Justice League vs Avengers: Which Will Be Better?

November 7, 2007
Source: MTV

Justice League vs Avengers

This is the age old comics battle of DC vs Marvel. In terms of team ups, it's the Justice League of America vs The Avengers. Both have major movies in the works, so which one will turn out better? You may be asking, why of all days would I bring up this debate? Well there has been some recent news building up about the Avengers movie, coming from Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. He spoke to MTV recently saying what we all already knew: a team-up, with say, Spider-Man and Wolverine, would nearly be impossible, but an Avengers movie with some other superheroes, that may be possible.

It's certainly apparent that an Avengers movie is in the works, and it's also apparent that it will likely involve Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor at least. Even Quesada says it himself, mentioning his dream roster: "It would be Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. You can have anyone outside of that, but if you had those three characters, you have a tremendous Avengers movie. Those three characters are sort of the Holy Trinity here at Marvel." And is it not coincidental that the three major movies already deep into development under the newly formed Marvel production company are Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor?

The Justice League of America movie in the works has already been receiving endless publicity, including what actors they're testing for roles. It's being directed by Happy Feet director George Miller and will have some combination of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern or the Martian Manhunter. The other key thing to note is that the actors they've been testing are all in their 20's to 30's, meaning that it's likely this will feature younger versions of the superheroes. It's even been called a Teen Titans movie rather than Justice League.

So with that, what do you think? You have an Avengers movie in the works that will probably be bouncing off of Jon Favreau's Iron Man, Nick Cassavetes' Captain America, and Matthew Vaughn's Thor. And you have a Justice League movie directed by George Miller featuring some combination of superheroes not related to any of the previous or upcoming Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, or other DC comics movies. I think you can tell where my heart lies. As much as I loved Superman Returns and Batman Begins, DC is screwing this one up. Nice try George Miller, but go back to animating dancing penguins, not superheroes!

What do you think will be a better movie? Justice League or Avengers?

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I agree, I'm not feeling a Justice League full of twenty-somethings. As much as I liked Mad Max (how the hell did George Miller go from that to HAPPY FEET??) I think he's going about the movie all wrong.

Enrique on Nov 7, 2007


While I'm not really feeling the JLA movie, (Why couldn't Bryan Singer do this instead of just Superman? Ensemble pieces are where he excels...X-men 1 & 2, Usual Suspects...) it's really too early to tell about the Avengers. No actors hinted at, no director attached to the project, not even a script in the works. Just too early to hype yet.

jason_md2020 on Nov 7, 2007


JLA will rock. I am a Marvel fan, but the Avengers were never my cup of tea.

ColdChaos on Nov 7, 2007


i think we as fans should be happy about any cape-n-tights production outside of the comics because it was not long a got there was none, not every movie i was happy with but im thankful it was there, after all in lot of comics the stories could use more.I hear a lot of fanboy complaning about this movie and that movie, but i think we get spoiled,i don'yt care why you like spiderman 1,2 but not 3 or xmen 3 but im happy we have three of each of these (spidey-n-xmen 3 both rock by the way)i will go see both of these film and feel thankful(jla wins because they have supes-n-bats)

phatman77 on Nov 7, 2007


i think that JLA would be very awesome if it was tied into the other superman movie, batman movie, etc. didnt christian bale even express interest in it? it would of been very cool to see that, would have given way to lots of different story lines. but now it sounds like a mess, totally apart from the other movies, and speeding towards a brick wall. so, now i am more interested in the avengers, they can, and hopefully will tie it in with the other spin-offs and have something better than just a nice looking action flick. im thinking sub-plots with sub-plots and twisty endings that lead on with the spin- off movie. do you know what i mean??

sarah on Nov 7, 2007


As a novelist, I still gotta say, it will all start with the script. Crappy script = crappy movie, and the inverse is also true. Great script *usually* equals great movie. Having said that, I think that both movies will suffer due to the fact that they are ensemble pieces and each character is a friggin' superhero. When everyone is a superhero, it's hard to have major characters and minor characters. I love the X-Men, but the movies don't even come close to the depth and range of character as the comics. I figure Bats and Supes will be the main drivers, everyone else is along for the ride. It would be amazing, but probably impossible to have Brandon Routh and Christian Bale standing side by side.

