Live Free or Die Hard vs Transformers: The Mega Review

June 28, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard vs Transformers

So after seeing Live Free or Die Hard (aka just Die Hard 4) on Tuesday night and Transformers a week back in LA, I was wondering how to write up my review, then a thought occurred to me. Why not combine reviews for two of the biggest, most anticipated action movies of the summer, and compare them up against each other. Most of you who are excited for one are also excited for the other, and what better way than to share my thoughts on both. So I present to you the Mega Review of Live Free or Die Hard vs Transformers!

I'll kick off into this by going over various aspects of each film: story, realism, actors, action, CGI / special effects, the hero, the protagonist, and overall entertainment. Just so there are no complaints, I loved both movies nearly equally, but there were some positives and negatives on both sides.

Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard




In Live Free or Die Hard the entire country is being attacked by a systematic computer takedown called a fire sale, and one young hacker kid by the name of Matt Farrell (Justin Long) is being escorted down to Washington DC by John McClane (Bruce Willis), where as things get more and more ridiculous he becomes the most important piece. Really, the story in this is pretty bad. I can take over the top, but this over the top is just too ridiculous. The computer virus idea, although genuine considering how much of this country is run on computers, is all too easily manipulated. The rest of it with McClane is pretty fun, but in terms of progression, the story just lacks some of that quality that was found in the first Die Hard and especially in Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

In Transformers, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) becomes the target of alien robots because his great grandfather's glasses are engraved with a map. The Autobot Bumblebee, who's sworn to protect him, must take action after the Decepticons discover who he is and try and find their leader Megatron who crashed landed on earth. This story really allows for a lot more breathing room and a lot more build up, especially to please the Transformers fans. Yes, Michael Bay threw in a love story with Sam and Mikaela (Megan Fox) too, but by the end even you will be rooting for him. As for the build up into why the Autobots are there and how it involves Sam, it's a bit shaky, but much, much more solid and even more entertaining than Die Hard. And although there is more action than even Die Hard, there is also more story.

Winner: Transformers


None of what happens in this would ever be possible, but Die Hard still shines in this category because the over-the-top surrealism is what makes it so damn good. However what pulls it down is how completely unrealistic everything involving the computer viruses and computers in the movie is. Back in the 90's they could get away with faking computer operations, but today, that just doesn't work. No you can't hack the entire country from your cell phone, and no you don't need 8 keyboards to re-route electricity, but yes, you can ride on the tail of a jet.

Of course giant robots aren't real, but who cares! in Transformers, the computer operations are pretty real, except when it gets down to some scenes involving Anthony Anderson and Rachael Taylor hacking up the audio (why can't Hollywood ever get computers right?). However, disregarding those computer flops again, the realism in Transformers is a bit more confident, and you really start to feel like you could walk outside and see Optimus playing baseball in the park, but you won't see John McClane riding the tail of a jet, even though that would be fun.

Winner: Transformers


Bruce Willis, enough said. Does it get any better than Willis? I think not! But then you throw Justin Long into the mix, as well as Maggie Q and Timothy Olyphant. I liked Olyphant, who surprised me in this after a terrible performance in Catch and Release. However Long was pretty bad and Q was far underutilized. But the worst was the overly-buff, Hispanic guy who was the "uber hacker" for the bad guys. Long fits as a hacker kid, but that guy really didn't.

This is a definite win for Transformers. Shia LaBeouf really shines here, he is the perfect choice, and is going to really turn into something big with Indiana Jones IV. Megan Fox can't act, but who cares, she's way hot and that's what counts! Although I think John Turturro is never a great casting choice, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and Jon Voight were all perfect additions to an already solid cast of mixed dramatic actors and comedic actors.

Winner: Transformers


You may think using a fire extinguisher to blow a guy out of a window, driving a car through an electrical plant, or riding on the tail of a fighter jet may be the best action you'll see all year, and you're close. It's truly some exciting stuff, but honestly it doesn't even beat out the first Die Hard, and that was 19 years ago! It's good, but not great. It needed a bit more, and it didn't have it. Who cares about realism here, they could've gone all out. He should've ridden that jet all the way to the bad guys and blew the shit out of them, but he didn't.

What I love about Transformers' action is that you haven't even seen half of it from the trailers. It builds, and builds, and keeps building, and then you get to the final fight, and you think you're done, then something else happens. The fights between the robots are incredible, the car chases are incredible, and everything action-wise in it is jaw-dropping incredible. Michael Bay really kicks Len Wiseman's ass this time. The best action scenes involve Starscream taking on other fighter jets, Megatron vs Optimus through the building, and the car chase between Bumblebee and Barricade.

