New, Full Length Golden Compass Trailer!

October 10, 2007
Source: Yahoo

The Golden Compass Trailer

By now you've heard about The Golden Compass, but are you excited to see it? This new, full length 3 minute trailer is long, epic, and exciting. It's obvious New Line is going 100% all-out, sparing no expense, hoping this will be the next Lord of the Rings. Like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter before it, The Golden Compass has a fairly strong fan base that will drive its hype more and more leading up to it. What it will all come down to is if the film delivers as much as enjoyment the trailer does. Can filmmaker Chris Weitz pull it off?

I suggest you also watch the previous Golden Compass teaser trailer from May as well. After watching the new trailer below, I'm very excited and definitely looking forward to it. I know it's going to be entertaining and enjoyable completely, I'm just not sure it can live up to Lord of the Rings. That's a very hard one to top in my book.

Please be patient and let the trailer fully load - it's a long trailer and the file size is big!

Watch the trailer for The Golden Compass:

[flv:golden-compass-fullsm.flv 602 256]

You can also watch the Jimmy Carter Man from Plains trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

The Golden Compass is both written and directed by Chris Weitz, who has only directed Down to Earth and About a Boy previously. The Golden Compass is originally based on a series of books by Philip Pullman. The film will hit screens everywhere this winter on December 7th. The newest poster is featured below as well.

The Golden Compass

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Oh Alex this one looks absolutely amazing! My hubby thought it looked a bit silly before but even he is now like WOW! Can't wait to see it!

Sabrina on Oct 10, 2007


Looks interesting and i'll probably see it. Besides....Nicole Kidman is hot.

Heckle0 on Oct 10, 2007


Bah, I wish they'd show more of the daemons. Lyra is nothing without Pan!

& on Oct 11, 2007


I had read the books years ago...this starts out as a great story remains so for like 85% of the overall arc. However a few notes: This is billed as a children's book however, Its not; these books had very advanced theological themes and some very horrific 'scenes' of brutality towards children...i am wondering if this has been removed or just glossed over. Also if your going ot read the books ahead of seeing this; it seems they made Pullman stretch this from two books to three and it gets pretty lame in the 3rd book and the ending is very anti-climatic so i am hoping they fix it in the film medium. Its an A- series of books but in no way can be compared to something like The Lord of the Rings. It does look fantastic and i do have great expectations for it.

KXH on Oct 11, 2007


It would seem that they stayed true to the book, at least in plot moving points and appearances. A shame that they changed the religious aspect to one of "looking for a family." Not sure how they're going to make movies from the other two books like that.... (yes, this was a book first and the two that come after it are _The Subtle Knife_ and _The Amber Spyglass_ and both are very worth reading)

Surfer on Oct 11, 2007


I saw the last trailer, and it said it was an "It is the Alethiometer. It tells the truth.", now its "its a golden compase, it tells the future" Dumbing down in between trailers? Or just a weird sound cut? Any explanation?

thomas wrobel on Oct 11, 2007


Um ya, what happened to the Alethiometer?

Me on Oct 11, 2007


That looks so insanely ridiculous its retarded. animal buddies, OMG A SNEAKY WITCH THAT APPEARS TO NOT BE ONE, pompous music cheesus im only watching this for the bear cavalry

boyboy on Oct 11, 2007


Have to agree with & about the lack of daemons and others about the removal of the religious themes. These are very good books and while they are still most definitely childrens books they do work on 2 levels. It would seem from the trailer that the subtleties of the book haven't made it to the screen which is a shame because the actual plot lines of the story are fairly basic and what makes the book compelling are the metaphysical aspects that are interwoven with the story so cleverly.

Charles on Oct 11, 2007


at the daemons look awul fake, and i always thought of Mrs Coulters monkey being one of those japanese red faced monkeys that like to sit in hot springs, anyway they look so CGI as to ruin it I wonder will they follow the story line, cant imagine it being accepted and green lighted by the conservative majority if so...great trilogy, fingers crossed but from the trailer the daemons look crap which will affect, oh, just about EVERY scene in the film

ann cronin on Oct 11, 2007


Looking forward to seeing it next to "Zathura" in the 99 cent DVD bin this coming Christmas.

jakdracula on Oct 12, 2007


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kaly on Oct 15, 2007


Check out this link to Golden Compass on - you won't believe what you read, but it is true!

