Keanu Reeves is Klaatu in The Day the Earth Stood Still Remake

August 27, 2007
Source: Variety

Keanu Reeves is Klaatu

We were the first ones to break the news that a Day the Earth Stood Still remake was on the way, and now we bring you the next bit of news related to the remake. The Matrix star Keanu Reeves has signed on to play Klaatu, the humanoid alien that lands on Earth. Production on the remake will likely begin in late fall this year or early 2008, meaning the expected release date of May 2008 is probably no longer true. Somewhat exciting news for this highly talked about remake, but is it the perfect choice?

As also confirmed via rumors early on, the film will be directed by Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) with a script by David Scarpa. In the film, the alien Klaatu lands on Earth accompanied by an indestructible, heavily armed robot called Gort and delivers a warning to world leaders that their continued aggression will lead to annihilation by species watching from afar.

Is this the right move? Our original breaking news article had quite a bit of discussion in the comments about who would be perfect to play Klaatu and I don't think Reeves name was ever mentioned. With a director, screenwriter, and now a star, how is this remake coming along? More Hollywood fodder or something actually entertaining in the works?

The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Checkout the Gort toys that Rocket USA has been making for 7 years they rock! its crazy to see this movie being remade after so long

gus on Aug 27, 2007


Whoa. The Earth is, like, totally in trouble with Keanu and Gort's Excellent Adventure.

Mark on Aug 27, 2007


i LOVE him!! I think he proved himself in the matrix trilogy, he may not be award winning but he is a pretty good actor. and i think roles like constantine, and this alien one, fit him. so i hope the rumor is true.

sara on Aug 28, 2007


Come on, guys. Nobody thought Michael Keaton would make a good Batman. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, No Way! Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, you've got to be kidding! If the director and actor are good collaborators with an appropriate vision, the movie works. Sure, be skeptical, but don't prejudge. Some of the best on screen portrayals have been by an unexpected actor.

Shannon on Aug 28, 2007


OMG! WHY does Hollywood have to tinker with the classics? KR is fine, but Michael Rennie says more with a glance than KR could ever do with his whole body, even after 5 years at the Actors' Studio. Doesn't ANYone in Tinseltown have an original idea? They have to remake/crib someone else's??

Janis on Aug 28, 2007


NO no no no. That's it, officially RUINED the best classic Sci-Fi movie ever made.

Alane on Aug 28, 2007


this movie is one of the best classic 50's atomic era movies ever made. i am a child of the 50's, a baby boomer. i have a huge collection of all the classic stuff. if they mess this one up, they deserve worse than tar and feathering

sharon on Aug 28, 2007


Uh oh. If Keanu's not playing the robot, then it'll be a stretch for him.... But seriously, casting directors show such a lack of imagination, I'll bet they thought of Keanu because his name sort of rhymes! (as in 'you say "Keanu", I say "Klaatu"....')

Voicedude on Aug 29, 2007


I enjoy Keanu in movies that are his, but his persona is sooo different from Michael Rennie that I can't even imagine how he will pull it off. They should save Keanu for a remake of STARMAN a role he's much better suited for. I don't even want to think about how today's hi-tech and animation will make this great movie too glitzy. And I'm sure they will find a way to screw up Gort as well. Sad day for classic sci-fi.

Di440 on Aug 30, 2007


I really like Keanu Reeves. I'm thinking he may be okay in this remake. I have loved this movie for as long as I can remember. I am also a baby boomer...born in 1955. I have had correspondence with "Bobby" from the original movie..loved him. Let's give Keanu a chance.....what does "Bobby" think? Dortman from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dortman on Sep 5, 2007


guy pierce would be a better cast than reeves by a long shot...

donny ivison on Sep 11, 2007


This my all time favorite movie....ever!!!!!!!! Corny for today's standard of sci fi sure. But the unspoken sexual tension between Patricia Neil and Klaatu, not to mention the good vs evil within ourselves makes this classic intense sans special effects. Oh and, Michael Rennie was a definate 'hottie' for his time

celticeyes on Sep 14, 2007


recently, keanu reeves is one of the most successful actors in hollywood, and the matrix (especially first one) is one of the best sci-fi movies of all time (according to me it's best of all time). moreover there are lots of nice movies in keanu's filmography. so you may don't like the idea of the remaking but as an actor keanu deserves respect and reliance.

