Outlook on Marvel's Upcoming Line-up

August 10, 2007


Although no major Marvel news hit today besides the Hollywood trades confirming that Stardust director Matthew Vaughn is directing Thor, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the full upcoming slate of Marvel films, as they're quickly dominating the line-up through 2010. With Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk hitting next summer as well as Wolverine and Punisher 2 already in the works, even the set of movies in this next 12 months is looking quite exciting.

Marvel's Upcoming Line-up:

Iron Man - Director: Jon Favreau - Writer: Matt Holloway, Arthur Marcum, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby - May 2, 2008 Release - Full Iron Man Debriefing from Comic-Con

The Incredible Hulk - Director: Louis Leterrier - Writer: Edward Norton, Zak Penn - June 13, 2008 Release - Incredible Hulk Updates from Comic-Con: Ed Norton Speaks

Punisher 2 (Lionsgate) - Director: Lexi Alexander - Writer: Matt Holloway, Arthur Marcum - Likely 2008 Release - Ray Stevenson Cast as The Punisher!

Wolverine (Fox) - Director: Gavin Hood - Writer: David Benioff - Likely 2008 Release - Hugh Jackman Praises Wolverine Screenwriter David Benioff

Thor - Director: Matthew Vaughn - Writer: Mark Protosevich - Likely 2009 Release - Matthew Vaughn to Direct Thor Movie

Ant-Man - Director: Edgar Wright - Writer: Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish - Unknown Release

Captain America - Writer: David Self - Captain America Movie Next From Marvel After Hulk!

Nick Fury - Writer: Andrew Marlowe - Sam Jackson as Nick Fury to Appear in Iron Man?!

The Avengers - Writer: Zak Penn - Marvel Avengers Movie with Iron Man and Hulk Coming Eventually

In terms of a big Avengers team-up movie, it seems like they've got everything moving in the right direction. They've setup their own production company and have the rights to Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Ant-Man all contained within that same production company. Those 5 heroes right there practically make up the entire original 1960's Avengers, minus Wasp. Sounds like they've really got some grand plans in the works. I don't think it's necessary to have Spider-Man involved and Sony would never let it happen, so it's best they jump on what they have available now to compete with DC's Justice League movie than risk spending more time in negotiations.

I can say without a doubt that I'm incredibly excited for almost all of these films, even Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. Marvel's been taking good care of their many great characters and they're all in the best hands. Even Punisher 2 looks like it will turn out a lot better than the first Punisher.

For now, keep watch as we always bring you the latest and greatest updates on all of Marvel's upcoming films and as we countdown the days to Iron Man and Incredible Hulk next summer!

Iron Man

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I cant wait for em! Except ant man.... i think that will turn out like elektra. i just dont think it would work well.

bill cosby on Aug 31, 2007


as for all marvel does it great... but ant man and thor doesn't get dat much attraction when compared to the others... i cant wait to see hulk.... will it be de sequel or starting a new story? but de previous hulk has a good story, but the screenplay wasn't dat much good for de story...

DK on Sep 8, 2007


Thank GOD! someone is doing Captain America. It is about time. If I had to sit through another one like Elektra I would shoot myself. They should consider Doctor Strange for a movie. We also need to see Gambit in the new X-Men. Marvel forever.

Archangel on Mar 21, 2008


AMEN on Gambit. Where is that card weilding cajun? And more new characters would only enhance the old staples like Wolverine and Cyclops, and I am sure that Jean Grey(phoenix) will be back...

Xman on May 6, 2008


I agree with bill. Im not exactly sure they could make a whole movie about him. One that is interesting and pleasing to the eye. Ant man is weak shit and that be the bottom line. As for Gambit , I read on the casting list for Wolverine that he will be in it. To be played by Taylor Kitsch. So there you are. Im also pretty sure the should make another X-men other than Wolverine again. Then have destroyed the story line in 3 and I hated every minute of it . Like where the hell did knightcrawler go? wtf ?

Cluffy101 on May 8, 2008


They shoudnt make another X-Men that is.

Cluffy101 on May 8, 2008


Well guys I dont know if you played the game it explains that nighcrawler left and went to another reality. Also, I had a insider source for the new xmen movie. There will be a gambit, reason why because the producers believe that having gambit and wolverine were kind of the same character behavior wise. So this movie will be without wolverine around the time he left the xmen.

Diablo999 on May 12, 2008


Also for the last 2 xmen movies, they couldn't find the right person. Also, they story line they had for the last xmen movie was screw. They went with the phoenix saga and the apocalypse saga with the cure.They use both saga and create their own storyline. But the went wrong on the phoenix saga jean never gets the phoenix herself.

Diablo999 on May 12, 2008


marvel is the best! i love captain america.. im a big fan, he's my all time fav superhero.. but i dont think ant man will be a great movie.. i hope they'll make the civil war movie soon after avengers.. :D:D:D:D:D

? on Jun 14, 2008


I think they should drop the whole ant-man movie and put his character in either the Thor movie or Captain America movie.

