M. Night Shyamalan to Direct Nickelodoen's Avatar Film

January 10, 2007

Avatar: The Last AirbenderAlthough kids' films of this caliber (or maybe it won't be a kids' film) I usually don't go in-depth on, but I need to report this given the situation and confusion surrounding it. Director M. Night Shyamalan is taking on an adaptation of a Nickelodeon television series titled Avatar: The Last Airbender which debuted in 2005. This is not to be confused with the James Cameron sci-fi epic film titled Avatar that is slated for 2009, as these two films have absolutely nothing in common. The Shyamalan directed film is the Nick TV series adaptation, and the James Cameron Avatar is a sci-fi epic. There is an on-going battle amongst the Avatar names as of current, which is still far from a conclusion.

Anyone else out there not really enjoying Shyamalan as of recent? I didn't think Lady in the Water was that bad, but I've heard terrible feedback from others, and that his career may be nearing an ending - although this is obvious that it isn't. Got something to say about either Avatar movie - leave a comment!

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shyamalan is the most brilliant filmmaker out there. alot of people will disagree with my statement, but if one truly watches his films, they will realize the sheer brilliance that he brings to the screen. the cinematography and subtulties are truly what inspire his pictures and make me in awe of his achievements.

R.B on Jan 10, 2007


I think is a brilliant idea, that shyamalan should direct Avatar the last Airbender as a movie. I found that the story of the series is simple and very easy to follow thats why it would be such a good movie I had an Idea to probably get rid of the problem about the name conflicts try The last Airbender, and Avatar as a subtitle. cheers

Nick on Jan 12, 2007


I think one live action movie based in avatar is an excelent idea, but the news was given same day Fox greenligth Avatar to Cameron maken looks this whole thig just like one stunt for publicity

juan on Jan 13, 2007


Shyamalan is a brilliant man and I loved Lady in the Water. I also like the show Avatar and I think it will be cool to watch it when the film is finished.

Cat on Jan 17, 2007


I would like to contact Mr. Shyamlan regarding a story outline I have that seems to be in his mysterious style.

LoisPrice on Feb 19, 2007


This show is pretty cool! I have seen only a few episodes, but I am a Shyamlan fan..... Hope this movie turns out good.

Mateja on Apr 8, 2007


I think The Avatar is brilliant. My 10 year old son and all of his friends watch it diligently, but I also know loads of adults who love it, too. If they make this a trilogy, it could be the next Harry Potter. Knowing that Shymalan is putting it together makes it all the more exciting. I can't wait! (Also, I think James Cameron should just pick another name.)

shara on Apr 20, 2007


i was wondering if anyone knows anything about any open auditions or casting calls for the role of aang... or where i can find that kind of information out. thanks!

tong on May 10, 2007


Do you know when auditions will start for M.night's movie?

kara on May 11, 2007


Do you know when auditions will start for Shyamalan's movie?

marie on May 11, 2007


Yeah, Like the others... If anyone knows where and when auditions are the Shyamalan's 'Avatar' movie, please let me know. Thank You in Advance!

Jackie on Jun 9, 2007


I love this show, and I always thought it would be a great live action film. What a great director, too! I would also like to know about any auditions in the boston, ma area; I'm interested in the role of Azula! Thank you!

GPMA on Jun 20, 2007


I know you've heard this a million times before me, and you'll hear it a million times after me, but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone have any idea where and when auditions are? I'd like to exchange any information I've got with anyone knowing anything about the auditions. PS Even a rumour could help... 😀

Meggie on Jun 23, 2007


I'm one of the greatest avatar fans ever, I see every episode multiple times and probably have most of them (esp. Book 2) memorized! I've heard about M. Night Shyamalan, and that his movies weren't too good, ( I personally never seen any of his movies so I don't have a real opinion) The fact that they are making it live action surprised me. Why? It was perfectly fine as an anime (yes, I'm calling it an anime) Because they're making it live action, and because the Director has some bad publicity, I'm scared. I'm scared for my beloved show. (well, I actually don't OWN the show, get the idea) As for auditions, I'm not sure. I think some time in august. (just some guess work, august seems like a good time, because he's gonna finish a movie soon that'll be released in 2008, and since it might come out early in 2008, that gives them time to finish filming, and time to finish editing) They also might just use the voice actors. (But I'm not sure about that though) If they are (which the probably are) I wish all of you luck, and I'll see you there!

#1 Avatar Fan on Jun 24, 2007


Whoa....sorry for a typo. I mention something about the voice actors, and then after the parenthesis I say "If they are (which they probably are) I wish all of you luck, and I'll see you there! " What I had meant to say "If they are HAVING AUDITIONS (which they probably are) I wish all of you luck, and I'll see you there!" Sorry for my confusing typo!

#1 avatar fan on Jun 24, 2007


I wanna be Katara! But seriously, if anyone has any info, well... you know.

Kenya on Jun 24, 2007


whoops, sorry for the double post....

Mira on Jul 2, 2007


I really think I could be Katara or Azula. The second I find info on auditions, I'll share it, whether or not it's already been posted.

Neha on Jul 19, 2007


heres an idea one can be called Avatar and the other one can be called Avatar the last airbender

christian on Jul 28, 2007


Shyamalan is truly a genious moviemaker. I have no doubt the movie will be a success. Opening night, I'm there. No doubt. And the cartoon itself is a lot deeper than people give it credit for- try watching the character development. Or the various turns Zuko and Uncle Iroh's relationship takes. Look for the subtle lessons taught throughout the show, like thinking outside of the box, and respecting even your enemies. There's love, loss, adventure... plus, there's just some great humor. It's a kid's show, yes. But, seeing as my whole family watches it, ages ranging from 7-44, there really is something everyone can take from it. It's just amazing. [I SO hope that Dante Basco gets to be zuko in the movie...]

avatar lover on Aug 10, 2007


I will do everything in my power to audition for the role of Zuko... I would love to play him. However, I know I'll probably be sitting in this same chair when the movie comes out resentful because I didn't get to audition. Lol.

Axel on Aug 29, 2007


I know everybody else has posted this, but...I think I'll make it sound more urgent by posting it again. XD If anyone knows anything about auditions, please please please PLEASE share! I, NEED to audition for this!

Rizu-chan on Sep 14, 2007


I know, about a hundred other people are posting I want to know audition dates* But I live out in the middle of no where and it would be amazing!!!!***** to try out, and possibly get a character [though I can't say I've had any acting experience ever, makes me feel pretty mediocre =(, but Katie Leung had never acted before and look where she got!] Please!!!!!If ANYONE has ANY info, let me in on the know, If it's going to be in Louiville or Chicago, it'd be great to know, anywhere central america* Please and thank you** [Oh, and SQQQUUUEEEAAALL Season three this friday, shoot my boot and hand me a lollipop I'm excited, Anyone else watch the bonus cd on season 2?? The Deformed shorts made me laugh so hard...siiigh I

pevealeo on Sep 17, 2007


I am really worried about this. I love the avatar series but hate M. Night's movies. I am so sure that he is going to ruin my love of the series after this (what I'm sure is going to be an) awful movie. If anyone is in control of this, PLEASE I beg you stop M. Night from touching this brilliant show!!!!!

Emily on Sep 22, 2007


I agree w/ pevealeo I would love to get the part of Suki so please if anyone has any info on when and where(hopefully central) I really would like to know. :)Thanks P.S. I love PrincessYue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YueIsAwesome on Sep 22, 2007


Do you know where and when auditions will start for Shyamalan's movie? I would really like to audition for Zuko.

Dragon of the Midwest on Sep 22, 2007


if any1 knows where and when auditions are and how to go for any part plz let me know

chaoswarrior on Oct 5, 2007


YAH!!! i want to know WHEN and WHERE auditions for the moive is going to be also. REALLY LET ME KNOW. I want to be in the movie. I'll play Aang or Zuko

temsik on Oct 5, 2007


sorry for the typo's i ment to say "it is nice to hear, WELL" and "i would love info on the Auditions." Sorry once again

Prayer Girl on Oct 9, 2007


I have been waiting for an Avatar film to finally be announced. It would be such a great film if they had really good special effects. I can't wait till it comes out, I hope the bending effects turn out really good. P.S. They ought to do what they did with Transformers, and make it into a PG-13 film. That would make it more exciting, and you wouldn't have bratty little kids in the theater annoying you.

Zac on Oct 21, 2007


I agree with you Zac, that sounds like a good plan. Do u know anything about the auditions?

Prayer Girl on Oct 22, 2007


Please if any one has any info. on any auditions for any movies let me know I've dreamed of acting my whole life so please let me know if any of ya'll hear anything about auditions .

Kathryn on Oct 22, 2007


It's really late, isn't it? For a movie that's going to be released in 2008, even if it IS in late 2008... They haven't even begun casting yet and I'm a little worried =\ What if we all missed it?

Neha on Oct 22, 2007


I'm getting a little worried to, but we can't let that stop us we just keep praying and keep serching

Prayer Girl on Oct 23, 2007


Yeah, I think we did, guys... At ComiCon, Shyamalan said he was already at work on the movie, so.....i don't know what that entails, but if it's coming out in 2008, then he MUST be working on it, right? I think there wern't really open auditions.

Emily on Oct 23, 2007


I LOVE AVATAR AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH AVATAR FAN #1!!!!!! i hope this movie turns out good and i really wanna audition for any type of role (except for firebender) and even though i dont have as good as acting skills i beleive i can play the role ....haha that was making fun of the beginning of the show kidna hahahha but seriously yalll good actors are the ones never heard of hahha i live in So Cal so i hope audtions are around here but yea email me when you can if you know anything thanxs yall btw i dont have a southern accent like "yall" hahahahah

Avatar #2 Fan on Oct 23, 2007


But didn't Shyamalan say that he wanted unknown actors to play the parts? How could he not have had open auditions? I'm gonna be sooo devastated if we missed auditions =(

Neha on Oct 25, 2007


No kidding! but for the kids that did get, if we missed the auditions, i wish them good luck and i pray to GOD that the movie is as good as the show if not better

Prayer Girl on Oct 25, 2007


I don't have a southern accent either. "hahahahaha

Prayer Girl on Oct 25, 2007


I would just like to know when the auditions are going to be for Avatar the last airbender. I would really like to try out. If they finished for book 1 auditions I would like to shoot for book 2. I would love to be Jin the girl that kisses Zuko. Oh someone please if you know please tell us so everyone will have a chance to try out.

goddessliz on Oct 30, 2007


hey everyone sounds like we all really want to be in this up comming film. GOODLUCK to EVERYONE. still don't know when the auditions are going to be but PLEASE if some one finds out let us ALL know

temsik on Nov 2, 2007


oh does anyone konw of other websites that is good to post comments for auditions?

temsik on Nov 2, 2007


i really need to know if there are still auditions, i heard he was in new zealand looking for actors aswell. but no one knows for real. i wanna be sokka, because im funny and i look jus like him. or zuko. i may not get those parts because im 6'1 and not 5'8. so i could just be a bender. fire,water and earth. i really need some info! and why the hell did they let THAT director control such a master piece of a cartoon. he'll kill it. he's already doing it now by not having a cast.

Hare on Nov 10, 2007


Have any of you guys watch the new book, book fire? Katara is so way beyond beautiful in her new look. My favorite so far is the 2nd chapter the bandana one where he goes to school and then throws a dance party and dance's with Katara. That dance was so cool and so cute.

Prayer Girl on Nov 12, 2007


Yes I know just about everyone posts this, but it's my turn. I NEED to find out when auditions are! I'm getting so anxious! And that's fine if auditions for Book 1 are over. I would absolutely love to be Azula! And on another note... Hare... Mr. M. Night has made some bad movies... but he's also made some amazing ones! So back off! It's not nice!

ladytigereyes on Nov 22, 2007


I've seen a lot of posts on here regarding acting experience, and while several "no name" actors have been cast for large production movies, it's rare that a director will take someone who doesn't know a little of what they're doing. My suggestion would be to take a drama class in high school or college or to participate in community theater, any experience is good for a resume in an audition and can give you the edge you might need over hundreds of other candidates. Or maybe if you have a bald head with a blue arrow on it, I don't know.

Steven on Nov 26, 2007


wait Ladytigereyes are u saying that they already had the auditions for Book 1????? please clarify thanks ^^

temsik on Nov 26, 2007


I'm so incredibly stoked for this movie! As an artist and filmmaker, I say that this show has great elements that can easily be made into an EPIC series of films and also the artistic traits that make it original and enjoyable for everyone. I know Shyamalan will do it justice. He's a loyal fan like all of us here.

Anthony Alfonso : ) on Nov 29, 2007


do you think they will hold auditions outside of america...?

spirit on Dec 1, 2007


Yah i saw it!!! It was awsome my brother and i were on the edge of our seats!!!! i saw a picture of Zuko hugging Katara at the waist and he said "Mommy!!" Katara's face was so confused it was so funny lol. the picture was a real picture of the actual drawing. i can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!

Prayer Girl on Dec 4, 2007


REALLY????!!! Theats so cool! I believe in Kataang not Zutara but zutara stuff is still so cool! And i cant wait for the next episode either Prayer Girl! I hope its soon! Also i cant wait till auditions all the info on where or when still hasnt been posted and i wish theyd hurry up and do it cuz i need to know!!!! Im thinkin of auditioning for Azula,Suki, or Princess Yue(surprise surprise):) so what r u thinkin of auditioning for Prayer Girl which ever it is good luck to ya. Please any info u guys get and good luck!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 -YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Dec 15, 2007


**sorry guys i messed up my last sentence was: Please post any info u guys get and good luck! 🙂 🙂

YueIsAwesome on Dec 16, 2007


All I know is that he is releasing another movie in 2008 (june) called the happening with mark wahlberg. it would be difficult to then complete a film, casting and all, and release it in the same year! my assumption is that it is going to be coming out later... at least i hope, cause i want to audition too!!!!!!!!!

HiggyPiggy on Dec 21, 2007


Hey HiggyPiggy who exactly r u trying to audition for?? Well who ever it is good luck to ya

YueIsAwesome on Dec 21, 2007


ok soo.... according to shyamalan is scouting large buildings in Philly for soundstages that he might need in the summer of 2008. and there is a rumor that shooting is going to start in august of 2008. So i don't think that auditions have been held yet and plus (like someone said earlier) how is he supposed to have unknown actors if he doesn't hold open auditions?? so you guys just keep ur ears peeled for new developments. I have some other leads that i'm digging into and i'll report back if any of them prove succesful.

undiscovered on Dec 26, 2007


also if you guys are looking for an actual forum to talk about this go to and click on forums register and talk about auditions in the auditions thread of the Avatar the Last Airbender Trilogy section of the board. I promise you, you are not alone. 🙂

undiscovered on Dec 26, 2007


ummmmmmmmmmmm i dont want to look or be stupid here but wheres Philly? Any where near Michigan??? I really hope soo...........

YueIsAwesome on Jan 3, 2008


Philly is in Pennsylvania, so it's comparatively close... If, you know, you're comparing it to California. Naw, just kidding. In all fairness, I live right near philly, (about an hour away) and if you were to ask me where Michigan is I couldn't tell ya. I just cheated and looked at a map, and it's not too far, but you have to get through ohio and then all the way to the other side of pennsylvania.

Jakie on Jan 3, 2008


Thanks guys for the info on the auditions...I really really want to audition as I am completely obsessed with Avatar and love acting.... I heard in an interview that just came out recently that he is planning on working on the movie for 6 years, so it is not going to come out this year. There is another movie called Avatar, but it has nothing to do with the ATLA we know and love, and this is coming out next year 2009. So don't get them mixed up, I know I did already! This other movie is about outer space or something... Yes, everyone keep your eyes peeled for any new info on auditions and post it here! 🙂 Zutara all the way 🙂

Amy on Jan 5, 2008


Just to clarify...the whole trilogy will take six years, so that means that it will probably take about 2 years for each Book. Which also means auditions for Book 1 :Water outta be real soon or past 🙁 . Wouldn't it be so cool to be in that movie though? They are actually filming in Alaska. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Alaska! Please post any news ASAP!

Amy on Jan 5, 2008


wow they are filming in alaska alright!! i really want to be in the movie (as said b4). 6 years to do the Avatar the Last Airbender movie is gonna be a awsome adventure.

temsik on Jan 6, 2008


So, I too like many others am desperately searching for audition information, crossing my fingers that they cast a whole bunch of no-name actors in this. Since there seems to be a lot of questions over whether or not we missed auditions and didn't know it, I would like to point out that the Avatar movies is not mentioned anywhere on the IMDB website. If it had been cast, then the cast list would be posted there. Also does anyone know if they plan on making all movies through to the last season? I look the part to play either Zuko or Jet, but at age 19, i look a little old to play anything but season 3 characters.

Adam on Jan 9, 2008


never mind, I found the avatar movie on both IMDB and the movieinsider. On IMDB its set to release in 2010, but movie insider still says 2008.

Adam on Jan 9, 2008


I hear they will start filming this august...yup, i'm pretty sure we haven't missed the auditions.

Amy on Jan 9, 2008


they don't have Azula yet, right cuz shes not there til like season two. i would love to be her! are they having auditions in canada?

anna on Jan 10, 2008


I want to tryout for Toph or katara or azula or suki but mostly Toph but i am probably to old so there you have it YueIsAwesome and good luck to you to. I live in oregon (Waaa) I just saw the 12 episode in the book fire. WOW!!!!!!!! what did all of you guys think of that? I have never seen Katara so mad before it was like she was a different person!!!!! I love the look on Zuko face when they finaly let him in. it was sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! I agree with you undiscovered if he wants to have a no name then where is all of the info?

Prayer Girl on Jan 10, 2008


I believe in Kataang too.

Prayer Girl on Jan 10, 2008


Hay Amy how do you explain the fact that Katara said she would kill Zuko if he possed a theret to Aang?

Prayer Girl on Jan 12, 2008


Yah, Amy i understand what you are saying when i wrote that i was talking to my mom she brought up a good point she said "if i was the writer i would put Zuko and Katara together because it would give you a more bang for your buck because they are enemy's and opposites. And there is the Toph and Aang thing to consider." I personaly if i really think about it would like Zutara to happen. And to anwser your question Amy i have not.

Prayer Girl on Jan 13, 2008


That's great Prayer Girl! I don't know about Toph and Aang, but I adore Zutara as a couple, and I think that their relationship would bring a lot of peace to a really war-torn world. About the Olympics, According to the forums, " is organizing their "Avatar Fandom Olympics", where fandom teams and fansite teams all compete against eachother for the glory of all avatards. Any owner of a fansite can make a team ((As long as there are at least 15 people and a maximum of 25)) or the fandom can get together and make a team of their own that can be composed of 10-15 fans who are committed to participating. "The Olympics will begin on January 18th and conclude around February 15th. This timing does not take into account the return of the show in the US. It may return sooner than February 15th, or later, we do not know at this time. Fandom teams will participate in similar events as the sites, but will not compete against the sites, only against other fandom teams. Each person can only join one team. If you are on a fansite team, you can't be on a fandom team, and vice versa." "Throughout the weeks there will be various activities for the teams to participate in. Art, writing, video and scavenger hunt activities will occupy most of the time. There will also be occassional live events, such as trivia, being held during the month-long event; however not all members of a team will be required to be there due to time zone differences, etc." To submit your site or a fandom team, please send a list of the members who are participating on your team((as long as they meet the minimum and maximum requirements))ready please email your teams to This should be a really awesome, and fun event. Everyone should really consider participating in these games. The base of operations will be [link] . Check there for full details on everything within the coming weeks." SHARE YOUR CRAZY-AMAZING AVATAR SKILLS AND WISDOM!! <3 And if you can't find a team to join, I've joined on the Blue Spirit Gal team. BlueSpiritGal is an awesome Avatar fansite. You can register there and sign up for the Olympics, it is going to be so fun! . Go to the forums to register (it's free and then you can also talk to a bunch of other Avatar fans).

Amy on Jan 14, 2008


Are there going to be any audition in the Oregon area if not where and when.

Alan on Jan 14, 2008


Hay Amy i checked out your site it was cool! I liked it!!! Have any of you guys herd of the Zutara story Dying to Survive I have read some of it and i really like it you guys should check it out. it is on the site Deviant

Prayer Girl on Jan 14, 2008


Well I've heard a lot of good stuff about it but never have actually read it. I will though, soon. The author, MizSweet, also has written some really powerful Zutara essays. Oh and it's not my site, but it's one of my favourites ;). Thanks for checking it out!

Amy on Jan 15, 2008


Hello again... I know this is really off topic, but I noticed that prayer girl mentioned, and I wanted to plug an artist on there. It's MostAcidic and he's really good. I know that this is not what the comments are supposed to be about, but I like to put in a good word for him any chance I get, and if you're going to be on the site anyway, his page is really worth checking out. You can just go to and it should take you there. Again, sorry for being off topic. OH! also (again, if you're going to be there anyway) you should also check out canadiansilver. He's good too, but he's a photographer. (As opposed to an illustrator like mostacidic)

Jakie on Jan 15, 2008


Are there going to be any open audition for the movie Avatar in the Oregon area if not where and when.Has M Night Shyamalan said how old he want the actor to be that plays Zuko or Jet. What age do you think could pass off as Zuko or Jet?Any suggestions Amy?Sorry for not leaving enough information in my last post. (:

Alan on Jan 16, 2008


Hm, I'm afriad I haven't heard anything at all about when/where. If they are open auditions I'm guessing he will go to all of the big cities: New York, Toronto, etc. I'm in Canada so I'll also probably have to travel to audition. Hopefully not too far though. I'm 16 and want to play Katara. For Zuko or Jet....hmm.....I don't know what's he's looking for but I would think anywhere from 16-20 (or even older than 20 if you still have the spirit of 'youth' in you 😉 But, until we hear more, everything is pretty much guesswork.

Amy on Jan 17, 2008


I saw it on . The next two episodes are called the Boiling Lake Part 1 and 2.

Amy on Jan 18, 2008


I am 17 and I think that Zuko is about the same age as me.

Prayer Girl on Jan 18, 2008


I agree. So what is everyone's favourite episode(s) so far? Mine are the Guru, the Swamp, the Crossroads of Destiny, the Headband, the Firebending Masters, Seige of the North...

Amy on Jan 18, 2008


That is a very hard question but I guss it would be when Zuko entered the group episode 12. Amy how did you see the episode the fire bending masters?

Prayer Girl on Jan 18, 2008


i would say my fav eps. are (not in order) The Headband,The Seige of the North Part One and Two, FireBending Masters,The Waterbending Master,Cross Roads of Destiny, and The Western Air Temple I found out that episodes 315-320 arnt airing till april o rmay cuz the creators are taking a break for the movie. -YueIsAwesome P.S. I saw fire bending masters by googling and i just happened to fall upon it

YueIsAwesome on Jan 19, 2008


Alot of them are pretty good but one I particularly liked was episode 20 The Crossroads of Destiny.Just waiting to see what road Zuko would take was really interesting. When he chosed not to help the Avatar it was really frustrating I'm sure to some people but you do have to see it from his poit of view. I mean joining with the Avatar is going against his Dads whishes and what we see is he wants nothing else but to be onward by his country and his father.It will be interesting to find out how he end up in book 3 Fire.

Alan on Jan 19, 2008


Thank you Amy and Prayer Girl for your comments about my last question. (:

Alan on Jan 19, 2008


I saw it on . Hey Yue -- do you mean a break for the movie that we are talking about (the live action) or a break for the Boiling Lake movie? Coz when two episodes have the same title, with a part 1 and 2, that's considered a mini-movie (like the Day of Black Sun) ????? APRIL ????!!!!!!! 🙁

Amy on Jan 20, 2008


Hey Yue i have an idea of how your brother saw the next episode the fire bending masters you just have to type in Avatar: the last airbender season 3 episode 13 on google and just check every thing you see until you find it that is what i did.

Prayer Girl on Jan 20, 2008


Hey that website, do you have to download a program just to watch the next episode?? i don't really want to do that. is there any other places that you can watch the episode with out downloading anything?? thats too long to be showing the next episode in april or may.

temsik on Jan 20, 2008


i meant the live action movie we're talkin 'bout and thanks for the help!yea april and may are far away:( i hope the post wuz fake but i highly dout it they need time off for the movie -ill post soon -YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 20, 2008


Yeah, I didn't want to download anything either. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page after you click Firebending Masters, you'll see a tiny box that says, WATCH ANYWAY. And at least on my computer, it works and just begins to play. Where did you hear this, YIA?

Amy on Jan 21, 2008


well, while we r waitin' for info on the movie auditions i hav a couple questions -wuts ur guy's fav. season so far? -wut are ur 3 least fav. charactors? -wuts ur fav element? -whos ur fav. bad guy?(not counting zuko)no offense to zuko or anything but i never really hav considered him a bad guy...he has always had good in him 🙂 post me back plz ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 21, 2008


-season 3 (but I'm in love with them all) -Aang, Katara, Guru Pathik -Air -Azula YueIsAwesome -- where did you hear the stuff about them taking a break? Was it on a certain website or something? BTW -- what are YOUR answers to these questions ? 🙂

Amy on Jan 21, 2008


actually i already watched the fire bending masters episode. i'm talking about the next one after that. i'm sure they already recorded it and can put it out for all to watch. is there anyplace that we can see those next ones?? it says on that website that the next episode is comming out on the 25th thats in 4 days, i can wait i guess if there isn't anyplace to see it b4 the 25th. i don't have a favorite season. there is something i like with all of them. i really like watching every training episode like "sakka's master" "the woarrior of kyoshi" or when aang learns earth bending from toph and the ones with a big battle like the episode "the earth King" and the ones where you learn somthing about each character, maybe about their past like the episode "tales of ba sing se" or "the beach." so really i don't have a favorite season. my 3 least favorite characters are that guy who was the teacher of toph who say he is keeping her at the beginning level. toph's dad just cuz he is unreasonable, and i think thats it lol... i like the air element the most also but each element has something awsome. my favorite bad guy is ty lee and mai amy u really don't like aang and katara??

temsik on Jan 21, 2008


ummmmmmm accually ami my big bro is big into computers so he found it. in other words i dont know where. it could b a rumor but i KNOW it wuz on the web. my big bro dont lie. here r my answers -wow its hard to answer my own question....i guess i like fire the best too, mostly b-cuz u c alot more of zuko -my least fav. charactors are aang,mai,and haru aang i really like @ the end of season 2 and all of season 3 but in all the rest of the time he is kinda stupid i mean seriously there is a WAR and he was actin like he had all the time ever he didnt really take anythin seriously until later in the show mai......well she just scares me. and zuko is WAY to good for her haru... hes just so so idk just weird my father this my father that I HAVE A MUSTACHE! i think im so cool! UGH i dont really know why but i REALLY dont like him -my element is deffinatly water! i wish i could b a real water bender! that would b SWEET ;P -deffinatly zuko hes cool 😀 Well post me back Ill post as soon as possible ~BYEBYE ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 22, 2008


Oh no! I meant that my FAVOURITE characters are those three. Ha, read the question wrong, sorry! My LEAST fav characters are Mai, Ozai, and Sozin. Sorry sorry sorry! Aang, Katara, and Guru Pathik are my FAVOURITE characters! I love Aang to death, seriously, he is my all-time favourite character. I love that he's so happy-go-lucky and optimistic and playful -- he is my hero! He handles stressful situations really well (except for in Nightmares and Daydreams), and well, he's the most amazing airbender ever....and....and...he's VEGETARIAN too, so that really touches my heart. The Boiling Lake prt 1 and 2 are definetely not out yet. YTV (in Canada) is way ahead of Nickelodean in the US and has played everything up to the Boiling Lake. Therefore, every friday we are just WAITING WAITING WAITING to see if they'll play a new one (we have YTV) but for the past couple weeks they've been just re-runs. So we'll see what it's like this friday. If it does play, then it will be on the internet shortly afterward.

Amy on Jan 22, 2008


well i said aang wuz one of my least fav.'s. and its true but i have to say i can see from your view..but as i said i DO really like him in part of season 2 and all season 3 well ill post l8r byebye ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 22, 2008


Ok guys my answers are -Totaly season 3 -My least fav. are Ozai, Azula and Mai -Water All the way no questions asked -My fav. people are Katara, Zuko, and Toph -My fav. bad guy is Tai Lee kus she not so bad. Hey guys if you have seen the episode where Zuko joins them what is your favorite part. Mine is when Zuko is talking to the frog. Also what is your fav. part in the episdoe after that Mine is when Zuko's "present of fire" goes out.

Prayer Girl on Jan 22, 2008


oh---i forgot my fav.'s Guys Girls 1.Zuko 1.Yue 2.Sokka 2.Suki 3.hmmmm idk ??? 3.Katara ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 22, 2008


OH i didn't say who are my favoite characters. i would have to say aang of corse for his positive character (most of the time) and i like his new outfit, i think its better than his first one toph cuz she is awsome earth bender and the only metal bender so far The Best!! honestly after seeing her and aang take down most of the earth benders when they were trying to see the earth king, i thought they could make a 2 people army against the fire kingdom. zuko for his character and what he has been through to realize who he really is and his ability to do good and finally the uncle for always trying to bring the good out of zuko and other people like in the episode "tales of ba sing se" and trainning him. for his "words of wisdom" and he made an awsome come back, he had become stronger trainning in that cell without any fire benders knowing. impressive. i know everyone is putting at least 3 characters but i have 4

temsik on Jan 23, 2008


Yes, that was so amazing when Toph earthbent the stairs to be straight and all the soldiers slid down, W-O-W o_0 "Zuko, come here, I want you to dance with me!" made me laugh soooo hard lol. So did "I don't care what anyone else says about you, you're pretty smart."

Amy on Jan 24, 2008


hehe lol! i liked those parts too, amy. I also liked these quotes ~Sokka:"Oh Hurray! After a lifetime of evil, atleast he didnt add animal cruelty to the list!"(the way sokka said it was just so funny to me! 🙂 ~Katara:"You're right TOph.Let's go find him and give him a medal!..the not as big of a jerk as you could've been award!" ~i really like zuko but when they cut him down, just the way they say it is so funny! ~i didnt really like how katara was acting in the end she was all scary and murderous.. ill post later ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 24, 2008


I loved those comments to. Thanx for you comments to my last question. Have any body herd any thing else?

Prayer Girl on Jan 25, 2008


I don't think so I have ben wacthing for it and I have not seen it yet so...

Prayer Girl on Jan 26, 2008


Yah that website said chapter 14 is coming out on the 25 but it didn't. maybe it really is coming out sometime in april or may. man thats long.

temsik on Jan 26, 2008


chapter 14 didn't come out on the 25. myabe it really is comming out in april or may. thats long tho.

temsik on Jan 26, 2008


oops lol sorry for the double comment. the first one said it didn't go through but i guess it did.

temsik on Jan 26, 2008


That's Okay temsik it happens to the best of us. lol

Prayer Girl on Jan 26, 2008


Maybe next week it will be on YTV. They played the Painted Lady over again this week. And it will be online soon after it airs on YTV. I have the feeling that Nickelodean got a little annoyed that YTV was so far ahead of them on their own show -- Avatar. So YTV has to wait for Nick to catch up. I don't think it will take all the way until APRIL (I don't know if I can wait that long), but Avatar is so unpredictable....Nick hasn't even played the Western Air Temple yet, have they? Hm, they better get up off of their lazy bums coz some of us Avatar fans CANNOT WAIT ONE MORE WEEK!! Like me! Avatar is such a big part of my life and I can't wait to see what happens! But at the same time, I don't want it to be over. Oh it will be so depressing once Avatar is over....nothing to look forward too....

Amy on Jan 26, 2008


Don't think like that Amy enjoy Avatar while you can and remember all good things must come to an end as much as i hate to say that. But I have a couple questions for you guys 1: if i were to write a Zutara story would you guys read it 2: how do you post it on Deviantart? So here is what I have so far.... Katara awoke to crying in the middle of the night and quietly got out of bed so not to wake Zuko up. Poor Mizumi probably had another nightmare. This would be the fourth night in a row that their sweet daughter had a crying fit. As Katara rounded the corner to Mizumi's room she herd a crash and something she new to be the sound of silent struggling. Katara broke into a run and came face to face with a very lage figure of what seemed to be a man. Instantly she attacked the starnge figure in the week points Tai Lee had taught her. It was her only defence sence she left her flask of water on the night table in her and Zuko's room. Once the figure was out of the way, Katara bolted to her daughter and held Mizumi tightly then screamed "ZUKO!!" So should I keep going tell me and if you see any typos tell me to.

Prayer Girl on Jan 26, 2008


Well, i dont know either how to post Fanfics on DA but if you manage it, i will read xD~ It really sounds interesting and exciting, though I like Kataang better than Zutara ^^; Anyway, youve got a great writing-style =3 @Amy: I feel the same way as you do! TT________TT i dont want avatar to and and on the other hand I want- no, I NEED to know what happens next so badly! By the way, Im really worried about the new members of team avatar... do you think anyone will die? I mean in the last really great fights they lost people (omg I was SO crying when they had to leave Jet behind... not to mention the death of Yue Q____Q) and now Im scared!

knock-knock on Jan 27, 2008


Thank you for your comment knock-knock I am really thankfull for what you said.

Prayer Girl on Jan 27, 2008


i KNOW i cried when yue died and had a sad feeling in my gut when jet did, but i really need to know what happened to Suki!!!! wow prayer girl im a writer too, and want to b a writer when i grow up. from one writer to another i give u two thumbs up! that was awesome from the beginning i was on the edge of my seat WRITE MORE WRITE MORE!!!!!!PRETTY PRETTY PLZ! hehe lol ~YueIsAwesome PS about the whole ending thing i think they should make a 4th season or at least an epiloge of how each characters life turned out, ya know like if couples have a baby and in the end of the trilidgy they should have either kataang or zutara have a watertribe baby and it be the next avatar although aang would have to die then... 🙁

YueIsAwesome on Jan 27, 2008


Okay I will and I think that they should make a fourth season too. Thanx Yue!!!!!

Prayer Girl on Jan 27, 2008


woooh, you guys are really thinking ahead for avatar. talking about babies already and who should be with who...slow down hehe. they are still teens here and they still have to take care of the fire lord!!. but it sounds really cool what ideas u guys are comming up with. on the subject of IF there is anyone that is going to die..for me i think the only ones that would make sense to end up dieing is aang or uncle iroh. my thinking is that aang, since he is the main guy might sacrifice his life in the process of saving the world. uncle iroh maybe for aang and zuko's sake, but mostly zuko. now this one i don't think they will do but if they wanted to i think that katarra and sokka's father might die, but this one is mostly for sokka's sake. i think if his father dies this will bring sokka to the leadership postion he was trying to do at the invasion episodes. he will be like his father. but i really don't think they will do that. on the other hand maybe there is just going to be a big battle that the creators will do and make it look like main characters, during the battle, die but after the final battle it shows that everyone made it through. anyway those are my thoughts.

temsik on Jan 27, 2008


ok on the subject of a forth season. THAT would BE AWSOME!!! but that would have to be a totallly new story that doesn't really revolve around aang as the avatar, then again maybe there is something else he has to do. if they don't do a 4th season, i think it would make sense to make a cartoon avatar movie to show what will happen to all of the characters in the future. either way its still AWSOME!! ^ ^

temsik on Jan 27, 2008


Should i just post the chapters on here?

Prayer Girl on Jan 27, 2008


those are great thoughts temsik! prayer girl, u should definatly post the chapters here and if u dont PLZ give me the link to where-ever u r goin to post it. u got me hooked u cant just leave me!!! :O hehe lol well tell me wut ur gonna do ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 28, 2008


whoa did the sight change...............its all blue instead of red........or is it just my computer.....

YueIsAwesome on Jan 28, 2008


Yue that is just your computer. Okay I will just post them here I have no where else to post them because my dad won't let me join deviantart so I can't and besides I have no way of putting them on the computer other then word processor and here. I will try to hurry ont the first chapter.

