Rant: Will Smith's Hancock Teaser Trailer

December 18, 2007
Source: JoBlo

Hancock Teaser Trailer

Below is a teaser trailer for Will Smith's new superhero comedy titled Hancock that debuted on JoBlo. I'm going to be up front about this: it looks absolutely, downright terrible. How do people even look at this and laugh? Let me go everything that sucks about it: it's completely cheesy, it's the stupidest thing I've seen all year, Will Smith is obviously flying on wires in front of a green screen, the CGI looks just as bad, and Smith seems like he's drunk acting, not acting drunk. You can watch it if you'd like, but I'm warning you it's an utter waste of time.

I rarely have anything bad to say about any trailers, but this one has just gotten under my skin and aggravated me. How can Peter Berg, who direct The Kingdom earlier this year, which I enjoyed quite a bit, screw up so bad? It's obvious that the script is just a mess: they've got 5 writers credited on it. And the worst part is this is the only thing currently slated for the big 4th of July opening next summer - what the heck?! How can anyone even like this? I invite you to prove me wrong.

Watch the teaser trailer for Hancock:

[flv:hancock.flv 500 264]

Hancock is directed by Peter Berg, of The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, and The Kingdom previously. The film's script was written by over five different writers, including John August, Vince Gilligan, Akiva Goldsman, Vincent Ngo, and Peter Berg. Hancock arrives in theaters on July 2nd, 2008.

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I love this trailer. And I'm not saying that just because i like to disagree with Alex.

Heckle on Dec 18, 2007


What the hell is wrong with you Alex.

Tyler on Dec 18, 2007


Umm... yeah, sorry Alex, I kinda like it too. I definitely think I'm going to see this one.

Icarus on Dec 18, 2007


I'm with Alex. This looks TERRIBLE.

Eve on Dec 18, 2007


Gotta agree with the other comments and disagree with Alex. This is pretty funny. The last bit with Will & Jason and the whale had me laugh out loud.

eeb on Dec 18, 2007


i agree, it does look terrible....but that doesnt meen im not looking forward to see hancock destroying the city

Rico on Dec 18, 2007


Well you and me were talking about it yesterday and I still think it has a long way to go before it is close to being watchable.

Stephen on Dec 18, 2007


I gotta agree that this looks unique and interesting. Sorry to disagree with you Alex I usually am on your side for these kind of critiques. However I may just be on a Will Smith high after seeing I am Legend, but either way I'm sure I'll see this in theaters if the marketing is spot on.

Matt on Dec 18, 2007


Yeah I pretty much agree... how did Smith go from such EPICness that is I Am Legend to making this... it kills me when good actors get stuck in shitty movies...

CSpuppydog on Dec 18, 2007


why does everything he makes have to be some monster EPIC movie ???? i think he might be cracking on himself a little bit, but most people won't get it

biggrumpy on Dec 18, 2007


biggrumpy... its because he is Will Smith... it is kinda his thing... Besides did you see "The Pursuit of Happyness"? It was a great movie and there were no monsters in it...

CSpuppydog on Dec 18, 2007


This kind of excrement pays the bills both for Will but more importantly the suits. If they go PG, this is a cash cow. But still pathetic. Who wants to wager on whether it has bathroom humor, eh?

Nick Post on Dec 18, 2007


I cant wait to see that movie, who ever said this looks like a disaster is completely a fool!! Will Smith is one of the greatest actors out there! Alex this movie is going to prove you wrong, i assure you!

EtotheZ23 on Dec 18, 2007


I'm so glad you feel that way Alex. I completely agree. This looks insanely bad.

NIck O. on Dec 18, 2007


Hey Alex, I bet you think they used wires on the whale too....

Rick M. on Dec 18, 2007


Hey alex, sorry, but you must just be grumpy today, it looks funny to me, like a superhero parody sorta thing. as long as it turn out better than "my super ex-girlfriend" I'll be happy, hell it's already better than that πŸ˜›

avelanch on Dec 18, 2007


Alex ...take is easy is just the trailer πŸ™‚ and please do not say that the CGI is bad ... because I don't know how can you see bad CGI if it is just a trailer and who know it maybe not the last version of it and again for me it was great CGI because I know Will Smith will not be in a movie with a bad CGI and you know it too . And again I am not saying this because I like the trailer but because I know the how it is to make the CGI for a movie and from what I saw it is a great CGI ...and maybe the idea of the movie is terrible but don't forget it is a comedy with a superhero πŸ™‚ it is funny and you should not take it so seriously The best πŸ™‚

Shero on Dec 18, 2007


Looks terrible. I'm amazed Will Smith has taken such a large step backward in his career.

Matt on Dec 18, 2007


Stopher and I think it looks really funny. We want you to camp out in line with us the week before it comes out, will you let us stay in your shack? We heart Hancock!

Jessica on Dec 18, 2007


Oh, and you're a biiiig hypocrite, wasn't it you who told Peter in the "fight cast" that he shouldn't judge speed racer just based on the trailer and that he should give it a chance? And I feel like a really big geek cuz I actually listen to the fight cast.

Jessica on Dec 18, 2007


YES! In your face Alex. I had to nag at him to put this up. I agree it does look rediculous but thats why i like it. And its by Peter Berg who is amazing. I think there is more to this movie than this trailler tells. Heres hoping.

Heckle on Dec 18, 2007


The funniest thing is that no one has tried to prove me wrong and give me real reasons why it looks good. You're all just saying that it looks good and I'm wrong but no one has tried to convince me that it's good in any real way... C'mon! If you like it, then fight for it!

Alex Billington on Dec 18, 2007


I find it funny and rediculous and very off the wall for a superhero film. Smith looks great as the uncomfortable and terribly inept hero. And i always enjoy getting to see Charlize Theron when she isnt wearing prosthetics.

Heckle on Dec 18, 2007


It does LOOK GOOD...

James on Dec 18, 2007


listen...while its not a mind-blowing is still a hundred times better than the speed racer trailer

Andy on Dec 18, 2007


Reminds me of "Blankman".

Joel on Dec 18, 2007


The trailer isn't playing.

Ryan on Dec 18, 2007


Well it does look a bit iffy, but I for one would love Will to go back into comedy. I wouldnt be surprised if Will was just doing the role for his own laughs/fun, especially after the seriousness of I am Legend. Dont expect much people.

ramez on Dec 18, 2007


It looks crude, cheesy and for kids. Thats what I think alex, its going to be one of those summer movies parents take all the kids to go watch and get away for 1hr and 30 mins. If you view it from the P.O.V of a 6-12 yr old this film looks exciting and fun. Adults wont find it this a must watch, but it will make a good kid movie. Thats just my 2 cents, To adults, looks to corny and cheesy. To the younger kids, it looks like a funny superhero let them enjoy :).

Daniel on Dec 18, 2007


Im not trying to convience you to like it since IMO it does look a bit crappy and after doing "I am legend" will smith is throwing himself back into the same crowd of prejedice that thought he couldnt act for performing it roles that make him well... act like he is in this movie. Sorry for the double post.

