Prince of Persia Movies Finally Moving Along for 2008

February 22, 2007

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Another video game series is being eyed for a film adaptation franchise, this time the Prince of Persia games from Ubisoft. The game has taken off in recent years with at least 3 recent sequels and become a huge hit for Ubisoft. The series has been in discussion for a while with Disney, since Hollywood mogul Jerry Bruckheimer bought the rights in 2004. The Jim Hill Media blog talked about it briefly, stating that "in theory [Prince of Persia] will be Disney's big action-adventure release for the Summer of 2008." Which afterwards "could then lead to a new hit series of movies for the studio."

Although nothing is officially confirmed for a 2008 release, it does sound like the project is moving along and they're waiting to use the Prince of Persia series as the new successor to Pirates of the Caribbean (unofficially ending this year on May 25th). FilmJunk has some interesting commentary as well, with quotes from an executive producer stating that they don't want to copy a single game, but rather use the general concept to create a "world" in which new stories will be set.

I personally love the games and I think that in Bruckheimer's hands this could be brilliant. It's a very rich world, like Pirates of the Caribbean, and could end up being just as immersive and just as entertaining. Anyone else getting just a bit more excited for this?

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I love the games and I think they can make some good movies with the story. I all want is for them not to be garbage.

Stephen on Feb 22, 2007


For whatever it's worth, Pirates of the Caribbean isn't "concluding" this summer. The fourth film is already in pre-production, and there are two more being planned after that. That's right, there is an entire second trilogy planned.

Jeff on Feb 23, 2007


The only way that this will be a good film is if Disney releases it through one of its subsidiary Studios. PoP is a very violent and bloody game and that is what makes it frikkin awesome. If this film is released with anything less than an R rating, it will do no justice to the PoP name....

Aaron on Feb 23, 2007


As long as Jerry doesnt stray 2 far from the game storyline i rekon it will be a decent film- cos it was the storyline that made them all good games, as well as everythin else

Joe bloggs on Feb 26, 2007


Yes! I am so excited Jerry is producing this. When I first heard about it I thought "Oh boy! (sarcastic) Uwe Boll is going to destroy another video game franchise for me!" (Yeah, I said it! You wanna box me too, Uwe?) Everything Jerry touches turns to gold- so I'm very excited to see how this movie plays out. As for the role: I'd say maybe Gael Garcia Bernal? I think he'd be badass, especially with the accent.

Poochie on Mar 3, 2007


PoP Is a bloody and violent game (as someone already said i believe), If Disney DOES start this prodject my concern would be that it would end up being something parents take thier 6-11 year old kids too, Pop the movie would HAVE to be a 12 or 15. otherwise it just isn't PoP anymore.

Jay on Mar 27, 2007


Warrior Within is a pretty violent game, but Sands of Time was not. Sands of Time was an Arabian Nights-style fun swashbuckler. The violence was much lower, although I felt that that made it more enjoyable. As long as they preserve the dynamic between the Prince and Farah, I'll be happy. That said, I expect them to follow the "badass" Warrior Within Prince, rather than the charming yet inexperienced Sands of Time Prince, or the more conflicted Two Thrones Prince. Although, if they ever use the Dark Prince, I hope they use the voice actor from the game - he was completely untrustworthy right from the start, but engaging nonetheless.

Andrew on Mar 30, 2007


2 me..Prince of persia is one of the best!! game i ever played in my life.. im so into the game....i just cant wait 4 the movie 2 come out!!!... i wish prince of persia is real life...the game is so real!.i just wana be in the game.. respect the person started this game!!

brandon Gomez on Apr 3, 2007


There's a Prince of Persia movie site,

Paul on Apr 24, 2007


I loved the video game series... I mean totally.. I think that for the role of Prince would best suit Viggo Mortensen....on lotr known as Aragorn...

Total prince of persia fan on Apr 25, 2007


prince of persia is one of the greatest things achieved in life!!! a disaster will occur if a movie is made, there'll be no film that could ever defeat it!!!! who ever aint a fan, then i say they aint human!

Joshim ali on May 1, 2007


... i like the prince and the chacha

tanvir ahmed on May 1, 2007


I wonder if this will bode well with Iran.. or will it improve relations? Remember 300?