Winner: Transformers


Throughout most of this the special effects are great. It looks almost entirely practical and there isn't a moment of doubt. Then it hits this big action scene at the end that involves a semi-truck (no, not Optimus) and a fighter jet (no, not Starscream), and it starts to fall apart. I'm not sure if they just ran out of money or time, but the effects crumble as much as the highway he's driving on. Nice try, but in this day and age those kind of cheap effects don't cut it.

Flawless perfection! As I said before, Optimus is almost as real as even Shia in this, and you forget he's even CGI. These are the best special effects and especially the best CGI (thanks ILM) you'll see all year, or of the next few years. Two years of CGI work has really paid off. It's truly flawless CGI that can't be matched by anything else currently out there. Even the toughest part, the small Decepticon Frenzy, like Gollum, is near perfection.

Winner: Transformers


John McClane (Bruce Willis) -vs- Optimus Prime

John McClane (Bruce Willis)

This is really a tough one, because John McClane has built up such a badass hero repertoire that it's almost hard to say he's not at the top of his game this time. However he really only saves one person, the hacker kid, not the entire country or the entire world this time. He's your local hero, not your world hero. He's one hell of a badass hero and yet again shows it in this fourth Die Hard, but just isn't the best hero you'll see all summer.

Optimus Prime

I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying this, that Optimus beats McClane, but he truly does! When you hear what Optimus Prime has to say and what Optimus Prime (and Bumblebee) do to save the world and save Sam Witwicky, you'll agree. Optimus has been the most badass hero since 1986 (or earlier), John McClane has been the most badass hero since 1988, and when it comes down to it, Optimus takes the pie yet again in 2007.

Winner: Optimus Prime


Matthew Farrell (Justin Long) -vs- Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf)

Matthew Farrell (Justin Long)

The character of Matthew Farrell was really a weak protagonist. He wasn't very smart, wasn't very heroic, he just hacked the systems and was protected by John McClane. It took him a while to figure out that it would be his abilities that would save the country, but even then it was still a weak realization. Yes, they're relying a lot on McClane, but that doesn't mean you still can't have a strong protagonist, too.

Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf)

Even though Sam Witwicky is the main character, he's still the protagonist not the hero. He's charming, he's funny, he's inexperienced and young, but he's good and he makes that character arch that is key in a good movie. His progression is about discovery and making a choice, and it's such a good one that you'll be smiling and cheering for both him and the hero, Optimus Prime, at the end.

Winner: Sam Witwicky


I really did have a good time in Live Free or Die Hard. Disregarding the realism issues with the computers, it's a good movie to kick back with and watch John McClane kick some serious ass. It's a different movie than Transformers in that it's just non-stop intense action, like Terminator 3, where Transformers is much more story. The entertainment value here is very high, if not equal to Transformers.

Boy oh boy did I have one hell of an experience watching this. It's the funniest movie of the year combined with the most intense action movie of the year (even over 300) and still pure enjoyment from the very start to finish. You don't want it to end, and when it does, you want to watch it again, immediately. Yes, Transformers is one of those films that will not let you down.




Transformers really is the movie of the summer, or even of the entire year. It's a fully loaded, action-packed exciting adventure that doesn't let down and fully delivers. Michael Bay has finally done it and made a perfect movie, at least in my books, that I think all the fans will love, too. And in this review, it certainly beats Live Free or Die Hard. So next week, on the 4th of July, when you've got to make a choice, make it Transformers, you won't regret it.

Overall Winner: Transformers!!


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I don't get how you can prejudge how good transformers is before seeing it?

B on Jun 28, 2007


What? I've seen it... I saw it at a press screening in Los Angeles.

Alex Billington on Jun 28, 2007


Alex, please, leave your hard-on for the movie at the door. John McClane a bigger hero then Optimus Prime? Come on.

J.D. on Jun 28, 2007


Eh? I said John McClane wasn't a bigger hero than Optimus Prime... Did you read it?

