Mad Max 4: Fury Road Back in Production

October 25, 2007

Thought the Mad Max trilogy with Mel Gibson was over? Guess again! A report from claims that the fourth film, titled Mad Max 4: Fury Road, has gotten the greenlight to head back into production down in Australia. Apparently there has been talk of Mad Max 4 for quite some time, but director George Miller has a slate of other major projects in the works as well and just didn't have time to work on it. That's no longer the case and George Miller will now be working on this concurrently with the Justice League of America movie as well.

Mad MaxConsidering that you really can't trust anything that comes from, for now we're going to consider this just a rumor. Mad Max 4: Fury Road is based on a script from British comic book artist/writer Brendan McCarthy. Unfortunately Mel Gibson won't be back, but hopefully that will allow for a newer, fresher face to fulfill the role of Mad Max Rockatansky. Maybe someone like Paul Walker or Mike Vogel, or how about shaking things up - Rosario Dawson?

George Miller, who directed Happy Feet as well as the three original Mad Max films, is currently slated to also work on Happy Feet 2 and the Justice League movie. The rumor claims that while working on Mad Max 4 in Australia, Miller will also have his hand in both Happy Feet 2 and Justice League in some way. Sounds like this will be quite a feat juggling three massive movies all at the same time.

Are there still big fans of Mad Max out there? We already have Doomsday in the works, which seems like a modern Mad Max, do we really need another one? At least George Miller is back on it but that doesn't guarantee anything.

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Good to hear Mad Max will be back and Miller will be directing. While a few years ago I would have thought it a sin to think this, but I am glad Gibson won't be in it. I would not pay a dime to see anything that he is even loosely connected with. It's a shame because Gibson is so very talented, but when you say the things that he has said and you know how much he hates you because of your religion, why would you even think of giving him any money? Anyways.......

Unlived on Oct 26, 2007


Without Mel, there's no reason to bother filming. No Mel, No Max. Period.

Jim on Oct 26, 2007


Mad Max without Mel Gibson is not Mad Max. No need to even think of filming it ! I would not pay a cent to see anything that is called Mad Max without Mel Gibson.

cd on Oct 27, 2007


Agreed Mel is Max that sucks. They are probably trying the 007 thing with multiple James Bonds, but it's not the same!

[KFH]ROY on Jan 6, 2008


Rosario Dawson makes me want to vomit. Especially when I think of Deathproof, everyone knows Zoe Ball was the star of that movie. If you were suggesting a female, why not suggest an Austrailian. Besides, there's only ONE true Captain Walker!

nghisus on Jan 6, 2008


I am so very very diserpointed Mel Gibson wont be allowed to reprise his Mad Max character, Mel was in the trilogy, he IS MAD MAX, so he's a little older and a lot more wrinkly, even better as the character will have aged considerably too, No Mad Max with out Mel.

Shoo on Jan 9, 2008


If Mad Max 4 is going to be the last in the Mad Max films I like many others think it should be Mel Gibson that ends the Mad Max legacy.

Mad Trev on Mar 26, 2008


Mel Gibson is the biggest sell out in the world and I'm glad to hear that they are excluding him from this picture. For someone to call out an entire religion and blame them for him being a washed out actor is sickening. What Women Want sorry mel will never be the same badass actor he played in the 90s.

Mel Gibson F.A.G. on Apr 16, 2008


He's better off not being in the film. As for his comments, that's the price we pay for living in a free society. The ad hominim argument is just as bad as Mel's comments.

Joe on Apr 29, 2008


Mel gibson is MAD MAX.. If they use someone else it will FAIL. Different actor give they person a different name NOT MAX

glen on Jul 1, 2008


everyone just calm down! look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have ever said anything bad about your mother, teacher, friend, someone of another race! are you all that perfect?? he was drunk and he is fighting some demons in his head.. doesnt make him a bad person ok! what he said was blown way out of proportion also.. worse things have been said and done by others.... no mel in madmax! whats the point! ?? mel is max end of story!

