National Treasure 2 Cast Discovered

March 28, 2007
Source: JoBlo, Variety

National Treasure 2

A few more new casting details courtesy of JoBlo today reveal more about National Treasure 2. It's already filming in Washington DC at the moment, but the remaining cast has only been revealed recently. Oscar winner Helen Mirren has been cast as Emily Appleton, Nicolas Cage's mother, and Ed Harris has been cast as Jeb Wilkinson, the primary villain.

In National Treasure: Book of Secrets, this time Nicolas Cage's character Ben Gates has a connection to John Wilkes Booth and the mysterious Knights of the Gold Circle. Jeb Wilkinson, played by Harris, has some information about Gates' father and initially sets himself as an ally, but eventually becomes the villain, much like the first film. Also returning from the first film are Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitel. National Treasure: Book of Secrets is currently set for release late this year on December 21st, 2007.

Honestly, I really liked the first one, even moreso than The Da Vinci Code, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do with this sequel and if they can top themselves.

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yea, awesome

WesleyTech on Mar 28, 2007


With a movie as awful as the first National Treasure, I imagine topping that shouldn't be too much of a challenge

Nicholas Cage on Mar 29, 2007


This is going to be great; I can only hope they greenlight Battlefield Earth 2 as well.

bob on Mar 29, 2007


it wasn't the worst movie, but definitely wasn't close to being an ok movie. He's already rich and at the end he tells his sidekick, if we ever find anything of value ever again I'll let you call the shots..does that mean this time his sidekick's going to take the lead {doubt it}

live tv on Mar 29, 2007


This is totally cool. I saw the first "National Treasure" movie and it was awesome. Little did I know that they are making another "National Treasure" movie. My parents are gonna freak when I tell them this!!! I want to know when it's gonna come out. That way I can tell my parents if they want to know. I want to know,too. 🙂

Becca` on Mar 29, 2007


Who keeps putting that turd Nicholas Cage in movies? Seriously. I'd rather watch paint dry on a cloudy day. I expect the paint would do just as well in the peice of crap movie also.

WTF??? on Mar 29, 2007


Nicholas Cage is totally HOT!!!!!!!! I love him in any movie. You just need a life!! :->

Becca on Mar 29, 2007


yeah ... i could sit through a sequel i guess ...

subcorpus on Mar 30, 2007


Yes i could sit through a sequel. you guessed right!!

Becca on Apr 2, 2007


Does anyone know what is the name of church in george town DC that Nic cage is fliming on Easter sunday for the ''National treasure 2"?

Jas on Apr 7, 2007


JUSTIN BARTHA is sooooooooooooo hott i love this movie i was soo thrilled to hear about a sequal

Rochelle on Apr 7, 2007


Hey Rochelle, you and I are one of a kind, I guess. We both think one of the guys in the movie are hot, so we would probably get along pretty well, wouldn't you think?

Becca on Apr 12, 2007


WELL...i happen to be cast in this movie as an extra and it looks like it will be quite entertaining..look forward to a great show!

kAYLA on Apr 12, 2007


I loved the first movie, i could watch it over and over again, i can't wait til the sequel comes out.

Renee on Apr 15, 2007


hm...I hope the sequal is good..sounds good..altough I aint a history lover...or skool lover for that matter...

kim... on Apr 15, 2007


hey now, i'm in school and i ain't no history lover either. although i have one of the best history teacher in my entire life. he makes learning history so much fun, even for those who hate history. he reminds me of my 7th grade history teacher, who was even more fun than this guy. anyway, i can't wait for this sequel to come out.

Becca on Apr 16, 2007


by the way, i'm a freshman in high school.

Becca on Apr 16, 2007


Hey Kayla, WELL, I too have been cast as an extra in this movie, but during their shoot here at Mt. Rushmore in Rapid City, South Dakota. I am like totally stoked about it too! TTFN, Marc

Like, OMG, I mean totally! on Apr 16, 2007


ok. now how many people have been cast as extras in this movie? I want to know because y'all are freakin' me out now. i see two people who have posted here, but how many are there?

Holy SHIT!!!!!!! on Apr 17, 2007


when i first saw the movie i totally liked it with how they find the treasure by solving the clues but i didn't know their was going a sequal, that is sooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!. Oh i also have a my own website it's called check it out

abdi on Apr 19, 2007


sorry i missed some words.

abdi on Apr 19, 2007


hey adbi, i can't seem to get onto your website. please email me the site and info on it. my email is

Becca on Apr 20, 2007


Lol yeah they wouldn't have to do too much to be better than the first one.

Motorcycle Guy on Apr 22, 2007


Hey NT blog, Is anyone submitting comments on this site actually in Rapid City, South Dakota where the cast and crew are currently shooting? I, like 200 others in this small town, was told I was going to be an extra, then as the industry dictates, it has been changed many MANY times, culminating in a MUCH smaller extra role...which is still better than nothing I spose. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else was reading this from Rapid City or the surrounding area. Oh, and FYI, Rapid City, SD is the closest "larger" city where Mount Rushmore is located (Keystone, SD). It is also within 30 miles of STurgis, SD where one of the margest motorcycle rallies in the country is held every August. TTFN,

Yes, no, yes, no, wait, no, on Apr 22, 2007


Sorry, had a typo in there... "largest"

Yes, no, yes, no, wait, no, on Apr 22, 2007


I saw the articles and then must have missed how to applyy for an extra. I didn't think they were filming until later. Where did you find out about being an extra?

belle on Apr 22, 2007


Hey Belle, I don't know but I'd like to try out as an extra.