Tim on Oct 29, 2007


As Mr Pullman is a confirmed atheist, he is quoted as saying that his books are about killing God. His books must be wonderful family adventures. Avoid this movie so it bombs and Christians never have to hear from him again. Do not let your children be warped by such a depraved man as Pullman - he is dangerous and so are his books. Wake up folks and see what people like Pullman are trying to do to our society. Tell others this is not a kid's movie and it is not a family movie. Please, stay away. God Bless

Toolman560 on Oct 29, 2007


I find it absolutely hilarious that Christains are boycoting this film. Do they not see the irony in this action? You've allowed films like LOTR, Narnia, etc. as "exceptional" since they condone Christain virtues and symbolize all that is beautiful with the religion. In these Christain based novels and movies, magic, witches, evil, good, etc. are all discussed. And they are allowed, because they back up Christianity. However, when a book comes along that deals with these same symbols but against Christianity, you are suddenly completely against seeing the film or reading the book. Boycott! Our children will become atheists, because the author is an atheist, we cannot expose our children to values which are outside or Christianity at all. Wake up. It's ok to ask questions, your children will be exposed to atheism one day anyways (is it not better, then, to expose them early on to atheism in a form - such as a novel, or movie - where they WILL ask questions and you CAN support their questions with Christianity?) Questions are not bad. Ignorance is the sin, and trying to shelter your kids from anything against principles which you are trying to instill will only make them more likely to leave their Christain principles behind when they are exposed to the real world later on. Phillip Pullman's books are beautiful. They make you think, they make you QUESTION Christian institutions (The institution is different than a belief, remember), but most of all they are food for your imagination. They are amazing books. And not allowing children the gift of reading, because of consequential material, is denying them the most amazing opportunity of all: the opportunity to learn, to question, and then to ultimately grow. Now...arent those Christian principles?

Anne on Oct 30, 2007


Bravo, Anne. Fantastic rebuttal. I also think the "boycott" argument is hilarious. Why DON'T we boycott? Then, afterward, we can gather up all the HDM books and burn them! And then burn any book that doesn't fit in with our ideals! Oh, wait... Seriously, though. Why are people so threatened that their kids will be mal-influenced by these books? It's not like there's anything in them that isn't stated even MORE directly in the real world, right? I mean, cut the cord, already. Guess what? Out there... Right now... There are... (gasp) non-Christian viewpoints being thrown about as we speak! Your child is going to encounter them eventually anyway. Why not let them read a book that will introduce it to them early on? This is as weak as, if not weaker than the whole "Harry Potter will make our kids worship Satan" thing a few years back.

Drew on Oct 30, 2007


I am a Christian, teach an adult bible study and read the bible daily. On the flip side I am an avid fantasy reader and I'm looking forward to this movie. I've read and re-read LoR, DragonLance series, Stephen King, and to tell you the truth I'd have no qualms if my kids wanted to see this movie or read his books. Those who are requesting a boycott of this movie should actually look at their own lives and find out where they actually stand in their beliefs. To start of boycott of a movie such as this would actually brandish all movies, including some Disney movie because as we all know Bambi has been rated the scariest movie of all time (USA Today). I say buy a ticket, stand in line, get some popcorn and soda... turn your cellphone off and enjoy the movie.... I will be... Triston

Triston on Oct 31, 2007


Childern are the most influenced at a young age and I believe we should shelter them until they are old enough to understand right from wrong. I believe teaching them to kill God or anyone for that matter is wrong. I have not read these books but from what I have read about it sounds really bad. I think it is so dumb to say let the child try anything and everything and they will learn for themselves what they like. Okay, So if we do that why don't we pass the drugs around let them all have a try or maybe let them do anything that could be destructive to them. If you love your children and want them to be happy in this life, I believe we need to protect them and teach them right from wrong. I know that not all of you are Christian. and I know that my comment will not matter to you but God is real and satin is real and satin will do anything and everything to get you to follow after his ways. If this show really is all about teaching our chidren to hate and kill God then I'm sorry we will NOT be watching this film. If you are choosing to take your children to this film that is your decision.

Christian on Oct 31, 2007


I have tried to read all the comments regarding this movie and books as I am a mother of 6 ... but I have to say I am shocked after reading all of the reviews that any parent would take their child to see such a movie. I WILL NOT BE TAKING MY CHILDREN TO WATCH ANY MOVIE OR READ ANY BOOKS WHERE THE THEME IS KILLING GOD! that's all!

Kimberly on Nov 2, 2007


Ann and Drew, horrible rebuttal to a parent's concern over what his or her child watches. Seriously. Using your same premise, I can scoff at you for not letting your child watch pornagraphy. Here is Anne's "fantastic rebuttal" but with different terminology. Because after all, "Wake up. It's ok to ask questions, your children will be exposed to pornography one day anyways (is it not better, then, to expose them early on to pronography in a form - such as a novel, or movie - where they WILL ask questions and you CAN support their questions with abstinence?) Face it Anne, you're a wacked out liberal. Little kids are extremely influential and have a hard time distinguishing reality from fantasy. (remember being scared when mom or dad turned the lights out?) So I say this to all God Fearing parents of little children, don't let them watch this movie! Seriously. I'm not saying boycott or burn the books. Just don't let your little kids watch a movie about people killing their Creator. It'll mess them up, temporarilly anyway. How are they going to be able to make sense of their Sunday School lessons and this strange movie?

