Must Watch: The Wachowski's Speed Racer Trailer!!

December 7, 2007
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Speed Racer Trailer

Go, Speed Racer, go!! The Wachowski Brothers are back and better than ever, this time with a live-action adaptation of the Japanese cartoon Speed Racer. You've never seen anything like it and when this comes out next summer, it is going to blow you away just like Matrix did. This is probably the most must-see trailer of 2007 and one of the most radical, mind-bending, acid trip things you'll ever see. Take a look for yourself and see what the Wachowski's have done with Speed Racer. And don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts below!

The feedback from the first photos yesterday has been rather negative. The response is that it looks stupid and too much like a video game. My answer to those who think that: grow up and stop complaining! From what I see in this trailer, Speed Racer is going to be as revolutionary as Matrix. Only with time will they learn to adapt to the new look, but like everything new in this world that people find weird or don't like, they'll fight it with words like "stupid" until they realize how unique it is and come to embrace it later on.

Watch the trailer for Speed Racer:

[flv:speedracer.flv 602 256]

You can also watch the Speed Racer trailer in High Definition at AOL

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, of the Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta. The film arrives in theaters next summer on May 9th, 2008.

What do you think of Speed Racer?? Hit or miss??

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Sweet looking movie. Looks impressive from the cartoon. Hopefully the Wachowski bros. won't make horrible sequels to it, also depends if the people accept it. This is a great movie to be on acid for, lol.

Andrew Fischer on Dec 7, 2007


that trailer looked awesome but my biggest problem with the film is that i still don't know what to expect! I do agree thou that whatever it ends up being it will be totaly unique and something we haven't seen before

Vangel on Dec 7, 2007


looks unique and entertaining, at the least. agree with andrew, hopefully they don't make terrible sequels that ruin the whole thing. they shouldn't advertise "the matrix trilogy," 2/3 of it sucked. and didn't they steal that story?

conor on Dec 7, 2007


Trailer is awesome...Go Wachowski bro-sters! ; ))

m4st4 on Dec 7, 2007


incredibly unique visuals. just like you described, a live-action cartoon. i am disappointed that its rated, what, G? thats my only qualm with it so far. im sure the wachowskis will churn out another great piece of work. not too worried.

Keith on Dec 7, 2007


Not to impressed with the trailer. Dont quite know what to think about racing graphics...

Chris Zoglmann on Dec 7, 2007


Not sure. Hopefully they'll work a little more on the CG. Right now it looks a bit too video gamey. The dead cat on Goodman's head isn't too convincing a hair-piece either! But I'll still see the movie!

chuck on Dec 7, 2007


Wow, looks sweet, I'll definitly be going to see this when it comes out. Looking great so far!

Dragonic on Dec 7, 2007


I am a fan, I was wondering where the monkey part was to come, it´s good! This is meaningful to all kids out ther who grew looking after speed cars. My opinion: this movie aims at little kids, because of the burned colours. I would have had a nice visual impact hadn´t it been for the fact that the cars don´t look realistic as the scenario takes away all the attention. I can clearly pick up from the trailer, the movie was to be enjoyed while sitting in the theather chair, vibrating to the speed and warp jumps...which I´m mostly sure will like to more than one. I was born may 9, so nice present Wachowskis! Thank you!

David on Dec 7, 2007


wow I have no interest to see this what so ever.

Joe Blow on Dec 7, 2007


This looks awful. Chuck hit it dead on. It looks like a promo for a video game with bad acting to match. No thanks.

Heckle on Dec 7, 2007


Visually this movie is going to be pretty stunning, and that's probably the point. I'm not going to go into it expecting great acting, I'll be a little disappointing if it's not as bad as the dialog and "acting" in the cartoon. But I love this idea. This is not live action, and this is not a cartoon, it is right in the freaking middle. I'm definitely going to go see it, and I'm going to turn back my age to when I was 8, sit in that seat, and enjoy it just like I enjoyed watching the actual cartoon. You naysayers need to do the OPPOSITE of growing up. Stop pretending you're a film critic for "The Times" and start allowing yourself to be entertained. Go Speed Racer Go!

Mark on Dec 7, 2007


I'm sorry but that looks terrible. Wipeout meets mid afternoon soap opera.