chris on Aug 1, 2008


Hugh Jackman will play the role, and while big Hugh's a decent actor, it obviously isn't gonna be the same without Gibson. Won't even be close. There are preview clips on Youtube if you wanna check it out. Nothing too substantive but they offer a general idea of what to expect (crash, bang, boom). Mel made that character so much his own that it's practically pointless for anybody else to try and play it. Russell Crowe couldn't pull it off. I mean can you imagine "The Good The Bad And The Ugly Revisited" with someone else playing Clint Eastwood's part? Ya don't mess with icons. As for the "anti-Jewish" drunken rant bs, c'man, get real. Get over yourselves. Or get a life. "My, I just can't imagine anyone having anything to do with him after that. It's just so politically incorrect. Why do you know he actually called a female law enforcement officer "Sugar T|ts?!" My, my, my, ain't it a shame, Nellie." Please. There was as much humor in that whole episode as "social sin", "moral deviancy", whatever ya care to call it, but the media chose to make him goat of the year and beat it into the ground when it was nothing but a high profile actor blabbering through a tequila fueled stupor. Drunk driving, absolutely, focus on that if you wanna criticize, but the other stuff? What a non story that was. There was nothing to it; man gets a load on, man gets arrested, man rants. What a huge, hairy deal, eh? Gee, my life wouldn't've been complete if I hadn't heard about that. Personally, I'll take flesh and blood guys like Gibson and his "partner in crime" Downey Jr. any day over that zombie army of glamor-puss, cardboard, hypocritical hacks in Tinseltown. Plastic goofballs. Suffering whatsername, the myopic, self righteous network bimbo, Sawyer, should've been penance enough. More than. Excuse me, was that politically incorrect? Terribly, terribly sorry.

warcover on Sep 5, 2008


If it's a different actor it needs to be a no namer, and not someone like bleh ass Paul Walker. I'd be pissed if they made the movie and then used someone like him. He is by no means a bad ass. And that doesn't mean use the fucking Rock instead, either.

Harrison on Sep 5, 2008


Sam Worthington is the only Actor who could reprise this role without the gag reflex bringing up the partially digested contempt of die Hard Max fans and critics .... And as for those who naively suggest an American Actor might fit the bill...well sorry to snap you out of a rather sticky wet dream but this franchise is an Australian affair and it will be represented by an Australian ......Yes Yes thats so unfair considering Australians steal all the best jobs in Hollywood.. Jews Shmooz!! they dont control anything....If there is a dick that requires sucking in AussieWood in order to advance one's career, its an Aussie dick and you better damn suck it good else you wont work in this town never again

Ugly Betty on Sep 6, 2008


i have never seen sam worthington act, nor even heard his voice, but i can tell you right now he is not mad max. without getting mel the best thing that could happen with this film would be to add 's in there an make it ..."Mad Max's Fury Road"...., make him some dead or lost hero, an urban legend. more myth than man, have him referenced in the film a few times, maybe a story about him, who knows just make it max's world. then star Sam Worthington as lead character playing the narrator/wildboy from the road warrior, on one of his many adventures on his way to becoming the chief of the great northern tribe, maybe have a seen where it cuts in on him finishing up a story to a group of children ........."and the road warrior?" ask's one of the children. "that was the last we ever saw of him. he lives now, only in my memories." if no mel, then no max far as i am concerned.if they hire a new actor they need to make a new character, or take him out of film and title all together.

cid fits on Sep 10, 2008


I suppose Sam Worthington could make a faintly passable Max but he is not 10% the actor that Mel is. Also, he is far too young, with Mel in MM2 being about the same age that Sam is now - or even a bit less. MM4 is supposed to be 20-30 years after the first movies events so it's really only Mel is at the actual age now (50) that would be in keeping with continuity. Sam is way too young, being only in early 30's and that would not work. One possible Max candidate is Steve Innes who is about 40 but looks older. he looks and sounds quite like Mel and I guess he could be tweaked enough to be convincing. Interestingly, Steve is an actor from Perth (Australia) also - same as Sam - same as Heath. I was not aware that so many good actors came from that isolated part of the world.

Larry on Oct 18, 2008


Why couldn't they have made this to release this year? Then alongside Fallout 3, I could have had an apocalyptic dystopian christmas!!! hurrah!

Bob on Nov 14, 2008


Harrison ford was crap in the new Indy. Bruce Willis was crap in the new Die Hard. Mad max is over, no mel means no mad max.

Rocky on Nov 16, 2008


Mad Max IV without Mel could work but it would have to be another Aussie actor who could resemble Mel as we are not re-imagining the franchise, only following up from the last instalment. Yes, Steve Innes would be a good choice as he could easily pass for Mel and has been active in OZ in getting the franchise started up again. Sam Worthington is just too young and Paul Walker is too young and can't act anyway - who even recommended him anyway! Colin Farrell perhaps - he does a good Aussie accent but did you see him in Alexander?

