Seen Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? What Did You Think?

June 15, 2007

One of the most controversial, in terms of whether it will be good or bad, and one of the least hyped comic book movies this summer, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, finally hits theaters today. Yet another sequel, but this time only the second in the series, not the third. Will this be better or worse than the first film? Will the Silver Surfer and Doug Jones add the special touch that the series needs? What did you think? How does it fare up to the rest of this summer's sequels?

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Just drop by, leave a comment, and create some discussion! To fuel the fire, and I mean really throw some lighter fluid on it this time, I will honestly say I was delightfully surprised. I went it with very, very low expectations and was entertained by a much more solid film than I would have ever expected. Vastly better than the first one (at least I think) and all fit into a PG rating - this may be the best PG film I've ever seen! I don't know how director Tim Story did it, but he pulled it off this time around (maybe it was Doug Jones). And I want to hear what everyone else has to say, as I'll defend my opinion.

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Uh, so you're saying that Fantastic Four : Rise of The Silver Surfer is better than Good Night, And Good Luck?

Ethan on Jun 15, 2007


This movie was crap. The only thing better then the first one was the final battle and some of the effects, but we all know that effects don't make a movie. The acting was horrible, especially on Jessica Alba's part, and the dialouge was beyond cheesy. "We all make choices." Like what the hell is this crap. And the pathetic social commentary on celebrity lives and weddings was so weak. Also, I was disapointed to see Galactus as a freaking cloud! What the hell was up with that, I wanted to see the actual Galactus. I will say however, that Silver Surfer was pretty cool, about the only good thing about the movie.

Jeff Warner on Jun 15, 2007


it was a fantastic movie, with great special effects, and a great plot. I will watch this movie about 100 times.

joe on Jun 15, 2007


i was alos vry suprised...i thought it was a very thrilling film and attained its purpose..... to entertain... i alos felt it was set up very well....all the scenes and actions in the beginning were paid off in the end..... i realy enjoyed it, and it raises my expectations for live free or die hard.....i think the pg rating helped it also... sure we all would have enjoyed seeing jessica alba a little more naked, but it would have distracted the story, so kudos tim story, for upping the ante on the first one...

Andrew Tsoules on Jun 15, 2007


I thought FF2 was pretty entertaining, albeit forgettable. The acting still sucks, and the Heroes-like plot holes are still there (how about when they go through the elaborate ruse to sneak Jessica Alba out of the room in the army base when two minutes later she walks through walls to visit the Surfer? or, in the same scene, they nicely wait in the room as if they couldn't easily break out? Or when Johnny's policewoman girlfriend holds a gun up to them and Johnny painfully talks her out of it--when Sue could've easily just put a forcefield up then knock in away? That's just one scene!) In any case, it was almost an advantage to have had such a bad predecessor, because expectations were so low. You were comparing it to the first movie rather than, say, Spider-Man as you were the first time around. That actually worked to its benefit. It was entertaining, the plot wasn't horrible, and there were some funny lines and scenes. The only part I thought was idiotic was the whole message that Sue was frustrating that Americans cared more about her wedding than the anomalies (clearly a global warming reference). FF2 should be the last movie in the world trying to send that message--do you think they cast Jessica Alba for her acting ability? How about the ridiculous way they've marketed it. They're completely reliant and catering to the type of people who would care more about a celebrity wedding. How about that horrifying product placement of Dodge? In any case, it was a little hypocritical, not to mention not particularly thoughtful, and unnecessary.

Sam on Jun 15, 2007


Ummm...a cloud. I just keep having this bad reoccurring dream that Glactus is a cloud. Oh, wait, that is because he WAS in the movie. 🙁 It is like casting a video tape to be Spiderman...what were they thinking. However, the movie was quite enjoyable...better than the first. It could of been 10 times better if the cloud were not in it. Then they would of had a block buster...a must se3e for the summer.

Winged Gecko on Jun 16, 2007


The movie is great if you are comic lover. I think kids like this movie very much, but it offers not as much intellectual moments as I expected. Thank you for sharing this story with me !

Luna loves pictures on Jun 16, 2007


I think this one is much better than the first one .I think the PG rating is the right think for this movie .I liked the final fight very much i think it's one of the best superhero battle .I loved it .

muggle q8y on Jun 16, 2007


Hey Winged Gecko... I know the Galactus cloud complaint is the biggest thing on people's minds, but even despite it, I think the epic level of it and the more solid story (although still far from perfect) was better than the first one. I think Galactus as a cloud is a bit nitpicky, but as some friends said best, it's really hard to sanely have the giant planet-eating purple Galactus walking around or being a human form, that's just even more unbelievable (not that superheroes are anyway), but it's just too cartoonish to be fit in... especially in the universe Tim Story has created. That's why, sure, I wanted more Galactus (as I always wanted more Dark Phoenix), but at the same time I really enjoyed what they did with the cloud and how it was one hell of a big ass threat as is.