Payne by name on Dec 7, 2007


What did you guys expect after all the talk about the movie looking like an anime in live action? If you think it looks too video gamey, very good! You saw what the director was going for. It's a risk, for sure. It's a weird and unique way to make a movie. But to criticize the trailer because the director did a good job with what they were aiming for is stupid. See the movie or don't, I'm sure the Wachowski brothers won't mind if you decide to stay home.

Chris on Dec 7, 2007


I especially agree with Mark (fuck, were not the same person, I promise). How about everyone just relax and not decide on whether the whole film will sick by just seeing this first trailer. The film is DIFFERENT and thats what we need to fuel the industry to not just make copies of copies of copies. I believe that the look they have is the exact style needed to take a cartoon to a full blockbuster. I'l repeat that, its not a film of a V series, its a film of a CARTOON.

Marcus on Dec 7, 2007


Man yall trippin, its going to be hot. But why doesn't Racer X have on the white suit, with the Mark 5 M on his chest like in the cartoon, ever notice that. Racer X has the M from the hood of the Maek 5 on his chest in the cartoon. Check it out!!! Racer X is still the man. "Little does Speed know". Racer X, Racer X, Racer X, Racer X!!!!!

Slim on Dec 7, 2007


First of all if your familiar with the cartoon, you'll recognize the sound effect during the car flipping...sweet! Also, the studio tags at the beginning the the original theme is way cool. However, I said this before on the earlier post for this flick yesterday. The car in the trailer has a "6" on it. Something happens to the Mach 5. Don't give away plot points in the trailer guys! Here's the thing that's interesting about the G rating... The original cartoon was edited for American audiences. I've had Anime geeks tell me the original Japanese version showed drivers dying in the car crashes.

jason_md2020 on Dec 7, 2007


A trailer is designed to entice you and let you know a little about the film. Saying to people oh you shouldn't judge the film from the trailer is stupid - what else at this stage are we supposed to judge it from? Then saying you shouldn't flame him for doing something different? Different is fine but it doesn't mean that just the very nature of it being different makes it brilliant. Otherwise I'll make a film out of post it notes and then expect your applause for it's uniqueness. For me, and obviously others, the trailer makes the film look rubbish and hence not something worth seeing.

Paynebyname on Dec 7, 2007



Sinner on Dec 7, 2007


it looks interesting.... i never saw the cartoon but i do watch anime in general. i just wished they would of blended the cgi racing with the live action better, it reminds me of movies like "who shot roger rabit".(love that movie) where there is a very obvious cartoon object/scene. yes its different from what we have seen, not sure if its going to be good though. i agree in the opinon that sidekick monkeys usualy mark a movie as pretty cheesy.

sarah on Dec 7, 2007


if this movie wasn't directed by the Wachowski brothers it might not even make it on this site

Dwaine on Dec 7, 2007


Awful CGI, is the CGI the actual race scenes from the movie? Because the race tracks in those CGI segments were creative looking, but the CGI was just AWFUL. The rest of the movie looks incredible. BTW, The Asylum could make better CGI than that.

Kail on Dec 7, 2007


The amazing accomplishments of "W." brothers can't be understated. That being said, this is one of those movies that is designed to appeal to fans of the original thing...which I, and I expect millions of others, are not. Vivid and ground-breaking FX notwithstanding, who else but diehard fans of the original 60's-70's cartoon will actually give a damn about this. Unlike "The Matrix", this isn't based on some new concept and thus is relegated to those how are into the original thing. How many are? I guess that's what they are gambling on. Cufford Fresno, Ca

Cufford on Dec 8, 2007


Not to be a jerk, but arent' they technically not the wachowski Brothers anymore? Aside from that, I'm excited about Bi (he looks hot) and the movie looks like it'll be fun excluding the main guy, Speed Racer's acting. It feels like he's making a punch line every time he talks, and I suspect some of those lines werent' supposed to be funny. That's my only gripe but I want to see it anyway.

Kat on Dec 8, 2007


That first photo initially made me think this was going to be about Tron 2 🙂

avoidz on Dec 8, 2007


Unfortunately, I can sum my fears up in one word for y'all: THUNDERBIRDS I am still really looking forward to this though, having watched Speed characters for a long time...

