Seen Harry Potter 5? What Did You Think?

July 11, 2007

Although not a final conclusion to this series, the franchise takes a darker twist and the rebellion begins in the fifth installment: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Does it live up to the 896 page book? Is it just a filler movie while we wait for six and seven, or is it something truly exquisite? How does the new director, David Yates, do? Is this the best, or the worst, Harry Potter film so far?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Just drop by, leave a comment, and create some discussion! To fuel the fire, I liked this, but I'm just not sure if I can say it was that great. It felt like a filler movie to me more than anything, but I still loved the character development and the emotion. It wasn't as powerful as the fourth movie, Goblet of Fire, which is still by far my favorite. If anything, this gets me more excited for six and seven and will have a place on my DVD shelf, but isn't something I'll watch all the time.

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Hell yeah! First comment! Ok, my opinion? I despised this movie. I found nothing in it enjoyable, and am at a complete loss for the critical acclaim that this movie is receiving. I have read all the books and seen all the films, and found nothing in this one but a lame filler movie. I'm not going to whine about "oh this was left out" and "they forgot to talk about" because I know when turning an almost 900 page book into a 140 minute film, things have to go. But there was very little to enjoy this go around. Should I have been impressed that Daniel Radcliffe, Rubert Grint, and Emma Watson have fallen comfortably into their roles? NO. They are hardly acting. The actors ARE the characters, rather, the characters have become the actors. I am at a loss for why people think this is a good film. If felt nothing for it. Period. My rating? 3/10.

Mark on Jul 11, 2007


I enjoyed this movie. I too thought it was more of a filler, essentially setting up the next two movies. I haven't read any of the books so I can't compare them to it. I think kids will be bored with all the talking, but then again, the last 20 minuntes or so were great. At least this time we got to see a long duel (actually two of them) unlike the previous films. I also liked thehumor in this one. I felt that the first three lacked the humor factor and that Golbelt of Fire (which is still my favourite) really brought the humor to the surface. I still enjoyed myself though, despite the extremely annoying kids beside me.

Jeff Warner on Jul 11, 2007


My favorite so far. It was just a really well done movie. This movie felt real, which I thought was missing from previous movies (besides Azkaban). I loved it and I will agree that this movie feels like it is kind of a 2 part series (with HBP).

Sam on Jul 11, 2007


Not as good as the last one but better than 3,2, and 1. The effects were great and was much darker.

Ryan on Jul 11, 2007


Book 5 was my favorite of the series, and this film was by far the best of the bunch. It's the first one to feel like a real movie, well-paced and well-acted. The final duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort was kick-ass! My only real criticism was that the CGI of the giant was not done very well and I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Grimmauld Place. I am thrilled that this same director will be back helming the next film, but it's going be a tougher story to portray with all the flashbacks.

Dan on Jul 11, 2007


It was a filler, not as much action as hoped for. The fat chick in pink was freakin' annoying.

I own Harry Potter on Jul 11, 2007


I haven't seen the movie yet, but wasn't the book itself just a lot of filler for the last two? I know that a lot of the stuff inside of the book was filler for the rest of the story line.

AT on Jul 12, 2007


After the usual disappointment and comparisons that I HAVE to make to the books...I really enjoyed the movie. I agree about it being a filler for the next movies. I almost think they over dramatized Harry's moodiness and inner struggles. I was also disappointed in the Weasley twins scene where they leave lacked the amount of humor that I was expecting. Other than that it was certainly entertaining to me. Rupert does a great job of portraying his character and Luna was terrific too! The action scenes were pretty good and the comedy was also worthwhile. All in all, it was pretty good!

Melissa on Jul 12, 2007


By no means was this movie filler. If anything, the 6th movie will be filler because the book is much slower than any other. Order of the Phoenix was a great book and a good movie. The only way this film could have been better was if it was five hours long. If only the Potter movies were made like the Lord of the Rings films, then I would know I could buy a special edition with a less concise version of Rowling's story.

John on Jul 13, 2007


This movie didn't seem to have any big "reveals" in relation to the overall story. Sure we find out Snake was picked on by Harry's father and Voldemort and Harry are connected, but the plot twists like in the past movies weren't there. Also, I believe as the children grow up they're going to become jaded by the world and their acting will begin to suffer. Children give a fresh perspective in film, but as they grow we'll see them struggle more and more to play "make believe". Also, there wasn't much in the movie in relation to typical school activities such as sports and there weren't even any other classroom scenes other then with the pink lady. These scenes were my favorites because they gave Harry a new spell or weapon to use in his battles and in this film he wasn't given any new skill other then him and Voldemort being linked. Overall it wasn't my favorite Potter film, but in 3D it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

Matt Peloquin on Jul 14, 2007


I saw the movie less than an hour ago and thought what a drag. The movie just didn't flow right at all. I thought that it was very choppy and jumped all over the place. I also feel that the actors just didn't really "act" in the movie. I guess what really got me down was all the hype for it and then seeing it just put me down. I believe Yates di an absolutely horrendous job with the movie. All the other directors at least made the movies seem as though they fit together, this one just seemed so out of place. I think it just cut way to many things out that were important to the plot. I mean after, the fifth book was the longest of all the books in the series yet this ended up at around 2hr 15min which puts it at the shortest film yet. So overall, I'm disappointed with the movie and now that I hear Yates is doing number 6 I might not go see it. (I really wanted to see some Quidditch too!)

