New Dragon Wars Trailer + Poster

July 25, 2007
Source: IGN

D-War Trailer

The buzz was high when the first teaser trailer hit back in June, and now this trailer adds even more excitement. This Korean film had a reported budget of only $70 million in Korean currency, yet looks like something much more epic and incredible. Even if you have no clue what Dragon Wars is, definitely read on and check it out, it may catch your interest! Dragon Wars hits America in September! Thanks to IGN.

Watch the official trailer for Dragon Wars here:

D-War is directed by Korean actor and comedian Shim Hyung-rae and is set to hit theaters in America on September 14th. Enjoy the new American poster below as well!

D-War Poster

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I am pretty sure that this movie will be either really good, or so absurd that it is amazing, like the Host was. Either way, I can't wait.

Derek on Jul 25, 2007


im a little confuse. did they film the movie with american actors, or are they adding new scenes to the movie with them? kind of what they did with the old Godzilla movies?

enrique estrada on Jul 26, 2007


im thinking and hoping thats exactly what they did...somthing similar to what they did with the old 'original' godzilla movie in that they added american actors...but it doesnt exactly look that way....

Hernam Tirado on Jul 27, 2007


I am thinking that will be a Snakes on a Plane type movie. I think its a DVD wait to see movie. AllmightyKeim

AllmightyKeim on Aug 1, 2007


They filmed the movie with american actors not like the old Godzilla movies.. There is a scene in the ancient Korea. I think that made a confusion... People who watch the movie said that the last scene could be compared with the transformer :). I can't wait to see here...

Jay on Aug 1, 2007


It was coolllllllllllllllllllll just go and see. no more speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HO on Aug 3, 2007


always loved dragons... however, i don't know if my vision played tricks on me, did i just saw some fats dragons rampaging the streets with some cannon-looking-weapons on their backs? still curious about the movie though... will wait and see, i guess...

miracle disease on Aug 3, 2007


I am a korean and I've watched this movie on August 3.(Released on August 1 in Korea, September 14 in the states) Do not think it's a Snakes on a Plane type movie. You will experience what asian dragon is like in this film. Not because I'm a korean, you will not be disappointing at this film. Must see at theatre. Not for DVD.

Don Hahm on Aug 4, 2007


WOW!!! The trailer looks amazing!! If the movie is as good as the trailer, it definitely is worth seeing!! I can't wait to check it out!!!

SandyfromOhio on Aug 4, 2007


It looks amazing.... Must see!!!

Peter on Aug 4, 2007


That trailer promises way too much. That movie is actually very bad.

Kim from Korea on Aug 5, 2007


Kim from Korea needs to learn English so you can argue better. Whatever the movie will turn out to be, it seems like a fun monsters-in-the-city movie. I heard the movie is suffering from bad critics, for political reasons, while ticket sales are shooting the sky.

Long John on Aug 7, 2007


Did i see this movie it so ameizing but don't forget korean legend it is not real just in joy the fun P/S i sorry iam not speak engilsh very will

EIM FROM KOREA on Aug 7, 2007


I've seen this movie in Korea. I don't want to say either it was great or it was worse. Only thing I can say is that the korean legend in the movie is not enough to be explained due to such a shot running time. The director whose name is Shim HyungRae is ambitious, enthusiasm and passion. Even though he is pointed by critics outrageously, he never gives up to make movies. The result of his effort is that movie " D-War". Everybody should watch that movie and feel in your mind not your brain. I'm sure his love and passion for movie will make you impressed.

Rina on Aug 7, 2007


best of best D-WAR

HAN on Aug 7, 2007


I am korean sorry for incorrect english this movie is not the best but worth watching Don't expect much. truth to tell plot. acting and drama is bad but if you enjoy uniqe monster, battle in LA, and asian Dragon this movie will be good choice.