Prayer Girl on Jan 28, 2008


Ps, I LOVE that face! 😮

Prayer Girl on Jan 28, 2008


hehe lol this face?? :O or this face? 😀 hehe well ur right the cite is red again i dont know wut happened earlierwell i have two odd questions #1-how do u guys get to this site?? By a search engine such as google or yahoo or do u type in the sitye????--i use google! 🙂 yea, im a google fan! hehe lol #2- do u guys like ddr? i do..ALOT i listen to the songs all the time such as Xepher,Doll,Butterfly,Golden Sky, and Sunkiss Drop 😉 post me back ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 29, 2008


the first face. i don't know how yoe post the smilly faces but apperantly i did. 1 yes i ues google and 2 i don't know what you are talking about. ^0^

Prayer Girl on Jan 29, 2008


I get on this site through my gmail or google samething. everytime someone post a comment i get an email to my gmail and it gives me the link so i can read all the post and the latest one. DDR man i haven't played that in like 2 years. Prayer Girl thats a game, dance dance revolution, you follow the arrows on the screen that goes with the song playing. its really fun when u get the hang of it. the songs on there are pretty good too. u know if the creators of avatar are taking a break because they are discussing the movie then we should hear something online about their progress of it. so i think we should start hearing something in the next couple of weeks maybe months

temsik on Jan 29, 2008


I know what that is I just didn't recognize the abbrveiation of it. Thax temsik. I like that game. I have the whole prologue for you guys. Enjoy!! ^0^ Please read the begining again. Katara awoke to crying in the middle of the night and quietly got out of bed so not to wake Zuko up. Poor Mizumi probably had another nightmare. This would be the fourth night in a row that their sweet daughter had a crying fit. Katara knew this was not normal for Mizumi was 12 years old and far past having childish dreams. As Katara rounded the corner to Mizumi’s room, she heard a crash and something she knew to be the sound of silent struggling. Katara broke into a run and came face to face with a very large figure of what seemed to be a man. Instantly she attacked the stranger in the week points Tai Lee had taught her, it was her only defense since she left her flask on the night table in her Zuko’s room. Once the figure was out the way, she bolted to her daughter and held Mizumi tightly then screamed “ZUKO!!” “ZUKO!!” immediately Zuko sat up in bed and through off his covers. That was Katara’s voice! Something must be wrong. Zuko grabbed the flask of water and ran to where his wife was yelling for him. He turned the corner and was knocked off his feet onto his back. He then saw a large figure of a man running the opposite direction. “ZUKO?! GUARDS?! SOMEBODY STOP THAT MAN!!” Once the fire lord heard Katara say this he jumped to his feet and shot a fire blast at the man. The figure was so large that he had trouble turning the corner and got hit in the back by the blast. The man tumbled forward and laid still on the hard metal floor. Zuko then proceeded toward the man and held him down with his, fist ready to fire, if he tried to get up and leave. The fire bender heard steps behind him and did not release the man from his hold, but turned his head to see his wife and daughter standing together side by side behind him. Katara had her hand on Mizumi’s shoulder. Zuko then herd the man stir and turned his head to the man who was trying to stand, but Zuko held him tight with his fist and said to him “Why did you attack my daughter?!!” The man did not speak. “ANSWER ME!!” Boomed Zuko anger filling his face and his fist. The hot flame of his fist licked the man’s back and the figure yelped in pain. At that point there were guards surrounding them. Zuko was so angry he had not noticed there arrival. The man shrieked with pain and Zuko removed the fire from his fist. …………………………… Zuko was still holding the man that had attacked their daughter and Katara wondered if she should heal the man. When the fire lord had arrived to her call she saw him drop her flask of water and run after the man. Katara had picked it up and looked at Mizumi for possible placeless where the man might have hurt her. She appeared okay at first glance in the darkness. “Take him make sure you get the info out of him.” Her husband spoke with such authority she really saw the fire lord and not her Zuko. Katara took Mizumi’s hand and guided them to Zuko. “What did he do to you two?” Asked Zuko as they walked up to him. Katara was pulled into her husband’s embrace and did not struggle but welcomed the comfort openly. Mizumi let go of Katara’s hand and said simply “Nothing.” Katara and Zuko looked at each other and Katara said “What do you mean ‘nothing’ I saw him in your room!” As Katara said ‘him’ she gestured to the now limp with pain, body of the intruder. “I also heard struggling in your room! How can that be ‘nothing’?” “I don’t know when he came into my room I was scared and started to cry. But then he came at me and chased me around my room he said to me ‘come with me and we won’t hurt you or your family’ then the man fell and I saw mom run into my room I was so scared daddy.” As Mizumi spoke she started to cry then Katara and Zuko opened their arms to her and she run into the comfort they created for her. “Now, now there, there Mizumi, everything will be alright no one can hurt us. We are surrounded by guards and your father and I are master water and master fire benders you put us into the same room and the sparks start flying. Not to mention the fact that Aang and Toph and their son are but a message away.” At her mother’s words Katara saw Mizumi relax and then Zuko spoke up “Your mother is right honey, we can always handle anything. I mean Aang, Toph, Sokka, your mother and I fought my father and defeated him. I think we can handle anything that they throw at us. And on that note I think we should go to bed now.” As he said this he looked Katara and she yawned. “Mommy, daddy can I sleep with you for the rest of the night?” Mizumi spoke so quietly Katara had hardly heard her when Zuko said “Of course you can. I can sleep on the couch.”

Prayer Girl on Jan 29, 2008


WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O_o that was AMAZING prayergirl!!!!!! write more as soon as u get the chance!!! 😀 plz! ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Jan 30, 2008


I am very sad now. Here's an update about the audition status. happyelectrons says, "well I do know they're in New York and started sometime in December. They were casting for Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Yue. They are currently only seeing people with agents but it's very open to whatever race and dialect (i believe). they have held some callbacks from what i've gathered but i don't know if any additional decisions have been made. Just last week in imdbpro it listed jonathan nyugen as Aang but it was taken off a couple days ago so i don't know what is to made about that. So if you have an agent let them know about it otherwise i don't know if it's going to happen. also jonathan nyugen is 17 so they are being leniant on the ages. Good luck to all wishing to audition." and Dr Malcom Crowe says, "I was reading on Distant Horizon today, and supposedly Greg Baldwin (current voice of Iroh) stated the following: 'And now...if I may...I'd like to share an "Avatar" story. I was unloading groceries in front of my house the other day and my neighbor's kid (probably 19 - 20 years old) flagged me down. He are so many in this strange corner of the actor. He'd just been called back for the role of Sokka in the live-action "Avatar" movie. Talk about small world! We laughed about Iroh and Sokka living next door to each other. Only in LA!' ." Yeah, I don't have an agent nor do I have any details at all (like time/place). I'm getting desprate! Please please please God, give me an answer.......................

Amy on Jan 30, 2008


*looks at everyone crying their eyes out and hands out tissues* I know, I know, but remember, these are just rumors. They might not be true. I really hope they are not. I think I want to play Katara more than I've ever wanted anything else. Yeah, playing Azula would be sooo cool too. I love when she shoots lightning and those creepy old twins say "Almost perfect. One hair out of place." and she crosses her eyes and says, "That's not good enough!" Yeah, Azula would be crazy fun. *sigh*

Amy on Jan 30, 2008


I agree. I would ABSOLUTLY LOVE to play Toph. I also changed how old Mizumi in my story she is 16 now. ^0^; sorry

Prayer Girl on Jan 30, 2008


Hey guys I know this is weird but I was working on the Zutara story of mine and I hve come to a writers block. ^~^; I have never been good with names and I need your help........ What should I name Aang and Toph's son!?

Prayer Girl on Jan 31, 2008


OK OK wait let me get this straight............Auditions are happening in the west cost?????? OR is that just a rumor. AHHH!!!! I reallly want to play aang but if they already have someone man that sucks. maybe i can still try out for zuko although i REALLY WANT to play aang. HOPEFULLY they come here in the east. AND i don't have an agent also aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

temsik on Feb 1, 2008


its ok prayer girl all us writers cum to a block. Hmmm names are difficult my freind is in to all that anime and japanese stuff like Lucky Star. so i asked her wut she thought and she said Takashi if u dont like that then u can ask for some other ideas. post me back! 🙂 ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 1, 2008


No temsik I WANT the auditions to happen in the west cost so that I can try. THANX Yue! I like it tell your friend thanx for me but I was thinking of something with an "U" kind of sound so what do you think about Shiu. I like it but I need to know what you think.

Prayer Girl on Feb 1, 2008


I never would have thought of it without you thax!

Prayer Girl on Feb 1, 2008


oh ur welcome prayer girl! ill tell my friend that u appreciate it! 😉 ya i do like shiu! u choose wutever name u think fits best! TTYL ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 1, 2008


Thax soooooo much Yue you really are a life saver so here is my 1rst chapter. Enjoy! ^o^ CHAPTER 1 Mizumi awoke to lights streaming through her parents bed room. She stirred under her covers and pulled them over her head to escape back into the comforting darkness off sleep. What had happened the night before seemed so long ago and she had no need to recall that unpleasant experience. When sleep did not engulf her she through off her covers to see her mother and father gone. Guards were stationed on both sides of the bed and two guards at the door. She sat up in bed leaning on her elbows and looked around. Her parent’s room was a larger scale of her room. The bed had red and gold silk fabric hanging like a canopy over the wooden frame of the large king size bed. The fire nation insignia in the middle. Mizumi got out off bed and saw that the two guards stationed at the bed-side were following her. She turned to face them and said “Why are you following me?” “The fire lord has instructed us to follow you so that if another incident were to happen again we would be able to protect you.” said a guard on her right. That was not hard to deduce. When she had asked the question she knew the answer immediately. Mizumi still had on her night time attire and wanted to change out of the sweaty pants and t-shirt she wore to bed the previous night. She turned the corner to her room and stepped over the threshold off the door way. As she maneuvered in and out of objects lying on her floor she realized just how much damage was done last night. Her two escorts were stationed out side and she shut the door telling them she was changing. Not bothering to pick up anything she strode over to her closet and wrenched the door open. Her clothes were not in the best shape either. She fumbled through and found something decent. Before she pulled it on to her body Mizumi held it up in front of her. It was a long dress that had gold buttons (with the fire nation insignia on it) that run all the way down to the bottom. The dress was gold with red trim on the edges. The sleeves were long and the neck of the dress went up to her chin. She pulled her night time clothes off then put the dress on her unmade bed. She walked over to the sink and bended water to her hands then splashed her face. Mizumi felt renewed and refreshed. She then proceeded to her bed and pulled on the silk over her head and felt warm and comfortable. When she was finished getting ready she heard a slight tap on the door. Mizumi walked to the door and opened it to see the smiling face of her mother. Katara was wearing the traditional waterbending outfit. “Come on honey we have to go to the fire lord’s chamber. Have you forgotten? It is the 20th anniversary of the day the war ended. We are going to see Aang, Toph, their son bided, Sokka, Suki, and their daughter Mei Ling.” Katara did not sound like her mother but Katara at a young age. Her mother pulled her out off the room and into the hallway. Mizumi turned her head to see one guard shut her door and then catch up with the other one a few steps back from them. The war room was no longer a war room but a room where the leaders of the nations meet. When she entered the room she was blown off her feet by a huge gust of wind. Her mother was on the ground beside her. Mizumi’s back was acing from the blow and soon she was being helped up by a very strong hand her first instinct was her father, but then she grabbing her head and looking around she saw that her father was helping her mother up. The water bender turned her head to see Shiu helping her up. Putting her feet on the ground she regained her balance when Shiu said “I am so sorry your Highness. I was just showing the fire lord something my father had taught me before we came here.” Mizumi looked into Shiu’s blue-green eyes and was lost in them. She tried to find the right thing to say to him when her mother spoke “It is okay Shiu. It was an accident.” her mother was being held in her father’s embrace. Then turned to face Shiu and said “My goodness look at you! You have grown so much since the last time I saw you. You have lost that baby look and matured into a handsome young man!” “A handsome young Air bending man.” said the avatar behind her and Mizumi turned to see the Air bender and his wife Toph walking up to them while they held hands. Toph was wearing her normal every day clothes with the head band/ hair piece. The avatar was sporting a yellow and orange outfit, that Mizumi assumed was the traditional Air bender clothing. Their son was wearing some sort of mixture of the two. He had on dark green pants with a yellow shirt and a shall thing like his father. “Yes and you won’t let me forget it!” Toph said while punching him in the arm. He cringed back at the touch, but laughed it off with her parents and his wife. Mizumi saw this and was filled with warm love for her mother’s and father’s past. She wished she could have seen them when they were her age. It would have been wonderful. “I always thought that there was no hope for the Air nomads that once you were gone Aang. There would never be another Air bender besides the avatar. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me, to see more then one Air bender at last.” her mother finished with wiping a tear away from her eye. Obviously she did not want to think about her ‘off the sleeve’ son dead and gone. “Now how can there be a party without me?” Mizumi saw her uncle Sokka, her aunt Suki and their daughter Mei Ling walking in. the whole room exploded with laughter at her uncle’s remark. Sokka was wearing the same old short sleeve blue tank with his pants he also had his short hair in a ‘worriers wolf tail’ her mother always teased him about. Suki had on the Kyoshi warrior outfit and in full make-up to. Mei Ling had a beautiful Snow leopard dress on. Mizumi ran to her friend and hugged her fiercely. “I missed so much! That is a beautiful dress! How have you been? I have been fine. ” Mei Ling returned her hug and said “I missed you too! I have been good to. My mom said that I have nearly mastered the Kyoshi warrior fighting style! And thanks I love this dress. Dad got the fur for me. He made sure that the Snow leopard was already dead when he skinned it and then we gave the meet to the other Snow leopards that were far from our village of course.” “Well,” Mizumi and Mei Ling turned their heads to see the fire lord clap his hands and sparks flew out as he rubbed them together. “if you all will join me and Katara in the center table we can began.”

Prayer Girl on Feb 1, 2008


that was REALLY good prayer girl!!! u HAVE to write more!!! 😉 ttyl ~YueIsAwesome excited for the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YueIsAwesome on Feb 2, 2008


Thanx Yue, I am well on my way for the next chapter.

Prayer Girl on Feb 2, 2008


Good job Prayer Girl, I really like your writing!

Amy on Feb 2, 2008


Thax Amy! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Feb 2, 2008


I have my new chapter for you guys enjoy! ^o^ CHAPTER 2 “Well who wants to start?” as he said this Zuko looked around the room for volunteers. “I guess I’ll start.” Sokka spoke as he adjusted him self in his seat. “In both of the Water Tribes everything is good and peaceful. The king up north said to say hi. So ‘hi’ and that about covers it. Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you we have four new apprentices. Two of them can Waterbend and the other two are learning swords from me!” Zuko felt his wife scoot closer to him and then she said “That’s great Sokka I am glad to hear it. How about you, Suki?” Katara turned her head and addressed his brother-in-law’s wife. “Everything is good with me, but Sokka and I are going to have another baby!” she practically screamed the last word and silence fell on every one. Then was broken when all of the girls got up and screamed together. They all rushed to Suki’s side and started hounding her about it. “It doesn’t take much to excite them does it?” said Shiu on the verge of exploding with laughter. Zuko could not hold it in either. He glanced at the men and they all started to explode with laughter. While the girls were busy with Suki he turned toward Aang and said “Anything new?” The Avatar shook his and said “Not in the airbending world,” Aang jerked his head toward Toph “but in the Earth kingdom there is big news.” “Really like what?” said Sokka adding “Oh I know you finally got rid of the Dai Lee.” “Well that is part of it…” “Oh are you kidding me mom? Your that far along and you never told me?!” that was Mei Ling’s voice but Zuko shook his back to where Aang was speaking. “…Haru and his father did get rid of the Dai Lee, but they started something new called the ‘Protectors’. It is a group similar to the Dai Lee, but they are only loyal to the Earth Kingdom king. Which brings us to the next idem on the agenda.” Aang looked around at Toph and the group of girls broke up and went back to their husbands. Katara came back to him and Zuko felt control over his inner flame again. When ever he was not with her he had always felt a little uncontrollable. “As I was saying…” Aang paused and swallowed as if it cased him pain to speak. “The Earth king has passed away.” Gasps of surprises filled the room. Then Shiu spoke up “The Earth King called mom to his bed and said ‘since I have no living relatives I give the crown to you, Toph Bei fong wife of the Avatar, my loyal assistant and good friend. I know you will rule well. Good luck.’ Then he passed away.” Shiu lowered his head and there was a moment of silence for the Earth King. “That’s wonderful and terrible at the same time. I’m happy for you Toph, but did I here Aang say ‘Haru and his father’ what does Haru and Tairoh have to do with anything?” Katara said breaking the silence. “Well when the Earth king’s funeral was over I called Haru and Tairoh to come and straiten out the Dai Lee. They have done a wonderful job and no one is afraid of them any more. It is hard running a country. Now I know why your father was so crazy.” Toph finished what she was saying and gestured to Zuko. “I never thought of it like that, Toph. But my father was crazy before that.” they all laughed and when it was quite again Zuko started to speak once more. “Now I guess it is our turn.” he took a deep breath, looked down at Katara then stated “Mizumi was attacked last night.” …………………………… “What?!” Katara turned her head to see Shiu. He was sitting next to his mother and father and she had to try hard to compress a giggle that was leaking to the surface. She had notice that the young airbender had taken a liking to their daughter as of late. “Yes and we don’t know why.” she answered him with a curt nod then looked at her daughter. Mizumi made eye contact with her then said “He was a big man and when he attacked me he said ‘come with me and we won’t hurt you or your family’ at the time I was so scared I did not think anything of it, but if you listen to what he said, he said ‘we won’t hurt you or your family’ which means that he is not alone.” her daughter said this and everyone including her self was surprised by this. Katara had not thought of that before. He did say ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. “Why would he have attacked you Mizumi?” Mei Ling spoke to her best friend and Katara could tell that she was worried. Then again who wasn’t? Just as she was about to say something to comfort Mei Ling (though she her self did not know what) the door to the camber opened and a young women burst in. “My lord,” she said breathlessly. It was Kizan a young servant girl who had befriend Katara in her early years at the palace. “the prisoner has caused quite a lot of trouble he is demanding to see Lady Katara at once. He is holding a prison guard hostage sir. He is threatening to kill my husband fire lord Zuko, please come quick!” Kizan burst into tears and fell to the floor in exhaustion and Katara ran to help her up. She held on to Kizan’s arms and hoisted her up. Kizan’s legs were so weak she could not stand. So she sat down with Katara’s help. “Please, My Lady help him he is all I have left.” She sobbed into Katara’s arms as Katara said “Don’t worry I won’t let him hurt your husband I will go right now.” Kizan looked into Katara’s eyes and said “Thank you so much My Lady! Thank you!” she was still sobbing in Katara’s arms when she said this. Then Zuko boomed “NO! ABSOLUTLY NOT!” Kizan was still crying when Mizumi walked up to them and took Kizan from her. “I will not have you going any where near that man! If he is that dangerous with the guards then he will surely kill you, Katara!” The fire lord walked up to her and knelt down so that their eyes were level. His golden eyes piercing into her blue and she was lost in aw at his intensity. “I don’t want to lose you Katara. It would kill me if something happened to you.” Zuko finished with kissing her on the lips and pulled her tight in his arms. “It’s okay Kizan,” Mizumi was speaking to Kizan behind them. “we’ll get your husband back.” The young waterbender patted her head to comfort her. “Zuko,” said Katara “did you really think I would go in there without you?” she held his gaze and he visibly relaxed. The Fire lord sighed saying “I know, It just scares me when your in danger.” Katara shook her head, looked at her daughter and Kizan then said “Fire lord,” she shifted her head to hold his golden gaze for one more second then kissed him tenderly on the lips. “what makes you think that Kizan would feel any different about her husband? We have to help them.” “Fire lady I know you are right.” They both stood up and walked over to the table. Zuko turned to Mizumi and said “Mizumi I want you to stay here. Your mother and I will go in alone.” Mizumi nodded her head and helped Kizan stand. She walked over to them then sat down next to Shiu. An unconscious reaction. “Zuko are you sure you want to go alone? I mean we would help you guys with this intruder.” Aang spoke ‘intruder’ with some pain. He did not like the fact that she was in danger. “No thank you Aang we can handle it.” he turned to face Kizan, “Lets go Kizan.”

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I"M PRETTY SURE AVATAR AUDITIONS HAVEN"T HAPPENED! so chillax guys. haha You think you all have problems. I live in Australia, 1) they won't have auditions over here 2) my accent will put them off 3) meh but don't worry guys The auditions for katara, aang, yue etc, probally have happened, but i heard those people haven't had callbacks. meaning, they didn't like the people who auditioned, so they'll probably move onto open auditions

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haha i like ur screen name louise its my middle name! i have to go to skool but ill read ur chapter when i get back. i cant wait!!!! ~YueIsAwesome

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oops my post sounded like it was louise's chapter but i meant urs prayer girl 🙂 ttyl ~YueIsAwesome

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WOW that was amazing prayer girl how do u come up with all those wonderful twists! 😀 that was great u seriously need 2 write the next chapter!!!!!! i cant wait that was so good! man i need to know wut happens next, that was just SOOOOOOOOOOOO good! u should eventually publish this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ttyl ~YueIsAwesome

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Wow Yue! You are to kind! Thanx so much your coments they make me want to write more just for you and I will so don't worry! And I knew what you ment when you said 'your chapter'. You put a smile on my face when I read your comments Yue, THANX!!!!! ^o^

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hehe ur welcome 🙂 seriously u should be a writer when u get older! ~YueIsAwesome

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no i havnt whos the author? have u heard of fell or the sight its by david clement davies hes my fav. author except he swears accationally and i dont like that ttyl ~YueIsAwesome

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The author is Stephenie Meyer she is really good. No I have not what is it about?

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oooh i have to look into it, ill try to get it from the library they are about wolves, they are REALLY good the genre is animal fantasy wut is the twilight about, it sounds good post me back ttyl ~YueIsAwesome

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It is about a girl named Bella and she falls in love with a vampire. So it's is her life dealing with that. If you like wolves you will like this series.

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oh thats cooleo! ill try to get it from the library thx! i like to read..if its a good one. ~YueIsAwesome ps. remember to write 😉 ttyl

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Girl friend I am all over it! I have my new cahpter for you! Here you go! Enjoy!!! ^o^ CHAPTER 3 Katara speed walked with Zuko at her side and Kizan at the front. They had left the palace behind and were now walking with purpose to the high security cell where the man was being held. As Kizan opened the door for them there was a large roar and Katara felt small and insignificant. She clung to Zuko like a frightened child holding on to their mother. The roar was heard again and she could make out words, “WHY AM I STILL WAITTING FOR THAT WATER TRIBE TRAMP!?” they said. Katara was outraged! All her fear was warped into anger. She felt Zuko’s temperature rise and for once she was going to allow his anger to explode. “IF THAT WENCH ISN’T IN HERE IN 5 SECONDS I WILL STRANGLE THIS MAN TO DEATH!” Kizan bolted in front of them and Katara and Zuko ran after her. “…1...” the man counted. “…2...” Kizan disappeared around the next corner, “…3...” Katara and Zuko veered left down the same corridor. “…4...” Kizan was in the room. “…5. THAT IS THE LAST STRW, THIS MAN DIES!” Katara heard Kizan scream “PLEASE! NO! THEY ARE COMING! THEY ARE COMING!” Katara and Zuko crossed the door frame and saw the man holding who was obviously Kizan’s husband in one hand. He was holding him by the neck above the ground. “I’M HERE!” Katara announced and all the faces turned to look at the Fire lord and lady. Kizan’s husband was struggling with the effort to breathe and she could see him gasping for breath. The large man did not let him go and Kizan fell to the floor in tears. The large man was not hurting Kizan's husbend, but refused to let him go. “Well it is about time!” The man looked Katara up and down with a sly smile like she was something that was being sold. This bothered her, but she did not waver from her position. “I want to talk to you alone, ‘My lady’” He said the last two words mockingly with disgust and resentment. Her anger flared she was not going to allow this kind of talk. Though Katara had never really gotten use to the ‘My lady’ bit she would never allow some one to sneer at her. “What ever you have to tell me you can say in front of my husband!” Katara growled. The words spat at him. She glanced at Zuko and he nodded in agreement with her statement. “You might think that, but what I have to say cannot be said in front of the Fire lord.” he bowed mockingly to Zuko. “ENOUGH! I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS KIND OF BEHAVEOR ANY MORE!” Zuko shouted and Katara nodded once to approve his words. The man did not even flinch and this bothered her. “I, THE GREAT DAIZA, DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ORDERS FROM THE LIKES OF YOU!” The man shouted. “YOU, THE BANISHED PRINCE! YOU, WHO BETRAYED YOUR FATHER AND YOUR OWN KINGDOM! I DO NOT HAVE TO BOW OR LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOU SAY!!!” Katara sighed. Though she was outraged at the man’s blatant disrespect for her and Zuko, she did not want to stay here longer than she absolutely had to. “What is it you wish of me, Daiza?” “I wish for you to die.” He paused briefly to let what he said, sink in. Instinctively Katara reached for her flask of water. At the same time she moved into Zuko’s comforting embrace. “I wish for you to die so that ‘he’” Daiza motioned toward Zuko and made a disgusted face. “Knows how it fells to lose a loved one!” Zuko was on the verge of exploding and Katara was right there with him. The man held the Fire lord’s gaze for one more second then looked at her saying, “Now that you know about me I‘ll have to kill you. I tried to tell you last night that I just wanted you to come with me and that I would not hurt your family. But since you were ‘so’ smart I have to resort to plane ‘B’.” Katara and Zuko looked at each other. He did not attack her last night, but their daughter. He obviously thought it was Katara that he was talking to last night. “That is all that I am going to say. I will not answer anymore questions.” He turned deliberately away from them, dropped Kizan's husband, then walked into his cell and sat down. Katara and Zuko walked out of the room and headed for where the leader’s of the different nation’s met to talk. The gang would be there waiting for them. As they walked she wondered what Daiza had meant about a plan ‘B’. If he was not alone in this then could they expect some sort of a jail break for him? Katara heard a door open and realized that she was back in the nation’s chamber. She raised her head to see the anxious eyes of all her friends. “The man’s name is Daiza. He meant to attack Katara last night not Mizumi.” The waterbender looked up at her husband’s words and found them strangely comforting. She and Zuko took their places at the head of the table and recounted the scene that they had just witnessed. “But, you have felt the loss of a loved one dad.” Mizumi put in. “Mom told me that your mother, well my grandmother, Ursa, was banished and you thought that she was dead. You felt the loss of a loved one long ago for a long time.” she finished by shaking her head as if to deny her father’s pain. “Well,” This time Sokka spoke up “If that’s true, which it is, this Daiza wanted more than he was leading on. So if we take in account what he told you, he’s not alone in this desire to kill you Katara.” Her brother grimaced at the pain of the word. “Meaning that there are more out there. I doubt that he is high up in this ‘group’ because if he was he would not come him self, but send someone else. But all the same I think that you should have a strict watch on this guy, just in case he is valuable to them.” Sokka finished and put his arm around his wife to protect her from those harmful thoughts. “I agree and disagree with you Sokka.” Zuko spoke again this time looking Katara once in the eyes then looked at her brother. “I agree with everything but the part that he is not high up.” Sokka held his gaze. “He has skill. He snuck past all the guards and into Mizumi’s room,” Mizumi shuddered at the thought and Shiu moved a little closer. “with that kind of skill he would at least be ranked.” “That does make sense. But I am worried about how many people want to hurt you Katara.” Aang said with a look of sadness. “I mean when we destroyed Ozai every one that I could see was happy and joyful that their curl leader was gone and they had more freedom. Well everyone except Azula.” They were all quite for a moment when Toph said “AZULA!” This made every one jump. “She always hated you Katara. And you to Zuko.” Katara didn’t know what to say to that. Azula was in the high security tower were that man was being held. When her father died she was not exactly happy to say the absolute least. “Toph, Isn’t Azula in the high security tower.” Suki spoke addressing both Toph and Zuko. The firebender nodded once. “How could she get a uprising if she was combined in a high security tower all day? It has to be some one else.” No one spoke for at least a minute. “Well she does get to go out side once in a while….” Toph trailed off. She seamed intent on Azula then a smile rippled across her face. “Hey I know, take me to go talk to the guy ask him if he works for Azula and if he does I’ll know!” “That’s a great idea aunt Toph!” Mei Ling finally interjected. “You can tell with the vibrations!” She was sitting forward on her hands and knees. “What time should we do that?” Asked Shiu he liked the idea too. “Should we do it now?” He looked around the room and made eye contact with Zuko. “I think…” Zuko was thinking hard about this. Katara could tell he did not want to go back and she did not blame him. “we should go tomorrow, after breakfast.” The Fire lord let a smile crawl across his face and the whole room cheered. Katara was very happy too, but something just didn’t feel right. She felt like this would be the last time she ever saw her family happy and cheerful.

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Hey Prayer Girl I like your engergy and imagination into writing this story about avatar. its pretty impressive to write them and post them really fast. did you already have them written down, like chap 4,5,6...??? one thing that i should warn you is that someone might try to steel your work from this site. they might clam that they wrote it, you know?? and try to sell your story and they get credit you know just a thought. i actually helped someone edit their book before, and then they published it. that person gave me the second copy of the book before it was on sale. i was pretty lucky. now i'm not really good at creating stories but i guess i'm good at reviewing and trying to make it sound better. anyway i still haven't heard anything about the interviews, i hope that they announce something

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thats a good thought temsik! thats exactly why i never post any of the stories i write, yet i dont want prayer girl to stop..its just SO good...maybe she could get a claim on it or sumthing..idk but if anyone does try to steal it they will get the wrath of me and prayer girl! hehe lol anyway, that was SUPER prayer girl VERY good!!!!!!!!!!!!! u should totally b a writer when u get older, i want to be a vet and author when i grow up..hehe we could be writer buddies 🙂 oh and temsik...wut book did u help edit? they seriously published it?! O_o thats sooooooooooo cool man, i so hope the auditions r at a time and place we all can go to cuz that would b SWEET!!!! to meet u guys in person i think me, prayer girl, and temsik all could b great freinds(except there is probably an age diffrence..) well post me back 🙂 ttyl ~YueIsAwesome

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temsik fell free to edit all you want I would love to have your insight. And no. I don't have them writen before hand. I haven't even started on the next chapter yet. Thax for that concern you guys, I never thought about that. Thanx for your support Yue and don't worry I won't stop writing.

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You got that right Yue! We could be great friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^

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hehe 😉 i know we seem to have so much in common and u r just so nice, hopefully our dream of being in this movie will let us see eachother and become great freinds :). ~YueIsAwesome

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Wow YueIsAwsome and Prayer Girl that is really nice to say that we all can be great friends!!! ^ ^ I hope that all our paths can cross someday, this movie could just be the place that we all can meet. i agree that there is a age difference between all of us, but we all can still support each other. Oh the book that i help edit was "The Blue-eyed Monster Dragged Me into Love" by Roberto Carlos Martinez. this was actually his first publish work. you could buy it on its actually a poetry book. it took some time editing it and the author gave me the second copy of it with his signature. it was pretty awosme. Prayer Girl i'll go back and re-read your stories and see what i could do. it'll take some time though hehe, i'm pretty busy already with other things. but Yah keep wirting it'll be cool to see how your stories turn out. Oh if you don't want others to still your work you have to get a copyright date for it. it states that you are the one who owns the story. you know like in books theres a copyright date for everything.

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Thanx Yue!!!!!!!! You seem really nice to!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^ Thanx temisk. I'll have to check out that book.

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I have my new chapter for you guys.^o^ Enjoy! ps. This is my favorite chapter so far. And I think it will be your's Yue! ^o^ CHAPTER 4 Katara couldn’t sleep that night. She was just to restless. So quietly she got out of bed and slipped on her silk robe over her jimmies, then opened the door. She couldn’t think, so Katara went to the courtyard to bend. It was always easier to think when she was bending. Her mind was so peaceful. Zuko had offered a place to stay for everyone while they were in the Fire nation and naturally they all excepted. As she finally made it out to the courtyard she saw a little family of turtleducks on the water. She smiled to her self then bended some of the water out of the pond. (She was careful not to disturb the little family.) Her hands moved gently so that the water followed. Katara streamed the water and did different tricks with it. She closed her eyes and saw the water tribe village that she was raised in. She no longer felt sadness in remembering her old home, but happy memories. Of course from time to time she would miss the cool breezes of the ocean and the smell of the icy glaciers. The waterbender looked up at the moon and thought a silent thank you to Yue. She had been the moon spirit ever since she gave her life to save the world’s balance and the water bender’s ability to bend at the north pole all those years ago. Yue was so brave and Katara wondered, if she ever was faced with a similar same situation, if she could do the same thing Yue did. Katara let the water drop into the pool then looked up to Yue again. The moon shined and a young women floated down next to Katara. She was amazed. Katara was looking at Yue, the moon spirit. Yue’s clothes were blowing even though there was no wind. They had a spiritual quality about them. Her hair was as white as Katara remembered. Then she spoke “Hello Katara.” Yue’s eyes were smiling along with her beautiful face. All Katara could do was stare at her, dumbfounded. “You seemed very sad to me and I wanted to know if you were okay.” Yue’s brilliant face was worried. Then Katara finally took hold of her shock, at least enough to get a few words out. “Y-yeah. I’m okay.” Katara stuttered. She shook her head to gain control. “What is it like to be a spirit?” Katara was still starring at her when Yue answered “It has it’s ups and downs. Just like it would if I were still human. I’m glade that you are okay. Can I give you some advice?” Katara nodded. “‘live life to it’s fullest’ so that when you join the spirit world you have no regrets. Good night, My Fire nation lady.” Yue said with a bow to Katara. She lifted her face so that it was inches away from Katara’s when she finished by saying “Go to bed now.” Her smile had returned and she was laughing quietly. Katara closed her eyes to blink and the princess was gone. The waterbender looked around to see if she was still there then slapped her self on the forehead. “Of course Yue’s not here she was an allusion.” Katara spoke to her self and looked up at the moon again. She felt a sort of calm wash over her and realized that what she had seen was not an allusion or a figment of her imagination. No Yue was real. She came down from the moon to talk to Katara because they were friends and she was worried about her. Katara knelt down to the pond and watched the turtleducks for a few moments when one of them flipped over unexpectedly. The little baby started to cry and Katara picked it up then set it down right side up, next to it’s mom. The mother looked at Katara then bowed it’s head, turned and helped the one who had flipped over. Katara was sure she’d seen that wrong. Turtleducks don’t bow. “That was quite impressive My lady.” Katara bended the water out of the pond without thinking. She didn’t recognize that voice. So she was ready to fight. “Who’s there?” She demanded. Katara looked around, but could not see anything. “Oh don’t worry. He won’t hurt you… but I might.” Said a sickening familiar voice. Azula walked out of the dark hallway looking at Katara with hatred. Her terribly calm voice was hard to miss. Katara was to shocked to do anything about it, at the moment. “Daiza bring her to me!” Wasn’t Daiza was supposed to be in the high security tower as well as Azula? “What?!” Katara said demandingly “You two are supposed to in the high security tower! How did you get out?!” The last question had barley escaped her lips when Daiza was attacking her. For such a big man he was very fast. Wait, this couldn’t be Daiza, he was half his size! It had to be some one else. She shook the thought out of her head, her water was quickly depleting. The pond was only so big! “I know what you’re thinking.” Azula paused to give Katara a chance to respond but the waterbender was to concentrated on what she was doing. “You’re thinking ‘this can’t be Daiza. He’s to small’ but I assure you this is the real Daiza. The man that is in the cell right now is a fake. I knew he would get caught and there was no way I was going to send my faithful servant in to that place and cost me everything. He was just a peasant. I had my men offer hospitality to his family in exchange for him to put on a show for you and Zuzu. I told him if he ever wanted to see his family again he would do exactly what I told him to do. And he preformed perfectly.” Katara could not believe what she was hearing. How could Azula be so heartless? The turtleducks were all gone and so was the water. Katara was exhausted she only had one chance left. She had to run. After she water whipped the man she broke into a run, but did not get very far when he caught up with her and stopped her dead in her tracks. “Good night My lady” He said with a smile that gave her goose bumps. She tried to swing around but he caught her by the waist and held her there with so much force there was hardly anything she could do. He pulled out something from his pocket then shoved it down her throat. It was liquid and Katara refused to drink it, but as she spit it out some of it went down her esophagus and she slowly gave in to the force of the man unwillingly. The cool drink ran down the inside of her throat and she heard the man laugh. “Your coming with us,” He held her up and breathed into her ear (she had no control over her body to stop him) “Good night, beautiful.” Katara was sick. She forced her self to think ‘luckily he didn’t do anything to me….’ but then add distastefully ‘yet.’ Then she slipped into unconsciousness fearing what tomorrow would bring. …………………………… Mizumi woke in the morning with a good feeling about the day. They were going to ask Daiza who he as working for! She quickly got dressed and opened the door. Since the man Daiza was actually after her mother Mizumi had insisted that her father call off her two escorts. So when she opened the door she was not expecting to see a male looking back at her. Her second glance at the man in front of her made her heart skip a beat. It was Shiu! “Hi!” he said “Good morning your highness.” He bowed at her and she blushed. Mizumi had to work hard to compose her self before he raised his head. “Why don’t we stick to first name bases only, okay Shiu?” she said as she shut the door to her room. He smiled at her and said “Okay Mizumi. May I escort you to breakfast?” Shiu held out his hand and she took it tenderly. “Of course.” she answered him with a sly smile. They walked for a minute or two when Mizumi asked him “How did you sleep last night? I trust your stay was good.” She looked at him and he smiled at her showing his beautiful white teeth with his beautiful face. Mizumi blushed and looked away. “I slept like a baby. I had the weirdest dream last night though.” He scrunched his face to make it look like he was thinking hard. Mizumi giggled at him then answered “I had a good night’s sleep as well, but I don’t remember if I had any dreams though. What was yours about?” she asked him genially curious. “Well,” he looked away from her. Shiu turned to look at her again saying “It was… oh boy how do I start?” Mizumi waited for him patiently “Umm well Uncle Zuko and Aunt Katara were fighting.” “That’s kind of hard to believe. Sorry go on.” Mizumi spoke to him and made a movement to encourage him and it seemed to work. “They were fighting about me (and if I remember correctly) umm never mind.” He finished quickly and this seemed suspicious to her. “They were fighting about you and who, Shiu?” Mizumi narrowed her eyes. “It’s nothing Mizumi. Just forget I ever said anything.” “Shiu just tell me.” “No it’s okay.” “Shiu!” “No!” “SHIU!” “NO!” They were just rounding the corner and Mizumi had, had it. She grabbed him by the collar and pushed against the wall just barley out of sight of every one in the dinning hall. “You’re going to tell me, because I have this sinking feeling it’s about me.” There was a moments pause when she heard, “Woho right on, Mizumi!” Mizumi’s face turned pink and she looked to see her Uncle Sokka standing next to them with a thumbs up sign. “About time if you ask me.” “Uncle Sokka what are you doing here?!” She demanded horrified. Shiu was next to her just as pink and probably just and willing to die as she was. “Well I came to have some breakfast then saw you disappear around the corner so I wanted to make everything was okay. But apparently it was better then I anticipated.” “Ugh!” Mizumi smacked herself on her forehead and heard Shiu do the same. “Don’t worry you two love birds I won’t tell a soul.” Sokka promised then turned around and walked away. “‘Love birds!’” Mizumi mimicked sick. How could this get any worse? “Hey, Suki guess what I just saw!” “Uncle Sokka!!” This day had so much promise. Why did have to turn out this way?