Andrew on Nov 2, 2007


Andrew. I can understand where you're comming from on this, however your analogy is flawed. For one thing we don't teach children anything about the sex (including abstinence) until they hit puberty, but we do teach them religion from practically the moment they're born. For you analogy to work you'd have to not teach them anything about any religion until a certain age. I've been going to Catholic Schools since I was 4. If we can teach them about Christianity when they are little then why is it some crime to teach them about other religious veiws when they are little? It's also a poor comparrison because watching pornography is something that Christians shouldn't do because of the activity that usually takes place while watching porn. Christians should, however, learn about other religions and other religious ideals as well as their own. So, unless you still live by the mideval idea that "knowledge of evil is evil" then I don't think that's the message you want to be sending children by boycotting movies that might involve different religious views. The idea of boycotting a movie because it expresses different religious views (Subtly I might add) is rediculous. There are two reasons for this. The most ammusing one being that you're essecially giving them free advertising. I'd never heard of this movie until I got an e-mail saying that I shouldn't go see it and should never take my children to it. This sparked my curriocity and now I will end up seeing this movie in theatres just to see if the all the hype about it being about "destroying god" is true. Personally from what I've read about the movie it's more about standing up to an institution rather than God. I was always taught to question why I believe something and to question those that tell me that I should believe something as to why. Because of that I have a strong understanding of Catholicism, and why Catholics believe what they believe. This movie seem to send the same kind of message in that regards. The other reason being that the reason for the boycott is that it will somehow corrupt good Christian children into being atheists. I'm sorry, maybe I just had a better understanding of the difference between fantasy and reality as a child, but I never watched a movie about Superman and thought that there were really aliens with super powers living among us. I never watched a horror movie and thought that zombies would really rise from the dead or that Jaws was going to pop out of the water and eat me at the swimming pool. I never saw the older Lion the Witch and Wardrobe movies and made the conection to Christ until others pointed it out to me. Even though othe children still do get scared from movies I think it's quite a stretch to think that they will change their entire belief system that they've grown up with thus far because of one movie. So I fail to see especially with wonderful movies like Chronicles of Narnia to balance out why someone who was taught about God and brought up Christian would, because of some movie that vaguely and indirectly references atheistic ideals, suddenly stop believing in God. Forgive me for saying this, but if it's THAT easy to convert children away from Christianity despite parental teachings to the contrary then perhaps the fault lies more within the Christian institutions and teachers and less with outside influences like a movie. Oh, and Andrew two other things: 1) "How are they going to be able to make sense of their Sunday School lessons and this strange movie?" - This is what parents are there for. Course, if any child manages to make the connection between this movie and atheism without anyone else informing them of that connection I'll be impressed and wouldn't be surprised if that kid turned out to have an IQ of 200 later in life. 2) "Face it Anne, you're a wacked out liberal." - Real mature.

Stephen on Nov 5, 2007


Garbage in garbage out! Stick to the basics! Kids learn from what they see, hear ect. and dont have the maturity to know the diff.

leah on Nov 5, 2007


What I find interesting is that everyone is surprised about this movie, and its content. Pullman is an Atheist he has no beliefs, that means he has no belief in God or the Devil. One cannot exists without the other, so the idea of shunning/boycotting this movie is nothing but foolish, and by doing so will drive people to see the movie. Atheist usually takes the darker side of life because the idea of God is not attainable to them. Don't see the movie if you don't like Pullman or his books or the content of the movie. Politically speaking whether you are an Elephant or a Donkey who cares, that doesn't have anything to do with this movies content or the writer. Truthfully the book Northern Lights/Golden Compass is a re-write of book from another Atheist from the 1400's. It's a movie for entertainment nothing more. Pullman or any other writer regardless of their beliefs will continue to write whatever they want and if a director or screen writer thinks it will make a great movie then it will be done. The movie is going to be a hit, the actors selected for this movie will not be the driving force for the movie, the idea of Fantasy, talking animals, witches, and war between God and Evil will be the driving force. Stop putting each other down for having an opinion, and religious beliefs. See the movie if you want too, don't see it if you don't want too or don't like the writer. This thread has gotten out of hand. Let's discuss the movie, not personal attacks on each other.

Triston on Nov 6, 2007


You should really read the books! I've been a Christian for years, and am incredibly true in my commitment to Jesus, however, it's not a stretch of the imagination at all that the overall war in these books is waged against a Church...not so much against "God" the entity, per se. In the end, the overall "moral" of the story - in my opinion - is that while God is holy, a church in his name can easily become corrupted and mislead others. Oh, and here's a big shock...the forces of good prevail in the end. Quit jumping on the boycott bandwagon - the Lord gave us all brains to use for ourselves to think critically, not just to be spoon fed information and opinions by others.

