New Prince of Persia Disney Production Photos

March 2, 2007

Last week we brought you updated details on the Prince of Persia film(s) under development by Disney, and today we bring you a quick look at some new production photos of what the world may just look like. From SlashFilm, where they also have a bunch of new photos for other future Disney projects. To be honest, I'm not that fond of these, but the big tower in the last one does look pretty cool. There is still lots of work to go and let's hope they improve over these images by then, but in the meantime it's more to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!

Disney's Prince of Persia Photo

Disney's Prince of Persia Photo

Disney's Prince of Persia Photo

Disney's Prince of Persia Photo

Despite what these look like, I'm still looking forward to a hopeful 2008 released.

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I was worried that disney might make the franchise of the prince of persia into a little kid movies, but by the looks of looks like they're making a effort to make it for everyone even the harcore fans like me

Hector on Apr 2, 2007


I am sure that the Prince Of Persia Movie will be da shit and i am looking forward seeng it !!!!! I only hope that it will be released sooner!!!

BBM;B-Long-G on Apr 30, 2007


I have devoured every game, enjoy the rich detail, and have always hoped that this would spawn a movie. After glimpsing at the images above, I have to grin, because I really think that it's in the right hands. Jerry Bruckheimer really makes great things happen, and as a photographer he tends to take part of lush, realistic movies. I pray that Hans Zimmer does the music (if I can't get the job...). Being a Disney movie, I hope that they stick with the PG-13 rating, and not PG. I'd love to see an R rated version, but know that that will never happen. As far as it being released sooner, I'd rather them take their time and do it right. Rushing a movie always has bad results. I hope that they cut no corners in making this film, as it holds the potential to be the next big thing. If they make a trilogy...I'd die a happy man.

Aaron on May 25, 2007


The Prince of Persia trilogy is not the most famous game in Greece (my country) but according to the photos the movie will be wonderful. I love that game and I hope that the rumors about Prince of Persia 4 are true. If anyone wants to get the game's soundtracks sent to

Fani on Jun 19, 2007


The Prince of Persia Movie will be a Blast and i it will break all the previous records of film Industry. I hope they will choose the best person and face for the Prince because the Prince in Game is to Smart and Handsome. oh god its a long time for wait......

Pankaj Sharma on Jul 9, 2007


ummm....there are classic paintings and were not commissioned for the project! Disney just ripped off classic art and used it as concept art! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Parky McParker on Jul 9, 2007


I think that john abraham, (indian actor and model) should be the prince of persia !! no joke!

Shafell on Jul 15, 2007


I'm worried about the outcome of this movie. I'm a POP dork, and I do mean dork of epic proportions I can sit here and debate you on any matter that this trilogy can touch, but this movie doesn't look promising. From what I've herd they changed the plot line from the original Sands of Time game ( the Prince isn't going to release the sands anymore, rather is trying to stop the 'Evil Vizier' from doing it) Now see here's the thing, it might make for an acceptable movie now, but anybody that ever plaid these games would tell you, the guilt that he's going through in Sands of Time is the basis for the sequel Warrior Within. Besides the fact that it's a Disney production and you know they will take all the gore and action out of it. Compared to the games, this movie will be a kiddy-popper, nothing more nothing less .... dam shame too, here isn't a person alive in the gaming world that would fuck up with the story line in any of the Games . Also they chose Charlie Clausen to play the Prince from what I herd ( come on really now how stupid can one person be ...?) What really gets me is that Jordan Mechner ( the guy that fathered Prince of Persia) is one of the writers on the scrips, so maybe Bruckheimer wont completely ruin what could be the best movie of 2009 . You know what they say... hope is wasted on the hopeless

kendji on Jul 25, 2007


Who the heck is Charlie Clausen adn why is he being tapped to star in this film? Ramy Ayach (Lebanese pop star) should have been cast as the Prince. He would have been PERFECT! What is it with Hollywood where they can't get even the simplest casting decisions right? I will have a VERY hard time spending my money on this film if the person cast as the Prince is not of Middle Eastern heritage.

Penelope Flynn on Jul 31, 2007


if you think that pissed you off then check this out They completely changed the story .... god dam Hollywood jackasses

kendji on Jul 31, 2007


Finally someone find a great game for film. I am a big fan of the game and I just hope that the movie will be as good as the game. P.S. I hope that the movie not be a disney family funny film, but a real bloody slaughtering...

Marco on Aug 28, 2007


Speaking truly I am a great great fan of the POP Trilogy. I hope the movie does justice to fans like us. I think if the story-line is kept the same, then it will be great for us fans. I would like to give an advice that the movie should consist of much blood and gore and also immense breathtaking actions as in the game to make it a success.

