Seen I Am Legend? What Did You Think?

December 16, 2007

Will Smith returns to the big screen in yet another action flick, this time a film inspired by Richard Matheson's book about monsters in the night and the last man left on earth. I Am Legend had an incredible weekend at the box office (making $70M+) - so obviously something about it got lots of people out to the theaters, but how was the end result. Were you satisfied at I Am Legend? Did it deliver like a Will Smith action movie should? How is it compared to the original Richard Matheson book? Is this the best action movie of the Holiday season?

I Am Legend

Just drop by, leave a comment, and create some discussion! To fuel the fire, I loved I Am Legend. The more time that goes by, the more I like it and the more I start to think that this may have been the action movie this December. Although the ending is perfect, what makes up most of the movie is incredible. This is Will Smith's Cast Away, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can definitely watch it over and over and still feel the intensity and suspense, and that's when you know you've found a great movie.

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I loved it too, except for the ending. It kinda went downhill from the part when he went crazy on the pier. Nonetheless, it was still spectacular, and everything before then was perfect. I also kinda of wish I never saw the Dark Knight Prologue because now I really can't wait to see the whole thing!!! That short was amazing!

Jeff Warner on Dec 16, 2007


I Am Legend was a really good movie the CGI was incredible, and I must say that after you've seen the movie and it sets in is when you'll start to think about it and begin sharing your thoughts with friends trying not to give away the ending. I'm a action junkie and this was an action film with a great story line not over packed with action. To me Will Smith played a better role of being alone than Tom Hanks did in Cast Away. If there was anything I would have like to have seen it would be more interaction between Dr. Neville and the "Infected" but realistically there were way too many for Neville to fight anyway. I started out giving the movie a 4 but the more I think about it, I give it a 4.5 nearly perfect. Maybe later in the week it'll be a 5, Lol. Go see I Am Legend

Tirrell on Dec 16, 2007


This was an excellent movie. The action and the constant threat of something jumping out is great. Better then all of that though was the acting job by Will Smith. It was one of the best acting jobs ive seen in a very long time.

Shane on Dec 16, 2007


The movie was too much of a "blockbuster" to be remembered for anything else. the CGI was horrible - I love Francis Lawrence's direction but he is way too dependent on computer effects.

Adam Frazier on Dec 16, 2007


I thought it was really good up until the pier incident. They took the book, kept the general idea, but put their own touch to it. I didnt even mind the dog because it showed how lonely Neville truly was. After the pier incident, it lost the isolation element that made the story so interesting. The ending was just a little too sappy for my own taste. Overall, it was a much better effort by Francis Lawrence.

Josh on Dec 16, 2007


First half was truly amazing. I bought into the isolation, sadness, etc... Will Smith's acting really shined, and Lawrence's pacing and selective shots really built up the tension. Even though I knew the overall jist of the plot, I was still wondering what was going on and what was going to happen. Once he hit the pier though, things started to get bad for me. Not terrible, just not great. The fantastic pacing and buildup were thrown out the window, and even when the final action sequence hit, it didn't last long enough. It just seemed like the entire film was a build up to a lackluster ending which was a bit too sappy for my taste. On another note, and this is something Lawrence doesn't have a grasp on yet.... THE CG WAS TERRIBLE. The deer in the beginning were horrendously animated as well as the lions, especially the matching of lighting/shadows and color with the background. Even a couple of the car composites against an empty NY background were noticeable. As for the darkseekers, same thing. A big disappointment for those who recognize good or bad CG when they see it. But not bad enough to ruin the film experience.

Marty Martin - on Dec 16, 2007


Oh MAN I loved the 6 minute Batman Preview, it was well worth my 13.50, and that movie after it that we got to see for free, umm oh yeah I am Legend, yeah it was decent. I agree with the gentlemen below about the CGI, How about we use real actors to play the dark seekers, and the ending was horrible, makes me wonder what the original ending was before they went back and changed it, hmm?

just me on Dec 16, 2007


This movie rocks. Sam (the dog) stills the show! Loved it moment to moment. Way to go Will Smith. You've always done a great job, ever since your Fresh Brince of Belle Aire days. Found this cool I Am Legend Fan Lens yesterday, its cool. Will Smith would approve. Excellent cinematic moments in this movie. Actual streets in New York were shut down for the movie to be filmed. Amazing! Amazing!

