Must Watch: Richard Kelly's Southland Tales Trailer Finally!!

September 20, 2007
Source: Yahoo

Richard Kelly's Southland Tales Trailer

After much waiting and after it debuted two years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, a trailer has finally appeared for Southland Tales and it's finally coming out in theaters. This trailer starts out beautifully, but where it goes, I'm not sure… At least it's honest about the film and the comedic side to it. I'm not sure whether this will be any better than what all the critics made of it at Cannes - but we'll see soon enough. Take a look, this is a must watch - Richard Kelly's second feature film (his first was Donnie Darko) with a gigantic cast that you should already want to see in theaters!

Watch the trailer for Richard Kelly's Southland Tales:

[flv:southland-tales.flv 602 256]

You can also watch Southland Tales trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

Southland Tales was written and directed by Richard Kelly, who also wrote and directed Donnie Darko. The film will hit theaters everywhere on November 9th. Don't miss it - see it in theaters!

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At last! Looks great!

Stephen on Sep 20, 2007


I am somewhere between excited and confused. Look at all those (funny) stars...but where does it all go. WoW. Should be interesting....

Sabrina on Sep 20, 2007


Awesome! So many great one-liners in just one trailer... I can't believe Richard made this film(which looks like $40-50 million) for the very small budget of $17 million. "There's be a lot less violence in this world if everyone got just a little more Cardio."

TheGuyInThePj's on Sep 20, 2007


If nothing else it looks interesting. Could be an unholy mess, though.

Ricky Roma on Sep 20, 2007


Oh man, I don't know. It worries me that there are a few scenes already confirming my fear that Dwayne Johnson and Sean William Scott will offer the same second rate acting they usually do. I don't know if the movie will be...but the trailer is confused. I'm not convinced yet, but I refuse to jump off the Richard Kelly bandwagon.

Nate on Sep 20, 2007


OMG. I have been waiting so long for this. After the first minute or so i was feeling disappointed.....and then it totally changes and blew me AWAY!

Heckle on Sep 20, 2007



Ryan on Sep 20, 2007


I can't say this trailer is selling me. I feel like its all imagery and I'm not getting any idea of the film. The complete randomness of the preview is a reminder that this film apparently didn't find its place in the world when it debuted at Cannes almost a year and a half ago.

Charlie on Sep 20, 2007


Wooohhhaaaa... What the heck! I totally agree with Charlie... I have a sneaking suspicion this is doomed to flop! Am also a touch worried about 'The Rock' & 'Stiffler'... Again no matter what the film subject, right in the back of my mind I get flashes of them in their familiar roles :o(

Lee on Sep 20, 2007


it looks weird and a little confusing but all those awesome people make me want to see it! i love (almost) any movie with SNL cast members in it. i want to see it just to figure out what it is all about. on a side note tho, the rocks kooky grin in the first 30 sec worries me. i dont think he is an award winning actor but i do think he can do good when he really tries to get past the usual character stereotypes. we will see.

sarah on Sep 21, 2007


Hoorah! Alex, no offense to your Flash version, but I immediately went to Yahoo! to see this in all of its full-HD glory.

Great White Snark on Sep 21, 2007


No problem Snark - that's why I provided the link! If you can handle the full-HD glory, then go right ahead - it's how I watch all my trailers! 🙂

Alex Billington on Sep 21, 2007


Richard Kelly "midnless self indulgence"

mike on Sep 21, 2007


Did anyone else notice that they spelled Seann William Scott's name wrong?? They spelled it as Sean.

Rod on Sep 21, 2007


Anyone know what song that is in the trailer?

Grussle on Sep 22, 2007


Which Song? #1 Blue Paper by Moby #2 Wave of Mutilation (UK surf) by Pixies #3 Forget Myself by Elbow

TheGuyInThePj's on Sep 22, 2007


If it doesnt end up being revolutionary and if it stays above being repulsive this just might be the must-see movie for this year.

Zach on Sep 26, 2007


Hopin' it's a mix between Twin Peaks, Mars Attacks and The Fifth Element.

Fikkle on Oct 24, 2007


I don't like Dwayne Johnson, David Kelly, SMG, movies, SNL, or the apocalypse! I never like anything and I am a whiny little baby.

Kevin on Nov 15, 2007


I think this looks amazing! This movie is definitely a must-see!

Serviced Offices on Jun 19, 2009


I cannot wait foe this film, the trailer is such a tease! Think kelly did a fantastic job with Donnie Darko, and I'm looking forward to watching this.

capsiplex review on Jan 5, 2010

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