Austin on Jul 14, 2007


sorry, but this movie was the pits. I took my grandchildren and they were so disappointed. It really hit them bad when that teacher made harry write and it was carved on his hand. they felt this was really wrong to teach little kids. It was nothing like the book. I would never spend the kind of money i spent again to see another Hary potter movie.

lois cielo on Jul 14, 2007


Best - but, then again, that's the way I feel about the Order of the Phoenix novel (so far) ...

Paul Levinson on Jul 14, 2007


Ok peoples, here is my humble 2 sickles worth, Where to start with this film is about as hard as someone who hasn’t read the books to get the idea of what they just watched. First off I am going to whine about all the important things that they left out, because the story just doesn’t make sense at all with the way its been cut down, like they never even mentioned that Percy had turned against the Wesley’s as he took the side of the Ministry of Magic, they never even showed Neville’s parents still alive in the hospital completely insane after Bellatrix had tortured them for information. They very casually addressed Sirius's death and never even mention the beatings that poor al Hagrid had to endure to try and convince the Giants to come over to Dumbledore’s side. In fact to try and point out all that they missed would indeed take me all day, now don’t get me wrong here people I know you cant squeeze a book that size into a two and half hour film but the least they could have done was tell you the important stuff which they failed at miserably. They need to do better in the next one or else there going to alienate the ones who haven’t read the books. On a plus though the actors themselves do seem to be more comfortable taking their roles in the film which is a plus in my book. 5 out of 10 me thinks

Dar-El on Jul 15, 2007


What can i say? it was dreadful.... really. Umbridge is so annoying but the actress played the role very well though... Rate: 3 out of ten

Gerald on Jul 16, 2007


Fifth movie of HP is awful. I am fan of HP, but this movie not interesting at all. All actions done very fast, it looked very confusing, I couldn't to understand what exactly happened. Also, in movie I saw only 40% history from 5th book .. Well, I just hope, that 7th book will be good and not so very dark, and also hope on good job of screenwriters and director in next movies. My rate is: 3 out of 10.

ChrisTref on Jul 20, 2007


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is enjoyable. The characters are all growing up and the stories get darker. As with life, the innocence gets left behind and the stress of daily life begins, as seen in the movie. My review:

andydreamseeker on Jul 20, 2007


Just got to say, that must have been the easiest paycheck David Thewlis (Lupin) ever earned. Stand around somewhere in the background like a glorified extra and we might even give you one line if we feel like it... Still, it was enjoyable enough. I'd have preferred for the third act to have had more emotional weight, though.

Chris S on Jul 25, 2007


Worst HP movie so far!! Storytelling capability is almost nil. A haphazard introduction of some chapters of the book is what it seemed like. As a fan of the book, felt like the movie was a total waste of $$$$.

Anjana parker on Jul 25, 2007


I though it was not very good because it was nothing like the book,no fence but the book was much nicer.It's was awful!!!!!!!!! It was not interesting at all.The actions were really fast.It was very confusing.I hope number 6 is much better than this one.

Maria on Jul 26, 2007


I was expecting so much more. they skipped a lot of parts from the book that are going to screw them up in movie 7 and 6. it wasnt as funny as i expected like when the twins were leaving and the scenes seemed to take like 2 mintues and they would show you something else. it was very confusing and choppy i would have to give it a 5/10

Sara on Aug 21, 2007


I have to say I hope someone important does read this and they change the 6th movie. The 5th movie was horrible!!! They left out and changed very important things- like the long talks with Albus, the moments with Sirus, and why was the room of requirements glass instead of with pillows when practicing defense and what about Doby finding the room. I understand cutting some things out but why on earth would you change something that would annoy the fan base . Don't these directors get it. Stick to the story - that is what people love, that is why people go to the movie to see it come to life. Fans do not go to see some hack director screw the movie up. Make the move like the book and then people will like the movie. Simlple formula!! Chris Columbus is the only one who cared enough to get it right. If the movies have to be longer, then make them longer don't make them cheap. I am so turned off by this Yeats fellow that I and the people I know who are Potter fans could care less about the next film. He better do something different!!! This is a Harry Potter movie do it right read the books then look at the first two movies - now they really followed the book!!

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