Just a though on May 18, 2007


I´m really, really, really, really concern about the hole project with Jerry and Disney! I´m a total fan of the Prince but this idea with Disney make me doubt, i mean Disney aren´t allowed to show all the violence the "Prince Of Persia" requires. Without the blood, the cut-off-heads, the fights....Then they´ve turned the hole concept into a 9 - 11 year old baby movie, for kids that like swords or something. We Prince fans would like to se some action, not this "Pirate Of The Caribbean - non violence/comedy"!!! PRINCE OF PERSIA IS A VIOLENT GAME!! DO NOT CHANGE THAT BY TURNNG IT TO A BABY MOVIE.....PLEASE!! ONE OF MY PURPUSES IN LIFE IS TO WACTH THIS MOVIE, AND SO IS YOURS!!!!!!

Prince fan, but sceptical on May 24, 2007


YEAH, finally a Prince of Persia Movie, this could work out great If they make it big, and with big i mean bigggg because a storyline like this has to be huge. They will have to spend alot of time and money in it if they want this to work, just think about Persia with all the Buildings and temples and gardens, and not to forget the moves of the prince: The basicform of his moves can be Parkour, they can ask David Belle as stunt man or someone else and to fill up the movement they can use computer animated scenes like in the matrix ( revolution, not the first part because there some scenes looked like plastic :P). There has to be at least 2 chase scenes, and please don't make it like the movie 300 ( there was so much blood flying in the air but in the shots where u could see the ground you'll notice that the ground is as clean as new kitchen floor) and another thing that was anoying was the storyline in 300 that was told to fast between the battles, Prince of persia has to be more like the pirates of the caribbean movies. And with a movie like Prince of persia the succes lies in the details! (But not to much details otherwise we´ll and up with a thing i called the Stephen-King-Syndrom). So thats it!!!! 😛

Rayen on May 25, 2007


A Prince Of Persia Movie would rock i mean i have only played rival swords sands of time and two thrones but i think its true what people are saying i kinda doubt disney will make it any good Cause come on i mean disney is like cinderella snow white pirates but not even pirates and any viiolence and the games ofr PoP has Alot i mean Alot and disney is gonna turn it we need someone like universal studios them the people who made jurassic park that would rock thats about it

Alex on Jun 6, 2007


Prince of persia IS one of the greatest platformer/ adventure games ever made. I think they should take a realistic approach to the way the prince moved though the levels of the game. All the acrobatics made the game greatly enjoyable. So to make the movie extremely exciting they should get David Belle to either do the stunts or star as the prince. If you don't know who he is look him up. He was in the movie District B13 and is one of the founders of Parkour or free running. YouTube him now and be amazed at what this guy can do. Just forgive the fact that he's french. CHECK EM OUT!

Tavares on Jun 14, 2007


It’s weird because I only played the two thrones and told all my friends that they should make a movie. I really want to see a pop trilogy; however I don’t want to see another Disney animation so watered down that the colours have run. Disney could get away with pirates of the Caribbean because it is filled with comic violence and lots of gags. Pop requires blood and is very serious; I don’t doubt Disney’s ability to provide a good story because Disney is all about adventure. However I do think they should be able to get the mix right if they can get a blend of 300 action and pirates of the Caribbean adventure. i would just like to say to the makers of the movie if your going to do this you really have to do it well. P.S Anyone think Devil may cry could make a good movie or trilogy??

Julian on Jun 15, 2007


this is really great!having a video game as a movie.i've played the game and checked out the movie poster,its really cool!hope its released earlier in singapore! chow

lingesh_POP_ FAN on Jun 20, 2007


AS some-one already said the first game is more of a good storyline then the blood and guts routine, While the warrior within is more bloody because well it was made that way. I personally like the third game best because of the struggle between the Prince and Dark Prince. that movie will be great specifically because by the time they start making it the special effects will be at least a little bit better making the transformation sences and the dark prince look awesome. I don't think that the movies need to be all blood and brutal killing. While action makes the games stand out the most, in the movie business a great storyline is the best. In the games the storyline is always there just hidden behind the action mostly only to those who rather just see death over and over again. And i guess they would just be happy going to the movies to see someone get their head chopped off over and ovver again. in which case you have a poor taste in movies. the first movie should only be rated PG-13 and have a little more violence then most of the pirates of the Caribbean movies all together. While the second movie needs blood to make it the same as the game I doubt that DISNEY is going to make like a R++ movie with killing and the F words every other sentence. Like i said before the third will be the best because of its story and the dark prince. AANNND if for some reason they didnt have an actor play him they should at least have the same person to the voice either way because i think he did the best job and no-one else could do better. also one idea for the prince is a guy named David zandi who i saw on he looks a bit like him so thats it. I say that a movie with more killing then a good story line will destroy the chance to make a great movie off of a great game.