Jung on Aug 9, 2007


I saw this movie a few days ago. Its really terrible. The trailer is all the good scenes in the movie. The acting, story, editing, and directing are the worst. There is a total of two dragons in the whole movie. Its a head ache of a movie, I dont think it will do very well in the states, its that bad. I feel bad too, showbox is banking all they have on this movie. It will do well in korea. But it was expensive by korean standards to make. So they need the american viewers to watch to get profits. I predict maybe 2.5 million - 3.5 million dollars in the american Market. Sounds like a lot but its not. Its under limited release too. This movie is just real amatuerish stuff, a little violent for kids, and not violent enough for adults. Its not witty or humourous like "the host". I loved the Host, it was a great movie. Im sad now, because showbox makes good movies. If this movie fails... the company is doomed -_-;

Sad guy on Aug 9, 2007


Hey guys here, don't forget this is a PG-13 monster movie (PG-12 in South Korea). I don't watch a 'family SFX movie' (a new genre named by the director Shim) with such great expectations "Sad guy" seems to have. I learned that over 4 million people saw it by yesterday. If this movie is that bad like the above some critics enthusiastically judged, we have to understand this success in South Korea in two ways: 1. D-War is a good movie for some million people with a handful of 'sad guys' 2. D-War is a nasty shit movie, however some million Korean masochists and sadists loved it, indulging in making themselves so sad. Or, I may be wrong. But believe I won't be able to find an answer to few questions; why did marketing staff in Showbox or american counterparts decide to give this moive over 600 theatres and 1500 in South Korea and the U.S. respectively? Are they idiots? Can't they see the shit, even here some lay critics already could? How could they be hired? I don't believe that there is one perfect movie without flaws. After all, it's clear that D-War is not bad at all. How on earth can I see 4 million people as the intellectually disabled? Although, I've found some here who willingly do.

sean on Aug 10, 2007


The critics who say unconsiderd words are all bad eggs. Sim could live as a rich because he was a tremedous gagman. But he has a ambition for SF movie which can appeal to world. No korean dared to make a SF movie of only ours skill. In fact, we had not CG skill at all, at least before D-war. People who fairly envious of Sim's success are really insane now. Such cowards.. This movie is a revolution by Sim's passion. Too see is to believe.

korean on Aug 11, 2007


Perhaps you are right. I think nationalism is backing this movie up in korea. Come on really, how many terrible movies make money? Garfield the Movie(which I have seen) is grade a trash with a little CG cat, however that made enough profit to warrant making a sequel. Did I come into D-war expecting too much? Yes perhaps. I think there are soo many great movies that korea could come to the states with. Tae guk ki is an excellent film, it shares and borrows from Similiar western movies of that genre, I think that would have been an excellent movie to try to get in the market with. As far as D-war goes, its under limited release in the states, a couple theaters that might sound like a lot in korea but its not that much in the states. But "hey", million dollar baby was limited release to, but soon got release in all the theaters after Oscar buzz. Of course, D-war isnt winning any Oscars today, but I suspect in Korea it will win one for the CG. The dragon, is impressive for a korean movie. For the most part, all the CG is good, some minor things, but a regular eye is not going to catch it. Its not the dragon that makes this movie fail, its the story, acting and direction. It really goes no where fast. Its just not very interesting visually or intellectually. Shim is a funny man, the movie is missing the wit and the smarts he once had in his comedian career. This movie needs to be successful, because if it is it will open the door to korea for future movie like this (and hopefully much better) to get made. I loved to see Pak Chan Woo make a CG movie about Dragons. That would be awesome. Maybe it would called "Old Dragon" lol. Anyways, replying to sean(in summary) there are lots of movies that suck that make money. This one sucks and its making money. I just wish Shim had taken a little less time creating a dragon and more time making a fluid story with characters that were a lot more interesting.

Sad guy on Aug 11, 2007


I am a Korean student who is attending school in New Hampshire. Due to summer break, I returned to the Korea. At there I watched movie "D-War". D-War is similar to the movie "Transformers". If you liked "Transformers", I'am sure that you'll like D-War. D-War became one of the my favorite movies after I saw this movie. Also This movie shows Korean legend, Korean dragon,culture and Korea in 15th century. I am pretty sure that "D-War" is better than the movie"The Host", which is Korea's best representative family movie. Some critics going about the movie D-War in Korea since it does not have moral lesson like a movie The Host, but who cares? Fantasies such as Transformers and Lord Of The Rings does not need moral lessons!. Fantasies are for entertaining not for moral lessons.. I believe Korean D-War criticizers are stupid because ticket sales are shooting the sky in Korea. Now in Korea, ticket sales will be more than the movie Transformers. That situation proves that criticizers are stupid. I strongly suggest that you must watch this movie with your families. 🙂 I am planning to watch this movie with my American friends in New Hampshire. I hope my comments are helpful to you and please do not throw rocks on me :p Sorry about my English grammar ~~~

K.Lee from Korea on Aug 13, 2007


D-War is very good~~:d

melon on Aug 13, 2007


This sounds awesome!!! I can't wait and see till Sep. 14!!!