Phillip on Nov 18, 2008


Wasn't the last Mad Max done about 23 years ago? Max would be like 60 years old now! Your are just not going to get a younger actor to convincingly look and act that age so it would probably have to be Mel, in spite of his current failings. Anyway, judging by his work right now in Edge Of Darkness, he seems to have regained a lot of his lost form and I look forward to seeing him again. Steve Innes from Perth? Have not heard of him previously but I saw his pic which I take to be recent and he looks way too young - like young Mel - even though he is 39 or 40. Personally I think he looks more like Russell Crowe, before he ballooned and lost most of his attraction.

Stephanie on Nov 19, 2008


I'm not so sure about Steve Innes as Max. Sam Worthington? definitely not and no, not Colin Farrell. Colin just can't act and I don't undertsand how he continues to get work. Innes is probably the best of a bad lot so far as he can act but does it really have to be an Aussie? Surely there is an American, Canadian, Brit, Scot or Mick out there who can act and turn a decent Aussie twang?

Jose on Nov 28, 2008


Mad Max trilogy are Australian films - icons, I suppose - so it makes sense to make MMIV in Australia. I'm afraid I don't know who Sam Worthington or Steve Innes are, and I live in L.A and work in the industry, but gauging from this stream they seem to be well regarded. Are these guys Australian actors? If so, what are they known for and are they actually involved in the film - not just being talked about in colunms like this. I mean, here in L.A. the Australian actors are all pretty much well known as they seem to be getting the lions share of the good work in TV and Film. They do have a good rep though, hard working and get along well with cast and crew so it's usually a pleasure to work with them, I'm told. Like they say, Hollywood is turning into "Aussiewood." Anyway, good luck to them, I guess.

Steve on Dec 1, 2008


Speaking of Steve Innes and Colin Farrell, they are reportedly set to do a movie called Dirt Music - based on the Tim Winton novel of the same name - with Russell Crowe next year in Perth, Western Australia. Don't know who the director (maybe Phillip Noyce - another Aussie) will be but Innes lives in Perth and Crowe is a frequent visitor who has previously made a film there. Farrell spent time in Australia and worked in a bank before he became an actor. Probably should have stayed in the bank.

Richard on Dec 19, 2008


Paul Walker!? The role requires an 'actor', not a plank of wood. Totally unbelievable as a tough guy as well. Jesus.

Don Pershing on Jan 8, 2009


Ha Ha! Paul Walker. B-List star for an A-Grade movie, should it ever come to light. Why even bother? It needs to be an aussie or it just won't work. I wish I was aussie - I would put my hand up to play Max in an instant. Anyone know if any agents are looking?

Andy on Jan 12, 2009


I'm afraid I have not heard of Steven Innes or Sam Worthington. I have heard of Colin farrell and Paul walker and I don't really like either of them. Certainly not to play Max, anyway.

Malcolm on Jan 19, 2009


What about Hugh Jackman?

somedude on Jan 21, 2009


Hugh Jackman 40: 205cm tall. (6'3) Russell Crowe 44: 182cm tall. (5'11) Steve Innes 39: 182cm tall. (5'11) and 25 kg lighter. Sam Worthington 32: 180cm tall (5'10) and 15kg lighter still. Mel Gibson 50: 175cm tall (5'8) Hugh is too damn big. Sam is to young. Steve and Russell possibly, but Russell does not want to film in Australia and would not work for less than he is used to getting - you are forgetting your roots Russell! Mel is too damn old and not interested in any case and would certainly not want to film in Australia as he has well and truly forgotten his roots. Steve Innes then. Right age, looks a lot like Mel, good voice, good actor, would not cost very much and has feet firmly on the ground. No diva.

Liam on Jan 22, 2009


Steve Innes? Still too tall and too buff - not rangy and, well, short like Mel was. Innes is 40 looks older than Mel did at the same age. I'm not really familiar wirth Steve Innes or Australian film and TV, but I saw him featured in an Australian media industry magazine on a Qantas flight from L.A. last month and he is quite popular at home and elsewhere but does not venture over here to the U.S. or Canada much, mainly working in Australia, Asia and the U.K.

