Rumor: Serenity Sequel on the Horizon Realistically?! It Can't Be!

October 4, 2007


I know this is beating a dead horse, but another rumor has been kicked up out of the dust and this time it may be a bit more reliable, and I just can't resist. The guys over at have a quote from Alan Tudyk (who plays Wash) where he claims that the recent buzz regarding the re-release of the Serenity DVD is causing Universal to consider making another one. There are so many questions: How recent is this interview? Is Alan just poking fun for the heck of it? Will it be direct-to-DVD or not?

I trust what Alan has to say, it's that I'm not sure this can be counted as fully legitimate. Maybe he was just saying this for the heck of it and his quote got taken out of context. Or maybe this was not too recent and can't be counted as something real, just a far-fetched "rumbling" at Universal. Anyway, here's Alan's ever-so-important quote.

"They had to put [the new DVD] out because they've been selling out of the other one and so Universal's like 'So, let's do another one'. And now… there's now a chance there's going to be another movie."

"Everybody in the Firefly crew – and that includes the ones who died in the movie – are excited about the prospect of doing another."

Update: Clint, the writer who conducted the interview over at Moviehole, has informed us in the comments below that this is all up-to-date and completely real. It's all just in Universal's hands now, as Alan makes it sound like they're very interested.

Being a website that focuses purely on theatrical releases - I've got to hope that it will be theatrical. However the current "thought" is that it just won't be. Serenity was a massive financial flop at the box office and I don't think they're smart enough to realize that if they actually marketed it correctly, it could easily be a success. More and more fans join the legion of Browncoats every day - and that alone should be enough to warrant another in-theater sequel.

For now I'll keep dreaming and hope that Universal realizes their mistake on the first film and comes around on this second one. Need a prime example of a film that's doing just that? How about Fox's Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem??

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the interview with Alan was conducted "today" so its very recent. And no, he wasn't taken out of context - Tudyk's pretty certain SERENITY 2 is on the books again. Clint Moviehole

Clint on Oct 4, 2007


Thanks for the update Clint - sorry for the confusion. Will write a note up top. I just said most of that because of how much this rumor keeps being brought up and shot down... Thanks anyway!

Alex Billington on Oct 4, 2007


I'm thinking we WILL rise again.

glaiket on Oct 4, 2007


Be still, my heart. I so much needed to read these words. Please make it happen...please make it happen!

KeepOnFlyin on Oct 4, 2007


This would be great news. It's funny how an industry set on making money can be so dumb in regards to the relationship between marketing and revenue. That said, I don't think it's fair to call Serenity a financial flop. Granted, it didn't make much at all (at box office time, but even then fell only half a million under what its budget was), but it has broken even, plus quite a lot with DVD sales ($60 million more, to be almost exact). No one would argue that a breakthrough success, but you can't argue with not losing money, and maybe, just maybe, they have figured out that some promotional power could push that a long way.

Quicksilver on Oct 4, 2007


I would rather see the Firefly television series return but a new movie is certainly better then nothing. I sincerely hope this comes about. However... what could the story possibly be?

Brent Allen on Oct 4, 2007


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Make it happen.

Mickey on Oct 4, 2007


Id much rather see them commit to the series firefly.

Dennis on Oct 4, 2007


I'm so angry towards the big companies that push the firefly vers around I mean really, everyone says that it was a "flop" and all that but it's still around and talked about. Why don't they understand that if they put real money and confidence behind it to be relaunched as a tv series, it could be even better and wwwway bigger then it was... I look at the tv series, ever since it "flopped" it has been going around with a simple word of mouth and look at it... it got even bigger then it was and it's even bigger then most ppl think cause most groups huddle around a single person that owns that tv series or a boot-legged version. Hell i was one of them and look at me now, I'm buying my second set and movie. And i don't regret giving them away... None can take the sky from us!

Zigie on Oct 4, 2007


I would definitely prefer the series to start up again rather than another movie, but like everyone has been saying- it's better than nothing. That said, some pretty big things happened in the movie- like Wash and Book dying- which changes a lot about the show. Those were two great characters- especially Book... he was the single most interesting character and the one that we knew the last about IMO. With them gone, something will be missing from the show/movie. It could (will?) still be great though...