Gina on Aug 14, 2007


My friend told me that D-WAR has been watched by 6 million people as of today. would love to watch it on the first day of the release in the U.S.

6 million so far on Aug 14, 2007


I saw it twice.. I want to say U guys this point of view. Diector Shim has had thoughtul consideration of young babies. Director Shim loves children so much. Yes. he loves them so much.. This film has no abuse,no curses, no smoking ,no alcohol, even No bleeding scenes. How wonderful.. I loved it. If U have children, U don't need to cover up their eyes. U will be surprised at the fact...that your babies have been quiet and concentrated on this film, to the end.. And other side,, If U are curious about orientalism, U had better know tranmigrationism and reincarnation.. and Hegelian dialetic.. Yes.. dialetic... And then watch this film. U may realize something.. If U have some concept of digilog, U may find some on this film,too. If U see this film,, U may find some black humors.. Anyway.. Movie is movie.. Just Enjoy it.. And U can have a good time with your family

chang on Aug 15, 2007


I saw it twice.. I want to say U guys this point of view. Diector Shim has had thoughtul consideration of young babies. Director Shim loves children so much. Yes. he loves them so much.. This film has no abuse,no curses, no smoking ,no alcohol, even No bleeding scenes. How wonderful.. I loved it. If U have children, U don't need to cover up their eyes. U will be surprised at the fact...that your babies have been quiet and concentrated on this film, to the end.. And other side,, If U are curious about orientalism, U had better know tranmigrationism and reincarnation.. and Hegelian dialetic.. Yes.. dialetic... And then watch this film. U may realize something.. If U have some concept of digilog, U may find some on this film,too. If U see this film,, U may find some black humors.. Anyway.. Movie is movie.. Just Enjoy it.. And U can have a good time with your family

mango on Aug 15, 2007


I was completely shocked reading through this blog. I can't believe there is anyone who has seen this movie that actually liked it. I must blame nationalism. I think everyone supporting this movie is falling victim to nationalism, or maybe, just maybe, the Korean subtitles are saying something completely different than the actors are. First of all, there are plenty of great Korean movies. Old Boy, Taeguki, Tachja (spelling?), The Host, etc. I'm not saying Koreans can't make good movies, I'm just saying THIS Korean can't make a good movie. What makes me even angrier is that fact that IF any Americans see this movie, they are going to have a terrible opinion about Korean movies. It was as if Shim took Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Episode 1, and Power Rangers and threw it into a blender with a bunch of rotten tomatoes. I don't even have the will, or the time to describe everything that was wrong with this movie. This is a terrible, terrible movie. The only good thing about it was that it was short. I only wish it were shorter, and that I could have my money back. By the way K. Lee, don't EVER compare this movie to Transformers. LATER

ESL Teacher in Korea on Aug 16, 2007


ESL Teacher in Korea, maybe you're right about Transformers, but I don't think this movie is terriable. This movie is for kids NOT FOR people who like violent, sexual and fighting movies. Frankly, D-War is first unique movie in Korea. Nobody but only Shim tried this. This movie shows some of the Korean history which makes me proud of. People have different point of view. However, please do not criticize so badly against D-War. You might be feel bad if someone criticize you despite of your best. If you are really ESL Teacher in Korea, try to make argument with your student about this movie. This experience will be helpful to you and your students Sorry about my English grammar ~~~. 🙂

K.Lee from Korea on Aug 16, 2007


i think the movie has a great story/concept to it but it just looks too fake to me. They should have used what the guys that made "Eragon" used to create their dragon- it looked more real than what i saw in this films trailer.

film guy on Aug 20, 2007


(To K.Lee) I understand your feeling K lee about your feeling about people criticing you despite trying your best. But its just a movie, which is art, and art is made to be criticized. Some people will like it and some people wont. Its goes back to the all catch phrase "One mans trash is another man's treasure", my personal feeling (after watching this movie twice, is that this movie is trash all the way around. I could see small kids being entertained, but hey little kids are entertained with blowing bubbles in the air from soap. Shim is banking on a terrible product. He doesnt have much skill at directing but I do say he did a good job(for korea) making the CG. In the states I dont think kids will like that movie much. For one, its being released at a bad time because school has started before september 14th, two its under limted release which means only major cities will show it, three, there are just too many better movies to watch. I like korean films, there are soo many great korean movie movies and tv shows dramas that I could mention. D-war just aint one of them.