Alex Billington on Jun 28, 2007


Hey Alex, I just got back from seeing 'Live Free or Die Hard', and I would have to say I really enjoyed it. No its not on-par with the original, but it's on-par with the first two sequels. So now, if I wasn't already hyped up enough, to hear Transformer will blow this film out of the water is got me go crazy for some 'more-than-meets-the-eye'. Thanks a lot ;- )

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jun 28, 2007


The hell are you talking about? I don't know what fantasy world you live in, but giant robots battling is the opposite of realistic. I'd believe that one cop taking down a whole terrorist organization, defeating jets with a semi, and everything else he does in that before I believe that a car transformed into a robot and boxed a jet-turned-robot. I'm not quite sure you know what protagonist means, but John McClane is the protagonist, not that Long's character. So, you're dumb

oiqsdjioqw on Jun 28, 2007


Good way to do the review. Glad to hear you loved Transformers, Monday can't come any faster.

Stephen on Jun 28, 2007


Ok...haven't seen Transformers yet but DAMN....its not all that. First...hard to compare these movies..... Second....I believe you've never seen the original Transformers movie so you have no frame of reference. Third....I'm jealous you got to see Transformers before me.

Heckle on Jun 28, 2007


I am S.Korean. Yes, I have already feel the transformer at yesterday(6.28) It's cool! Very Good C.G Effect!! run time for 135min is not boring... very excited...

Transformer on Jun 28, 2007


Oh wow, Transformers wins. What a surprise.

Zach on Jun 29, 2007


I have feel the Transformer at yesterday.... beacause I am a Korean... Korea is already started the Transformer in theater.... but I cna't see the diehard4 yet..... so i don't know transformer VS diehard4....who win? But I can feel sure of Transformer is very...very...very...Big blockbuster.... C.G effect is...suprised!!! 100% Theater movie... not at home... need big size display.. diehard4..2007.7.18...I will go to the see..

Transformer on Jun 29, 2007


I haven't seen either of these, but i just have to say that i have an intense hatred of 10/10 scores. Are you really saying there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for Transformers to be improved? I find that hard to believe. And i'm not saying that because it's a movie about giant robots, as i agree on scoring films by their genre.

Ross on Jun 29, 2007


No, there is a way of course... but it's the best film of the summer and possibly of the year so far. My ratings are kind of odd. They're usually higher than if I were to put together a year-end list and rank 'em out at that point with new scores. So of course it can improve, but given how amazing it was, it's still a 10/10 for now.

Alex Billington on Jun 29, 2007


I've tried to skim this review so as not to ruin any plot points but it has buoyed my spirits. I like the films of Michael Bay when I revisit them after having seen them a few times (Armageddon, The Rock). With these two, points of the story kinda ruined my first viewing experience but once I relaxed and took them as a string of exhilerating set pieces then it was good. IGN's review of Tranformers wasn't as good but having read some of your other reviews, and agreeing with a fair chunk of them, I'm confident of the validity of your opnion.

Payne by name on Jun 29, 2007


Wow, Transformers won EVERY category huh? Who would have thought. For those of you reading, I went and saw Die Hard with Alex and even after watching DIE HARD, he wouldn't stop talking about Transformers. Alex, I know you're excited, but the fact that you sprang a big chubby one watching robots doesn't mean you should start bashing on J. Mclane. Now, I haven't seen Transformers, so I won't address the comments made about that movie, but I can't sit idly by and watch you talk crap about Die Hard to the extent that you just did. There are quite a few things that need to be addressed here: STORY: What more do you want? On paper, the original Die Hard story seems pretty elaborate and shaky as well. This story is a stage for John McClane to kick ass and take names, and that's what it SHOULD be. And the computers were manipulated too easily? Boo Hoo. If I watch a movie with a computer nerd, I want him to be able to access GPS satellites with a snickers bar. I don't care how much you know about computers and how imPROBABLE it is, I never want to watch a film where a hacker just can't connect to the internet because he can't find his IP address. In movies, ANYTHING is possible, and that's what makes movies great. REALISM: Are you out of your MIND? REALISM? I have an easier time believing that a guy who does Mac commercials can hack the eastern power grid than I do ofht get a TOUCH skeptical. Both of these movies require the audience to accept certain things. They're ACTION movies for God's sake. But Alex, just because you know more about computers than I do, doesn't mean that Die Hard was less REAL. I'm sure someone who has spent their life working on Robots isn't going to think Transformers is exactly "Realistic." And if we're going to talk about realistic, let's talk about the effects, which brings me to my next point. CGI/EFFECTS: The effects in Die Hard were actually created. They actually blew shit up and ran cars over. They crashed cars, lit stuff on fire, and the film (though over the top) felt extremely VISCERAL. When McClane got punched, I felt it. When someone got flipped off a chain link fence into a wall, I cringed. I have a hard time believing that I'm going to feel as much of a gut connection to a robot. And while the F-34 scene was certainly not an actual stunt, I still tip my hat to the guys who are still actual stunt men, who can blow up a house without using a keyboard and mouse. ACTORS: Bruce Willis' performance was flawless. It's a DIE HARD movie? Did you expect J. Long to win an Oscar for best supporting? Alex, you're just jealous that Justin Long has a higher Warcraft level than you. THE PROTAGONIST: pro·tag·o·nist [proh-tag-uh-nist] –noun 1. The leading character, hero, or heroine of a drama or other literary work. John McClane is the protagonist here. No question. You put Sam Witwicky and John McClane in a room together and we'll see who comes out on top. THE HERO: Other than just being unsure of the definition of protagonist, I don't know why you made the distinction between a hero and a protagonist. And while I haven't seen Optimus in action yet, John McClane IS the universal symbol of ass-kicking. I recently posed the question to a bunch of guys outside a theater of who would win in a fight, JMc or Optimus? Guess what the unanimous answer was? In John We Trust. CONCLUSION: I'm sure Transformers is going to be impressive. But give Die Hard what it's due. John McClane is the very definition of Bad-assery, and Alex, I will not just watch you shit on his name. I hope you meet John McClane in an alley, so you can pray and hope that the dumpster behind you turns into a robot to defend you. But I have a feeling that your prayer will go unanswered, and your ass will end up kicked through a wall.