Sal on Oct 4, 2007


I wonder if Sci-Fi could afford to pick up Firefly if they just dumped that horrendous Flash Gordon series? (Seriously, loved the movie but I couldn't even get myself to sit through the first half o the pilot.) Any movie that includes Book and Wash would obviously have to take place before the previous one... I'd love to see something between the series and first movie that explains a bit more of Book's background. (Either that or have a bunch of "flashbacks.")

Ted on Oct 4, 2007


> what could the story possibly be? So far we've just seen River's story, and a bit of Jayne's. Several of the other characters have interesting stories, too.

Jim Van Zandt on Oct 4, 2007


*Spoiler ahead for those that haven't watch Serenity* Why would we believe a rumor from the one character that died in the first movie?

... on Oct 4, 2007


The return of capt. tight pants!!!!! Please god let this happen.

Heckle on Oct 4, 2007


The first movie was great, I also hope they will do a second in-theatre movie!

jon on Oct 4, 2007


I'd actually rather have a new TV show than a movie, or both would be nice.

JohnLenin on Oct 4, 2007


I can understand why Serenity was a flop in the theater - from my own experience. Here is how the cycle went. Fan's of the TV series hyped the Serenity movie. Non-fan people decided to see Serenity based on that it looked pretty alright and their fan-friends hyped it. *When asked, non-fans are told it doesn't which they see first (Firefly series or Serenity) Non-fan people watch the movie, and while it is pretty good, they don't understand the hype. Non-fan friends tell their friends "meh" As a result the box office $$ does not multiply. Suits everywhere are disappointed (not to mention fans). Now, here is where I differ from the usual "non-fan" as I've been describing them. Months (8-9) after being "meh'ed" by Serenity I pursued this franchise and watched the entire Firefly season. I loved it, and really enjoyed all the characters. I then proceed to rewatch Serenity. But this time, instead of a "meh" experience. I find my newly gained knowledge from the Firefly series (character development basically) has made Serenity a movie that i can say deserves the rabid fanbase it has. It transformed the entire movie for me. Its a matter of seeing Firefly Season1 before seeing Serenity. Contrary to the advise of unknown Firefly/Serenity fans. -Stephen

Stephen on Oct 4, 2007


This is great! A movie can only generate more fandom in an already growing show. When the second movie suceeds, then we can start expecting Sci-fi picking up where the last movie stopped. Stargate started life as a movie, then went to the small screen. Why not this also? Those who have never heard of Firefly, can get excited about watching 'Serenity, The Series' on TV. We can only hope...

Eric on Oct 4, 2007


Yes! So much talk of something more now finally a chance it can happen. I have to say that I agree with many of you in that a series would be better and more fulfilling but we are all on this site coz we like movies and there is something to be said for that fact. where as a series is like a nice long weekend drinking with your buddies a movie is like a night on coke having sex with hookers! Shiny! Dust off your brown coats you crazy bastards serenity mite just be back in the air!

G MacD on Oct 4, 2007


Dunno about that.... I'm actually willing to forget about the first movie if it means that they'll relaunch the tv series... I mean like ppl said, they(the makers) have a lot to say for the 2 ppl that died in the movie and that most of the twists and turns in the movie would of been better in the tv series... Like the guy who was a non-fan that posted before, the movie was mostly for the fans and I'm beyond happy that they did it. Plus chilling with buds is funner specially cause hookers are like kinder surprises, you only know what you got after you bought it and finished eating one out... and chilling with your buddies is like... well... you know what you're getting yourself into...

Zigie on Oct 4, 2007


TV Show is obviously the better option. But Fox still has the rights for that. I still want to know why Space won't just pick it up. I mean, they are rather lacking in good TV shows. They keep on killing the good one's they get (like Dresden Files). About now, I'll settle for anything. Fingers, toes and hair crossed.

