Nick Cassavetes Might Direct Captain America?

October 22, 2007
Source: CHUD

Nick Cassavetes Directing Captain America

The first big news about Marvel's adaptation of Captain America arrived back in June and it announced that Captain America would be Marvel's next big film. Since then Thor has been taking the spotlight instead, getting a director way before even Captain America. However, an odd rumor has popped up from CHUD today that points out Nick Cassavetes as the possible director in talks for Captain America.

Nick Cassavetes is the son of legendary actors John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands. You may not know who he is but you'll definitely know his films. He previously directed: She's So Lovely, John Q, The Notebook, and Alpha Dog.

The news from CHUD comes from an e-mail they received about an appearance by Gena Rowlands on the TV show "This Morning". Apparently she said that her son was originally supposed to direct Iron Man but now he's thinking about directing Captain America. At least one half of that is true, about Iron Man, which confirms that Nick is the right guy she was talking about. Apparently Marvel liked him enough to put him onto another one of their films if not Iron Man.

I'm thinking Nick may be the right choice, but then again his previous set of films haven't been overly visual effects / CGI laden, so I'm not sure if that is his strong point. I know that Marvel has done a perfect job with putting Sam Raimi on Spider-Man, Jon Favreau on Iron Man, and Matthew Vaughn on Thor, so I can expect that they know what they're doing here as well.

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I really want the day to come when these hero movies (which have a lot of potential) arent pure hollywood bs. The only one which doesnt fit that category was Batman Begins...

ramez on Oct 22, 2007


Argh, really? Marvel Studios sounds as bad as Cannon in the 1980s, only with "high brow" talent. Only the "Hulk" sounds like fun... Given the contract (if Marvel Studios loses money, whoever their guaranteer--I can't remember which fund it is--gets Marvel Comics, Studios, Toys and all the characters), I'd think they'd go for Michael Bay on this one... I mean, John Milius is a better choice than this guy.

Andrew Wickliffe on Oct 22, 2007


Listen Alex Billington. I like what you do here with this site and you get some good scoop on stuff that even AICN lags on. They have serious kickback issues over there but you guys have serior Divination issues over here. Your claims are really offputting sometimes, like how Hitman will certainly suck with less blood (the main hinge point), and that Jon Favreau and Matthew Vaughn were perfect choices. Like, how do you know that and that Marvel are kick ass at assigning suitable directors off of one credible example (Sam Raimi) above. Although, this too, can be contended. I just thought you should know. The scooping is excellent. Opinion is good too, obviously(what the hell do you think I'm doing), but for the love of God... keep those opinions limited to substantiating evidence and not hearsay or projected scalings. That's what OK! and US Weekly are for. We are a better community are we not. A little more discerning one would say.

Damon Peoples on Oct 23, 2007


I appreciate your concern and understand your view, however, it's my nature to be quite optimistic considering films like these. I don't think it would be right to start at the bottom and say that this film will suck unless it builds up, I prefer to start at the top saying it will be awesome unless it builds down. So far, so good considering what I've seen. As for the directors, I think the 3 choices they've made at least show that they don't take choosing directors very lightly and that's why I have a bit of confidence in Marvel for this choice, too... I wouldn't say that this is hearsay as much because it's not a rumor and it's me giving my opinion based on some very basic facts, albeit possibly flimsy ones. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Our friend John over at TMB has a much more negative opinion on the matter and he expresses it as well: I'm a bit more positive, because I actually really want Captain America to be good...!

Alex Billington on Oct 23, 2007


To Alex Billington: Thanks for responding to my issues. I realize I was rather hard-lined there. I guess I should before being hot-headed like that acknowledge that I appreciate First Showing and your conveying true love of film to an audience of like cinephiles. Trying to restructure the theater going experience is something I applaud whole heartedly. Sorry for singling you out. Keep doing what you do. More to Point: I believe Nick Cassavetes has got the chops for realizing such a shaky franchise as Captain America. C'mon you know that our rightfully suspicious nation is going to immediately think propaganda when they see this thing float in on an epic trailer. However, looking at Cassavetes prior films, he understands subtlety and mainlining moral dilemmas(something I haven't seem Sam Raimi really accomplish regardless of his awesomeness). Cassavetes, i do believe, will be able assuage some of the visual ridiculousness of Captain America and provide an amazing spin on the mythology. The potential is there. You got that right.

Damon Peoples on Oct 23, 2007


Since when does spiderman get all the glory...captain would squash that bug. I just wanted to say that i think they should get a no name to play captain america. Besides I know just about everthing about him, so if anyone needs any info.... email me at have ideas for movie. I think its kind of pathedic that all other superhero's are working on 3 or 4 movies and captain doesn't even get one...I realize his story is fairly complicated though. Just don't hear of him that much anymore...have we forgot what he represents and what he does for America...especially in the shape where in now...i think it's just what america needs. Fight for the Red White and Blue. Who knew? -Anthony

Anthony W Hickson on Sep 19, 2008


i will see the first avengre captain america so i wish they put john cena as captain america because i like john cena as captain america john cena will be great so i like john cena as captain america so i will see john cena as captain america beat the hulk on the avengres movie so i will see john cena as captain america on the first avengre captain america and the avengres in theatres see ya.

andries price on Aug 17, 2009

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