Christopher on Nov 6, 2007


Stephen, You ARE a whacked out liberal. Andrew was right. He has a completely valid point. You obviously don't understand Christian values, morals, or disciplines at all. So please don't try to act like you do. I'm sorry that you feel so threatened by us. People, like you, want to live in a feel-good-guilt-free world where they can do anything they want and not be made to feel bad about it. Guess what, there are some things that you SHOULD feel bad about! Every time somebody wants to do something repulsive, and not feel guilty about it, they get angry at Christianity. You also don’t have kids. Yes, it’s that obvious. You wouldn’t be spouting that gibberish about puberty if you did. Good parents may talk to their children about sex before puberty. If you wait until puberty, it may be too late. Same with drugs. Hey kids are going to be exposed to drugs sooner or later, so let’s give them some now! We’re going to boycott this movie because many Christians don’t know what this movie is really about. They’re going to take their children to see it all unaware. I don’t care who goes to see it but I want them to know what it is that they’re going to see.

Sodapop on Nov 7, 2007


To my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, you need to be careful of your words and judgment on others. As it is said in Romans 2:1 "Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things." What we (Christ Followers) should be doing is praying and telling other believers about the writer and his beliefs and how this movie may portray the belief that God will be removed from society and that Evil will prevail. I have not read the books, so all I can go on is hear-say and gain further knowledge in Atheism. I understand everyone's concerns about this movie but this is getting out of hand. Christians are to be examples not slanderers of others beliefs or opinions. (Titus 2:7 " all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified...") and there is very little dignity going on in these threads. I'm reading a lot of comments from those who state they are believers...but their words are harsh and offensive (Ecc. 5:2 Do not be hasty in word or impulsive in thought... therefore let your words be few"). There are other avenues that can be sought out in dealing with this movie and its content.

Tristion on Nov 7, 2007


Boycott it if you want, we won`t have to put up with silly commentaries during the movie... Anyways, I`m sure most of you let the children kill every kind of monsters and animals and girls and muslims in video game? buiscuil

buiscuil on Nov 7, 2007


I personally think it's stupid that people want to boycott a movie. First of all, Christians are not the center of the world. I respect your opinions and your religion, but they don't give you the right to determine whether a movie or book or other form of media is okay to watch or not. Frankly, I think it should be a personal choice. Also, I support open-mindedness. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to learn more about what's inside of it. Kids understandably would absorb the theme of actions against the God-figure, but if that concerns parents, then just explain to them what it is really about: a rebellion against a manipulative and destructive institution that does more harm than good. If you're not convinced, just read the books first. Not only are they highly entertaining, but they also provoke critical thinking and make philosophical insights. They are truly masterpieces in the fantasy genre. But anyway, reading the books will clarify a lot of the misconceptions that are related to the book. Just give it a chance. Christians can be God-fearing, but they don't have to be simple-minded.

Shabei on Nov 8, 2007


Simple-minded? Since when does MY boycotting of a movie prevent YOU from seeing it? How does my boycott determine what is right for for you? NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU FROM SEEING THE MOVIE, SO WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT? boy·cott (boi'k?t') Pronunciation Key boy·cott·ed, boy·cott·ing, boy·cotts To abstain from or act together in abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavor or as a means of coercion. See Synonyms at blackball. No one is talking about picket lines here. We're just not going to see the movie. If a group of people do that, in large numbers, that's a boycott. It's a free country and we can abstain from this movie all we want. Apparently, you don't even know what boycott means, so who's really simple minded?

Sodapop on Nov 8, 2007


I am 16. and being a kid myself i know im not wanting to see this film. someone up there said look at www. i agree take a look. the details are mind blowing. Some one above me also said they were a christian and they wouldnt mind his children seeing this movie or reading the books. I don't understand this at all. Being a christian you should'nt want to promote something like this. I don't think this movie should be viewed by children. Because they will think the books are "good" not threatening ,but they are. In the end the girla and boy KILL GOD! how is that good??? Phillip Pullman has said in interviews that with these books he wants to "kill" God in the minds of young children!!!

Holly on Nov 8, 2007


I didnt read the number 34 one. but i skimmed back up to take a look. he says that "the parents should explain to their children that this is a rebellion againist a manipulative institution that does more harm than good" in this right there he is saying god is manipulative and does more harm than good! which is as far from the truth as i can imagine!!

Holly Renae on Nov 8, 2007


Why would people let their children see such an Anti Godlike film? How bad for the psyches of kids whose minds are developing. Not a great thing to teach kids. We want a future of good people, not bad. DON'T SEE IT! DON'T GIVE MONEY TO SUCH TRIPE!