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that was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prayer girl 🙂 ur right that is my fav. chapter, or so, so far! ur a great writer! it had all my fav things in that chapter, it was just excellent cant wait till the next ur freind, YueIsAwesome

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I have another awesome chapter for you guys. Enjoy! ^o^ ps. I know I did. 😉 CHAPTER 5 When Zuko steeped into the dinning hall he found that everyone, but his wife and daughter, were there. When he got up this morning Katara was not next to him. He knew this because every morning she would kiss him lightly on the lips to wake him up. (That was his favorite part of the day.) This was not like Katara she was such a morning person. Like his dearly departed uncle, Uncle Iroh. Fire Lord Iroh had ruled the Fire nation for 18 wonderful years before he passed away 2 years ago. Katara and the whole gang had always loved him too, so maybe she was just visiting his grave. Thinking of his uncle made Zuko shed tears so he quickly wiped them away. His uncle was more a father to him then his real father had ever thought to be. (Not that Ozai ever did.) The Fire Lord saw his brother-in-law cross the room to the opposite corner him and Zuko wondered what he was doing. Zuko walked to his seat at the head of the table and watched his guests assemble in theirs. Aang and Toph sat next to each other on his left. Down one seat next to Toph was supposed to be her son. “I wonder where Shiu is.” Zuko thought to himself. Sokka and Suki sat on his right and Mei Ling was next to her mother. “…Lovebirds, I won’t tell a soul.” Zuko heard Sokka speaking and watched him walk away from the corner. “Hey, Suki guess what I just saw.” “Uncle Sokka!” The firebender heard his daughter’s voice and turned to look at her. She walked out of the corner Sokka was just talking to. Zuko made a face. Sokka couldn’t have been talking about Mizumi, could he? Then, as if it was an answered prayer, Mizumi was followed by Shiu. Both their faces were crimson red. Zuko sighed and rolled his eyes. His daughter walked over to him then sat down on his right. “Umm…good morning dad.” She said with a half smile. Mizumi put her hands in her sleeves just like his uncle had done. “What was that all about?” He asked her. She shrugged. “Mizumi, what was Sokka talking about?” She did not make eye contact, but answered reluctantly “Well, Shiu and I were walking down to breakfast…and umm…we had an argument.” She deliberately stopped talking. Not a good sign. “And?” He urged her. “Well I got mad…” Mizumi trailed off. “And?” Zuko spoke, a little agitated. He could tell she was uncomfortable and did not like to make her feel that way, but his fatherly instincts would not let it go. “And…” “And!?” He said a little bit more agitated. “LOOK, I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT OKAY.” She finally met his eyes and they were full of embarrassment. Zuko was a little taken a back by this. He hadn’t expected this kind of hostility for a simple question. “Well why not?” He said with playful anger. “I just feel really uncomfortable talking to you about this kind of situation.” She said holding herself. Zuko stood immediately looking down at her. His anger flaring. He was sure steam was escaping from his ears and his nose and that every one could see it. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘THIS KIND OF SITUATION’?!” “UGH! DAD, THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! UGHA!!!!” She said to him concealing her face from his. “Oh.” The Fire Lord said becoming calm again then sat down feeling as stupid as ever. “I wish Katara was here!” he said to himself. “Sorry Mizumi, I’m just…well…you see…umm…dads are very protective.” He sighed and looked around the room. Everyone was staring at them. “That’s no surprise.” Zuko said in his head again. The Fire Lord took another look around and everyone was here except Katara. His tummy was groaning and Katara would understand if they started without her. He signaled the servants to bring their food out and his plate was in front of him in record time. Zuko flagged down another servant and said “Have you seen my wife any where?” He hoped she was on her way. Zuko missed her so much. The servant shook his head “No, My Lord. I haven’t seen Lady Katara any where. Would you like me to round up a search party for her, Fire Lord Zuko?” This seemed like a good idea, but if Katara was just fine and she found out he sent a search party for her he would be in for an ear full. So instead he just shook his head against his longing for, and said “No, just keep a look out for her. And if you find her, inform me at once.” The man bowed “Yes Fire Lord.” Zuko watched the man leave then looked at his guests. “So how did every body sleep last night?” “I know I slept like a baby.” said Sokka. “Yeah and you sounded like one to.” Suki put in. They both laughed and for the first time Zuko felt jealous of them. Where was Katara! Through out the meal Zuko didn’t say much he just nodded when spoken to and shook his head at the appropriate times. “I’m stuffed! I couldn’t eat another bite! My complements to the chef.” said Toph putting her feet on the table and leaning back in her seat. She put her hands behind her head and pointed her finger in the direction of the kitchen. “Well I’m ready when ever you guys are.” A few minutes later Zuko stood up and gradually everyone joined him. “Are we ready to go?” He asked the group. They all looked around then nodded to him. “Then off we go.” …………………………… Katara awoke to something sweet smelling and smiled in her sleep then she realized what had happened the night before and the smile was gone. At this thought Katara sat strait up. She finally opened her eyes to see the man, Daiza sitting in the corner of the room. He had his arms and legs crossed and he was smiling at her. “Welcome back to the land of the living My Lady.” Katara groaned at the sound of unnaturally calm voice. The ground was not as hard as she had expected. It was soft and worm. She looked around and saw that she was in a room similar to her and Zuko’s room at the palace. “Wh-where am I?” She asked him, dazed. Katara held her head to steady herself. The man chuckled softly and it almost felt comforting. “You, My Lady, are not evening the Fire Nation any more.” Daiza uncrossed his legs. “Wh-what? Ugh… what’s the matter with me? Why do I feel so crummy? And why is the room spinning?” Katara held her face in her hands and feel back on to the soft surface. She stayed there groaning for a moment when she realized that she was on a bed. “I’m not going to tell you exactly where we are My Lady it would be against my orders. To answer your questions in order; question 1. Nothing is wrong with you, you’re just coming out of a… how should I put this simply, you’re coming out of a controlled coma. In other words the amount liquid that I gave you determines how ling you would be out. Question 2; you feel crummy because the amount of liquid I gave you would make you sick. Question 3; the room is spinning because the amount of carbon in the liquid would make you’re head spin. Anything else?” “Yeah…go jump off a bridge.” she snapped back at him, still holding her head. Katara sat back up and looked up at him. She lowered her hand then said “I demand to know what is going on right now.” Daiza uncrossed his arms and stood up. He walked over to her, knelt down and grabbed her head. She tried to fight him, but he was just to strong for her in her weakened state. He looked into her eyes and said “Sorry My Lady, but you no longer have the authority to demand such an answer.” Daiza pulled Katara’s hand to his lips and kissed her hand never once breaking eye contact. “You’re going to living with me, Lady Katara until Princess Azula gives me the command to kill you.” He smiled at her and she knew from that point on that no matter what she did, if Zuko never found her she was going to die by Daiza’s hands.

Prayer Girl on Feb 12, 2008


very,very,very,very,very,very,VERY good prayer girl ur a natural born writer ur writing is clean,awesome, and adictive. very good BRAVA! 😉 ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 14, 2008


srry that it took me so long i was really really busy so i had to read the posts before skool. since the time before skool isnt very long it took me a couple days to read it, then i reread it becouse it was so good, and becouse of that i didnt get post u back, so ya im really srry that i took so long Anyway i wanted to say sumthin even though its really random, but i was wondering if any of u have heard of Rozen Maidens? its a really really good show i recomend it to anyone who like anime. the show is just about as addictive as avatar so if u have any questions about it or if u've heard of it plz ask/tell me also if u would like to know wut its about, wut its like, how to find/watch it u can ask me so ya, and thx prayer girl. it makes me feel good to know that u were waiting for a review from me 🙂 post me back pretty plz 😉 ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 15, 2008


Your welcome Yue. ^o^ I have not heard of it. what is it? Your firend Prayer Girl

Prayer Girl on Feb 15, 2008


well, when i explain it it'll sound kinda weird but when u watch it, it gets better and better as u go thro the season its about these dolls, but they r alive and can feel,talk,move,etc. they r practically like miniature humans. and they each have a speacial power; they use their power to fight one another to become alice, their father's ( the one who created them) perfect doll even tho they r supposed to fight most of them r best freinds becouse they r all sisters. its a really good series of two seasons that consist of 12 episodes each + two extra episodes to help u understand sum of the events. if u have any questions at all just ask -----------------------------------------hope u enjoy it :)------------------------------------------------------ ur freind~ ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 15, 2008


Hi Prayer girl I really enjoyed the script you wrote. It had a very interesting plot. keep writing. (:

Alan on Feb 16, 2008


Okay! 😉 I have my new chapter for you guys ^o^ Enjoy! CHAPTER 6 Zuko had the gang to Daiza’s cell. The man had refused to even acknowledge anyone else’s presences. “So this is him?” Toph had asked. Zuko nodded. “Well you weren’t kidding about him being big!” They all stood next to the man’s cell and Zuko started asking the questions. “Turn around so we can see your face.” Zuko waited, but nothing happened. “I said turn arou-” Toph held up her hand to stop him. “Why are you crying?” She asked Daiza and everyone looked at her. The man was crying! “I am not crying! How dare you accuse me of crying!” Daiza said fiercely. Toph sat down on the floor in front of the cell so that they were facing each other. “You can tell me.” The earthbender asked softly. Zuko didn’t know she had a soft voice. He did not say anything and Zuko motioned to the guards to leave. Once they were out of ear shot Daiza finally turned in his cell and sure enough his eyes were puffy, red and tears were streaming down his face. He put his hands and his forehead on the floor bowing. Underneath his silent weeping Zuko heard “Please forgive me My Lord. I had no choice! She would have killed my wife and children if I did not do as she instructed. I had no joy in acting that way to you My Lord. Please forgive me please!” Zuko was so shocked that he didn’t say anything. “He’s telling the truth.” Toph said simply. “Who are you talking about, Daiza? Who put your family in danger?” “My real name isn’t Daiza, it’s actually Haku.” He said matter-of-factly. “Okay Haku, who put your family in danger?” Toph still had that soft voice that was so un-Toph-like. “I TOLD YOU I’M NOT ANSWERING ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS!” Everyone, but Toph, jumped. “He’s putting on an act.” Toph said quietly. “I think, her name was Mai.” Haku said quietly. They all froze. Mai? It had to be a different Mai they were thinking of. I mean, come on. Mai was on there side. “What did she look like?” asked Suki with a little bit of fear in her voice. “Well let’s see, long black hair, half of it done up in a bun kind of thing. She had knives as her weapon and she showed no emotion at all. I mean she was duller than a dead guy.” “Yep that’s Mai.” Zuko thought. “Did she say why she had you do this?” Toph asked Haku. “And why, when all of the guards are gone, do you finally tell us the truth?” Haku took a deep breath then said “WELL I‘M SORRY YOUR HIGHNESS, BUT I‘M NOT GIVING THAT INFORMATION OUT!” He lowered his voice again “No she did not. And quite frankly I could care less what the reason was. I just want my family to be safe.” Haku held back more tears and continued. “She told me that if I told the Fire Lord the truth she would know about it. So I can’t trust any of the guards.” This made Zuko mad. If there were traitors here then he would snuff them out! “Very well.” Zuko said. “Haku I want you to stay in this cell so that it does not draw any attention to your family.” Haku smiled. “Toph I would like you to help me interview all of my prison guards.” Zuko finished with nod of his head so that Shiu would let the guards in. “THANK GOD YOU ARE LEAVING I CAN’T STAND THE WAY YOU UGLY PEOPLE LOOK!” …………………………… “I’m just curious, when is the next full moon?” Katara could not help but ask. She never wanted to ever have to use bloodbending, but she could not see any other way out of this situation. He never gave her any water. Katara waited for him to answer and when he finally did he wore a smug smile. “Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I told you. After all I’m not going to ever give you any large amounts of water.” He paused. “It’s in a week. The day of the dragon. Or as I like to call it Monday.” he made a happy face, proud of himself. “Monday? What kind of a name is Monday?” Katara asked stupefied. This guy wasn’t only a traitor, he was crazy too. No wonder he and Azula got along so famously. “So I have a week to get ready” Katara thought to herself. “My Lady I would like you to meet someone.” Daiza said. He got up from his seat and went to open the door. “Don’t try anything I am much quicker then you.” She was going try it, but he was quicker then her. She was still woozy “Come on.” He added when she did not move. Slowly Katara got out of the bed. She was happy and scared at the same time. She was happy to finally leave the room, but scared at what he was going to show her. Katara walked out of the room concentrating very hard on keeping herself strait. It seemed to impress Daiza he had on an ‘impressed’ look. He led her down the hallway and turned right. He went into a little room that when Katara entered it, it was a kitchen. Pots and pans were hanging from the ceiling off of little racks. The counter space in the right-hand corner had a neatly sorted arrangement of different types of fruit. In the back of the room there was a table big enough to fit six people. Three of the chairs were already occupied. Daiza led Katara to the table then said “My Lady this is Neomi and her twins. Karu and Kimi.” The older women looked at Daiza with undeniable hatred. Her two daughters were looking at him with similar faces. The twins looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old. Daiza saw them and said “Now, now Neomi, that is not the proper way to act.” The women named Neomi glared at him, “Oh yes, I suppose you’re right Daiza. Holding us here against our will is so proper way to act. How do you do it?” He narrowed his eyes at her “One more outburst like that Neomi, and you won’t have a meal for a week.” “HA! I could care less!” She snorted back at him. Daiza kept his eyes narrowed at her and smiled “Very well, your children won’t have a meal for a week.” Her first reaction was shook seconds after that, she looked at him with more hostility then Katara thought possible. He turned back to look at the waterbender and bowed slightly. “My Lady.” Then he walked off. “So miss what’s your name and what have you got to do with any of this?” Neomi asked Katara. Katara turned around to face the little family and sat down in a seat next to Karu. Katara took a deep breath then said “My name is Katara and I’m the reason that you’re here. I’m so sorry.” Katara meet Neomi’s eyes and forced back tears at the older women’s pain. “Di-did you say Katara? As in the Fire Lady, Fire Lord Zuko’s wife the waterbender?” she asked astonished. Katara laughed half heartedly “The very same.” Neomi’s amazement grew “Girls, girls hurry, this is the Fire Lady, show your respect.” She nodded towards Katara. The little girls got up in a flash. “Move Karu!” “Ow, Kimi stop it!” “Girls you’re embarrassing me.” “Sorry.” They said in unison “My Lady.” Kimi and Karu both bowed and Katara giggled at the little family. “It’s an honor to meet you My Lady.” Neomi said bowing her head. Katara smiled awkwardly. “Girls why don’t you go play.” “Do you think it’s okay mom. I mean Daiza said we were supposed to be in the kitchen.” Karu asked. when Katara spoke she had venom in her voice “It better be okay if he knows what’s good for him.” The girls lightened up “Okay lets go Kimi.” “Okay” Katara watched them race off. “My Lady.” Katara looked up. “Did you happen you see my husband in the palace?” Neomi asked. Katara nodded “Yes I saw him he is in good hands I promise.” Neomi’s face light up and she said “Oh thank you! Thank you!” “What is his name?” “His name is Haku.” There was a moments silence. Later Katara said to Neomi “Your children are beautiful.” “Oh, thank you. My Lady, may I ask you something?” Katara nodded. “I know that you’re a waterbender so why are you with the Fire Lord?” Katara took a minute to answer and Neomi viewed that in the wrong way. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know that wasn’t okay.” Neomi bowed her head. “No, no it’s okay to be curious.” Katara told her. She smiled reassuringly and Neomi calmed down. Katara began to tell her story from the time she met Aang to the end of the war. Neomi made faces of interest, sad faces, happy faces, angry faces, pretty much every face you can make. Katara left out the part about bloodbending just in case Daiza was listening. “And so there you have it. That was how Zuko and I came to be.” The waterbender smiled at her achievement. I can’t believe that the Fire Lord was ever that way. I mean I knew he had a complicated past and all, but I never thought that Ozai was so cruel to his own son.” Neomi didn’t even bother with the formalities. Ozai didn’t deserve them. The two mothers were quite for a long time when finally Neomi said “You know My Lady, I really am blessed.” Katara was confused “With what?” She asked. “Well being able to meet you for one, but I was referring to my daughters.” She answered simply. “Why, because they’re so cute?” The two women shared a laugh “Well yes, but no.” Katara waited patiently for her “My daughters have the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.” She closed her eyes for a moment then opened them saying “Of course every mother thinks that their child is perfect, but my daughters have singing harmonies and melodies I have never heard before. Sometime they’ll have to show you.” Katara nodded and said to her with a smile “I’d like that very much.”

Prayer Girl on Feb 16, 2008


wow prayer girl that was awesome i luved the part with the whole monday thing i just kept reading it over and over luaghing every time keep up the good work ur freind ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 17, 2008


Thanx Yue!!! I didn't know you'd like that so much. Glad you did! ^o^ your friend Prayer Girl

Prayer Girl on Feb 18, 2008


ur welcome! ur a great writer! ur freind ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 18, 2008


Hey I got my new chapter for you guys. Enjoy! ^o^ ps. sorry it's so short. ^_~ CHAPTER 7 Zuko had never been so terrified in his whole life. I mean sure he had been scared before, but nothing compared to how he felt now. Katara had been missing since breakfast and that was two days ago. This was not like Katara. Zuko had ordered a search for her while he and Toph interviewed the guards at the prison part of the royal city. They were done with that and had ordered no one speak of that a all unless Zuko said it was okay. They had asked questions like ‘do you work for Azula’ or ‘do you work for Mai’ or ‘do you have any intension on betraying the Fire Lord’. They all had checked out. Not one of them said yes. Well of course they would lie if they were, but Toph assured Zuko that they weren’t. Zuko decided that they would interrogate the palace staff tomorrow. After the interrogations the search for Katara went badly. She was not in the palace. Zuko commanded that the city be searched for her and those results turned up badly as well. The Fire Lord was in his room pacing back and forth. “Where could she be?” he asked his friends. “She’s not in the palace, she’s not in the city. Where on earth could she be?” He raised his hand sin frustration. Zuko forced himself to be calm and lowered his arms down to his side. “I’m having the entire nation searched for her.” He said quietly. Inside his chest his heart was aching with the dull pain of losing her. “Zuko,” Suki spoke up and he stopped pacing and turned to face her “Katara is a master waterbender. She can take care of herself. And if, Agni forbid, she is in danger then there is not much we can do. Other then the stuff we are doing now. Search and pray.” Suki concluded with a sad smile that lasted but mere seconds. “We should send notices to the other kingdoms.” The avatar stated “I don’t know about you guys, but I want to stay her and look for her. Katara is my best friend. I’m not just going to sit here and wait for results.” Murmurs of agreement went through the group of leaders. “But,” Toph started “Don’t you think we should go back to our homes just in case Katara is there. We know how to command our countries better then some noble. I mean don’t get me wrong I want to stay and look for ‘sugar queen’ to, but that would be kind of pointless. There are thousands of people looking for Katara and if we split up we would find her sooner.” She finished with a glance at Aang through her vacant eyes. “That is a good idea, Toph. I never thought about it that way.” Aang put in. “That’s why I’m here ‘twinkle toes’.” She answered him fondly. “So…you guys… are leaving?” Mizumi asked in between sobs. She scooted closer into Shiu’s comforting embrace quietly letting the tears run down her face. “I…know that mom…is a powerful…b-bender, but if she…was faced with a…firebender and without…a large supply of water…she…she.” Mizumi broke into loud sobs and Zuko looked at his precious daughter and silently thanked Shiu for stroking her back to try and calm her down. “Yeah.” The avatar answered looking around the room and when no one objected he finished. “ I guess we are.” …………………………… As Katara listened to the two younger girls sing their new song, she was filled with a rhythm that she had never felt before. It made her fell excited and thrilled. She snapped her fingers along with the song something she felt compelled to do. The twins had to come and perform at the palace for every one when this was all over. The twins had stopped singing actual words and started singing strange syllables like ‘doo doo dwee dwee aw’ and ‘doo dat dee za ba doo’ in rhythm with each other. Their mother was right they were amazing. After the show Neomi said that it was time for them to go to bed. And of course the girls objected. “What were they singing about?” Katara asked Neomi when she came down stairs to the kitchen after putting them to sleep. “My Lady I really don’t want to stay here in the kitchen any more. Would you follow me to the living room?” Neomi asked drained. Katara was only to happy to oblige. Once they got in the room they sat on separate couches across from one another. The room was a standard living room a table in the middle. The couches were set up in a way where the side table was in between them. So that in it made a large L only on it’s side and flipped over. That was the basic layout. There was a lamp on the table, but that was it. Neomi stared at Katara for a moment longer when she said “I asked them that my self when I first heard the sing.” “What did they say?” Katara asked her with innocent eyes. “They said that it was about you.” she stated simply. “Me?” Katara asked confused. “Why me? I only just got here.” “No, My Lady.” Neomi shook her head and Katara did not want to here what she was going to say next, but did not have the strength to stop her. “This is the second day you have been here.” “The second day?” Katara asked stupidly. How long was she asleep? She dreaded the answer. “Yes My Lady. You were brought here by Daiza three nights ago.” She paused to let Katara speak, but no words came out. So she went on. “Daiza had instructed that I care you until you woke up. He knew that you would be waking up soon so he waited for you.” she put her head down as if ashamed, but then quickly raised it and met her eyes, “My Lady please forgive me. I could have waken you up and given you water, but I did not know who you were and Daiza threatened my children.” She stopped abruptly and copped her face in her hands and started to cry. “It’s okay Neomi I’m not mad at you. I would have done the same exact thing.” Katara assured her and Neomi looked up then wiped her eyes. “You are a good Fire Lady, Lady Katara.” Neomi smiled warmly at her and Katara returned the warm smile. “To really answer your question the girls heard you talking in your sleep and decided that they should sing a song about what you said.” Katara gulped “And what did I say?” “Well you heard the song didn’t you?” The waterbender nodded “Well they said you said ‘Zuko please come and find me’ and ‘it’s a trap’ and ‘Azula! It is Azula!’ That was the basic jist of it.” “Oh.” Katara and Neomi sat in silence for a while when Neomi asked, “So obviously in order to waterbend you need to have water, right?” “Umm hmm. When I was younger, during the war, I meet a Southern Water Tribe waterbender and she taught me a lot of things about bending. For example there is water in everything like the plants and…the…” She trailed off staring into space. Why had she been so stupid? She could have bended the water out off the tree and the air when she was being attacked. She would have had a chance to find Zuko. And if she didn’t she could have fought off Daiza in the room up stairs and run for help! “Ugh!” She slapped her hands on her forehead and ran them down her face. “My Lady what’s the mater?” Neomi asked while reaching for Katara. She hesitated then urged the Fire Lady on. “You can draw water out of plants and the what?” “Nothing Neomi, just forget I said that.” Neomi raised an eyebrow and Katara added “Yes you can draw water out of plants and the ground.” “Then I guess I shouldn’t let you near any plants or ground.” A voice said behind her and Katara whipped around to see Daiza leaning against the wall. The two women narrowed their eyes at him and Katara felt her blood boil. “What are you doing here?” She asked bitterly. “And I hope you know that it’s rude to eavesdrop on someone’s conversation!” Then she thought to herself “Thank Yue that I have never voiced the bloodbending and the pulling water from thin air.” “I live here My Lady. And technically you are all my prisoners so I can do what ever I want with you.” This did not bode over well for Katara. She did not like what he was implying. The waterbender stood up and faced him “Oh yeah, well why don’t take my advice from earlier and go jump off a bridge!” She spoke through gritted teeth, her anger getting harder to control. Katara was fighting the urge to bend the water in the air from the room and smack the smirk off his face for good. But now was not the time to do it. He would get his in the end. She would personally see to it.

Prayer Girl on Feb 20, 2008


WOW! that was really good!..yes it was short but thats ok! I like how well u discribed everything 🙂 i could perfectly visual everything Every good ur freind~ ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 20, 2008


I HAVE FOUND INFORMATION ON AUDITIONS wooop i emailed creative artists agency and they said the only way to audition is through email (preferably a video audition) if you want to know more, just email me.

Louise on Feb 22, 2008


wow thats great louise! 😀 im just a little nervous about sending in a video.... i mean wut if its fake or not even an official website..they could use the video or any information u give out for diffrent reasons...i guess i just worry too much..maybe summore information on it would help

YueIsAwesome on Feb 22, 2008


Thanx Louise. And Yue don't worry about it. It is always better to be safe then sorry. 😉

Prayer Girl on Feb 22, 2008


Thx prayer girl its nice to have sumone hav ur back ur the best? ur freind, ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 23, 2008


oops srry i put a heart and then once posted it turned into a question mark srry ur freind ~YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 23, 2008


That's okay Yue I got your meaning. You're the best too! ^o^ You're friend,

Prayer Girl on Feb 23, 2008


Oh yeah, I saw some cute faces on Deviantart and I wanted to show them to you guys. T_T, @-@, ^_^, -_-, -_o, 0_~.

Prayer Girl on Feb 23, 2008


creativeartistagency said: For all you eager Avatar fans, vital casting news has already been published for its Movie adaptation for 2010. Audtions MUST be sent to Kevin Huvane of Creative Artists Agency via e-mail. This is the e-mail for enquires: All actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds including prospective international actors/actresses are invited to participate. There are NO Open Casting Calls! Spread the Good News around. I looked up the agency online and it's a well known, legitimate casting agency company. I looked it up on and the man mentioned above is listed as a partner of the agency. I called the agency and they confirmed that they were not casting for the movie but that Kevin Huvane was a partner. I emailed the email address given above and I got an automated response back. Here's what I received. Dear prospective actor/actress, Thanks for your interest in the Avatar: The Last Airbender auditions. There is only one method of auditioning - sending resumes (and preferably video footage audtion) via e-mail. If you choose to send your resume you will be notified of the decision and an invitation to attend the closed casting calls later in November. All U.S citizens as well as International prospectives are invited to participate. Only e-mails with the subject line Resume in verbatim will be open, checked, and replied. Thanks for your interest. Regards, Kevin Huvane Talent Agent Creative Artists Agency I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I can't even believe it...I was sure that auditions were way over. But we have until November! And we don't even need an agent!! Just email a resume! Good luck everyone.

Amy on Feb 23, 2008


Hey Amy Is that really the email to get information about the Auditions?? Why are they using a Hotmail account? Shouldn't the company have its own account? I'm just trying to be careful you know b4 i do send something. Names and agencies can b found online and used to just say if you go here u'll recieve info. on what u r looking for. i don't mean to sound negative. just want to know if its true let all of us know

temsik on Feb 23, 2008


Hey guys I have my knew chapter for you! Enjoy! ^o^ CHAPTER 8 Mizumi missed her mother terribly. Even though she knew her mother was a live she couldn’t help but think bad thoughts. If you count the two days that her mother had been gone before, plus the three days since her family, her aunt Toph and uncle Aang left, it would be the total of five days! Toph had returned to the Earth Kingdom to over see the search for her mother and her aunt and uncle went with her. The Avatar went to search the four Air Nomad temples. They sent a message to the water tribes informing them of the new developments so that if they happened to see her mother they would know what to do. Mei Ling had stayed behind to help her look in the Fire Nation and Shiu had stayed behind at her request as well. The trio had just gotten out of a afternoon meeting with her father and the representatives of each of the cities in the Fire nation or more commonly known as, the nobles. They were on there way back the royal courtyard when a man came running up to them and bowed low in a hurry. “Lady Mizumi, honored guests. We have just received word that Lady Katara is not in earthier of the water tribes. Do you know where I might find Fire Lord Zuko, My Lady?” “Yes. I believe he is in his study.” Mizumi answered him. The man bowed once more before running off to her father’s study. She watched him go and once he was out of sight she turned back to her companions. As they started walking to the royal garden she said “I knew that mom would not be in earthier of the water tribes. Moms a waterbender! A war hero, the most powerful women in both of the tribes and the first women to learn how to fight with waterbending in the Northern Water Tribe. She would be the most recognizable person there! But still, half of me really wanted her to be there. I’m so scared for her. I just want her back.” Mizumi was about to hug herself when Shiu did it for her. She welcomed the comfort his friendship gave her. They turned the corner and saw the courtyard. Without thinking Mizumi ran forward to the pond. When she saw the garden she knew something was not right. Where were the turtleducks? As she neared the pond she saw the reason. The water was gone! Mizumi didn’t even hear footsteps behind her when she stood up. The waterbender heard a gasp in the rear of her and turned to see Mei Ling and Shiu standing behind her. “W-what happened here?” Mei Ling stuttered. “All the waters gone. And the turtleducks where did they go?!” The young women bent down to the pond and touched the rim. “Mizumi, do you know what happened here? Has the pond been empty since the last time we visited?” Shiu asked her as he gestured to Mei Ling and the pond. He walked up to stand next to her when she shook her head “No, it hasn’t.” “Look,” Mei Ling said as she walked towards to the tree that over looked the now empty pond. “there are slight burn marks on this tree.” She placed a hand on the spot where the tree was burned then lowered her hand and turned to her audience. She sighed then spook as if what she was about to say, was obvious “There was a battle.” “What?” Mizumi couldn’t help the word from escaping from her mouth. She exchanged glances with her best friends when Shiu piped up “Are you sure, Mei Ling?” The young women closed her eyes and nodded her head “I’m positive. My father taught me everything I know and he said that I am one of the best trackers in both of the tribes.” She then moved her gaze down to the ground and bent down. She touched the soft green grass “This grass has been damaged. There are cuts in the ground, some of this grass is sorter then the rest.” She stated as the young warrior moved her hand across the damaged ground. She then proceeded to contemplate what she saw. Mizumi watched her best friend with amazement when an idea struck her. “Mei Ling, how long ago was this battle?” She asked with haste. The women tracker did not look up from her work but answered “Umm I’d say about…” Mei Ling picked herself up and walked to the tree again. She ran her fingers across the charred parts of the tree. She rubbed her blackened fingers against each other then stated without looking up “six nights? There’s to little evidence to be sure, but I’m pretty positive.” Mizumi’s eyes widened “That’s about the same time that mom went missing.” The waterbender walked over to stand by Mei Ling. Shiu’s and Mei Ling’s eyes widened at this news and they both looked at each other. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.” Shiu held his hands up as he spoke then looked at her “Are you girls telling me that Fire Lady Katara was kidnapped in this very garden?” Mizumi and Mei Ling looked at each other, raised an eyebrow then chorused “Yes.” “She was kidnapped in this garden, the royal garden?” he asked again. “Yes.” Mizumi answered him a little agitated. “Are You sure Mei Ling?” “Yes Shiu, I’m sure as I’ll ever be.” The young airbender rubbed his forehead “That can’t be right. You have to be wrong.” He moved his arms in exasperated movements. “It is right and it’s not wrong. I already told you I’m not sure, but all the evidence points to it. All of the waters gone from the pond, the turtleducks are gone and they wouldn’t leave unless something serious happened. Not to mention the scorch marks on the tree and cuts in the ground. As much as I hate to admit it Lady Katara was kidnapped in the royal garden.” Mei Ling pointed out. “But that can’t be! This is the royal garden for Pete sake!” Shiu shouted while pointing to the ground. “Yes we know that Shiu. You have pointed that out like forty-five thousand times. Mei Lings right. Just get it through your head!” Mizumi said exasperated. “*sigh* I’m going to get your father Mizumi. I’ll be right back.” Mei Ling sped off with out another word and the Fire Nation princess just nodded her head. “You two don’t seem to understand this do you?” Shiu asked her through his hand. Mizumi rolled her eyes at the dense airbender “Oh no Shiu we understand, you’re the one who doesn’t seem to get it.” She gestured toward him then crossed her arms. He shook his head. “No Mizumi, I get that it was in the royal garden, but I don’t think you do.” Her arms loosened “What do you mean?” He walked up to her while closing his eyes he took a deep breath then let it out like it caused him pain. He was so much taller then her. She was just now noticing. When she looked into his blue-green eyes she felt her face flush. She always thought that he was cute, but until then she never really saw how truly handsome he was. His shoulder length black hair was tied half up half down. And he was wearing something that looked like a male version of his mother’s clothes. “What I mean is, that no buddy, but royal family members can come into this garden. Unless they invite someone. Meaning that your mom either invited someone that she thought was trust worthy or there are spies in the palace.” She gasped at this news and covered her mouth. When her hands lowered she spoke softly. “That, that can’t be.” “Well that’s the only explanation for it. So obviously, whoever kidnapped your mother knew there way around the palace or had a guide.” Shiu put his hands on her shoulders and lowered his gaze “I don’t know how they did it,” He looked into her eyes and she was speechless once again “but I promise that I will help you find your mother what ever the cost.” Mizumi looked at his face and felt hot tears falling down her cheeks. She tried to comfort him, but all she could choke out was “Shiu.” Despite her efforts, the tears were falling freely now and she couldn’t keep his gaze. So in a pathetic effort to shield her pitiful weeping the waterbender lowered her eyes. “It’s okay Shiu. You don’t have to. She’s not your mom. I do appreciate tha-” before she had a chance to finish she felt the light pressure of his lips against hers. Her eyes widened as she saw the airbender kiss her. Shiu pulled away from her and she felt the pain of disappointment stab her heart. Before she could think about what she was doing the princess launched herself at him and they both landed on the ground with her on top. Mizumi smacked her lips against his and smiled. It seemed the airbender welcomed the unexpected change and she wouldn’t have let him do anything different. She did not know how long they laid there, but when he finally pulled away from her she felt the pain come back. “Umm are we interrupting anything?” Mizumi and Shiu both turned there heads to see the Fire Lord and Mei Ling standing a little to the left, behind them. Mei Ling crossed her arms as she spoke. Mizumi and Shiu stood. The Fire Lord was walking with Mei Ling towards them “How long were you two standing there?” Mizumi asked. Mei Ling put on a board face and stated plainly “Long enough to see you pounce.” Mizumi’s face flushed fiercely. Her father looked at her then winked ever so slightly and she wondered why her father was not exploding at this moment. “Maybe it’s because he saw me jump onto Shiu and not the other way around.” Mizumi thought. “What was it you were saying Mei Ling?” her father asked. The young women looked at him then nodded. “Well as I was saying when we came to this court yard Mizumi ran forward to the pond. Until I came and saw it my self I did not realize that all the water was gone from the pond, sire.” They all headed to the pond and the Fire Lord bent down. “I see. The turtleducks are gone as well.” He then stood back up and closed his eyes saying “We’ll need to refill the pond so the turtle ducks can come home.” The Fire Lord waved his head and the attendant that had been following him came to his side. “Bring water to fill up this pond.” The young man bowed and said “Yes sire.” He then turned around and began walking away when Mizumi stopped him “Wait.” She held up her head and the man looked at the Fire Lord for permission. The Firebender simply nodded. “Allow me, dad.” She smiled brightly at him and he just raised an eyebrow. “Waterbender, remember?” She laughed. “Okay. But how will you-” She cut him off with a ‘shh’ sign. “Will you please all stand back?” She asked gently. They all did as she commanded and the waterbender closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Upon exhaling she opened her eyes. She drew her hands around her head in a circular motion. Water came out of no ware and Mizumi deposited it into the pond. The young princess repeated this motion until the pond was back to it’s original capacity. The sun was starting to set and she felt drained. Mizumi had done that many times before with her mother when they trained, but she never had been drawing water from the air for so long before. She felt her legs give way and saw her father run to her. “Mizumi you shouldn’t have done that. You’re exhausted.” her father spoke to her with a worried tone. She offered him a week smile and he didn’t fall for it. He turned his head to her friends “Mei Ling would you please help her to her room?” “Of course sir.” She walked over to Mizumi and helped her up. The Fire Lord shook his head with a smile “We’re family Mei Ling, call me uncle Zuko or just uncle.” The young women put on a big smile and replied “Very well ‘just uncle’, I’ll have the cook bring her something to eat before she goes to bed.” “That’s a good idea.” The Fire Lord said. Before Mizumi left the court yard completely she heard her father say “Shiu, I would like to talk to you in my study…oh no, don’t worry, it’s just a simple question. ……………………………

