New International Iron Man Trailer - More Pepper Potts

November 5, 2007

Iron Man Trailer

The first Iron Man trailer that dropped at Comic-Con was quite a delicious tease. This is a new international version that has appeared (in low quality) but features quite a bit of new footage of Miss Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, who is Tony Stark's secretary. Although I'm still anxiously awaiting a full-on trailer that will make me realize Iron Man could be the comic book movie of next year, for now this will hold me over. How is Iron Man shaping up? Do you think it could steal the crown for the best comic book movie of 2008 or is that still reserved for The Dark Knight?

Watch the international trailer for Iron Man:

[flv:iron-man-int.flv 320 239]

Iron Man is directed by Jon Favreau, who directed Zathura and Elf previously. The movie hits theaters everywhere next summer on May 2nd, 2008.

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Saw this earlier this morning and even though there was barely anything new it stilled made me love it even more than already. It's gonna be a close fight between Tin head and Bats next year.

Stephen on Nov 5, 2007


I think that Iron Man is stealing the buzz crown only if due to the fact that Nolan and crew really haven't started leaking out the trailers yet. They've got lots of online games and interactive stuff, but the trailers, to me, are what really generate good word of mouth. Behold the return of Robert Downey Jr.; it's gonna be brilliant.

William Mize on Nov 6, 2007


Am I the only one that see's this as pure hollywood bs? For gods sakes he was killing arabs in the beginning of the trailer. More anti-middle eastern propaganda in films and bs special effects do not make a good film. I have no doubt that dark knight will obliterate this movie.

Ramez on Nov 6, 2007


Anti-middle eastern? its anti-terrorist if anything? Maybe you forget there is a war going on right now.

Zach on Nov 6, 2007


Ramez, Um, obviously you've never heard of Iron Man or read any of the comics. Also, if you think Hollywood is on the conservative side of *any* propaganda, you need to wake up. Hollywood is fiercly left sided. I think YOU are the one trying to spread propaganda and bs, as you say. Also, no one, except you, has said that Batman and Iron Man will be competing. I can't wait for this movie to come out. It's not stolen DK shivers from me yet though.

Frank on Nov 6, 2007


TDK is No. 1, Iron-man is just...foreplay, and a good one too ; )

m4st4 on Nov 8, 2007


"Anti-middle eastern? its anti-terrorist if anything?" Why couldn’t they have European terrorists? Or Asians? Here's an example, Sly's new Rambo circles around the events in Myanmar rather than the controversial middle east. If any of you have realized the constant negative roles of Arabs in films, you would agree, that a comic based movie with the "bad guys" as Arabs fits this description. Frank, I am not an avid reader of iron man but I have read a couple and seen the new animated DVD’s in which the bad guys were Asian gangsters. Also the author of this article explicitly stated... "Do you think it could steal the crown for the best comic book movie of 2008 or is that still reserved for The Dark Knight?" I responded to this question appropriately. Thank you, and please learn to read.

Ramez on Nov 8, 2007


Most impressive is the fact that this film is made by the man whose last public offering was "Elf". I think he should direct "the Last Christmas" next. Re: Ramez- It is unfortunate that Marvel has throughout its long history dived head first into pro-military "Make a Bad Guy out of our military enemies". A glimpse through the covers of pre-60's era Captain America covers will see him in hand-to-hand combat with a) a Nazi super soldier named "Master Man", b) the Red Skull, c) all sorts of Japanese, German, etc. stereotypes, which his single fist (or gun, or missiles) would always overcome in the end in some pulp-cliffhanger type scenario. I agree that, at this point, it hardly seems fitting for Marvel to engage in such easy stereotyping- especially since, at the moment, their Comics writers have risen as a critical voice against the Bushies, time & again! From what I can tell, Ramez, the stereotype is introduced, but the plot will continue to reveal that all the glory, honor, and capital that Tony Stark raises designing weapons to combat America's "Baddies" literally 'blows up in his face'. Then, (not to spoil the plot, but this should already be self-evident from the Trailer) he will commit to a domestic agenda of fighting the crime-mongering industrial weapons corporations in America itself (as they seek to destroy his reputation, steal his Technology, etc.). I do think this will be a far higher contender against DC than Ghost Rider or any previous 2nd string releases. And the character is promising, as a stand-in for the ongoing war effort (lord knows Batman isn't even going to come close to approaching any discussion of real world issues, even at a superficial level). I agree that its sad to see Marvel engaging in blanket stereo-typing, basically just to get a rise out of its audience. I guess we'll see how this movie fares internationally, as opposed to domestically. Being a marketing saavy bunch, I could easily picture them tweaking the script or editing slightly, to make it more appealing to an international audience, as opposed to blood-thirsty, xeno-phobic, gun-toting Americanos. * Also- for a rather clever sendup of Marvel's tendency to bolster Militaristic daydreams in its youthful readers' minds, read 'The Authority'. There's a character who's easily a parody of Stan Lee, but much more mad, who used to write comics but then goes into business w/ the military of creating actual genetically enhanced super soldiers- which are basically Roided-up, hyper-aggressive updates of the staple marvel characters, but each clad in the muted greens of G.I. fatigues. They all get theirs in the end, so at least in the Comics world, there is a such thing as poetic justice.

