Rumor: Could There Be a Mr. Brooks Sequel?!

October 17, 2007
Source: MovieWeb

Mr. Brooks

I will admit that Mr. Brooks is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine from this summer. Not too many people liked it but I absolutely loved it. It was dark, sinister, brutal, and intense; I think I grinned the entire way through. It currently has a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes and domestic box office revenue of $28.5 million. It's not doing too well, but an interview over at MovieWeb with the film's writer/director reveals that a sequel could eventually be made.

If you've seen the film, then you know the rather shocking ending. And the best part is that it is certainly open ended. I'd love to see more Mr. Brooks sequels and they can only get better. Unfortunately what writer/director Bruce A. Evans says is not too promising, but at least he'd be willing to do it.

I remember reading about Kevin Costner saying that the initial script was put together with an idea that it could be sequelized. Are there any plans for Mr. Brooks 2?

Bruce Evans: If it's box office and DVD justifies it, yes. When we wrote it obviously the ending is open ended and Earl is in great pain because of his daughter. There is an open-ended… neither Earl, the daughter or Atwood has come to a conclusion.

I'm not sure how many other people out there caught Mr. Brooks, but I really wish there was more interest. It was such a fantastic movie yet so dark and sinister. I was thrown off when I saw it - not only did I think it was PG-13 (and it is most definitely R), but I didn't realize how intense it would be. This is another sad case like Shoot 'Em Up where a great movie (that could have sequels) didn't do well in the theaters when it should have.

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I loved Mr. Brooks. The ending was great and unexpected. I really do hope they make a sequel, but don't screw it up. I also hope the movie can find a larger audience on DVD. I know I will be buying it on the 23rd.

Jeff Warner on Oct 18, 2007


If I remember correctly, in an interview with Costner around the time the film was released, he mentioned something about it being a trilogy with them moving ahead on 2 if the movie did well enough. I agree, this was surprisingly better than I expected and I'd be up for a sequel, especially if Costner comes back.

Marina on Oct 18, 2007


I totally loved this movie, great story, great acting. It was a great surprise of the summer and it kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat during the whole movie. I just hope that they do not screw it up with a bad sequel like some many times...

Christophe on Oct 18, 2007


I really like Mr. Brooks, but think they should end it as is.

Ryan on Oct 18, 2007


I simply loved the movie. Its definitely worth a sequel. Besides, it somehow doesn't seem complete without a sequel.. :p The way his 2 halves conversed, the gruel hunger for killing, with the fear of ruining a good life & not to mention his daughter, combined with the level of sophistication in his planning, the movie was definitely good.

Deepak on Oct 19, 2007


I think that as Mr. Brooks protected his daughter who has also "the killer addiction" like him, may be the daughter should find out about her father double life and protect him or play cat and mouse with him in the sequel... or paly with Demi Moore character... she would never know who is the killer between the daughter or the father, keeps her guessing...

Christophe on Oct 19, 2007


This movie was one of the best I`ve seen. It was so gripping & original. Hurt & Costner were superb. It is rare that the audience can feel empathy for the psychopath; but we were rooting for him till the end. I liked the religious chants that were used to help him deal with his sickness. Why is this different from other serial killer movies? The killer had a conscience. He was tormented by his addiction. The scene where his alter ego hugs him for solace was brilliant. This helps us empathize with the character. I loved how they used the alter ego brought to life. Excellent choice of William Hurt as the alter ego. I feel that society`s preoccupation with materialism & money makes us ignore quality actors like William Hurt. His talents are underused in Hollywood. Furthermore, it was evident that this movie was well thought out. Note how the gene patterns were well researched. It is very common that the daughter inherits many of father`s traits. Also note that they stopped after 1 child--he does not want his genes propagated. Finally, note how his daughter committed the murder when she was pregnant. We all know hormone alterations can stimulate abnormal urges. This demonstrates that the movie was NOT your random, thoughtless violent movie. There were so many subtleties. Every gest had a meaning & purpose. Note how the laughs(Costner & Hurt) synchronized at the end, depicting the synchrony with the alter ego. Brilliant!!! It was disappointing that the critics massacred this quality film. I guess they don`t have enough depth to appreciate quality. What are their criteria to determine the quality of a film? It had everthing--originality, superb acting, suspense, content, emotion & psychology. A sequel has to be made b/c we are kept in the air hanging. What will happen next.

