Marvel Avengers Movie with Iron Man and Hulk Coming Eventually...

May 19, 2007
Source: MTV

This isn't really a rumor, but it's so far out and pretty much a big work-in-progress that it practically is a rumor. Comic book movie screenwriter Zak Penn, who's been very vocal recently (talking about Young X-Men spin-offs among other projects) shared some details on a few of his movies with MTV, including The Incredible Hulk and possibly an Avengers movie. The Avengers are a team of superheroes, just like DC Comics' Justice League of America, but comprised of Marvel superheroes, including Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America, among others. Although Penn does say it's "definitely going to happen", he's waiting for Iron Man and the new Hulk movie, both summer 2008 releases.

Here's the quote from Penn himself talking about the film.

"'Avengers' is definitely going to happen; the idea was always to do a crossover with multiple superheroes, "he revealed of the superhero tag team group, Marvel's answer to DC's Justice League. "I'm waiting to let 'Iron Man' and 'Hulk' come out because those are two characters that could appear in it. I used to think that movie would be impossible to make but now I feel like it's not."

For a while, I too thought it would be impossible, but in the same fashion that they're currently developing a Justice League movie, I think if everything was done right, they could do an Avengers movie and make it one amazing crossover. For now we've got a while to wait, and let's focus Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk individually first.

In the meantime, you can also pick up Lionsgate's two animated movies on DVD: Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2, which are actually both very good and certainly worth watching if you're a big Avengers fan.

Marvel Avengers

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Movie Avengers team should be 1.Iron man 2.Spider-man 3.Mr.Fantastic 4.Wolverine 6.Cap America I can dream cant i?

bill cosby on Aug 31, 2007


I am very happy with the news of the movie of the mighty avengers. My dream team is: Captain America Hawkeye Thor Iron Man Scarlet Witch Wasp Ant-Man Vision

Luis on Oct 1, 2007


I'm excited to hear about an Avengers movie, but if I saw it, I would want to stay true to the comic roots. Captain America Thor Iron Man Wasp Giant Man and maybe the Hulk, although the version of the Hulk that has been portrayed lately really wouldn't have much to add to the team the way the original Avengers' Hulk did, so I think it would probably be better to leave him out.

Josh on Oct 2, 2007


I have always said that The Avengers would be the ultimate comic book movie. The line up for humor, wit, and battles would be from the series containing the following characters. My pick would be; Captain America Hawkeye Thor Iron Man Scarlet Witch Wasp Beast Wolverine Vision

Avengers Nut on Nov 8, 2007


Samuel L. Jackson will be playing Nick Fury in the new Iron Man movie. Since he is, I think it would be a good idea to do the Ultimate version of the Avengers. just a thought.

Tom Webster on Nov 27, 2007


I am very anxious to see this film; I have great expectations with this movie. My favorite alignment is: Captain America Hawkeye Thor Iron Man Wasp Ant-Man

L.J. on Jan 4, 2008


spiderman, ironman, hulk, x-men

kf man on Feb 25, 2008


Doesnยดt it seem to be too big of a group? Give chance to the unseen heroes... John Holmes Ron Jeremy Lex Steele Ginger Lynn Seka

Ernest on Mar 7, 2008


I think it should be Iron Man Thor They can handle things by themselves. hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Mina Pemder on Mar 11, 2008


I think given that the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk movies are coming out this year and they are the pre-established "heroes" at the beginning of the Ultimates. It would be better to do an Ultimates movie and then if Marvel want to franchise those characters then they can be spun off from that film. It means that an amazing sequal would be ready too, as Ultimates 2 as a film could be as great as X2. The cast for the film would be (and who I think should be played by): Captain America - Paul Walker (has Brad Pitt been younger I would have cast him in this role) Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr. (he is playing him in the Iron Man movie after all) Giant Man - Matthew McConaughey (referenced as the actor to play him in the book) Wasp - Maggie Q (well she looks sexy and can act) Thor - Brad Pitt (Think Achilles from 'Troy' with a gotee and big hammer) Hulk/Banner - Edward Norton (he is playing him in The Incredible Hulk movie) General Nick Fury - Samuel L. Jackson (the 'Ultimate' character is based upon the actor) Betty Ross - Liv Tyler (she is playing her in The Incredible Hulk movie) Hawkeye - Wentworth Miller (he just looks right for the part) Black Widow - Charlize Theron (I think she would be perfect) Quicksilver - Orlando Bloom (he suited white hair and has the right frame) Scarlet Witch - Charisma Carpenter (the snobery of the character reminted me of Cordelia) and Herr Kleiser - Robert Carlyle (he would be great with some vocal coaching for the accent) The Villans would be Hulk for the middle of the movie and then the Chitauri (Ultimate version of the Skrulls) led by Herr Kleiser.

John K on Mar 13, 2008


Thor Ironman Captain America Vision Scarlet Witch and the Black Panther

wv on Mar 25, 2008


The Avengers Movie will best Justice League (since JL is using different actors for Batman and Superman, and I believe Avengers will use the same actors). The team should include the following: Captain America Scarlet Witch The Vision Hawkeye Iron Man Thor The Hulk Other superheroes should cameo in the movie (perhaps individually trying to fight off Apocalypse, who should be the villain). And the actors who played previous heroes should return to reprise their roles.

DudeLove on Apr 6, 2008


Of course you start with the war and the fatefull fall into the water and the disapearence of Cap till the avengers find him. Captain America was and will always be a hero. To bring the rest of the heros together can only take Thor. He had the best pair ups with The Hulk and Spiderman. What a great time we live in in movies. they come to life like they were always imagined. In todays world even imaginary heros are welcome

mcozart on Apr 8, 2008


I have been reading comics since i was 8 (I'm now 40) I love most comic book movies but having read the avengers since i was a little boy my favorite team was as follows: Iron Man Thor Captain America Ant man/ Giant Man Wasp Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Hawkeye Plus or minus vision

Marc on Apr 12, 2008


I think these should be in the Avengers movie: Captain America (of course) Iron Man Hulk Thor Wolverine Storm Hawkeye Black Panther Giant Man Scarlet Witch Ant-Man Wasp some of the X-Men The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man

Josh on Apr 15, 2008


OK I THINK THIS WOULD MOST DEFF BE THE BEST TEAM.... Captain America (Steve Rogers) Thor (Thor Odinson) Silver Surfer Iron Man (Anthony Stark) Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) Punisher (Frank Castle) Bradley, Isaiah Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS A BUT KICKING TEAM !!!

MASON on Apr 24, 2008


ok i know i just posted a team but here is one that would be good if u were more into the realistic great hand to hand team. Agent X (Nijo) Bishop (Lucas Bishop) Blade (Eric Brooks) Elektra Punisher (Frank Castle) Iron Fist (Danny Rand) this is more of a "batman" themed team because no one really has any powers. and thats y this is a cool team !!!

MASON on Apr 24, 2008


i always like a nice hard hitting team so here's mine. hulk the thing thor ares hercules juggernaut now who could stop this lot ?

Luke on Apr 24, 2008


hulk ironman spiderman Thor we need a woman, the avengers need a wonder woman figure.

bathulk on Apr 26, 2008


This movie has to be handled right, cannot have too many crazy characters out there. Captain America Nick Fury Black Widow (since there is a Fury) Bruce Banner Janet Pym Hank Pym (messing with all his tools then figuring out the giant man formula) Iron Man Thor reluctantly: Wanda and Pietro, Hawkeye

Antonio on May 4, 2008


It should be the new Avengers before the artist changed to Lenil Yu. I'm talking about red/gold suit spiderman, spiderwoman, ms. Marvel, wolverine, Capt. America, Luke Cage

ben disciple on May 4, 2008


The Initial Avengers line-up should be: Captain America Ironman Thor Giantman Wasp Hulk ...cause these heroes are the core of the Avengers. It really ain't the Avengers without them. Other heroes that can be included either as small parts or those that will appear in the 2nd or 3rd movies: Balck Panther Hawkeye Wonderman Vision Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Black Knight Black Widow Sersi Crystal Falcon Sub-Mariner Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) She Hulk Ms Marvel its possible not to include these guys Hercules and Gilgamesh (there's already a Thor) Beast (he is already with the X-men) Mockingbird, Tygra, Hellcat, Moondragon, Moon Knight (not really that known compared to the ones on the list) Spiderman (He works best solo) Wolverine (no matter what people say, Wolverine is NOT Avengers material.) As for villains, it's not really a good idea to introduce villains that are unknown to the fans. Major villains could be: Loki Thanos Masters of Evil Kang The Wrecking Crew Ultron

Wynther on May 4, 2008


(MUST HAVE) Captain America Iron Man The Hulk Thor (MAYBE) Wolverine Black Panther Silver Surfer Fantastic Four Members X-Men Members Spider Man

ALmighty13 on May 4, 2008


I was introduced to the Avengers when I was 5 by my Dad and always thought they were way cooler than any X-men. I'm now 39 and I still like them. My dream team for the movie; Iron Man Capt America Thor Vision Black Panther Quick Silver Hawkeye Wasp Scarlet Witch The movie would need to be at least 4 hours long to cope with all the characters and to give each one plenty of airtime to 'strut their stuff'. PS - saw Iron Man last week and loved it. Great movie with plenty of action and laughs.

vanilla radio on May 5, 2008


i just finished reading an article saying that there is goin to be a captain america movie, a thor movie, another iron man movie and yes it is true there is goin the be an AVENGERS MOVIE !!! its goin to come out after the thor and captain america movie so everyone knows who they r and all there back storys are sorted and done. there is also talk of an antman movie but no date set. the avengers movie is to include hulk,iron man, thor and captain america as the avengers but no villains have been talked about. the link to the site is below..... if that doesn't work go to google and put in avengers the movie and it comes up with a few sites all saying the same thing but with less detail. Iron Man 2, reprising the tale of the man in metal, will be released April 30, 2010. Thor, based on the popular Norse warrior, is scheduled for release June 4, 2010. The First Avenger: Captain America is due out May 6, 2011 The Avengers, the story of the crime fighting team, is slated for July 2011

Luke on May 6, 2008


This could be real!!!! If you see the IRON MAN Movie stay untill the credits are all over!!!!!!! AND SEE THE TRUTH!!!!!