adil cenk on Sep 17, 2007


Okay, I'm all for a re-make of the original. I'm sure that they'll screw it up somehow. Very few remakes are better than the originals, no matter how many special effects are added. Picking Keanu Reeves as Klaatu is completely wrong. Keanu is in the same class as Tom Cruise in that they play every character the same or at least in 99.9% of their films. So do we really need a tortured and moody(and slightly valley) Klaatu? When I found out that they were remaking TDTESS I tried to think of an actor who would be able to fit the part. And the first name that came to mind that would make me go out and see the movie was Johnny Dep. Why? If you look at the last ten movies that he's made you see 10 different roles that are truely different from each other. With the exception of the Pirates trio, each and every time he picks a role it's something completely different from his last few roles. From a mythical Scissorhands to a cross-dressing film maker, Johnny Dep has proven his ability to take unusual roles, make them his own, and make them credible and enjoyable. I can't say the same for Keanu! Now that they've screwed up the lead, that just leave the robot to mess we can probably expect a new CGI robot that is streamlined and moves incredibly fast and takes out its enemies in the blink of an eye. Which would be entirely wrong! The reason that Gort is large is because of the power that needs to be generated for his different types of defense/attack rays. And it doesn't matter that he moves so slowly because he's made of the same indestructible material as the ship. But as with Hollyweird today, everything must go, don't keep anything from the original, that would be a waste of "creativity". HA! If Hollyweird were so damn creative, why didn't they come up with their own ida for a movie instead of trashing a classic? Now is the time for restraint and recasting. Break a leg Keanu, no really break a leg, so they have to cast someone else....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mark on Sep 20, 2007


What a prejudge!.. How can you guys can be so sure that Keanu won't be successful in that role? I'm not saying that I'm sure he will make a great job, there is no certainity but I'm waiting to have seen the movie, no judging before the knowledge. And to be honest, I believe he will kick ass with his "unbroken" leg in "The Day the Earth Stood Still", like he has kicked the Agent Smith before. "It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." A. Einstein

Vagaries of Perception on Sep 20, 2007


Keanu will do a great job! He has a way about him, especially for science fiction. The time is right for a Remake....with OUR world in 2007...this Message is so NEEDED!

Rex costello on Sep 20, 2007


The moment I heard this was happening I was against it because I knew that if this film were to ever be remade it could only be done one way. This film deserves a very well thought out and extremely delicate approach to maintain it's original cadence and feel yet bring it up to speed with current cutting edge science of quantum and astro physics, metaphysics, string theories and the like. It should bridge the gap between all things considered mystical/phenomena (ie religion, ufos, alien abduction, crop circles, ghosts, near death and out of body experiences, etc) and expost the corruptions of the ego dominated and largly unconcscious minded history of humanity from Sweet Aunt Millie to Kublah Khan to the politcal and corporate juggernaut we have so blindly allowed to take over our spiritually innerconnected birthright to this beautiful home we call Earth and the cosmos that cradles it. Amongst a slew of other utmost important things (like the treatment of Gort) I would include the connection to the astronomically and profoundly important event of the upcoming galactic alignment/pole shift of 2012. Now I'm sure this guys gonna do his best and all and blah blah blah - but I'm not holding my breath to think that anyones got the balls or the proper insight to take on the real issues concerning this movie. I hope I'm wrong cause theres no one that would enjoy seeing this film brought up to our time more than me. But if this is just another job and pay day for everyone involved - then the greatest remake with the greatest message at the most historically perfect time to have ever been made will have been disinigrated before us like the guns Gort removed from the wreckless hands of fearful ignorant soldiers.

psychonaut on Sep 20, 2007


I am totally against the idea of yet another crap remake of a classic. However if they must, then the person to play Klaatu should be Christopher Eccleston. He was fantastic as the Doctor in the first of the new series of Doctor Who. He's got that other-worldliness that Klaatu needs. I agree with a previous poster that they should forget CGI crap as far as Gort is concerned. Could they not just copy the same design (ie minimalist) Gort and just beef up the special effects for rays etc. Cheers, Stephen Phillips London, England

Stephen Phillips on Sep 21, 2007


I knew it was coming. Just like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. But why not make Klattu a man of color ? Gort, i hope will not be a Transformer. I'd like to see him as a part of the ship that initally takes the shape of a sphere ( the most natural occuring shape in the universe) and can morph into any shape it wants to. Gotta add some spice. The original script was pretty good for it's time but now days it has to move along. I only hope it's not The Fugitive meets Transformers Meets War of the Worlds.meets The Matrix ...