Alex on Dec 8, 2007


(#23) Cufford said:"Vivid and ground-breaking FX notwithstanding, who else but diehard fans of the original 60's-70's cartoon will actually give a damn about this." How about NASCAR fans looking for a film they can take their kids to, and not get bored?

jason_md2020 on Dec 8, 2007


I am an avid fan of the Wachowski brothers (even if one of them got a sex change operation), but that doesn't matter in the slightest because their filmmaking capabilities are unmatched! With this new trailer for "Speed Racer" I can honestly say that I not at all looking forward to seeing the extended version of this. The technicolor backgrounds and the bright yellows and greens and reds and other various rainbow colors making this movie look extremely boring and quite simply put, like a live action video game. Who really cares to see a video game-like movie? There's an all star cast here, but I don't even think that can save this from being a crap-out.

Conrad on Dec 9, 2007


This movie reminds me of what "Dr. Seuss Posthumously Presents Spy Kids 3: Toyko Drift" would look like. A cheesy, drug-induced, over-the-top visual style combined with a shallow, formulaic "plot" involving cars and an annoying fat kid. Seriously, aren't people getting tired of having big evil corporations as the villain? I can probably even guess the endings: A. SR wins the big race in the end -OR- B. SR loses the race in order to help another driver finish the race -OR- C. The fat kid and the monkey suffocate in the trunk during one of the races, zombie Nazis from Mars eat Speed Racer's brain and reverse-engineer his car into a thermonuclear weapon so they can blow up the moon (in order to release the dormant giant space zombie king trapped inside). Don't know about you, but I'm holding out for ending C.

IHateChildren on Dec 9, 2007


Looks like someone finally got a remake of a cartoon right. Looks spot-on perfect - they even got the friggin' monkey. Go Speed Racer!

Depressed on Dec 9, 2007


I think it looks good. You go make a movie, see how that turns out nay-sayers.

Alex on Dec 9, 2007


I’m just not into “kiddie” movies and to me, this seems like just that. The race scenes look like something one of my buddies rendered in a 3D community college. And where the heck were the buff ninja fights in the cartoon? Did they feel it was just necessary to throw in some kung-fu scenes in a racing movie… to include someone spinning a guy over his head? Is that John Goodman by the way? The acting should be spot on brilliant in this one. When the kid looks into the camera with those deep eyes full of passion and say, “It’s the only thing I know how to do… and I gotta do something.” I almost lost it. How deep… This movie looks like Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, and Herbie the Love Bug all wrapped up in a futuristic world of bright colors, flashing lights, and cars that do flips at the push of a button. Throw in some pet monkey and kid brother humor and you have the makings of one crap-tastic movie. When I first saw it was done by the creators of the Matrix I had high hopes. But after watching the trailer I must say I have no intent whatsoever of even renting this movie. In fact the trailer has put me in a bad mood. Cmon Wachowski bros! And for the guy that says, "You go make a movie, see how that turns out nay-sayers..." Hey, just because I can't build a Ford Pinto doesn't mean I want to drive one either.

C-Young on Dec 10, 2007


Its either going to be the new TRon or the next Mario brothers the movie...lets hope

victor Martinez on Dec 12, 2007


Sometimes you have to take a chance. I not only think this movie will be a success, I think you have to remember that you naysayers are the ones who burned innocent women at the stake because they were different so you called them witches.

Gil Pleasure on Dec 14, 2007


Looks stupid.

Joel on Dec 15, 2007


What I'm looking forward to even less is all the merchandising that this commercial, er, film will tie in.

John on Dec 16, 2007


The only think that I saw that I don't like is that they should have done something with speed's helmet! It's a very minor thing, I admit, but for all the movies cool look it will be the one thing detractors will rag on for Years.... It looks like a safety helmet from the 50s' space program... yeech

JMPDrive on Dec 17, 2007


I guess this looks pretty exciting, on second viewing. I certainly think if the Wachowski brothers are going to keep making movies, they're on the right track by intentionally making a movie w/ 2-D characters and a 2-D look. Based on their directorial work on the last 2 Matrix movies, it seems to be what they're best at. This looks like an interesting gimmick, making a movie that's itnentionally 2 dimensional looking. If it works (meaning, if it's compelling enough to sit through), it'd be really cool to see them make a Racer X movie as a sequel. (he's always been far more interesting that Speed, anyhow.) Which brings up the point: what'd you have to be smoking to name your son "Speed"?