Paul on Jan 30, 2009


I agree with message 12, mostly, the only part i disagree with is Hugh Jackman as Max, No. Hugh is great but doesnt have the Max flair, and he doesn't have the status that Russell Crowe does, Jackman makes himself to available, and he has done comercials, a little comercial hoare, slap on the wrist for that one, you didn't need the money Hugh?. Russell Crowe would be able to do Max easily, but would it be worth his time?. Mel Gibson got drunk one nite, got pulled over, sluured a few things..Big Deal, i saw the news that day, and i thought..oh ok..that's cool, had a chuckle and went on with my day, i thought the whole thing was a non story, i couldn't believe the big deal the media made out of it, and i'm sure he has been drunk since, just a little more careful of highway patrol cares now lol. I've been a fan of Mels for about 17 years now, and that incident did not wavor my opinion of him in anyway, In fact i think it would have made him more human to most. So he got drunk..and said some things..So what. I think it made him a bigger star. As for Mel doing Mad Max, is it worth his time?, he doesn't need the money, but would he do it for the quality of the story and for icons sake?, I doubt he thinks about it, more less contemplates it. I grew up watching the Mad Max trilogy, but to be honest i couldn't go back to them again, was at my sisters place one nite about 18 mnths ago and she said i got something you will luv, she put Mad Max 2 on, and i just sighed with remote interest, and said to her, yeah it's nice, but just reminds me of that time in my life, it's almost fun, but can't really watch it anymore. It's time to realize that Mel left that part of his life more that 18 yrs ago, and hasn't really looked back since. I notice in interviews how he grows tired an almost sighs when journalists mention Mad Max, but yet he politely answers and briefly talks about them, which is cool of him to do so. But in the back of his mind thinking, have people not let me move on from this, and have they not moved on themsleves?. I dont know who will play Max, certainly not Jackman. Crowe could do it but wouldn't waste his time doing so. Fury road admittedly would be fun with Gibson and Downey, it would be a fun spoof, they could just bounce of each other. and get paid 40 million each. Once again with the drunken slurs, Honestly..No big deal, i do it all the time. Those things only make your career bigger. The thing is it Doesn't matter what you do or say in your personal life, as long as you do you job on screen, no one cares, or should care. That is seperate. The fact Mel got drunk and got busted for it, should not deter anyone from him or his movies. Russell Crowe has a reputation, but he does his job on screen. I like Russell Crowes style. I like his attitude. I am on the acting track and am also a writer. I chose Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson as role models in a way early in the 90's, to aspire to. Crowe has never lead me astray, i luv his not give a fuck attitude. I also Luv Robert Downey JR and Johhny Depp. Once you start to understand the industry as i do, you come to realize and notice certain things about it and show buisness. There is a lot more i could say, but i'm focusing more on that very Non event with the Tequila..three Cheers for Mel! .Just dont get busted by the cops again lol. Funny I have a comment on message 28. Forgotten their roots?. Do you people ever let other artists or Actors move on, I doubt Mel Gibson has forgotten his roots, ,I'm sure he is aware of them and still grateful.Australia will always be apart of him He lives in Malibu now, has done for many years, he was born in America. What..So he has to live in Oz and make Australian movies all his life, i couldn't imagine that kind of hell, i greatly dislike Australian movies, i prefer the independent Hollywood movies. because us Australians we made some crap movies. Look at the castle..a complete embarrassment. Somerset was good, i enjoyed that. Thankfully Australians are working in Hollywood now. Did you really think Heath Ledger(R.I.P) would have considered making something down under again? Unless the story was absolutely top notch and worth his time. Fortunately these days thanks to Russell Crowe, you only have to make one Australian movie here before you go to Hollywood. You must allow artist to move on with their life and venture into new territory, I'm sure Gibson is awaiting the day he no longer gets asked about those three movies of Max he made back in the 80's. Oh and by the way Luved Christian Bales outburst, i think more highly of him now. Luved it. Someone walks through your scene, a scene which you feel is going Really well, and they Fuck it up, are gonna be pissed at them. What was that?... One Tequila two Tequila..Three ūüėČ

Sod on Feb 13, 2009


Are you a Jew?.. giggle

Sod on Feb 13, 2009


Sod, even if Gibson and Downey Jr were to star in MMIV (and how much fun would that be???!!!) there would be no $40 mil salary each. The entire budget is said to less than $50 mil - in Aussie dollars, which are now only worth two thirds of what they were worth six months ago (63 cents U.S. now as opposed to 96 cents U.S. last October. No established star will appear in this franchise but that is no reason why a good unknown, like Steve Innes or Alex Dimitriades or Ditch Davey cannot make it work. In fact it might be even more interesting to have unknown soley for the new directionthe franchise could take - such as star Trek has recently done. Other than that - well said on all comments and its great that Aussie actors now have a more accessible outlet to work in other than you and your stupid mate and its sequels.