Brian on May 6, 2008


1. captain america 2. iron man 3. thor 4. hulk 5. hawk eye 6. spider man 7. wolverine 8. beast

Paul on May 7, 2008


How about an "All Girl" team? 1. Wasp (Captain) 2. Dazzler 3. Rogue 4. Invisible Girl 5. Spider Woman 6. She-Hulk 7. Psylocke 8. Black Widow 9. Silver Sable (Reserve)

Jessie on May 7, 2008


Wait... I have to add one more to the "All Girl" team! 1. Wasp (Captain) 2. Dazzler 3. Rogue 4. Invisible Girl 5. Spider Woman 6. She-Hulk 7. Psylocke 8. Black Widow 9. Silver Sable (Reserve) 10. Lace from the American Gladiators ๐Ÿ™‚

Jessie on May 7, 2008


Captain America - Mark Walhberg Iron Man -Robert Downey Jr Nick Fury - Micheal Jai White Giant man - Paul Walker Wasp - Kate Beckinsale Thor - Maybe a wrestler someone big enough to play the part Hulk - Edward Norton Black Widow - Charlize Theron

brian on May 8, 2008


If they go with the big franchise's already then i think the team should be: Captain America (core of the team/leader) Iron Man (co leader) Wolverine Spiderman Hulk Thor and a maybe a couple more but i'm not sure. It'd make sense to use spidey and wolverine cos they're in the new avengers team and they've already been established in the movie world. Apprantly Marvel want to go with original actors rather than find new ones which makes more sense to me, compared to JLA where they're getting a whole new cast rather than bale as batman etc it'd be embarrasing if they included daredevil though.......

Adam on May 8, 2008


The Avengers movie should consist of the following superheroes: must have: 1. Captain America 2. The Hulk 3. Thor 4. Iron Man 5. Nick Fury should have: 5. Wasp 6. Ant-Man might have: 7. Vision 8. Hawkeye

orion49 on May 9, 2008


this movie would be the best my line up for the avengers would be: Captain America iron man spiderman Thor Vision the Hulk Wolverine

Big A-Z on May 9, 2008


This is my list of avengers: captain america ironman hulk thor warbird spiderman some x-men members

BB on May 10, 2008


I'd go classic definitely: Captain America (not up for debate) I've always liked Josh Lucas as cap Iron Man (not up for debate)- Downey. duh Thor Hulk- Norton Giant Man Wasp and Nick Fury just as the initiator - Sammie J

alex on May 11, 2008


i was thinkin about who could be the right person to play thor in a movie and i think that HHH from WWE would be a well good choice.i think his look is a great one for a real life thor , but i would only like to see him as thor if he could act the part which im not so sure about.

Luke on May 11, 2008


i think the captain america movie should be an origin movie all set in ww2, and the avengers movie could start with them unfreezing him, kinda like the ultimate avengers movie. it should be all gritty looking like saving private ryan. with the cap, thor, ant man, iron man and hulk movies coming out, i think the avengers will be the final movie for em. i hope for the thor movie they change his origin, cause it sucked. he should look like ultimate thor (admit, the winged helmet was stupid looking) and i think the guitar player zakk wylde would be perfect to play him. cap should be played by matthew mcconaughey, or maybe matt damon. christian bale would be good too. i think the avengers movie should have 1. captain america (matthew mcconaughey, or matt damon ) 2. thor ( zakk wylde ) 3. iron man / war machine ( robert downey jr. / terrance howard ) 4. luke cage ( tyreese gibson ) 5. nick fury ( samuel l jackson ) 6. black widow ( femka jensen ) 7. vision or hank pym as a tech guy 8. hulk i think they should have the hulk imprisoned or something cause hes dangerous, and at the end they have to let him loose to help them, again, kinda like the cartoon movie. theres not really a true avengers villain that would be good enough for the movie, maybe thanos. or maybe they group together some villains from previous movies, like magneto and dr doom and some others introduced in some of the coming movies. i just hope with all the new superhero movies coming out, that they are better then daredevil/ elektra (omg it was terrible) or the stupid fantastic four. the only cool thing abou the ff movies was dr doom. they are the lamest superhero team ever.

glynn willson on May 12, 2008


I think with the avengers movie they are going to have to have the masters of evil face off against the avengers, or possibly have the group face Galactus, Apocalypse and his four horsemen(possibly using wolverine as death*), Super Skrull, Loki; there are a lot of possibilities to who they could fight. With all the superheroes, they'd have to fight someone big.

bobby boucher on May 13, 2008


whats wrong with you people half of your lists arent and havent ever been AVENGERS JUST LET MARVEL DO THERE JOB AND THEN WE CAN JUDGE THE MIGHTY AVENGERS ARE captain america,thor,namor,the hulk and iron man they were the originals (East Coast Avengers) (West Coast Avengers) captain america us agent thor thunderstrike namor wonderman the hulk war machine iron man scarlet witch spiderman vision and for the fools in love with wolverine he is a x man and was with alpha flight so grow up and get a real comic hero he totally sucks @$$% and is one character marvel should have killed off he aint n real mutant and the hulk has a better healing factor,sabre tooth and wendigo are better hunters and trackers so what good is he just another loser the they try and hype up and dont even say his metal bones thats weak magneto would kill him but the hulk,sabre tooth or wendigo would trash magneto and he wouldnt even stand a chance even sasquatch would do better on a team then wolverine he's just hype got no skills and i can pick 10+ hero's and villians from anywhere and prove he totally stinks and is the only one from marvel that does

draempailer on May 13, 2008


1. captain america 2. iron man 3. thor 4. Nick Fury 5. Black Panther 6. Vision 7. wasp 8. Giantman

john t on May 13, 2008


1. Captain America (REQUIRED!) 2. Iron Man (REQUIRED!) 3. Thor (Required!) 4. Nick Fury (Required!) 5. Hulk (Required!) 6. Spiderman 7. Vision 8. Wasp 9. Luke Cage 10. Human Torch (or the whole 4) 11. Wolverine 12. Black Widow 13. Giantman (we can call it Captain's 13.)

Scott on May 13, 2008


here is my list of heros that should definitley be in the Avengers movie: 1. Iron Man 2. Vision 3. Wonder Man 4. Captain America 5. Hawkeye 6. Wasp 7. Giant Man 8. Beast 9. Thor 10. Scarlett Witch

Tom on May 15, 2008


My Favorite Team to The Avengers movie is, (with actors too): 1. Escarlet Witch! (Scarlet Johanson, she's very sexy as our favorite witch) 2. Quicksilver (Who's gonna better than Orlandoo Bloom!?) 3. Ant-Man (Hayden Christensen, I dont know why...) 4. Thor (Brad Pitt) 5. Black Widow (Uma Thurman) 6. Wasp (I dont know... Ashley Tisdalee.... jaja who knows?) 7. Black Panther (Djimon Hounsou, well, I knew for here...) 8. Vsion (We need a actor for him?) 9. Hawnkeye (I Think that Jonhy Deep is perfect!) 10. Iron-man (Robert Downey jr.) 11. And CAPTAIN AMERICA! (Mat Damon)

EdyKhan on May 15, 2008


why jonhny deep why not ryan reynolds!



chris evens captain america!



Ant She-Hulk by Angelina Jolie! isn't that Cool!?

EdyKhan on May 15, 2008


They should be in the Avengers movie with a doubt, i would really love to see gambit from X-men in the movie hes just a G. 1.Captain America 2.Thor 3.Spiderman 4.Iron Man 5.Wolverine 6.Human Torch 7.Dead Pool 8.Thing 9.The Hulk

Darkness4699 on May 16, 2008


1. Iron Man 2. Dead Pool 3. Spider-Man 4. Thor 5. Blade 6. Warmachine 7. Cpt America 8. Nick Furry 9. Hulk (he is kinda to strong tho don't you think?)

That guy on May 19, 2008


1. Captain America 2. Iron Man 3. Thor 4. Spider Man 5. Hulk 6. Wolverine

vcnmbm on May 19, 2008


I forgot to add Blade as number 7.

vcnmbm on May 19, 2008


Hawkeye Captain America Ironman Everyone else is inconsequential. This is the closest thing to a Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie

Luigi on May 21, 2008


If we dream, let's Dream high. I want a remake of the invasion of the avengers house, from the Masters of Evil, with Zemo the leader. That was an awesome moment...and would work great in a movie.

Paulo on May 22, 2008


anyone who thinks that spiderman/x-men should give it a rest. they already have three movies a piece and i've seen enough of them.

marcus patterson on May 23, 2008


they should just stick with: captain america ironman thor hulk black panther(secondary character) hawkeye(secondary character) have these guys in parts, kinda like how they had warmachine (james rhodes) in ironman: giantman wasp nick furry black widow and the villains: ultron as the main villain and in the after credits have something about ultron creating vision to help him destroy the avengers

Black Panther on May 26, 2008


they realy shold stick with them. good idea

captain america on Mar 24, 2011


You know wht would be cool if the avenger movie is made good is to possibly thnk of making civil war based off the book. they could use actors they have done before or switch it up with new people.

irish_battousai on May 31, 2008


make the movie easy if you put too many caracters in, it will suck. keep the originals 1. iron man 2. captain america 3. wasp 4. giant man 5. The hulk 6. thor

jacob on Jun 4, 2008


good idea that,s awesome!