William Mize on Nov 8, 2007


I totally, totally agree with your comment about the X-Men movies.  I am a die-hard fan of the X-Men comics but, as you've stated, they definitely DID NOT do the characters justice.  For a true fan, the X-Men are more than just drawings in a book.  They have a life story and background as well as an established personality that is crucial to the accurate portrayal of the characters.  Unfortunately, there were a few characters whose portrayal was less than stellar.  None moreso than my favorite X-Man Storm.  Storm is much more than a pretty face, and even at that, her beauty is on a totally different level than Halle's.  She's very strong willed, very spirited and she can fight as well.  They need to take more time in portraying the characters accurately.

Everlastus on Jun 9, 2011


As an of-this-minute-out-of-work-screenwriter, I wholeheartedly agree with the above Mr. Mize on this one. Whether it be JLA or Avengers, the strength lies in the actors ability to relay a story and bring a resonance and depth to the characters therein. If the story is weak, you can have Olivier or Gielgud (Am I showing my age?) and the movie would still be subpar. Story...story...story. Interestingly enough, I think the JLA would fair a bit better. Today's heroes are our mythology. Zues, Apollo, Poseiden, Venus and Aphrodite reborn in the modern age! The JLA are more iconic, especially Superman; who's mythos borders on "Christ-like" symbolism and metaphor. Do them both, the world needs heroes. Peace, Rick

Rick on Nov 8, 2007


One question for both the Avengers & JLA flicks. Who are the bad guys gonna be?

jason_md2020 on Nov 9, 2007


Rick, you don't know what you're talking about. Supes Mythos is not based on Christ or Christ like, that only started with Richard Donner, it was always the story of the immigrant and had allusions to the story of moses since Siegel and Shuster were both Jewish. in recent years people have made him more than Christ since he does more in the DCU than Christ did here. I'm saying that they are seen more as Gods than the son of God from Christianity. And story doesn't guarantee a great movie. Sinestro Corps War is one of the best stories DC has ever put out but if you made a movie of that and the director was pedestrian like Chris Columbus instead of say Peter Jackson I can assure you the movie would suck.

messi on Nov 17, 2007


I really don't think they should be doing the Justice League movie quite yet. I think they should wait at least until the sequels to Batman and Superman have come out. I also think they need to take their time do their research and do this movie justice. I don't like the idea of the characters in this movie should be in between their 20s and 30s. If they are going to do that they might as well call this movie Teen Titans and not the Justice League. I just hope if they do decide to go through with this movie that they at least like I said earlier do their research, cast people that actually look the part and give the fans what they should get, a movie that lives up to everything they have seen in the comics they love to read.

Matt on Dec 1, 2007


Personally I Would Have To Say The Avengers Because To Me Justice Leagues Seems A Little Old Fashion. And Also I Am Very Curious On THe Fact THat How Would You Develope A Cinematic Story Line Behind Captain America And Thor What I Mean Are You Guys Going To Create Their Story Within 1 Movie OR What. My Fantasy Avengers Team Is The Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman, And Captain America Despite THat He Doesnt Have A Live Action Movie

Dion on May 4, 2008


I'm a HUGE JLA fan and when you compare the heroes in the two groups, JLA is one million times better than the Avengers. Both DC and Marvel universes have done a great job recently with their films, but I'm worried about the leadership at DC. Stan Lee seems to understand what we want. We want well-made movies with character development, not mindless CGI. If they weave the movies together like they are proposing, the Avengers will be fantastic. If they choose to find new a Batman and Superman, it will be a flop. If DC would take their time, place the right actors, and begin to connect these characters, JLA could be one of the best ever. I'm not holding my breath.

Avery on May 8, 2008


Big fan of both, but I think Avengers is the one going down the right road - keeping the same actors as the same characters for the team-up movie. If Christian Bale and Brandon Routh were in JLA, that'd be different, but so far it's only the Marvel movie that's looking to get that shared universe continuity happening - which is one of the big drawcards for both teams. But I'm with phatman77 - hooray to get any of them

Captain Comics on May 8, 2008


I agree with Avery. JLA is way to soon. DC should take page out of marvels book. If there is to be one then there each hero should get there own movie to show there origin and tie each movie togetherand then make jla. Do it this way and it wll be awsome. Marvel doesnt have much to worry about, they are on a path to glory I'd say. The way they are wieving this story together slowly is very smart and very cool. This way we as the fans will see a vibrant and full story . This goes for the general pblic as well. people who know nothing about the charactors, if they see all of these movies will leave the theater after Avengers with a feeling thats they know everything that there is to know about the Avengers and each of there members. As apposed to learning very quickly about each character in a bout 5 min a piece in a 2 hour circus of a movie. I have left the theater to many time felling as if there where more to the tale that I had just witnessed. I dont believe this will happen with these movies. So as i said marvel is on the the right path . Just get the right actors and keep them through the whole story and we will see a tale of epic proportions, to be injoyed by many generations to come.

