New WonderCon Spider-Man 3 Trailer Details!

March 3, 2007

It was an unfortunate let down out here in San Francisco at WonderCon, as the Spider-Man 3 panel consisted of one measly 2 minute trailer and no celebrity appearences at all. However, it did have a few new scenes and a bit of exciting new footage, which we have details of here!

It starts with Eddie Brock going into the church and the "I want you to kill Spider-Man" line. Very dark trailer, all about the symbiote. The Columbia logo turns to black (like black Spidey). There's a new scene with Dr. Connors (aka Lizard) with Peter and they have a small sample of the symbiote and the catch it in an upside-down beaker, and it jumps around. Connors says "it seems to like you." Another new scene is an extended one of Spidey in his black suit webslinging through some building with subways going by with the camera following (awesome shot) and he ends up right at Sandman before it cuts. Another new line from Mary Jane: "I'm worried about you." And another cut where Peter says "I need your help." Near the end it has the text "a hero must fight" (from the other trailers) but then says "the venom within" instead and it cuts to Peter ripping off the symbiote in the bell tower and extended catch scene where a lot more of the symbiote falls onto Brock than just the drop. Then it shows the zooming into the mouth scene we've seen before. Then it shows the title and "May 4" and fades slowly into the last scene. Then the newest part is it shows Peter ripped up and battered, half of his Spidey suit on his face is torn off, and he's looking around the construction area, confused and beaten, and all of a sudden Venom's hands come down and grab Spidey and pull him up out of frame.

Update: The trailer can be viewed online here!! It's shakey camera footage, but the complete trailer is there!

That's all for now. Look forward to the new extended clip and trailer this week!

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Sounds awesome! Cant wait.

Stephen on Mar 3, 2007



Bob on Mar 4, 2007


yep sounds darker than the others just what i like can't wait

Jon on Mar 4, 2007



JAY on Mar 4, 2007


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Each time I hear/ see something doing to with Spider-Man 3, I can't wait until May 4 (despite being a month or so away). Plus Venom is my favourite character (as well as everyone else's). I cannot wait to see THIS trailer/ TV spot. Thanks.

Simon Webb on Mar 4, 2007


I kind of wonder of this is the NEW never before seen footage that's going to show during heroes this monday? could be?

drew on Mar 4, 2007


Well on that Access Hollywood show they showed like 10 secs of the scene they said that was gonna be on Heroes. It was from the Harry and Peter street fight.

Stephen on Mar 4, 2007


well i MUST say venom is quite possibly one of the BEST kept secrets in hollywood sony has REALLY held that card CLOSE to their chest

Drew on Mar 4, 2007


wow this will be so awesome supposedly this trailer will be attached to the new 300 movie

Tony on Mar 7, 2007


i seen this when i went to go see 300 yesterday that shitttt was off the chain! the last scene really got me going when peter looking around (he is standing & he's looking from front-back-side to side & then he let's down his guard & venoms whole hands just come downs & pull him up by his head & then the trailers over then bam 300 come on after they show that turn off your cell-phone bullshit! well anyway i'm going to see 300 today AGAIN! i'll lnow to bring my camera with me so i can record that trailer either they might show it again or not but that is amc theater so i guess they will.

Pimp Daddy Ceasar 3rd on Mar 10, 2007


The trailer is online, but kind've fuzzy, check and it'll have the link, and some pics of Topher Grace in the Venom costume and stuff.

Jordan Ratz on Mar 11, 2007


I saw 300 last night and they didn't show this trailer!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie was still good though, but DAMN!!!! I wanted to see the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric on Mar 11, 2007


I saw 300 thursday night at midnight and they showed the new one, it was frickin sweet! i cant find it anywhere on the internet to watch it again though!

Brett on Mar 11, 2007


Updated above with a link to a camera version of the trailer that played in front of 300! Watch and enjoy...!

Alex Billington on Mar 11, 2007


It doesn't have the end part when Venom pulls up up Peter. And It looks like some footage is not at the beginning. That has everything but as always it's not very clear.

Stephen Allen on Mar 11, 2007


that youtube address had been taken down, any1 know where else it is?

Starscream on Mar 17, 2007


YOOOOOOO I FOUND NEW MOVIE SCENE PIC WITH VENOM. Hes strangling Spiderman with his web in the construction site scene this guy is talking about. Here:

Ryan on Mar 17, 2007

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