Mark J. on Nov 8, 2007


The sadness is, as mentioned earlier, that hollywood goes for remake/churn over originality yet again. C'mon guys! I know you like the safe bet, but invest in a new franchise - you know it makes sense. Having said that.. Galatic alignment? pole shift?? What??! Help!

D C Burton, UK on Nov 15, 2007


Thing is, for studios, investing in a new franchise represents high risk, and, well, consider the cost of current budgets for movies. Original ideas are just too risky for studio suits.

avoidz on Nov 15, 2007


Keanu barada nikto!

DigitalCool on Nov 24, 2007


Hey guys, look at the bright side. With any luck at all, William Shatner can get some time off from the Priceline spots to take the role of Professor Barnhardt. Huh? I for one LOVE The Day the Earth Stood Still, the 1951 version. Remember Klaatu's speech at the very end? I fear I will be happy to hear the first words in that speech by Klaatu: "I am leaving soon.." Keanu Barada Crapto

tcconde on Nov 30, 2007


God Awful News! Shameful that good, classic movies can get remade by talentless HACKS! sad

Michael on Dec 14, 2007


On consideration I do hope the theme is about global warming. At least that would be topical and poignant, and god knows our American cousins need to wake up and smell the coffee (it's burning).

D C Burton, UK on Dec 15, 2007


This will be a great film. Keanu is a good actor. The cast that is lining up is well qualified, too. Kathy Bates...come on, it's going to be great. I look forward to updates in the area of special affects. The closing/exiting speech, however should not stray too far from that which was spoken in the 51 film.."we do not pretend to have achieved perfection..." gotta listen, learn, & love it. It all holds true, even today. As for global warming I agree that it should, at least be incorporated into the film's message, but there are so many others to be concerned with, too. CDC matters, war, in general. Same ol' "haters" problems. Would like to see how it will be developed. Hope this rocks. Can't wait.

Catte on Dec 28, 2007


Hey, how come Gort is not mentioned in any of the news releases about this re-make? Word has it that the toy company Rocket USA owns the rights to the name GORT! I sure hope the the movie studios don't decide to rename Gort in the movie otherwise it will lose any credibility. Has anyone heard about this?

Gort Fan on Dec 29, 2007


I'm sure Gort will be in the movie; he's too important to leave out. I'd be very surprised if a toy company owns the rights to the name and characters over the original owners, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 🙂

avoidz on Dec 29, 2007



Stu on Jan 3, 2008


I am so excited about this remake. This is an original classic I remember when I was a kid. The music was a classic soudtrack. It was such an impact on me and the reason I write movie soundtracks today. Would love a chance to show you what I have written since I heard you were remaking it. Let me know. Awesome and cant wait to see it.. Remember everyone Keanu Reeves dosent take on a move script unless its good! Gives us something to look forward to.

Steve Sbertoli on Jan 10, 2008


...other new age foolishness aside, I too can see the relevance of this film in today's world. Problem? There are too many people on the planet who just will not let go of their own power ambitions. Can anyone say Hugo Chavez or bin Laden or Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Il or Putin? But perhaps the threat of complete annihilation would force them to reconsider their deadly worldviews. Let's hope that they do indeed strike a balance with the vision of the original creators and the mentalities of today's audience. I do believe Keannu can pull this off. He's done dramatic stuff before quite successfully (that scene where he lost it over his wife's death in "Devil's Advocate" was pretty powerful). I think it will largely depend on the director. William Shatner could act too, believe it or not. It seems to depend on who's calling the shots behind the camera.

Galactic pole shifts and... on Jan 26, 2008


No!!!!!!!!!!!! This was/is one of the few films that is in no need to to be remade. What leftest Hollywood crap will dumped in to this this re-make. Will Klaatu be vegen, gay, or just out acted by Gort? Anti-war is cool. Will the Great Spirit be talk of or will we worship the sci. Please.........leave this in the can.

Jay Freet on Feb 27, 2008


I can't wait to see this! Who is playing Gort?

