Rob Zombie's Halloween...Let Him Do What He Wants

January 23, 2007

There have been all kinds of crazy rumors flying around the Internet regarding Rob Zombie's remake of the John Carpenter classic Halloween. The frenzy started last week when AICN and Fangoria posted two very different reviews on Rob Zombie's script for the film. After reading these critiques, Zombie decided to make a statement of his own on his personal myspace blog. Here is what Zombie had to say… "I notice that so many people get crazy when someone you don't even know posts an opinion about what they think HALLOWEEN will or won't be. This is crazy. Do you really go through life influenced by the thoughts of others that easily? Anyway, things change so much in a movie, from moment to moment, from second to second that all I can say is: see it for yourself and figure out if you like it or not. Really who gives a fuck what someone else thinks? Everybody likes different shit for different reasons. But deciding that you hate or love something that doesn't even exist yet? Well, that a little ridiculous."

Now rumors are circulating that Zombie has postponed shooting, which was originally scheduled for this month, to re-write the script. Fellow movie blogers- sites like AICN and Film Rotation-have stated their excitement and gratitude on Zombie re-writing his script. I personally agree with Zombie when it comes to the issue of whether his script is "what people do or don't want to see". Who has the right to say, before any footage has even been shot, if this remake is going to be terrible or not. I understand and appreciate a blogers comment on movie news and rumors, however I feel it is rather unprofessional and disrespectful to be so negative and insulting to a director or anyone involved in the creative process that is filmmaking. I also disagree with Zombie re-writing his original script if the decision to do so was based on the negative reviews on the Internet. I fully trust Rob with whatever choices he makes with Halloween. And I don't want to judge this movie on anything like rumors or buzz, because when it all comes down to it, I won't know if I like the film until I see it. While some may disagree, I felt like The Devil's Rejects was one of the best horror films of 2005. Being the horror junkie that Zombie is, I think he has a clear idea of what made the original Halloween a classic and will make the right creative choices for HIS version of the story.

There are more rumors about who will snag the lead role of character Laurie Strode. So far the names that have been mentioned are: Lindy Booth, Agnes Brucker and the newly added Hayden Panettiere. Of course none of these names are confirmed. However all of these actresses seem like interesting choices. As far as we do know, these are the names of people that ARE assigned to the cast for the film: Tyler Mane, Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Heather Bowen, Pat Skipper, Dee Wallace Stone, Sheri Moon Zombie, William Forsythe, Ken Foree and Danielle Harris.

You can have all of the rumors in the world, however none if it means anything without confirmation. I just say, to those people who are die-hard Halloween fans, to wait and see what kind of film Zombie wants to make. It is fun to see current speculations and news, and of course will keep you updated. I only ask for you to withhold your decision about whether the film is a brilliant achievement or terrible letdown until it is released.

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Looking forward to seeing it. Rob's movies never disappoint. I'd love to see some collaboration however by using music from bands like Scum of the Earth and Megaherz. Scum of the Earth features former members of Rob Zombie, Riggs and John Dolmyayan from System of a Down. They are perfect for horror movies, etc... and since they all come from Rob's camp, their music would fit perfectly.

Brian Johns on Jan 24, 2007


Rob Zombie is saying that everyone is reacting to a movie that hasn't be made yet and that it's ridiculous. However that script is real. I think fans are reacting to what has been reported to us so far. In my opinion and in the opinion of many other fans his new story line sucks! He wants to turn Halloween into a borderline pornographic slasher movie where Michael Myers is more like a Jeffery Dahmer, masturbating to dead animals and molesting his older sister after he murders her leaving her with a bat stuffed inside her a--, along with a scene of a handicap girl being raped. Just to mention a few things in that script. I mean, come on. If he wants to make a totally different horror movie why not do just that and leave Halloween alone?

Martin on Jan 31, 2007


FIrst off I have to satrt off saying I am a HUGE die-hard Halloween series fan! Can't wait to see Rob's version! I will be there on opening night. But I have to admit when I first heard it was going to be a prequel/remake deal I was pretty disapointed, only because of all the remakes and prequels that have been coming out lately (mainly because they all pretty much sucked a**) and come on remaking the one the only the classic Halloween? But in spite of that I will have to go and see this film because I am a true die hard fan and I have to see this in theatres. I have only read reviews and other people's spoilers about the scripts they got a hold of, but I won't let all their comments and opinions influance me. So should any one else that has read or heard these spoilors.

Chad on Feb 6, 2007

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