Gisele G. on Nov 10, 2007


Open opinion on this subjuct has led me to believe that there are quite a few concerned people out there. People looking to defend one point of view and others looking to defend theirs. Being a Christian myself, I have my own views about what I watch and about what I let influence my life, but a movie certainly shouldn't be something so huge. Did you know that in Christian Bible Colleges they not only teach you about the differences inbetween different religions and that of the Chrisitian faith? I agree with some of the parents that are discussing their side about not letting their children see this film because the mind of a child can easily be influenced at an early age. Christian parents shouldn't let their children see this movie, but they themselves should go to see, not only a great adventure, but the point of view of an Atheist. Is reading the book of Mormon so different to learn what is different between it and the Bible? Is studying the differences between Buddists and Muslims compared to the Christian values so horrible? Children don't need this kind of influence at such a young age, with that I agree. But to deny someone their own opinion is like putting a regulation on the way a democracy works. Opinions need to be heard and others need to understand that there will always be two sided opinions to every matter. Jesus was patient when he was teaching those who didn't know God, he never acted harmfully or hurt anyone with words or distaste. Why then are we doing the same when debating against someone else's values? If you're worried about giving money to someone who doesn't see your own point of view, why then do you pay taxes to a Government that you didn't vote for? I would gladly buy a copy of the Qur'an so I could point out the differences between the Christian values and those of Islam. People have the right to believe what they want to believe. Its a sad truth, but it's the choice God gave us and the freedom that everyone has to make. If God wanted everyone to be Christians when they were born, he would have designed us this way, but instead He gave us a choice. You don't have to see the movie if you don't want to, no one is forcing that on you at all. I'm simply saying that this should be used not only as an adventure film such as LOTR, but as a lesson for those that want to dwell deeper into it. When I read Pullman's trilogy, I was reading it along side with my Bible, back up things and views that he had with words that God had to say. I prepared myself. If you're a parent that is worried for your child, as am I worried for mine, let them know about the different views of the world slowly, but not through this movie. Go see it for yourselves to further enhance your own learnings of Christianity. The warrior that is more skilled and wise in all the forms of combat and tactics is far better off that the soldier who only knows the way of his own homeland. I am deeply saddened at the way some Christians act towards others with views and words of harshness. Jesus himself never spat back at those that spat at him. Remember that. Be modest about this discussion. Listen to people's points of view and learn why they think this way. Ultimately, it will help you in other things that make it easier to no debate religious points of view, but rather discuss them. Movies like this shouldn't be used as a tool to create chaos, like the witch burnings in the middle ages. Boycott if you don't want to see it, but don't hate others that want to. See this movie for your own enjoyment if you like, or learn from it such as I will. But please don't let your negative feelings hurt either side of the arguement. Let's discuss and not argue, such as Jesus did. By the way, thank you Triston (Numbers 29 & 32) for sparking my interest in needing to voice my own opinion. If you need to comment against me, please do so with the knowledge that I am only defending my own believes and just like your own, I have every right to voice it. To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, keep the minds of your children as safe as you need to, and maybe later on in life introduce them to the ways others believe. Never hate. Voice your opinion fairly. Listen. Don't judge. These things I know will make things like a movie like this easier to understand why God allows different opinions to fill the world

Arbrem on Nov 10, 2007


Well i read the book... And i hope.... the movie's as cool as the book... i hope...

Pipit Akmal on Nov 12, 2007


God loves you. Never forget it!

Katie on Nov 13, 2007


A lot of people are upset about this book and subsequently about this movie... however I don't believe Pullman intended the book or the movie to brainwash the minds of children, he merely wanted to put his opinion out there and show people the way he sees things, just like any other artist does. So although I can understand why some people might choose to boycott this movie for the sake of their kids, I think that most of the major issues in the movie surrounding religion would be lost on young kids. I personally love the books and am pumped to see the movie and I hope that it will be as good as the books are.

Blair on Nov 13, 2007


God doesnt exist. Get over it

mega ownage on Nov 18, 2007


Our Father in Heaven may your name always be held holy. Your will is done on Earth as it is done in Heaven. Give us today the things that we need and forgive our errors the same way we forgive others, and do not put us to the test, but save us from the evil one. Moreover, Lord, inspire those involved with the Golden Compass project (et al.) to love you with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and all their strength. In addition, for all those who already love you with all their being, inspire them to spread the news that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

Steve Chandler on Nov 23, 2007


Have to say, i'm not surprised by the outrage from those that think the book is about destroying god. If they had read the book maybe they'ld see that the book (which is a work of fiction) explores deeper idea's and mythology behind the Universe and life than the Bible even comes close to. The refferece to killing god, I think must be the part in the book third book when the first being to become a consious(sp?) being(in this case an angel type being) tells the second being to become consious that he is indeed, god. The power, control and Universal battles that follow over the course of Time all stem from that moment. People(or all beings inc angels etc) through time then have the opportunity (just as the first being did) to use thier own minds o comprehend the Universe. Many follow the beliefs of others, and some choose to use thier own brains to figure things out. No wonder some people don't like this book. It encourages independant thinking, and that's not really very godly is it?

