Must Watch: Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train Trailer!

September 26, 2007
Source: Midnight Meat Train

Midnight Meat Train Trailer

Clive Barker is a terrifying genius. He's got some insanely grotesque and brilliant stories in his mind and fortunately one of them that has made it's way from paper and now to the screen is Midnight Meat Train. Lionsgate first debuted this trailer at Comic-Con in July and I've been waiting anxiously to show it off to everyone who wasn't there. This looks incredibly intense and terrifying and I've got a feeling this is going to be a sleeper hit, or at least a damn good film. All you need to know is it stars Vinnie Jones as a sick guy named "Mahogany" and Leslie Bibb, among a few others. Fire this bad boy up and let us know if you're ready to ride the Midnight Meat Train!

The trailer comes courtesy of IGN, so send your thanks to them. I've been waiting a refreshing new look into the horror genre and this looks like it could be one, thanks to Barker's genius and the director, Japanese filmmaker Ryuhei Kitamura.

Watch the trailer for Midnight Meat Train:

[flv:midnight_meat_train.flv 502 282]

Midnight Meat Train is directed by Japanese filmmaker Ryuhei Kitamura. The film will hit theaters at some undetermined date in 2008. The poster that debuted at Comic-Con can also be found below.

Midnight Meat Train poster

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Looks like it has a lot of damn good potential. That's saying a lot, especially for a LIONSGATE film.

Zach on Sep 26, 2007


Looks great. Can't wait. No date?

Heckle on Sep 27, 2007


OH MY.............Clive Barker is amazing, i hope this film does him justice

S.Camel on Sep 27, 2007


this looks nothing like the short story. boo hollywood.

flagg79 on Sep 27, 2007


THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING! Plus, there is no way this could be as fucked up as the short story. People would just get grossed out, then confused, then leave.

ME on Sep 27, 2007


"boo hollywood." Actually the fact that they signed a Japanese director gives me some hope... By the way, anyone hear anything about Clive's rumored Hellraiser update? Read a blurb about Barker doing a rewrite on months ago, and haven't heard anything since.

jason_md2020 on Sep 29, 2007


Neil Marshall (or maybe Alexandre Aja) would have been a better choice to helm this.

K.Bolden on Oct 4, 2007


Definitely looks scary as hell! I can't wait to see it in theaters. I'll have to see it on opening night for sure!

Derrick on Oct 4, 2007


Seriously?? That's the best title they could decide on for this? The movie itself may be scary, but the title is HILARIOUS to me! We've been watching the previews over and over just so we can laugh our heads off when the title comes on.......

Manda on Oct 16, 2007


Well, it's probably not the best they could do but it is based on a short story of the same name.

'stro on Oct 25, 2007


Believe me, if you've read the story, the title isn't funny. The story is a freaky one, a truly great horror short. I hope they do the story justice. Obviously they have to change it a lot to stretch it into a whole movie. I agree that having a Japanese director might really help it.

Lulu on Oct 26, 2007


Truly... I've been expecting for this stuff all my life & ... try 2 find me & u'll see Bye...Whatever Later

sapy on Oct 31, 2007


Ok, well I have to agree with "Manda's" comment. The trailer is pretty scary, and then all of a sudden you get "MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN"! Freakin' hilarious! One good thing about the title... they won't have to make up a porno version title, they can just use "Midnight Meat Train".

Meathead Johnson on Nov 7, 2007


Japanesse horror movies dont scare me... the rythm is too slow. And this is one of the worst castings i´ve seen. If you read the story, you will know what I mean. The killer should be short fat and bald. And the "hero" should be a middle age single guy. This is going to be just another slayer movie.

Adrian on Dec 6, 2007


are all liongates movies horror movies?

a93killer on Dec 15, 2007


I think I remember reading this, if it lives up to the story it's going to be amazing. Clive barker is a God

Khali on Dec 25, 2007


im totaly seeing that. connor too. :]

meeee on Dec 29, 2007


Looks like another hack and slash film.... congrats on a original idea. You might wanna try looking at some older films.... children of the corn,the shining,jaws,and psycho. Physical massacre is good and we enjoy it but leave a little something to the imagination, something that the thought stays with us for life.

mastershake on Jan 9, 2008


Its so about time! I been a fan of Barker's since I was sixteen, now at 37, it is really amazing to see this great short story classic of his on the big screen! Changes are a part of life, and are necessary for most any adaption, and as a serious fan, I don't see any serious problems with the casting or the directing of the film albeit I can only judge that based on the exciting trailer! Those of you who aren't familiar with Clive Barker in general may be a bit thrown off by the title of the movie, but don't let it detract from seeing the film, or even going out and checking out the original short story from the collective Books of Blood.

T. Medina on Jan 24, 2008


I dig Kitamura so I have hope but unless the story they're pitching in the trailer isn't the short story, but that doesn't mean much since so many trailers are deceiving. I don't like the casting of Jones though, he's too recognizable for the part and physically too imposing, but hey, what are you going to do?

faxanadude on Jan 28, 2008


I have see this film and it's excellent. It wil be released across North America in the Fall. Kitamurason will have a nice long career as an American action director after this.

Karl on Apr 14, 2008


The whole production so far has taken me through all kinds of emotions. I hope the August 1st release stays, no more changes and chaos....please.

tzarinna on Apr 19, 2008


I think a great horror movie is coming this May as directed by Japanese Ryuhei Kitamura and plus the screenwriter is Clive Barker then I'm already turning off lights.

Minas on Apr 21, 2008


sounds like a gay porn film

deven white on May 11, 2008


This trailer looks retarded. this site has really gone downhill in its reviews.

fukyu on Jun 20, 2008


worst movie ever.

fukme on Dec 10, 2008


It sounds a little bit horrible, but I really can't wait to watch it.

Neil Caldwell on Jun 17, 2009

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