what would the JLA do in a Singer movie (if Superman Returns is the bar to which judge him by) drink hot tea and talk about feelings? Superman Returns was two hours of the man of steel mopeing around and stalking Lois Lane like a teenager whoes girlfriend just broke up with him. Hey, add emo Spiderman from the last movie to that and we can have the manger of your local Hot Topic direct all the up comeing superhero flicks. Now, if X-Men 2 Bryan Singer shows up that would be awesome. For the JLA you need a director that can do big action and understands the pathos of these nearly mythological characters. My first pick would be Christopher Nolan or maybe John Woo.

CHristopher Goudos on Aug 21, 2007


I am far from a comic book expert but i think the previous 2 posters need to familiarize themselves with the nature of the comic book business. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, et all mentioned in the story about the JLA are DC Comics characters. Spiderman, the X-Men and The Incredible Hulk are Marvel Comics characters. Superheroes from the 2 different competing companies will NEVER be seen in the same movie. Sorry to dash your hopes and dreams but you've got about as much chance of Yoda popping up in the planned Hobbit movie as Marvel and DC collaborating.

Opie Cunningham on Aug 21, 2007


My comment was not that that Spiderman nor the X-Men should appear in the JLA movie, but Singer would only be a good director for the film if he came in with the X2 mindset and not the one he had for Superman Returns. Both Singer and Raimi's latest superhero films tried too hard to humanize their characters (Superman and Spiderman) and the resuilts were less than either director is really capable of. Any director for JLA needs to understand that the DC characters are archtypes, more like the Greek gods than normal people. The issues that they stand for a broad topics, like truth, justice, freedom, humanity, and heroism. Likewise, like the Greek gods, these are powerful figures and actions is key to their stories. In other words, they need to fight bad guys and save people in big action sequences. After Superman saves the plane in the last film, can you really name any other action in the film? The same can be said for the weak climax of Spiderman 3 ( and X3 but we'll leave that alone). My main point would be the film, if it ever happens, need a strong director at the helm that can add excitement to the action.

Christopher Goudos on Aug 22, 2007


we're crazy man,nobody's film on jla it's fool.....the only movies that can be realized are batman 3 (with a new catwoman the choice of hilary duff is fantastic or christina augilera if you like it and another supercriminals, if the script will be valid like the first movie) and batman 4 ( an "old-man" batman that have miss his agility his juvenile desire of fighting criminal's and protect gotham have too old to fight come in trouble with new criminal,thos man will kill the batman but in the shadow still is son for the old batman "o-boy" sean connery or ian holm is perfect...

johnny piddes on Sep 9, 2007


they say one of the characters is going to die ?..if its batman that will suck ..bats can not die ever he went threw hell baine broke his back hes been knocked out more times then a profesional boxer but hes never died...superman did die tho but he cant die .. green lanter is cool but hes a useles characters..batman is they do he gets to old thing should train protagas to take over..but never they did with the cartoon batman beyond that was a cool concept ..allso it would be cool if they had some diffrent characters from some of the series like harly Quin the jester looking chick the jokers lover they need a crazzy sweetish chiledish chick like a big batman fan i hope they dont srew up batman liek they did in the 3ed,4th frezz was cool tho..

adam ander on Sep 10, 2007


it would probably be the flash or green lantern either of the two. just a hunch

mystery on Oct 15, 2007


Just once I would like to see hollywood do something for the real fans of this genere. By bringing together all of the current depictions of superhero characters under the one banner. The Justice League provides for the perfect platform to do such an all time epic that could never be topped. As already suggested, the current stock of actors such as Eric Bana's hulk, Maguire's Spiderman, Bale's Batman, Roth's Superman, Jackman's Wolverine, Grammar's Beast and even Zanes Phantom would be a movie that is everything we expect from hollywood plus so much more. Those mentioned have portrayed their respective superhero characters to what has pleased the fans to no ends, hollywood can at last create something larger than itself. I suggest they look at the huge response Smallville fans showed after the screening of the episode Justice... do it right & the fans will respond, do it half baked and watch this opportunity for all time epic preportions and legendary status fall by the wayside. Mr Miller, it would seem as though the ball is in your court. I hope you stay true to those who serve the character above themselves. Let's see who in hollywood has the balls to champion this cause and bring together an ideal that is greater than the sum of its many parts. Oh Yeah, I agree with dropping the America from the proposed title, Justice & America are at either end of the libertarian spectrum... perhaps the US Government could be portrayed as some kind of supervillan, guess that would make it reality TV not fiction.

paul on Oct 17, 2007


Flash ain't dying....Its Aquaman, or Green Lantern....not Flash!! They will have a spinoff on flash After this!!

Chutmarani on Jan 4, 2008


Well we definitely don't need Bryan Singer. He is going straight downhill in a hurry.

taybo20 on Aug 5, 2008


I can see Green Lantern dying. He is the most easily replaceable since there are hundreds of green lanterns in different galaxy's. Also in the cartoon JL Green Lantern is black and in the few sketches I've seen Green Lantern is white.

Redoctober on Aug 5, 2008

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