Mark on Jun 29, 2007


Just how much of Transformers is action sequences? On a board I post on, one guy who saw it said 80%. Another guy who saw it said 30%. Which one is right?

Ethan on Jun 29, 2007


I'm willing to bet Gracie could kick Optimis Bitch's ass. Or The Queen, she'd choke slam that metallic pussy- John Cena style.

marty mcfly on Jun 29, 2007


hmm...... DieHard4.... Maybe good movie..(But I can't see this movie...) But Transformers good movie too...(I had saw this movie) Transformers's story is....a little children´s style...(robot movie...) But action and C.G. effect is..best of best... I have already saw transformers so I know... I think C.G and Action score AA+grade.... but Story score B+ grade....(a little children's style and fast progress...) hmm I think may...score 9/10...

Transformer on Jun 29, 2007


TRANSFORMERS will be way better than die hard 4. have you seen the trailers? even fuckin JAZZ could beat JMC! Die Hard 4 is very good but TF will be better. FAVORITE CHARACTER: BARRICADE! he is a badass!

Bob Cheesehead on Jun 29, 2007


So I'm pretty sure I told you you need to change the whole 'The Hero' and 'The Protagonist' thing, and you haven't so basically, you're dumb.

Jessica on Jul 2, 2007


ive seen both transformers and die hard 4, and i have have to say transformers kicked die hard in the ass.

bicmam on Jul 3, 2007


First things first. Alex's friend Mark royally whooped his ass in the reviewing business. Nearly all of your points for the ranking system were either opposite from each other films or just blatantly false. Die Hard's storyline was 100x more believable than Transformers'. The CGI may be the best we will see in future films for some time in Transformers, but that doesn't mean that DH4 was horrible, or "Went Broke." John McLane absolutely PWNED Optimus Prime's Performance as a character (of course) and even better as a hero - Optimus barely killed anything, McLane barely left anyone alive. As far as the comedy goes, Transformers by a few points. REALISM, lets not even get started. Shall we look up REALISM in the dictionary as well? One major point in Transformers that let me down was the dialog... lets get serious, the dialog is SHIT. The action in Die Hard was absolutely insane and PRACTICAL, for the most part - Everything about Transformers was fake, which doesn't mean it wasn't good, but at least Die Hard action sequences COULD happen, without exaggerating our imaginations 200%. I agree that Shia LaBeouf really scored at least a B+ with this film, I couldn't see how he could do better with such shitty dialog, therefore I feel that he was held back from his potential. On the other hand Bruce Willis couldn't have done better, his character was well developed, especially carrying on from the previous Die Hard series films, his acting was flawless (like Mark said), his action sequences didn't make me feel like he was old what so ever. John McLane is immortal. Now, just because I happen to be a "Die Hard" Die Hard fan, doesn't mean I am bias against Transformers. I actually just got home minutes from now from the theater from seeing it and it wasn't "bad." But when you take all these factors and filter them into a ranking system to see which film came out on top, and OBVIOUSLY being bias against DH4, your job as a reviewer is fairly simple and you are allowed your opinion, but this "Mega-Review" was a Failure. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD: 9/10 TRANSFORMERS: 7.5/10 In McLane We Trust.