I completely agree with Jacob, hey that's my name too... You could add in Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Maybe start out with the "BIG 3" Cap'n, Thor and Iron Man, with the Hulk as a small part - of course Giant Man and Wasp...these were the real originals... Then add Hawkeye (always a favorite) Vision, Black Panther etc. as the franchise continues... the whole Ultron/Vision story would make for a great movie on it's own. There were so many great story lines in the comic books that the possibilities are endless.... But, leave the X-Men in the X-Men and The Fan 4 out of it. They're not Avengers... Hey, what about a Defenders movie????

Jay on Jun 6, 2008


the cast right now is robert d jr as iron man, sam L jakson as nick fury and ed norton as bruce banner/hulk the true cast right now if u dont beleive me go to the avengers on google and it will have the cast right now

dan sich on Jun 7, 2008


Matt Damon as Captain America? Will they have him stand on a box? To make it a good story, the cast needs to be small, just the core characters. Tomarketto a mainstream audience no one will have a clue who the Black Panther, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Wonder Man, etc. are. They can intro one or two with brief backstories if necessary, but that will take a big chunk of time away from character development of the main heroes, the basic plot and the action scenes. I would love to see short cameos with heroes like Spiderman, Daredevil, The Thing or others saving civilians near the sidelines when the big battle takes place and NYC is taking a severe beating.

S_Colescott on Jun 12, 2008


...or maybe a Reed Richards cameo with Tony Stark contacting him via videophone for technical assistance as Johnny and Ben fight in the background.

S_Colescott on Jun 12, 2008


...Hawkeye can be a military support guy and Hank Pym a science advisor (tech looking like the Antman helmet and an Ultron head sitting on his workspace). Maybe the Black Widow can be another civilian support person. This would set up returns in later movies in which their roles are larger.

S_Colescott on Jun 12, 2008


How about Ron Jeremy as Jarvis... just to bring in fans of other movie genres? He would obviously have to work with a voice coach...

S_Colescott on Jun 12, 2008


How about a new FANTASTIC FOUR with: Wolverine Spiderman Hulk and Ghost Rider Watch out bad guys!!!!

lord William on Jun 12, 2008


Each Avenger will have there own movie before the Avenger movie. The Avengers set and confirmed for this movie are: Ironman (2008) The Incredible Hulk (2008) Ant-Man (2010) Captain America (2011) Comfirmed Films and POSSIBLE Avengers are: Luke Cage (2009) Doctor Strange (2010) The Avengers Movie is set for 2011. Villians still remain unannounced. But my perfect villain would be apocolypse or galactus (but not that bloody cloud that apperd in fantastic four rise of the silver surfer, but the real sky scaper size world ending galactus. Thanks for reading!!

James on Jun 12, 2008


the team should be: HULK Cap America Iron Man Spiderman (Black or normal) Venom(eddie brock) Ghost Rider The Wasp Wolverine (the out going out-cast) Nick Fury Fantastic Four Storm Cyclops (tension with wolverine) Hawkeye Thor Iron Fist

jak on Jun 12, 2008


there was rumors that a character that looks similar to Peter Parker was going to make a cameo in The Incredible Hulk but I didn't see anyone that resembled him at all. it's probably going to be Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Captain America Thor Ant Man

Zach on Jun 13, 2008


Well the mega uber cools think that the avengers movie should have... Spider-Man Iron Man Wolverine The Incredible Hulk Captain America Dare Devil Dead Pool Black Panther And a Black Guy to be awsome. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Nathan Graham) Oh and chris redfield out of Resident Evil. BIG IT UP TO YOUR FACE!!!

The Mega uber cools on Jun 14, 2008


team should be: 1.iron man 2.hulk 3.wolverine 4.night crawler 5.captain America 6.war machine 7.Thor 8.Dr. strange 9.human torch 10.iceman

adrian on Jun 14, 2008


Team should be: 1. Capt America 2.Iron Man 3.Thor 4.Hulk 5.Vision 6.Hawk eye 7.Ant Man 8.Wasp Villains Mandarin and Loki

jason garcia on Jun 15, 2008


Ok to the point the team should be: Captain America Thor Iron Man Hulk Scarlet Witch Wasp Hawkeye Ant man and maybe Quicksilver

Aruman on Jun 15, 2008


Come on now... with the marvel universe picking up speed at the box office... who wouldn't slap down a cool $20 to go see Hulk Vs. Thing or Hulk Vs. Wolverine? Even though they cheesed Spidy Vs. Venom... I'd still pay to see those battles.

BS on Jun 15, 2008


Dude, the team should totally be; Cap. America Iron Man Thor Spider Man Hulk Scarlet Witch Quicksilver Vision maybe Wonder Man Villains Ultron Loki and Red Skull

Mychal Leverage on Jun 15, 2008


My mom thinks there should be the following 5 Cap America Hulk Spider Man Iron Man Thor I think, with these 5 heroes, the villains should be Loki Red Skull

Mychal Leverage on Jun 15, 2008


I think that if Hulk were the enemy it would tie into the ending of the new movie. But i would like it better if the Hulk werent the enemy instead, maybe Stark or Banner found a way to control it, and Hulk becomes a friend. If hulk had a hard time with just the Abomination, i think the whole avengers might kill him.

Hal on Jun 15, 2008


your all retards. the avengers will be, and it has been announced: IRON Man HULK CAPTAIN AMERICA ANT MAN (GIANT MAN) THOR and possibly but not to likely WASP

Robert on Jun 16, 2008


Captain America Ironman Spiderman Hulk Wolverine and maybe thor

Matt on Jun 16, 2008


Captain America

wes on Jun 16, 2008


(i just saw the Incredible Hulk yesterday. i just wanna say it was great.) the team should be: Captian America Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Thor Ant Man

Sydney on Jun 16, 2008


I understand that this isn't an official team of Avengers, but, they're most likely going to stick with characters they will be establishing in movies after Iron Man, so I'm thinking: Iron Man Captain America Thor Spider-Man(I heard Spider-Man 4 is coming 2010) Wolverine Hulk I thinks that's a logical list considering which characters are favorites, and let's face it they're not sticking to the comics.

Matt on Jun 16, 2008


I am thinking for my Dream Team will go for the Ultimate ones with: Ant Man Wasp Hulk Thor Captain America Black Widow Ironman Black Panther or Going for the original Scarlett Witch Quick Silver Ironman Hawkeye Captain America Ms Marvel Thor Vision

Jason on Jun 16, 2008


look the only question is weather or not the director is going classic or not, and cuz of iron man, he wont go for the classic time, the team will be the volume one ultimates, thats it.

conor on Jun 16, 2008


Looks like since the release of iron man and the hulk they're already planing on making new movies for ant man, captain america, nick fury, and thor and have already announced the directors in charge of making each one happen. So those 6 will probably be in an Avengers movie, maybe along with spiderman (since the 4th movie is scheduled for 2010 and could possibly link to the "group" as iron man, nick fury and the hulk have) and one or two of the x-men. Here's how i see an Avengers movie shaping up: Iron Man Hulk Nick Fury Ant Man Captain America Thor Spiderman (maybe but kinda iffy on it) Wolverine

Bobby on Jun 17, 2008


no way....since iron man and hulk came gonna follow the trend of movies already being here are my choices for who should be in it....not all of them Iron Man Hulk Captian America (yes there is a cap america movie from like the 70s) Spider Man Wolverine Thor

X on Jun 17, 2008


I have seen both the new ironman movie and the new incredible hulk movie and this is the group that i think should be in the avengers: Captain America (they are making a movie in 2011) Ironman Hulk Spider-Man (this one im kinda thinkin he might not b on it sice he isnt 1 of the main avengers yet he is one of my all time favorite superhero out of both Marvel AND DC comics) Wolverine Thor possibly antman Others: The Thing The Human Torch Daredevil Elektra And some others i cant think of at the moment The villians (most may be Spider-Man's villians, since i dont no much others): Venom Carnage Dr. Doom Death-Web King Pin The Leader Bi-Beast Man-Bull Controller Constrictor The Juggernaut Loki Tiger Shark And some other villians that i can't think of at the moment.

Zach on Jun 17, 2008


The Thing The Hulk Iron Man

rilo magilo on Jun 18, 2008


will it be live action or anima cus the iron man apperes at the end of the new hulk movie is there a team up there stark and banner if so plz tell me cus the gen in the hulk was drinking beer and then stark walks in and says so i here u have a problem does this mean the 2 hulk movie will have the hulk and iron man team up to fight side by side cus in the new hulk movie banner learns to controle the hulk inside him i think it would be great to make the avengers movie live action and not animay cus i hate anma comic movies i like live action like iron mAN AND HULK I GAVE IRON MAN AND HULK MOVIE 5 STARS AND 2 THUMBS UP WAY UP LOLS SO PLZ WRITE BACK

RYAN on Jun 18, 2008


I just saw the new hulk it it was pretty cool so was Iron Man I think it should be the hulk cause he's on sterioids the thing cause he's a rock Iron Man cause notmany people can dent iron Thor cause you don't want to mess guy with an axe cap America cause he's got a sweet shield antman can crush you

rilo magilo on Jun 18, 2008


what about the punisher? no one seemed to mention him.

sabrina on Jun 18, 2008


rilo magilo thor has a hammer not an axe. anyway. iron man captain america hulk thor should be the line up in the avengers and they should take on the might of THANOS the MAD TITAN.

thanos on Jun 19, 2008


oh wait, punisher is from DCcomics, i believe. not marvel. my mistake.

sabrina on Jun 20, 2008


I think that they should have the following to make a decent avengers movie, Captin America ( duh if you dont have them whos ganna lead iron man?) Iron man ( you have to do him nick already asked) Hulk ( why would they make this movie then have stark ask to form team?) Thor ( hello you have to have some of the classics.) Ant man( need a nerd) Wasp ( you need a chick or its not avengers) Some people you can do for secondarys She-Hulk Vison Hawkeye Scarlett Witch Quick Silver and I know almost every person doing this is nameing all the same people but these are the true people to have and still have a baad movie.

dmac_360 on Jun 22, 2008


1st off to sabrina on comment 88 Punisher is Marvel anyway mine would be: Captain America and Thor: dunno need someone experienced to match samual L, norton and Downey J Ironman: Robert Downey Junior Hulk: Edward Norton Hank Pymm (antman and giant man): Shia LaBeouf maybe Wasp: Audrey Tautou Luke Cage: Tyrese Gibson Dr. Strange: Daniel Day Lewis Nick Fury: Samual L Jackson Black Widow: kate beckinsale (that kinda look they gave her in underworld)

Bradw25 on Jun 22, 2008


How come no one saw that during the hulk movie they mention canada and then have him end in canada Also the new 6 part mini series of comics in dec 08 will be about hulk leaving NYC and Nick fury hiring wolverine to go destroy Hulk there will be a hulk vs wolvie movie

cn on Jun 23, 2008


ok i want to to see the Avengers. but how about with super heroes already out. Like Spiderman and Wolverine. I personally dont think having those other characters will make it a good movie. Iron Man and Captain American can stand alone actually. you have Storm as well. I like Thor. i do want to see him in the big movies. My thing is, if you can't come with a good plot and movie like Spiderman 1 and Iron Man even Blade was good, then dont come at all. All the X-men was good but dont like the idea of them killing people off. They killed Venom off too early. they need to come corret. Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor and Storm. that is perfect. no green giant man such as the Hulk which is not real on screen. if anything add Wolverine some where.

