Rumor: Gerard Butler Joining Wolverine?

December 7, 2007
Source: CHUD

Just so you know, we haven't turned into a rumor mill, there have just been so many interesting rumors in the last week that we can't skip the good ones. From CHUD comes a rumor about the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine spin-off starring the one-and-only Hugh Jackman. They've heard that ex-King Leonidas, Gerard Butler, may be joining the cast as Victor Creed, the man who eventually becomes Sabretooth, Wolverine's arch-enemy. Their source is reportedly solid, but it's not 100% confirmed.

Karl Urban, from The Chronicles of Riddick and Pathfinder, was originally supposed to play Creed, but has since dropped out and the production team is "scrambling" to pick up a new actor in this time of turmoil (the ongoing writers strike and pending actors strike). I guess they've got their eyes set on Gerard Butler, who's been rumored to be in everything from Escape from New York to the Untouchables prequel, and is currently filming Game. He's got the body and the abilities to play Creed and Sabretooth, so why not?

Sabretooth's only previous appearance on film was in the first X-Men, where he was played by the massive (6' 8") Tyler Mane. Sabretooth has been rumored as the villain in the primary storyline along with Silver Fox, but nothing has been confirmed (or denied for that matter). X-Men Origins: Wolverine is one of those that I'm solidly keeping my eye on, because with Oscar winning director Gavin Hood in the front seat, I'm expecting nothing but pure brilliance. And I must say the addition of Gerard Butler as the villain might only help him achieve that.

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Am I the only one who thought 6ft. Jackman was a terrible Wolverine. What happened to the 5'3" ultra pissed of animal of a man in the comics? Im thinking angry and agressive, not a lambchopped father figure.

Damion on Dec 8, 2007


I thought Jackman's performances as Wolverine were good, but have always thought he was too tall and too lanky. there's a shot in the original x-men when they're approaching the statue of liberty, and wolverine's taller than cyclops! he also hasn't quite tapped into the berserker rage/struggling to be human not an animal side of wolvie, which is disappointing. hopefully they'll go there in this movie.

Kevin on Dec 10, 2007


Ding ding ding! Jackman is an amazing actor, and yes, he has been bulking up, but it's still wrong. I've complained since the first promo shots about how tall & lean he is. Lou Ferrigno, however tall he is, has more of the look needed - sturdy, thick, bulky. Someone naturally short and someone who looks like they're hairy without makeup. A hairy tank. Heck, if you could get Danny DeVito to work out enough, that would be better. Or Robin Williams, even, if he could keep a straight face - he's definitely shorter and definitely hairy. Maybe they could get DeVito to play "Old Wolverine" - except that with Wolvie's healing abilities, he'll probably never start looking old.

Arielle on Feb 17, 2008

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