Rumor: Viggo Mortensen is Stallone's Edgar Allan Poe

November 14, 2007
Source: Cinema Blend

Viggo Mortensen as Edgar Allan Poe

Get this: Sylvester Stallone is directing a movie about Edgar Allan Poe. No, it's not the Tell-Tale movie being produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, it's a whole other project actually about the poet. It's apparently titled just Poe and has been in production hell for quite a while. However, a new rumor just appeared via Cinema Blend and it claims that Viggo Mortensen has been offered the lead role of Edgar Allan Poe from Stallone. This isn't confirmed, but it is a rather juicy rumor and would certainly be an interesting choice.

The whole idea of Stallone directing a movie about Edgar Allan Poe to begin with is just plain odd. And to throw Viggo Mortensen into the mix as Poe is even weirder. Not that it couldn't be real in some fashion, but it all just sounds eye-brow-raisingly intriguing. The film is a chronicle of the legendary American writer's life, from his famous works and bouts with madness and depression, to his mysterious death in 1849. Stallone is writing the script as well.

The scooper over at Cinema Blend claims that "Stallone has recently met with Viggo Mortensen and has offered him the role" and although Mortensen is considering it, "he wants some slight revisions in the script." Is Viggo really the right choice? He's a strong actor who's always brought on strong characters, from Aragorn in Lord of the Rings to Tom Stall in A History of Violence and Nikolai in Eastern Promises this year. What's your take on these Poe movies, from this one to the Scott's Tell-Tale. And is Viggo the right one to fill the role of a crazed poet?

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Hmm, this is rather weird. Ive been eyeing the IMDB page for this movie ever since I heard about it, hoping for casting updates. When I first heard that Sylvester Stallone was writing and directing this, it seemed really weird to me. Poe is one of my favorites poets and a film about his unusual life would be very interesting. My personal choice for the role would be Ed Norton. But some favorites for the role, on the IMDB boards are: Norton, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and Sean Penn, among others.

Zach on Nov 14, 2007


I think this is a wonderful project and great casting! Viggo is familiar with dark characters, having played the Devil in Prophecy, the bad guy in Deception/Ruby Cairo, and the really bad Frankie in Sean Penn's Indian Runner LONG before anyone ever thought of Aragorn, Frank Hopkin (Hidalgo), Tom Stall/Joey Cusak (A History of Violence) or Nikolai (Eastern Promises). As an artist/poet/photographer as well as an actor, I think Viggo would be the perfect choice. Viggo has said he likes to work with intelligent directors, and I think Sylvester Stallone would be (perhaps surprisingly) just his cup o tea. Many people don't know that he wrote Rocky as well as starred in it, and the writing behind a great film is what really makes it great. I'm thinking that Mr. Stallone has had his fun capitalizing on his Rocky image (and quite a long run of fun it's been, btw) and now he's ready to use his head again... I'm hoping this comes about!

VigFan on Nov 14, 2007


holy shit Zach, i completely agree, i want to be a director, im pissed because i was gonna do a bio-pic about him with johnny depp or ed norton as poe, both terrific actors who never won an oscar(watch primal fear, omg). Stalone is gonna butcher it i think because i dont know if he's gonna take it in the right direction. Mine was gonna be black and white, hopefully with Danny Elman or Howard Shore doing the music I would have made this very accurate and not show him as the freak most view him as, for he is extremely talented, and had a very traumatic life

direcor007 on Nov 14, 2007


Viggo is a great actor, so he might do Poe justice if he played the title role. Norton, Depp, and Downey Jr. are great actors and would do the part well also. In fact, we can envision them now on the part since they've had movies that show their range as an actor. As for Stallone directing and writing the movie's screenplay, we must not be that quick to judge that he'll make a circus out of the biopic. For one, Stallone has proven himself as an accomplished writer with the first Rocky and other movies. He has a BA degree and it means that he has the brains and the skills to write. The only question now is, will he craft the script with such artistry that people would finally forget that he starred in a number of rubbish movies (like Rambo sequels and Cobra)? Clint Eastwood already did it; maybe Stallone could, too.

eWriter on Nov 14, 2007


Eh, just so they don't make Poe a drug freak. He had physical issues making it hard for his body to metabolize alcohol and that was hard for him in a society where drinking (at least for men) was pretty much mandatory. There's no evidence that he ever did drugs in any fashion, though, and even history professors like my current one (whom I totally respect) keep trotting that one out. Not that I have anything against drugs. 🙂 I am a big fan of historical accuracy and an even bigger fan of Poe, though. I just hope they manage to do his life justice.

zenspinner on Nov 14, 2007


Certainly a very intriguing pair! Stallone has proven he can write a layered script with substance! Viggo Mortensen is a great actor whose brought to life many dark and complex characters! I think this'll be cinematic history if it is actually produced!!