Sue on Feb 29, 2008


Well maybe everyone is looking at this all wrong. He made the matrix believable and still there are many that wish it was real, a true classic piece . Now the way the world is globally can we afford not to escape to the movie world or look at it as a tool for some form of hope ,is that not what scifi is meant to be. The world around us is in need of a shake up, a message visually. This remake will never take away from the original ,that message of the threat of total destruction by nuclear war still is clear today. Time to rekindle the flame! The movies are powerful voices of expression. If the movie manages to be handled correctly it will continue the greatness of the 1st one . I will never forget the message it has stayed with me from the early fifties when we had blast drills at elementary school. SciFi the great medium the turns fiction to fact .Sit back and think if it was true how much better things would be in the world. Then it would not be fiction . My hope is that "GORT" does not look like one of the toasters from galactica new or old it would take away everything that we would hope for in this movie believable . War of the worlds just missed it all and if this goes the same way which it will not (HOPE) then the flood gates of remakes like this will open up. Then it is going back to the Marvel World for enjoyment. I await KLAATU"s greeting before returning home GOOD NIGHT EARTH

Vahlen Sinclair on Mar 19, 2008


Keanu Reeves???? I can hear it now.... Hey, if anything should happen to me like you must go to Gort Babe. Say these words: Dude, like Klaatu Barada Nikto you know...gnarly!

Eddie Stair on Mar 29, 2008


This is Klaatu's speech at the end of the original The Day the Earth Stood Still: I am leaving soon and you'll forgive me if I speak bluntly. The universe grows smaller every day and the threat of aggression by any group anywhere can no longer be tolerated. There must be security for all or no one is secure. Now this does not mean giving up any freedom, except the freedom to act irresponsibly. Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves and hired policemen to enforce them. We, of the other planets, have long accepted this principle. We have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets and for the complete elimination of aggression. The test of any such higher authority is, of course, the police force that supports it. For our policemen we created a race of robots. Their function is to patrol the planets in spaceships like this one and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression we have given them absolute power over us. This power cannot be revoked. At the first signs of violence they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk. The result is we live in peace without arms or armies, secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression and war, free to pursue more profitable enterprises. Now, we do not pretend to have achieved perfection, but we do have a system, and it works. I came here to give you these facts. It is no concern of ours how you run your own planet, but if you threaten to extend your violence, this Earth of yours will be reduced to a burned-out cinder. Your choice is simple: join us and live in peace, or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We shall be waiting for your answer. The decision rests with you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any thoughts regarding changes you would like to see in the parting speech for the remake?

Don Norman on Apr 2, 2008


Here is a really, really brief overview of what was happening when this movie was being made and when it first came out: The Day the Earth Stood Still was released in 1951, during the Korean War when McCarthyism was running rampant (with the "Red Scare" and everyone in the US being terrified of being labeled a "Commie" or "Red sympathizer") and the cold war was on the minds of everyone. For the producer(s), director (Robert Wise) and actors to make this movie with the message it contained was an act of incredible bravery because they could have lost their careers by being blacklisted or worse, and the movie was as much a political protest for the current state of the US and the world at the time and how things were being handled (wars and the threat of world destruction) as it was a great classic Sci-Fi movie. It took a lot of guts to speak out against what was going on at the time and not take sides against "the Reds" as the enemy in the movie and join in the McCarthy witch hunts. Also in the following year (1952), there would be one of the biggest UFO flaps in US history, with thousands of reports of UFOs (flying saucers) including many photos and military and civilian aviation radar returns of numbers of UFOs seen over the Capitol Building in Washington, DC in July of that year, by countless people. The UFO flights over the Capitol happened not just once, but on two consecutive weekends. i don't feel that Keanu Reeves is the best choice for this role, and i have never heard of the director or his movies before, but we can hope for the best. However, given the choices that they've made so far, this is starting to look like the studio is trying to turn a fast buck on a much-loved classic movie. i agree with many others on this comment list that they should tone down the CGI and keep it about incredibly important issues for Humanity and the characters, like the original did, and not take sides with any current politics. Keeping Gort basically as he was in the original would be cool, because the original Gort, although he looked so unarmed and moved so slowly and deliberately, was still menacing, powerful and scary. If the thought is to bring this movie up to date (most likely), then in my opinion it should be done with the same spirit and courage as the original with political neutrality and a message of warning to Humanity. i can dream, can't i?