Lord. on Sep 1, 2007


I am like the biggest fan of prince of persia. I have played sands of time, warrior within, two thrones and rival swords. All the games were very cool. I really liked all the games so I am lokking forward to wathching the movie. It's going to rock! I am also looking forward to the next game of prince of persia. I am sure it shall rock!

NIKHIL BABU on Sep 13, 2007


I'm probably one of the most obssesed person with this game i own all 3 games and know the story line pretty well and that the movie is coming out i'm excited as hell!!!! but what really disapoints me is that this clausen guy was chosen to star as the prince that really ticks me off people in hollywood should know how to chose better actors but they don't and if this is the guy the movie won't be so great and they shouldn't change the storyline cause that would just suck shit and it hopefully stays true to the video games and nothing gets cut out. I hope you do a good job Mr. Bruckheimer and i almost forgot i don't think many people will go if the prince doesn't look like anything than the game

enrique on Sep 21, 2007


Finally, i've been saying this for years that this game should be made into a movie and now that its happening i hope the movie does the game justice and doesnt stray to far away from the plot. I hope theres a sequel because in all fairness the second one is the best.

Kakalukien on Oct 21, 2007


mmhhmm... I dont know but i think the movie sall be more mature like the 2nd and 3 game. Anyways I will see it surely

Angel on Oct 29, 2007


i haven't yet played the 2nd POP game, nor the 3rd, but the sands of time is so cool and is what got me into the series. a year ago i didn't even know it was part of a series! good thing i bought the 1st one and not the 2nd or 3rd! but from what it looks like, this movie will be TERRIBLE! i don't think the prince should actually be indian, i don't know whether the actor is, but if he is it will completely turn me off it.

Da Bomb on Nov 8, 2007


This movie will be,at the least, pg-13. Why is it i hear all over the place that this movie will be pg? Last i checked the Pirates of the Caribbean was pg-13 and it was disney. Also, the whole gore and blood thing? grow up please. The sands of time is the least violent of the series. he doesnt even kill humans (except in the beginning). Throw 98% of the game its just sand creatures. They have no blood in them so where do you all get the idea there will be blood? Another thing... who got the idea that this clausen guy is the prince? No one knows who the prince is yet. By the looks, this movie will be great and i cant wait. any further comments to me... Please write, i want to fight!



I am Persian myself and I love the POP games (not just because they're based off of Persian themes) but I am in disbelief of the movie being by Walt Disney. The POP games are full of blood and violence. Does this mean the POP movie will be more child-like and not for the mature audience? I believe the movie should be by the makers of “300? or “Gladiator.” In other words, this movie should be a masterpiece like the game, not some mere child’s play. Walt Disney is a constantly developing company, so maybe they will step up on this movie. Anyhow, the actor of this move should be John Abraham or someone similar. He looks like the prince and is a good actor. I have nothing against American Caucasians but the prince shouldn’t be white in this movie. (And yes I do know the Prince of Persia game is created by Caucasians) Let's just make American movies based off foreign lands more "foreign" this time!!! It’s like picking a Chinese guy to play M.L.K.

Josh on Dec 8, 2007


when did this turn racial? Look people is not that the SOT game was violent nor that we'd expect it to be, but the if he first is done to please a more childish audience then the second one "Warrior Within" (where if memory serves it was rated M for mature) will be a flop. Disney is incapable of pleasing a grown up audience, and yes this series should have been produced by somebody else , and francly I would like the producers from 300 rather than Burckheimer , bur what we should be talking about is the movie company, personalyy I'd love his series to be produced by Universal, Warner, or even better Lions Gate -

kendji on Dec 14, 2007


CHOOSEE JOHN ABRHAM PLEASEEE and who is going to play the princess

XOXOXO on Dec 24, 2007


ohh this better not be PG 13 MAN that game HAS soooo much violence DAMN disney better not fial ..... fingers crossed I think they guy who made lord of the rings should make he has a real eye for things like fantasy and making violent at the same jst perfect ........ did I mention Jodn should play the role LOL wat ab the setting where is that happening and WHEN IS IT COMING I AM SOO EXCITED GOODDD!

XOXOXO on Dec 24, 2007


I think tom cruize should be the prince....... He is the best choice....... Now seriously think about it...

Aditya on Jan 1, 2008


I love Prince of Persia's all 3 games of the new generation, i have played them again and again, Nothing can come close to them and the Hero, the Prince is one of a kind. Please inform me when the movie is released and if its not good, i wont watch it ! it will destroy the image of Prince , so i wont see it ! In the first place there should be NO movie on PoP and if there is 1 , then it should be extremely well made and the Hero should be a Brand new Face, not a sweet looking face please ! lol look at me, im 31 and im acting like a kid, infact PoP seriess is the only series that i play on PS2, nothing else !