DJO_meinGott on Nov 12, 2007


"Being a marketing saavy bunch, I could easily picture them tweaking the script or editing slightly, to make it more appealing to an international audience, as opposed to blood-thirsty, xeno-phobic, gun-toting Americanos." It's always refreshing to read the protected-by-internet-anonymity-and-American-military-might opinions of Europeans. Am I guessing correctly that you're German, of all nationalities, addressing Americans as 'blood-thirsty'? Oh, my... Considering what's represented on the cover of Captain America Comics No. 1, circa 1941, your addition of 'xeno-phobic' to the bigoted rant to which I respond makes for high komedy indeed. You must be one of those 'Jerrys' who are still sensitive over the fact that it was Americans who saved the whole of Europe from having to learn German at gunpoint in the mid-20th century. Next thing you know, a Japanese national will decry my 'sneak attack' on you. Boom!

thedeuce on Nov 17, 2007


Well, guess that's the last time I use an alternate spelling to my name for a post! Sorry Duece, you just picked exactly the wrong fight. I'm a native New Yorker living & working in Philadelphia, whose father was an engineer working in the World Trade Center during the 1st attack (mid-90's). My brother is a proud US Marine Captain who's served his time, and happened to inspire in me a great appreciation for the rich history of one of America's most innovative Art forms: the Comic Book. However, as my retired pops now lives in rural PA, smack btw. Philly & the Mason Dixon line, I fell witness to horrendous displays of american ignorance in the face of the 9-11 attacks, the terrorist nature of which was explained to me nearly a decade earlier, when my Dad came home from work covered in sut and black ash, and his 12 yr. old son had the gall to ask him, "What happened at work today, Dad?" Here in PA, I've seen people needlessly rude to gas station attendants, 7-11 employees, and the general public w/ their racist, prejudiced shows of knee-jerk 'patriotism'. Even stopped a guy in the middle of traffic who had a 'Calvin & Hobbes' sticker that had him pissing on the word "Arabs", just to pull alongside him and give him a big fat middle-finger, coming from a face w/ just a little more melanin than his own (I'm portuguese/spanish/chinese/filipino/Italian. Last name Fortunato, so yes: HALF red-blooded 3nd generation american, HALF melting pot 2nd generation melting pot American). I've had people pick beefs w/ me in bars, accusing me of being a lousy puerto-rican who should go back to his 'country' (which would still be...America??) to which I've showed my I.D. and displayed my 'Italiano' last name. They looked, grunted, and asked whose ass I wanted kicked. So yes, I believe there is a strong strain of xenophobia and ignorance-based blood thirst running rampant across our country at this moment in history. But I don't think it's hopeless, or even nearly reflective of what we're all about as a Nation. I just think that ignoramus bullies nation-wide have their leader in the big seat to point to and say: "See? See? We're RIGHT." And, quite simply, when we have another leader in place w/ just a few more IQ points, the rest of us who paid attention in class will have a leader to whom we can point and say: "Ugh. Thank God THAT debacle is over with. Let's get on w/ the business of running our country and taking care of our people, instead of picking pointless fights to waste American tax dollars by the billions." I would hope that you're catching yourself in a moment of flash-mail, and realizing "Holy crap, this guys one of us." And perhaps as you walk the streets of this fair country, you'll remember that it was founded not by Christian fundamentalists, but Free Thinking Statesmen, who quite frankly would not have the time to waste their breath on the likes of you, as they were concerned w/ crafting and drafting a model of government that would more equally distribute accessibility, power, and wealth. Or did you not do your homework, Mr. Bigelow? -Djomigod I know America is better than this.

Djomigod on Nov 18, 2007


And for the record, I think any movie that uses Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" is gonna rock. Especially THIS one. Peace, Djo

Djomigod on Nov 18, 2007


Actually, it's interesting that with all this supposed understanding of what this country was built on, you believe that the nation was crafted to create wealth distribution. Man, when is the public school system going to reinstate civics as a required subject? Equal opportunity? Yes. Equal outcome? No way. The melting pot's always been more of a casserole, but we expected folsk who came here legally to become Americans. You should read up on Teddy Roosevelt's opinion on the subject. Anyway, there was a time in this nation's history when we'd whup an enemy, or the enemy of one of our friends, and we'd whup them until we won. Then, we'd run their podunk little burg until they were begging McDonald's and Taco Bell to build on every street corner. And, we damned sure didn't let them target our planes or break ceasefire agreements. But, that was back when we'd leave a real general in charge until the locals ponied up. If you believe that wanting to keep illegals out is xenophobic, you need a better dictionary. Tell you what, if you get your darling little democrat into the White House, will you stand as idly by as the demos did when that Arkansas used car saleman was too busy boffing the staff to actually respond to international terrorism? You can root for him or her as they run tanks tino 'compounds' full of children or send armed federal agents, guns drawn, into custody battles.

