Matthew Vaughn to Direct Thor Movie

June 13, 2007
Source: SlashFilm


Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, who started off his career well with Layer Cake and is about to take a step off into the deep end with Stardust, is in talks to direct an adaptation of the Marvel comic character Thor. As with all comic book movies these days, we "hear" about them, but it always takes a while for them to truly come together. Last year Avi Arad announced that a Thor movie was in the works, saying "we're in the scripting stage right now." The news today comes via an article in the LA Times, and states that Vaughn is likely to direct a script written by Mark Protosevich (Poseidon, I Am Legend).

Although Thor is a fairly well known comic book character, he's probably known best by his mythological roots as the son of Norse god Odin. In the comic book series, Thor is on a mission from his father Odin to be a superhero on Earth while hiding under the secret identity of Dr. Donald Blake. Thor would transform by tapping his walking stick on the ground. The character can be recognized by his blonde hair, winged helmet, and giant hammer.

Given the current timing of other comic book movies and given that Thor wasn't mentioned in the Comic-Con lineup this year, it's likely we won't see this film until at least 2009, but it's good to know it's moving along in the right direction.

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Actually he was on Earth as Donald Blake as a way of showing Thor humility.

Thor Meeks on Aug 24, 2007


Well I think the best form is Doland Blake persona wich ca be played by one actor and Thor persona wich can be played by the WWE heavy weight champion Triple -H. He has all the features and magnetic persona to incarnate the god of thunder.

Juan J Torres on Aug 28, 2007


Triple-H would be a good choice...H even used a sledgehammer in the ring.

Thursday on Sep 17, 2007


Attention: Matthew Vaughn I Think Tyler Mane should cast as Thor. He has the height of a true vikings. The movie would be realistic if it's a fantasy like Lord Of The Rings. He should pump up for the role. C.G.I. shouldn't be in the movie but maybe design him muscular as The actor Vinnie who played Juggernaut in the last X-men movie. Robert Pattrick as Loki would be best. In Terminator 2 he played an awsome role playing the villain.

jerry on Oct 4, 2007


I agree triple h would be agreat choice and his popularity would be beneficial to the film! I hope he is considered for the role of Thor.

ski on Oct 8, 2007


the blonde guy from the movie 13th warrior would be best to play thor he was a viking in that movie has the accent

richard on Oct 26, 2007


I heared a rumour about a Thor movie saying Fabio was to play him. I nearly puked. I don't think wrestlers should be used, they're too well known, their identies set. You're not watching the Scorpion King, you're watching The Rock. It'd be a hard call to pick someone to play him, not everyone will be happy, I kinda hope they go for an " unknown " I'm sure there's a heap out there who would do perfectly and make the character their own. Let's just hope they don't mangle it.

Mike on Feb 6, 2008


I think Viggo off of Lord of the Rings should cast as Thor. He hasn't been in to much any more and he's burtal enough to pull it off.

clark on Feb 18, 2008


Who plays Thor? A very difficult question. OK I may be showing my age here as I purchased my first Thor comic in the early 60's. But the actor to play Thor has to be in the same acting mould as the recently deceased great Charlton Heston's portrayal of Juda Ben Hur in "Ben Hur". Do we have an actor like that today? Charlie Hunnam who stared as "Nicholas Nickleby" would be the perfect Dr Don Blake. Now who plays Thor? No idea..... Kevin Mckidd's (BBC's Rome) name has been banded about, but for one he is not handsome enough or athletic enough to portray the Thunder God. Maybe Josh Holloway from "Lost" comes fairly close, but he would need some heavy body building training to get anyway near Thor's stature. Could he act in the mould of Heston, if that is the type of acting that is required? Sorry to go on a bit, but there is no other comic hero who comes close to Thor. So this film has to be thought over long and hard before it is made, as it must not be a failure.

mike w on Apr 25, 2008


Hopefully the sucessful Iron Man release will speed along the Thor movie... I'm a longtime Thor fan and believe with todays popularity of mystic type movies Thor will be a big hit.