Prayer Girl on Feb 23, 2008


they could call it aang the last airbender to solve the problem with the names, im going to try out for it just for the fun probabally wont make it tho

Shawn on Feb 24, 2008


WOW that was great prayer girl! The part with Mizumi's pounce remimded me of zuko and mai with the apple! hehe it made me wonder wut was goin through zuko's ur right shawn that would solve the name deal yup temsik i tottally agree my mom wont even let me do it bcuz of those reasons 197 is my fav. number!hehe lol

YueIsAwesome on Feb 26, 2008


Thanx Yue! Umm, I hate to ask this but tell me the part about Zuko and Mai with the apple. ^v^;

Prayer Girl on Feb 26, 2008


oh the apple thing is when azula put the apple on mai's head and put it on fire, then zuko pounced on her to stop the fire and they landed in the pond. both of them were irritated and soked. then zuko marched off saying how he hated gurls. ya know it was a flash back zuko had. ur freind, YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 26, 2008


Oh Yeah! I remember now. He he der. I thought you ment when they were dating. and why did you say what your fav. # is? Mine is 1 just cuse. ^o^ your friend, Prayer Girl

Prayer Girl on Feb 26, 2008


I have a new chapter for you guys. Enjoy! ^o^ ps. I have two quotes in this story from a disney movie and a tv show I'll let you guss what they are. The quotes and the shows. CHAPTER 9 “Four days left! Four days until the full moon!” Katara thought while she was serving lunch for every one. Everyone except Daiza, he had to fend for himself. “Well what do you think? Is it any good?” Katara asked her new friends as she sat down with her lunch. “Yes, My Lady. It is wonderful! What do you call this dish?” Neomi asked her as she took another bite of the stew. Katara giggled “Stewed ocean come quads. I couldn’t find any sea prunes so I went with the come quads. A… an acquaintance of mine once told me that they were similar.” “Well you are quite the cook My Lady.” Neomi answered. Unbeknownst to Katara or Neomi Karu and Kimi were debating whether or not they liked the stew. “Do you like the stew Kimi?” “No, I’d rather choke if I didn’t already.” “Amen to that sister!” The two girls smiled and pounded each others fist on top of the other. The waterbender smiled at her “Thank you. My Gran-Gran taught me.” “Gran-Gran?” Neomi asked with the spoon at her mouth. “Oh my grandmother. That is what my brother and I called her.” “Called her?” Neomi asked with sad eyes. “Did she pass away?” “Yes.” Katara answered. She put her spoon down and closed her eyes. “She left three years ago. I remember what she said when she left my brother and me, ‘I love you my little waterbender and I love you, my strong brave warrior be nice to your sister and your brother-in-law. And my little waterbender continue to be the strong women I know you have always been and will continue to be. I love you two. Good bye.’ then she left.” Katara cupped her face in her hands and started to cry. Neomi walked over to her and patted her back. “It’s okay Lady Katara we all lose loved ones.” She forced the tears to stop and heard laughter. The two women turned their heads to see Daiza. “Watching you two is like watching a soap opera.” He chuckled his arms were crossed and he was in the corner leaning back on the wall. Neomi glared at him “Well forgive us for caring. Agni help you if you ever do.” “I chose not to partake in showing emotions. I find them bother sum and in the way.” He declared. “Now if you’ll excuse me ladies I have some business to attend too.” he picked himself up of the wall and turned to Katara “My Lady.” The four women watched him go with a biter-sweet feeling. After he was gone Katara put her hand on Neomi’s, which was on her shoulder, and looked up at the mother. “Thank you Neomi I feel much better now.” That was only half true. So Katara put on a warm smile. Neomi seemed to guess that the Fire Lady did not want to talk about it anymore so she returned the warm smile, put her hand on top of Katara’s and said lovingly “I’m glade to hear it My Lady.” …………………………… A guard opened the door to Zuko’s study and he walked in. the Fire Lord ushered the young airbender in and gestured to the chair sitting across his desk. The airbender sat down never once taking his eyes of Zuko. He didn’t seem nervous, but because Zuko knew him so well he could tell he was. “He’s hiding his nervousness well though.” Zuko thought. Zuko leaned back in his chair and aligned his spread out fingers. The Fire Lord then leaned forward, made a gun shape with his fingers, rested his elbows on the desk, and put his lips to his pointer fingers. “There really is no easy way to say this,” he stated as he put his hands down “so I’m just going to lay it out for you… What exactly were you doing in the courtyard?” He saw Shiu’s expression change ever so slightly and the airbender eyes went from nervously-calm to uncomfortably-confused. The young man looked back at the Fire Lord several times and tried to speak but nothing came out. “Your stunning silence is very reassuring.” “Umm…”he looked away again. The airbender took a deep breath, sat up strait and shifted his gaze back to Zuko. He looked the Fire Lord and said “I’m in love with your daughter sir.” The Fire Lord smiled “Yes I thought as much. And apparently she feels the same way for you. Funny I always thought that she would be the forward one in her relationships. She stubborn and hardheaded, just like her mother.” The Fire Lord then whispered “If Katara heard that she‘d kick my butt.” …………………………… “Huh.” Katara sat up strait in her seat. “What is it My Lady?” Neomi asked next to her. “I…don’t know why, but I think that when I finally go home, I’m gonna kick Zuko’s butt!” She punched her hand. “Huh?” …………………………… “Anyway, what are your intentions for my daughter?” Zuko asked getting back to the point. “Sir I love her! I…I just want to be with her.” Shiu finished quietly. Zuko put on a warm, understanding smile and sighed “Thank you Shiu that is all I wanted to ask. You are dismissed.” they both stood up and Zuko walked him to the door. “Good bye My Lord.” Shiu bowed to him and walked away. Before Zuko shut the door he heard Shiu say “Hey Mei Ling!” Zuko peered out of the door way. They two teenagers were the only two in the hall. “Huh…Oh Hey Shiu! Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine why wouldn’t I be?” The airbender asked confused. The young women looked at him like it was obvious “Well, you were just talking to the Fire Lord and considering that we just found you and his daughter in the courtyard on the ground, alone, kissing, I’d think he would be a little more protective as in fuming.” “Well he wasn’t fuming, but he was protective.” Shiu stated blatantly. “He was?” She asked stupidly. “Yeah but in a gentle way.” “Oh, well, I was remembering what my mom dad said about uncle when he was younger and I was a little worried that you’d come out burnt to a crisp.” She said mater-of-fact. Shiu just laughed “I’m the Avatar’s son. I wouldn’t let just any old Fire Lord burn me to a crisp.” “But uncle isn’t just ‘any old Fire Lord’ he is the greatest Fire Lord the Fire Nation has ever seen and that is a fact.” “Touché.” He said simply. “Do you want to play a game of Pai-Sho? Mizumi’s sleeping.” “Sure.” He said a little disappointed. Zuko watched them run of and thought about Mei Ling’s words. If he had been younger he probably would have burnt him to a crisp, but growing up, and having uncle, he learned to be patient and understanding. Zuko closed his door and went to his desk to sit down. Before he did Zuko heard a hard nock on the door. The Fire Lord took the few steps to the door and pulled it open to see one of the messengers staring at him. “Fire Lord,” the man bowed low. Zuko inwardly rolled his eyes and then said dully “You may rise.” The man popped up and Zuko was surprised by how chipper this man seemed to be. “Sir. We have received word from the Avatar sir.” The short man handed him the rolled up scroll and Zuko’s heart started to flutter. Did Aang find Katara? What happened to her? Why was she in one of the air temples? “A-and?” Zuko urged the man. The man simply shook his head indicating a ‘no’. The Fire Lord’s heart fell in his chest and he felt like he had to cry. Zuko clenched the scroll in his hand and felt a little bit of moisture. Maybe he was not the only one who felt like he had to cry. “*sigh* Thank you.” The man bowed. He turned to go, but stopped. He didn’t turn around when he said “I-I’m sorry sir.” Zuko looked at his back. The man face was tilted toward Zuko. “I don’t know what I would do if my wife was taken from me.” “Agni forbid that you ever feel this pain.” Zuko said with a sad smile. The man turned to face Zuko again “Agni forbid that your pain is prolonged.” “What is your name?” “Azain. Azain sir.” “Thank you Azain.” Azain smiled warmly. “I live to serve you Fire Lord.” And with that the man called Azain bowed and ran off. Zuko watched him leave and decided to promote him to something. As Zuko walked back in to his study he closed the door behind him for the second time and opened the scroll. He walked back to his desk and sat down reading the scroll in his head. “I looked all over the place. Katara is not in any of the air temples. I’m going to go back to the Earth Kingdom to help the search there. I’m really very sorry Zuko. Aang” The Avatar had cried a little bit through out the whole letter. Not that Zuko could blame him, the Fire Lord wanted to cry right now. Zuko knew that he couldn’t. He was the Fire Lord. He had to keep it together no matter how hard it was. He had to be strong for his nation and his family, but as he looked at the words written in black and white on the scroll in front of him, his eyes started to water and in the privacy of his study Zuko let the tears fall onto the wood of his desk. ……………………………

Prayer Girl on Feb 26, 2008


You know what everyone when i searched on google for creativeartistagency i did find a website for it but it was like an art school for drawing, webdesign, etc BUT google also suggest that maybe i SPELLED IT WRONG that maybe it is spelled creativeartist"s"agency = creativeartistsagency It was missing that "s" and there was a website that looked like it for movie stars, actors, BUT it doesn't look professional website for a WELL known company, looks like someone just made it. now remember that google suggest that it was spell wrong cuz it was missing that s if you check that HOTMAIL email address that amy was saying to go to it is also missing the "s" and remember when i searched it i got a art school. SO for that reasion i don't think its a REAL place for the audition of the movie SO PLEASE EVERYONE DON'T START SENDING YOUR VIDEO TO THAT PLACE, EMAIL. unless someone can really prove to us that the web site is really FOR REAL, that it is the place for the AVATAR MOVIE

temsik on Feb 26, 2008


Dang! 🙁 That is a total bummer temsik. Thanx for the clarification that was smart of you. Like I said to Yue it is better to be safe then sorry! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Feb 27, 2008


wow that was really really good prayer girl! the thing from a show is the whole butt kickin thing, it sounds sooooooooo familiar but i cant remember which disney movie and ya i hate to say it but im kinda happy the show is a fake. cuz i would have to miss out anyway. ur freind YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 27, 2008


Well there ya go. For the quotes they are "Your stuned silence is very reasuring." is from Mosters inc. Waxford And the tv show is Spongebob Squarpants. In one episode Spongebob is a coach for Gary and he calls Gary a girl and says that "it is a tool we coaches use to degrate and demien you." Then it goes to Sandy and she says "I dont know why but I think all kick Spongebob's butt tomarrow." ^o^

Prayer Girl on Feb 27, 2008


Yah sorry bout that, it sucks that that wasn't really a place to go for the auditions when amy posted that i was ready to go and try to send something but then i just couldn't understand why they were using a hotmail account. I wish we can find out where the auditions are going to be. Yah its really better to be safe u know

temsik on Feb 27, 2008


ur right temsik prayer girl, now i remember the monsters ink one. since u pointed it out THEN i remembered! also now i c where the kickin butt one came from lol ya i do remember now well c u guys later i have to go to icky skool... ur friend, YueIsAwesome

YueIsAwesome on Feb 28, 2008


I have to go to skool to waa 🙁

Prayer Girl on Feb 28, 2008


ya me dont like skool! except i just got back!

YueIsAwesome on Feb 28, 2008


Dude I just walked in the door! ;D

Prayer Girl on Feb 28, 2008


hehe lol!

YueIsAwesome on Feb 29, 2008


Hey I have my 10th chapter for you guys. (indulges self) I am so happy that i have been able to write this long! ;D Most of the time I can only write like a 9 chapter story where the chapters are like a page long!!!!!! Well there ya go. Enjoy! ^o^ CHAPTER 10 Mizumi awoke to slight nudging on her shoulder. She rolled over to her left side and opened her eyes to see a man sitting at the edge of her bed. “Shiu?” She croaked. The young waterbender heard a long, heavy sigh and then said a bored ‘No.’ she chuckled softly “Hi dad.” “Hello waterbender.” He said teasingly. Mizumi smirked and drew some water out of the bowl next to her bed. She bended it into her fathers face and watched him jump in surprise. She laughed out loud at her fathers reaction. The waterbender heard the sizzling sound of the water evaporating on the firebender’s face. He glared down at her “What did you do that for?” Mizumi propped herself up on her hand leaning on her elbow. “You were teasing me.” she stated simply. He raised an eyebrow, then looked away. Mizumi watched her father pick one finger up and shoot a small fireball at her. “AAA!! What did you do that for?!” she asked sitting up in bed. The Fire Lord smiled “You were teasing me.” “Ha, Ha. Fire burns dad water doesn’t.” she said to him crossing her arms. “Water can hurt just as much if you use it right.” He then mumbled “Your mother taught me that.” “Huh?” “Nothing.” “Dad,” he looked at her “I hope you didn’t get mad at Shiu.” Mizumi felt the blush run to her face, but she forced her self to stay calm. “I-I was the one who-” Her father held up a hand to silence her. “Mizumi, it’s okay I saw everything. Some how I always knew that you would be the forward one in the relationship.” “Oh.” After what he said really processed she said defiantly “Hey!” He just laughed it off and after a few seconds she joined him. “Mizumi how do you feel about him?” Mizumi put her knees up and hugged her legs. “Well dad I…” “Yes.” He urged her. “I feel like…” She hesitated. “Yes.” “Like…” “Yes!” “Like…I don’t want to tell you.” She put on a sheepish smile and batted her eyes. He sighed, defeated. “Well its pretty apparent but I asked Shiu what his feelings for you were.” “Yeah…” She tried to sound indifferent but to no avail. Her heart beat was getting faster. “And he said…” The Fire Lord said with a little enthusiasm. “Yeah!” Mizumi asked her heart pounding. “He said…” “Yeah!!” she was so close to her father she could feel his hot breath on her face. “…Not to tell you.” Fire Lord Zuko smirked. Mizumi was crest fallen. She groaned sadly “Dad.” The waterbender fell back on her bed and pulled the covers over her head. “I think you should tell him first.” She heard the Fire Lord speak from under the covers and she pulled them down so that only her eyes were showing. She glared at him and said “You’re mean, you know that?” He chuckled, but she didn’t let him free from the death glare she gave him. “What did you come in here to do anyway? And what time is it?” He smiled a wicked smile “I just wanted you to get up. And it is 4:30.” “In the morning?” she asked releasing the glare and lowing the covers a little. “Yes in the morning.” “Really?” She asked uncovering her whole face. “Yes.” He stated obviously. She screamed and through the covers over her head “What do you think you’re doing? Your not the Fire Lord! You’re an imposter! Get out of my room I have to sleep!!!” The young women made fake snoring sounds. The Fire Lord laughed and pulled the covers off of her. “I’m kidding!” She made a confused ‘o’ face and Zuko laughed again then said “I leave to let you change.” He got of her bed and opened the door Mizumi watched him stop at the door “I love you Mizumi. I always will.” She raised an eyebrow “I love you too dad.” She watched him leave then shut the door behind him. …………………………… “Well girls this is your lucky day!” The four women turned around to see Daiza holding his hands out in front of him like he was expecting a hug. Weather he was expecting a hug or not the girls just glared at him. “Aww come on.” he wined at them. “Aren’t you at least curious?” they all glared at him a moment longer then turned their backs to him. “Fine then I guess you don’t want to go outside.” he pretended to walk away and when no one said anything he turned around and huffed “Come on I know you hate me, but I know you don’t hate mother nature.” “Why would you let us go outside when I can waterbend and we could know our surroundings?” Katara asked without turning around. Daiza smirked “One, there is no water for you bend,” “That’s what you think.” she thought triumphantly. “And two, you won’t recognize this place.” Daiza finished with a evil smile. All four of them looked at him. Katara played dumb. She has been all around the world she could tell weather they are in the Fire Nation or the Earth Kingdom. If they were in one of the air temples there wouldn’t be so much stuff. The air nomads were simple people. If they were in one of the water tribes it would be much colder and the house would be made out of ice. Daiza led the four women to the front door. “We have a visitor.” he opened the door to revel a very large man standing at the thresh hold. Katara looked up at him. He was covered in cuts and bruises. He was hunched over and looking at the ground. She saw him and had to fight her instincts to heal him. Before she could say anything she heard Neomi gasp. The waterbender turned to see her friend cover her mouth and start to cry. Katara walked over to comfort her when the women said “Haku?!” and ran for him. Katara stopped in mid step and gaped. That was her husband!? No wonder he looked familiar. Haku walked forward to give his wife a hug and was stopped by someone Katara couldn’t see. Neomi was stopped by Daiza. Katara walked forward to hold onto their daughters. “My Lady,” Kimi asked looking up at her. “What’s going to happen to mom and dad?” Karu finished looking up at Katara as well. She couldn’t look them in the eye when she said “I…I’m not sure.” They each clutched her robe and Kimi said “They won’t get hurt will they?” “They won’t die?” Karu said her eyes widening. She looked them both in the eye and said “No they will not die! I will not allow that!” She smiled warmly “I’ll make sure they’re okay. Just listen to everything I say, alright?” the girls nodded determinedly. “Well now isn’t this sweet.” Katara heard the gentle sweet voice and her heart stopped. What was Azula doing there!? “I feel so happy that I am the one who reunited this pitiful family.” she laughed at her on ‘joke’ and continued “if only for a little bit.” Azula smiled wickedly. “Please let him go! He has done what you ask now let us go!” Neomi begged Azula and the former Fire Nation princess just raised an eyebrow. “Neomi, please stop. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Haku asked his wife lovingly. Azula glared at him and put one of her hands on the middle of his back. Haku started screech in pain and Katara knew that she was burning him. Over the screams Azula spoke with authority “Did I say you could speak?” she removed her hand and Haku was still stunned with pain. He dropped to his knees and Daiza finally let go of Neomi. She rushed forward and held her husband. In Katara’s arms she felt Kimi and Karu fight the urge to run to their parents. “You all can go inside now.” Azula stated. “Daiza I wish to talk to you.” “Yes my lady.” he answered her and bowed. Neomi helped Haku in the house and Katara led the girls in. Before Daiza shut the door Katara looked back at the outside. There wasn’t much but Katara saw a flash of red and gold. She strained her eyes to see what made the flash of color and then she saw it. The banner to the place where they were being held. It was the Fire Nation insignia. “Wha-what? We are still in the Fire Nation?” she thought. The door closed and she knew that what she saw was the truth. They were still in the Fire Nation.

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wow that was great prayer girl great cliff hanger! and i luved the part with the father daughter talk it was very realistic! ur freind, YueIsAwesome

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Thanx Yue!! ^o^ That's what I was aming for. ;D

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just wonderinn... Has anybody e-mailed there headshot and or resume to Kevin Huvane? and if you did, have you received a reply back?

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No undiscovered i'm not going to do that. Any way I have a question, in chapter 6 I said that Haku said that Mai put his family but when I did that I did not like making Mai the bad guy. So insted, is it okay if I make it the person who put Haku's family in danger Daiza insted? -.- T_T sorry!

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im not goin to send anythin either of course u can change it prayer girl!!! writers like that do it all the time! ur freind, YueIsAwesome

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Well I told you that I would have my new chapter soon and I do! Enjoy ^o^ CHAPTER 11 “There, there now nothing to worry about. You are a family again.” Katara told the frightened twins. They were inside now and Daiza had come back from his talk with Azula. Neomi was doing the best she could to heal her husband, but not succeeding. Katara’s fingers itched to heal him but she couldn’t risk it. His life was not in the best condition, but there was noting she could do. “Unless…” Katara thought. “Neomi, why don’t we take him up stairs where he can rest.” The waterbender suggested casually. She saw Neomi move her head up and down to say yes. Katara turned to the two girls “You two can help too.” the girls nodded and the four women each helped Haku up the stairs. They finally made it up the stairs and Katara wiped her forehead clean as she said “You three look exhausted why don’t you all go to bed.” Neomi looked at her daughters and nodded her head “Lady Katara is right you two need to go to bed.” Karu and Kimi looked at their mother and gave her a big hug then went to do the same with their father. Once they left Neomi turned to Katara “You should get some rest to My Lady.” Katara shook her head “No Neomi, I wanted you to go to sleep.” Neomi looked scared and confused “But who will watch Haku?” Katara pretended to be confused “Hmm…I know I’ll stay here with him.” Neomi opened her mouth, but Katara didn’t give her a chance to speak “It’s the least I can do. You took care of me for two days, Neomi. Besides what point is there in being Fire Lady when I have the chance to help my people and I don’t?” Katara smiled a warm gentle smile and said softly “Go get some sleep Neomi. He’ll be much better in my care. I promise.” Katara tried to convey the knowledge that she could heal him, through her eyes, but Neomi was to tired to think. She merely smiled drowsily and said “I know he will. Thank you My Lady.” Neomi turned around and Katara watched her leave. She heard a groan behind her and said “Don’t worry Haku, you’ll feel better in a minute.” The waterbender then preceded to close all the windows, doors, and curtains. She locked the door’s and windows just in case. Katara had to do this quickly or Daiza would suspect something. Katara took in a deep breath then heard another groan “Ugh My Lady? I’m really sorry…for e-everything that I-I did. I…” “Shh its okay Haku. I know everything. I’m not mad I just want to help you now, so close your eyes.” Katara said softly. She laid a gentle hand on his eyes and the large man obeyed her command without question. The waterbender drew her hands around her head and gathered the water from the air. She held it in her palms and said to Haku “I need you to roll over onto your back for me, okay?” The man did not speak a word, but rolled over all the same. She bended the water onto his burnt skin and saw the glowing blue water disappear into the now disappearing burnt mark on the lower part of his back. She saw Haku shoulders relax and felt a little bit of the tension leave his body. “Thank you,…My…L-lady.” he croaked. Katara merely smiled and drew more water from the air. …………………………… Mizumi ran forward, jumped into Shiu’s arms and kissed him. As he kissed her back lovingly, the airbender twirled her around, (probably because he did not expect her to jump into him, so in order to not fall he had to.) but she didn’t care she thought it was romantic. Mei Ling was standing behind them watching with an amused face. “Alright you two Turtle doves time to separate.” Shiu put her down and released her from the kiss. “Aww but I don’t want to.” Mizumi wined. All three of them laughed. Mizumi took Shiu’s hand in her own and they all started walking. “You know what?” Shiu and Mei Ling both said “What?” She smiled “There’s going to be a full moon in three days! I can feel my waterbending getting stronger every night! I can hardly wait!” “Hmm, that’s interesting.” Shiu said. “Why are you so excided?” Mei Ling put in. Mizumi spoke with a little bit of an edge “Mom!” The other two looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She huffed “Mom will be able to fight at her full strength when the full moon is out! She can draw water from the air and from the plants! So she is bond to escape. At least, I hope.” Mizumi felt Shiu squeeze her hand “Don’t be so negative, my love. Your mom will be just fine!” She loved it when he called her that. When her father had told her to tell Shiu how she felt about him, she took his advice and did. It turned out he felt the same way for her too. They were now an official couple! She huddled closer to him “You really think so?” He smiled at her “I know so.” She closed her eyes as she rested her head on his arm and felt him kiss the top of her head tenderly. “Ugh! Would you two get a room?” Mizumi lifted her head off of Shiu and smiled. Mei Ling was the comic relief in there trio. “Sorry!” Mei Ling crossed her arms “Humph, all I know is that when I get a boyfriend I am going to rub it in all yall faces too.” The young women smirked a devilish smile while she closed her eyes. Mizumi gave her friend a warm smile “Mei Ling, does it really bother you that I have a boyfriend?” Mei Ling’s eyes popped open “Aww hell no!” she was serious. “I love being single! I get to have a crush on any guy I like. I get to kiss any guy I like. I get to tease any guy I like. Once I have a boyfriend that freedom goes down the flusher.” All three of them chuckled. Shiu sighed “I like discussing dating men as much as the next guy, but can we change the subject?” This time just the girls laughed, at Shiu’s expense. “Okay, so what do you want to talk about?” Mizumi asked him sweetly. They turned the corner saw the doors to the nations chamber. “Well… why don’t we go talk to your dad?” Mizumi nodded. She wanted to get out of the palace and look for her mom. Her father had to stay there but there was no reason she had to stay. They walked into the room and saw her father. He was speaking to some of the nobles and the trio sat down in the back to wait for him. “Fire Lord, I understand that Lady Katara is missing and many of the people grieve for her, but you have not opened any trade routs or instituted any new schools.” One noble man said. The Fire Lord kept his cool when he replied “What is your point nobleman Fu?” Nobleman Fu shifted uneasily on his feet “It is just, and all of us nobleman feel the same way sir, that you care more about your Water Tribe wife then you do your own country.” Mizumi’s anger flared. “How could these nimrods say that! That was her mother! I was half Water Tribe and half Fire Nation. Where you were born doesn’t matter any more.” She thought fiercely. The waterbender felt her hand being squeezed. She turned her head to see Shiu lean over to her and whisper in her ear “It’s okay Mizumi, look at your father.” Her gaze shifted to see the wall of fire in front of her father’s throne grow higher. He was mad! “HOW DARE YOU!” he spat at the nobles. Nobleman Fu sat down quickly out of fear. “YOU INGNERANT FOOLS! DO YOU REALLY STILL THINK LIKE YOUR PREDESESORS DURING MY FATHER’S REGIME? IT SHOULD NOT MATTER WHAT YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN IS!” Mizumi couldn’t help but smile “You tell’em dad!” she thought. The Fire Lord continued “KATARA HAS PROVEN HERSELF TO BE A WONDERFULL FIRE LADY! SHE IS WELL ROUNDED IN MANY OF THE OTHER CULTURES OUTSIDE OF THE FIER NATION! HAVE YOU FORGOTEN THAT SHE TRAVLED THE WORLD WITH THE AVATAR AND IS WELL KNOWN AND RESPECTED BY MANY NOT JUST IN THE FIRE NATION, BUT IN THE OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL?” he sighed and the fire wall came down to its regular height. “Of course I care more about Katara. She is my wife, the women I chose to spend the rest of my life with. If you, gentlemen had to chose between your country and the love of your life who would you chose?” The Fire Lord paused to let them answer and when nobody did he said “That, is what I thought. I don’t care less for my country because I care more for Katara. I have not seen any reason to set up any new trade routes or any new schools. Have you gentleman, because if you have by all means tell me and I will look over the reports.” This time a noblewomen stood up and said “Fire Lord,” she bowed her head “Nobleman Fu was the only one among us who felt that you did not care for the Fire Nation as much as you do Lady Katara. No of us feel that you were or are neglecting the Fire Nation. None except nobleman Fu.” she bowed once more and sat down. “Thank you noblewomen Mai.” the Fire Lord said while bowing a curt nod. her father then narrowed his eyes at nobleman Fu “Nobleman Fu, I would like to speak to you after the meeting.” The man bowed in his seat “Yes Fire Lord.” “The meeting is over.” Her father said and all of the nobles got up and started to leave except nobleman Fu and noblewomen Mai. Mizumi walked over to Mai, bowed her head and said “Thank you for what you said to my dad, noblewomen Mai.” she heard Shiu and Mei Ling behind her but did not turn around. Mai bowed in return and said “It was my pleasure, your highness.” Mizumi felt Shiu put his arm around her shoulder. Mai turned to face Mei Ling bowed and said “Lady Mei Ling,” turning to Shiu she said bowing “Lord Shiu. how have you been?” Shiu let Mei Ling answer first “Fine thank you.” “Never been better, and yourself?” Shiu said. Mai shrugged “I’m pretty good, as good as I can be.” “Nobleman Fu, come this way please.” The four of them all looked at her father he was leading nobleman Fu into the chamber at the back of the throne. “Well this should be interesting.” Mizumi thought with a sigh.

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again a wonderful chapter. u truely are a great writer. and thx for wut u sed earlier, ur the best too =] im so happy for u prayer girl, i cant believe u get to go to new york. i wanna go there soooo bad! tho i will miss u posting me, when will u b back? well have fun 🙂 ur freind, YueIsAwesome ps: agian, that was a great chapter, tho, the swear word REALLY surprised me! ~well, have fun at new york! sing ur beatiful heart out!;)

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You are a Angel you know that? You are one of the best poeple that i have ever talked to. and I will have an extra fun time for you Yue. 😉 You are the one who makes my ady better. I don't swar in my stories but I thought it would be funnier that way. I wasn't going any farther. I am getting back late mondy night.

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im so happy i was getting worried they had distorted the avatar name. also they are making a dragonball film 😀

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whoa! i was on and the game of the week was avatar, so i clicked on it. and it was called Burning Rock Rescue. and i was like "isnt that what the new episode was gonna be? then it sed dis... 'now allied with the avatar, prince zuko has infultrated the fearsome Boiling Rock prison on a dangerous rescue mission...' and the prisoners were supposed to represent the ones left behind on day of black sun. so i think that game was supposed to tell us that the new episodes are comin soon.

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I got home at 3:30 New York time this morning so I was really tired. Yue you are so cute! And you are a lot nicer then alot of my skool friends too. And that is cool about the game you were talking about. That would be cool if that happens in the tv show. Good luck to you Ty-lee O. ^o^

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If yuu people like avatar so much yuu should roleplay as a character on bebo. its well fun. theres loadsa people like me who love avatar its great to find fans whereva yuu can!

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wow ty lee O that sounds great! ill try it =] and i understand the whole age thing you were talkin about, all the characters i want to play are around 16, and im not that age yet. But i can still play them bc of my hieghth, im 5'9". when i told my friends i wanted to audition they sed i would b too tall, but hopefully they're wrong YAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its SO good to have u back prayer girl! and thx for wut u sed.ttyl ur friend, YueIsAwesome

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It's grate to be back! I am almost done with my next chapter for you. ^o^ ps. Ty-lee O i want to take a look at it, can give me the site?

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Well I'm finally done with my next chapter! Enjoy! ^o^ ps. plez forgive my lousy lyrics! ^_^; I can make up tunes but I can't do lyrics! *huffs in frustration* CHAPTER 12 “A 1, a 2, a 1 2 3 4. Ba baba doom baba doom ba doom beii da bi da doom ba.” “Oh what a wonderful day, walkin’ down that road singin’ do a do a do a do eii.” Karu sang. “Dabaliaboo.” “Dobaliaboo.” “Dabaliaboo.” “Dobaliaboo.” “Daowaowaao.” They sung together. “Because we are twins. We are so fine when we rhyme because we are twins.” “We know how to get the boys from town, to come to us.” Kimi added devilishly. “Sing it sister.” Karu spoke. “And we even need a bus.” “A bus? What are you talkin’ abo-” Karu asked in character. “You know what I’m talkin’ about.” Kimi said with a sly smile. They both smiled. Then sang together again. “Because we are twins!” “Hot twins I might add.” Kimi said in rhythm. “Baba doo baba doo baba doo…” Karu snapped her fingers once, “…bow.” They both ended together. “That was amazing!” Katara said clapping next to Neomi. The two girls bowed their heads to their audience. “We really need to work on the lyrics.” Kimi said. “They sucked!” Karu put in. That is not true.” Neomi said. “I loved your lyrics. I thought they were adorable! For thirteen year olds your voices have really matured.” Neomi got up and hugged her daughters. Katara watched them and felt her heart ache with wanting to hold her daughter in her arms. She heard the stairs creek and even though she did not have her water flask she reached to her side out of habit. When the waterbender heard the heavy step on the stair she lowered her arms and just smiled warmly at them. “What is it My Lady?” Neomi asked her. Katara shifted her warm smile to her friend, winked then and said “I think someone heard the girls just now and they want an autograph.” The three women looked confused. “Fire Lady Katara is right. May I have an autograph my dears.” Katara turned her head to Haku and see that he had one hand across his belly and another leaning on the wall. “Hello Haku.” Katara said plainly. When she had finished healing him she had asked him not to breath a word to anyone about her using waterbending. He obediently answered ‘yes, My Lady.’ Haku gave the lowest bow he could do without hurting himself. “My Lady.” “Haku…” Neomi asked through her hands and tears that were welling up in her eyes. She ran to her husband and embraced him. Karu and Kimi followed her example and ran forward saying “Daddy!” Once he had his whole family Haku gave them a long drawn out hug. The waterbender watched them and felt the tears well up in her eyes. She missed her family terribly. Katara gently wiped the tears away and smiled warmly at them. “They have suffered so much because of me. They deserve to be this happy and not have to worry about my happiness.” She thought. “Oh Haku,” Neomi said through his hug “I thought you were going to die!” Haku squeezed her tighter “Oh Neomi, you know I would never leave you…or you two.” He added with a smile at his daughters. “How-how did you get healed so fast?” Neomi asked and Katara froze. She prayed to Yue that Haku would keep his mouth shut. Neomi released her husband and the girls did the same. Haku gestured to the other room and they all went to sit on the couches. Katara followed and stood at the back. Haku merely smiled and said “Neomi, you know I heal fast.” they sat down next to each other and the girls sat across from them on the other couch. Neomi put on a puzzled face for a moment then smiled saying “I know. I just haven’t seen you for so long I forgot.” Katara let out a breath that she was apparently holding. After this was all over, she would tell Neomi everything. “What happened to you I thought that you were in the high security tower. How did Azula manage to get you out of there?” Katara asked him. Haku looked at her and lowered his eyes “Someone was with her when she took me out. From the looks of him he seemed like a nobleman, but she never used his name.” “How long ago was that?” Katara said to him, finally taking a seat no a chair. “It was the day I came here, when you saw me My Lady.” When he said this he squeezed Neomi’s hand and she squeezed back. Katara thought for a moment then said “Then they probably know that you are missing Haku.” The waterbender then mumbled unable to control herself “Just two more days.” The little family looked at her and Haku said “What’s in two days?” “Yes My Lady do tell us what is in ‘just two more days.’” Daiza spoke behind her in the doorway. Katara’s fury boiled, he was spying on them! How dare he! Franticly she thought up something, but keeping her face calm, she turned her head to him and narrowed her eyes saying “My daughter’s birthday.” Haku’s family got up to leave and she watched them go. Katara then proceeded to leave as well, when Daiza caught her wrist and pulled her closer to him. Once she was in his arms he held her tight despite her constant struggling and said “Now my sweet flower, don’t do anything rash.” When Katara finally freed one of her hands she slapped him across the face. When he let her go to hold his face she looked at him and said proudly “Oh don’t worry, I won’t.” She turned to leave him and behind her Daiza smiled evilly then said while standing up “Taming her will be quite fun.” …………………………… “Close the door behind you!” Zuko demanded while sitting in his seat at the back of the room. Nobleman Fu shut the door with a jolt then scurried to stand in front of the Fire Lord. Zuko looked the man up and down. He was not a particularly powerful looking man. In fact he looked like the kind of man that would be a victim to bullying. On top of this man’s head was a bald spot and he was short. His nose was pointy and his face was curved and not in a handsome way. “Why would you say such things? And why would you speak for the rest of the court when they did not share your thinking?” Zuko asked the man glaring at him. The Fire Lord took his hands, criss-crossed his fingers and rested his chin on them. Before Nobleman Fu could do anything more then open his mouth, the doors burst open and Mizumi came rushing in. “Mizumi what are you doing in-” Zuko told his daughter, but the distress on his face told him to stop. The Fire Lord got up and walked briskly toward her, took her in his arms and said “What’s the matter?” Mizumi looked up at him and said in a low voice “He’s gone.” “What are you talking about? Who is gone?” Zuko asked his distressed daughter. She lowered her voice and said “‘Daiza’, ‘Daiza’ is gone.” The Fire Lord’s eyes widened. How was that possible? He was being held in the high security tower. “Are you sure?” He asked her desperately. She nodded her head “Shiu and Mei Ling went to make sure. A few minutes after you had left, a guard game into the hall looking for you and I told him you were in a meeting. So he told me instead and then I came to tell you. Umm…can we talk in private?” she asked looking towards Nobleman Fu. Zuko nodded his head and said “You are dismissed. We will talk another time Nobleman Fu.” Fu nearly bowed and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. “Now why don’t you sit down and-” “No dad! This is really important. Mai said that Nobleman Fu…” Mizumi looked around nervously. “Yes.” Zuko urged her. “Mai said that Nobleman Fu has been acting really weird lately.” “How so?” “He’s been saying things like ‘the war should never have ended’ and ‘princess Azula would make a great Fire Lady’ and…I’m telling you dad it took every ounce of my strength not to water whip his face into an unrecognizable blob!” Mizumi clenched her fists together to try to control herself. Zuko walked forward and hugged his daughter tightly. Zuko had trouble controlling his anger as well. But he forced himself to stay calm. When he spoke he spoke though his teeth “What else did he say?” “He said ‘Fire Lady by marriage or not, a water tripe peasant is still a peasant! She doesn’t deserve to be queen of anything! I don’t know why Zuko can’t see through her goody two-shoes act! Anyone can see that she is just faking loving him! All she really wants is power! I mean first she was with the Avatar, now the Fire Lord! What’s next? Agni himself? She’s just a slut!’” Zuko felt reason leave his body. His rage was burning through his skin. He looked down to see his daughter trembling with anger and sadness at those harsh words towards her mother. He was going to get to the bottom of this! Nobleman Fu was not going to get away with insulting him and Katara!

