Natalie Portman vs Scarlett Johansson in The Other Boleyn Girl Trailer

November 15, 2007
Source: AOL

The Other Boleyn Girl Trailer

It's finally here, the long awaited trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl! A period piece with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson fighting for the love of Eric Bana, who plays King Henry VIII - can that get any better? Oh yes it can, just watch the trailer. Eric Bana yelling, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson crying their hearts out, this just exudes an epic and powerful feeling. I'm not normally a period piece kind of guy, but I'm all for this. It's the music that makes it so incredibly epic and intense. I commend them for creating a truly thrilling and very long trailer that does what it's supposed to do - hype up the movie!

Watch the trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl:

[flv:otherboleyngirl.flv 502 282]

Please wait for the trailer to load! Due to digg traffic, it may be slow loading the 19.4MB file. Thanks for your patience!

You can also watch The Other Boleyn Girl trailer in High Definition at AOL

The Other Boleyn Girl is directed by Justin Chadwick, a long-time TV director, including of "Masterpiece Theatre: Bleak House", debuting his second feature film. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory and the screenplay was adapted by well-known British writer Peter Morgan (The Last King of Scotland, The Queen, Frost/Nixon). The Other Boleyn Girl arrives in theaters next year on Leap Day, February 29th, 2008. The poster for the film is featured below.

The Other Boleyn Girl poster

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OMG looks soooo good! it's definitely one of the movies I'm looking forward to the most in '08!

Jessica on Nov 15, 2007


Very awsome! Thanks for the trailer!

Dave Nofmeister on Nov 16, 2007


Ahh...period pieces are generally pretty bad..

IPTV Spy on Nov 16, 2007


i just nut in my pants....

Pat on Nov 16, 2007


who would you pick, Natalie or Scarlet?

Alex on Nov 16, 2007


who would you pick, Natalie or Scarlet? Im a breast man and scarlet has nice tata's however I would choose Natalie hands down.* *hands down Nat's pants amirite

matt on Nov 16, 2007


In that poster, Bana definitely looks like he's made his choice of totty - Johansson. His eyes are on the prize 😛

avoidz on Nov 17, 2007


wish i were there... 😉

MR on Nov 17, 2007


Can't wait to see this movie. Of course, Anne Boleyn was the mother of the greatest Queen of all time, Elizabeth I, who ultimately kicked Mary's ass. It all worked out in the end.

Maldoror on Nov 17, 2007


Be the filling in a Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson sandwich? Yes please 🙂 The two ladies in question, though, look victims of the "head strip" movie poster technique (their heads don't look quite right on their respective bodies...).

avoidz on Nov 18, 2007


Awesome trailer probably wouldn't want to see this movie if it were'nt for ter female leads. Oh a couple of points of interest. First off the companies that are releasing this movie are currently on different sides of the HD format war so they may have to draw a truce for this movie. Lastly the poster is almost a callback to Cleopatra and that films style of advertising.

Zach on Nov 19, 2007


natalie looks like a boy, flat and so damn skinny. scarlett is gorgeous!

k on Nov 21, 2007


Anyone notice the last few notes of music in that trailer are from Battlestar Galactica?

Tom on Dec 20, 2007


Tom--I had the same question myself, and a little internet sluthing revealed that the song is 'Two Funerals' from the episode Act of Contrition.

B on Jan 7, 2008


Hi, what song is used at the end in this trailer?(especially the part starting from 1.55 till the end?) I think it's awesome! I've listened to Two Funerals from Battlestar Galactica and it was something else? Some say X-Ray Dog? Anybody? Thanks, Jay

Jay on Jan 20, 2008


the last part to the preview is from a music firm called Epicon. they put out a cd called Globus. they only write music for movie previews. now, if i can only find out where the first piece is from???

michael on Jan 30, 2008


the first part is by harry gregson williams called the king? its from the narnia trailer

colleen on Feb 2, 2008


thanks colleen. your a life saver! not to be ungreatful, but the song from narnia's trailer?!?!? that won't help me. i did find it doing an amazon search from the movie "kingdom of heaven". thanks again!

michael on Feb 2, 2008


yea i thought that was a bit undescriptive. mea culpa. Now, I did a search though and the Globus cd didn't seem to you know the name of the track. thanks for any help.

colleen on Feb 3, 2008


colleen! help!!! i just watched the movie kingdom of heaven, so as to hear "the king" track.... and i didn't here the music from the trailer. it wasn't there! anyone know where the "bolyn" trailer music is from?!?!?!?! to answer you better, follow this link: i'm sure you can find it for cheaper. it's song #7 (diem ex dei). enjoy!!!

michael on Feb 4, 2008


collen was right about the narnia-trailor. 'you tube' says: The music: X-Ray Dog "Here comes the King" and Immediate Music "Lucius Dei" with LoR: and the IM: and it sounds like the trailer..

blutz on Feb 4, 2008


I just double checked the almighty i-pod and it is "Here comes the king" by X-Ray - thanks for the affirmation blutz - and for anyone who likes that here are a few to check out if you haven't already Nara by Posthumus and Escape by craig armstrong and please don't sigh if those were too obvious and already heard 🙂

colleen on Feb 4, 2008


thanks everyone. i found the firm "X RAY DOG'. they compose really powerful and beautiful music! sadly, it doesn't seem for sale. only to movie studios. 🙁

michael on Feb 4, 2008


colleen, are you saying that "here comes the king" is purchasable?!?!?!!!!!