Harkett on Jun 23, 2007


I think if disney adopt the project like "A movie for all public", PoP franchise will be trash. Because will be funny, i dont like a prince buffon, i like the prince of Two Thrones with all intern conflicts. Gael Garcia could be a young prince, is a good option, for a mature prince Jhony Deep, is a option, he play serious role in other movies also the prince in two thrones is not a "hero", is a anti hero, because only worries about itself. I think other actor but his name dont remember.

Rafael on Jun 24, 2007


can enybody tell me how a internet game that nobody has herd of poserbll tern into a movie i mean how y

invaderzimja on Jun 25, 2007


can sum1 anser me soon plz geting sick of w8ing

invaderzimja on Jun 25, 2007


i have played all 3 games of the prince, i got all life upgrades in all 3, and as i see, know one has talked of the dahaka! i mean that guy was really somethingin the game! the screen gets al bronzed up and u have to out run him. i mean how would HE look like in the movie ,aye? probably all dark, hazy and mysterious plus spooky as hell! and of course prince 2 had 2 endings, one proper and one a Second Side. Plus is it just me or when u look at the cover of prince 2 do u see a little hugh jackman as van helsing in the prince? i know i do and he's the most probable choice what with his way to act out anything: comedy, horror anything.

oskar m on Jun 26, 2007


ok, forget hugh jackman, i must have been drunk that day. anyway i have seen on other sites that there is allready a (part 1 ) script showing the prince's name! his NAME! the prince should be and always be NAMELESS!!! plus, farrah is now some other chick! Bruckheimer and micheal are allready straying from the real game!!!!!!!!!!! and in this said script it seems the prince has a couple of brothers too! 2 are twins and one is an asshole i believe! he tricks the prince into giving dear old dad a cursed robe that kills the king instantly. y he did this u ask, cause' it seems the Prince is the youngest and most loved son of king sarruhman and the brother is sick and tired of it go to google and check out prince of persia movie script. hopefully u'll find it!

oskar m on Jun 26, 2007


no!!! not disney, *cries on his keyboard* ;(

gabe on Jul 1, 2007


I really want to play a roll in this movie Because i really look like the first Prince of Persia game (Sand of Time) How i dont know ??? Anybody can help me out ???

Ameano on Jul 5, 2007


i hope that prince pf persia comes out soon

Leo J on Jul 6, 2007


Only one man would be fit enuf to be the prince of persia mr. john abraham (bollywood hottie) he got the body, he got the looks and he is half irani!! JOHN ABRAHAM FOR PRINCE OF PERSIA!

jasmin on Jul 9, 2007



PERSIAN_MILAD on Jul 11, 2007


I think Zarif K. Sadiqi would be perfect for the prince--he tottaly has the look and is a great aspiring actor, as his Persian teacher I have seen so much talent in this young man. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

Samiena on Jul 21, 2007


i wont to no how the prince of persia game started out as a rubbish game on the net that nobody had herd of and now its going to b a movie like how dus that work out sum1 anser me soon

invaderzimja on Jul 23, 2007


I think when they make the movie they should use the games story cuz that is how the veiwers like if not then there is no point og making the movie since every one wants to see game come to life and I would love to see that happen in walt disney so ppleassee don't change the story !

Awan on Jul 23, 2007



SUNIL on Aug 6, 2007


I think wee need to take a deep breath and calm down.Prince of Persia The Movie is something really amazing because of the game but I doubt that it will be as great.Can anyone tell me a great game turned into a great movie?(doom 3 game good-movie mediocre,tomb raider good game-movie mediocre,resident evil ,mortal kombat,Bloodrayne-well its because of that idiot Uwe boll,Where are the natzis?). Each director wants to add something new to the movie and they do it by ruining the movie.It would be wonderfull to see the prince,Pharah and the sands of time unlocked,the wars,turning back time IT IS GREAT.But until now there is no director that has made a game base movie better then the game and I don't see that changing anytime soon.So I thing that we should be skeptical about the movie. If It turns out to be great then great be lets not be to excited just to be disappointed.It may be a good movie but i doubt it will grasp the whole POP world.And I am a huge POP fan. If the movie is bad then it's our jobs to tell people that PoP its not like that (eragon sucked-the movie of course,the book is briliant) and I am not to happy about the possibility of a WRONG Image about the prince.(not all have played the game but will see the movie). And I cant bet anything that the prince will have a name in the movie.Best we prayed for Another POP game.THAT will rock for sure.