itibi-ra on Apr 21, 2008


I first saw " The Day The Earth Stood Still " back in 1974 when it was shown by the B.B.C in their Sci-Fi season in the early evening slot. I was eleven years old at the time and the film blew me away completely. I knew then as I know now, that this film was something VERY special. It became my favorite film of all time for that very reason. I do not object to a remake of this Super Classic ( ALTHOUGH I DID FOR A LONG TIME ). But I DO feel that this is something that has got to be handled very carefully, and needs to be as close to the original as possible. Of course, I accept that to an extent, it does need to be modernised, but this cannot be done by substituting good scripts and acting with CGI, Whiplash editing, Tacky over the top music, and the over-aggressive tendancies that seem to be the trademark of many films these days, used primarily to sell the film to a wider audience at any cost. " The Day The Earth Stood Still " is not about that, it is about putting across a message for all of humanity to " Clean Up It's Act " or else. An issue that is totally applicable in today's World, and one that we would all do well to heed. The Original 1951 film, as everybody knows, was shot in Black and White, which would not have been a bad idea today because Black and White has the ability to convey certain aspects in cinematography far better than Colour ever can. Sadly, however, Joe Public doesn't see it that way, and if it were to be shot in Black & White, it would probably become a commercial disaster. On the subject of GORT, he is one of the central characters in the film and to GET IT WRONG as far as he is concerned would be a FATAL mistake. He needs to be as menacing in 2008 as he was in 1951. A real challenge for the film makers there. Bernard Herrman's original score for the 1951 movie has become one of the most memorable soundtracks in Sci-Fi history, also being used in the 60s Sci-Fi series " Lost In Space " ( ALSO MADE BY FOX ). Bernard Herrman has become a legend in his field and has inspired some of the greatest composers around today. To be able to compose a soundtrack to rival one of Herrman's greatest is a super-challenge to say the least. All things considered, I would like to see the film makers pull it off because TDTESS is a truly remarkable film that has set standards for others to follow, and to be able to make something that even approaches that must truly be an achievement.......phil evans

Phil Evans on Apr 22, 2008


This movie is a great choice for a remake. I am excited as I think the special effects can enhance the story. My hope is that they don't let the story suffer because of special effects. KR is a great choice for the lead role.

Ray Smith on Apr 29, 2008


Those who don't think Keanu Reeves is the right choice for Klaatu you are not quite tuned in to the Keanu personality and aura he carries . As a matter of fact he is famous for his out-of-this world persona. Mystery is his trademark; actually he has been dubbed "mysterious" by the Hollywood reporters, journalists, writers, etc. He has also been referred to as "Zen Master of the Universe " and other tags like that . Because he IS differant he is rather a misfit in Hollywood society . As for looks- he has the type of face that is outstanding among either today's or yesterday's actors. Some pictures of him don't show it, but then cameras can cast a bad light sometimes, for the most part he is truely an outstandingly handsome man . Google a few picture gallerys online featuring him and you will see what I mean. He has a touch of the exotic in his look and high cheekbones and everything you'd need in the look of a being from outer space. He is also know for his stoical and void expression-. just right for an alien being . He's not known for great acting , but he is very believible in some roles . I was looking for some reviews on "Street Kings" the other day and saw some pictures of him at theaters on opening nights in Korea and Austrialia , and his fans were absolutely screaming and falling all over him. So many of the young actors today look like "the boy next door". He doesn't and never has.

Darlene on May 2, 2008


I only just heard about this remake. And I was immediately cresftallen. My inner voice screamed, "nooooooo !!!" Dear gahd, they shouldn't ever dare to touch this classic. Keanu Reaves ? No. He is not up for the role, he's not. But... when Stephen Phillips suggested Christopher Eccleston I grinned and thought: Hell, YES !!!!!!!! He's probably the only actor today who could bring what's needed to the role.

Heteronymous on May 6, 2008


Hollyweird needs to get over it's self and start earning the large amounts of money they expect us to fork out for the films they are making. All these pointless remakes just show a lack of creativity, and a desire to rip off something that has worked in the past because it's an easy way to make money, all good films begin with a good script so if the basic script is already worked out for you how hard can it be, and also they hope because it's a remake it will come with a built in audience, who loved the original. Look at the Peter Jerkson's remake of King Kong......for some one who claimed to love the original so much all he did was make a long winded, self indulgent ego trip for himself. Just because a film has amazing special effects does not make it a good film, look at Terminator ...... amazing special effects but average direction and silly almost laughable acting, i mean it, look at the film properly and with out emotion....take out the effects and what do you have nothing....a silly almost Saturday morning cartoon script and bad acting. Seriously there is more entertainment value in one of Ed Wood JR’s so called "bad films" than in the whole of all the sequels to Alien, the original though still is one of my all time favorite films. It was very original and well executed…..the sequels dull and repetitive. Just when i thought the worst they could do was remake "Dawn of the Dead" i now find out about a hideous remake of this cinema classic "The Day The Earth Stood Still" Well i guess that's why they call it show bizz. Quick everybody rush out and buy the original before all you can find are copies of the remake. Instead of remake how about Re-release of the original on the big screen, that's a much better idea. What we need from Hollyweird, is more Original material less remakes and sequels.

neftoon on May 21, 2008


I already have a DVD of the original. I am anxious to see what they do with the remake.

