Finally a Right Move - New Line Making a Gears of War Movie

March 20, 2007
Source: Variety

Gears of War movie

Although Halo is no longer in production for a film version, another incredibly popular franchise is - Gears of War! New Line Cinema has bought the feature rights to the Microsoft game for the Xbox 360, with Stuart Beattie (writer of Collateral and Pirates of the Caribbean) attached to do the writing, but no director yet. It will be produced by the same guys and company behind other films such as The Nativity Story, Flight of the Phoenix, I, Robot, and Behind Enemy Lines.

For those unfamiliar, which I imagine is not that many given this is the 4th best selling US video game in 2006 in just 2 months, the story is about a world reeling from an invasion by aliens known as the Locust. A small group of elite soldiers, including the main character Marcus Fenix, who is rescued from prison at the beginning of the game, fight to retake the planet Sera for its surviving humans.

Anyone who is familiar with it knows there is a lot in it that could make for a great movie, or even a series of movies. They already even made a cinematical trailer for the game that was highly regarded by many and became one of the most successful advertising campaigns for the game. The movie is even off to a good start, with one of the Pirates of the Caribbean writers on it. What do you think - would Gears of War make for a good franchise and series of movies, or just one movie alone?

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I feel it would be a good franchise as long as they keep the story good. Not to mention that I'm sure they are planning a sequel for the game so they can run off the sequels some for future films.. I'm just hoping the first movie is good when its all said and done.

Stephen on Mar 20, 2007


The story is completely derivative. The characters aren't fleshed out beyond being meatheads that shout brilliant dialogue like "Eat shit and die." If ever there was a property that should never stray beyond video gamedom, it's this one. A film is a terrible idea.

A. Pennyworth on Mar 21, 2007


There is no doubt that the story is derivative. It's essentially "Aliens" on earth. For me, the characters are part of the reason I've loved the game, though. If we're going to be honest, how much worse would a film version of this be than the action crap getting spewed out these days like Shooter? It's not trying to be more than it is. Gears knows EXACTLY what it is and and plays it pefectly. I think this could be an extremely fun and gory movie. Part of me hopes it's CG just so DiMaggio can voice Fenix again. He was just awesome! And to Stephen, the Gears franchise is supposed to be three games.

FS Dave on Mar 21, 2007


They really hope they do make this movie it would be a great hit and it would get the people to buy the game if they havent already and it would be just like that movie DOOM but better or Aliens vs Predators but better i think a nFl player should play coldtrain it would just be good if they made this i hope its real!

Anthony V. on Apr 21, 2007


OOOOOH, i heard about the making of gears of war, the movie, but thought it was just bein said. this makes me happy man, i love the game and ill love the third one comin out, i always thought they could make it into a movie. As long as they get the story line down and the characters right, this movie would own! i think it should be a series of movies, so they can really get into detail of what happened. 🙂

josh b. on Aug 29, 2010


hell yea gears of war is not only one of the best games ive ever played but i believe that when and if it comes out as a movie it will be one of the best movies ive ever seen

ty on Oct 1, 2010

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