Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp Bringing District 9

November 2, 2007
Source: Variety

Mention of Neill Blomkamp elicits hopes of a Halo movie but unfortunately that won't be happening for quite some time. In the meantime, Peter Jackson will be produce, with Neill Blomkamp at the helm, a film titled District 9, a live-action sci-fi project. Blomkamp wrote the script with partner Terri Tatchell and will start filming this spring in South Africa. Jackson's Weta Workshop is fully standing by ready to provide the visual effects for the film as well.

Plot details will be revealed later and all that's known at the moment is the title and basic genre. Jackson has been incredibly confident in Neill Blomkamp all along, and even goes on to comment openly about him.

"For the last year, my team and I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Neill," Jackson said. "He has a passion and a command of the language of cinema that will result in 'District 9' fascinating people all over the world."

I just have a feeling that this could turn out incredible. A lot of it hinges on the fantastic set of short videos Neill created for advertising Halo 3 in September. Watch those and just imagine what a full-fledged sci-fi film would be like with the same style of action and intensity.

What it seems that they (being Peter, Microsoft, and everyone else involved on the Halo project) are trying to do is really get an entire movie under Neill's belt that comes out, makes money, starts a following, and proves his directing abilities, before they go back to seeking funding for the Halo movie. It's a great idea, it just means that the Halo project will continue to be on hold for quite a while. However, if the result is something truly great, then that will mean Neill has an even better starting point for Halo.

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Cool! Well, I've got a comment alright. First of all, lemme tell you that I'm a huge Halo fan. HUGE enough to visit HBO almost everyday. But even after being such a big fan, to me the Halo 3 "Combat" action shorts were *only* good. Non-Halo people will find them even more bland and unexciting. Where's the excitement like in 300? I understand that production costs were kept to a minimum. But I'm not sold yet. Halo should be somthing like Saving Private Ryan, T2, 300 or LOTR. I wasn't all excited by infra-red shots, even if they're used in real wars. The Starry Night ad was AWESOME. THAT is what District 9 should be like. BOTTOM LINE: Make it so that non-Halo guys will LOVE it as much as we love the Halo!

Addy on Nov 2, 2007


I find this very suspicious. Just acouple of days ago there was an srticle saying the halo movie was till alive and now this one about a movie by neil and Pj. No real details on this film have beed relesed. So my thought is District 9 is just a code name for the halo movie. Most likely wishful thinking. But you never know.

David on Nov 2, 2007


Jackson, let the damn movie die already, Halo was good idea but the copy of Aliens isn't going to hold up. And just because you're producing doesn't mean a darn thing, no one in there right mind would give a no name a chance to direct a multi-million dollar project. And I don't blame 'em.

Jin Won on Nov 2, 2007


all i can say is that Jin Won is blind and clearly has no creativity

jon graham on Nov 22, 2007


well, I would say don't get your hopes up for 'District 9' to be a cover up for Halo. I am a big Halo fan and would love to see the movie being made. It is suspicious that Blomkamp and Jackson are working together on a live-action SCI-FI movie set in SOUTH AFRICA, but don't be mad if it's not Halo. For all we know, they are just giving Blomkamp a chance to direct a sci-fi movie just to see how he plays it out, so they can guess how he would make a Halo movie. all we can do is wait until 'District 9' gets released. also, why are people so critical of people on forums? Jim Won is wrong in my opinion, but that is no reason to be so critical jon graham.

Brennan on Feb 9, 2008


AUGUST 14th, 2009 is the (as-of-now) release date of District 9. There is already a viral campaign up and running, advertising first started at Comicon in CA. about a year or so ago. I along with others am seeking to learn more about this well-kept-secret film. It is rather hard, considering that the viral campaign probably has hidden information about the movie in it, we just...can't seem to crack the code they have on If you do not understand any of what I say.....Go to: Rotten Tomatoes (film website) and click on forums in the upper right...scroll down the forum page to UPCOMING MOVIES or something like that, click on that forum/thread...and scroll down page 1 and maybe 2...youll then find a thread called "Distirct 9 (Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp)" Read what I have posted there. This is a very confusing film...mystery surrounds both it and its short "preview trailer" called Alive in Joburg (youtube it). We have CRACKED the alien language (the alphabet) and have a couple links to a translation scattered around different 'websites' that we and MNU have set up. MNU, and Math from Outer Space are the three confirmed 'websites' that the head honchoes have set up for this film....more are expected....possibly up to a total of 5. Most movies that do viral campaigns only use something big is up with this film....its gonna be a HUGE, abosolutely HUGE hit. I await the realease date, however they are confusing us, bc viral campaign websites are advertising disguised as real looking websites....and there is a clock on MNU, it is counting down days, hours, min and seconds. We are confused b/c when it hits 00:00:00:00 That will be way past august 14th, again, we do not know anything for sure, even though official film info websites are saying it is august 14th, 2009. Good luck, Email me if you want more info on whats going on

Jim H on Mar 12, 2009


In response to post by Brennan: Why not have a movie about crime, divide and inequality, featuring expansive slums set in South Africa? I am South African, from Johannesburg actually, and I couldn't think of a better place given the country's histyory of apartheid, and the present class divide, violent crime and racial conflict. Film costs would be low as well.

gromiit on May 4, 2009


damnit Jim H, the thread on Rotten Tomatoes was on page 4. it took me 30 minutes to find it. i was looking on pgs. 1&2 for a long ass time. LOL at myself. i'm a dumbass

Enzo on May 22, 2009


There are some cool new photos of the aliens on the QED International Facebook page...they're the production company.

Tophy Verdugo on Jul 18, 2009

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