Daniel on Dec 18, 2007


I think it's going to rock. That's the kind of superhero I would want to be. It's hard to prove someone wrong when it's based on opinion and what you prefer. Granted it might not be the best movie ever made, but it is definitely going to be a hell of a lot better than My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Now THAT, was a load of crap. It's witty, the CGI looks like it could have come from the Matrix, and as far as the acting goes I have friends that act very similar to that when they have a hangover.

Complete Geek on Dec 18, 2007


i'll watch this with an open mind... cgi's fine with me.. the drunk thing, i've had my moments looking like that and acting like that, so i guess it's fine too... as far as the trailer goes, it's watchable unless you're too stiff on technicalities and your own world view of what a "movie" should be then maybe it's not... grab your poison boys and we'll be superheroes!

miracle disease on Dec 18, 2007


yes I AM LEGEND looks better then this but most actors do a good movie and a bad movie. but in any case im still going to watch this movie

tory on Dec 18, 2007


I take back everything I said. It does LOOK HORRIBLE. I was just a little drunk after getting in a fight with my boyfriend the night before. Looking at the trailer with completely sober eyes makes me realize the error of my ways.

Heckle on Dec 18, 2007


haha i laughed actually looks okay at best thou, should have a few laughs in it but overall seems pretty unneccesary

Vangel on Dec 18, 2007


I like the premise, not all superheroes are clever, here some normal guy with superpowers who really doesn't seem to have a clue of the consequences of what he does. Good premise, looks funny, and Will Smith looks great in the role.

Bob on Dec 18, 2007


LOL!!! Am I sick in the head or what? I just watched it like 3 times and I am laughing hysterically...that whale bit is ridiculous! ...Whew... Sorry. I like the premise.

Steven on Dec 18, 2007


So yeah what a terrible looking movie, the only way it could be worse is if Ice Cube was Hancock, well naw that wouldnt even make it worse, maybe better since it seems like that caliber of a movie.

Richard on Dec 18, 2007


Three words: Leonard Part 6 I agree...this movie looks like garbage. And a 4th of July tentpole release too? I hope there's more to it than just this trailer.

Kiet on Dec 18, 2007


Okay, so reasons why this movie looks good. I think the part with the whale looks funny and Charlize Theron is smoking hot. I can only hope that she'll be as smoldering as she is in that Dior commercial. Stopher agrees, but in addition thinks that a movie with a Ludacris soundtrack and Will Smith doing his best "Billy Bob Thorton as a superhero" impression, can't be bad.

Jessica on Dec 18, 2007


Alex: Thank you! There has *never* been a good superhero parody movie. In fact, I wrote a whole post on it: "Five Movies That Remind Us What’s Wrong with Superhero Parodies"

Great White Snark on Dec 18, 2007


this looks great. not an over the top parody but just a very funny movie. plus will smith doesnt pick wrong, if this did flop i would be very surprized. maybe this will revive superhero "parodies".

sarah on Dec 19, 2007


I agree that this is a terrible trailer, and its not because I always seem to agree with alex(?)... Im not going to guarantee that the movie will be bad, as will smith's recent track record is great. i think a different trailer would make this look ALOT better. remove the ludacris song that plays over the entire trailer, include a peak at the villain (Im guessing there is one. besides a lack of welfare), and show more of will being funny, and it would look good.

Keith on Dec 19, 2007


I've read the original script for Hancock (Tonight, He Comes) and while it eventually gets very serious, I was laughing out loud through a lot of it. It's unfortunate that My Super Ex GF came out first because it was a really horrible film and now everyone's comparing Hancock to that travesty. This has been one of the great unproduced scripts in Hollywood the last 10 years. It's doubly unfortunate that they keep bringing Akiva Goldsman onto Will's movies. He screwed up I Am Legend (still a good movie but a far cry from both the novel and Protosevich's 2003 draft set in LA) and just having his name associated w/ this film makes me doubt it. All that said, if they retain as much of Vincent Ngo's original draft it could still be a damn good movie. I agree that the trailer looks like crap. But I think it's a testament both to Will Smith's likability and the general premise that half the people on this post are looking forward to it. In spite of the shoddy FX (marketing department should know better than to use FX that are this incomplete) and the lame opening scenes, it's that last bit with the whale and the neighborhood obliteration that sticks with you. They had me laughing and are way more indicative of the overall script. Note that the original script's opening isn't great either but it picks up quickly and works well overall. For better or for worse, I'm looking forward to it.

bob jones on Dec 19, 2007


Who keeps posting using my name?????????????????

Heckle on Dec 19, 2007


First time comment. Anyway, i like the trailer. I hate the screen shot for your article. Will looks like a gay homeless man. I read you comment and had to look else where to see this "horrible trailer". The trailer actually made me laugh....More than once. No one on here said that they would not go see it. It's supposed to be a comedy. I can't wait to see more. I love it!

Charlie on Dec 19, 2007


It's a parody. And for anyone who has ever played a superhero RPG it's even funnier! Alex - you say no one has tried to prove you wrong. But you haven't really proven your points either. It's all opinion so far.

Tamsyn on Dec 19, 2007


i agree with Alex to a degree. sure, the CGI looks bad, but then again i imagene the movie it's not quite finish. So, by putting the CGI aside and looking at the trailer and the premise that it sets, it looks like a funny super hero parody. Actually this trailer made me laugh a couple of times...

akumared on Dec 19, 2007


I can agree to disagree... the CGI could defiantly be a lot better but it looks entertaining. I think Will Smith can pull it off... Im looking forward to it, but im not expecting much though... and maybe that is why it will be entertaining

Gamble on Dec 19, 2007


So what if it's a bit cheesy, that whale scene was the first in a long time that I laughed out loud and almost choked.

sam on Dec 19, 2007


The trailer is funny because it SPOOFS the stupid fetish modern brain-deprived give-me-ma-popcorn Hollywood audiences have with drivel like "Heroes" and other more cinematic superheroes...Spidey, Bat, Super, fantastic four, xmen...I mean how many do we need?? Having a superhero who plays it cool in bermuda shorts and cheeses off on all that's been cheesy already for the last many years, is awesome. If the trailer doesn't speak to you, then don't watch the film, simple. It certainly speaks to me. Do you like adolescent BS like "Heroes"? Have you seen the DVD billings of that crap?

Erick on Dec 20, 2007


And I think Will Smith is the PERFECT choice. He's funny, classy without all the makeup and paraphernalia and the capes and the sh*t, and he's BLACK (yeah, African American, or whatever the flavor of the month is). Anyone remember a major black superhero so far? Right. I think this looks bold and funny. And get off your highhorses about CGI. It looks perfect. The last Youtube reference shows a video that looks candy-cam enough. The reference to "financial toll" is SO true. All these idiotic superheroes destroying towns and rails and buildings, but the audience just laps it up. Right.

Erick on Dec 20, 2007


Blade was black, right? I briefly glanced at that movie a few hundred times.

Ruby on Dec 20, 2007


I disagree with you Alex. The whole bum, carefree, but superhero approach does wonders for me. Go Will, Go! I'll be first in line watching that one.