Djomigod on Dec 17, 2007


Fanboys, The Wachowski Brothers can make a bad movie just like every one else... They're just doing it more often...

Spike-the-Poet on Dec 17, 2007


I still say they should have had either Jeff Gordon or Charlie Sheen play speed, but I'll tell ya, Racer X is still the baddest mother you'll see in this flick. Hope they stick to the cartoon, because if they don't, they'll have alot of really pissed off fans to deal with.

Kirakasa on Dec 17, 2007


"The film arrives in theaters next summer on May 9th, 2008." May 9th is in SPRING, you ridiculously optimistic bastards.

frank on Dec 21, 2007


I loved speed racer when I was 5, so I was kinda happy about the movie. But the trailer left me hoping for the best. The movie hit a fork in the road, one way is going to suck baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad and the other way is, well, not bad. No I'm joking it may be great.

XXX on Dec 22, 2007


I am pumped for it.. just concerned(as I believe others have mentioned) to see how it will be received. Those that grew up with the series between BabyBoomers to Gen X'ers may be able to embrace it if it is marketed properly, but it is a concern to see how you can reach the Baby Boomers with such an aggressive style. Hopefully the Gen X'ers will be taking there young kids and the Baby Boomer parents... cause I think that is where the majority of the marketing will be spent. Motivate the X'ers and they will remember their parents talking about "when we used to watch that" and their kids will be saying it looks so "COOL".

Dusty on Dec 26, 2007


This movie is going to be one of the worst movies ever! I didn't mind the show, which means that I liked it just never watched it. But this movie, I am not even going to see it. Sorry

CloudZeroX on Dec 27, 2007


i enjoyed speed racer the anime series and i certainly am going to enjoy this too! it looks totally wickiiiid!

21stcenturyman on Dec 30, 2007


Let's just say I will not walk in the cinema expecting to be blown away.

Thomas Cann on Dec 31, 2007


The CG looks a little too "Spy Kids" for me. Alot of good actors are in it though. And I'm impressed that the film makers tried to keep the anime feel of the cartoon. I'm sure the die hard fans will love it and everyone else won't. Go Speed Racers.

Jon on Jan 1, 2008


I want the fat kids 3 wise monkey T-Shirt! It's totally cool!

Charlie on Jan 2, 2008


Hmm...looks different and new, edgy (in terms of style)...but so did Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux, and those were tremendous letdowns.i'll wait for the pirated dvd.

Cyfer on Jan 4, 2008


All i can say is wow, this looks like the stupidest movie of 08!!! The acting looks cheesy, the dialogue is contrived, and the special effect look kind of lame... you have a blue-screen, we get it! This is my first visit to First Showing, but based on the editors feedback that this trailer looks "revolutionary" and "unique", i've decided this will be my last visit to this site. - Cheers 🙂

Betty on Jan 5, 2008


the futuristic look requires too much CGA which makes it look TOO CGA >_> other than that, i love the anime hair!

Potent1al on Jan 7, 2008


For my son's sake, i will have to see this movie but.......aeon flux, ultraviolet,THUNDERBIRDS! Ugh, I hope I'm pleasantly surprised...but.. ugh!!

tony5fingaz on Jan 10, 2008


man, who picks out their music? it's always such crap. I see absolutely ZERO possibility of getting sucked into this movie whatsoever, no way I'll get that lovely suspension of disbelief even for a second, nope. it just looks like a big show-offy pile of noise. come on you two, you did the Matrix, show some confidence, this looks like nothing but insecurity trying to prove it's a big boy. i probably won't even watch this on DVD. so over Ricci too. zoom the camera! wow! intense!! yawn.

pole it on Jan 11, 2008


Ok, first of all.....what the hell, it looks like they are combined that dumb anime tv show with the fast and the furious...Now, it looks pretty good, all cartoony and stuff...but come on, what kind of movie is this, I see what they are going for but this just looks god awful, really, other then the special effects, what are they going to contribute in this movie, based on the trailer the plot looks horrible.

