Kristin Kreuk Cast as Chun-Li in Street Fighter Movie

December 21, 2007
Source: ComingSoon

Kristin Kreuk Cast as Chun-Li in Street Fighter Movie

Do you remember that news way back in October of last year about the Chun-Li based Street Fighter movie? And then again this September, where it was announced that Andrzej Bartkowiak (of Doom and Cradle 2 the Grave) was directing? Yes, unfortunately that movie is still being made and we have the first casting announcement. EuroTrip and "Smallville" star Kristin Kreuk has been cast as Chun-Li in the Street Fighter movie. And it's official be re-named to Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. Is this good news or bad? I'm not really sure…

We already said that the movie was Doom-ed (pun intended) to suck when it was announced that the terrible director Andrzej Bartkowiak was attached. However, interestingly I'm not as worried with Kreuk being cast in the lead. The only thing to question is her ethnicity - Chun-Li is Chinese character, as obviously pointed out in the game. Kreuk is born in Canada, but she does have a similar look, in a far-fetched (and attractive) way. Besides that, she's definitely hot enough to play Chun Li.

The movie will focus on the female fighter Chun-Li and her journey for justice, however exact plot details are still being kept under wraps. Production begins in Thailand in March next year. Considering the writers strike is still going, it's likely Fox will probably put this out early-to-mid 2009.

Will this be good yet? Can they actually make a good Street Fighter movie, especially if it's Fox? And you know how Fox treats its movies - look at Live Free or Die Hard's rating issues and same with Hitman - the latter of which was a box office flop. Will Kristin Kreuk be the savior? I honestly doubt it, but only time will tell.

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Wow, a bad move in my opinion. She's a gorgeous girl, but obviously chosen for more commercial appeal, rather than an actually good film. it is fairly obvious what direction this film is going in. An overly glossy Hollywood flick instead of something more down and dirty like Batman. The same thing Hitman suffered from, when it could have been a new Bourne kind of series. This is really what I think comic/video game films need. A much grittier and richer vision.

Marty Martin - on Dec 21, 2007


I really have to agree, This is going to be another videogame-to-cinema that's just going to hurt when it hits. No single actor or actress can be the savior of an entire film .... ESPECIALLY with Bartkowiak.

Zach on Dec 21, 2007


Kreuk is 1/2 Chinese I thinK?

TJ Ducket on Dec 21, 2007


...Because males want to see movies centered around hot chicks and not two half-naked guys who just yell and flail around for 90 minutes. In my opinion, it's a directorial cop-out planned for the sole purpose of generating a few extra ticket sales. Not that it really matters to me, I wasn't planning on seeing it anyway. I've hated the series ever since I lost 20 straight rounds of Street Fighter to some fat eight year old (it turned out alright though, I stole his bag of Skittles and enjoyed watching him cry while I ate them all in front of him) As far as casting choice goes, I dunno...she seems lacking in the assets department.

IHateChildren on Dec 22, 2007


SMALLVILLE ACTRESS IN THE STREET FIGHTER MOVIE. One thing about this movie is Capcom and Hyde Park are doing screw ups on the project and Kristen Kreuk playing Chun Li is not the problem is Justin Marks writing the script is going to be a real problem and Ryu and Ken should be the main fighters in the film not Chun Li so why is the Street Fighter:The Legend Of Chun Li as the movie title for the film,thats bulls##t and the filmmakers should stick to the game and I remember the 1994 Van Damme flick was horrible. Hollywood are still screwing everything up on video game movies and I think it's time they smarting up for gods sake. I'm allowed to worry about this crap you Hollywood doesn't like my stuff they can go to hell. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Dec 22, 2007


Michael Rosenbaum as Sagat ftw! just bring on the eyepatch lol

pandaboy on Dec 22, 2007


Kristen Kreuk? Excuse me while I vomit. Her doe-eyedness on Smallville killed that show for me. I was never going to see another Street Fighter movie after the first one; I'm doubly never going to see it with Kreuk.

avoidz on Dec 23, 2007


I've always liked Kristen Kreuk. The thing is she doesn't have much of a resume on screen to talk about so its difficult to say if she'll be able to pull it off well or not. But the fact remains that Kristen is absolutely beautiful and I for one am glad she is getting the starring role of major-marketed video game (which is now out of date) cause now she can really spread her wings a little bit. Get her name out there more and remind people of who she is. She looks like a good Chun-Li, hopefully the movie won't stink as badly as "Doom" did...yuucck!

Conrad on Dec 23, 2007


This is BAD NEWS for sure. Not because they're casting Kreuk, but they're actually trying to make another Street Fighter movie! Kreuk is half Chinese but why couldn't they just find a Chinese or Asian actress for the role? Whoever said commercial appeal is def correct, like that's gonna help the movie.

