New Friday the 13th Movie Secures a Director

November 14, 2007

Friday the 13th

After Rob Zombie successfully remade Halloween and infused some "new school" vibes into that franchise earlier this summer, the next big horror franchise revamping has picked up some steam. It's been mentioned for a while that a Friday the 13th remake of sorts was in the works, but details were shabby and nothing was confirmed. However, a report from today confirms that Marcus Nispel (of the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and Pathfinder) has been hired to direct and that production will be underway sometime in early 2008.

The script for the film was written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, the same team that wrote Freddy vs Jason in 2003. This is the second script they've gone through, which hopefully means that the studios have actually worked to get something good. Another interesting observation: Michael Bay is one of the producers; obvious, given his production company Platinum Dunes is making this.

There are a few goods and bads with this. The good is that maybe with his experience on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Marcus won't be so bad working on this franchise. And of course Michael Bay producing should mean good things, but as everyone knows, his movies have no story and are only explosions anyway. The bad is that Nispel's Pathfinder was absolute shit and he doesn't seem like the revolutionary kind of guy (as I'd say Rob Zombie is moreso) that could provide new life to Friday the 13th. I could be wrong, but I'm not feeling that this one is going to be any good.

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I agree, for this movie possibly being total sh*t. I am a huge movie goer and an even bigger horror fanatic. I actually didn't enjoy the new Halloween very much, especially if you compare the story to all of the other movies. I know that Zombie had a new vision, but he always seems to take the story a little too far which makes it bland in the end. (Watching House of a 1000 corpses (every horror movie every made), The Devils Rejects (predictable ending with no real sequel value except the family is found out, what happend to Dr. Satan???)) Anyways, if they choose to pick a script, lets hope it has something to do with the original story and they give more depth to Jason's background, but not too much otherwise it will be borefest instead of gorefest. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one and hope Bay doesn't ruin it.

Cameron on Nov 14, 2007


I think Rob Zombie should do the remake of Friday the 13th

DJ on Nov 16, 2007


I don't understand how people could of not liked Rob Zombies Halloween. I think it is pure genious. The chash scene was amazing, as was Michael growing up. There was only 10 minutes in the sanatarium that wasnt the best. It was shot amazingly, and the acting was solid. I can't wait to see Jason back on the screen.

Joe on Dec 17, 2007


im totally psyched about the new friday, the texas chainsaw remake was great!

Burkematic on Mar 10, 2008


Rob Zombie sucks at making movies almost as much as he sucks making music....he's the mainstream of shit horror movies and the washed out runs of music

rangerdeath on Jul 28, 2008


i can't fucking wait due!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bad-chicken on Aug 18, 2008


i can't fucking wait dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bad-chicken on Aug 18, 2008


I can't say if I like it or not. I will add it to the collection though, becuase I'm a Jason fan. I like Kane Hodder. Who is he you ask? Just the guy who played in the last 4 movies, " Jason Takes Manhatten, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason Or Parts 8, 9 ,10 and 11, if you will. I'll have to get use to a running Jason. Hodder does not run. He didn't teleport either in part 8. The directer stated that he wanted Jason to have mystical qualites and seem to be in more than one place at a time. Love it now or not...we'll all go see it. Won't we? See you there!!! Chi chi chi ha ha ha

lord zorak on Nov 13, 2008

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