Ali on Feb 23, 2008


Ughhhh movies gunna be shiz!!!! they cant do it in live action it'll look like shiz!!! plus the prince is super hot in the second one warrior within!!! they have to animate HIM!!! 😛

Prince of Persia Fan on Feb 29, 2008


All I can say is that some people are true idoits including that guy who claims to be persian meanwhile he dose not have a clue that persians are white; what a dumbass!! The prince has to be played by a white guy with blue eyes. Just because the population of Iran is only 48%, persian, it dose not mean that every Iranian is non white. The American propaganda dose not stop and they have damaged the image of Iran in the mind of the public with such movies as 300 and Alexander the great. God damn hollywood and God bless Iran, the land of Aryans. Aryans were white and they will always remain white; white power.

Cyrus on Apr 15, 2008


I just noticed Orlando Bloom on as rumored cast for the Prince role, since 2004, when bruckheimer bought the rights ive been hoping he'd go for an unknown persian american actor like david zahedian, i'm a crew member of alot of mainstream feature film projects, im not allowed to mention names or sources that could mean the emd of my career with production, at first i did not know of david zahedian, then i started hearing more about him, his recent credits for feature films includes mark burg s new trilogy Chain Letter, as a supporting cast, a crew member from the new fast and the furious 4 movie mentioned David being on set of fast and the furious working with Vin and Pau (walker) on the set, he's been working there for about 2 months now, another talent i bumped into said he saw david in adam sandler's new movie You don't want to mess with the Zohan, he was the best friend of the Phantom in the movie which those characters were celebrity and special guest stars like Mariah the singer and other known celeb's he was working with, my point is since 2004, david seemed to find himself along side of major actors and celebrities, he's an up coming actor, and i ;ove under dog or unknown talent, love to have the credit of "i told you so" i personally don't know him, but everyone i know from the PA's to first and second AD, all have said great things about this guy. I hope they auditon him at least if nothing else. I called around and understand mr Zahedian is hired to be one of the main Henchman's on the fast and the Furious, he will have fight scenes with Vin Diesel in the movie! just a fan. Tanya

Tanya biggs on Apr 19, 2008


Hi! If you want to see an actor who really looks like Prince of Persia, visit his site: I found it recently on the web and I was pleasantly surprised because I am big fan of this game. If Disney wants this movie to be successful, I think they need this guy. You can also see costumes and swords in real on this site, so see for yourselves and enjoy! Bella

Bella on Apr 21, 2008


Holly Cow! This Prince of Persia is Brilliant and Fantastic! He have exactly what Disney and Hollywood movie need. Photos is like real and look like in some imaginate place (professional work). We mean, this man have character in face, figure and moves just like Prince and him body better than some pro/bodybuilder-not too much-not too little. Costumes is just like in game, but much, much better. And ... 2 swords, ohhh. Any detail is very good! I really hope to see this guy in movie "Princ of Persia" because I not see anything similar on net. He have big opportunity for movements inside in real movie "Princ of Persia"!!

MDPPG on Apr 22, 2008


Hi! Bella thank you for info, have seen actor following the link that you posted. I sincerely agree with you, he really looks like Prince of Persia. Also, have to admit, for long, long times haven’t seen such brave, manly expression on ones face. Disney is definitely going to need this guy! Mike

Mike on Apr 22, 2008


Bella thanks, I have seen it and I have to say - I am more than surprised! He's real Prince's look-alike! And for the, all details are there! I would recommend this actor to Disney if I could, but how? They should be aware of the opinion of the Prince's fans. If they could see this guy's enthusiasm, I think they would consider him for the role. In the meantime, I'll be his first fan!!! Ninah

Ninah on Apr 23, 2008


What a f...!!! Thanks Good for this guy! We need this face in GAME and MOVIE, both! !!!!

Gamer on Apr 23, 2008


i love the game it's Great, the movie will be madnees 🙂

sub_zero on Jun 14, 2008


thanks alot ,its my dreamto see this movie as im persian and I was playing triology and the very first pc game

yashar on Jul 15, 2008


Hey Guys... Just letting you guys know that Prince of Persia is, by no means, coming out in the next year. Filming just began this year, and it's due out in 2010. Jake Gyllenhaal is in the title role, and Gemma Arterton will be the princess. Hope that doesn't crazily disappoint anyone.

offtoneverland87 on Oct 8, 2008

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