DieHardDieHardFan on Jul 4, 2007


Okay. This review was a just a tid bit biased. Seeing as you gave EVERY category to Transformers. I have seen die hard and transformers, and both were good movies, but Transformers wasnt nearly as good as Die Hard. Realism, give me a break. Other than the jet scene, everything is plausible to an extent in die hard. But Transformers? Alien robots from outer space looking for a cube? Not so plausible in any sense. Did you ever see the orignle Transformers show? It was teh shit. And they really should have made them more similar. As far as heros go, John COMPLETLY kicks Prime's ass. John kicked soooo much ass and saved the day. He SHOT HIMSELF to kill the bad guy. Does it get any more intense? And your going to tell me that Prime did better? What did Prime even do? He showed up half way through the story, he beat up one Decepticon, and then got his ass kicked by Mega Tron. The kid in transformers really had to do everything. And Transformers picked THE WORST hacker in the entire world. Your telling me that the best computer hacker in the world is some chubby kid who plays DDR all day with his cousin? You've got to be kidding me. My computers at home looked better than his. And congrats to him who "Hacked" a frickin monitor to work with a radio. What the hell was that? And Longs character did sooo much better than Shia's. Long's character was real, he complains about some skidded knees and asthma at one point, and doesnt try and kick everyones ass out of no where. It takes him the whole movie to get the guts enough to shoot someone. Shia's character went to quickly from a awkward nerd to a huge action hero. As for Die Hards action, it was great. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. Watching Die Hard I kept thinking "Oh shit! Oh shit!" but in transformers, I couldnt tell what the hell was going on most of the time. It just looked like a huge ball of steel rolling around half the time. Atleast with die hard I could tell what was going on. And your telling me Optimus Primes shit fight against Mega Tron was better than McClaine beating the shit out of Q, or shooting himself?? I dont think so. I say next time you make a review, make it less biased and more literal. Transformers never should have taken realism, thats just stupid. I agree with Die Hard Fan, Die Hard easily wins a 9/10 and Transformers gets 7.5 or even 7/10. And I'd rather John protecting me that some blundering robot any day. -Jigsaw

Jigsaw on Jul 5, 2007


I have to agree with everyone who thinks this review was incredibly biased. Having seen both movies, I think this review is a little insane. The story in Die Hard, while over-the-top in some respects, is realistic ENOUGH and is relevant to the times we're living in. It deals with a real potential threat that could effect us, even though it embellishes that threat, but just how much it embellishes the threat - very little or quite a lot - will depend on who you ask. On the other hand, I don't foresee humans being in danger from invading alien robots searching for pair of glasses that will lead them to a cube that turns coke machines into enemies any time soon ... or ever. The story in Transformers is neither realistic nor relevant. It's just fun. But it's actually pretty dumb. Die Hard easily takes the competition for both story and realism. For acting, Shia did a good job with what he was given, but the dialog in the movie was ridiculous. especially for the transformers themselves, and most of the other actors that had any real screen time weren't that great ... and the good actors were underused. Anthony Anderson's role as the hacker was basically exactly the same as Kevin Smith's from Die Hard, only it was worse and with a bit more screen time. On the other hand, Bruce Willis' performance alone in Die Hard blew the entire cast of Transformers out of the water. Justin Long was actually great in his supporting role. And all the main characters with lots of screen time in Die Hard were actually human and emotive. Die Hard takes the cake in this category too. On the CGI / Special Effects front, this is a very hard comparison. Virtually Everything in Transformers is CGI, whereas virtually everything in Die Hard is practical effects. If I had to choose one movie for this category, I'd choose Die Hard simply because the effects are real and much more visceral than those in Transformers, which I think is important, but the CGI in Transformers is spectacular and I don't really think this is a fair point on which to make comparison. Now, for action, Die Hard wins hands down. The action in Die Hard is shot brilliantly by Wiseman. You pretty much always have an understanding of the geography of an action sequence, and the way the movie was shot and edited does a lot to disguise the fact that the theatrical version is only PG-13 and keeps a good pace. Like someone else here mentioned, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time too. The action in Transformers is mangled. It suffers from Bay's directing style. Too much of the action is shot in close-ups and it's nearly impossible to figure out what's going on a lot of the time, or even which Transformers are good and which are bad. The huge climactic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, and individually between Prime and Megatron, was horribly directed: just a bunch of metal twirling, flying and rolling around the screen. The best action sequence in the whole movie is about 5 seconds long and is the fight between Prime and Barricade (I think it's Barricade), and even then it's only the small portion of that fight where the camera actually zooms out. Also, I'd tend to agree with the person who suggested that the action in this movie took up closer to 30% of the film than 80% ... at least it felt that way. The movie was actually pretty slow in a lot of ways and took quite a while before it got into anything resembling action (except the opening scene, which I thought was a little lame). Yeah, Die Hard definitely takes this category. And I think that pretty much covers the categories under consideration. Both of these movies suffer from certain deficiencies, but Transformers suffers from a lot more. I'd say Die Hard's biggest weakness was the PG-13 rating, but they made it work and the movie was kickass in spite of the rating. Now with Transformers, it's a different story. I actually did like Transformers. It iss an entertaining movie, but it bears little resemblance to the cartoon of the early 80's, and that's a BIG weakness in my book. They over complicated the design of the Transformers and made some bad character design choices, in my opinion. I've already mentioned the problems with the action. The part of this movie that I enjoyed the most was Shia's performance. I think he stole the scenes from the multi-story robots. Great for him - my hat's off to him ... if I was wearing a hat - but not so great since this is supposed to be about the big robots. I'm hoping this series will be taken over by better writers and directors in the future and we'll get some really good sequels with character development of the Transformers and improved character designs ... but that might be less plausible than the plot of the movie. Overall Scores: Die Hard - 9 (with expectations of a 9.5 score for the unrated DVD release) Transformers - 6.5 - 7 (I did really enjoy it, but I went in expecting a movie that would score about 3 and I found myself scowling at the directing while I was watching it)