Daredevil08 on Jun 15, 2008


So yeah, I am SO glad they aren't bringing the current Spiderman into it. Toby McGuire RUINED the part! I really wasn't so happy with the leading lady either. IMO, they'd have to remake Spiderman like they did Hulk in order to make it all work together.

Jessica on Jun 20, 2008


actually Toby Mcguire I think played the part of spidey well, also after seeing the new hulk movie Im really excited about upcomming movies with the alliance showing up somewhere in the future, refering to the ending of the Hulk u got to check the movie out.

Mitchell on Jun 23, 2008


I like the Gambit idea and years ago they had the idea for the movie with Van Damm doing the part of Gambit. I think AntMan should never see the screen , AntMan wasn't a big name in the Marvel Universe anyway. I would like to see The Scarlet Witch and Vision be introduced in The New Avengers though with Dr. Strange and the Gaunlet War thing that hit the news stands years back. Now if they do the Avengers they just might want to start the DC Comic side of the house and try to do the Justice League America thing too you never know. That might be ok but with out the Wonder Twins they were gay.

Twinkey79 on Jun 24, 2008


hmmmmmmm for a XMEN MOVIE? hmmmm how bout the concept or story of the AGE OF APOCALYPS, hehehhe

mesolime on Jun 27, 2008


drop the ant man movie and go negotiate with spiderman! Make the Spiderman 4 to make any corrections to the avengers.

cents on Jun 28, 2008


damn ,van damm as gambit, now you're talking. all those funny ass splits, he could pull that off quite well,trench coat an all, thor has always been my favorite charecter, i just hope they dont make him look or talk gay,especially talking shakespereian ,thor should be a intimmidating ruoghhouse,and when angered lighting volts and white light effects should be produce out of his eye's, and him being every bit of seven feet tall, my moto is if you are going to do it just do it, oh and by the way when you do bring cap to the fold, i want to see plenty of shield slinging with real geometric calculations and not just one or two times, also super strenght and super accuritcy and speed, so let's keep it real,and speaking of keepin it real daredevil is also my favorite but you messed up and made him too blind , oh by the way the avengers should feature michale as the villian that way you can cameo the whole lot ,and the villian still win and made the avengers remember nothing. him being a cosmic powered arcangle doing the lords biddings , and him wipping the floor with thor and the hulk , i'm timdog and i'm out.

timothy wyrick on Jul 30, 2008


yeeeaaahhhh gambit rocks.. im looking forward for that.. and thors movie.. hope it would be great.. but its better to make a civil war movie than just plain avengers.. and yellow jacket or giantman would be better than antman.. they're all pym by the way.. and i hope they would put wasp in it for better story i think.. she's his wif anyway..

thorlief on Aug 8, 2008


Karl Urban as Thor. What do you guys think?

Archangel on Aug 17, 2008


The watchmen. The preview is Awesome!

Archangel on Aug 17, 2008


Man all I kno is hulk was AWSOME and theay BETTER end up some whare down the way with a WORLD WAR HULK Movie that would be da best movie also I kno it probably won't happen but a marvel zombie movie would be tight seeing it was one of there best selling comic series in a while any one agree wit me on dat?

daboss on Oct 12, 2008


X-Men Origins: Wolverine preview is amazing, will be awesome with Gambit, Deadpool, Maverick, Blob, etc. The Avengers better not be animated, that would suck. I doubt it will be because The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man both end leading to the Avengers chapter. Punisher War Zone looks cool, glad they're involving Jigsaw... not sure why Marvel is making sequels that are not even sequels though... Captain America, hopefully they make it what it should be and don't cheese it up. Thor would be a DOOOPE movie with Odin and Loki, etc... anticipation! Nick Fury... meh... not looking too forward to that one... sounds like it will be a political movie. Ant Man???? Like WTF??? Why??? Doctor Strange... uhhhhh, aslong as it's more entertaining than the original movie. LOL

Los Tha Don on Oct 12, 2008


the best person for the thor job is the guy from the 13th warrior and the better guy for the nick fury has a color change to suit the story i can see todays pic in the theaters now I'm nick fury mother &*^%$# do you understand that lmao

kelly miller on Oct 22, 2008


Vladimir Kulich was the name of the leader in the 13th Warrior. Amen to that. He would play a good Thor. Karl Urban is ok, but Vladimir suits the spot perfect. Van Damme as Gambit, come on, get real. They need someone with a better physique. Van Damme is too bulky. Besides, he's just not right for it. Actually, any Marvel movie would be nice, even if the hero was not as popular. It would be a test on how it is made.

Jim on Oct 30, 2008


spiderman should be added to the avengers....he would make a good addition to the older characters. and his fan base alone will boost up the avenger movie alone esp. if he's switching from black suit to read suit

Mario on Dec 22, 2008


i love marvel movies specially wolverine,portrayed by my huge idol hugh jackman....

jerome eser on May 16, 2009


i want to see a new swampthing movie i remember the movies and cartoons and i found them to be fun to watch .

petey pablo on Jan 8, 2010

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