i_am_me_Killer on Aug 16, 2007


i loved the game and think if they brin out a movie it will be the best thing for prince of persia freeks i thing STEVEN STRAIT will be the best for that roll of the prince

sandra on Aug 20, 2007


I agree with ?44. The problem is in the attitude to the film. If they want to make a really great film (and the word "great" doesn't mean "mmm... very very expensive", "glamour" or other sheet...) they have to feel the game inside themselves... in their hearts, to fill the fillings of the main characters vicariously, to live through the game. Its hard for me to express it in english. I worry about the film, really... The real fans of the game WILL NOT FORGIVE the mean attutude to the film. So film-makers have to be really film-makers, not mean money-makers like others who search for a fast easy profit and who spat in the faces of fans. But I hope that Jordan Mechner and Jerry Bruckheimer are really brilliant professionals. (sorry for bad english).

kdm on Aug 23, 2007


I agree with ?44. The problem is in the attitude to the film. If they want to make a really great film (and the word "great" doesn't mean "mmm... very very expensive", "glamour" or other sheet...) they have to feel the game inside themselves... in their hearts, to fill the fillings of the main characters vicariously, to live through the game. Its hard for me to express it in english. I worry about the film, really... The real fans of the game WILL NOT FORGIVE the mean attutude to the film. So film-makers have to be really film-makers, not mean money-makers like others who search for a fast easy profit and who spat in the faces of fans. But I hope that Jordan Mechner and Jerry Bruckheimer are really brilliant professionals. (sorry for bad english).

kdm on Aug 23, 2007


I agree with you 46 but keep in mind We have a love for this game and they have a love for movies these two directors Have director one good movie pirates of the Caribbean so I think the movie of prince of Persia will be a good thing for al fans And it will keep the legend on and on So is say go and make us proud

Sandra on Aug 23, 2007


i dont think that they are going to make it a real persian movie... i think that the actors will talk in arabic not persian if there is a scene where they talk in their language because in POP2 they played a song while fighting and in the song there were arabic words and not even one single persian word

ali on Sep 1, 2007


By the way i just finished pop rival swords that is why I want the movie to GOOD.

pop/ on Sep 1, 2007


anyway it will be an' american movie and ofc actors will talk in english, i can't wait for that movie... PoP its my favourite game and want to see the movie, and if the story its like in the game! 🙂

eo' on Sep 7, 2007


How about Orlando Bloom to play the prince. Picture the cover of PoP:Sands of time PS2 game, his a dead ringer. Im sure he can do the accent and the tan.

Marlon on Sep 11, 2007


But He can't do the body!

me_Killer on Sep 23, 2007


I think this Film has great potential, but in my opinion video game movies dont do that good ( for example Mortal Combat 1- 2). But you never know it could make a good movie. The story line in prince of persia sands of time is not that detailed, and everything is just random during the game. But it might make a good movie, i think Fable would make the best movie though because there is so much story line to pick from, but that is also the problem. And oh yah, no way in hell is Orlando bloom playing the prince, infact if he does i personally will not see the movie because of that. # 123 17 543

Zack Rossier on Sep 24, 2007


POP is my favorite video game EVER and I've been waiting forever for a movie to come out, and I think it would be KICK long as Disney doesn't make it - they HAVE to keep the blood and gore of the 2nd game (and the Godsmack music) ps: also a big Halo fan and there seems to be a Halo movie in progress check it out at

Brian(BBB) on Sep 29, 2007


well i really think this movie is going to be great,,, i love all the games.. ive played all of them. well looking foward to it.