Happy George on Dec 20, 2007


It may be stupid but that trailer was pretty damn funny. Sorry, Alex. Nice experiment in trolling, though. πŸ™‚

Mike on Dec 20, 2007


Trollling? No, no, that was genuine hatred, I wasn't even kidding... However 55 comments later I realize maybe I'm wrong on this one. Maybe I need to wait for another trailer and give it another chance, eh?

Alex Billington on Dec 20, 2007


honestly alex, i think a big factor in this trailer pissing people off (at least me) was the song they chose for the background. just makes it seem kind of silly; almost comes off as pretentious. besides that song it didn't look toooo terrible. that's my opinion.

conor on Dec 20, 2007


It looks great to me! Very funny, and lots of potential.

sam on Dec 20, 2007


I have to disagree with Alex. I laughed. It looks stupid but you have to think that Will Smith will be able to pull something off here. Plus, I can not really take Alex serious if he is not going to mention Very Bad Things when discussing Peter Berg - one of the best dark comedies of all time. So, does it have fantastic effects - no, but neither did the first Spiderman. How many movies have had fantastic trailers and then completely sucked as a movie? Until you have seen the movie you dont really know if this is any good or not. Also, as far as Will Smith obviously on wires in front of a green screen - how else do you think they actually made the movie, do you think some people really can fly????

Jason on Dec 20, 2007


im with alex on this, looks like crap all except for the whale part, i enjoyed that. the cgi looks cheap, is this supposed to be a low budget film?

harrison on Dec 20, 2007


I thought this trailer was hillarious. Who cares what it was originally going to be with Mann. Lets focus on what it is now with Berg, which looks like a hillarious Will Smith action-comedy.

Michael on Dec 22, 2007


O.k. this thing is that it looks good and it looks bad, like speed racer. It has potential but if it doesn't use it it will crash and burn like the last mimzy.

XXX on Dec 22, 2007


could anyone please give me the title of the rock song playing at the beginning of the trailer ? The riff seems utterly famous...

Nical on Dec 23, 2007


Is Will Smith a legend? What's your definition of a legend? Could being a humongous box-office draw make a legend? If so, Will Smith may have the right to proclain "I Am Legend." Check the figures:

YLC on Dec 23, 2007


I think you are all missing the point. This is supposed to be a 'bad' movie, it's a conscious decision. This is because all the superhero films out there take themselves too seriously with the script, special fx etc and this film is mocking them!! Will Smith tends to pick his films well, OK he messed up with turning down the Matrix, but for him to agree to do this movie it must be half decent at least. I actually think the trailer looks pretty good, and dare I say it, maybe the humour is targeted at a more european audience as opposed to an american 'we like slapstick and don't understand sarcasm or irony' kind of audience. Just my interpretation though, and I'm sure all you americans will disagree with me and slaughter me with your comments!! lol

James Cook on Dec 24, 2007


This movie looks fun. I mean how many super hero movies are out there where they make fun of the whole power of the heroes? Maybe 2 or 3? Anyway I think this looks like a fun movie for July and do look forward to seening more super movies out there in TV land

happymealhater on Dec 24, 2007


I laughed, I love Will, I will see it! :-p

Mrs. Savannah on Dec 27, 2007


OK first off you need to stop hating off of black people. and 2cnd I like the movie it may be funny you never know I mean Tyler I know youre a little disapointed in the directer but I think the kingdom was good too.AND HECKLE GO TO HELL BITCH. COME TOO MY HOUSE IN WEST PHILIDALPHIA ON 65TH AVENUE ALSO BIRTH PLACE OF WILL SMITH . But GO SEE IT YOU MAY ACTUALLY LIKE IT I AM LEGEND WAS GOOD HE KILLS HISSELF AT THEEND.

CALEB BROADNAX on Dec 30, 2007



corey on Dec 31, 2007


Won't be one of the best movies ever made but it looks like it could be 95 min's of fun. One thing......................Where is BAD BOYS 3 & MEN IN BLACK 3???????????????????????????

David on Jan 3, 2008


I think it looks like fun. The most promising thing is that (unlike most parodies) it doesn't have that desperate, staring-at-the-camera, please-laugh-at-me quality. It's not being too obvious. The humor will come from the characters, and so having strong actors like Smith and Bateman will make it work. Since Arrested Development was cancelled I look forward to any chance to see Jason Bateman again, especially in a comedy.

Bruce on Jan 3, 2008


I won't be first in line to see this at the theater or even see it in the theaters for that matter, but I think the idea behind the movie is very original and even in crappy movies good actors can make the movie worth watching. Yeah some of the CGI did make it look cheesy, but hey, if they can make movies like Finding Nemo entertaining then hopefully this one will be enjoyable- like make you feel like your a kid again. (and hopefully its clean enough for kids now to enjoy it too!)

Live4Jesus on Jan 4, 2008


That looked pretty cool man.why is alex hatin?that whale part was funny."i dont even remember that".."well greenpeace does".comedy there man.

Cyfer on Jan 4, 2008


u are a fucking hobo. open your eyes dumb shit. who has ever made a movie like one and putting will smith in it makes it perfect. and hes not drunk acting what the fuck type of lame shit is that. that's just will smith being himself and everyone likes it havent u seen fresh prince of bell air or bad boys man just appreciate a person like him my god

fuck alex on Jan 6, 2008


A superhero f**kup? How could that NOT be hilarious?!

guyincognito on Jan 6, 2008


OH yes, The Kingdom which was suchhhhhhhhhh a masterpiece! Seriously, this is a action movie for the sake of an action movie, you don't need effen Peter Jackson to do Hancock. Pay your 8 dollars and go watch it for a few good laughs. Seriously, why do people take some movies seriously when they absolutley shouldn't. You should be mad at that mutant of movie called Evan Almighty. That was the most expensive comedy ever, it had Steve Carell, and it wasn't funny.

nghisus on Jan 6, 2008


Wow, you are the very reason I never take the comments from critics seriously when decideing which movies to watch. Really, does it take a Masters in negativity to watch and critique a movie or just a Bachelors? What do you want from them in a trailer that is not even the final trailer! The first time watching this trailer I laughed, second time too. Hell, even the several times after that. Can't wait to see it. You know, maybe you have seen too many movies and should take a break from them. It may be getting to you. How the hell do you make a lame comment about the CGI as your argument to not watch a movie. And the wires (wow!) Did really believe that Superheroes flew without them. Come on man, lighten up and enjoy the movie with an open mind. Maybe the point of a comedy is to actually laugh!

U R another STUPID critic on Jan 7, 2008


This Trailer Was Absolutely Funny. The Whole Part Was Hilarious. Sorry Alex,But A Type Of Film This Is,I'll Enjoy.

Cam on Jan 7, 2008


Yeeeeah.... I hate to admit it, but the whale bit is kinda priceless. It looks watchable, but not great.

Birdwatching From mars on Jan 7, 2008


IO have to agree with all of the people that commented on the following: -that it is unfair to judge the CGI at this point because often the earliest trailers are still a bit 'rough' around the edges (anyone remember the first 'Ghost Rider' trailer - not that I loved the movie but the first trailer was ghastly compared to the final product) -that it is a movie that points a finger at the ribcage of those other hero movies which gloss over the actual cost or impact of heroes running around smashing things up -it is probably aimed at the 'soft' market, and not the more hardcore hero fantasy following (thats what movies like 'Iron Man' and 'Dark Knight' are for

dreamscaper on Jan 7, 2008


Alex, you're dumb. Not every movie has to be an acadamy award nominee. This is like going to win any awards but will be a huge hit at the box office and at home.