michael on Feb 4, 2008


i just purchased nara. thank! i know of escape 🙂

michael on Feb 4, 2008


I downloaded "here comes the king" through bearshare. If you can't find it my im is dreamerandpoet2 and I can send you it when I get back to my room.

colleen on Feb 4, 2008


colleen?!?! not sure why you blocked me. i thought you were trying to help to download the trailer song "here comes the king". ???????????? i guess thanks anyways???

michael on Feb 4, 2008


last favor colleen. idownloaded bearshare. now, under what title did you do your search for the song. i couldn't find it under "here comes the king"?

michael on Feb 4, 2008


you guys are all stupid, lol

loca on Feb 6, 2008


found it!

michael on Feb 6, 2008


I was wondering if you knew of a site where I can download for free for mp3? I only found torrent

Charlie on Feb 13, 2008


Charlie, if you go to bearshare and download it for free, then burn the disc to windows music, you will then be able to download it to your mp3 player.

michael on Feb 13, 2008


i see some ppl are asking about the music used... Diem Ex Dei by Globus (also used in the spiderman 3 preview) is in the first half of the trailer and Here comes the king (first written for the chronicles of narnia) by X-Ray Dog, which i was able to download from Limewire. dont try bearshare for this music...limewire has both. hope that helps some of you.

joe on Feb 13, 2008


"Diem Ex Dei" by Gobus is the shitt! It's the one that plays at the end, not the first half. "Here Comes The King" is from Narnia, I have that soundtrack. That one plays the first half. thnx to whoever figured out about "Diem Ex Dei". look them up on Limewire under those names you'll find 'em.

Angel on Feb 14, 2008


BTW I ain't a big fan of period pieces but this one looks pretty interesting. and Scarlett Johansson is by far the better looking of the two, no question about it.

Angel on Feb 14, 2008


whats the instrumental song in the trailer? i am confused by all these songs lol

julie on Feb 14, 2008


The music in the trailer I saw was the theme from 4400.

LK on Feb 14, 2008


I Sense Confusion, So I'm Going To Simplify It. 0:00--1:32__"Here Comes The King" ; X-ray Dog 1:38--2:18__"Diem Ex Dei" ; Globus Search In Limewire For Title Or Artist. Or Google It And Find An Alternate Source. I Used Limewire It Wasn't Hard To Find. Good Luck.

Angel on Feb 14, 2008


Does anyone know the name of the orchesta song they play during this preview? I need it for a home movie I'm planning to make

Matt on Feb 17, 2008


Wow i'm stupid i was reading this backwards. Nvm

Matt on Feb 17, 2008


The song is called "NARA" by ES Posthumous.

Wendigo on Feb 17, 2008


Errr E S Posthumus

Wendigo on Feb 17, 2008


it is Here comes the king by x-ray dog!

Yeahh on Feb 23, 2008


The music for some of the latest previews is a song called Nara by E.S. Posthumus, this is also the opening theme music for the CBS show Cold Case.

KCChewy on Feb 25, 2008


Yes!!!! e s Posthumus is the one I was looking for! number 41

Michelle on Feb 28, 2008



Michelle on Feb 28, 2008


I am excited for the movie!!! It looks wonderful and the previews of the movie interested me into reading up about Anne and Mary. While I can't wait to see the movie, I am disappointed about how different the movie is from actual history. Historically, Mary is almost portrayed as a "w****" and bedded the King before mary even met him and bore a son who is in question the king's before he married Anne. Anne "courted" the king for 8 years and supposedly did not bed him until they were married, or right before. Also, upon Anne's execution, Mary did not visit Anne at all. Sorry for the long entry, again, while I am excited to see the movie, the variation from actual history is a bit disappointing. It's understandable that Hollywood must make viewers attracted by using conflict and high drama.

Brooke on Feb 28, 2008


after "w***" it should say "before ANNE even met him"...

Brooke on Feb 28, 2008


Nice call on the music theme by ES posthumus. If you are a fan you should also check out the best theme song ever that they have a role in. Its called the NFL on CBS and the song is called "Rise to Glory". Jackpot!!

NFL Fan on Feb 29, 2008


nfl fan: on which cd can we find "rise to glory"?

michael on Feb 29, 2008


Does anyone know the name of the traditional tune played in the wedding (Mary Boleyn-Henry Percy)? Thanks

taxones on Apr 9, 2008


i jz want ot find out the background of the music at the end of movie show . Thanks a lot ! ( Joan )

Joan Zhu on Apr 16, 2008


i cant wait until february to read this this book was the first book i read of phillippa gregory's and its by far the best and cant wait to c the movie it looks great. amazing job from what i have seen on the trailor

Amber Jordan on May 9, 2008


Nara by E.S. Posthumus is the music used in the tv spot trailer f.y.i hope that helps

ant on Jun 14, 2008


Ohhh I wanna see this movie soo bad, but I have no idea how to find this movie online. By the way the music was really beautiful!

AdamEve on May 7, 2009


NATALIE AND SCARLET ARE AWESOME!!!!!! I cried when Natalie got executed TT

Portmanfan on Dec 15, 2009


I'm embarrassed to say that I'm kind of excited for this movie. The W article mentioned how they are both playing against type and it seems like it might actually work--I never bought Scarlett (who looks like a perfectly ordinary cute girl to me) as a sex bomb anyway, and Natalie has always seemed like a perfectionist ice queen. I guess what I'm saying is crappy accents aside, they actually seem non-comatose for once. my sex space:

amfora on Dec 23, 2009



WOMEN TOYS on Feb 23, 2010


really good movie! 5 stars! 🙂

DIGITAL DRUGS on Feb 23, 2010

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