Kevin on Nov 24, 2007


Looking forward to this movie. Yes I am a atheist and a liberal. I will be taking my kids to see this. As for the Neo-Nazi republicans if you don't like the movie or books don't go to see/read them. It's funny the Neo-nazi republicans are full of fanatics. We have a born again in the White House who invaded a country based on a lie and murdered civilians. Imagine if I boycotted the Passion of Christ when it came out? The hypocrites would be all over Faux News proclaiming how dare you boycotte this! 🙂 The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion. -John Adams, U.S. President Religions are all alike; founded upon fables and mythologies. -Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President

esmith on Nov 27, 2007


You know - after reading many of the comments, I have come to the conclusion that I think it's GOOD that the good Christian folk do not want to subject their little tots to such a subversive message. Yes - PLEASE - SHELTER your kids. Don't, for the love of your non-existent god, subject them to ANY other message other than your own narrow world-view, for, when they are older - and out from under your strong-armed christian militantism, they will UNDOUBTEDLY and assuredly by subjected to the same "evil," "vile," and dare I say,"satanic," themes that are, apparently, in this movie. And by then, you will not be around to be the the holy shoulder to cry on - and they will have to make a decision... ... FOR THEMSELVES!!! Oh holy Moses say it isn't true. And people like me will be waiting - like demons under the rocks. Take care of them now. Show them the ropes of REAL life. Don't shelter them. Let them see what there is to see - let them USE THEIR MINDS to MAKE REAL DECISIONS with YOU AS PARENTS AS A GUIDE!!!!! or suffer the consequences in this increasingly secular world. Infidelephant

Infidelephant on Nov 27, 2007


I find it very funny how most Christians on here agianst taking their children to see this movie, talk about how naive children are. You say children are easily influenced and should be sheltered from this movie, until they are old enough to make their own decisions. That is VERY hypocritical, you force "God" and Jesus upon your children from the day they are born, you never give them a choice. When the author talks about "Killing God", I'm pretty sure he is talking about the ideaology of a "God". Maybe the Catholic Church should focus on stopping its Priests from molesting YOUR children, instead of boycotting a movie. You say that Atheism teaches no ethics, or morals. Christianity teaches ethics and morals? If Christianity teaches morals and ethics, then why is 80% of the United States prison population Christian? I work in law enforcement, for the jail/prison system. Each prisoner declares their faith, or lack-of when entering the prison, so these are real statistics. You know how many Atheists are in our prison system, less than 1/2, of 1%. That shows where the morals and ethics are. Atheists/Agnostics make up about 20% of the population of the United States, so there are plenty of people who will go see this movie, Christians, Atheists, Agnostcs, etc..

Scott on Nov 28, 2007


26 - "How are they going to make sense of their Sunday school lessons and this strange movie?" - That's a very good question. And here's the answer. All parents should explain to their children that books contain stories and that stories, while often not actually being real in the sense of containing a historical record, can be true in the sense that they may convey lessons on how to behave. If parents explain that the Bible is a book just like any other and that some useful ideas can be had from it, along with some bad ones, then The Golden Compass can sit alongside it in kids' minds just fine. If you find this hard to accept and wish to insist that the bible is the word of God and must be followed to the letter, then you'll do children everywere a service if you can explain why no modern Christians kill people who work on the Sabbath, as it says to do in Exodus 31:12-15. Let's face it. This book and film do not purport to be real. They are self-evidently stories in which the church is portrayed as an advocate of mind-control. I think that this kind of thing is terrifying to some members of organised religions because they think of words as facts and people (particularly children) as being as black and white about these words as they are. Children are only as stupid and impressionable as you wish to make them. Give them the tools to think about the grey areas of life and they'll do just fine.

TJ on Nov 29, 2007


Here's the problem I have with Philip Pullman's books. The books are subtely targeting children with a basic belief that is contrary to my own. That is my objection to the books. The books have received raves. Then I read Mr. Pullman wants to kill God in the minds of children. How sly. Not genius, just sly. I have a 17 year old who read the series at the library. She said the first was good. The second ok and the third was disappointing, and yep, it went there. I have a 15 year old who checked the book out of the school library and really wants to see the movie. We talked about it. I explained why I could not willingly support his goals. If I were good with the notion of destroying God in the minds of children this would be an movie I would be happy to support.