Andy on Feb 17, 2009


Come on...James Bond had different people playing him, Obi Wan isn't alec guiness any more, superman isn't chris reeves...these are timeless characters, but time moves on in real life...I am excited to see who will fill Gibson's shoes...I love those films and all they had to say and i think now is a time for another max film, no matter who is in it...

Jason on Feb 23, 2009


Was having a think about this, and it just occurred to me after reading comment 32 that Alex Dimitriades would be perfect to play Max. He is ideal for the part. I disagree however that he is an unknown, he has a very respectful body of projects, from his work here in Australia and Especially in Hollywood.

Sod on Mar 6, 2009


Alex Dimitriades is not unknown? I have seen him in a few small Aussie fims - yes I do watch them, even if the Aussies don't, but I cannot recall ever seeing him in an American production, be it TV or film. Possibly we have mistaken this person for Vince Colosimo? I have seen him in Aussie fims or course but also on American TV like Boston Legal and recently in Body Of Lies. It appears he is a pal of Russell Crowe, who is a pal of director Ridley Scott as I cannot really fathom how an unknown got himself into a decent role in such a production without a helping hand and a good word. Bottom line is, if these actors really were as good as their press touts they would be here already and more often seen in bigger productions and on TV. Lastly, Dimitriades as Max? Way too young! He is only about 30 or so and even Colosimo is only about 40 and neither of them look like Max or sound like Max for that matter. Mel Gibson has a deep, resonant voice - even in his Aussie accent, which is not native as he is from NYC. Such a voice does not really suit the Aussie accent normally but to listen to the likes of Dimitriades, Colosimo and many other Aussies in fact, their voices are so high pitched and they speak so fast that I often cannot understand what is being said, having missed vowels, inflection, ect and it makes me wonder how grown men can sound like they are Disney characters. It's pleasing then to listen to Gibson, Crowe (Oops, he is a Kiwi - have you heard what Mauri's sound like?) Innes, Worthington and Bana, who all have naturally good, deep voices in both Aussie and American accents.

Lance on Mar 7, 2009


My first response was- dear God why? So tired of CGI, and to do it to one of my all time favorites. So sad. I do look forward to a video game however. I will be more willing to accept the film if he pulls through with a live action version. Maybe this crap is just to build up the steam needed to turn the Mad Max series back into something investors will just be drooling over, thus enabling live action. Mad Max is a live action film, and has so much potential left to be explored.

Engineering on Mar 27, 2009


IT HAS TO BE MEL. Indiana JOnes came back at 64 and rocked the house.... THe script sucked, and the last 40 minutes was unbarable..... But Harrison was STILL a hard ass. As a fan, I was worried, but honestly, he was so in shape, what could I say? Mel is younger... a good 15 years younger, and with a good script, can still kick butt. This new MAD MAX just needs a good, creative story line... different, the same, and vibrant to the rest. And, if we learned anything from Indy... hopefully not a c.g.i. nightmare. Lets think more Mad Max 2, shall we? And, lets hope movie makers actually read these things.

I love JEWS on Mar 27, 2009


Ha! Maybe Mel should do the movie - he needs the money now! He'll lose half his fortune to his ex-wife and half of what's left to the Russki gold-digger and her illegitimate brat when she dumps him - and she will, just as soon as her profile and career have taken off....

Lance on Apr 30, 2009



Joe D. on May 1, 2009


No Mel, no Max? Perhaps, but at least gives some Aussie actors their due. I agree with an earlier post that someone like Steven Innes, who is 40, could be a very passable Max with the right preparation - he looks and sounds a lot like Max and looks older than he is so the age difference is not really an issue. I can't really think of another Australian who could step into Max's shoes in a pinch - possibly I'm wrong as I don't really know all that many Australian actors. Another vote for Innes then.