Cluffy101 on May 9, 2008


Just watched Hulk. Not bad. Stick around for the ending. As for Avengers v. JLA, i'd be happy with either. But, I think the Avengers will be better. Stan Lee's a friggin genius - he's actually using feature length movies to build a storyline that culminates in the crossover. We're accustomed to this through comics - it's just the way they are done. But, when it comes to movies, it only tends to happen in sequels or spinoffs, branching down from a primary movie. I don't know of a franchise where the individual movies branch UP, focusing towards one main movie. The only error for the Avengers is that they don't have a villain traveling with the movies. A behind the scenes Thanos kind of character pulling all the strings. For the JLA, it would be a Brainiac or Darkseid. The problem with a JLA movie is that it has no base for the final story. At best, they could do a Batman/Superman story. It's been done in the comics before and worked out well. They could build a JLA movie from there, but it isn't ready right now. I don't think Thor will make the cut, though. Cap, Iron Man and Hulk (go see the movie) definitely work. In an Avengers movie, I can see Thor being the bad guy initially (you heard it here first) - if he's in it at all. That's regardless of whether he has his own movie or not. The "supersoldier" discussion puts Cap in. But, I think Stan is following the theme laid out by Batman Begins - keeping the heroes somewhat ground in reality. Iron Man, Hulk and Cap are science experiment based, with the primary support coming from the military. That's the direction an Avengers movie is going. In the latest Hulk, we even get to see one of the experiments gone wrong in Abomination. We also see another Hulk villain (well, that's giving away too much). Thor just doesn't fit with what's been done so far. He raises too many questions. A Norse God, with an accent - who probably can, but shouldn't know how to speak English, and a big hammer with a name few can pronounce, shows up on the scene. And just how do we fit that into the thinking of moviegoers who, pray to a different God? In the comics, a few back pages can just state all of it as it is - in a movie, someone actually has to say it. He just raises too many questions and needs too developed a backstory to make much sense. With Thor, you have to introduce an entire civilization for him to make much sense. The exception is if they tie in Thor with the Silver Surfer. The whole alien and Galactus experience could open a range of new opportunities, including slipping in a Norse God into the 21st century . . .. I would guess that the team will consist of: - The FF who worked with the military against Silver Surfer and are science experiment based - and they need a woman on the team) - Silver Surfer (he's just CGI, so they'll have no problem adding him) - Iron Man (already on board) - Cap (with a 2008 makeover) - Hulk (most likely already on board) - Ant Man (whose movie is rumored to be coming out soon and if it does, would no doubt be on board) - And maybe Wolverine, who Reed mocked when talking to Invisible Girl on the balcony in FF pt. 1. And maybe Xavier - he doesn't look the same now, so they can get anyone to play the role on screen. They're not all original Avengers, but they're all available. My guess is that Stan will keep it to a minimum of four, trying to stick to the originals. Half of the movie will have to be warfare and battles for all of the characters to get their fair share of screen time. This won't be a character and dialog driven movie.

legalbro on Jun 13, 2008


I am a big fan of DC over marvel and I look forward to seeing what happens with the justice league film, big fan of the comics and I even enjoyed odd episode of Teen Titans on Jetix but I think after the success of Robert D Jnr in Iron Man and Edward Norton in The Hulk then Avengers is currently leading the way. Im always a bit sceptical when a comic book is made into a film and so far not many have been dissapointing so I have great hope for both of them, Justice League has the advantage in that there superheros are probably more well know to a wider audience than the Marvel Avengers but it would appear Marvel are doing something about that and so far so good!