Revenant on Jan 8, 2008


WOW! OH MY GOD! A BLACK SUPERHERO! IM SO EXCITED!! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG!! Oh wait.... I've been Bamboozled....Dam...again. He's not a SUPERHERO at all. The clues appear during the first scene in trailer, where our hero is sleeping on a park bench with shoddy attire WTF? I assume he's the most powerful man in the world, but he looks like a BUM, and he laying down on the JOB. But wait It gets BETTER! A seemingly young intelligent caucasian boy wakes up Mr. BLACK SUPER HANCOCK, and alerts him that ALAS..Crimes are taking place. I guess he didn't have the same SUPER INSTINCTS, that would notify him of crime like lets say a SPIDERMAN, or a SUPERMAN, Hell even a BATMAN who is just a man seems to know when crimes are happening with his trusty gadgets. Apparently Hancock is not a hero.... but just another talented black male Fuck up. Hmmm we've seen those in media recently? Can u say Michael Vick, T.I. Now wait I know what your thinking... "YO whats wrong with this dood? Doesn't he know that this is a PARODY?" AHA yes indeed. Not meant to be taken seriously? All in good fun right? But of course why would Hollywood show a BLACK SUPERHERO who was meant to be taken seriously. Its not their duty. Since HOLLYWOOD was designed since it's inception in 1910 by the WHITE ELITE to communitcate their own ideas and brainwash the public. Ever see BIRTH OF A NATION? Ah but that was in the past. It's 2008. Yup and black folks are still looking less than spectacular in the media. I'm a fan of will smith, and like many talented black Artists I feel bad that we are still at the mercy of the white supremacist world view. I'll reserve my complete judgment until I see the film, but as right now its nothing to get excited about. Just another turn of the ole hollywood wheel.

NareMaghan on Jan 9, 2008


Hey Alex, suck my balls. This movie looks awesome, and I don't know what kind of flying people you've seen, but everyone needs a greenscreen and wires to fly in the movies. So. Yeah. Stop taking movies so seriously and just sit back and enjoy paying too much for popcorn, bitch. PS... If you think he's drunk, then that must mean he's doing a pretty good job of acting drunk. He was Mohamed Ali! Float like a buttafly sting like a bee, bitch!

Arthur Ball on Jan 9, 2008


Hi Alex! You say that no one has tried to prove you wrong and give you real reasons why it looks good. Why? Did you write any acceptable reason why you hate this movie ???? (what you haven't seen yet)You haven't seen this movie yet, but you claim that Smith seems like he's drunk acting, not acting drunk...(how do you know this?? from 1.45 minutes) I don't really understand this because this sentence is a double denying.. that's why it has no sense. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I enjoyed this trailer. Why? Probably I' have felt other things about it, maybe because we have different taste...or I'm in a good mood..:)) I've seen this trailer, and it looks funny. I feel this trailer ironic. Will Smith is an "antisuperman". And it's a comedy! Don't take it too seriously! I think trailers can't always reflect all the movies, and sometimes they're not good to the movies. I mean, trailers are not always equal with movies. I feel it's some kind of a new superherohero movie with lots of fun. And Good actors!!I think Will is a really great actor, and Charlize and Peter Berg...come on! Be open a little bit. I hope you won't be right!

winney on Jan 10, 2008


I don't care what anyone says but the movie look like something that i would watch over and over again just Superbad.

Palooza on Jan 10, 2008


Great actors, good director, actually bringing up the fact that there might be collateral damage when superheroes do their thing,somethingthe big hero movies kind of blow off. Kind of reminds me of another superhero"parody, The Incredibles, which was an excellent superhero movie,parody or not. By the way, i grew up on Speedracer and that preview looks kinda bad, but i'll still see it, my kid loves cars. Hancock..Great actors, good director..nice premise...i'm in!

tony5fingaz on Jan 10, 2008


Looks funny. Writer of this article must be the one drunk and out his mind.

Rando on Jan 11, 2008


alex your an ass . this movie rocks

kieran wollacott on Jan 11, 2008


Alex, come on, it all about entertainment. Americans thrive off of new ways to entertain ourselves. As cornball-goofy as this thing is. It looks funny as heck! The whale thing was awesone. Sorry. It gunn be a hit simply because 'we' get it. Its supposed to be dumb.

Eric D on Jan 12, 2008


For your infro alex don't mess with my man will cause he knows what he's doing and because yyou're hatin

Myreon,J on Jan 13, 2008


I think this looks hilarious. It reminds me of old Will Smith. Not Wild Wild West Will Smith ::shudders:: but good ol' MIB Will Smith. As for the flying, I think its supposed to look bad on purpose. If he's going to be some sort of anti super hero or whatever, odds are he won't be balls of steel dead set towards whatever flying. I think this was an awesome preview, and I hope the movie is just as good. :]

rachel on Jan 13, 2008


idiot. You call yourself a movie critic. pathetic.

devon on Jan 14, 2008


Wow Alex you really are hatting on this movie which looks hillarious and very entertaining...Its a comedy soooo lighted up man never seen such a cry baby critique..I bet you this will be a box office smash and you'll be sitting home alone saying I don't know jack...WAH WAH WAH!!! tell someone who cares about your opinion cause apparently you have no sense of humor. GO BIG WILLY!!!!!!

Tony on Jan 14, 2008


WOW this guy Alex is a MORON he probably cries himself to sleep every night on his cock shaped pillow.

The Man on Jan 14, 2008


Dear Alex, SUCK MY BALLS. Love, Mom

Alex's Mother on Jan 14, 2008


He-llo! Listen to the whale! MWOOOOOOO! I mean, c'mon. That just speaks for itself.

Noelle on Jan 14, 2008


ThE CGI DOes Look Kinda Obvious, But I Like The Trailer

RAREE on Jan 18, 2008


I think you have your sence of humor stuck up you @$$ this thing is funny. Go watch it!!!!

BIG G's on Jan 18, 2008


Now before writing this i will say that i generally love everything that Will Smith is in, he is a strong actor and has the smarts to pick from the montage of scipts what will turn out to be an A rated movie or not. That aside, this is to everyone that thinks that this movie is going to be the best thing since sliced bread, and bashing Alex on a critique that is absoluting dead on. This is just another movie on a long list of "check your brain at the door" genres, just let me sit in front of a screen filling my head with over priced popcorn, drooling at the non-sensical action, poor acting, no talent directing, wish-washy themes, and replays of "my nephew got a keyboard" scores. Movies like these, show just how dumb down movies have to be in order for the mass americans to enjoy them. Screw you if people like Alex or myself, want movies, with a little more creativity, thought, beauty, and show. With that said, i think this movie has the potential of both sucking completely or being completely hysterical. Will Smith can make a movie, and as i said before is smart enough not to pick a "two thumbs down" movie to star in. Hopefully this does turn out to be worth the 7.50 i'll spend to go see it.