Ethan Meadow on Dec 16, 2007


I thought the movie was a good one, I enjoyed watching it. Not any one thing in particular stood out to me which made it a well rounded movie. Action wasn't over the top either and that was good. I have to agree with the other folks about the cgi, could've been better. After Transformers I believe that pretty much set the standards in terms of quality. It was worth my $10.50 and would recommend others to watch it. I might watch it again in IMAX, I'm a big Batman fan and I want to so the prologue. Did anybody else catch the Batman/Superman ad in Times Square? Thought it was hinting towards a movie, not a JLA movie but a Batman and Superman movie.

CDZ on Dec 16, 2007


I liked the movie a lot. I haven't jumped in a theatre in a long time. I have to say though, that I was looking for a little bit more, especially having read Mark Protosevich's script online a couple months ago. Basically in his script (spoiler for anyone who wants to read it) when Neville meets Anna, that is the halfway point or maybe the three quarter point of the script. In Mark's version, he has the zombies much more intelligent. Anna is a plant by the zombies. She unlocks the house and lets them in. They capture Neville and take him to their underground city, which is in the subway system. He finds that the zombies have imprisoned dozens of uninfected humans and are milking their blood for food. Anna has a son that the zombies are holding and threatened to kill if she had not helped them. Neville escapes with the prisoners. As they think they are home free, a pack of the mutant dogs starts to chase them and is ready to pounce, when another different mutant dog chases them away. This dog has saved Neville and the rescued humans. Then we recognize that it is Neville's dog. In this version the dog was infected but Neville didn't kill her, he let her go. She has become like an alpha dog in the mutant world and she saves him at the end. Neville and the other humans leave the island on a tugboat, and that is the end of Mark Protosevich's script. You know the story. It was probably money that didn't get this script made. Neville was more of a zombie butt kicker in the orginal book. And the title "I Am Legend" refers to the zombies point of view. He is a legend to them. The one who kills and destroys them.

dan on Dec 16, 2007


I put the wrong link to the I Am Legend Fan Lens. Here is the right one. It's awesome! Just like the movie! Awesome!

Ethan Meadow on Dec 16, 2007


I felt that this movie was just oo slow and not really a true "action" movie. This is a more dramatic/horror movie imo. Sure Will Smith's acting was good, but i find the unecessary running through the dark for 10 minutes kind of pointless...I HATED the ending as well....

Markiemark on Dec 16, 2007


I thought it was good, but not great. I agree that it was very much Smith's cast away. It felt like a sum of all of the pieces that weren't shown in 28 Days Later. I did enjoy it very much. The suspense was great, the ending was just OK. I hadn't read the book, but it was a bit obvious that he was going to find other normal people, specifically a woman and child that closely resemble his deceased. I don't think it was a true action movie, more like an adventure/thriller. It had such a large box office take only because of will smith, not necessarily because it was a great movie. The premise and marketing were very good as well, but I wish it would have been better. And I missed the Dark Knight trailer. DAMNIT

Keith on Dec 16, 2007


I was pleasantly happy with I Am Legend. I have been wanting to see it since I first heard about about a year ago. After last weeks first reviews started coming in, I think I got a little discouraged. They said the first half was good, but were unhappy with the second half, and the dark-seekers CG wasn't all that good. I think I can agree with the CG. Instead of making them entirely CG, they should have used live action, then CG'ed some facial effects, or even done motion capture. But, I was very happy with the movie overall. I was moved when Sam died, but I had fully expected that to happen. The isolation scenes were amazing. I just wondered in awe how desolate it was, and how the planet will bounce back once we're all gone... just give it time. The story was great. I've heard they changed the ending of the movie though, so i'm thinking about reading the original book. Although, now that i've seen the movie, i'm sure i'll visualize the book the same was as the movie... but that's ok. Overall, I think i'll give it a 4.5/5.

Frank on Dec 16, 2007


in trailer i see the whole city been explode but i dont see it in the movie? am i miss?

rusydi on Dec 16, 2007


i was looking forward to it... but left feeling a resounding... enh. maybe i shouldnt have watched the omega man the night before?

pd on Dec 16, 2007


I went into "Legend" and walked out eh, and so did the rest of the audience. *** out of ****. However I went to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks", while I gave it **1/2 out of **** I was more happy with that film than Legend because it went past my expectations and certaintly the box office. So I guess 2009, Alvin & The Chipmunks 2: Chipmunks meet the Chippettes???? I didn' see this on IMAX, but I didn't know the regular theatre prints had a trailer with it! That made my day, and did 'Legend' hint to a Superman/Batman crossover???