mandzg on Jun 14, 2008


Ok lets start of by stating that the iron man movie, total hit, the second hulk movie, the incredible hulk, in my eyes a total hit and if the really want to make a avengers movie i think they should do it slowly by introducing each member of the team in each film, kinda like how tony stark was at the end of the incredible hulk. They should really do a captain america movie as well as a thor movie. LOL think about the box set you could have for this set of movies, iron man, iron man 2, the incredible hulk, captain America, Thor and to finish it all off the mighty avengers. Justice League lol, this would of been such a great movie if the played the original actors for the roles. In this i mean for batman-Christian Bale, for superman-Brandon Routh but instead they are going to bring out the dark knight then soon, ok soonish a justice league movie with totaly different characters. this sound like there was a problem in the office when they decided to make this movie, some1 couldn't think straight or something. to make it all worse they're going to make it young actors this about how stupid its going to look if in batman begins the guy is already in his 30's then they are going to make a fillm with batman in it possibly younger that 30 lol developers flaw. this jus sounds totally stupid to me. I think that if there where to make a justice league movie it should be as dark as the batman movies where. Also looking back to all the marvel movies that have came out recently excluding fantastic four, all the others where excellent movies starting from blade. I can only see this going on way. justice league might end up being a good movie but logically the avengers would most likely be better and more realistic. Any views on what i said email me init or add me on msn and we can have a debate.

jason stewart on Jun 15, 2008


I believe that DC should make movies about their other superheroes beside Batmean and Superman. Not everybody knows alot about Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc. If I had my way I would make a Batman/Superman movie first right after the other made movies featuing the other DC Characters because the viewers need to know aboout them first. After the Batman/Superman movie I would make a sequel called Trinity based on the comic book series that feautured Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Then after that, I would make a Justice League movie. If Tom Willing will be in a Justice League movie, then Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince should appeared on Smallville first. If I was in control of the show, I'd make an episode featuing Bruce Wayne. Then a few episodes later, there would be Diana Prince. Then a few episodes after that, Bruce and Diana come back to team up with Clark. It will be like the comic books. Only they would be wearing regular clothes instead of their famous costumes. When they walk, Bruce will be on the left, Diana on the right, and Clark in the middle. Just like in the comics and cartoon.

Brian on Jun 15, 2008


You know I'm more of a fan for DC's Batman and Superman, and so naturally would root for the Justice League more than the Avengers... Marvel however is doing something fact, it's amazing. Instead of doing one big movie (The Avengers) and then doing spin-offs aftewards (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, etc.) -- They're doing the complete opposite! And that fact alone makes it THAT much better. Having four major super hero characters in a movie together just requires so much development. By the time the Avengers gets released there's going to be an INCREDIBLE amount of hype for it because by then, there will likely already be: 2 Iron Man Movies Possibly 2 Hulk Movies 1 Thor Movie 1 Captain America Movie That's a LOT of development! Think about it: 8 hours of previous development for the characters all together; or 2-4 hours of development per character. That's compared to lets say 15 minutes per character if they spent an hour developing them all in one movie, without the previous "spin-offs" beforehand. I really wish DC would follow marvels lead....Make individual movies for the DC Superheroes that are geared towards joining into the JLA...It'd be great! --Sean

Sean on Jun 16, 2008


Yeah, I am definitely a Marvel Zombie, so must admit to being a bit biased. But I feel that that is actually a small part of why I have thus far LOVED the direction "The Avengers" movie seems to be taking. To do a team book of this caliber, with the dichotomy and rich history such as the Avengers... It's a HUGE undertaking. Marvel has ensured quite a few things with their substantial investment in the Avengers movie: 1) Before opening day ever comes around, fans will KNOW these characters. People who may not necessarily READ the comics, will care for these new faces to many of them, and when they all group together, NOTHING will be lost. 2) Grade "A" Actors are being cast so far (Just look to Downey and Norton), and the scripts are being taken VERY seriously. You get serious actors like those two in a movie together... not to mention the fact that more likely than not we will see Samuel L Jackson in "The Avengers" quite a bit... Will draw in a LOT of new fans who do not typically go see comic book movies. 3) "Marvel Studios" has COMPLETELY taken the helm, and will no longer have third parties touching these characters. Finally these characters are being fleshed out by the people that love them, and know them best. Marvel studios actually called in many of the Marvel Comics writers to add input to Iron man and help to keep it on track. 4) Marvel had previously laid the foundations for this with the "Ultimate universe", in which they revamped the origins to fit into our current society better than re-using stories from the 60's could have... They have blended the stories from the "Ultimates" with costumes from the original comics (With the exception of Nick Fury, lol) . All the writers and directors need to do is expand on a pre-existing modernized universe! There are many other reasons, but they have all been touched upon, so I don't REALLY need to continue repeating what has been said, but I do not feel that DC is really approaching the JLA Movie the way they should to maximize it. Marvel is building expectations to a fever pitch over a 3 year span, with multiple movies (All of which I believe will be a financial success) serving as advertisements. This is the first time I can think of movies being utilized in this way... And it is genius for the medium being put to screen! If DC had approached the JLA series in a way similar to this, I feel it would HAVE to be a success, if for no other reason, their 3 flagship characters are ALL on it, AND their parent company is Warner Bros... so money really does NOT need to be too much of a hard commodity to come by! But instead, they are going to pump out something similar to what happened with the X Men Film franchise... which made a LOT of money, but didn't have the same "Oomph" it could have. Only time will tell, but I see this one going to Marvel... Whether they are as iconic as the characters in JLA or not...

