Ray Stevenson Talks About Playing The Punisher

August 21, 2007
Source: SuperheroHype

It was only almost exactly one month ago that the news broke that "Rome" star Ray Stevenson would be taking over Thomas Jane's role as the Punisher. The upcoming sequel, or should it be called a do-over, is being directed by Lexi Alexander and has been renamed to The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank. Stevenson spoke via e-mail with a fan at SuperheroHype recently and provided some rather interesting updates in regards to his character.

While full plot details are still being kept secret, Stevenson commented on how he's taking on the persona of Frank Castle.

Although i am still very much in the embrionic stages of developing and discovering FRANK CASTLE's character; what i can say about my approach so far is that I dont wish for anyone to walk out of the theatre wanting to 'be' FRANK CASTLE - Let me explain, I would be mortified if, for any reason, some kid at high school wanted to reach out and right the wrongs of bullying or rejection or isolation by deciding to "tool up" and take out the bad guys ! It is my full intention to have FRANK in such a dark place and do such violence on those beyond redemption that you should feel glad that there is someone who lives in the dark so we may live in the light. (and you cant wait to see what hell he brings to those targeted by him) My training program is the most comprehensive i have ever undertaken and hopefully we will bring all his skills to bear - and then some! Sorry it is a bit sketchy at this stage but we are driving forward and will stay true to the essence of THE PUNISHER!

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I think Thomas Jane was a bit smarter when approaching the character - but that's not to say that Stevenson isn't capable. I just feel even with these statements that he may do a good job and it may be a slightly better movie, but Thomas Jane is still the ultimate Frank Castle.

I really hope Lionsgate is making a good decision putting Lexi Alexander in the director's chair and Stevenson in this role. Lionsgate seems confident, so let's hope they pull off a better film this time around.

The Punisher

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Let's hope this version of the Punisher revolves around the comics and not the Hollywood version. Thomas Jane as the Punisher was awful, Dolph Lundgren was acceptable and the original Punisher was fairly close to the comics. Punisher is one of the best comics to ever be written and it deserves to be filmed with respect to those who created the character.

Jeffro on Aug 21, 2007


Hi Ray, The best of luck...miss you on the tube here in the good ol' USA!!! Nancy Sacramento, CA

Nancy on Aug 21, 2007


wow, that guy couldn't be anything less like frank castle. Terrible choice of lead.

tosh on Aug 26, 2007


Hey Ray, meet you in ROme. The fact that HBO discontinued this series has effected each an everyone of your fans. There must be some way the series can continue. It's such a grand story and that fact that it's true, makes it all the better. Anyway, Titus Pullo, made the show. Hope you continue to do what you do, and wish you the best of luck. Ray, spend more time in America, I'm sured there are many projects that you would/will be perfect for. Luv Ya Much. D.

Deborah on Sep 25, 2007


As an older woman, I am not one usually into “comic book” characters being brought to life on the big screen. I watched Mr. Stevenson in ROME and bought both seasons on dvd and will watch is over and over again. Mr. Stevenson made the series for me. I feel he has so much talent. I am glad to see that he will continue to be seen by millions but I am leary about this particular part in Punisher 2. I feel his talent will not be used to advantage in this. I had so hoped he would be picked up for more major parts, say, a James Bond would have been right up his alley. I do wish him all the very best and will continue to look for him wherever he goes and whatever he does.

Donna Jean Cruz on Sep 25, 2007


DEAR RAY, I am very happy for your new role. I know you will be great. Week after week, seeing you as Pollo, it is as if you became family. As silly as that might be to you, its very much the truth. It makes me sad that Rome is not going on for a third year. But, I am so happy that I will be seeing you on the punisher. best of luck and a life filled with joy! thank you for all the joy you have given to this 45 year old woman.

denice davidson on Sep 28, 2007


i'm a great punisher fan who want a great movie written and a good actor to play it. i've seen some clips of your shows this is your role and it needs time to have success. it needs to be R rated and i think ray is perfect for this role. he has the height and size for it. thomas jane was good at it but he lacked the height. but looking at rays pics he has the chance to put himself on top of the comic world and the chance to put himself in the spot light in hollywood. punisher is the ultimate hero with nothing to loose thats why he needs to get the respect he deserves. The punisher is the most feared hero in the comic world. frank castle is the real captian america in my book. frank would run into a burning building to save a child's pet without thinking about it. he doesn't want anybody to end up like him. what does a man do when his family is killed in front of him and the country he loves doesn't put the criminals in jail and the justice system fails you frank just makes a stand becomes someone thats hes not but does it to protect the inocent people. frank will never sacrifice a good person and never hurt good people. Please read the comics of the punisher to understand him and to get this movie on top. the movie has to be true to the book or it will be another disaster!!!

eric on Oct 22, 2007


o yea frank castle was a soldier, cop and father and in love with his wife.

eric on Oct 22, 2007


i have been a punisher comic book collector for many years now and i have been nothing but SERIOUSLY unhappy with the movies made about the Punisher. nobody has captured the essence of the character. it should be dark and dreary, ruthless, and humorless. His life is a depressing and dirty existance because he never loses focus on "killin bad guys". just one time i would like to see a good punisher movie. couple of tips to capture the character... no emotion, no laughing, and STICK TO THE STORY! it doesn't have to be jam packed with action, because he is more calculated than that. Sin City meets Rambo First Blood or something like that. I don't know. I never write these comments or anything. but after hearing about another Punisher movie being made, and hearing some people praising the first and it's acting and directing, I have one last thing to say... Please make it right this time or don't even bother. Just don't butcher the Punisher name for people out there who really know nothing about the true kick ass story. Thanks and good luck

John on Nov 5, 2007


Well I think Tom Jane did a good job especially with what he was given. He didn't write that first movie, which probably would have been better if he did since he actually has read the comics. His height doesn't matter as much as that he has the acting skills and when allowed was on point portraying the Punisher. I don't blame him for refusing to do this movie since he didn't believe it was true enough to the comics. I have seen the trailers with Ray and it doesn't show enough of him to really see his acting skills. The movie looks too much like a James Bond film with him as 007 to me, I won't be going to watch this one.

ck on Nov 3, 2008

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