Prince on Jun 23, 2008


THOR is my god.. for real i'm icelandic.. cant wait for a movie... bout him hope they try to talk icelandic again like in pathfinder it really was hilarious xD Odin should be there ... and loki as a villain.. the others i dont care about exept I've always liked Iron man.. my favourite for many years...

Hafthor on Jun 24, 2008


Ok people, I've read all of the comments and I gotta say... Most of you fail as Marvel fans... Despite what we, the true fans, say about it, I can pretty much bet they won't follow what Marvel has set as the Ultimate Avengers (which they are obviously following). However, it would be in their best interest to go along with it (at LEAST the right people for the team). As far as villians? Hell, they botched up Spiderman by killing off Kingpin in Daredevil... why not botch up another story arc? It seems that all these movie-goers that watch the Marvel movies love them to death while those who actually know the stories have to watch in agony as the stories we all know and love are shredded to pieces. I liked Iron Man, though it didn't follow the story per-say. X-Men failed at the first one as did Spiderman. Note: Anyone saying Wolverine should be in the Avengers team needs to understand one thing... Wolverine is an X-Man or solo. That's it. You don't like it? Then you go be a comic book writer and make a story line all by yourselves. Try to sell it to Marvel and watch as they toss you out their window laughing at you... but not before they burn the comic in front of your eyes. I swear, the majority of you are retarded...

XT2673 on Jun 24, 2008


Aye mayn Bring on the Age Of Apocalypse i say. I'd pay top dollar ta see each mutant character's DNA alter'd or even alter'd by fusion of some sort My Ultimate team would consist of 4 teams(4 Horsemen) with 5 individuals 1. Apocalypse 2. Onslaught, Dark Phoenix, Proteus, Legion, Franklin Richards 3. Magneto, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Omega Red, Colossus/Wolverine 4. Carnage Spider(Blue & Red) Venom/Green Hulk, Carnage/Grey Hulk, Venom/Punisher, She-Hulk 5. Captain Marvel, Gladiator, Thor, Iceman/Human Torch, Blade Lets see if theres any team that can Prevent the AOA Now honestly where would Marvel comics be without RETARDS?

Per4mance Steelyz on Jun 28, 2008


"Note: Anyone saying Wolverine should be in the Avengers team needs to understand one thingโ€ฆ Wolverine is an X-Man or solo. That's it. You don't like it? Then you go be a comic book writer and make a story line all by yourselves. Try to sell it to Marvel and watch as they toss you out their window laughing at youโ€ฆ but not before they burn the comic in front of your eyes." Shut your pie hole and read some of the ultimate stuff.. Logan actually team up and lives with the Ultimates (Avengers) in Stark-Tower!! I for one, would like to see a cameo of Ben Aflick as Matt Murdock, maybe defending Tony Stark after he almost destroyed half the city in a battle with some villan. Then he should get a message that he is needed with the rest of the Avengers, and he runs of court, or something.. just a thought!

Boding on Jul 2, 2008


Avengers team should be: Ash ketchum Goku Godzilla Ronald Mcdonald Jesus

noob on Jul 2, 2008


my dream team would be: iron man hulk spiderman human torch wolverine (although i don't rememebr x-men teaming up with other heroes)

xeodon on Jul 6, 2008


1) Captain America 2)Iron Man 3)Spiderman 4)Hulk 5)Thor Now Theres Your Marvel Avengers

tucker on Jul 6, 2008


The Avengers dream team: 1. Iron Man 2. Ascorbic Man 3. Bile Mucus 4. Shard Scraper 5. Rob Schneider as Rob Schneider

dudemeister on Jul 6, 2008


1.capton amarica 2.iron man 3.spider man 4.woverene 5.hulk 6.thor villans should have venom,the leader iron mans friend person and um hmmmm

marvel man 66783 on Jul 10, 2008


My Avengers/Best Band Ever Dream Team... Goerge Clinton (Funkadelic/Parlaiment Vocals/Founder...and Grand Daddy of the Funk) Tom Waits (Best Damn Alcoholic Musicain/Vocalist ever) Giorgio Moroder (70's disco music guru and all around party guy) Mix Master Mike (Black Belt Turntablist/ DJ Extrodinaire) Kerry King (Metal Guitarist Extrodinaire - Slayer) Eddie Van Halen (Sold His soul to be the best damn guitar player ever) Les Claypool (Primus - bassist extrodinaire) Flea (Red Hot Chili Pepers Bassist - Awesome Funk Bassist) Now that would be an awsome show...uh...I mean Fighting team..yeah!

Neuromyk on Jul 14, 2008


Aye mayn Add Rah-zel (Beatbox extraordinaire) and you got real potential...

Per4mance Steelyz on Jul 16, 2008


Captain America Hulk Spider-man Iron man Daredevil X-men fantastic 4 this is way better than the Avengers going out in theaters

john on Jul 16, 2008


1- Iron Man 2- Hulk 3- Spider-man 4- Thor 5- Capitan America 6- Black Panther Will be this the team... Maybe Ant-Man going for...

Vollage on Jul 17, 2008



isaac on Jul 25, 2008


you guys are all losers lol lets list off all the super heros that should be in a movie when u already know who will be in it hahahaha 106 of u jackass's list off ur gay ass heros lol get a girlfriend

kkid on Jul 25, 2008


The whole reason I want to see the Avengers is to see Vision stick his hand in somebody and increase density. Plus there could be a nice shower scene with the naked red man with the forehead jewel. And I'm not even gay. And you gotta have the Absorbing Man absorb Cap's shield.



most of you are retarded.... the cast will be the original team of avengers obviously not some all girl team nor the large avengers team consisting of 15+ superheroes that are not major in the story (black panther, daredevil who is barely considered an avenger, or spider man who also isn't considered an avenger, luke cage, iron fist ...) NOR will they use x-men (rogue, dazzler, wolverINE) or members of the fantastic four .. the heroes on the team will be: 1. captain america 2. iron man 3. wasp 4. antman 5. hulk and 6. thor and hopefully they won't change up the characters like the justice league: moral movie and still use: 1. iron man - robert downey jr. 2. hulk - edward norton 3. nick fury - samuel l. jackson and possible secondaries are: 1. black widow 2. scarlet witch 3. vision 4. quicksilver 5. hawkeye and they won't use kelly hu as the wasp because she already played deathstrike in x-men 2 and the punisher is part of marvel but was never a part of the avengers nor would he coincide with captain america very well in the movie..

wow on Jul 30, 2008


My Avengers(If the movie is made within 3 years) 1.Iron Man 2.Hulk 3.Spiderman 4.Wolverine (Captain America,Thor added depending on date of release



1. Iron Man 2. Captain America 3. Increible Hulk 4. Wolverine 5. Punisher Other then that people picking others from DC comics remeber that they are going to make a Justice League Movie. I personally hope that when they do make the Avengers movie they do get cheap or it is a poor story line.

mike on Aug 3, 2008


Definite MUST be on the team: Iron Man Hulk Captain America Thor Dr Pym Possibles Wasp Black Widow Warbird Hawkeye Mockingbird Vision Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Black Panther Wonder Man Quasar Villain should be Kang the Conqueror for the first time. Hopefully, after the story develops (and translates into huge box office profit) we'll see Ultron in Avengers 2

Night_Light on Aug 4, 2008


The good: Captain America Thor Vision Scarlet Witch (but I'd prefer to see her first in an Xmen movie first) Quicksilver (same as his sister) Hawkeye Iron Man Black Widow The bad guys: Red Skull Hulk Magneto (or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) The Brood Loki (always) Kang (in solo) Galactus (in solo too, but they could team up, jejeje...) Or, if they wanna kill'em all: ONSLAGHT!!!!!!!!