Stealth on Nov 14, 2007


I know Viggo's is an Oscar winner waiting to happen, but Stallone behind the camera does not make my skin rise in goosbumps! The movies Stallone's been involved in are B-rate at best. He's a pathetic actor and frankly I don't think he has the skill to pull off a biopic of any sort. Nonetheless I'll keep an eye out simply because I know Viggo makes EXCELLENT choices, and hope that Stallone has something hidden up his sleave!

ViggoGirl on Nov 17, 2007


Never underestimate the writer-producer-director talent of Sly! After all, he surprised us with last year's "Rocky Balboa". What started as mockery and sarcasm from the public turned into sheer quietness when this flick kicked ass at the Box Office! His new flick "Rambo" looks like a sure-fire hit, especially if it's R rated! I know I'll be there opening day regardless! Great to see Sly at the movies! Viggo is an excellent actor and a role like this can surely make him a household name and even win him an Oscar!

Stealth on Nov 21, 2007


Viggo being a poet himself would bring great authenticity to the role. If you consider facial features I would choose Eric Bana as more of a Poe look-alike; Patrick Dempsey also resembles Poe. However on sheer acting ability, Viggo is the best choice with Depp a close second. As for Stallone, he is intelligent and artistic and highly underrated -- many think he's an idiot because of his character role in Rocky. I am a huge Poe fan and Viggo fan so this might bring me back to the movie theater. Not much worth paying to see in a long long time...I do fear for Viggo if he gets too deep into this role as the best actors do. Would hate to see him go the way of Heath Ledger. Hopefully he is more mature and in control of his life and can deal with the deep emotions this role will undoubtedly stir up.

DebbyOhio on Feb 4, 2008


Viggo Mortensen would be great for the role of Edgar Allan Poe! Besides being a very good actor, Viggo also happens to be an amazing poet and writer, so he would fit perfectly into the soul and spirit of Poe! Then it would be cool with Tim Burton as the director and Tuomas Holopainen(in cooperartion with Hans Zimmer) as the film-composer!!

skjoldmoen on Apr 15, 2008


I am going to agree with Zach on the actors that came to my mind when I heard about this project. Granted, Viggo Mortensen, is a great character actor and has done some interesting work with past dark characters, adding the fact he is a poet and photographer, one would think he would be a "natural" choice for this movie. I am not so sure about that choice. I can see Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, or Robert Downey, Jr in the role before Viggo. Stallone, as the director/writer, is even a more interesting choice - remember folks both Mortensen and Stallone worked together in a film entitled, "Daybreak" so they are familiar with each other. This should be interesting to watch as the choice of who will take on the role of Poe works itself out. Either way, I hope the film does justice to Poe and his work/life.

Beth on May 28, 2008


This really irritates me. Sylvester Stallone has no insight into Poe's life and he is monopolizing the idea from true poets who could make something legendary out of it. I am positive the movie will suck and he will find a way to ruin an idea that seems practically un-ruinable. VIGGO? It should be Depp, it should be Tim Burton. If nothing else it should be Lynch and the writer of Shakespeare in Love. Stallone? Fuck him and his.

Poe Lover on Aug 2, 2009


Long rich and decades stale ---Stallone can't find anything else to look at? ---huh? It's 2010. America ---but especially Hollywood are on financial and moral all fours before the direct heirs of the most awesome genocidal monsters in history ---across the Pacific. 70 million murdered ---in 'peacetime' and Hollywood sucking-up like dogs for those funds and VAST market favors. Still ---Stallone -and everyone else -can't seem to find a fresh plotline. $$$trange

bunyan 10 on Jan 9, 2010

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