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well do u have a bebo? well if not type in register. u will need a second e-mail address if yuu have one already. just set yerself up from there Ty-Lee O this is my username if anyone wants to get in touch. its also good for hearing all the goss on the latest avatar episodes cos theres people from all around the world helping out too

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that was great prayer girl. ur story is gettin better and better. everytime i read im on the edge of my seat. and ur lyrics were good, u shouldnt b down on urself =] Ty-Lee, i tried to get my own bebo but it wouldnt work for sum odd reason, it just kept saying they updated it so i had to have a real name and not YueIsAwesome but ill try agian ~YueIsAwesome

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try inputting a first name for example- Yue then try is-awesome dunno if that would work but u might as well try Sorry to hear that Prayer girl but hes probably only doing it because he cares try asking him again in a month or so

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I know he does, but it is still annoying! I have my new chapter for you guys! It's all Zuko! ^o^ Enjoy! CHAPTER 13 Zuko and Mizumi left the back room to find Shiu, Mei Ling, and Noblewomen Mai waiting for them. Mai bowed to them as they came into view “Fire Lord, Princess.” “Noblewomen Mai.” Zuko gave a curt nod back and so did Mizumi. “Mizumi has just finished telling me what Nobleman Fu has been saying.” The five of them walked out of the court room, into the hall and down the corridor. “And while I’m thinking about it Shiu, Mei Ling is ‘Daiza’ really gone?” The two nodded. “Then I wish to see for myself. Not that I don’t trust you, it’s just different when you see it with your own eyes.” Shiu and Mei Ling both shrugged. “Dad,” Mizumi said next to him “Shiu, Mei Ling and I have a previous…engagement.” When she said the last word Zuko raised one eyebrow. What was she up to? “Well then I wish you luck.” he finally said and Mizumi smiled then kissed him on the check and waved good bye. Shiu and Mei Ling bowed then hurried off after her. Zuko watched his only daughter leave. “What ever she’s doing I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Mai said reading his face. “I know.” He said with a sigh still watching her fading figure then the Fire Lord turned to face Mai. “She is her mother’s daughter after all.” They shared a moment of silence when Zuko smiled “You Always could read my face couldn’t you?” She smiled slightly and nodded her head. There was another moment of silence “Is all that Mizumi said about Fu true? Did he really say such awful things?” Mai lowered her head “As much as I hate to say it Fire Lord, it’s true, he did.” Zuko nodded thoughtfully “Nobleman Fu has always been pro-war. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to keep him on the counsel, but I thought it would be good to see how those who were pro-war are turning out.” Mai nodded thoughtfully “I can see your point, but, forgive me Fire Lord, you are to soft. You need to show the nobles that you are in charge not them. And don’t let what Fu said get you down. None of the other nobles feel that way. We all think that you are doing a wonderful job.” Zuko smiled at his friend “Thank you Mai, I needed to hear that.” “Any time Fire Lord.” The two turned the corner and Zuko remembered something. “Oh, Aang told me about Haru. Did you know that he and his dad are in charge of creating the protectors?” Mai smiled slightly “He sent me a letter. I’m really quite proud of him. Every time I see him it’s really hard to think that I had a life without him.” Zuko smiled too. “Yeah I feel the same about Katara.” “Of course when we first meet he did not seem like the husband type for me.” Zuko chuckled “Yeah when he proposed nobody expected you to say yes.” “To be quite honest Fire Lord I didn’t expect myself to say yes. My mind was saying something different then my heart…and my heart won. And I couldn’t be happier.” Zuko smiled at her happiness. Mai had once been his girlfriend and he thought that he loved her, but what he loved was not being the banished prince anymore. He loved having his father’s affection. So when he left all of that he left Mai behind and realized that he did not love her. “Have you heard from Ty Lee and Jet lately?” He couldn’t help but ask. They were newlyweds and off doing something with circus in the name. Zuko thought of his youth and how different they have all become. Haru never even meet Mai before and if he did she probably would have bored him to death if she didn‘t stab him first from being annoying. Now that they were married Haru was and is helping Mai show more emotion then just indifference. Ty Lee had a crush on Sokka (from what Sokka, Katara, Aang, Toph, and Mai had told him) and Jet…well he was not the type for Ty Lee. “Yes. From her last letter they were in the Western Air Temple. She said and I quote ‘I love it here, but poor Jet doesn’t seem to be having a good time, so we are going to move on the earth kingdom. He said he was going to show me where the freedom fighters tree top hide out was! I’m so exited!’ end quote.” The two had reached there destination and Mai turned to Zuko, bowed and said “I have to leave now. It was nice talking to you Fire Lord Zuko and good luck.” With that the noblewomen walked away. Zuko watched her go and was very happy things turned out for the better. Zuko walked a bit father and saw the big iron door being held open for him. The Fire Lord nodded his thanks to the two guards for their help and stepped into the high security tower. Zuko walked the few short steps to Haku’s old cell and saw an old friend there. “Azain?” Azain lifted his head and saw Zuko standing there. The young man moved so quickly that he fell into his chair two times. When he finally got to his feet he bowed low and formally, straitened up and said “Fire Lord Zuko. What brings you here?” Zuko watched this whole scene before him and when it was finished the Fire Lord could not help but laugh out loud at the stunned man. Once Zuko had finished his brief laugh fest he wiped a tear away from his eye and said to the shocked man “I’m sorry Azain. That was just one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” The uncomfortable Azain smiled shakily “I’m happy to have made you happy, sir.” Azain paused for a moment before saying “I assume you are here because of me.” Zuko made a confused face “I’m here because I was informed that Daiza had disappeared. I didn’t know that you were involved.” “Well I was assigned to guard him, sir.” Azain said shamefully. “Just you?” Zuko asked surprised. There should always be at least two guards at the high security tower cells. “No sir, I had a partner.” “Had a partner? What happened to him?” “He got hurt.” “How?” “He got hit in the head. It was the same day I delivered that note from the Avatar to you, sir.” “When you came back to this cell was Daiza here?” Zuko asked concerned. “No sir.” “Tell me exactly what happened from the time you got the note to the time you returned here to find Daiza gone.” “Well, I was guarding with Hintta when a messenger hawk came flying through the window. It had two notes attached to it sir, the Avatar’s note and another note attached to the foot.” “What did the other note say?” “When I saw the hawk I thought that it was new and got lost trying to find it’s way to the messenger tower in the palace. I was about to send it off again when I saw that the note attached to the foot was for Hintta. I said ‘that’s weird why would they send a note to you Hintta?’ he then said ‘I don’t know. What does it say.’ I opened it up and started to read it out loud. It read: ‘Hintta, there aren’t enough messengers to deliver this note to the Fire Lord and it would be greatly appreciated if you would do this for us. Messenger tower’ That was what it said. So I asked him if he wanted to run the note and he said no. so I offered for him. I left to go give you the note and when I came back Hintta was on the ground knocked out with a head injury and Daiza was not in his cell.” Zuko thought for a long moment then finally said “That letter…was a fake.” “Which one sir, the one from the Avatar or the one for Hintta?” “The one for Hintta was a fake. That was defiantly Aang’s handwriting. They must have intercepted that hawk, wrote the fake the note then sent it to you and Hintta. Obviously to spring Daiza.” “How do you know the letter was a fake sir?” “Well there are never that many messages that the message tower runs out of people to deliver the letters. And even if they did they would get a servant to run it not a guard. And if there were no servants they would chose another guard to run it. Why would they chose someone from the high security tower and a guard that just happened to be guarding the most dangerous prisoner here? It was defiantly a setup. They wanted to get the most experienced guard out of the way so they could take Daiza and do what they did to Hintta to you.” Zuko concluded with a glance at Haku’s old cell. “Well that makes sense. I never would have thought of that. It’s a good thing that your Fire Lord and not me huh?” Azain laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. Zuko smiled understandingly “It’s okay. I’m not mad at you. If I hadn’t gone through what I’d gone through when I was younger I probably would’ve done the same thing.” The two men stood there quietly for a moment when a thought occurred to Zuko “Do you still have that note?” Azain looked at him for a second then said “Yeah.” The young guard rustled through his pockets then pulled out a piece of parchment. “Here you go, sir.” Zuko took the paper from Azain and read the writing in his head. Zuko rolled the parchment back up and closed his eyes “*sigh* I was afraid of this.” The Fire Lord looked up at Azain and the young man looked puzzled “What were you afraid of sir?” “I knew that this note was not from the head messenger, but this confirms my suspicions.” As Zuko said this he closed his eyes to hide them from the truth. “Sir?” Azain leaned in a little bit to try and see what the Fire Lord was thinking. Zuko sighed and looked up at the young man again “This is Azula’s handwriting.” ……………………………

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Okay so this really sad and depressing 🙁 sinario ran through my head and I thought it would make a good one-shot so here ya go. ps. don't kill me. ^x^; COMING TOGETHER ZUTARA ONE-SHOT “NO AANG!!!” Katara cried. The young airbender’s life had come to an end and she did not want to believe it. “AANG YOU CAN’T LEAVE!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!!!” Hot tears were streaming from the waterbender’s eyes down her beautifully sad face as Katara tried unsuccessfully to heal him. “Goodbye twinkle-toes.” she heard Toph say behind her and Katara could imagine the tears falling from the earthbender’s eyes. “Bye Aang we’ll really miss you.” Her brother’s voice was trembling when she heard him. “PLEASE AANG WAKE UP!!! YOU CAN’T BE GONE!!! YOU JUST CAN‘T!!!!” Katara cried so loud she didn’t hear the foot steps behind her. “Goodbye Avatar, goodbye…Aang.” Katara did not lift her head from Aang’s chest to realize that, that was the first time Zuko had used Aang’s name instead of saying Avatar. Katara felt the hot rage and sorrow fill her entire body as she finally acknowledged Zuko. She turned to face the firebender and lunged her whole body at him. “IT’S ALL YOUR FALT!!!” She yelled at him while pounding on his chest. Zuko grabbed her wrists to stop her. “If you had just stopped your father before this, Aang would still be alive!!!!” “It wasn’t my destiny to defeat my father. It was Aang’s.” Zuko said trying to keep his voice calm for all of them and especially for the young grieving waterbender. It was hard for him to see someone like her, someone with so much pride lose control like this. “I DON’T CARE ABOUT DESTINY!” She screamed at him “I…I just want Aang back!” Katara rested her head on Zuko’s strong chest and cried even harder. The young firebender let her wrists fall and pulled her into his embrace. The only thing that was on Katara’s mind, as far as she was concerned, was that Aang was gone for ever and she wanted to be as close to Zuko as she possibly could. 4 days later Katara had cried hard through out the entire funeral. They decided to have it held at the Southern Air Temple where Aang was born and raised. It would’ve made him happy to be home for good. Katara climbed the long steps to the very topmost part of the temple, and as she reached the top she saw a figure sitting there watching the sunset. As Katara neared the figure she recognized the Fire Nation prince, Zuko. He was sitting with his arm resting on his bent knee and his other leg laying bent on the ground. His other hand was supporting his weight. The waterbender walked up to him, leaned down and looked at him. “May I sit here?” Without a glance Zuko said “Sure.” Katara sat down with both of her legs facing him on her left side. She looked at him and asked “What are you looking at?” Still Zuko did not look at her when he said “The sunset.” Katara shifted her gaze to the sunset and said “It’s beautiful.” “Yeah it is.” he replied. They sat silent for a few moments when Katara finally spoke up “Zuko…I…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what said a few days ago. I didn’t mean that. I was really upset and you were just the first person that popped into my head.” “It’s okay. I knew that you didn’t mean it. And even if you did I deserved it.” He was watching the sunset with determined eyes and Katara felt sad for him. “Zuko…” she sifted her gaze at him. “Really, Katara it’s okay.” Katara’s eyes widened. He used her name. “I’ve been so stupid! If I had joined you guys when I had the chance at Ba Sing Se or even before that I could’ve taught Aang how to firebend better then maybe he would’ve had a better chance of defeating my father and living.” Zuko closed his eyes tight and lowered his head. Katara felt the guilt coming from him and she reached unconsciously to her mother’s necklace when her protective instincts kicked in “Zuko, when you finally joined the group you said that you had to go through all of those things to be the person you are now and you were right. It’s not your fault that Aang died, everything happens for a reason even if what’s happening is painful.” The waterbender lowered her hand and felt it touch something warm. She met Zuko’s shocked eyes with her own and they stared at each other for a moment when Katara pulled away saying “Sorry.” Zuko pulled his hand away and said “It’s okay.” The two were quiet for a second then Zuko spoke again “When I look at the sunset I see my mother.” Katara looked at him “You do?” Zuko nodded “Umm hmm. But at the same time I see my father.” Katara wanted to scream at him. How could he be thinking of his father when not to long ago his father had killed Aang!? But then she thought about what she was saying to herself. Even though his father was the evil Fire Lord he was still Zuko’s father. Right? “Even after all the things he’d done to me, I hate him, but I love him.” “Why?” Katara couldn’t help the question escape from her lips, but she covered her mouth to try. “I mean what do you mean?” “The day of the attack on the Fire Nation I confronted my father and told him the truth.” Zuko looked at Katara’s confused face and continued. “I told my father that I was going to join Aang. He told me that I should kill him then and there, but I didn’t because it wasn‘t my duty. I was about to leave when he told me that my mother was alive.” Katara again touched her mother’s necklace and gasped “Your mothers alive? That’s wonderful news!” Katara was truly happy for him. His mother was alive! “She was banished just like me. When I was younger my uncle was coming home because he could not break through the wall of Ba Sing Se and because my cousin, his son, Lu Ten had died.” “I’m sorry.” Katara whispered. Zuko shrugged and continued “Before my uncle came home my father asked to talk to my grandfather. At the end of this talk my mother, sister and I were to leave, but Azula pulled me behind a curtain and we stayed behind to watch. My father asked to be Fire Lord instead of my uncle and my grandfather said that he had to know the pain of losing your first born son.” Katara drew in a deep breath as her eyes widened, but she stayed quiet. “I left before I could hear the rest, but Azula stayed. My father told me that he was fully prepared to kill me for the throne when my mother made a proposition, she would kill my grandfather so my father could be Fire Lord and my father would spare me.” Katara was shaking her head. “Then my ungrateful father banished her because she ‘betrayed’ the crown.” “Oh Zuko.” she said through her hands and tears. He turned to face her and made a confused face “Why are you crying?” “I never…knew. No one should go through what you went through.” “You get used to it-” “But you shouldn’t!” she urged. “My brother once told me that your uncle said that you had good inside you, but… I didn’t want to believe it. I…I didn’t want you to hurt me again.” Zuko looked at her with surprise, but the waterbender didn’t take any notice to what she had said. “I thought you’d changed. I thought you’d want to change. When you told me about your mother I understood how you felt. I thought that you might need help. I thought that you might…want help.” Zuko shook his head “No Katara, you were right.” She looked up at him “I did need help…I do need help.” She smiled warmly at him “I’m sorry I hurt you Katara.” Zuko shifted his gaze to the now almost gone sun. Katara watched him for a minute then wove her fingers in with his and turned to look at the sun. Zuko felt her fingers on his and turned back to her beautiful face. Katara turned back to him and smiled lovingly. She felt her body move closer to him then her eyes close and she felt the touch of warm lips against hers. Katara didn’t notice the sun had left along with it’s warmth because she had her own sun holding her and she felt safe and secure. In Zuko's arms the memory of Aang was no longer painful memories, but happy ones she would treasure for as long as she was alive. She knew Aang would be happy for her and Zuko because he was Aang, a good person . She knew he would only want her happiness, because that’s what he had always wanted…to the very end. THE END

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Something just happened that i thought would be funny to share with you guys...So my mom was mad at my brother and she said this (this is how my brother acts) “I hate my school, I hate church, I hate this, I hate that” then she said “I’m just surprised he doesn’t hate the piss that comes out of him! ^o^ I thought that was very funny!

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Wow I am on a writing spree!!!!! ^o^ Here is my new chapter! Enjoy! CHAPTER 14 “Excuse me sir, have you seen Fire Lady Katara?” Mizumi asked a man who was behind his cart in the market. “No ma’am, I haven’t seen her in quite along time, sorry.” He told her. She was not having any luck at all. No one had seen even a hint of her mother after she was kidnapped. No one had seen Haku either. “Well have you seen a big man pass through here since yesterday afternoon?” ‘Please’ she prayed in her head ‘please let him have seen something I can use!’ “A big man?” he asked confused. “Well a rather large man in bulk and height.” Mizumi turned around to see Shiu walking up to her. “He’s hard to miss.” “Actually yes I did.” Mizumi’s heart started to beat faster. Would her prayer be answered? “I saw a rather large man about the time you say walking with someone warring a traveling cloak, with the hood up. The way the hooded figure walked it seemed to me to be a women. For she walked very regal and proud. And the big man I think you are talking about looked…ugh I don’t know how to explain it.” Mizumi listened to the man talk and did not here her best friend walk up to stand next to her on her other side. “Hi.” Mei Ling whispered in her ear. Mizumi shuddered at Mei Ling’s warm breath on her ear. “Hi.” She whispered back. “I-it seemed like to me that he was nervous about something.” “Did they speak at all?” Mei Ling asked beside her. “I don’t know. I only saw them for a minute and if they did I didn’t here them.” “Did you happen to see where they were going?” Shiu asked. “Well…yes! They went in that direction. Towards where the nobles live.” he pointed to her right and she felt new faith in everything fill her body. “Really?!” Mei Ling sped of in the direction he was indicating. Shiu chased after her while saying “Mei Ling, wait a second! You don’t know what you’re doing! Mei Ling!” “COME ON MIZUMI, COME ON SHIU! LET’S GO FIND KATARA!!” Mizumi watched her friend and smiled while shaking her head. “Katara, Mizumi?” the cart owner mumbled to himself then jumped back “You’re from the royal family!” Mizumi laughed lightly “Yes I am.” she bowed to the stunned man. “Thank you so much for your help and remember if you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.” The young waterbender bowed once more to the man, smiling at him, then ran off after her friends. ..::-::.. “So, where do we start?” Mei Ling asked her and Shiu. The trio were staring at rows of different streets and houses Haku could be in. “Good question.” Shiu put in. “Well might as well start at the first one.” Mei Ling answered her own question. “I think we should start at the most expensive looking one.” Mizumi thought out loud. “Why?” Mei Ling asked. “Well think about it. If Azu-” Mizumi stopped herself. What if Azula was listing to them? That would not be the best idea to say her name so loud. So she looked around then lowered her voice “If Azula was in one of these houses she would want the best there is, right? I mean it‘s Azula.” “Good point.” Shiu said and she smiled at his praise. “Yep. Azula sure is vain…and predictable.” Mei Ling said dryly. Mizumi and Shiu both chuckled at her dry humor. “So how do we get the information?” “I could ask.” Mizumi said trying to help. “Hello, you’re the princess they‘ll notice you.” Mei Ling said back. “Well that shop owner didn’t notice me until you opened your mouth!” Mizumi countered. “Hey my mouth’s got a mind of it’s own. Okay? So you can‘t blame it on that.” “What, blame it on your brain then?” Mizumi smiled. Mei Ling turned her head slowly to face her and scowled. Mizumi smiled again, this time satisfied. “Do I really have to separate you two like you are 3 year olds?” Shiu asked. “Hey, it might work.” Mei Ling said. “Ya never know.” Mizumi shrugged and smiled. The two girls both rested there arms on the others shoulder and laughed. “Should we split up?” Mei Ling nodded her head “Yeah that way we’d cover more ground.” “But what if we do find him and we need help?” Shiu asked. All three of them were silent for a moment when Mei Ling said “I’ve got it!” “Got what?” Shiu and Mizumi asked her at the same time. “We just sneeze!” “Sneeze?” Mizumi asked her then shared a glance with Shiu. “Yeah! It’s a whole lot better then going *cough, cough* it’s not as obvious and it can be loud!” She smiled goofy and held two thumbs up. Mei Ling looked at Mizumi then at Shiu and traded glances with them until Shiu said “Won’t hurt to give it a try.” Mizumi just shrugged. ..::-::.. “Found anything yet?” Mizumi asked her two companions. The moon was starting to rise and she felt the strength of the full moon fill her body. Mizumi closed her eyes while taking in a deep breath. Her mother had once told her a true story about the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. She gave her life to save the moon spirit and in turn became the moon spirit herself. “Nope, nothing.” Shiu said disappointed. “Nothing that we could use. Although I did find a rather unhappy mother.” Mei Ling shuddered at the memory. “Let’s split up again. Once the moon is at it’s peek, we’ll meet back here and go back to the palace. We can continue tomorrow.” Mizumi said and the three split up in a different direction again. Mizumi ran down the road until she came across a house she had not tried yet. The young waterbender walked up to the house and knocked on the door. Behind the door she heard foot steps and waited but nothing happened. “You,” someone said behind the door “Come open the door.” ‘How rude!’ she thought ‘your right there, you lazy bum. You open it!’ “My name is Neomi! Not ‘you’.” A women said behind the door and Mizumi was glade she stood up for herself. The door opened and she saw a women who looked to be a little older then her mother. “Can I help you my dear?” The women named Neomi asked kindly. Mizumi was stunned for a second then said “Umm, yes. I was wondering if you had seen my uncle?” The women smiled warmly “And what is your uncle’s name?” “Well his real name is Haku, but he likes to go by his nickname Daiza.” Mizumi did not trust the stranger who had barked at the women in front of her so she lowered her voice so only Neomi could here her. Neomi stood silent. To Mizumi she looked scared and shocked, this was strange behavior. “No.” She finally said and lowered her voice. “Now leave. You must never come back here. It’s to dangerous.” That was all she needed to hear. “*AAAAACHOOOOOO*” Neomi looked surprised at her sudden sneeze, but didn’t ask. “Please,” Mizumi asked her in a whisper “Please I’m looking for my mom.” The women’s eyes widened ‘the Fire Nation princess, Mizumi’ she mouthed. The waterbender nodded. “I’m going to ask you one last time to leave.” she said loudly. Mizumi was not about to leave. When she opened her mouth to object she saw Neomi shaking her head then she mouthed ‘Your mom’s in here.’ Mizumi’s eyes widened and tears began to fall. “I SAID LEAVE!” Neomi slammed the door in her face and the young waterbender fell to her knees. She cupped her face in her hands and heard the sound of footsteps behind her. “Mizumi!” Shiu called and gathered her up in his arms. She cried hard into his strong comforting chest and mumbled “We have to leave this street.” Without hesitation Shiu sped off and Mei Ling was close behind him. Once the house was out of their sight, Mizumi said to him “Put me down, I’m alright.” Obediently he put her down. She was still crying a little and permitted him to hold her when she said “I found Haku and…my mother.” “What! Are you sure?!” Mei Ling asked her. Mizumi nodded her head. “Well then what are we waiting for let’s go get her!” The young princess shook her head “No. You two have to go get my father and bring him here.” “We can’t just leave you! And even if we did, which we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t know where to look.” Shiu said disapprovingly. “Yes you would. It was the house that I was in front of. The house that had the Fire Nation flag flying out front.” she turned to Shiu and pulled on his clothes “Please Shiu go get my father.” “No! I’m not going to leave you!” He pulled her into a strong hug and she was forced to hug her own arms. “I can see that you two need to be alone…I’ll get a head start.” With that Mei Ling turned around and sped of to the palace. “Please Shiu, do this for me.” Tears were streaming down her face. He was not going to make this easy for her that, was obvious. He loosened his hug and looked down at her “How can I possibly leave you here all alone, at night in the middle of some where I don’t know, with creeps lurking every where.” Shiu bent down and kissed her hard and strong. She returned it with love and compassion. They released each other and she said to answer him “Because you love me and I love you. Because you trust me and I trust you. Not to mention I’m a waterbender. My bending is more powerful at night. And even more powerful on a night when the moon full. A night like tonight.” “*sigh* Fine, but be careful…my love.” she smiled at him and they hugged each other for what seemed like a second. He kissed her on the top of the head then went to her lips. They let there lips move against the others and then he pulled away, whispered ‘goodbye’ then sped off after Mei Ling. She watched him go then once he was out of sight she went back to the house and pounded on the door. “OPEN THE DOOR! I KNOW MY MOTHER’S IN THERE! NOW OPEN THE DOOR!” Mizumi screamed at the house. The door flung open and she was pulled in so fast she did not know what had happened to her. “That wasn’t very wise, My Lady.” she looked up from the floor to see a smiling figure of a man standing over her. “It could attract attention.” She scowled at the man and spat back “That was the idea.” “Mizumi?” she heard a familiar voice behind her and turned to see a silhouette of a women. “Mom?” she asked the figure. “Mizumi!” Katara said, running forward to hold her daughter. “Mom!” Mizumi cried meeting her in the middle of the floor. The young waterbender thought in her head as she was hugging her mother ‘I found her! I found mom!’ …………………………… Zuko was at his desk when he heard pounding on his bedroom door. “UNCLE! UNCLE OPEN THE DOOR!! UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE ZUKO OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!!!!” Zuko got up immediately at his niece’s voice. What on earth could she want! The Fire Lord opened the door to see Mei Ling still pounding in thin air on what she thought was the now gone door. Shiu was bent down breathing hard. “UNCLE!!!!!!” she screamed at his face. “WHAT?!” he yelled back agitated. “Uncle!” she huffed with a smile. “Why were pounding on my door like that? What could you possibly want at this hour?” After more observation at the two teenagers he continued. “Why are you two out of breath…and where is Mizumi?” He added distressed. “Sir…we found…Haku…” Shiu managed to say in between huffs. “You did?” Zuko was a little surprised that they would run all the way from where ever they were to the palace to tell him that. “There’s more sir…” Zuko just looked at him. “We also…found…your wife…we found aunt Katara sir.” ……………………………

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ps. ..::-::.. that means time went by. ^O^

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What did you think about my one shot? ps. which chapter are you talking about? and thax!!!!!!!! ^o^

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hehe i meant all of em' =] =D

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and i absolutly LUVED the one shot! awesome job =]

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THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just popped in my head so I thought 'aaw what the heck!' ^o^ I have my new chapter for you. I had it done a while ago, but I thought 'I'll let her/him catch up.' (since I tecnically know nothing about you. ^x^; forgive me if I have insuted you. I don't mean to. This chapter is a long one and it is rated pg13 for just a little bit of racyness. but it's only like one line.

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CHAPTER 15 “Oh Mizumi I missed you so much!” Katara cried while holding her daughter. “Oh mom I missed you too! I knew that I would find you! I just knew I would!” Mizumi said through their hug. Out of the corner of Katara’s eye she saw Daiza bow “My Lady, I hope you know that I cannot let your daughter leave now.” Katara looked up at him “Yes Daiza, I know!” she snapped back at him. ‘Oh Mizumi you couldn’t have come at a worse time! It is a full moon tonight. I was going to bloodbend, and I don’t want you to see it.’ She thought in her head. Katara led her daughter over to her friends. “Mizumi I would like you to meet my good friends.” The Fire Lady gestured to Neomi “This is Neomi,” Neomi bowed and Katara moved on to the twins. “This is Karu and Kimi, her two twin daughters,” Katara moved on to Haku “and this is their father Haku. He was only…” “Faking so that his family would be safe.” Mizumi finished for her and Katara just nodded. “Mom can I talk to you…alone.” she added viciously to the real Daiza. Katara just smiled and followed her up stairs to one of the bedrooms. “What is it that you want to talk about dear?” Katara asked already kind-of knowing the answer. “Mom you’re a waterbender! You could just draw water from the air like you taught me! There are five of you and only one of him! Even if the other four can’t bend, you are one of the most powerful waterbenders in the entire world! What are you doing here just being held captive?!” “*sigh* Mizumi, there are times when you have to attack and there times when you have to wait to attack. This was one of those times where I had to wait to attack. I wasn’t going to wait to be rescued if that is what you were thinking. I had to wait for an opportunity to attack. If I didn’t, those good people down there, with the exception of Daiza, would have been hurt. And remember what I always told you when you were little, ‘you can’t…” “‘judge a book by it’s cover. I know that, but what does that have to do with anything?” her daughter asked impatiently. Katara put both of her hands on her daughter’s head, kissed her on her forehead then leaned down to her eye level. “As much as I hate to admit, this Daiza is not as weak as he appears.” Before Mizumi could say anything else Daiza spoke behind them. “Why thank you My Lady. I do appreciate that compliment.” Katara looked up, saw that twisted smile on his face and cold shivers ran down her body. Katara stepped protectively in front of her daughter. “Mizumi go to Neomi.” she demanded. “Hey didn’t I say I-” Mizumi said to Daiza, but Katara cut her off. “Mizumi do as I say!” Katara said never once looking away from the intruder. “Mom…” Mizumi sounded small, insignificant and hurt. This hurt Katara to but she did not let it get in her way. “DO AS I SAY!” “Okay.” Katara felt her daughter lean in to her “Be safe.” with that last word she ran off and tried her best to avoid Daiza at the door. Once she had left he turned to face the door and Katara fought the urge to attack him. “What are you doing?” she asked him. Daiza ignored her and shut the door. Once it was closed he turned to her “What…?” “Unlike you or your daughter I make sure that when I want a private conversation with someone, it stays private.” “Why did you have to lock them?” Katara asked nervously. She was trapped in here with that man. Katara had never been so scared in her entire life. The fact that she could waterbend the air was lost to her for her fear was making her forget. Daiza started walking forward and she was backing up. “I told you My Lady I like my conversations private.” he was advancing on her and she had hit the wall. Her breathing was very shallow and rapid. “What do you want to talk about?” she asked quickly. Katara was terrified. He was on top of her now leaning over her. He put both of his hands on either side of her head and pulled a clump of her hair to his nose and took a deep breath in. This really scared her, what was he thinking? “My dear Lady,” he said while pulling her hair to his cheek “do you really think I would be able to keep five people prisoner if I didn’t know my captives?” Katara stayed silent, fear kept her so. He chuckled then let her hair fall, but came uncomfortably close to her face. “My Lady, I know a lot more then you think I do. You didn’t think I knew that you could bloodbend, did you?” Katara gasped. How did he know? “That is why, when the moon was at it’s peek I came in here and locked the door.“ Katara made a confused face and he just smiled. Before she could react he grabbed her wrists and slammed them against the wall. “AAAAGH!!!!” He was pushing far more then he needed and Katara could tell he wanted to. “Please stop! You’re hurting me!” “That’s the idea! You know the first time I saw you I knew I had to have you.” he said with a smile. “Why does watching you suffer make me happy? It’s like a drug to me, I can‘t get enough!” He pushed harder and she shrieked with pain. “Is it the sweet sounds that escape your beautiful lips? Or is it the fact that I am the one holding you? The one causing you pain?” He squeezed so hard that she could not feel her wrists anymore. Katara let out a wailing cry of pain and he finally let go. She fell to the ground unable to support herself. He met her on the ground and picked her up. She was being carried by this psycho?! No way was she going to let that one fly, but when she tried to raise her hands to waterbend all she felt was searing pain. Daiza put her on the bed and fell on top of her. Again he grabbed her wrists and the pain went through them and she screamed like bloody murder. The waterbender heard pounding on the door “HELP!! SOMEO-” her lips were covered by Daiza’s and as hard as she tried she could not free herself. Tears were falling down her eyes as she felt her body being used for a sick mans purpose. Her mouth was freed only for a second when she felt him cover her it with his hand. With his other hand he ripped her clothes off to revel her bandaged breasts. “Lady Azula said that tonight when I had stopped the use of your waterbending I could have my way with you and I intend to! It is certainly easier with both of you wrists broken don’t you think?” he laughed at his evil joke and all Katara could do was lay there and let him have her. She had tried to use her legs, but he had her legs pinned down with his own and when she hit her head on the wall she felt very weak. “KATARA? KATARA?!” the pain was so intense from her wrists that she had barley heard Zuko’s voice behind the door. “BURN THE DOOR DOWN!” she heard him say. “Aww looks like our time has come to an end My Lady. Pity I wasn’t able to get any further then just seeing your undergarments.” she saw him turn his head to look at the door. “Looks like he really wants you back. It’s not like I blame him, I would to.” he looked back at her “Until we meet again, I’ll take a souvenir.” he leaned down and kissed her hard. Daiza grabbed her wrists and squeezed with all his strength. He lifted his head to hear her shriek and she did. “AAAAAAAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Katara started to cry and looked up at him. “KATARA, KATARA I’M COMING!!!!” Zuko screamed. “Keep that beautiful scream in your heart.” he leaned down, held her chin and kissed her again. This time Katara gathered the last ounce of her strength and tried to pull away. He let go, squeezed her wrists one last time, she screamed and then he was gone. The weight was off her and she was free. “KATARA!” Zuko came smashing through the door and ran up to her side. “Katara…what…happened to you?! Who did this to you?!” “Daiza, a man named Daiza did this to Lady Katara.” That was Neomi’s voice. “I’m sorry Fire Lord, but I must sit here. Will you please move?” she asked softly. “Who are you?” Zuko asked. “This is my wife Fire Lord Zuko. Her name is Neomi. She is good friends with Lady Katara and is a good doctor. She will help her sir.” Katara heard Haku say. Out of Katara’s almost closed eyes she saw Zuko nod and move out of her friends way. “Please forgive me if I cause you any pain My Lady.” Neomi said next to her. Katara smiled not having the strength to say ‘okay’ or do anything else. Neomi took one of Katara’s wrists in her hand and Katara shrieked. “Her left wrist is broken.” Neomi put her wrist down gently and picked up her other. Again Katara cried out in pain. “So is her right.” Neomi leaned down to Katara’s ear and whispered to her “Did he do anything to you My Lady?” Katara didn’t need it to be spelled out for her. She knew what Neomi meant and thankfully Katara could say no. The weak waterbender shook her head. “Good! That’s a relief.” Katara smiled at her friend and Neomi smiled back. “There is a slight bump on her head, but it is not serious. Some miner cuts, a few bruises on her fore arms and thighs.” “What all did he do to me?” Katara thought. She didn’t feel anything other then her wrists. “Nothing else seems to be wrong here, though I will need to wrap your wrists My Lady and I’m sure I don’t have to say this, but I will any way…no bending!” Neomi continued. Katara smiled. She was so tired that she could not keep her eyes open. So slowly Katara slipped into unconsciousness, but before she blacked out she felt Zuko slightly stroke her hand so that it did not cause her any pain. …………………………… *Earlier that evening* “We also…found…your wife…we found aunt Katara sir.” “Wha-what?” Zuko couldn’t believe his ears. He had wanted to hear that for so long and when he finally did he couldn’t believe it? What was wrong with him? “Show me where!” He demanded. The two nodded and turned around. The three began to run down the hall and as they did they told him where they had found her. When Zuko came across one of the commanders “Gather some men and meet me at the gate where the nobles houses are.” the man bowed and ran off. Once they reached the outside he saw a few men there and ordered them to follow them. All seven ran through the market place and to the nobles houses. “It’s this way Uncle.” Mei Ling said pointing to the west. They turned the corner and Zuko saw a large row of houses that all looked relatively the same. “How do you know which one Katara is in? And where is Mizumi?!” Zuko asked. “She said she’d be here.” Mei Ling spoke looking around for her cousin. “This is the right street, right Shiu?” Shiu looked around too “Yeah this is the street. I mean this is where we turned and when she told me to put her down.” The two were quiet for a moment when Shiu held his head and said “Wait didn’t the house Mizumi was in front of have a flag hanging in front?” Mei Ling turned to face him as realization hit her “Yeah it did!” the two raced off to the first house that had a flag. Zuko turned to one of the four men that had accompanied them “Stay here and wait for commander Xin then tell him to follow the men I place. Like a trail of bread crums.” the man bowed and Zuko ran off with the others. “It’s this one, I’m sure of it!” Mei Ling proclaimed. Shiu looked the house up and down. “Yeah I think your right this time.” “Did you find it?” Zuko asked them. They both nodded and looked at it. Why did it seem so familiar? Then it hit him. This was Nobleman Fu’s house.

Prayer Girl on Mar 19, 2008


Oh yeah I post stuff more then once evey day and I check everyday for stuff. So for example I post a chapter form my story in the afternoon and I have most of my next chapter writen if i finish it that same day I will post it that same day. I just thought that you might want to know. ^o^

Prayer Girl on Mar 19, 2008


wow!!!!!! fantastic prayer girl and very suspensful. great job! =]

YueIsAwesome on Mar 21, 2008


u shut up billly! no we havn met but we're friends and prayer girl's story IS on the topic of auitions its avatar if u havnt noticed. AND we're not dorky! im srry if u keep getting emails but u didnt have to be so stupid and mean about it!!!!!!!!! and dont tell us about wasting our life!!!! u dont know anything about our life so U shut up >=[

YueIsAwesome on Mar 21, 2008


i'm sorry but i agree with billy. though i prolly wouldn't have said it quite that way. it seems the last 50 posts are just the 2 of u with ur stories while ppl are trying to get some real info. I might suggest just emailing each other since ur the only 2 talkin about the story. just some constructive criticism.

undiscovered on Mar 21, 2008


Yue You have posted 68 times and I have posted 84. I talk alot. ^o^;

Prayer Girl on Mar 21, 2008


yea. maybe you should shut up and get a life

Billy on Mar 22, 2008


AMEN YUE! Oh and my brother want's to know where you live. He's 26 years old and is a body builder and he said he want's t beat he crap out of you. I don't Condole violence but there you go. ^o^ Yue what about our #?