Principe Joel on Aug 5, 2008


I cannot believe you guys. My perfect marvel lineup is at least one person from every marvel movie. stories for the people like some of the x men could be like the rest of the team is away on a mission. and for large groups of people, more than 2 women is a must have ESSENTIALS: Captain america (heath wouldve been perfect but I say bring in new talent) Thor (Bradd pitt) Iron man (robert downey junior) hulk (ed norton) Spiderman (toby mcguire) Ms. Marvel (carmen elektra) storm (halle berry) Other good characters: Wolverine (hugh jackman) Hank pym (aaron eckhart/ 2 face in batman) wasp (carrie-anne moss/the matrix) vision (joaquin phoenix) invisible girl (jessica of course) human torch (keep the same actor) Daredevil (ben affleck) Beast (kelsey grammer)

jovan on Aug 6, 2008


who cares if helf werent avengers for very long. it'd be good

jovan on Aug 6, 2008


I fink the team should be Wolverine The Hulk Ironman Spider-man Batman Thor Strom BORAT

pranay on Aug 8, 2008


my team is spider man fantastic 4 hulk iron man the x men(main heroes) captain america ghost rider blade

rashad on Aug 11, 2008


perfetiono el teamo! hercules ironman war machine hulk wolverine captain america thor !!reserves!! spider man captain marvel silver surfer fantastic four ghost rider yellow jacket dare devil hawkeye !!villains!! it is confirmed loki will be thor movies villain loki ultron wrecking crew spidey's sinister six savage hulk kree, skrull, sh'iar way too many to think possible

u want 2 b me on Aug 12, 2008


for praynay,batman is dc

u want 2 b me on Aug 12, 2008


you know they are probably just going to use the superhero's they currently have out right? here is what i think: Captain America (because that one is already scheduled to happen) Iron Man Wolverine Daredevil Spiderman and the Fantastic Four is it accurate...HELL NO!!! but hollywood has been pretty lazy lately anyway so I don't think they are going to care

Daniel on Aug 14, 2008


iron man( tony stark) thor( triple h) captain america hulk(bruce manner) spiderman(tobey mguire) wolverine human torch ice man

^_^ on Aug 17, 2008


this is the better team for me war machine hulk captain america thor spider man fantastic 4 wolverine this is their villain galactus apocalypse mojo carnage

Dran on Aug 17, 2008


thor iron man hulk capt america you got power and atack money and brains in mechanic and problem solving bulk and brains as a scientist chemical muscle and leadership this team would dominate

skylar on Sep 9, 2008


ugh my comment got cut off people sorry! but you get the general idea i had

skylar on Sep 9, 2008


i should have added wasp in there she can help with many situations that these hero could get into

skylar on Sep 9, 2008


My Ultimate Avengers Line up would include the following characters..... Iron Man Thor Captain America Wasp Antman or Yellow Jacket or Goliath (maybe Hank Pym could become both small and large) The Vision Scarlet Witch Hawkeye Black Panther or The Beast Wonder Man Black Widow Villians could be any of the following - ULTRON, NEFARIA, GALACTUS, THE BEYONDER OR DOCTOR DOOM

Double M on Sep 11, 2008


I ThiNK ThE bEst TEam WiLl bE.,.. *IRON MAN *HULK *THOR *CAPTAIN AMERICA *SPIDER-MAN -=bEcaUse There wIll BE a cOnNectiOn BeTweEn thIS cOmMIng MovIes.. lIke a sCene Where tHey WeRe bEeN ReCrUIted In EvEry MovIE.. likE in The MoviE IroN MAn anD HUlK.. im SurE in tHe nExt mOviE of Thor, Captain America, and SpiDer-mAn.. TherE will Be ScEne/S liKe tHAt!!... wwwwwhhhhhhhoooooooo,,!!!!!!!!!!! IM EXCITED!!!

ElIjah E. EresTain on Sep 18, 2008


Avenger Movie Live up Should Be... 1. Steve Rogers/Captain America 2. Tony Stark/Iron Man 3. Bruce Banner/Hulk 4. Peter Parker/Spider-man 5. Logan/Wolverine

Mr. Avenger on Sep 23, 2008


My team is: 1. Captain America 2. Thor 3. Iron man 4. The Incredible Hulk 5. Spider-man 6. Wolverine

Colin on Sep 27, 2008


i really really hope spiderman is doing it.. i cant see thor being in it.. spiderman 4 will be first i think and sammy-j will do a small cameo again or maybee even.. edward norton as bruce banner and i think they will make a captain america film and maybee another x-men before the avengers id love to see spiderman, iron man, wolverine, hulk, and obviosly captain america do it.. lol blade was once an avenger btw :S

Will on Sep 27, 2008


i think that your all crazy. wolverine should definitely be in the avengers movie just because wolverine leaves the x men and joins up with the avengers. besides he served next to captain america in world war 2 making him a friendly face for the captain when he gets reanimated after being frozen for many years. the black widow becomes steve rogers love affair so she should be in it too. the hulk,ironman,thor,hawkeye,giantman and wasp should also be in the movie as well. samuel l jackson should be gabriel fury not nick fury and spiderman,black panther and vision should should be recruited in for a sequel to replace giant man who dies anyway many of these heroes have already been casted in earlier motion pictures so casting should be a cinch also in my opinion these are the avengers that stand out the most and bring in more money in the box office

bonaire on Sep 28, 2008


1. Spiderman 2. Ironman 3. Wolverine 4. Black widow 5. Black cat 6. Dare devil 7. the fantastic 4 I would also insert Venom because in the real spiderman (venom) aka Eddie Brock figurs out how to control the simbion and becoms confused and starts to help out spiderman. honestly if i hadany say i would make cap America the leader he was never one of my favorites and the green lantern too many weaknesses

Cris on Sep 29, 2008


I am sorry but the first avengers movie should be about the first avengers K.I.S.S. 1. Captain Amarica 2. The Hulk 3. Iron Man 4. Hawkeye Even though I know that it won't be done that way, I firmly belive this to be the only way to make the first moivie. Yes, I said the first movie, I also belive there should be more then one perhapes three. After all then you can include all of the avengers in the three movies in a sort of begening to end sort of thing. I am not saying the other avengers are not cool or that they don't deserve to be in the first avengers movie, it is just that I belive the "first" avengers movie should be about the "first" avengers.

Patrick L. Mooney on Oct 2, 2008


in my dreams it would be... iron man hulk fantastic four spiderman x-men thor Captain Amarica

jason on Oct 2, 2008


Yall are trippin they've already given hints and all the right details for who its gonna be. Ironman(hint at the end of iron man movie) Hulk(Stark comes in at the end talkin about the project) Spider-man(Trust me i jus know) Wolverine(because they're making a new wolverine movie and I promise you nick fury or someone will comfont him at the end. I mean why really bother with a wolverine movie unless he was goin somewhere big) Captain America(come on am I the only one who saw his shield on starks work bench? Al though its not very accurate to the comics, heres out it will go. They alerady told us through the hulk movie that the super soldier serum was a product in some way of Starks. They wiull make it so stark and his team finally perfected the serum that created hulk injecting it into an American soldier that will soon be know as da dada daaaaaa Captain America) come on man I'm 19 and I'm gettin this.

Matt on Oct 3, 2008


o and of course thor but I have a feeling he won't be too important cause I mean come on would they really put them up their wit the gods in the first avenger movie?

Matt on Oct 3, 2008


so the shield is on starks bench in iron man?

jason on Oct 3, 2008


The best team up would be -Spider-man -Captain America -Hulk -Fantastic Four -X-men -Iron Man -Thor No one would be better then a team up with all those characters.

Joshua on Oct 6, 2008


ok, now what would be the ulitmate villains?

Jake on Oct 12, 2008


THOR - Triple H he is the best for this part........

Bhingle on Oct 14, 2008


captain america black widow hulk thor iron man wasp ant/giant man

Eric on Oct 21, 2008


This are the characters in the movie: Nick Fury The Hulk presumed Villian The Leader presumed Villian Abomination presumed Villian Hank Pym Jarvis Ultron Crimson Dynamo Loki Captain America Winter Soldier Vision Hawk Eye Giant Man Wasp Iron Man Thor Black Panther

John Smith on Oct 21, 2008


My original "all-girl" team list with names of actors: 1. Wasp (Captain) - Charlise Theron 2. Dazzler - Madonna 3. Rogue - Amy Adams 4. Invisible Girl - Nicole Kidman 5. Spider Woman - Demi Moore 6. She-Hulk - Gina Carano 7. Psylocke - Kelly Hu 8. Black Widow - Catherine Zeta-Jones 9. Silver Sable - Halle Berry

Jessie on Oct 22, 2008


Every one keeps giving there list out of the people they think should be in it, but people need to keep in mind that the big caracters need to be introduced first with there own movies. Some of the smaller characters like the wasp and stuff should be fine with out there own movie first, but I I think the best line up would be as folows in no specific order: Captain America (Duh, can't make the movie without him) Spider-man (He was always a big part of the brains to the group) Wolverine (He always went out of regulation and ended up doing better) Hulk (He has the muscles of the group, but I think he should have a big finsihing scene rather be in the movie the whole time due to him not being able to control himself) Iron Man (The avengers always met at stark tower) Then other smaller characters like wasp, and others. I do think towards the end of the movie, or if the make a sequel, then somtime down the line they should include many others of the marvel characters wether they have been in movies or not. Like a big showdown or somthing. Incluuding people like Ghost Rider, and more.