Michael on Oct 1, 2007


to comment 27 Harkett i'm not saying that the pop movies should be a bloody and gorey mess i'm just saying that in the games the prince is very athletic with movements simular to that of a free runner, if disney did not re-create this athletic ability it would be criminal. not to mention the fact that even in the game boy days the prince was running and jumping like no other character. they realy should look into getting somone who does free running or la paqwah "however you spell it" to if not play the part than do the action sequences. i hope the dont do a jet li style kung fu because that is getting old now. in terms of the story line i am confident that Disney will be able to deliver, my only worry is the action. this isnt your typical sword fighting swash buckling type of action this fim requires far more. I want this triligy to be one of the best of all time up with lord of the rings

Julian on Oct 3, 2007


Honestly, I'm dead excited about this. I mean I've played all 3 games like most of you here have and I was a bit sad when I heard that they weren't going to make another game of it. But I guess the story had to end somewhere and they couldn't have choosen a better time/place. Pirates of the Caribbean movies were good, all of them. I'm sure (hoping) that this'll turn out to be just as good or even better seeing as it's going to be set in exotic (fantasy) Arabian places.

Alb on Oct 4, 2007


Ciao!I am from Croatia and I must say that this is my favorite game and i hope that film will be perfect...dont bloow it!And as you can see my english is bad,sory 🙂

NIKOLA on Oct 12, 2007


Just as i said:A new P.O.P. game,starts in 2008,a new trilogy.Prince of Persia 4 to the world(the action happens before the original trilogy,as i heard).Sorry mates..'bout I don't care anymore about a possible got movie when I can play P.O.P...

Nicolae Andrei on Oct 15, 2007


All they have to do is follow the brilliant story line of the game and they cannot fail. But no, instead they want to "use the general concept to create a "world" in which new stories will be set". Just follow the bloody storyline the games have already laid out because, guess what? All 3 games tell great stories, especially the first, and they all tie in together. Or they can completely screw it up. It's their money.

James on Oct 26, 2007


OMGSH WHEN IS THE PRINCE OF PERSIA GONN COME OUT MAN I AM GETTING ANOYED and I THINK THEY SHOULD CHOOSE JOHN ABRHAM HE ISSSS LIKKKEEE SOO PREFECT FOR THE MOVIE NO AMERICAN POLAY THIS PART I BET U that no even the guy from chronicles of ridick or wat ever or the guy with his pic posted above in this comment section they should make it an animation MAN or CHOOSSEE JOHN ABRHAM and the girl should be middlle eastern !

HELLO on Nov 1, 2007


I think the girl in the movie should be Penolipe Cruz or Kiera knigthley It needs to be a soft feminine girl as I said in 45 STEVEN STRAIT Must play the roll of the prince

Sandra on Nov 1, 2007


the games were good but it is realy hard to turn a good game like the prince series into a good movie. but i'll have to see when it gets here.

devin on Nov 8, 2007


All of u guys (and girls) saying u will not see the movie because of disney: SHUT UP!!!! u know full well u will still watch it!!!!!! And also Disney does not have to be a nice fluffy bunny type of ....... thing!!! if the right type of disney whatever comes along it could still be dark enough, and check out the fish guys in pirates 2 and 3! they were dark!!!.....enough!!!!! My biggest worry( and it should be your worry as well) is the area! i mean where will they find all these temple type places, Of course most of the movie Will be green screen but still! the whole movie can't be all green!!!

oskar m on Nov 17, 2007


To be honest Oskar m 300 was made only on green screen So why not if they need to get is to look like the game I will vote Green screen I mean 300 was a good movie no fantastic movie And it looks so real So I can’t wait for the movie

Sandra on Nov 18, 2007


F all of you no Mexican will play a Persian over my dead body specially not a ugly retard like Penelope Cruz who can't even speak English. As for the prince i think Edward Norton should play as him if you have ever seen the movie The Illusionist you'll know what I'm talking about. Kate Beckinsale should play as farah

doppie on Nov 30, 2007


NICE i cant wait for the movie And btw John abraham is perfect for the prince character

DJSTYLE on Dec 7, 2007


i have seen the script review of the upcoming movie Prince of Persia: Sands of time.... how is it that the prince has a name? i mean i have played all prince of persia games but i never encountered a name for the prince. the prince being nameless kept me wondering playing the game. it added to its mystery. plus, the script review presented that prince had brothers? or his uncle's brothers... nevertheless, the prince is the prince and the only rival of the prince for the throne is the vizier and his alter ego from the sands of time to the two thrones... the movie script is going outside the game's original storyline... hope that doesn't become the movie script... i'd like to see the dahaka as well as the griffin in the movie too. those creatures are way off the hook^__^