TheDeuce on Nov 19, 2007


Jeez. For the record I'm a Republican, and I still reserve the right to call a person an idiot based on their behavior, be it you or Dub-ya. Yes, there was a time when it seemed a reasonable thing to do to convince soldiers to blindly follow their leader, and aim themselves at our enemy while turning a blind eye to Logic or reasoning. And sure, if Afghanistan & Iraq are just a setup for intimidating Iran, we've created quite a vicious circle of mutually assured destruction. And the payload of Oil underneath Iran is enough to make the prospect of a victory over them an oil tycoon's wet dream. But think about the endgame, braniac. The people of Iran are no more going to welcome us as liberators than the people of Iraq are. Eisenhower himself issued a warning that it's the responsibility of the Free World to prevent the wayward nightmares of the Military Industrail complex. So yes, we as a nation have a conflicted history- and will continue to do so. As of yet- this has not yet restricted my right to call a person an ignoramus for getting my nationality wrong, or for mistaking prejudice against actual patriotic American citizens w/ brown skin for illegal immigrants (or worse, Democrats), NOR does it restrict my right to say that, if you've read any Iron Man comics, you'd recognize it as a Parable AGAINST the same Military Industrial Complex you're falling in blind-lock-step with. Without checking your facts. For example: when in history has a sovereign nation maintained a remote colonial venture (the scope of say, Iran) without ensuring that its own nation disintegrates and destroys itself from within? Furthermore, has it ever occurred to you that we could drill in Alaska and avoid 'begging another nation at gunpoint' like a bunch of crooks, and being dragged into this whole debacle? It's always easy to follow the crowd, my friend. It's ALWAYS easier. But try using your noggin sometime, and see just where that crowd is leading you. Just don't vanish into extinction- the way of the Lemming- before you make it into a seat at the theatre to check out this awesome flick. Bro. I'll see you there. Just keep your stanky Deuce-ness to yourself.

Djoser on Nov 19, 2007


I will give you due props for the casserole comment, though. Clever and on point. [Djo

Djoser on Nov 19, 2007


Wow, Ironman will fight the "REAL" enemy of America: greedy corporations! Yawn. Hollywood repeats itself ad nauseum... Hollywood will continue its downward spiral until it understands that America doesn't want to watch anymore anti-American crap! Didn't the movie 300 show Hollywood anything? What self deluded dopes...

Yawn on Nov 20, 2007


But, remember, we're the lemmings for pointing that out, Yawn. At least, 'True Lies' got it right. Here's hoping Iron man doesn't go too far off that deep end, like the rumblings from the GI Joe movie seem to indicate. America's got enemies that aren't American citizens, no matter their skin tone. Right now, it's extremists who claim Allah as their co-pilot. Does anyone REALLY believe that Iran is working on nukes as an energy source with all that bubblin' crude underneath? Is it inherently racist or xenophobic for the bad guy to NOT be a greedy corporate big wig? Anyway, trailers look good so far. Hopefully, the preaching ends at a 'great power, great responsibility' sort of zen. I can agree with that. If it goes 'military bad, American military evil', it'll die an early death...which'll suck as long as I've waited for special effects technology to catch up to my movie preferences. Make mine Marvel.

TheDeuce on Nov 20, 2007


Agreed. But if the Tony Stark himself is a corporate bigwig, whose natural enemies are other business men, isn't the enemy just "Greed"? True Lies is an excellent movie, that doesn't stoop to being preachy. Hell, most of that movie's just belly-laughs full-of funny! All in all I think this movie will prove to be very, very cool. As you said- the effects have finally caught up with the imaginations behind so many of our favorite characters. And this movie so far looks like fantastic proof toward that end. I'm perfectly happy to take the tone of this whole conversation down about 10 notches, btw, and focus on getting psyched about this awesome flick. (and no, I don't think it'll be preachy. If anything, Marvel's characters all have moral gray areas, which is part of what makes them more appealing as characters to a broader audience-) This is gonna be a pretty cool Iron Man movie. As long as they continue to make good stories about excellent characters, Make mine Marvel too, bro! -Djo

Djoser on Nov 21, 2007

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