Darin on Jan 19, 2008


Alex, I will offer the fight for this movie...I thought the trailer was very funny the whale scene and the first scene with the kid were hilarious at least to me. Why do I think this will be a very good movie simply because it is out of the box. Here is a person who has no desire to great or be the "superhero" but he still tries to help and when he does he screws up like most everyday people. He is a regular guy not "superman" who is perfect who never drinks or curses and who's hair is never out of place even after stopping a locomotive and leaping over tall buildings. You know whats even funnier is I have always wondered when these superheroes fight people they always contribute to destroying do the people feel about that why is no one ever pissed that superman may have damged a building while fighting someone or destroyed a car or 2 while defeating a villain .....WHY? because he is superman.....Comn Alex you cant be serious...This looks like a great movie A regular run of the mill guy with rediculous strength who just doesnt give a damn.....Who cant relate to that?

Wood on Jan 19, 2008


dude its just a trailer it looks funny your being a fiend for a movie dont be such a virgin damn it get laid man

stevie on Jan 22, 2008


It makes me happy to see Will Acting a fool again, this movie will be hilarious and bring back the will from Bad Boy's and Fresh Prince of Bel Air just know will from Wild Wild West I can't do that again

TMO on Jan 23, 2008


"Will Smith is obviously flying on wires in front of a green screen" If he was any kind of decent actor he'd be flying for real. Try-hard.

fartman on Jan 23, 2008


arguing over the internet, over a movie trailer is like running in the special olimpics. even though you may win, yall are all retards ! its just a movie if it looks stupid then dont see it if it looks good then go see it. you cant juge a movie over a 20 sec. preview !

jeremy j on Jan 28, 2008


I don't know if it's going to be a good movie but that shit was hilarious!

Edwin Claudio on Jan 28, 2008


Alex? who is this Alex? this movie looks so so dope. mad crazy. will just keep giving this to us. Alex don't know squad

myrline on Jan 28, 2008


Take a breather man, it's a trailer... Besides, it's Will Smith, the man doesn't just do "serious" movies, he did Prince of Bel-Air ffs. And yeah, I'm gonna watch the movie as soon as it comes off, just the whale part and the talk they both have at the end had me laughing for 5 minutes xD

ROFLMAO! on Jan 29, 2008

108 are very ignorant and I feel sorry for anyone who knows you. Black people have important roles in a lot of different genres. My opinion is that this is mainly a comedy with action and thats why the trailer is so "goofy". They weren't trying to make it the best trailer in the world. p.s.- Why is everyone hating on this Alex guy...hes just giving his opinion.

SAC on Jan 30, 2008


First, Alex, you may be right, the CG may not look great, He's obviously on a wire. So? The first Terminator used terrible special effects. You could tell the parts of the movie that used miniatures, you could actually see the makeup when Ahhnold used an xacto to pop his eyeball out. And in many martial arts types movies, the characters are OBVIOUSLY on wires. So? It's comedic sci fi anti hero stuff. It's not supposed to be Spawn.

jimbo on Feb 1, 2008


The cg is fine, I don't know how else some one who just woke up drunk on a bench is supposed to fly. The movie looks great. It might not win any awards but it will be entertaining.

Caleeb on Feb 2, 2008


Will Smith started his career in comedy and being funny in fresh prince.... we always want an actor to do better than the one b4... he is obviously a drunk and a slacker who is not controlling his powers and dont care of the concequenses.... its pretty funny it is a comedy.... i love japanese animation and it is so inspired by it....

GUS on Feb 3, 2008


aahh looks amazingly awesome. its breaking away from the conventional superhero movie. its got destruction... and flying whales... and thats only just like the first teaser. however, its kinda hard to prove someone wrong with a minute and 45 seconds of trailer footage. but whether i got proof or not, it still looks pretty awesome.

Jackson on Feb 3, 2008


i think it looks okay and kind of funny it looks like a video that looks good on trailer but MIGHT suck in theater. Also it breaks away from the superhero movie i agree from the dude up top

sha nay nay on Feb 3, 2008


I will watch whatever Will Smith Stars In, Guess Stars In, Writes or Produces. I'll even listen to his Raps. He and Jada are always refreshing!

Tricia on Feb 4, 2008


hahaha yeah, im definitley going to see this one. a break from conventional superhero movies will be awesome. and will smith is sure to be hilarious. can't wait. sorry dude, your loss!

amanda on Feb 7, 2008


Alex you are a complete idiot this movie will be the top movie ticket seller for 2 weeks I guarentee it, mark my words.

Alex is an idiot on Feb 8, 2008


yea this movie looks really good ........ i thought that instantly when i was done watchin the trailer! i dunno who alex is , but he must not like good movies. I bet alex loved "White Noise".....ha ha ha! Now that movie i thought would suck and low and behold did.Will Smith equals gold ALMOST all the time. plus he is funny as a drunk lazy guy, give him super powers and , and that movie will be hilarious!

Double D tha Tree on Feb 9, 2008


this trailer was so funny i fell off my chair and cried laughing had to watch it three times just to get a another good laugh. Cant understand your sense of humor or if you even have a sense of humor but lighten up I'm 25yrs old and i guaranttee u this movie will not only be a huge success with the kids but with adults all over. Alex you will definitely be shut down when it comes to this movie.

frankie G on Feb 10, 2008


the SFX looked great. the flying scenes looked great. the whale scene looked absolutely authentic. Will Smith bumbling around with superpowers is a hilarious premise. Alex, get a clue. you're in the minority on this one. i think you LIKE being there.

John on Feb 13, 2008


This movie looks great! It's not your regular Superman saves the world movie. It's about a guy who doesn't know what the heck he is doing! He is attempting to be a hero, but he doesn't know if he wants to be one. I can't wait.

Ronn on Feb 13, 2008


this looks hilarious, just enjoy the film when it comes out!!! Something new and different for a change. I dont give a shit superhero man that is cool!!!!

hahaha on Feb 13, 2008


You really think "Fool's Gold" (a chick flick) is gonna be better than hancock? lol come on, you CAN'T be serious.

Jimmy James on Feb 14, 2008


This looks like a really fun movie. Just because Smith is in it doesn't mean it has to be some gargantuan blockbuster. Maybe he wanted something fun to do for once.

Keith on Feb 22, 2008


Well, honestly, I believe that there are 3 types of movies: Those that are actually MEANT to become Great movies. Epics such as Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, movies like A beautiful Mind, etc, etc. This is a movie made for pure ENTERTAINMENT... Geez guys, we're not going to the theatre to reach nirvana solely by watching a movie. LEAVE ROOM FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.... By the way, buy a can of sense of humor, it only costs a couple calories... :op

Luis on Feb 25, 2008


Gotta disagree. Looks pretty good to me.

Tommy on Feb 27, 2008


yeah this movie is gonna be sick, if any ya'll don't wanna see this movie then ya'll just take yourselves to seriously especaill Alex, learn ta have a F@$kin imagination.

Darnel on Feb 29, 2008


I'm not sure why Alex is so bothered by this trailer. Like others have said it looks original and funny. I expect Will to continue his streak of blockbusters.