Toby on May 2, 2009


Take a look at the Kennedy/Miller website - you can only access it via the paid professional section of IMBD - and in the "what's new" section it got updates on casting for Mad Max 4. Sure enough, all the current Aussie male actors of note have been approached, have submitted their interest via agents and have read for the parts, done screentests and have been declined or had callbacks for 2nd and 3rd reads and this has been going on for some time. The stand out is Perth actor Steve Innes, who actually arrived for the casting session in Sydney driving his own Black Police Interceptor coupe, movie accurate, dressed in black leathers and his arrival on video looks amazing, as does his screentest. The 10 minute video was on Youtube for a very short time but got taken off, so I wonder what that is all about? This looks like the worst kept secret in Aussie film circles right now. One thing though, why portray the Max of 30 years ago? Unless of course it is a re-imagining of the series (like Trek) but I would have thought Innes would have attempted to show Max aging and prehaps softening over time as he is probably 55 or 60 more by now. Anyway, based on what I saw on the K/M site and Youtube I like what I saw and this could actually work well. And no, I didn't know who Innes was prior to reading about him in posts like these and of course in IMBD and on Youtube. This could be the sort of breakout role for Innes that Avatar and T4 will be for Sam Worthington, also an actor from Perth, Australia, who has had an unheard of run of good fortune. After all that, I really hope that Mel Gibson will still be Max and I really want one of those cars!

Toby on May 28, 2009


I've never heard of the guy.

Andy on May 30, 2009


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen lol ... i'm 22 and the first movie came out before i was even born and i still Love the everything about them. The concepts, philosophies, ideals and ofcourse the muscle cars! I also heard rumors about this possibly being an anime film???? if it is, miller will be the laughing stock of every person that has loved and hoped for this film to come. It would be considered an Epic FAIL!!! lmao. With todays tech and special effects, i'd think this could be one of the best films in a long time ( if done correctly ) Lets hope that is what comes to be!!!!!!!!!!!

LanteAn on Jun 1, 2009


I have to agree with #43. Do it properly or don't do it at all. Judging by the content of this thread it looks like no one really knows whats going on with this movie, what the buget is, where it'll be made or who is to be in it. Mad Max the cartoon? Oh, Please!

Steve on Jun 5, 2009


Há algum tempo houve um boato que Michael Biehn, que fez Terminator (Kyle Reese) e Aliens (Dwayne Hicks) faria o papel de Max Rockatansky. Seria bem legal, ele tem cara de louco, como se pode notar em The Abyss (Coffey). Teria sido bacana ver uns MAD MAX na década de 90 e 2000. Mas sem o Interceptor V8, não pode!!!! Minha sugestão é que comecem tudo de novo, como Batman Begins. Ator novo, Interceptor V8 novo, todo aquele caos e violência, tudo novo. Seria bem melhor do que fazer uma continuação. E para quem vai ver ou já viu Terminator: Salvation, há uma cena que lembra muito o MAD MAX 2, na estrada, quando passam por uns farrapos de veículos em chamas. George Miller é um gênio que criou aquele cinema de ação forte e sanguinolento australiano, com o primeiro Mad Max. Gosto muito do primeiro e do segundo, e fiquei decepcionado com o terceiro, que teve adoçante no lugar de pólvora. Mas, espero pela ressurreição do melhor vigilante do planeta.

Shigetoshi on Jun 6, 2009


Not sure what the hell Shigetoshi is going on about but I'm pretty sure Biehn is not involved. Too old. I am pretty sure Innes is involved and the media supports that theory as pretty much fact.

Steve on Jun 24, 2009


Mel Gibson was great at playing mad max and i wish he would play mad max again. the new mad max movie can still be made with live action, i think Hugh Jackman would make a good mad max.

mad max fan on Jul 10, 2009


I think we would all love Mel Gibson to return to the role that made him. whether he needs the money or not. The actor that will play Max though, Steven Innes from Australia said the same thing and would happily take on a lesser role if only Mel would return and fulfill the role that was his and his alone. After all that, I wonder if Innes would still be as gracious if Gibson actually accepted the open offer to return and reprise his role?

Stellan on Jul 10, 2009


Is this the same Aussie Steve Innes that will star in Peter Berg's Dune remake? If so, this guy ROCKS!!!! Same guy is going to be Murdoch in the "A Team" remake. Still can't work out why he jumped ship from the Scott/Crowe "Nottingham" project in favour of working with Mel Gibson on a medium budget Aussie Film.