POP on Dec 12, 2007


Prince of Persia is my best friends and mines life we have beat them all.. and we shed a few tears when we defeated the last one...we have always said that it would make a great movie with the radd fighting adn blood and the love story however a movie can be ruined with bad casting the Prince can not be just some guy he must look Persian be dark and mysterious and also be lean and brood...if this can be made possible if there is a man out there like this please be prince and call me :0

Miss Fletcher on Dec 31, 2007


I am a boy from iran (persia) I am a look like prince of persia. please use face of prince of persia 1 & 2 thanks .

mohsen on Jan 14, 2008


I like prince of persia video game very much, that's why i dont wanna be disappointed. Please Disney do your best and rock the world by such film. I think u should use Orlando Bloom to be the Prince, he is quite fit with the figure. for Farah.... you should find appropriate actress. Good lucj for your film....we are looking forward to see the movie. (Prince of persia mania).

Sir Jose on Feb 26, 2008


You want he perfect prince? Orlando Bloom. Enough said.

Brandon on Feb 27, 2008


John Abraham is a pretty good fit I think, and he looks authentically Persian. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from X-Men) looks suprisingly like the prince from the game. Eric Bana is a personal favorite and I liked him in Troy. As for Orlando Bloom, I like him too but he is way too feminine for such a role as PoP. My vote goes for either Abraham, Jackman, or Bana. What do you guys think? John Abraham: Hugh Jackman: Eric Bana: The Prince:

Dariush on Apr 9, 2008


Hmmm Dariush, I think this guy is perfect choice - I found it on the comments to "Production Photos" above and I checked his site - and I have to say - what a face (and body too :))))!!! Never saw him before, don't know where is he from? Also for the first time I had chance to see how these costumes should really look - awesome, especially for The Two Thrones! What do you think? Ninnah

Ninah on Apr 22, 2008


ah prince of persia... the trilogy i was born to play and see. all i ask of the people making this movie is to keep the story environments and people the exact same.... dont change a thing! unless its better 🙂

Skyhawk0221 on May 18, 2008


Ok, I today recieved an email from ubisoft{I am subscribed to their website} And in that, they sent a video link in which the first concept drawings for the new prince of persia is shown. well they have also given that this game is to be released in 2008, but I don't know when. 🙁 But I can't wait for it to get released, wow will be great. 🙂

Kashish on May 28, 2008


the movie is gonna be awsome + prince of persia 4 (no title yet) (game) is comming out after the movie... the movie hit is gonna be all 3 the 4rth (no title yet) one is diffrent the original prince's story is ended on the 3rth game a new prince is gonna take over his place but i dont think its gonna be better then the original prince the prince is gonna be played by (Jake Gyllenhaal) the first 3 movies (Sands of time) (warrior within) (the two thrones) the 4rth movie is not announced 🙁 the product is now filming 🙂 (sands of time) and is gonna be out in; USA 16 June 2009 Egypt 17 June 2009 Russia 18 June 2009 France 24 June 2009 Belgium 1 July 2009 Netherlands 2 July 2009 Germany 30 July 2009 UK 7 August 2009 the movie is !now! filming in morocco and england... and as u know controlling the sands of time makes the movie hot...

buny2 on Jul 12, 2008


I have to say i'm happy that they are finally moving on with it. i always thought the prince was suposto be relativly young like mid to late twenties early thirties max.because of this i thought Jackman and Banner were too old but i do like them both. Upon making these films i realy do hope that they remeber this is an aribic tale, because i know Hollywood have a tendancy to forget that when picking the people for the part. i'm not saying they should only get arabic looking people, but they should portray this. I think Mel Gibson did this well in the passion of the christ. Having said that the choice of prince is ok if it is Jake Gyllenhaal, not what i exspected but nothing is ever what you exspect. exspecially with somthing so eppic.

Julian on Jul 23, 2008


First I like to say that I am very happy and excited about this movie, and I hope they will do their best in it. Second, I like to mention that the movie is about Prince of Persia, and Persians are not Arab. If you look at their history they have totally different culture, history, looks and language. So I hope they will not confuse that. Third, I was very disappointed when I saw there are not shooting any films in Iran (Persia) which the movie is all about. I wonder why???

Ameanoz on Jul 24, 2008


pls. do not change the story or you will wreck it for the Prince of Persia Fans I finished all the games so dont dissapoint... im waiting for a successful movie

Cheno on Oct 18, 2008

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