TheCoasterCritic on Mar 1, 2008


I think you are wrong I think it looks great and funny to boot. You do not see that too much in movies now a days. Now I like WIll Smith in this movie it does not look as bad as Wild Wild West (thank god I did not pay to see that mess) I think it is something I will be seeing this year. Alex you are wrong now have a nice day and I hope Handcock finds you.

jack meoff quick on Mar 2, 2008


Hey! Who doesn't find it funny when kids swear? Within the first 15 seconds of the trailer, a 7 yr old calls him a jackass. That's funny stuff right there. That's what is going to guarantee this movie to be good.

Nate on Mar 9, 2008


I think it's going to be really funny, I mean sure it's not going to be the best written script, and the special affects are not going to be the best thing that ever hit the big screen, but what we should all remember is it doesn't need those things because it's a spoof on a superheroe movie and all it really needs to be is funny and entertaining. I think it's going to be both.

chris on Mar 12, 2008


Alex your wrong it will turn out to be a decent flick and i'm gonna give you some good reasons why... 1. Will Smith would never be caught in a movie that is crap 2.You should never judge a movie by its trailer, especially when the writer and director are awsome (and they are!!) 3.Your just mad cause everybody's jumpin on your case...and their right! So there I plan to go see it cause it looks kinda funny

QueenBee on Mar 12, 2008


Alex... "How do people even look at this and laugh?" 131 comments...proved u wrong "Will Smith is obviously flying on wires in front of a green screen" C mon...he's an actor...not a real super hero....and you say yourself a critic... "what the heck?! How can anyone even like this?" need to say anything.....again so many comments just proved you wrong

aizbaa on Mar 18, 2008


this movie looks's a trailer, that's it...has anyone ever noticed that sometimes that scenes in trailers don't make it to the actuall movie...Will smith is an actor, key word here is actor...he doesn't have to play roles like I am Legend constantly in order to be a great actor which he is...just look at Jamie Foxx and his plethora of movies...this is Will's type of flim as is anything he decides to do, just let the guy do his thing...playing nurmerous roles in various different kinds of film genres is what makes an actor an actor. the whole whale thing...genius, how could you not laugh at that it's funny unless you have a dry sense of humor...Alex...also when your next movie coming out big guy? get a job

LeeRi on Mar 19, 2008


yeah it might look like he's flyin around with wires but the way he is flying around is how a superhero of his nature would...just no elegance whatsoever not like superman who flies striaght forward with his arms stretched out...looking like he's on wires is probably what they were going for since theres organization or pride in his character so his flight should look like it he doesn't care...alex...seems like your having family issues as well...get ur shit together

LeeRi on Mar 20, 2008


I don't have to do a damn thing to prove you wrong Alex! All I know is that I'm going to enjoy this movie, and theres nothing you can say to prove me otherwise. Wish I had your easy-ass job! Sit around and watch movies before anyone else, then get paid to say "Umm, yeah...I don't like it because theres a guy who flies around, and hes really held up by wires because I know thats how they have to do it to get it on film..." Just shut up, sit back, enjoy the movie and escape your crappy life for 2 hours, is it really that hard?

Remington on Mar 21, 2008


Looks cheesy but then, it's only just the teaser trailer. not the 2hr long movie. have to wait till the movie is actually reviewed before making judgement. probably just a sucky trailer that some dumb butt didn't make so well.

Ryan on Mar 22, 2008


i think it looks like an entertaning and funny movie i dont know were alex gets off......just to let you know alex will smith probably really cant fly so i think strings are a nessisary for his new part as hancock!!!!!

mclovin on Mar 26, 2008


Alex, this movie is ganna be the shit, and Will Smith plays in excellent movies. Stop being an attention-whore and calling out this film. Its ganna be superb...

Jeff on Mar 30, 2008


Alex ur a dumb ass dis movie looks great to me i dont know how you cant like it

Khalil on Apr 2, 2008


Yeah, I think you should go back down to your mother's basement and come back up when you actually have something intelligent to say. This movie is going to do MILLIONS and you can only wish you would get a fraction of it. It looks hilarious!

Laura on Apr 6, 2008


it looks pretty cool i do not see why alex feels the other way

rich on Apr 8, 2008


I gotta agree with the majority on this one, looks like "Hancock" is going to be a big hit. It honestly doesn't look that bad at all, and the sheer curiosity about the movie alone along with the loyalty of will smith fans, will be more than enough to generate a box office hit worth millions this summer!!!

Yezzir on Apr 11, 2008


I saw the sneak preview of this movie in Peoria, AZ earlier this week. I loved the movie. I will be seeing it again when it comes out in the theater (some of the CG is still not finished, so I want to see the finished product).

Robert on Apr 11, 2008


This looks funny, I think after Legend, will needed to do something like this

jim on Apr 12, 2008


This is the movie of the summer so far. It has something for everyone. Humor, action, and WILL SMITH is THE MAN! He is A-LIST all the way. A movie like this is just the type of thing to show people that he still has the range and versatility that made him popular in the first place. Also, Jason Bateman is hilarious(Smokin Aces). Peter Berg is a pretty damn good director and while he isn't Michael "THE TOUCH" Bay, I still think the special effects qwill be great and that this movie is gonna the best one out on the 4th of July weekend.

derrick on Apr 18, 2008


I'll admit that I laughed at this trailer. However, I must also say that I laughed like HELL at the trailer for "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" and that turned out to be a big steaming pile. I'll probably end up seeing this because my husband is a Will Smith fanboy, but I'm not holding out huge hope for it.

Trish on Apr 20, 2008


got check yourself out this is going to be good

ed on Apr 21, 2008


this movie is cool as hell .i can;t wait to see it man.happy 420

mitchlussier on Apr 21, 2008


This movie is on my list to watch, the Trailer is awesome. Sorry alex but this movie is going to be GREAT

Stephon on Apr 21, 2008


Alex, you are entitled to your own opion and that is fine but wether you like the movie or not depends on your opion. At this point it is obviously not going to be perfect and if you look closely you'll notice it is slightly pixelated(how ever you spell that), you think they're going to release it in theaters like! All I am saying is that, yes it needs work, and they will be fixing it. It's a trailer it is going to be cheap. And obviously they are using cables and a green screen; if you know a better way please share.

not you on Apr 21, 2008


Ya ive gotta disagree with alex on this one. this movie doesnt look like itll be the best of the year but it deffinetly looks entertaining. ill probably go see it.

Mortuus on Apr 22, 2008


Alex, I have three categories when I rate films. 1. See in Theatre 2. Wait for DVD release 3. Wait further till it comes out on TV And after checking out the trailer I think its definitely one for the big screen

jimidacosta on Apr 23, 2008


LOLZ. looks good!

jonny rocket on Apr 23, 2008


Looks like fun to me...(for the miserable people out there...remember fun??)

Nofakngood on Apr 23, 2008


Guys, it's a comedy, take it easy. Chill back, relax, and please remove whatever it is thats stuck in your rectum. The movie looks like a lot of laughs, considering we will need them to take our mind off of the skyrocketing gas prices and inflation ;op ITS A COMEDY!!! AND SINCE WHEN DO WE TAKE COMEDIES SO SERIOUSLY? LOL

clarence on Apr 23, 2008


I hate movies, I hate going to the movies, but this I MUST see! This looks great and I will go to the theater to see it!