James on Jun 21, 2008


I think Avengers and the Justice League should both be aired. It does not matter if DC is making a mistake. As long as there are the three most popular Avengers-The Mighty Thor, Iron Man, and Captain American. And as long as Justice League members are only the three most popular as the main charactors-Wonder Woman, Super Man, and Batman. Then DC and Marvel will join together and they the two will fight. The two Martial Artists-Batman VS Captain America The two Destroyers-Iron Man VS Wonder Woman The two Gods-Thor VS Superman with a hint of romance, suspense, and drama.

Johnathon on Jun 22, 2008


I don't want to repeat information that's already been stated but come on guys. There is no chance in hell that JLA well become anything more than third-rate movie crap. And that's being optimistic. Besides Marvel kicks DC's arse! No offense. It just does. Peace out, Marvel Boy

Marvel Boy on Jun 24, 2008


the avengers movie is going to better its just has better plot already i love the superman charecter in dc but he's no captain America and i would love to see a crossover movie one day so everyone can be happy

Captain Britain on Aug 7, 2008


I really don't care for superman, he always seemed so flat and uninspired to me. I'm really getting into the Avengers movie, I couldn't be more curious as to the casting. as for JLA, well when it does come out I probaly won't see. I'm not saying it'll suck, it's just not my cup of tea.

Marky Mangle on Sep 5, 2008


sorry to say...but i think both of them are going to suck completely....lesser of two evils, i would have to say avengers coz iron man and thor will be there at least, but still....its gonna go all wrong for both of them

Taro on Oct 5, 2008


Lol, I can't picture real superpowers in the Dark Knight world. Would feel kinda out of place. The Avengers has been getting a little bit more prepared towars that goal, with hints along the way, and a complementary universe.

elia on Oct 21, 2008


i dont know why everyone cant just be happy that they are making both movies, who knows they might surprise you. people just keep dogging on both. shit ten years ago we had stuff all, i personally will see every superhero movie that comes out and judge it on its merits. i am a dc fan but i wont judge until i see it which is years away anyway. man i would love to see a flash movie i have that early 90's tv series on dvd but i think wally wests smart arse attitude makes him the best flash

brad on Nov 16, 2008


I had been an Avengers, Justice League as well as Legion of Superheroes fan ever since my childhood days (mid 1970's). They were my favorites. I even make playing cards out of it. Believe you me, until now I'm still collecting some of their comic issues. I had been expecting their movies eversince that time. I will be very happy if any of this superheroes team will be featured on movie soon. Van (

Michael V. Flores on Dec 16, 2008


I have been waiting for the Justice League movie to come out since X-men came out. Then they went and teased it on Smallville. They already have a great Batman following and an even better Superman following. If they could quickly put into production a Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Flash, while hinting to a team up in each one of those movies that would be perfect. At this stage I think that they are way behind where Marvel is, but if they don't worry about the competition with the Avengers movie, I think it will blow the Avengers movie out of the water. Both movies excite me, but I want to see the Justice League way more.

Matt Morey on Jan 10, 2009


First of all, DC movies are a mess and not made to crossover. Marvel movies are being made much better and all of them will be able to match later on in Avengers. I love Nolan's batman flicks. But will be sad that Superman and Batman will be different universes which means they will need new actors to play characters in Justice League movie. None of DC movies will interact which will be stupid. Marvel is doing it better.

Joey on Jun 6, 2010


Ever since late 70's, my favorite comic groups are only three. Two of them are JLA and Avengers. I even had their first issue. How I wish that JLA & Avengers crossover will happen on a movie. It will be a dream come true for me.

Thorvan on Jun 16, 2010

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