Must Watch: Next New Wall-E Trailer

December 17, 2007
Source: IGN

Pixar's Wall-E Trailer

The latest new trailer for Pixar's Wall-E has hit the internet and it's another one you can't miss. These just get better and better each time. Wall-E is that cute lil' robot who has been stuck compacting trash for 700 years on Earth, until now… I love what they're doing with this; it's a progressive introduction to the actual story. Each new trailer seems to show just a bit more than the last. Now we know Wall-E hitches a ride on a spaceship into space - but where to next?

The trailer comes courtesy of the good folks at IGN, so thank them for bringing this. What are your thoughts on Wall-E? Are you as excited for this as The Dark Knight? More or less?

Watch the newest trailer for Pixar's Wall-E:

[flv:walle-trailer2.flv 504 228]

Wall-E is both written and directed by Pixar's own Andrew Stanton, who wrote and directed A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo. The film will hit theaters everywhere next June 27th, 2008. The latest teaser poster is featured below.

Wall-E Poster

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I am still quite excited for Wall-E, although I was not as impressed by this trailer as the previous ones. It seemed to similar to the last ones. I still think it will be great, but Im not nearly as anxious for it now as I was not too long ago. My anticipation for this film doesn't really come close to The Dark Knight. And The Dark Knight is my new numero uno film for 2008.

Keith on Dec 18, 2007


That was great. It looks hilarious. I still have no idea what it is about, but I'm sold.

Jeff W. on Dec 18, 2007


Simply amazing. When he pokes his eyes out of the

Heckle on Dec 18, 2007


Skipped Cars (should I watch it?) didn't enjoy at all The Incredibles and haven't watched Ratatouille(don't feel the desire to) but this looks funny and "cute." I will definitely be seeing this Pixar film.

Daniel M. on Dec 18, 2007


I can't wait to see this. This is in my top three most anticipated for '08. The animation on this just looks so incredibly visceral and adorable.

Icarus on Dec 18, 2007


I had a bad feeling about Cars when I saw the first trailer and it ended up being a horrid mess (was anyone else praying that Mater would explode sometime during the movie?) and Ratatouille was good, but the core storyline was pretty cliche. Wall-E, on the other hand, looks extremely good, but they seriously need to hurry up and churn out another Incredibles.

IHateChildren on Dec 18, 2007


better than darknight first off. Second, Cars was the only blemmish in Pixar's repertoire. #6 please be joking with the sequal garbage, the day Brad Bird directs a sequal is the day I blow my head off with a shotgun. I still want a mature level animated film that could compete with the japanese (spirited away, paprika, etc).

ramez on Dec 18, 2007


With Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks animation, I think we're stuck with kid/family-friendly fare. Although I would love to see Pixar attempt a hardcore animation 🙂

avoidz on Dec 18, 2007


ramez, I think IHateChildren meant Pixar needs to churn out another movie that was as good as the incredibles, not they need to make a sequel to the incredibles.

Keith on Dec 18, 2007


I honestly wouldn't mind a sequel to The Incredibles (sequel suckage stereotype be damed), but I meant I wanted another Pixar movie that is a little more adult-oriented. Granted, Pixar movies tend to be enjoyed by adults anyway due to the fact that Pixar films don't depend on fart jokes and references to modern culture to be funny, but like ramez, I wouldn't mind a more mature movie.

IHateChildren on Dec 19, 2007


Kinda reminds me of a cuter Johnny 5 Go Short Circuit! :p

Hah on Dec 20, 2007


Johnny 5, that's funny. Yea, this looks pretty good.

Sinner on Dec 29, 2007


I loved pretty much all the Pixar films, though 'Cars' was a weaker effort despite it having all the hallmark elements that make Pixar movies so enjoyable. Didn't see 'Ratatouille' yet, but people still seem to be very positive about it. 'Wall-E' already looks like a winner and the creatives at Pixar have somehow managed to evoke some real emotional appeal for the title character, even in this trailer. These guys and gals seem to really know what makes for an all-round great movie from top to bottom in terms of story, character, visuals and mass appeal. As enjoyable as some comparable competitor studios' work is (eg. Dreamworks), Pixar still can't be touched.

Gary H on Jan 11, 2008


Are you kidding me?...the won't make a sequel to the "the Incredibles", but they don't have a problem resurrecting "Number Five" from Short Circuit?????? Unbelievable. If Pixar really wanted to appeal to their fan base, perhaps they should use the power of the Internet to have the fans write the sequel to the Incredibles!! They can decide what the Underminer does. They can decide how Jack-Jack grows up. The can decide if Syndrome turns into a good guy, etc. etc. -- Give the fan a voice!!! Social Networking is about is Pixar's chance to be innovators again!!!

Scotty on Jan 29, 2008


Wall-E reminds me of Number 5 in short curcuit...

Anne on Mar 26, 2008


I have wached this movie over ten times. It gets more interesting every time. The things this robot does is unbelivable if you understand the meaning of his moves

peter on Dec 5, 2009

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