Ben on Jan 12, 2008


*To Betty* I agree, I dont know what the Critic or whoever the hell this guy thinks he is, revolutionary??? please, all this has been done before, all they are doing is blending a cartoon with reality, looks pretty 'n' all but just not enough substance....Mr. Billington, come on, whos ass did you have to kiss to get this job, cause jesus, you didnt get it by knowing what the hell you are talking about.

Ben(2) on Jan 12, 2008


Stupid movie, for stupid people that like watching bright sparkly things. You know, kind of like a stupid moth that will fly into a hot light bulb. ahahah what a waste. Besides, its' target audience is 12 year olds. I won't let my children watch this film. Who needs to be brainwashed by this Corporate financed Car advertisement movie. lol just Utorrent it.

Georgia Indiana on Jan 14, 2008


My only problem with it was they were talking way to slow. Common speed racer was a fast talker

Don on Jan 16, 2008


I hope it does well, i hear sex changes are expensive. NO but seriously it looks pretty good. It looks like the tv show only modern (i hope the actors mouth moves out of sync with the voices). p.s. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT WATCHIN p.p.s. quit yer bitchin

sweendawg1969 on Jan 19, 2008


I've learned by personal experience that you can't judge a movie by it's trailer. And I only go to the movie theatre for entertainment. I never care about movie reviews or critics, I try first then have my own opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but you shan't say you don't like something you've never tried. So, even though I never saw a Speed Racer episode when I was a kid (I was more into Voltron and Robotech), I will definitely watch this movie because I feel I will be greatly entertained. Besides, I want to see that white haired japanese hunk.

Amaranthia on Jan 31, 2008


The trailer looks very exciting and ground breaking. Like the contrast with all the bright colors, to me at least that is visually appealing. Special effects blended with the cartoon background look awesome. I must admit, I only watched one or two epsiode(s) when I was younger. Nonetheless, based on what I have seen in this trailer, I will probably go see this film when it comes out.

SamBam on Feb 6, 2008


omg i cant wait! and RAIN is in it! yippee i love him so so so so much! hes so hott!! yaaay Rain!

emi on Feb 15, 2008


Crazy... I remember watching this show as a kid, now it's becoming a live action film. I have faith that this will be entertaining... I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say "revolutionary", that may be a bit of a stretch for something like Speed Racer

Ryan on Feb 15, 2008


i love cars and movies with cars in them! yeah wohoo!

:-) on Feb 26, 2008


Hmm...looks like another cult is coming...anyway..we´ll see, but one thing i couldn´t stop to think about while watching the trailer. First, when i saw the race scene in it - Rollcage(an older sci-fi racing game). And that cars - well they´re not like from Rollcage, but they also go at mach speeds...hope the movie will be at least as entertaining as Rollcage was. I wish Wachowski brothers only the best, because i love their movies. And in general..ok..the first Matrix is a cult, however the other two are in my opinion at least decent sequels(especially the third).

Nasher on Mar 1, 2008


It's intresting how they are able to bring Speed Racer to a new era. But for those who have grown up with the cartoon, the essence of the cartoon is definitely not there. The costume looks too Nascar like, and he's not even wearing the trademark red socks. As for the actor, they really should have picked someone asian, or someone who has that look. And CGI racing? hmmm... totally out of the main idea of the original cartoon. Let's see how this movie comes out.

Banditz on Mar 1, 2008


looks like flinstones movie on acid..

malax on Mar 2, 2008


Looks incredible! The Brothers are once again pushing the boundaries of the medium with a family movie that will hopefully play like [i]Toy Story[/i] on speed (no pun intended)! The 'Matrix' sequels weren't really "sequels" per se. They were increasingly complex continuations of an already complex first act. They're misunderstood masterpieces, way ahead of their time. However, if the Brothers ever did sequels to 'Speed Racer', I suspect they'll be fantastic (along the lines of 'Terminator 2' or 'Aliens') since the story doesn't need to get more complex. It'll just be an expansion of the original, becoming a piece of serialised fiction just like the original series! Sign me up!

Manfred Powell on Mar 9, 2008


looks terrible....horrible graphix

chimchim on May 8, 2008

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