TR Wong on Oct 4, 2007


The PERFECT plot for another movie would be discovering that the Coalition has perfected a way of "saving" people's psyches and memories. Shepherd Book could be revealed to have originally signed on to Serenity as a Coalition agent (all the allusions to that are already there) who "turned" and had a change of heart--but not before he did some "downloading". In the movie Mal says that Shepherd will have to tell him about how he knows so much one day. He answers, "No I don't." Perfect set-up line for the idea--that Wash has been "saved" (ironic, "saved" by the shepherd) and it may be possible to retrieve him into a cloned (or other) body. Gives Alan his role back too ; ) and is pretty symbolic of the whole franchise--back from the dead. Man, I really am a genius ; )

worldstrider on Oct 4, 2007


Is doing a movie worth it? Of course. As long as you realize movies aren't designed to make money for the studio. They make money for the theater. Most movies do no better than break even at the box office, but turn a profit later ... The movie is just a commercial for the DVD; or, if you pefer, it's time-limited shareware. You try the movie out in the sticky theater to decide if it's worth buying to watch in the comfort of your home theater . So, if Serenity has proved there's a profitable DVD market out there, a movie makes sense.

mutant truth on Oct 4, 2007


I'm a leaf on the wind.

3pm on Oct 4, 2007


Shiny! Bring it, bring it, bring it! Serenity left a gaping hole for re-igniting the whole browncoat insurrection... one particular part has already been mentioned a bit... the operative (I too, think Book was an operative earlier in his "Serenity" life). A lot of loose ends to tie up - I dunno how they'd bring back Book and Wash and Mr Universe for that matter tho... An interesting cut scene from Serenity had the operative asking Mal how he went on with life after losing everything he believed in at the Battle of Serenity Valley -- there could be a huge chance for him to play a major comeback role as the good guy (Mal's desire to shoot him aside)... Now that River's come into her own (aside from being "not" crazy, she's the picture of health - for pulling Serenity's crew out of scrapes - they could win every barroom brawl without having to get up from the gaming board to toast!). Zoe moving on without Wash, and the potential for Inara to stay about would keep the drama levels good - drawing in a bigger slice of the pie BSG-style (nuke everything per episode fanclub aside). Gawd, I can think of all kinds of good stuff... but it's not my show to direct, lol... JW & Crew will make it rock, regardless - and they'll do more than break even just off the fanclub that is already out here, IMO.

Steve on Oct 4, 2007


OH for fraks sake...just make Firefly Season 2 already...

niBt on Oct 4, 2007


We've done the impossible before...and that makes us mighty Now lets do it again to make us legendary!

Alex on Oct 5, 2007


no probs. I'd love to see a sequel, too - - here's hoping Alan has the 'inside scoop' from someone at Uni, and isn't just "hoping".... either way, there you have it. I'm as big a Whedon fan as any - my baby daughter's name is Charisma! - so I had to make sure he definitely said what I thought he said. And he did. Clint Editor/Maintainer Moviehole

Clint on Oct 5, 2007


What are we waiting for - go to this link (, and put your prediction to the test! This link lets us all provide a realistic prediction, if the Serenity 2 movie is coming or not. They use something called "prediction markets", which takes all of our opinions on this subject, and creates a single prediction. Try it out - it's very cool, and extra easy.

serenityfan1 on Oct 5, 2007


"I am a leaf in the wind"!!!

Heggby on Oct 5, 2007


Shiney! Best gorram news I've heard in some time. I'll be hopin and lookin forward to it. Not like what they plan and what actually happens has ever been similar. ;>

Fireflier on Oct 5, 2007


You know another movie franchise that started out with a theatrical flop, gained an audience on DVD, then spun two HIGHLY successful sequels? Austin Powers.

jayroll75 on Oct 5, 2007


Does anyone find this incredible that a tv series with a little over a dozen episodes was then put on the big screen? Despite the lousy marketing, the movie was a profit for Universal (including DVD sales) and the fan base continues to grow. What else does Universal need to demonstrate the potential for Firefly/Serenity? Hell, I would love to see the crew making new episodes! The show has an incredible fan base so making more episodes would seem the "safer" approach if Universal is so concerned about making another full featured big screen movie. Bring em' back! I am dying for new material!

danielsellers on Oct 6, 2007


Wouldn't this be great? Even if it goes direct-to-DVD, I'd happily buy it. I'd buy fifty copies of it. Of course, the important thing to realize is that Universal is probably going to look at the sales of the Collector's Edition DVD to decide what they'll do. So if you want to see a sequel, you might want to pick one up.