Ryan on Dec 16, 2007

18 That blog says it all. I was not happy. At all.

Quicksilver on Dec 16, 2007


Like Dan, in post #11, I too read Mark Protosevich's script online a long time ago. And I've read the Richard Matheson's original work AND have seen both the previous adaptations of Legend. I enjoyed I Am Legend. Will Smith managed to just step outside himself and show some real depth. I don't mean to offend any Smith fans, but why is it he has to play Will Smith playing X Part. He can't just be X Part. I understand, Will, you're cool and funny, but can't you emerse yourselv into your character and make it not so much WILL SMITH. He found some real loneliness and anger and sorrow and remorse and so many good things that were Robert Neville. Things that all the other Legend products touched on. The routines were wonderful and really made him look isolated. So, as far as his performance went, I thought he was fantastic. Kudos to Will. And the dog, Sam, was a great touch. I like how they spun that relationship. Sam stole the show! As to what I didn't like. The zombies. They were....zombies. A little too much 28 Days Later. The nameless, aggressive lead zombie should have been more like Ben Cortman in the original Matheson novel. They dehuminized all of them to push you, no, SHOVE you in Neville's corner. What's scarier? A zombie you can outrun or outwit? Or a zombie who can find a way to outwit you? That was disappointing. And the ending was disappointing as well. It just didn't feel right at all. When the credits rolled, I went from having been really excited to see this new adaptation, to feeling like I'd just been robbed of something really great. I know, I know, the movies will never live up to what the book was. Given the constraints of budgeting and CGI (which I though was unnecessary at times) and scheduling. Not to mention running time. I Am Legend is such a great character study of a man who's trying, not just to figure out this disease that's turned everyone into zombies, but having to come to grips with his own isolation and his desperation to find another uninfected human being. This film is as close as they've come to capturing that feeling. A good movie, overall.

Julian on Dec 16, 2007


Allow me to kick myself in the junk before anyone gets a chance to. I need to retract the last thing I said in the previous post. I Am Legend IS NOT the most faithful to adaptation of the material. The Last Man on Earth is, considering it was penned, in the begining, by Matheson himself, before they went and changed a lot of the original script he wrote.

Julian on Dec 17, 2007


I think i'm with a lot of people when I say that my first impression left me disappointed. I saw it two nights ago and I was feeling a little let down by it overall. However, over the last two days I'm liking it more and more. Thinking about the movie I felt the directing was good, the story was great overall. It's kinda like a cross between Cast Away (with the all alone aspect) and Signs (how all the things come together so perfectly at the end). I have to say I felt Tom Hanks' solo performance in Cast Away was better than Will Smith's. I think the reason I disliked this at first was cause I compared it to Cast Away. You can't do that. It is it's own movie. And it was a great one. 4 outta 5!

Andrew on Dec 17, 2007


If they had a "City"................. the city didn't have radio access? or televisons? nobody could get a hold of him for three years?? The military never bothered to go on a "daytime" search and rescue?? Why didn't he have UV tanning beds in his basement? I know the book had a certain format but this is 2007..... he had an endless surpluss to lowe's and home way his house or lab should have been that incomplete..... and how did the girl get to him if they blew the bridges up? Just a few questions......... I loved the movie but a few things bothered me.

marcus on Dec 18, 2007


I think everyone needs to relax with all the CG hating. This is how we can make fiction seem like realtiy and yes it could have been done better or in other ways. I do not care if a walk into the movie knowing I will see a lot of CG scenes as long as the story line works and the acting is believable. I Am Legend delivered all of that. I my only compliant was the lack of a good back story and the fact that the movie jumped back and forth through falshbacks. Other than that I would see it again.

Stephen on Dec 19, 2007


I was very excited about seeing this movie, and no, I didn't have unrealistic expections. However, since "The Last Man On Earth" has been one of my favorite movies since childhood, I found this version to be very disappointing. Will Smith, the script writers, and dirctor, just couldn't pull off the dire anguish given by Vincent Price in the original. Furthermore, the dark seekers were so dependent on CGI that they almost looked like cartoons. The ending was actually very similar to the original (ok not quite but close) they even had will Smith pleading with the dark seekers that he could cure them (just didn't live up to the "I can save you, you fools!" line given by Vincent Price). The thing I found most exciting was the billboard showing a batman and superman symbol with a movie release in 2010. Since the scene took place in 2012 (after the virus wiped out mankind) I wonder if this was a comment about how the Batman vs. Superman movie (whcih was canned) will never come out. Or is it advance advertising that for the Justice League movie; or will Batman vs. Superman come out after all?

Mike on Dec 22, 2007


Loved Will and all his previous movies but hated this movie. Mutants reminded me of invasion of the body snatchers. Don't like movies that murder or maim animals. I would have liked a happier ending. I found the flashbacks distracting. Scenes skipped all over the place and were a bit disjonited. Won't recommend this to my friends.

Deb on Jan 3, 2008

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