Sue on May 21, 2008


e-mail: Keanu Reeves would adapt beautifully to the roll of Klaatu. I know others have suggested David Bowie or Johnny Depp. However, I think they are appealing more for their look and likeness to Michael Rene, than the actual roll. Reeves is a fine actor who, I feel, will emerse himself in the part and produce an outstanding performance. The Producer(s), Director etc... should make a special effort to produce a contemporary story, while preserving the original flavor of the film. If the temptation to incorporate too many special effects is resisted, the film may well be an admirable remake, worthy of it's namesake. Lets hope so.

Mike Dana on Jun 12, 2008


Anybody catch the trailer last night on Hollywood Tonight? It was about 15 seconds, but it looked interesting.

John on Jul 3, 2008


Kyle MacLachlan carries the gravitas necessary for the character of Klaatu... Reeves: good in his cyberpunk roles, but not Klaatu material.

ChristopherX on Jul 8, 2008


first-OH NO! another remake of a classic. i know what they can do with special effects today in movies and they will be great more than likely. but the story and keanu as klaatu oh us.this is where studios mess up. what made this a classic was the actors,director and simple story know in this remake thats all gone.if this turns out to be just a good movie i'll be surprised.since they going to do it TRY TO MAKE IT A GOOD MOVIE PLEASE!

james roberts on Jul 11, 2008


When I think about a really good remake of an original classic SciFi pic, "John Carpenter's" The Thing" comes to mind. But then he picked Kirk Russell to play McCready. Ahhhh, Now that was a great remake. If they decided to continue it or remake it again, I hope it is on par with the "80's remake. I have to be honest when I say that I hope the new, TDESS will be fantastic!

RSH on Aug 4, 2008


Oh, wait! I loved Jeff Bridges in "Starman". I consider his acting classic as well as the movie. If Jeff and make a believable alien, then Keanu and do it too. *go on Keanu!"

RSH on Aug 4, 2008


It was a great film with a great story. When I saw its original release it gave me pause for thought and take an active interest in both science and World politics. The film made me realise that evil may flourish when good people do nothing. Nuclear energy, firearms etc. are tools. They are only evil in the hands of people who are evil. If humanity is to continue then the good people must take a stand against those who seek to destroy something that is not evil - whatever their race or beliefs be they a next door neighbor or another Country. This message needs to be told as often and in as many different ways as possible. If that means TDTESS is re-written to attract a big audience with a script, cast and special effects that are more attractive to the younger generations then I say do whatever it takes to get the main message out amongst them so they may take an active interest in ensuring humanity continues to survive. The biggest disappointment would be if the story the film tells is changed into a nothing more than a piece of simple, thoughtless entertainment.

Ganymede on Aug 25, 2008


Footnote: WALL-E should be required viewing in Kindergarten and Junior High. Full marks to PIXAR and Disney Studios for having vision and the guts to get it to the big screen.

Ganymede on Aug 25, 2008


"Who's playing Klaatu" isn't the problem here. The problem is: why would other-worlders feel they needed to destroy us now, when we're doing such a swell job of it ourselves -- and abandoning our own space travel programs into the bargain!

jackr on Oct 27, 2008


Although I might not have chosen Keanu as a first choice after seeing the coming attracitons with him in it, it's VERY believable. The factial expressions and low key yet confident voice he uses makes him unassuming yet threating. He's not here to warn, he's here to TELL. The orginal was one of my top 3 favorites of all time and I really look forward to seeing the special effects that can be used to enhance it. I loved what they did with War of The World and Tom Cruise. Times change and in today's world of high-profile gangs, thugs, and hard-core thinkers, that only understand being overpowered or outdone, the way they are bringing this remake to us makes much more sense than following the orginal mellow script.

charlie on Dec 5, 2008


They couldn't have picked a better man for the part than Keanu Reeves. Those who see him very seldom may not understand just what kind of a person he is. He is an enigma; and a curious person, and he's got a very unusual personality. He has a spaced- out quality and playing Klaatu would be almost like playing his own self. I've heard his looks being distribed as "out of this world" and was meant as a compliment. Go figure !

Sam on Dec 10, 2008

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