Bobby on Apr 24, 2008


i prefer movies that have a point or say something... this definetley doesnt but it says a whole lot more than superman, matrix, spiderman, and the 100 other cliche superhero movies out there... and its original Ps. how did you get your job critiquing movies? if you can be paid for writing that piece of junk critique then i am the next siskel

the champ on Apr 25, 2008


ps. remember how laughably bad lord of the rings was when anyone was in water? when they first find the ring it looks like they inserted him into a goldfish screensaver. all the special effects in the trilogy were laughable but they were all great films nonetheless.

the champ on Apr 25, 2008


I am with them...i think this is going to be a good movie. Superhero movies are great but one about one thats its uncompareable to any superhero or hero...even with the punisher being reckless he still cares about this or that. He has the hero qualities although miscontrude on how to deal with criminals. And all superhero movies...they are on wires and if you watch you can tell easy..casue the movements are like guided.. hancock its harder to tell casue he look like he is drunk flying not guided..and when he lands he just leave craters where he lands..more or less like he dicided to fall 100 feet rather than land softly.. and come on....He didnt pick the whale up take it out slowly and put it back...the just CHUCKED THE FREAKING THING BACK IN THE WATER WITHOUT EVEN CARING..where it landed...that was funny as all get out. it was like HEAVE, CHHUUUUCKKKK!! DONE! not....Pick up, craddle, fly low and slow, set down softly, pat, kiss, smile, wave to crowd, fly away gracefully.

LEEEROY JENKINS on Apr 26, 2008


This movie is going to blow whales into the water. Nice writeup Alex, makes me want to see it even more now. Thanks for providing the trailer for us.

Dan on Apr 26, 2008


Looks like someone needs to get laid.

George on Apr 28, 2008


This trailer looks hot!! I am definitely going to see this movie looks funny

corey on Apr 28, 2008


pretty funny concept. mostly likely worth watching. title is dumb. han-cock. hand and cock just shouldn't be in the title of a movie unless it's got jenna in it somewhere.

joe on Apr 29, 2008


I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!! It looks hilarious. Sort of the anti-hero, a refreshing change in a summer of Iron Men, Get Smart, etc.

preatorius on Apr 29, 2008


This answers the perverbial question "What if Superman 3 incorporated comedy". I've always wanted to see Superman be an ass to people and show more contempt. I am blocking off that day to see this movie. Twice if I have to. The only movie with Will Smith that was a let-down to me was Six Degrees of Separation. He is incredibly funny and can act his way out of an Iraqi work camp. No matter how bad the writers may do, he'll make it watchable, if not enjoyable. I disagree with Alex.

ThaDoctor on Apr 29, 2008


Because throwing a whale off the beach is hilarious, especially when you consider how much that would piss off the eco-warriors of the world.

David on Apr 29, 2008


What is the matter with you? This looks like the movie of the summer, without a doubt. Will smith is a great actor and this looks like it will be hilarious!

Rich b on May 5, 2008


Who'd have thought Will Smith vehicles needed micromanaged internet propaganda, stooping to post comments on this thread. With that level of deceitful marketing how can this film NOT make its money. I for one am convinced.

Doghead on May 6, 2008


Read an article on Variety about this where they say the movie is darker than the trailer suggests. And I have to say more people enjoyed the Hancock trailer than the Indy IV one that was shown at a packed Iron Man screening.

Richard on May 8, 2008


This film looks like fun, I think it will be hilarious right up to the part when he inevitably has to clean up his image. Then i think the film will become pretty damn boring, personally i love that he's a drunk superhero who completely maims everything around him when he's saving someone (Cetaceans included) and when he actually starts saving people in a normal way it will lose its comedic edge.

Bogitt on May 8, 2008


Haha, Alex. How 'bout you shut up because your acting can't even compare to Will Smith's, I'm sure. You're probably an obese couch potato. Get over it. And besides, your the type of person that judges things after 1 minute of a trailer. I hate people like you that think that their opinion is better than everyone elses. Note the word; opinion. Everyone has one. And besides, I'm sure to go see this movie.

Jazzmin on May 9, 2008


alex you dont know what you are talking about the looks like it is going to look so cool................if you go see this movie and like it you have to it was a good movie and you were wrong

matt s on May 11, 2008


This is a really STUPID movie...It's HORRIBLE!!!

Rick on May 16, 2008


I think that this is going to be a great movie! It seems that people do not have good taste in movies. COME ON PEOPLE IT HAS WILL SMITH IN IT!

Justin on May 16, 2008


This trailer would look better to me, like others have said, without the rap music in the backround. It does look a little stupid, but I do like the idea of a superhero who would do ... what I'd do. I'd just destroy stuff for fun when I do things and get drunk. I don't however think the movie could possibly be anything that would leave a lasting impression on me. The most I expect is a bucket of chuckles and some of the same hollywood special effects circa Terminator 3. It'll be worth watching, that is, unless it's full of cRap music endorsements.

VeggyZ on May 17, 2008


Alex, are you on crack?

fluxboy on May 21, 2008


Alex, this is the first time I read your blog and I have to agree with you 100%. I am glad that not everyone out there is constantly drinking Hollywood's Kool-Aid. Everyone seems to think that because Will Smith is in it that it will automatically be good. Did we forget I, Robot and Wild Wild West? Will Smith has put out some bad movies, and this could be one of them. I am willing to bet that this movie will receive a bad rating on I should invest in movie theaters though, since from all the comments on this blog it is obvious that people will pay money to watch any crap.

Chris on May 22, 2008


I think this Hancock movie looks cool, Alex is overdoing it abit! its a idea that has not been done before so you should cut Will a little SLACK! And the whale getting dashed in to the yacht is excellent. and atleast the CGI looks better than that they had in Superman Returns.

SilenceOne on May 23, 2008


To be honest, I think many people can relate to this. How would the average person deal with adapting to super powers. I mean if any of us lost our jobs or adopted an extreme alcohol problem, we'd be barely able to walk or think or socialize. His superpowers are part of his everday abilities and in "just about" every super hero movie (e.g. Superman, Spiderman, X-Men) the heroes do best when they are completely centered. So here comes Hancock, drunk, lazy and obviously blessed with incredible abilities. That's like handing a small dog the keys to your car and putting on the cruise control. I say give it a chance. Across the Universe looked stupid and I thought it was fantastic. But then gain Hancock isn't based on the Beatles.