Becca on Apr 23, 2007


when is it coming out

Baxton Ardent on Apr 23, 2007


it's coming out december 21st, 2007.

Becca on Apr 24, 2007


Belle, I saw the article in the Easter Sunday Rapid City Urinal..umm, err, I mean Journal, and it said they had an open casting the day before (typical for RC news). So I e-mailed the address at the end of the article and got a call back a week later. All the extra processes are done with, so they are not taking any more extra applicants, so I am completely amazed I got in. After I shoot I will tell the NT post what I did, and what it was like. I am quite giddy I must say. TTFN, Yes, no, yes, no, wait, no,

Yes, no, yes, no, wait, no, on Apr 24, 2007


Way cool......... so glad to see another version of this story line ........ love the whole crew....

LST50 on Apr 28, 2007


They should do Nation Treasure movie for every countries well not every but like countries that has over 500 years or more of history lolx

ZeroX on Apr 29, 2007


I just talked to my friend that works for our company, and he sent me a picture of Nick Cages airplane. (We are all pilots) Very cool! I am thinking that I may need to take a vacation to the black hills area really really soon! Loved the first movie, and will surely love the second one. He had me hooked at Moonstruck. Is he currently single? Yummy....

Miss M on May 1, 2007


I don't know if he is right now or not. I'd like to know as well.

Becca on May 3, 2007


hi my uncle is in this movie he his the third mane part his name is tim murphy and he was casting with nicholas cage and helen mirren in washighton dc and fighting with an alligator so love u tim please sent me back a comment love davidxxxxxxxxxxxxx

david on May 14, 2007


AAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that SWEEEEEEEEEEET?!?!?!?!

Becca on May 25, 2007


i was an extra in pireta of the carribean! i was the young girl in the 1st movie who sang

yoyo i was in pirets of the carribean on Jun 1, 2007


hey guys ummm ya well i was in the second one...i was that one guy.

bob on Jun 4, 2007


well i loved the first one and i cant wait for the second one. i was in DC and i saw them filming at MT Vernon

Rob on Jun 30, 2007


The first one was amazing, but i'm not so sure about the sequal. I'm hoping it will be good, but most of the time people try to make sequals that just aren't good.

Monty J. on Jul 2, 2007


ppl hu say nicholas cage is crap don't know many actors i think, my birfdae is 4 day after it's released in oz so i'm really looking forward 2 c dat on my birfdae. first time i saw national treasure was at skoool my class lovd it den we had 2 rite a review wich was boring den i went 2 buy the dvd i was so excited 2 show every1 & practiclly advertise it , yes this is how much i luv NT. i'm soo happy dat NT 2 is cum'n out i cud pee!!! indeed dat is sad yay it's justin bartha's birfdae 2morrow 21st of July i hope dat cute guy has a great dae!!!!!

>>>KiMi on Jul 19, 2007


o yeh i 4got it still is 19th of july in the us

>>>KiMi on Jul 19, 2007


i mean U.S

>>>KiMi on Jul 19, 2007


i thought the first one was a good movie, one that u could watch a few times. i liked the idea of of a hidden map and the whole story line, hope the second one is as cool as this one. who doesnt like billions of dollers worth of tresure?

joe on Sep 10, 2007


my brother was an extra in the 2nd movie in S.D.. he thinks Nicholas Cage was a rude man. in the movies he seems nice and funny, but my brother says as soon as he is off camera he is rude, acts like a snob, and so on. -what do you think?.....

my brother on Feb 26, 2008


Hi. I was an extra in SD for the movie and I am not sure Nick was any more rude than one would expect an actor, or any professional doing their job to be. I believe since he is a character actor, he is expected to get into character and stay there long before he is on set, and he needs to stay in that mindset through the day of shooting, all the while working with the directors and crew on how he can help make the script or action better. I feel he is just serious about getting everything right. Perhaps he is OCD, I dunno. I worked within 12 feet of him for over 4 hours one day, and 8 the next. I heard him speak, and I heard his tone when interacting with the "production team". I didn't hear any rudeness but I also didn't follow him throughout his Black Hills travels. I know he visited Reptile Gardens and I overheard him telling a story about how "freakin huge" the movie star crocodile/alligator is they have there. He was truly amazed by that animal. Anyway, I was able to speak to Helen Mirren, Tim Murphy, Michael Maise, and was yelled at by Ed Harris when he said "shut up, this is a movie set". lol They were nice and approachable. But if you were "hired" to work the movie, you were not allowed to approach the big stars, i.e Nick, Harvey Keitel, Alicia Coppola, Alonzo whatever...because if you did, then you would no longer be a part of the movie business. lol They just have too much to deal with without having those allowed behind the scenes hounding them for autographs and pictures while trying to shoot the scene. Jon Voight is by far the nicest man working that movie. He is a great man and such a compassionate person. He oerformed many random acts of kindness during his stay here in the hills. So, I am not sure Nick Cage is a horse's ass, no matter how much he may have seemed to be. Hard for those of us living in South Dakota to properly read those personalities from California. Apples and Oranges, ya know?

An extra... on Feb 26, 2008

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