Herrmann3 on Oct 23, 2008


Ironman Giant Man Wasp Hawkeye Thor Black panther captain america Black widow Vision (kind of a relly gay character but he is a classic) ALL VS THE INCREDIBLE HULK

christian on Oct 24, 2008


Dude everyone knows the only thing that stands in the hulks way is the abomination and the hulk whooped his lizard looking ass in the new hulk movie. Ironman is gonna get crushed like an empty soda can being stepped on by fat albert. And everyone else will die unless they nuke the hulk or some crap even that will just get more pissed. The avengers don stand a chance against the hulk unless they gt the abomination back on him

christian on Oct 24, 2008


i dont care if anybody reads this but comment number 10 says paul walker (yes the same terrible actor that was cast in both the fast and furious films. if u can call them that) should play captain america, i realize that any retard can post shit if he has a keyboard and half a brain but seriously this guy is the reason why we have terrible movies like the first hulk. i know im venting like a little bitch but captain america should be a bad ass and a good actor, kinda the direction super hero movies are moving in with actors like ed norton, robert downey jr., christian bale. if anybody reads this im sorry for wasting your time but if he (the retard who commented # 10 on this pg) would even mention the fools gold actor in a what should be great avengers movie, i just cant let that stand. i may have had a few too many drinks but #10 if u see this please contact me because i either want to beat the shit out of u or just bitch slap your retard ass my real number is (661) 609-9333 yes my swear to god real number, im a little drunk but yea anybody who knows movies or is even semi educated would...okay im just babbling peace...heres to paul walker as captain planet...oops captain america

John D on Oct 27, 2008


ok seein as in iron man and incredable hulk there goin with war/government i think its goin to be : ironman ant-man wasp hulk MAYBE-spider man (thor of course would pull it togehter but he woudlnt make sense in the story line)

Eeha Emma on Oct 27, 2008


Aye mayn, Honestly tha only thing that can stop da Hulk is Betty Ross.

per4mance Steelyz on Oct 28, 2008


Well from the movies we saw already and from the way we feel it.. the list should be not too long.. isn't it ? hehe so the ultimate league according to us should be - -Iron Man -Hulk -X-men or Fantastic four ( I'd prefer Fantastic four ) we dont want too much now.. -Spiderman -Silver Surfer Wickedino, NRange, TimeR

Wickdino on Oct 29, 2008


i know for a fact if you look at the iron man and the incredible hulk that just came out(especially at the end).that they are looking for a team so iron man is in it and the hulk an nick fury and because captain america cannot be missed he must be in it too but i dont think that there will be a bigger team or the movie wil be to crowded and too long but there will problably be a woman too and maybe some small characters but i can tell you this i think we can expect allot out of this movie

michelle on Oct 29, 2008


it should be iron man hulk spiderman wolverine and the fantastic 4

tony on Oct 29, 2008


I think it should be 1.Iron Man (If you saw the incredible hulk than you know why) 2.Hulk(Tony Stark said that they were putting a group together so duh) 3.Spider-man (Is just another large Marvel character) And 4.Wolverine (He is a great fighter because he rejuvenates himself)

David on Nov 2, 2008


Ok Everyone seems to be getting carried away. Lets stop and keep it real. Keep it original. There has to be a Cap America Movie no doubt. Thats before any Avengers movie can be made. Nick fury is not an avenger but the guy who keeps tabs on the super heros. so heres my list Cap america Iron man Thor Wasp Ant man Hulk The one they have to defeat is the RED SKULL !

Will on Nov 3, 2008


The Avengers super heroes should be... 1. Iron Man 2. Hulk 3. Spiderman 4. Captain America and last 5. Thor

colt on Nov 14, 2008


Line up Avengers: Thor, Iron Man , Capt America, Giant Man , Wasp Villians: Hulk & Namor, the Sub-Mariner

MS on Nov 14, 2008


you're all forgetting, the greatest marvel character of all time, Blade

Jake on Nov 16, 2008


-Avenger movie, now THATS what iem talking about, i just hope theese directors take their time to make a propper one. And i DO mean PROPPER! For to long Hollowood has slipped away with making movies that are directly a disgrease to what really is great Marvel characters. And we true fans HATE them for it!!! Movies like : -Daredevil ) HEY-Kingpin is NOT black, i dont care how great an actor Michael Clark Duncan is!!! -Spiderman 1) The green goblin appears in some sort of a cyborg suit-he's only wearing some close (plus a few bags with bombs ๐Ÿ™‚ in the real Marvel Universe for F***S sake-how hard can it BE!!! -Blade Trinity<----Here's a movie they should NEVER have made, the first two were acceptable!!! -X-Men2 ) I cannot describe the rage i get when hollowood fools cannot even follow the history strait! Where the H*LL is Gambit at-puttin' his name on a computer screen is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH-Dammit! -(Both)HULK movies(03 & 08) OK!-This could have been a great movie if you took the animated HULK in the first an put him in the story with Edward N. In my oppinion the HULK was absolutely great made in the first, but the story sucked, and HULK was F***D up animated in 08, but ok story. -When it comes to movies like Electra & Ghost Rider, well i dont even wanna comment on that sh*t!!! MAKE THE REAL FANS MAKE THE MOVIES INSTEAD OF SOM' UNKNOWING HOLLYWOOD PRICK!!!!!! Avenger List! 1) Thor 2) Ironman 3) Captain America 4) Hulk 5) FF -If u cant make a movie with theese guys-dont make it at all i dont care about the "budget"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VIPER on Nov 18, 2008


I think it should be: Iron man The Hulk Spider man First bec they are the most popular super heros this time so they need to make a decision. =)

Mark on Nov 24, 2008


My Avengers line up would definitely be: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr.) Hulk (Edward Norton) Spiderman (Tobey McGuire) Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) Captain America (Gerrard Butler) Silver Surfer (Jude Law) Thor (Brad Pitt)

Luke on Nov 24, 2008


They should really make the story of the avengers like the one from the game ultimate alliance.Dr.Doom returns and reunite wit the masters of evil who plan to rule asgard.And then, Dr.Doom takes thor's father's power which iz the most powerful god of asgard.

crazyguy on Nov 27, 2008


I think that the team should be ... Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Nik Fury, Black Widow, Wolvorine, Spider-Man, Dare Devil, Punisher Those were my favorites since I learned about Marvels.

Stehnner W on Nov 30, 2008


These are some of my favorite Marvels. Thor, Blade, Iron Man, Nik Fury, Captain America, Punisher, Spider-Man, Dare Devil, Hulk, Wolvorine, Black Widow,

Zaree W on Nov 30, 2008


I need to add somthin! The vilian's should be... The Kingpin Venom or Carnage Dr. Doom Bulsie Washer Machine Those should be the main vilains. add more.the master should be The Kingpin.

Stehnner W on Dec 1, 2008


I think it would be the best with: Captain America (sets the foundation, you just cant go with out the cap) Iron Man (brings the excitement everyone wants) Thor (throw in something new the crowd will go crazy over) Spiderman (reliable...brings the Wow's and Pow's to please) Wolverine (cuts loose any ties to failure...literally..har har) Hulk (hard to do...but if done right...would make this team sparkle with awesomeness)

Shaun W on Dec 6, 2008


Captain America Ironman Hulk Thor Spiderman (recasted because Toby McGuire is a bag of shit, and Mary Jane is recasted because Kirsten Dunst is also a bag of shit)

John Funfat on Dec 8, 2008


There should be 1 Captain America 2 Thor 3 Black panther 4 Black widow 5 Hulk 6 Spider Man 7 Iron Man 8 and Hawk Eye

javas Funfacts on Dec 13, 2008


If I were to select the Avengers lineup for the upcoming movie. The Dream Team: 1. Thor 2. Iron Man 3. Hulk 4. Captain America 5. Vision 6. Scarlet Witch 7. Black Knight 8. Sersi 9. Spiderman 10. Wolverine

Michael V. Flores on Dec 16, 2008


If Ant Man is in it I think i'm going to puke. But I still think fan 4 shuld be in it!!! So are you guys with me?But ghost rider should be in it. Vision should not be in it.

ZareeWarren on Dec 20, 2008


if they do this Avengers movie then they will keep the original line up Thor Wasp Giant Man Ant man Iron man Hulk But they are planning to add Wolverine

george on Dec 29, 2008


This is my Dream Team: Iron man Hulk Spider Man Wolverine Captian America those people r jus da badasses of this entire marvel corporation, Iron man is sick and funny, Hulk is jus BEAST! spider man has his corny lines but thats what puts this team together haha. Wolverine is even more BEAST! And captian America is basically MARVEL!

Julio Bramon on Dec 30, 2008


Spider Man has to be in IT!

Jonny Burrows on Dec 31, 2008


hulk spider man iron man captain america wolverine thor ant man that would make for a truly ridiculous movie

dan on Jan 6, 2009


I honestly think that they will make a Hulk 2 with the original lineup of the Avengers (Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Giant Man ) because of the Tony Stark intro at the end of the first film. I think they'll kill Betty Ross early on and use Abomination as the villain rather than Loki (who was the reason for their forming in the first place). Bruce Banner doesn't use his abilities as a weapon readily (or at least not the character as created in the movie), so I think that using the comic's original Hulk story line of Abomination causing Betty's death would be fuel enough for Bruce to actually use the Hulk as a weapon in retribution, and Tony Stark's impeccable timing would be enough to lure him to join forces with the Avengers. If they did that, I any of the other lineups could be possible for a separate Avengers movie. As long as the Hulk stays out it, a lot of the lineups that have been listed here could actually happen (while remaining somewhat true to the original comics) Regardless, I think we have a lot of really wicked movies to look forward to in the next few years!

Courtney on Jan 8, 2009


My team would be, Captain America-Paul Walker Iron Man-Robert Downey jr Thor-Brad Pitt The Hulk-Edward Norton Spider Man-The guy that already plays him (can't remember name) Wollverine-Hugh Jackman and then mabye some girls like storm, black widow, wasp giant girl. Probably just one of them, mabye two coz they have to string it all together so we cant have too many heroes. I think that that would be a mad team. Kickass, smart and funny.

Mitchman on Jan 12, 2009


Also I think Ultron should be the villain.

Mitchman on Jan 12, 2009



STEFAN JEKIC on Jan 23, 2009


Be Realistic the Avenger Movie Should have: Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton) War Machine (Don Cheasel) Thor (They are Considering Triple H of WWE) Captain America ( Rumored to be Played by Matthew McConaughey, I also read that they are considering Will Smith and Paul Walker. ) and maybe they will Add Ant Man and the Wasp Because they are part of the Original Avenger published in 1960 and Vision, Scarlet Witch was always visible in the Avengers Comics, So they should be seen in the movie too. FYI: the Avengers originally consisted Ant-Man Wasp Thor Iron Man and the Hulk

Jett on Jan 31, 2009


I believe that the lineup should be........ Thor Ant Man-Goliath Wasp Captain America Iron Man They'll probably try to induct the Hulk and wind up fighting him instead. At the end of the movie they should hint of a sequel in witch Hawkeye,Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver,and The Vision join the team.