Brittany on Oct 30, 2007


I absolutely loved this movie, when I rented it I was a bit unsure if i would like it, but in the first 10 minutes of the film I found myself sitting closer and closer to the t.v. to make sure i would not miss a thing. My only regret is that I didn't go to see it in the theater. I know for sure that i will own this movie and will be waiting to see the follow up film which better be soon. Any critic who gives a film like this a bad review truly doesnt appreciate good acting and writing.

Justin on Jan 24, 2008


I had hesitated on seeing this movie after hearing how dark and violent it was. I finally watched it this weekend and thought it was Excellent. The movie was perfectly cast - Costner and Demi Moore were both terrific in their roles. I won't give it away, but the ending was so unbelievably twisted and perfect. I try not to watch scary movies, but this one was worth the trip into darkness. I do hope they continue this.. the layers are fascinating.

Mary R on Mar 10, 2008


This film was excellent quality, it explored so many interesting aspects of a serial killer, a very smart killer who breaks the patterns of the quintesential serial killer, not to mention a father's love for his wife and daughter. I anxiously look forward to the next Mr. Brooks and I hope they go into more detail of a serial killers preperation and thought pattern. In addition I would like to see Demi Moores involvement and possibly Mr. Brooks abstaining from killing but his daughters urges increasing and the perfection of the killing becoming more intelligent and efficient.

EGOR on Nov 29, 2008


i loved this movie..although i wouldve gone with zach braff like they originally intended..instead of dane cook..

derikstilwell on Mar 14, 2009


I just watched this movie again and I absolutely love everything about it. Dane Cook was quite believeable as a jerky wannabe. I believed he was frustrated and very much resembled a pouting child when Mr Brooks wouldn't allow him to play. It was very clever and well thought out including necessary storyline and background information on key players ... much more so than many of today's storylines that leave you thinking, "How is that even possible?" I am not even a Costner fan due to the fact that he potrays the same monotone character in every movie, however, it works in this film. He seems calm, cool and collected - an intelligent killer. Hurt plays off this character superbly and adds in just enough taunting to let you understand that he is the one in control but left to his own devices he would kill a LOT more often. Together they are in perfect harmony, ying-yang. If you haven't seen it you should. Watch it when you can really get into the plot and understand all the little subtle nuances. And the ending was a mind-blower.. totally unexpected. It is open-ended but not with a glaring question mark. You know when you watch a movie and it gets to the climax and next thing you know you are watching the credits (i.e., The haunting of Molly Hartley - STUPID Movie)? You are so baffled that you rewind to see what you missed because the movie is at least 30 minutes from when they should have eneded it? I really, really hate that. Those types of movies don't deserve a sequal. Mr. Brooks doesn't do that. It is wrapped up in a cute little package with a pretty bow on it.. okay, maybe wrapped by my 9 yo but neat enough. It gives just enough information so you are satisfied but still wanting, not needing, , more. WELL DONE - Bravo!! For all those that are interested I found an article that talks about the fact that this was originally conceived as a trilogy, so depending on sales, we could see a follow-up soon. Here is the info: "It turns out even Mr. Brooks has been conceived as a trilogy, said screenwriter Raynold Gideon. Raynold Gideon Talks Mr. Brooks Sequels “This is just the first part of a trilogy and this is what fascinated Kevin Costner into coming aboard, besides the fact that he loved the script,” said Gideon. “We said to him, ‘By the way, we have planned this as a trilogy.’ And he said, ‘Well, I’ve never done sequels on any of my films although I’ve been approached to do a sequel on The Bodyguard’ or whatever other film, whether Bull Durham and he said, ‘No, never was intrigued by that but this I could be intrigued with to do a trilogy.’ One day on the set he said, ‘I have the ending for the third one’ and he told us something which was quite good.” Mr. Brooks wouldn’t even have to make Saw or Hannibal numbers to continue. “What will happen is it will depend upon the success of the film. If we have a moderate success, it doesn’t have to be a blockbuster, you know these kind of movies don’t do Shrek or Spider-Man or Pirates business. If we achieve, knock wood, a moderate success with it, we would do the sequels. And obviously we’d do them with Element who financed the first one. And Kevin is into doing the sequel, William Hurt saw the movie, he’s shooting in Louisiana, he loved the movie and he said, ‘Hey, for the two sequels, I’m on board.’ So is Demi [Moore]. They’re all very pleased with the film. We approached from the beginning. We didn’t hide it from anybody and say, ‘Oh, hey, this one and if…’ No, we said, ‘By the way, this is a trilogy. It doesn’t end with the first one.’"