David on Nov 29, 2007


It's a wonderful FANTASY story, that features a smart, strong girl who uses her brain. The succeeding books, have a smart string boy who uses his, and together, the two of them go on an epic journey and play a part in major events of their time. The difference between these charachters and the boycott crowd, is that they know the difference between fantasy and reality. Ther are no virgin births in "The Golden Compass." The evils of a ruthless, dogmatic institution that harms children are exposed, (much like the court admitted 4% of Catholic priests are child molesters) and Lyra has to negotiate her way through a world where she has to learn who to trust. Not everything is black and white, and the characters have real human depth to them. Yes, Christians, keep your children at home and away from any other examples where children have to learn to think critically. The more repressive their childhood experiences with your hate filled religion, the more likely they'll reject it entirely when they're adults.

Christopher Bingham on Nov 30, 2007


Now. Listen. 1st Point: This book, previously a strong favorite of yours truly, has been warped into a twirling spiral of shame because of this so-called film. "The Golden Compass, can rule the universe?" Shut up! It was never the main factor of the story! It isn't meant to be another one ring. It is meant to be like a very, very useful tool. And the name! Northern Lights, the English title, is 10 times better than "The Golden Compass". I mean, what exactly makes the Alethiometer a compass? And for goodness sake, in the preview books, the Golden Monkey is apparently "proud" to be Mrs. Coulter's daemon. That is like saying you are proud to have your brain, and vice-versa. Where did they go wrong? 2nd Point: ::QUOTE:: "As Mr Pullman is a confirmed atheist, he is quoted as saying that his books are about killing God. His books must be wonderful family adventures. Avoid this movie so it bombs and Christians never have to hear from him again. Do not let your children be warped by such a depraved man as Pullman - he is dangerous and so are his books. Wake up folks and see what people like Pullman are trying to do to our society. Tell others this is not a kid's movie and it is not a family movie. Please, stay away. God Bless" ::END QUOTE:: THIS WAS WRITTEN BY AN IDIOT!!!!!!!! First of all, it seems to be implying "Because I believe in god (I refuse to give the capital letter in protest), it is the only real one so be quiet. Look, we all have opinions, and I don't believe in god, but I have evidence to back it up. Where did god come from? Never explained. Where did the Big Bang come from? Physics says it is possible for it to have been caused by an exploding universe, which was caused by another universe, etc. That is possible. The Bible? What evidence is there that it was written by all of the people claimed? None! (g)od was just created because the first humans didn't know where the world came from, and were scared, plus were terrified of what happened after death. So, they made up a god, so that they would have beliefs, and so they would (they thought) go to heaven. Heaven and Hell? Excuses for tax to go to the church through scaring people. God is a hypocrite, anyway. He says thou shalt not kill, yet tell me what he does at Noah's Ark? Finally, a few centuries ago a priest figured out that if ALL of the bible stories were true, the world would be about 700 years old. I find it is a tiny bit older. Now, I have given my opinion, which is right, against your opinion, which is wrong. I would usually tolerate, but I am absolutely SICK of people's arguments for god existing being "because he's there". Feel free to reply. I will not change my mind, or probably even notice. (Plus, if god really existed, wouldn't I have been smited by now?)

Your Superior on Dec 1, 2007


If you don't agree with the movie, you don't have to go see it, it's true. However, most of the boycotters really have no real idea of what the trilogy or the movie entails. And as such, they stand out as rather silly. They listened to the exaggerated comments of fanatics and paraphrased what Pullman has said in his interviews. The trilogy does not promote Atheism. It promotes free will and choice. His Dark Materials may have stemmed from Paradise Lost by Milton, but it is deeply spiritual. It promotes so many good things; love and loyalty and courage and curiosity and friendship. It is fundamentally a story about a young girl who is overcoming all obstacles by remaining faithful to her friend and herself. Anyone who can even mention His Dark Materials and pornography in the same sentence has either never read the series, or never understood it. By not allowing your children to see these movies or read these books, based on the mistaken notion that the series is about 'killing God', is not allowing your children an opportunity to grow. Lyra, the protagonist, grows from girl to woman during the trilogy. She questions authorities, she defies the people that try to change her, and she always remains truthful to herself. Her loyalty and courage and capacity to love have inspired me when I was a child. THAT is what children would take away from the series. Any 'hidden agenda' or anti-religious undertones are adult interpretations. The religious fanatics that cannot appreciate the series for what it is, that is their lost; a type of discrimination. It is your choice to boycott the movie, or prevent your children from seeing it. But if you are doing so without truly understanding the beauty of the story, without understanding how much that story has inspired thousands of children to become better people, to love, to question to never give up, you are doing yourself a disfavor. My suggestion is to find out whether His Dark Materials is acceptable for yourself. Yes, it does have anti-religious undertones. Yes, a character who calls himself God (but is revealed to be fake) is killed. Yes, there is a Magisterium which is corrupt and cruel, which is organized not dissimilar to the Catholic Church. Yes to a lot of things. But at its heart, it is a story about growing up, about free will and beauty and a little girl's determination to change to world and protect her friends. The Magisterium of His Dark Materials controls free will by cutting out the part of children that enables them to make choices. They are evil and do not reflect the values taught by most religious groups. By boycotting a wonderful story like this one on the basis that it disagrees with part of your theology, you are making yourself more like Pullman's Magisterium than you need to be. I can understand if these books were valid threats to your children or yourself, but if you ask most parents who have read the book, or most children who has read the book, you may get a very different view. His Dark Materials, all three books, are undoubtedly some of the greatest Children's fictions ever written. With its scope, its imagination, the strong and wonderful protagonist, and its magic. They treat children with respect, and shows children that they can be strong and good, that they are not powerless, and inspires them to find themselves. And that, is a truly precious thing that I wish every child in the world can participate in.