Thor8 on Feb 5, 2009


Well aparently these are the 100%s Iron Man Hulk Capt. America ( film coming soon ) Wolverine But im Sure Thor and Nick Fury will be involved i would like to see Spiderman and storm in this to because i loved the partnership iron man and spiderman had in the comics and cartoons

Aaron on Feb 8, 2009


oh and i hear punisher might be thrown in aswell

Aaron on Feb 8, 2009


This team has to consist of firstly 4 characters who have been confirmed to be in it. Hulk Iron Man Captain America Thor these 4 have been confirmed that they will feature in the avengers, and personally i dont think they should get wolverine mixed in with the avengers since he is a mutant, and a member of the x-men, it just wouldnt be right. however spiderman just isnt the avenger type. if i was to start a new marvel team it would be directed at adults and feature of marvel dark heroes. such as: Blade The Punisher Ghost Rider Daredevil and 1 more character who i havnt fort off yet.

anonymous on Feb 12, 2009


they should make a thor movie! im a big fan since small kid time. i dont like the new hammer in the cartoon movie. its ugly. i like the original hammer! the guy who played bulwyf in 13th warrior is a match but he does not have a big body. i like see him battle Surtur and the Celestials. hammer on!

shun on Feb 12, 2009


Alright mo-fukas... here we go! A team of 8.. 1) Iron Man -Fire Power- 2) Hulk -Brute Strength- 3) VENOM -Just cause he's bad fuckin ass- 4) The Silver Surfer -Galactic Travel- 5) Beast -Sheer Inteligence- 6) The Green Lantern -Because the guy can move planets.. I mean.. C'mon what else do you need- 7) Thor -Brains and Bronse- 8) Flash -Speedy Mo-fuka-

Yodabofundi on Feb 16, 2009


dude who is the wasp and why do most of you like him !? BEST LINE UP EVER AND ORIGINAL !!! captain america-steve rodgers hulk-bruce banner thor-thor odinion iron man-tony stark hawkeye-? CLASSIC !!

gsjdkf on Feb 20, 2009



New Man on Feb 21, 2009


i think that the avengers should the origonals: hulk thor iron-man ant-man and wasp even though i'm 95% sure that the team will be: captain america iron-man hulk and thor i don't like that about marvel they change the story of the hero's on the silver screen.

carl on Feb 22, 2009


in=ve completely nerded out 4 this 1. but i would like the thor movie to have sean bean and adam brody as thor and loki fighting TOGETHER to syop surtur???? and loki trying to backstab his bro secretly being bad but never shows it to thor end movie with him plotting to kill thors beloved midgard. hulk 2 ends after he beats leader he is captured by fury iron man war machine and furys black ops hawkeye(the guy from burn notice) and wdow (jovivich) and the end of cap movie he (jenson ackles) is frozen when plane goes down after fighting skull(matt fillion) maybe zemo(noah bennat)too. avengers starts where hulk leaves off. ironman (lead) war machine wodow hawkeye shield scientists married dr pym (kevin mkidd) much younger wasp (megan fox) she uses pym particle suit explained in movie. hulk captured noone believes he can cntrol. loki attacks(pick ur monument) avengers go war dies hulk escapes clobbers lokiwho vanishes and dissappears from movie iron feels guilty becomes drunk pym takes over as giant man and fights returning loki he sucks as leader thor saves day and takes loki.

andrew on Feb 26, 2009


at end fury unfreezes cap for a good leader... A2 the whole cap getting use to things o ya in 1st 1 we see ultron being made by an abusive pym... so 2 wasp cap pym triangle pym goes nuts gets boot turns ultron WAY2 bad iron man getting back on his feet so team is cap iron wasp widow hawk iron is making vision they fight ultron end of movie vision is complete. A3 skrulls or thanos( jai white from spawn and dark knight) cap iron wasp widow hawk fury (who has small roles in each)enlists captured twins scarlet (jes beil) and quick (darthvader kid) to help. end

andrew on Feb 26, 2009


I don't care whos in it so long as I get to see the Vision stick his hand into somebody. And who's playing scarlet witch's fine ass? will there be a special stand in?

HeroWith1000faces on Feb 27, 2009


the heroes that should be chosen for the movie are, Deadpool captain america iron man thor black widow and one thing i have an issue with. if my memory serves isnt nick fury WHITE in the comic books and all games ever created also even in the old nick fury movie starring david hasselhoff, and i dont see anyone wants spiderman in the movie, i think everyone is sick of the rediculous emo darkside/sing and dance crap from his latest spiderman 3 movie.

deadbodydisposal on Mar 9, 2009


MASON on Apr 24, 2008 not eric brooks as blade definatley the true blade from the last ones

Artemis on Apr 3, 2009


I think its going to be: 1.capitaine america 2.ironman 3.thor 4.hulk 5.wolverine 6.spider-man 6.war-machine panther 8.ant-man 9.daredevil 10.sentry 11.(maybe fantastic four) widow

kidkool on Apr 5, 2009


1.Iron man 2.Hulk 3.spiderman

Timmovie on Apr 7, 2009


I wont be watching the movie unless the following characters are included. 1.Captain America 2.Spiderman 3.Wolverine 4.Iron Man 5.Hulk All others are iceing on the cake..

CRC222 on May 2, 2009


i have the most unbeatable team for avengers: silver surfur galactus hulk apocolypse gladiator venom

sipps on May 4, 2009


captain america thor iron man black widow black panther hawkeye wasp gaint man hulk vision

raul chavira on Jun 6, 2009


I'm an Avenger fanatic ever since I was still 6 years of age. Now I'm already 43 and I'm still a Marvel superheroes fanatic especially the Avengers group. Even those time when Japanese animae including robots were introduced on TV and comic book like (7 Supersoldiers, Star Rangers, Bioman, Voltes 5, Danguard Ace until the time of Naruto, but I'm still loyal to American DC-Marvel superheroes. If I were to suggest, I wanted the original history of Avengers to be shown in the movie. It comprises of Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant Man and Wasp. The story wherein Loki is the villain and was the reason behind the formation of Avengers. And it must include the story when Hulk leave the Avengers and teamed up with Namor. Aside from that, it must also include the story when they found the body of Captain America at the North Pole 20 years after he witnessed the death of his sidekick Bucky Barnes due to the explosion of the plane when fighting against the Red Skull. I liked its story compared to the revised story that Captain America was included in the 1st batch of recruitment by Cdr Nick Fury. The original is more classical and more interesting for me. But if the filmakers are going to pursue with the revised history of Avengers, it's still ok as long as Thor (my favorite superhero) plays an important role in the movie, not just by showing him in fewer scenes.

Michael V. Flores on Jun 18, 2009


I'd like to see The New Fantastic Four!!! just like in the comics, when the real FF takes a break... Spider-Man Wolverine Hulk Ghost Rider and their foes will be the Sinister Six... try to check and search the youtube for a Trailer of the New Fantastic Four...

peter parker on Jul 3, 2009


i personally think it should be,, Hulk Iron Man Spider Man Captain America Thor and as many more as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ For the rivals,, Venom or Carnage the doctor that mr green blood drips into his head a guy that goes into a suit thats better than the old ones and as many more as possible. **************************** im just doing this to try to get someones attention so they put my opinion to mind. **************************** i personally think it should be,, Hulk Iron Man Spider Man Captain America Thor and as many more as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ For the rivals,, Venom or Carnage the doctor that mr green blood drips into his head a guy that goes into a suit thats better than the old ones and as many more as possible.

kurige13 on Jul 26, 2009


every since i was 5 i loved the Avengers . in this movie u have to have the original heroes . if u don't IT WILL SUCK! Capt. America Iron man Thor Antman Wasp Black Window Hawkeye Hulk Nick Fury ( MAYBE ) Ghost Rider Silfer Surfer Wolferine Gambit DareDevil Spider Man Spider Girl Electra Rogue Quick Silfer Dr. Strange Cyclops Black Panther Cane Iron Fist ( VILLIANS ) Venom Carnage Man bull Bull's Eye Rhino Doc Oc Mutant Hunters Electro Mysterio King Pin Zombies ? Aliens JUggernut Magneto Death Pool ( who is a good guy and bad guy) The Owl Tons of gangs So this what i think would be a cool movie even though its a little long it would be like a war. P.S keepin mind i'm younger than 13

August on Jul 30, 2009


It won't be the avengers without captin america i don't know who i would cast as to play cap but he needs to be in the movie but has anybody thought about the villans in the movie you are going to have to make origins of the heroes that arn't established for the sake of the movie and then origins for the villans unless the avengers are supposed to go after the hulk witch is what it looks like form the ending of the 2nd hulk movie what about a nick fury and the howling commandos movie? and for thor tripple H from the wwe also i think they should recast eddie brok and put in brok lessner also from wwe or in UFC now i think he has the body of the venom i know but the movie that i will watch 1,000 times over MAXIMUM CARNAGE come on make it already get johnny dept to play cletus cassidy

armando on Aug 5, 2009


the hulk wolverine spider man captin america iron man

patrick on Aug 5, 2009



anonimo on Aug 18, 2009


the best would be cap america thor ant-man ironman black window hawk eye against the hulk beceause he is just to dangerous to be on this world they win but can't kill him so send him to space and much later in an other movie the hulk comes back to aveng and than you can add more superheroes to the avengers to stop the hulk 1's and forall

hulk fan on Aug 26, 2009


the team should be iron man human torch dead pool wolverine night crawler hulk thor

annominia on Oct 11, 2009


so, there's goning to a new avengers movie in july 2011, this will be a great movie, but it needs some characters, ben affleck daredevil,... hugh jackman wolverine, and reba mcentire can be emma frost, and patrick stewart can be professor x, gavin hood, can still be gambit, and with daniel day lewis as cyclops, and with a whole bunch of characters, too, like the children of mutants , yeah, that will be great says, brandin lee detroy,..... and with christopher lee as george stryker,...