Terri on Mar 21, 2009


I LOVED this movie. The series *Dexter* is such a huge hit. Why wasn't Mr. Brooks? I can't get enough of this film. And the soundtrack is FABULOUS.

Tallulah on Apr 28, 2009


Mr. Brooks was my favorite movie in years. I own the movie and watch it all the time. A sequal would be brilliant, and or triliogy. Almost the whole movie sends you into a serial killers world and does it well. Kevin Costnar played his part great as did the rest of the cast. There should be a at least a second movie since the first was left to do so. So hopefully there will be a second one. Loran Kirby

Loran Kirby on Jun 15, 2010


I just watched Mr. Brooks for the 1st and 2nd time at the recommendation of a smart friend of mine. I originally skipped it, because I can't stand watching Demi or Kevin in movies, and I skip all of them. Over the last two years, actors like Ray Liota, and Bruce Willis have not been so horrid to take, so I thought I might give Demi and Kevin a try again and test the tolerance meter. These actors are just so low in charisma, and high in creepyness that I have just avoided all of their work. Except 'Silverado', that was a fun movie. Seems that something has changed, or this movie was so great that I went along for the ride..... as should happen. I would love to see what they could do with another Mr. Brooks movie. I found no fault at all with this film and Kevin was very different in this movie- tolerable. Demi was herself, trying too hard to be a bad ass, but what's new. She could get the same point across and not puff up so much before the scene. Anywho--- private behaviors are interesting to me as a therapist, and this movie shows a very interesting dynamic that I would love to see further explored. Plus, we have to know what happens between Brooks and the Detective and what happens with the Daughter. Grrr! The next movie, if everyone will get on board to follow through---all of the actors would have to be the same---could be a work of art in all ways: soundtrack, vistas and mind scapes, mind games and puzzles. Could be huge. I am not sure why this movie wasn't better spoken of and didn't do better, but there must be a way to figure it out and remedy the issue... Get these films made!

Artsamuse on Sep 3, 2010


I am just responding because of you being a therapist, but what you said about Demi Moore, is exactly what she didn't like either. But in some of the cut scenes that they had to cut for time, she see's a therapist. It's mentioned that she's seeing a "shrink" because of Atwood's divorce but they had to cut some of that for time and her seeing a gigolo! Anyway, it's funny what you say. Pretty prophetic!!! Somewhere on the internet there's interviews with her, Costner, Helgenberger and Cook about their love of the script. Costner, Hurt, Moore and Helgenberger plus some smaller role players like the daughter have already agreed to do parts 2 & 3. Costner and Hurt are writing the 3rd and final of the trilogy. Moore, and even though his character died, Dane Cook are assisting in writing the 2nd. Cook is of course adding some humor, but dark humor to it.

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2011


its one of the best films ive ever seen . i dont get how anyone would not loved it its by far the best film kevin been main role in and there should be more . even if ya just break even on it it be worth it

Darren21bos on Mar 20, 2012


I absolutely loved this movie and if they could do a prequel to mr brooks then a sequel it would be a lot better then they could have a awsome story line in which he develops his disorder and refines his techniques (goose bumps) then explode in the third with all the mind bending games and twist they can put in it getting more out of mr brooks with possibly the daughter developing her own side as well hmm maybe the would be in the family business together

vladimere on Jul 1, 2012

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