Pirates 3 Is Going to be Epic - New Trailer Details!!

March 13, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Out at ShoWest in Las Vegas I walked inside of the opening ceremony presentation the moment before the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 began, just perfectly in time. It was an experience to behold, as the screen was as large as the entire Broadway stage it was on and the projector was the most beautiful, brilliant picture I've ever seen (and I mean ever). Without further ado, here are a few details from the new trailer that I remember.

Update: The trailer has launched and you can watch it here!!

» Right in the middle of a fight on a ship, Orlando Bloom asks Keira Knightley "will you marry me?" upon which she replies about why he was asking now (in the middle of fighting).

» One of the final epic battles, as seen in the trailer, revolves (literally) around a huge whirlpool that forms in the middle of an ocean, where two ships, Davy Jones vs Johnny Depp, fight as they spin around. Tons of action scenes involving this.

» An awesome sword fight where three people, including Keira Knightley, are standing on a deck and people underneath them throw swords up through the slots and they catch them and start fighting.

» An awesome fight scene where Johnny Depp and Davy Jones are sword fighting one-on-one on the edge of a ship. This one is going to be amazing in the final film.

» Tia Dalma and Geoffrey Rush (aka Barbossa) are fairly prominent in the trailer, so it's no longer a plot reveal when Captain Barbossa appears in the trailer.

My response from the whole thing - Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is going to be EPIC. If you thought the $1 billion box office earnings last year were big, just wait until this May, when we've got Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, and Pirates 3 all in one month. I can tell you this is going to be one intense battle. It's going to be Tobey Maquire one-on-one sword fighting Johnny Depp instead.

Everything in this trailer was just exciting and astounding. I was way more excited watching this trailer than watching the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2. There were a lot more scenes within it, as it was a full 2 and a half minute trailer that will be fully unveiled early next week. However, I can confidently say that there are no worries for Disney - Pirates 3 is going to be an epic movie and have an epic opening. And this trailer will get you more excited than you've ever been.

The new trailer has debuted - you can watch it here.

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Speaking of Spidey, I found this new pic of Venom webbing Spidey around the neck. Best Venom pic yet but still not clear. Here's the link:

Stephen on Mar 13, 2007


Thanks for the details! I can't wait to watch the trailer!

Jess on Mar 13, 2007


Even though I thought Pirates 2 was crappy, I still anticipate this film, mainly to see the visual flares.

Mike on Mar 13, 2007


Can't wait!

Nick on Mar 13, 2007


i can't wait for the 3rd one coz sexy jack is back! Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2 are both outstanding its my fave film and i am just so excited for the 3rd one!! Johnny Deoo makes it a great film it is amazing i love him

Stacey on Mar 14, 2007


OMG I cannot wait to see whats goin to happin in pirates 3 and as for me i cant wait to see that throb orlando bloom . YUM

Mary on Mar 14, 2007


I saw this today -you're completely right - this trailer was way better than the one for Pirates 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catriona on Mar 20, 2007


I doubt that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 will be a great film and as good as the first one. I think it will either be a good film with good action and entertainment, and equal to Dead Man's chest and probably better. But I think it's possible this one will be a disappoint, and a lot worse than the first and maybe even the second. I think this will just be like Matrix Revolutions, I've seen that trailer and I don't think it's very convincing because the film just looks boring, pointless and repetitive, half the trailer showed the characters standing on some small worthless boring low budget beach, that looks like it was shot on the coast of Wales or something. The climatic battle looks very diappointing because all it will be is an army of ships between the Pirates and the East India Trading Company going into battle, blasting the hell out of each other, many get destroyed in the electric storm and a few pointless sword fights, that's it! Sword fighting has been done to death in films now, thanks to films like Star Wars, and the climatic battle will be no better than the opening space battle in Star Wars 3. The dialogue sounds very clunky and corny to me, the speical effects will be impressive, the acting will be ok, Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush will probably give the best performances again. It looks like there's nothing new in this film except a lot more Pirates including the Asian ones, but that's it, no more new visually stunning villians like Davy Jones. This is how it will end, Davy Jones kills Will, Will's father sacrifices himself to kill Davy Jones, Norrington and Butler will be killed, possibly Elizabeth's father too. All the villians are defeated, Will is brought back to life, marries Liz, they live in a mansion, Jack and Barbossa get a new crew and set off to the horizon.

Alistair on Mar 26, 2007


By the way I forgot to mention: As you knpw the title is called At World's End ambigiously because World's End is where the crew must sail to find Jack in Davy Jones's locker and because the world is ending for Pirates. But you do know this is Davy Jones's locker at World's end: a frozen ocean with icebergs, that leads to a giant waterfall, and beyond that is a small crummy shithole little beach where they find Sparrow's corpse- what the fuck? This would have been better: a frozen ocean that leads to a eletric storm in a whirl pool that transports the ship through a mist of fog that makes the ship float in the air and down the giant waterfall to safety that leads to a small rock island or something like that

Alistair on Mar 26, 2007


Actually that's another thing, I'm also getting a huge impression that this film will fall flat on orginality as the plot with the East India trading company attempting to bring Piracy to extinction seems to be similar with the shite X-men: The last Stand with the X-men's last stand against the brotherhood and humanity. I think At World's End will end up like X-men 3- crap, corny and appauling compared to the first two, with the Pirates making their LAST STAND for existence with the Trading company will be the same as the boring last stand in X-men 3. Even in the trailer, Lord Bucklet, or whatever his name is says something like: "they know they're facing extinction, they're only hope is to make their FINAL STAND" Rip Off!!!!!

Alistair on Mar 28, 2007


i can't wait for potc 3 !!!! i am so excited, what can be better than seeing orlando AND johnney in the same movie!!!!

elizabeth on Apr 1, 2007


hey mary i totally agree with u my hero is orlando, he is such a sexy beast!!!!!!!!!!!

elizabeth on Apr 1, 2007


i cant wait 1 more month i keep watching the 1st and 2nd movie over and over x3 orlando is such a stud raaaaaaaaaaarrr!!!!!!!!

elizabeth on Apr 10, 2007


The Countdown has begun, the gathering of "Pirates" fans is growing larger and larger by the day. And on May 25th we shall set sail "At Worlds End" This gathering shall be one of the largest in cinema history. Set a date, set a time, so you don't have to wait to long in line. I'll try to get my tickets early, but if I have to I'd stand and wait in line for Pirates 3. I think I'll try to see Pirates 3 at least ten times, well maybe not that many, but then again why not? It's a Pirates Life For Me, now Bring Me that Horizon (May 25th)!!!

Larry King on May 9, 2007


well my friend really can't decide who she likes betta so well just say she loves johhny and orlando!!!! lol

elizabeth on May 10, 2007


PIRATES 3 is going to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy on May 13, 2007


Can't wait for "At Worlds End" to hit the theaters. This is one movie that the whole family can enjoy together. "It's a Pirates Life For Me"

Kelly on May 13, 2007

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