sad guy on Aug 21, 2007


Hi ESL teacher, I can't believe how bad reasoning you have when judging the film. You said, "I can't believe there is anyone who has seen this movie that actually liked it.", and then based on the personal experience or opionion whatever, you hurried making an emotional decision like this "I must blame nationalism." How many people you have met and interviewed for your conclusion? No logic, period. Unlike you, I have seen many people who saw the movie saying both pros and cons of it. Even the poor plots many critics pointed to were good enough to give millions of kids goose bumps. What is clear is that this movie wasn't made only for great plots - or "Deus ex machina - believers", but for children, their parents and grown-ups who could find something in the film to satisfy them with. I am afraid that this film was such a terrible one to you. Nevertheless, my empathy doesn't allow you to have any right to force people to believe in your own feelings. Sean

sean on Aug 27, 2007


Saw it a week ago and it was without a doubt one of the worst movies I seen in a long, long, looong time. AWFUL D list actors, the director doesn't have a CLUE on how to edit, develop characters, make scenes fluent, make a sensible plot and on and on. I don't think people can even imagine how bad it is until they see it for themselves (hopefully on cable for free somewhere ;)), but I don't understand how I saw the same movie with all these people that loved it?? It makes NO sense to me! It wasn't the worst movie EVER or anything, but its a silly, silly dragon B movie that you will want to forget as soon as you see it. I think when it goes to America, people will LAUGH at it and the only people who will really like are kids around the age of 5 and people who love to go see bad movies. It was really that bad. The director should be ashamed to release this when it still needed ALOT of work. The effects were 'okay', but some poster who compared THIS to Transformers are really, REALLY kidding themselves. Its closer to Spawn, that AWFUL comic book movie with silly effects than Transformers lol.

John on Sep 4, 2007


I saw this Dragon War film today, and knew the since it had mostly unknown actors that it had a hard slog to fight to please the audience, however, listen up. I'm a white 56 year old, who, just walked out of the perfect Eastern Promises minutes before I snuck into this film down the hall, and by the time I hit the middle wonderfully extended, kinetic center action piece in this film, I was having a ball. THere is some truly kick but action that's way, way, over the top. catch it on the big screen. It's faults don't affect the comic tones, or the viseral rattling dangerous mayhem this film engages in, to a point where for a hell of a long period, it's a super thrill ride. A full house near when this film opens would be a real party to sit don't wait. It's a good time, and kicks like transformers but in a more outrageous way.Unique. Dumb, great fun.

andre on Sep 14, 2007



PINKnPURPLEgUy on Sep 15, 2007


(WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) yea umm just saw dragon wars and its allright.the acting and drama sucks like when the dragon chases the characters in the parking garage the actors dont scream or yell or anything... its like they dont even see A 10 mile long snake chasing them.anyways if u like movies where big huge giant creatures are shot at by the military and helicopters like in "transformers" then its your movie otherwise dont waste your 10 dollars on it.

yoyoyyoyoyo....yo wass up on Sep 25, 2007


Dude...sorry to break it to the over-optimists but dis movie is downright amateur!! i mean look at da cgi animations and renderings, they look like dey came right out of a 1980's second-rate game and dis is supposed to be da year 2007!! jus look at da movies like transformers or king kong or da upcoming godzilla movie to figure out dis is da MODERN age. nowadays graphics and computer animations are used to make monsters look REAL not like sum lame-ass caroons!!

Samuel on Sep 26, 2007


this movie looks cheasy, it reminds me of some crap family action movie from the 80's, it would be so much better if it just showed the war IN THE PAST!! because that looked good, everything else looked amateur.

chapman on Oct 29, 2007


hai, i see that movie is wonderful,i like all dragon movies that movie is the different all dragon movies. go & saw that movie full of action in side the movie.

khurram on Nov 27, 2007


it was ok but need it more exciting because what if a kid was doing a project on china but thats my opinion

jayme on Feb 27, 2008

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