Book em. Danno on Jul 10, 2009


Hi, guys! I use the Windows Live to translate the text in portuguese (post 45) to english, but I believe this is not perfect for you understand it, then, excuse me if this text is not so good as I wish, OK? Thanks! > For some time there was a rumour that Michael Biehn, of "Terminator" (as Kyle Reese) and "Aliens" (as Dwayne Hicks) would do the role of Max Rockatansky. It would be pretty cool, he has his face, as noted in the "Abyss" (as Coffey). Would have been cool see each Mad Max in the 1990s and 2000. But without the V8 Interceptor cannot!!!! My suggestion is starting again, like "Batman Begins". New actor, interceptor V8 new again, anyone chaos and violence, everything new. It would be much better than doing a continuation. And for whom you will see or have already seen "Terminator: Salvation", there is a scene that resembles the "Mad Max 2", on the road, when undergoing a few rags of vehicles in flames. George Miller is a genius who created that strong action cinema and Australian sanguinolento, with the first Mad Max. I like the first and second movies, and I was disappointed with the third, who had sweetener instead of gunpowder. But I hope for the resurrection of the best vigilant of this planet.

Shigetoshi on Jul 10, 2009


Hugh Jackman as Max? Isn't he a little too tall? Remeber what a shrimp Gibson is. Isn't Jackman little too young? Crowe is also too young. Worthington is way too young. Innes is the same age as Jackman but considered front runner for the role? How? Why? Don't forget the initial trilogy is set early in the 21st Century with MMI and winds up some 25 years later with MMIII, with Max probably close to 50 years old. MMIV (Fury Road) is supposed to be set around the mid 21st Century so Max would be around 70! There can be no V8 Interceptors in this story - Australian Police generally stopped using V8 Patrol and Pursuit vehicles around 8 years ago (2001) as they were considered too powerful and too expensive to run. Yes, Mad Max type Interceptors actually existed in OZ in the 1970's but those were 1970's cars and the XA XB XC Ford Falcon Coupes and Sedans were not produced post 1978. In recent times, the Ford Falcon was not even used for police work as they simply did not meet design and safety criteria required for service as a police vehicle so the bulk of police work went to the Holden (R.I.P. GM) Commodore which like the (much) earlier Ford Falcons had the awesome 5.7L 350w GenIII (about the same as the (5.8L 351c Ford engine). V8 Holden Commodore police vehicles then were reduced to 3.8L V6 and then to the pathetic 3.6L V6 that exists now. Ford Falcon have made a comeback, having sorted out design flaws but only as a 4.0L V6 - with a turbo if you are lucky, and admittedly, these are more powerful than the V8's ever were but no where near as cool. It get's worse, Oz Police now get about in WRX's, Diesel powered Opel/Holden Astras and goddam Smart Cars!!!! Max was riding a camel drawn wagon at the start of MMIII and reduced to walking at the end of it. Unless there has been an appreciable recovery of society since, with renewed fuel production or some other type of energy source harnessed, I think Max will be walking still. If anyone managed to get hold of Steve Innes's screen test and audition video: the one where he arrived in an original Interceptor Coupe that was on Youtube until it was taken down recently - can you please post it somewhere if you have it??? I never got to see it.

Malcolm on Jul 11, 2009


Very concise history of the Falcon Interceptor and Aussie police cars in general, Malcolm. Actually, I did happen to see S. Innes's Youtube reel back around March and found it a lot of fun. If that car is really his, he's a lucky guy. I did not know it (his reel) had been struck from the site and that's a pity as he really knows how to use that car! Like others have said, it was probably an issue of confidentiality or secrecy but if he performs like this in the actual film, I'll have no problem in going to se it.

Stander on Jul 18, 2009


I live in Perth and Steve Innes is sometimes seen driving his insane black coupe about. It's movie accurate, apart from the leather interior and is borderline illegal, with the side pipes blower and wide wheels. The car is now on display at a motor museum in a large wildlife park to the north of the city and is actually for sale for about $125,000 which seems a lot but then the car is recognised as the worlds best replica and one of the first, being built in about 1983 (sorry, took all that from the sign at car on display - I'm a plagarist.) Since he is in the new movie, its only fair he uses his car - just for the fans, you undestand.