Zach on Oct 6, 2007


Would they please bring out a Region 2 edition already! I really want to buy the CE but its only out on Region 1! This is the best news I've heard in a long time, my sis ter did a cartwheel when I made her come in and read this. If nothing else, make it direct-to-DVD. I'd buy it. And one for every member of my family. Happily. With a big grin. Then I'd make my friends buy it. I find it incredible no one has yet had the brains to already made another movie!

Kirsty on Oct 6, 2007


Got the Firefly box set. Got Serenity and Serenity CE. I'll show up opening night for Serenity 2 and wouldn't be alone! Universal would be rewarded greatly for making more.

Dave on Oct 8, 2007


This is a VERY true statement..."More and more fans join the legion of Browncoats every day" I never watched Firefly on Fox but the movie recently turned me in to a full on fan. I bought the entire series on DVD and I pray they give us a sequel. I find that friends and family are coming on board as well.

Rob on Oct 9, 2007


Third time might just be the charm. Poor marketing and the will of one high profile FOX exec. have been the weight holding this series down from becoming what it should be. The Best Damn Sci-Fi Franchise on the Gorram Planet. Not that it isn't already in my books... All us dedicaded fans can do is be patient...Lord knows we waited 3 years for the first movie...a 2K8 release would be fitting

Sideways on Oct 17, 2007


Firefly should never have got cancelled in the first place. It is and always will be brilliant. Like other people have said, Wash and Book dying in Serenity does put rather a downer on potential storylines, but as far as I'm concerned a sequel should DEFINITELY happen, and a new series would be friggin brilliant as well!!

Martyn on Oct 18, 2007


What about a prequel, something that would explain Book's nefarious deeds for the Alliance during the war?

Will on Oct 19, 2007


I look forward to the chance of a Serenity Sequel, though I would rather refill these hours with my previously ongoing enjoyment of Firefly.

Rent Movie Reviews on Oct 20, 2007


Hey guys, How about THIS for an idea for a sequel?

Jimmy James on Oct 23, 2007


Considering the massive amount of fans that grow day-by-day, I can see a sequel or new TV series kicking the socks off of the box office/ratings numbers! My own feelings.... please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please-o-please- GIVE US MORE!

Kaj on Oct 28, 2007


I don't even think Serenity was a "massive financial flop" like Alex says. It made its money back, which is a good thing. Losing money classifies a flop. Not going huge just means it was a sleeper that was missed by too many people.

Andrew on Nov 1, 2007


Star Trek originally did only so-so, but there was enough fan interest to warrant a movie. Then fans got another (better) movie, and the franchise took off. Four or five spin off series, about 10 films, and even now another huge movie is underway. Serenity 2 would be awesome; Whedon is a fantastic writer and his scripts are always fun, thoughtful, and exciting. Tons of people have re-discovered the series and film on DVD and cable, so a sequel will probably be a bigger hit than the first film. I doubt another series would happen; many of those people are on other shows. But a Theatrical sequel would rock, or at least a Sci-Fi movie (commercial-free premiere?) with high-def DVD to follow soon after. (PS: why is the "normal" DVD re-realeased in HD-DVD, but the collectors edition is only standard def? I'm not buying the CE on standard def DVD; I'll wait for the HD version.)

brandon on Nov 5, 2007


Oh would you @ssholes let the piece of sh!t FireFly/Serenity die already. It is absolute garbage - A rip-off of Star Wars with 2nd and 3rd rate actors with no personality or emotion. The dialog is subhuman and they use slang/urban language from the present (500 years in the past from the shows perspective). The captain is the worst actor I've ever seen - is he trying to be a Vulcan? Because the son of a bitc# produces no emotion. Maybe if the cast had 1 women that was sexy they could raise the viewer interest a little - but the talentless homosexual Josh Weadon assembles the fcuking ugliest whores on TV. The characters have ZERO appeal and are just living cliches with no reasonable ability or experience to fly a starship through space. The TV series was canceled after 1 season and the movie was a Major Flop (not even breaking even for domestic and international profits combined). If the studio produces more of this crap then I'm pretty sure Josh Weadon is blowing the execs, giving 2 hand jobs and getting penetrated all at the same time.

Dean on Nov 19, 2008


@57: Gee, looks like a troll was late to the party...

Kaj on Nov 27, 2008

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