lee brandin detroy on Nov 4, 2009


and with tobey maguire as spider-man and with a whole lot of characters, and with hillary duff as wonder woman,.. and with micheal clarke duncan as kingpin,.. and with bruce campbell as mysterio, and with cillian murphy as carnage, and with wilem dafoe as green gobiln,.. and with micheal jai white as spawn, and with edward norton as hulk,.. and with topher grace as venom,

lee brandin detroy on Nov 4, 2009


lets be realistic they havent got a bottomless pot of money Cap America Iron man Thor Hulk as hero and villian and one of the main focal points of the story

andre2009 on Nov 15, 2009


ok you guys do not know anything!!!!!!!!!! wolverine and spiderman or any of the fantastic four wont be in the movie!!!!!!!!!! read this "Blade" is made by New Line Cinema. "X-Men", "Daredevil" and "Fantastic Four" are made by 20th Century Fox. "Spider-Man" and "Ghost Rider" are made by Columbia Pictures. "The Punisher" is made by Lions Gate. These movies are not part of the Marvel Movie Universe. This is why the Fantastic Four won't appear in this movie. so please stop saying there gonna be in the movie. if u read the cast of the avengers movie it has captain america iron man black widow war machine loki thor nick fury and rumored hulk go look at the cast. the hawkeye character is not yet confirmed via marvel. so there u go and this is coming from marvel. so stop with the ff and wolverine and spiderman crap. its impossible for them to be in it do to movie rights.

tommy tekkno on Nov 27, 2009


The Dream Team is.... 1. Spiderman 2. Ironman 3. Hulk 4. Fantastic 4 team 5. wolverine 6. captain american

will smith on Dec 22, 2009


iron man hulk and couple more ppl but i cant think who else be good for it

snackpack on Jan 31, 2010


i know i lot of DC fan are talking about the avengers movie, but if there is anyone who has any pull out the reading this. there are many DC fans out the would very appreciative to see a Carol Davers ( MS. MARVEL ) that would be a great story to be told, not a lot of followers know of her story. it would be nice to see some light shedded on her.

Carl Armstrong on Mar 3, 2010


Lets face it Wolverine is a loner and Spider-man has Mary Jane, So I doubt either of these would be Avengers material. Yes I know the new Avengers..blah blah blah. Now without Captain America there is NO Avengers in my book. Capt' is the leader of the group(Old School). Though I Imagine they will put Iron man in the lead for this one since it was hinted at the end of the Incredible Hulk he wants to get a team (Avengers)together. Captain America, Ironman, Thor, and Hulk are going to be in it because its already been announced that they are. Now I hope they add just Wasp and Pym(Giant man/ Antman, etc.) That is the team I am hoping for and not the one everyone else wants. Ironman, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-man. (Can you say sausage fest?) As for the villains I am hoping for any of these to be in the movie....Red Skull(Classic), Thanos, Loki w/Enchantress or Ultron. I'd even take the Mandarin, Dr.Doom, or Baron Zemo. Though I can imagine they are going for the Masters of Evil Route. (there were about 6 defined teams) 1. The original Masters of Evil: Baron Zemo (leader), Black Knight II, Melter, Radioactive Man, Enchantress and Executioner. 2. II: Ultron (leader), Klaw, Melter, Radioactive Man and Whirlwind. 3. III: Egghead (leader), Moonstone II, Scorpion, Tiger Shark, Whirlwind, Beetle, Shocker and Radioactive Man. 4. IV: Baron Zemo II (leader), Absorbing Man, Titania II, Moonstone II, Grey Gargoyle, Screaming Mimi, Yellowjacket II, Blackout, Bulldozer, Fixer II, Goliath III, Mister Hyde, Piledriver, Thunderball, Tiger Shark, Wrecker and Whirlwind. 5. Masters of Evil V: Doctor Octopus (leader), Absorbing Man, Gargantua, Jackhammer, Oddball, Powderkeg, Puff Adder, Shocker, Titania II and Yellowjacket II. 6. VI: Crimson Cowl III (leader), Cyclone II, Flying Tiger, Klaw, Man-Killer and Tiger Shark. I just hope the movie doesn't flop ๐Ÿ˜›

Gouki on Mar 7, 2010


some of you guys are seriously retarded or not informed properly. gouki docter octopus was in spider man. that means for the avengers movie he wont be in it becuase his movie rights aren'y owned. and people need to stop saying spider man, wolverine, fantastic four because there movie rights are owned by different companies!!! they can't be used unless some major gigantic buyout is made. so stop saying or asking for them to be put in the avengers movie cuz it wont happen!!! all i ask is that you read up before saying retarded stuff

tommy tekkno on Mar 7, 2010


Ok This movie is going to have these characters Captain America Iron Man Hulk Ant-Man Fury Thor Widow Wovlverine maybe DD and Spidey cameos Then Loki for the bad guy, and whoever else they want maybe Doom I think it would be sweet if Hulk is out n bout smashing stuff, and Shield sends in Wolverine to stop him and he does. Brings him back, while wolvie was gone they found cap america, and stark, antman, and banner unfreeze him. Then some monster come to New York or wherever, and they have to fight them. Find out Loki and Doom was the cause. and Loki and Doom brings more monsters and they are standing on Empire state building standing there saying bing it on biatches! Then one massive fight breaks out between the avengers and the monsters, DD and spidey swing in for a brief moment. Then all is good, one final screenshot of them in the rising sun and a cap monologue, then end

TySchultz17 on Mar 28, 2010


also throw in Luke Cage and Ghost Rider maybe too for short cameos. Also have Iron Man with his hulkbuster gear on looking for Hulk w/ wolvie.

TySchultz17 on Mar 28, 2010


tySchultz17 ur an idiot. wolverine dr. doom and spiderman cant be in the movie. please read the correct stuff before typing incorrect crap. if you been keeping up you would know that they are going to follow the original comic book. Ok This movie is going to have these characters ( your wrong ) Captain America Iron Man Hulk Ant-Man Fury Thor Widow Wovlverine ( no ) maybe DD and Spidey cameos ( no ) Then Loki for the bad guy, and whoever else they want maybe Doom ( half right ) sad people arent correctly informed

tommy tekkno on Mar 28, 2010


My Dream Team would be Capitan America Iron man Spiderman Wolverine Deadpool Hulk Thor

Cal on May 17, 2010



Zack on May 31, 2010


I hope that the Avengers Movie Part I will show the ORIGIN of AVENGERS. Therefore, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant Man & the Wasp must be present. And I hope it features the recruitment of the earliest members like Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver & Hawkeye. And the villains were Loki, Hulk & Namor just like in the comics. Since Captain America were trap in an ice during the World War II, I suggest that Brad Pitt will play his role. For Thor, it must be taller than any other Avengers. The best suited celebrity that will portray his role is none other than Triple H. It's ok for me that Edward Norton & Robert Downey Jr are still for Hulk & Iron Man. And I hope that Avengers Movie Part III or IV will feature the New Avengers like Sentry, Spiderman, Spider Woman, Wolverine, Power Man (Luke Cage), Iron Man & Captain America.

Thorvan on Jun 5, 2010


truly i think it should be iron man (duh) captian america spiderman the hulk thats it u cant really have xmen eventhough they probably will because they have to include the hole team and the little mutatef school children and thats to much. as for vilins i think Thor and another really powerful evil dude being like a servant to thor. hope nobody has said this because i haven t read all the comments

eggrole2000 on Jul 20, 2010


oh and the green lantern forgot him hes awesome but so fair they making him a white guy wen hes black im not being racist racist people out theere

eggrole2000 on Jul 20, 2010


the avengers should conisist of spiderman (mutated with 6 arms and 2 legs) from the cartoon series sickachu (pikachu combined with a disease from the hulk) Silver Wolverine ( wolverine with silver surfer's powers) The human magnet (Human torch with all the powers of the fantastic four + magneto) edcob (jacob + edward at max power) SSJ 3 Gogentsa (SSJ 3 Gogeta+ SSJ 3 Gotenks) using those earings from grand kai Golden God King zong (king Kong + God Zilla + Golden Ape + Baby(DBGT) ) baby will alllow control of the beasts (good baby that is) (frieza + Cooler (=eskey) then perfect cell absorbs eskey making cellar, then SUper Buu absorbs Cellar Making perfect Super Cellau Major Spoiler Below This team is then absorb by Perfect Super Cellau making the strongest thing ever called SSJ X Perfect sicksilverwolvermagedcobGOGENGOLgokinZOllau which is then taken over by baby and he uses a test tes to see his powers and booooooooom the whole universe and space time continum destroys and even the past is destroyed and the future in a billion year radius causing time to recurr a billion years ago making a new hero called bob which is who then the strongest in the world with a power level of 500 and a weight of 500kg and no 1 defeats him for his 25 years that he rains this leads to a new movie called Play School OUT OF SCHOOL Uncut

Wang kerr on Sep 22, 2010


I think Hulk,Wolverine,Iron-Man,Thor,Hawkeye,Black Widow,Captain America,Spider-Man,Wasp,Black Panther,Punisher should be in the avengers.

ALANMCNICHOLS on Feb 6, 2011


1. Iron Man 2.Captain America 3.Thor 4.Spiderman 5.Hulk and all the rest

Jimmy420shank on Feb 17, 2011


Iron man hulk (1st move verson) spider man capton america thor blask panther she hulk grey hulk wolveren ant man wasp the fantastic four now that WOULD BE COOL

spesimen 600 on Apr 17, 2011


I cant wait my line up is. Hulk Antman Wasp Thor Ironman Captain america and black widow

hdfsjghdlfj on May 10, 2011

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