Dweezil on Aug 26, 2009


HOW TO MAKE MAD MAX 4 GOOD, EVEN GREAT.... Gibson can redeem himself with this... as though he really needed to.... THe 4th Mad MAx can take place say... 15, 20 years later. Here's the plan. Finally, after all the bad that happened, a new goverment sets up, complete with production, electricity, etc, making Max a kind of semi left over. There are still bad guys in the bad lands, and MAx is STILL rounding them up.... but in town, people don't quite know what to make of him anymore.... He's some 50 year old guy, refusing to give up is gun, living in a trailor (rented to him by a kind hearted older lady, who remembers the worst of times) HE catches his own food, buys practically nothing... and gets by nicely with a few friends. He occasionally stops into the local bar for say, twop beers, but that's about all he contributes to capitalism.... HE meets a nice girl, naturally like 15 years young of course, and she works as a school teacher... Kids are fascinated by Max, this living, still verile piece of history.... who is fresher in the minds of town people then they'd like to admitt.... Of course, all this time, there is curruption in the "new order" goverment, dictating what can and can't be said, taught, done, etc... all in the name of "new order." Eventaully, Max is persecuted, let usnsay, for not turning over his gun, or for "hording" parts he is using to repair a meraculously repairable v-8 interceptor.... He becomes "blacklisted", and is banished, yet ingnores the order.... The school house in turn is forced to encourage children to essentially be meek, mild followers who think mainly of how to go along and get along in the bubble of the new "order".... The "girl" (who is for now un-named) hates this, and gos against it a little... telling kids that some people are leaders, in all different ways, and that it is all together they the leaders "work" for them. Eventaully, the school house is closed, due to some complication of association with Max, who's now "watched" as a bad guy.... and there's a scen outside where the girl is sad, like, "oh, dman them, I just wanted to teach these kids some real history.... What we went through, what we all wnt through... somthing they could hold on to, and think for themselves with... instead of being bullied. What kind of world do we have if everyone is a sheep....", etc. Max gos to protest things, but is leaving the metting when some of the cops jump him.... and, being the same old max, he takes them out quickly, then gets the wide eyed, Oh Shit! Mel face and runs away.... THe people go looking for Max, however, two of the children find him hiding in a alley... and automatically turn him in. I think you can have action from this point, but it needs to be good action.... and live, not c.g.i..... If you can, get the ten to f the film EXACTLY as it was in Road Warrior, or Thunder Dome, which would be awesome.... DO NOT worry about making it "a little better" in that department. THis is old tinking, that clearer, digital is better. WHat they did in the 80's expressed the desert beautifully, and made me feel the dust in my mouth. DO IT RIGHT. THis has been "some" divine intervention. If you want more, write

Bunker on Oct 19, 2009


Even without a nuclear war, there will not be any working 1974 XBGT Coupes around in 2040-2050 anyway, unless like the Innes car, it's in a museum. If you have never seen one up close, there are actually very light weight - only about 1300kg - which is due to their racing heritage. Lots of plastic and very thin steel stampings and that's it. And these cars are fetching in excess of $100,000 Aussie dollars for a good one - not even an interceptor replica - and with the Aussie dollar almost worth as much as our U.S. dollars just now it's a lot of money to spend on an old car. I'd like to see the museum interceptor Innes is said to have got, though.

Amonnel on Oct 23, 2009


Where Did You Get The Rumour Robert Downeys Got Anything to Do With It? Sam Worthington (Terminator 4) And Charlize Theron ( As if she needs Introductions) are In Okay... lets end the silly rumours Dr D Studios are doing the Digital Effects for George Miller, and filming the 1st unit shots have been underway already in early Sept , 1st Unit Shots are vehicle Drive By's and flyovers at the location. Any Questions?

Joe Simiana on Oct 29, 2009


I don't think there was any rumour about R.D. Jnr being involved in this movie. Rather, I recall last year in GQ or Variety or something saying that he would certainly sign up if Gibson was confirmed to appear and at that stage it was not certain that he would not. MIller only this week announced the commencement of pre-production, along with some Aussie politician who did a lot of ass kissing to get the movie filmed in his state. So, have can pre-prod only commence this week when #56 says they've been filming 1st unit stuff for almost 2 months, with no word from the media and locals.... Lastly, Dr D studios are a wholly owned subsidiary of Kennedy Miller Mitchell and all are housed in the same old theatre in Potts Point, Sydney, though they are planning to open up a new digital studio in Inner Sydney somewhere. Still, I cant wait to see the finished product in a couple of years but the wisdom of casting - if he has actually been cast - Worthington, soley on his profile I'd imagine, escapes me.

Manuel Heign on Oct 30, 2009


I'd love to see a new Mad Max film with Mel Gibson set in Palestine. Guess whos side he'd be fighting on. Not the bad guys.

Hippy on Dec 11, 2009


Mad Max Beyond Hymie Town

Merv on Dec 18, 2009

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