Prayer Girl on Mar 22, 2008


Hey Yue do you have a Myspace?

Prayer Girl on Mar 22, 2008


yes i do have a myspace! =]

YueIsAwesome on Mar 22, 2008


Happy Easter Everyone!!! =]

YueIsAwesome on Mar 23, 2008


Happy Easter to you too! ^o^ what is your my space?

Prayer Girl on Mar 23, 2008


common you guys this is really something that you all DON'T need to start a fight about. these kind of web site IS for communication AND when PEOPLE START TALKING YOU ARE GONNA MAKE SOME FRIENDS and end up wanting to talk to each other u know. If you want to bring something up about the auditions just make a comment and c what people gotta say about it simple as that

temsik on Mar 23, 2008


Also if you don't want to get email from this site because of all the post there is a section at the bottom MANAGE YOU SUBSRICTIONS you could just remove your email so you won't get anymore emails you already know the web address you could just come back to it anytime you want to check the comments that way you can just read what you want to read and not receive any emails about all the postings ok just some suggestions anyway has anyone heard anything about auditions?? i think they are looking already idk??

temsik on Mar 23, 2008


ya, i dont think its a good idea to give out any personal information. anyone could manipulate it to make it sound or seem like its sumone they arnt. lets just, well, maybe stick with this...

YueIsAwesome on Mar 24, 2008


Okay that works for me and I have my new chapter. ^o^ Enjoy!!!!!! I dedicate this chapter to Mako. :’( CHAPTER 16 “Fire Lord,” Commander Xin spoke behind Zuko. “I have gathered a small raid group for you.” Zuko nodded his thanks. “Go ahead Mei Ling.” Zuko said to his niece. She nodded and knocked on the door. For a moment nothing happened and Zuko looked up at the moon. It was just at it’s peak. They all heard footsteps behind the door and then it opened to revel a women looking not to much older then Katara. “Can I help you young lady?” the women spoke she apparently did not see everyone else. “Yeah. I want to know where you’ve taken Mizumi and aunt Katara!” Mei Ling said putting her hands on her hips and pointing accusingly at the women. The women stood there dumb founded then said “I-I don’t know what you are talking about.” Mei Ling looked at her furiously “I know you know where they are now talk!” Zuko sighed and stepped in front of Mei Ling then bowed to the women. She again looked dumb founded then hurriedly spoke “Lady Katara and Lady Mizumi are in here please come in but be careful.” Zuko did not expect that kind of welcome, but he did as he was instructed. When Zuko stepped across the threshold he saw his daughter. “Mizumi!?” he said and ran forward. “Dad!” she said back and they both hugged each other. “Thank you Mei Ling, thank you Shiu!” they both nodded. After he let go of his daughter she went to hug Mei Ling then moved on to Shiu. She stayed in his arms when Zuko noticed that they were just in a room alone and there was no Katara. “Where is your mother?” He asked his daughter. “She’s up stairs in one of the bedrooms…but you can’t go up there.” she added quickly as he started towards the stairs. Zuko turned around “Why?” he asked Mizumi. “Because she’s busy.” she said plainly. Zuko raised an eyebrow. “She’s waterbending the crap out of him up there. Mom told me that she didn’t want any of us involved.” Zuko did not like the way Mizumi said ‘him’ “And who exactly is this ‘him’?” “His name is Dai-” “AAAAGH!!!!” Mizumi was cut of by a scream. That was Katara! “KATARA?! That was Katara’s voice.” he ran up the stairs and found a shut door. Before Zuko could do anything else he heard another scream. The Fire Lord did not hesitate when he started pounding on the door. “HELP!! SOMEO-” his wife said behind the door. She was cut off by a man he intended to kill. Zuko jiggled the door handle, but it was locked. Then he heard talking on the other side. “Lady Azula…stopped…waterbending…could have…way with you…intend to!” Zuko only heard bits of that sentence and all he needed to hear was Katara scream to know she was in trouble. “KATARA? KATARA?!” said Zuko from behind the door. “BURN THE DOOR DOWN!” He demanded. The guards nodded and immediately started to firebend at the door. Zuko joined in to help reach Katara. The door was just losing it bark when Katara screamed again. “KATARA, KATARA I’M COMING!!!!” the door was almost gone now and Zuko kicked it down with all his strength. When he finally entered the room he saw his wife on the bed with her bandages showing. She was shaking and had cuts and bruises all over her. Zuko ran over to her and covered her up with a blanket. Her eyes was closed and her breathing was heavy. Who ever did this to her was going to pay dearly. *Present* “How is she?” Zuko asked Neomi as she stepped out of the royal chambers. It was midday and Zuko had brought Haku whole family back to the palace and Neomi offered to be Katara’s doctor. Zuko agreed and had been waiting for her to finish. Mizumi, Shiu, and Mei Ling were showing Karu and Kimi the palace so that the adults could talk. Zuko had sent out a messenger hawk to Aang, Toph, Sokka and Suki in the Earth kingdom telling them that they had found Katara. “She’s sleeping now.” Neomi answered. “Fire Lord may I speak freely?” Zuko nodded. “Don’t go in there, don’t open that door, don’t do anything in that room without my permission. I don’t care if you’re the Fire Lord when it comes down to my patients I don’t tolerate….Anything!” “How am I supposed to sleep tonight?” Zuko asked her a little take back by how forwardly open she was with him. “Just like you normally would just not on the bed.” Zuko made a face that said ‘what?’. “You have a couch Fire Lord, I suggest you use it.” she said plainly. Zuko held the bridge of his nose “How long is Katara going to be like this?” “Well that’s up to her. In three weeks if she feels up to trying to heal herself she is more then welcome to. But not before three weeks!” Neomi said determinedly “If she tries it she will cause more damage then there already is and there is plenty to start with.” ..::-::.. …………………………… “Blue skies smilin’ at me nothin’ but blue skies do I see.” “Bada ba ba do ba.” “Blue birds singin’ a song nothin’ but blue birds all day long.” Kimi sang. “Ba do ba do ba do ba do ba do do do ba doba da li do ba dowee ow wow wow daba do bow do boo do bow doba do do bow dow bow dow dow bowow!” Karu scatted. “Never saw the sun shinin’ so bright never saw things *snap snap* goin’ so right!” They sung together. “Noticin’ the days hurryin’ by when your in love *snap snap* my how they fly! “Blue days all of them gone nothin’ but blue skies from now on.” Karu sang along. Then they both harmonized the ending with “Blue skies from now on! Do do do…do dow!” “Wow! You two have real talent!” Mizumi praised the twins. “Thanks! This one of our better songs that we can sing.” Kimi said. “Yeah the lyrics are actually good!” Karu commented. Kimi smiled and nodded up and down vigorously. “I’m an airbender and I can’t even do that!” Shiu said clapping next to Mizumi. “Yeah you guys are really good! I have a question though.” Mei Ling asked the two girls. They just looked at her. “Do you think you have room for one more? I have to hang out with these to love-sick dorks. Besides I can’t stand it when Mizumi sings she is always off pitch!” She added playfully. “Are you kidding me Mei Ling?!” Mizumi said in playful retaliation. “You are the one who can’t sing! I can sing just fine!” “Oh yeah?! Well then ‘princess’ let’s hear it.” She shot back. “Fine! But don’t come cryin’ to me when your wrong!” “Oh that’ll be the day! When I start to cry because I was wrong. I’ll stop being a big girl! What has the world come to?!” she cried dramatically. “Now stop talking and start singing,” “You guys don’t really want to hear me sing, do you?” Mizumi asked hopefully. “I think it would be wonderful princess Mizumi.” Kimi said “Don’t you think so, Karu?” “Umm hmm.” Karu agreed. “I think it’d be awesome your highness!” Mizumi turned to face Shiu “Shiu you don’t really want to hear me sing, do you?” Mizumi begged with her eyes for him to say ‘no’ but all he did was smile. “Actually my love I’ve never heard you sing. I think it would be beautiful.” She scowled at him and muttered “Traitor.” He just smiled brighter and she could not stay mad at him no matter how hard she tried. “Alright enough chit-chat, sing already!” Mei Ling pushed. Mizumi glared at her friend “You just love doing that don’t you?” “Oh you know it!” she answered her. “*sigh* I dedicate this to my Uncle Iroh. One of the greatest Fire Lords the world and the Fire Nation has ever seen. May he have eternal joy and eternal peace with his beloved son Lu Ten. May he have all the Jing-Sang and Jasmine tea he can drink.” A tear ran down her face as she remembered her beloved uncle who had always been there for her father, mother, her aunt and uncle, and her uncle Aang and Aunt Toph. When Fire Lord Iroh had first passed away she would sometimes catch her father crying in private or looking at old pictures of the two of them. Her mother had told her of her father’s difficult past and it was also hard for her mother to lose Iroh. He was a good and loyal friend. “Winter, spring, summer and fall. Winter, spring summer and fall. Four seasons, four loves. Four seasons four loves. I saw him there by the bend. I saw him there by the bend. He was spring I was fall, he was spring I was fall. He was summer I was winter, he was summer I was winter. Warmed me he did, warmed me he did. I am new! I am new! He made me spring, he made me summer he made me love! I am new! I am new! He made me hot! He made warm! No longer cold, no longer freezing he made me new, he made me new, he made me love! Winter, spring, summer and fall. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Four seasons, four loves. Four seasons, four loves.” Before the time she was done all of her audience was crying. Her crystal clear tone was ringing through the palace and it amplified her voice so that it was angelic. Mizumi heard the sound of others clapping and turned around to see many of the servants and the guards clapping for her. She then turned her body to two familiar figures. “Dad, MOM?! Why are you clapping?! Aren‘t your wrists broken?” “Well I just healed them! It’s been long enough! And besides when I heard you singing I had to come and listen.” Her mother and father had tears in their eyes, but Mizumi noticed that her father’s were falling down his scared face more frequently. “That was beautiful Mizumi,” Zuko choked “I know uncle would have loved it.” Mizumi hugged her dad fiercely “Dad I’m sure uncle does love it. He loves everything. He’s not gone dad, remember what he said,” She did her best impression of Iroh “just because you cannot see something does not mean that it is not there. You must always look into others eyes to see the full truth.” Once she was done she smiled and her father slapped his head “I am 36 years old and I still don’t understand what he’s saying!” Katara walked up next to them and kissed him on the lips “Well you need to hurry up because I’m two years younger then you and I understand him perfectly.” she started to laugh at him lovingly. “That’s not funny Katara!” he said glaring at her. “Yes it is!” she retorted. ……………………………

Prayer Girl on Mar 24, 2008


yet another wonderful chapter. it was sweet that u dedicated that to maku also did u make up the rest of the lyrics to the song? or did u find em"?

YueIsAwesome on Mar 24, 2008


I made them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^ Glade you liked them!!!!!!!

Prayer Girl on Mar 25, 2008


here we go again. to put it plainly. your story sucks. it started off good, but it got too confusing. too many characters and plots. just stop already. and if you too really want to converse, just swap emails and you two retards can stop posting here.

Billy on Mar 25, 2008


wut was that billy?

YueIsAwesome on Mar 26, 2008


i couldnt hear u

YueIsAwesome on Mar 26, 2008


Billy is just so rude. if he dosent have anything nice or constructive thing to say he should just butt out. people go on these sort of things to make friends so they are allowed to chat if they want to. u need to find friends wherever you can in life. Why dont YOU get a life Billy instead of pestering Prayer girl and Yue. sorry i just cant stand meaness

Ty-lee O on Mar 26, 2008


Well Billy it takes one to know one! ^o^ thanx girls your to kind! as long as one person likes it I’ll keep writing AND posting it. And if my memory serves me correctly didn't we (and by we I mean Yue and myself) decide that it was dangerous to do that. I don’t think that it is dangerous to give me your myspace though Yue.

Prayer Girl on Mar 26, 2008


thx ty-lee O thx prayer girl oh and the only reason i thot it was dangerous for the myspace, was bc if i gave u mine, sumone could have a myspace to look like its urs, then they would request me as thier friend with a message attached saying "hi this is prayer girl" then i would think its u and accept. then that guy would have all that information about me thats on my profile. they would have where i live and all that junk idk, i just worry to much and if i did tell u wut it was and my mom found out she would KILL me(ya shes SUPER protective)

YueIsAwesome on Mar 26, 2008


oh and billy, its 3 against 1, so i think its best u give up

YueIsAwesome on Mar 26, 2008


Oh well then there you go EXCEPT I don't have a myspace. My cousin said I could use his and you could ask me lots of qustions only i would know.

Prayer Girl on Mar 26, 2008


My little brother wants to know how old you are Yue, he said that he would come on here and ask you any way so I wanted to know

Prayer Girl on Mar 26, 2008


Sorry ^o^; my brother submited it to soon. What I was going to say was so I wanted to ask insted.

Prayer Girl on Mar 26, 2008


lol its o.k. im turning 14 in july how old r u? im prolly younger...

YueIsAwesome on Mar 27, 2008


Sorry Billy, I know this is gonna cheese you off, but I must admit I am curious. Prayer Girl when in December are you? I'm only asking because I'll be 18 on the ninth, and it's not often I meet someone the same age as me with a birthday in the same month. (I'm homeschooled...) And again, sorry Billy, I know how you feel about all the e-mails, it can be a pain to have to open one after another when the majority of them only contains "ur so nice!" or "Im soooo glad ur my friend" (meaning absolutely no offense to Prayer Girl and Yue, but it can be kind of annoying) but you went about it all wrong, and I think you now deserve to have your inbox flooded with them talking to each other. About bras should they choose too. Karma baby.

Jakie on Mar 27, 2008


By origanal birthday I ment to say due date.

Prayer Girl on Mar 27, 2008


thx prayer girl :).. hehe that was funny jakie. and ur rite, if billy bothers us again we should start talkin about bras and pads.(srry, i know, tmi) hehe lol

YueIsAwesome on Mar 28, 2008


Your welcome Girl friend! ^o^ Now I'm going to sound really stupid but what does 'tmi' mean?

Prayer Girl on Mar 28, 2008


Hey wat is the max age you think they'll accept for the movie?

temsik on Mar 28, 2008


Hey, Prayer Girl, I really like your story, but you know there's a website specifically for fanfics. It's called, and you can post your story and other people can review it. You should post your story there and keep this forum for info on the films. Let me know if and when you decide to post on, because I'd love to keep reading. [And "tmi" means "too much information" :)]

Meggie on Mar 28, 2008


I don't know temsik but I think it is safe to say that if you are 20 your to old. ^o^ Thanx!!!! Maggie. This is my first time ever talking to people on the internet so I'm pretty illiterate about these kind of things ^o^; I have always liked that name it is just do cute. ^_~ I will post it right now.

Prayer Girl on Mar 28, 2008


I just went to that site and I didn't see any way for me to post my story. how do you go about doing that.

Prayer Girl on Mar 28, 2008


thats cool, i think my friend posted sumthin on before, but that was awhile ago, so i dont know how to do it either. so hopefully meggie can help u. oh ya, the kids choice awards are on tonite, and avatar is running for best cartoon. lets all cross our fingers =]

YueIsAwesome on Mar 29, 2008


Totally! ^_~

Prayer Girl on Mar 29, 2008


Okay, Prayer Girl, here's what you do: -Go to and click "Register" on the tool bar (it'll be towards the right, in between "Login" and "Extras) -The Terms of Service will pop up. Click "Agree." -Fill out the information form, and don't worry about coming up with the perfect penname just yet--you can always change it later. Click "Register." -Once you're all signed up, log in and click on "Profile/Bio" and make a profile for yourself. -Make a document on pretty much anything other than NotePad--although NotePad will work, it won't save any italics, underlines, bolds, or anything else other than the plain text--and go to "Documents," where you'll be walked through how to upload the document to your account. -Go to "Stories" (it's right below "Documents" on the nav bar) and click on "New Story." It will tell you to read the Guildelines. This is a formality that you'll have to comply to every time you want to post a new story. Click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Yes I have read and agreed to content guidelines," then click "New Story" again. Click the button that says "Click to select category," then (obviously) select the general category of your fanfic (in your case it will be anime) then click the more specific category (in your case, Avatar: The Last Airbender). Fill out the basic form, giving your fanfic a title, a summary, a rating, a genre, two main characters (if there are two specific main characters), and then select your story from the Documents drop-down list. -Click "Submit Story" and voila! You have a fanfic on your brand-new account. Now you can wait for the reviews to roll in, and in the meantime, you can browse the different categories and read and review other people's fanfics. You can make a lot of really great friends on know I have! -Next step: type the following link into your address bar: and review my fanfics! I can't wait to be able to review yours! ~Meggie (PS-- It's been a while since I first signed up, so this might have changed, but there may be a three-day waiting period before you're allowed to post stories. This helps to reduce the number of fake accounts on there.)

Meggie on Mar 29, 2008


ouch lol prayer girl people who are 20yrs are not that old. anyway if this movie bcomes a trilogy the actors are all gonna look older than the characters should be. just wish something would come up already

temsik on Mar 29, 2008


THANX A TON, MAGGIE! ^O^ Only one problem does it coast something and if it does my dad wont let me do it. 🙁 Well I know that! lol! I'm just saying like if someone wanted to play Aang and they were twenty I think the director would go for the younger person. ^o^

Prayer Girl on Mar 30, 2008


No problem, Prayer Girl, and no, it doesn't cost anything. And I think that it doesn't matter what age you are, so long as you don't LOOK too old. Ashley Tisdale is 23 and she still plays teenagers, and in the Harry Potter movies, the girl who plays 12 year old Moaning Myrtle is actually in her 40s. So I think that if you are 20 but you look the part of a teenager, you're okay. :]

Meggie on Mar 30, 2008


Thanx Maggie that will definitely change my dads mind! THNAX AGAIN! ^o^ Daaaaaang! Well you sure proved me wrong Maggie! In her 40s?! Snap! o_O

Prayer Girl on Mar 30, 2008


wat really 40yrs old thats a surprise. they are probably looking for an asian person to play anag and zuko right, also with martial arts background. man can't wait

temsik on Mar 30, 2008


Are you asian and have martial arts backround temsik? Just curious. I'm not and I don't. ^o^

Prayer Girl on Mar 30, 2008


me either prayer girl, im white and do normal sports =( i really wish i could do sum martail arts tho, it sounds interesting to try out anyway, avatar won for best cartoon on the kids choice awards! YAY!!!!!!!!!! =D

YueIsAwesome on Mar 31, 2008


I'm part black, part white, part cherokee, and there are probably some other ethnicities thrown in there somewhere (both my parents were adopted), and I think I look a lot like Katara. I have almost exactly her skin tone, and I have asian looking features from the part of me that's cherokee. I have also been training shotokan karate since I was 4. I really would love to try out for the part, 'cause even if I don't get to play Katara, I could maybe just be an extra water bender. That'd be great. And Yue, if you ever get the chance to do a martial art grab it, because if you manage to find a good school with good instructors, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Don't go to a "Mcdojo" though. (Places like Tiger Schulman's, where you basically sign a contract that says after 2 years you'll get your black belt. You don't actually learn an art, which is what it's supposed to be.) I looked, and there are some shotokan dojos (schools) in michigan, actually. There's one in Swartz Creek, one in Ann Arbor, and one in Flushing. I don't know if any of these are near you, but if you want some more information, you can e-mail me at

Jakie on Mar 31, 2008


wow, thx jakie! two of em' are actually really close! thx!

YueIsAwesome on Mar 31, 2008


and i hope u get one of those parts =D

YueIsAwesome on Mar 31, 2008


Me too! ^o^ Hey Yue I ahve a new fanfic. It's Zutara again but this time they are all in high school. Well Aang and Toph are in middle school, but you get the point. I don't have chapters they are just by days. and it is going to be short not long. Although if you are not satisfied with just the short story I can try to meak it longer. The first day “Man what took you so long Sugar-queen?” Toph asked Katara as she ran up next to them at the bus stop. They all took the same bus since Sokka’s car was in the shop. They found it easier since their school had the grades K-12 in other words a joint school. “Sorry Toph I had to run all the way from the other end of the school! It’s not as easy as it looks.” Katara huffed. Her brother Sokka started to run in place. “Shut up Sokka!” he smiled a big toothy grin. “Hey have you guys heard of that new student that just moved here from California? They just got him all set for tomorrow.” Aang said to his companions. “I heard his name was Zuko.” Katara said. “I heard that his sister is like totally crazy and they had to put her in the loony bin.” Sokka said in spooky voice that wasn’t as spooky as it was funny. “I heard that when he was 10 his mother died.” Aang said lowering his head. Toph then added “Yeah well I heard that she died in a fire and his father blamed him for it. So in retaliation he burned his son on the face. He was taken out of his father’s care after that and moved in to stay with his uncle.” “T-that’s awful.” Katara said quietly.

Prayer Girl on Mar 31, 2008


hey guys, ive been watching this thread for a while, and i noticed all of the stories you guys have done have been zutara. well im a strong kataangist, and i must say that zutara is very illogical and definetly NOT going to happen. 😀

Stephen on Mar 31, 2008


Well thoes stories have all been mine and if that is the way it is going to be so be it. but what do you think about my writing style?

Prayer Girl on Mar 31, 2008


luved it prayer girl, u transferred the origanal story to modern times in a creative and successful way, LUVED IT!!!!! =D

YueIsAwesome on Mar 31, 2008


well it wasn't bad...but besides the fact of zutara never going to happen (ah ha ha), they were good. like billy said though, they were a bit hard to follow. as heartless as he was, he had a point. i went away for a weekend, and i read the latest chapter (i had skipped about 2) and i was hopelessly lost. the new one's not too bad, but i wouldnt recommend making it as complicated as the other one, with all the characters and mini plots, etc

Stephen on Mar 31, 2008


yah i'm asian and i have been studying the marital arts since i was 11. thats why i trying to audition for aang or zuko. i agree with jackie about picking up a martial arts school, but it is hard to find a good school with good teachers. i try to stay away with schools that say you will get a black belt in two years or so and most of those schools that i have seen are usually big schools that makes it look more like a busness place than a school. Jackie, chrokee is native american if i remember correctly. their eyes is what i'm guessing is what you mean that look asian.

temsik on Mar 31, 2008


Yeah Chrokee is native american. That is really cool that you are asian and do marital arts. me I'm just a plain old white girl! ^_~

Prayer Girl on Apr 1, 2008


OKAY THANX FOR THE FEED BACK!!!!! ^o^ That is why I posted my story here so I could get constructive criticism. But you'll have to explain what you mean by confused so I can make it better. ^_~ THANX YUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have more! The second day. ..::-::.. “Students please listen up.” The teacher told Katara’s class. “We have a new student with us today. Please welcome Zuko to our class and our school.” the teacher finished his speech then said “Let me check the seating chart…hmm lets see. There is a place next to Katara. Katara please raise your hand.” the teacher spoke to her and she did. “Over here.” she said waving him down. ‘He’s cute!’ she thought. “Thank you Katara. Please, have a seat.” Zuko nodded once and went to sit next to Katara. As he was walking towards his new desk Suki leaned over and whispered to her “Wow Katara. If I wasn’t going out with your brother I would like a piece of that.” “Shut up Suki!” Katara whispered back. Katara turned to see Zuko sit down in his seat and the teacher resumed the lesson. She leaned over to her new classmate and said “Hi my name’s Katara. Nice to meet you.” she put a hand out for him to shake and as he looked at her he did so. “I know, the teacher said that was your name.” Katara made an ‘o’ face. “My name is Zuko.” he finished. Katara smiled devilishly “I know, the teacher said that was your name.” “Touché.” he answered with a crooked smile and Katara smiled very big unable to contain herself. “*slap* Katara, Zuko if you would like to continue talking I can give you a pass to go to principle Roku’s office, but if not please be silent.” the teacher finished without another word. Zuko leaned over a little bit not looking away from the teacher “Sorry I got you in trouble, Katara.” Katara did the same “Like wise, Zuko.” Zuko sat up and then turned to look at her. Katara felt his eyes on her, but forced herself to keep her eyes forward. “*slap* Zuko! I’m pretty sure that this equation is not written on miss Katara face so if you could please draw your attention away form her for a moment and write down this equation I would be very happy.” the teacher said. “What?” Zuko asked him. “*sigh* Zuko I would like you to write-” Zuko cut him off “No, no, no I was confused because I already wrote down the equation. I was going to ask Katara for her help. I‘m not that good at math.” he added scratching the back of his head. “Oh.” the teacher said plainly. Next to Katara Suki said “Snap. That boy thinks fast.” But poor Katara was to busy mumbling in her hands to herself to hear her friend. “Isn’t that right, Katara?” Zuko asked on her other side. (Still mumbling) “Right, Katara?!” Zuko asked her a little louder. She popped her head up from her hands. “Huh?” “Right, Katara?” Zuko asked again. “Right!” she said to his question. ‘I really hope what I just agreed to was a good thing!’ she thought. “Any way so the square rout of pie is…*sigh* that was a close one.” Zuko said leaning in to make the lie look real. “You sure think fast.” Katara commented on his quick cover up. “I’ve had practice.” He answered. After a few minuets he spoke again “You know I really was going to ask for your help.” “Sure you were.” she said eyeing him condescendingly. “I was.” he said in a kind-of whiney tone. “But it’s also hard not to keep your eyes off of a pretty girl.” Katara looked up at him in surprise then smiled and said warmly “Thank you” He smiled and said warmly back to her “You’re welcome.” ..::-::.. “Aww I’m so hungry!” Suki whined. They just got out of math and were on there way to lunch. “Oh no, somebody call a doctor! Suki is starting to sound like my brother! The food mongrel! AAAAAGH!!!” Katara yelled. Suki glared at her “Oh shut up Katara!” Katara started to giggle. They just turned the corner when a familiar voice spoke to them. “Hey Katara, hey Suki!” “Hey Haru!” The two chorused. “How is your father?” Katara asked him. Haru smile widened “HE’S GREAT! The doctors said that he was going to be just fine! He’s doing better then they expected! Well it was nice talking to you, but I have to get to class. Bye!” Haru ran down the hall and Suki and Katara waved good bye. The girls started to walk again when Katara bumped into someone. “Watch it!” the person snapped. “Sorry,” Katara said rubbing the side of her face “I didn’t see anyone there.” she then raised her head to see the school bully. “Jet!” “Oh sorry my dear I didn’t know that was you.” he answered her. Katara rolled her eyes “So what do you say about becoming my girl and joining my freedom fighters.” he put his arm around her shoulder as he spoke. As Katara spoke she pulled his arm off of hers “Not even in your dreams. Let’s go Suki.” “You don’t even need to tell me once.” Suki answered her. Once they were out of Jet’s sight Suki said “You should be more careful Katara. He’s badness 101!” Katara chuckled once “Thanks for your concern Suki, but he doesn’t intimidate me. And he shouldn’t intimidate you. That’s his whole goal in life. You shouldn’t even be scared of him you know the Kiyoshi warrior fighting style. You could beat his butt any day!” Suki turned to look at her “Yeah I know, but it is only good for 3 people at once tops. Lady Kiyoshi couldn’t even handle more then that. That Jet has got a whole gang behind him. I just want you to be careful.” Katara smiled at her “I will. Now let’s go get something for you to eat before you double over.” the two friends laughed then met up with Aang, his girlfriend Toph, and Katara’s brother Sokka. Since they were all in separate grades they always went out to eat or they got their food and met some where else. Toph’s father was the governor of Oregon and her family was loaded. Katara and Sokka’s father was the mayor of Salem where they lived so they had some money too. Today the gang went out for lunch. “Hey guys,” Katara said to her friends at the restaurant “the new kid Zuko, is in mine and Suki’s math class!” “Really?” Aang asked. Katara nodded her head. “What is he like?” Toph asked Katara. “Well he’s tall, handsome, muscular,” (she liked that part) “nice, kind, funny, smart and a very quick thinker.” when she was done everyone stared at her like she was a car fanatic describing her favorite car. Her brother then said “Dang Katara do you like him or something, because if you do I have to check him out first.” “What Sokka are you like a Private Investigator now?” she snapped at him. “When I need to be!” he snapped back. “Well I think it’s about time Katara found a boy friend, right Sugar-queen?” Toph said to her friend and Katara blushed fiercely. “No! I forbid-” “I think Katara likes this Zuko.” Aang said interrupting Sokka with an evil smile. “Not if I have anything-” “Well,” Suki cut Sokka off “I think someone like Zuko would be great for Katara. He seems like her could watch over her.” “Zuko doesn’t have to do that I-” “What do you mean Suki?” Aang asked putting his arm around Toph, once again ignoring Sokka. Katara’s older brother put his head down in defeat. “We ran into Jet today.” She answered him and everybody gasped. “He asked me to be his girl friend again.” Katara said. “Why that, that, THAT SABER-TOOTH-MOOSE-LION!” Sokka yelled. “‘Saber-tooth-moose-lion?” they all said. “What is that?” Suki asked him. “A giant monstrous beast that is really dangerous.” Sokka answered his girlfriend. Katara looked at her watch “*gasp* we’d better get going or we’ll be late for class.” Sokka paid for the bill and they left the restaurant. Once her brother dropped Aang and Toph off he then dropped her off. Suki and Sokka had the next class together so they went together. Katara went to science and as she expected it was boring. The bell rang and she gathered her things then went to her next class which was gym. Katara liked gym, but the only things she didn’t like were dressing down, and instead of her friends Jet and some of his cronies were there. Once Katara reached the girls looker room she saw Jet there with his gang waiting for something. Katara kept moving as if she hadn’t seen them and she prayed they wouldn’t see her, but apparently God was on break because the next thing she heard was “Hello Katara just the girl I wanted to see.” Jet spoke to her and she inwardly rolled her eyes. ‘Great, thanks a lot.’ she thought. “I wanted to ask you if you would be my girl, my women, or my girl friend. I had to turn down a lot of others of course, but my heart only belongs to you.” “Oh brother,” She mumbled. “Look Jet I already told you, I’m not interested. I’m flattered that you would ask me, but no I don’t want to be your girl friend. Good. Bye.” she turned to leave, but his cronies were blocking the entrance. She tried to get around them, but Jet grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. “Whoa hold on there baby, I don’t think you heard me I said I wanted you to be my girl friend.” “Oh I heard you, but I don’t think you heard me, I said no!” she pulled away from him, but he brought her back to face him. “Look I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.” “Then you better change you mind because ‘no’ is still and will always be my answer!” Katara shot back at him. “Now please, let me go I have to get to class.” she tried to leave, but he slammed her against the wall. “Ow! Jet let me go!” “Not until you say yes!” He was pushing her into the wall. “Jet, please stop!” she begged him. Tears were falling down her cheeks it hurt so much. “NO!” he said. Unbeknownst to them Zuko was walking towards them. “AAAGG! Darn school, it all looks the same!” he said then checked his watch “It’s a good thing this is my first day or I would get into trouble for being three minutes (plus time to change) late. Just like uncle always says ‘always make a good first impression of yourself ‘cause you will never get a second and if you do it will be okay, but never be as good as the first.’ I still can’t under stand what he’s saying.” “AAA!” “Hmm. That sounded like Katara.” Zuko looked up in the direction he was heading and saw her pinned to the wall. “Katara!” Zuko ran to her. “Zu-ko?” Katara said through her pain. Jet looked at him then at her “Catch ya later babe.” he finally let her go and she fell to the ground. As Zuko passed Jet, Jet stopped him by saying “Don’t even think about it ugly. She’s mine.” Zuko clenched his fists in the urge not to punch his lights out for calling him ‘ugly’ and not caring that he hurt her. “Katara’s not anyone’s property.” he growled. Jet snorted “She will be.” With that he left. Zuko watched him go until he heard groaning behind him. He turned to see Katara on the floor and raced to her. “Katara, Katara are you okay?!” he asked her. She lifted her head slowly then smiled at him warmly, but with strain. “Thank you.” “For what?” he asked her confused. “For being here for me when I needed you.” she answered him then collapsed into his lap. “This is awkward.” he said to himself. “Katara?” he said lifting her up to lean on the wall. “Katara?” he said again shaking her a little bit by putting pressure on her shoulders. “AAAA!” she cried in her sleep. Zuko let go immediately, jumping “Sorry, sorry it was an accident.” he reached for her shoulders then pulled back debating weather or not he should check them. When he finally reached a decision he said to her “I’m just going to check your shoulders Katara I swear.” he reached for her shoulders with the utmost care and pulled her shirt down only enough to see that her right shoulder was fine, but her left shoulder was bruised, badly. As he spoke he put up her right sleeve. “What did he do to you?! Well in any case I need to get you to the nurse’s office. Can you walk?” (Silence) “Can you stand?” (Silence) “Can you even hear me?” (Silence) “Oh Perfect.” Zuko gathered her up in his arms and started to walk to the front where the nurse’s office was. As Zuko was walking he passed several students and one teacher who he told that he was going to the nurse’s office. Zuko turned the corner to see a boy and a girl. The boy was wearing jeans and a blue sleeveless t-shirt. He had a white choker on and his hair was up in a weird ponytail. The girl he knew as Suki from his math class. Katara had introduced them. She was wearing jeans and a green t-shirt that had a yellow fan in the center of it and said ‘Kiyoshi Warrior’. Her hair was short and she had it clipped back. The moment he walked pass them Zuko said “Excuse me Suki, I’m sorry to bother you, but where is the nurse’s office?” “Oh hi Zuko, what happed!?” Suki asked. Zuko thought about telling her, but then that might not be wise. “She got hurt.” he said plainly. “Oh well if you go down this hall it’s the third door on your left.” she said. “Thank you.” he said and she nodded. He was about to leave when she stopped him “Wait,” Suki moved Katara’s face so that it was facing her and then she said “Katara?! Sokka look it’s Katara.” she was hitting him repeatedly to get his attention. Sokka rubbed his arm while saying “Ow Suki that hurt…Katara?!” “You know Katara?” Zuko asked. Suki nodded, but Sokka exploded “WHO AER YOU?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER?! WHY IS SHE IN YOUR ARMS SLEEPING?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!…” He was still yelling when Suki said to Zuko “I’ll go with you to the nurse’s office.” “NOW YOU’RE LEAVING ME FOR HIM?! HOW COULD YOU SUKI?! HOW COULD YOU DO-” Sokka yelled at her and Zuko could not, (no matter how hard he tried) could not see the family resemblance between Sokka and Katara. Then without warning Suki smacked Sokka upside the head. “SHUT UP, SOKKA!!!” “OWW! Yes ma’am.” he said submissively. Zuko then said to Katara quietly “It’s a wonder you can sleep through all of this Katara.” The young women in his arms snuggled closer to his chest unconsciously. After Suki had finished scolding Sokka they led Zuko to the nurse’s office where the nurse saw them coming and said “Oh my goodness! What happened to Katara?” she led Zuko over to the sick bed and he gently laid Katara on the bed. “Thank you my boy, and what is your name I don’t think we’ve met. My name is Yugoda. You may call me Yugoda or nurse which ever you prefer. I do hope Katara is alright. She is my assistant and a talented healer.” “Thank you ma’am and my name is Zuko. I just moved here.” Zuko said to her. “Oh so proper Zuko, I think we’re going to get along just fine. You can just call me Yugoda, Zuko.” Yugoda added having regained her composer. Suki sat down on the bed next to Katara “Yugoda can Sokka and I stay here with Katara?” “Did you two have class?” the nurse asked them. The two of them nodded. “Then you can stay.” she smiled and went to her cabinet. “Her reasoning is different.” Zuko said to Suki and she nodded. “Oh how rude of me!” Suki suddenly said “Sokka this is Zuko, Zuko this is Sokka my boyfriend.” “It’s nice to meet you.” Zuko said to him while putting his hand out for him to shake. Sokka took it saying “Thanks for saving my sister.” “Katara’s a good friend; I would do anything for her.” Zuko answered his praise. “Anything?” Sokka asked raising an eyebrow. “Well yeah, I mean wouldn’t you do the same for your friends?” Zuko said. “I suppose.” Sokka answered. Yugoda came back with bandages and cleaners “Well now, Zuko was it?” she asked Zuko. He nodded. “Alright what exactly is wrong with her?” “Well her left shoulder is bruised pretty badly.” Zuko answered. “How would you know?” Sokka asked Zuko accusingly. “Well I checked-” “WHAT?!” Sokka screamed cutting off Zuko. “Suki maybe you should take Sokka into the other room.” Yugoda offered. Suki nodded “Come on Sokka let’s go.” “WHAT?! NO SUKI-” “Sokka let’s go.” “NO SUKI I’M NOT-” “Sokka let’s go” “NO SUKI-MMMMM” without warning Suki smacked her lips up against Sokka’s and shut him up. She then proceeded to walk to the other room still attached to him. Once they were gone Yugoda said (more to herself then to Zuko) “I love those two.” ..::-::.. “Mmm…what happened?” Katara asked as she sat up. “Oh, so you’re up? I’m glad. I was beginning to worry, school’s almost out.” Yugoda said to the rising young women in the sick bed. “Yugoda? Am I in your office?” Katara asked her. “Yes you are Katara and would you like to tell me what exactly happened to make you have such a bruised shoulder?” “Oh, yeah, but where is Zuko? I know I saw him.” “I’m right here, Katara.” Zuko said walking up to her and sitting down next to her. “Oh, are you okay Zuko?” she asked him. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” he asked her. “Well I saw you talking to Jet and I thought that maybe he hurt you, because of me.” Katara added putting her head down. He started to laugh “I wouldn’t let that wossy near me and even if I did it would be because I owe him a knuckle-sandwich.” Zuko punched his hand. Katara started to laugh and tried to adjust herself when she cried out in pain. “Katara be careful.” “Watch it Katara you have a sprained collarbone I put your left arm in a sling. Couldn’t you tell? The medical student here can’t even tell if she has a sling on or not? That’s just sad.” Katara looked at her then down at her new sling. “Now would you kindly tell me what happened for you to get such a bad sprain? Zuko refused to tell me.” Katara turned her attention from Yugoda to Zuko. She smiled warmly saying “Thank you.” she said quietly. Zuko had his arms crossed when he looked at her, confused. “Zuko, would you please go get principle Roku?” Yugoda asked him. Zuko stared at Katara for a moment longer then nodded at Yugoda. “Should I go get Suki and Sokka too?” he asked her. “That would be lovely thank you dear.” After Zuko had left Yugoda checked around the corner to make sure he was gone when she turned her attention towards Katara. “That boy Zuko stayed the entire time you were asleep. As I said before he refused to tell me what happened, probably to protect you.” she added. The pain medicine that Yugoda had given her made her not think as fast so she stared at the healer with a blank expression, until it hit her what Yugoda was implying. Katara inhaled slowly and looked away as her face started to redden. The young women smiled warmly at the thought. “KATARA?! YOU’RE OKAY!” her brother rushed into the room and hugged her fiercely. “Sokka please be care-AAAAAA!!” Katara said but then screamed because Sokka grabbed her on her left shoulder. “Sokka!” Suki said smacking her brother upside the head. “Katara are you okay now?” “Other then Sokka dislocating my shoulder I’m fine.” On the word shoulder Katara punched Sokka on his shoulder. “KATARA!” Aang and Toph said at the same time. They ran into the room and stared to hound her about what happened. She smiled at them and said “I’m fine guys, really.” “I’m glade to see that you are doing fine in Yugoda’s care Miss Katara, but I have some questions for you and Mr. Zuko.” The principle spoke behind her friends and Zuko popped out from behind him. “Now would all of you please leave so that I can talk to the two of them privately?” “Mr. Roku I don’t know about Zuko, but I don’t mind having them here. Actually I’d prefer it.” Katara said to the principle. “I don’t mind either Mr. Roku.” Said Zuko. Roku nodded his head in approval. “Well I don’t think that you would want to have your conversation in here where it is cramped.” Yugoda said to them. “Too true, thank you Yugoda.” Roku said nodding his head once to her then turning to the six of them he said “Come with me to my office please.” They all got up from where they were and followed him. Zuko looked back to see if Katara needed some help, but she was just fine. He smiled at her strength and followed the principle. Once the seven of them were settled in principle Roku’s office, Roku started asking questions. “Zuko said that you got hurt Katara. Is that true?” Katara nodded. “How did you get hurt?” “Well I was on my way to gym and…” Katara hesitated. Suki was right about Jet. He was nothing but a thug. Katara wasn’t afraid of him so much as she was pissed at him right now, but what if Jet went after her friends to get to her? That was why she hesitated, but when Katara looked over to Zuko he smiled that crocked smile that made her heart beat faster she knew they would be okay. “and I saw Jet there.” behind her Sokka started to growl and Suki smacked him. “He was waiting for me so that he could ask me to be his girlfriend again.” Roku was silent and Katara continued “He asked me twice (not counting the times before that) and after I refused him he started to get aggressive with me.” “Aggressive how?” Roku asked her. “He shoved me against the wall and had me pined there. I asked him repeatedly to let me go and to stop pushing on me (which is how my collarbone is sprained). He told me that he wouldn’t let me go unless I said that I would be his girlfriend. If Zuko hadn’t gotten there when he did, I don’t know what would have happened.” Katara hugged herself then felt a warm had on her right shoulder tapping encouragingly. She looked up to see her brother smiling down at her. Katara leaned her head on his chest. “Is that all?” Roku asked sweetly. Katara nodded. Roku then turned his attention to Zuko. “And what is your part of the story?” “This was my first day here so I was lost and when I finally found the gym I saw this Jet person and some other people surrounding someone and when I got closer I saw Katara. I met Katara earlier today because we have math class together so I recognized her. When I went to her this Jet person and his friends left and then I brought Katara to Yugoda’s office.” “Thank you Zuko, Katara, I will have to have a talk with Jet. That was all you can go now thank you.” Katara said her thanks and the six of them all left. They were all on their way to Sokka’s car when Sokka said to anyone who would listen “I wish I was the one who saw that Jet I would have punched his lights out!” everyone agreed, but Katara wasn’t listening. Instead she was wondering where Zuko had gone. “Have you guys seen where Zuko went?” Katara asked her friends. They all shook their heads. “Oh…” she reached for her mother’s necklace and found that it wasn’t there. “My mother’s necklace is gone!” Katara franticly looked around for it. “We have to go back and look for it!” She started to run back but was stopped by her brother. “Katara we can look for it tomorrow we have to get home. Dad and Gran-Gran will start to worry if we are late.” “But what if the custodians find it and throw it away?!” she asked franticly. “They don’t throw away necklaces Katara. We can come back tomorrow and get it. If they do find it they putt it in the lost and found, and Yugoda knows that’s your necklace she will hold onto it for you.” Hesitantly Katara nodded and followed her brother out into the car. (Else where) “Uncle I’m sorry I’m not home yet. There was a little problem at school…Yeah every thing’s fine…Yeah I made new friends…I’m getting in my car right now…yeah I’ll be right over…what do you by ‘hurry up, there aren’t enough female costumers’ it’s a tea shop called the ‘Jasmine Dragon’ not the ‘Escort Service dragon’!… I’m hanging up now…good bye!” with that Zuko hung up the phone and drove off.