R R L on May 5, 2008


Their is only two men to play thor, and both are swedish, the first is Dalph Lundgren who has both size and grew up with tor as part of his culture, or Magnus Samulsson who stands at 6.5" and was the worlds strongest man for many years. Their are so many good scandivan actors let the movie have a little international flavor. F.M.C.Svensson

f.m.c.svensson on May 8, 2008


i agree with Mike on Feb 6, 2008 they should pick someone unkown and new to play the role of thor because hhh cant act very well he lloks like thor but look at blade trinity we wasnt very good in that movie and all the other actors they are thinking of picking dont even fit the script as thor he should be someone unkown and fit to be thor the god of thunder,they should take there time in searching for that kind of actor to be thor.

Angel on May 8, 2008


I agree with richard from OCT 2007. The actor from the 13th Warrior would be a good fit for Thor. I don't think using 2 different characters would be good in the movie. Dr Blake is not an alter ego it is his human disguise just like Peter Parker or Clark Kent.

DWK on May 10, 2008


I believe Triple H would be great for this part as Thor. Everything about Thor is within Triple H. The hair, the body, the strength, the brains, and he could channel the accent. I believe if Triple H get this role as Thor he will reach to super stardom just like The Rock did with The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King. I hope Matthew Vaughn is reading this and consider Triple H for the role as Thor.

Marlon Davis on May 12, 2008


Vladimir Kulich should be cast as Thor. Vlad was awesome in the 13th warrior, and he looks like him.

Keeope on May 13, 2008


i think karl urban(lord of the rings, pathfinder) would be a good thor, he's well known enough and has played in enough feature films so he has enough credibility. triple h has the look but is not a good actor(the rock is the only wrestler who's got any acting talent). brad pitt has the look too, but is not a superhero. tyler mane has already played a villian in a marvel comics movie, so playing a marvel comics hero would kind of be a contradiction.

kris on May 21, 2008


I think (if people gave him a chance) Triple H would be a great Thor. He has the look and build of Thor. As a wrestling fan, I wish people would get the idea out of their heads that these guys can't act. Um, what do you think they do on a weekly basis? They are frickin' amazing athletes, first of all. Second, they are acting. Some are good, some are bad, but we see the same in Hollywood, as well. This is just my opinion.

Mike on Jun 12, 2008


triple h would be the best choice to play thor...... he looks like him and he even fights with a HAMMER.. imagine brad pitt as thor, thor just gonna look like he on weigh-less. TRIPLE H IS THOR!!!!

TRIPLE H'S BIGGEST FAN on Jun 17, 2008


I wonder how they are gonna make the winged helmet look.The comic version wont suit any live person.

Jitender on Jun 23, 2008


More than likely, it's gonna be an unknown who plays Thor. It would be kind of stupid to see someone famous like HHH or Fabio. The best pick i've heard yet is from the guy who said the blonde dude from the movie 13th warrior. He would be absolutely perfect for the film. Very handsome guy, and he looks JUST LIKE Thor.

Brandon A. Redd on Jun 25, 2008


Triple H? Really? Maybe if Thor was the Smurf God of Thunder...otherwise, I have to believe you all are kidding...because that's all kinds of stupid.

Matt on Jun 26, 2008


Triple h must never play thor it would suck beyond all sucking

joemovie on Jun 26, 2008


remember the viking guy in the thirnteenth warrior , he got poisoned and died in the end . That guy fits the role perfectly!

michael on Jun 30, 2008


I recently saw coverage of the 2008 Com/con. There were references to the movie as "Thor, the norse warrior". If Stan Lee and his people decide to soften the movie and avoid the Marvel storyline. Save the money. I don't believe Thor fans want to see another version of the Thor that was portrayed in the old "Hulk" tv series. Do it right or don't do it at all.