heks on Jul 9, 2007


I saw Die hard 4 and Isaw transformers. Hands down Die Hard 4 kicks ass hard. I was a little disapointed with transformers. somehow I did not expect a love story in there. There were times i could not wait for theses scenes to end to get back to the soldiers in the desert. The scenes with Anthony Anderson was way over the top, and so not needed. One thing that really turned me off in this film was the "hiding robots". WTF is that. The autobots acting like impatient children, hiding from the camp director. To me the "Real" action began when Megatron was re-awaken. The effects are great the fight scenes are even better. Die hard 4 was non stop action from start to finish. It was like "Whoa!". I was hooked from the begining to the end. It was all that I expected and then a whole lot more. That's my pic for movie of the summer. I would qucker belive a die Hard story than transformers story. Come on buddy. Keep it straight. I never watch the same movie 2X in the cinema but I'm goin back again tonight for die hard 4 Transformers gets a 6 out of 10 Die Hard 4 gets a 12 out of 10

Darryan on Jul 14, 2007


Transformers is the big winner - a real surprise from Michael Bay under the supervision of Spielberg. Good characters, and shots that really heighten the relationship to the bigger story. Bay's shot structure works extremely well with the Gargantuan transformers which also look amazing. There is genuine surprise watching this film and how the story unfolds especially with the original voice actors - Optimus Prime. Die hard 4 is unfortunately cheesy, the trailer was the best part ! The film doesn't make sense around the stunt pieces and the story is so pretentious - it's been done before and this time its less realistic as the target is too large and implies a world domination scenario likened to a bond film of yesteryear. The scenes seem rushed and the image design is incoherent at times - this is where Bay's visual superiority shines - he knows what his shots mean and the order in which to use them, and has kept all the best takes - die hard 4 seems somewhat rushed and is overall a let down.

SDR on Jul 19, 2007


Die hard is any day more believable and entertaining than transformers.i liked transformers but it is not the bext film of the year. some of the bits were unnecessary, there wasnt much consistency in some of the scenes. in terms of action sequence...i loved it. but its not better than other great films released this year such as 300. Die hard by far is a lot more entertainig. however, transformers will target a bigger younger audience due to its storyline and the script. Kids are already freakin out.lol. I personally loved die hard, even though its very corny and silly at times, but thats the whole point about enjoying the film and not loosing the whole point. johm mclaine beats optimus prime and matthew farrell is any day better than sam witwicky. cheers;)

NEMO on Jul 22, 2007


Hello Guys! I think that Die Hard (Mathew Farrell) better than Transformers! Because, it's a very realistic and MFarrell is a smart man. I absolutely support him! Yours truly, Shakh from Tashkent

Shakhrukh Sadullaew on Jun 28, 2009

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