Emily on Dec 3, 2007


If it's true what I've heard about the maker of this disaterous movie, the man has no faith in JESUS the Savior and is not a child of the truth by grace! john 3:36 tells how this man doesn't have truth in his heart because he has no life abiding in him ,listen as you read! truth is found in the son of God , the word! john 3:16!

douglas reeves on Dec 4, 2007


Who formed you in the womb! GOD

douglas reeves on Dec 4, 2007


Just going out on a limb here, but i think that my parents did something to create me, something called SEX but then again that could be some atheist nonsense. Because god formed me into a special little child, to be cradled sheltered and nurtured so that the evil out side does not fill me with daemonic ideas that will heart me. So Christians how do you get god to create your child?

Joe on Dec 4, 2007


The book was incredible, a real page turner.. I'm so excited for the movie! Pullman is an talented and profound writer; one does not have to be against religion to enjoy this story.. Keep an open mind and you will see the beauty of the story. Enjoy everyone! Cheers.

Erinn on Dec 7, 2007


The trailer for thi film is impressive, i have seen the film, there isn't a single mention of the church, christianity, god or anything. Yes the books refer to it but this isn't the book its a film. I just find it funny how all these people are spending so much time, talking about and publicising a film they dont believe in. I am a christian, but i dont think that this film will convert all children to not believe in god! That is just nonsence. I see no harm in allowing children to watch this fim, or read all the books. It does not say the church in our world is evil and must be stopped, now stop believing in god. Children who are brought up in good christian communities should have enough faith to realise this is just fictional and the life they've lived is real. But like i said i find it funny that they hate this film, yet you spend so much time talking about it! If you wanna boycott it, then please do so, just stop trying to remind us every minute!

Claire on Dec 8, 2007


I saw the film last night and can confidently tell all Christians (and indeed muslims, Wiccans and everyone else) that you have nothing to fear. It tries to cram too much into less than two hours and so you are rushed from set piece to set piece wondering why. The characters are a bit two dimensional and the relationships between them are not really realised; end result - I didn't really care about them, felt slightly confused and imagined that most of the young (and old) people watching probably felt the same way. The Majesterium comes across looking less like the catholic church and more like a bunch of Mussollini's fascists. If there was any god-killing going on here, I didn't see it. I think the only religion that got dented by this effort is that of Hollywood, whose excecutives seem to believe that you can take any popular piece of fiction, turn it into moving pictures and sit back while the cash rolls in. Not so!

TJ on Dec 9, 2007


Well, the movie sucked! It bombed! It, and everyone involved, got what was coming to them. And yes, it had a lot to do with the boycott, as it did well in Europe where it was not boycotted.

Sodapop on Dec 11, 2007


Why is it deemed bizarre to want to encourage our children to watch fun, nice things? As a christian, an individual, as a parent - We teach our children values, morals but also to question, to be informed, to be respectful of others and their point of view. But we also are accountable for bringing up our children and safeguarding at times what they are exposed to. We can't wrap them up and protect them form all ''the worldy'' views!! We don't want to produce little clones of ourselves!! But we can try to be wise and provide good foundations for them to build upon as they grow and become the person that God intends them to be. I havn't read the book - I will be as my son is now due to study it at school. I need to be informed before entering into a discussion with him. I just don't understand why killing, demons, attack on a specific group of people or belief system is regarded as a great topic to base a book on.

jules on Dec 11, 2007


Hi Everyone, I had the pleasure of working as part of the crowd on this movie and take it from me, it was absolutely magical. All of the Cast were a dream to work with and while Chris Weitz and His team had one almighty task, I think they have produced a great movie being one which will stand the test of time. It is true, Philip Pullmans books endow their readers with wonder, enchantment and awe and translating this to the the big screen is very challenging at best. Look to this incarnation of the story with eyes anew and follow their lead - All the best Steve

Trollesund rope seller and Tartar Soldier on Dec 12, 2007


Where freddie highmore appear in this movie?? he's my cousin!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! >8-(

Peter highmore on May 21, 2008

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