PG on Dec 23, 2007


Ugh no. Not that she isn't a good actress but Chun-li deserves more than her. How about Kelly Hu? At least she would look better in the part.

Complete Geek on Dec 23, 2007


K K is a nice woman,she is so skillful in act.someone saw her profile with hot photos on "" a joke made by someone? but who cares. It's said Charlie Sheen has found his perfect match it true?

kiss on Dec 23, 2007


Saying that Kreuk was born in Canada is a reference to her *nationality.* Ethnically speaking, I believe she's half (or at least part) Chinese.

bugg on Dec 24, 2007


"The thing is she doesn't have much of a resume on screen to talk about so its difficult to say if she'll be able to pull it off well or not." As if having more motion picture credits makes her a better actress. You're one of those dumbshits that thinks on camera work = training. Fags like you shouldn't comment on acting. Burn your keyboard you sad desk jockey no one wants to read your uninformed moronic rantings. "omg! She hasn't done a lot of movies! Only TV! This will somehow affect her actingz skillzorz!" One day they will invent a device that allows me to reach through the internet and punch people like you in the face.

Master Thespian on Dec 26, 2007


This movie is going to suck just like the original with Jean-Claude Van Damme (one amazing martial artist, but bad actor)and Kylie Minogue (not even an actor and not the best singer either) I would love to see a nice Street Fighter movie, but I don't think that it will ever happen. The only way to make it decent is not to have most of the characters (movies with too many main characters suck bad, look at the original Batman films, too many villians) and if they do that then a lot of people will be upset because their character wont be in the film. So I think it is a lose-lose for any director that trys to make the film.

CloudZeroX on Dec 27, 2007


Hi all, The movie hasn't even started in production and who is to say that it's going to suck. Kristen Kreuk is an amazing actress. Have you seen all of her work? Not only has she been on just "tv shows" but movies.. For example: Partition, EuroTrip, and The legend of EarthSea. All three movies were great. The best of her acting skills was on the movie Partition. Great movie! Anyhow, as for her look for the role because she is Canadian and the directors should get a "chinese girl". Please... do people know she is half chinese? I know everybody has there opinions and all but relax because it's show bizzzzzzz... peas

Dolly on Dec 28, 2007


Don't think Kreuk can make Chun Li believable. She doesn't even know martial arts. What gives?

Jo on Jan 8, 2008


kristin kreuk is ungodly hot, and she will make this movie rock. i would do anything to get with her

Ben on Jan 17, 2008


Remember Dead or Alive? Wasn't even worth watching on youtube. Kristin, you can do so much better. Then again, she hasn't had a leading big screen role in a while.

Jess on Jan 18, 2008


Kristin Kreuk is 1/2 Dutch and 1/2 Chinese. I think they can make that work for the character... The only hop for the movie itself though would be to fire the writer and the director, forget the first movie ever happened, and start from scratch. Given the source material though, I think even Spielberg would have a hard time making a coherent film. I'll go to see her in that dress though!

NerdZilla on Jan 29, 2008


I have no idea what the game Street Fighter is about, but I'll go see ANY movie with Kristin Kreuk in it. She's the most beautiful girl on TV and I believe a great actress whose potential has been as yet untapped, with the exception of the movie 'Partition', where she pulls off being a Pakistani Muslim girl to great dramatic effect. It's really too bad that the film didn't find a distribution partner in the US and was only released to Canadian theaters. Fortunately, the DVD IS available on Also, Smallville would not have been so successful without her.

Gary on Mar 9, 2008


the only good street fighter movie was street fighter 2 the movie anything else was crap and maybe the first ova of street fighter alpha that's when they actually attempted to recreate the feeling between how players fight in the game

Ubas on Mar 16, 2008


mmmm...well just give her a chance....yeah streetfighter one was a horrible movie....but let s make room for improvement....yeah in my opinion she does look like chun li...some pig tails...knee high white boots and a blue outfit..will do her nicely....vega and ms li are my favorite i feel tabbo and this chick from smallville will do just fine..lets just worry about the

atomsk101 on Apr 4, 2008


WOW>>>Kristin is really gorgeous. very sophisticated and exotic beauty. truly fit for the role. she has a very asian looks... what more can i say...WOW...

allan on May 19, 2008


I think she's is very beautiful. I'd be her slave for life if she was my girl. Anyway I think she isn't the problem the problem is the script. She really looks like Chun Li somewhat. I didn't bother seeing it at the movies. It kinda sucked though I saw it on the internet. I gotta admit I just saw the movie cuz she looked F-n' hot. I'd love to be her baby's daddy...

George on Mar 9, 2009

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