Atlas on May 26, 2008


I recently watched 'The Kingdom' which was directed by Peter Berg who happens to at the helm of Hancock. While that was not a comedy it reveals he knows how to make a good film. I know this film is going to Rock. In my humble opinion the trailer CGI is more than adequate. (I thought Superman Returns sucked big time.)

jimi on May 27, 2008


It looks great to me I enjoy Will Smith's movies and support him totally...maybe your too critical..It just a movie....relax laugh a little

Ridertee on May 29, 2008


Hey all, this is just a summer-money making-fun to watch-feel good movie. That is all. Will Smith is the draw, the story line is kind of weak, thats ok, but it is fantasy. Adults will like it, I mean, who doesn't like a superhero? All in all, this will pull big at the box office, that is just what it is intended for. It was clearly not made to win an oscar, best film, best actor, best writer or best boy dolly grip for the matter, it is just a summer fun movie. So go, grab your kids, or take a break with your mate and have a little fun. Movies are and escape from the normal, (some are not), view this one just as it is, an escape from the norm. Have fun.. My $50,000 (I feel I am worth more that 2cent) Happy Benzing!!!

michael on May 30, 2008


Totally agree with the CGI being cheap-ass, so much so it detracts from an otherwise lame script, gritty sufficient even to make even the jaded feel totally removed from the title character and even worse and gives intelligent viewers another reason to keep a bottle of aspirin on hand to deal with what I like to call "Post-production Imaging Stress Syndrome" (PpISS). "Iron Man" set the bar high and was very entertaining albeit predictable PG fare, and despite being chained to a base story line more than a quarter century old came off as damn near believable, something Hancock comes far from the mark in doing, even with a clean slate. Even the funny bits seem contrived, replete with terrible timing and unlikely dialogs. Undoubtedly this B-Grade bit of stupidity will shamelessly ride the tide of it's big name stars and combined with the high cost of gasoline, provide the summer revenue boost sufficient to keep theaters in business until the next round of studio releases.

MrV on May 31, 2008


Hey, a movies aim is one thing, TO MAKE MONEY.... the worst movie makes over 5 million, just because people want to "see" what or why it is so bad or good. Remember eddie murphy's "Best Defense"? HORRIBLE..... But, it made money. We can rant all day, but the bottom line: If YOU made a movie, no matter how B rated it may be, the aim is to make money, if it hits a high mark (Oscar, best actor, film, srceenplay, etc) then so be, but not one is here to make movies for the fun of it, MONEY IS TO BE MADE. Bad CGI or not (yes, it looks like they took the flying parts of Will directly at the back lot of Universal Studios where the audience can participate LOL, but I want to go see it anyway. My $50,000 (because I feel my comments are worth more than 2cent) Happy Benzing!!!

michael on May 31, 2008


Ok, so it looks lame. Question: Is that gonna stop anyone from seeing it? Answer: No. It's going to be one of those mindless flicks you buy on pirated dvd, take over to your hot neighbor's house, let it play in the background while you drink screwdrivers and initiate foreplay... She won't miss anything. You won't miss anything. But it'll give you both an excuse to try to watch it again sometime. Even the title surprisingly verges on appropriately suggestive... Hancock

fragilebob on Jun 3, 2008


I think it looks funny, superhero movies get boring, but this is a less used twist. I like will smith, i think hes funny, i find his humour funneir than many "black" homoured comedians ( popular ones) that is. Ie martin lawrence, chris rock etc . I dont think it will be fantastic, but im betting u get your 9.50's worth in tix fee. I look forward to seeing it.

bigman on Jun 4, 2008


Seems like a lot of superhero haters on here. The fact is if you like superheroes and comics then you like the trailer. What makes any superhero movie are the powers before the story. Without the powers it's not a superhero movie so this is refreshing to see because it looks like an actual movie about a superhero who isn't necessarily inept but just doesn't care almost Lobo-esque. He saves Bateman by just throwing his car off the tracks and then just stands there and demolishes the train. I mean come on!!! That's gold Jerry!!!

c3r3br0 on Jun 6, 2008


If you don't like this then your must be queer, gay, or just not straight

superman on Jun 9, 2008


superman is being super rasist but I agree.

batman on Jun 12, 2008


You should suck cock'll see the light at the end of the tunnel! πŸ™‚

batman on Jun 16, 2008


Though I don't share the zeal of many on this board against the OP, I do agree you're being a bit tight-sphinctered about this. Is it possible you can look at a movie and just enjoy it for what it is, rather than trying to over-analyze everything about it? This is my first time to this particular web site, and I see a negative preview from someone who's not even seen the movie by the time of the original post, and is dishing on it as though he built it. Please? As a result of this bashing, I don't think I'll visit here often, if ever again. Thank you, and good night.

Paul on Jun 23, 2008


Personally, if I was a superhero with super-powers, I KNOW I would end up the same... a complete drop-kick. That's what I think makes it seem appealing/funny to me. Not only that, but CGI in general is the biggest load of overrated crap EVER. I have yet to see a CGI dependant movie look realistic. NOT ONE. I gave up looking for realism in movies like that ages ago. I still enjoy the movies, but to me its more there for the impression it gives off, the FEEL of location of characters. CGI to me shouldn't be the reason you dislike the movie/trailer, it has yet produced anything I would consider TRULY realistic appearing.

Julio on Jun 24, 2008


your an idiot plan and simple.STOP HATING!

santana on Jun 24, 2008


I agree this movie looks terrible. They are trying to promote some racial acceptance of a black superhero. It's funny how people are so easily dazzled by special effects which seems to be almost all of the movies these days oversaturated with CGI. Hancock is a complete rip off of Superman. Why not just rename the movie "Black Homeless Drunk Superman".

Richard on Jun 25, 2008


oh richard comment.......its called captian justice u idiot

cody on Jun 25, 2008


see i dont get it y this person would say it isnt good... its supose to be a lazy good for nothing super hero... just do one think save lives with not a real care... soft of like me... im no drunk but i really dont care for you but id save your life just b/c.... lol sooo soo far looks like a good movie... and i bet ur gf if u have one will love it to...

Jay on Jun 28, 2008


196 and 197, get a dictionary and read it. If you both don't suffer brain aneurysms from learning proper English feel free to come back and retype your inane comments.

Richard on Jun 30, 2008


This movie looks hella crazy. I like how you chose Will Smith to be the superhero.

Guri on Jul 1, 2008


That bit where he lifted up that whale and threw it about 3 miles in the air had me laughing/crying till I was in pain. I fell limp to the floor because I felt so weak and nearly pee'd my pants. Some girl next to me sighed and groaned, saying she wish it were her he threw. Hancock has got to be the most powerful superhero I've ever seen. Way more powerful than Hulk or Superman.

Regina D on Jul 4, 2008


dude get a fucking life no one cares what you think if so many people disagree with you then just stop giving us your negative opinion because obviously you don't know what people like. This movie was funny as shit, never seen will smith like this before(mybe he was acting so good you mistook it for bad acting sleep on that one for a bit ) get some fresh air and maybe finish the movie because the beginning did start off a bit shakey but overall not too shabby

serge on Jul 5, 2008


The movie trailer looks very funny and by the way i have already watched the movie and it is going to be one of the top movies of 2008 if not the best. it has a great story line to it and some real nice action and i mean nce action.

shahrukh on Jul 6, 2008


I like Will smith, he's funny and smooth.were all so used to serious hero movies, this is a good change thats of a real make believe storie not continuously funny or serious , an ordinary guy with problems who's not so ordinary. who makes us all wish we could make a difference in the world especially how bad it is rate now, and were regular people with our own problems.

darcey on Jul 24, 2008

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