Prayer Girl on Apr 1, 2008


No prob Yue, I'm glad I could help. Yeah, temsik, Cherokee is native american, which is why I said I have asian looking features. I wouldn't just say that I'm asian, 'cause I'm not, but Native Americans do typically have some asian looking features (including the eyes).

Jakie on Apr 3, 2008


Totally! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 3, 2008


wow! LUV it prayer girl!!!!as usual u did an excellent job =D luv the story line, u should continue writing it! 😀 the only confusion i have, is that on the first day u sed Sokka's car was in the shop, in the second he drove his car quite a bit. idk if u just over looked it or if his car was done in the shop by the next day. either way, u did an excellent and u should b proud of ur self 🙂

YueIsAwesome on Apr 4, 2008


When the people that read my stories and like them that is when I am proud. But I'm proud when Ilike the stories that I write too. 😛 I'm working on the third day right now. ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 4, 2008


I have 'the third day' for you. Enjoy! ^o^ ps. I'm sorry that I haven't posted any new chapters of my other story. I've just been on a writing kick for this one. I'll try to post something new soon. :$ The third day ..::-::.. “SOKKA,” Katara yelled at her brother. “WHY DIDN’T YOU GET ME UP EARLIER I’M GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” Katara scrambled to her closet and pulled out a short sleeve blue turtleneck sweater and put on a pair of jeans. Once she slipped them on she ran to her bathroom to do her hair. She was in such a hurry all she did was tie her hair in her bun and pull her hair loops up. She didn’t bother braiding the rest of it because she was in too much of a hurry. She brushed her teeth quickly, grabbed her backpack and ran to the kitchen. When she got there however, she saw that her brother was not in there. That was strange. Sokka was always in the kitchen. Katara saw her Gran-Gran and walked to her. She was making some chicken noodle soup. “Gran-Gran, where is Sokka, and what is that for?” Her Grandmother smiled “This is for Sokka he has food poisoning so you’ll need to catch the bus.” “Oh, well I have a few more minutes then, the bus is always late. Oh well, might as well leave now. Good bye Gran-Gran,” Katara hugged her then kissed her on the top of the head then grabbed a breakfast bar. She moved to go to her brother’s room. “Good bye Sokka, rest easy.” he weakly waved good bye and she was off. As Katara walked to the bus stop she phoned Aang, Toph, and Suki. Only to find out that all three of them had food poisoning too! They must’ve gotten it from the restaurant they ate from yesterday. Everyone had hamburgers except for Katara, she had the chicken sandwich. “Well I guess I’m going to be on my own today.” ‘Maybe Zuko will be in one of my classes like yesterday.’ she thought. When the bus finally came, Katara sat in the back. At the next stop three boys sat in the back with her. She accidentally over heard a conversation they were having. “Man did you hear about Jet and his gang?” the first boy asked. “Yeah, talk about living on the wild side!” the second said. “What are you guys talking about?” asked the third. “You didn’t hear Mitch?” said the second. Mitch shook his head. “Well I’m not that good at telling stories, go ahead and tell him Dylan.” the second said. Dylan looked at his two companions “Jet and his gang got in trouble with the feds last night.” “How so?” asked Mitch. “They attacked a girl.” Katara and Mitch widened their eyes. “She’s okay just really shaken up. One of the gang members saw her from across the street and asked her to go have a drink with him. When she said no thank you he got violent with her and none of the other gang members tried to stop him. They were actually laughing! Luckily someone was near by and heard her cries for help and called the police. The gang member that attacked the girl went to prison while the others were released this morning. They were probably suspended from school.” for the next ten minuets that was what she heard and Katara was glade for the bus to arrive at school. Her classes to day were as follows 2 per. History 4 per. Chinese 6 per. Health 8 per. Landscape Katara was excited for the weekend. It was Friday and Suki promised Katara that she would take her to go shopping. After grievously trying to persuade Toph into going with them the young blind women gave in. After they all went shopping they were to go out to a movie, all five of them. They had chosen the movie ‘How to be a Friend’ it was about this boy who was always picked on and never had a real friend, when he met a girl who just moved to his home town and was the very first person nice to him. They grow up together and gradually fall in love. When she is chosen to be in a contest and she wins. Then she moves away and the rest of the movie is about them trying to find each other. Katara was exited to watch it (assuming that everyone was over the food poisoning). During history the class had to take a test and once she had finished she fell asleep. Her next class, Chinese, she always looked forward to, but today there was a sub. So she did her work as she watched her classmates terrorize the sub. Health was okay, but Katara wanted to actually heal people. She knew that this class didn’t do that so she soaked up all the knowledge she could get, but it was still boring. Finally the last period of the day then the weekend! Landscape was so much fun! She always had some water theme in her designs and when she had a perfect idea of how the water should flow; it always turned out that way. When she arrived outside she saw a familiar face “Hi Zuko!” she exclaimed. He looked up at her “Hi Katara! I didn’t know you took this class too.” she walked over to him and smiled “I see that your shoulder is felling better. No sling, huh?” “Yeah! My Gran-Gran gave me some stuff and I fell great! It still hurts if I move it wrong.” she answered. “That’s great! I’m just curious though why did you take this class?” “Well to tell you the truth, I love water! To design landscapes with water in them is just so fun! To see the finished product is so rewarding I can’t get enough. How about yourself?” “Well I joined for two reasons number one an easy A, and number two I like Fire!” on the word fire a flame came from Zuko’s hand and Katara’s eyes widened. “H-how did you do that?!” “A magician never reveals his secrets.” he said closing his hand to extinguish the flame. “There’s a lighter in your hand isn’t there?” “Aww man!” he said defeated and Katara chuckled. “Class please listen up.” Mr. Pakku said. “For you next project I would like you to chose a partner and come up with a new design. That is all. You may start.” “Well, considering I don’t know anybody else you want to be my partner?” Zuko asked her. Katara squealed inside, but forced herself to stay calm. She raised an eyebrow “What so I’m a last resort?” he shrugged. “Well I guess I can be your partner seeing as I have no one else.” Just then a hoard of boys ran up to her asking her profusely if she would be their partner. She put her hand up to stop them “Sorry, I already have a partner.” They all walked away with their heads down. “‘No one else’ huh?” She shrugged “Hey, what can I say, it’s a curse.” Katara flipped her hair with her hand. Then she had an evil thought “Zuko,” he looked up at her “You wouldn’t happen to be jealous, would you?” she smiled up at him wickedly. “N-no.” he said nervously. “W-we’d better get started.” Zuko felt something tug at him, it was annoying was it Jealousy? No, he wasn't so stupid as to be jealous of that. It was probably... Heartburn. Yeah. She smiled warmly “’Kay.” The whole class period was like that and Katara loved every bit of it. ..::-::.. The bell rang indicating that school was over and Katara gathered her things. “Oh Katara I would like to talk to you.” Mr. Pakku said. Katara walked over to her teacher and looked at him for further description. “I would like to be the first to congratulate you on your win Katara! You’ve won first place in the Novice Landscaper Competition! You automatically get to go to the International Landscaper Competition!” Katara’s eyes widened “I, I won?!” Pakku nodded. “I can’t believe it! I won! I WON!!” Katara screamed cheerfully. She danced around and twirled in place. Katara was so happy that she didn’t care if she looked like a complete idiot. “Tell me all the details!” Pakku smiled “You automatically get to compete world wide with other winners, participants or qualifiers. You have to design a certain size landscape in the amount of time given. You all get the same amount of manpower, materials and other things. They judge you on quality, artistry, theme, dynamic differences and changes, and how well you fair with the materials given.” “Wow that sounds hard.” Pakku reached into his bag and pulled out a medal and a piece of paper. “What’s that?” “This is your medal for winning first place and this is your certificate.” he handed them to her. “Thank you Mr. Pakku!!” Katara exclaimed hugging him. Then she ran off. “KATARA! KATARA!” Mr. Pakku yelled at her, but she didn’t hear him. Pakku looked over to see Zuko gathering his things and just about to leave. “Oh Zuko,” Zuko turned around “would you please go find Katara and tell her that her designs have to be mailed to this address by Friday. I would do it myself, but I have to get to a meeting. Does it inconvenience you?” Zuko shook his head “No sir, I can give that to Katara. Bye.” Zuko jogged after her. Katara jumped and swirled and laughed all the way to the gym. “I can’t wait to tell Gran-Gran, Sokka and dad!” she exclaimed. Katara ran into the locker room and went to her locker. “1-34-27.” her locker opened and she grabbed her stuff. When Katara shut her locker she heard a door shut then lock. “Oh no! The custodians are starting to lock up! I have to get out.” she ran to another door only to find out that it was locked too. She ran to the last door and it was also locked, just like the others. Katara started to bang on the door “HELLO?! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?! HELLO?!” “He he he he he.” “HELLO?! I CAN HEAR YOU! OPEN THIS DOOR! I NEED TO GET HOME!” “They won’t open this door Katara.” Katara turned around. ‘Why me?’ she thought. “I told them to lock us in hear. Our conversation got interrupted last time and I wanted to make sure that none of that happens again.” “Jet!? Have them open the doors! NOW!” Katara demanded. Jet started to laugh and walk towards her. She was forced to fall back. He didn’t stop until he had her against the wall. “W-what are you doing? Seriously Jet, this isn’t funny, have them open the doors.” He smiled at her and ran the back of his hand down her face. Katara was terrified. After what she had heard this morning on the bus Katara wanted to scream for help and cry like a baby, but sound wouldn’t come to her throat and she had to be strong. She couldn’t let Jet get the better of her. “You’re shaking.” he moved his fingers to her chin to hold her there then leaned in to try and kiss her. Katara closed her eyes tight and her reflexes took over. She felt her body move, but her brain was just to terrified to think. She watched herself doge his kiss and push him into the wall. She looked down and her hands and one still had him pinned to the wall, the other was drawn back into a fist at her side. Jet freed himself and turned to face her. “Now that wasn’t very nice baby.” Katara glared at him and through her punch at his face. Jet caught it in his hand and said “You’ve got some power in your strike,” he pulled her into an embrace. Jet held her fisted arm and pulled it around his back then took his other arm and rapped it around Katara’s lower back “To bad I’ve got more.” He pulled her closer to him and Katara’s arms flew up to stop him. “NO! LET ME GO YOU EGOTISTICAL MANIAC!!” Katara got free of him and ran to the door to try and escape forgetting that they were locked. She pounded on the doors and screaming for help. “PLEASE!” She cried “PLEASE LET ME OUT!” Katara continued to pound on the door only to hear laughing on the other side. They weren’t going to let her out. Jet started to walk over to her calmly and she fell to her knees and started to cry unable to hold it back any longer. All she could do was keep avoiding him until someone came looking for her. ‘But how long can I do that?’ she thought. “Now Katara we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I would prefer the easy way and I think you would too.” Jet told her snidely stopping in front of her. She turned to look at him and glared fiercely “I would prefer to leave and turn you into the cops for assaulting me!” she growled at him. He smiled at her mysteriously “But I haven’t…yet.” Her eyes widened “W-what do you mean?” He moved forward and knelt down so that their faces were parallel “You know what I mean.” Thousands of thoughts were running through her head, ‘kick him in the balls’, ‘how dare you, I’m not your property’, ‘why me’, ‘I’m going to die, someone help me!’ but out of all of those thoughts all came out was “Please…” Jet smiled and Katara couldn’t feel her legs. She heard on the other side of the door a voice say “Hey Jet ya done it yet?” “No not yet, but I’m very close.” Jet answered back. Jet grabbed her shoulders and started to push her down to the floor. Katara didn’t know what to do so she let him control her body. When she felt the cold hard ground on her back Jet pulled her arms up like she was surrendering to the cops and held them there. Then he got on top of her and Katara felt his weight on her stomach. ‘Katara what are you doing?! He is going to take advantage of you and you’re just letting him?! Fight back!’ she thought in her head. Jet released one of her hands and Katara was still limp. He moved his hand down her chest and onto her pant belt. He started to undo it when he was done with that he went to unbutton her pants then unzip her zipper. ‘FIGHT BACK!!’ she yelled in her head. After Jet had finished undoing her pants he left them on then went to her sweater. He started to pull up her sweater so that her skin was exposed all the way up to the bottom of her breasts. ‘FIGHT BACK!!!!!’ “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” she screamed and fought to keep her sweater down. Jet’s smile went away and he started to get violent again. “Come on Katara, we were doing just fine! Don’t throw it away!” Jet was pulling so hard on her sweater that it started to rip. “JET, LET ME GO! I SAID LET ME GO, YOU SICK PERVERTED CREEP!!” Katara screamed and fought harder when she heard a *rip*. “Now we’re getting some where.” Jet pushed her arms down on the ground again and Katara struggled even harder. “Hold still Katara!” she was moving so much that he was having trouble holding her hands. *slap* Katara lie still on the ground stunned. Her face red and burning. Hot tears started to run down her face and she looked up at her captor. “There, I’m glade that made you stay still. Now I can finish this and be on my way.” Katara looked at him then glared, he smiled back then started to lean forward to try and kiss her. She spit in his face and smiled contently. Jet wiped it away slapped her again. Katara wasn’t going to give up she continued to fight and then he did something that she didn’t expect, he pulled out a knife and held it to her neck. “You hold still and let me finish, or you die then I finish. Your choice.” he smiled at her and she knew her life was over. “*Bam!* Katara?!” Katara turned her head to see Zuko run through the door. Her eyes started to get blurry and tears streamed down her cheeks “Zuko!” she said and he looked down at her. “What are you doing to Katara?!” Zuko asked Jet. Jet looked up and him and opened his mouth to say something, but Zuko was on him before he could even blink. Zuko moved with such grace that the next thing she felt was the weight gone. She lied there for a moment then sat up to see that Zuko had Jet pinned down with Jet’s own knife. Zuko pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. “Hello? Yes I need the police and a medic at Avatar High School 1953 Bender Street. Go into the girl’s locker room, down by the gym.” Zuko hung up the phone and held Jet there on the ground until police arrived. They police ran into the girls locker room and Katara weakly looked over to them, her eyes dry. They all had hand guns pointed at Zuko and Jet. “POLICE! DROP THE KNIFE AND BACK AWAY WITH YOUR HANDS UP!” one man yelled. Zuko didn’t take his eyes off of Jet, but said to them “I’m the one who called you. My name is Zuko and this scum attacked that girl over there. Her name is Katara.” one of the police officers walked over to Zuko and pointed the gun at Jet. Zuko stood up and walked over to the other police and gave them the knife. “Those guns out there where involved in this too.” Three police men nodded their heads and went out of the locker room. Two men ran in to the locker room and walked up to Katara. “Miss, are you alright?” one of them asked Katara, but Katara was staring into space and didn’t hear them. “Miss are you alright?” the other asked a little louder. Katara still did not acknowledge them. “Here, let me try.” Zuko said walking over and kneeling down in front of Katara so that their eyes met each other. “Katara,” he said softly. She looked at him “Every things okay now.” Zuko smiled that crooked smile warmly and Katara through herself onto him crying hysterically “OH ZUKO, I WAS SO SCARED! I YELLED FOR HELP, BUT NOBODY CAME FOR ME! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!” Zuko hugged her back and held her tight “Shhh, its okay now Katara you’re alright. I heard you, and I came for you. I will always be there for you Katara.” Zuko petted her hair and one of the medics put a blanket around her and Zuko. ..::-::.. “Well, Katara I can’t get a hold of your family so I guess I’ll take to my place until we can reach them. I would like to take you home and I really think you should go home. Is that alright?” Zuko asked Katara as he drove off from the school. Katara shook her head. “Fine then I will go with you so you can go home.” Katara shook her head again. “Do you not want to go home?” she nodded. “You do?” she shook her head. Zuko had given her his jacket so that she could cover up and she held it tightly. In Katara’s mind set this is what she thought. ‘She hated everyone except for Zuko because he was the only one who came for her. She never wanted to leave his side again.’ This was twice now that he had saved her and she thought that if she left him she would get attacked again. “Then I guess I will let my uncle talk to you. I’ll take you to my place. Do you like tea?” he asked her sweetly. Katara looked at him and nodded. It was another ten minutes before they got to Zuko’s house and when he pulled up Katara saw the sign ‘The Jasmine Dragon’ on the front. She was so transfixed with the sign that she didn’t notice Zuko open the door for her. “Here,” he pulled her out of the car “is where I live with my uncle.” Zuko walked Katara inside and found it just as busy as ever. “UNCLE!” Zuko called and his uncle popped his head out of the back of the place behind the counter. Zuko walked Katara over to him. “Uncle this is Katara she is a friend of mine we go to school together. Katara this is my uncle Iroh.” Katara shifted her gaze from Zuko to Iroh. “Hi…” she said weakly. “Hello my dear! It is nice to meet such a beautiful, young, women on a wonderful day like this!” Iroh said walking forward to hug her. Katara’s fear started to rise and she huddled into Zuko and closed her eyes tight. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. How about a hand shake, instead?” he held out his hand and Katara took it. “Um uncle I have to go…help Katara up stairs so we’ll be right back.” Zuko told his uncle then walked Katara up the stairs. Once Katara was in Zuko’s room her heart started to flutter like a butterfly. “Well this is my room although you probably guessed that. Well…umm…so let’s find you a new shirt.” he walked over to his dresser and opened one door after the other. “Well…I don’t have anything that you could- oh yeah!” he snapped his fingers. “I have just the thing.” he ran out the door “Oh…umm…make yourself at home.” he said poking his head back in for a second. He left again and Katara looked around. His room was pretty plain. It had a bed and a desk. On his dresser was a stereo and a gage. Katara walked over to it and looked inside. It was a baby Blue Spirit Dragon Lizard. “WOW!” Katara exclaimed. Blue Spirit Dragon Lizards were really rare. If you ever found one as a baby, as they grew up in your care they were supposed to be really loyal to you. These lizards were supposed to get really big like a new born dragon. The reason they called it the ‘Blue Spirit’ Dragon was because they moved and looked like the Blue Spirit from ancient Chinese legends. They were really mean and harmful to people that they didn’t know, but Katara didn’t know that. She opened the gage and reached her hand down inside and picked up the Lizard. “KATARA NO!” Zuko yelled behind her. Katara turned to face him with the lizard in her hands resting and purring (kind of) in her hands. The lizard crawled up her arm and rested on her shoulder. “What?” Katara asked Zuko confused. The lizard started to lick her left cheek and Katara smiled. She grabbed the lizard and put it back in its gage. She turned to face Zuko again “What’s the matter Zuko?” Zuko walked over to her “Those lizards don’t take kindly to strangers.” “They don’t?” “No, they’re really dangerous to someone other then their owners. So that was really weird.” Zuko walked over to her and gave her a beautiful red silk sweater that had gold trim. (It was like the Chinese shirts.) “Here, you can wear this.” he handed it to her. “Wow…thank you Zuko.” Katara said taking it in her hand. “Is it yours?” He shook his head “No it was my mother’s. This was one of the very few things of hers that survived the fire.” Katara smiled at him. “Thank you Zuko, but I can’t take this. It’s too precious.” She tried to hand it back to him and he shook his head again. “It’s okay Katara, I want you to have it.” he pushed it back into her arms. “Have it! But Zuko this is your mother’s!” “I know. I want you to have it and so would she. Besides it would be more beneficial to you then to me. It just sits in the closet and gathers dust. I’ll let you change.” he walked out of his room and shut the door. Katara hugged the sweater tightly remembering her own mother then put it on. Once she was done she laid Zuko’s jacket on his bed and went down stairs. As she went down the stairs she over heard Zuko talking to his uncle Iroh. “Uncle she’s not my girlfriend. She is just a friend.” “Oh Zuko I can tell by the way you look at each other, there is a natural connection. And if she was not your girlfriend why was she wearing your jacket?” Iroh asked “I closed the shop early so you could have it to yourselves.” Katara’s heart started to pound. Zuko looked at his uncle “She was…attacked today after school.” his uncle looked confused. “This guy named Jet, tried to…rape…her.” Zuko said with what seemed to be pain. “The reason she was wearing my jacket was because her sweater was ripped to pieces.” Iroh’s eyes closed with sadness “Oh that poor girl…” Iroh looked at his nephew “Zuko I am very proud of you, but why didn’t you take her home? I’m sure her family is worried about her.” “Well I tried to call them, but all I got was the answering machine. When I asked if she wanted to go home she told me no. So I brought her here to have some tea.” “Well then I better make a fresh batch.” Iroh clapped his hands and went into the kitchen. “So what exactly happened, do you know?” he asked from the kitchen. Katara sat down on the stairs and listened to Zuko’s story. “…and that’s how why she’s here.” he finished. “That is awful. But I guess it is a good thing that you were there both times. I guess those situations can be looked at like you are a bad omen for Miss Katara or you are good luck for Miss Katara. Katara had calmed down considerably since that afternoon and she took that opportunity to join their conversation. “Hello.” she said cheerfully as she entered the room. “Mmm that smells good. What are you cooking sir?” she asked Iroh. He popped his head out of the kitchen and smiled saying “You look beautiful Miss Katara and you can just call me uncle or Iroh, which ever you prefer.” She smiled warmly “Thank you Iroh and you can just call me Katara.” Zuko looked at her and his heart beat started to beat faster. Katara was beautiful! He really did like her, but it was too soon and he didn’t want to take advantage of the fact that she was hurting. He didn’t want to seem too forward especially after what had happened. She probably didn’t like him any way. “Katara maybe you should call your family. I mean they are probably worried it is past 6:00.” Katara sighed heavily and nodded. “Here you can use my phone.” Zuko handed his phone to her and when she took it, their hands brushed ever so slightly which made Katara blush. She smiled warmly to hide it and said “Thank you.” “S-sure.” Zuko said then looked away. Katara dialed her house and waited. “Hello?” she asked on the phone. “Dad, I-…I know I’m sorry I-…yes I am at a boy’s house his name is Zu-…it’s not like that dad, he-…no…I…haven’t…” Katara’s eyes started to get blurry and tears started to fall. “Dad I’m really sorry I-…BUT IT WASN’T MY FALT!” she yelled into the phone then hung up. Katara didn’t want Zuko to see her so weak, so she ran up stairs to his room and fell onto his bed and cried. “Well that didn’t go well.” Iroh said coming out of the kitchen with three cups of tea. He gave one to Zuko and set his on the table in front of him. He left the third cup of tea on the tray. “Let me have your phone, Zuko.” Iroh held out his hand and Zuko gave him his phone. Iroh hit the redial button and waited for Katara’s family to pick up. “Hello…no I’m sorry, but I’m not your daughter Mr.…Hakoda. My name is Iroh. I just moved here with my nephew Zuko. He goes to the same school as your daughter Mr. Hakoda. I have called to let you know that your daughter is at our home (we live above the new tea shop The Jasmine Dragon) for a reason.” Iroh began to explain what Zuko had told him earlier. “…I assume that is why Katara yelled at you then hung up. Would you please hold for a second?” Iroh put his hand on the mouth piece of the phone and said to Zuko “Would you go and get Katara so she can talk to her father?” Zuko nodded and went up stairs. Once he got to his room however he saw a sleeping beauty on his bed and turned right back around and went down stairs. “Umm uncle I would, but she’s kind of asleep on my bed. Do you want me to go and wake her up?” “Mr. Hakoda…Hakoda, we have a bit of a problem/ it seems Katara has fallen asleep on my nephew’s bed, no don’t worry he’s right here next to me….I don’t know I’ll ask him.” Iroh turned to face Zuko “Have you met Katara’s brother Sokka or his girlfriend Suki?” Zuko nodded his head “Yeah Suki and Katara are in my math class and I met Katara’s brother Sokka on my way to the nurse’s office on Thursday.” Iroh conveyed what Zuko had told him to Hakoda. “…Yes I can wait…” the two satin silence until Iroh spoke again. “Yes? … Yes we live at 2045 Fire Street. We live above the shop The Jasmine Dragon. I own the tea shop….then I will take good care of her see you tomorrow morning…good bye.” Iroh hung up the phone and turned to face Zuko again and smiled big. “We are going to have a sleep over.” “What do you mean by that?” Zuko asked a little nervous. “Miss Katara is going to sleep here tonight and her father is going to pick her up in the morning.” Iroh said picking up the dishes from all of the tables and bring putting them in the kitchen. “And where am I supposed to sleep?” Zuko asked him a little agitated. “On the floor of course.” Iroh said popping out of the kitchen. Zuko moaned to himself then helped his uncle with the dishes. Once every thing was clean it was 9:00 and he followed his uncle up the stairs and got a blanket and a pillow. Zuko walked into his room and shut the door. He walked over to the right side of his bed and laid the pillow and blanket down on the ground. Once he was situated he laid there on his back thinking about what the morning would bring. He looked up towards Katara and heard her shiver involuntarily. Zuko got up and pulled the covers out from under her then covered her sleeping body them. He looked at her again and thought that sleeping with her hair like that wouldn‘t be very comfortable. So he sat down on the edge of his bed and undid her hair. Some of her hair fell across her face and he couldn’t help, but remove it. When he did, he looked down on her angelic face and leaned in closer despite himself. He moved his head so that his lips touched the surface of her forehead in a delicate kiss. When he moved away he saw Katara smile and he smiled too.

Prayer Girl on Apr 5, 2008


wonderful! luved it prayer girl. nice suspence. at this point ur experiance shows in ur writing

YueIsAwesome on Apr 6, 2008


What do you mean? If you mean like that i have had a boyfriend or I have been attacked like that then no I have not. and for the attacked part thank GOD for that! thanx Yue you really do brighten my day! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 6, 2008


sorry i havnt been on latly. and thx prayer girl! but i didnt mean that way. i meant ur experiance in writing, not reallife experiances =D ya, but i will read ur story as soon as i can, but rite now i have to go. ill b on soon. ur friend Yue(IsAwesome)

YueIsAwesome on Apr 11, 2008


wow! that was good prayer girl. wow. im speachless, u can always get good twists that are still realistic.

YueIsAwesome on Apr 11, 2008


wow, ive been thinking latly about the whole zutara thing. and its definatly possible. the voice of katara and the voice of zuko have worked together in another show. and they both had a big relationship going on in the show.

YueIsAwesome on Apr 11, 2008


THANX YUE! You are totally AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! Really?! What show was it? ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 11, 2008


its an old show. and kinda little kidish. its American Dragon:Jake Long. Katara does Rose and Zuko does Jake

YueIsAwesome on Apr 12, 2008


the only reason i know, is bc there was this video game, and i thot it sounded like katara's voice. i looked into it and found out i was right. so then i started to look into other things she does and found that.

YueIsAwesome on Apr 12, 2008


wow! the very fist post was posted here on Jan. 2007 and now its more than a YEAR later. wowzers. and now there is 334 posts. wow

YueIsAwesome on Apr 12, 2008


WOW! I used to watch that show! That is really funny! ^o^ There are alot of posts! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 12, 2008


lol. ya i used to luv that show too. ya, it is funny, who wouldve thought it.

YueIsAwesome on Apr 12, 2008


hey, its been awhile since sumone posted, is everything okay?