DeWayne Dymek on Jul 7, 2008


This part/roll should be studied first and for most think about it everyone does the god of thunder want some none actor playing his part on earth or would he like some one with a little more experience. So to all comic book readers/buyers could you please go by the book since most books that are written and made into movies, so to the director stick to the book. Now casting fight scenes should be handle by someone like Triple H or someone with the fight in him as a double, there is two parts to this roll the well know doctor and the Norse god if you want this movie to be as good or you could make it better. check these other actors first, 13 Warriors Vladimir Kulich , and The Chronicles of Riddick Karl Urban

bill on Jul 27, 2008


It's already been stated the director wants an unknown. Triple H as Thor is the cheesiest idea I've heard. First I also think they should cast an unknown. No identity baggage a wrestler brings with them. The actor should have a REAL NAME. Not some wrestling moniker i.e Rock, Triple H. Furthermore Triple H looks too old and too brutish to play the thunder god. Thor appears younger and much better looking. At best Triple H might make a good lesser Asgardian villain, perhaps, if only he could act. And Donald Blake IS an alter ego. Odin placed Thor in a completely human much frailer body that hardly even resembles Thor to teach his son humility. Initially Blake doesn't even know he's Thor. However from what I've heard the majority of the movie as planned will take place in Asgard prior to Odin sending Thor to Earth. It's still up in the air though.

Steve on Aug 3, 2008


Karl Urban, bang. screw triple h that guy's a tool

ROSS on Sep 10, 2008


One. Tripple H is old. Too old to be Thor. And he's an over-blown fag. Two. Any wrestler would suck ass as The Thunderer, it's gonna be hard enough to get it right without some poncing, over-dramatic, oiled up fat guy screaming incomprehensible jibberish and screwing it up. Three. Karl Urban couldn't carry it. He was Eomer? Stiff...what a woden performance there. In Pathfinder? Man, just 'cause some dude had yet another wooden part in a movie that had something vaguely to do with the Norse doesn't mean he could play Thor. Same goes for the dude in the 13th warrior or any of those. And Dolph Lungren??? Lol! How old is that guy? Maybe if you wanna see "Thor The Senior Citizen". Who's next? Arnie??? Sheesh. I'm glad the director wants an unknown, I mean, sure if you want a movie that's more camp than the 60's Batman, get some spandex wearing steriod jockey like Tripple H, but be ready for the worst move of all time. There has to be hundreds of perfectly good unknown actors who could fit the bill, even some known unexpected actor might make it work, I mean look what Hugh Jackman did for Wolvie...I wouldn't have expected that. Sad to say, the only thing Thor about Tripple H is his thighs from all that thspandex.

Mike on Sep 10, 2008


I think as well as my friends agree, that Kevin Sorbo would fit the role of Thor. Yes, he is older than the norm but there for he is more experienced. If your looking for a younger actor, try John Cena or Kevin Mckidd!

Brittney on Oct 1, 2008


Gary Coleman should play Thor. He hasn't been in to much any more and he's burtal enough to pull it off. Everything about Thor is within Gary Coleman. The hair, the body, the strength, the brains, and he could channel the accent. I believe if Gary Coleman get this role as Thor he will reach to super stardom just like The Rock did with The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King. I hope Matthew Vaughn is reading this and consider Gary Coleman for the role as Thor.

PimpDaddy on Nov 18, 2008


After thinking about it, Don Yates could possibly play the part. He is an athlete and actor. He was on American Gladiators, and he played Sabertooth in the X-Men movie. Whatever actor gets the part, and however the movie goes, I hope it goes well, since I have to live with the name. (Yes Thor is my real name, and not short for anything.)

Thor Meeks on Nov 19, 2008


I agree that the 13th warrior blonde dude should play because not only does he look like him but talks like him.

joseavale on Mar 2, 2009


That "13th warrior dude" would suck more ball skin than Tripple H...I dunno what's wrong with some of you mofos, but it's pretty sad when Pimpdaddy makes the most sense out of the lot of you. Next some tosser will mention Mickey Rourke or some other numb-faced loser. Bugger it - it's Gary Coleman all the way! I wonder whatever happened to Webster...? WHA-CHU TALKIN' 'BOUT MR. LOKI??

Here's a quarter... on Mar 3, 2009

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