Alex Billington on Jun 17, 2007


When the trailer is better than the movie, what does it says about the movie? That is how Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer turns out to be. I’m going to be wicked. The filmmakers should rename the sequel to 2005’s Fantastic Four to Plastic Flaw: Fall of the Silver Surfer. Get the rest of my review here:

andydreamseeker on Jun 17, 2007


I think we need a list of 10 movies Alex doesn't like, because at this point I'm convinced that a slideshow of a man defecating on a cat for 90 minutes would get a 7/10 from him. I want someone more venomous and spiteful to start doing the reviews, like the good folks over at Just because a film dazzles you with special effects doesn't mean it's any good.

DW on Jun 17, 2007


Come on DW... that's just ridiculous, I hate a few movies - like Shrek 3 or Zoolander. But what the heck, why do all reviews have to be so hateful?! I appreciate and respect cinema and even mediocre films deserve some minor praise for the work in them. But when I see crap I know crap in my own opinion. This wasn't terrible, but there is still no reason to go all out and say we need to write bad reviews just for the sake of having bad reviews. THAT is ridiculous.

Alex Billington on Jun 17, 2007


I agree with Alex. There are some movies we like and there are those we don't like. "Hate" is a big word and just because you think one movie is bad doesn't mean another cannot enjoy it. FF2 is not that bad, it just isn't the kind of comic-book genre film that one can really look up to. In my opinion it is just another decent ordinary movie. And I'm not siding with Alex because I do enjoy Shrek 3 and Zoolander in my own perspective. 🙂 Want a spiteful review? Try PAJIBA. There's nothing but scathing reviews there.

andydreamseeker on Jun 17, 2007


I saw the film last night and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the first one. Obviously after reading so many other reviews of a weak script etc I must be brain dead but I liked the story and the characters. The four main characters are likeable, do actually work together as a proper team and aren't constantly bemoaning their lot in life and the curse of their superpowers. I found the humour entertaining, I loved the scene where Reed stood up to the major and defended his nerdiness. Being freed from the over wrought drama and continual 'damsel in distress' bullshit that fills the spiderman series makes this a considerably more enjoyable experience. I've not read the comics so I can't comment on the Galactus representation issue but as a newbie I found it worked. I also like the issues of sacrifice and bravery that the film used, particularly in the satisfying final action scene. Films, especially comic book ones, are meant to be visually entertaining and it more than delivered on this. Great action sequences, cool characters and good ideas. On a final note what is happening to Stan Lee's ego? Can't he see the damaging impact that his woefully lame and intrusive cameos have on the flow of his movies.

Payne by name on Jun 18, 2007


I think the problem with most reviews is people are not taking movies for what they were meant to be. I enjoyed fantastic four. I enjoyed both but the second was better. But when people start talking about plots and acting etc. remember this is based on A COMIC BOOK. I dont remember the comic book being written by shakespeare. Just as one of the first reviews I read on transformers downed the movie for no story and no plot and cheesy acting I think it followed the old cartoons just fine. I watched every transformers cartoon growing up and they were simple stories meant to be fun and entertaining, not life changing.

Andrew on Jul 4, 2007


Honestly... it has been the worst and most disappointing film I have seen all year! Too many things were wrong with this film. Yes Jessica Alba's acting was terrible but would you really put your heart and soul into a character who esentially has been turned into eye candy from the first film. Gone was the strong female lead who was an equal to Richard's genius and intellect. Replaced with a character that's soul purpose was too look pretty!! The film was too quick.. unfortunately our director has made the fatal error of deciding that the viewing public know these characters. So why should he have to actually bother to build any of the characters or their relatioships they have. It was like the director didnt really care about the characters. Which is a crime in itself. The surfer was so promising. The build up, what can he do, whats he doing to our planet? Why? And when finally explained... it was gone in a second. The actually only good thing about the film was GALACTUS.. yes it was a cloud. But the idea of planets being so insignificant in our universe was great. Giving GALACTUS a form isnt so important. All in all a very disappointing film, which will go down in history as one of the worst comic book adaptations.... and thats a serious statement cause their are some humdinging bad ones out there.

Big Lew on Aug 14, 2007

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