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Yeah totally! I just haven't written anything yet so I'm really sorry to make you wait Yue. I know when I read stories I don't want to wait at all. Sorry again! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 19, 2008


Got my new chapter for you. It's the high school one! Hope you enjoy! ^o^ The fourth day ..::-::.. Katara awoke to something warm next to her. She rolled over to see Zuko on the same pillow she was on. “Wooh!” Katara exclaimed. Zuko opened his eyes to see her right next to him and they both screamed. “Katara, what are you doing on the floor? You were supposed to be sleeping on my bed.” Zuko asked her regaining his composure. Katara looked at him “What do you mean ‘on your bed’?” she asked him confused. “You fell asleep last night on my bed, so I slept on the ground.” Zuko looked at her and Katara’s face got very red. “I WHAT?!” she screamed grabbing onto her face. Zuko started to chuckle very lightly and Katara glared at him “What’s so funny?” He laughed a little more “Go…look in the mirror.” he said between giggles. Katara got up and walked over to the mirror on his desk then screamed. “AAAAA! MY HAIR!!” Zuko full on laughed hard. “I’ll be right back!” she said running out the door. Zuko was still laughing to himself when he got up and folded the blanket and picked up the pillow and put them away. Once he got back to his room he made his bed and locked his door and changed into something else. He picked out a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt with the word ‘fire’ in Chinese. He pulled on a red sweatshirt that had a gold flame on the front. Zuko opened the door and went down stairs. His uncle was brewing up a fresh pot of tea before he opened the shop. “Oh good morning Zuko!” Iroh said popping his head out of the kitchen. “Hello uncle.” said Zuko waving a lazy hand. “What was all that screaming about up stairs?” his uncle asked him. “Well…” Zuko rubbed the back of his head in imbursement and Iroh walked out with three cups and a pot of tea. His uncle sat down and took a sip as Zuko finished. “Katara was kind-of sleeping on the floor with me when I woke up.” Iroh glared at him “What?” he growled. Zuko had never seen his uncle so mad before and quite frankly it was scary. “Hey nothing happened!” Zuko swore waving his hands in front of him. “All I know is I wake up to Katara’s surprised yelp and find her next to me under my blanket! I don’t know how she got there, but we didn’t do anything!” At that moment Katara came down the stairs “Good morning!” she said cheerfully. “Good morning Katara! Would you like some tea?” Iroh asked her. “Yes, I would love some.” she sat down next to Zuko “How much?” Iroh laughed “Nothing, you’re a friend of Zuko’s. I wouldn’t ask it of you.” Katara smiled as Iroh poured her some tea. She took a sip. “Mmm, this is really good!” Iroh smiled his thanks as Zuko said “There is not one person on this earth that can make better tea then my uncle.” “Zuko I’m not that-…well I guess you’re right.” they all laughed then Iroh said “Well I guess I should open the shop.” he walked over to the front door and flipped the sign over to the open side. A few minutes later a big party of people walked through the door. Zuko was in the kitchen brewing with his uncle so Katara walked over to them. “Hello and welcome to the Jasmine Dragon!” she said cheerfully and they all looked at her “Are you all together?” One man said “No it’s just my girlfriend and I.” Katara smiled brightly as another man spoke. “And it’s just the three of us.” he said indicating himself and two women. “We’re together.” one women said pointing to three others. “We’re here together as well.” a man said holding a women in his arms. “Very well, if you would all get into groups I can seat you.” they did as she asked and Katara led them group by group to their tables. When she had finished seating them she found a pencil and a note pad then went to take the orders. When Zuko finally came out of the kitchen he was amazed to find four tables in use and Katara heading for him. “I took the orders for you, I hope you don’t mind.” she handed him a few pieces of paper. Zuko shook his head “No, no it’s okay Katara, but you didn’t have to do that.” She smiled at him “I know I didn’t, but after what you did for me…” she swallowed like there was a sore in her mouth “…yesterday, I wanted to repay your kindness and I thought this was the least I could do.” Zuko opened his mouth to protest, but Katara put up her hand to stop him. She winked saying “Why don’t you go help your uncle I have it covered out here.” “Excuse me miss?” “Coming,” Katara called over her shoulder then turned to face Zuko again “We sure are busy!” Zuko watched her run off then went into the kitchen like she had instructed. He gave the pieces of paper to his uncle saying “We have a waitress now.” Iroh looked up from the stove at his nephew “Really, who?” “I’ll give you three guesses.” “Katara, why?” “Katara said that after what I did for her it was the least she could do.” Iroh smiled mischievously at him “Well then I guess we have a new member on the Jasmine Dragon team!” Zuko raised one eyebrow “Since when has there been a team?” “Zuko you can make the teacakes while I make the tea!” said Iroh completely ignoring Zuko’s question, so Zuko nodded and went to do Iroh’s bidding. After a few minutes Iroh brought the first order to the window “*ding-ding* Katara, order up!” The young women sped to the window “Thanks!” Katara took the try to the first table “One Jasmine and One Green Tea.” she gave the cups to the costumers and smiled saying “Enjoy your tea!” the two costumers smiled at her friendliness and she rushed off after hearing Iroh ring the bell again. It was like that for the next few hours with Katara’s cheerful domineer. The costumers all felt welcome and left with smiles. “Wow, it’s already noon!” she spook to Iroh and Zuko as they took their break, seeing as how everyone was taken care of. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” She mused and they both nodded. “*Ding-a-ling* Oh, duty calls.” She smiled as she went to greet the new arrivals. “Hello and welcome to the Jasmine Dragon!” “KATARA!?” “DAD!?” They both hugged each other as Hakoda said “Oh Katara I’m so sorry honey! I should have gotten here sooner!” he released her “A man named Iroh said that you would be here, Gran-Gran is with Sokka at home he’s still to sick to be out and we had to tie him down to the bed to make him stay at home! Any way what happened sweetie are you okay-” “Slow down dad,” Katara chuckled “I’m just fine and I’ll introduce you to Iroh and his nephew Zuko.” Katara walked her father over to her hosts. “This is Iroh, he owns the shop, and this is Zuko.” Hakoda held out hi hand accordingly and both men shook it. “It is a pleasure to meet the father of this brave young women.” Iroh said complimenting Katara. “The pleasure is all mine.” Hakoda answered him. “Thank you for taking care of Katara for me.” Iroh shook his head “It was an honor. Let me make you some tea, what would like?” “Oh Jasmine would be nice.” “Jasmine it is.” Iroh raced off into the kitchen which left Zuko, Katara and Hakoda alone. The three shared a few awkward moments when her father broke it. “So you are Zuko, right?” Zuko nodded and before Hakoda could continue they heard ‘Excuse me miss?’ “Sorry dad, I’ll be right back.” Katara said as she started to walk to help that person. Once Katara was gone Hakoda stepped forward and hugged Zuko. Zuko was confused, why was he hugging him? This was the first time they had ever met. The young man felt wet drops fall onto his shoulder and as he looked at Hakoda and the Man pulled away. Zuko saw tears in his eyes. “Thank you.” he said. “For what?” Zuko asked. “For saving my daughter.” he answered him. “But I didn’t do anything.” Hakoda smiled “Yes you did son, if you hadn’t been there,” they both looked over at Katara. She was talking to a little girl then started to laugh. Zuko looked back at Hakoda and the older man continued “Katara might not have been here now and I can’t lose another one of my girls.” Zuko looked at Hakoda confused. What did he mean by ‘another one of his girls’? “I have the tea!” Iroh said coming out of the kitchen. All three men sat down. “Oh thank you, how much?” Hakoda asked Iroh as he took the tea. Iroh laughed “Your daughter said the same thing to me earlier so I’ll say the same thing to you, nothing. You are the father of my newest and best waitress!” “Katara is going to work here?” he asked surprised. “Yep!” she answered behind him then coming to sit down next to him. “Are you sure?” her father asked her trying to be supportive on the out side, but dreading the fact that there was a boy her age here that worked here no matter that he had saved his daughter, it was still a boy. “Yep!” she said again “I like it here, I have fun doing it and…I owe it to Zuko.” She smiled at Zuko, but he said “Katara you really don’t-” She cut him off again “No Zuko, I really do.” “Miss?” “Coming!” Katara called over her shoulder. Once she was gone Hakoda watched her for a moment then said “Katara’s just like her mother.” he then looked over to Zuko again “When Katara’s mother died, I lost my faith. I thought God had abandoned me. I thought he didn’t care any more. Boy was I ever wrong. If God really didn’t care, then he wouldn’t have bothered bringing you into my daughter‘s life.” Iroh put his hand on Zuko’s right shoulder. “The only thing we can do is raise them the best we can and pray that they turn out to be more then we ever were.” Zuko smiled at his uncle then got up to go make more teacakes leaving Iroh and Hakoda alone. “To right you are my friend, but every day I worry and it’s just so hard.” “Well of course it’s going to be hard, no one ever said life was easy!” Hakoda looked over to Katara again. “Hakoda,” he looked at Iroh “I worry too. My son Lu Ten was killed in the Army. I miss him dearly, but I can’t let that effect my life with Zuko. I took Zuko into my care when he was a boy because my younger brother was not a good father. Zuko is my family now and I am his. When times are hard I always tell Zuko the wise words of C.S. Lewis who said, “Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”” Hakoda nodded his head. “Yeah I guess you’re right. That statement is true. I stopped listening to God because I was mad at him.” “So I guess this is one of those times when a bad thing becomes a good thing. The ‘every thing happens for a reason’ times.” “Yeah it is.” they sat there quite for a moment when Hakoda said to Iroh “You’re filled with quotes aren’t you?” “Yes, and I’m also filled of tea,” Iroh patted his potbelly “but I don’t go around telling everyone.” the two men laughed and drank their tea. Once Katara had reached the table she asked the women who called “How may I help you?” “Well today is my daughter, Joy’s birthday!” The women said happily. Katara smiled “And how old are you?” “4!” the little girl cried triumphantly. She smiled really big and Katara smiled back. “Wow 4!? You’re a big girl now!” Katara said praising her and the little girl nodded happily. “Hold on I’ll be right back!” Katara ran to the table where her father and Iroh were and saw that Zuko was not with them. So she went into the kitchen and found him baking. “Hey Zuko, do you have a black sharpie, construction paper the color Jasmine, some string and scissors?” “Yeah, but why?” he answered her moving to a drawer and handing her the supplies. “I’ll tell you later. Thanks!” she said and ran off. Zuko got back to baking. Katara ran to the front counter and made the project that was in her head. Once she was done she ran back to the table. “Here you go!” she said to the little girl handing her, her present. “What is it?” the little girl asked and she handed it to her mother. “Well Joy,” her mother said “It is a Jasmine Dragon. It has your name on it. It say’s ‘Joy the Smiling Dragon!” Joy lit up she was so happy. The little girl put the dragon around her neck and said “Oh Thanks lady I really, really, really, really like it!! I always wanted to be a dragon! Thank you!” Katara smiled “Your welcome, Joy. I’m glade to see that you liked it! We don’t have any cakes, but I can ask the chef if he would make you a special teacake. Would you like that?” The little girl nodded and said “Can it be strawberry?” Katara nodded and said “Well I have to ask him, but I’m sure it will be okay!” she raced off to the kitchen. When she got there she ran to Zuko saying “Can you make a special teacake for a birthday?” “Well what kind of ‘special’ teacake do you have in mind?” he asked her rubbing the back of his head. “Like a strawberry one?” “Well I’ve never made a strawberry one before, but I can try.” “Oh thank you Zuko!” Katara said hugging him then racing off before he could ask who it was for. ..::-::.. “So what was that all about?” Zuko asked Katara as she returned from escorting a family out. She walked up and sat down next to him at a table. Katara watched Iroh switch the open sign to closed then turned to Zuko to answer him. “It was that little girls birthday and I wanted to make it special.” She answered and after Katara had said that she yawned then wiped her eyes. “Sleepy?” he teased her. Katara didn’t notice she was to tired to care. So she nodded her head sleepily and yawned again. “Well you should be. We’ve been up since nine this morning, and it’s 10:00.” Katara grunted an answer not really knowing what she was agreeing to. The young women rested the side of her face on her propped up hand and fell asleep. Zuko had his arms resting on the table behind Katara’s head and was blissfully unaware that Katara was sound asleep next to him. “I’ll go tell Hakoda that you’re ready to go home.” As he got up to leave Zuko accidentally bumped Katara’s arm causing her to land on his shoulder. He looked over and his face started to redden with embarrassment. “Umm Katara…” then it hit him. ‘She’s asleep!’ he thought. ‘Well I guess I’ll have to wait for my uncle and Hakoda to come out and get her off of me. Come on Zuko you could do it yourself, but I don’t want to wake her. Besides I don’t mind waiting, it’s just…’ “I hope my uncle doesn’t kill me.” “Thank you for your help Hakoda. You and your daughter are good workers.” Iroh said to Hakoda while cleaning up the kitchen. “Thank you Iroh for taking care of my daughter. You have done so much and this is the least I could do.” Hakoda said returning his praise. “I think Katara and I need to head on home. It’s pretty late.” “Yeah, it is pretty late.” Iroh put the dish towel he was using down and walked over to the window. “Oh my.” Hakoda wiped his hands and turned to Iroh “What’s the matter?” “It seams that our children have fallen asleep.” “Wait-what…” Hakoda ran to the window and saw the sight that Iroh was talking about. Katara was leaning on Zuko’s shoulder and Zuko had his head on top of Katara’s head with his arm around her back. Hakoda sighed “For a moment there I thought it was something bad.” Iroh chuckled. “Well as much as I hate to interrupt them,” Hakoda said with sarcasm “Katara and I really have to get home.” Iroh smiled, nodding his head and the two men walked out of the kitchen. Hakoda walked up to his daughter and shook her shoulder a little. “Katara, sweet heart we need to go home.” Katara opened her eyes and sat up “What,” she rubbed her eyes “why did you wake me up dad, my bed’s really warm.” she wined. “Zuko, you need to get up.” Iroh said and Zuko moved his arm and opened his eyes. “Oh uncle, you need to help me Katara fell asleep on me and I don’t want to wake her up.” Iroh shook his head “You fell asleep too Zuko.” “Oh.” Zuko said plainly. “Katara that’s not your bed.” Hakoda said to his daughter. “I don’t care.” she said back. “Yeah me neither.” Zuko answered and they both fell asleep on top of each other just like they did before. “This is not going to be easy.” Hakoda said to Iroh and the old tea shop owner nodded with a knowing smile.

Prayer Girl on Apr 20, 2008


wow that was really cute and romantic and AWESOME. ur improving very much, wich i thot was impossible cuz u were already SO good. nice job prayer girl =]

YueIsAwesome on Apr 24, 2008


WOW!!!! O_o THANK YOU!!!! You really do spoil me Yue! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 24, 2008


haha u deserve to be spoiled =D

YueIsAwesome on Apr 25, 2008


cuz ur that good ;D

YueIsAwesome on Apr 26, 2008


Ahh we still don't know about auditions?? This forum started like, 8 months ago! I'm starting to get scared! 🙁 I really want to be in the movie, like everyone else here. But come on, it would be soo awesome! But I've heard that they're filming in June, and that they're filming in January. I still have some hope left. Anyone know anything?? I want to be Azula! 😉

YourPrincessAzula on Apr 26, 2008


..uh....uh. omg. go to! they have boiling rock part one and two!!! they are awesome! especially part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YueIsAwesome on Apr 27, 2008


I don't know anything sorry. Thanx! I'll do that right now!! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Apr 28, 2008


ya i know. wait til u c the whole thing. there was so many new twists.

YueIsAwesome on May 1, 2008


Wait, wait, wait. You saw the whole thing?! How?!!!!!! ^o^

Prayer Girl on May 1, 2008


I'll just see the movie because it's M. Night Shyamalan, and he's one of my favorite film-makers(I don't care what anyone else says, "The Village" and "Lady in the Water" were excellent movies!)

Jordan Paree on May 2, 2008


If they are filming in june, i guess they already have a cast, man i really wanted to be in the movie but i didnt' see anything about auditions

temsik on May 3, 2008


i saw the full thing on tho, it does have bad quality. so its a little blockie

YueIsAwesome on May 3, 2008


guys, its just a guess, but i bet the auditions might be in philidelphia, pensilvalnia. I read part of shyamalans bio and it said most of his movies take place there and plus, thats where he lives. just puttin that out there. but dont yell at me if u think im wrong, its just a guess. if anyone else has any info, plz share

bonzai on May 4, 2008


hmm. thats a pretty good guess bonzai. never would've thot of that.

YueIsAwesome on May 4, 2008


yah his movies like the six sense, unbreakable, and his new movie thats comming out have places in philly where he filmed it.

temsik on May 4, 2008


Thanks Yue, but don't you have to download a program? If you do I can't do that. Bummer! Oh Well I guess I'll have to wait a lttle bit longer ^o^ That's a good guess, but if it's out of the state I live in I can't tryout. :'(

Prayer Girl on May 6, 2008


I have a new chapter for you of my first story. do you still want to read it?

Prayer Girl on May 8, 2008


of course i still wanna read it! =D and same with me, i cant try out if its not close =[ and no, u dont have to download anything, u just say no to it, and u can c it with bad picture quality.

YueIsAwesome on May 8, 2008

332 speechless... that was soooooooooooooo good prayer girl!!!!!! perfect! really good, and then the cliff hanger! oh my goodness! i cant wait till the next chapter! =D okay, ill go to the website and tell u step by step.

YueIsAwesome on May 12, 2008


okay, go to ya, its wierd, but its "org". okay, so once ur there click on 314 or 315, (theres no 16 yet, but 314 is boiling rock part one and 315 us part two) okay so once who've clicked on either episode, cick the big, blue play button in the middle of the picture. then watch with delight! =D aha.

YueIsAwesome on May 12, 2008


aha =] ur welcome! =D did it work? =] i hope so.

YueIsAwesome on May 13, 2008


Yeah it worked, I watched it the last time, but I was talking about watching epiosde 16. I saw on other sites that it was out, but I couldn't watch it for some reason. I also saw parts of the 17th episode the ember island players. It is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny and good! I liked it alot!! Thanks again! ^o^

Prayer Girl on May 13, 2008


=] yup! ur welcome =] but WHOA i didnt know they had 16 or 17 out on the other sites! i should look that up..

YueIsAwesome on May 13, 2008


17 isn't out, I just saw a preveiw. but okay you have to go onto and look up avatar the last airbender deleted sceens. there is two episode and they are really funny!!! there is swarring in it thought, but it is worth it!!!!! ^o^

Prayer Girl on May 13, 2008


Okay so now I am on!!!!! YEAH!!!!! I'm under PrayerGirl so yeah. ^o^ Maggie if you are still on this site I need your help. ^o^; How do you upload new chapters? I did what it said, but I didn't see any where I could put them.

Prayer Girl on May 14, 2008


Never mind, I figured it out. ^o^

Prayer Girl on May 15, 2008


Okay I have another dilemma, how do you fix the chapters? I can fix the first chapter, but I can't fix the others! What gives?! ^o^

Prayer Girl on May 15, 2008


AUDITION INFO!!!!!!!!! From An Interview with M. Night Shylaman: “They’re probably gonna be mostly unknown kids, and teenagers… and right now they’re in school somewhere – they’re in class and they’re hanging out with their friends, and two years from now they’re gonna be Aang, and Katara, and Sokka, and Zuko, and they’re gonna be world famous. Their lives will never be the same and they’re just sitting there writing the answers to their test right now.” From 43 Things: (not sure if this is legit or not, considering this says you have to send in a resume and unknowns won't have resumes) "For all you eager Avatar fans, vital casting news has already been published for its Movie adaptation for 2010. Audtions MUST be sent to Kevin Huvane of Creative Artists Agency via e-mail. This is the e-mail for enquires: All actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds including prospective international actors/actresses are invited to participate. There are NO Open Casting Calls! Spread the Good News around. I looked up the agency online and it’s a well known, legitimate casting agency company. I looked it up on and the man mentioned above is listed as a partner of the agency. I called the agency and they confirmed that they were not casting for the movie but that Kevin Huvane was a partner. I emailed the email address given above and I got an automated response back. Here’s what I received. Dear prospective actor/actress, Thanks for your interest in the Avatar: The Last Airbender auditions. There is only one method of auditioning – sending resumes (and preferably video footage audtion) via e-mail. If you choose to send your resume you will be notified of the decision and an invitation to attend the closed casting calls later in November. All U.S citizens as well as International prospectives are invited to participate. Only e-mails with the subject line Resume in verbatim will be open, checked, and replied. Thanks for your interest. Regards, Kevin Huvane Talent Agent Creative Artists Agency That means that if you don’t have a professional resume of acting experience, you better start building one. Don’t call the agency because it seems that they are not the ones doing the casting but Kevin Huvane, a partner of the company, is. NO open casting calls if you didn’t read it at the top. Seems you have time before November. Good luck to everyone if this is the real deal, and I think it definitely is!"

tokkarox13 on May 19, 2008


What did you e-mail them?

Prayer Girl on May 19, 2008


hmmmm, thats cool tokkarox13 but didnt we go over this earlier in the year and find out the website was fake???????? i could b wrong tho.

YueIsAwesome on May 21, 2008


No Yue you're right. Hey did you check out that youtube video the Avatar the deleted sceens?

Prayer Girl on May 21, 2008


Oh and we never found out if it was fake we just guessed it was because it was using a hotmail address.

Prayer Girl on May 21, 2008


ooooh i get it. and no, i havnt seen the deleted scenes yet, sorry. but i did see parts of Ember Island Players and it was funny, except they kinda made fun of Yue, which i didnt like. but ya, ill try to find the deleted scene thing.

YueIsAwesome on May 22, 2008


Cool! All you have to do is go to youtube.

Prayer Girl on May 22, 2008


Blessed BE, I AM SO STUPID! I just kept deleting practically everything in my waay clogged up inbox every time I logged in without reading it because I've been too busy (I'm writing my first vampire novel, which I intend to submit as my Senior Project, so I've REALLY had to concentrate) and then I came to this site just out of curiousity, and THE AUDITIONS INFO IS ON HERE!!!!! I could HIT MYSELF IN THE HEAD WITH A FRYING PAN!! That's the last time I ever delete a message without reading it!! And I'm going to try sending in my resume anyway, because even it does turn out to be fake, at least I can say I tried. By the way, Prayer Girl, the way you fix a chapter--if by "fix" you mean to replace the current chapter with one you've modified or rewritten--is this: 1. Upload the modified chapter in "Documents." 2. Click on "Stories" in the vertical navigation bar on the left. 3. Click on the story you want to modify OR click "edit" for the story you want to modify. 4. Click "Content/Chapters." 5. Okay, see down at the bottom of the page, there's an option that says "Replace Chapter?" You just have to select the chapter you're replacing in the first drop-down selection, and the document that's replacing it in the second one. 6. Click the button that says "Replace." And voila! You have just replaced the chapter. Anyone who's added you to their Alert list will NOT get an alert saying that you've updated, and all the reviews for that chapter will NOT be deleted. Everything is exactly as it was, except for the content of the replaced chapter. Let me know if you have any other questions, and GOOD LUCK to everyone who's going to try and audition! ~Meggie [is happy]

Meggie on May 24, 2008


Thanks Maggs. I fingured it out, but I didn't know about the replacement thing, so again Thanks! ^o^ ps. What are you going to e-mail to them?

Prayer Girl on May 24, 2008


hay why dont thay call it avatar returns

zukos fan on May 28, 2008


hm, "The Avatar Returns" very good idea =]

YueIsAwesome on May 30, 2008


hm. no one has posted anything in awhile, is everyone okay?

YueIsAwesome on Jun 7, 2008


Yeah that is totally a good idea. I'm just fine! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jun 12, 2008


aha! sorry, nobody had posted in forever and i thot sumthin' happened. i just get worried easy. sorry

YueIsAwesome on Jun 13, 2008


I think that Zooey Deschanel should be the actress for Mai. She looks like her, the only thing that she really has to do is dye her hair black and she would be good to go. She was already in his other film "The Happening" and since Zooey and M. Night know each other, she has a good chance if she really does want to be Mai.

Brianna on Jun 14, 2008


I don't know who that is, but cool. Maggie, what does "life" mean on the documents page in my file. I have more that one chapter on my stories so how do I keep my documents fresh and not stale and still keep the reveiws?

Prayer Girl on Jun 20, 2008


i think it would be awesome for him to make avatar a movie. i would love to audition to be either aang or sokka, but i bet i would end up watching the movie knowing i would have had a good chance but not have oh well, we'll find out....

Carter on Jun 21, 2008


Never mind Maggie, I figured it out. ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jun 23, 2008


lol thanks for telling us, Prayer Girl. I'm excited too!!! Squee!!!

Meggie [is freaking excited!] on Jul 1, 2008


LIKE OMG! THE SHOWS START TONIGHT! 8/7! NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jul 14, 2008


man wat happened to the auditions?!

temsik on Jul 15, 2008


What do you mean by that?

Prayer Girl on Jul 16, 2008


i mean did any one find anything about the auditions? how about that one where is say u have to send a video 4 to audition was it real anyone try it?

temsik on Jul 17, 2008


well i was asking everyone i know everyone saw the post for the video auditions, just wondering if anyone found out if its true or not. yah the episode was awsome. man i missed the episode with the play. in these last few episode the stories seems to be going fast. the ending for the series just seems to be to quick. aang has even mastered all the elements yet there are still questions thay haven't been answered like what happen to jet? zuko's mother? where is zuko's uncle? (tho i think he'll be in the final battle). where's the earth king? they could also explain the great battles that wiped out all of the air benders and how the comet was first used. there is still so much that they could do with the series its just so fast that they ended it like this.

temsik on Jul 18, 2008


THE LAST EPISODES WAS SOOOOOOO AWSOME!!! man if the live action movies are anything like this that will be so amazing man i really really really want to be in the movie to play aang i wonder tho is aang really going to be the last air bender? so that means there is no more need for the avatar and the avatar can't come back in life as an air bender right? let me know what u guys think

temsik on Jul 19, 2008


Prayer Gir and beat me here. The last episode was perfect. Wasn't part 3 the best fighting of the whole series? As for your question, Aang with not be the last Air Bender. Remember when he dies, another will be born at that same moment. He is called the last because he disappeared so long ago that no one thought there would be another. And do you think there will be another season? I need to to know what adventure Zuko is going to go on to find his mother? One more thing, is Zuko's father really his father? Just wondering.

Chanel on Jul 19, 2008


Before I say anything, I feel I need to just say that I can die happy thanks to the Avatar series finale and it's level of awesomeness, which had previously been unaccessed by mankind. With that being said. Actually, Chanel, Aang *is* the last airbender. *Avatars* are reborn as soon as they die, not benders. But the bending won't die with him--remember, any children that he and Katara have would be half airbender. Then there's the possibility of him teaching others how to airbend, and therefore save the bending if not the culture. As for your questions, I think I have the answers. Because the two-hour block of four majorly huge episodes that tied up most of the big loose ends, and they were, as a whole, called "The Final Battle," I think it's safe to say that the only fourth season happening here is going to be on The thing with Zuko trying to find his mother is showing that their lives will go on, that Sozin's Comet and defeating the Fire Lord/Pheonix King/Insane Jerk Guy wasn't the one and only mission of their lives. It's like the ending of The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End--Even though the final battle is over, Elizabeth keeps on being a leader, Will keeps on helping others, Barbosa keeps betraying Jack, and Jack keeps outwitting him and always, always, ALWAYS, keeps searching for his precious Pearl. It's the same thing with Avatar. The *told* story is over, but life goes on. And Zuko's father was really his father. It was part of the major conflict for Zuko's character--he wanted to be good, but his family tree seemed only able to produce bad fruit. Again, I turn to a hit movie--and pardon the cliche use--to better explain: Star Wars. XD Luke was one of the leaders of the rebellion, the ultimate good guy, but his father was the one who had eliminated the Jedi, created the Empire, caused the rebellion to form. It was a point of major inner turmoil for Luke, trying to do the right thing when his DNA was urging him to do the wrong. Same deal with Zuko and Ozai. Get it? Hope this helped everyone a little bit.

Meggie :] on Jul 20, 2008


I read in a an article that the authors of avatar aren't going to create another series, so looks like there isn't going to be a 4th season. BUT they didn't say anything about making a animated movie. I think they will create a movie about how everyone is grown up and their life in the future. (finding zuko's mom, new air benders from aang and katara maybe, and so on) i guess jet really died man what a rough way to go out. u know aang and and zuko's new relationship is kind of like Avatar roku and his friend(the old fire lord who started all this war, zuko's grandfather) the difference is that roku and his friend started out as friends and ended as enimies and aang and zuko started out as enimies and ended up as friends. oh think about this u know how there are episodes that tell how the beginning of each bending happen like the original benders where the sky bison, the dragons... and so on. SO how did the Avatar came to be and who was the first avatar???? Remember in season one where aang opens a door at one of the air temples and there were so many statues of avatars going back to the very first. i think it would be really cool if they did a origin story of all the benders u know.

temsik on Jul 20, 2008


OH i just found out something if you get to watch the last episode again u'll hear the lion turtle talk about an era before the avatar. to that means the really can create a origin movie that i was talking about. anyway just want to point it out

temsik on Jul 21, 2008


Sweet! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jul 23, 2008


Prayer Girl good luck to both of us OK and also to all those who want to be in the movie as much as us

temsik on Jul 23, 2008


Thanx! Diddo for me guys! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jul 23, 2008


omg! i love avatar!!! ive seen every episode!! me and my friends got together just to see the last episode and they couldnt have finished it better! uzula going crazy and just snapping had to be my favorite part! i also loved how zuko joined the team and actually faced conflicts with them instead of against them!!! so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!! dont ruin this movie!!!

jenny on Jul 24, 2008


Hey thanks temsik and Prayer Girl for wishing us all luck. Hopefully, I'll be seeing you at the callbacks in November! I'm sending in some cool clips from a couple of movies that my friends and I made with help from my bff's dad. One's sort of a horror and the other's a comedy. The horror made us mini-celebrities. It's actually really kicky-butty for a student-made independent film--it was even accepted into the International Film Festival in New York City and was shown in this huge theater. If any of you want to see it, I think we're putting it up on YouTube soon, so I can send you the link. What're you guys doing for your submission? ~Meggie

Meggie :] on Jul 28, 2008


Did you send in your videos to that hotmail address? ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jul 29, 2008


yah i wanted to know if that was real or not let us know what they say after you send it. if its real i'll consider doing one.

temsik on Jul 29, 2008


Dido! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Jul 30, 2008


hey!! please i need info on auditions too PLEASE ANSWER!! and this is a dumb you have to look asian?? please i don't mean to sound dumb..i just need to know...katara is my dream wouls mean the WORLD to me!! please......

elphaba on Aug 1, 2008


oh you need an agent???? and someone said that hotmail adress is please tell me what people find out..i've been searching FOREVER for info! Thank you!

elphaba on Aug 1, 2008


u know i don't think katara's character has to be asian. she doesn't look asian really from the show.

temsik on Aug 1, 2008


that's what i was thinking..thank you for the re-assurence though! and.. is there still no info on auditions??? thanks!!

elphaba on Aug 2, 2008


I haven't heard anything. But I agree with temsik, I don't think you need to be asian. ^o^

Prayer Girl on Aug 3, 2008


okie dokie..thank you...well i'll keep doing research..keep me posted!! thank you!

elphaba on Aug 4, 2008


bad news everyone..only aang will be offered for the auditions....they are looking for experienced actors for the rest....sry

elphaba on Aug 5, 2008



Prayer Girl on Aug 7, 2008


i kno!! that actorsaccess says they are looking for katara...ect...but i'm hesitant about them...i dont know what to do.....

elphaba on Aug 7, 2008



Prayer Girl on Aug 10, 2008


I really hope they end up with a Pg13 and that Night realizes audiences, especially teens are a lot more mature to darker material nowadays. Take the dark knight for example, tons of teenagers loved the movie, no nightmares, got the story, and look how big that film is now.

Jimmy on Aug 11, 2008


u know what i'm gonna try out 4 aang and also ask if they will consider me for zuko just incase u know

temsik on Aug 11, 2008


yeah..i'm trying for katara..or any other girl character who kicks butt!!!

elphaba on Aug 13, 2008


I want to try for Katara, Toph, Azula, Suki, or Ty Lee! They are all awsome!!!!! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Aug 15, 2008


do you think we still have enough time to send in our pictures??? I hope so, it's crunch time!

elphaba on Aug 18, 2008


I'd like to be Katara, Toph, Mai or Azula. Yue would also be awesome--and I'm pale enough to pass as a moon spirit! XD But I went to that site about the search for Aang, and I e-mailed the address they gave for any additional questions, and this is what they sent back to me: Thank you for your interest in this project. At this time, ‘Aang’ is the*only* role that we will be opening up to auditions from the public via this website. We will be casting other roles through live auditions with experienced actors, primarily submitted through agencies. I got upset at first because originally they had said they were going to have brand new faces for all the lead roles, but now I see it as a challenge: who wants this part enough to fight for it? I believe that's US. Am I right? So I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to keep looking into it until I find some way to at least get an audition, and I'm not giving up until they put a restraining order on me. :] How about you guys?

Meggie :] on Aug 18, 2008


WOOT! you know at I'm sending my pictures and hopefully an audition to them.....i want this so bad......and i you're is time hollywood had some knew faces!!! I'm up for the challenge!

elphaba on Aug 19, 2008


I'll rout for you girl! ^o^ It is time for hollywood to have new faces, just make sure you don't do anything stupid and stay out of trouble! When you get in, you got to let us know so we can say to are friends "Hey, I know that girl!! We were/are friends online!!" I'll keep my fingers crossed and all of you in my prayers!!!!!!! ^o^

Prayer Girl on Aug 20, 2008


yah that would be so awsome goodluck!!!!

temsik on Aug 21, 2008


i was really looking forward to trying out for katara but now u guys are telling me its only for experienced actorss.. i really hope its not true.. im sooo confused

hayly on Aug 22, 2008


they want exerienced actors...but i'm sending in an audition anyway!! Don't give up!! We need to give hollywood a new rep!

elphaba on Aug 22, 2008


No, it's not over yet. I messaged the people who posted those videos yesterday asking for validation, and they said no, those are not the finalists, just personal suggestions. So don't anybody give up! I'm making another audition package to send to them and it'll be in the mail by the end of the week. If I don't hear anything for a while, then I'm sending another. Until I get a callback or a restraining order, an audition package leaves my house every few weeks. ~Meggie :]

Meggie [scares small children] on Oct 25, 2008


maggie. where do you send audition info?

reverlent on Nov 3, 2008


i really wanna know where tryouts will be held because i really want a shot at trying out since i'm a nobody and i think he wants no bodies as actors in the movie...i think...hehe i would love to try and i'm really nice and sweet and tiny and fun-sized and semi-skinny and flexible and more so please let me know ...please 😀

Hannah on Dec 9, 2008


I love it, sounds like a great idea to me. My kids will love it too because they like this show!

gnarly on May 21, 2009


I would love to be Azula. Ive always dreamed of being a bad guy that everybody hates but secretly adores inside. I think that the casting for zuko is brilliant. i can see Dev in that part. He needs alot of rage and sorrow to pull off zuko, but im sure he can pull this awesome character out. Zuko's a fantastic kind of character to play, im sure he'll have fun doing it. Overall, I think this movie will come out great. Everyone is complaining when they haven't even seen the teaser trailer yet, so shut up and look. The trailers coming out on June 24th so im ecstatic. The casting is kind of racist but they know what their doing. Maybe if there white they'll have more in common like Gilmore girls and thinking they can dance salsa when they really cant. Im crapping in my pants on the outcome of this movie. Schumann a respected director but he's been slipping lately. His imagination have gone too wild in most of his films. This is the type of film that he'll go ballistic in But whats the matter with zukos scar, its not even a scar? Its like a little boo boo from falling off your skates and shit. Another question, Jesse McCartney? I wouldnt even take his ass serious in the role of zuko. He cant act for his career nether less acting for a karate action film with tons of drama and emotion. I saw him act before, trust me, it isnt pretty. Zuko's the best character in the whole show, his image would of been tarnished if Jesse McCartney would of put on a plado scar and said "Look im zuko!!!" Blond hair and blue eyes? Shame on you shumlam for even recommending a backstreet boy look alike kid. Im glad Jesse couldn't do it, thank god that sucker was overbooked. There was the air nomads up in the sky saying "Oh hell no...we gotta freckin stop this man" SO they gave McCartney like 40 gigs in avatar fantasy land just to make the mutiny stop. Overall, I trust this film. I want it to be serious, not dragonball Z- ish, but serious and just as dramatic and heart wrenching as the show. COme on schulman do it for your fans and most of all do it for the sake of you and your avatar obsessed daughter. Especially your daughter -peace out

Zukos girl on Jun 2, 2009


The armors cool and reasonable...i would of preferred the actual armor but it looks to gladiator-ish for a Chinese inspired motion picture. Avatars a great show and they casted the character of Zuko flawlessly but what about jet. Hes important too. Toph isn't coming out till the 2nd movie and so as king boomy. I like the casting of fire lord Oazi and uncle iroh. Great bunch of old guys to bring up the acting notch for the younger set of actors. Like anng, sokka and katara. The characters look younger than i thought. who can take a movie seriously with a bunch of toddlers running around the earth fighting big adults that would rape their little asses in the real world.

JUJU on Jun 2, 2009


A:TLA Movie Auditions For all you eager Avatar fans, vital casting news has already been published for its Movie adaptation for 2010. Audtions MUST be sent to Kevin Huvane of Creative Artists Agency via e-mail. This is the e-mail for enquires: All actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds including prospective international actors/actresses are invited to participate. There are NO Open Casting Calls! Spread the Good News around. I looked up the agency online and it’s a well known, legitimate casting agency company. I looked it up on and the man mentioned above is listed as a partner of the agency. I called the agency and they confirmed that they were not casting for the movie but that Kevin Huvane was a partner. I emailed the email address given above and I got an automated response back. Here’s what I received. Dear prospective actor/actress, Thanks for your interest in the Avatar: The Last Airbender auditions. There is only one method of auditioning – sending resumes (and preferably video footage audtion) via e-mail. If you choose to send your resume you will be notified of the decision and an invitation to attend the closed casting calls later in November. All U.S citizens as well as International prospectives are invited to participate. Only e-mails with the subject line Resume in verbatim will be open, checked, and replied. Thanks for your interest. Regards, Kevin Huvane Talent Agent Creative Artists Agency That means that if you don’t have a professional resume of acting experience, you better start building one. Don’t call the agency because it seems that they are not the ones doing the casting but Kevin Huvane, a partner of the company, is. NO open casting calls if you didn’t read it at the top. Seems you have time before November. Good luck to everyone if This is about audition:

nikki on Jul 2, 2009


omg i heard about your movie in 2010! i was just wondering if i could audition. I have ben doing acting ever since i was little, but i wont lie i have taken breaks in between the past years. I dont have a manager or an agent. i have taken lessons at JRP and gone to few scouting auditions. I am a red belt in take won do. I am not very good but i caan deliver a hard punch and know a few moves. then agai my dad is the teacher which gives me the upper hand but, i have been taking it for 4 years. i have alway loved the avatar series. i resemble katara in some ways. i have curly brown hair, brown eyes, and i cant say pale skin nor very tan skin so in between. look at me iam acting as if iam definetly going to get the part of something but, we all know iam not the only one here. THANKS!

Sabrina on Oct 19, 2009


I hope the movie is as good as the tv show Avatar the last airbender is my favourite show. Just asking if you read this, is a normal girl like me able to audition for the role of toph, since she is my favourite person! no affence but this is what i think of what ive seen so far about the movie, no affence :I love avatar the last airbender, its my favourite show! But the way the did the casting was very wrong!!!!!!! Sokka and Katara are supposed to be taned black hair blue eyes and the clothes are supposed to be blue! Zuko is supposed to be very light, not alot of hair and tied up at the top! Aang, he is supposed to look at least a tiny bit japanese! and his arrow should be more vissable! Same with Zuko, you can hardly see his scar when that is one of the points about him you are supposed to remember!They could have made them look better soooooooooooooo much! And i saw the trailor, Aang didn't even spiral out his air it just went like puff and not even a good puff a bad puff! i hope you don't get affended! please anser my first question

Brittany on Jan 21, 2010


wow! I love avatar the last airbender! its my favourit show! If you do the seaso two, am i allowed to audition for toph? *THANKS FOR READING THIS!*

Brittany on Jan 21, 2010


I would love to know when and where the auditions are for the second movie. I really love acting and want to try out for toph. I love the anime and toph is my favorite character (next to zuko xD) and i think i kind of look the part, but i will leave that up to the director if i get this oppurtunity. thanks for reading!

Kimmi on Jul 5, 2010


Hi, i did not think that the lady in the water was a bad show, i found it interesting. I am also interested in tylee. I love her and i am an acrobat so i can hold a handstand for as long as she does. I would love to play her part when you (if you) make a second movie. If the movie is made in baltimore i can make it, but if you are filming in LA it may be harder. Anyway i would love it and i hope you are interested! I am 13, but i do not know hold old tylee is. if you are interested, email me at DBA= dream believe achieve. its my moto for gymnastics. I have seen every avatar episode ever (i used to be in love with it when i was ten). I am interested so please email!

Anonymous on May 27, 2011

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